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March 13, 2016

Syria: Another CIA Supplied Group Hands Its Weapons To Al-Qaeda

Syria's Idleb province is held by Jabhat al-Nusra, aka al-Qaeda in Syria, and Ahrar al Sham with a sprinkling of "moderates" added to the mix. While Nusra and Ahrar have support from Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the "moderates" are supported by the CIA which provides them with anti-tank weapons.

When in 2013 these groups stormed government held positions in Idleb, Nusra, Ahrar and Islamic State Jihadis were leading the fighting and employed suicide bombers. Their attacks were supported by electronic warfare measures from Turkey which disabled the Syrian Army's communication. The CIA "moderates" were integrated as anti-tank teams using their U.S. supplied weapons in support of the Jihadi offense.

The U.S. supported groups in Idleb are currently grouped under the moniker "Division 13" or "Brigade 13". The cessation of hostilities in Syria means that all these "moderates" in Idleb province have time to discuss their ideological differences. Jenan Moussa (@JenanMoussa) is the "Roving reporter Arabic Al Aan TV. Based in Dubai but roams around MidEast". She reports on Syria from a mostly pro-opposition standpoint and has long favored "moderate" as well as "not-so-moderate" Jihadis.

Here are some of here recent tweets:

Jenan Moussa @jenanmoussa

Jenan Moussa Retweeted ياسين ابو رائد

Nusra attacks FSA supporters protesting Assad in #Idleb province. Nusra bans FSA flags, allows only Jihadi banners.

4:44 AM - 11 Mar 2016

Yesterday Nusra had meeting in Idleb with activists & local Syrian journalist urging them all not to carry FSA flags, only Jihadi banners.

Here full video of Nusra attack on protestors in Maaret ElNoman. Its seriously amazing some dared to carry FSA flag

Anti regime protests also in Sarmada, Harem &Darkoush in Idleb province. Protestors carried both FSA &Jihadi banners

In Nusra mentality, FSA flag seen as 'pro-democracy &pro-secularism'. They have banned it but can't yet enforce ban in their territories.

Moment when Nusra attacked AbuElias AlMaaeri, local anti-Assad celebrity. They took his mic for singing FSA slogans

On Saturday some reports from Idleb claimed that Division 13 fighters, enraged that their propaganda protests were disrupted by Nusra, attacked some Nusra positions and fighters in Idleb.

Charles Lister @Charles_Lister


FSA's Division 13 has launched raids on Jabhat al-Nusra bases in Marat al-Numan (24hrs after clashes at opposition Friday protest).

11:11 AM - 12 Mar 2016

#Idlib rebel dynamics are hotting up pre-#Geneva talks: Division 13 denies attacking Nusra in Marat al-Numan:

Then came the counter(?) offense by Nusra.

Jenan Moussa @jenanmoussa

#BREAK Nusra (AlQaeda in Syria) is right now attacking HQ of FSA-group "Brigade 13" in Maraat Nouman, Khan Sheikhun, AlGhadfa, Jbala &Heesh>

3:18 PM - 12 Mar 2016

Nusra (AlQaeda Syria) is trying 2destroy last FSA groups in Idlib, who r already weak. Just like Nusra destroyed Jamal Marouf &Hazem before.

If thing continue like this, FSA group division 13 will cease 2 exit in morning. Nusra (AlQaeda in Syria) will destroy them tonight.

Nusra (AlQaeda in Syria) kills 4 FSA fighters from Division 13 as they attack their HQs in Maaret AlNoman. #Idlib

Nusra (AlQaeda in #Syria) &Jund AlAqsa gathering their troops 2 attack main HQ of FSA division 13 in Maaret Noman.

I am hearing that Nusra (AlQaeda in Syria) confiscated weapons of FSA Division13. If true, Division 13 receives U.S weapons including TOWs.

FSA Brigade13 says their main specialist in firing (US-supplied) TOW rockets at SAA tanks "attacked w/ RPG by Nusra"

2 versions. Nusra says FSA attacked us first. FSA says we are weaker why would we attack? Nusra attacked us first.

And that, dear folks, was the predictable end of the last "moderate" Jihadi group with direct U.S. support in Idleb. The CIA supplied weapons, lots of TOWs but allegedly also including anti-air MANPADs, are now, like on earlier occasions, in the hands of al-Qaeda.

Excellent job Mr. Brennan!

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Manpads from Saudi sources in jihadists control?

Originally an unconfirmed news bulletin from Reuters published by many news outlets.

This article offers a bit more details, yet still unconfirmed wether it was "shot-down" by rebels ...

    Syrian rebels claim to have downed a Syrian air force MiG-21 fighter jet that crashed in Hama Province while bombing militant positions. At least one pilot died, for which conflicting reports blame either fire from the ground or a jet malfunction. “The pilot was ejected and brought to safety in al-Mughayr,” a military source told the Syrian Al Masdar News outlet. The same source insisted that the plane was not taken down by militants, but crashed due to a technical failure.

Posted by: Oui | Mar 13 2016 7:49 utc | 1

Those " moderates " had so many women in the crowd.

Posted by: tom | Mar 13 2016 8:00 utc | 2

got to hand it to the usa for making more shit in faraway lands.. that is there specialty when not trying the soft approach with ngo's and whatever the latest pretty label they want to use to try to do a snowjob via the msm propaganda machine..

Posted by: james | Mar 13 2016 8:55 utc | 3

Appreciate you putting that together b. I don't bother to follow those accounts. Too much garbage to wade through.

Posted by: Peter AU | Mar 13 2016 9:02 utc | 4

“We certainly did that in Afghanistan. After the Russians invaded Afghanistan, we provided them with surface-to-air capability. It’d be nice to give people that we train and equip and send them to fight the ability to defend themselves. That’s one of the fundamental principles of warfare as I understand it,” McCain said. This is not surprising, arms to whatever group in Syria end up being shared or sold to the highest bidder.It is only when US/Israeli passenger jets start falling from the sky will people start to question the sanity of McCain and his fellow neocons.

Posted by: harrylaw | Mar 13 2016 9:06 utc | 5

@5 hl

If and when al-CIAduh attacks the 'wrong side' with the US-donated weapons al-CIAduh will just become the enemy again. For awhile.

More likely they will trade US weapons to others - Da'esh, for instance - who are going down in flames at the hands of the Syrians/Iranians/Russians/Iraqis? ... Turks? and who have nothing more to lose, who will take it the Americans and NATO.

But - anything to keep the US MIC supplied with enemies. No enemies, no action. No action, no armament expended. No armament expended, no resupply, No resupply, no payday.

It is actually immaterial to the US who fights whom, as long as the wars continue. They just try to keep among the losers those who have something valuable to lose. Nation states control geography and resources. They are the losers. Al-CIAduh has nothing but its place in the US weapons queue and the stonecold ruthlessness to kill anyone, just as the US has trained them to do. Not unlike Israel, actually.

Ergo, they are allowed to win. To kill another 'enemy' who does have something to lose.

Posted by: jfl | Mar 13 2016 10:18 utc | 6

NTOT but 'The Dude' is roiling the Turkish stockmarket, and messing with their Established Order': "You must walk counter-clockwise, Billy!" And as a special bonus, this 'The Dude' link finishes with a digital honorarium to 'The Zuck', who "changed the world", the way Twitter, lol, and LinkedIn, lol, did, now 'The Zuck' is hanging on by the foreskin, using the cheap subterfuge of offering blogpost firewall services on the cheap, but only to FB members, to everyone blogpost from Bloomberg to Aljazeera:

Posted by: Chipnik | Mar 13 2016 11:06 utc | 7


David Archibald in The Daily Caller posts an urgent missive for The Chosen of Mil.Gov's Two Front Perpetual Wars against Muslims (PNAC) and against China (P2A), and there isn't a damn thing any of US can do to stop them; every one of the US candidates supports increased 'Defense' (sic) spending, and may the Devil take the hindmost!

But we can enjoy our final weeks, days and hours before the next pre-positioned economic meltdown and double $4T war breakout, with a gentle riposte, some spongecake and a nice Chianti.

Posted by: Chipnik | Mar 13 2016 11:49 utc | 8

From the UN side. The cessation of hostilities and free access for humanitarian aid were a first step along the way towards a political solution. It appears that the opposition to Assad (incl. the ‘moderate’ Syrian opposition) felt, or were made to feel, the need to take something home ‘for the Syrian people’ otherwise the war just continues with no winners except possibly ..Russia. Staffan de Mistura speaks along these lines on Feb. 12

dw, eng, vid, transcript

Continuing along his optimistic line, he gave a long interview on 11 March. Excerpts (my paraphrase): He received hundreds of e-mails from Syria…enjoining him to make some progress and not have more ‘empty talks.’ / The operational center is in Geneva, and it is manned by the Russians and Americans. The Americans are not just diplomats but there is a consequent military group and all kinds of experts. When an incident - attack - occurs these immediately get in touch with those who can have / do have influence on the ground to stop, contain the violence. / Kurds are an important component and some formula for including them will have to be found. / New Constitution. Elections in Syria in 18 months. Parliamentary elections in Syria dont count. / The Intl. community, the Russians and Americans are now deadly serious in ending this conflict. Turkey, Qatar, and KSA can no longer say they are not part of the diplomatic effort. / If negotiations fail, it will be a return to war. (There is no plan B.)

link (i hope visible / legible) in F.

Posted by: Noirette | Mar 13 2016 12:02 utc | 9

8 and TOT

The Hudson

That Hudson article reminded me of years ago in upstate NY, graduating into the post-Viet Nam Recession, without two nickels to rub together. I made my way to Vermont by that Fall, after living in an organic farm commune with too many hippies, and not enough workers. I met the Ben and Jerry's group before they became Ben and Jerry's at an improptu farm wedding held in a barn, each of us taking turns on the hand-crank ice cream maker, as an old cleric read from The Velveteen Rabbit, and the flannel-and-lace bride held the barn door tight against a brief late-summer squall.

What a grand hoe-down that was in those bright days!

It's beautiful there, in between the Green Mountains and the Hudson. Soon I was living with a homeless family, squatting in a boarded-up summer farmsted, waiting for apple season and a chance to make some real cash. Jim was an old drunk, and Mary and her daughter Kelly completed their little manger scene, with her cousins Kenny and the other Kenny and myself making up the Three Kings of the Road.

You don't find that very often in life, true innocence.

With their Morgan plow horse and an old nasty buck goat named Bubber, we lived on whitefish trapped with willow stem baskets that we'd woven, and goat chow, ground up and baked on the wood stove into warm chapattis. At night it was so dark walking the dirt road back to that kerosene light in the window, that you'd slap your bare feet extra hard, until the glow worms in the thatch beside the track, sensing your footfalls, would ripple away their pale blue lights. Them, and a million fireflies, and the billion-star Milky Way, up that far north, lit up the jet blackness.

At night it was so quiet you could hear the northern lights crackle and sing, staring upward, silent, just the occasional snort from their Morgan in the darkness.

So we settled in to wait, then set off one sunny warm weekend for the Hudson. You've seen the pictures of Vermont in Fall, but you have to be there, to see, smell and taste the colors and the crisp air of 'The Kingdom' as they call it. Where the rivers flow north to Canada.

We stopped for fresh-batter donuts hot from the fryer and black chicory-root coffee, so filling and bracing, then made our way down to the Hudson Canal. It was a robin's egg blue sky, above a riot of color on both sides of a deep, black, cold current stream, the canal walls grooved by a century of barge-pulling horses, from an old time all the way back to the Indian Wars.

And as we sat there, a sail yacht approached, quietly motoring with its mast stepped down to pass beneath the wide trees, and on the back deck, a man sat in a chair, his wife with her one hand on his shoulder as he steered their course. Eerily silent, they hove into view. An African man, clearly some prince, and his beautiful African wife, in her colorful native clothes.

We stood like five turnip heads and their little turnipita, our mouths gaping open, as the Africans passed. He waved once, lightly, then looked ahead again, as they ghosted on downstream. And we never talked about what we had seen after that, that view from space:time, that weird holographic reflection through the troposphere of an African prince from a distant Nile, shimmering there, just for us, just that moment, there in The Kingdom.

And then the apples came off the trees, and after that, the freezing sleet and deep snows, and I followed the Kennys to North Carolina, living in a tobacco shed, before I got hired to drive a flatbed pulling a race-car down to Daytona, ... but that's a tale for another time.

This is my last post to MoA. It's been fun. Ciao.

Posted by: Chipnik | Mar 13 2016 12:54 utc | 10

that was a sweet story chipnik. maybe you'll come back.

Posted by: Noirette | Mar 13 2016 13:25 utc | 11


Wish you'd treated us to more of those, chipnik, and correspondingly fewer of variations on the same old rant. Buy that's just me.

Don't do anything crazy. You've made it this far, you'll probably stick it out till it burns down to the end. Good luck.

Posted by: jfl | Mar 13 2016 13:31 utc | 12

@12 The Syrian FM al-Moallem has stated that Stefan de Mistura has no right to talk about Syrian elections and the Syrian government will no longer play along with UN/AngloZionist delaying tactics regarding meetings. The other side will be allowed 24 hours to get its act together otherwise bye-bye.

Posted by: Yonatan | Mar 13 2016 14:04 utc | 15

Previous comment reply to @12 should have been in reply to @9

The Syrian FM al-Moallem has stated that Stefan de Mistura has no right to talk about Syrian elections and the Syrian government will no longer play along with UN/AngloZionist delaying tactics regarding meetings. The other side will be allowed 24 hours to get its act together otherwise bye-bye.

Posted by: Yonatan | Mar 13 2016 14:07 utc | 16

Adios chipnick, you make me want to go to Vermont.

Posted by: Fernando | Mar 13 2016 14:13 utc | 17

Please don't go Chipnik! Take a few days off! I know you don't like the way the wind is blowing, but for me you are like this thing hope!

Posted by: Geoff | Mar 13 2016 14:51 utc | 18

And MSM just admitted isis used chemical weapons at least 14 times in 2014. Why admit that now??

Chipnick, hope you change your mind...

Posted by: shadyl | Mar 13 2016 14:59 utc | 19

OT- re: bikepaths for potential military use

Anybody getting lots of paved bikepaths/walking trails on the outskirts of your community?

They're wonderful for their stated use, offering tranquil woodsy vistas and new perspectives on the layout of the area. Alas, it occurs to me that they would be of great use for MIC/police state crack downs and the requisite cracking of skulls.

Are these "trails" being installed nationwide? I think they are.

Posted by: fast freddy | Mar 13 2016 15:02 utc | 20

isis used chemical weapons at least 14 times in 2014. Why admit that now??

Like a pressure cooker, de vez en cuando, the PTB senses the pressure rising, they let slip a piece of real information and a pretense that "something will be done about it".

Posted by: fast freddy | Mar 13 2016 15:12 utc | 21

Chipnik says:

...after living in an organic farm commune with too many hippies, and not enough workers

here's a clip from a film you might enjoy...

filmed on a shoestring in my neck of the woods.

stammi bene

Posted by: john | Mar 13 2016 15:19 utc | 22

bye-bye chipey, it's been cryptic, but great!

Posted by: ben | Mar 13 2016 15:20 utc | 23

It wasn't easy to read your comments Chip but they were interesting and we will miss you at the bar.

Is there a reason why you are leaving now? Hope you and yours are well.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Mar 13 2016 15:41 utc | 24

I thought there would be a race to Raqqa because the head choppers could not win against forces backed by modern air power AND the Assad must go! Coalition didn't want to give MANPADS to the crazies.

The race didn't materialize because Russia/Syria took a hard line and now MANPADS might be getting to Nusra/ISIS.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Mar 13 2016 15:48 utc | 25

It is all really about the money ...

"We are finding that the Kurdish Regional Government, working openly with Turkey since June of 2014, has seized Iraqi oil fields and has stolen up to $200 billion in oil in what Baghdad claims is a global crime syndicate and not really “ISIS” at all."

“The Iraqi Oil Ministry announced that the Kurdish Regional Government had “deflected” $6,288,000,000 to unknown sources, revenues from oil sold by Kurdistan through Turkey, funds owed to Baghdad that have since disappeared.

By the end of 2014, the total of missing oil revenue, withheld and missing is expected to reach $8.4 billion. The ministry made the following statement:

‘non-disclosure of the region for oil activity and refusing to deliver revenue to the federal treasury over the past years (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013), though the region had got its full share of the federal budget by 17%, led to losses of more than $ 119 billion dollars. The KRG has refused to tell Baghdad where the missing money is.

We believe that the Turkish government has been moving this oil to the port of Ceyhan through what they claim is a destroyed oil pipeline and selling it on the open market with the aid of the State of Israel.’

source -

Posted by: ALberto | Mar 13 2016 16:01 utc | 26

OT the whole article:
Kerry warns Assad regime and allies against exploiting truce
US Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday warned the regime of President Bashar al-Assad and its allies including Russia against exploiting the fragile ceasefire in Syria for their own means.

"If the regime and its backers think they can test boundaries, diminish their compliance in certain areas, or act in ways that call into question their commitment to the cessation -- without serious consequences for the progress we have made -- they are mistaken," Kerry said after talks with his European allies in Paris.

Kerry described comments by his Syrian counterpart that removing President Assad would cross a "red line" as an attempt to disrupt the peace process.

He said Foreign Minister Walid Muallem's remarks were "clearly trying to disrupt the process... (he was) clearly trying to send a message of deterrence to others".

"But the fact is (Assad's) strongest sponsors Russia and Iran have both adopted... an approach which dictates that there must be a political transition and that we must have a presidential election at some time," Kerry said on the eve of a new round of peace talks.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault also said Muallem's comments were a "provocation".

Kerry also said 600 fighters from the Islamic State group had been killed in Syria in the past three weeks.

"In Syria, over the last three weeks alone, Daesh has lost 3,000 square kilometres (1,160 square miles) and 600 fighters," he said, using another name for Islamic State.

Posted by: okie farmer | Mar 13 2016 16:45 utc | 27

Cheerio, Chipnik.
Always enjoyed your contributions here - even the ones I couldn't completely decipher.
Good Luck and best wishes for the future.
Hope the book goes well. When you know what it's called let b know so I/we can buy a copy.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 13 2016 17:03 utc | 28

re the last two paragraphs:

Kerry also said 600 fighters from the Islamic State group had been killed in Syria in the past three weeks.

"In Syria, over the last three weeks alone, Daesh has lost 3,000 square kilometres (1,160 square miles) and 600 fighters," he said, using another name for Islamic State.

ie, Syria and allies are winning - intolerable to US and allies

Posted by: okie farmer | Mar 13 2016 17:17 utc | 29

Chipnik @ 10 -- "... but that's a tale for another time."

It would be great to read some more of your tales.

YOur writing brought to mind a warm autumn day of apple picking in an orchard of old fashioned Winesaps. Their aroma was heavy in the air, a wonderful heady odor. I've never experienced quite that density of aroma since then, nor have I been able to find the older Winesaps out here in the Mid-Atlantic region.

If they exist, they'd probably be labeled Heritage Apples, I guess.

Posted by: jawbone | Mar 13 2016 17:26 utc | 30

Posted by: okie farmer | Mar 13, 2016 12:45:47 PM | 27

I heard Kerry on BBC blustering about Syria's 'transitional government' a few hours ago. Imo, it confirms that the Yankees still haven't woken up to the fact they've bitten off more than enough to choke on in Syria...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 13 2016 17:33 utc | 31

Ol Horseface Kerry Cohen Kohn is a real comedian. Exploiting the truce. Who is doing that?

Perhaps Kerry Kohn can procure more fake medals and toss them over a fence. That is also comedy gold.

Kerry should put himself on the ballot in Syria. Do the salute - ready to serve. To capture or kill the terriers.

Posted by: fast freddy | Mar 13 2016 20:31 utc | 32

Jenan Moussa supports jihadi opposition? Doesn't she know that if they ever did win they would happily take away her camera and stuff her in a burka?

And what were the 'moderates' thinking, I wonder? The whole reason these guys have been forced to ally with the full-fledged AQ-types is because they never had enough strength on their own to defeat the SAA. And that was back before the 'moderate' opposition was bombed to pieces and started deserting. What's left can't be more than a husk, and they choose to pick a fight with more powerful groups that surround them on all sides? Talk about stupid.

Posted by: Plenue | Mar 13 2016 21:44 utc | 33


Ellen Brown distills the smoking gun regarding Libya discovered in the FBI investigation's released emails and provides yet more reasons Clinton ought to be arrested and put on trial,

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 13 2016 22:06 utc | 34

Hey Chip,

Please don't go.

Take a break if you need to.
But don't go.

Very fond of all your posts but this last one is especially fine.

Why must you go?

Posted by: Fighting Bob | Mar 13 2016 22:10 utc | 35

For Psychohistorian, excerpted from the Ellen Brown OT article I linked above:

"For decades, Libya and other African countries had been attempting to create a pan-African gold standard. Libya’s al-Qadhafi and other heads of African States had wanted an independent, pan-African, “hard currency.”

"Under al-Qadhafi’s leadership, African nations had convened at least twice for monetary unification. The countries discussed the possibility of using the Libyan dinar and the silver dirham as the only possible money to buy African oil.

"Until the recent US/NATO invasion, the gold dinar was issued by the Central Bank of Libya (CBL). The Libyan bank was 100% state owned and independent. Foreigners had to go through the CBL to do business with Libya. The Central Bank of Libya issued the dinar, using the country’s 143.8 tons of gold.

"Libya’s Qadhafi (African Union 2009 Chair) conceived and financed a plan to unify the sovereign States of Africa with one gold currency (United States of Africa). In 2004, a pan-African Parliament (53 nations) laid plans for the African Economic Community – with a single gold currency by 2023.

"African oil-producing nations were planning to abandon the petro-dollar, and demand gold payment for oil/gas."

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 13 2016 22:42 utc | 36

I hope our comrade, Chipnik, has not met an untimely end, because the prose @ 10 is certainly not his.

"We stood like five turnip heads and their little turnipita, our mouths gaping open, as the Africans passed. He waved once, lightly, then looked ahead again, as they ghosted on downstream"

Good grief!

Posted by: Copeland | Mar 13 2016 22:58 utc | 37

karlof1@ 43

Thanks for the supporting doc. I know I am close to a one note samba with my focus on private finance but it is my firm belief that it is the bane of our existence. My contention is that the creation and management of finance should be in the public domain and not be controlled by private interests. It is just common sense to me but has been reduced to myth by the same folks that tell you that private industry can always do things "better/cheaper" than public in spite of the profit margin.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 13 2016 23:22 utc | 38

Ever since Russia has entered the war, these sorts of pushes that break up the rebels have been much more successful. It speaks to more penetration of anti-gov groups, more sympathy to an anti jihadi message, and the great success of the new offensives.

Posted by: Cresty | Mar 13 2016 23:26 utc | 39

@9 noirette, ' The Americans are not just diplomats but there is a consequent military group and all kinds of experts. When an incident - attack - occurs these immediately get in touch with those who can have / do have influence on the ground to stop, contain the violence. / Kurds are an important component and some formula for including them will have to be found. '

Turkish air strikes kill 67 Kurdish militants in north Iraq: army

Jets targeted sites at Qandil, Metina, Avasin, Haftanin and Basyan used by Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) militants, the armed forces said.

Separately, a bomb blast blamed on PKK militants hit an armored police vehicle near Turkey's border with Iraq on Friday, Turkish officials said. Two special force police officers were injured in the explosion on a road in Hakkari province's Yuksekova district, they added.

I guess the US is officially moving its 'Middle East efforts' back to Iraq?

BREAKING: Blast in Ankara, At Least 33 Dead, 75 Injured

An interesting fact is that two days ago, the American Embassy in Ankara warned its citizens of possible terrorist attacks in the area where the car exploded.

And the Turkish Deep State is continuing to spread panic and chaos in order to 'justify' its criminal actions against not only the Kurds but its internal, Turkish, opposition? The US seems to have known what was coming up. I guess that Turkey, along with Saudi Arabia, is going to be 'allowed' to destroy itself, knowing that US support is, really, on the way? The US-Turkey/Saudi alliance is eternal. It's forever. That's what they (used to) tell the Israelis, anyway.

Posted by: jfl | Mar 13 2016 23:43 utc | 40

@ 10

chipnik.... hope all is well w/you. please don't leave forever - 'last post' never sounds good. this forum is the only one I know of where one can get feedback 'not ready for prime time' - your commentary will be much missed. namaste

Posted by: crone | Mar 13 2016 23:50 utc | 41

Ol Horseface Kerry Cohen Kohn is a real comedian. Exploiting the truce. Who is doing that?
Kerry should put himself on the ballot in Syria. Do the salute - ready to serve. To capture or kill the terriers.
Posted by: fast freddy | Mar 13, 2016 4:31:43 PM | 38

It's AmeriKKKan Destiny Density.

People this juvenile shouldn't be allowed to play with guns.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 14 2016 1:36 utc | 42

Posted by: harrylaw | Mar 13, 2016 5:06:53 AM | 5

russians didnt invade afghanistan

Posted by: brian | Mar 14 2016 1:56 utc | 43

Turkey has entered in a predictable spiral of violence that can only end with a 'regime change' in Turkey.
The E.U, the USA and Russia have enough of Erdogan's vicious game and they will be more than happy if they see him out.
Public anger will grow in Turkey maybe throwing the country in a civil war that would benefit ISIS. Maybe after all ISIS could build their caliphate in Turkey after they are kicked out of Syria and Iraq.
No one will come to rescue Erdogan's Turkey...

Posted by: virgile | Mar 14 2016 2:42 utc | 44

This just in. Terrorist attack in Bassam Cote d'Ivoire. I lived 2 years in Abidjan and would often spend my sundays in beautiful seaside Bassam. This is the 3rd West African capital to be hit in about 4 months. Truly sad..

Posted by: Lozion | Mar 14 2016 3:02 utc | 45

@50 brian.. get back to me on this and tell me how it went instead.. i realize wikipedia is a propaganda type site, but its a start..

@51 virgile.. that is pretty dark.. you might be right.. looks like the wheels are coming off turkey under erdogans guidance as he clamps down on the media, social media and any alternative viewpoints inside turkey.. not a happy dynamic at present.. turkey has been very generous in allowing syrian refugees into it's country, but one wonders whether that cost built into overthrowing assad was worth it? sure doesn't look like it at this point with turkey being the victim of terrorist attacks, while looking for a terrorist in every kurd in the east and south east of turkey.. they have a very big problem on there hands now, not to mention their covert acceptance of jihadi on syria while turning a blind eye to isis seeping thru their borders and using turkey as an entrance point.. big mess.. erdogan has illusions of grandeur..

Posted by: james | Mar 14 2016 3:55 utc | 46


Reuters caught up about 2 1/2 hours after your post ... maybe they're actually reposting? No credit given.

Posted by: jfl | Mar 14 2016 6:54 utc | 47

re 51 virgile

Turkey has entered in a predictable spiral of violence that can only end with a 'regime change' in Turkey.
I was thinking you're wearing blinkers. Erdogan has the EU over a barrel on the refugee issue, and is exploiting it to the full. Not so easy to get rid of.

Posted by: Laguerre | Mar 14 2016 8:01 utc | 48

@55 Laguerre

I think it's the EU that has the Europe over the barrel. Erdogan and Turkey are a refugee factory. And the EU is their main customer. Erdogan is happy to take the EU's money ... 3 billion euros/year, according to Noirette ... but he keeps, literally, turning out refugees. They're not going to evaporate. Just as Germany has nailed Greece to a cross of debt, so too is it going to nail Greece, and the others in the European South, to a cross of refugees : the direct result of their lining up with The Great Satan - the US - and ignoring the interests of the people of Europe. The EU has Europe over a barrel, with its banal support of the US. No amount of bribery is going to keep the US and its regional stooges - Erdogan and the Saudis - from generating more and more refugees.

Posted by: jfl | Mar 14 2016 8:28 utc | 49

The French have 600 soldiers next door to the beach where it happens, but the Ivorian "special forces" came after one hour and the French did not turn up although Grand Bassam is a French and expat stronghold... The attackers apparently came to Sahel and were not black (but they wore black, according to witnesses)

Posted by: Mina | Mar 14 2016 9:13 utc | 50


The US-Chechen alliance was also eternal. Forever.

Effort to Silence CIA Assets Begins with Tarkhan Batirashvili

There are many people who want to see Batirashvili dead, as the number of previous false reports of his death suggests. However the significant thing here is that it was not a government associated with his victims which did this. The US itself conducted this airstrike, sending “several waves of manned and unmanned aircraft” to specifically target Batirashvili, the man it has trained, armed and funded for so long.

Why is the US trying to kill its own agents, who might expect protection? Apparently it is all the fault of journalists. Recent reactions to a spate of stories about the Pankisi Gorge, where Batirashvili was trained, have got the authorities scrambling to cover themselves with photo opportunities and the like. Batirashvili knows as much as anyone about what has been going on there for a long time, having established the terrorist recruitment process which has seen dozens of young men mysteriously disappear, without passports, and end in fighting for ISIS, according to public records and sources in the Gorge itself.

Russia has also conducted airstrikes against ISIS, despite US opposition. If the Russians get to Batirashvili first they will capture him and get confirmation of all they have been saying for years. The US has to stop that happening, and is more interested in doing this than saving the lives their inserted terrorist commander has taken.

b covered Batirashvili in "Some Syria News Items" ... although his link to McClatchy has morphed over the intervening months.

How I met the man who became the Islamic State’s military No. 1

Russian tanks had just taken control of central Georgian city of Gori about an hour down the road, and this was the first time we’d seen Georgian troops setting up a defense of the capital. We immediately stopped our car and asked permission to photograph their setup. The Georgian soldiers cheerfully agreed.

After a few minutes, a handful of other soldiers arrived and asked us to join them in a tent. They wanted us to show them on a map where the Russian tanks had stopped.

As journalists, this was a request we couldn’t accommodate, despite the assertion by one noncommissioned officer that we really didn’t have a choice since we were in effect their prisoners. That’s when we noticed that several members of the unit had American military Combat Infantryman Badges on their right shoulders from the 82nd Airborne. To defuse the tension, I pulled out my American passport and declared that they couldn’t arrest comrades they’d fought alongside, as I had done numerous embeds with the 82nd in Iraq, where some of these men had been stationed earlier that year.

Laughter ensued, and the soldiers insisted on posing with me, my passport and their commander – who did not have an American patch and had not been to Iraq – for a funny photo [Tarkhan Batirashvili (second from left), who presently fights for the Islamic State under the nom de guerre Abu Omar al Shishani] that was immediately forgotten for six years.

I remembered the photo when the first pictures of the man now known as Abu Omar al Shishani were released last year. He was the commander of the unit who’d detained us, a fact confirmed by half a dozen people who’ve seen our picture and know him personally.

Eternal. Forever. As Long as the rivers flow, the sun shines, and grass grows... Or not. Anyone who's dealt with the 5 eyes knows just how good our words are.

Posted by: jfl | Mar 14 2016 12:10 utc | 51

One of the things that I find appalling is that people seem to accept the idea that the US has a 'right' to support rebel armies in other countries.

Posted by: paul | Mar 14 2016 14:10 utc | 52


Exceptionalism is a big tent!

Posted by: Captain Cook | Mar 14 2016 14:14 utc | 53

Chip;Awesome writing.Didn't know you had in you.Yes,America the beautiful,my promised land.You can keep all the others.
AmeriKKKa?How about zionist boy toy?Trump is the racist?No,Shillary,Obomba,the shrub,and even zionist(inherent racism) BS.are all proven racists.

Posted by: dahoit | Mar 14 2016 16:29 utc | 54

Syria;the truce seems to have lessened the killing,so that's good.
Anyone keeping up with whats going on in Brazil?All I know is that the current govt pissed off the monsters by not agreeing to a settler ambassador,and its been downhill since.
Do the Zionists own their MSM?Stupid question?

Posted by: dahoit | Mar 14 2016 16:33 utc | 55

@50 Mina, thats right they're in Port Bouet, less then a half hour away. Something is not right, even a french royal family member was present and witness to the events with no security detail?

Posted by: Lozion | Mar 14 2016 23:06 utc | 56

@50 More stangeness. The attackers who spoke arabic drank beer before shooting up in Bassam.
Not your typical djihadist behavior.

Posted by: Lozion | Mar 15 2016 12:30 utc | 57

I've become increasingly disenchanted with Oz's National Broadcaster, since they fell under spell of the US Ambassador to Oz, at about the same time as Obama's anti-Putin rhetoric began (remember Clown Prince Tony Abbott's "shirtfront Putin" SNAFU?). It would be true to say that USraeli Bullshit has become a substitute for Australian News, on ABC, since that time.

Anyhow, tonight, on Lateline, they came close to looking rebellious & anti-bullshit by interviewing Dr Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran's Foreign Minister, and Dr Bashar Jaafari, Syrian Ambassador to the UN, and provoking each of them into contradicting the ABC's traditional pro-AmeriKKKan (bs) line.

So now, whether Oz's Zio-American-Occupied Govt (& Opposition) likes it or not, ABC has managed to let some Truth (about Iran & Syria) seep out. Needless to say, the Aliens conducted themselves impeccably and the Home Team not so much.

Here are the links (video & transcript)

1. Interview: Dr Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran's Foreign Minister
ABC's Chief Foreign Correspondent Philip Williams speaks with Dr Zarif and asks him about his tour of Australia and the perception in Australia that Tehran has issues with human rights.

2. Interview: Dr Bashar Jaafari, Syrian Ambassador to the UN
Tony Jones speaks with Dr Jaafari in Geneva as he attends the UN-brokered Syrian peace talks as the lead negotiator for President Assad's government.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 16 2016 14:33 utc | 58

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