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March 31, 2016

Chicken Propaganda (Graphic)

This circulates as the picture of a Sunni boy slaughtered by Iran led Shia militia in Fallujah, Iraq.

But like many pictures and videos from Syria, Iraq and elsewhere this one does not show the full extend of the massacre.

More pictures of the boy ...



That's not all yet.

Unfortunately many more beings of God's Creation lost their life in this scene.




via the Egyptian actor Adel Emam

Posted by b on March 31, 2016 at 10:08 UTC | Permalink


And the point is??? Let me guess. . .could it be that anyone who thinks this is funny, incl Emam, is a moron? Comedian? Not so much.

If an iJew pulled a stunt like this, Muslims would be shitting all over him.

Posted by: Denis | Mar 31 2016 11:04 utc | 1

LOL I bet this is how Washington obtains most of their war porn propaganda.

Posted by: farflungstar | Mar 31 2016 11:37 utc | 2

The point is that one always has to keep in mind that the world is full of fake propaganda. And to learn to recognize it.

Like this for example:

FSA News @FSATruth

School & hospital hit by regime airstrikes causing ugly massacre in eastern #Ghouta's Bilda Deir Asafir

FSA News

32 dead
60 wounded
In regime airstrikes massacre on school & hospital in Deir Assafir in E.#Ghouta:
#Damascus #Syria

The linked video shows four kids in a hospital. One may be wounded, one possible dead though no wounds are visible only some smeared blood or dirt. Three of the kids are below school age so the video obviously does not fit the claim. I am pretty sure it is a complete fake. Chicken propaganda... ...

Posted by: b | Mar 31 2016 12:10 utc | 3

@3 b

Yeah, but pity the poor chickens.

Posted by: jfl | Mar 31 2016 12:49 utc | 4

It's the world we live in. The trick is to stay engaged, and keep struggling to obtain the truth. One reason why this site is so valuable. Unfortunately, most people don't take the time to "read around" enough, or care enough, to explore differing points of view, to arrive at a personal consensus. Which, I believe, is the whole point of keeping the working classes anxious and insecure though under, or lack of employment. People can be more easily controlled though economic insecurity.

Posted by: ben | Mar 31 2016 13:54 utc | 5

Case in point. This not just about money.

Posted by: ben | Mar 31 2016 14:00 utc | 6

@Ben @6

Next time give at least a headline or a hint what the link you drop is about. Why let 100 people click on it when only 5 are interested in such a Real News piece:

"Is the US Postal Service the Next Target for Corporate Plundering?"

Posted by: b | Mar 31 2016 14:12 utc | 7

Can do b.

Posted by: ben | Mar 31 2016 14:15 utc | 8

P.S. b:

Curiosity didn't just kill the cat,(old folk saying here in the U$A) it also informed it.:)

Posted by: ben | Mar 31 2016 14:20 utc | 9

Of course, such pictures never surfaced during the US' annihilation of Falluja...or during the bombing of Libya...or Serbia...

The sad part is how gullible the US public has always been...

Posted by: JohnH | Mar 31 2016 14:51 utc | 10

ot pl doesn't think the usa has used isis as a tool.. he probably doesn't think propaganda is used as a tool by the usa establishment either..

denial is very powerful.. first one identifies strongly with their own country. they become incapable of seeing when there 'country' is going down the wrong road..

Posted by: james | Mar 31 2016 15:04 utc | 11

From the chicken in the title and the first pictures I guessed. Also naturally because posted by b with VVV…warning.

As there are chicken feathers on his clothes. Note, as well: the rivers of blood don’t come from the boy, even if wounded in the back, nor other corpses/wounded dragged away. Blood pools or spatters and doesn’t make Pollock-like patterns, unless done by human artistry. Drag marks show. Clearly a trash ‘art’ piece / spoof.

Remember Aylan? The drowned little boy on a Greek beach. His body was moved and posed. (Ordered by the photographer??) The photos were altered and cropped. The originals show the beach with vacationers in the backgound. That wouldn’t do, Oh No…it would show unconcerned typical beach-goers doing their thing, while the eternal sea washes dead bambinos to their paddling and picnic - thereby making a statement of some kind..

no links, easy to look up. the Aylan pix provoked mulitple mocking, staged / composite / cartoon stuff.

Posted by: Noirette | Mar 31 2016 15:05 utc | 12

b, you don't say before the fold that this picture is a hoax. You even seem to play along with the photo on the front page. How many people are going to see the front page and not click to see the whole story inside?

Posted by: Inkan1969 | Mar 31 2016 16:35 utc | 13

Actor Adel Imam ... interesting biography!

The Terrorist (1994 film)

    Imam's huge popularity is the engine behind the film's popularity. His expressive and not particularly handsome face has become the mirror of the Egyptian middle class, with its tribulations, celebrations and frustrations. This is not the first time Imam has taken on militant Islam. Six years ago, as fundamentalists in the militant stronghold of Asyut in southern Egypt declared art forbidden under Islam, Imam took his theatrical troupe on the road, performing for poor Egyptians in the heart of Asyut.

Posted by: Oui | Mar 31 2016 17:16 utc | 14

Yeh, that’s look like the Iraqi army in the koweiti nursery. Any one remember that sinister joke who had lead us in today’s chaos?

Posted by: fayez chergui | Mar 31 2016 17:45 utc | 16

"A number of questions remain, however, on how it was possible for the Charlie Hebdo, November 13, and Brussels attacks to proceed. In all cases, the attackers were high-ranking ISIS or Al Qaeda fighters well known to intelligence services: The Kouachi brothers were under state surveillance and spoke directly to Al Qaeda’s top leadership in the Arabian Peninsula. Abaaoud was known internationally and publicly as a leading ISIS official. And the El Bakraoui brothers in Brussels were violent felons known as terrorists to the intelligence services."

source -

Posted by: ALberto | Mar 31 2016 19:32 utc | 17

Fake videos particularly came to the surface with the Syrian rebellion. At the same time as the US and UK started issuing satellite telephones to the rebels. The point here is that now the rebels had direct access to the internet, rather than passing by the Syrian internet. At one time the only server was in the presidential palace, but by 2011, I forget what had developed. At any rate, free access to the internet coincided with the start of fake videos.

Posted by: Laguerre | Mar 31 2016 19:51 utc | 18

The point being made is that it is precisely pictures like this photo of the apparently dead child that constitute a lot of faked propaganda to arouse worldwide public sympathy and support for US or NATO-led interventions in Middle Eastern countries.

Does anyone remember the kerfuffle over the CW attacks that the Syrian government was supposed to have carried out in Ghouta in August 2013? Those constituted the incident that crossed O'Bomber's imaginary red line and the US was dead set to lead the invasion to Damascus. There were photos purporting to show child victims of those attacks. It turned out later that many if not most of the child victims had been kidnapped months earlier by jihadis in another part of Syria. Whatever happened to those children is still unknown.

This type of fake sensationalist propaganda with its emphasis on child victims combined with the general trend in Western news media for stories whipping up emotion or appealing to compassion and humanitarian impulses, and the general catering to impulsiveness and immediate self-gratification in Western cultures, serves a sinister purpose that might best be described as emotional / psychological rape.

Posted by: Jen | Mar 31 2016 21:39 utc | 19

The purpose of the media is to obtain our consent for what the power structure wishes to do. They manipulate us through our compassion & pity, as b has just shown.

--The 1998 Y2K hoax was an easy manipulation. The US facilitated a special World Bank fund for the 2000 conversion without which computers everywhere would crash. Al Gore obtained appointment of the "President’s Y2K Conversion Council". Even nations skeptical about the millenium bug went along because it cost them nothing. On January 1, 2000 pretty much everyone realized they'd been hoaxed. The results? (I mean besides Bill Gates becoming a millionaire.) Washington got to impose software harmonization worldwide-- software permeable to intrusions by the US intelligence services.

--There was the Ozone Hole hoax. That CFCs were the culprit was only a theory, but many things were blamed on the nonexistent change in the Ozone layer: disappearance of frogs, Al Gore wrote of blind salmon and rabbits, NYT wrote of sheep w cataracts, and EPA predicted additional deaths by melanoma in people-- especially interesting since it's influenced by UV-A radiation, which is not blocked by ozone. The frogs were being killed by a fungus, the sheep had viral pinkeye, melanoma mortality decreased while the ozone hole was growing, and no one ever heard again of Al Gore's blind salmon and rabbits.

The waxing & waning of the ozone layer is perfectly natural. The very simple science is here. The ozone hole remains unchanged by the 1996 banning of CFCs; in fact it stopped growing before the ban took effect, and stopped shrinking after the ban. But there are other results (just 2 examples):

DuPont, a major CFC manufacturer, was due to lose its patent on one of the most widely-used CFCs. It APPEARED that DuPont was fighting the CFC phase out, but it became known that three Canadians who led the campaign to ban CFCs owned 25% of the company, and DuPont had acquired a patent on a substitute. The substitute was not as good as freon and more expensive, so it was not to DuPont's advantage to have unpatented Freon loose in the marketplace.

The generic asthma inhalant had to be replaced by proprietary pharmaceutical products that cost three times as much.

Hundreds of millions of refrigeration systems worldwide had to be replaced-- in homes, businesses, cars, food & medical applications. The systems were functional but couldn't be economically recharged with CFCs. The alternatives are many times more expensive, and the cost silently passed on to us all For a theory which made absolutely no difference in the ozone layer. Funny how the media never mentions this.

Posted by: Penelope | Mar 31 2016 21:40 utc | 20

Ben @ 6, I wonder if you know how they set up the Post Office: Congress passed legislation that the P.O., alone of all agencies had to set aside money for full pensions for all their employees for 60 YEARS in advance! So they would be setting aside fully funded pensions for employees who were not even BORN yet. I can't remember how long they allowed-- 10 years or less.

Then they did a PR/media number against the P.O. when they wanted to borrow back some of their OWN money-- saying they were improvident & wasteful, etc. The truth is that the post office funds itself entirely thru the sale of stamps & other services, and has never borrowed from the govt.

I suppose Congress was put up to the legislation by whatever business wants to take over postal service.
Here's Ellen Brown with a solution, which of course is not wanted by TPTB.

Posted by: Penelope | Mar 31 2016 21:57 utc | 21

Time for a stew.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 31 2016 22:58 utc | 22

P @ 21: Thanks P, but, yes I know of the Post Office set-up. If it wasn't for the unreasonable demands on the Pension funds, the Post Office would turn a fine profit every year. The anti-union cabal that runs the U$A can't have that. Privatizing everything is their goal.

Posted by: ben | Mar 31 2016 23:29 utc | 23

I laughed out loud when I saw the final picture. Then I went back to the pics of the kid and noticed that his hands are in different positions. If he was the one who set up these shots, he is very smart and creative.

Posted by: John Zelnicker | Apr 1 2016 3:03 utc | 24

P.S. b:
Curiosity didn't just kill the cat,(old folk saying here in the U$A) it also informed it.:)
Posted by: ben | Mar 31, 2016 10:20:50 AM | 9

Dumping unidentifiable links to inform dead cats?
Now I have heard everything...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Apr 1 2016 3:33 utc | 25

Horse @ 25 said.."Dumping unidentifiable links to inform dead cats?"

Translation..If you're curious, click the link, and it won't be unidentified. Didn't realize link clicks were so troublesome:)

Posted by: ben | Apr 1 2016 4:28 utc | 26

Edward Bernays, considered the father of modern Propganda:

Posted by: ben | Apr 1 2016 4:33 utc | 27

Meanwhile the sick Breedlove spreads fear and paranoia against Russia/Europe/US relations.

Posted by: Slope | Apr 1 2016 5:32 utc | 28


MoA is not Upworthy. If you want to play "curiosity gap" games, please use an existing facility. You're only pissing people off and wasting their time.

Posted by: Jonathan | Apr 1 2016 7:30 utc | 29

Breedlove is retaining all of his precious bodily fluids so that others can spill theirs.

Posted by: fast freddy | Apr 1 2016 10:23 utc | 30

Turkish security manhandles journalists at Washington event. Erdogan and his security thugs think they can deal with journalists in Washington, D.C. the way they treat them in Turkey.

Posted by: lysias | Apr 1 2016 14:03 utc | 31

Albert @ 17,
In all likelihood Brussels bombings were not real

Charlie Hebdo Busted! Fake bullets
outside Jewish grocery store, cuz cop is shooting from behind the others; also white smoke, which indicates blanks.

Charlie Hebdo He was manacled when shot by police. Wait for the slow motion; it gets slower & slower. It's possible they were firing blanks, but why then was he manacled? Makes no sense.

Charlie Hebdo
"Shooting" of cop on sidewalk was filmed in two takes, with several cue marks by the vehicles. Liveleak still has an uncensored copy. There is a black cue line in front of the car at the beginning. When the shooters return to the car a 2nd cue line at right angles to the first has appeared. There are white cue marks by the navy blue car's tires. There is a black cueline by the van. You have to pause playback frequently to see these details.
The execution itself is totally nonconvincing, bloodless.
Oops, sorry. Liveleak has edited the before & after shooting so you can no longer see parts with cue lines. Also, before you could tell two cameras were used.

5/7/15 French Nat'l Ass'y passes Draconian Surveillance law. Demonstrates what Charlie Hebdo was for. Allows data collection on the entire population. Vote was 438-86, with 42 abstentions.

Re: Charlie Hebdo. There's no telling if people were killed at Charlie Hebdo itself. There were 2 more screw-ups in this one:

--There was sposed to be a third person in that tiny car, they identified him (IDs left in the car), but his classmates came forward and insisted he was in class w them.
--The lead police investigator in the case "committed suicide" the same evening as he was writing up his report.

I have film on the other Paris attack hoax, too. If anybody's interested, let me know & I'll put it up. I have 100% conclusive film that Boston Marathon was a hoax at one location.

Posted by: Penelope | Apr 1 2016 14:07 utc | 32

The Washington Post is strangely not reporting on what is happening at the nuclear security summit currently going on here in D.C. (although it is reporting on the resulting transit disruptions).

Meanwhile, RT is reporting: Xi warns Obama against threatening China’s sovereignty & national interests:

China has warned the US that it will protect its sovereignty in the disputed waters of the South China Sea and rejects attempts to use international laws and freedom of navigation as a pretext to undermine its national security interests.

In a meeting with US President Barack Obama at the fourth Nuclear Security Summit in Washington DC, his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping said that while he believes in the peaceful resolution of conflicts through direct talks, China will take steps to protect its national interests and sovereignty.

“China will firmly safeguard the sovereignty and related rights in the South China Sea,” Xi said in a meeting, according to Xinhua news.

While acknowledging that Beijing “respects and safeguards the freedom of navigation and overflight other countries are entitled to under international law,” Xi stressed that China will “not accept any freedom of navigation as an excuse to undermine China’s sovereignty and national security interests.”

Posted by: lysias | Apr 1 2016 14:19 utc | 33

More on Brussels

Most from the drill a few weeks earlier

Pedophilia always seems to be involved w these creeps. [Sad & outrageously tragic, shows Brussels police force corrupt, too. Gives the 13 methods used by those in the system to defeat accusation/investigation.] "The recent revelations concerning the pedophilia of former Speaker Dennis Hastert and the insertion of genitals into pig’s heads ritual of David Cameron points to the certainty that compromised individuals are actively recruited into positions of power — particularly within the deep-state intelligence, law enforcement, judiciary and media. In the course of my research, I discovered that it goes far beyond just compromising enforcers and gatekeepers. Satanists and pedophile rapists are put into the control grid not just because they can be easily corrupted by the Crime Syndicate, but they typically are completely lacking in any moral scruples. Par for the course, BBC reports this week that child abuse files on hundreds of U.K. cases were “accidentally deleted.”
. . .
"Shortly after Dutroux and Nihoul, kidnappers for this trafficking network, were arrested, the top investigator who broke this high-profile case was mysteriously removed and replaced with inexperienced sycophant. An enormous outcry followed in Belgium, peaking with a 300,000-person “white March” against the government. Elements within the government and elite were so seriously implicated in the crimes and cover up that Belgium came close to open insurrection in 1996. Documents also link to various Dutch officials as well."

Posted by: Penelope | Apr 1 2016 14:32 utc | 34

jen at 19.. agree.

The problem for the PTB and the media is that this kind of propaganda is not working any longer, or more realistically, works, but not as well as they would wish. A cherry-picked, arranged, photoshopped picture of one dead child (Aylan) leads to debunking and satire right away, and not through calousness, for the most part.

The photos of groups of dead children, mass graves (Syria for ex.) are often so dodgy they are unbelievable, even to a naive eye. All these efforts are built on WW2 ‘holocaust’ type photo-memes in the then only-printed-press media. Therefore, a sharper emphasis on individuals takes place, narrowing the focus.

Overall, the efforts of the PTB-media to arouse outrage and adherence through emotional reactions is sagging, as contradictions are blown up. For ex.: Any self-respecting Nation would track, and publish in the MSM, the future, the difficulties of the families of those killed at e.g. the Bataclan, in the Paris ‘terrorist’ attacks.

Are they due compensation? If so, by whom? How? Why? Who is responsible, can be made to pay? How are they doing? What help should be given them, by the State? Who were the attackers, anyway?

Silence Radio as the French say. A void.

The victims are exploited for an emotional bonanza-buzz and then are negated. Getting old...

Posted by: Noirette | Apr 1 2016 15:04 utc | 35


The point is that one always has to keep in mind that the world is full of fake propaganda

The efficacy of false propaganda as a manipulative tool is related to the level of control of MSM and related outlets. With the rise of alternative sources of information via the internet, control of the narrative is increasingly becoming a battleground. From Kerry complaining about RT to the hasbara brigade’s infiltration of the internet to the Guardian’s censorship of the comments section, the PTB are struggling to maintain their ability to shape public opinion.

A textbook case of the efficacy of false propaganda is illustrated in the following article which shows that the effect of fifty years of coverage of the Israel - Palestine conflict by MSM has a majority of Americans actually believing that it is the Israelis who are under a Palestinian occupation.

Most Americans Believe Palestinians Occupy Israeli Land

According to an IRmep poll fielded by Google Consumer Surveys the majority of Americans (49.2 percent) believe that Palestinians occupy Israeli land rather than the reverse.

It is striking that in the four countries surveyed (Great Briton, Canada, Mexico and the U.S.) significant percentages of the populations actually reflect this belief.

Of course it couldn’t possibly be related to:

Who Controls Your Mind 2013

Posted by: pantaraxia | Apr 1 2016 18:18 utc | 36

Here's another fake picture. Obviously these are not real people but skillfully constructed replicas.

Those sharia-law promoting jihadis certainly need to be stopped in Syria before they come over and blow up the new WTC and take away our right to have martinis and smoke cigarettes.

Posted by: Louis Proyect | Apr 2 2016 0:22 utc | 37

@35 Noirette 'Any self-respecting Nation would track, and publish in the MSM, the future, the difficulties of the families of those killed at e.g. the Bataclan, in the Paris ‘terrorist’ attacks.'

Yes! And that would rid of these endless talk of 'hoaxes' as well. Why does the corporate media find the 'hoax' talk useful? It serves to denigrate all meaningful reflection/analysis on what is actually happening?

Posted by: jfl | Apr 2 2016 6:47 utc | 38

Hoax, jfl, hoax.

-Behind the concert hall is fake.

-Cafe where windows are unaffected by gunfire & terrorist blowing himself up inside. No damage inside.

Posted by: Penelope | Apr 2 2016 7:16 utc | 39

What I would like is for that horrendous picture of that dead child to go away.
The point has been made, no?

Posted by: V. Arnold | Apr 2 2016 13:50 utc | 40

@ V. Arnold | Apr 2, 2016 9:50:05 AM | 40

In a comment made to IhaveLittleToAdd on the prior post might be of use here:

"What happens when the difference between media and entertainment becomes seamless and is produced by merchandisers? Once the images of war were displayed in the media and the resultant loss of control nearly derailed the government and divided the public severely; that experiment will not be tried again anytime soon. Why should you have to endure reality when lies are so easily produced to secure your dreams from unpleasantness? Why have entertainment terms come to be used to describe nearly everything? It is like the citizenry have become the borg. "

As addendum: Hollywood has brought special effects to a high state of art; the link at The Guardian is to a director who far excelled in these arts over his predecessor directors and has subsequently been eclipsed by the more imaginative of his successors. The photo that brings such duress is one that follows along those lines; notice the changes in posture in the series of photos provided without indication of sequence or time. There is a telltale though, can you spot it? Any special effects director who would make such a gaff would find themselves on the unemployment line in a matter of hours. The viewer of the photo is also required to observe - let the observer beware of images offered, particularly by information media, propagandists and merchandising marketeers using those arts designed to elicit an immediate and strong emotional response - designed to suspend critical thinking at the outset. Like the buyer, let the observer beware.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Apr 2 2016 16:47 utc | 41

Yep, missed it completely. Thanks.

Posted by: V. Arnold | Apr 3 2016 1:01 utc | 42

Easily fixed - no charge.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Apr 3 2016 2:09 utc | 43

Ah of course. But its a trick old as time. Since the British told of fake German atrocities during the first World War, to fake Nazi reports of Soviet "Genocides" (still haunting us today), to Vietnam when the Catholics in the North were lured into poverty and refugee status by phony reports of "Communists cutting babies out of Catholic mothers" to the crocodile tears over the imaginary Kuwaiti babies being tumbled out of their incubators...

All fake but very effective. When we humans learn to see through these attempts to tug our heartstrings with phony tales of the dead so that we can create REAL dead bodies, we'll really have achieved something great.

Posted by: guest77 | Apr 3 2016 20:44 utc | 44

Peter Parker: How Was Field Trip
Peter Parker: May I Go To Sleep
Peter Parker: Good Night
Peter Parker: How Was Field Trip
Peter Parker: May I Go To Sleep Good Night
Mary Jane Watson: (Screaming)
Mary Jane: (Screaming)
Shandi Screams: No
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Mary Jane Watson: (Screaming)
Mary Jane: (Screaming)

Posted by: scream | Apr 19 2016 1:35 utc | 45

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