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March 19, 2016

A U.S. 2016 (S)Election Circus Threat

Your likely choices:

Pics via Billmon

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100;Yeah Trump delivered the goods for the Zionists.But not as much as the hell bitch.And his prior words to WAPO spelled out a better future than AIPAC pandering and BS.
Iran are the good guys in all this,pretty much passive actors reacting to American folly.
And the poor poor Palestinians;Between a rock and hard place with no one but the Iranians supportive,while every Sunni state is hostile puppets of US.
And the attacks happening in Palestine now,are in the WB controlled by the PA,something the criminals won't mention,it would make Hamas look better.
Of course there are no Israelis in Gaza for Hamas to attack.

Posted by: dahoit | Mar 22, 2016 9:21:51 AM | 101

Trump on the Neocons favorite Ambassador: I like Bolton; I think he's a tough cookie; he knows what he's talking about...

Here's Bolton praising Trump:

Imagine Bolton on Trump's team....

Remember this:

Will Bolton join the Trump fascist crazy train? Not out of the realm of possibility.

Trump is a dangerous egomaniac.

Posted by: Circe | Mar 22, 2016 11:31:42 AM | 102

@ A 89

Did you not read both links provided which included the FACT Check?

To quote HRC , ”what difference does it make?"

HRC's other deeds over the decades confirm her as untrustworthy. Just ask Vince Foster, the McDougalls or Ron Brown.

Ask the missing WH furniture. ..Oh, wait, lost tongues tell no tales.

@ rufus magister 95

Thanks for the additional link in support.

John Bolton gave a radio interview (NY and Philly) on Sunday. John just woke up.

John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, stated he believes the FBI will “explode” if Hillary Clinton ultimately is not indicted for her email infractions due to what he described as politics triumphing over the legal system.

FBI "Increasingly Certain" Hillary Broke The Law, Stone-Walled By White House.

I won’t wait for James Comey to do an Archibald Cox repeat. But in some circles the Clintons are so disliked there could be very damaging leaks ending their aspirations for a third term at the WH.

Posted by: likklemore | Mar 22, 2016 11:47:44 AM | 103

Trump at AIPAC on youtube, same old same old. And a commenter says Hurray for Trump, he's not an appeaser!

Posted by: ruralito | Mar 22, 2016 12:05:12 PM | 104

Europe is paying for Hillary's failed foreign policy with a stream of over a million of refugees and ISIS terror and STILL she wants to continue her Zionist foreign policy failures when she becomes President.

Like Trump, Hillary is also a dangerous egomaniac. Both are all in with Zionists. The consequences are too dire to allow these two to ascend to the power of the Presidency.

Posted by: Circe | Mar 22, 2016 12:09:37 PM | 105

Amazed at all the Trump shills in these parts. Anonymous

Trump’s appeal is obvious. (Besides the fact that he may be a ‘wild card’ and thus the ‘least worst.’)

— Trump has smashed the mold of the stultefying, slimy, duplicitious PC correct pol speech. High time, too. His derogatory remarks about women, his threat to ban muslims (more humane than killing them btw), his Mexican wall (which already exists), are emblems.

— Bits and pieces of his discourse appeal to a very broad base. This includes: America firsters, libertarians and others who are anti-war, isolationists of any stripe who also want more power to the States and less to the Fed. Gvmt, anti-tax ppl who want the IRS destroyed or fundamentally changed, anti-corruption who think the whole system needs reform

— generally speaking all those who think that investing in jobs, the US infrastructure, the US ppl, rather than pouring money ‘abroad’ is real welcome. If that implies some kind of ‘protectionism’ and is thus ostensibly contrary to ‘free trade’ so what. All of this is somewhat ‘radical’ in the US, populist nationalism 1.01 .. (Because the middle class is becoming impoverished and profits of the military, security, finance. big corps, etc. don’t bring back the touted dividends, advantages.) He has said he will stop H1B visas. Which would return jobs citizens. Of course, by attacking illegal immigration he is undercutting big chunks of the US economy…

Jabs smartly at the heart of US present malaise, nay now long-lasting suffocated desperation. Sanders also shows a turn away from *ideology* (regime change, democracy promotion, free trade, American spirit of ‘freedom’, etc.) towards pragmatism, center-left, watered down, New-Deal style.

What Trump would actually attempt is a mystery, probably not much, more of the same old-same old with a different flavor, stopping some wars and promoting others (the usual Dem-Rep shift), changing some minor internal policies (border control, visas, taxes on small biz..) and not others, etc. (see also fairleft at 83.)

The circus trumpets on. It will take a meltdown or a ‘revolution’ for real change to emerge. Imho. But the symptoms of breach are glaring.

Posted by: Noirette | Mar 22, 2016 1:14:07 PM | 106

Christ not Bolton, please..

Posted by: Lozion | Mar 22, 2016 1:56:13 PM | 107

@106 noirette

People who've had enough - too much - are all projecting their own fantasies onto Donald Trump, just as, I'm told, people projected their fantasies onto Adolph Hitler. I'm not saying things would turn out the same with Trump as with H, in fact I think that Hillary and H are more nearly Wälsungen than Trump and H ... but Trump is underspecified while Hillary is overspecified, so people have way more room to fantasize with Trump. And in fact the chance that absolute power corrupts either/or absolutely is non-zero.

At the command performance before the AIPAC royalty ...

Trump, full transcript.
Cruz, sorry, video no transcript. I only watched the opening.
Bernie. no show at AIPAC, said to deliver his ME policy here, but I failed the loyalty test and wasn't allowed to read it.
Hillary, full transcript.

I'm for losing the donkeys and the elephants forever completely and for electing representatives we can use to effect real change, disempowering themselves while empowering ourselves, via write-in elections. Any other, better suggestions of means of doing so welcomed. We can do something or nothing. I'm for something.

Posted by: jfl | Mar 22, 2016 7:51:24 PM | 108

yes jfl at 108 ... projecting their own fantasises. Ppl hear a bit or a piece as I said (get the jobs back from China for ex.) and that’s what they want to hear, they ignore the rest, and whaddaya know he becomes a mythical alter-ego — because he is the only pol who said something they want to hear! Who can even listen seriously to Killary? At a kind basic level she doesn’t say anything at all. And as you pointed out he is ‘new.’ Another hopie-changiness pill. (I think Trump is extremely dangerous btw.)

The whole system has to go, that is for sure. Kudos to Bernie for not showing up at AIPAC.

Posted by: Noirette | Mar 23, 2016 11:29:51 AM | 109

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