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February 06, 2016

Open Thread 2016-07

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Elijah J M has a couple of posts up today and yesterday...

Posted by: james | Feb 6 2016 18:22 utc | 1

First cracks to the establishment by the American people

Posted by: nmb | Feb 6 2016 18:34 utc | 2

The U.S. should be declaring war on Iran any day now. Well, maybe a false-flag or Iranian spring to get the party started, but then the cruise missiles will fly.

Remember the last guy to try to trade oil in anything other than U.S. dollars? That would have been Libya's Gaddafi, who was dead within a month or two of the announcement. The dollar infidel before that was Saddam Hussein, I believe.

Iran Dumps Dollar in Foreign Oil Sales

Iran has turned away from the US dollar in oil trade and is denominating in euros all new and outstanding oil contracts with companies, including French oil and gas giant Total, Spanish refiner Cepsa and Litasco, the trading arm of Russia’s Lukoil, a source at National Iranian Oil Co told Reuters.

"In our invoices we mention a clause that buyers of our oil will have to pay in euros, considering the exchange rate versus the dollar around the time of delivery," the source said.

Maybe the rest of the world will finally realize the profound danger posed by the criminal psychopaths actually running the United States today. And I'm 100% serious about the war part. I could care less what currency they want to use for oil trade, but the people with their fingers on the nukes report to a different master.

Two months seems to be the going rate for a war of annihilation on dollar infidels. Bonus: they'll be able to inflate oil well over $100/bbl again once they have brought the newly-installed western puppet leaders of Iran back into the USD fan-boy club.

I would conclude with something like "God help us all," but she won't even answer the phone anymore when she sees a U.S. area code on caller ID. I know for a fact she's blocking our text messages, too.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Feb 6 2016 20:10 utc | 3


Hillary is the True Progressive, and the Global (Investment) Economy is in a Zikapocalyse. It's a crI$I$!! It's a crI$I$!!
Now vote the Law and Order candidate, HRC, increase Defense (sic) Spending 4x for Operation Levant, and gird up for QE5!!

Then get back to work! We have a lot of Debt and Spend to do!

What're you all standing there for, with those stupid protest signs!? I said, get back to work!! You want me to call in the Maidan snipers on your ass!? We are The Makers, The Chosen!! Wait...get your hands off me! Do you know who I...arghhhlll.

[News reports from NYC and WADC NOVA this morning show the incredible devastation left behind after more violent anti-establisnment protests swept through the cities overnight.]

AP Photo Caption - Pentagon troops guard public thoroughfare as DHS contract workers cut down the bodies of government officials and finance leaders left hanging from lampposts.

BREAKING - Overseas US military bases forced to close as UN declares USA deadbeat debtor pariah state blight on humanity. Global tourism plunges as Mil.Gov lifetime pensions declared null and void. Life continue uneventfully on Main Street.

AP Photo Caption - Iowa corn farmer John Duffington plows field outside Dubuque, declares 'Life goes on, at least we have enough food to feed the world.'

BREAKING - Wall Street shuttered until further notice as New Patriots demand full audit of the Fed during the Bush Years.

Posted by: Chipnik | Feb 6 2016 20:28 utc | 4


That Iran chooses the EU as its oil, food, technology and financial trading partner for oil sales does not affect the $10Bs in 'reconstruction and development' funding to Iran, looted from US taxpayers for Global Halliburton-KBR Cartel.

Besides, the TPP is signed, (oh frabjous day, calloo calleh!) baking US$ into the Matrix as the Western World Wehrmacht's (W3) reserve currency until the EndTimes. EU is just an Old World resettlement colony for New Levant, like Pakistan when the British Empire made India safe for Hindu Raj, EU now is a convenient place to dump all the useless Muslims to feed.

Posted by: Chipnik | Feb 6 2016 20:40 utc | 5

This is "perfect":

Takes the heat off their governments for creating the "collateral damage" refugee crisis in the first place and turns it into a "our way of life is under attack". In turn, they'll "vote out the elites who are weakening us; vote in the elites who will defend us" (even though the "defense" chosen will be more of the "offense" that, again, created the situation in the first place). The only "change" will be to simply remove the "velvet glove" from the same "iron fist". We'll just flip-flop between naked aggressors like Bush/Sarkozy/Blair and quiet aggressors like Obama/Holland/Cameron. In the hysteria and the illusion of change, many issues, like foreign policy and culpability for mass murder, are completely ignored.

Usually, the ZH crowd recognizes that the "elites" work together. Here, the infoganda has gotten more of them riled up. For me, it's disappointing to see self-professed "liber"-tarian types who distrust their governments on so many issues not distrust them now.

Posted by: dumbass | Feb 6 2016 20:42 utc | 6

@3 Paveway
Yes, was reported out of PressTV I saw as well. Does Iran see weakness in the USofA, using a fresh nuclear bond as window to dip the toe outside of the reserve currency water, so to speak...?

One must remember War Criminal and former middle east Peace Envoy Tony Blair chumming it up like a lost pal with for the cameras Muhamma Gaddafi not long prior to when NATO and Hillary delivered their Payload Of Freedom. Blair's kiss, was the kiss of death... You dont dare try to pull the African continent out of servitude and debt slavery with your own gold backed Central Bank.

And Saddam...well, it's probably a more accurate call on what is to he WAS actually going to deal oil for Euros.

A very different geopolitical situation in the region right now with the Russian Bear dug well comfortably dug in now.

Could turn out to be a fantastic call by Iran, one more little cog in the gear that turning its back on the the worlds reserve currency.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Feb 6 2016 20:54 utc | 7

Chipnik@4&5- I needed some laughs, thank you for that.

Besides, the TPP is signed, (oh frabjous day, calloo calleh!) baking US$ into the Matrix as the Western World Wehrmacht's (W3) reserve currency until the EndTimes

Posted by: Nana2007 | Feb 6 2016 20:56 utc | 8

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain announced that they want to send Sunni soldiers in Syria to rescue the Sunni Islamist terrorists who are about to be anihilated.
The Saudis announced a few weeks ago the constitution of a Sunni military coalition of 'friendly' Sunni countries. Nothing happened and many of these countries rejected the invitation. The whole thing seems now dead.
The Saudi army is stuck in Yemen quagmire. As it has no experienced fighters, it is sending Colombian mercenaries...
The Saudi leaders are ridiculing themselves with their absurd announcements. Is the US still taking them seriously?

Posted by: virgile | Feb 6 2016 20:59 utc | 9

@9 McCain started working the Sunni Army idea ages ago.

I guess the Saudis are still waiting for US help. Not unlike Turkey waiting for NATO.

Posted by: dh | Feb 6 2016 21:44 utc | 10

@ virgile | 9

As it has no experienced fighters, it is sending Colombian mercenaries...

I think they were hoping to get Hessian mercenaries, but these days all the military-age Hessians are staying home to guard Christian women from mass sexual attacks by Arab or North African hordes.

Posted by: Ort | Feb 6 2016 21:50 utc | 11


Answer: All signs point to Yes.


Sufyan Jan's exhaustive translation, like many Arabic policy statements, in naming every insurgent flavor with short history of every insurgent succession is a precise on why the West is a Penultimate Failed State, whose 'highly educated' citizens have been reduced by Madison Avenue, Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue to the attention span of a goldfish, whose discernment powers have been i-lobotomized down to 'Red' or 'Blue', like airplane food, which even a chicken can be trained to do, and for a polled 70% of whose 'highly educated' citizens are lost in e-space, Oculusic, driving on their cells, walking on their cells, even masturbating on their cells in the moments before their world-shattering, decompressive, epistemic demise:

Posted by: Chipnik | Feb 6 2016 21:51 utc | 12


Note to Self:

The Power of FB compels you!

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2 hours ago
Trump is not my first choice, but when he talks about a bubble ready to pop that will be ugly, he is as spot on as when he put immigration front and center. Kudos, Donald.

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Cat TheLineIsDrawn
2 hours ago
If anybody would know it's Donald Trump..he has the smart business sense our Country needs, along with the brass stones to stop the madness. TRUMP/USA!

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craigandjeanne Cat
2 hours ago
Donald is correct in what he says about the economy and I trust him to protect our jobs and to work hard to increase the jobs in THIS country.

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Dave C TheLineIsDrawn
2 hours ago
Plenty of room on the Trump train, please join us.

TRUMP/2016 🇺🇸

Posted by: Chipnik | Feb 6 2016 21:58 utc | 13

@Paveway #3

The "color revolution" strategy with Iran already fizzled in 2009. IMO Iran is in a much stronger position than Iraq or Libya were, both economically and militarily. We'll probably see a continuation of unilateral sanctions efforts in the US, but the power of the war-with-Iran party is weaker than it has been in years.

Euro-traded oil is a shrewd political move for Iran as it decouples Eurozone interests from Dollarzone interests by giving the Euro a hedge against rising oil prices when they eventually occur. Rising Euro-traded oil prices would strengthen the Euro, just as rising Dollar-traded oil prices strengthen the Dollar.

Posted by: Thirdeye | Feb 6 2016 22:01 utc | 14


A big part of the Saudi force in Yemen consists of Sudanese mercenaries. That came to light when a large number of them were killed in a Tochka-U attack on a Saudi base in Yemen. I wonder how many of those who died had any notion of why they were where they were.

Posted by: Thirdeye | Feb 6 2016 22:08 utc | 15

Someone asked me about the latest refugee influx on the Turkish border at the Aziz border crossing. I wrote some answers based on what I have seen in the last few days:

The Western press is full of hysterical stories about how the SAA is about to attack/siege/capture/destroy #Aleppo. Fact is the SAA *controls* Aleppo. At least if "Aleppo" means 1) the population 2) the Citadel 3) the railway station etc. Yes, the rebels control large parts of the ruins, but the latest pro-Syrian estimate I saw was 1.5 million vs. 40,000 on the rebel side.

The front lines in the Aleppo city have moved little in the last 3 years. Also, there are no on-going battles in the city. These people are thus not fleeing the city of Aleppo. Besides, to travel from the rebel-held part of the city to the Turkish border, they would now have to cross government-held areas.

See a map from Friday here:

The real cause of the refugee stream is the likely collapse of the whole Aziz corridor. The whole area will soon be taken over be a) The SAA, b) Kurds, c) ISIS, or d) Turkey.

Also, there is real fighting going on in the southern part of the corridor, with the fighting and bombing likely to move north. Civilians are wise to evacuate the area. I do not think these people have *yet* made plans to flee to Europe. Most will be returning home in a week or so.

Video from Thursday. Note, that Turkey has closed the border gate, and is not letting anyone in.

As the people are not allowed into Turkey they are moving into Kurdish territory: Pro-rebel channel SYRIA:direct writes: "Amidst north Aleppo chaos, thousands of displaced Syrians pour into ‘relative safety’ of Kurdish-held Afrin"

Google Earth shows a refugee tent camp on the Syrian side of the border, just east of the road and border gate. This fresh video shows hew tents being set up in the same spot. Evidently the old camp and the old tents have already been disassembled and the previous refugees moved elsewhere.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Feb 6 2016 22:11 utc | 16

The Ukrainian government continues to make all the wrong moves and Europe's patience is wearing thin.

Rational actors in Europe will want to cut their losses. Irrational actors will want to throw more resources into the pit because of the specter of the Russian bogey.

Posted by: Thirdeye | Feb 6 2016 22:13 utc | 17

Iran is trying an important diplomatic rapprochement with Europe. The Iranians could have traded in Yuan but prefered the Euro. And Europe knows that to solve the refugee's crisis it will need the Iran more than ever. Turkey and Saudi Arabia are criminal rogue states these days.

Posted by: Nick | Feb 6 2016 22:43 utc | 18

Israeli military gives demolition notices to families of seven Palestinian assailants

The Israel Defense Forces and the Civil Administration served the families of seven suspected Palestinian terrorists with demolition notices late Thursday night.

The Israeli's - and the all the West's - Final solution to the 'Palestinian problem' proceeds on schedule.

Hands in our pockets, we're all holding their coats under our arms. Make you ashamed to be a part of 'Wesern Civilization'? Does me.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 6 2016 22:50 utc | 19

@ Posted by: Petri Krohn | Feb 6, 2016 5:11:08 PM | 16

Civilians are wise to evacuate the area. I do not think these people have *yet* made plans to flee to Europe. Most will be returning home in a week or so.
Yes, that was my impression.. and agree the numbers are small for such a large total population ... Looks like another of Erdogan's miscalculation -- He and Turkey look spiteful, likely prejudiced, and baldly manipulative in denying these people a bit more distance ... "Gotta wonder what Erdogan wants" and, of course, the optic is that the poor-benighted Kurds are doing what (how much are we paying him?) Erdogan won't

Petri -- Thanks for all links! I will read them all!!!

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Feb 6 2016 22:56 utc | 20

@3 PW @14 3rdi

I'm with 3rdi. Unusual for you to lose it like this, isn't it, PW? You're usually the stonecold calculator of military mayhem. I guess bombs are one thing, but $DOLLARS! are another? Don't get me wrong, keep the stonecold calculations coming, please.

@18 nick

I'll bet Iran is taking yuan, too. They take rupees from the Indians, don't they? The Russians don't need any oil, thanks. Maybe euros on the spot market? Other currencies by prior arrangement. Maybe Russia ought to emulate the Iranians : 'rapprochement with Europe'. Then they can team together when the PavewayIVs begin to fall.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 6 2016 23:03 utc | 21

@14 thirdeye.. no doubt iran is in a stronger position, but it doesn't change the fact many astute folks are watching here anticipating the real possibility of all hell breaking lose, including @3 paveway... i lean towards @3's position too... i hope i am wrong.. i think we are moving towards something much bigger in terms of world conflict... i've said this before and i really hope i am wrong..

Posted by: james | Feb 6 2016 23:23 utc | 22

Longtime lurker, first time poster.


Posted by: Thirdeye | Feb 6, 2016 5:13:14 PM | 17

Speaking of Ukraine, I've been watching a series of retrospective documentaries on the events of 2014 that I think people here would enjoy, called Roses Have Thorns. See write-up here. Evidently put together by an Australian in his free time (see Saker interview), it's a very skillful assembly of MSM, existing doc film, livestream, and bystander footage, edited with minimal commentary and presented in neat chronological order starting in January 2014. It's now on it's 17th hour+ episode, covering mid-July 2014. Very compelling to see multiple camera angles unequivocally documenting the
character of event after event, followed by the rote denials and deflections in the following day's press conferences. I know it's filled in a lot of blanks for me, personally.

The official page:

Posted by: Adjuvant | Feb 6 2016 23:29 utc | 23

US cannot become bankrupt. It prints paper money backed by the full faith and credit of the US gov. at will and gives it away to the ppl that don't need it. Its value is enforced by the US armed forces as both Gadaffi (We came, we saw... he died) and Saddam Hussein (spider hole) have recently learned. There were many others before them who mocked the power of printed Mason paper and learnt the hard way.

Posted by: fast freddy | Feb 6 2016 23:36 utc | 24

Washout west care to comment on these developments?

Readers will recall what we said back in October: “... it’s worth noting that using Hezbollah and Shiite militias to fight the ground war decreases the odds of Moscow getting mired in asymmetric warfare with an enemy they don’t fully understand.”

In other words, Hezbollah has no problem engaging in urban warfare - they practically invented it.

The Saudis - not so much. "This will be like a coup de grace for them,” Jafari continued. “Apparently, they see no other way but this, and if this is the case, then their fate is sealed.”

Yes, “their fate will be sealed,” or, as Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem said on Saturday, “I assure you any aggressor will return to their country in a wooden coffin, whether they be Saudis or Turks

Posted by: Nana2007 | Feb 6 2016 23:56 utc | 25

Paveway--Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, and Japan are all using rubles, yuan, euros, or yen for energy transactions. OPEC has oil priced by a basket of currencies. Petrodollar recycling's days are numbered.

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 7 2016 0:00 utc | 26

I think everyone is wondering the same thing: What's next? How will the Assad must go! Coalition respond to the rebel/jihadi defeat in Aleppo/Northwest Syria.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Feb 7 2016 0:17 utc | 27

@19. My coat may be under my arm, but it is while I'm standing an educational vigil in Seattle, USA, letting people know about Palestine. We got mainly support today (cars honking support and pedestrians giving us thumbs up).

Do something for Palestine and it helps us all in the long run.

Posted by: lindaj | Feb 7 2016 0:19 utc | 28 times, prophetic.

" entire Arab leadership was executed by hanging, yet we sit on the sidelines. Why?
Any one of you might be next. Yes.
(cue laughter)

Gaddafi attacks Arab leaders at the Arab summit in Syria (2008), stressing that Saddam Hussein's fate awaits all Arab leaders! - (with accurate English subtitles).

Posted by: MadMax2 | Feb 7 2016 0:37 utc | 29

1. Syria FM warns against any foreign ‘ground intervention’

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem has warned against any foreign ground intervention in his country after reports emerged that Saudi Arabia and Turkey are considering the dispatch of troops to Syria.

“Any ground intervention on Syrian territory without government authorization would amount to an aggression that must be resisted,” Muallem said at a news conference in the Syrian capital, Damascus, on Saturday.

On Thursday, Igor Konashenkov, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman, said Turkey is making "preparations for an armed invasion" of Syria.

Moscow “registers a growing number of signs of hidden preparation of the Turkish Armed Forces for active actions on the territory of Syria,” Konashenkov added.

2. Saudi military intervention in Syria amounts to war: Russian deputy

"Syria has to give official consent, to invite, otherwise it will be a war. The same applies to international law," Pavel Krasheninnikov, the head of the State Duma committee, told Interfax on Friday.

Krasheninnikov said that by promising a ground operation in Syria Riyadh now "intends to send troops to the territory of a sovereign state essentially without declaring a war."

3. Russia Is Preparing the Syrian Army to Repel Any Turkish Incursion

[M]ore dangerous is Moscow’s statement that it has “strong grounds to believe that Turkey is preparing for a ground incursion into Syria”. The source [close to Syrian President Bashar Assad said to Al-Rai] comments, “Russia has red lines that it will allow no one to cross, Russia is preparing a strong Syrian military unit that will serve to repel any Turkish ground incursions, Damascus has the right to defend its borders, and will not stay silent anymore to any aerial violations of Syrian sovereignty, and is preparing for any ground offensive by the Turks with aerial bombardment and ground shelling. Russia considers any plane not operating within the US-Russia coordination agreement to be a threat and will be shot down, Russia has also taken further precaution by deploying the S-400 missile system, and has brought in Su-35 that is in service for the first time, and it has further upgraded the Syrians' MiG-29's in case they are needed to repel any Turkish advancements. The Kremlin wanted to send to Turkey a message that says any incursion by you will be met by force not diplomacy”.

4. The US And Saudi Arabia Discussing Ground Operation In Syria

According to US State Department spokesman John Kirby, the US and Saudi Arabia are discussing the possibility of a ground operation against the group «Islamic state» in Syria.

Earlier on Thursday Saudi Arabia expressed the readiness to send its troops to Syria to participate in ground operations if the US-led coalition decided that such operation is necessary, as an advisor to the Saudi defense minister Ahmed Asseri reports.

As for US, it wants to obtain additional information from Saudi Arabia regarding possible ground operation against ISIS in Syria. « It is important for us to learn more about this proposal. Now we are discussing with the Saudis, what opportunities and aims they have», – Kirby stressed.

5. Reshaping of the Middle East Has Begun

The disintegration of Iraq was predicted for some time now, and thoroughly examined by various analysts. But it has now finally been launched into action by the US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Characteristically, Turkish and Saudi statements came within a day after the failure of the Geneva talks. This means one thing – there’s going to be a new war in Syria soon. Everyone understands that with the close air support provided by Russia’s aircraft, the Syrian army along with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Lebanese Hezbollah will be able to cleanse Syria’s territory from terrorists by summer, taking full control of the Syrian-Turkish border and putting an end to the flow of weapons, mercenaries and trucks filled with oil. And this would be the end of the so-called “rebellion” in Syria.

That is why Ankara and Riyadh are in a hurry, even though the invasion of Syria can pose unpredictable difficulties for them, since Turkey carries on its war against the Kurds, while Saudi Arabia is still fighting the Houthis in Yemen.

But the US is putting a lot of pressure on these two states, willing to keep in danger, while applying pressure on Russia and Syria through their actions. However, this turn of events may lead to a major war, if Russian forces come under fire, Russia will have enough determination to launch retaliations strikes, starting the collapse of the regimes in both in Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

6. Threat of wider war looms as Saudi monarchy proposes Syria intervention

“The kingdom is ready to participate in any ground operations that the coalition [against ISIS] may agree to carry out in Syria,” Saudi military spokesman brigadier general Ahmed al-Asiri said on Thursday, touting the Saudi army’s “experience in Yemen,” which has consisted largely of the slaughter of Yemeni civilians in airstrikes.

For its part, the Turkish government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is determined to prevent the consolidation of an autonomous Syrian Kurdish zone on its border.

“That kind of news is very welcome,” US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said in response to the Saudi offer, adding that he intended to discuss it with his Saudi counterpart in Brussels next week.

An intervention by Turkey and Saudi Arabia, two of the principal patrons of the Islamist militias in Syria, would signal a major escalation of the crisis and a desperate bid by US imperialism itself to salvage the nearly five-year-old war for regime change in Syria.

It would dramatically increase the dangers of the Syrian conflict spiraling out of control into a full-scale regional war, pitting Saudi Arabia and Turkey against Iran. Any such intervention would be carried out in collaboration with Washington, which is Turkey’s NATO ally, posing the threat of a direct confrontation between the US and Russia, the world’s two major nuclear powers.

Number 1 makes the obvious case for invasion, aggression, as war from the Syrian side. Number 2 does the same from the Russian side. Number 3 above is from a Syrian source, not Russian, but is consistent with the facts thus far. Number 4 shows equivocation at State, a possible reassessment and backdown should a bluff not work. Number 5 rightly places responsibility for the increasingly bellicose developments on the USA. 'Let's you and him fight'. Interestingly, earlier on the assertion is made that Ankara has already committed the bulk of its best forces to fighting the Kurds in Turkey. Number 6 calls attention to the fact that it is US Defense and State that seem to be 'in charge'. The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate is simply acquiescing to Yet Another US Aggression Led From Behind. Behind himself, as well.

Certainly the worst is possible. This is all monstrously stupid on the part of the neocon USA : nothing to gain and everything to lose. On the other hand it may all amount to nothing, all talk and no action, with Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the USA all just backing down. In between is Erdogan actually invading northern Syria which, coupled with an opportunistic serge by the Kurds inside Turkey in response, could be really disastrous for Turkey.

I think its all monstrously stupid : Hey, Barack Obama ! Wake up, and call your dogs home ! Earth to the spaced out Nobel Peace Prize Laureate : give peace a chance!

Posted by: jfl | Feb 7 2016 0:48 utc | 30

Posted by: PavewayIV | Feb 6, 2016 3:10:53 PM | 3

...."God help us all," ......
Are you serious? Please cun me out you and your god..... no offense intended. :-)

Posted by: Jack Smith | Feb 7 2016 0:54 utc | 31

The New York Jews have begun to be very concerned: their neoliberal narrative that has held together for the past 35 years is beginning to die; spools of derivatives lie waiting to unwind and bring down the system; planes like the F35 with billions invested refuse to fly; Boeing has outsourced all its wing-making to Japan and everything else. America is Jew country. Don't tell me I didn't tell you so (J.J. Cale I think.)

Posted by: Lochearn | Feb 7 2016 1:06 utc | 32

Listen to this lunatic!
(Alex Jones’s CRAZY “‪Message To Bernie Sanders‬’‪ Supporters‬”)

Posted by: Tom Murphy | Feb 7 2016 1:18 utc | 33

Posted by: jfl | Feb 6, 2016 5:50:03 PM | 19

The Israeli's - and the all the West's - Final solution to the 'Palestinian problem' proceeds on schedule.

........and if anyone still believes Bernie will do anything different beside helping Israeli to conclude Final solution is still dreaming. Like all apologists and Democratic still believe "Israel have the right to defense itself" and the only way to do it Final solution eliminate every single Palestinian in Gaza and the West Bank.

"...Despite America's longstanding position considering Israeli settlements illegitimate, successive administrations ....little to stop the expansion of the settlement enterprise. Israel continues to build these settlements unabatedly, precisely because America's position is void of any substantive action.

For reasons that greatly puzzle this writer, Democrats in the United States seem to have divided into two camps. We will call the first one Camp B, for those campers who apparently believe that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is the savior, the one the world has been waiting for. .......The differences between Mr. Sanders and Mrs. Clinton seem cosmetic at best.

In another words Duopoly within the Democrats party more or less the same. It is possible that Bernie maybe even more dangerous than Hillary or Obomo? Remember he even told voters in his constituent in a town hall meet to Shut Up

Posted by: Jack Smith | Feb 7 2016 1:19 utc | 34

I have no credentials to speak of military matters, but I am impressed by a nation that's 7,000 years old and that has watched its known enemy very closely for the last 50 years, all the while being under sanctions and yet still organizing and empowering the entire region's resistance to this same enemy.

This leads me to think, without a lot of collateral to back it up, that the US actually could not defeat Iran militarily if it tried. I believe Iran is where the US empire would go to die, and I suspect there are people deep in the Pentagon who think the same thing.

Nukes I think are off the table, because of Russia and defense treaties - or so I believe, but I don't have details. As for everything conventional, I don't think we've seen any evidence lately that the US even knows how to deploy its forces against an enemy that shoots back. I suspect the US military machine is vastly more corrupted and degraded than has become visible, and the first real engagement would reveal this.

And I have a lot of faith in Iran's missiles, secret intelligence, and electronics. Iran would take some punishment but would also I think shoot down far more US planes than the US could stomach politically. It would have to come to boots on the ground - at which the entire population of Iran, highly trained and glowing with patriotic fervor, would destroy the demoralized US soldiers, no matter how many were sent, no matter if the US brought back the draft, which it has started to talk about.

And all of this over the banker's mite. Poor Libya and Iraq - they moved too soon. But I believe Iran knows, and is showing, that the days when exiting the dollar meant reciprocal invasion and destruction, are over.

These are just some un-researched impressions I offer, since I haven't seen anyone address the military feasibility yet.

Posted by: Grieved | Feb 7 2016 1:20 utc | 35

Bernie Sanders, Israel, Palestine, and Me

Please read below a twisted apologists mind supporting Bernie Sanders

This meme is both offensive and factually incorrect. It implies that Bernie Sanders is anti-Palestine. He isn’t. But he’s not anti-Israel either. It is possible to be both pro-Israel and to recognize what’s going on with the Palestinians at the same time, and that as a displaced group, they deserve a two-state solution, which Sanders supports. So let’s go down this list of reasons why I am pro-Israel (and pro-Bernie Sanders) and why I feel a two-state solution is the correct solution here.....

As I have said before, you cannot expect a nation not to defend against armed insurrection at its borders. This is especially true when said nation is in a war-torn and violent area

Palestine is not a real place. It has no historical nationhood. It is not an ethnicity. “Palestine” was a label placed on the area that is now Israel and the West Bank and Gaza

Israel fought wars for that land, won those wars, and by the standards of war recognized around the globe, that land is and has been Israel’s since 1948.

Posted by: Jack Smith | Feb 7 2016 1:29 utc | 36

Anyone still remembers Edward Snowden asylum in Russia, Chelsea Manning locked up in Federal penitentiary, Leavenworth Kansas and Julian Assange holed up in Ecuadorian Embassy in London? This is what Bernie implied ...Bernie Sanders backs the prosecution of Edward Snowden

The support by Bernie Sanders for the prosecution of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, which he voiced during Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential debate, is a damning exposure of the pro-imperialist politics of this self-described “socialist” politician.

Think again if you planned to votes for Bernie - Trojan horse, he could be even more dangerous than Obomo.... Israel have the right to defend itself and the endless wars continue.....

Posted by: Jack Smith | Feb 7 2016 1:49 utc | 37

@35 / Grieved

>> the US actually could not defeat Iran militarily if it tried.

I suspect the US could commit against Iran the same crimes it did to Iraq and Libya but shows restraint probably for a few reasons, especially this one: they need to manufacture consent for yet another war.

I imagine they don't mind if a large minority of disgruntled citizens object. But, they can't have the *whole* country object. And certainly not the whole world. Yes, many people see through the illusion. But, an attack now would make the jaws of the whole world drop.

Especially, they need to flare the tempers of the Jem'Hadar demographic that normally serves as their ground troops. (You know the people: the ones who don't care about any of the Bill of Rights except the 2nd Amendment. That's the magic amendment that partially transmorgified (a) the state burden of defending the newly independent aristocrats into (b) a celebrated privilege associated with personal freedom, personal identity, national pride, etc. It was great marketing!) Indeed, because they hate him so much, I question whether that demographic would even fight a new official war started by Obama. Or continue supporting one started by Obama even after a Republican president comes in.

The "WMD" retread was tried but failed in Syria. They're trying other narratives. But, they're not working. So, how are they going to sell us an attack on Iran to us and the world?

I think that's why Obama supported the "deal": Since an attack is not feasible right now, call a truce. For expansionist empires that historically violated every treaty anyway, truces are only temporary. Hostility can be re-initiated anytime later.

Posted by: dumbass | Feb 7 2016 2:19 utc | 38

It's STILL likely to be a bluff. For years & years Erdogan has refused to go into Syria in any serious way, absent the US accompanying him. Now that he has seen Saudi Arabia's mercenaries in action I don't think he'll go w just them. Obviously the US is pushing him, but surely he knows the US will betray him. If he should be so reckless it's possible that TURKEY could end up being partitioned.

It appears somebody is still suckering the real refugees to go to Europe. Reuters is reporting that they're gathering on the Syrian side of the border waiting to be let thru-- the famous buffer zone?

In all out war, which I don't think will happen, Turkey does have a huge army and many more planes than Russia has in theatre. I don't know if I believe in the "special anti-electronics" gizmo. Quien Sabe?

Posted by: Penelope | Feb 7 2016 2:29 utc | 39

Under the heading of random bullshit -- Madeline Albright has come out for Hillary -- saying "there's a special place in hell for nonsupporters" -- as if an endorsement by this war mongerer was a "good thing" ...
Gloria Steinem has also come out for Hillary ...

Gloria Steinem: women are supporting Bernie Sanders 'for the boys'
The feminist icon suggested female millennial voters prefer Sanders to Hillary Clinton because of his popularity among young men: ‘The boys are with Bernie’
as if this were not utterly insulting ...
Amazingly tone-deaf. (both available on the Guardian front page)

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Feb 7 2016 2:33 utc | 40

@ 33 / Tom Murphy

Thanks for that link. Alex Jones's conflation of issues and violent delivery lowers my opinion of him, dramatically. (I can hear "told ya so" in this room. Well, hey, I'm a dumbass.) ;-)

Posted by: dumbass | Feb 7 2016 2:35 utc | 41

It is really dangerous to let KSA fight ISIS directly. Think of all the equipment that ISIS would get as trophies! But there are positive aspects as well. Apparently, GCC cannot fight in two wars and they pulled all air support from the war with ISIS to be able to fight Yemeni "rebels". If they left Yemen to be sorted out between native factions for the sake of attacking ISIS, it would be a definite plus for Yemen, while ISIS would not gain much, perhaps, GCC equipment relies on expensive spare parts so it may be of limited use.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Feb 7 2016 2:43 utc | 42

>> Iran Dumps Dollar in Foreign Oil Sales

Just my two cents: Iran is a little naive, by choosing the euro over rubles or yuan and by buying Airbus. Europe is Oceania's bitch.

I could be wrong...about the naivety.

Posted by: dumbass | Feb 7 2016 2:49 utc | 43

Posted by: dumbass | Feb 6, 2016 9:49:46 PM | 43

Iranians are all but naive... After the experiences they had with the US they prefer to have as little dependence on the USA as possible.

Posted by: virgile | Feb 7 2016 3:22 utc | 44

A new jaysh is born: Jaysh Halab!

To combat the YPG and SAA in northern Aleppo, the Islamist rebels have formed a coalition called “Jaysh Halab”, which consists of Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), Jabhat Al-Shamiyah, Jaysh Al-Islam, and Jaysh Al-Mujahiddeen. | Al-Masdar News

Posted by: virgile | Feb 7 2016 3:26 utc | 45

Kissinger’s Vision for U.S.-Russia Relations

I am here to argue for the possibility of a dialogue that seeks to merge our futures rather than elaborate our conflicts. This requires respect by both sides of the vital values and interest of the other. These goals cannot be completed in what remains of the current administration. But neither should their pursuits be postponed for American domestic politics. It will only come with a willingness in both Washington and Moscow, in the White House and the Kremlin, to move beyond the grievances and sense of victimization to confront the larger challenges that face both of our countries in the years ahead.

Posted by: virgile | Feb 7 2016 3:53 utc | 46


It's absurd for MoA'ns to prognosticate that 'USA would go to Iran to die.' USA would kick their pommie asses, jebesus! Who teaches you guys this bullshyte? Try reading Jane's sometime, or Google 'AIM-120 AMRAAM'. USA would steamroll over Iran.

What USA is not prepared for is Iran's ability to make the Straits of Hormuz a killing fields for $1878 a barrel oil. What USA is not prepared for is to lose an aircraft carrier to a RU missile system in loan to Tehran, for the reason of robotic allied war treaty Franz Ferdinan auto-escalation.

The last four wars of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria were all ziobanker wars, oil cartel and war profiteer contingency actions, money laundering and Zion-over-Tehran Mind Space, the slow burn hegemonic full spectrum dominance wars of bold extortion and extraction for a Greater Levant + Ukraine.

The last thing the Deep State wants is a hot war pried out of their mummified hands, put on auto-pilot. That has absolutely nothing to do with USA being 'unable' to defeat Iran in war.

Posted by: Chipnik | Feb 7 2016 4:11 utc | 47

MadMax2@7 - "...Does Iran see weakness in the USofA, using a fresh nuclear bond as window to dip the toe outside of the reserve currency water, so to speak...?" - I think it's more awareness of their own strength and their relationship with China and Russia. Everyone (except the U.S.) can see which way the tide is going. Plus Iran must hate the U.S. and it's thieving bankers. If I were them, I would do it for no other reason than to stick it to us yanks.

Thirdeye@14 - "...The "color revolution" strategy with Iran already fizzled in 2009... ...but the power of the war-with-Iran party is weaker than it has been in years." - We're talking psychopathic neocon chickenhawks running Team Chaos here. They never give up; this is all they do. 2009 wasn't a defeat for them, it was a trial run. They will never stop their state-sponsored terrorism until Iran ceases to exist. Yes, they're that nuts.

jfl@21 - "...I guess bombs are one thing, but $DOLLARS! are another?..." - That pretty much sums it up. Psychopaths eternally seek more control, and that's always been via bullion, bullets and butter. There wasn't enough bullion to go around, so the U.S. did what everyone else did: replaced it with fake bullion - fiat, a la USD. That trick only works if the rest of the world can be conned into believing USD = gold (it doesn't and hasn't for a very long time). A world with a single dominant reserve currency is history - there will be several dominant ones that will share that function, and they will change over time. Money changers want their piece of the action again.

james@22 - " doubt iran is in a stronger position, but it doesn't change the fact many astute folks are watching here anticipating the real possibility of all hell breaking lose..." - I loath Team Chaos, but you have to admit that they are good at what they do. Chaos = money = power accrual. Psychopaths have no use for peace. Where's the profit in that?

fast freddy@23 - "...US cannot become bankrupt..." - I agree, but that's not the danger to me as a U.S. citizen. TPTB needs to be able to create inflation or control deflation. They have lost control of both. The U.S. economy will now suffer world market whims that will force broad deflation (which we had previously been able to export) and selective inflation on core goods (which TPTB had previously been able to control). The U.S. Baby Boom generation will hit peak retirement in a few years and I am absolutely certain that their retirement savings and Social Security will be gone. I don't know the mechanics of how that will be done, but dying powers always go after stored wealth. I'm still a few years from retirement, but I plan for $0 Social Security and anything in an IRA/401K/Pension will be gone or confiscated. It will not be an option - we are that screwed.

karlof1@25 - "...Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, and Japan are all using rubles, yuan, euros, or yen for energy transactions..." - The significance of the announcement was that Iran said all contracts from now on will be exclusively in Euros. That's were I'm reading the significance - they're not willing to contract for USD with anybody. Euros is an odd choice by my reckoning, but makes sense given their trading partners. This has got to make the USD cabal absolutely livid. Do you know how hard it's going to be to manipulate oil prices when you have to let the money changers in on the action? They'll ruin everything! Solution - the old reliable: war.

Jack Smith@30 - "...Are you serious? Please cun [count?] me out you and your god..... no offense intended. :-)..." - OK. I'll tell her, but she's not going to like that. She tends to throw things around when she's mad. Do you live near any fault lines?

Grieved@35 - I agree wholeheartedly. My belief is that Team Chaos will merely attempt to do something. For the reasons you mentioned, they will fail. Iran will not be bullied any longer, and there are enough nations pissed at the U.S. that they will back Iran. Unfortunately, the 'attempt' will mean suffering and death for hundreds of thousands of people. But the U.S. and Coalition of Evil burned through a million Iraqis without blinking, so I'm sure the psychopaths will be equally indifferent to the human toll in Iran.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Feb 7 2016 4:28 utc | 48

There is a mass psychosis in the USA like Germany in the 30's up to about 43. Maybe 1 in 40? or so are not affected

Posted by: Jak Jones | Feb 7 2016 4:43 utc | 49

Massive Pegida marches through Europe today Dresden, Prague, Calais, Dublin, Birmingham (UK), Amsterdam
YAHOO: Thousands march across Europe in anti-Islam Pegida rallies.

RT: Dozens arrested as Pegida anti-migrant marches sweep across Europe (PHOTOS, VIDEOS).

Tens of thousands of people marched across 14 European countries in protest against the influx of Muslim migrants into the continent. In several migrant flashpoints, clashes broke out between demonstrators and police.

In Dresden, Germany, where the movement was born in October 2014, around 8,000 people gathered on the banks of the Elbe, waving the German tricolors and anti-Nazi resistance flags.

(For perspective, record Pegida turnout January 2015, a year ago, 25,000 ... Post-Cologne NYE march 3000... )

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Feb 7 2016 5:26 utc | 50

Defenders of the petrodollar are sharpening their knives as we kibitz. "Super Sunday" tomorrow, good day to ignite the festivities. In any event, it's coming soon.

Posted by: ben | Feb 7 2016 5:31 utc | 51

eta: My error not "massive" marches, but impressive mobilization and ambition ...
however, considering the amount of hype turnout relatively small.
"Official" Calais march was banned but 150 turned out
Twitter estimate of 4000 in Prague
No numbers for other cities.

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Feb 7 2016 5:31 utc | 52


Kerry 'blames opposition' for continued Syria bombing

...“‘What do you want me to do? Go to war with Russia? Is that what you want?’” the aid worker said Kerry told her..."

H/T @green_lemonnn

Posted by: PavewayIV | Feb 7 2016 5:37 utc | 53

Everyone is all pissed off about Korea's new rocket ... and front page Guardian worrying about "siege" and "starvation" in Aleppo ... I'm exhausted by all this ...

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Feb 7 2016 5:43 utc | 54

"Russia is lining up seven state companies, including airline Aeroflot, for potential privatisation."

Posted by: ben | Feb 7 2016 6:04 utc | 55

@Susan Sunflower. I don't trust the official numbers of demonstrators for anything. In any country. Too easy to dismiss protests because of low official numbers, which can easily be manipulated.

Posted by: Mischi | Feb 7 2016 6:34 utc | 56

So, the establishment candidate is a robot. Haha

Rubio bot.

Posted by: Nick | Feb 7 2016 7:32 utc | 57

@48 PavewayIV

All we need is the social will.

Many aspects of our society are not gone, just threatened. I am on and need Social Security as the INSURANCE program it was initiated as. Go read the Angry Bear web site and the archives about Social Security is good.....something like an 80 cent/week increase now could fix it out for another big chunk of time.

and on a lighter note a link about skipping stones science:

and on a more serious note (China's reaction to Obama's speech about TPP signing:

Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 7 2016 7:41 utc | 58

on election porn....

They can choose the face, like in some violent video game. The engine, the system behind that face (or call it a mask), is permanent. It does not change.

Posted by: denk | Feb 7 2016 10:18 utc | 59

@39 Jack, I posted a comment over at that blog post "Bernie Sanders, Israel, Palestine, and Me"
see it here:
( I am waiting to see if it will get approved)

Posted by: Tom Murphy | Feb 7 2016 10:49 utc | 60

Jak Jones says:

There is a mass psychosis in the USA like Germany in the 30's up to about 43. Maybe 1 in 40? or so are not affected


Alone tired halfdrunk hopeful
I staggered into the bogs
at Green Park station
and found 30 written on the wall

Appalled I lurched out
into the windy blaring neon Piccadilly night
thinking surely,
Surely there must be more of us than that...

(Pete Brown)

Posted by: john | Feb 7 2016 14:06 utc | 61

What's with Putin meeting Kissinger?

Posted by: x | Feb 7 2016 14:52 utc | 62
With link to and excepts from article by Kissinger re: Russia-USA relations...

Posted by: Bluemot5 | Feb 7 2016 15:49 utc | 63

So, the establishment candidate is a robot. Haha

Rubio bot.

Posted by: Nick | Feb 7, 2016 2:32:05 AM | 58

High quality bots, say fresh from CMU robotics laboratory, could actually improve upon the average of the candidates for our top office. But Rubio is bringing us back to the time of single short pre-recorded messages, a technology from before WWI. The only progress from the last 100 years is the sound quality.

And what a message it was! Barak Obama wants America to be like "the rest of the world", say, giving access to healthcare to all. Not that he achieved that, but what a sinister goal! Not just that, he NEGOTIATED for the only reason that the rest of the world did. And Obama does not want USA to be "the greatest state that ever was". Nice message, but repeated three times, opens itself to mocking, unlike Kasich, who cannot repeat himself because the others interrupt too much, or Christie who knows how to made things done and how to quell rebellious cities not by inhumane sieges, a la Bashir Assad, but by skillful closures of the highway lanes. Would Tehran grow to cheeky, Christie would bring the city to a standstill in a nick of time with strategically placed traffic cones (a black flag operation?)

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Feb 7 2016 16:11 utc | 64

The U.S. should be declaring war on Iran any day now. Well, maybe a false-flag or Iranian spring to get the party started, but then the cruise missiles will fly. -- Paveway at 4.

No way. Will not happen.

The US (obama-kerry) has made unprecedented moves to bring Iran back into the fold, able to act on the world stage, at least economically, under pressure in part from biz/banking/energy factions in the US. Neutralising Iran was better than having it as a ‘perpetual enemy.’ That ship has sailed and there is no turning back. Those making noises about it do so because after all the propaganda it is hard to change tack from day one to day two facing the sheeples. As for Israel, it isn’t the tail that wags the dog, the 51st state is there to do the bidding of the US. (Each time they just make more settlements and kill Palestinians. Say. Which suits the US fine. To be short. OK it is complicated…) Btw, the last color revolution in Iran failed so miserably ppl don’t even remember it. (Err reading further in the thread some do.)

The US won’t declare war on anyone at all. It uses proxies, and is embroiled in a whole heap of disastrous expensive manage from a distance sallies, occupations, agressions, with confused, uncertain, shifting milit. foreign and influence policy: Lybia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen (as it is allied to KSA), Ukraine and last but not least, Syria and Turkey. (Leaving out Africa, China, Pakistan.) None of these are going well, except for the fact that lots of ppl are killed, maimed, displaced.

Some say US forces are overstretched / inefficient / not good fighters. Idk about that, certainly as no 1. milit. power they can blow up the world, may do so, provoke WW3, but for what gains? It certainly wouldn’t begin with an attack on Iran, but rather (for ex.) fooling Turkey to provoke Russia to invade Turkey, as Russia is the new ‘mega enemy’ .. and then what? (Won’t happen, was just an ex.)

As for currency matters, this is all blown up out of proportion.

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 7 2016 16:21 utc | 65

Matt House • a day ago

It seems sanity has overwhelmed Kerry unexpectedly. The risk of a far nastier outcome should sober up many war-mongers, unless that outcome and their intentions are one and the same.

I can't imagine why the idea of having Assad as a candidate in any fair election is such a none starter. Why shouldn't Syrians be the ultimate ones to decide. There is something perverse when the rhetoric insists the answer is for the Syrians to decide, as long as it is NOT Assad??!! Who gets to say that?

That was a good comment in the link given by PavewayIV on

"Kerry 'blames opposition' for continued Syria bombing

...“‘What do you want me to do? Go to war with Russia? Is that what you want?’” the aid worker said Kerry told her..."
Posted by: PavewayIV | Feb 7, 2016 12:37:49 AM | 53

From a trusted source, a worker responsible for medicating Secretary of State was relocated to Ulaan Baator, where she has to spend at least one year (winters on the windswept Mongolian Plateau make for the worst climate among all diplomatic posting, and the night life is swilling fermented milk in some tents).

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Feb 7 2016 16:26 utc | 66

Tomorrow (US time zones) or today China February 8th will be Chinese New Year, the year of the donkey. For 1.3 billion Chinese are known as Spring Festival. Three cities; Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou especially train stations’ bear the blunt massive travelers for reunion in their ancestor home.

Back in the 90s before the high speed trains, the train stations in Beijing especially Guangzhou were nightmares. It's almost impossible to get a ticket since the ticket sellers were absolutely corrupted and buying from tots also dangerously. Unless you are alert and able to see fake from genuine tickets, you will be cheated even fake tickets cost many more time than the official posted prices.

Happy Spring Festival to all Chinese everywhere around the world.

Posted by: Jack Smith | Feb 7 2016 18:01 utc | 67

i think the part about 'declaring war' that is missed by a lot of folks is the financial sanctions all attempts at isolating others... that is tantamount to declaring war as i see it.. we don't need an official declaration.. we get it when the financial sanctions hit.. i suppose one could say all bets are off when they remove the financial sanctions, but as with russia one can note this isn't happening.... doesn't look like it will happen any time soon either..

Posted by: james | Feb 7 2016 18:01 utc | 68


Can you please delete my post #69. Forgot to delete my email at the end below, which never access throwaway email. I will have to use another throw email. Thank a million.

Posted by: Jack Smith | Feb 7 2016 18:06 utc | 69

@58 hopefully the referees will call a good game. Some of the calls this season have been absolutely atrocious. NFL seems to be corrupt

@67 USA wants to lure Iran into a trap (Saudi Arabia, Pakistan) like it lured Iraq into Kuwait. Either that or it will try another rent-a-rioter coup

@64 A legendary but morally tarnished realpolitik statesmen is consulting with a legendary but tarnished realpolitik advisor

Posted by: aaaaaa | Feb 7 2016 18:18 utc | 70

This is good, but at the same time I admit that as an American Kerry admitting the new position of the Empire had a mixed effect on me. Then I saw this, from Gibbon:

The emperors, anxious for their personal safety and the public peace, were reduced to the base expedient of corrupting the discipline which rendered them alike formidable to their sovereign and to the enemy; the vigour of the military government was relaxed and finally dissolved by the partial institutions of Constantine; and the Roman world was overwhelmed by a deluge of barbarians.

Posted by: Tom O. | Feb 7 2016 18:30 utc | 71

Oops, that was for the next story, forget it

Posted by: Tom O. | Feb 7 2016 18:31 utc | 72

I've got a couple of new things up at

Two new scans of Covert Action Information Bulletin: "George Bush: The Company's Man" (Winter 1990) & "Special Issue on Domestic Surveillance" (Winter 1989)

Very interesting reading and history.

Posted by: guest77 | Feb 7 2016 18:38 utc | 73

Jack@69-I've forwarded you all my move on, Bernie, and Trump spam-thanks!

Posted by: Nana2007 | Feb 7 2016 19:39 utc | 74

@ 45 / virgile

If you presume -- as I do based on symmetry in policy (even when EMU-countries overwhelmingly suffer the consequences) -- that the EMU (NATO) is inseparable from (if not a de facto supercolony of) Oceania (the Anglo Empire), can you speculate why Iran would choose euros instead of ruble or yuan? That choice is puzzling.

Posted by: dumbass | Feb 7 2016 21:05 utc | 75

@77 da 'the EMU (NATO) is inseparable from (if not a de facto supercolony of) Oceania'

Maybe Iran would like to see them seperated, and is doing its bit to bring that about?

Posted by: jfl | Feb 7 2016 21:49 utc | 76

@75 guest

Sounds interesting. Thanks.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 7 2016 21:51 utc | 77

@73 to

but Gibbon looked on the decline and fall as a 'bad' thing, didn't he?

Posted by: jfl | Feb 7 2016 21:53 utc | 78

@67 noirette

Like and agree with it all ... great to see it in print ... and so economical of paper! Thanks.

My most salient favorite ... 'As for Israel, it isn’t the tail that wags the dog ... Each time they just make more settlements and kill Palestinians. Say. Which suits the US fine. ...'


Posted by: jfl | Feb 7 2016 22:03 utc | 79

interesting quote in the daily sabah - turkey propaganda channel ""In some parts of Aleppo the Assad regime has cut the north- south corridor ... Turkey is under threat," Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan told reporters on his plane back from a visit to Latin America." not sure how cutting the n-s corridor makes it a threat to turkey, but maybe other parts of the conversation are missing!

Posted by: james | Feb 7 2016 22:52 utc | 80

@65 bm5, Thanks for the link to the link ... Russia should be perceived as an essential element of any new global equilibrium. ... HK at the meeting honoring Evgeny Primakov ...

Regrettably, the momentum of global upheaval has outstripped the capacities of statesmanship. Evgeny Primakov’s decision as prime minister, on a flight over the Atlantic to Washington, to order his plane to turn around and return to Moscow to protest the start of NATO military operations in Yugoslavia was symbolic. The initial hopes that the close cooperation in the early phases of the campaign against Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan might lead to partnership on a broader range of issues weakened in the vortex of disputes over Middle East policy, and then collapsed with the Russian military moves in the Caucasus in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014. The more recent efforts to find common ground in the Syria conflict and to defuse the tension over Ukraine have done little to change the mounting sense of estrangement. ...
This lying mo'fo' is still poison, projecting his bizzaro image of the state of world affairs. '... Russian military moves in the Caucasus in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014 ...'
In this way, paradoxically, we find ourselves confronting anew an essentially philosophical problem. How does the United States work together with Russia, a country which does not share all its values but is an indispensable component of the international order? How does Russia exercise its security interests without raising alarms around its periphery and accumulating adversaries? Can Russia gain a respected place in global affairs with which the United States is comfortable? Can the United States pursue its values without being perceived as threatening to impose them? I will not attempt to propose answers to all these questions. My purpose is to encourage an effort to explore them. ...
The lyin' mo'fo' continues : black is white and white is black ... '... How does Russia exercise its security interests without raising alarms around its periphery and accumulating adversaries? Can Russia gain a respected place in global affairs with which the United States is comfortable? ...' I've started actually to read Chalmers Johnson, and he's the same way ... we've just made some mistakes ... we need to 'clean up our act' and ... proceed along the same way. He did get one thing right though ... the rest of the world fears, hates, and despises the USA and wants nothing more to do with any state of 'global affairs with which the United States is comfortable.'
There are, as we know, a number of divisive issues before us, Ukraine or Syria as the most immediate. For the past few years, our countries have engaged in episodic discussions of such matters without much notable progress. This is not surprising, because the discussions have taken place outside an agreed strategic framework. Each of the specific issues is an expression of a larger strategic one. Ukraine needs to be embedded in the structure of European and international security architecture in such a way that it serves as a bridge between Russia and the West, rather than as an outpost of either side. Regarding Syria, it is clear that the local and regional factions cannot find a solution on their own. Compatible U.S.-Russian efforts coordinated with other major powers could create a pattern for peaceful solutions in the Middle East and perhaps elsewhere. ...
'Ukraine needs to be embedded in the structure of European and international security architecture ... Regarding Syria, it is clear that the local and regional factions cannot find a solution on their own.'

The people who presently run the US are identical too, or clones of, the people who have been 'embedding' the rest of the world in their 'structure' since WW II, always with a tsk, tsk ... that the poor lambs elsewhere 'cannot find a solution on their own.'

Fuck the US/EU. Talk is good, but the Russians - like the Cubans - need to remain mindful of the fact that it is the same cosmodemonic lyin' mo'fo's in power in the USA. And they will remain so, until we the people finally stir our stumps and take charge of our country, or until the bitter end. Whichever comes first. Not looking good for the people at this particular point in time.

Let's say there are three parties here ... Russia, the USA, and the rest of the world. The rest of the world knows who the slimy, cosmodemonic mo'fo's are and who are the ones opposing them. The rest of the world, too, is in oppostion. And that's the arch under which any detente between the USA and Russia must proceed.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 7 2016 22:55 utc | 81

more interesting quotes - President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, speaking over the weekend to journalists on the return flight from his Latin America trip that took him to Chile, Peru and Ecuador, said the U.S. should decide who its regional partner is, Turkey or the terrorists in Syria.

Posted by: james | Feb 7 2016 22:56 utc | 82

Thanks for the links, james ... found the 'facts' more interesting than the quotes ...

@82 'Aid trucks and ambulances entered Syria from Turkey on Sunday to deliver food and supplies to tens of thousands of people fleeing an escalating Russian-backed Assad regime assault on Aleppo, as air strikes targeted villages on the road north to the Turkish border.'

'Aid trucks and ambulances' ... has the invasion begun? 'Turkey's armed forces had the full authority to counter any threats to its national security, he [Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan] said, although senior government officials have said the NATO member does not intend to mount any unilateral incursion into Syria.' ... NATO member Turkey has already mounted a unilateral incursion into Syria, hasn't it? 'Aid trucks and ambulances'?

@84 'Vice President Joe Biden, who had visited him, had received a plaque from a PYD member.'

Not too much else in the way of facts other than that one in the second one.

Erdogan is calling on the US to make up its mind on who it's backing ... see b's latest thread on that one. I think the US has made up its mind ... and it ain't Erdogan.

Erdogan takes a whack at Egypt, for unknown reasons, and proposes an unlikely plan to help the Gazans ... maybe the US and Russians in detente can pick that one up? Needs a little more heft than what's at Erdogan's command.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 7 2016 23:27 utc | 83

@85 erdogan is in a rough way... he is caught in a vice press between many within his country ( who wonder when his craziness will stop) and his bigger ambitions... i wonder if he can be counted on to do more stupid stuff? he seems like a useful fool for a number of special interest agendas..

Posted by: james | Feb 8 2016 1:14 utc | 84

Thanks jfl, enjoy. I just put another one up - some very interesting stuff about Zimbabwe, a country that's been in the news quite a bit lately. And by "been in the news" I mean "dragged through the media mud".

Zimbabwe’s Poisoned Legacy: Secret War in Southern Africa
Jeremy Brickhill page 4
From Rhodesia to contemporary So. Africa, an ex-guerrilla fighter traces the techniques and practitioners of dirty war. The arsenal in defense of white supremacy includes infiltration, death squads, disease, poison, and instigation of “black-on-black” violence.

Zimbabwe’s Anthrax Epizootic
Meryl Nass page 12
An epidemic of anthrax during the civil war in Zimbabwe was unprecedented in severity and range. A physician examines the disease pattern for evidence of biological warfare.

Posted by: guest77 | Feb 8 2016 1:15 utc | 85

@87 guest

I'm delighted to have so much to see at Here's one for you, my MoD.

Actually, I've just finished Bobby Seale's history of the Black Panthers, Seize the Time and Huey P. Newton's doctoral dissertation War against the Panthers: a study of repression in America if you or anyone else is interested. If anyone can help me out with the footnotes to Part II of the latter, I'd appreciate it very much. They're incomplete at, where I found the dissertation, and I can't just make them up myself.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 8 2016 1:56 utc | 86

The contents of the vaccination given the pregnant women. Note all the aluminum, which many doctors believe to be neurotoxic.
The report specified the Tdap produced by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) of the United Kingdom as the one to be used. GSK has a technology transfer agreement with Brazil’s Butantan Institute for the production of the Tdap vaccine6 in Brazil.
Diphtheria toxoid—not less than 2 International Units (IU)
Tetanus toxoid—not less than 20 International Units (IU)
Bordetella pertussis antigen
Pertussis toxoid—8 mcg
Filamentous haemagglutinin—8 mcg
Pertactin—2.5 mcg
Adsorbed hydrated aluminum hydroxide (Al (OH ) 3) and aluminum phosphate (AlPO4)
Excipients: aluminum hydroxide , aluminum phosphate , sodium chloride and water for injection. Contains formaldehyde residues, polysorbate 80 and glycine1

Note that a similar vaccination for pregnant women in US was begun in 2011.

Global Research article deals w the same

Posted by: Penelope | Feb 8 2016 3:06 utc | 87


Youtube vid of Billionaire Bill Gates discussing his plan to reduce the population using vaccines to cause sterilisation

Posted by: Bil Gates | Feb 8 2016 3:16 utc | 88

60 PKK members killed in terror raid in Cizre.. that was earlier today.. that can't bode well for erdogan or turkey either....

Posted by: james | Feb 8 2016 4:04 utc | 89

Is China Being Wooed by Fantasies of Western ‘Acceptance’? Good question ...

On December 4, at an annual China-South Korea Banking Development Forum in Shanghai, Chen Huan, head of the AIIB’s Multilateral Interim Secretariat, announced that when it begins raising capital on international bond markets beginning January, 2016, the new bank will concentrate on energy, transportation, rural development, urban development and logistics. So far, so good. He added that in the first year of operation AIIB will move cautiously, issuing between $100 million and $500 million of non-rated infrastructure bonds, which is pretty timid to say the least. Jin Liqun, the president-designate of the AIIB, has stated that the AIIB plans to lend $10 billion to $15 billion a year for the first five or six years, a modest contribution to an $8 trillion infrastructure deficit.

On December 18, after exactly five years stall, the US Congress approved a 2010 IMF reform of the Fund’s quotas and governance. Now the IMF will double its available resources to $660 billion. Some 6% of quota shares will shift to “dynamic emerging market and developing countries” and also from over-represented to under-represented members. Four emerging market countries–Brazil, China, India, and Russia– will for the first time since 1944 be among the ten largest members of the IMF. Other top 10 members include the United States, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, and the UK.

Is this long-awaited and little-expected change of heart from Washington a major concession to China and the BRICS countries? It would seem not on careful reading of the fine print of the IMF Reform agreement. Since it drafted the IMF bylaws in Bretton Woods New Hampshire at the international monetary talks, Washington and Wall Street banks made certain the IMF would be a US institution controlled by the US Treasury and no “democratic” body. For a major policy change in the IMF operations, a majority not of 50.1% is required but of 85%. That insures that the USA, with a voting share of 17.4% can still block anything it doesn’t like. The US voting share under the new reforms remains precisely 17.4%, a blocking vote as before.

Under the new IMF “reform,” little changes. Yes China is in the “top ten” for voting share, but going from 3% before to 8% today, for the world’s second largest economy. That and a dime will buy nothing today.

... Is the USA dangling G2 status before the Chinese oligarachs and are they falling for it? With Henry K's overture - such as it is - to Russia is the US triangulating, trying to play off Russia and China against one another other as 'real-partner' of the US?

I have a hard time imagining that working with Putin's Russia, but China does seem to be on the hook. And if China's on the hook, will Russia feel it has to bite? Oligarchs of any stripe are a timid lot, they always prefer to get with the mob than go it alone. Look's like that's what's happening.

Needless to say the US will stab either/both China or/and Russia in the back/ribs first chance it sees a chance to inflict what it hopes will be lethal damage.

All the time, effort, and capital invested by either in bogus raprochemant with the US will be wasted in any case.

The Russians and Chinese ought to huddle with Iran on this one. The Iranians seem not taken in one bit by the Great Satan.

Triangulating with an up and comer like Iran, one with real assets, resources and opportunities, has got to beat clinging to a down and outer like the US, and tying its funny-money, financial-capitalist albatross/anchor around your neck.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 8 2016 10:49 utc | 90

>> Youtube vid of Billionaire Bill Gates discussing his plan to reduce the population using vaccines to cause sterilisation

Pro-quantity of life or pro-quality of life. The relationship is "inversely proportional", either "largely" or, in many regions now, "primarily". You either reduce population growth or the global pollution problems choke us off worse than China or India. Imagine what China's problems would look like now if they hadn't controlled population.

Anyone reacting with "Malthus has been proven wrong" isn't paying attention to what's going on past their foyer.

Posted by: dumbass | Feb 8 2016 11:35 utc | 91

The pollution problem really is a slo-mo global catastrophe. Doing nothing to stop it -- which has long been the current and foreseeable plan -- for longer will lead to the need to institute policies that are even more dramatic.

Posted by: dumbass | Feb 8 2016 11:37 utc | 92

Paul Craig Roberts and Michael Hudson have some free advice for Vladimir Putin ...

Privatization: the Atlanticist Tactic to Attack Russia

There is talk of a deal being made with the oligarchs. The oligarchs will buy ownership in the Russian state companies with money they have stashed abroad from previous privatizations, and get another “deal of the century” when Russia’s economy recovers by enough to enable more excessive gains to be made.

The problem is that the more economic power moves from government to private control, the less countervailing power the government has against private interests. From this standpoint, no privatizations should be permitted at this time.

Much less should foreigners be permitted to acquire ownership of Russian national assets. In order to collect a one-time payment of foreign currency, the Russian government will be turning over to foreigners future income streams that can, and will be, extracted from Russia and sent abroad. This “repatriation” of dividends would occur even if management and control remains geographically in Russia.

Selling public assets in exchange for a one-time payment is what the city of Chicago government did when it sold the 75 year revenue stream of its parking meters for a one-time payment. The Chicago government got money for one year by giving up 75 years of revenues. By sacrificing public revenues, the Chicago government saved real estate and private wealth from being taxed and also allowed Wall Street investment banks to make a fortune.

It also created a public outcry against the giveaway. The new buyers sharply raised street parking fees, and sued Chicago’s government for damages when the city closed the street for public parades or holidays, thereby “interfering” with the rentiers’ parking-meter business. Instead of helping Chicago, it helped push the city toward bankruptcy. No wonder Atlanticists would like to see Russia suffer the same fate.

At the root of the privatization discussion should be the question of what is money and why should it be created by private banks instead of central banks. The Russian government should finance its budget deficit by having the central bank create the necessary money, just as the US and UK do. It is not necessary for the Russian government to give away future revenue streams in perpetuity merely in order to cover one year’s deficit. That is a path to impoverishment and to loss of economic and political independence.

Globalization was invented as a tool of American Empire. Russia should be shielding itself from globalization, not opening itself to it. Privatization is the vehicle to undercut economic sovereignty and increase profits by raising prices.

... let's hope that the Russians who care for Russia and can see through the phony G2 talk take it.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 8 2016 12:19 utc | 93

thanks to many for interesting links, not that i have managed to read them all for now.

for those interested in France - or the EU as France is supposedly no 2 -, and its extraordinarily weird, dated, copy-paste of Bush 2 policies (and events!), combined with its turn to Israel (might be discussed at length...), this article about Manuel Valls, PM of France, is informative and to the point. It is a book review (see link.)

from the occidental observer, Feb. 2016, several pages.

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 8 2016 14:30 utc | 94

re 96. That's a very good article about Valls. He is certainly in power these days, but where he'll go after the 2017 election is hard to say. Into the wilderness for a while, I suppose, as Hollande is not too likely to get back (though not much opposition).

Posted by: Laguerre | Feb 8 2016 15:55 utc | 95


One can apparently BUY the Zika virus (aka: ATCC® VR-84™) online

Classification: Flaviviridae, Flavivirus / Product Format: freeze-dried

Name of Depositor J. Casals,Rockefeller Foundation
Source Blood from experimental forest sentinel rhesus monkey, Uganda, 1947
Year of Origin 1947

Dick GW. Trans. R. Soc. Trop. Med. Hyg. 46: 509, 1952.

From ATCC Product Page, Zika Virus (ATCC® VR-84™): ATCC Press Release:

ATCC, the premier global biological materials resource and standards organization, is poised to assist the medical and life science researchers that are working to address the evolving concerns around Zika Virus infection.

Zika virus is a single-stranded RNA virus of the Flaviviridae family, genus Flavivirus, which also includes the West Nile, Dengue and Chikungunya Viruses. Zika virus is transmitted to humans primarily through the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito. For more information on the disease, please refer to the CDC website.

The virus was first deposited into ATCC by Dr. Jordi Casals of the Rockefeller Foundation Virus Laboratory in 1953. Since that time ATCC has made the Zika virus (ATCC® VR-84™) strain MR766 available for research purposes to qualified scientists and laboratories, on a global basis, through a highly vetted process that requires them to demonstrate they have appropriate facilities and safety programs in place (in accordance with Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL) guidelines).

ATCC is now working to respond to the greatly increased demand for the Zika virus in an effort to support a better understanding of its biology and to foster development of accurate and dependable diagnostic tests.<

In addition to ATCC, three stains of the Zika virus are available through BEI Resources, a NIAID Biorepository established to support basic research and develop improved diagnostic tests, vaccines, and therapies. Registration and approval is required by NIAID to obtain these viruses.

nothin to see here, volks, move along, move along

under the heading Biosafety Level it says

Biosafety classification is based on U.S. Public Health Service Guidelines, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their facilities comply with biosafety regulations for their own country.

but remember folks: Storage Conditions -70°C or colder - just in case anyone is thinking of putting an order in . . .

Posted by: Another hoax | Feb 8 2016 16:02 utc | 96

>> Youtube vid of Billionaire Bill Gates discussing his plan to reduce the population using vaccines to cause sterilisation

Pro-quantity of life or pro-quality of life. The relationship is "inversely proportional", either "largely" or, in many regions now, "primarily". You either reduce population growth or the global pollution problems choke us off worse than China or India. Imagine what China's problems would look like now if they hadn't controlled population.

Anyone reacting with "Malthus has been proven wrong" isn't paying attention to what's going on past their foyer.

Posted by: dumbass | Feb 8, 2016 6:35:31 AM | 93

that's all well and good, UNTIL it's YOUR baby that pops out of it's momma . . . with a fucked up head

Posted by: Another hoax | Feb 8 2016 16:04 utc | 97

PS - you can then send Bill Gates a "Thank YOU" note for the privilege

Posted by: Another hoax | Feb 8 2016 16:05 utc | 98

It's par for the course that Dem establishment blogs like Daily Kos haven't gone into overdrive outrage mode over this remark by the elderly feminist Gloria Steinem:

Men tend to get more conservative because they gain power as they age; women get more radical because they lose power as they age. And, when you’re young, you’re thinking, where are the boys? The boys are with Bernie.
I can't remember the last time I heard someone unintentionally say something so funny. This alone would have killed Clinton's campaign for good if there were any kind of free press left in the US.

Posted by: Demian | Feb 8 2016 16:21 utc | 99

Steinem has reportedly apologized (I saw a headline) but Albright stands by her "special place in hell" statement. Stupid is as stupid does. And Clinton has the temerity to say she's not "establishment" Clinton is outdoing Al Gore in the "making it impossible for Nader/Sander's voters to vote for her in the general election" department and we've months to go. Personal animosity makes voting LOTE difficult. Also missed coverage "former NAACP head endorses Sanders." (Ben Jealous).
Related, I'm more than slightly appalled that Beyonce's new song and Superbowl "tribute to the Black Panthers" is being fulsomely embraced by millenials as "significant" and moving ... Superficial optics of marketing -- attitude and "inclusion." She and Jay-Z are donating a million dollars to BLM "and other groups" ... which is all well and good, but I'm guessing they and BLM will come out for Clinton eventually ... These are bizarre times indeed ... so many likely sockpuppets crowding the internets like it was their day job.

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Feb 8 2016 16:53 utc | 100

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