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January 19, 2016

Open Thread 2016-04

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Posted by b on January 19, 2016 at 17:53 UTC | Permalink

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Iran should consider the current sanction lifting as if it was not done at all and act the same way it was before. As it is world markets have issues and staying out of crashes would be prudent. They have worked hard for 4 decades and should keep their economy, good or bad, isolated from big corps and wall street. They are smart and they can handle this until US and West change the attitude. EU countries are flocking for business and Iran should put strict conditions for going along with the hegemonic US attitude.

Posted by: Santa | Jan 19 2016 19:01 utc | 1

Impeach Gov Brown and get rid of Dems and Repugs from California.

How do I start? I am a Californian. please, please help!

Posted by: Jack Sm,ith | Jan 19 2016 19:06 utc | 2

I don't have a link for it but the Federal Government has now claimed Michigan is a disaster area so they can get Federal funds even though the disaster was man made criminality. The governor admits that he knew about the problem but did nothing until forced to do so, but won't resign.

Only in America can you have a war criminal president abusing Federal disaster relief programs to provide cover for political criminality in Michigan. But, be a faith breather because we are going to have AI real soon now.......snark

How low can we go? As low as the global plutocrats take us to protect their private finance and ownership of everything in the world; extinction I presume.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 19 2016 21:01 utc | 3

Thanks for sharing the distinction on use of federal disaster funds.

Psychohistorian, don't worry so much. All ownership is an intellectual construct. When the revolution comes, nothing will be left the ruling class. It's happened many times before to empires and it will happen again.

Posted by: Uncoy | Jan 19 2016 21:07 utc | 4


Links to are now ‪‎blocked‬ on Facebook. The channels Facebook page with 4.670.000 likes has also been deleted. Al Mayadeen may be the most important news channel in Arab world. Al Jazeera is losing popularity. Al Jazeera still had more likes on its Facebook page though, 12 million against al Mayadeen's 4.7 million.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia blocked their access to Arabsat. Their live link on Livestation is also blocked.

...from Wikipedia

Al Mayadeen (Arabic: الميادين‎; English: The Plazas) is a pan-Arabist satellite television channel launched on 11 June 2012 in Beirut in Lebanon.[1] Its programming is predominantly news. It has news reporters in most Arab countries. In the pan-Arab TV news market it competes against Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya, and also against Sky News Arabia and BBC Arabic Television.[2][3] At its founding in 2012, many of Al-Mayadeen's senior staff were formerly correspondents and editors at Al Jazeera.

Political alignment

The name of the channel, Al Mayadeen, means "the squares" in English, indicating its objective "to provide coverage for the Arab popular actions on the squares of change in the context of the Arab spring revolutions".[20] The channel argues that it provides journalism, which is “committed to nationalist, pan-Arab and humanitarian issues within the template of professional journalistic objectivity.”[21] In addition, it presents itself as a “free and independent media project” with 500 staff and reporters in Arab and Western capitals.[5] Its slogan is “Reality as it is” and its editorial policy emphasizes that Palestine and resistance movements wherever they are found are its point of reference.[5] It was also stated that the Palestinian cause is the channel's centerpiece.[22] On the other hand, It is also argued by France 24 and Mohammed Al Jazairy of Asharq Alawsat that Al Mayadeen represents the latest expansion of Iran, Syria and Hezbollah in the field of media.[9][13] It is further claimed by Zeina Karam of the Associated Press that the channel's close ally in Lebanon is the powerful Shiite militant group Hezbollah.[23]

Al Mayadeen prefers to refer to the rebels as "terrorists," and to the actions of the Syrian government against the rebels as "cleansing" when reporting the Syrian civil war.[24] Following its first year of broadcast the channel began to be known by Matthew Keys as "anti-Al Jazeera".[25]

On 6 November 2015, the Saudi-controlled Arabsat satellite TV organization suspended and banned Al-Mayadeen from broadcasting on Arabsat's satellite system. The motive was the editorial stances of Al-Mayadeen news programs, including the spirit of Al-Mayadeen's coverage of the Saudi military intervention in the ongoing civil war in Yemen.[26]

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Jan 19 2016 22:33 utc | 5

Mrs. Schwartz: Jeb Bush sez, if elected, he'll put sanctions on Iran again. He'll make sure the world knows that Israel is our friend. I'm concerned about Iran and that nut running North Korea. He might do something crazy.

Me: I'm not worried about North Korea. I'm not very concerned about who gets elected. It won't make much difference.

Mrs. Schwartz: Yes. Congress... I don't really know much about politics.

Mr. Schwartz: Don't say that, honey, you do know a fair amount.

Mrs. Schwartz: What I do know, I know from you, Dear. You keep me informed.

Me: Excuse me while I projectile vomit.

Posted by: fast freddy | Jan 19 2016 22:34 utc | 6

So the new winter hurricanes are melting the Earth's ice at a rate perhaps a hundredfold greater than "predicted", Trump, the dystopic Biff Tannen, is about to become president of US.Corp, and all that has recently illuminated the true state of the new global political system is being restricted, shut down, and marginalized. In Syria, after years of false-flagging subterfuge, the vampire west is now claiming that Assad is paying actors, complete with rotting teeth, to implicate said rogues and thieves for their crimes.

I'm sitting here in a hotel room on a lavish, unnecessary business conference with my husband. I tried to see the beautiful mountains in Pima indian country, but the pollution and contrails have descended. So now I'm watching RT tv, which is effectively unavailable in my red state, and realizing that even though it resembles journalism more than any outfit in history, it's only a small candle in this vast, dark cave we all seem to be rappelling into. :(

Thanks b, for keeping another tiny candle lit.

Posted by: L Bean | Jan 19 2016 23:12 utc | 7

@7 Lady Bean

I never guessed. Wonder why it's 'suddenly' gone so bleak? It was just as bad a few weeks ago. It must be the 'new' year. Facing the political dessert : it's official, no hope of salvation from 'above'.

We're the only ones here. Guess we'll just have to do it ourselves.

Posted by: jfl | Jan 19 2016 23:42 utc | 8

I'm in the Wild Wild West of Western Massachusetts (West of the Connecticut River).

I get RT News with no problem.

Are they starting an informatic blockade?

Posted by: blues | Jan 20 2016 0:14 utc | 9

blues, I live in FL, where the only cable provider available in my county has plenty of religious programming and sports but if you want RT it costs $29.99 extra per month(for just the one channel! I doubt ANYONE pays for it). I don't have cable tv anymore, anyway.

A few years ago, CSPAN and its affiliates were also moved to premium cable. If you want to watch hearings, speeches, general blather, you're SOL without that "premium" iykwim. For everything. And yes jfl, I know it was just as bad "a few weeks ago". ;-)

Posted by: L Bean | Jan 20 2016 0:22 utc | 10

See New VIDEO:Bernie Sanders is Better than Hillary Clinton
See Poll Results PLUS Democratic Debate Shows Bernie Sanders in Good Form. Look at how much better Sanders is that Hillary Clinton. SANDERS: "I don't take money from big banks. I don't get personal speaking fees from Goldman Sachs. … I am very proud, I do not have a super PAC. I do not want Wall Street's money. I'll rely on the middle class and working families."

Posted by: Tom Murphy | Jan 20 2016 0:27 utc | 11

"but if you want RT it costs $29.99 extra per month(for just the one channel! I doubt ANYONE pays for it)."

That is terrifying! Fascist media.

Fuck them!

Posted by: blues | Jan 20 2016 0:27 utc | 12

And fuck Sanders too. As someone already posted in the last thread, "Assad gassed his own people", or some such. Sanders is the new Hope-n-Change.

Posted by: L Bean | Jan 20 2016 0:31 utc | 13

Vote strategically, not heroically. Get simple score voting. Don't listen to the complex score voting propagandists. They are all fake.

Posted by: blues | Jan 20 2016 0:38 utc | 14

@ PetriKrohn @5

The Saudi beast moves with tentacles wrapped around bundles of cash for dispensing. Their money slithers into the pockets of Lebanese officials who mounted the campaign to ban the station from the Arabsat. There was backlash and as far as I know, Al-Mayadeen still broadcasts in Lebanon where it is based. The station incepted when some of Al Jazeera's most talented anchors and and staff quit the station in protest and disgust following a round of egregious instances of fabrication of news intended to cause cumulative damage to the Syrian state and accelerate the pace of the downfall of the Assad regime. This while Al Jazeera broadcasts shamefully glorified the KSA-funded head-chopping Jihadists and foreign mercenaries already emboldened by the most vicious form of zealotry and a steady stream of funds and arms directly or indirectly channeled via Qatar, Turkey, NATO and the GCC.

Posted by: metni | Jan 20 2016 1:18 utc | 15

@13 Do you want Hillary to win the Democratic nomination? We are not talking about the general election at this point as I explain in this video:
Bernie Sanders is Better than Hillary Clinton

Posted by: Tom Murphy | Jan 20 2016 1:34 utc | 16


Al Jazeera america is still churning out fabrications on Madaya, Ukraine, and pretty much everything else. I'll be glad when it goes off the air in april.

L Bean@10-
No rt in Texas that I'm aware of, although I saw that their the most watched YouTube news channel, so there's some audience that's receptive.

Posted by: Nana2007 | Jan 20 2016 1:40 utc | 17

O/T ROKU has RT as a free channel -- they also have Link and FSTV free channels.
I recently purchased a used Roku 2 box off of Goodwill and am still exploring its use ... there is an RT channel that appears to be free (there's also a PBS channel -- which my "smart" TV promised but never delivered). I couldn't get any answer as to how Roku works with slow internet ... but thus far it seems to be as good as Netflix's streamer and better than Youtube or PBS video streaming (which is awful). FWIW, my DSL speed is usually around 0.5 mbps. Time of day does seems to matter. I'm using a lower 720 resolution but I'm not certain that matters. I spent about $30 for the box, shipping, remote and cable (used on ebay under $50, it's around $65, because there are newer improved models).
I couldn't find anyone to answer my questions so I decided to gamble and just buy it ... money well spent.

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Jan 20 2016 1:48 utc | 18

A glimpse of the on-going drama in Greece. It's at a low level, for now, but there are irritants that seem likely to cause some flare-up. Despite the extrusion of the Left Platform/Popular Unity opposition, many in Syriza remain uncomfortable with the measures they are imposing.

The current cause of discontent is implementation of another round cuts, this time to pensions. As this is in fact the 12th. or 13th. round of cuts to pensions, and that Syriza needs to pesent a facade of resistance to the Troika, they are balking at more austerity.

Though this informative piece from the Guardian is intended to gently guide the moderate social-democrat or liberal to the default "there is no other option for Greece" position, it does acknowledge the tensions present in the political situation. It notes, for example the increase in social insecurity wrought by Syriza's recent reworking of foreclosure rules. Done at the behest of creditors, not surprisingly, it makes it easier to foreclose.

But this year will see the Greek state and its citizens pushed further by its three lenders, who have demanded reforms in exchange for assistance. In the weeks ahead, Athens must overhaul the country’s pension system, enforce higher taxes on farmers and forge ahead with aprivatisation programme. The measures will test the resolve of Europe’s first leftwing administration to enact neo-liberal reforms....

In advance of the new round of negotiations over the bailout reforms, he [PM Tsipras -rm] announced at the weekend that his coalition government, in partnership with the populist rightwing Independent Greeks party, would not be caving in to “unreasonable and unfair demands”.

Nah, Comrade Tsipras would never go back on his word after drawing a line in the sand like that, right? And so the Greek proletariat is safe, for now. Or at least the pensioners.

But for how long? Tsipras proposal looks to be a standard fare two-tier giveback; present pensions are safe, but not for future retirees. He's playing slick with the Troika; the text calls for savings, not necessarily cuts, he says, so much of the the 2bn. or so he needs will come from consolidating the present dozen state pension funds into one. But he also wants to raise employer contributions -- a Bozo no-no, as this increases labor costs, says the Troika. According to reporting by the Wall Street Journal, neither Germany nor the IMF is inclined to accept assurances of savings and economic growth instead of real cuts to real people.

Eurozone and IMF officials are currently studying the proposal. Some creditors, led by Germany and the IMF, believe Greek pensions remain too generous for the country’s weak economy, despite repeated pension cuts in recent years. Further cuts are anathema to the Syriza-led government and its slender majority in Greece’s parliament...

Syriza officials fear their fragile government could fall if Greece is pushed to enact yet more heavy spending cuts. Creditors, however, don’t believe economic growth will be enough to hit Greece’s agreed budget targets.

They continue to work the hopey-changey thing. As they fasten the chains, assurances that they will someday be lightened are offered. WSJ quotes George Katrougalos, the labor minister who offered the formal proposal, as saying “We still stick to our goal of changing Europe. We have simply accepted that our influence on the long-term dynamics is going to be slower than expected....”

What are their prospects? According to Foreign Policy, none.

Syriza must take a hard and clear stance with its population about the necessary reforms. If Greece wants to remain a member of the Eurozone, this is the road that must be travelled, regardless of the party in government.

FP was particularly keen on privatizations.

While see what sort of influence Syriza can have on the dynamics in coming weeks, especially as the election of a new leader, for the conservative New Democracy party alters the political landscape.

Tsipras' faced demoralized and discredited opposition parties. The fresh face of Kyriakos Mitsotakis has invigorated the the centre-right New Democracy party and raised the likelihood of firmer resistance from the right. According to F24 talking head Hugo Dixon, "Creditors now have a credible alternative to Alexis Tsipras...." He can no longer risk another general election to discipline Syriza dissidents. While a welcome step, Mitsotakis' election "may create more surprises" in an already fluid situation.

Mitsotakis has already made some pushback on pensions. Add to this problems with the parliamentarians and rank and file. Lawyers are against the cuts, farmers oppose the new taxes on themselves as well, and seamen working local ferries and transport vessels are launching a two-day strike as well.

The unions generally remain riled up. There is to be a general strike on 4 Feb.

The KKE is pretty clear on what should be done. Their website reports on a meeting the Central Committee Secretary, Dimitris Koustoumpas, had with Tsipras. It quotes him as saying.:

The meeting with the Prime Minister had an institutional character. He informed me about all the issues.... We highlighted the positions of the KKE in the discussion with the Prime Minister and how we see the situation today....

In particular, the measures on the way, aside from those that have already been passed by parliament, but those that are going to be tabled, like the social security legislation and further tax legislation, are hammering the popular strata.

The Greek people must respond dynamically... [with] popular mobilizations so that all the sectors... are ready to fight for substantial changes in a positive direction that will be benefit the people's interests.

Easier said than done, of course.

In case you missed it, a demo to mourn the 97th. anniversary of the murders of Liebknecht and Luxemburg drew over 10,000. They are perhaps the most critical murders of the Twentieth Century, as they changed the course of the German Revolution.

At the turn of 1918-19, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht founded the German Communist Party (KPD). Shortly after, both took part in the Spartacist Uprising. The revolutionary attempt was bloodily suppressed. Luxemburg and Liebknecht were captured by the right-wing Freikorps and murdered at the behest of Gustav Noske’s Social Democrats on January 15.

The Freikorps were part of the nationalist milieu that spawned the Nazis, in whose later ranks many alumni appeared. Hollande and Blair do not seem to have fallen far from Noske's tree.

Posted by: rufus magister | Jan 20 2016 1:57 utc | 19

So here is an interesting link about Xi's trip to the ME and a takeaway quote

The trip is just as important from an optics perspective as it is from a strategic standpoint. The region is already at war and the prospect of an outright conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia is a frightening proposition indeed. For Xi to step in and visit both Riyadh and Tehran in the same trip is an example of Beijing throwing its diplomatic weight around in Washington's sandbox at a critical moment in history. The Kremlin has done the same thing with Russia's intervention in Syria and while we can argue about how successful that campaign has been on the ground, what's not up for debate is the fact that Moscow's assertiveness has bolstered Vladimir Putin's international image at a time when the West is doing its best to perpetuate the isolation meme. Xi is essentially making a similar play, only without the warplanes and bombs.

Diplomacy and polite letters (see here) aside, there's little question that if push came to shove, the Chinese would side with the Iranians and as we saw just hours ago when Saudi Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir told Reuters that his country would pursue a nuclear weapon if Iran obtained one, Riyadh isn't prepared to de-escalate the conflict any time soon.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 20 2016 2:02 utc | 20

Here is a ZH posting about Turkey crackdown on academics and the closing bit..
Chomsky came back with the perfect response:

Turkey blamed Isis [for the attack on Istanbul], which Erdo?an has been aiding in many ways, while also supporting the al-Nusra Front, which is hardly different. He then launched a tirade against those who condemn his crimes against Kurds – who happen to be the main ground force opposing Isis in both Syria and Iraq. Is there any need for further comment?

Game. Set. Match.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 20 2016 2:18 utc | 21

Thanks for the Greece updates. Let us hope we the people of america would show the same signs of burgeoning solidarity, should we ourselves face similar circumstances.

Posted by: Nana2007 | Jan 20 2016 2:19 utc | 22

So, La Merkel is anti-TIIP behind the scenes..

''Who is hunting Angela Merkel?''

Interesting article.

Posted by: Nick | Jan 20 2016 2:38 utc | 23

The Empire's choice is HRC. Is Sanders a better candidate? I believe, not only a better candidate, but, a better human being. Perfect? No, but the best available to date.


Posted by: ben | Jan 20 2016 2:42 utc | 24

NYT: Diplomacy and Sanctions, Yes. Left Unspoken on Iran? Sabotage..

What Mr. Obama does not say — because he cannot without describing classified programs — is that many of his own aides believe that an American covert sabotage program that began in the Clinton administration and steadily escalated over the next 15 years also played a critical role in persuading the Iranians to cash in the program.

Are they admitting this as a humble-brag "we got game?" or is it being "leaked" to make them look like bad-asses?

Someone needs to tell the American people that any, many of these acts could have been considered an overt "act of war" ... and that the "unitary executive" may kill us all before we even know why.

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Jan 20 2016 2:54 utc | 25

Posted by: ben | Jan 19, 2016 9:42:38 PM | 24

Thanks ben, excellent "but the best available to date"
Search for Palestine..... NOTHING

....the wars continue millions refugees and more murders.... billions more for Apartheid state their right to defend themselves against teenagers who throw stone at solders, shooting with live bullets.

The lesser of the two evils when will we learn, remember Change you can believe in?

Posted by: Jack Smith | Jan 20 2016 3:03 utc | 27

Not sure about this report of Turkish troops crossing into Syria at Jarabulus. Anyone have more info?

Posted by: Lozion | Jan 20 2016 3:19 utc | 28

JS @ 27: "The lesser of the two evils when will we learn, remember Change you can believe in?"

Thanks Jack, yes, I remember. Some Americans knew Mr. O was a "Trojan Horse" candidate, and held their noses when voting. Is it happening again? Maybe, but time will tell. My second link expresses those very thoughts.

Posted by: ben | Jan 20 2016 3:21 utc | 29

@ ben 29: The Bern in his own words. Pfffft.

It's sincerely depressing that so many alleged Lefties are now "rethinking Bernie"™ now that (ahem) he seems to be ahead of the Hillary Hawk in the polls.

Posted by: wendy davis | Jan 20 2016 3:33 utc | 30

nana2007 at 22 --

You're most welcome. Trying to keep up so I'll be ready when the Syriza government falls.

I was just on the 'phone with an old friend, who rang up to mourn the closing of the SWP's Boston branch recently. We were bummin' at the lack of struggle here in the US. Occupy was a flash in the pan, we'll see if BLM has any legs, Sanders democratic "socialism" is an opening, maybe. All the revolutionary left organizations are fractions of their former strength. My buddy thought maybe 10 pct. for most.

Look at the response to the 2008 crash -- it aided the right far more than the left, here and in Europe.

There's a lot more organizational and ideological infrastructure in Europe and elsewhere. Been that way for a long time, let's hope we catch up before its too late.

Posted by: rufus magister | Jan 20 2016 3:46 utc | 31

Lozion at 28

It looks suspicious. There is no link to the supposed underlying source at Hawar News Agency (the Kurds), and I found nothing on their site about it.

Posted by: rufus magister | Jan 20 2016 3:57 utc | 32

"Some Americans knew Mr. O was a "Trojan Horse" candidate, and held their noses when voting. Is it happening again? Maybe..

...and they voted for Obomo twice, again in 2012? You must be kidding me.

Bernie a super politician, will tell you exactly what you wanna hear, believe me sound exactly like the present Liar-In-Chief, Murder-In-Chief..... in 2008.

I'm one of the few lonely, steadfast voters refuse to believe in any Dem or Repug. How can Bernie understands, when we continue to see innocents kids murder, land grab while continue to support the apartheid state.

Bernie said (not exact wording but more or less) ...We should have the strongest military.... and help our allies, we should continue use drones.... Edward Snowden committed crimes and should come back and faces the consequences...

When will we learn!

Posted by: Jack Smith | Jan 20 2016 4:22 utc | 33

@32 Rufus, txs and my bad I should've checked the source before posting. I would find that rather unsettling if Turkey did decide to send ground troops in their supposed "safe zone", a recipe for catastrophe..

Posted by: Lozion | Jan 20 2016 4:22 utc | 34

Posted by: wendy davis | Jan 19, 2016 10:33:25 PM | 30

It's sincerely depressing that so many alleged Lefties are now..

Don't votes for any Repug or Dem either in the primaries or in Nov, they're are all the same Lairs

Posted by: Jack Smith | Jan 20 2016 4:26 utc | 35

JS @ 33: " When will we learn!"

Probably never, so, let's all just give up, curl into a fetal position, and vote for the Donald:)

Posted by: ben | Jan 20 2016 4:28 utc | 36

P.S...Hey Jack, who do you like?

Posted by: ben | Jan 20 2016 4:29 utc | 37

I'm prepare to vote for Bernie if he publicly state. I'll will not give a nickel to the apartheid state and will impose sanction on any nations that do business with them, unless Israel withdrew to pre 1967 borders and Golan Heights.

....and it's not gonna to happen.

Posted by: Jack Smith | Jan 20 2016 4:37 utc | 38

Thanks for the reply Jack. This I'm afraid, is the best you'll get from BS on the Israel/ Palestinian issue.

I would much rather, he,(Bernie) made your announcement, but you're right, never happen.

Posted by: ben | Jan 20 2016 4:46 utc | 39

Posted by: ben | Jan 19, 2016 11:29:20 PM | 37

P.S...Hey Jack, who do you like?

Putin or Jill Stein.

Posted by: Jack Smith | Jan 20 2016 4:47 utc | 40

@Jack Smith #40 - agreed, and in that order

Posted by: Grieved | Jan 20 2016 5:02 utc | 41

lozion at 34 --

Think nothing of it. One sees something hot and wants to spread the news.

It's rather plausible, given the AKP campaign against the Kurds. With the Turkish position in Syria slipping, that they might send in their own boots, rather than their Turkmen auxiliaries or jihadi proxies, wouldn't be that surprising. Erdogan likes the bold moves.

Posted by: rufus magister | Jan 20 2016 5:15 utc | 42

So here is a link and snippet about Xi's ME trip via article in Egyptian newspaper.....notice part about Palestine.

China and Arab countries need to defend regional peace. The world could not be a tranquil place if there is instability in the Middle East. A study of history shows that force is never the right solution to problems, and the zero-sum or winner-takes-all logic is inconsistent with the call of the times. The surest way to finding the maximum common denominator between the interests of different parties is to seek consensus and be understanding and accommodative. As always, China will continue to support the Middle East peace process. China supports the establishment of an independent State of Palestine with full sovereignty based on the 1967 border and with East Jerusalem as capital. China will provide more public goods, and work with Egypt and other Arab countries to safeguard peace and stability in the Middle East.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 20 2016 5:22 utc | 43

I believe that there is a financial war going on that most have no idea about. Read this recent posting:
China to inject liquidity into banking system
Source: Xinhua 2016-01-19 21:36:47
BEIJING, Jan. 19 (Xinhua) -- China's central bank on Tuesday announced it will inject at least 600 billion yuan (91.46 billion U.S. dollars) to provide liquidity for the impending Spring Festival holiday.
The liquidity will be added through tools such as standing lending facility (SLF), medium-term lending facility (MLF) and pledged supplementary lending (PSL), the People's Bank of China said in a statement on its website.
The central bank vowed to ensure liquidity in the banking system is "reasonable and adequate" around the Spring Festival, which will fall on Feb. 8.
I think the war is between private finance (Western world) and China/Russia/??? (Sovereign/MMT type finance)

China is holding something like 3.3 trillion US dollar stuff and supposedly only needs 1.5 trillion for "normal". China has quite a bit of liquidity to use to keep its slowing economy moving and the Fed/Treasury has the printing presses running full tilt to create that liquidity on the US side. I think China is in a stronger position than the US and the economic music is about to stop or the cacophonous nightmare will worsen in various countries.....its above my pay grade.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 20 2016 5:43 utc | 44

@ 33 The point is not at all of "believing in" a candidate. the point is it makes no sense to sit on your hands and allow a more extreme candidate to win the Democratic nomination, I am talking about the PRIMARY. I explain these things in my video and mention and link to what I did for the general election last time: VIDEO: Bernie Sanders is Better than Hillary Clinton

For the Democratic primary in 2008 I wasn't endorsing Obama, I was showing how Mike Gravel was exposing him as a Wall Street whore

Posted by: Tom Murphy | Jan 20 2016 6:27 utc | 45

Maybe someone with a financial background-paul meli?- could answer this question- if no federal disaster relief is forthcoming for Flint Michigan residents, is the state of michigan liable for damages? Isn't michigan already bankrupt?

And why would the fed/treasury choose this point in time to stop looking the other way? When Correlation Is Causation - The Most Important Chart In The World If You're A Realtor In London Or NYC

the "hot money" belonging to Chinese and all other global oligarchs would be laundered by parking into the new "Swiss bank account" that U.S. real estate has become.

Posted by: Nana2007 | Jan 20 2016 6:37 utc | 46

There are many problems with Bernie.

Chief among these is his willingness to work with the Democratic Party for much of his career. It's very difficult to lead the charge against the establishment when he supports and benefits from it. For example: before running for President, what efforts did Sanders make to advance his "democratic socialist" ideals? In 2010 he gave an 8-1/2 hour speech against Obama's making the Bush tax cuts permanent - but it was all show because it wasn't a filibuster (despite being called one).

His unwillingness to criticize Hillary is another aspect of his close ties to the Democratic Party. WHY NOT make her e-mails an issue? For that matter, WHY NOT attack Hillary in other areas, like militarism? This should be easy to do for a principled man that is at, or near, the end of his career.

And why not make an issue of the media's coverage? And Democratic Party preference for Hillary to boot? Isn't it outrageous that Hillary has obtained a large number of super-delegates (party insiders that vote at the Primary) before any primary has been held?

For months after he entered the race, Sanders supporters tried to deflect criticism that he was a 'sheepdog' by lauding the candidate for "raising important issues" that might change some of Hillary's positions (i.e. move Hillary a bit to the left).

Now, the most deluded Sanders supporters think he might have a chance to win OR use Hillary as strawman to compel our participation in the Democratic Primary. They ignore the fact that Sanders chances have improved largely due to TRUMP's attacks on Hillary (including her email problems) NOT Sanders own efforts to prevail!

And what happens if Sanders DOES win? Isn't he likely to fill his administration with people from the Obama and Clinton Administrations? Will this low-key, don't-rock-the-boat socialist make good use of the 'bully pulpit' or be as silent as the previous 'change you can believe in' President (Obama)?

And what happens to Sanders supporters/voters if he loses? Sanders is not helping to build an independent movement for change. And only such a movement will be successful at changing an electoral and governance system that is designed to squash any real change.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

Anyone that is smart enough to read MoA already knows that the two-party system is a SHAM. It's a ONE-PARTY system - The Money Party - with two branches. And it very effectively divides those without money and sets them against each other.

Voting for duopoly candidates legitimizes and reinforces this system. Arguments for the relative merits of duopoly candidates (lesser evils and strawmen) only undermine principled action.

VOTE THIRD PARTY or don't vote.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 20 2016 6:59 utc | 47

"U.S. training helped mold top Islamic State military commander"

Posted by: Willy2 | Jan 20 2016 7:05 utc | 48

Source (post #48):

Posted by: Willy2 | Jan 20 2016 7:15 utc | 49

"The police of Dothan, Alabama framed black young men for drug and weapons crimes and they did it for decades".

Posted by: Willy2 | Jan 20 2016 7:32 utc | 50

@47 Apparently you didn't watch the debate. He has been going after her.

SANDERS: Well, the first difference is I don't take money from big banks. I don't get personal speaking fees from Goldman Sachs.


SANDERS: Let me give you an example of how corrupt -- how corrupt this system is. Goldman Sachs recently fined $5 billion. Goldman Sachs has given this country two secretaries of treasury, one on the Republicans, one under Democrats.

O'MALLEY: Say it.

SANDERS: The leader of Goldman Sachs is a billionaire who comes to Congress and tells us we should cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Secretary Clinton -- and you're not the only one, so I don't mean to just point the finger at you, you've received over $600,000 in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs in one year.

I find it very strange that a major financial institution that pays $5 billion in fines for breaking the law, not one of their executives is prosecuted, while kids who smoke marijuana get a jail sentence.



SANDERS: Great ideas, Governor O'Malley, Secretary Clinton, but here's the truth. If you have an administration stacked with Wall Street appointees, it ain't going to accomplish very much.

So here's a promise that I make -- and I mentioned a moment ago how corrupt the system is -- Goldman Sachs, paying a $5 billion fine, gives this country, in recent history, a Republican secretary of treasury, a Democratic secretary of treasury.

Here's a promise. If elected president, Goldman Sachs is not going to have -- bring forth a secretary of treasury for a Sanders administration.


I point out in my video that Sanders is not ideal. I say it, I also say that if anyone is interested why he isn't ideal that I'll post a link to tweets I have made about him yet no one so far has asked for that link!

And how many times do I have to keep explaining this basic point?: It makes no sense at all to sit on your hands and allow the Democrats to nominate a candidate who is more extreme in foreign policy and worse for the working class! I keep explaining to you that I am talking about the PRIMARY. We get to vote in that AND the general election. I SHOW who I voted for in the general election, CLICK HERE

Posted by: Tom Murphy | Jan 20 2016 7:47 utc | 51

@Tom Murphy

I thought of your advice on primary voting and so sent for a Democrat primary ballot. My original intent was to vote fot the Bern ... against the Hill, actually. I see little difference between the two - words of course, but they have no meaning - but I thought that certainly I do not like the Hill.

But after reflection, aided by Jack Rabbit and Jack Straw/Smith I now see this as wrongheaded. I had thought of the Democrat primary as 'enemy territory', I suppose, I'm not registered as a Democrat or a Republican, and so both choices were bad but I like Hillary less, having been exposed to her longer, I suppose.

But this is just the lessor of two evils all over again, I'm going to (try to) write in someone I like in the general, why not in the primary as well? So that's what I'll do. And in so doing I will be putting my own claim on the Democrat party ... why should it just belong to the Democrat mob, when its members inflict themselves upon all of us Americans?

So I'm tending toward Tulsi Gabbard at this point, the only Democrat in the news at this point who is at all appealing right now. I wrote at a little greater length in the previous open thread @128, if you are interested.

Posted by: jfl | Jan 20 2016 8:36 utc | 52

Reading the book guest77 linked to the other day, The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the rise of America's secret government, Chapter 20, For the Good of the Country ...

“Do you think Oswald was a front?” Peyrefitte asked de Gaulle.

“Everything leads me to believe it,” he replied. “They got their hands on this communist who wasn’t one, while still being one. He had a sub par intellect and was an exalted fanatic—just the man they needed, the perfect one to be accused. ... The guy ran away, because he probably became suspicious. They wanted to kill him on the spot before he could be grabbed by the judicial system. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen exactly the way they had probably planned it would. ... But a trial, you realize, is just terrible. People would have talked. They would have dug up so much! They would have unearthed everything. Then the security forces went looking for [a clean-up man] they totally controlled, and who couldn’t refuse their offer, and that guy sacrificed himself to kill the fake assassin—supposedly in defense of Kennedy’s memory!

“Baloney! Security forces all over the world are the same when they do this kind of dirty work. As soon as they succeed in wiping out the false assassin, they declare that the justice system no longer need be concerned, that no further public action was needed now that the guilty perpetrator was dead. Better to assassinate an innocent man than to let a civil war break out. Better an injustice than disorder.

“America is in danger of upheavals. But you’ll see. All of them together will observe the law of silence. They will close ranks. They’ll do everything to stifle any scandal. They will throw Noah’s cloak over these shameful deeds. In order to not lose face in front of the whole world. In order to not risk unleashing riots in the United States. In order to preserve the union and to avoid a new civil war. In order to not ask themselves questions. They don’t want to know. They don’t want to find out. They won’t allow themselves to find out.”

DeGaulle speaking at arm's length of the first, experimentally-created, American mass unknown known. Challenged by Robert Kennedy, we doubled down ... and we've never looked back since, piling unknown known upon unknown known. They tower above us now, and we've all come privately to know - and love? as a masochist loves his/her dominatrix - our unknown knowns, right down to our terrorist wars in central Asia, the Middle East, Northern Africa, the Ukraine ... our wars against terrorism.

I think it's just like our sham elections at this point. There's no compromising; compromise is impossible. Evil is the abscence of good, the lessor is just the 'juvenile' form of the greater, more massive black whole. It grows by accretion to fit greater's shoes. So massive that no light can escape. Isn't that exactly what's happened since the assassinations of the 1960s? The CIA/NSA/FBI must be ripped out by their roots, just as our elephant/donkey election system must be ripped out by its roots - if we are to survive the coming economic collapse and thrive, from an untainted, sustainable base.

So the first thing to do is to implement democracy throughout the country at the precinct level. That's the 'hard' part, and it won't be hard at all once we've publicly stopped unknowing what we all privately know must be done. It will be fun. A joyous exercise. Small 'd' democracy must be in place before we can assume power, but once democracy is in place assuming power is trivial. Then we can proceed with our weeding and restructuring. We're the only ones here, no one is going to do it for us, let's just set to it.

Posted by: jfl | Jan 20 2016 8:51 utc | 53

Blood was examined after people had used or even just carried a cell phone. Read about the conditions under which the following happened: Normal blood cells on a slide are like pennies spread in a single, flat layer. After the cell phone experiment, the cells had become so sticky that they arranged themselves like pennies in a coin wrapper.

Cell phones have so greatly increased brain and other cancers that the manufacturers can no longer buy liability insurance. US govt says the microwave technology used in cell phones isn't harmful unless it causes tissue heating.

"Besides heating, there are other types of biological effects from the extremely low-level microwaves associated with cell phones, called “nonthermal” effects. The Russians have conducted many studies on the nonthermal effects, which they consider more significant than thermal effects, and as a result, they adopted a more stringent guideline that is sixty to one hundred times lower than U.S. guidelines.

"Studies on the nonthermal biological effects of microwaves have taken place mostly outside of the U.S., on animals, cell cultures, and humans, for the past several decades. This research has found effects at every level of organization of life, from the behavior and performance of humans and animals down to the molecular and genetic levels. Studies show effects on the brain, stem cells, reproductive organs, enzyme activities, and sperm quantity and quality in animals and humans. More specifically, changes in calcium transport from cells, altered enzyme activities, increased cell proliferation of human epithelial cells, increase in breaks in DNA in animal cells, changes in brain blood flow in healthy people, leakage of proteins through the blood brain barrier, and decreased sperm count and motility are some changes that have been documented.. . . Lower intensity microwaves sometimes produce larger biological effects than higher intensities, known as the biological “window” effect."

Read this one, to find out what you can do to lessen the risk.
At least look at the pictures

Posted by: Penelope | Jan 20 2016 9:26 utc | 54

General Votel was Chief of Joint Special Operations Command , Fort Bragg. He was then in charge of President Obama’s targeted assassinations worldwide.

He becomes head of CentCom as the Pentagon has just defined a new strategy regarding Daesh and has sent 3000 more men in Afghanistan and 200 commandos in Iraq. It must retake Rakka (Syria) during the first half of 2016, without our knowing whether or not the city will be returned to the Syrian Arab Republic.

oH-OH. I don't like this at all. Not a good sign.

Posted by: Penelope | Jan 20 2016 9:45 utc | 55

OBAMA's faction has LOST CONTROL of the Pentagon. I thought so about a week ago. Now I'm more sure. You better read this Saker article by Scott. I think they've got at least 60 ships sitting out in the Persian Gulf now.

Posted by: Penelope | Jan 20 2016 10:36 utc | 56

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 19, 2016 9:02:51 PM | 20

China is Saudi's main customer, and they did follow UN Iran sanctions in a way.

If anybody can force Saudi Arabia to sue for peace in the Middle East it is China.

Posted by: somebody | Jan 20 2016 10:54 utc | 57

@44 psychoH

There most definitely is. Not sure if you missed this, but its still the best (imo), most comprehensive geo-political wrap with the fiscal goggles on. I'm sure you'll enjoy if you already have not.

JK knows it...

'...this is a recipe, my friends, business people out there, for the Us Dollar to cease being the reserve currency of the world...which is, already bubbling out there...'

Posted by: MadMax2 | Jan 20 2016 11:41 utc | 58


The BRIC are bric'd, together with any poor sucker who listened to Soros' apprentice Jim Rogers, selling EMs toilet paper fiat dream to a nation of US$100 holders, the strongest currency on earth right now, in return for a sack of rats and gribbles.

Only a beard-gumming sweater-chewing old pinko would raise BRIC up a flag and salute that bit of hogswallup. If this crude oil contango goes on longer, we'll see a dark swan double inversion crack the whip that will leave 4 billion monkeys clutching spindrift in the wake of Titanic the Sequel: 'Die Fast', followed by a Noche de los Mil Machetes.

Now I see Trump has nutted Cruz by hiring Sarah for the season, leaving that old socialist windbag Bernie, and a corrupted hag Hillary cat-scratching each other to death, while the Chosen of Tel Aviv and his Empress for the Season Sarah push past 60% of the polls, greater than any Reagan landslide.

Biden! Biden! Biden! is almost a foregone conclusion now. Biden of the Patriot Act and the Ukraine Oil who married his daughter off to some Muj of Hebron, like the Clintons and Bush also did, mutating their bloodlines with some Ashkenazim dark Zinfandel.

Anything for the Almighty $.

Posted by: Chipnik | Jan 20 2016 11:42 utc | 59


it's an election year!

that is, taking part

let the moth-eaten palliating election drivel commence

in a grotesque, meaningless charade

scrawl an x for Trump, the guy who failed as an airline moghul, failed as a casino moghul, failed as a mortgage moghul, failed as a...

or scrawl an x for Clinton, the gal whose, aside from her treasonous contribution to the abominable war crime in Libya, entire career has been one scandal-ridden, lie-infested trail of corpses and ill-gotten gains.

designed to camouflage the hideous, ugly truth of the system that rules us,

'cause the truth floats around largely unseen, like dust motes, illuminated only occasionally by some 'errant' ray

represents the abandonment of hope

nevermind the perennial lies and treachery of our overlords, we'll deal with those in the comment sections.

(italics, Arthur Silber)

Posted by: john | Jan 20 2016 11:47 utc | 60

add to #56

Full text of Chinese President's signed article on Saudi newspaper


China welcomes Saudi Arabia's joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as a prospective founding member; and we will work with Saudi Arabia to accelerate efforts to build the China-Gulf Cooperation Council Free Trade Area. All those efforts will reinforce both our bilateral and multilateral cooperation and yield greater benefits to both countries.

---Let us forge a partnership of expanding cooperation and solitary. China will enhance cooperation with Saudi Arabia multilaterally to maintain regional peace and stability and promote common development. To advance regional connectivity and common development, China has launched the initiative of jointly building the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (the Belt and Road Initiative). We hope and trust that Saudi Arabia, located at the west crossroads of the Belt and Road, will become an important participant of, contributor to and beneficiary of this initiative.

---Let us forge a friendly partnership of frequent exchanges and mutual learning. Frequent exchanges will deepen friendship. China will step up exchange and cooperation with Saudi Arabia in areas such as education, media, think tanks and the youth and enhance people-to-people and cultural exchanges and at various levels. I welcome more Saudi Arabians to visit China, and I am sure there is much you can do personally to contribute to China-Saudi Arabia friendship through these visits.

Posted by: somebody | Jan 20 2016 12:01 utc | 61

Here is the current UN gossip, Obama is looking to head the UN after BKM!! The world is ending...

Posted by: Kevin | Jan 20 2016 12:49 utc | 62


What's a cell phone?

You're far more likely to die of metastasizing melanoma and sunstroke, or blood pooling in your leg veins during warcraft grand theft auto, than having your red blood cells stack up like saucers momentarily whenever your cell phone rings.

Then just wear a blue tooth headset or ear buds. It's not like you have to keep holding the i-puck in your hot little hand liKe some precious jewel-encrusted religious icon.

Next everyone will be worried to death about lead in their Chinese-made refrigerator ice cube dispensor. Oh...wait!!

Posted by: Chipnik | Jan 20 2016 13:06 utc | 63


"Anyone that is smart enough to read MoA already knows that the two-party system is a SHAM. It's a ONE-PARTY system - The Money Party - with two branches".

Well distilled description of the two-party facade.

Posted by: metni | Jan 20 2016 13:31 utc | 64

59;The Zionist MSM want no part of Trump.Every story in their rags is a hit on Trump.Palin is an idiot,but I guess Trump thinks she has electoral coattails for him.
Trump says he can get along with Putin,recognizes the disasters in the ME are our fault,and says we have let our economy be ruined by outsourcing,all correct and proper US positions,rejected by almost every one else running,although Sanders might say some good stuff.
Jill Stein seems a nice lady,but would be toast in any confrontation from the Ziomonsters who control US,which Trump wouldn't be.
Yes,his verbiage is dumb sometimes,and raw,but no rawer than the reality of the death and destruction we've brought to the ME.

Posted by: dahoit | Jan 20 2016 14:47 utc | 65 has two articles on recently released phone conv. btw Clinton and Blair - much of them about Yeltsin, and the two leaders' discussions about Russia... Not a short read, but it is quite a fascinating look... at what may be going on behind (perhaps) the first curtain... ('moose' is the operative word).

Posted by: GoraDiva | Jan 20 2016 14:48 utc | 66

Yeah,GE sells to Haiar,another disaster for the American working man.
The enemy within,Zion,cares only about profit.We are just marks to be had.

Posted by: dahoit | Jan 20 2016 14:49 utc | 67

Vote, or not to vote, that is the question. Given the American E-voting system, if you do, just look at it as therapy, or entertainment.

Posted by: ben | Jan 20 2016 15:30 utc | 68

@65 Trump claimed he was going to look into why they hate us. He said he would do that as band Muslims temp until we figure what this is all about. When is he going to get around to that? SEE THESE VIDEOS

Trump lied about what is on his own website. In one of the debates what Becky Quick asked Trump was accurate and Trump lied. And by asking Trump "Where did I read this" it gave another opportunity to expose Trump as a liar or incompetent. Perhaps she didn't expect Trump to deny what he has has written on his won website BUT in that same debate she did return to that very issue and informed him " I found where I read that before. It was from the" Trump didn't acknowledge that her question was correct, he ignored the fact that he denied saying what is written on his own website.

Look how he lied about this too:
Here’s a Sept. 30 press release from CNBC announcing the terms of the debate. The money line comes in the middle of the release: “Those candidates will take the stage at 8PM ET for two hours of debate.” So it was always going to be 2 hours.
"An CNBC spokesperson confirmed the initial plan was for 2 hours of debate time plus 14 minutes of commercial time."
But by Trump math that would supposedly be 3 to 3 AND A HALF HOURS! Trump claimed "Everybody said it was going to be three hours, three-and-a-half [hours], including them. And in about two minutes, I renegotiated it down to two hours so we could get the hell out of here.”
But what Trump claimed isn't true! And I note a comment from that site that points out "according to Mr. Google, the only person I find who says CNBC wanted a 3-hour debate is Trump himself."
No, first of all he could be talking about time of responses but even if he is talking about time of debate, nothing he said contradicts that CNBC also agreed from the beginning to a "2 hour debate." There is no evidence that I can find to support Trump's claim of "3 to 3 and a half hours."

A Sept. 30 press release from CNBC which we can read said " two hours of debate." “An CNBC spokesperson confirmed the initial plan was for 2 hours of debate time plus 14 minutes of commercial time.

" Here’s a Sept. 30 press release from CNBC announcing the terms of the debate. The money line comes in the middle of the release: “Those candidates will take the stage at 8PM ET for two hours of debate.” So it was always going to be 2 hours. 
"An CNBC spokesperson confirmed the initial plan was for 2 hours of debate time plus 14 minutes of commercial time."
But by Trump math that would supposedly be 3 to 3 AND A HALF HOURS! Trump claimed "Everybody said it was going to be three hours, three-and-a-half [hours], including them. And in about two minutes, I renegotiated it down to two hours so we could get the hell out of here.”
But what Trump claimed isn't true is it? And I note a comment from that site that points out "according to Mr. Google, the only person I find who says CNBC wanted a 3-hour debate is Trump himself."

An he lied about this reporter:

Posted by: Tom Murphy | Jan 20 2016 15:32 utc | 69

@Tom Murphy

Chuck Schumer (Senator Wall Street) endorsed Sanders when he ran for the Senate and Obama campaigned for Sanders. Sanders refers to Hillary as a 'friend'.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 20 2016 15:54 utc | 70


You were wrong about Sanders no going after Hillary and you still can't grasp the basic concept that although he is not ideal, he is better than Hillary. You are totally irrational if you think it is smart to sit back and allow the Democrats to nominate Hillary over Bernie. I have explained a number of times that we are talking about the PRIMARY.

So your bright idea is to not vote in the primary and to allow Hillary to win the primary? Sanders pointed out that Hillary "received over $600,000 in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs in one year." Sanders has said "If you have an administration stacked with Wall Street appointees, it ain't going to accomplish very much." Sanders said "the first difference is I don't take money from big banks. I don't get personal speaking fees from Goldman Sachs."

Posted by: Tom Murphy | Jan 20 2016 16:36 utc | 71

psychohistorian at 44. Yes. All this - the attack on Russia (sanctions, Ukraine, etc.), the broiling murderous confusion in the ME, which are mainly for now grouped around demolishing Syria (with all its attendant complications), have far more to do with finance than is generally supposed. Interpretations often stop at war as conquest for territory and resources (oil mostly), or ethnic-religious criteria and ‘racial’ divisions (Kurds, Sunni-Shia, the Orthodox Russians, the Jewish State, etc.) There is little about ideological models that concern the political economy. The economy is always political, and the opposition is not - or not uniquely, or mainly, or always - about a more socialist or ‘Statist’ or ‘communist’ model vs. a ‘free market’. All these considerations serve in a way to confuse ppl and obscure the underlying issues (models, functioning), which pivot around the relation between the 1 to 20%, aka. the Over-class, the Oligarchs, the Aristocracy, the Elites, the Banksters, and how this relationship is articulated, brought into being in some ‘collective’ (Nation, etc.) consensual or imposed way.

I’m not saying general geo-political considerations don’t play a role: Obviously the US became alarmed when relations (economic, mostly; not specifically territorial, cultural, etc.) between Russia and Europe grew and became tighter., and the uni-polar world - the end of history - came under threat. (Although one might turn it around and say the ‘spooked’ reaction was but a cover-up for centuries old enmity and desire for conquest.) That is an example where the desire for US hegemony - or its attempts to conserve it - play an overriding role. And of course, there is the reverse of the coin - economic matters (typically sanctions) that serve to oppress, control, weaken, conquer.

Posted by: Noirette | Jan 20 2016 16:39 utc | 72

This from The Guardian - "US military aims to create cyborgs by connecting humans to computers":

Apparently they haven't been about teenagers on the streets lately.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Jan 20 2016 17:06 utc | 73

@Tom Murphy

No, I'm right that he hasn't been as aggressive as he could've been about going after Hillary AND has virtually ignored the pro-Hillary media and the Democratic Party.

So he is getting a little more aggressive weeks before the first primary? Too little, too late IMO. The race is likely to be OVER after 'Super Tuesday' on March 6th (about 6 weeks from now).

"totally irrational"
Your hysterics don't change the nature of the Democratic Party or the duopoly. Maybe you should read what I wrote again.

As Obama likes to say: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Voting for another 'Change you can believe in' candidate from the Democratic Party is insane.

We all know that you are referring to the Primary. But Hillary has already won. She loses only if the FBI opens an investigation against her. And Sanders will NOT attack her on her e-mails or her character. His relationship with Hillary and the Democratic Party is more important to him than winning.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 20 2016 17:23 utc | 74

@Tom Murphy

Apparently you are also anti-Trump.

I expect that in a few months you will be back (maybe with a different handle) telling us to vote AGAINST the Republican monster.

It's the same song and dance every 4 years.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 20 2016 17:41 utc | 75

Correction: Super Tuesday is March 1st.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 20 2016 17:57 utc | 76

@74 JR ' His relationship with Hillary and the Democratic Party is more important to him than winning.'

I think that's the truth.

@72 noirette

Very nice description of what it's about. We'll never get anywhere until we separate economic power from political power, certainly not with regard to restoring seigniorage and eliminating the strangle hold of globalized private finance. At least so it seems to me.

Posted by: jfl | Jan 20 2016 18:05 utc | 77

@75 are you pro-Trump? Trump is a trashy person who has been a spoiled brat his whole life. How many lies are you going to accept from this man? Such as this shameful lie: (and notice how the media is HELPING him get away with his lie)

I thought you were against imperialism and abuses of power. So why support a a man who talks about "taking Iraq's oil" and answering this question: "If you’re elected President, are you going to take military action against Iran? … Would you take action against Iran militarily?” Trump said "depending on what the deal is I would have to do that."

Not only is that wrong, it is a violation of Presidential power! WHY would you support such a candidate?!

LISTEN, I have said I will never vote for Hillary. And I showed you who I voted for in the general election. and yet you continue with your snarky attitude. And I have show you before that you don't have a clue what you are talking about:

Posted by: Tom Murphy | Jan 20 2016 18:32 utc | 78


Nato regime vs the people

Posted by: Med | Jan 20 2016 18:44 utc | 79

@Tom Murphy

You twist my words into support for Trump so you can side-step my criticism of Sanders.

I think I made it clear where I stand @47.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 20 2016 18:54 utc | 80

@ jackrabbit 74. Related: 'The Iowa Speech Bernie Sanders Never Delivered by John V. Walsh

Posted by: wendy davis | Jan 20 2016 20:01 utc | 81

@rufus magister 19: Oh, my; thank you for the links; I'll read later. Related, we can hope.

‘Open letter to Yanis Varoufakis: Welcome to the movement!’, January 16, 2016, at Roar Magazine

‘DiEM and the movements: Varoufakis replies to open letter by John Malamatinas’, January 18, 2016, also at Roar

Varoufakis: self-identified Erratic Marxist, iirc.

Turns out Yanis did attend Blockupy on the 18th, according to the Twitter Club.

Posted by: wendy davis | Jan 20 2016 20:09 utc | 82

Thank you Wendy.

IMO, Sanders is running for VP. If he does well, Hillary will ask him to be her running mate and take charge of progressive initiatives in her Administration that will mostly die on the vine.

If he doesn't do well, the duopoly will say (loudly) that Americans have rejected Socialism.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 20 2016 20:15 utc | 83

The real reason of the war in Libya verified

On April 2, 2011 sources with access to advisors to Salt al-Islam Qaddafi stated in strictest confidence that while the freezing of Libya's foreign bank accounts presents Muammar Qaddafi with serious challenges, his ability to equip and maintain his armed forces and intelligence services remains intact. According to sensitive information available to this these individuals, Qaddafi's government holds 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver. During late March, 2011 these stocks were moved to SABHA (south west in the direction of the Libyan border with Niger and Chad); taken from the vaults of the Libyan Central Bank in Tripoli.

This gold was accumulated prior to the current rebellion and was intended to be used to establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar. This plan was designed to provide the Francophone African Countries with an alternative to the French.franc (CFA).

(Source Comment: According to knowledgeable individuals this quantity of gold and silver is valued at more than $7 billion. French intelligence officers discovered this plan shortly after the current rebellion began, and this was one of the factors that influenced President Nicolas Sarkozy's decision to commit France to the attack on Libya. According to these individuals Sarkozy's plans are driven by the following issues:

a. A desire to gain a greater share of Libya oil production,
b. Increase French influence in North Africa,
c. Improve his intemai political situation in France,
d. Provide the French military with an opportunity to reassert its position in the world,
e. Address the concern of his advisors over Qaddafi's long term plans to supplant France as the dominant power in Francophone Africa)

Posted by: nmb | Jan 20 2016 20:18 utc | 84

@83 And you are going to help Sanders lose with your nonsense and inaction. And Sanders has been Independent and only switched to Democratic Party so he could run for President, HARDY a typical Democrat. You made assumptions about my positions and I gave you a link to dispel them:

And I had been writing about Sanders negatives months ago which I already showed you: (Other things I have tweeted about Sanders)

His domestic policy will be a good step forward, sad that you feel compelled to undermine his campaign. You miss the point that the media ADVERTISED Obama and helped sell him yet the media have been hostile to Sanders. THAT should tell you something. Clearly Sanders is a threat to the big money interests. You think your strategy suggestions for Sanders are clever YET strategy is what media elites have been trying to bait him into adopting. Again, THAT should tell you something.

Here is something very revealing:
Don't miss the point that Andrea Mitchell used her dishonest question in order to derail the topic of Goldman Sachs appointees! In order to undercut the very popular response Sanders was getting for pledging not to have Wall Street appointees for a Sanders administration, Andrea Mitchell deviously misrepresented the context of Sanders comment to make it appear that Sanders had wanted to talk about Bill Clinton's sex life when if you look at what Sanders was responding to and what he said, he made the point of NOT wanting to have Bill Clinton's sex life an issue in the campaign!
LOOK at the context when Sanders WAS ASKED ABOUT BILL CLINTON: 
"You're tired of Hillary's emails," said the middle-aged male questioner, who left before reporters could speak to him. "I'm tired of even seeing or hearing anything about her. My question to you is, isn't one of the qualifications to be president to have some kind of moral authority? I mean, how can you tell a Secret Service agent that he has to be fired for having an affair with a prostitute in a hotel room, but support a president who has an affair -- a known affair -- in the White House. It seems to me she isn't qualified."
"I hear what you're saying," said Sanders. "Hillary Clinton is not Bill Clinton. What Bill Clinton did, I think we can all acknowledge was totally, totally, totally disgraceful and unacceptable. But I am running against Hillary Clinton. I am not running against Bill Clinton. And I thank you for the question in this sense: What we need to do as a nation is focus on the bloody issues facing this country."
See what a manipulative person Andrea Mitchell is? And see how she used her underhanded question to take focus away from Wall Street appointees!
Sanders: "... but here's the truth. If you have an administration stacked with Wall Street appointees, it ain't going to accomplish very much.
So here's a promise that I make -- and I mentioned a moment ago how corrupt the system is -- Goldman Sachs, paying a $5 billion fine, gives this country, in recent history, a Republican secretary of treasury, a Democratic secretary of treasury.
Here's a promise. If elected president, Goldman Sachs is not going to have -- bring forth a secretary of treasury for a Sanders administration."
Mitchell: "Senator Sanders, let me ask you a question. You called Bill Clinton's past transgressions, quote, "totally, totally, totally disgraceful and unacceptable." Senator, do you regret saying that?"

Sanders has been getting the same sort of disrespect that Gravel was getting. Look at how Gravel was exposing Obama's Wall street ties: VIDEO showing how Mike Gravel was EXPOSING OBAMA as a Wall Street whore

Posted by: Tom Murphy | Jan 20 2016 20:47 utc | 85

What? are people sleeping here? possibly new maidan going on in moldova but this time its AGAINST the pro-nato government.
for Live footage.

Posted by: Med | Jan 20 2016 21:15 utc | 86

I'm still here maybe in the next open thread will have more to add on Bernie Sanders and Hailey Clinton.

Remember, dun trust any politician’s regardless Dems or Repug. They are all liars and complicities to the crimes against humanity. As responsible citizens we must fulfill our duties and votes in all primaries, especially in November. But never, never votes for Duopoly.

Snake oil salesmen or more politely - Apologists will do anything to convince you the lesser evils but conveniently left out or hide the truth.

I pride myself as a passive Pacifist, Progressive, Independent and strongly against the 1%

Posted by: Jack Smith | Jan 20 2016 21:52 utc | 87

Posted by: Jackrabbit, ben jfl @47 @80 @53 @24 and more...

Voting for duopoly candidates legitimizes and reinforces this system. Arguments for the relative merits of duopoly candidates (lesser evils and strawmen) only undermine principled action.

VOTE THIRD PARTY or don't vote.

Jackrabbit you are probably the closest to my philosophy and may include ben and jfl. However, We as responsible citizen must votes to fulfill our duties as loyal citizens. Agree, never vote for Duopoly but vote third party or write-in. For me most likely Putin or Jill Stein.

I trust Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin more than any America's politicians. Without Russia and China we would have double or even triple more refugees and murders.

Posted by: Jack Smith | Jan 20 2016 22:16 utc | 88

@Tom Murphy

You're not listening. You're just trying to talk past any misgivings.

And using the well-worn ploy that anyone that objects is responsible for some vague and indeterminate DISASTER to come. Corny. Lame. Predictable.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 20 2016 22:25 utc | 89

@Jack Smith

Yes we do agree on US politics. But I don't trust Putin. I respect him and I understand somewhat the difficulty he faces in charting an independent course for Russia.

I think it is a DISGRACE that Snowden was forced shelter in Russia because of USA treatment of whistle-blowers.

I think it is a DISGRACE that USA conducted rendition and torture.

I think it is a DISGRACE that USA knowingly and purposely allied with countries that use extremists as a weapon.

I think it is a DISGRACE that there is no accountability for the 2008 GFC.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 20 2016 22:45 utc | 90

@90 - a very nice article to go along w/ Petris note about Facebook banning al Mayadeen.

A true sewer of misinformation, Facebook. Not quite as bad as Wikipedia, but a sewer all the same.

Posted by: guest77 | Jan 20 2016 23:29 utc | 91


"I trust Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin more than any America's politicians. Without Russia and China we would have double or even triple more refugees and murders."

Couldn't agree more. A revenant Russia emerging post USSR collapse has demonstrated a more balanced approach to protecting its vital interests than the unipolar power hungry West with its unbridled fixation on projecting global ambitions beyond the pale.

Posted by: metni | Jan 20 2016 23:51 utc | 92

The Final Solution progresses in Palestine ..

Herzog presents new diplomatic plan: Separation from Jerusalem's Palestinian villages

Opposition leader MK Isaac Herzog (Zionist Union) said the two-state solution was impossible to realize under current conditions on Tuesday, and presented a new diplomatic plan in which several Arab neighborhoods in East Jerusalem will be severed from the rest of the city and the separation barrier in the West Bank completed in a manner that includes all the settlement blocs.

“... Ariel Sharon did the right thing when he put up the fence that prevented the infiltration of suicide bombers, but he didn’t finish the job. We want to finish it, to complete the barrier that separates us. We call it the establishment of a security line, the red line … Israel must part from Netanyahu so that it becomes possible to part from the Palestinians.”

“Two nations with such a strong national consciousness, both claiming this land, can never live together in one state at peace. ...”

The plan Herzog proposed includes the following principles:

* Under current conditions a two-state solution is impossible. Nevertheless, Israel will maintain the principle of not taking steps that would vitiate a two-state solution geographically or diplomatically.

* Security activity against Hamas: “They will have no immunity and for every attack they’ll pay a heavy price. This won’t mean dummy bombings of empty areas. We’ll employ an effective iron fist and shut down their radio and TV stations. After that they won’t have internet or mobile phone services. They won’t be able to transmit instructions to terrorists. We’ll take harsh and severe steps, including ones directed at their leaders.”

* Completion of the security barrier around settlement blocs in the West Bank. “The separation barrier will prevent attacks in the settlement blocs that remain in our hands,” said Herzog. “The situation will be clear to everyone. We will be here and you, Palestinians, will be there. Live your lives, improve your economy, create employment. The blocs under Israeli sovereignty will be part of the permanent solution. They will serve as recipients of settlers from outside the major blocs.”

* Separation of Palestinian villages from Jerusalem. Herzog noted that in his plan the fence will be completed in the Jerusalem area in a way that will leave Palestinian villages outside city limits. “Then we’ll re-unite the true Jerusalem without hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who will remain on the other side of the barrier” he said. “Issawiya is not and won’t be part of Israel’s eternal capital. Neither is the refugee camp in Shoafat. We’ll separate from them. We’ll build a wall. Terrorists won’t have access to Jews. Those who want to work and make a living rather than stabbing people – we’ll leave those for the consideration of the defense establishment.”

* Confidence building measures vis-à-vis the Palestinians. “Palestinians will have total freedom in civil but not military matters. They’ll be able to build new cities and expand existing ones, to develop agriculture, industry, employment.” Herzog said that the IDF will continue to control the entire West Bank in order to prevent terror. “The IDF will continue to sit on the eastern border in the Jordan valley. After a few years, if things are quiet, we can discuss what’s next,” he said.

* Convening a regional security conference with the participation of moderate Arab countries. “Such a conference could change the situation in this region,” he said. “Together we can build a united security front against extremist Islamic terror in the Middle East, in which our separation from the Palestinians is an integral part.”

This is a proposal for a wall within the occupied territories, in Palestine.

We can expect Obama and the EU to say nothing ... to send money to accomplish the Final Solution, no matter the cost.

Posted by: jfl | Jan 21 2016 0:26 utc | 93

TM at 78

Can’t you see? JR will only vote for Trump if he is a third party candidate, as he affects to believe that Mrs. Clinton is more of a “fascist” or "racist" than The Donald. Because, neo-cons.

Abstentionism has, I think, an even worse record than entryism.

Folks need to be a bit more discerning, as not all third parties are alike. Here’s a handy list of third party candidates.

You’ll see it’s mostly a fever swamp of candidates for the Constitution, Reform, and Libertarian parties, with a generous helping of assorted right-wing nut jobs. Only Stein and Socialist Party candidate Dean Capone would be moving politics left. And how much coverage is the media giving either of them?

Wasn’t socialism supposed killed by the “end of history”? I don’t think Sanders’ failure to garner the Democratic nomination will put a stake in its heart. And it would hardly be the first time the paladins of private property have declaimed that the American proletariat has rejected socialism.

That you have a self-proclaimed socialist (albeit a very soft, reformist one) polling well in Democratic Presidential primaries is a startling development. And it's not like he's soft-pedaled it, either.

He will neither win the nomination nor be offered the Vice-Presidency. Despite his manifest deficiencies, Sanders is far too serious a threat to be allowed anywhere near real power. Whatever his final tally turns out to be, MSM and Republicratic politicians will have a hard time spinning it as a defeat.

Voting will not change the system. We socialists run candidates to gain publicity, identify new supporters, and develop organizational capacity. As I have said before, Sanders campaign has the potential to aid other trends much further to the left by raising both the profile of socialism generally and the deficiencies in the social-democratic approach specifically.

Thought experiment – you come upon someone starving. “I’d love to feed you, but we only have half a loaf and you need a whole. So out of principle, not only am I not going to give you the half loaf, I am going to condemn your hunger as well.” Is that moral, just, or wise?

Given the loudly, repeatedly proclaimed desire of most if not all of the Rethuglican field to launch some sort of preemptive strike against Iran, Russia, etc., to say nothing of the various reactionary domestic policies they support, serious concern over a massive deterioration in the living conditions of workers worldwide is not trivial.

So don’t forget, folks, the German Communists had no problem seeing the Nazis come to power. They believed that the fascists would fail and the KPD would gain. And we all know how well that worked out.

Posted by: rufus magister | Jan 21 2016 1:09 utc | 94

Rufus weighs in . . . for Hillary.

The farce is now complete.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 21 2016 1:37 utc | 95

wendy davis at 81-82

Interesting attempt by Varoufakis to solidify a movement. I think his response accepting the invitation showed a little more class than Malamatinas' snarky, patronizing invite. We'll see what comes out of the conference in February.

ROAR seems like a standard-issue amalgam of bad anarchism and bad academic, post-modernist leftism. Interesting that a Dutch foundation with substantial MSM holdings in its assets is funding it.

Why is it that folks take the Libertarian stylings of JV Walsh seriously? It's not like there aren't any real leftist critics of Clinton or Sanders.

As no friend of socialism or even progressivism, he clearly has an axe to grind. This piece was JR's "evidence" for "concern" amongst progressives about Mrs. Clinton being a bigger racist/fascist that Trump.

He's a proto-fascist, BTW; the real thing needs a more systemic crisis as a driver. But if the global economy is slowing down....

Posted by: rufus magister | Jan 21 2016 1:42 utc | 96

"Purity of Essence." Good to see ideological conformity dictated by a self-appointed arbiter of progress is of more concern than the actual lives of 7 billion people.

Posted by: rufus magister | Jan 21 2016 2:04 utc | 97

Some fun. Three things near and dear, in descending order -- cats, ships, Russians.

Posted by: rufus magister | Jan 21 2016 2:31 utc | 98

"Bending over." Good to see that the rufus-approved(TM) socialist priesthood runs candidates for visibility - not to win.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 21 2016 2:31 utc | 99

I suppose those 7 billion people will have to look to the Greens instead. Its nice to have choices. Something Hillary supporters don't seem too fond of.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 21 2016 3:10 utc | 100

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