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December 23, 2015

Open Thread 2015-49

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Facinating old photos from 19th Century BT (before tourism) showing MENA is a wasteland sandbox you pour your last life dabpvings into, then compare to, say, Rhodos today, after a century of oil and gas showering gold dust over the earth, what are we doing to our civilizatiin, just to make the oil sheiks and ziobankers insanely wealthy. Let them pay for it!

Also on page 18, there's a map of 119CE Roman Empire, showing Palestina where the illegal expansion of the 'Israel' meme lies today, a Palestina and Syria over 2000 years old, being rubbed from the map of history by these goat gods usurpers, using our blood and treasure to perform unspeakable acts.

And now comes the dawn of an All-Zion era of total hegemony, Red Don or Blue Hillary, still the same goat god usurpers, with the IMF/WB their global judge, jury and executioner.

Posted by: Chipnik | Dec 23 2015 9:30 utc | 1

b, before I forget Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you and everyone here. Thank you for allowing me to express my views here. We may not agrees in everything, but damn sure we are on the same side. :-)

Posted by: Jack Smith | Dec 23 2015 9:31 utc | 2

How the Turkish mafia organizes the trafficking of refugees

Posted by: nmb | Dec 23 2015 11:51 utc | 3

With the Solstice behind (22nd) and Saturnalia (25th) ahead; may the new year, fast approaching, deliver to everyone, the fruits of their labors as karma would have it...

Posted by: V. Arnold | Dec 23 2015 11:59 utc | 4

Best wishes for a merry ending and a new start for 2016.

May the arrival of the next centaur be delayed, so I can enjoy my pension earned through hard labor. ;-)

Posted by: Oui | Dec 23 2015 12:09 utc | 5

B and to all Best Wishes during this season of merriment and hope for a peaceful new year.....

Posted by: georgeg | Dec 23 2015 12:40 utc | 6


thanks for the photo essay book, looks like it will be a great xmas read.

the map of course is a 19th century rendering of what came centuries before. it would be interesting to track down roman maps, but i'm just a map geek.
all the old names for areas, rivers, cities etc., will come in handy if and when i decide to re-read Gibbon's Decline and Fall. last time i relied on maps in the back of old bibles, ha!

somehow i don't think pointing to a label on an old map will give the lie to zionist statements about palestine not existing before 1947, "land without a people" etc.

merry bah humbug everyone.

Posted by: sillybill | Dec 23 2015 12:48 utc | 7

Recently in the Ukraine....

Political disarray continues, courtesy of a number of actors.

Apparently, the authorities in Odessa were willing to relax on their efforts to pin the blame for the May 2014 arson at the Dom Profsoyuz which killed dozens. But unofficial actors, our valiant volunteers, intervened, storming into the local court and forcing the resignation of several judjes and revocation of bail for the five wrongly detained.

The rightists fear that the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko will withdraw his protective cover of the Right Sector. Poroshenko is afraid that he will lose control of the increasingly radical Ukrainian nationalists.

The report also notes other attacks by the Right Sector on the judiciary in Kirovograd and Kiev.

Kiev also saw a demonstration demanding the release of the men who murdered journalist Oles Buzina.

Saakashvili is also doing his part to keep the political situation in Banderastan fluid by accusing the administration of corruption. We are all of course shocked.

It takes a special group to get cabinet meetings go like this.

The Dutch De Telegraaf is worried.

The reliability of evidence in the investigation of the crash last year of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine is at issue because of the sinister role of the Ukrainian secret service SBU in corruption and crime scandals.

On a more seasonal note, a calendar of Orthodox priests and their cats, including an archpriest who runs an animal shelter, is causing some buzz. While not a believer, I do like that the Orthodox parish clergy are married and bearded. Cats are always fun.

And nothing like a little seasonal torchlight parade. Azov is on the march in Mariupol

Posted by: rufus magister | Dec 23 2015 13:14 utc | 8

Here is my take on the Samir Kuntar December 21 hit. It is an attempt to drive a wedge between Hezbollah and Russia. Why him and why now? Because Hezbollah and SAA are attacking Quneitra close to the Israeli controlled Golan Heights under the cover of RuAF aircraft. Even with S-300 operated by Syria in close proximity, the IAF could have flown below the radar envelope and beyond its perimeter to fire missiles from a distance. It is not by coincidence, that a couple of days later, Putin and Netanyahu had a publicised phone conversation that stressed the need for coordination. The phone call was apparently initiated by the Russian side.
1) The hit didn't benefit Russia's reputation.
2) Kuntar was not as high profile operative for Hezbollah to be deemed an operational target for Israel's security.
3) His assassination is more a revenge killing engineered to produce a psychological and political statement.
4) At this juncture, Israel wants to drive a wedge in the 4+1 (aka 6+1) coalition. Israel is unhappy that the RuAF protects Hezbollah and the SAA's attack close to Israeli controlled Druze Golan.

Posted by: Sun Tzu | Dec 23 2015 13:44 utc | 9

Quote from Vladimir Soloviev's "World Order" documentary.

#Putin: We're open to work with the EU despite sanctions.

Soloviev: What about Turkey?

Putin: Turkey is not Europe.

Posted by: Lone Wolf | Dec 23 2015 15:03 utc | 10

UK government refuses to release details of secret agreement with Saudi Arabia involving coordination between militaries and police

The Foreign Office document says the MoU was signed "to help modernise" the Saudi interior ministry and would draw on "UK expertise in the wider security and policing arena".

But the Government has now refused to disclose any more details of the secretive deal.

It sounds like Saudis view UK as the leader in how to run a police state.

Posted by: Les | Dec 23 2015 15:09 utc | 11

Have a good Christmas, B.

I look forward to your Syria commentary in 2016 and hope there will be more to celebrate as the men and women of the resistance fight back.

Posted by: Pat Bateman | Dec 23 2015 15:10 utc | 12

Posted by: Sun Tzu | Dec 23, 2015 8:44:16 AM | 9

you are probably right though it seems the phone call was initiated by Netanyahu and the Israel-Russian relationship is a lot more complicated

Hours after welcoming Ukranian president, Netanyahu phones Putin

Israeli officials said that phone call, which focused on Syria, terrorism and regional issues, was planned in advance and had nothing to do with the Ukrainian president’s visit. The two leaders, according to both the Israeli and Russian readout of the call, agreed to continue the high-level dialogue between them.

The phone call came amid tension in the north following the killing in Damascus on Saturday of Lebanese terrorist Samir Kuntar.

Posted by: somebody | Dec 23 2015 16:25 utc | 13

merry christmas and best of 2016 to b - and everyone at moa..

Posted by: james | Dec 23 2015 16:27 utc | 14

Apparently, the authorities in Odessa were willing to relax on their efforts to pin the blame for the May 2014 arson at the Dom Profsoyuz which killed dozens.
Posted by: rufus magister | Dec 23, 2015 8:14:09 AM | 8

From headquarters of Grammar Nazi Movement. "Dom Profsoyuz" means a building that is also a trade union. However, the building burned in Odessa in May 2014 was a property/joint headquarters of trade unions, as in this title from Ukrainian patriotic press

Дом профсоюзов в Одессе подожгли сами сепаратисты - МВД и ГСЧС

transliteration: Dom profsoyuzov v Odyssye podzhogli sami separatisty = MVD i GSChS

translation: separatists themselves set the fire to the House of Trade Unions in Odessa -- Ministry of the Interior and (I do not know)

Otherwise, good stuff, rufus magister. GoU scored one little victory, the official blessing of IMF to renege on debt to Russia.

But Ukraine with very, very sketchy state of legality, is not a good place to invest, so subsidizing the government is probably futile.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Dec 23 2015 16:28 utc | 15

@14 Saying Merry Christmas is starting to sound revolutionary. :)

Posted by: dh | Dec 23 2015 16:41 utc | 16

Merry social reinforcements and a happy reincarnation ritual to all.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 23 2015 16:41 utc | 17

PS My holiday wishes are meant in the spirit of MoA - trying to reveal what is really going on.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 23 2015 16:47 utc | 18

add to 13

That is Russian media's concern - it was not the FSA

Still the same reasoning - split Russia and Hezbollah - I guess there is a Western push to declare Hezbollah a terrorist group.

Posted by: somebody | Dec 23 2015 16:50 utc | 19

The killing of Samir Kuntar gives rise to serious thoughts on Putin/Russia and Israel.

The Saker has an article, long and unclear IMO:

More to the point seems:

From the comments on that latest article I select:

TG says:

December 23, 2015 at 1:54 pm GMT • 100 Words

An interesting and thought-provoking article. And a very interesting take on Trump. It’s strange: Hillary Clinton is a blood soaked monster joined at the hip to Wall Street, who has deliberately destabilized much of the world, creating huge suffering. And she wants to gut social security to help feed the oligarchs, and give away US democratic principles to foreign trade boards, etc. Donald Trump has a big mouth (sadly necessary to avoid being ignored by the corporate press) but his principles are moderate – and yet Trump is a ‘fascist’ and Hillary mainstream? We have turned things backwards.

Posted by: From The Hague | Dec 23 2015 17:25 utc | 20

@16 dh!

Posted by: james | Dec 23 2015 17:58 utc | 21

Posted by: somebody | Dec 23, 2015 11:25:25 AM | 13

From the JPost link:

Israel took great pains in 2014 to remain completely neutral in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict over Crimea, a position later saluted by Russian ambassador Alexander Shein. [Loyalty of Jewish oligarchs and their corruption is equally divided between east and west Ukraine – Oui]

Netanyahu, in greeting Poroshenko to his office, said that the histories of the Jewish people and Ukraine have been intertwined for more than a thousand years.

“It is a history that encompasses both great accomplishment, as well as enormous tragedy,” he said. Netanyahu said the two countries have agreed to mark the 75th anniversary of the Babi Yar massacre next year. Nearly 34,000 Jews were killed on September 29-30, 1941 by Nazis and their local collaborators in the Babi Yar ravine near Kiev.

Ukraine's campaign to revise history, Nazi collaborators become national[ist] heroes ...

Babi Yar holocaust site vandalised by Nazis for the 6th time this year

Posted by: Oui | Dec 23 2015 18:41 utc | 22

From the comments on a very interesting article:

An interesting and thought-provoking article. And a very interesting take on Trump. It’s strange: Hillary Clinton is a blood soaked monster joined at the hip to Wall Street, who has deliberately destabilized much of the world, creating huge suffering. And she wants to gut social security to help feed the oligarchs, and give away US democratic principles to foreign trade boards, etc. Donald Trump has a big mouth (sadly necessary to avoid being ignored by the corporate press) but his principles are moderate – and yet Trump is a ‘fascist’ and Hillary mainstream? We have turned things backwards.

Posted by: From The Hague | Dec 23 2015 18:51 utc | 23

The Russian media called FSA virtually non-existent which seems to have been confirmed in Hersh's article. It's funny that the Russians now try to portray the Free Syrian Army as having come over to their side. FSA is probably no more than an umbrella organization for all the groups fighting for the coalition. Any aid to the moderates just passes through to the real fighters.

Posted by: Les | Dec 23 2015 18:53 utc | 24

Private VS Public 'interest'. Western leaders are but a mouthpiece for private backers, the tail wagging the dog. If western governance is not promoting, almost preaching the virtues of private finance, then they are usually first asked to do the clean up after private finance. For the most part master slave.

Iraqi guvnas would be wise in seeking alternate assistance in securing their nation. Its not hard to see who is in a position of strength leading into this theatre of chaos in Syraq. In fact, the more I see these figures, the more I understand this last desperate corporate attempts at subverting governments in secret courts and ensuring ill gotten gains at the expense of the land - the figures say a revolution is nigh.

From March 2012:

'...The BRIC countries—Brazil, Russia, India, and China—contain nearly three billion of the world’s seven billion people, or 40% of the global population. The BRICs all make heavy use of public sector banks, which compose about 75% of the banks in India, 69% or more in China, 45% in Brazil, and 60% in Russia.

The BRICs have been the main locus of world economic growth in the last decade. China Daily reports, “Between 2000 and 2010, BRIC’s GDP grew by an incredible 92.7 percent, compared to a global GDP growth of just 32 percent, with industrialized economies having a very modest 15.5 percent."...'

Posted by: MadMax2 | Dec 23 2015 20:52 utc | 25

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Posted by: casey | Dec 23 2015 20:54 utc | 26

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Posted by: casey screaming | Dec 23 2015 20:57 utc | 27

Happy Holidays to all, all the best to everyone. b thanks for all you do.

Posted by: Noirette | Dec 23 2015 21:04 utc | 28

trying to reveal what is really going on

eyes to the sky!

happy holidays!

Posted by: john | Dec 23 2015 21:06 utc | 29

Felices Fiestas y prospero año nuevo

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Dec 23 2015 21:13 utc | 30

Regarding the Samir Kuntar murder in Damascus, The Saker has written a quite long piece attempting to describe the relationship between RF and Israel, between Russians and Jews. I don't know enough to critique it, but numerous points make great sense to me.

It's the best I've seen to explain why Russia let Israel fight Hezbollah in Syria, and why this changes nothing except to further illustrate the complexities of the region, the situation, and Russia's interests (versus non-interests).

It's well written, very readable, and I found it compelling: Putin and Israel – a complex and multi-layered relationship

Posted by: Grieved | Dec 23 2015 22:01 utc | 31

"... Just remember the kids who have nothing when you're drinking down your wine..."

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 23 2015 22:19 utc | 32

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone here at MoA.

@ B, thank you very much for your posts and all the hard work that went into them.

Best wishes for 2016 and hoping we all get through that year safely ... ??? ... !!!

Posted by: Jen | Dec 24 2015 0:12 utc | 33

Here's to you, barkeep, and our former patron as well.

A round for the house on me, drink up or pour it out as a toast to the gods.

Thanks to your wisdom and work, friends, I am a better man. Peace, comfort and happiness to all in the coming year.

Posted by: - jonku | Dec 24 2015 0:17 utc | 34

Congratulations b for another year of resistance against injustice, oppression, lies, deceit, murder, impunity, and war crimes. Very grateful for this enlightening platform you provide for all of us willing to dig further into the surface of the delusional reality projected by the empire and its MSM stenographers.

Merry Christmas and a Happier 2016 for you and all the comrades that keep MoA going with sound posting and insightful comments.

From the wolf den,

Lone Wolf

Posted by: Lone Wolf | Dec 24 2015 0:44 utc | 35

The Angry Arab News Service provides an Al Jazeera link with

Another take on the assassination of Samir Quntar

This might be another reason for the killing of Quntar, without settling the issue of how he was killed. According to this article, it was an airstrike. Other versions said rockets. The Russians (and Iranians) are mum about the subject.

The real story behind the killing of Samir Kantar

Hezbollah's high-profile figure was setting up a resistance movement in the Golan Heights against Israeli occupation.

[...] Kantar was reportedly working on the development of a Syrian resistance movement that would focus on the liberation of the Golan Heights from Israeli occupation in southern Syria.

Al Jazeera spoke to a number of Syrian and Lebanese sources who knew both Kantar and Shaalan and were familiar with their work in Syria.

They revealed that Kantar and Shaalan were both commanders within the Syrian National Resistance movement [SNR] - a little known group backed by the Syrian government, and advised and equipped by Iran's Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah.

Essentially made up of local Syrians from the areas close to Syria's southern border with Israel, the movement's aim is to work on expanding and participating in the wider front of Hezbollah and its allies against Israel.

The creation and development of the group came about following a decision taken by the Syrian President, Bashar al Assad, in 2013. According to one Syrian official source, "Until the start of the Syrian crisis, there had always been a military balance in the south between the Syrian army and the Israelis.

"When the Syrian army positions [on the borders] came under attack by Syrian opposition armed groups in that area, under the cover of the Israelis, the president took the decision to allow Hezbollah to help with the development of a home-grown resistance movement against Israel from the Golan Heights," said the source.

He added: "the Israelis changed the rules of the game by getting involved with the [Syrian] opposition groups in the south."

The southern borders were specifically viewed as critical by the regime since Syria is still at war with Israel.

As a result, Kantar's newly formed group began working on two fronts; assisting the Syrian army in its fight against rebel groups in the area, and setting up a local resistance group.

Kantar, according to both Lebanese and Syrian sources, is said to have been instrumental in recruiting and training locals - the majority of whom are Druze from the Golan Heights area and its surroundings - focusing his efforts on carrying out operations along the border.

Shaalan was a former commander of the pro-government National Defence Forces in Jaramana, until he was brought into the SNR in 2014 to work alongside Kantar on beefing up the movement's capabilities.

"The Israelis targeted [Kantar and Shaalan] because they want to weaken and finish the nascent resistance movement in the Golan Heights," said a Syrian security official, adding that Israel was keen on maintaining a sphere of influence in southern Syria and the development of the SNR is problematic for them.

Information on the SNR and its activities remain sparse; little is known about the numbers of cadres involved, who they are and the type of military equipment they have access to.

While Hezbollah refuses to formally admit any connection with the group, one Lebanese official source said Iran was providing assistance to the group.

"Iran helps with training, weapons, and funding [of the SPR]," said the Lebanese source. "The idea is not to put entire Hezbollah battalions there, but rather to work with people from the area instead to set up a home-grown resistance movement. Therefore the SNR is not necessarily Shia, it's made up of Druze and Sunnis from there."

According to Hossam Matar, a political analyst who is close to Hezbollah circles, the emergence of this group is hardly surprising.

"Nasrallah has since declared that both the occupied Golan Heights [in Syria] and occupied Shebaa farms [in Lebanon] represent one front," he told Al Jazeera.

"Hezbollah, and its allies, have said it is ready to help train local resistance groups in the battle against Israel, and this particular group is focused on Israel. It is not working on the internal conflict [inside Syria]."

The SNR, says Matar, is still limited in its capabilities. "It is currently in its early phase. It still needs more time before it can take any serious action. The latest operation shows it is still weak."

Nonetheless, the presence of the SNR in the occupied Golan Heights enables Syria to reset the balance of power in the area. "The main goal is to deter Israel from intervening more in the Syrian crisis, both directly and indirectly," said Matar.

"In the future, the Golan Heights is the most appropriate place to act against Israel. And because of all the chaos taking place in the country, the margin for political action is much wider in Syria than in Lebanon."

Posted by: Lone Wolf | Dec 24 2015 1:03 utc | 36

Sadly, my grammar police credentials are only valid for English.

I went from memory on the Russian. As soon as I posted, I thought, “Shouldn’t that take the genitive plural? Ah, not to worry, no one will catch it....”

Found it in a short article on the BBC Ukrainian service. "Госслужбе по чрезвычайным ситуациям (ГСЧС)." "State Service for Emergency Situations," i.e., disaster response/relief.

Not a good spot to invest in, let alone live in. I particularly liked that lively cabinet meeting.

SAAKASHVILI: You’re a thief!
AVAKOV: Barnstormer! Fibster and barnstormer!
SAAKASHVILI: You are a thief!
AVAKOV: Sh1thead!
SAAKASHVILI: I was invited to the country to accomplish the tasks [and] not to be engaged in the political fraudulence.
AVAKOV: Damn liar!

No doubt Carter and Kerry mix it up like that down in the West Wing.

Kyiv Post has various reports of alleged violations, I can’t figure out if it’s really renewed war or ongoing distraction. Gingering up the front might induce at sense of unity in Kiev, perhaps. I recall seeing similar reports of cease-fire violations from the NAF earlier this month. So if the U.S. is ratcheting down in Syria, is it then ratcheting up in the Ukraine?

In the spirit of the season, one of my favorite Christmas Songs. "Hey Santa, pass us that bottle, will ya!" Cheers, folks.

Posted by: rufus magister | Dec 24 2015 1:18 utc | 37

Nice to read at Xmastime Mike Whitney's positive take on recent Syria developments. It doesn't jibe with reality, though, in the second sentence below:

The smart money has already moved on to Plan B, which is why they’re now focused on cutting their losses and saving as many of “their guys” as possible. Naturally, the people who funded, armed, trained and deployed these various Sunni fighters feel responsible for their safety, so they’re going to do whatever they can to get them out.

I think the real motivation for Kerry's ceasefire is to freeze the situation on the ground. NOT to protect the cannon fodder. Frankly, the head-chopping Wahabbists already can retreat to the friendly embrace of Turkey whenever they want to and many of them have.

Anyway, the empire is playing a long game, and probably realizes this move, the one against Assad, has failed. Great, but as Whitney recognizes, don't expect it to give up on its anti-Assad, anti-sovereignty, break-up-resistant-states strategy.

Posted by: fairleft | Dec 24 2015 1:20 utc | 38

in re 22 --

Here's a very good reason why Donald Trump is more of a fascist than matriarch of the vaguely center-left Clinton clan. Red Star over Donbass sees the oligarch Trump as an Enemy of U.S. workers and no friend of Russia, either.

Few people took Trump’s campaign seriously at the beginning because of his reputation as an egotist and buffoon. However, the combination of vast media attention and the capitalist crisis of unemployment and low wages has created fertile ground for him, and a proto-fascist movement has begun to coalesce in support of his campaign. This has included increasing violence by supporters against protesters at his campaign rallies, and acts of terrorist violence by those who support him and his rhetoric (against Muslim communities, women’s health clinics, etc.)

Fascism has a particular meaning, derived from the historical experience of the Twentieth Century. Conservative populist, strong/charisimatic leader, deadly hostility to organized labor and socialism, aggressively nationalist.

Posted by: rufus magister | Dec 24 2015 1:33 utc | 39

rufus magister @35

Thanks for the excellent, very moonofA Christmas song. "And how can you smile when the reasons for smiling are wrong?"

Solstice, New Year, Hannukah, Xmas and Christmas greetings to everyone and thank you very much b for the most informative and least bullsh!tty blog around.

Posted by: fairleft | Dec 24 2015 2:11 utc | 40

@11 Les
A week or so ago I saw a report of Saudi interior ministry forces operating near the border with Yemen plus they were employing some local militias or tribes. I believe this was not in coordination with the Minister of Defense. Those ministers are rivals. Then yesterday I saw a report that the defense minister is trying to take the interior minister's counterterrorism budget away from him. As of now he has full control of a larger CT budget and cannot be questioned on his use of it.

The interior minister is more favored by the West.

Posted by: Joanne Leon | Dec 24 2015 2:46 utc | 41

Having seen the video of (reusable rocket) Blue Origin's launch and soft landing, I realised it has taken Rocket Science more than 6 decades to catch up with mid-50s Science Fiction - when reusable rockets were all the rage and the only option.
Very fancy footwork (for a rocket) just before touch-down. Quite hair-raising.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Dec 24 2015 2:55 utc | 42

Felice Navidad!

Posted by: ioana | Dec 24 2015 2:57 utc | 43

Merry Christian Shopping Festival to fellow commenters. And lurkers and trolls.
And sincere thanks and best wishes to b.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Dec 24 2015 3:05 utc | 44

b. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for an enjoyable and refreshing 2016. Your contribution to this site is unbelievable. I read a lot and post a little. But this place is a total breath of fresh air compared to the stagnant garbage served up to us by our masters.

"Carry on Wayward Son"

Skip Cook
Arkansas USA

Posted by: Skip | Dec 24 2015 3:37 utc | 45

Thank you Sun Tzu & Lone Wolf for your research on what could've been behind the Kantar killing.
IMO the most likely present intentions of Russia & US (jointly) in Syria involves a broader agreement. I have long held that Obama's faction intended peace in Syria in 2012 talks but the effort was undermined by Hillary and Petraeus (& Felton at the UN). T Meyssan believes that the same large rearrangement is still in the works, w a sharing of spheres of influence in the mideast between US & Russia. I have maintained since the beginning of the Yemeni war that the target might well be the Saudis. If you read these two articles I think you will get a big surprise. I would like to hear what you think of them. Feb 2013, the old deal unchanged

Posted by: Penelope | Dec 24 2015 4:31 utc | 46

Posted by: Lone Wolf | Dec 23, 2015 8:03:14 PM | 34

Al Jazeera, the mouthpiece of Qatar's royal family and the Muslim Brotherhood funding extreme militants in Syria to overthrow the regime of Assad, is an unlikely source for facts surrounding the assassination of Kantar. Reading the article, I find the info lacking insight and depth, not from an investigative reporter. This Ynet News piece [linked in article Tikun Olam] is exactly the propaganda of Israel's military with a lot of terror rhetoric.

IDF Lies About Kantar Murder Flow in Abundance| Tikun Olam |

The following article from Gulf News gives a better insight into the lifes of Kantar and Al-Shalaan fighting the anti-regime terrorists of al-Nusra, the group Israel prefers to establish itself from the Jordanian border into Damascus, along the western border to the Golan Heights. The Israeli strike IMO was a revenge killing, but also to eliminate a Hezbollah commander fighting Al-Nusra.

Kantar in Damascus 'a day before assassination’

According to a source in the pro-regime National Defence Committees, Farhan Al Shaalan warned him that sleeping cells were found in Jaramanah, packed with armed men from the nearby Barzeh neighbourhood, a hotbed for the anti-regime insurgency.

National Defense Committees were planning to attack then, and Shaalan had sought his friend’s advice on military strategy. Kantar had been more focused on trying to set up a Syrian resistance in the Golan, along with Jihad Mughnieh, the son of Hezbollah co-founder Emad Mughnieh. The elder Mugnieh was assassinated by the Israelis in Damascus in February 2008 and the son was killed along with a senior Iranian commander in January 2015. With that purpose in mind, Kantar had started spending more time in the Syrian capital as of December 2013. He was coordinating activity with Syrian troops, Hezbollah commanders, and the National Defense Committees, who regarded him as a “spiritual godfather and hero.”

Since news of his assassination broke last Sunday, Syrians have been divided on what to make of Samir Kantar. The government media and its affiliates are hailing him as a “glorious martyr” with the pro-Hezbollah Lebanese daily Al Akhbar labeling him “symbol of the Syrian resistance in the Golan.”

All border operations from Syria and skirmishes have since been attributed to him. Opponents of the Syrian regime are trashing him as a “killer” and “opponent of the Syrian revolt.” Some have gone as far as saying that he was eliminated by Hezbollah and the Syrians. That story doesn’t stand, however, because not only do they have no business in seeing him dead, both Nasrallah and Al Assad consider Kantar a loyal friend and crucial ally.

Throughout its history, after all, Israel has made a point in eliminating every Arab it alleges has Israeli blood on his or her hands—regardless of how long it took to take them down.

Posted by: Oui | Dec 24 2015 5:19 utc | 47

And so it begins with rufus @37: a Sanders supporter who now cites Clinton as the 'lesser evil'.

Yes, our self-proclaimed, die-hard (4th Internationale!) socialist wants to remind us this holiday season that:

... Trump is more of a fascist than [the] matriarch of the vaguely center-left Clinton clan

Perhaps if exceptional! neolibcon sell-outs like the Clinton's and Obama had not screwed America so royally then much of the population would not be so receptive to messages of hate. Now, in typical man-bites-dog fashion, Clinton and her supporters hope to use the hate that they have engendered to their advantage.

Don't be fooled by duopoly deception! A vote for the Democrats is a vote for the beatings to continue until morale has improved.

Look forward to more of the same lesser evil talk in 2016 as Sanders supporters are 'sheep-dogged' into the Hillary camp.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 24 2015 5:32 utc | 48

@45 Think about all the articles cited here on MoA about potential oil deposits in the Golan and it makes sense Israel would snuff out any locally organized resistance. Sad.

Posted by: Lozion | Dec 24 2015 6:26 utc | 49

Happy birthday to you B and everyone here too.You all are great!

Posted by: lebretteurfredonnant | Dec 24 2015 7:51 utc | 50

Kherson Residents Stand United Against Aidar Battalion

"In Kalanchak people have taken up arms and created self-defense units against the gangs who rob stores and induce fear into the local population..."

Posted by: Vintage Red | Dec 24 2015 8:52 utc | 51

German media claim with BND sources (BND mediated prisoner exchanges between Israel and Hezbollah) that Kuntar - fixated on fighting against Israel - became an embarrasssement for Assad and Hezbollah whose interest is not to draw Israel into the fight. Also quoting "Israeli observers" that such a precision strike cannot be done without information of someone close to the target.

Posted by: somebody | Dec 24 2015 9:16 utc | 52

More German media - Assad agrees to peace talks and a Syrian unity government

Posted by: somebody | Dec 24 2015 9:52 utc | 53

DECEMBER 15, 1922


Happy Solstice and Festivus in the Year 93 NWO

Posted by: Chipnik | Dec 24 2015 10:43 utc | 54


On September 9, 2001, two days before the cataclysmic attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, Ahmad Shah Massoud, commander of the United Front guerrilla opposition to the KSA/ISI's Taliban regime, was assassinated in the Afghan town of Khvajeh Baha od Din by two Arab men posing as video journalists.

Within a week, the Right-Wing Hanging Chad Coup of 2000 achieved total lockdown, and now everything is in place, with TPP and CISA and 1000 other horrors in the $1.2T Omnibus, to turn USA into a Soviet Gulag.

With the assassination of Farhan Al Shaalan, we can expect a similar 'false flag' provocation to that of 9/11, to send al-McCain's Legion of 10,000 into Levant, and complete the dismantling of Syria, soon as Xmas sales are over. "Whatever you do, don't stop shopping!"

The only words more blood-chilling than those, in my entire life, were al-Hillary, as she gloated, "We came, we saw, he died," right after she watched Ghaddafi being anally-penetrated to death with a bayonet.

2016 will be the year the whole world plays chicken with that monster, or else al-Don, King of the Adelson Mob. Same schtuff, same outcome: this will be the year global recession deepens under the Iron Claw in the Velvet Glove of American Exceptionalism. Already $100Ms from the Omnibus are being placed into RFPs for white papers and national media advertising to sell the Carbon Caliphate, then wholesale privatization of America's national energy infrastructure by the Globalist Mob.

Every Student Succeeds in the Brave New World of PPV Todos.

Posted by: Chipnik | Dec 24 2015 11:19 utc | 55

To add to Jackrabbit's comment at 48 on Rufus at 39 ... This is entirely wrong:

Fascism has a particular meaning, derived from the historical experience of the Twentieth Century. ...

No, 'fascism' notoriously has no particular meaning at all. And, even if it did, who cares? It's a label empty of any meaning and has no resonance or sticking power when used. Instead of a meaningless label try this: Is the potential leader probably a nightmare for the working class and their rights, a servant of the military, and a fighter for inequality? Clinton: yes. Trump: yes. End of story ...

Well, no, not quite. Recent history shows us that when the de facto emperor for the lords of finance is an idiot this may have positive effects for the efforts by sovereigntists and anti-financials. The case of Bush Jr. and his monumentally stupid destruction of Hussein's Iraq, which ended the Sunni domination of the center of the Middle East. When he or she is not an idiot, and Clinton qualifies as not an idiot, such huge gifts to 'the other side' don't happen. As President Trump would be an idiot. ;->

Posted by: fairleft | Dec 24 2015 12:52 utc | 56

I would like to thank you B for the outstanding analyzis and the information you are sharing. I´m SO glad that I finally found this site.

I would also like to thank your readers for relevant comments and for sharing their opinions.

I wish you happy holidays and a strong and healthy 2016.

P.S Since I´m a "new" reader I would to know why The Saker isn´t appreciated?

Posted by: athanasios | Dec 24 2015 13:20 utc | 57

in re 40, 48, 56

Why what a thoughtful, seasonal gift -- another straw man! Thanks!

To acknowledge the obvious differences between the candidates is not to endorse either. I argued (as I often do) for clarity and precision in language.

The gutting of the American working class began long before Clinton. The congressional leadership is probably the most culpable; Democratic fundraisers abandoned the unions in the 70's and have cooperated with Wall Street since.

I find "fascism" to still be descriptive and useful, both historically and in contemporary politics. See the fascists of Azov, Pravyi Sektor, etc, for example.

I thought Butterfield's use of "proto-fascist" in the quote I cited proper as well. Fascism is a symptom of sharp contradiction. In our "long crisis" of finance capital, presently, tensions are at a simmer, not a full boil.

I cannot be responsible for the loose usage of others debasing its value. Glad you enjoyed the song.

Now off to consume mass quantities. "Angels we have heard on high/tell us to go out and buy" -- T. Lehrer.

Posted by: rufus magister | Dec 24 2015 14:36 utc | 58

Administration defends arming terrorists because it was in talks with Assad administration "for years" and failed to get him to step aside in an arranged deal or through a military coup

Posted by: Les | Dec 24 2015 14:44 utc | 59

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iranian commander blasted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's support for the terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq, and warned that his acts and decisions are decreasing the Muslims' power.

"The arrogant powers are creating a secure space for the Zionists and there is no Islamic country which has not become involved and they engaged Turkey too and Erdogan has taken steps towards destroying the Islamic power in the region," Commander of the Iranian Border Guards Brigadier General Qassem Rezayee said, addressing the Law Enforcement Police personnel in the Northern city of Rasht on Thursday.

Noting that Erdogan has also made Saudi Arabia get stuck in a regional quagmire, he said, "All these cases are aimed at creating security for the Zionist regime."

Posted by: Refocus | Dec 24 2015 16:42 utc | 60

rufus @58

... is not to endorse either.

That's why they call it "lesser evil voting".

I argued (as I often do) for clarity and precision in language.

But you don't walk the walk.

The gutting of the American working class began long before Clinton.

"He did it first!"

I find "fascism" to still be descriptive and useful...

You've used it to make Clinton and Israel look good in comparison.

I cannot be responsible for the loose usage of others...


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 24 2015 17:37 utc | 61

@[email protected]

Oui, I appreciate your links and your comments. I don't endorse Al-Jazeera as a trustful news source, or any other link to news I post here for that matter. There are some more trustful than others, and "The Angry Arab" is one of them, reason I specified the link came from that blog. "The Angry Arab" presented the article as "Another take" in the killing of Quntar, and I agree with their label.

Posted by: Lone Wolf | Dec 24 2015 17:49 utc | 62

Thanks for all the efforts with this site...! Its author and contributors are top shelf. Blog has its finger on the pulse...always a great visit here..

And with that, seasons greetings to everyone...i wish you all a very moderate new year.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Dec 24 2015 17:59 utc | 63

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all on MoA. Hope we have a boring 2016 because living in interesting times can be worrying :-)

Posted by: Trog51 | Dec 24 2015 19:21 utc | 64

@56, I don't think Bush, Clinton et al are idiots. I think they understand completely, if implicitly, that fostering endless wars all over the world is the only way that those who can afford it will enjoy the American Way of Life. I don't know quite what Trump has in mind, but as far as I know he's the only one to even bring up this paradigm.

Posted by: ruralito | Dec 24 2015 19:53 utc | 65

Thank you, b. Peace and love to all.

Posted by: juliania | Dec 24 2015 20:13 utc | 66

From a lurker behind the Cheddar Curtain....thanks much to b and those who comment here for this educational blog. Merry Christmas!

Posted by: polka_tulk | Dec 24 2015 22:04 utc | 67

gReetings to all! Happy Holidays!

Posted by: CarlD | Dec 25 2015 0:29 utc | 68

Yuletide greetings to all MOAers, from whom I have learned much.
And brightest of tidings to b, our host.
A glass raised in your honor and to your health! Prost!

Posted by: Benu | Dec 25 2015 2:37 utc | 69

The best of the season to our host and everyone else.

May our species live long and prosper.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 25 2015 5:01 utc | 70

ruralito @64: I only said Bush Jr. was/is an idiot, and that includes the ahistorical, near-sighted, see-Israel's-interest-only advisor corps his minders assembled. Yes the PTB want constant war and fear, but they also want to win that constant war and continue to expand the financiers' empire. 'Losing' Iraq was a decisive defeat in the Great Game. Bush's advisers in 2001-2002 wrongly thought that game was over ...

Posted by: fairleft | Dec 25 2015 5:12 utc | 71

Here is a link that I thought gave lots of detail on the results of the latest UN resolution re Syria

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 25 2015 6:17 utc | 72

Wishing each one here and especially our host, the gift of life, hope and peace that we celebrate at this time. Merry Christmas

Posted by: moreorles | Dec 25 2015 7:37 utc | 73

More Kuntar information

He was placed on the US terrorism list in September 2015

On his return to Lebanon, Kuntar was welcomed by Hizballah, a U.S. Department of State-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization, and he has since emerged as one of the group’s most visible and popular spokesmen. Since Kuntar’s return, he has also played an operational role, with the assistance of Iran and Syria, in building up Hizballah’s terrorist infrastructure in the Golan Heights.

Posted by: somebody | Dec 25 2015 10:50 utc | 74

more on Israel's complex Druze relations

Jabhat al-Nusra have insisted they are not intent on killing Druze, a sect that hardline “jihadists”(terrorists) consider to be heretical or apostate from true Islam. They even killed 20 Druze in a village in northern Syria in a dispute over property.

On Tuesday, the Israeli Forces temporarily declared an area in the northern Golan Heights a closed military zone.

The move was done "in order to prevent gatherings near the border, which would interfere with IDF---Israeli forces--- activities, and was not related to the fighting in Syria", an IDF spokesman said in a statement to The Telegraph.

The closure, which lasted for several hours, came amid concerns that the Druze in Israel and the Golan Heights may congregate and even attempt to breach the border into Syria in order to save their brethren.

There are also Druze in Israel itself. A Druze former MP, Salah Tarif, told Israel's Walla News website: "We are 'at the ready’, so that if there is something that will require our intervention, we will not hesitate to do it."

Posted by: somebody | Dec 25 2015 10:58 utc | 75

in re 51 --

I see Santa left you with plenty of straw.

Posted by: rufus magister | Dec 25 2015 15:27 utc | 76


*Some of the largest oil fields China operates are in areas controlled by fighters backing Riek Machar, the country's vice-president until he was sacked in July.

Oil production has already dropped by 20% since the onset of the conflict three weeks ago and more than 300 Chinese workers have been evacuated.

The spectre of their Libyan experience also weighs heavily on the Chinese minds - project after project now lies deserted because of heavy fighting during the Arab Spring uprising of 2011, inflicting huge losses on China.* [1]

such stories keep popping up lately, some almost bordered on gloating, as *terrarists* attacks on chinese seems to be the fastest growing *sport* these days.
such bland narrative of china's apparent misfortune might lead those uninitiated to think that its all about beijing's ass luck , that its mega investments from asia to africa kept being derailed by *civil wars*, *terrarist attacks*, bio pandemic.....
but it should be open secret to anybody paying attention, who engineered the balkanisation of sudan, thus effectively cutting chinese operated pipe line into half. when those indefatigable chinese continue to do biz with the newly minted south sudan govn, the same dark hand continue to foment *civil war* to torment the chinese. [2]
as in libya, who orchestrated a bloody regime change to drive out the chinese en mass ?

*Foreign Minister Wang Yi was in the Ethiopian capital on Monday and made it clear that China wanted both sides to stop fighting and seek a reasonable and rational way out.

According to media reports, he was even willing to mediate personally between the warring sides.

It is unclear if Mr Wang has been able to do this, but his message was important, reports the BBC's Emmanuel Igunza from Addis Ababa.

It demonstrates how seriously the international community is taking the crisis - with many diplomats present at the talks, he says.

Apart from China's Africa envoy Zhong Jianhua, US special envoy Donald Booth and EU special representative Alexander Rondos are also attending.*

may be im just too cynical, but wasnt that a smirk on US special envoy Donald Booth [sic] face,like he was thorougly enjoying himself ?
the arsonist back at the crime scene as firefighter, works like a charm since 1875.

*Two years ago, China suffered heavy losses in its Libyan projects, including infrastructure, telecommunications and oil.

Many constructions were halted and sites looted or destroyed during the revolution which toppled long-time leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The total loss was estimated by several Chinese media reports to be in the region of $20bn, although no official figures exist.

Compensation talks with the new Libya government stalled as their priority was very much on nation-building and improving the living conditions of the Libyan people. *


*In 2008, five Chinese oil workers kidnapped by rebels in Sudan's South Kordofan province were killed during a rescue attempt.*

chinese engineers killed by terrarists in afpak, africa, the stans, the mekong, ph,.....
top level exe died in numerous *air disasters*.
just last mth, three top men from chinese rail were bumped off by terrarists in mali, the month before, a chinese worker executed by isis.
not that this has stopped those indomitable chinese, who keep fanning out all across the world to do what has to be done.
mind u, it was the unitedsnake which keep issuing worldwide travel alert to its citizens, while admitting that murkkans have not been targetted by terrarists so far. !!!

*But what is currently happening in South Sudan seems far more serious than kidnappings.

China must be praying for a quick end to the trouble so life on the oil fields can return to normal.

In the meantime, some experts also predict that China might be forced into re-thinking its high-risk oil strategy. *

somehow i got this feeling that somebody out there have been trying their damndest to *persuade* the chinese along that way.




sorry for spoiling the festive mood !

Posted by: denk | Dec 25 2015 15:37 utc | 77

psychohistorian @72,

Thanks for the link. This ceasefire while beginning talks? Definite smell of partition.

Merry Christmas.

Posted by: Penelope | Dec 25 2015 23:51 utc | 78

@[email protected]

Thanks for the xinhuanet link, a very good narrative on UN Resolution 2254.

Here is another take by Thierry Meyssan, not one of my favorites, but worth the read.

From the Geneva Communiqué to Resolution 2254

Posted by: Lone Wolf | Dec 26 2015 0:22 utc | 79

@[email protected]&76

Thanks for all your digging into the Quntar assassination, his placing on the "terrorist list" by the terror master USDoS, a clear indication he was a targeted man, and his killing a common CIA/Mossad goal, a task they probably planned together, from intel to the (airstrike/mortars?) military operation.

I have yet to read the article about ISrael/Druze complex relations, about which I know a bit from personal experience. From The [email protected] posted a link to an article by the Saker about the "complex and multi-layered-relationship" between Russia and Israel during Putin, which I haven't read yet either, first because of my profound dislike for the author, and second, I am afraid I am going to vomit at finding Russia's relations to Israel are based on a purely pragmatic, unprincipled, and immoral platform, with the Palestinian people and just cause being sacrificed in the altar of geopolitics.

I don't have a definite picture with all the details about the assassination of Quntar, reason why I can't arrive at premature conclusions, but I thank you again for your interest in digging further into the matter, and for all the comments and links on the subject.

Happy holidays!

Posted by: Lone Wolf | Dec 26 2015 1:02 utc | 80

...and second, I am afraid I am going to vomit at finding Russia's relations to Israel are based on a purely pragmatic, unprincipled, and immoral platform, with the Palestinian people and just cause being sacrificed in the altar of geopolitics.
Posted by: Lone Wolf | Dec 25, 2015 8:02:58 PM | 81

Don't fret. If you'd been following RT's coverage of "Israel's" most recent experiments in wholesale slaughter, lying and vandalism in Gaza, you'd be left in no doubt that Russia's 'friendship' with and 'support' for "Israel" are about as sincere as their hopiness toward AmeriKKKa, ISIS, and USrael's "Syrian Rebels".

"Israel's" recent decision to jump into bed with Turkey was an act of dopiness born of fear and desperation. Bibi is possibly the only "leader' on the planet sufficiently crazy and self-absorbed to believe that one can be a Good Friend of Russia and a Good Friend of Turkey at the same time. The only way Bibi's declaration of Israel-Turkey symbiosis makes sense is if the AmeriKKKans have told Bibi "If you give Putin the shits then you'll be cleaning up the mess on your own."

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Dec 26 2015 1:53 utc | 81

Posted by: somebody | Dec 24, 2015 4:16:14 AM | 52

Germany's BND and mediation between Israel and Hezbollah

Mr. Hezbollah: German Mediates Between Israel and the Shiite Militants | Der Spiegel – Oct. 23, 2006 |

Near the start of September, Annan and the German agent met in Madrid. It was cast as an introductory meeting, but Annan was impressed, and afterwards "Mr. Hezbollah" had a UN assignment.

Very few people have more experience than the German intelligence officer. "Mr. Hezbollah" has been present at almost every previous negotiation involving Hezbollah, and he's met Hassan Nasrallah personally. He enjoys a good reputation in the Hezbollah's Beirut headquarters as well as in Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office.

Since he's been stationed in German embassies in Beirut as well as Damascus, the officer also knows how to deal with official Syrians. He was part of a delegation drawn from five German agencies which in November 2002 questioned the German-Syrian Islamist Mohammed Haydar Zammar in a torture-prison in Damascus.

German Mediator Explains Intelligence Agency's Role in Shalit Deal | Haaretz – Oct. 14, 2011 |

Posted by: Oui | Dec 26 2015 2:16 utc | 82


When you call yourself a socialist, rufus - many times over, and often with special emphasis - but write a comment that supports lesser-evil voting for Hillary...

AND, claim that Hillary is "vaguely center-left" when she has been criticized repeatedly by the left for her support for neo-liberals and neocons (she seems to be very much like a female-version of Obama)...

THEN claim to be an advocate for "clarity and precision in language", you should expect some push-back.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

PS IMO Hillary signaled her political positioning in her announcement video. Hanging the picture at the beginning of the video symbolically indicates her CENTRIST orientation. She is NOT 'center-left', just 'center'.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 26 2015 4:02 utc | 83

in re 84

By describing reality, I called for a vote for Clinton? Whatever.

Posted by: rufus magister | Dec 26 2015 4:36 utc | 84

rufus @58:

I like interacting with you, since, for example, it helps me learn to articulate what bugs me and many about the word 'fascist/fascism'. It's a way of saying a person is extremely bad, untouchably bad, without saying what specifically you dislike about him/her. (Part of its effectiveness is that it mixes up blowhard trolls like Trump with undeniable monsters like Mussolini and Hitler, discussion-enders from the preceding century.)

Why not just say what it is that bothers you about Trump? If it's the racism, fine. Just say "Trump is a racist and that's so terrible I hope Hill wins instead of him." Simplistic but at least understandable.

OTOH, if you want to go the "Trump is a fascist and that's so terrible I hope Hill wins instead of him" then just define your fascism essentials and tell us how Trump meets those criteria and Hill doesn't.

Posted by: fairleft | Dec 26 2015 5:55 utc | 85


You made a pitch for voting for Hillary as a 'lesser-evil' @39.

If you were the socialist that you claim to be, you would've walked it back in the three interactions that have occurred since your 'lesser-evil' comment. Instead you obfuscate with every BS device you can think of and finally play dumb.

Typical rufus.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 26 2015 8:49 utc | 86

in re 86, 87 --

As soon as you kids fully work out your scheme to overthrow capital before the elections next year, get back to me. "Not building a wall, but making a brick." - B. Eno.

Posted by: rufus magister | Dec 26 2015 16:56 utc | 87


Rufus reveals himself as one of the extraordinary! liars that rule us.

Feel the Bern?!

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 26 2015 19:18 utc | 88

Oops... that should be exceptional! not extraordinary

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 26 2015 21:58 utc | 89

Robert A. Pape:

The suicide attacks in Paris are a sign that ISIS is actually losing. ISIS lost since say early tp mid 2014 some 10% of its territory. Ramadi has been lost to the iraqi government, Kobani has been lost to the syrian Kurds, Russia is gradually pushing/rolling back ISIS in Syria and Sinjar (Iraq) has been lost to the iraqi Kurds. To compensate for those losses ISIS is ramping up its attacks in the West & Russia.
Think of:
- the bomb that brought down the russian plane that flew from Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt to Russia
- The attacks in Paris in january 2014 & november 2015.
- The shooting in San Bernadino, near Los Angelos(december 2015) ???????
- ISIS would love see US troops to go back into Iraq. It would ISIS give a truly excellent propaganda tool to promote their own cause.


Posted by: Willy2 | Dec 26 2015 23:06 utc | 90

in re 89, 90

You have no known political experience, substitute attacking straw men for real analysis, and not surprisingly cannot specify actual means of change.

But you affect to police discussion of politics.

It's a simple question, really -- how does revolutionary change come about, and why won't you have that accomplished in 10 mos.?

Posted by: rufus magister | Dec 27 2015 2:26 utc | 91

how does revolutionary change come about
It starts by outing asshat posers like you who mislead and confuse people with BS.

You previously claimed to be a Sanders supporter and touted yourself as a socialist:

As a socialist, I on principle oppose all bourgeois states and movements. I tend to focus on the ones closest to home, here in the formerly revolutionary United States.

Now you disparage the "kids" who oppose a corrupt system.

You lied. And your deceptiveness indicates that you did so deliberately.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

And this is not your first offense at MoA.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 27 2015 4:25 utc | 92

Posted by: Willy2 | Dec 26, 2015 6:06:43 PM | 91

Pape's Dying To Win was a painstakingly researched & documented, case-by-case rebuttal of Neocon accusations of insanity directed at Muslims who were committing "motiveless crimes" against their 'innocent' pro-Israel oppressors.
It would be an ideological U-turn for him to pretend not to have noticed how Neocon-ish ISIS's objectives and activities are. But to then claim that ISIS is as predictable, in exactly the same way as the anti-oppression jihadis he originally wrote about were, would be beyond laughable.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Dec 27 2015 4:45 utc | 93

No one who is really a principled socialist (as rufus claims to be) would write comments that support Clinton as a lesser-evil.

No one who is really a supporter of Palestinian rights (as rufus claims to be) would write comments that support extra-judicial killings by the State of Israel.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 27 2015 5:20 utc | 94

in re 93

How nice of Santa to leave you a nice, shiny new Thought Police badge! And you got right down to playing with it.

So lacking in political experience, you have no political program, apart from talking smack about me. Even though your such a fool that you mistake description for endorsement.

The facts don't seem to matter to you. How 'bout this little trip down memory lane? Plenue at 199 was speaking specifically about Naked Capitalism, but it seems to apply generally.

You don't actually read much NC. Or if you do, you have some sort of filter in your brain that means you only see what you want to see.

Apparently comes in quite handy in crafting straw men.

Posted by: rufus magister | Dec 27 2015 12:19 utc | 95

you mistake description for endorsement

1) Being one of the first to make the argument for Hillary as a 'lesser evil' is an endorsement.

2) My saying that you argued for Hillary as a lesser-evil isn't a strawman: That's what you did! And its exactly what Sanders critics warned of.

3) You confirmed your endorsement of Hillary and your socialist posing with your derisive put-down @88:

As soon as you kids fully work out your scheme to overthrow capital before the elections next year, get back to me.
No real socialist would say such a thing.

4) Now you are attacking the messenger instead of addressing the issue of your exceptional! posing/fakery.

Pulling out a sentence from my long discussion with Plenue is pretty desperate. I encourage readers to read the entire discussion. They will see that my concerns about are cogent and well-founded.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 27 2015 16:42 utc | 96

in re 87 ---

You're really workin' that badge you got for Christmas. You're not bucking for a promotion in the Thought Police, are you? You look like a fine mid-level functionary material to me.

You never did produce your "List of Approved Thoughts and Sites That Support Them." I thought you had some volunteers helping you with that. It would be just the sort of thing to get you in good with MiniTrue. Maybe a list of words, phrases, and ideas to be avoided would be easier.

You're not going to try to get me banned again, are you?

Only in your solipsistic parallel universe is saying Trump is more like a fascist than Mrs. Clinton some sort of endorsement. I argued this point to The Hauge at 20, who felt Trump mainstream and Clinton a fascist. Yet somehow you then seize upon this to fabricate some sort of charge of "lesser evilism."

So you're not going dispute the point about the little filter in your head, then, just my bad taste in quoting only the bottom line Plenue drew from your exchange? I think you should post the whole thing, so we all see what a clever little bunny you are. And about about a page or two of links for the backstory, too, please.

I do not support Sanders, though I know people who do. I believe I have said that to the degree that he makes any sort of discussion of socialism topical, even the revisionist social-democratic variety, his campaign may offer opportunities to other tendencies. "Not building a wall, but making a brick."

Posted by: rufus magister | Dec 27 2015 19:08 utc | 97

BTW, I did not prejudge you. Before your remark @88, I did not say that you were endorsing Clinton, only that you had made the lesser-evil argument that Sanders critics warned about. I felt that it was especially noteworthy coming from a professed socialist. I reinforced that @61 when I noted that 'lesser-evil voting' doesn't mean that one 'endorses' a candidate.

But your comment @88 revealed that your lesser-evil argument was NOT inadvertent. You really do support Hillary and are not troubled by the possibility that Sanders might be helping her (as sheepdog). That you are so early in making the lesser-evil argument just adds to the 'proof' of your support for Hillary.

@88 also proved that your claim to be a socialist is just posing/fakery.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 27 2015 19:08 utc | 98

As fairleft pointed out, you could've just noted the 'proto-fascism' qualities of Trump's campaign - as others have - but you instead chose to use that to support Hillary as the lesser-evil. And since doing that, you have tried to obfuscate and bullsh!t your way out of the hole that you dug.

Yeah, someone that poses as something that they are not and supports immoral acts like State murder should be banned. It is reprehensible and wastes reader's time.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 27 2015 19:42 utc | 99

@ Jackrabbit | Dec 26, 2015 11:25:37 PM | 93

That is so rich coming from Ruf-ass Malingerer that you are the thought police. It is a well known tactic of the neoliberal mind to accuse any adversarial resistance with exactly what they are caught doing. Ruf just did it to you again @ #96. Ruf has earned himself a status in the neighbourhood of WOW and Penelope in elision territory. As Ruf loves himself some neoliberal bordello, maybe he should go where his opinion is appreciated by the sycophants of that site until he can matriculate into adult level conversations.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Dec 27 2015 20:35 utc | 100

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