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November 08, 2015

Open Thread 2015-42

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[...] The way the Empire proceeds is well known, and is often called "divide and conquer". A corollary of divide and conquer when you have nation states is to prop up the regimes of those states that can be colonized, and to destroy those states which cannot [...]

Absolutely. There is the old "divide and conquer," and the neo-zio-nazis newly added "divide and ruin."

The empire's strategy in the ME has been to use Israel, the US land aircraft carrier in the region, to keep those Arab countries striving for independence and self-determination, subjected to the classic old CIA-orchestrated coup d'etat (Iran, Iraq, Egypt), or to its modern euphemism, regime-change, by means of "color" or "seasonal" so-called "revolutions."

The general objective is not to allow any country to break the regional order imposed by US/Israel National Security Strategy, which allows Israel's nuclear weapons an unprecedented power, used when necessary to keep Arab nations vulnerable (Iraq's Osirak reactor, Iran's nuclear scientists/Stuxnet, Syria's Al-Kibar reactor), underdeveloped, and always struggling to catch-up with the modern world.

Israel can then point out at how "backward" those filthy Arabs are, and how "successful" the "only democracy" in the ME is in comparison. Iraq is the best example of the effect of these policies, where the classic "divide and conquer" was turned into "divide and ruin," and here we are, 10+ years after the "coalition of the criminals" invasion, Iraq is a basket case where daily life is a carnage, normal life is non-existent, a country consumed by an internal conflict and lately by a foreign invasion.

Libya is another example of the same policies. Neither Iraq, Libya nor Syria can invest in education, technology, science, sports, the realms that make up a society with aspirations toward a better future. That's the goal of the empire and its Israeli goons, keep these countries fighting enemies, real and created, so they remain weak, easy to control, divide, and balkanize.

Back to Syria. At the end of last decade, Syria was hit by a perfect storm. A severe drought, arguably caused by global warming/climate change, devastated Syria's countryside from 2006 to 2011, where the UN estimated between 2 to 3 million out of 10 million rural inhabitants, fell into extreme poverty, forcing hundreds of thousands to move to the cities, where they found themselves competing for menial jobs with refugees from Palestine and Iraq. The drought coincided with the 2007 financial "crisis," yet another bankster fabrication to enrich themselves even more, and food prices went sky-high, causing popular revolts in many Arab countries, the so-called "Arab Spring."

Syria was already suffering from the drought, and the combination of internal/external problems, was more than the country could bear. Hungry people are a tinder box, and the enemies of Syria, who were monitoring the situation closely, took full advantage of the discontent, hijacking at birth a genuine popular movement, which was fighting for legit, basic rights, like food and water. And the rest is history, and you know it as well as I do.

In 2009, Assad saw the possibility for Syria to break out of the crisis and stagnated economy, by creating a development plan he called the "Four Seas Strategy," which would turn Syria into a center in the ME for energy transit, investment and trade, by uniting the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf/Arabian Sea and the Caspian Sea. It would have transformed Syria into a big player in the energy realm, creating a large center along with Turkey, Iran, and Russia, and linking up with China's Silk Road.

Syria's Assad pushes 'Four Seas Strategy'

That was too much for the empire to swallow, and for the Israelis to allow in their backyard, so the "Four Seas Strategy" in combination with other factors, became one of the reasons, if not the main one, to destroy Syria. This is a factor hardly mentioned here, where the "Yinon plan" is the favorite conspiracy theory.

Syria was about to fly, and its wings needed to be cut.

And here we are, 4 years later, and counting.

Posted by: Lone Wolf | Nov 9 2015 19:54 utc | 101

Obama Meets Netanyahu, Backs Israel's Attacks on Palestinians

At the start of the meeting, Obama reiterated the U.S. commitment to ensuring Israel's security. He told Netanyahu that "the security of Israel is my top priority. We want to make sure Israel can defend itself."

Meanwhile, in a blow to the U.S. efforts for peace in Palestine, the Israeli daily Harretz reported Monday ahead of the meeting that the Israeli government had approved over 2,000 new settlement units, something the U.S. opposes as it has repeatedly called for a settlement expansion halt.

In a recent report, the Israel Democracy Institute said that 53 percent of all Jewish Israelis supported the extrajudicial killings by the Israeli police and army of suspected Palestinian attackers, even when they don’t pose a threat.

The top priority of the POTUS is Israel's Final Solution to its 'Palestinian Problem' in Palestine. I guess he wants to make that his 'legacy'? That and his thousands of drone murders, and his death, devastation, and destruction in the Middle East. No one can touch him when it comes to murder and DD&D.

The US' 'opposition' to illegal Israeli settlement in Palestine is purely rhetorical, the bombs and bucks in support of Israeli ethnic cleansing have never slowed, have always held stready, have increased ... and will increase again now, as Obama is bled white by the AIPAC and Netanyahoo himself.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 9 2015 20:16 utc | 102

I guess he wants to make that his 'legacy'

No, his lasting legacy will be the TTP if it passes.

Posted by: okie farmer | Nov 9 2015 20:28 utc | 103

@Lone Wolf # 101:

Assad saw the possibility for Syria to break out of the crisis and stagnated economy, by creating a development plan he called the "Four Seas Strategy," … creating a large center along with Turkey, Iran, and Russia…

Interesting. I hadn't heard of that. To quote from your link:

Assad's ambitious strategy, which he unveiled in 2009, hinges heavily on Syria's mushrooming relations with neighboring Turkey.
Obviously, something went wrong with that. It reminds me of Russia doing a similar thing after SouthStream was blocked, with Russia apparently agreeing with Turkey on an alternative pipeline to Europe. It seems in both cases, the US was successful in getting Turkey not to act in its own interests.

People keep asking: "What does USG have on Merkel?" One could ask the same question about Erdogan. Although in the latter's case, there is the possibility that being an Islamist, he has delusions of grandeur of rebuilding the caliphate. But if that were the case, should not those projects between Turkey and Syria and Russia have suited him?

Either the US does have something on Erdogan, or he is just an idiot, and the US and Israel know how to manipulate him.

Turkey reminds me of Poland. Both are rumps of old, deceased empires. So they combine longing for glories long past with having an inferiority complex, which prevents them from taking risks.

Posted by: Demian | Nov 9 2015 20:31 utc | 104

I can't know what's really happening on the ground in Syria. I've been relying on South Front videos to a great extent. Their latest is a sobering assessment. Calling the Syrian Army the weakpoint seems to me to be obvious, they're the ones who have been being beheaded on the ground there over the past four years. I'm amazed there even is a Syrian Army at this point. In fact I had expected the Iranians to be of more help. But the folks at South Front seem to be blaming the Syrian Army for letting the Russians down. The Saker seems to have been singing that the Russians are in over their heads for awhile now, and is reiterating that again as well. All of this, covered with the apparently concerted terrorist downing of the Russian airliner, must be sorely testing Russian ability and resolve in Syria.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 9 2015 22:54 utc | 105

@103 OK f

I agree that the TPP and its kin are world-changers. So many truly catastophically bad decisions with such shameful consequences. Hard to choose the worst one individually. All of them are due to the commercialization of everything, as Ralph Nader points out in Part I of his interview with CH. Power to the people is the only real solution ... will the people arise and seize power and drive the moneylenders from the temple of their government? ...

Posted by: jfl | Nov 9 2015 23:12 utc | 106

in re 88

Lo, how hath the mighty fallen....

Gordon Duff is no Hegel, but I can't decide if he's better or worse than well-known conspiracy charlatan Wayne Madsen. Madsen is suggesting his site is some sort of CIA asset, while Duff is accusing Jones' Infowars (where Madsen is a regular guest) of being some sort of Mossad asset.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has put Veterans Today on its Hatewatch.

Veterans Today (VT) is a website that bills itself as a "military veterans and foreign affairs journal."...

But start reading the posts, and you'll find something else entirely: myriad claims that there was a conspiracy behind 9/11 (Israel orchestrated it, in cahoots with the American government), that the American government is a puppet (of Israel), that the Holocaust never happened or was greatly exaggerated (Jews made it up to manipulate non-Jews), and, most recently, that Julian Assange, the man behind Wikileaks, is a pawn (of Israel).

Notice a theme?

It describes Duff, an editor and board member, as "a prolific proponent of these anti-Israel conspiracy theories", and the site as popular with the Stormfront crowd.

But sadly, all is not well in Valhalla.

Already at odds with Madsen and Jones at Infowars, back in the spring he had a falling out with James Fetzer, one of the founders of Veterans Today, and several other staffers there. The "Exopolitics" link above quotes Madsen as describing the site, in February, as containing "dubious conspiracies, self-admitted fraudulent stories, and staffers with highly-inflated curricula vitae. In fact, the website contains no information not already available at more reputable websites."

That makes me inclined to think Duff is the worse, anti-semitism and open lying being a greater problem than generic conspiracy mongering and association with Larouche's people.

If you have the stomach for it, there are plenty more sordid details about the politics of exopolitics, as well a recounting of Duff's open admission of knowingly promoting disinformation (some security of security screen for his real whistleblowers, apparently; Assange should look into it!)

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 10 2015 1:56 utc | 107

@105 jfl.. looks like a propaganda site - i definitely wouldn't trust it..
Registrant City:Nobby Beach
Registrant State/Province:Queensland
Admin Organization:Privacy Protection Service INC d/b/a

Posted by: james | Nov 10 2015 2:03 utc | 108

Helicopter protects ISIL convoy on Syria- Iraq border. They say it's an Apache helicopter.

Posted by: Mischi | Nov 10 2015 2:28 utc | 109

And no one to remember that the Egyptian governement has welcomed Russian action to stabilize Syria and fight terrorism just a couple of weeks ago?

Posted by: Mina | Nov 10 2015 2:49 utc | 110

@Mischi #111:

57 is "young … for a heart attack"? That's the best they can do?

Posted by: Demian | Nov 10 2015 3:17 utc | 112

@110 mina.. good point.. i think i see where you are going with that, but it could be taken 2 different ways and more..

Posted by: james | Nov 10 2015 5:16 utc | 113

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 9, 2015 8:56:00 PM | 107

Duff anti-semitic? That can't be right. He's very sympathetic to the plight of (semitic) Palestinians trying to "live" in Jewish Occupied Palestine.
He's also allergic to the racist, batshit crazy, Caroline Glick.

But thanks for blowing the whistle on The Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch. Who woulda thunk it was just another Zionist front masquerading as a piece-loving NGO?

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 10 2015 5:19 utc | 114

in re 114 --

Straight from the horse, a nice warm pile of fertilizer.

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 10 2015 5:36 utc | 115

USG is adding insult to injury:

Report: Russia Also Believes Sinai Plane Crash Was Bombing
US Intercepted Russian Communications Affirming Belief

And I'm disappointed in, that they take this Reuters report citing unnamed officials at face value. Russians are so enclosed in Putin's information bubble that they have not heard that the NSA eavesdrops on everyone on the planet, so of course, they don't take any precautions so that their "communications" don't get "intercepted". Oh and if the USG did intercept any Russian communications, of course it wouldn't mind tipping off Russia about that, by leaking that information to the press.

"Childish narrative" (to use Gordon Duff's phrase), indeed.

Posted by: Demian | Nov 10 2015 5:44 utc | 116

@108 james

You may be right. The operation seems to be a shim between the world and the actual owner/operators of the domains in question - which could cut either way - protecting black hats or white hats. Their videos have been on target and seem well-informed. They started carrying the news from Novorussia and then picked up the news from Syria once Russia became involved. I've assumed they are in some way connected to the Russian government - officially or un- ...

Posted by: jfl | Nov 10 2015 6:41 utc | 117

@116 D

I agree that Jason Ditz should have written that 'Reuters reports that an unnamed US Official said ...'. But you have to remember that these guys are libertarians, and libertarians are from the right, used to hate commies, and probbly have friends themselves who are either spooks or in the military, and so are likely to get their own information from such sources, and are therefore sympathetic to and predisposed to accept such information from others as well. I only began to notice it with their Ukraine coverage.

I'm still waiting to hear what the Russians have been able to discover themselves. No one is on their side, everyone else in the news business - including - is reflexively against them and pushing the news that 'sounds right' to them.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 10 2015 6:59 utc | 118

@109 The video is blurry, so there are only one or two frames where it is possible to get an outline of that helicopter.

It doesn't look like an Apache to me. It looks a bit too chunky.

There is speculation in the comments on that site that it could be a Russian MI-24 Hind, but it certainly isn't that either - that helicopter has a weapons pylon that is medium-set and straight, whereas in the Hind it is shoulder-mounted and droops, with a characteristic vertical downturn at the wingtip.

But here's a thought: the Turkish army certainly doesn't use the Hind, but nor does it use the Apache. Its main attack helicopter is the Agusta Mangusta.

That'd be my guess - a Turkish army attack helicopter riding shotgun for Erdogan's best buddies.

Indeed, for all we know that video was taken inside Turkey.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Nov 10 2015 11:12 utc | 119

@102, @103 OKf

Obama, Netanyahu Agree to Replace $30 Billion Arms Deal With ‘Substantially More’

A 10-year, $30 billion military aid package signed under the Bush Administration is set to expire soon, and Obama made clear a new decade-long package was a “top priority,” with experts saying the talks are expected to put in place a package worth “substantially more” than the expiring one.

Israeli officials have made no secret their intention to get a massive increase above the previous deal, with the most recent talks late last week suggesting Netanyahu was looking for at least $50 billion over the next 10 years.

In addition to the new decade-long package, the US and Israel are also negotiating a one-off deal as “reparations” for Israel’s objections to the Iran nuclear deal, a package which itself is expected to be worth several billion dollars.

The ten poorest cities in the USA are

1. Detroit, Michigan
2. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4. Memphis, Tennessee
5. Tucson, Arizona
6. Baltimore, Maryland
7. Fresno, California
8. El Paso, Texas
9. Indianapolis, Indiana
10. Boston, Massachusetts

$5,000,000,000 a year over 10 years would help the people who live in those cities a lot. They're turning off people's water in Detroit.

Affected population, 7,258,414 - $686/person/year

Obama is going to give Israel $5,000,000,000 a year over the next 10 years. Israel has a population of 8,157,300, but only 6,119,000 are Jews, and you know that this $5,000,000,000/annum will accrue to Israeli Jews only.

Affected population, 6,119,000 - $817/person/year

And you also know that this money will be used to fund the Final Solution to Israel's Palestinian Problem in Palestine. Spent not on life but on death, for an entire people.

From Israelis' - and Palestinians' - point of view, this, together with his unflagging support of Israel's quadrennial massacres in celebration of his election victories, will be Obama's legacy in Palestine.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 10 2015 12:23 utc | 120

US stooge Aung San Suu Kyi wins Myanmar's US-supervised election.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 10 2015 14:13 utc | 121

@117 jfl.. i could be wrong too, but like the saker - and this reminds me a bit of that - i am thinking he is a cia op too.. he changed somewhere along the way.. whoever it is in queensland - reminds me of same..

Cheetah Forces Lift the Three Year Long Siege of the Kuweires Military Airbase here.

on the other hand 23 killed, 65 injured by shelling in Latakia city, Syria – reports.

i think the situation in syria is unfolding in a slow grind fashion, but i continue to believe russia/syria have the upper hand.. it is a slow grind, that's all.. the transition in deiz ezzor is moving nicely as well from what i read..

Posted by: james | Nov 10 2015 17:01 utc | 122

good news! .. women will be voting in saudi arabia for the first time!
Saudi Arabian women standing for election will not be allowed to publish photographs of themselves or address men directly at campaign meetings. can you imagine the outrage that hilary clinton is going to express publicly over this? no.. i didn't think so!

Posted by: james | Nov 10 2015 21:34 utc | 123

@122 james

I think the guy in Queensland is unconnected to the editorial content of South Front. seems to act as a middleman for whois searches ... you do 'whois' and privacyprotect,org pops up and doesn't tell you. Could be hiding Russian government, of whatever stripe - my assumption - or CIA/other malfactors, although it's hard for me to imagine the CIA putting out South Front's content du jour. I still rely on their videos for on the ground - well, on the map - coverage of Syria.

On Kuweires ... elsewhere, Lone Wolf | Nov 10, 2015 1:17:58 PM | 25 recalls Pepe Escobar's column on the consequences of the Russian Aerospace at that base. Could supply the air support the US won't to the Kurds trying to close the Turkish border ... which would be game, set, match as far as Turkey is concerned in Syria. Then move south to shutdown the Jordan border as well ... and push the Israelis off the Golan?

Thanks, too, Lone Wolf, for your back to the basis summary of the 'troubles' in Syria @101 above. Very good link on the 4 seas, I hadn't seen it before.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 10 2015 21:36 utc | 124

@122 James, of the two the lifting of the siege of Kuweires Military Airbase is by far the more important. Once that base is put back into operation then the situation in the northern area up to the Turkish border is utterly transformed, precisely because the Russians will then be in the position to offer air support to the Kurdish YPG.

Mark my words: once the base starts operating then the Kurds will jump out of the pocket of the Americans and jump into bed with the Russians.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Nov 10 2015 21:57 utc | 125

Is no one going to talk about the Revolutionary Guards getting their asses handed to them at al-Safira on October 30? I searched through all the MoA posts and comments since that date for 'Safira' and not a single mention.

Posted by: Plenue | Nov 10 2015 23:22 utc | 126

@124 jfl.. thanks. that makes sense..

@125 yeah, right.. i agree and see it a similar way too..

@126 plenue.. no, but if you want to keep us up to date with debkafile type news releases - that would be fine too.

Posted by: james | Nov 10 2015 23:42 utc | 127

further to ISIS fall of the kuweries airport, there's this.
ISIS Mass Retreating from Several Areas in East Aleppo After the Fall of the Kuweries Airport.

Posted by: james | Nov 10 2015 23:51 utc | 128

@126 "Is no one going to talk about the Revolutionary Guards getting their asses handed to them at al-Safira on October 30?"

No-one is except - as james has already pointed out - for Mossad.... sorry, I'll say that again.... debkafiles.

Heck, not even the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights reports that the Iranians launched "the battle for al-Safira".

According to the SOHR (no friend of Assad, and that's an understatement) ISIS launched an attack on government forces in al-Safira at the same time as they grabbed highway checkpoints "most notably around the towns of Athriya and Khanaser, farther south from Safira".

The result?

ISIS failed to take al-Safira, and less than a week after they had grabbed those highway checkpoints their forces had been cleared away from the highway south of al-Safira.

To be brutally honest, that debkafile story is arrant nonsense: "The losses sustained by the IRGC, which spearheaded the ground attack, were heavy, mostly in the fighting in the rural area south of Aleppo" is a ludicrous abuse of the English language considering that it was ISIS that launched the attack, not vice versa.

ISIS attacked. Hard. Yet within a week they had been cleared from a field of battle of their own choosing.

Yet according to debkafiles it was the forces who ended up in control of the battlefield who arses had just been whipped?

That might suggest that you need to reconsider exactly how "expert" debkafile really is.

After all, even a dude working from his two-bedroom apartment appears to be a better informed propaganda outfit.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Nov 11 2015 0:50 utc | 129


Well, that's impressive even in the current atmosphere of constant, bold propaganda. To claim an Iranian offensive when there was none and then to claim the victor was the defeated. Are the claims of heavy Revolutionary Guards casualties true at least?

Posted by: Plenue | Nov 11 2015 1:31 utc | 130

@130 No idea, but according to this:
the heavy lifting in that battle was done by the Syrian Arab Army and Palestinian Liwaa Al-Quds militia forces.

Iranian forces were in the city, but they weren't committed to the battle.

If that's true (I have no idea either way) then the answer to your question is probably "No".

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Nov 11 2015 2:18 utc | 131

What a find -- an outpost of "presently existing Hegelianism"! No wonder our Resident Privatdozent für Philosophie und Religion is so taken with Duff and Veterans Today.

How bad are you when purveyors of "dubious conspiracies... [and] fraudulent stories" denounce you as too dubious and fraudulent?

So hey, why not Join the VT Columnist Team.! Could some posters be moving on to bigger and better things? Sounds edgy and dangerous, what with Illuminati, Templars, and City of London financiers lurking around every corner. What excitement, to be on the front lines of the fight against the NWO!

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 11 2015 4:34 utc | 132

France urges US guarantees for Iran trade

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has urged the US to give concrete guarantees that it will not penalize European companies for trade with Iran after sanctions are lifted on Tehran.

Well ...

0. This is upside down. The French Foreign Minister needs to TELL the US that it can no longer apply its own, US laws, extra-territorally. That France simply does not recognize the US as King of the World.

1. Even if - like Fabius apparently - you've already been gelded, and are intent upon dealing with the world upside down, why would you believe the US if it did say ... "Oh, we'd NEVER do that!" ... when in fact its already 'done that' on many occasions.

2. Why would any country take anything the US says seriously? It's all a matter of profit and convenience as far as the US is concerned. Laws are for little people. Like the French.

Charlie Hebdo wants to kick sand in someone's face, why not kick sand in the USA's face, for playing monarch of the world?

Posted by: jfl | Nov 11 2015 11:01 utc | 133

Great news Eurodebt consumers! We're changing "Meaningful Debt Relief (TM) -- Now With More Catastrophe!" again. It now includes More Foreclosures in every tranche!

Rather than easing, the Troika is tightening.

Despite condemnation from some US observers and what passes for the left in Europe, the creditors did not seem embarrassed by the uproar. If the bad headlines associated with steamrolling an elected government and worsening a humanitarian crisis didn’t give the officialdom pause last time, there’s no reason to think that the spectacle of throwing homeowners on the street will bother them either.

Yves Smith also faults Tsipras for willfully believing he had won Merkel over to his side, when in fact she was reinforcing the Troika message.

Here a further consideration of some of other issues involved in the banking system, Greece fails at first bail-out hurdle as new creditor stalemate beckons. The Troika considers austerity not yet fully implemented, and will likely delay further cash to Greece.

Elite opinion does not see this ending well, in its terms. The Council on Foreign Relations considers Greece’s Bailout Dead End.

It is easy to be critical of a reform program that contains so many reform measures, and arguably a lack of institutional capacity within the Greek government limits their capacity to move forward. But at the same time, there cannot be a return to durable growth within the eurozone without a major transformation and opening of the Greek economy, and creditors are increasingly frustrated with the slow pace of the Greek government in meeting its commitments. Ultimately, “Grexit” will become an option again when Greek voters lose patience with the current path being charted by the government. It is hard to predict when it will happen, but hard to imagine another result.

With some time to prepare, perhaps Popular Unity and Varoufakis can make a better show of it when the moment comes this time.

Elite opportunist sell-outs everywhere love "Meaningful Debt Relief"(TM)! Remember to ask for it by name! It's loaded with mass suffering in every bite!

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 11 2015 13:00 utc | 134

Don't forget Barflies, the 11th. hour of the 11th. day of the 11th. month marks the end of "The Great War" 97 years ago. You know, the one for democracy, open diplomacy, and to end war.

What was Armistice Day celebrating peace is now Veterans Day, another day for jingoism and unquestioning support for "the troops" both overseas and on our streets.

Ah, the World Wars. The conflict so nice we had to fight it twice! Don't you just love what finance capital does for us all!

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 11 2015 13:16 utc | 135

remembrance day here in canada rufus... folks remember what they want to remember..

Posted by: james | Nov 11 2015 19:11 utc | 136


That VT post was painfully stupid. A bunch of it seems to boil down to the typical view of the religious that if there isn't some kind of eternal truth and meaning, nothing humans do in their own lifetimes is worth anything. Talk about arrogance.

And he wants to applaud Russia for advocating evidence? Wow, a complete lack of capacity for self-reflection, given the kind of totally evidence-lacking gibberish that site regularly hosts.

Posted by: Plenue | Nov 11 2015 22:39 utc | 137

james at 136 --

To judge by the poppies in the lapels of Commonwealth politicians, emphasis would seem to be on the remembrance of the glorious dead.

Evoked in the famous poem "In Flanders Fields" the poppies were quickly adopted in England and its colonies as a memorial to those killed in The Great War, being first worn as early as 1921. They have since come to memorialize the losses of Great Patriotic War, and I believe British casualties generally.

The symbolism shows an interesting progression, from mourning a defined set to acknowledging a continued, permanent presence.

Pink Floyd fans might recall the poppy from the cover of The Final Cut. From that album, The Gunner's Dream seems a suitable requiem.

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 12 2015 0:11 utc | 138

plenue at 137 --

As an historical materialist, it all went over my head. But you seem largely correct -- typical view with an added custom High Philosophy gloss. It was nice, though, to see Richard Dawkins quoted.

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 12 2015 0:32 utc | 139

@138 rufus.. i think different events from the past mean different things for different people.. i am sure what you describe is a part of it.. i really don't know how others process the 2 major world wars.. for me, as a person who never lived thru them, but have lived thru everything else since the 60's - i see many different streams of thought on all of it. i can say how i see it, but i am probably not in the norm!!

Posted by: james | Nov 12 2015 1:01 utc | 140

Netanjahu wants more money from the US

Posted by: Willy2 | Nov 12 2015 1:44 utc | 142

@141 willy2.. check the latest thread "UK Accuses U.S. Of Supporting Terrorists But Sells Out To Saudi Arabia" and yeah, rights comments @61..

Posted by: james | Nov 12 2015 4:40 utc | 143

US Supreme Court expands immunity for killer cops

This is the Supreme Court’s response to the ongoing wave of police mayhem and murder. The message is clear: The killings will continue. Do not question the police. If you disobey the police, you forfeit your life.

The abrogation of democratic rights, torture, military commissions, drone assassinations, unlimited surveillance, the lockdown of entire cities, internment camps, beatings, murder, martial law, war—this is how the ruling class plans to deal with the social crisis. Notwithstanding the epidemic of police violence, the flow of unlimited cash and military hardware to police departments from the Department of Homeland Security and the Pentagon continues unabated.

The buildup of the police as a militarized occupation force operating outside the law, pumped up and ready to kill, must be seen as a part of preparations by the ruling class for mass repression and dictatorship in response to the growth of working class opposition.

Tom Carter's not kidding. Luna vs Mullenix. Read it and weep.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 12 2015 9:33 utc | 144

@141 "Israel bombed Damascus airport ???????????????????"

Well you should put those question marks, Willy2.

The story is a nonsense.

It amounts to Israeli media "reporting" that Syrian media is "reporting" that the "Syrian opposition" (a.k.a. "jihadists") are claiming that IDF jets have just bombed Damascus airport.

You would think that someone would ask the Syrian Government if their airport has just been bombed. After all, it is Assad's airport.

But, no, nobody thinks to do that degree of due-diligence.

You can get a better sense of this nonsense by looking here:

It's the same story, and has clearly been peddled by the same Mossad propaganda unit (in JPOST's article they are coyly referred to as "By JPost staff", and in the ToI article they are the "By Times Of Israel Staff").

Read that article, which is actually more forthcoming than the JPost article.

It starts with: "Syria says Israeli airstrikes hit near Damascus airport"
but immediately leads into "According to unconfirmed reports by opposition groups,"
before revealing halfway down that the source of this "news" is a twitter jockey going by the name of "Amichai Stein"

Yeah, that sounds like a Syrian name, am I right?

Q: Is anyone else *but* Israeli newspapers reporting this news?
A: No.

Q: Why not?
A: Foreign newspapers can't be forced to print Mossad-written misinformation, but Israeli newspapers can.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Nov 12 2015 12:16 utc | 145

@141 Willy2, note that all the various Israeli newspaper reports state that this "IDF attack" had already been reported by the "Syrian Media", and that is their justification for running this story as if it were "news-worthy".

Yet how odd that not one of those Israeli newspapers can actually name the "Syrian Media" that first broke this "news".

How odd indeed.

I've had a look around, and I can't find a single Syrian newspaper that is carrying this story. Nor a Lebanese newspaper. No newspaper of any note whatsoever, except for those domiciled in Israel, where this is being treated as Big News.

I did find this, and it lets the cat out of the bag:

The first sentence: "The website of the Syrian opposition, «al-Ittihad» and the Lebanese website «a Nashra» in the evening of 11 November reported that last night the Israeli air force launched a series of strikes on Syria."

So there you have it: two websites of quite astonishing ill-repute have "reported" this attack, and that's all it takes for(supposedly "reputable") Israeli newspapers to shout "Syrian Media! Syrian Media!" before running with this story as if a Pulitzer Prize was up for grabs.

Give. Me. A. Break.

The story is nonsense. Complete and utter bilge.

If you want to believe a word of it then ponder this: you are believing the word of "The website of the Syrian opposition".

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Nov 12 2015 12:44 utc | 146

After exhibiting my cautious character, "well, sometimes Jerusalem Post has true story", it seems that the stories of IAF bombing in Syria are mostly wishful thinking on the part of Israelis who feel dejected when they cannot bomb Syria once or twice a year (and now it seems overdue), and the jihadis who may well listen to

Damn Nusairis have air support and the fighters for the true Sunni creed get bupkes.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 12 2015 17:45 utc | 148

Indian fascists about to provoke nuclear war on the subcontintent? KSA about to go nuclear as well?

The India - Pakistani Confrontation

Posted by: jfl | Nov 12 2015 21:56 utc | 149

Israeli SS attends to Israel's Final Solution to its Palestinian Problem in Palestine ...

Palestinian Shot Dead in Israeli Undercover Raid on Hospital

The Palestinian man, who was visiting his cousin at the hospital, was fatally shot by the Israeli military forces. Medical staff were not allowed to treat him.

Jehad Shawar, the director of Hebron’s al-Ahli hospital where the incident took place, told Palestine radio 20 to 30 men arrived in two mini vans at about 3 a.m. They entered with someone in a wheelchair pretending to be pregnant.

“They held the staff at gunpoint and stormed the room of Shalaldeh,” Shawar said. “As his cousin exited the bathroom, which was inside the room, they fired five bullets, one bullet in the head, one in the chest and three in his body.” He added that the Israelis did not let anyone attend to Abdullah.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 12 2015 22:11 utc | 150

News you can use.

Observers in Novorossiya and Ukraine both agree, things are heating up along lines of contact. Kyiv Post, citing The Times of London, headlines that Fighting erupts as Ukraine tells troops to prepare for war. The report at Fort Russ suggests whatever is on will be done before the weather gets too heavy. We'll see.

Its seems to me that political uncertainty and instability are on the rise. One factor is that Yarosh has left the leadership of Pravyi Sektor, saying "my positions were not always the same as the aspirations of some of the leadership.... Thus, I’m forced to decline the offer to head the leadership that the conference had proposed and resign as the head of the national freedom movement of Right Sector, (while) remaining a nationalist, state builder and revolutionary."

Harder line or softer? Further details on the conference where this occurred as available.

The elections themselves, to say nothing of the results, are a further element of disturbance. As noted earlier, Poroshenko and Yatsenuk lost badly, losing in the Donbas and in West Ukraine. Folks might find this account of local elections in Dnepropetrovsk informative. The headline says it all: "Oligarchs, corruption, and thuggery." The author emphasizes that along with Odessa and Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk is the core territory of Kolomoisky and his associates, and will not be surrendered on the cheap.

I don't recall where I saw it, but there are folks who believe that the various anti-Poroshenko groups will use their success in the recent local elections as base to launch an attack on the government's Rada majority.

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 13 2015 1:19 utc | 151

in re 150 --

Did I just wander into a hyperbolic chamber? One down, just under 12 mil. to go.... If they expect to beat the jihadis, they will need to pick up the pace.

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 13 2015 1:26 utc | 152


Does Kiev even have anything left to put into a meaningful offensive? Sure, they've had months to train and organize materiel, but last I heard they were down to the dregs, shoving the rabid skin-head goons into the front line. And their recruitment drives and conscription runs haven't had much success. they had their chance at winning back when they still had a real military. They wasted it. What's the point in continuing this farce? They're just going to be defeated again, and if this is some desperate attempt at distracting the population from internal problems it's going to backfire epically when they lose.

Posted by: Plenue | Nov 13 2015 1:36 utc | 153

Did rufus just excuse murder?

Yup, @152.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 13 2015 2:39 utc | 154

No, I pointed out there is plenty of it happening. I see Islamists doing more of it than Israelis.

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 13 2015 2:58 utc | 155

Yarosh refuses the leadership position for Right Sektor. Very interesting. Its certain he is a CIA agent, right? He's model one if he isn't. He didn't make a public display of anger when Muzychko, a key leader, hero of the group, and Yarosh's friend, was rubbed out by the Security Service. He doesn't seem to mind that Yatsenyuk was in an important role, despite the groups hard core anti-Semitism. There was a really nice, extended length, write up about him in TIME Magazine which basically portrayed him as a normal Ukrainian politician ("a nationalist, but not an ultra-nationalist") instead of the leader of a violent, racist gang that he is.

He seems to faithfully accept whatever policy the US is implementing. And now the gang he lead for years he is just resigns as leader yet reamains commited to its ideals? Is he, maybe, forming a new gang? And then whats going to happen to Right Sektor?

Any, he doesn't seem much interested in his role in the Duma...: "Since getting elected to the legislature, Yarosh has only registered for five out of 113 sessions."

Posted by: guest77 | Nov 13 2015 3:15 utc | 156

@150 - a really awful act. Inexcusable.

Posted by: guest77 | Nov 13 2015 3:16 utc | 157


So you actually mean to denounce the State of Israel and its leaders by equating them with the Tafiri Islamists that the world condemns? That's a powerful statement. I take it you would also the denounce US Govt support for Israel and approve of sanctions and boycotts against Israel as called for by the BDS Movement.

Please tell us explicitly where you stand so there is no confusion.

Looking forward to your reply.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 13 2015 3:29 utc | 158

jr at 158

I have previously stated my support for an immediate end to all settlements, with an eye to their eventual removal, and the payment of reparations to the Palestinians for the destruction of lives and property. That the Israelis are howling about the movement suggests that they fear the looming prospect of, if not sanctions, then assuredly boycotts and disinvestment. So far so good for the movement, it would appear.

As a socialist, I on principle oppose all bourgeois states and movements. I tend to focus on the ones closest to home, here in the formerly revolutionary United States. While I had close friends active in Palestinian solidarity, back in my more-active youth, I was involved with Central American and Caribbean solidarity (I heard Ramsey Clark speak after the New Jewel Movement trial) and organized against the First Gulf War.

I do not equate the State of Israel with the jihadis of Islamic State and other such formations. The brutality of their penchant for beheadings, mass executions, and rapes as a matter of religious devotion, over and above the usual damages of war, seems to put them at different level.

Nor am I terribly happy with Saudis for exporting Wahabism. But this attitude may perhaps be colored by the tendency towards strict measures against atheists such as myself by the fundametalists. And their penchant ban alcohol, pork, and music.

I have opposed the fundamentalist guerrillas since the introduction of the mujaheddin into Afghanistan under Carter/Reagan. I do not think we created ISIL/al-Qaeda, but we did look the other why while our friends in Riyadh, the Gulf, and Islamabad carried on without us once we lost interest post-Cold War.

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 13 2015 4:46 utc | 159


You ARE excusing murder.

The number of innocents killed by extremists/Islamists has no bearing on the unjustified killing of an unarmed civilian in a hospital.

If you really believed that settlements should end you would be appalled at this outrage. Instead you spout BS and point fingers.

You are an apologist and enabler.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 13 2015 5:16 utc | 160

I knew whatever answer I gave would prove somehow unsatisfactory.

I did not justify anyone's murder. I suggested that a man killed in a military raid - or even all the Israeli misdeeds to date - was not quite at the level to justify "SS." And I suggested that the Israelis behavior is hardly the worst amongst the various actors in the Middle East.

Cheap faux moral outrage is unlikely to move my opinions, so please do not persist in wasting my time.

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 13 2015 5:28 utc | 161

"No, I pointed out there is plenty of it happening. I see Islamists doing more of it than Israelis."
Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 12, 2015 9:58:04 PM | 155

...conveniently 'forgetting' of course that...
1. "Israel" hasn't been targeted by IS/Islamists at all. Ever.
2. "Israel" has been helping IS vermin in Syria by patching up their wounded.
3. IS has been destroying Cultural Heritage Sites in arab states - thereby fulfilling "Israel's" wet dream of obliterating any trace of arab culture/history (same as in Jewish-occupied Palestine, eh?).

On the other hand, you're certainly not the first Zio-Nazi mouthpiece to have realised that ME Peace, due to Russia's involvement in Syria/Iraq, is a far worse existential threat to the pathologically Evil social-engineering experiment known as Jewish-occupied Palestine than the (hated) arabs ever were.
And now it's too late.
No more Piece Processes for Israel...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 13 2015 5:47 utc | 162

The general conflict is between the Israelis and the Arab and Islamic World. I believe that ISIS/ISIL and the Wahabists, and Shia Iran as well, have their aim the retaking of Palestine. I believe you dismissed a nice Iranian video about their proposed NRA gun-swap camp meeting they propose.

"Zio-Nazi" mouthpiece -- straight from the fucking horse, you ass. The rest about evil social engineering is just freakin' gibberish.

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 13 2015 5:55 utc | 163

"I suggested that the Israelis behavior is hardly the worst amongst the various actors in the Middle East."

On balance, no. But none of the other regional players pretend to be an enlightened democracy. And I'd say that running millions of people out of their homes, keeping another million in a giant walled-off prison, and murdering thousands over the course of decade. ranks pretty high on the asshole scale.

As for talk of Israeli social engineering being 'gibberish', how much do you actually know about how modern Israel functions internally? The entire country is one giant European colonial project, where non-Jews are hated and Jews are expected to conform to an Ashkenazi model.

Posted by: Plenue | Nov 13 2015 7:44 utc | 164

Plenue at 164 --

I'm well aware of the de facto second-class status of Israeli Arabs and Sephardic Jews. I have said before, Israel marks an attempt by European Jews and Gentiles to solve the problem of European anti-Semitism, in the aftermath of the Holocaust, at the expense of the Palestinians. Unwise, unfair, and irresistible in 1948.

Agreed, the Israelis put a heavy wash of hypocrisy on their actions by touting their formal democracy.

I'm unsure what folks are referring to as "social engineering." By the laws they pass and behaviors that mores sanction or forbid, all states and societies attempt to mold the outlooks of their populations; see the current fascination with anti-worker "austerity." Organizations and other collectives do the same in their fashion.

I was not exactly clear what I was being accused of, on what grounds, and so, gibberish. And that ISIS is somehow doing Israeli bidding/dirty work in destroying antique sites is crazy talk. The Wahabi jihadists have a long history of destroying pagan sites, see the destruction of the Buddhas at Bamiyan.

The morning paper contained more details about this incident. From the outrage folks manufactured over the few details presented, it had sounded like the Israelis had walked in and executed someone. As it turns out, they were there to arrest one of the perpetrators of a stabbing who had been smuggled into the hospital for treatment. The killed the cousin of their target during the raid.

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 13 2015 13:29 utc | 165

@rufus the bullshiter

Israel marks an attempt ... to solve the problem of European anti-Semitism ... in 1948.
This is 2015, not 1948.
Unwise, unfair, and irresistible [and] ... the Israelis put a heavy wash of hypocrisy on their actions by touting their formal democracy.
Hypocritical given your excusing Israeli murder.
... all states and societies attempt to mold the outlooks of their populations; see the current fascination with anti-worker "austerity."
There is no equivalence. Israel practices apartheid, which is condemned by civilized people.
I was not exactly clear what I was being accused of...
What part of "rufus excuses murder" didn't you understand?
The morning paper contained more details about this incident...
You haven't provided more details, you provided less -- the article in jfl's comment included that they held the staff at gunpoint and wouldn't let doctors treat the victim.
From the outrage folks manufactured ...
Further proof of your sly hypocracy. Posing as Mr. Reasonable but excusing murder.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 13 2015 15:16 utc | 166

I have an informal list of those ME nations most in need of a kick up the ass and whose crimes are so egregious that the only possible fix must be to get rid of the current political structure and it's accompanying mindset.
I carry the list in my head true, but then I don't need to change it as the years go by because number 1 and number 2 are never shifted from their positions at the top of the charts.
1/ israel
2/ kingdom of Saudi Arabia
They will always stay at the top of my list of those entities most indeed of correction because even if other states/political movements occasionally commit more violent or otherwise outrageous acts those two states' crimes are enabled by my society and I suspect, the societies of most of the contributors to MoA.
Pushing hard at the actions of israel or ksa while reminding people I know of their horrors can have an effect on the longevity of those criminal regimes. The same is not true for many of those rising with a bullet.

Posted by: Debs is dead | Nov 14 2015 2:51 utc | 167

in re 160

This is 2015, not 1948. -- Very good basic chronology. Meaning, you cannot undo 1948.

Hypocritical given your excusing Israeli murder. -- Funny definitions again. I did not excuse any murder. I objected to a false, casual link to the "SS". The Israeli right are not nice people, but their worst have a quite a way to go yet to sink the level of the Nazis. The extremists settlers are barely into the street fighting stage of the early "SA."

BTW -- were I excusing Israeli murder with my wisecrack at 152, would I not be excusing jihadi murder too? But you don't seem to have a problem with that. Clarification? Or should I call it hypocritical spin?

There is no equivalence. Israel practices apartheid, which is condemned by civilized people. -- Again, funny definition. "Agrees with me" appears the functional phrase. And what of the Islamic practice of second-class status for non-believers? Sounds like separate development to me. You're against that, right?

What part of "rufus excuses murder" didn't you understand? -- Received and understood, rejected. A couple of times. It was HW's word salad about bio-engineering I couldn't make out.

You haven't provided more details.... -- I had only time to read jfl's blurb at 150 when I made my parting shot, which suggested to me they barged in popped this guy. So many of the details I only saw this morning. I have only limited time before work, and highlighted what I found relevant.

This from AFP seems a more evenhanded, I found it on Yahoo

"They banned the medical team from moving and they took control of the surgery department, went to Shalaldeh's room and banned anyone from entering," [hospital director] Dr Jihad Shawar said.

"When they left, the man was found bleeding and (staff) tried to save his life, but he died."

Doesn’t sound to me that anyone prevented medical staff from seeing to him. Four bullets at close range is often pretty lethal, even with the promptest attention. Someone, the cousin or an Israeli, I am in no position to judge, made a bad move. Every death is a tragedy. It does not seem an execution.

Sad to say, people here get killed all the time by trigger-happy law enforcement (recent FOP threats seem to have them saying they can't provide order without brutalizing people, so stop looking over their shoulders).

So a manufactured outrage seems appropriate. Overwrought might be a bit better, with the suggestion of overworking the material.

And the more I thought about it, I realized that what was annoying me was such a poor choice of material.

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 14 2015 7:44 utc | 168

further to 168 --

The hour caught up with me. Swing for the fences, don't try to bunt onto base. The settlements are a fine source of deep outrage. All of the various daily minor brutalities, such as this arrest, go to sustaining the open defiance of the international community. Without DC's financial backing and political cover, no settlements. Their removal should be, IMHO, focus of BDS.

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 14 2015 14:16 utc | 169

@rufus the bullshiter

You are dissembling again.

You didn't make a reference to the SS @152:

Did I just wander into a hyperbolic chamber? One down, just under 12 mil. to go.... If they expect to beat the jihadis, they will need to pick up the pace.

... or @155 (after being challenged as "excusing murder"):
No, I pointed out there is plenty of it happening. I see Islamists doing more of it than Israelis.

You were clearly drawing a comparison to bloodthirsty non-State extremists in order to excuse Israeli state-sanctioned murder. You later reinforced your point of view, saying:

@161: I suggested that the Israelis behavior is hardly the worst amongst the various actors in the Middle East.

@163: The general conflict is between the Israelis and the Arab and Islamic World.

Your claim of responding jfl's SS remark is just an excuse. You didn't just rebuke him, you made a case for excusing Israeli state-sanctioned murder.


You have AGAIN tried to minimize the outrageousness of the killing. Here is

MSF called the raid a serious violation of “the principles of neutrality and respect of the medical mission ... International Humanitarian Law requires the respect of health facilities and forbids any intrusion of the armed forces in these structures.”

Amnesty International also condemned the raid, charging that the shooting of the patient’s cousin appeared to be an “extrajudicial execution.”

“The fact that Abdullah Shalaldah was shot in the head and upper body suggests that this was an extrajudicial execution, adding to a disturbing pattern of similar recent incidents by Israeli forces in the West Bank which warrant urgent investigation,” said Philip Luther, Director of the Middle East and North Africa Program at Amnesty International.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 14 2015 17:50 utc | 170


Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 14 2015 21:13 utc | 171

You have to give it to Lavrov, he is articulate and can disarm the web of deception with few words

During a fresh round of peace talks in Vienna aimed at finding a solution to the five-year crisis in Syria, Lavrov stressed that the Syrians are the only side who decides Assad’s fate, al-Manar reported in Vienna said.Lavrov and Jubeir

“Is Saudi authorized to decide who will represent the Syrian people?” Lavrov addressed Saudi FM, Adel al-Jubeir who is attending the talks in the Austrian capital.

“You can refer to the text of the last meeting…. Syrians are who decide the fate of their country, including Assad’s fate,” Lavrov added, according to our correspondent.

United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura has told reporters that the meeting is important but that he does not expect breakthroughs.

Posted by: Sun Tzu | Nov 15 2015 2:25 utc | 172

This is very lucid.

Posted by: Sun Tzu | Nov 15 2015 2:50 utc | 173

Israeli PM faces arrest in Spain over 2010 flotilla raid

A judge in Spain has issued arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and seven other former and current Israeli officials over a 2010 fatal raid by the Tel Aviv regime forces on a Gaza-bound aid ship.

It's good to see someone in the West willing and able to call the Israelis on their crimes. He ought to issue arrest warrants for Barack Obama, John Brennan, and the rest of the unholy drone assassins as well.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 15 2015 10:43 utc | 174

Well, having tagged it over on the Paris attack thread as fine example of doublethink, I should say a few words about it. My last on the matter, BTW. It's been largely a waste of time.

Once again, I am attacked for not writing what JR thinks he can dictate. Since I didn't wrap my wisecrack at 152 in paragraphs of backstory, qualify it appropriately, and say what MiniTrue would demand of me, I'm... whatever.

It was demanded that I account for my politics. I thought they were clear enough, but I obliged in good faith. So it took me a moment to get the "SS/Final Solution" jibe that started it all.

I knew whatever answer I gave would prove somehow unsatisfactory.

I did not justify anyone's murder. I suggested that a man killed in a military raid - or even all the Israeli misdeeds to date - was not quite at the level to justify "SS." And I suggested that the Israelis behavior is hardly the worst amongst the various actors in the Middle East.

Cheap faux moral outrage is unlikely to move my opinions, so please do not persist in wasting my time.

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 13, 2015 12:28:12 AM | 161

If I compare Bundy to Dahmer, am I condoning murder? That one cannot fault ISIS for beheadings sounds rather like condoning, if not applauding, murder by valiant "anti-zionists."

Our "anti-zionists" like the moral highground, the high dudgeon of denunciation, and the dehumanization of their object of their scorn. If they deign to acknowledge jihadi brutality, if its only to blow it off as somehow irrelevant.

As I noted before, from the first it has not just been Palestine vs. Israel, it's been the Arab and Islamic world vs. Israel. One needs to look at the doctrine and capabilities of all element of the Order of Battle, on both sides.

Debsid up at 167 listed Israel and Saudi Arabia as responsible for the most damage in the Middle East, done with our aid and comfort. Historically, I would say this is true. But thanks to their ongoing export of Wahabism, with which they now ship cash for fundamentalist irregulars, I would say that KSA and Gulf States are in the lead now, as the no. 1 de-stabilizing force in the area right now is ISIS.

This does not make a me a dissembler, a hyporcrite, liar, etc. It makes me someone with different experiences, values, and ideas, who disagrees with you.

Sorry if I've missed any items on your secret checklist. You need not update me on your progress with it.

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 15 2015 15:44 utc | 175

It's good to see someone in the West willing and able to call the Israelis on their crimes. He ought to issue arrest warrants for Barack Obama, John Brennan, and the rest of the unholy drone assassins as well.
Posted by: jfl | Nov 15, 2015 5:43:16 AM | 174

UK used to have a citizen-initiated procedure for generating arrest warrants for visiting war criminals. Here's a 2008 article which gives some background to its demise. Read it and weep. I believe Spain is now the only place on earth where the word Justice has a sane meaning.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 15 2015 18:18 utc | 176

Israeli DM Orders More Ground Troops Into Palestinian City of Hebron

Tensions in the Palestinian city of Hebron, already soaring after the Israeli military attacked a hospital yesterday, are spiking again today when a pair of Israelis were killed by gunmen from an unknown faction on the city’s outskirts.

Israeli regular troops are following the SS into Hebron. The Israeli Final Solution to their Palestinian problem in Palestine proceeds. All eyes on Paris. Maybe it was Masaad who ran the terrorist attack there? As bbb* has pointed out above - or somewhere - the only winners of this whole series of aggressive wars against Islamic countries; of death, devastation, and destruction in the Middle East have been the USraelis.

Thanks for the link hoarse. I'll check it out. I think it's actually the prosecutors bringing these cases in Spain. I'm in favor of all power to the people.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 16 2015 4:40 utc | 177

Israeli forces shut down all roads leading to Palestinian occupied city of al-Khalil

The Israeli army has closed all roads south and north of the occupied West Bank city of al-Khalil (Hebron) as part of an ongoing crackdown on Palestinians, Press TV reports.

Tensions in the occupied Palestinian territories have dramatically escalated in recent weeks due to the Israeli regime’s imposition of restrictions on the entry of Palestinian worshipers to the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in East al-Quds.

The cordon tightens, preparing for the annihilation of the Palestinians in the city under siege. The Israeli Final Solution to their Palestinian problem in Palestine proceeds. All eyes on Paris.The only winners of this whole series of aggressive wars against Islamic countries, of death devastation and destruction in the Middle East have been the USraelis.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 16 2015 4:55 utc | 178

@176 hoarse

From your link

"That's why it's such powerful weapon - it forces the state to make a high-profile decision based on the rule of law rather than politics."

It's really disheartening to realize that the people in Britain had this right ... and lost it.

The Israeli Embassy ... said ... "politically motivated people are abusing the British Justice system for their own purposes."

So the Israelis abused the politically motivated people of Britain ... had the British politicians rescind their right to insist on the rule of law.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 16 2015 5:09 utc | 179

News you can use.

Isn't it lovely how politics brings disparate people together? "ISIS is our ally in the struggle against Russia" says nationalist leader and part-time Maidan thug Dmitry Korchinsky.

In Donetsk, Banderist shelling will continue, apparently, until the political situation improves.

Would a new, seventh wave of mobilization mean they feel a need for replacements coming up?

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 18 2015 7:09 utc | 180

Israel Approves Another 454 Settlement Homes in East Jerusalem

A hugely controversial set of settlement expansion plans, mostly in the Ramat Shlomo settlement in occupied East Jerusalem, was announced today by the Israeli government, reviving a plan which was frozen back in 2012 under heavy international pressure.

No pressure now ... it's all about France. Palestionians can be abused freely and Israel let off the hook - when is Israel not let off the hook - for its endgame play in its Final Solution to its Palestinian problem in Palestine.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 18 2015 9:40 utc | 181

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