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October 11, 2015

Iraq: Caliph Not Killed But Still A 4+1 Intelligence Room Success

The Islamic State Caliph Baghdadi was nearly killed today. This also happened on two earlier occasions one last year and one in April this year. But today at least a few IS honchos found their end. The probably decisive difference was the involvement of the 4+1 intelligence operations room in Baghdad on which I reported here ten days ago.

How the news developed:

Conflict News @Conflicts
BREAKING: #Iraq says their air-force has struck the convoy of #ISIS leader al-Baghdadi. More to come.

Borzou Daragahi @borzou
Iraq claims "many Daish leaders killed" in air force bombing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's convoy in Anbar.

Reuters: Iraqi air force hits convoy of Islamic State leader Baghdadi

The Iraqi air force struck a convoy of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in western Anbar province close to the Syrian border on Sunday, a military statement said.
"Iraqi air forces have bombed the convoy of the terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi while he was heading to Karabla to attend a meeting with Daesh commanders," the statement read, using the Arabic acronym for Islamic State.
"The location of the meeting was also bombed and many of the group's leaders were killed and wounded. Fate of murderer al-Baghdadi is unknown and he was carried away by a vehicle. His health condition is still unclear," the military said.

More from my stream:

Max Abrahms @MaxAbrahms
Even if Baghdadi survived, it seems likely other high-level ISIS guys may have been killed in the Iraqi attack.

الجغايفة Al-Jughayfa @haditha_tribe
#Iraq #AlBaghdadi #ISIL leader killed in #Qaam city and his body now in #Bokamal and isis talking who is going to take his position #USA

Fer G @FGunay1
HUGE! Tribe loyal to Iraqi gov claims ISIS leader Baghdadi is dead! Airstrike in result of Iraq-Iran-Russia coop

Fer G @FGunay1
Iran-Syria-Iraq-Russia cooperation resulted in a strike of the convoy. Reports indicate Baghdadi was present

Elijah J. Magnier @EjmAlrai#Iraq : #ISIS leader Baghdadi hit by airstrike around Ramadi. He was the Military ops main target (in my [earlier] article)

Elijah J. Magnier @EjmAlrai
An Eye inside Russia/Iraq/Syria/Iran/Hezbollah (4+1) operational room. My take via @AlraiMediaGroup

Elijah J. Magnier @EjmAlrai
#Baghdadi convoy was on its way to a meeting in Karabla when they hit it. He may be in or not in but tt is the result of the intel ops room

Elijah J. Magnier @EjmAlrai
It is confirmed that #USA led coalition was not involved in this intelligence gathering about Baghdadi or his leadership.

Elijah J. Magnier @EjmAlrai
If killed, it will create a hoo-ha among all those who gave his Ba'ya (to d man not to d organisation). Interesting time ahead (if killed).

Fer G @FGunay1 .@FGunay1
A joint operation room runned by Irak-Iran-Syria-Russia designated 50 targets among them a convoy in Ramadi w Baghdadi present

Fer G @FGunay1 .@FGunay1
While its still unknown whether Baghdadi himself was killed local sources claim he is in fact hit & killed by z airstrike

Max Abrahms @MaxAbrahms
Iraqi military releases statement after airstrike against presumed Baghdadi convoy: "His health status is unknown."

Dion Nissenbaum @DionNissenbaum
US military says can't confirm Iraqi reports of strike on ISIS leader Baghdadi's convoy.

Elijah J. Magnier @EjmAlrai
Baghdad claim that #ISIS leaders "Abu Saad al-Karbuli and Abu Omar al-Qabissi were killed in the airstrike". No independent confirmation.

Elijah J. Magnier @EjmAlrai
It seems #ISIS leader wasn't in the convoy hit in #Iraq.

Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng
#BreakingNews ISIS leaders killed in airstrike but not the militants’ head Baghdadi: hospital sources and residents

Even if this was only a near miss and not a lethal hit on the Caliph himself the operation is a success for the recently revealed intelligence cooperation between Syria, Iraq, Russia, Iran and Hizbullah. That the U.S. was not involved in and not even informed of the operation is a sign of the increasing mistrust the Iraqi government develops against it. Here is the reason:

The believe in Baghdad is that the U.S. does not want to kill off the Islamic State but is silently supporting it. There are some facts, the DIA 2012 analysis and the lack of U.S. airstrikes against IS, that support such thinking.

The death of several high Islamic State leaders is a huge moral lift for the Iraqi and Syrian forces and likely a loss of impetus for the various Jihadi groups in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere.

Posted by b on October 11, 2015 at 15:11 UTC | Permalink


As a sign of Russian intelligence;good.But in the end its all just whackamole,as with myriad others,another will take his place.
AlCIAda is pissed.

Posted by: dahoit | Oct 11 2015 15:22 utc | 1

Conflict News = Rita Katz of ISIS Head Chopping Video Productions

Posted by: fast freddy | Oct 11 2015 16:08 utc | 2

thanks b.. i agree with dahoit.. someone else will take these leaders positions, although it's hard on the morale and needs to continue.. i also agree with baghdads belief of the usa's complicity in keeping isis going..

Posted by: james | Oct 11 2015 16:17 utc | 3

Such pessimism!

As for me, I believe these mercs can be destroyed.

Posted by: crone | Oct 11 2015 16:25 utc | 4


Thanks for sharing your stream, though I am having some problems opening the pics. I will try another browser.

The Russians are serious, went for the Hydra's heads, and I certainly hope they got CIA rat Baghdadi this time, either killed or mortally wounded, same with his partners in crime.

Al Karablah, Anbar province, not to be confused with the holy city of Karbala, capital of Karbala Governorate, is right on the border with Syria. One can only guess all the IS head-honchos were going to discuss their predicament in Syria, and the about-to-come firestorm in Iraq. Surprise, surprise, it came earlier than expected.

Al Karablah, Iraq

Posted by: Lone Wolf | Oct 11 2015 16:27 utc | 5

hey crone - i hope you are right!!! can someone work on the financial system while they are at it? rof..

Posted by: james | Oct 11 2015 16:30 utc | 6

Is the CIA signaling that it is wrapping up its ISIS operation before Putin blows their cover???

I'm stuck on this one.

Posted by: plantman | Oct 11 2015 16:34 utc | 7

IMHO Just to add a little perspective - ISIL is still making its presence known

see link below

Posted by: curious | Oct 11 2015 16:36 utc | 8

Of course, someone else will take the leadership position. So, to base a strategy on such hits of the leaders is problematic - especially if one, as the US in Afghanistan, kills older leaders, which are usually more open to negotiations, which will be replaced by younger, usually more fanatical guys.

But I think here the situation is different, first, the IS leadership does not really have a leadership which one would like to start negotiations, and with the start of the Russian offensive, the short term effect (creating confusion, discoordination, and fight for power) will be more important.

Posted by: Max | Oct 11 2015 16:39 utc | 9

SANA, 10/10/2015) ~ Two F16 aircrafts belonging to the so-called US-led coalition violated the Syrian airspace on Saturday, targeting the infrastructure and destroying two power plants in al-Rudwaniya area to the east of Aleppo city, a military source said.
According to the source, the two aircrafts violated the Syrian airspace at 10:00 AM Saturday morning.
The source considered the incident a “breach of the international law”.
The attack caused power outage in the targeted area, the source added.

Posted by: harry law | Oct 11 2015 16:59 utc | 10

Thanks, b.
Making the USA's info-devouring maw look pointless, limp and redundant is a giant leap for Mankind.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Oct 11 2015 17:05 utc | 11

The Al Jazeera report, sourced to AFP and Reuters, claims credit for the US: "The statement said the operation was conducted in coordination with Iraq's interior ministry intelligence services and the joint operation command centre that includes military advisers from the US-led coalition".

The BBC is more honest in not making this claim, but casts doubt on the whole thing.

Posted by: FB Ali | Oct 11 2015 17:17 utc | 12

Anybody else unable to open this link from the stream above? I have tried 4 browsers, 3 in my PC + iPad's Safari at no avail, the only link from all b provided I couldn't open. Anyone?

Posted by: Lone Wolf | Oct 11 2015 17:51 utc | 13

Hydra is an apt descriptor. Eventually the decimation of Daesh's officer corp will reap benefits, although the top dogs reside in Langley. Perhaps an intercepted and decrypted satellite phone conversation gave the meeting away, or maybe something more mundane? Wise move to not inform the Outlaw Empire beforehand.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 11 2015 18:27 utc | 14

plantman says :

Is the CIA signaling that it is wrapping up its ISIS operation before Putin blows their cover

you mean like the CIA sends out signals like a C-130 sends out anti heat seeking missile flares? interestingly, though, the Russian journalist Vladimir Mamontov recently wrote that

The Syrian army will provide Russia with the identities of killed ISIS fighters, to the extent that this is possible

Posted by: john | Oct 11 2015 18:31 utc | 15

@Lone Wolf
It's just a corrupted link the prefx "" is spurious
( bad copy paste from b? )
Actual link

Posted by: acrimonious | Oct 11 2015 18:32 utc | 16

@harry law #10:

Two F16 aircrafts belonging to the so-called US-led coalition violated the Syrian airspace on Saturday, targeting the infrastructure and destroying two power plants

I haven't heard any mention of Russian bombing runs destroying infrastructure. Has anyone?

Destroying infrastructure is an essential part of the American way of war. A lot of that went on in Serbia and later, Ukraine. From the very beginning of the US bombing of Syria, infrastructure was targeted. (That could be a sign btw that USG never expected the jihadists to indefinitely hold significant swaths of Syrian territory, in the same way USG must have realized early on that the Donbas was gone to the fascists for good.)

Posted by: Demian | Oct 11 2015 18:42 utc | 17

And the fact that this successful mission of killing senior ISIL leadership came less than two weeks after Russia got involved !

Makes you think that ISIL leadership and Baghdadi locations was possibly known by the evil US empire for most of the last 4 years.

Posted by: tom | Oct 11 2015 19:08 utc | 18


Thks buddy, that did it.

Posted by: Lone Wolf | Oct 11 2015 19:15 utc | 19


Re: The destruction of infrastructure: Penny aka Penelope posted a link and a brief cut and paste.

US Internal War Planning Documents describe the effects of the intentional destruction of water and sewage treatment facilities. The Allied Forces intentionally inflict the population with diarrhea and associated diseases - often fatal - fully aware that children will suffer the most.

Israel is constantly poisoning the water supply or turning off the water supply in Palestine.

Posted by: fast freddy | Oct 11 2015 19:31 utc | 20

I read Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” sometime around the time I spent a stint in the conscript Army of the United States. I believe conflicts are caused by the migration of people and the fight for resources. Leaders jump upon the movements for the ride and believe they are controlling it. It is different today because of nuclear red buttons in the hands of sociopaths and the hired technicians maintaining them. Today the world is the closest to a nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Elements in the USA are supporting Sunni Arabs in order to destabilize Russia and turn the Middle East into warring tribes.

Russia will cut out enclaves for the minority Shiites, Christians and Alawites. But, I believe it will be a tough slog to defeat Sunni Arabs; especially if a billion and half Sunni Muslims feel threatened. The true believers and hot heads will head for Syria. It will take hundreds of thousands of troops and a thousand tanks and armored vehicles to take Raqqa; risking a nuclear war every second. The alternative is a quarantine. But, that will require Turkey, Iraq, Jordon, Israel, Lebanon and the minority areas of Syria sealing their borders to prevent resupply and safe havens for the Jihadists. After several generations the fanatics will pass on and their offspring will want to trade and travel. Otherwise, it is endless war that the sociopaths want and eventually the End of Days that the truth believers are praying for.

Posted by: VietnamVet | Oct 11 2015 19:35 utc | 21

ot but related... new thread from pat lang at sic semper tyrannis.. also a post yesterday from the long war journal..

Posted by: james | Oct 11 2015 19:52 utc | 22

@22 - I don't have links to hand but I have read many times that the so-called confrontation between Sunni and Shia is a false confrontation. Also that in Syria 70% of the army is Sunni, as is Dr. Assad's wife. The point is that this is a straw man, an artificial construct that sources in the Middle East refute. I can't turn this into a sourced thesis right now, but I assume plenty of others in the thread can confirm or add collateral to this view.

@18 - I find it hard to understand this one. Bombing infrastructure such as power stations to create outages for civilian populations seems very dumb from a PR standpoint. Can the US simply be acting from a petty revenge motive? But so visibly before the world? Surely even completely disinterested people could easily see that this has nothing to do with bombing terrorists, if an outcry of some kind were to occur?

On a related note, re the Kunduz hospital strike. South Front has an article claiming that Médecins Sans Frontières was a very active critic of the corporate takeover known as the TPP trade agreement. The article has a broader focus, on world trade wars, and only cites MSF in its lead paragraph, which is this:

"Even prior to the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty, it became known that Doctors Without Borders (MSF) are preparing a scathingly critical report on the consequences of that pact. The humanitarian organization argues that signing the treaty will lead to a sharp increase in drug prices for millions of users, in many cases leading to premature deaths. One day prior to the TPP, US aircraft bombed an MSF hospital in Afghanistan, killing 12 medical personnel. Pentagon issued condolences. It was a very symbolic coincidence." -- The World Trade War

I wonder if anyone has more about this?

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 11 2015 20:50 utc | 23

Grieved @ 24

Zerohedge has article up now -

How 'ObamaTrade' Will Drive Up The Cost Of Medicine Worldwide
Tyler Durden's pictureSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 10/11/2015 16:05 -0400

Japan Mexico New York Times


Authored by Julia Belluz, originally posted at,

After nearly eight years of negotiations, the United States and 11 other countries have finally reached consensus on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, one of the largest trade deals in a generation that'll involve nearly half the world's GDP.

The sprawling deal would affect a variety of issues, including tariffs, labor rights, and international investment. But the deal's most controversial provisions are the ones limiting competition in the pharmaceutical industry. According to Doctors Without Borders, "The TPP will still go down in history as the worst trade agreement for access to medicines in developing countries."


Posted by: crone | Oct 11 2015 21:04 utc | 24

I'm not sure but I think b used a misattributed photo titled Russian Job above that is actually from 2013 in Syria. Ken Roth of HRW was roundly condemned here for this type of false photo representation.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Oct 11 2015 21:19 utc | 25

Interesting, gathering intelligence and providing cover for airstrikes in Syria ...

How Syria is becoming a test bed for high-tech weapons of electronic warfare
Russia deployed its most modern electronic warfare system to Syria – the Krasukha-4 (or Belladonna)

Posted by: Oui | Oct 11 2015 21:25 utc | 26

@26 wow.. i see you don't contest the usa job part of it!!!! good on ya!!

Posted by: james | Oct 11 2015 21:32 utc | 27

here is the link back to a post from b on may 19th 2015 that show a picture of ISIS in all it's made in the usa glory.. i think the point is that al raqqa is looking a little more el wreckeda at the moment thanks to russia as opposed to the usa.. but alas - that is a tough one for those weened daily on the msm to get into their thick heads..

Posted by: james | Oct 11 2015 21:40 utc | 28

@26 -- The so-called "Sunni/Shia" divide is a modern creation of imperial power plays. Historically Sunni & Shia got along fine for the most part, not only living peacefully next to each other but also intermarrying. The vast majority of Sunnis despise ISIS and other takfiris, who are the product of the Wahhabi death cult which is as much a threat to normative Sunni Islam as it is to the Shia. The Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia ban the major Sunni schools of thought for being too moderate, and oppose Sufi mysticism which has been at the hart of Sunni Islam since the foremost Muslim scholar Al-Ghazali embraced Sufism in the 12th century (Ghazali's works are banned in Saudi Arabia). The only reason the Wahhabi takfiris have power is that the British helped them take over Arabia in the 1920s, after which they immediately set about destroying the archaeological heritage of Mecca and Medina that had been preserved by Sunnis for 1,300 years.

The Wahhabis were financed by the Brits to fight the Ottoman Turks who represented mainstream Sunni Islam, and with the discovery of oil in the 1930s, this perverse cult entrenched its power and spread its disease all over the world through its petro wealth. The result is what we see today in Syria and Iraq. But the days of Wahhabi takfiris are ending, as their defeat in these countries will likely soon be followed by the collapse of their enablers in the dying Saudi monarchy. The fall of the Saudis will be welcomed by the vast majority of Sunnis, who will finally be able to free their community from this century-long nightmare of Wahhabist obscurantism.

Posted by: VictorK | Oct 11 2015 22:10 utc | 29

If Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is confirmed dead, will John McCain petition to fly our flags at half mast?

Posted by: Joe Tedesky | Oct 11 2015 22:12 utc | 30

@7 -- "... wrapping up its ISIS operation before Putin blows their cover???"

Quite possibly, although the wrap-up may be more related to trying to suck out the oxygen in the theater b4 Putin/Russians demonstrate their mastery of technology and tactics on the Syrian stage -- strategy already an A+ distinction.

Posted by: doveman | Oct 11 2015 22:16 utc | 31

To VietnamVet @22 and Grieved @24:

A reference Grieved might have been looking for regarding Sunni support for Bashar al Assad:

Chris Zambelis, "SYRIA’S SUNNIS AND THE REGIME’S RESILIENCE" at Combating Terroism Center (at West Point)

" ... Estimates indicate that Sunnis account for between 60 and 65 percent of the regular army.[28] Despite mass defections by thousands of mostly Sunni conscripts and mid-level officers and growing reports of recruitment problems,[29] Sunnis continue to be well represented in Syria’s security institutions in various capacities, including leadership and other specialized roles. This is the case even as the reasons behind their continued service—and that of other Syrians—may vary.[30] ..."

This paragraph is one example of many that detail how well integrated Sunnis are in Syrian politics and institutions.

Posted by: Jen | Oct 11 2015 22:55 utc | 32

@30 I think most of the lieutenants of ISIL are europeans.. or more like were Europeans. they're probably fleeing back now.

But the Sunni contingent of Syria and Iraq need to not support these Wahabists. The expanse of ISIL and Al Queda control is in Sunni areas. I understand that sectarianism in Iraq has caused much of this, with Kurds/Shia/Sunnis chasing each other out of neighborhoods.. there needs to be a national 'discussion' about this reality, and a resolution that protects the right to exist amongst all of the different groups

Posted by: bbbbb | Oct 11 2015 23:37 utc | 33

Better in my view would be targeting Baghdadi's spouses and offspring and then topping him. Personal view obviously.

Posted by: Cortes | Oct 11 2015 23:52 utc | 34

Joe Tedesky, I am wondering the same thing about half-mast flags ... only I don't limit it to McCain. There are plenty of others [eg, Samantha Powers] who might call for the same thing. DC is sick ... sociopaths and psychopaths, all. I truly doubt if there is anyone in a political role that isn't as bad as McCain or Powers ... they just aren't honest enough to say what they truly believe.

Posted by: Rg an LG | Oct 12 2015 0:38 utc | 35

Grieved@24 & Jen @33

I agree the Syrian Civil War is a conflict of Sunni insurgents against the Syrian Army composed of majority Sunnis and Syrian minorities. The Sunni insurgency is resupplied by Turkey, the Gulf Monarchies and supported by Senator John McCain. Hard core Iraqi Sunnis fighting Americans and Shiites used Syria as a safe haven once the civil war started and with the seizure of Mosul became the Sunni Religious State in the Levant. The Syrian Government was being squeezed to death by a transnational Sunni insurrection and Russia intervened to save it. They were successful. I doubt that there are any moderate Sunnis left in Syria or Iraq. They’ve been killed or fled. In the corporate propaganda I have not heard of any Sunni group rejoining Syrian control.

The question is what comes next. Every indication is that Russia intends to defeat the Islamic State. This is now a regional holy war with Russians, Shiites, and Alawites on one side and Sunni Arabs on the other. The YPG in Northern Syria may join the Russian coalition. Seizing Raqqa and conquering Mosul requires hundreds of thousands of troops and thousands of tanks. This will be the second Crusade in the 21st century. The American one is fading. As long as America is involved but not in the coalition the risk of a mistake leading to World War III is ever present.

I would prefer the world allied to quarantine the Islamic State since my family has better chance of survival than continuing two proxy war with Russia in Ukraine and Syria that are supported by the ideologues in the West.

Posted by: VietnamVet | Oct 12 2015 0:48 utc | 36

hahah, WoW tries to attack "b" for some joke image about the death of an ISIS terrorist, then tries comparing this to the leader of a large international NGO making completely false accusations of murder and war crimes.

Scumbag level over 9000. Credibility 0.

Posted by: guest77 | Oct 12 2015 1:23 utc | 37

China is selling offensive drones to Iraq

Yet another sign that Syria, Iran and Iraq are being brought into the Russo-Chinese defense axis.

Posted by: Massinissa | Oct 12 2015 2:23 utc | 38

@39 norman

"Freedom is another word for nothing left to lose." Remember that bit of Straussian multi-layering when some half-dicked Corporate-American tries to bring "freedom" to the natives.

Posted by: Jonathan | Oct 12 2015 2:29 utc | 39


I'm not sure but I think b used a misattributed photo titled Russian Job above that is actually from 2013 in Syria. Ken Roth of HRW was roundly condemned here for this type of false photo representation.

Prove it. Burden of proof is on you, since you're pointing the finger. Even if the picture is not from the recent Russian bombing, and it was used to make a point, a very valid and truthful one, you have the burden of proof. If you cannot prove the picture is from 2013 Syria or before or after, you should ban yourself from posting here, under any nick, forever. Deal?

Posted by: Lone Wolf | Oct 12 2015 2:58 utc | 40

The US is crazy it should join up fully with Russia, then claim all the credit later.

Hollywood will do its usual, such as a future "Saving Private Ahmed", with the obligatory comments about the 'slow Russians'.

Posted by: Lisa | Oct 12 2015 3:37 utc | 41


Since b never attributed identifying those images, he obviously used it as representations of the differences between US attacking Isil and Russia attacking ISIL.

Obvious to everyone except moronic contrarian obsessive-compulsive's like yourself.

Posted by: tom | Oct 12 2015 4:11 utc | 42

The Godfather of Isis - the US empire - celebrates the Iranian generals is death in Syria and gleefully calles it a "psychological blow", but, when Isis leadership is killed in Iraq, it's gets the silent treatment.

And additional remarkable element of Russia's military intervention in Syria is that the blatant backing and support of Isis by the US and it's puppets is now clearer than ever before.
Before we could make obvious lack of attacks by the US against ISIL as an indication that the US was their partner, but now that Russia is involved we can see the staggering despicable hypocrisy and make a direct c comparison.

Posted by: tom | Oct 12 2015 4:48 utc | 43

Way Out West @ # 26 Bit late to the party sorry, but, I think you're attempting to make a mountain out of a mole hill here. On my initial sighting of the picture(s) I took the view - which I think I can safely assume the majority do too, that this speaks to the general lack of action & results by the US air campaign vis-a-vis the striking(no pun intended)results achieved by the Russians in an inordinately short period of time. This was NOT an attempt to portray the photo as evidence of a particular Russian action as you insinuate, rather a representation of how different the results have been between the two & it's remarkably disingenuous to match it to examples of photos KNOWINGLY used to creat false impressions, as the western media regularly does. I'll reserve judgement as to trolling credentials as you have posted stuff I've found insightful in the past, you're one accusation away.

Posted by: Kiwicris | Oct 12 2015 5:02 utc | 44

"...The believe in Baghdad is that the U.S. does not want to kill off the Islamic State but is silently supporting it..."

I have little doubt the U.S. is somewhat responsible for creating ISIS, but I think they leave the supply and support mostly to Saudi Arabia and Qatar through Turkey.

Regardless, consider the equally important possibility that the U.S. is using ISIS to fight Assad in places the U.S. will not have to send THEIR head-choppers (or fake ragtag FSA) into battle. The airstrikes are pinpricks because they were trying to steer ISIS to territory that they (U.S. Team Evil) wanted them to attack. That worked to a point, but ISIS doesn't want to move in some cases, and in others would take any opportunity to attack opposition forces as well. The whole scheme started backfiring, forcing the Team Evil to have to recruit and add more FSA to the mix. Who promptly defected to the al Qaeda/al Nusra coalitions because that's the only way they would survive against ISIS.

I think Russia is playing out a fiendishly clever strategy North of Aleppo. They are attacking strategic points in the CIA's head-chopper (the al Qaeda/al Nusra) coalitions. The Syrian Army isn't around there, but ISIS is. ISIS is taking the bait and pushing West and South towards Aleppo. This will eventually, and effectively, cut the CIA supply rat-line from Killis to A'zaz to Aleppo because ISIS will grab anything coming down for themselves.

Here's the odd chunk of real-estate that ISIS just grabbed from the *rebels* not the SAA:

Note also the tag in the image that says: "regime-held (no attacks on the territory by ISIS!)

Now I kind of doubt any deal with Russia. ISIS may legitimately not have attacked the SAA there because they would fear Russian air support would be called in. No such luck for the opposition - they evacuated that piece of real estate because the U.S. would NOT provide air support for them. One can only guess why. So Russia keeps softening up the opposition north of Aleppo, followed by further pushes to the west by ISIS until the opposition is squeezed out of the space between the Afrin Kurds (to the west) and ISIS (to the east). You can see that as the green area on this map:

That map shows before the opposition lost the toe part of the boot north of Aleppo.

Most importantly to Russia/SAA, the opposition (FSA, CIA al Qaeda/al Nusra head-choppers, etc.) will eventually lose the northern CIA supply route from Kilis to Aleppo. All without the SAA having to beat their way up to and through that area themselves. The SAA can concentrate on the area west of Aleppo and on closing *those* supply routes. It's an ingenious strategy - Aleppo will fall quickly to the SAA without the head-chopper's northern and western supply lines.

Even if Russia lets ISIS walk west to Afrin, they are still watching them. Best way to figure out how to pick off your enemy is make him move and watch where he goes and how *his* supply lines follow him. ISIS is stretched thin and isn't going to take on the SAA or Russian air support in Aleppo. They'll be happy with the northern border of Syria between the Afrin Kurds and the Kobane Kurds.

But why hurry? The absolute best way to cut the CIA supply lines is to put even bigger thieves in charge of the land who are even more fanatical than al Nusra. ISIS fits the bill - they'll steal every God damn bullet coming down from Kilis and chop the heads off of anyone that objects. The CIA/Turkey/Saudi Arabia/Qatar will eventually figure out that it's useless to send anything through there. The already-stretched thin ISIS will have to be dealt with eventually, but they'll be plenty of intel on them and their locations by then. The SAA, Hezbollah, Iranian troops and the Russians can all catch their breath after their al Ghab Plain and Aleppo campaigns. Then they can steamroll over ISIS in the north of Syria and cut THEIR supply routes between Afrin to Kobane.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Oct 12 2015 6:33 utc | 45

Kiwicris / 46 Thanks, you said that just right. I knew use of the snapshot was OK, but couldn't think how to put it into words. "a representation of how different the results have been" Very good!

I'm unsure what those who have stolen the governance of the US would like us to believe a "moderate" is. But I know what a moderate isn't. It isn't a man who can watch ISIS massacre, rape, kidnap, enslave and sell other Syrians-- and then fight against the army which prevents its taking the REST of Syria.

Further, such a person is a traitor-- not simply against the State or govt, but against the people.

Posted by: Penelope | Oct 12 2015 6:58 utc | 46

Joe Tedesky, I am wondering the same thing about half-mast flags ... only I don't limit it to McCain. There are plenty of others [eg, Samantha Powers] who might call for the same thing. DC is sick ... sociopaths and psychopaths, all. I truly doubt if there is anyone in a political role that isn't as bad as McCain or Powers ... they just aren't honest enough to say what they truly believe.

Posted by: Rg an LG | Oct 11, 2015 8:38:53 PM | 36

Rt an LG, yeah you are spot on about the leadership over the Neocon's, but one thing we know is that Obama isn't in charge. John McCain is a loud visual representative of the deep state. If I were to know who is really in charge, well that would make me somekind of great investigative reporter. In fact, I feel humbled just to be able to comment on this site, amongst it's so many informative commenters. Still, I can read the news, and at this point in time I don't believe the president of the United States is the one who calls the shots. We all know that Ronald Reagan, was an actor before becoming president, but what about all the rest who have, or is holding that prestigious office? Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barak Obama, are or were nothing but script readers. H.W. Bush was the golden boy of the deep state, and so be it. It was written in the stars, that H.W. would someday ascend to the Oval Office. Carter, was an experiment gone wrong, but at least he had Brzezinski to stay the course. Now, maybe LBJ, and Nixon had some juice, but certainly Gerald Ford was the transition president. I use to think the American coup d'etat was with John Kennedy's assassination, but now I'm coming to believe the coup happened many years before that. Recently, I have come to lean on the idea that this overthrow happened when Henry Wallace, was replaced by Harry Truman to become FDR's VP. I just can't see Wallace dropping an atom bomb, or getting into a war with North Korea. Eisenhower, was in poor health, and I do believe this was all the Dulles brothers needed to escalate their evil projects. Between Joe Kennedy's hiring the mob to assure his sons presidential election, and Bobby's attacking that very mob, well the rest is history. Plus, JFK's back channeling with Nikita Khrushchev, was nothing more than his being a traitor in the eyes of this Deep State, which really does direct the show we are watching on our American stage. In my mine, a real American Patriot would reverse all of this, but then that courageous hero would be a dead dumb courageous hero for sure. Thanks for your comment.

Posted by: Joe Tedesky | Oct 12 2015 7:24 utc | 47

Harry Law / 10
There's a story sourced to Xinhua-China about a power plant strike. Language of the story's a bit blatant, picture isn't a power plant. At Xinhua, there's no such story.

Here's 2 real F-16s in SYRIA & it's reassuring-- except I understood Russians had instituted a no-fly?? .
10/8/15 (CNN)The U.S. military diverted two aircraft over Syria to ensure they could maintain a safe flying distance from a Russian fighter aircraft in the same area, according to Captain Jeff Davis, Pentagon spokesman.
It was the first time the U.S. needed to do so since Russia began military operations in Syria at the end of last month.
The two planes were F-16s that had departed from Turkey's Incirlik air base and were on their way to a location near the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, a senior defense official told CNN. The U.S. aircraft that diverted were not able to complete their mission, the official said. [incident was 10/5]
Since the Russians began operating in Syrian airspace, U.S. pilots have been under orders to change their flight path if there is a Russian plane within 20 nautical miles, according to the official.

Posted by: Penelope | Oct 12 2015 8:06 utc | 48

Once again-- Peak Oil, like manmade climate change, is a hoax Engdahl

Posted by: Penelope | Oct 12 2015 8:08 utc | 49

Has Terrorism Gone Nuclear? Explosions in China. Not trivial

Posted by: Penelope | Oct 12 2015 9:11 utc | 50

@50 "Here's 2 real F-16s in SYRIA & it's reassuring-- except I understood Russians had instituted a no-fly??"

No, Russia hasn't imposed a no-fly-zone.

They are still arguing that Obama should come to his senses and actually, you know, coordinate their activities with that of the Russians.

If Obama did agree to that then it would be trivial to get Assad to bless that cooperation, at which point the USA's gung-ho flyboys become legit.

So while there is still hope - or even just the semblance of hope - that Obama will see reason then the Russians will refrain from pulling the plug on those USAF missions.

But I imagine that Russia's patience isn't endless, and sooner or later they'll put a stop to those missions.

Nothing as dramatic as directly challenging F-16s, that would be as foolhardy as it is unnecessary.

They'll be more subtle than that e.g. they'll claim that the rebels have MANPADS from, well, I dunno'.
Somewhere, can't really tell, but they are definitely stamped "Made in the USA".

So the Russians will say they'll have to start using all that juicy electronic warfare stuff they've brought over with them - for their own safety, you understand. Nothing personal..... it's not aimed at you, though it's a pity that all YOUR stuff is also marked "Made in the USA".

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Oct 12 2015 9:53 utc | 51

38, 41, 44

When Breitbart uses the same PSYOP imagery and all their Fundie FanBoys foam at the mouth on cue, that's not journalism. When Huffpost uses faked PSYOP imagery and all their Gay Libtards drool onto their chins, that's not journalism. It's Skinnerian Pavlovian reflex conditioning, building the 'nudge' effect, to where just a random key word or seemingly innocuous image is enough to create a mass hysteria delusion that The Soviets Are Coming!, and Better Dead Than Red!!, and then Bmobs Away!!!

Tell you right now that Nuclear Weapons Are In The Med waiting for that PSYOP moment, and b and all you Crypto-Marxists should learn to celebrate your delusion in private. We live in an automated nanosecond response world, where one false move will set off a kaleidoscoping whirligig of attack and counterattack, until the snow rains black.

Putin cannot win. This just prolongs your End of Empire delusion, and WOW is right.

Posted by: Chipnik | Oct 12 2015 10:08 utc | 52

Good place to enjoy the Syrian reconquest of their country, specifically northwest Syria and Aleppo:

Syrian Army Captures Kafr Tunah and Jabal ‘Antar from ISIS in Northeast Aleppo

Russian Choppers Raid Jaysh Al-Fateh Positions in Idlib as the Syrian Army Reaches Provincial Border

Curious who actually took down these 5 or 6 Israeli drones:

Six Israeli UAVs Downed in Southern Syria: Drones Caught Spying on Hezbollah Positions

Posted by: fairleft | Oct 12 2015 10:22 utc | 53


This the same Chosen PSYOP conditioning referred to in 54 above, and obviously Madsen is a hack and political disaster opportunist seeking to fill Glenn Becks shoes with more We Are Under Attack! and The Aliens Are Coming!! Standard CIA/MOSSAD operant conditioning, training MoAnauts for the Great Change Arising, the Second Shekhinah, the Greatest Heist of Public Assets in human history, ... while MoAnologists keep busy debating the Boer Wars Outcome and the True Significance of Leyte Gulf. Jeez.

Posted by: Chipnik | Oct 12 2015 10:24 utc | 54


If Afghanistan taught us nothing that we hadn't already forgotten from Viet Nam, or from Alexander the Great or Abdülmecid II, for that matter, it's easy to conquer and reconquer lands, but a whole 'nuther apple to hold them, absent the kind of apartheid ethnic cleansing for which USArya, Russia, Germany and Israel made famous. How are a Baathist minority going to ethnically cleanse the Southern Sunni Rising? Chechnya II?

Posted by: Chipnik | Oct 12 2015 10:31 utc | 55

@57 "How are a Baathist minority going to ethnically cleanse the Southern Sunni Rising?"

Well, I would imagine that they won't.

They'll just go back to ruling over Syria in the same way that they have done from 1963.

You know, generally tolerating religious differences while ruthlessly dealing with any political opposition.

After all, once the foreign jihadists have been run outta' town then who is going to stop them?

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Oct 12 2015 10:47 utc | 56

Mona Alami became a prominent voice for the Empire of Chaos since 2011. In August she advertised a turkish - jihadi attack on Latakia:
and the turkish breakup of alliances of more or less secular arab fighters with kurdish YPG's
In September she advocated direct american support for Jaysh al Islam and Ahrar al Sham:
Syria: The Right Salafis Can Make All the Difference
like Robert Ford before.
And now Mona Alami lends her mouth to a certain ""Mounif Kadah, a member of Ahrar al-Sham" who pledges to attack Damascus against american an saudi command:

[He] emphasized that the advance of the southern front in the region has been hindered by boundaries imposed by the Military Operations Center (MOC) in Jordan, which, according to sources, includes military representatives from the United States and Arab countries.

“Southern front brigades are backed and financed by the MOC which, for now, does not seem to favor the fall of Damascus, which could result in a vacuum,” said Hatahet [a turkish think tank rat]. “Such a situation would herald the end of the regime and exclude the possibility of a political solution in Syria.” (...) Kadah attributes ongoing battles in the sector to Salafist and jihadi factions. The factions, which do not belong to the southern front and are mainly connected to Ahrar al-Sham, Alwiya al-Furqan, Jabhat al-Nusra and Jaish al-Yarmouk, have refused to abide by MOC restrictions and are determined to link southern Syria to Ghouta.
Things could change if Arab countries start considering the Russian intervention in Syria a direct threat to their interests there.
Just for the record.

Posted by: TomGard | Oct 12 2015 11:21 utc | 57

@55 "Putin cannot win"

So, Mr. Geoplitical Genius, what is your sage advice for Putin (Russia), China, Iran, Iraq, Brics, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba,Zimbabwe,and Central Asian Republics,etc. Play dead, roll over and hand over all their resources to the ISUKUS leviathan on a silver platter?

I guess if Putin was as bright as you he would have realized that it was all hopeless when he first ascended the smoldering ashheap of post-Yeltsin Russia instead of working doggedly in the service of his country's interests.

Cockroachs control most of the comments section on this blog, but they still get mighty antsy when they feel threatened.

Posted by: Geopolitical idiot | Oct 12 2015 12:32 utc | 58


so, Chicken Little, what's it gonna be, psyop or false move?

you should learn to celebrate your manic ambivalence in private.

Posted by: john | Oct 12 2015 13:00 utc | 59

The correct link for the drones in Syria is

Sorry about that.

Posted by: fairleft | Oct 12 2015 14:42 utc | 60

b wrote previous: The war on Syria, and now also on Russia, is unlikely to end in the near future. With the U.S. throwing more oil into the fire the war will burn not only in Syria but in every other country around it.

This is of course the great fear. Russia, depending on yr pov, acted with a form of shock and awe, a display (besides its strategy and tactics) because:

a) a stop has to be put, a show of strength must be made, we have no other way, it is time, etc.

b) this is an oppo to shove it to the US-West and regain some power prestige role in the ME reverse the course of history imposed on us, etc.

c) some intermediary or even d) other (which would involve Iran)

e) along the Thierry Meyssan - Penelope line, namely that some kind of agreement bewteen the Obama faction and Russia is in place (I posted previous about this, one can view it different ways.)

Putin cannot win. at 55.

He already has. In the sense that the US seemingly can do nothing to stop the arch-enemy Russia from intervening, interfering in the pré-carré (stomping grounds) of the US and poodle France in Syria.

While showing up US hypocrisy about djihadists, etc. I may be mistaken here, but have always thought that anybody with a will and clout can defeat IS (the various groups etc.) easily. Obviously Moscow thinks the same ….

The US hawks and liberal interventionists and MSM may scream and spin like crazy but…so what?

Posted by: Noirette | Oct 12 2015 14:46 utc | 61


My mild, accurate if snarky observation about the use of these pictures has created the usual spittle=flecked responses so your measured response is welcomed. The use of pictures, in a visually addicted culture, that were from a time that neither the US nor the Russian air forces were involved to promote a false narrative is questionable. We can debate that narrative but it will be some time before the Russian campaign can be deemed a success or failure. So far with Russian help the SAA has captured four or five small villages and rebel reinforcements are joining the battles and there is a worldwide call for Muslims to aid and join the fight against the Red Infidel invader.

This will not end well.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Oct 12 2015 15:52 utc | 62

4;Yes,mercenaries.That is the conundrum there.If this was an actual grassroots revolt against the Assad dynasty,obviously a dictatorship of at least some ill repute,his father had a legacy of violence and repression also,which actually dwarfed his son,who seems rather benign as far a dictators go.But being a dictatorship,an actual peoples revolt would have my total support,but of course that would also be anathema to our Zionist toads in office,and another disaster of dead.
That is why I support this regime and Russian intervention,because the body count in these nations is disgusting,and our f*cking scums in power just don't give a goddamn,despite their low life protestations of helping the people of Syria.
As Putin said,enough is enough.(sic)
And the electoral choices facing US are dismal at the moment,with D.T. Probably,despite his many flaws,the least bent on world destruction for Zion.
Bernie kibbutz droner keeps uttering nonsense regarding the world,its like the borg ,Zionism,a medieval plague let loose on humanity.

Posted by: dahoit | Oct 12 2015 20:12 utc | 63

By sending weapons to rebels, Obama has signed their death sentence. They won't surrender now because Obama gave them the hope that he will continue to help.
The Russians have now more reasons to be ruthless especially that the USA has refused to tell them where are these 'moderates' that should be spared.
They will all be killed and it will be Obama's fault

Posted by: Virgile | Oct 13 2015 0:33 utc | 64

Please . . .quit calling the prick "caliph". There is no caliph and no caliphate and you honor them by applying their own false names. ISIS is not a state. ISIS = insipidly stupid insurgent salafists.

Posted by: Denis | Oct 18 2015 12:51 utc | 65

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