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June 14, 2015

Israel Plans To Steal More Syrian Land

Israel actively helped Al Qeada in Syria, aka Jabhat al-Nusra, with artillery strikes against the Syrian Arab Army. The United Nations observers in the Golan height reported contacts between the Israeli army and AlQaeda terrorists. Israel supplies equipment to AlQaeda and prominently gives medical care to injured AlQaeda fighters.

The CIA is also prominently helping AlQaeda by sponsoring "moderate rebels" in Syria and providing them with weapons at a cost of $1 billion per year. These weapons as well as the CIA trained fighters inevitable end up with the jihadists.

One part of the Israeli plan behind its support for AlQaeda is to hurt the Syrian state as much as possible. A destroyed Syria is no threat to Israel but the destruction of the Syrian state would be a welcome excuse to appeal for more military help from its allies because of the "chaos" beyond its borders. Another part of the plan is to simply steal more Syrian land. Israel has already occupied the south western Golan heights and top positions on the heights. It is now planning to steal the north eastern parts and to control the valuable water resources there.

The excuse for doing so is the chaos it created itself by supporting AlQaeda against the Syrian army and the threat AlQaeda now poses against the local population on the Syrian side of the heights:

Reports Sunday afternoon on Israel's Walla news website claimed that Israel is making plans to create a special buffer zone in Syrian territory meant to offer safety and humanitarian aid to Syrian Druze refugees that face the growing threat of massacres at the hands of Islamic State militants and other jihadist groups like the Nusra Front, al-Qaeda's Syria affiliate.

The "buffer zone" will soon be Israeli occupied land and overtime Israel will annex the land for Jewish settlements. 

Misjudging the circumstances the Druze in Syria had taken a neutral stance in the war on Syria and did not defend the Syrian state. Some 27,000 of them evaded mandatory conscription in the Syrian army. A few days ago AlQaeda fighters killed some 20 people in a Druze village. With scarce resources the Syrian army can and will no longer defend the Druze enclaves and the Druze now have the choice to come under the control of the jihadis and be pressed to convert to Wahhabi Islam or to come under a brutal Israeli occupation.

Other minorities and communities in Syria which did not or do not support the Syrian state will over time likely end up with similar objectionable choices.

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The neoconservative Institute for the Study of War, recently published an "intelligence forecast" of what ISIS might do next [PDF]. Am I alone in believing this their surreptitious way of conveying instructions to ISIS? They created ISIS and now they are directing them.

Posted by: Maracatu | Jun 14 2015 15:41 utc | 1

Nusra Fronts recent massacres should open some eyes

Posted by: KerKaraje | Jun 14 2015 16:20 utc | 2

@1 I doubt they have to telegraph their intentions this way. They have only to ask those amongst them who are working for the CIA what the next step should be.

What this is, I think, is for domestic consumption. For those misguided freaks like WayOutWest who want to feel as though they are engaged in some bloody Role Playing Game in the Middle East. For those who want to cheer in amazement their "brilliant moves" no matter how many children are beheaded in the meantime.

Posted by: guest77 | Jun 14 2015 16:44 utc | 3

KerKaraje, I think radio yaran reads MoA. b scooped them by 3 days.

Posted by: okie farmer | Jun 14 2015 16:51 utc | 4

#1 - Yes. Are they alos the same guys who publish the ISIS magazine, written in neocon US-speak? Either way, the "think tanks"(CIA) are the policy directors. In the latest issue, "conspiracy theorists" are even ridiculed. The "conspiracy" being western involvement in ISIS. It literally cannot get any more obvious.

Posted by: Ananymus | Jun 14 2015 16:54 utc | 5

b - your paragraph "The excuse for doing so is the chaos it created"

the link on the is word isn't working..

Posted by: james | Jun 14 2015 18:09 utc | 6

All this violent, impromptu land-grabbing is slowly making "Israel's" Piece Process look less and less like a Peace Process and more and more like the Piece Process that it has always been.

I Loved this bit...
"The CIA is also prominently helping Al CIAda by sponsoring "moderate rebels" in Syria and providing them with weapons at a cost of $1 billion per year. These weapons as well as the CIA trained fighters inevitable end up with the jihadists."

When more people remember to use the correct spelling of Al CIAda, consistently, a whole bunch of pennies will drop - for everyone else.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jun 14 2015 18:20 utc | 7

The Druze phucked up, The israelis are making a huge mistake as well. Better the devil you know I say. Syria is a status quo power. Though under great strain I still think Assad can do this, the Iranians and the Hizbollah will make keep this "civil". Maduro, Putin should help out Assad, North Korea should also send more men to help out Assad. Victory in Syria will seriously put a big damper in the NWO. Libya was a huge loss but Syria would be catastrophic.

Posted by: Fernando | Jun 14 2015 19:29 utc | 8

all too true,depending on who you believe.

Posted by: mcohen | Jun 14 2015 20:29 utc | 9

And among the hard-core racist Geonocide loving Zionists in the Israeli population, I can't imagine a more rabid group of colonists that would gladly move into occupied state lands beyond Israel so to steal water, land and resources.
Could you imagine if these evil arse wipes have a much bigger population to colonise with ? It would be a far greater nightmare then what it is now.

Posted by: tom | Jun 14 2015 20:43 utc | 10

I envision Syria more from the tar baby point of view. Granted Israel can scurry in and grab more water resources, which may be too little in the region even for Israel. Neo cons in the beltway have their Ukraine Middle Eastern Yeman war baby going--how's that pivot to Asia doing Mr. President? Meanwhile the MIC delivers product like the latest fighter plane. Not exactly a can do nation anymore, or as is fashioned the empire of chaos.

Posted by: Jay M | Jun 15 2015 0:37 utc | 11

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Posted by: herbivore | Jun 15 2015 2:56 utc | 12

We have just heard
from the southern end
of a northbound

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Jun 15 2015 7:56 utc | 13

An aside,we(ICC)tried to target Bashir of Sudan as genocide man.Isn't genocide killing a particular people or race?How the hell is internecine warfare genocide?A complete mockery of justice,while the Israelis and US and our European cohorts are all off the hook for millions of dead people,almost all Muslim.As if that aint genocide,sheesh.

Posted by: dahoit | Jun 15 2015 16:17 utc | 14

Oded Yinon. In stages, by degrees. Forward.

Posted by: farflungstar | Jun 15 2015 19:28 utc | 15

@7 - Hoarsewhisperer,

good luck finding a vid of Mel Brooks' A Little Piece of Poland song online

from where i sit, it appears to have been scrubbed from the internet

Posted by: Cahaba | Jun 17 2015 3:02 utc | 16

close tag

Posted by: Cahaba | Jun 17 2015 3:03 utc | 17

@ 13 Formerly T-Bear

I almost spit wine on my keyboard; very funny...

Posted by: V. Arnold | Jun 17 2015 10:45 utc | 18

a seaport in return for peace is a fair trade,an opportunity not to be squandered.there would be three principle,s to be held.
the middle road of the righteous,the sharing of water from a spring at tel oram,the asking for forgiveness at journey,s end.

Posted by: e4 | Jun 17 2015 11:56 utc | 19

what was the purpose of the shooting at ein buvin spring near the settlement at will that change the past,how will that change the future...

an opportunity squandered

who would put a rock upon a sapling....a blind man searching for a blessing

Posted by: e4 | Jun 19 2015 23:24 utc | 20

Also attending the funeral was Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home party), who pledged to turn the spring into a tourist site.

“The murderers who didn’t want to see even a few hikers there will now see how thousands of other Jews flock to it,” he vowed.

may you rest in peace danny

Posted by: e4 | Jun 21 2015 4:25 utc | 21

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