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May 13, 2015

Light Posting - Several Issues

(Due to a (harmless) medical procedure my eyesight is temporarily restricted. For a few days I'll have some difficulties to read and write and to post here. Please bear with me.)

Some issues that (still) caught my eyes:

The Telegraph, like may other propaganda outlets, claims that the Syrian government is falling apart:

Ali Mamlouk, the head of the country's National Security Bureau, has been removed as the regime of Bashar al-Assad begins to show divisions over the role of Iran

Utter nonsense:

Syria's security services chief Ali Mamluk attended a meeting between President Bashar Assad and an Iranian official on Wednesday, after a newspaper claimed he was under house arrest for plotting a coup.

Mamluk's presence at the meeting, which was reported by the official news agency SANA, came after Britain's Telegraph newspaper said the top regime official had been sidelined.

SANA said Mamluk was among the attendees at the meeting between Assad and the head of the Iranian parliament's national security and foreign policy committee, Alaedin Boroujerdi.

The false Telegraph piece was cited as support in today's David Ignatius CIA kool-aid column which claims that the Jihadists are winning but therefore(?!) need more U.S. help. Or something like that. At least he somewhat admits that the "moderate rebels" are led by Al-Qaeda. A Saudi mouthpiece calls for opening "dialogue with moderate forces in Al-Qaeda such as Al-Nusra Front." The moderate cuddly homegrown Al-Qaeda? Where did he pick that up?

The Israelis do not mind Al-Qaeda and other Jihadists. The son of Ariel Sharon now prefers ISIS at the Golan border over a secular President Assad. His kool-aid:

Analysis: If the Syrian leader is toppled, Israel would have Islamic State on its doorstep, but it wouldn't have to face it alone; it would also mean the end of Hezbollah and leave the Golan permanently in Israel's hands.

Nice plan. Not gonna work.


One Sy Hersh hit piece follows dozens others. The authors of these piss poor laments have zero credentials compared to Hersh. But they are all invested in the White House fairy tales of the Bin Laden killing and even used it to market their books. They are mad that Hersh is taking them to the cleaners. Losers.

Hersh claims that the Pakistanis held Osama bin Laden as prisoner/guest on request of the Saudis. A Pakistani brigadier walked-in and told the CIA in exchange for money. The U.S. pressured the Pakistani generals to cooperate. The Seals flew in with the knowledge of the Pakistanis who held back their own troops. The Seals killed Bin Laden and White House fairy tales covered up the whole political mess.

The Hersh story makes sense. The News in Pakistan confirmed the walk-in part of the story. The Bin Laden house was known to be a ISI safe house with prison features. The longtime NYT correspondent to Pakistan finds the Hersh story quite plausible and fitting with her knowledge.


The Ukrainian coup parliament voted for "war time powers":

According to this law, the military command and the local administrations have the right to establish a regime of enhanced protection of critical facilities, to introduce labor service for able-bodied persons, forcibly confiscate private and communal property for state needs, to prohibit peaceful assemblies, meetings, marches, demonstrations and other public events, to prohibit activities of political parties, to carry out the evacuation of the population, and other actions.

Ahh - "western values" ...


The Israeli military had a press briefing to explained how it will commit more war crimes during its next war on Lebanon. The NYT of course "reports" the Israeli claims that Hizbullah is hiding with civilians and that Israel will therefore have to kill them all without any actual fact checking.

Notes a critic:

[The NYT] fails to recognize the irony of officials in their central Tel Aviv military headquarters lambasting Hezbollah for embedding among civilians.

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Isnt the Telegraph who aptly named "Con" Coughlin writes for? Wasnt he caught planting stories for Brit Intelligence a ways back?

Posted by: guest77 | May 13 2015 18:57 utc | 1

I hope everything goes well.

Posted by: nmb | May 13 2015 19:15 utc | 2

Yes, yes he was. The guys Wikipedia alone reads like a laundry list of journalistic malfeasance.

Posted by: guest77 | May 13 2015 19:17 utc | 3

If it wasn't clear already in Ukraine, The footsoldier Nazis that's gotten so much of the attention, are now upstaged by political fascists with their latest declaration of war power fascism

Posted by: tom | May 13 2015 20:06 utc | 4

Ukrainian war time powers sound like good old fashioned Gleichschaltung... When will they start imprisoning dissidents, the ones they don't kill, I mean?

Posted by: chuckvw | May 13 2015 20:29 utc | 5

Nice one b and wishing you a speedy recovery... As you pointed out, the "report" in the NYT about the Israeli military's hoo-haa about Hezbollah's just a media campaign aimed at prepping people's(westerner, that is) mind for an impending war...

The Israelis know they have to act sooner or later given the sorry state their nusra boys have got themselves into.. Their initial plan to use Al-nusra to topple the Syrian government hasn't worked and made situation even worse, putting the entire region on the brink of a massive catastrophe.. To top it up, Hezbollah's now mopping up the remaining Nusra in the Qalamoun - the Israelis cannot allow this to continue. The nusra are part of what Iraelis strategist call "the periphery doctrine". ie, keeping their enemies busy fighting their zombies. It's become clear for anyone with a bit of thinking ability to connect the dots between Nusra/Daesh-Israel-Saudi Arabia..

I truly hope the IDF top brass are stupid enough to launch a war on Lebanon.. Hezbollah's has a lot of score to settle with that terrorist organization that are only good at killing Palestinian women/children ...

Posted by: Zico | May 13 2015 20:58 utc | 6

Another notable item to add to the Syria list is the second story in two weeks by Anne Barnard and Somini Sengupta alleging violation of the OPCW protocol by Assad. It's arguments are so manifestly absurd -- only the Syrian government has helicopters used to drop the low-tech chlorine bombs -- I imagine there is some embarrassment to have one's name attached to it.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | May 13 2015 21:00 utc | 7

If it was true that Kerry was in Sochi yesterday to woo Lavrov and Putin to cut Syria loose, one reason the Russians will not sell Assad down the river is compromised position that would put Hezbollah in.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | May 13 2015 21:25 utc | 8

Who was that young female Indian politician quoted as saying matter-of-factly that UBL had been killed years ago?

A few days after making that remark, quite publicly as it were, she ended up dead in a car by assassin's bullet or car bomb.

Posted by: fast freddy | May 13 2015 23:01 utc | 9

After all is said about the bin laden capture/kill or whatever, I have a hard time believing that when the US spends so much effort interrogating and holding low level operatives in gitmo, and other places, would they really kill the one person who knows everything? I don't buy it.

I don't think Israel is planning anything against hizballah. The way the war is going in Syria is still meeting their strategic goals, weakening Syria. Nusra is being used like they used the south Lebanese army when they retreated from Lebanon. Israel,has its fingers crossed the Saudis and othe GCC fools feel drunk enough from their venture in Yemen that they may want to try same in Syria. I am still betting the Saudis really feels this is doable if they can get Turkey and other broke Muslim countries to throw in their armies. One thing I no for sure, Syria and Iraq will have a hell of a time getting back their northern parts from the Kurds. I am guessing all these NATO countries who are pretending to fight isil are actually their trying to help establish a territory for the Kurds, something Israel would like.
Take care B.

Posted by: Brad a | May 13 2015 23:03 utc | 10

Benazir Bhutto was a former Pakistani PM. She was running for another term when she had made the remark about the deceased UBL.

She was soonafter killed by a car bmob.

Posted by: fast freddy | May 13 2015 23:08 utc | 11

Here's a link: Bhutto refers to the murder of UBL in 2001.

Posted by: fast freddy | May 13 2015 23:15 utc | 12

b -- best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Interesting fact -- It is and it isn't being reported on the Kyiv Post website. Search for "martial law" returns this undated text, "The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has passed at second reading the bill on the legal framework of martial law which was submitted by President Petro Poroshenko" but the link , titled "None," sends you back to the list of search result.

Is this a bug or a feature? We'll see when or if that changes.

According to the underlying article at Ukrainska Pravda (modified Bing machine lang.), "Military command and administration have the right to install the enhanced protection of important objectives,..." conscript labor and property, ban political activity, as well as "conduct evacuation of population and other measures." The august Rada removed, however, provisions for the confiscation of arms. This would seem to assure that private militias get to keep theirs.

Now there's a nice euphemism, "enhanced protection." Always reassuring when people are getting screwed.

The human rights site at the head post largely reproduces this text.

As folks may recall, they've already gotten themselves a good running start on repression. But good to see -- at last -- a little decent respect for the legal niceties in Kiev.

Here in the Delaware Valley, a sad day. I'm not thinking of the tragic Amtrak derailment (50 mph curve taken at 103 mph, says NTSB). It's the thirtieth anniversary of the MOVE bombing.

Posted by: rufus magister | May 13 2015 23:33 utc | 13

thanks b and hope all goes well with your eyesight.. it is especially good from what i read here!

..."Ahh - "western values" ..." yes - and some folks are hoping that they will get proper coverage of it too from the kiev post, LOLOL! ain't gonna happen..

@8 mike maloney.. i think kerry was in sochi yesterday so that in a few months time (when the west/nato starts up the war machine in ukraine again) they can claim they tried to work it out and kerry had visited in sochi to try to support the minsk agreements and blah, blah, blah.. all of the wests actions to date in ukraine tell anyone who cares to see that the west/nato are outright liars.. anyone who believes otherwise - watch.. this was just cover for when they continue their warmongering in the next few months...''we tried to work it out with russia''.. sure..

Posted by: james | May 14 2015 1:19 utc | 14

The idea that Russia and China will let Syria fall is I think proven completely false by their actions during the brief moment that it looked like Syria might collapse: during the threatened NATO bombing campaign surrounding the gas attacks at Ghouta.

Russia and China proved then that they would put their own forces on the line to prevent Syria from falling to the West. Case closed. Anything short of the loss of Syria, they'll let the regional governments take care of themselves I'm sure. But I don't have any doubt that if there was any real threat to the Syrian state, they'd probably intervene directly (or at least Iran).

The stakes are simply too high. The loss of Syria means the loss of Lebanon and Hezbollah, and from there a completely free hand to the West and Israel in the Arab world which from there is a direct threat to Iranian and Russian borders themselves, as well as a spike in terror activity in Xinjiang.

It won't happen without Russia-Iran-China combine going "all in" (to use a stupid Americanism) because the alternative is for them to be "all in" anyway.

That's my analysis, anyway.

Posted by: guest77 | May 14 2015 1:31 utc | 15

And of course - to 'b' - best of luck. I do hope it goes well.

Posted by: guest77 | May 14 2015 1:33 utc | 16

jas @ 14 -- I'd settle for them ending their practice of airing the dirtiest linen behind the paywall, like this enticing tidbit.

Posted by: rufus magister | May 14 2015 1:41 utc | 17

@17 rufus.. if you want fresh red meat, you have to pay for it!!

and for polished propaganda...

Rathke: Poroshenko’s words/A> don’t breach Minsk. 13 May 2015

Posted by: james | May 14 2015 2:26 utc | 18

james at 18 -- If I might paraphrase the classic slogan of German Social Democracy, "Not one hit, not one penny!"

Rathke might be slick, but boring. I pay attention to State Dept. briefing clips strictly for entertainment value. I like our age's ongoing Punch and Judy show, Matt Lee and Marie Harf.

Posted by: rufus magister | May 14 2015 3:11 utc | 19

Best wishes b, we need your therapy.

Latest from the Saker:

Posted by: ben | May 14 2015 3:53 utc | 20


Get well soon pal, we need your keen eyes!

The CIA/MI6/Mossad et al is "telegraphing" anti-Syrian trash to all their mouthpieces, aimed at weakening Syria on paper as their military plans get thwarted once and again. The taqfiri rats of JAN created a fake front, Jaish al-Fath, to fight Hezbollah and the Syrian Army in the Qalamoun barrens, not willing to use their name just in case they got their butts kicked, again, as it happened. Once they realized Hezbollah/SA were about to clean their clock, they call ISIL for support, and were refused,causing JAN to accuse ISIL of treason, and declaring war on them, as if they don't have more than enough enemies with Hezbollah and the Syrian Army, the utter idiots.

Al-Nusra Declares War against ISIL in Al-Qalamoun

The infighting between AQ/JAN and ISraIL seems to have reached a high point.

Syria: Tens of Terrorists Killed in Infighting among Rival Militant Groups

Hezbollah couldn't afford having the taqfiri rats looking down on them at the Bekaa Valley from the heights of the Qalamoun barrens, it was a strategic imperative to remove them and secure their backs. Shaykh Hassan Nasrallah warned the Lebanese Army if they couldn't deal with the taqfiri threat, he was going to do it in due time, and assured them Hezbollah will defeat the taqfiris. A man true to his word.

Breaking: Hezbollah Captures Strategic Mountaintop at Tal Al-Moussa in the Qalamoun

Battle Map Update of the Qalamoun Offensive

On the Iraqi front, the successor to ISIL's al-Baghdadi was allegedly killed in Nineveh, a severe blow for the US/ISraIL created taqfiri rats, which were already fighting for power and positioning after the death of al-Baghdadi. Please don't tell Wayoutwest, he will be grieving a double blow.

Successor of ISIL Leader Baghdadi Killed in Nineveh

It doesn't look so good for the taqfiri rats, they need a little help from their friends at Al-CIA/MI6/Mossad, experts on PSYOP and with many newspapers and journos in their payrolls.

Posted by: Lone Wolf | May 14 2015 4:00 utc | 21

Enjoy your convalescence b. Complete is preferable to quick.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | May 14 2015 4:11 utc | 22


What a find, LW an unbiased factual voice of the Axis of Resistance. Did you buy some of that clever Nasrallah wallpaper they advertise? I can just imagine how inspired you would be waking up with a beady-eyed Theocrat staring down upon you.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | May 14 2015 4:38 utc | 23

Posted by: Wayoutwest | May 14, 2015 12:38:00 AM | 23

Next you'll be telling us that being stared down upon is the same as being looked up to.
And we won't believe that, either.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | May 14 2015 6:10 utc | 24

guest77 #15

I agree that Russia will not let Syria fall and China will covertly support Russia here. Still Russia cannot afford to directly involve themselves any more than they have in the Syrian war. I suspect that they will provide some Muslim 'volunteers' that are skilled in using grads (along with the needed spotters) to push back the ISIS invaders coming in through Turkey. The Russians will not push too hard for, after all, they now are relying on Turkey to help transit their natural gas into Southern Europe. The sides in this war are sooo complicated.

Somehow I think events in Syria are going to be determined by what happens to the Saudis in their war in Yemen. How that turns out is anyone's guess. Hopefully the cease fire holds and some kind of protracted negotiations will result.

Posted by: ToivoS | May 14 2015 7:30 utc | 25

re 10

One thing I no for sure, Syria and Iraq will have a hell of a time getting back their northern parts from the Kurds.
You obviously haven't kept up with the news. KRG is in a grave economic crisis. It can do nothing. ISIS are still virtually within line of sight of Erbil. Public servants ('again' according to my informant) haven't been paid for three months. Many have serious doubts now that Kurdistan can ever be independent. Barazani has even said it, in an oblique way, evidently little reported in the west.

Posted by: Laguerre | May 14 2015 8:18 utc | 26

it is the begining of the end in syria

first week in june

Posted by: mcohen | May 14 2015 9:12 utc | 27

May Allah give you a speedy recovery and good health B!

The arussians expect the Syrians to have the will and determination to fight themselves and they will assist with intelligence and weapons. However I am very sceptical of the Russians, Putin recently said that he stoped the transfer of S300 SAMs to Syria after Isreal opposed this as it can threathen Isreal security! I am still trying to figure out how a anti-aircraft system can be an offensive weapon when its role is to stop Isreals continuous air attacks of Syria? But then Putin says the opossite about supplying the SAMs to Iran - its purely defensive, does not threathen anyone blah blah. At the end, Iran will need to deploy the Bavar-373 to Syria and let the Russians supply whatever they think will not threathen Isreal!

Posted by: Irshad | May 14 2015 9:28 utc | 28

re 27

it is the begining of the end in syria
first week in june
Only in American propaganda. Nobody else has a problem, at least not a serious one.

Posted by: Laguerre | May 14 2015 9:52 utc | 29

If one accepts Mr Bhadrakumar's analysis, the Americans have got the RUssians to agree to play Iran again over the S300 issue. Nowonder there was a cool response from Tehran, when Moscow announced that they will be selling the system again to Iran. Multipolar world is still struggling to survive its birth!

@27 - who told you that? You sound like all those knaves and fools who were saying Assad is going next week in 2011/12..and we are now in 2015. As long as Iran and Hezbollah is around, expect Assad to be around...! And then you still have the Syrian Arab Army which is still a very strong fighting force...battle hardened for fight to save the country from Zio-Takfiris!

Posted by: Irshad | May 14 2015 11:18 utc | 30

Link to Mr Bahdrakumars article:

Posted by: Irshad | May 14 2015 11:19 utc | 31

fast freddy at 9. I was going to answer your question but you did it yourself….

Benazir Bhutto, ex prime Minister of Pakistan, two terms. (PPP: Pakistan People’s Party.) You linked to the Frost interview. This link discusses some of the ins and outs and gives a time-line.

Benazir was assassinated in 2007, just before an election in which she was standing as the reportedly ‘favored’ candidate (correct imho), but that had nothing to do with Bin Laden.

b, take care of yourself, all wishes for a smooth recovery.

Posted by: Noirette | May 14 2015 12:02 utc | 32

james at 14 wrote: i think kerry was in sochi yesterday so that in a few months time (when the west/nato starts up the war machine in ukraine again) they can claim they tried to work it out and kerry had visited in sochi to try to support the minsk agreements and blah, blah, blah..

That is possible, for sure. Another interpretation:

Kerry (according to media, see link) reportedly warned Poroshenko against any further violations of the Minsk 2 cease-fire.

As a public statement, it firmly puts the US on board with Minsk 2, and sorta underground enlarges the Normandy-4 (Russia, Ukr, France, Germany) to 5 (+ the USA.)

Recall that Minsk 2 has been approved by the UNSC, and the USA signed on without any (afaik) objections or proposed amendments.

Now if Poroshenko disobeys or doesn’t follow the master’s tune, or can’t control the various factions in play (I suspect this is the case; note, a puppet prez who can’t do that has an F rating) this is just a first sign that the US is withdrawing from the whole Ukr. ‘mess’ to concentrate on matters elsewhere.

The US has no consistent foreign policy, no clear aims, no rigor. (OK, there is the Promote Chaos theory, etc.) What one sees on the world stage is the outcome of confused and hazardous ad hoc, temporary stances and policies, products of internal in-fighting. That is what will sink it in the end. Ukraine of course has no independent policies at all, except that of individuals who fight for domination, money, power, and quarrel to the death amongst themselves. Such marriages (US- Ukr) break down after a time.

Posted by: Noirette | May 14 2015 12:56 utc | 33


the battle at al-shughoor sums it all up

The Jisr al-Shughour massacre of 1980 occurred in Syria on 9 March 1980, when helicopter borne Syrian troops were sent into Jisr ash-Shugur, a town between Aleppo and Latakia, to quell demonstrators, who had recently ransacked barracks and party offices in town. A ferocious search and destroy mission ensued that left some two hundred dead, while scores of prisoners were ordered executed in field tribunals.[1]

35 years later,times have changed.

first week in june

Posted by: mcohen | May 14 2015 13:10 utc | 34

David Sanger at the lying times says Saudis want nuclear energy and weapons that Iran has.sheesh.Do they ever tell the truth?
And at Wapo,Dana Milbank declares;The Internet.Sucks.Sure asshole,they read the truth instead of your BS.I feel a chill in the ether.

Posted by: dahoit | May 14 2015 13:19 utc | 35


What a find, LW an unbiased factual voice of the Axis of Resistance.

Unbiased? Naaah...I don't pretend the cynical and criminal "neutrality" you dump on us day in and day out. I support the Axis of Resistance against the Axis of Evil you're a fan of.

Did you buy some of that clever Nasrallah wallpaper they advertise?

Buy? Wonder in what neck of the woods you are, if you are still buying newspapers. Or does ISraIL force you to buy their "news" rag?

I can just imagine how inspired you would be waking up with a beady-eyed Theocrat staring down upon you.

Waking up means I will have my head on my shoulders, which won't be your case; despite your support for ISraIL they consider you an infidel, will behead you as such, the worse will be to show your head and find it empty.

Posted by: Lone Wolf | May 14 2015 14:07 utc | 36


it is the begining of the end in syria

first week in june

Sure....the taqfiris have been trying to take the hospital at Jisr al-Shughour for weeks now, at no avail. The Syrian Army Tiger Force is getting close, and the JAN rats are getting desperate. Your predictions have been nullified again and again since 2011, but be my guest, you can go on forecasting drivel.

Posted by: Lone Wolf | May 14 2015 14:26 utc | 37


it is the begining of the end in syria

first week in june

Sure....the taqfiris have been trying to take the hospital at Jisr al-Shughour for weeks now, at no avail. The Syrian Army Tiger Force is getting close, and the JAN rats are getting desperate. Your predictions have been nullified again and again since 2011, but be my guest, you can go on forecasting drivel.

Posted by: Lone Wolf | May 14 2015 14:28 utc | 38

As we rush towards a global neoliberal corporatocracy, US Transnationals have already won many battles for Ukraine.
USG leadership pretty much fronts these corporate takeovers.

Perhaps one reason for the "empire of chaos" moniker, is the fact that resource extractors and defense contractors need little infrastructure. Additionally, corporate interests of these transnationals vary widely thus making it look like chaos is a strategy.

Posted by: Linda Amick | May 14 2015 14:49 utc | 39

mcohen keeps saying:

first week in june

is this an omen? is there some prophetic significance here? have you heard voices?

Posted by: john | May 14 2015 15:07 utc | 40

@31 Bhadrakumar: "There is no reason to doubt the disclosure by the unnamed senior State Department official..." Oh, there's plenty of reason.

"How could such an erudite mind and profound intellect(Obama's) have got it all so very wrong?"
Um, because he's a dope?

Posted by: ruralito | May 14 2015 15:30 utc | 41

it is the begining of the end in syria

first week in june

mcohen or Avi or Chaim????

My god!!! You guys never give up, huh..?? We've been hearing this same mantra since 2011, even Obomba added his voice to that worn-out chorus when he said Assad had "days/weeks" to live... It's been 4 damn years since!!!

I find it quite funny when Zionist hoodlums and their assorted apologists do all kinds of silly propaganda for Al-CIADA.. Seem Israel is happy with an AL-CIADA takeover of Syria, I wonder

These dreamers never

Posted by: Zico | May 14 2015 15:55 utc | 42

LA @ 38:

"As we rush towards a global neoliberal corporatocracy, US Transnationals have already won many battles for Ukraine.
USG leadership pretty much fronts these corporate takeovers."

Yep, without a doubt. That's the battle, Corporatocracy Vs. autonomy for the people. A bit simplistic, but, true.

Posted by: ben | May 14 2015 16:38 utc | 43

@34 - first week if June? Nothings going to happen apart from more Takfiri Rabble been sent to hell... Hezbollah is now deploying to any and all part of the country along with SAA. Iranian military sources are saying that they will be more involved with greater direct involvement of manpower and equipment in Syria and Iraq. If the Saudi retards can bomb Yemen to the stoneage in helpung the fugitive President, then this is the reaction from Tehran.

Also Mr Soleimani has been very quiet - that means he is upto something....what is anyones guess but I am pretty sure it will not be to the Zio-Takfiris liking!!!

Posted by: Irshad | May 14 2015 17:06 utc | 44

@27 mcohen.. you said something wacky back around the first day of spring - march 21st too.. what is this you are practicing? some form of voodoo, or numerology or something?

@30 irshad.. quote "Multipolar world is still struggling to survive its birth!" good perspective. thanks!!!

@33 noirette.. my problem with kerrys statement to porkoshenko is it didn't get picked up by the western media.. kerry can flap his lips all he wants.. i watched jeff rathke (state dept acting deputy spokesperson) responding to this here... it is the usual - the separatists are disobeying the minsk treaty, but apparently those saints from kiev are all such law abiding military folks they don't get mentioned as breaking the agreement, at least not by the offical usa state dept clowns.. as with so much of us state operation, official or not, this question period is just another propaganda tool..

@39 john... that's right, lolol.....

Posted by: james | May 14 2015 17:24 utc | 45

@43 When Poroshenko vowed to retake Donetsk airport he was just kidding around according to Jeff Rathke. I guess it's OK to do that within the Minsk2 framework.

Posted by: dh | May 14 2015 17:49 utc | 46

Oh boy, this is not satire!!!

"NATO foreign ministers' rendition of the classic song "We Are the World" led Twitter users to reflect on what the alliance really means for that world."

Here the link to the story and video on Sputnik:

Posted by: Fran | May 14 2015 18:59 utc | 47

Uh oh, WayOutWest is making jokes again.

The Champion of ISIS talking down about "theocrats"! Oh, that's rich...

Posted by: guest77 | May 14 2015 22:52 utc | 48

further to 13 -- Kiev's titular head of the Lugansk oblast, Gennady Moskal seems to have gotten a running start on martial law himself.

“There are no people there, only terrorists. Normal people have all gone to our side,” Moskal told a truck driver while studying cargo papers. “If you are feeding the terrorists, then you are aiding and abetting them.”

“But it’s all Ukraine. Nobody declared martial law here,” the driver argues.

“I banned everything from crossing except cars and pedestrians. And starting 12th there would be only pedestrians. Because of the likes of you,” the governor replies.

It's well known in right-thinking circles everywhere, only terrorists don't want to be ruled by fascists.

Posted by: rufus magister | May 15 2015 0:04 utc | 49

lf #38

take the hospital ?very funny.the hospital was destroyed by invitations sent out to the saa to bomb it on behalf of the rebels.that was a major blow for syria at very little cost to the rebels who will now move on to the next strategic target.

Posted by: mcohen | May 15 2015 2:59 utc | 50

Open thread?

I hope readers here know that after the US invasion AIDS became rampant in Afghanistan. Main causes were: poverty, prostitution, increased availability of heroin, increased addiction, and lack of sanitary / med measures. There were plenty of studies and reports, WHO, OECD, etc. These tended to skip why exactly the drug trade took off - reports concentrated on societal break-down, and so on. There is one myth about that: The Taliban supposedly slashed poppy fields and tried to put a stop to the trade. That is not true, they did control and constrain the trade, but only because prices went down the toilet (glut) they had to limit the production. Control of the drug trade has been a big part of the US (CIA) - Taliban - Afgh. Gvmt. strife. By now, it is Afgh’s only export of any importance.

Anyway ..There are a lot of heroin addicts in Ukraine, and a lot of HIV infection and Aids sufferers, denied and covered up, under Yanukovitch and before, see one -rare- MSM link in F, Libération, 2012.

Only about 25 - at most 30% of HIV+ ppl receive treatment (1)…Below, some nos. (Note the prevalence no. for Ukraine is over 1%, point 8 is not correct.) In any case, you have to examine those figures in view of the testing rates, which are very low in Ukraine.

Since 2001, HIV prevalence in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia has increased by 250 percent..

The EU is aware though I guess they haven’t got the measure of it. The issue is sub rosa related to visa-free entry. Richard Branson, of all people, has been calling for legalising drugs in Ukraine, he says it’s the only way of combatting the epidemic. He was alerted by this person / organisation,

Getty has a photo-reportage. NOT for the faint of heart or under 18. The captions give some info.

Needless to say the Donbass has run out of opioid substitution, retro-viral therapy and most likely needles as well. Blockaded by Kiev despite urgent appeals, in and out of Ukr. I am willing to bet a fancy bottle that the white trucks don’t contain any of that. Worst of all, maybe: in Ukraine there is only one condom factory, if it is still running?, condoms are becoming scarce and wildly expensive. In a country at WAR…where all illegal trades are flourishing and poverty climbs by the hour …no condoms..…

Ukraine has, or maybe I should say had (before the coup), a ‘Western’ approach to AIDS from the medical and public health pov (i.e. different from Russia) which is favorable. However, its public attitude to drug use, homosexuality, aids, is stigmatising and discriminatory. (Prevalence rates are higher in the East, lower in the West.) At the same time, it is sexually ‘free’, a bad mix. However, the no. 1. cause of the epidemic is Gvmt. / oligarch corruption and mis-management, imho. Besides the proximal cause of intravenous drug use etc. International Orgs. and NGOs stay silent about this aspect. Plenty of programs and money have been poured in - Ukr. has no proper state-sponsored prevention program, but the money…well…

You can get an idea from for ex. the Global Fund (note also the nos. for tuberculosis)

>scroll down to performance

Naturally, these foreign funded progs. have been leaving Ukr., also some of the aid comes in the form of debts, which have not been paid.

The W MSM doesn't mention (HuffPo had a few articles) and tends to bash Russia and twist the stats about Ukraine.

1. For officially registered patients the rate in Russia is well over 90%. But that is another tale.

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