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April 17, 2015

Ukraine: "Both Sides Touched" By NATO Related Murder Of The Other Side

The Washington Post's Michael Birnbaum invented a new funny way to equalized victims and perpetrators of serious crimes:

MOSCOW — A pro-Russian Ukrainian journalist was gunned down in Kiev on Thursday, authorities said, a day after a Ukrainian politician supporting Moscow was found dead.

The killing of Oles Buzyna, 45, raised fears of a new wave of back-and-forth violence in the streets of Ukraine after a string of unsolved deaths that has touched both sides of the conflict between Ukraine’s Western-allied government and pro-Moscow separatists.

Indeed the "unsolved deaths" "touched both sides" with eleven people on one side getting murdered while the other side covered up these murders as "suicides" and very likely also provided the killers.

Eight politicians of the Party of Region of former president Yanukovich, ousted in a U.S. inspired coup, were killed as were three journalists un-sympathetic to the now ruling coup government.

There is some curious connection between some of the recent killings and NATO. As RB at NiqNaq provides (recommended):

On Apr 14, a profile of Oles’ Buzina was added to site (where Ukrainian government encourages people to fink the authorities on the people suspected of separatism); on Apr 15, Oles’ Buzina was killed near his home with 4 shots. I (my correspondent – RB) looked up the Web address where they posted Buzina’s address, and found that it’s hosted on a NATO server.

The Niqnaq post provides details and screenshots demonstrating the connection to NATO. (A short take is also here.) I was myself researching the issue for MoA when I found that Niqnaq post and I can confirm the findings and add a bit.

Two names and personal data of persons recently assassinated in Ukraine were posted on a "nationalist" website shortly before those persons were killed. That website, (screenshot) auto-translated from Russian to English (screenshot), is headlined:


Information for law enforcement authorities and special services about pro-Russian terrorists, separatists, mercenaries, war criminals, and murderers.

Next to some news pieces the site carries a list for download with some 7,700 names of "saboteurs" and "terrorists".

On a first view the name "" is anonymously registered through the U.S. company Wild West Domains.

A "traceroute" command shows that Internet Protocol requests to the server "" end in a datacenter in Dallas, Texas at and the IP number

A "nslookup" command with the input "" confirms in its output the registered IP Number to be "" (screenshot).

A reverse "nslookup" command with the input "" provides the output "". (screenshot).


"" is the Internet domain namespace registered and reserved for NATO. Why is a server for a website which is hunting for dissidents in Ukraine - some of whom have been killed - registered within the NATO Internet namespace?

After some additional research we find that the non-anonymous registration to "" is to one Vladimir Kolesnikov, 98 Lenin St, Velyka Oleksandrivka, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine.

Further searching for Vladimir Kolesnikov we find that Mr. Kolesnikov has registered several other websites through Limestone Networks, Inc in Dallas, Texas.

Some of these website seem to be concerned with crypto payment, teletraining and unrelated stuff. Some others are related to the nasty "nationalist" side of the Ukraine conflict. asks for tip offs about "saboteurs" and "terrorists" and their operations while is a general "nationalist" news collection.

There is no hint of any NATO-relation in these other sides. A reverse nslookup like the one that shows a relation like between "" and "" does not deliver such results for the other website registered to Mr. Kolesnikov.

One possible explanation for the "" lookup result might be that the website was originally build or tested within the NATO namespace and later transferred outside without cleaning up some of the original name references.

Posted by b on April 17, 2015 at 19:06 UTC | Permalink


thanks b.. any connection to nato is really riveting if true.. the fact all the people murdered are opposed to the present gang in kiev speaks volumes as well.. i hope some western msm will pick some of this up, but i highly doubt it.. it will be more bs like the wapo is famous for.. spewing propaganda 24/7, these media outlets make the prvada of previous times look like amateurs..

Posted by: james | Apr 17 2015 21:45 utc | 1

Excellent work, b. It is true that the MSM sill never publish anything like this ... but it is also true that the 'market' for news has been bifurcated at this point : those who want to know the truth are engaged in the search for it on their own and those who definitely do NOT want to know the truth are reading, viewing the MSM.

Attending to the MSM has become an act of complicity with the crimes of the empire in itself.

Posted by: jfl | Apr 17 2015 22:33 utc | 2

So, death squads on the menu?

Ah, takes me back to those golden times in Iraq, El Salvador...

Posted by: JerseyJeffersonian | Apr 17 2015 22:43 utc | 3

Vladimir Kolesnikov? Suspiciously Russian-looking name.

Posted by: lysias | Apr 17 2015 22:45 utc | 4

I've come to appreciate the value of the "both sides" meme.
It's a 24ct guarantee that USrael or one of their "good friends" has been caught perpetrating inexcusable atrocities, upon civilians, which need to be urgently diluted.
The "Israelis" have turned it into an art form - an absolute necessity given that ALL the victims of the Shitty Little Country's insane anti-Palestinian hubris have been civilians.
It's quite clever in a cowardly, sneaky, "Israeli" kind of way...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Apr 18 2015 3:55 utc | 5

04/17/2015 19:57

Russian Spring

Commenting an appeal of Donbass community to the guarantors of the Minsk agreements, Presidents of Russia and France, Vladimir Putin and François Hollande as well as Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, the Chairman of Peoples Council of Donetsk Republic Andrey Purgin assumed that today’s Kiev moves toward Ukrainian Nazism.

“Mass arrests and intimidation are common. Those who disagree to live with the Ukrainian ethnic nazism are prosecuted. The most active ones are incarcerated”, asserted Purgin.

According to him, thousands are jailed for their political convictions.

“Of course, there are calls to (international) community, to Merkel, Europe to interfer. Unfortunately, those live in framework of different (double) standards and are not going to do anything. Instead, they call to yield to Ukraine, where arrests and burning houses are taking place”, added Purgin.

Posted by: Fete | Apr 18 2015 4:41 utc | 6


Why is a server for a website which is hunting for dissidents in Ukraine - some of whom have been killed - registered within the NATO Internet namespace?

Russian Defense Minister summed it up very well, at Moscow's annual security conference.

"The United States and its allies have crossed all possible lines in their drive to bring Kiev into their orbit..."

JerseyJeffersonian@3 is right on target reminding us of the infamous "Death Squads" in El Salvador and Iraq. Targeting of opposition figures by parallel security forces killing not-so anonymously, is an integral part of any regime hell-bent on imposing by force a quasi-fascist form of government. The purpose is to inflict terror on a massive scale, a psychological war that aims at paralyzing others from opposing the regime. It is the ABC of any counterinsurgency manual, and it clearly shows the hand of the CIA behind the systematic killing of Yanukovich allies, perceived or real pro-Russian individuals/organizations/regional or city governments, as it happened recently in Kharkov, and a couple of days ago in Odessa. This is lustration on a higher level, not just firing from government posts all of those considered “opposition,” not enough for the Ukrainian neo-nazis, they have to be physically eliminated. As bastard children of nazi ideologues, they have to follow their German masters in their “purification” of society (lustration from Latin = purification), cleansing it from any elements that could endanger the “purity” of their new fascist dystopia.

The WaPo, a mouthpiece of Neoconland/Deep State, is an accomplice to murder not only in Ukraine, and has played a crucial role white-washing the crimes of the criminal Kiev junta from day one. Shame on you, Michael Birnbaum, you’re justifying the slaughter of innocents just to keep a miserable job writing horseshit, and killing them a second time with your blatant lies.

Posted by: Lone Wolf | Apr 18 2015 6:05 utc | 7

no turtle no soup,

Posted by: mcohen | Apr 18 2015 12:37 utc | 9

james @1

i hope some western msm will pick some of this up, but i highly doubt it.

The western msm have picked up on it but to claim that an anti-Kiev oligarch who funded the Party of Regions is killing them off to cover his tracks over that funding.

Posted by: blowback | Apr 18 2015 12:41 utc | 10

An organisation called the 'Ukrainian Insurgent Army' has claimed responsibility for the murders of Chechetov, Peklushenko, Miller, Kalashnikov and Buzina.

Posted by: Yonatan | Apr 18 2015 13:29 utc | 11

CTuttle at 8 --

I second your recommendation. I spotted some short extracts at Russia Insider, and I share their recommendation that you read the whole piece. Here's a small sample, .

Q: In a historical perspective, do you consider Russia justified?

Well, I can’t think otherwise. I began warning of such a crisis more than 20 years ago, back in the ’90s. I’ve been saying since February of last year [when Viktor Yanukovich was ousted in Kiev] that the 1990s is when everything went wrong between Russia and the United States and Europe. So you need at least that much history, 25 years. But, of course, it begins even earlier....

Q: I take Kiev’s characterization of its war in the eastern sections as an “anti-terrorist campaign” to be one of the most preposterous labels out there right now.

But, then, why did Washington say OK to it? Washington has a say in this. Without Washington, Kiev would be in bankruptcy court and have no military at all. Why didn’t Washington say, “Don’t call it anti-terrorist?” Because if you call it “anti-terrorism” you can never have negotiations because you don’t negotiate with terrorists, you just kill them, a murderous organization with murderous intent....

So the United States has been deeply complicit in the destruction of these eastern cities and peoples....

Ever since the Clinton administration, we’ve bleated on about the right to protect people who are victims of humanitarian crises. You’ve got a massive humanitarian crisis in eastern Ukraine.... Where is Samantha Power, the architect of “right to protect?” We have shut our eyes to a humanitarian crisis in which we are deeply complicit. This is what’s shameful, whether you like or don’t like Putin. It’s got nothing to do with Putin. It has to do with the nature of American policy and the nature of Washington—and the nature of the American people, if they tolerate this.

See also his comments on Yeltsin. Increasing ill and under the thumb of the oligarchs, he cozied up to Washington. Cohen reports that Medvedev, a number of years ago, advised that Zyuganov of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation had actually won the election that gave Yeltsin his final term.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 18 2015 15:04 utc | 12

Terror in Odessa: mass arrests of protesters: 53 people reported detained at demonstration in support of local autonomy;

New detentions of peaceful protesters in Odessa: 30 people reported detained at Odessa rally for cultural autonomy and a peaceful solution to the civil conflict: "The People's Council [of Bessarabia] is the grassroots, peaceful initiative."

So far the People's Council of Bessarabia is looking like an effort to use what legal space seems to exist under current junta law to organize "within the system," while the Odessa People's Republic appears to be extralegal and separatist. But the reality is that there is no legal space within fascism for any opposition to organize:

Ukrainian Neo-Nazi march in Odessa

Posted by: Vintage Red | Apr 18 2015 15:43 utc | 13

jj, lw, bb at 3, 7 & 10 --

Extrajudicial repression has been a staple of the ruling class since antiquity. See the murder of Tiberius Gracchus in the 2nd. cent. BC. But along with creating "insurgencies" (Nicaragua, Afghanistan) the Amercan Century has really made it one of its art forms. A sort of "Abstract Repressionism;" we're disinclined to think of the human cost, let alone accept responsibility for it.

Fort Russ has this report that the "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) claimed responsibility for recent murders of regime opponents. Translator K. Rus says it could either be "the far right taking matters into their hands" or an attempt by the regime to distance itself, after posting the "wanted" notice.

If you want some good fantasy fiction writing, I'd recommend the Kyiv Post's weirdly informative article, Murders of two journalists, ex-lawmaker spook Kyiv. It begins, "The atmosphere was spooky in Kyiv on April 16 as news broke about the murder of a third prominent person in four days." Quite lit'ry, weren't it? It's the Party of Regions, it's the Russian, it's a scheme to disrupt Victory Day.

It goes on to some highly negative spin about Kalashnikov and Buzina, and finishes with short accounts of rash of "suicides" amongst regime opponents.

Meanwhile, repression is spreading in Odessa. A mixed group of local Maidan activists, police, and PravSek militiamen detained protesters. They wanted a free trade zone and were unhappy with utility prices and pensions. A clear and present danger. Whereabouts presently unknown. -- VR at 13, just saw yrs. I'll have to ck'out the NeoNazi bit.

It will be then no suprise that figures close to Poroshenko are arguing for mass internment and deportations for dissenters. The administration itself is advising on how to distort the Second World War for fun and profit. "Current defenders of Ukraine should be considered as successors of the winners over Nazism."

All one can say is, how bizarre!

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 18 2015 16:20 utc | 14

VR -- well that was depressing. In part 'cause it lead me to what the link called "Drunk With Permissiveness: Nazis Execute Journalist Buzina, Promise New Bloodshed." The page itself is a little more mundane, Ukrainian Insurgent Army Claims Responsibility for Death of Reporter Buzina. It provides further details than the Fort Russ account above.

It links the rise in violence to the recent proclamation of the collaborators as victors over their fascist patrons, taken as a green light for a bit of the ultra-violence. They promise "a ruthless insurgent battle against the traitors of the Ukrainian regime and Moscow henchmen..." They seem as good as their word. Too bad....

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 18 2015 16:44 utc | 15

Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?

The Thomas a Becket school of oppo neutralization...

Posted by: ǝn⇂ɔ | Apr 18 2015 16:45 utc | 16

Another intresting find..


and you will get:

Admin Name: Ophelia Dingbatter
Admin Organization:
Admin Street: Box B 646
Admin City: Black Diamond
Admin State/Province: Alberta
Admin Postal Code: T0L 0H0
Admin Country: Canada
Admin Phone: +1.4039337890
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax:
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email:
Registry Tech ID:

2. Tech Name: Helmut Morscher

Tech Organization: Webby Inc
Tech Street: Box 646
Tech City: Black Diamond
Tech State/Province: Alberta
Tech Postal Code: T0L 0H0
Tech Country: Canada
Tech Phone: +1.4039337890
Tech Phone Ext:
Tech Fax:
Tech Fax Ext:
Tech Email:
Name Server: NS.WEBBY.COM

Google Helmut Morscher

"International Media Liaison
Maidan Alliance"

"International issues advisor
Maidan web-site"

Posted by: Anonymous | Apr 18 2015 16:48 utc | 17

These incidents are so historically familiar. When reading your article b, I couldn't help thinking about Italy and the murders and terrorism that occurred through out the 1950's to 1980's. Incorrectly, many of our contemporaries believe that the Gladio which was created by NATO, the UK and the US is defunct. As revealed by Professor Daneile Ganser, Gladio is a live and well and operates globally. Yes, NATO is the culprit. Just as it was the instrumental culprit that was used as a tool in Kosovo for US interests. As for the monsters in Kiev, Reinhard Gehlen, one of the Nazi architects of the stay-behind-network would be proud.

Posted by: A.E.W | Apr 18 2015 17:01 utc | 18

en1c at 15 -- Very droll! It's been renamed "plausible deniability" to suite modern sensibilities.

vr at 13 -- I followed your link.

Depressing, in part 'cause I followed this link there, "Drunk With Permissiveness: Nazis Execute Journalist Buzina, Promise New Bloodshed." It provides further details than the Fort Russ item cited at 14. Folks will have to find it on their own, I'm afraid. It wouldn't post my link from Sputnik -- though the link in the preview worked. Others have had that problem.

"We are unfolding a ruthless insurgent battle against the traitors of the Ukrainian regime and Moscow henchmen...." They claim five murders, including Kalashnikov and Buzina. So they look to be as good as their word. Too bad.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 18 2015 17:07 utc | 19

@18 Poroshenko will call it Russian propaganda. MSM will just ignore it.

Posted by: dh | Apr 18 2015 17:32 utc | 20

Thank you for your links, CTuttle @ 8. I don't know Stephen Cohen very well, but I took a dislike to Katherine his wife way back when the Nation came out so strongly against Ralph Nader as a candidate, and seeing her on Charlie Rose didn't warm me to her either. There are some folk on the 'left' who need to come right out and admit they have been wrong to endorse anti-common-folk principles in the past, due to the damage they have caused by supporting the oligarchs.

They are taking a page out of Putin's book: he was in government during the Yeltsin era when policies were strongly skewed to get along with US oligarchies and Russia's own. Putin has changed course, no two ways about it, and his people as a consequence love him. I just hope these folk will have the same intention - Katherine, you will have to stop sniping at Ralph if you want us to love you.

Posted by: juliania | Apr 18 2015 19:45 utc | 21

The problem of Ukrainian nationalism is that they do not have "democratic template", heroes of the past were hetmans, otamans and fascists. To be patriotic, you have to be bloody minded. So patriots are murdering enemies of the people, and the West gives green light by giving aid and not raising stink. [disclamer: I do not despise patriotism, but like love and religion, it can motivate excesses including murder, mass murder, lies, mass lies and so on, emotional attachment can be a positive force, but as we know, it is not always the case. Below, "patriot" describes the self-assessment.]

The Newsweek story that b found is extremely symptomatic. American patriots in the media are following the official clues how to cover stories from the confusing lands outside our borders. Apparently, in the case of Ukraine, one has to follow explanations of Ukrainian patriots. And the version plied in Newsweek was that an oligarch, Rinat Akhmetov, is ordering murders of his former confidants and benefactors to "remove witnesses", somehow failing to consider the following clues: murders are being covered up by the current authorities, the minister in charge of police is a fascist (according to Guardian, "there is only one fascist in Ukrainian cabinet"), and Akhmetov is not allied with the current authorities.

Since 1945, members of UPA and related organizations were cooperating with CIA, so when American government want to find reliable familiar faces in Ukraine they will always start with "fascists". In the West (due to the limits of my education, that means USA and UK) one can see somewhat weird disputes if those people are really fascist. In Russia they get "fascist" label automatically, in Poland few would think that "banderowcy" label is any better than "fascist" (for parochial reason, as they murdered ca. 100,000 Poles).

A mixed blessing is that Obama administration is liberal, which apparently translates into "moderate mayhem", contrasting with much more grandiose approach advocated by GOP and neocons (who can be Democrats and Republicans).

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Apr 18 2015 20:45 utc | 22

From article I wrote in 2010:

In 1976, journalist Peter Watson was at a NATO conference in Oslo, when a U.S. Navy psychologist, Dr. Thomas Narut, from the U.S. Naval Hospital in Naples told Watson and New Jersey psychologist Dr. Alfred Zitani, that the Navy sought men to train as assassins in overseas embassies. The following is from the London Sunday Times, “The soldiers who become killers,” September 8, 1974, but reproduced from a conspiracy site, as the original, and most references to it, plentiful even when I first read about it some years ago, are limited now to a few dozen conspiracy sites. The story is also told at some length in Watson’s book (out of print), War on the Mind: The Military Uses and Abuses of Psychology, published by Basic Books in 1978.
[Narut’s] naval work involved establishing how to induce servicemen who ma[y] not be naturally inclined to kill, to do so under certain conditions. When pressed afterwards as to what was meant by “combat readiness units,” he explained this included men for commando-type operations and – so he said – for insertion into U.S. embassies under cover, ready to kill in those countries should the need arise. Dr. Narut used the word “hitmen” and “assassin” of these men.

The method, according to Dr. Narut, was to show films specially designed to show people being killed and injured in violent ways. By being acclimated through these films, the men eventually became able to dissociate any feelings from such a situation. Dr. Narut also added that U.S. Naval psychologists specially selected men for these commando tasks, from submarine crews, paratroops, and some were convicted murderers from military prisons. Asked whether he was suggesting that murderers were being released from prisons to become assassins, he replied: “It’s happened more than once.”

Posted by: Jeffrey Kaye | Apr 18 2015 21:23 utc | 23

Or how about this:

“For the first time, U.S. officials acknowledge that in 1965 they systematically compiled comprehensive lists of Communist operatives, from top echelons down to village cadres. As many as 5,000 names were furnished to the Indonesian army, and the Americans later checked off the names of those who had been killed or captured, according to the U.S. officials,” Kathy Kadane wrote for South Carolina’s Herald-Journal on May 19, 1990. [Kadane’s article also appeared in the San Francisco Examiner on May 20, 1990, the Washington Post on May 21, 1990, and the Boston Globe on May 23, 1990.]

The Indonesian mass murder program was based in part on experiences gleaned by the CIA in the Philippines. “US military advisers of the Joint US Military Advisory Group (JUSMAG) and the CIA station in Manila designed and led the bloody suppression of the nationalist Hukbong Mapagpalaya ng Bayan,” notes Roland G. Simbulan (Covert Operations and the CIA’s Hidden History in the Philippines).

Posted by: Jeffrey Kaye | Apr 18 2015 21:31 utc | 24

@PB #21:

In the West (due to the limits of my education, that means USA and UK) one can see somewhat weird disputes if those people are really fascist. In Russia they get "fascist" label automatically, in Poland few would think that "banderowcy" label is any better than "fascist"

One often hears Novorossiyans and Russians saying that the present Banderites are actually worse than the German Nazis were. I concur with that view.

As for American attitudes to Ukie fascism, that's not hard to understand. All you have to think about is the US training death squads in Central America. Fascist thugs are a tool of US foreign policy, in the same way that Islamist terrorists are. This is now a commonplace in the progressive blogosphere.

A mixed blessing is that Obama administration is liberal, which apparently translates into "moderate mayhem"

I recently ran across an interview witb a Ukrainian political scientist who had to flee to Moscow, in which he said that Europeans are finally cottoning on to the true nature of the Kiev regime, so the US no longer has any reason to restrain the fascists. Hence the recent slew of assassinations and terror. (Sorry, I'm too lazy to dig up the link.)

Posted by: Demian | Apr 18 2015 23:29 utc | 25

@dh #25:

Hey, thanks, man. I forgot it was a video. I just remembered it being in Russian, which confused me. Well worth watching, IMO. Americans have no idea of what Russians think.

To repeat myself, the prevailing Russian view (and with the Internet, the collapse of communism, and Putin's revival of Russia, I think that pretty much all Russians are on the same page except for the 10% or less of the Russians who are "liberals") seems to be that the EU was totally eager to make Ukraine an economic colony of the West, but unlike the US, it does not want war in Ukraine. So the views of the US and the EU on the Ukraine diverge significantly, although net everyone here thinks that. (Of course, Russian policy towards the Ukraine since the coup has been largely predicated on that.)

And thanks for the second link.

His change of view is prompted by the law passed by the Ukrainian Parliament on April 9 glorifying World War.
It was pretty predictable that this would happen eventually. And then it turns out that Poles are saying what Russians have been saying since last May:
Their savagery was beyond human imagination. Nazi Germany did not come up with what those Ukrainians were doing
The American public has no idea of this. (In Europe, it's probably only England and the pesky Balts.)

Posted by: Demian | Apr 19 2015 1:28 utc | 27

"Poles know what's going on" ... it is more complex than that. The government and more established media took very pro-American and anti-Russian perspective. The main opposition party build its current set of slogans around anti-Russian paranoia. That said, in Communist times the issue of the massacres of Poles in Volhynia and other regions with mixed population was almost hidden by the authorities, but now it is common knowledge, and after the law acknowledging the perpetrator as heroes the critique of the government is increasingly mainstream.

In particular, the U-turn of Gen. Skrzypczak is related to perceived "slap in the face". Polish president made a speech to Ukrainian parliament with very warm support, and the law that is extremely irritating to Poles was passed "few hours later", and that was duly noted by leftist opposition in the Parliament. That is not insignificant, because there are good chances that the ruling party will be forced into a coalition with those people.

As nationalists go, Ukrainian ones seem worse than most. The last election were preceded with massive nationwide intimidation campaign and few little massacres. The really have a cult of force and violence, which is reflected in putting boxers in the parliament, and -- surprise, surprise -- getting fist fights in that parliament. The lie compulsively -- recall American senators who got photos taken in Georgia as the proof of Russian columns in Ukraine (see ). They seem to care nothing about the economy, instead, they want to eliminate Communism and Russian language. Poor Ukrainian people seemed to have the choice of hopelessly corrupt and hopelessly insane, so kicking out the previous corrupt lot is not as much of an improvement as Western liberals (and the Russian emigrants who are cited in the mainstream media) perceive.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Apr 19 2015 1:37 utc | 28

@27 Well I should have said 'some' Poles know what's going on. No doubt there is a range of opinion in Poland.

The BBC mentioned the killings albeit with an anti-Russian spin..

Not to worry. Poroshenko has promised a full and thorough investigation.

Posted by: dh | Apr 19 2015 1:47 utc | 29

@rufus magister@14

All one can say is, how bizarre!

Yup, it's a bizarro world out there. It's a total land of confusion

Posted by: Lone Wolf | Apr 19 2015 2:40 utc | 30

dh @25

Thanks for the link to the Polish military adviser. Links like that, where a guy with impeccable 'pro-West' credentials says the right things about Ukraine, can be used to persuade our 'normal, conventional' friends.


Posted by: fairleft | Apr 19 2015 4:41 utc | 31

Warmongering by one fucking American NATO commander Lt. Gen. Frederick Ben Hodges , an interview across the western compliant media:

Europe faces a 'real threat' from Russia, warns US army commander

Posted by: Oui | Apr 19 2015 9:57 utc | 32

More, Europe has two enemies Russia and ISIS …

European Union Army Plan Aims to Protect Continent from Russia, ISIS

Posted by: Oui | Apr 19 2015 9:57 utc | 33

About European Union Army: there is a whiff of hilarity there. On one hand, the dangers from ISIS and Russia are both quite remote, so they are not treated seriously. The force being pencilled is about as large as the part of Ukrainian army that was encircled in Debaltsevo (should there be a Wiki entry "Debaltsevo debacle"?). Of course, it makes some sense of practicing coordination of national units so it is not a moronic project, but a very smallish project with very outsized among of debates, announcements, analysis and so on.

While Europe has few problems defending itself against some putative onslaught, "projecting force" is another matter. The French can do it in Chad, Mali etc., but how large a European Corps should be to make a difference in conflicts between local nationalists of Georgia and Ukraine with Russian-supported internal opponents? It is like trying to defend Paraguay against the forces of Triple Alliance: we could promise economic sanctions on Argentina, Brasil and Uruguay would they invade Paraguay again, but above all, we would urge Paraguay not to pick fights with the neighbors. (Incidentally, currently Paraguay has a "pro-Western" government, and the three former opponents, "anti-Western", so it is a good case study for comparisons.)

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Apr 19 2015 13:05 utc | 34

side board

On : Eight politicians of the Party of Region of former president Yanukovich, ousted in a U.S. inspired coup, were killed as were three journalists un-sympathetic to the now ruling coup government.

I suspect there are many names of murdered unknown, unlisted.

Political ‘covert’ or open, blatant assassinations are unfortunately normal in such situations. Tallying them is arduous, because the murderous impulse is reflected right down into the street, it is not just a State - Power - Corp enterprise.

Viktor, 33, son of Viktor Yanukovych died in March 2015, in an accident on Lake Baikal. His vehicle, with 6 on board, went through the ice, 5 survived, he died. He was the driver.

one garbled article, the telegraph

I’m not advocating he should be added to that list. Abandonment (one article suggested that all scrambled to save themselves thus leaving Viktor with no help..) is part of that…

Just to say, that lists like this are dodgy and depend on the MSM, snippets from blogs and the like. Viktor Junior might easily have been included, his death is exremely suspicious, etc. Or it might be considered a typical rich son demise due to hubris, stupidity, assumed invicibility forging ahead in a risky ‘sport.’

Posted by: Noirette | Apr 19 2015 17:05 utc | 35

Lone Wolf at 29 -- "Land of Confusion" is a good call, suits the time now better than it did before. Unfortunately the vid you linked to was not available in my loc. But I happen to have it in my browser history, for anyone that missed their daily dose (or yearly allotment) of Genesis. And let me throw in my favorite early Peter Gabriel track, Here Comes the Flood. The problems of global warming give it a different meaning now than in 80's. Best live version, IMHO. "It'll be those who gave their island to survive...."

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 19 2015 22:07 utc | 36

@rm 35:

Thanks for the link. I couldn't figure out what the song was from the title. Sorry, but Phil Collins' voice always reminds me of Miami Vice.

Speaking of people in music videos with fat faces, consider this (which I have probably posted here before):

Rammstein: America

I don't think that there's much doubt that the Apollo program was America's pinnacle. (As is the case with other great human achievements, it took a German to make it happen.) Compared to when America made it to the moon, the country is now absolutely pitiful and pathetic, and I think everyone understands that on one level or another.

I read up on the Apollo program at Wikipedia recently. It really was a mind boggling achievement. Think of the self-confidence those scientists and engineers must have had to work out such a project, when no one had any experience of being in space. No wonder there is a conspiracy theory that it was all a hoax. (Of course, the Russians deserve some credit even here, since it was they who provided the motivation to the Americans to get to the moon.)

How could America fall so low from such a peak? To hazard a guess, what made the Apollo program possible was the inheritance from the US WW II effort. Not just Werner von Braun, but also central economic planning and the restraint of avarice by a sense of national purpose.

Perhaps America's fate was sealed when Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard. That made the dollar an international reserve currency that could be printed without limit, removing any pressure from the US to be economically competitive or have a manufacturing base. Thus the current situation, in which the main way that the US interacts with the outside world is by waging one war after another, all to keep the dollar in place.

And finally, since we're sharing music videos again, here is an 80s antidote to Genesis:

Flying Lizards: Sex Machine

Posted by: Demian | Apr 19 2015 23:35 utc | 37

Demian at 36 -- What can I say, I can be a sucker for arena rock bombast, post-prog style. Such a cool video, with Ronnie and Bonzo.

I love covers, especially if they re-work the original material. "Satisfaction" by Devo really started my fascination with it. While many like their cover of "Money," I favor TV from the first and best Flying Lizards album. Cool T-Bird!

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 20 2015 1:51 utc | 38

P. Berman at 33 -- While I've not followed it too closely (I stay busy watching the Banderaists), the problem of the EuroForce is puzzling. It's the kind of rapid reaction force that the French have had for decades with Foreign Legion -- professional interventionists. And as they were volunteers, often foreign, little political cost for use.

So you'd think in principle it's well with the the organizational and logistical capabilities of the Eurozone. Clearly the problems are political, around domestic sovereignity and foreign entanglement. As well as the one you raise, who will it be used against, and where?

I'm not sure the Paraguay analogy fits, but I'd have to bone up on that one. I'm glad that we've drawn someone capable of bringing it up, good fit or bad. I always find it hard to think of land-locked Paraguay has having been a power frightful enough to unite its neighbors against it in the late 1800's.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 20 2015 2:32 utc | 39

@rm 37:

To me it's not a cover, because I have absolutely no idea of who James Brown is, other than that he apparently wrote the original song. I have absolutely no interest in listening to the original.

Speaking of covers, I was recently at an optometrist's when Bob Dylan's version of The Lighthouse came on the satellite radio station (which had an interesting channel combining rock classics with contemporary alternative music). I'm not sure if I'd ever heard that version before (as I am not sure if I have ever heard the original of Sex Machine). But everyone knows Jimmy Hendrix's cover. And there is this very interesting cover I would like to share with you, from my favorite science fiction TV show:

Battlestar Galactica - All Along the Watchtower

I would say that both covers are better than the original.

When it comes to my favorite bands, it is hard for me to imagine anyone doing covers of their songs, yet alone a cover that is better than the original. Still, I can think of one cover of a New Order song which made an impression on me. I'll post it here to continue the 80s theme. One reason the cover is noteworthy is that it shows that Bernard Sumner is a good songwriter, in that his music holds up even without all the electronica.

Frente! - Bizarre Love Triangle

I expect you know that. BTW, from that video, YouTube led me to this track which I instantly grooved on, by a band I had never heard of:

Mazzy Star - Fade Into You

Interestingly, my private music tracker (What's that?) classifies this as shoegaze. As for me, the song reminds me of Dylan's Knockin' on Heaven's Door from Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (one of the two greatest westerns, the other one being Once upon a Time in the West).

And now for something completely different:

Пелагея - Рождественская

Posted by: Demian | Apr 20 2015 3:03 utc | 40

Hey rufus,

Do you think Пелагея knows Dead Can Dance, and this track in particular:

Toward the Within - "Rakim"

And do you know DCD? I hadn't listened to them for years, but Пелагея reminded me of them.

Anyway, that's a lovely piece of music, isn't it? The way the the male vocals and the yangqin talk to each other and then the outro.

Posted by: Demian | Apr 20 2015 9:00 utc | 41

D at 40

I've heard of Dead Can Dance, don't know their work. But like yourself, I found Pelagea as a YT tecommendation. From my browser history, here she is with "Zabaikal'e", singing Tsyganskaya. Nice voice, easy on the eye.

More on the tunes later. I remember the original Battlestar Galactica, Lorne Greene as Adamo.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 20 2015 11:59 utc | 42

@rufus magister@35

Sorry to learn you can't see that particular version of "Land of Confusion" on your neck of the woods. It is really bizarre. Thanks for introducing me to Gabriel's "Here comes the flood," had not heard of it.

Posted by: Lone Wolf | Apr 20 2015 13:03 utc | 43

@rm #42:

I am perplexed that you have heard of DCD yet don't know their work. How can anyone hear of the existence of a band that did what DCD did and yet make no effort to hear their music?

BTW, I'd like to discuss something with you in private. The Daily Kos blog provides functionality for users sending private messages to each other, but most blogs, including this one, do not. If you say that you accept my overture, I will create an email account somewhere and then post the address here so that you can contact me.

Posted by: Demian | Apr 20 2015 21:30 utc | 44

The Phoenix Program comes to Ukraine.

Posted by: guest77 | Apr 21 2015 0:08 utc | 45

Demian at 42 -- So many interesting names, so little time. I'd read reviews, or just see names in the record store (back in the day) and they'd stick with me. I'd known of Death Cab for Cutie for oh, 18 mos. before "Grapevine Fires" really caught my attention.

Same with Mazzy Star. Read the reviews, heard the song on the radio at the time, but never caught the name. I love slide guitar. Good live version. I knew the guitarist, Dave Roback, from The Rain Parade(A HREF="">Kaleidoscope a good e.g., only live vers. are recent), but that was about the time I went back to school and had ltd. record dollars.

Frente does a nice acoustic version, seems to work OK. I remember the song from its chorus, got some heavy airplay in the early 80's.

Sure, if only to satisfy my curiosity as to what it is.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 21 2015 0:12 utc | 46

oops, cleanup at aisle 46

Kaleidoscope, The Rain Parade, from Emergency Third Rail Power Trip

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 21 2015 0:15 utc | 47


Thank you so much for the link to that live version of "Fade into you". That slide guitar is absolutely mind blowing. When I heard this song, it occurred to me that the guitar is like a heroin rush, even though I have never tried heroin. Then I ran across a comment on YouTube that said that this song was actually influenced by heroin. But most comments say it is just about love's longing.

These musicians are so Californian. California should break away from the Evil Empire.

All of this reminds me of something that occurred to me when I got into My Bloody Valentine: bands without a girl vocalist should now be considered backward and primitive. Let's face it: the female voice is much more beautiful than the male voice. (The Roman Catholic church, in its misogyny, tried to get around this problem by castrating boys. (Yes, the anti-papist demon never stops returning and possessing me.))

I am listening to that Kaleidoscope track right now. (Another band I had never heard of.) It strikes me as boring and soulless. But I do get something out of it: the vapid nature of this music explains why I dismissed American alternative music in the 1980s-90s and so learned neither of the Pixies nor of Mazzy Star.

Posted by: Demian | Apr 21 2015 2:12 utc | 48

As the song says, "I wonder if it matters as the pattern shifts and shatters." I took it as a pretty soulful question. I always liked "Kaleidoscope" because it was about the whole vibe of the song -- no strong killer solos, but plenty of space for the mind to wander in the reedy organ block chords. I'd agree it's a pretty Calif. vibe. I could see how smack might be involved, but I'll leave that to the professionals.

"My name is Legion, for we are many." You know, you local Diocese could do something about that. Each is supposed have their own resident Exorcist, for all your demon-casting needs. There may be an app for that.

Glad you liked Mazzy Star live -- I think the slide is a more forward in the mix.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 21 2015 2:27 utc | 49

And now, for just a minute, anyway, back onto the Ukraine.

Fort Russ has Vladimir Lepekhin explaining Why the Ukrainian army is doomed to defeat.

The main source of power of the Ukrainian military machine... is in its reliance on wide array of means of waging war in pursuit of “Ukrainianness”.

This machine is based on lies, cruelty, direct terror, the use of forbidden weapons (I think that if the regime had nuclear weapons it would have used them by now), and the lowest imaginable methods of warmaking, such as the destruction of the civilian population, hostage-taking, torture, and the murder of prisoners of war and opponents....

It is not especially subordinate to the political leadership, but instead is purposed for, to some extent or another, the destruction of everything that does not fit into the “one state—one nation—one idea” conception.

The power of the Ukrainian military machine also resides in the fact that it is backed by the entire “civilized world” which is rendering Kiev moral, political, financial, military, and legal support.

He goes on to note that the Ukrainians have no effective leadership, capable of inspiring the ranks to sacrifice and victory. This is in part due no cohesive, appealing ideology.

As translator J. Hawk points out about Ukrainian nationalism, "Everyone who’s ever adopted it, lost. They did not merely lose badly, they lost ugly, and made the ideology appear even more despicable and monstrous than it was before." Having cut themselves off from the Russian and Soviet past, they're left with Bandera and the OUN-UPA atrocities as models of "Ukrainainness."

I sadly expect this run of bad luck on the part of the heroes of the Ukraine will continue.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 21 2015 2:52 utc | 50

Demian wrote @48:

"California should break away from the Evil Empire."

NovoCalifornia: We're working on it... ;-)

Posted by: Vintage Red | Apr 21 2015 3:53 utc | 51


I finally set up an email address. I wanted to do that with a German provider, but they turned out to be really fascist, and want your identity and address. No address I gave was accepted. Do they compare your name and address with the phone book?

Anyway, please send an email to <>. After I receive it, I will reply from another account which I use regularly and have set up for IMAP.

I must say this reminds me of The Americans. I am practicing tradecraft to avoid surveillance. Setting up an email account just to contact someone is like buying a throwaway cell phone for the same purpose.

As for Kaleidescope, I think it's interesting that I was instantly entranced by Mazzy Star, whereas Kaleidescope came across to me as a bland nothing, even though I am into all sorts of alternative music. Their music is not something that could grow on me if I listened to it repeatedly.

@Vintage Red:

Best of luck with that. Speaking of California, have you seen Zabriskie Point? Every Californian must see it. I've brought it up here before, before you showed up. It certainly gets the spirit of the 1960s across. That's why the critics hated it.

BTW, if you don't mind, I would ask you too to send me an email to the address above, so that we know how to contact each other privately. (I find this situation in which people who have repeatedly interacted with each other in an online forum cannot contact each other privately to be weird. Even Wikipedia makes provisions for that.)

Posted by: Demian | Apr 21 2015 4:51 utc | 52


If you're trying for true anonymity, you've already failed because this web site records IP addresses of all who post, unless you've already sought ways to block or falsify your IP address from the very beginning.

Equally email access has the same problem: irrespective of what information the email provider requires you to give, all a surveillance agency would need would be to access the IP addresses from which a given account is logged into.

True, the IP address isn't necessarily very accurate - typically in the 3-5 mile range - but additional filtering can narrow that down considerably, especially if traces are then put on said IP address to look for patterns of behavior (times of day a target typically uses the internet, writing/grammar patterns, lists of web sites frequented, etc).

Posted by: ǝn⇂ɔ | Apr 21 2015 14:51 utc | 53

@⇂ɔ #53:

I am not trying for true anonymity. I just don't want my identity to be obvious to any fascist (at this current point in history, the word "fascist" is more or less synonymous with "Ukrainian") idiot who might be reading this blog.


If Atlantos were civilized, they would commit harikiri: Bridge Burning: EU to Bring Antitrust Charges against Gazprom

— Adalbrand (@Adalbrand) April 21, 2015

Posted by: Demian | Apr 21 2015 15:07 utc | 54

YouTube led me to another Mazzy Star video. No wonder I was immediately entranced by this band. The organ and bass are Pink Floyd, and the drums are Joy Division. Two out of my three favorite bands. And then the lead singer being a girl adds the My Bloody Valentine element, my third favorite band. So that's a three out of three for Mazzy Star.

What that evokes to me more than anything else is the live part of Ummagumma. The echo effects on the guitars and keyboards are a clear reference, IMO. At any point, you can hear Celestial Voices coming in.

The breakup of Pink Floyd was a tragedy on the same level as the tragedy of the breakup of the Soviet Union. Celestial Voices is the greatest rock song of all time.

It is worth noting that both definitive versions of A Saucerful of Secrets were recorded live. Interestingly, as far as I know, what I take to be Dead Can Dance's best song, Rakim, was never released in a studio version. This suggests that serious bands on occasion put their stake in the ground and make a major track of theirs a live performance, forsaking the studio.

Posted by: Demian | Apr 21 2015 17:44 utc | 55

Now, on a lighter note: Kiev junta magic underwear???

Patriotic Underwear to Increase Morale

Posted by: Vintage Red | Apr 21 2015 21:50 utc | 56

D at 55, 52 --

Sorry Rain Parade didn't work out. But glad to enable your new Mazzy Star fixation.

Well, personally, I was not disappointed when Waters left Pink Floyd. They produced several decent records after his departure, where Waters pretty much just plays the Wall. I see Gilmour all over the Yutoob, jammin' with all sorts of folks.

Great songwriter -- do other folks do even better with your work? A great work steps beyond the writer's experience (in lit. too) and speaks to many. Meaning, others can improve on your version. Dylan qualifies, Lennon & McCarthy too (I heard Cocker's "She came in through the bathroom window" as kid, always preferred it; "Fool on the Hill" by Brasil 66 'too).

I got curious a couple of weeks ago about Joy Division and New Order covers, and a number of folks have covered them; "Love will Tear us Apart" was quite popular. I liked this one by Moby and Dave Navarro, of New Dawn Fades".

Great performer -- does it sound better when you perform it live? The Floyd definitely qualifies here, "One of these Days" live is always killer. Joy Division had that reputation.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 21 2015 22:22 utc | 57

All I can say about this, yes, it seems serious. Patriotic underwear to increase morale of the Ukrainian army. So you can't say you weren't briefed on the new dress code.

On a darker note, here's a very well-made threat for you. Security forces say “Ukrainophobes” ought to “lower their rhetoric to zero”. Senior SBU investigator Vasiliy Vovk, speaking officially, said "I think that... when we are practically at war... we should not have people... who are speaking out against Ukraine and against Ukrainianness. I advise them to do it because nothing good will come of it."

When asked if he could define "Ukrainophobia," Vovk said "No. But we know what we are talking about."

You might need a laugh after that. With All of Ukraine Blocked by the Gridlock From Successive Russian Invasions, arrangements are being made for overflow parking in Poland and Belarus.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 22 2015 5:33 utc | 58

Could the wankers with the shit taste in music plz confine their musical masturbation to the open threads,

Not only would it be a damn site less selfish, but it would also make their shit musical taste much easier to avoid


No one that claims not to know who james brown is, has any business acting like some musical guru since they are clearly way too ignorant for such a role. Such a ignorant buffoon has no place forcing their shit stuck in the 1970's musical taste on anyone else.

Thanking the gobshites in advance for ceasing to force their shit taste on everyone else

And by invading every thread with your shit musical taste you are forcing your (really really shitty) musicaltaste upon others

Posted by: lol | Apr 22 2015 6:53 utc | 59

in re 59 -- I force no one to click the links. So piss off mate.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 22 2015 11:40 utc | 60

you and your fellow musical mutual masturbators see fit to pollute threads with off topic and frankly boring examples of your lack of musical taste

they are simply off topic and I seriously doubt anyone other than your fellow musical mutual-masturbators gives a shit what you're listening to.

I realise you like to think of yourself as some sort of Kardashian-like self-obsessed celeb around here , but your frequent attempts to portray yourself as somewhat interesting by continuous boring references to even more boring musak, is just boring.

Posted by: lol | Apr 22 2015 13:05 utc | 61

Correction to my post @55: here is the correct link:

Selestial Voices

A century from now, the only pop music from the 1960s anyone will remember is Pink Floyd.

Ummagumma is from 1971, but as my Russian history professor said, decades don't end on the precise numbers. The 1960s ended with Who's Next. "Won't Get Fooled Again" was the anthem which declared that the sixties were over. It has been a dive into barbarism ever since.

Posted by: Demian | Apr 22 2015 22:09 utc | 62

Correction. Here is the correct link.

Celestial Voices.

And I don't think that anayone here will seriously suggest that lol is a human being. Obvious artificial intelligence propganda device created by mediocre programmers.

Posted by: Demian | Apr 22 2015 22:23 utc | 63

in re 61 --

Ah, so you're the Thread Police! Suddenly I feel like I'm Ferguson. Or Odessa.

I'm no celebrity, just a long-winded pedant obsessed with the former Soviet Union for a few decades. And possessed of a strong dislike for fools and trolls. You're two for two there. No sense of humor either; I find that ironic, given your handle.

I don't know about the rest of you Barflies, but I'm getting flashbacks to earlier content-free insult "artists." Maybe all trolls are alike like that.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 22 2015 22:33 utc | 64

ot - rufus / demian - i think lol has a point in that the thread is not an open thread where putting musical info would be better placed..

Posted by: james | Apr 22 2015 22:36 utc | 65

james at 65 -- IMHO, a little stray musical commentary is the least of the off-the-thread problems I've seen.

You'll note, I started it with a little snarky comment at the end of 14. LW at 29 and I kicked the joke around a bit. And it naturally snowballed from there.

And plenty of thread-appropriate content above my name here. So like Jas. Brown, I feel good about this thread.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 22 2015 22:58 utc | 66

I doubt if this will suprise anyone, US Troops to Leave Behind Equipment they brought to use in training glorious legions of heroes of the Ukraine. It includes uniforms, bullet-proof jackets, helmets, "85 night-observation devices, and over 200 radio systems." No doubt other, more lethal equipment to follow.

And here's a nice, decent, but almost pointless gesture, as Ukraine’s Opposition Bloc Urges End to Donbass Economic Blockade.

It's not only because they're the only party not in the ruling coalition. I read somewhere recently, probably in connection with Burzina's assassination, that there is a de facto embargo on them in the Ukrainian media.

So no chance of implementation, and few of the junta's victims -- sorry, citizens -- are likely to hear about it. This, BTW, despite the fact, as the post notes, that such measures are required under the Minsk-II "ceasefire."

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 22 2015 23:24 utc | 67

D at 62 -- If pressed, even I might allow the musical questions, "What were the Sixties and when were they?" could, perhaps, be off thread. Deep stuff, requires pondering, I'll be ready when it inevitably comes up in the future.

As to pop 100 years from now, I might look ahead as far as The Year 2525.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 22 2015 23:32 utc | 68

The thread police? What an utter tool

No Im the "shut the fuk up with your shitty permanently-stuck-in-the 1970's-musak-selections-you sad-patethic-pair-of-boring-offtopic-clueless-old-twats" Police

Posted by: lol | Apr 22 2015 23:38 utc | 69

As to pop 100 years from now, I might look ahead as far as The Year 2525.Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 22, 2015 7:32:38 PM | 68

Or you could just stfu as requested and keep your shitty musak selections for an open thread, you self-obsessed twat

Posted by: lol | Apr 22 2015 23:40 utc | 70

Rufie Kardasians obsession with his own bigass musak selection is suffering some severe thread-creep

when his fellow thread-creep "demian" joins in its a veritable festival of yawns

Posted by: lol | Apr 22 2015 23:50 utc | 71

Soft! What pissing and moaning doth from under yonder bridge break?

Yow! Am I getting deja vu all over again yet?

Master Zed sez --

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 23 2015 0:09 utc | 72

sez Treasure your spin cycle.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 23 2015 0:10 utc | 73

All of Ukraine Blocked by the Gridlock From Successive Russian Invasions.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 22, 2015 1:33:04 AM | 58

Oh my. That was a hoot. Thanks for sharing; I would have overlooked that in the crush of serious, bad nooze. Cheers.

Posted by: Benu | Apr 23 2015 1:55 utc | 74

Benu at 74 -- Thanks, if my jokes don't go over I have no shame in stealing others material. I find gallows humor and music videos relieve the stress. And Dewars. Slainte!

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 23 2015 2:15 utc | 75

Cliff Notes for a Rufie Kardashian comment

" me, me, me, me, me, me . . . . etc etc ad infinitem"

No one's interested

Posted by: lol | Apr 23 2015 8:31 utc | 76

Poroshenko and Hollande Vow to Respect Minsk Agreement

Mr. Hollande also clarified his country would not provide weapons of lethal aid to the Ukrainian military and would not support the deployment of peace-keeping forces to that country, a pledge made by Poroshenko in February this year.

“France is still keeping from handing over lethal weapons, as at the moment we're doing our best to bring the peace back and prevent a loss of human life,” Hollande added.

US Embassy in Kiev Surrounded in Protests Over US Interference

A crowd of demonstrators gathered at the U.S. embassy in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, protesting against Washington's interference in the country's internal affairs, local press reported Thursday.

At least 500 people attended the rally chanting slogans against controversial measures including the appointment of foreigners including a former U.S. state department official to senior position in Ukraine's new government ['Yatseniuk's cabinet will include U.S. citizen and former State Department official Natalie Jaresko as finance minister, while Lithuanian investment banker Aivaras Abromavicius will be the new chief of economics.'], which protestors say is as a result of following instructions from the White House.

Demonstrators say U.S. interference has led to more violence, and also condemned the fact that hundreds of U.S. paratroopers have started training national guard units in Ukraine.

Lights finally coming on in BOTH France and the Ukraine?

Posted by: jfl | Apr 23 2015 11:09 utc | 77

in re 76 --

Master Zed says -- Frivolity is a stern taskmaster.

Are we having fun yet!

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 23 2015 11:38 utc | 78

Former CIA official Ray McGovern continues to speak truth to power. You'll find him on Ukraine: Coup, Couth, and Consequences over at Counterpunch. He links to some of the work of Mearshimer and Cohen. The proximate cause of his pique is the failure of the West to show for the 70th V-E Day in Moscow.

It may be difficult for history-starved Americans to understand why it should be that most Russians react so negatively to what they regard as something more serious than a mere gratuitous snub. From watching Russian media one gets the clear impression that veterans and most men/women-on-the-street view the boycott as more serious than a petulant slight – but rather as a supreme indignity.

I suppose it might be a little awkward to celebrate the victory of the Nazis while supporting the Banderaist fascist collaborators in the Ukraine. You might recall, they were proclaimed the victors of the Great Patriotic War, even though they lost, when honored by the august Rada.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 23 2015 12:04 utc | 79

The information available at DomainTools is decisive: the registrant of the Mirotvotec website is ‘NATO CCD-COE’ and its employee ‘Oxana Tinko’, operating from Estonia’s capital Tallinn. The address of the registrant coincides with the address of СCD-COE: Filtri tee 12, Tallinn 10132, Estonia.

Posted by: Mark | Apr 26 2015 23:29 utc | 80

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