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March 01, 2015


So someone killed Boris Nemtsov while the 56 year old man walked with his 22 year old Ukrainian "model" on a bridge in Moscow. There is some CCTV coverage of the crime scene.

As vice-premier under Boris Yeltsin Nemtsov was at least partially responsible for the mafiazation of the Russian economy. Everyone but some oligarchs and the "western" neoliberals was happy when he and the Yeltsin gang had to leave.

After he was kicked out and until yesterday Nemtsov was a very minor opposition politician polling at some 1%. The communists, the real opposition party in Russia, poll at about 20%. No one in the government had reason to care about or fear Nemtsov.

The former Soviet president Gorbachov points to those who will gain from Nemtsov's death:

Asked if he thought anti-Russian forces abroad might exploit the crime in pursuit of their own ends, he argued this would definitely happen.

"Of course, certain forces will try to take advantage of this crime for their own ends - all of them are thinking how to get rid of Putin, aren't they? But I don't think, after all, that the West will go as far as that, that it will use that crime to attain its own purposes. However, that was unquestionably the goal of the criminals who murdered Boris," he said.

"Crimes of this kind are taken on by executors who are hard to find. All efforts must be made to find the criminals," the ex-president said.

Gorbachov still uses rose colored glasses when locking at the "west". The "west" would never use a crime to attain its purpose? That is laughable naive.

And what about all those legitimate and popular opposition politicians currently getting suicided in Ukraine?

So whodunnit?

Someone with relations to the "model"? Someone hurt in the gangster "privatizations" executed under Nemtsov's rule? Some Ukrainian oligarch interested in creating more schism between the "west" and Russia? Some "western" government plotting the destabilization of Russia?

Your guess is as good as mine.

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It's obvious it was a Mossad hit. From the CCTV footage, you can tell the gunman was circumcised by his gait. Circumcised men have a distinctive gait for those who study body language. If you know nothing about body language and haven't learned the art of reading it, you wouldn't notice, but for those of us who are experts in reading body language it's obvious this murderer was a Mossad agent by virtue of his circumcised gait and the yarmulke the cowardly assassin was wearing.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Mar 1 2015 13:55 utc | 1

Gorbachov still uses rose colored glasses when locking at the "west". The "west" would never use a crime to attain its purpose? That is laughable naive.

What would The West have to gain from this assassination? It's not going to prompt a Russian Spring or Maidan — in fact, quite the opposite. It will only serve to further silence any remaining opposition that exists in Russia. It can't serve to make Putin and The Kremlin look any worse in the International Public Eye. Those who dislike him and distrust Russia already feel that way — so this act persuades no one except for dissidents in Russia. As for China — China may as well publicly acknowledge a job well done to Russia for silencing its opposition. China respects this kind of behavior and is endeared to Russia for engaging in it.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Mar 1 2015 14:02 utc | 2

LaRouche Says the Murder of Russian Opposition Leader Nemtsov "Smells Like Nuland"

Posted by: ALAN | Mar 1 2015 14:25 utc | 3

1 vs 2

so is it mossad or kgb, make up ur mind, moron ?

Posted by: denk | Mar 1 2015 14:26 utc | 4

Nemtsov's complicated Romantic life

Nemtsov considered asking for political asylum in 2012

Putin in 2012 - Opposition is looking to turn someone into "involuntary martyr"
coming across in body language across as absolute villain.

Posted by: somebody | Mar 1 2015 14:33 utc | 5

Who pulled the trigger, or who paid to have it pulled?

My bet, it was a little pay back to Putin (by proxy) from Kiev ... which means a combo of underworld murk and politically convenient 'fact' on the ground to distract msm from the US arms sales thru the ME -- which means Soros, McCain, and the DC 'cookie' Gang et al.

Who pulled the trigger? One the best money can buy obviously -- Mossad would be in the top list of the usual suspects.

He was obviously a man who liked to access all areas... photo

Posted by: x | Mar 1 2015 14:33 utc | 6

What would The West have to gain from this assassination?

all one has to do is look at the headlines on any of the top-level corporate media outlets to divine this... save the sarcasm for your friends and fellow-travelers.

Posted by: Hugo First | Mar 1 2015 14:33 utc | 7

BBC - Nemtsov calling for sanctions against Russian leaders - 2011 - what a difference in 3 years ...

Posted by: somebody | Mar 1 2015 14:42 utc | 8

What's a 52 year old man doing with a 22 year old female strutting along the road at night? Being in the wrong place at the wrong time perhaps? Will the truth ever be told? As A said, your guess is as good as mine.

Posted by: Norman | Mar 1 2015 14:42 utc | 9

I dont believe in coincidences, hence timing points to a political hit. I'm quite sure Russia will eventually find who did it, but it will be just a man-for-hire, real masterminds will remain unknown, we just can make an educated guess - look who benefits the most. As well as history of those potential culprits.

Posted by: Harry | Mar 1 2015 14:54 utc | 10

OK here's my take on it before I read the latest updates. Nemtsovs murder was either because of a personal grudge or it was a sponsored false flag. You can combine the two as well. What bothers me is again, the timing and location. My gut tells me that tends to exclude the strictly personal. Would you whack a guy 200 yds. from the White House? I wouldn't. So I look at the symbolism and perhaps red herrings. I see a stolen car with Ingush plates. A subtle warning of trouble in the Caucus? I see the creation of a martyr and shrine in Red Square. Message? Look what we can do on your doorstep Putin. Why Nemtsov? Minor player who has value as a martyr but not as a "leader". He was a spent force trying to remain relevant. This clears the way for Navalny to step up. Whether it was a professional hit? A pro can make it appear any way he wishes. So before I start to ramble...I think timing, location, messages sent, and who benefits. Who did it? It could be the result of a personal grudge instigated by shadowy figures who promise protection to the shooter, who could be anywhere including a landfill by now. This was a bit too convenient and bold to be strictly personal. So...for what it's worth...that's my thinking as of right now.

Posted by: Scott | Mar 1 2015 15:24 utc | 11

As Raisa Gorbachev allegedly said: Youth is a mistake that is soon over.
But not soon enough for Mikhail, perhaps, because his vision still appears rosy and not clouded by reality or cataract.
Or maybe he is just speaking in diplomat-ese for public consumption- language wasted on a neanderthal opponent that uses all levers on the force gauge.
Gorbachev was urged by China's wiser leaders not to glasnost before perestroika.
The circumstances of USSR at that time were critical then. But had Gorbachev not succumbed to naivete and the Western forked tongue, the night would not have been as long and desperate for post-Soviet Russia.
The collapse of Red Moscow turned Washington's cross-hairs on the Balkans and West Asia, ie, Iraq - a narrow time frame that gave China to complete Stage A of its spectacular rise.
The next level is a bit harder to reach, with the West whipping up the fog of war, from Ukraine to the Asian seas.
Putin and Xi Jinping are now helmsmen on the same boat.

Posted by: AMomyMous | Mar 1 2015 15:33 utc | 12

I see the creation of a martyr and shrine in Red Square.

As I read your post I see a loyal employee putting in time on The Sabbath with no overtime pay.

I love the "strutting" quote above from Norman. I detect envy and jealousy. Nemtsov, unlike Putin, was an attractive, handsome, intelligent and eligible middle-aged man and 22-year-old females eat that up. Nemtsov would have been an idiot, or a homo, not to capitalize on his charming good looks and charismatic affect. Of course he was "strutting," although I must admit from the CCTV footage I initially considered it a swagger. There is a difference, you know.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Mar 1 2015 15:34 utc | 13

here's the long ans....

*Boris Nemtsov’s last appeal
Boris Nemtsov, Putin’s vocal critic and opposition leader, was murdered late Feb. 27 in Moscow in what is said to be a contract hit by his Kremlin adversary.

Here is Boris Nemtsov’s last story he wrote in Facebook:

“Putin annexed Crimea while giving away Siberia to Chinese* [1]

+nemtsov is a fierce critics of putin,
+he parrots the zwo meme of *yellow peril gonna overrun russia*,
a typical divide n conquer ploy in fukus playbook.

this smells like another zwo smear job on putin, right after the mh17 ff.
by martyrising nemtsov, it boost the image of putin the *ruthless dictator who silence his critics* in the western sheeples mindset , [see the moron at (2)]

it also serves to subvert putin's supporters base, many of whom might be led to believe that *putin the traitor who give siberia to the chinese* silence nemtsov for *blowing the whistle*

here's the no brainer ans....
zwo rule 1
*who else but the UsualSuspects ?*


Posted by: denk | Mar 1 2015 15:34 utc | 14

He is now a person who becomes famous after death. I had only heard of him vaguely a few times and paid no attention. OK, as a Kreminologist I suck, yes.

He was not an important person, or not in any public way in years past, imagining that murdering him would achieve any political objectives, either national within Russia or world-wide, is completely loony, be it from Putin’s side, the liberal-oppo-Russian side, or the West, including Israel. Focussing on him shows only that the media has sway and shunts the debate onto trivia, pointed to individuals, away from finance and geo-politics.

In a previous post, I argued that the first causes of these street shooting deaths should be top of the line: from being a thief, a traitor to one’s group, in deep financial trouble, to stealing a woman, even mistaken identity, etc.

Posted by: Noirette | Mar 1 2015 15:39 utc | 15

@ 13 Cold

So I see your contribution to an exchange of ideas and information is essentially personal attacks and attempts to change the topic? Classic troll behavior. And accusing others of what YOU are doing? Again...right out of the textbook. Lol. Thank you for a morning laugh with my coffee. Do you have anything to offer besides tripe and nonsense? Your response will answer that question.

Posted by: Scott | Mar 1 2015 15:46 utc | 16

He is now a person who becomes famous after death. I had only heard of him vaguely a few times and paid no attention. OK, as a Kreminologist I suck, yes.

He was not an important person

Jesus, you really show your stripes with this comment. Tripe is better than that. Right — he was a real low-life nobody. I think you were describing yourself ‚ not Nemtsov.

Boris Nemtsov

Studies and academic career

From 1976–81, he studied physics at State University of Gorky, where, in 1985, he earned his PhD in Physics and Mathematics, defending his dissertation at the age of 25. Until 1990 Nemtsov worked as a research fellow at the Gorky Radio-Physics Research Institute.[10]

Nemtsov was a candidate of physico-mathematical sciences and the author of more than 60 academic publications related to quantum physics, thermodynamics and acoustics. He invented an acoustics laser and a novel design of antennas for space apparatus.[11][1][12]

Political career

In 1986, in the wake of the Chernobyl disaster, Nemtsov organized a protest movement in his hometown, which effectively prevented the construction of a new nuclear power plant in the region.[10]

In 1989, Nemtsov ran for the Soviet Congress of People's Deputies. He ran on a platform of reform, which for the time was quite radical; promoting ideas such as multiparty democracy and private enterprise.[10] He was unsuccessful in this election, but returned to run for the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Republic representing Gorky (later renamed Nizhny Novgorod) in 1990. This time around Nemtsov defeated the 12 other candidates in the election, most of whom were members of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union nomenklatura (Chinayeva 1996, 36). In Parliament he joined the "Reform Coalition" and "Centre-Left" political groups.[10]

In the Russian parliament, Nemtsov was on the legislative committee,[10] working on agricultural reform and the liberalization of foreign trade. It was in this position that Nemtsov came to meet Boris Yeltsin, who was impressed with the young man’s work (Chinayeva 1996, 36). During the 1991 attack on the government by those opposed to Yeltsin, Nemtsov was a vehement supporter of the president, and stood by him during the entire clash. After the events of October 1991, Nemtsov’s loyalty was rewarded with the position of presidential representative in his home region of Nizhny Novgorod (Chinayeva 1996, 36).

In November 1991, Nemtsov was appointed Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region. He was re-elected in that position by popular vote in December 1995. His tenure was marked by the implementation of a wide-ranging, chaotic free market reform program which earned the nickname "Laboratory of Reform" for Nizhny Novgorod and resulted in significant economic growth for the region. Nemtsov's reforms won praise from former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who visited Nizhny Novgorod in 1993 (Chinayeva 1996, 37).

In December 1993 Nemtsov was elected to the Federation Council, the upper house of the Russian Parliament. During the election campaign he was backed by "Russia's Choice" and Yabloko, which were then the principal liberal parties in the country.

In March 1997 Nemtsov was appointed First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, with special responsibility for reform of the energy sector. He was widely popular with the public and appeared to be the lead candidate to become President of Russia in 2000.[citation needed] In the summer of 1997, opinion polls gave Nemtsov over 50% support as a potential presidential candidate.[citation needed] His political career, however, suffered a blow in August 1998 following the crash of the Russian stock-market and the ensuing economic crisis.

As part of Chubais' economic team, Nemtsov was forced to resign his position of Deputy Prime Minister (Yeltsin 2000, 99). After the dismissal of Prime Minister Victor Chernomyrdin in 1998, Nemtsov was reappointed by Yeltsin to his post of Deputy Prime Minister, but again resigned shortly after when Yeltsin dissolved the government.

In August 1999 Nemtsov became one of the co-founders of the Union of Rightist Forces, a new liberal-democratic coalition which received nearly 6 million votes, or 8.6%, in the parliamentary elections in December 1999. Nemtsov himself was elected to the State Duma, or lower house of Parliament, and subsequently became its Deputy Speaker in February 2000. In May 2000, after the resignation of Sergei Kiriyenko, Nemtsov was elected leader of the Union of Rightist Forces and its parliamentary group in the State Duma. His position as party leader was confirmed at the Union of Rightist Forces congress in May 2001, where he was backed by over 70% of delegates.

In 2002 he took part in the negotiations with the hostage-takers during the Moscow theater hostage crisis.[citation needed]

Between 2000 and 2003 Nemtsov was in a difficult political position. While he vehemently opposed what he believed to be President Vladimir Putin's policies of rolling back democracy and civic freedoms in Russia, he had to collaborate with the powerful co-chairman of the Union of Rightist Forces, Anatoly Chubais, who favoured a more conciliatory line towards the Kremlin. As a consequence, the Union of Rightist Forces' message appeared muddled and confused, thus alienating many liberal voters. In the parliamentary elections of December 2003 the Union of Rightist Forces, whose list was headed by both Nemtsov and Chubais, received just 2.4 million votes, or 4% of the total, thus falling short of the 5% threshold necessary to enter Parliament and losing all of its seats in the State Duma. In January 2004, Nemtsov resigned from the party leadership, accepting his responsibility for the election defeat.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Mar 1 2015 15:50 utc | 17

I don't think Putin did it or gave orders to do it. Because Putin has a very high rating in Russia. Putin simply doesn't have to.

Was Nemtsov busy investigating something ? Perhaps then something feared some "un-favourable" information coming out in the public.

Posted by: Willy2 | Mar 1 2015 15:56 utc | 18

"What would The West have to gain from this assassination? "

One has only to tune in to America's MSCM ( Main Stream Corporate Media), and the headline "News" programs, to answer that question.

Posted by: ben | Mar 1 2015 15:59 utc | 19

Who was the journalist the western media said Putin had killed a few years ago?
Wasn't that eventually disproved???

That was another set up too.....

Posted by: plantman | Mar 1 2015 15:59 utc | 20

The troll has missed its calling as a humorist of a black irony nature.
Sadly, the problem is that the instances of humor are indistinguishable from the ones which are not.
Nemtsov is someone people recognize, but what little influence he has is long since dissipated. The ongoing humiliation of the Atlanticists isn't helping.
The value to the West is no different than the value of MH17 - the target isn't the Russian people, the target is Europe. I don't automatically agree that this was a false flag, but the cui bono is absolutely on the West's side.
For Putin, Nemtsov is far more valuable as the agent you know in place - one which is utterly isolated and useful because you can use it to feed disinformation and lure secretly disaffected out into the open.

Posted by: ǝn⇂ɔ | Mar 1 2015 15:59 utc | 21

If I had spent months fighting in East Ukraine for "New Russia", having seen what I'd seen, done what I done, and returned to find this guy bumping his gums on the radio rubbishing my fallen comrades and my beloved President, I'd have no qualms about putting a bullet in his back either.

But then again, isn't the image of a dead political opponent lying on a bridge overlooked by the Kremlin a bit rich? I mean, short of a dagger lodged between his shoulder blades with the inscription "if found, please return to Mr Putin", I can't think of a more over-egged attempt at trying to implicate the Government. And on the night before an opposition rally Nemtsov hoped to lead. I mean, come on.

Surely even an enraged nationalist would not have missed this.

Posted by: Pat Bateman | Mar 1 2015 16:34 utc | 22

Fort Rus is all over this. They have translated conversations from a wiretap. Wonder where they got those? Anyway, heeeeeeeere's Boris:

And everything else:

Posted by: ohmyheck | Mar 1 2015 16:35 utc | 23

@22 pat.. good points.

Posted by: james | Mar 1 2015 16:45 utc | 24

Live by the sword, die by the sword. Nemtsov oversaw Russia's transition to a lawless, wild west where tens of millions suffered and died from crime, drugs, depression and privation - and now he met the same fate he helped condemn so many to during the 1990s. The same fate he was actively working to condemn tens of millions more to.

B makes a great point. Nemtsov, like Navalny, are only "opposition figures" in the mind of their boosters inside the Beltway. Neither are well loved. Neither have the best interests for Russia in mind - Navalny would like to split the country on ethnic lines, Nemtsov would have like to sent it back to the 1990s dark ages. Both are intent on delivering Russia over to the west - whole, or in bite-sized pieces.

The New York Observer has an interesting piece entitled "Slain Russian’s Complicated Romantic Life May Be Key to the Case". Nemtsov comes off accurately as a foul-mouthed, oversexed Bill Clinton³ (though, I have to say, Nemtsov at least has better taste). The man had three beautiful wives, yet was still out trying to score with 19 year olds. Good for him - though one gets the distinct impression that maybe he has more interest in power for the sake of the young women it attracts than anything else (I don't know if anyone has searched the Epstein/Clinton flight manifests for his name, but it would probably be wise). In any case, this is not the kind of behavior Russians like to see in their leaders, any more than Americans would accept it in theirs.

I suppose we might look at his young Ukrainian girlfriend (worth a peek anyway). She had just arrived from Kiev and is now missing so cannot be questioned by police. Did she lead him to his death? Killing off their own supporters to score political points certainly is the MO of Right Sektor, Yats, and that beast Nuland - that we do know.

Though there are many open questions, yet we get these kinds of headlines we see in the Western media:

  • Boris Nemtsov Exposed Putin's Corruption—And Paid With His Life

  • Boris Nemtsov's murder is another dark sign for Russia

  • ‘They shot Nemtsov. He is dead.’ Fierce Putin critic reportedly gunned down in Moscow

It's all propaganda coming from the US and the US is at war with Russia. So nothing more needs to be said. They don't know what happened- though their trolls like are working double time to capitalize on his death, here and in Russia. The American people will no more be allowed to know the truth about this incident anymore than we were told the facts about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction.

Lies and propaganda is the order of the day. To expect anything less from the United States at this point would be like expecting the sun to suddenly rise at midnight.

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 1 2015 17:05 utc | 25

@Cold N. Holefield@17

While he vehemently opposed what he believed to be President Vladimir Putin's policies of rolling back democracy and civic freedoms in Russia...

What "rolling back democracy and civic freedoms in Russia" meant? Putin stopped the plundering of Russia promoted by Yeltsin and his minions, one of them being Nemtsov. Guess Holefield is impressed by Nemtsov's CV, a "PhD in Physics and Mathematics" with his "60 academic publications related to quantum physics, thermodynamics and acoustics..." Mr. Holefield only reveals his ignorance about Russia's scientific academic level, where PhDs in Phys/Math are a dime a dozen, and any third rate scientist candidate has more papers published before they are 30, than Mr. Holefield tilted comments on MoA.

Posted by: Lone Wolf | Mar 1 2015 17:05 utc | 26

@Cold N. Holefield #17:

I think you were describing yourself ‚ not Nemtsov.

You are a dick. I don't think there's a more highly esteemed contributor here than Noirette. And you are wasting your time by posting here. I ignore or skim your posts, as in this case.

@Scott #11:

Whether it was a professional hit? A pro can make it appear any way he wishes.
If this were a false flag, what purpose would be served by the appearance of this being an amateur killing, with the six shots fired?

As for the girl, intuitively I doubt that she had anything to do with the hit. If she had, the killer(s) would have killed her too, or she would not have hung around.

Posted by: Demian | Mar 1 2015 17:12 utc | 27

In my reading, I have found it amazing the distinct muted response by the USSR to the deaths of JFK, Malcolm X, MLK, and RFK. These were all events that the Soviets could have capitalized on wildly but did not.

And of course we should consider the high caliber of those men - especially of Martin Luther King - compared with Nemtsov. MLK's murder set off an insurrection that spanned the country. No doubt the US would like to see the same thing - but it won't happen. Few love Nemtsov and he certainly did not love Russia.

I noticed CNN couldn't resist doing a little "product placement" as the odious Wolf Blitzer brought up Nemtsov's CNN interview with Anthony Bourdain.

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 1 2015 17:15 utc | 28

guest77 @ 25:

"Lies and propaganda is the order of the day. To expect anything less from the United States at this point would be like expecting the sun to suddenly rise at midnight."

Excellent post, and summation.

Posted by: ben | Mar 1 2015 17:17 utc | 29

Whatever the facts are in this case it will provide a great plotline for a new Women's Murder Club mystery novel and maybe even a movie.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Mar 1 2015 17:18 utc | 30

@22 Wanting a particular outcome can cloud judgement, and even a "Russian nationalist" or a hold over communist might be expected to be hailed as a hero for offing the servants of international bankers.

Given the set up, the location might have been picked as a known location where a hooker from Kiev could bring her John with a way for the gunmen to get away. If they chose an apartment or hotel, they run the risk of construction or trucks unloading in alleys. The Kremlin is an open area. It's accessible which means there are people at any time of day, and that means the police can't tear through the roads or even shut down raids just to get one car despite what movies try to teach us. The Los Angeles police "chases" last so long because they are clearing the roads.

In the aftermath of the Boston marathon, everyone saw a person with a package, and the two were only nabbed because one shot a random cop in a spot where blending in might not be possible.

Personally, I believe the CIA/Kiev element was involved which is why the description of "opposition leader" was out there so early. With no evidence or more than anyone else, I could come up with a rationale explanation as to why a Putin ally might be behind the operation. An ally might think Putin is still wavering between Europe and Eurasia and needs to be forced into an irrevocable separation and knowing the western media the murder might do the trick.

Posted by: NotTimothyGeithner | Mar 1 2015 17:21 utc | 31

putin 1 minute talk in 2012...

Posted by: james | Mar 1 2015 17:33 utc | 32

couldn't possibly have anything to do with Putty-put. After all, he might murder a few journalists he doesn't like, but surely not an opposition candidate. Usually, Putin convenes a kangaroo court and imprisons anyone who is a real threat to Putty's political power.

also, what's "laughable" is that Putin closed the door on "mafiaization."

Posted by: slothrop | Mar 1 2015 17:37 utc | 33

@ 27 Demian

Just thinking out loud...she could have been involved but was unaware of what was happening. Patsies are not usually in the know. Why would a pro make it look amateurish? herring? Considering the location, if it was me...I would do everything to avert suspicion. It isn't always a double tap to the head. I keep thinking location, symbolism and time. Plus the fortuitously placed snowplow. But then...that's only one CCTV. I have a feeling Red Square has a couple others. Anything out there in Russian of note?

Posted by: Scott | Mar 1 2015 17:39 utc | 34

Willy2 at 18 -- You raise a good point. Where is this information on Russian involvement in the Ukraine? Assuredly colleagues have access to some or all of it. It would certainly reinforce the "important reformist" meme being promoted by the usual suspects.

Posted by: rufus magister | Mar 1 2015 17:41 utc | 35

Most likely this was a murder involving his personal life. It's funny how Huffington Post and the Guardian can discern who the murderer was without even having a single staff member in Moscow. Oh, and Cold N Holefield is a confirmed pedophile. Just ignore him.

Posted by: uknowhowitis | Mar 1 2015 17:57 utc | 36

couldn't possibly have anything to do with Putty-put.

John Gotti was the Teflon Don and Putin is the Teflon Twit. We all know what happened to Gotti. Perhaps Putin will suffer a similar or worse fate. Still, Russia is more than Putin — it's a full-blown Kleptocratic system at this point, so eradicating Putin wouldn't change things. That raises the question for those who claim this was a Western False Flag. If your conjecture is true, which of course it isn't, then Putin is not safe if this could take place within view of his bedroom window. If what you say is true, and once again we must state emphatically it is not true, then Putin's days are numbered. If what you say is true, except it isn't true, then why would The West bother with Nemtsov at all if they were this close, and instead just go for the jugular — Putin?

If The West wanted Putin dead, he would have been dead long ago. For some reason, The West finds him useful, or The West knows what I know and that is assassinating Putin doesn't address the Kleptocratic system which would continue with or without its poster child.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Mar 1 2015 17:58 utc | 37


Do you have any proof for that? No you havent, where do people like you even come from? Nazis in germany had no problem showing them who they were, they werent shy, why are you?

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 1 2015 18:02 utc | 38

Oh, and Putin is a confirmed pedophile. Don't ignore him.

Right you are.

Kiss of Putin

What a sicko — for all the world to see. He should be thrown in jail considering his recent legislation cracking down on lewd gay behavior around minors.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Mar 1 2015 18:12 utc | 39


I wonder what Wordpress think about Cold's pedophilia.

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 1 2015 18:27 utc | 40

@39 Cold

Either you're on drugs, brain damaged or you're a troll. Which is it? All you do is divide and misdirect. And to think you are breathing air useful people may need some day. Shame on you.

@ 40 Anon

He's not a pedophile...mommy only lets him have a blow up doll. You give him FAR too much credit. Would YOU get in a car with him? He ain't GOT enough candy. OK folks...back to more important things.

Posted by: Scott | Mar 1 2015 18:53 utc | 41

@Scott #34:

It isn't always a double tap to the head.

Hm, I hadn't heard of this before. I should think that a single shot to the head should suffice, using 9mm hollow point or larger caliber. That former director of the FSB said that hit men typically fire two or three rounds when they kill someone. How I understand that observation is that different killers have different inclinations. Some like to do a double tap to the torso, whereas others believe that they can get by with just a single shot disabling the victim.

By the way, there is actually a term in Russian for the shot to the head to make sure your victim is dead. It is контрольный выстрел (the control shot). I find it really scary that the US is messing around with a country with a culture like that.

I don't expect Russian media or blogs to have much further interest in this killing unless the government says who the killers where, but if I run across anything relevant, I will mention it here.

Posted by: Demian | Mar 1 2015 18:56 utc | 42

Gorby is on the money stating it is hard to find executioners for this sort of scheme. Anyone with enough functioning neurons to carry out the plan is going to notice the Kremlin is right there. Besides the video b links to I've seen stills from three other cameras and there have to be more. A lot more. Basically this was a suicide mission. If the shooter and getaway driver are still alive they will be found. Alive or dead the associates of the shooter and getaway driver will be hunted down. The prostitute was left alive and she is certainly talking. No one ever relies on the silence of a prostitute. Now ask yourself who could recruit and manage the operatives for this scheme. Who would risk setting such a scheme in motion? Why would this be worth the huge risks involved?

Posted by: oldhippie | Mar 1 2015 19:02 utc | 43

@ 42 Demian

If this is becoming a non-event in Russia...then it's all western hype. I've read over half the people in Russia didn't even know who he is.

@ 43 oldhippie

First of the name. Second, I'm not sure about huge risks. Those in the know would be minimal. And disposable. The girl? Limited to no knowledge. Easy to tail people on a busy street. And if the risks ARE are the stakes someone is playing for. Suicide mission? If it was...the shooter found out too late.

Posted by: Scott | Mar 1 2015 19:28 utc | 44

When the Ukraine putsch offensive starts in March it will be a short lived Charlie Foxtrot*.

Let me ask you this Question. What do John Kerry, Joe Biden, Brzezinski and quite possibly Kissinger have in common? I believe they are all either Jesuit trained or actual Jesuits. ALL WWII Fascist States were Roman Catholic. The Kiev putsch junta bears all the trappings of Roman Catholic savagery, assassination of opponents, displays of pseudo crucifix insignia, crude assassination of opponents and Fascist military trappings.

The Church of Rome is the antithesis of the Constitution of the United States of America.

*Cluster F*#K

Just my opinion. I could be right.

Posted by: Alberto | Mar 1 2015 19:40 utc | 45

....These chinks in the Freemason brick wall are spreading and the City of London is becoming increasingly desperate. ISIS, the Nemtsov assassination and the attempt to sink the Minsk Agreement can be seen as last-ditch attempts to stave off the inevitable – the beginning of the end of the British Empire.

Posted by: ALAN | Mar 1 2015 20:31 utc | 46

Whodunnit? Methinks plots within plots on this one, but loosely, that transnational group that in USreal is called The Neocons.

As an aside, I have posted I think 2 or 3 times in the last 24 hours and poof, into the ether, non-existent. Does this happen to others? ColdHole and Ulster seem to have no problem.

Posted by: Benu | Mar 1 2015 20:39 utc | 47

A crime of passion.. He was a unscrupulous womenizer and may have triggered murderous hatred.

Posted by: Virgile | Mar 1 2015 20:48 utc | 48

Meanwhile, in Ukraine: Lvov KPU Cadre Rostislav Vasilko in Kiev: “They Drove Needles under My Fingernails, Beat Me with Clubs”

But no matter that. He's not a neo-liberal US ass kisser so who cares, right?

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 1 2015 20:49 utc | 49

guest77 | Mar 1, 2015 12:05:08 PM | 25

While you posted Obrerver's link I am not sure that you actually read that article. According to article: “According to a source in the Russian police, the young woman had “a very close personal romantic relationship” with the murdered politician, says TV program Vesti. That relationship is already four years old – since she was 19 years-old, in other words.”

Posted by: neretva'43 | Mar 1 2015 20:51 utc | 50

Kiev--Ukrainian police on Saturday said a leading ally of former president Viktor Yanukovych was found dead after falling from his 17th storey Kiev flat in an apparent suicide.

Former lawmaker Mykhaylo Chechetov -- one of the most prominent politicians during Kremlin-backed Yanukovych's time in power -- was facing criminal charges for abuse of power over attempts to crush protests that eventually toppled his former boss.

Investigators said that Chechetov, 61, was found dead late Friday in front of his home after apparently throwing himself from his apartment window.

Posted by: PeteCaroll | Mar 1 2015 20:53 utc | 51

I think that Demian read the same comment in Russkaya Vesna as I did. Slightly bizarre, seemingly written in "been there, done that". Like, "when we were putting together a hit squad, we would insist on a control shot". However, the killer was not a novice, he pumped six shots without slightest hesitation. However, only four shots hit the torso, and the killer sloppily made no control shot once the body hit the pavement. One interpretation is that the hit man did not care too much if Nemtsov would survive or not, and that is consistent with some scenarios, like "mess up Russian politics" or "stop him from messing with this girl".

The location of the hit was very brazen, police was there in less than 2 minutes. That points to authorities, but the sloppy style does not. My first girlfriend and her friend were in a shooting club, if you train, a carefully aimed shot hits a man's eye from 80 feet (for 10, you must have mostly 10s to be competitive), and quickly aimed shot hits a spot on the torso with the size of a fist (10) or somewhat larger (9). A person trained for inter-collegiate competitions or special forces would not miss a shot.

My impression was that while Putin is not a "model democrat", he has a certain style of dispatching his opponents that does not involve killing. Lower level criminal organizations may have local political ties, and inconvenient people may get shot. If someone would cross certain Kadyrov in a bad way, a gold-plated pistol would be dropped by a hit man (after the hit), that guy is definitely special.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Mar 1 2015 20:56 utc | 52

Investigators say they believe the gunman from the car with a Makarov pistol back toward Nemtsov opened fire, but at the scene found six shell casings belong to different manufacturers.

Makarov is of course famous Russian handgun. But this contradict with the video and NY Observer's report where the killer come from underground stairway. Six different shell casings? If true...somebody has wide and open sources of ammo! And lastly, how come the garbage truck or snowplowing truck (there is no snow) is at 23:00 hours?

Posted by: neretva'43 | Mar 1 2015 21:33 utc | 53

@50 she was 19 and he was 50+ and when Putin was shagging Kabayeva she was 22 and he was 50+ so what's your problem?

Posted by: gues62 | Mar 1 2015 21:37 utc | 54

'•Boris Nemtsov Exposed Putin's Corruption—And Paid With His Life'

Putins what? Corruption is the usual and easy excuse for political agitation. It was used in Ukraine by Euromaidan who ended up foisting a worse corrupt regime on Ukraine

Posted by: brian | Mar 1 2015 21:51 utc | 55

who is desperate enough to do this hoping that it will help in the battle against Putin .. surely only Poroshenko?

Posted by: jimmy_jimmy | Mar 1 2015 21:55 utc | 56

I figured Colden Holefold, asshole king extraordinaire would be touching himself with glee over this...on top of Putin being blamed by the western thugs for everything and anything bad that happens, Putin sure isn't dumb enough to do something like this.
I think 90% of the time you are drunkenly projecting all over the place and the other 10% plugging your stupid blog where you talk to yourself under assumed identities.
CNN is acting like a 100,000 Russians are out in the street protesting the death of a saint.

Posted by: farflungstar | Mar 1 2015 22:25 utc | 57

"These chinks in the Freemason brick wall are spreading and the City of London is becoming increasingly desperate."

ALAN comment 46 ...

What about this?

It speaks to the globalist agenda of a one-world-economic system and a one-world-government and how it is being achieved. I remind you that the House of Rothschild has been the "Fiduciary" agent for the Vatican's money-lending activities since back to around 1823. The Vatican and the Rothschild's have been interlocked ever since. The Rothschild's are the bankers for the Vatican. The Vatican is the headquarters of the old Holy Roman Empire. The sitting pope is the 'Pontifex Maximus', the office of the last Caesar of the old Roman Empire."


"The Bank of England and Vatican split the take 40/60; 40% to the Bank of England and 60% to the Vatican."

source -

Google search 'Vatican 60% City of London 40%

Posted by: Alberto | Mar 1 2015 22:55 utc | 58

I can imagine "b" writing about the death of Trotsky in 1940. It would go something like this:

So someone killed Leon Trotsky in Mexico. Whodunnit?

Trotsky was a marginal politician. No one would vote for him in the USSR. It would be ridiculous to call him "opposition". He posed no threat to Stalin.

Also, Stalin would not gain anything from it. The public image of USSR would only suffer from this provocation.

(Oh, I know Trotsky received numerous death threats from Kremlin, but it's irrelevant here, they were just talking)

Also, if NKVD wanted to kill Trotsky, can you imagine them using an... ice axe? Why would the most sophisticated secret service in the world use an ice axe?

And can you imagine a person called Ramon Mercader to be a Soviet agent? Did you notice that his name is an anagram to Acme Armor Nerd?

Mexico is far from the USSR. And USA is close to Mexico.

So, whodunnit? Your guess is as good as mine.

Posted by: Ulster | Mar 2 2015 0:13 utc | 59

Nemtsov allegedly was out on a walk withthe Ukrainian lass after a dinner at the Bosco cafe. Putting aside the evident lack of taste, one has to wonder what the flying schmuck made him go for a stroll in that weather (it was around 0 Celsius and raining mildly). Then the next day the we find SUDDENLY that the opposition has already thousands of posters ready for the occasion - the poor thing must have worked all night.
The stench of false flag is stronger here than the smell of chemical fallout in Damascus.

P.S. Coldie seems to be unusually active, did somebody start feeding him again?

Posted by: Grim Deadman | Mar 2 2015 0:22 utc | 60

@ 58 Ulster
Well...good morning sunshine. Pop by to be your normal disruptive self? I've asked before if you were a paid moron or did it for free. You've never answered. I've realized you MUST be a paid moron. NOONE is stupid enough to do what YOU do for free. And as an afterthought...whatever they pay you? It's too much.

Posted by: Scott | Mar 2 2015 0:44 utc | 61

Deadman @59,
Coldie and Slothie went all cozy a few open threads ago, go figure :)

Posted by: citizen X | Mar 2 2015 1:23 utc | 62


I can imagine "b" writing about the death of Trotsky in 1940. It would go something like this:

I am flabbergasted at your utter lack of historical perspective. How can you compare a larger-than-life historical figure such as Trotsky, to this Russian neo-liberal loser whose greatest achievement in life was to be deputy minister to a depraved drunk, appointed to manage the massive theft of Russia's energy sector? Boris Nemtsov compared to Lev Davidovich Trotsky, leader of the 1905/1917 revolutions, commander of the glorious Red Army, who defeated the US/Eurostan-supported White Armies and secured the existence of Russia, surrounded as it was on all sides by the same old same old bastards who are going at it again. Whatever opinion anyone has of Trotsky, his contribution to the survival of Russia is undeniable, and comparing him to a political whore is not only blatantly disgraceful, it is the ultimate show of historical ignorance.

Posted by: Lone Wolf | Mar 2 2015 1:41 utc | 63

@Lone Wolf #62:

Lev Davidovich Trotsky, leader of the 1905/1917 revolutions, commander of the glorious Red Army, who defeated the US/Eurostan-supported White Armies

A year ago, I probably would have been upset by that. But not anymore. We are all reconciled now.


I'm back to my original view that this was a US false flag. As Tony Carlucci points out, the timing was suspicious: a color revolution style protest was planned for today. The reason the hit was not professionally done is that the US is now so out of its depth in Russia that it can't even find a decent hit man.

Speaking of hit men, this is what the real ones are like. This is one of my favorite trailers. (I usually avoid trailers altogether.)

Get Carter music trailer

And lest anyone has forgotten, The Human League in their epochal Dare did a cover of this.

Posted by: Demian | Mar 2 2015 2:09 utc | 64

I think you might have misunderstood what Gorby said, b. My reading of your cited reference and quote from him, don't support your 'rose coloured glasses' conclusion. He's using Russian Humour (irony++) and it's clever and amusing.

Here's my goto:

But I don't think, after all, that the West will go as far as that, that it will use that crime to attain its own purposes. However, that was unquestionably the goal of the criminals who murdered Boris," he said.

That's Gorby saying that he expects the people responsible for the murder to exploit it. So whoever does crawl out of the woodwork to exploit it will be the OBVIOUS No 1 suspect.

And (update) about 6 hours ago Kerry crawled out of the woodwork with his megaphone and said he hoped Vlad can be trusted to honestly investigate it.

Bingo! QED!

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 2 2015 2:35 utc | 65

I read that the anti-government 'spring' march in Moscow drew either 20 or 50k. Will there be anti-anti-government follow-up, of any size?

Posted by: jfl | Mar 2 2015 2:38 utc | 66

Your continued support and tolerance of puerile hasbara jerks makes this blog unreadable and irrelevant, regardless of your own efforts.

Posted by: DM | Mar 2 2015 2:42 utc | 67

Better, I should say a pro-government follow-up? Are 80% of the Russian people still behind their government? That'd put the expected size of the follow-up at 100 to 250K ... or at least half that 40 - 50% that size if you think that most Russians think the government is not in need of their overt action because 'everyone konws' the Russians support their government.

Posted by: jfl | Mar 2 2015 2:44 utc | 68

@jfl #67:

Are 80% of the Russian people still behind their government?

I can't remember where I read this, I believe it was an opinion piece in a British newspaper, but most Russians now believe that the US has declared war against Russia. Under such circumstances, the "liberal opposition" has no chances. I am not even bothering to read about this demonstration, to find out how many people showed up.

If the hit on Nemtsov really was ordered by the CIA, that indicates that the US foreign policy elite has no understanding of Russia. The State Department has this model of color revolutions. Since they have worked in Arab countries and in ex-Soviet ones, the State Department figures that they can work in Russia, too. So it keeps on trying. It just can't let go, like a nasty dog that has bitten your leg. But Russia is not like those countries. Russians have a memory of the USSR being a superpower and a rival of the US. Thus, this idea of coming to the "American side" simply is no longer appealing to Russians (with the exception of a small corrupt or brainwashed "liberal" minority), as it still is to Poles and Ukrainians, for example. China is like Russia in this respect, so it's not as if Russia is special.

The Western press says that Victoria Nuland is fluent in Russian. I somehow doubt that. She shows no understanding of the country, which I think a person would have just by virtue of knowing the language.

Posted by: Demian | Mar 2 2015 3:18 utc | 69


Better, I should say a pro-government follow-up?

A pro-Putin, pro-Russian demo will certainly help, however, IMHO, the main challenge facing Russia is to expose and debunk the manipulation and lies in Western propaganda, the massive exploitation of Nemtsov's death, by seizing back the narrative of the event. Nothing would help more the Russian discourse than rapid progress in the investigation, pure and simple detective work. Advances in the investigation coupled with a counterattack to the Western MSM propaganda will allow the Russians to retake the political initiative. Putin's response to the attack calling it "foul and cynical" says a lot of where he stands, and it was a proper, measured response to the murder. In his instructions to the Investigative Committee, he called the crime "absolutely provocative in nature." After all, it happened right in front of his office, it was not just provocative, it was brazenly arrogant, a slap on the face of Russian state security. Many years ago there was a similar breach in security, of a different nature, when a plane landed on Red Square, and many top Russian Air Force officers were fired on the spot. Hopefully Russia has some good sleuths at work, right on the tail of the perps. That would be the best propaganda coup the Russians could have against the West and their home-grown pro-West/Maidan/Color/Spring manipulated opposition.

Posted by: Lone Wolf | Mar 2 2015 4:04 utc | 70

@65: CNN says 'Crowds mourn killing of Boris Nemtsov, outspoken Putin critic', but no video of these crowds. Yahoo slide show shows perhaps 5K. Looks like ppl below the bridge were counter-Boris. i think, beat up like the Charlie solidarity march with all the politicans.

Posted by: Thumper | Mar 2 2015 4:32 utc | 71

Russian Spring


Military journalist “Step`” (“Steppe”) reports a close combat in area of settlement Peski imposed by the punitive battalions of Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the Ukrainian forces.

The combat lasted about an hour. Firstly by small arms, them by mortars, after that – by artillery.

Clashes in area of Donetsk airport are typical during last three days. The Ukrainian army invariably pulls reinforcements to Avdeevka and consolidates a large attack group in this direction. Same process is taking place on south-west outskirts of Donetsk in area of settlements Kurakhovo, Krasnogorovka, Staromikhaylovka.

Posted by: Fete | Mar 2 2015 4:40 utc | 72

jfl asked @ 65/67:

"Will there be anti-anti-government follow-up, of any size? ... Better, I should say a pro-government follow-up?"

Even better--from Fort Russ:

The "Russian Maidan" turns into a "Rally of the Patriots"

Posted by: Vintage Red | Mar 2 2015 4:50 utc | 73

Fort Russ question from Vintage Red link (thanks for the breaking news!): Was Nemtsov's murder fruitless?

Not at all, not at all. Ukinazis will now begin to understand they are Russia's enemy, and that's no joke for anybody.

Odessa Massacre organizer comes to Moscow to "pay his respects" to Nemtsov, gets arrested

Posted by: Lone Wolf | Mar 2 2015 5:37 utc | 74

@73 lone wolf.. i pointed that out about 10 hours ago on the open thread.. it will be interesting to see if he has a long stay in russia at this point.. i think he made a huge mistake going to russia for this event..

Posted by: james | Mar 2 2015 5:55 utc | 75

A Russian blogger writes that the hit is part of the US project to remove Putin from power. Destabilizing Russia by means of the Ukraine has not worked.

Google translation

Posted by: Demian | Mar 2 2015 6:01 utc | 76


i think he made a huge mistake going to russia for this event..

He thought being in the Rada would cover him, still, it was kind of idiotic for him to go. Who knows what his role was going to be while in Moscow. His (ill) intentions were cut short.

Posted by: Lone Wolf | Mar 2 2015 6:58 utc | 77

Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 1, 2015 9:35:48 PM | 64

I assumed irony too and checked the quote. It was from a print source.

Figured if not apparent in the voice, it would be mediaspeak which Russians would have decoded having been raised by parents who understood Pravdaspeak.

Posted by: rjj | Mar 2 2015 7:03 utc | 78


How sweet it is! It's like a fairy tale. Everything the evil villains throw at our heroes collapses and falls back on them, redoubled because of their perfidy ... and murder.

Posted by: jfl | Mar 2 2015 7:40 utc | 79


Better ... a picture is worth 100,000 words.

Posted by: jfl | Mar 2 2015 7:46 utc | 80

I'm guessing associates of Nemtsov who felt they had been wronged, taking advantage of the timing to make the hit look like a political hit. A vigilante hit from the Duginite nationalist fringe isn't out of the question either. IMO the hit was carried out in a manner too unprofessional and risky to be the work of true cloak-and-dagger professionals. It wasn't too long ago that oligarchs used Mafiya goons to do their dirty work, and the Nemtsov hit seems to fall within that M.O. Nowadays, that sort of thing is one of the side jobs of the volunteer battalions in Ukraine.

Nemtsov was a hustler and a swindler who probably made a list of enemies as long as your arm. His association with the opposition reeked of opportunism - a gambit to revive a fading political career. He acccepted grants for "opposition research" then treated himself to lavish, whoremongering vacations in Dubai. His funders, including Kiev, had nothing to show for their largesse. And we haven't even considered the possible enemies gained in shady business "deals."

Young Anna may just be a very lucky innocent bystander, or she may have been part of the setup. She seems to be having memory problems. Her lawyer from Kiev seems nervous.

Posted by: Thirdeye | Mar 2 2015 7:55 utc | 81

@62 This was not about Trotsky at all, if you didn't get it. This was about "b" and Soviet propaganda.

Now go and check what Pravda or Western communist newspapers like The Daily Worker wrote about Trotsky's death back in 1940 and you'll find shocking similarities.

Posted by: Ulster | Mar 2 2015 8:14 utc | 82


Bibi's visit is going to 'whodunnit' to a whole lot more folks than some oligarch bag man named Nems...whatever. Send his mistress flowers if you care, otherwise you are part of the problem, the 'shiney object', the 'ever-present crush' of trivial tabloid news shoving true news and real concerns into the dustbin memory hole, like goldfish, content, blowing pop bubbles. Oh, look, a squirrel!

Posted by: Chip Nihk | Mar 2 2015 8:19 utc | 83

@80 A vigilante hit from the Duginite nationalist fringe isn't out of the question either

Sorry, but it is out of question now, at least officially.

Russian law enforcement listed a number of theories they are considering, listing even death threats from islamists about Nemtsov position on Charlie Hebdo that no one heard of, but did not mention continuous death threats from Antimaidan and other Duginite psychos that were voiced publicly just week before the murder.

Posted by: Ulster | Mar 2 2015 8:20 utc | 84

@Thirdeye #80:

Well, at least Russian Spring calls her a model and not a prostitute, unlike some people who post comments here. Calling her a prostitute is just rude and misogynistic. The most disreputable thing about her that I can detect is that she lives in Kiev.

@Ulster #83:

I don't know why you right wing extremist Russophobes are so obsessed with Dugin. He is just a harmless quack. (Or maybe, a member of the sixth column, so people like you should like him, since people like him and Strelkov represent a potential threat to Putin.)

Some Russian bloggers are saying that to protect Putin, the perpetrator(s) must quickly be found. I think that's naive, and place the chances of any suspect being arrested at about 25%. I think cases like this rarely get solved. The perp is out of the country by now (in Georgia?) or dead. I still think that USG was behind this, since it is determined to destroy Russia, and both the Russian fifth column and sixth column are its puppets. They can't do anything on their own. Russia will never say that USG was behind this, so as far as the public record goes, this crime will never be solved.

Posted by: Demian | Mar 2 2015 8:49 utc | 85

@84 Protecting public image of Putin would be very simple: just release the recordings from the dozens of CCTV cams filming the crime scene. Or maybe not.

since people like him and Strelkov represent a potential threat to Putin

And this is why you guys on MoA have been citing the holy word of Strelkov all over the 2014? Or did he became enemy of the people only after leaving DNR?

Posted by: Ulster | Mar 2 2015 8:54 utc | 86

@84 I don't know why you right wing Russian nationalists are so obsessed with Dmytro Yarosh. He's just harmless quck.

Posted by: Ulster | Mar 2 2015 8:58 utc | 87

@Ulster #85:

Strelkov played his essential role in the good fight. But as I'm sure you know, he is not on the same page as the Kremlin.

I think the blogger whose blog I linked to at #75 has interesting things to say about Strelkov & friends.

Posted by: Demian | Mar 2 2015 9:20 utc | 88

A piece of Soviet Union reality. Konstantin Bogatyrev was a dissident poet, beaten to death by "unknown perpetrators" in 1976:

- Did you know? Bogatyrev just died but it was announced who killed him!
- Who was it?
- Sakharovites did! You know, supporters of that academic Andrei Sakharov.
- What?! This is nonsense... Why would they do this? Bogatyrev and Sakharov were friends.
- That's obvious: to blame the KGB!

Posted by: Ulster | Mar 2 2015 9:42 utc | 89

@88 Oh, I understand now - in Russia everyone has to be on the same page as the Kremlin?

Posted by: Ulster | Mar 2 2015 9:45 utc | 90

@Ulster #89:

Not just everyone in Russia. All Russians everywhere have to be on the same page as the Kremlin. I'm in the northeastern US, not too far away from my comrades Rufus Magister, Scott, and guest77 (who are not Russian, so unlike us Russians, they are entitled to their own individual points of view).

Posted by: Demian | Mar 2 2015 9:52 utc | 91

@90 The world is quite lucky that those living outside of Russia aren't really trying to practically implement the Kremlin ideas of the state.

Posted by: Ulster | Mar 2 2015 10:09 utc | 92

@90 Also, it's quite funny that those in Russia who officially follow the party line and earn profits from the widespread theft, nepotism and bribes kind of stop half way in supporting the Kremlin vision of state - by immediately moving their money outside of Russia, sending their children to Western countries etc.

So either they're completely evil... or you have lost contact with Russian reality.

Posted by: Ulster | Mar 2 2015 10:14 utc | 93

The usual conspiracy theorizing here, though this time OGH is only hinting. Most probable is that this was a mafia hit, against an old mafioso. Otherwise, a patriot pissed off at Nemtsov's eager willingness to sell his people for a NYT op-ed slot. But no, this wasn't official, at least not official Moscow.

Posted by: An Ony Mouse | Mar 2 2015 10:20 utc | 94

hey b, you forgot to ad "someone in the fascist russian government to the list"

Posted by: anotherjeff | Mar 2 2015 10:58 utc | 95

@Ulster #83

The Charlie Hebdo angle seems plausible. Conflating Antimaidan with Dugin and ascribing death threats to them is just plain dumb.

#84 You need a better source than Ukraine@war. For example, try eyewitness accounts.

#86 Yarosh has power. Dugin doesn't. Big difference.

@Demian #84 Given that Nemtsov had been seeing her about once a month for about four years, it would be fair to call her his mistress. She is called a model, but we don't know if that is her means of support. Lots of Ukrainian and Russian women have been going into the international ladies' business in the post-Soviet era. Lots of upscale escorts have "cover profiles" as models, actresses, etc. Lots of aspiring actresses and models use sexual favors to advance their careers. Lots of aspiring ballerinas sold their services to aristocrats and generals in imperial Russia. That's not a moral judgment, just reality.

Posted by: Thirdeye | Mar 2 2015 10:59 utc | 96

Not just everyone in Russia. All Russians everywhere have to be on the same page as the Kremlin. I'm in the northeastern US, not too far away from my comrades Rufus Magister, Scott, and guest77 (who are not Russian, so unlike us Russians, they are entitled to their own individual points of view).

Posted by: Demian | Mar 2, 2015 4:52:38 AM | 90

When I'm elected president, and I will be, all of you will be headed back to The Russia where you belong, if what you say is true and you really do reside in America. If you're Western intelligence agents playing games in comment sections, you're still going to The Russia when I'm elected president — or the firing squad with your superiors who ordered you to meddle with free speech expression in comment sections at online spaces. Stalin had The Purge. Mine will be The Reckoning, and it will be done well and for all the right reasons. In fact, when I'm president, The Russia's population will increase 50% at least as a result of immigration. The Russia is The Toilet where you flush the dregs of society so that we all may be free. Think of it as an open air sewer where kleptocrats and deceivers of all stripes can claw each other's eyes out and consume one another until you are no more. That's my vision for The Russia — for it to be all it can be and could only ever be.

Who's next on the Teflon Twit's hit list? Browder? It's certainly not Obama — Putin's had ample opportunities to assassinate him and hasn't pulled the trigger so to speak. Just as Putin is useful to The West, Obama must somehow be useful to The East and to Putin and The Russia more specifically. In the least, Obama's great for Putin's popularity ratings. So too is assassinating a famous opposition leader and outspoken critic of your's . It's a guaranteed jump of 5% - 10% in the popularity polls. Before you know it, the Teflon Twit will have a 110% approval rating or maybe even 125% and Russian physicists with their phony degrees handed out like candy can explain how that's mathematically possible.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Mar 2 2015 11:00 utc | 97

Good news, everyone learn how you build an Empire: Russia just announced it's ready to give control shares of strategic oil and gas resources to China. Even though China has not yet officially asked for them. Which sounds like a desperate cry for money in exchange for literally anything!

Posted by: Ulster | Mar 2 2015 11:04 utc | 98

Nemtsov was being surveilled 24/7 so the FSB either did this, or stood down and let it happen kinda like 9/11. Personally, I think it was the wiry guy with the receding hair line handing out Fair Play For Cuba leaflets on the corner. It's always him no matter the assassination. He's like savoir faire — he's everywhere when you need him in a pinch.

If it was the CIA or Mossad, which of course it isn't, the FSB must really suck at its job and Putin's a wide open target and ripe for the picking when the pickers are ready to pick. If it was the CIA and/or Mossad, but it isn't and wasn't, why not Snowden? That would have sent a real message — not knocking off some washed-up opposition leader in the throes of a midlife crisis.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Mar 2 2015 11:11 utc | 99

@95 Just a week before Nemtsov death the Antimaidan leaders said publicly that "fear of death is the only thing that can stop Russian opposition". Before and after there were countless public threats to "fifth column", "friends of the junta" etc. But yes, it's better to just go and investigate some imaginary Charlie Hebdo instead.

And Dugin has exactly the same level of power as Yarosh. Even if we assume that the Russian military forces in Donbass are "volunteers", it's the Dugin's movement who provides large scale recruitment and fundraising for them. They are funding the war in Donbass right now (and this is the official version, if you deny presence of Russian arms there).

Posted by: Ulster | Mar 2 2015 11:11 utc | 100

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