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March 02, 2015

Open Thread 2015-11

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Oh my what will we ever talk about?

Posted by: jo6pac | Mar 2 2015 20:29 utc | 1

the badly wounded soldier in the hospital in russia is getting press. i don't have a translation, but i have read a translation. this will get picked up fairly soon i suppose..

Posted by: james | Mar 2 2015 21:22 utc | 2

@jo6pac, 1:

"Oh my what will we ever talk about?"

I pledge allegiance to the False Flag
of the Deep State of America
and to the Chaos for which it spins
one Empire under Greed, insatiable,
with alienation and oppression for all.

Posted by: Vintage Red | Mar 2 2015 21:50 utc | 3

Alexis, you can't trust the euro-hyenas!

Posted by: nmb | Mar 2 2015 22:01 utc | 4

The future of the Middle East
Thierry Meyssan
The last few months, Barack Obama is trying to change American policy in the Middle East and destroy "Islamic state" with the support of Syria. But he can not do it, because for several years he has constantly stated that President Al-Assad must step down, and, on the other hand, its regional allies supported an "Islamic state" and opposed Syria. However, the situation is gradually changing, and this goal can be achieved soon. All States previously supported the "Islamic state" no longer support it, thus opening the way to re-take cards.

Posted by: ALAN | Mar 2 2015 22:29 utc | 5

Vintage Red #3

LOL and I needed that Thanks

Posted by: jo6pac | Mar 2 2015 22:46 utc | 6

Let's talk about something that isn't about Boris Nemtsov, Anna Duritskaya or the snow-plow that got in the way of the CCTV camera view right at the moment when he was killed.

Posted by: Jen | Mar 2 2015 23:09 utc | 7

@2 James. Novaya Gazeta is a rag. Information is highly suspect.....

Posted by: georgeg | Mar 2 2015 23:19 utc | 8

Speaking of Anna D., they actually let her go back to the Ukraine with a promise to return.

Posted by: georgeg | Mar 2 2015 23:37 utc | 9

How about the thoroughly discredited and slightly unhinged Bibi coming to D.C. to dictate policy to his craven vassals in Congress? And Washington yammers about non existent meddling by Putin? Insanity reigns. Good topic?

Posted by: Scott | Mar 2 2015 23:59 utc | 10

@10 Scott. International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) are wallpapering their idiotic commercials on Fox News.....

Posted by: georgeg | Mar 3 2015 0:10 utc | 11

@10 @11

I hope the sight of 'our' US senators and representatives standing and cheering and applauding the leader of a monstrously misshapen, genocidal, dwarf of a colonial outpost in the Middle East ordering them to effect that entity's equally monstrous, misshapen, and genocidal foreign policy as the US' own will be the thunderbolt that knocks my fellow Americans from their horses and the scales from their eyes.

But, as you point out, it will be 'explained' by the msm trolls that it is mete and just and necessary for our salvation - not to mention to the upcoming rapture - that we deliver our sovereignty to this monstrous, misshapen, and genocidal dwarf from the dwarf colonial outpost in the Middle East.

And we'll all click our high heels, salute, and thank the dwarf for aligning our foreign policy with that of the monstrously misshapen and genocidal dwarf's? And deliver what treasure and means we have left to the accomplishment of its genocidal desires?

Has there ever been a case of the usurpation of empire by such a monstrous dwarf before in history?

With the active participation of the traitorous members of the imperialist government themselves?

Posted by: jfl | Mar 3 2015 0:35 utc | 12

Is this new? I don't see a time stamp. I don't know if the suspect needs any backing. It could still be a relatively rogue operation if this is the guy behind Nemtsov's murder.

Posted by: NotTimothyGeithner | Mar 3 2015 0:43 utc | 13

"Obama Threatened to Shoot Down IAF Iran Strike"

Posted by: Willy2 | Mar 3 2015 0:58 utc | 14


This story was almost believable until they stated that Israeli aircraft had already breached Iranian radar defenses.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Mar 3 2015 1:24 utc | 15

@ 10 Scott

speaking of whores...

Posted by: Benu | Mar 3 2015 1:25 utc | 16

Igor Strelkov: War Awaits Russia

Russian Pan-Slavism is back. Very gloomy interview with the Orthodox overtone.

Sir John Sawers, ex-MI6 chief, warns of Russia 'danger'

And this guy is calling for more “defence spending”.

Posted by: neretva'43 | Mar 3 2015 1:27 utc | 17

jfl @ 12

Too much maligning of dwarves!
He is a POS Man. We're stuck with him.

Posted by: Benu | Mar 3 2015 1:33 utc | 18

@ 11 georgeg

Considering who owns Faux news does that shock you? Good God...I inadvertently watched about thirty seconds once and it took two days for my brain to start working again.
@ 12 jfl

You shouldn't beat around the bushman...just come out and say how you feel.

@ 16 Benu

Don't compare Congress to whores. Shame on you. That's an insult to whores.

Posted by: Scott | Mar 3 2015 1:35 utc | 19

About 8-14 years to late: The Data Brokers

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Mar 3 2015 1:45 utc | 20

I like the leaks that have been coming out prior to Bibi's arrival. The admission of israels nuke program which means every penny they get from us is illegal. It violates the Symington Act. No money to any country that hasn't signed the NPT.

@ 14 & 15 Willy2 & WOW

I saw that but it was interesting it came out. I take it as a message sent. And remember WOW...we don't know if they breached Iranian airspace. We must take israels word for it. DO we?

I've read the Pentagon is not happy with Bibi and israel in general. They know who did 9/11 and the constant spying and political games. And they take Bibi's visit as an insult to the President. I agree. Whatever my personal opinion of the man...he is the President...and in my mind no two bit, foul mouthed gutless POS ex-furniture salesman from a tiny piss-ant thugdom has the right to insult the office once held by Washington and Jefferson. I'd love to bitch slap the beanie right off his head. I shouldn't be so reluctant to express myself. I'll try to open up more kids...bear with me.

Posted by: Scott | Mar 3 2015 1:45 utc | 21

@james, I've read this inerview. There was also an article in kommersant and some videos in youtube with buryats in Debaltsevo. I only hope that all the Russian soldiers who fight there went there on their own free will and if something happens to them their families will be taken care of.

Posted by: Al | Mar 3 2015 2:40 utc | 22

@13 ntg.. the date is today on the article. thanks for sharing it.

@16 al. yes to your last sentence. i think we might hear more on this story, but maybe i am wrong.

Posted by: james | Mar 3 2015 3:41 utc | 23

*Australia to test new method of tracking planes in wake of MH370 disappearance *

what about the state of art radars stations in pine gap,
u know, the one that keep scs under 24x7 surveillence ?
i heard some murikkan official boasting *not even a mosquito could move undetected in this part of the world* ???

*Several years ago some Australian members of parliament were given a security briefing where a video conference intercept of two of the most senior Malaysian military commanders was proudly shown to demonstrate Australia’s electronic surveillance abilities, where it implied the ability to access some of the most sensitive military and diplomatic communications in the region. Speculation exists that Australia regularly intercepts Indonesian President Susilo Bambamg Yudhoyono’s and other high ranking officials mobile phone conversations. Australia has been regularly reading Indonesian diplomatic traffic since the 1950s, which played an important role in what helped the US undermine the Sukarno regime and install Suharto as President back in 1995.*

Posted by: denk | Mar 3 2015 3:53 utc | 24

A week or so ago the former 2nd in charge of the CIA appearing on PBS went on and on how it will be the end of the civilized world if Iran were ever to get atomic weapons. And all I could think of was

1. Russian-Iran-Syria Mutual Defense Pact

2. Why would the Iranians, who have a mutual defense pact with Russia and Syria ever desire to start a thermonuclear war? It makes no sense. It is a totally specious argument.

Who are these clowns?

Posted by: Alberto | Mar 3 2015 4:00 utc | 25

Who are these clowns?Posted by: Alberto | Mar 2, 2015 11:00:46 PM | 24

Yanks, for the most part

Thick as 2 short planks most of em, apparently

Posted by: yo, tards | Mar 3 2015 4:09 utc | 26

Russian Spring


The Ukrainian side demonstratively regards the agreements reached in Minsk as not being mandatory. This is opinion maintained by Eduard Basurin, the deputy of Commander in Chief of Donetsk Republic Defense.

At today`s briefing, Eduard Basurin told that pulling off weapon, which was being delayed in every possible way, was the sole Kiyev’s move to settle down the conflict. The other measures reached in Minsk were ignored by the Ukrainian side.

“Except for withdrawing heavy weapons, the Ukrainian side disregards any other commitments from those signed, either political or economic”, emphasized the representative of Donetsk Republic Defense. “The blockade has not been dismantled; money, designated for social or pension benefits, was not deposited. Again, this indicates that the Ukrainian side is not inclined to pursue the assumed commitments”, Basurin is convinced.

Also, Eduard Basurin stressed that “the positions of Ukranian forces at very line of engagement still host significant quantities of artillery systems of large caliber, which are due to withdraw”.

Posted by: Fete | Mar 3 2015 4:47 utc | 27

Admission to the prime minister’s speech to Congress on Tuesday was “hotter than fresh latkes,” Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York said.

Posted by: okie farmer | Mar 3 2015 4:48 utc | 28

New Math for the Hanging Chad Coup of 1000 Years

You can't possibly wrap your mind around how much damage US Defense (sic) and the Pentangle Church of Death is doing to the world and humanity, but you can get a handle on how much it's costing every American taxpayer.

There are 100,000 bank branches in the USA, more or less, and the average bank robbery is $10,000. So if every branch of every bank across the USA was robbed, every day, that would be $1 BILLION a day, or $260 BILLION a year, if every bank branch in every State across the US was robbed, every single work day.

$260 BILLION, keep that in your head.

Don Rumsfeld 'lost track of' $2,300 BILLION during his two terms at Defense (sic) and Panetta 'went missing' $1,000 BILLION during his one term, or about $250 BILLION a year goes running out the bank vault doors of the Pentagon, AWOL, over the razor wire, every single year since the Hanging Chad Coup of 2000!

The equivalent of every bank branch across the US being robbed, every work day, forever.

I can't breath.

Posted by: ChipNikh | Mar 3 2015 10:13 utc | 29


one thing we can be absolutely sure....

Someone is Hiding Something, is a line spoken by former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad—perhaps the only government official to publicly acknowledge the true reason that neither Flight 370 nor the 239 people onboard have been found.

Posted by: denk | Mar 3 2015 10:19 utc | 30

So has the Saker's Iceland site been iced already?

Access unresponsive.

Even his olde blog seems blank of recent items.

Posted by: x | Mar 3 2015 11:51 utc | 31

Who are these clowns?
Posted by: Alberto | Mar 2, 2015 11:00:46 PM | 24

Your spelling was incorrect. It's clown$.
Clearer now?
Omitting the (often silent) letter '$' from any word pertaining to Western politicians only adds to the confusion they're bribed to create.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 3 2015 13:11 utc | 32


Anonymous writes about Al Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS:
People need to understand that when you mention this name, you are actually talking about two different persons:
1. The real previously existing Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, born Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badri
2. An Israeli Mossad officer, Shimon Elliot / Sham'oun Ayloot

Posted by: ProsperousPeace | Mar 3 2015 13:23 utc | 33

A year later I still can't wrap my head around the Snowden affair. I've yet to see the documentary. Despite what seems to have been an altruistic gamble on his part, something in my gut feels wrong, or maybe missing is the word. I just read through a counterpunch article insinuating that he is sitting on a trove of CIA documents, perhaps as a method to protect himself. What am I missing here? And why the hell did the NSA drop lead to zero change?

Posted by: IhaceLittleToAdd | Mar 3 2015 13:39 utc | 34

>> How about the thoroughly discredited and slightly unhinged Bibi coming to D.C. to dictate policy to his craven vassals in Congress?
>> Posted by: Scott | Mar 2, 2015 6:59:44 PM | 10

Speaking of Israel I recently read that 1/3 of Israeli schoolchildren are the children of settlers, AKA "illegal immigrants" to the West Bank. Given the coalition nature of Israeli politics, doesn't that makes it inevitable that in a generation or two the openly racist and ultranationalist parties will be the dominant party in the state, or may even have a majority?

Nor will they bother any longer to deny the analogy with apartheid, except to say "of course, some people are more equal than others".

So hasn't Israel already passed a tipping point, today, even if it hasn't sunk yet?

Posted by: diogenes | Mar 3 2015 13:51 utc | 35


The Counterpunch article was an excellent and admitted hit-piece about Greenwald and his mercantile Libertarianism. It seems that Snowden is very afraid of the Company but not the NSA which has some people calling these leaks a Limited Hangout which has some validity.

In this new Amerikan Century the Rule Of Lawyers is paramount so don't expect any muckraking to change anything that matters.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Mar 3 2015 14:35 utc | 36

@20: I don't think Israel has the capabilities to launch a strike against Iran, they need the support of the US or Saudi Arabia. And I don't think Saudi Arabia wants to be seen supporting Israel.

On top of that, all that "Iran Bashing" is meant to divert attention away form the fact that Israel treats the Palestinians as second & third rate citizens.

Posted by: Willy2 | Mar 3 2015 15:13 utc | 37

Azov Commanders Killed by Red Army Statue: "Our Ancestors Don't Sleep"--Fort Russ

Posted by: Vintage Red | Mar 3 2015 15:29 utc | 38

"Israel treats the Palestinians as rats"

fixed that for ya, "citizens" they're surely NOT

Posted by: citizen X | Mar 3 2015 15:31 utc | 39

@ 39 citizen X

I didn't say anything at the time, mostly because it's hard to get a word in edgewise around the trollery of TLC but I wanted to thank you for pointing out that Luciana Bohne article at Counterpunch: The Logic of the Imperial Security State.

you quoted this:

Is there anyone sentient who still believes that the “terrorists” are the enemies of the empire? Is there anyone who still doesn’t see that the “terrorists” are the equivalent of the Einsatzgruppen of the Hitlerite SS? With their sadistic theatre of public and grotesque terror, they provide the empire with reasons for intensifying interventions (Iraq) and renewing bombing campaigns for regime change (Syria). Moreover, the supposed advance of the “terrorist threat” serves to bind the empire’s vassals together in a common goal in the supposed struggle against terrorism– to “tighten security” at home and “to internationalize” foreign policy abroad. In reality, to get with the empire’s long-term goal of world domination.

Einsatzgruppen. That sums it up perfectly. IS in the ME is an Einsatzgruppen that can be rapidly deployed here n there at will...and another Einsatzgruppen is currently being created, trained and deployed by the US and its western "partners" in Ukraine. Looks like They're getting ready to really put the squeeze on Russia.

They must be very worried about the BRICS business, de-dollarization and loss of hegemony. That's all I can figure. Either that or it's just pure psychopathy.

Posted by: Benu | Mar 3 2015 16:51 utc | 40

@ Benu, 40:

"They must be very worried about the BRICS business, de-dollarization and loss of hegemony. That's all I can figure. Either that or it's just pure psychopathy."

You pose this as an "either/or" when it's more truly an "all of the above"...

Posted by: Vintage Red | Mar 3 2015 17:02 utc | 41

@ 41 VintageRed

LOL. Right you are. I stand corrected.

Posted by: Benu | Mar 3 2015 17:12 utc | 42

Pepe Escabor

What the BRICS plus Germany are really up to?

Posted by: crone | Mar 3 2015 22:34 utc | 43

I went on reading about the Einsatzgruppen and the greatest massacre they commited was on Ukraine, 30k+ assasinations in just 2 days. And they were the backbone on developing the industrial killing methods used on the final solution, because shootings were slow and stressful (grannies & granpas, women & children).

The 4th Reich meme is spreading and Daesh threatening to kill tech CEOs spells a whole new level of operations: (h/t nakedcapitalism)

Posted by: citizen X | Mar 4 2015 0:22 utc | 44

@ crone 43
My goddess, that was an excellent piece by Escobar, wasn't it? It read it at breakfast and have been mulling it all day.

Posted by: Benu | Mar 4 2015 1:59 utc | 45

i mean 24,

on mh370

aviation week
* the super radar had an official range of 3,000 km and is reportedly able to reach further into the South China Sea. It claimed that the facility could even pick out the type of aircraft taking off from Changi International Airport in Singapore.

When Bloomberg asked recently whether Australia had picked up any signals consistent with MH370 on its Jindalee Operational Radar Network, an Australian Defence Department spokesman said it "won't be providing comment" on the military surveillance system.*

the hubris of this *five eyes* is staggering,
in a criminal proceeding, a witness who refuse to reveal vital information to the court is liable to be thrown into jail.

the aussies are definitely hiding something, playing a cruel game with the mh370 families, but we all know canberra take its order from.......?

the clue to mh370 is somewhere in the pine gap data base, provided it hasnt been altered or deleted outright by now.

Posted by: denk | Mar 4 2015 2:22 utc | 46

Citizen X @ 44

I so grokked on that globalguerillas. It took me many places. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by: Benu | Mar 4 2015 2:57 utc | 47

malaysia declared mh370 an *accident*,
case close.
the grieving families just wouldnt buy it and neither do i !

a timeline .....

1998, dr mahathir
*that soros !@#$%^& is responsible for the asian financial meltdown,
he is also the arsonist behind the annual haze smothering the whole sea for the past decades
fukus are the greatest terrorists in the world*

deputy pm najib told the murcunts to *fuck off*
when uncle sham offered to *patrol* the malacca straits,the choke point to oil transit route for china. [1]

a court in kl indicted bush/cheney/blair as war criminals.

oct 2013
xi jing ping was feted in kl in the co of pm najib and dr mahathir,

grrrr, i could almost hear uncle sham straining at his leash by then !

when the news broke that a malaysian airliner had gone *missing* i immediately smell a rat.
when it turns out 2/3 of the passengers on board were chinese nationals i muttered to myself, *the bastards !*

after i learned about the presence of dozens of defence technology experts and the new patent for chip fabrication, i knew for a fact
mh370 was a ff ! [2]

it doesnt take a rocket scientist or sherlock holms to figure this out,
elementary watson !



Posted by: denk | Mar 4 2015 3:37 utc | 48

denk @ 48

after i learned about the presence of dozens of defence technology experts and the new patent for chip fabrication, i knew for a fact
mh370 was a ff !

Not a FF to my mind. That'd be assassination, straight up.

Posted by: Benu | Mar 4 2015 3:45 utc | 49

Has anyone here been following recent events in the Golan Heights in the past week? A Golan Syrian who had recently been released from Israeli prison had obtained video evidence of meetings between the IDF and Al Nusra rebels and had passed the tapes on to Syrian TV. For that, Israel has imprisoned him again. Now the Syrian government has filed grievances with the UNSC over the status of the Golan Heights:

The Syrian Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ministry urged the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to enforce its resolutions concerning Israel’s withdrawal from occupied Golan Heights after the Zionist state detained three Syrians in the past week, state-run news agency SANA reported on Monday.

“In a new proof on Israel’s violations of all international conventions and laws, particularly international human rights law, and in continuation of its aggressive and provocative policies against our citizens in the occupied Syrian Golan, and several days after arresting the Syrian freedom fighter Sidqi al-Makt ... the Israeli occupation’s authorities detained today Sheikh Atef Darwish from Baka’ata and Fidaa Majed al-Shaer from Majdal Shams village, confiscating their personal properties, including mobile phones and PC computers in a new violation of the 4th Geneva convention of 1949,” the ministry said in a letter made public by SANA.

“Syria calls on the UN Secretary General, Security Council and High Commissioner for Human rights to press Israel to immediately and unconditionally release all Syrian detainees in its prisons and detention centers,” it added.

Posted by: Rusty Pipes | Mar 4 2015 4:02 utc | 50

Benu 49

its a ff coz..
the cunts blamed china for the mass murder, sobs. !
true to form, robber crying out robbery. !

i watched a video where a highly animated cunt *analysised* in all earnest why this was *chinese ff*, i posted here that cunt's fuck face needs some serious re-arranging !

Posted by: denk | Mar 4 2015 4:19 utc | 51

Also, Israel, Jordan and JAN are trying to lure Lebanese and South Syrian Druze into cooperating with JAN's takeover of Southern Syria/Golan. Walid Jumblatt is hailing as a success his negotiations with JAN (that Druze villages under JAN occupation can avoid slaughter by observing Sunni Islam and destroying Druze shrines). Jumblatt may well have a rocky history with the Assad family, but such maneuvers betray the best interests of Druze in the region.

Posted by: Rusty Pipes | Mar 4 2015 4:37 utc | 52


At the daily briefing, Eduard Basurin, the deputy of Commander in Chief of Donetsk Republic Defense, informed of registered for the past day shellings of districts adjoining the airport and city Gorlovka by 150 mm howitzers.

The Ukrainian forces are misleading the OSCE observers. “Data from a radio intercepts support unwillingness of the Ukrainian forces to pull off heavy weapons from the vanguard positions”, declared Basurin. “Worse, in any possible way, they conceal the weapons and mislead the monitoring mission of OSCE.”

Stationary observing points to monitor compliance with the ceasefire in Donbass will soon become operational. According to Denis Pushilin, deputy chairman of The People’s Council of Donetsk Republic, 11 points were approved by both sides during a contact group video-meeting.

Posted by: Fete | Mar 4 2015 4:47 utc | 53

denk @ 51

It is very terrible. I hope there can be closure for the families who have lost loved ones. And justice for all.

Posted by: Benu | Mar 4 2015 4:59 utc | 54

@38, Vintage, That's not the half of it:

Cauldrons v.1

From December until May the Red Army moved forward, using a strategy devised by Stalin. Instead of confronting the elite Nazi corps head on, the Red forces would divide into smaller units and then move to cut off the fascist supply lines, thus encircling and capturing the spearheads of the blitzkrieg.

Remind anybody of something?

This was the ideal counterstrategy, but it depended on a high level of political loyalty, consciousness, and independence on the part of these small units. No capitalist army could implement this strategy. By the end of May 1942 Moscow was safe and the fascist forces had given ground in the Ukraine.

Posted by: ruralito | Mar 4 2015 5:39 utc | 55

- Ukraine Hikes Rate to 30%,
- Requires Corporations to Sell 75% of Foreign Currency Earnings;
- Miners Not Paid For 3 Months

Posted by: Willy2 | Mar 4 2015 12:35 utc | 56

In the weblink provided in post #56 Mike Shedlock talks about Hyper-inflation but Ukraine is facing DEFLATION. Hyper-Inflation is actually extremely DEFLATIONARY.

Posted by: Willy2 | Mar 4 2015 12:57 utc | 57

FYI deflation is BY DEFINITION the opposite of inflation (and vice-versa :-) )

Posted by: acrimonious | Mar 4 2015 13:11 utc | 58

@58: Yes & No.

Yes, if e.g. the US would go into Hyper-Inflation then we would see the USD crash (value of cash shrinks dramatically) and in deflation the value of cash will increase.

No. Because in both cases (Hyper-Inflation & Deflation) the credit markets will take a GIANT hit. And when the credit markets get hit then that's ALWAYS & EVERYWHERE DEFLATIONARY. Because in both cases the value of credit (=wealth) & therefore the purchasing power of CREDIT goes "down the drain". (=Deflation)

Posted by: Willy2 | Mar 4 2015 13:24 utc | 59

The first words spoken by the defense's Marcia Clarke in the Boston Marathon Bombing trial were " He Did It" This statement basically ends the guilt phase of the trial and switches the emphasis to the penalty phase.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Mar 4 2015 16:45 utc | 60

Zvyahilsky was elected to the parliament from the 110th electoral district. In 1994 Zviahilskyi, being perceived affiliated with Leonid Kravchuk, was accused of having stolen some $20 million by Ukrainian President Kuchma during his term as acting Prime Minister and he fled to Israel in fear for his life.[1][2] After some time Zviahilskyi returned to Ukraine in March 1997 and as a current member of Verkhovna Rada missed most of the sessions of the parliament.[2]

In 1998 Zvyahilsky once again as an independent was elected now from the 43rd electoral district. In 2002 he was already elected to the parliament as a member of the Party of Regions. Zvyahilsky is currently a member of the Verkhovna Rada (parliament), representing the ruling Party of Regions, and owner of the Zasyadko coal mine in Donetsk. Being a member of Parliament, he has immunity from prosecution.[2] In the 2012 parliamentary elections elected for Party of Regions in single-mandate majoritarian election district number 45 with 72.59% of the votes.[3]

In the 2014 parliamentary election Zvyahilsky was re-elected into parliament again as an independent candidate in single-member districts number 45 situated in the Kiev Raion of Donetsk; this time with 72.73% of the votes.[4] In his constituency only a handful of polling stations were open due to the War in Donbass; this lead to Zvyahilsky winning a seat with only 1,450 votes.[5][6] In parliament he joined the faction of Opposition Bloc.[7]

Posted by: james | Mar 4 2015 20:09 utc | 61

@ruralito, 55:

I agree completely. I remember reading once a German General describing *blitzkrieg* tactics not as depending on the sheer force of massed armor prevailing over an entire section of front, but as concentrating a combined force onto a focal point (*schwerpunkt*), achieving an overwhelming local superiority, and breaking through to wreck havoc in the defenders’ rear areas, cutting communications and isolating their units to be defeated in detail or through lack of supply.

While Western Allied armies were fumbling for a response to this, the Red Army developed the “Cauldron” counterstrategy you describe. As if to turn the dialectic of capital-intensive *blitzkrieg* against dug-in defenders on its head, its blend of infiltration and partisan warfare essentially pioneered what would later become known as The Military Art of People’s War that would later be so successful against even the US in Vietnam.

“No capitalist army could implement this strategy” because it is in fact the highest development of revolutionary warfare. IIRC, as the Panthers said, “All the Man’s technology is no match for the Power of the People.”

Posted by: Vintage Red | Mar 4 2015 23:19 utc | 62

It seems the Independent (like the NYT (???)) is trying to do its part of fearmongering on the topic ISIS & Libya. They claim that ISIS is gaining influence in Libya. The proof of the links between ISIS in Iraq & Syria is supposedly two visits (in 2013 & this year) of one (influential (??)) cleric called Bahraini Turki Al-Binali to Libya.

"One of its top clerics, Bahraini Turki al-Binali, has visited the Libyan city of Sirte to preach: in 2013 and again at the end of last year, soon before it fell into the hands of the group's supporters, according to a rival militia official based there. The official spoke on condition of anonymity for fear for his life."
(The Independent got the story from Associated Press (AP))

Posted by: Willy2 | Mar 4 2015 23:22 utc | 63

Addition to post #63:

Is this further evidence that the US (+NATO) are preparing to re-invade/re-enter Libya again ? Is this the first step of AFRICOM to establish a foothold/base in Libya ?

Posted by: Willy2 | Mar 4 2015 23:28 utc | 64

Above I wrote, in grim jest:

“one Empire, under Greed, insatiable…”

And, as if on cue, from Club Orlov:

The Roots of the US’s Continuing Failure-upon-Failure Interventionism

I’ve often heard it said that a country’s domestic dynamics are what drives its international policies. The above outlines a case that what best explains the US' pressing on regardless of failure-upon-failure strategy is its oligarchy’s preparing for the inevitable implosion and challenge to their rule at home--Chaos' chickens coming home to roost. This seemingly self-defeating US' "setting itself up to fail" strategy implies an eventual, ultimate Reichstag Fire false flag, whose primary aim, as with the original, will be consolidating domestic control. This in no way precludes global consequences.

Pretty sick, if the analysis hits anywhere near home. Buckle up for grim times ahead. What goes around comes around…

Posted by: Vintage Red | Mar 4 2015 23:37 utc | 65


I think it is about time to start referring to the Islamic State, that respects no borders, by its chosen name. Libya is quite a distance from Iraq or Syria and is in North Africa not the Levant.

The groups that joined the Caliphate in Libya didn't threaten Europe until the Italians threatened them with invasion. They returned the favor by threatening Rome which the Italians took seriously and backed away from their pitiful threat. We truly have a growing international movement in the IS with all of NA and the ME in its sights.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Mar 4 2015 23:53 utc | 66

@66 wow.. we never heard about isis in libya until after billary and the gangs regime change agenda - which coincidentally was being offered up back in the late 90's or early 21st century as one of 7 or 8 places slated for regime change.. too bad no regime change in neo con central.. instead we have neo cons hiring isis and a rubber stamp from washington.. sick country..

Posted by: james | Mar 5 2015 0:22 utc | 67

Courtesy of DeepResource:

Happy Birthday Madonna!

Posted by: Demian | Mar 5 2015 2:00 utc | 68

quote from cannonfire today

" David Ignatius hopped onto the CNN airwaves and bleated the following...

It must be very difficult to be Edward Snowden, living in the Moscow of Vladimir Putin, at a time when Putin’s opposition is being murdered in the streets, so I can’t help but think that Snowden wants out, and the fact that he’s willing to negotiate, which he said before he wouldn’t do, is interesting.

Hilarious. Glenn Greenwald's response is worth quoting...

For more than 60 years, U.S. elites have been eager to tell Americans that anyone living in Russia is inherently miserable. That’s particularly true of Western dissidents: the apocryphal stories of British defector Kim Philby being destroyed by a dark, lonely, miserable existence that culminated in his drinking himself to death are often invoked to suggest that a similar fate awaits Snowden (who doesn’t drink, who lives with his longtime girlfriend, who is regarded as a hero by millions and millions of people around the world, who receives awards and prestigious appointments, and who is incredibly gratified and fulfilled both by what he did and his current life).

That’s all Ignatius is up to with these claims, all based on the obvious media-created fiction that Snowden has suddenly realized how desperate he is to leave Russia. Again, this entire conversation — like the whole media blitz yesterday about this story — is all based on utter fiction.

This “everyone-in-Russia-is-miserable” line has been a staple of U.S propaganda since the end of World War II, and remarkably, nothing has changed.

Posted by: james | Mar 5 2015 2:25 utc | 69

@69 He would have more chance of getting murdered in the US.

Posted by: dh | Mar 5 2015 2:54 utc | 70

@james #69:

Also British propaganda. See The Human Factor. I won't say anything about what happens so as not to introduce spoilers. I don't know why this Cold War film is not better known. Graham Greene and Tom Stoppard wrote the script, and Otto Preminger directed.

I suppose that the reason it is not well known is that, being based on a Graham Greene novel, neither side is portrayed as good.

Posted by: Demian | Mar 5 2015 3:16 utc | 71

James wrote @ 69:

"For more than 60 years, U.S. elites have been eager to tell Americans that anyone living in Russia is inherently miserable. "

Almost 70 years ago, Ayn Rand, testifying before the House Un-American Activities Committee concerning a WW2 era film "Song for Russia"--made when the US and USSR were ostensibly allies--that it was Communist propaganda because it showed Soviet citizens smiling:

Rep. John R. McDowell: You paint a very dismal picture of Russia. You made a great point about the number of children who were unhappy. Doesn't anybody smile in Russia any more?

Rand: Well, if you ask me literally, pretty much no.

Posted by: Vintage Red | Mar 5 2015 3:17 utc | 72

@Vintage Red #72:

It's called Song of Russia. I had not heard of it.

Posted by: Demian | Mar 5 2015 3:42 utc | 73

@Demian, 73:

Yes, thank you--my transcription error. As I heard it was a film made late in Hollywood's war effort; censors felt there was "something wrong" with the film and it was thus dragged from WW2 innocent ally solidarity into the new glare of McCarthyism. Thus Ayn Rand was called in as an "expert"...

Posted by: Vintage Red | Mar 5 2015 4:08 utc | 74

Oh great, now "Citizen Journalist (née Fraud)" Brown Moses is covering the Ukraine.

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 5 2015 4:38 utc | 75


Russian Spring

Replying to media, the Minister of Donetsk Republic Defence, Vladimir Kononov, remarked: “On south direction it is Shirokino, on north direction it is the airport plus Gorlovka. These are the places of most doubted peace.

Of course, it would be very desirable to settle the situation through peaceful means, neither resorting to small arms nor to artillery”.


Russian Spring

Day after day, the opponent’s use of artillery is increasing. We retaliate from mortars and tanks.

A combat was taking place between settlement 6-7 and settlement Mayorsk (north-west of Gorlovka).

Units of republicans on the east side of Novotoshkovskoye (Bakhmutka region, north of Pervomaysk) clashed with the Ukrainian forces on the west side. Mortars and APCs were involved; the combatants repelled the provocation.

In Schast`ye, Ukrainians are accomplishing rotation – new units arrive; large number of mercenaries was noted.

Rocket launchers “Smerch” (“Tornado”) moved in Stanitsa-Luganskaya.

Posted by: Fete | Mar 5 2015 5:03 utc | 76

@Vintage Red #74:

I think I will watch it. Somehow it has ended up on my hard drive.

Hollywood WW II movies are interesting. A favorite of mine is Saboteur. Here is a piece of dialog from it, between the American hero and the American Nazi mastermind:

You seem to have a soft spot for that young lady. You can't afford to make yourself that vulnerable, not when you're out trying to save your country.
Why do you sneer every time you refer to this country? You've done pretty well here, I don't get it.
No, you wouldn't. You're one of the ardent believers. Millions like you plod along without asking questions. I hate to use the word stupid, but it seems to be the one that applies. The great masses, the moron millions. Well, there are a few of us who are unwilling to just troop along. A few who are clever enough to see that there's more to be done than just live small, complacent lives. A few of us who desire a more profitable type of government. When you think about it, Mr Kane, the competence of totalitarian nations is much higher than ours. They get things done.
I doubt there were Americans like that in Hitchcock's time, but there certainly are now.

Posted by: Demian | Mar 5 2015 5:38 utc | 77

that Zviahilskyi guy i linked to in my earlier post @61 is the owner of the mind in donetsk where at least 32 miners died the past day. here is the rt article discussing this.. dual citizen israel/ukraine guy.. another oligarch that doesn't seem to give much of a shit on the safety of the mine he owns.. this has happened before with many more people dead as a consequence of the way he runs his mine..

@70 dh.. i agree with you there..

@ demian and vintage red.. thanks for those suggestions. i rarely watch movies. almost never.. there is a new one out on drumming and school 'whiplash' that some friends are recommending i watch. i have never downloaded a movie.. i could rent a video maybe.. susan has netflix but it doesn't have new stuff on it.

that is interesting about ayn rand.. the lady was very messed up clearly. i read a few of her books when i was in my 20's.. i recall their being something wrong in her thinking back then after reading atlas shrugged and fountainhead.. it's a wonder i got thru those books, but i was curious even to do it.

@75 fete. thanks.. sounds like bringing war to eastern ukraine just isn't going to stop thanks kiev/usa/cia.. that is most unfortunate..

Posted by: james | Mar 5 2015 6:56 utc | 78

@james #77:

i rarely watch movies. almost never..

I find that very strange. Film and pop music are the two main modern art forms. (Recently, in America, TV has surpassed most films, with shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and The Americans.) Can you explain this behavior of yours? There is a unique kind of ecstasy one gets from watching truly great films. Examples are the final sequences of 2001 and The Passenger. I can't understand why anyone would want to forgo that.

i read a few of her books when i was in my 20's..

I read one her books when I was in college because my girlfriend recommended it. That was the only time I have ever intensively skimmed a novel: it was obvious from the start that it was trash. My girlfriend was only three years younger than me, yet that was enough to make her be into Ayn Rand when I wasn't. (Also, it probably didn't hurt that she was half Jewish.) I wonder if Ayn Rand is going out of fashion with young people even among those who consider themselves to be "libertarians".

Posted by: Demian | Mar 5 2015 7:16 utc | 79

@78 demian.. i can't explain it.. it is not rational.. well, maybe it comes with some aspect of my personality that doesn't feel the need to keep up with what mainstream culture is up to.. i am a wee bit more interested musically though, so i have followed some pop music on and off without trying - the beatles or beach boys are a few simple music examples. never watched star wars, casablanca, you name it - or a whack of movies that many others have watched.. stopped owning a tv sometime into my 20's.. actually now that i think of it, the last time i lived in a house with a tv was at my parents place early 70's.. tend to not go to movie theatres.. too expensive and i could spend the same money on live music performance.. i have seen movies, but generally don't go to the movie theatre.. i have seen a few live theatre shows and been involved in them too musically.

i get more from playing music, going for walks with our dog, gardening and stuff like that. i spend too much time on the net as it is and it is much like a newer type of tv, except it is interactive and i get to talk with people like yourself on some topics we are both interested in.

ps - never saw 2001 space odyssey either, lol.. you name it, i probably haven't seen it! must be a quirk in my nature i suppose!

reading ayn rand was a result of an interest in philosophy which is still ongoing, but not in any traditional manner.. another interest of mine is astrology which i have had since my early 20's.. most folks just laugh over that. i don't really care.. there is a lot to it. i have never tried to prove music, and i feel the same about astrology.. i get what i get from it, and that is as much as i can say on that. i have a character flaw that makes me defensive sometimes when i don't need to be.. other times i am very comfortable being very confrontational.. well there you have some of my inner musings on myself.. basically boring stuff, lol..

Posted by: james | Mar 5 2015 7:56 utc | 80

Force for Fun & Profit!

Kolomoysky's paramilitaries engineer a coup in Dnepropetrovsk. The City Council caught wind of a plot to storm the next session and cancelled it. They convened their own meeting.

In the morning, in order to force the City Council deputies to participate in the session, armed men in camouflage and masks chased down the deputies in their apartments, and forced them to come to the extraordinary session. Pressure on the deputies was exerted by Korban personally, by power structures [police? JH], and by masked paramilitaries. They used threats and blackmail, Korban threatened that the deputies would share the fate of the kidnapped head of the judicial department of the City Council Aleksandr Velichko who has been held hostage by Korban for nine days....

Legality. Order. Shared human values. I wonder, what did journalists expect when Dnepropetrovsk region was put under the control of people who were the acknowledged “#1 raiders of Ukraine”?

Translator J. Hawk's comments note that a later vote did put Galina Bulavka, a Kolomoisky associate, in office until the next scheduled vote for mayor in six mos. Poroshenko has been placing his folks in office "in what Kolomoysky considers 'his' feudal domain" and Hawk sees this a pre-emptive move on Kolomoisky's part. Poroshenko has the authority to remove some local official, and that he has let this pass suggests to Hawk "it's at least possible that Kolomoysky is solidifying his grip on Dnepropetrovsk with Poroshenko's tacit approval, which is a sort of reward for not jumping ship and joining Novorossia."

Posted by: rufus magister | Mar 5 2015 16:13 utc | 81

Do you reckon Putin is the reason gay marriage has come about in USA?

Posted by: PeteCaroll | Mar 5 2015 17:03 utc | 82

Old Business from Open 09. In response to my belated noting of the passing of Edgar Froese, of Krautrock pioneers Tangerine Dream.

Have to agree on German pioneers of electronica.
Triumvirate's Spartacus is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
And 3x louder.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 23, 2015 12:05:01 AM | 121

Looked promising, I found their "Spartacus". Not bad. Similar sound to Emerson, Lake & Palmer, who were working similar themes and instrumentation. That Helmut Köllen, bassist and vocalist died tragically shortly after leaving the band at its peak probably accounts for why I don't recall them from back in the day. Interesting to see what Köllen might have done.

Progressive rock was fun while it lasted, my interest in it was sincere but not especially deep. Here's a credential -- Renaissance's Carpet of the Sun, in heavy rotation here of late. Beautiful early syn strings and Melotron (I'd guess) winds.

The seed that you plant today/Tomorrow will be a tree
And living goes on this way/It's all part of you and me.

I think it had gone as far as it could musically, which oddly enough really wasn't that far. Later Yes -- nice covers, more of the same as far as the music. I liked prog, and I was glad when punk put it out of its misery.

Posted by: rufus magister | Mar 5 2015 17:17 utc | 83

Judge limits evidence on role of main perpetrator of Boston Marathon bombings

· Why did the FBI and CIA fail to respond to warnings from Russia’s security agency FSB in 2011 and 2012 concerning Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s support for Islamist separatist and terrorist organizations in Russia’s North Caucasian regions of Chechnya and Dagestan? Why did they ignore Russia’s request that Tsarnaev be prevented from traveling to these regions?

· Why did the FBI clear Tamerlan Tsarnaev of harboring terrorist sympathies in 2011 after supposedly carrying out an intensive investigation? Why did the agency claim there was no “derogatory” information against him, even though it suspected him of having participated in the Waltham, Massachusetts murder of three Jewish men, including a “best friend,” on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks?

· Why was he allowed to travel to Dagestan in January of 2012, without even being questioned at the airport? He remained there for six months and reportedly made contact with Islamist groups that have carried out terror attacks against Russian targets. Why was he allowed to return to the US without even being stopped at the airport and questioned on his return?

· Why did the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security Department fail to inform their state and local counterparts on the Boston joint terrorism task force of their contacts with Tamerlan Tsarnaev prior to the Boston Marathon?

These unanswered questions strongly suggest that US intelligence was seeking to use Tamerlan Tsarnaev to further its covert anti-Russian operations among Chechen and Dagestan separatists. These regions also supplied many of the foreign fighters recruited by the CIA for its proxy war for regime change against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad [, many of the foreign fighters recruited by the CIA for its proxy war against Russia in Ukraine[, and Nemtsov's assassin(s) in Moscow?]].

This connection is underscored by another critical fact ignored by the US media - the role of Ruslan Tsarni, the uncle of the Tsarnaev brothers. In the 1990s, Tsarni ran a US group called the Congress of Chechen International Organizations, which helped supply anti-Russian insurgents in Chechnya with military equipment. The organization was registered at the home of his father-in-law, Graham Fuller.

Fuller had been vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council at the CIA under President Reagan, and had worked for the agency in a number of countries, including serving as CIA station chief in Kabul.

Of course the judge 'limits evidence on role of main perpetrator of Boston Marathon bombings' : that'd be the CIA.

Fuller and the CIA planned to put the Tsarnaev's 'to work' against the Russians in Chechnya. Just didn't quite work out as planned. Oh well, if at first you don't succeed - try, try, again.

The Tsarnaev family were brought to the US, protected and nurtured by the CIA. If it weren't for YATA, YATA ... Yet Another Terrorist Adventure by the CIA, the Boston Massacre simply never would have happened.

Posted by: jfl | Mar 5 2015 20:15 utc | 84


Absolutely. It sometimes takes a while, but the plot always reveals itself. When I first heard they were 'Chechen' I knew some serious plans were being made wrt Russia.

The only reason they're even having a trial is to force a reliving of the patriotic sideshow aspect of it.

Really the only 'debate' I've seen in the MSM is whether or not he should get the 'Federal' death penalty, since there is no state version.

So the only problem Americans have with the whole thing is that we might not see him executed, and all of the Great TV that comes with that sort of thing. It's literally all about how many ads they can sell.

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 5 2015 20:33 utc | 85

Another thing, I've been wondering if the multiple fake FBI terror busts that led up to the Boston bombing, which have since tapered off, weren't a preliminary smoke cloud to make the bombing seem more 'natural' and plausible. KWIM?

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 5 2015 20:41 utc | 86

@86 fp - that sort of gives the lie on it all, or raises some serious questions at minimum.. unfortunately this info is never given at the same time they are chasing after the 'suspects' or people would start raising a lot more questions, as opposed to swallowing the 'we know who dunnit' pablum they are being given..

Posted by: james | Mar 5 2015 20:43 utc | 87

FacePalm did you see that press conference live? It was obviously staged and very, very awkward. Too much time had passed at that point for them to play dumb yet they did, for the drama. It's a Hollywood formula, as usual.

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 5 2015 20:45 utc | 88

The “Snowden is Ready to Come Home!” Story: a Case Study in Typical Media Deceit.

Greenwald and Poitras beam in Ed Snowden for their Oscar show in Hollywood. Ice cream and cake with HBO. A good time is had by all.

Remember Chelsea Manning? No one else does either. No ice cream and cake for her. No Oscar. No instant defense from media attacks by her lawyer. No attempt to get her out of Leavenworth, either, where she'll be rotting away for the next 30 years, having already spent nearly 5 years behind bars.

And all the people in Iraq gunned down by Americans in helicopters are still dead. While Barack the Nihilist Nobel Peace Prize Laureate is raising US troop levels in Iraq again.

Ed Snowden is a hero in my book, but so is Chelsea Manning and if suffering and injustice are in any way ennobling, then she is the nobler of the two in my book as well.

Wouldn't have hurt the celebrities at the Oscars to have mentioned her name, would it? I guess nobody wants to know her name.

Posted by: jfl | Mar 6 2015 0:58 utc | 89

@jfl #90:

Ed Snowden is a hero in my book, but so is Chelsea Manning …

Wouldn't have hurt the celebrities at the Oscars to have mentioned her name, would it? I guess nobody wants to know her name.

I agree. I am bothered by all the Greenwald bashing, but Greenwald and/or Poitras should have mentioned Manning.

What is the explanation for the disowning of Manning in contrast with Snowden? That Snowden is free, and so can make regular comments that are reported by the media? (Of course, US media will tell you that Manning is better off than Snowden; being in prison in the USA is preferable to being free in Russia.) That Manning has been imprisoned by USG whereas Snowden has not? (That is probably the best explanation.) That Manning is transsexual?

BTW, did Greenwald and/or Poitras mention Assange? He is a martyr too, trapped inside that embassy by the totalitarian Brits.

Posted by: Demian | Mar 6 2015 1:30 utc | 90

Tony Cartalucci: Obama-Netanyahu "Fallout" is Theater - Planned in 2009

The Brookings Institution's 2009 policy paper titled, "Which Path to Persia? Options for a New American Strategy Toward Iran" makes clear that negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program is merely theater, and that it will be used to give the world the impression that the United States explored all possible "peaceful" options before resorting to `violent regime change.

Posted by: Demian | Mar 6 2015 7:54 utc | 91


' BTW, did Greenwald and/or Poitras mention Assange? '

Absolutely! He's done two years in the Ecuadorian embassy. And ... ahem ... had more than a little to do with saving Ed Snowden's ass ... when Glenn and Laura were ... where, exactly?

The only names I noticed in the 'thank you very much' acceptance speech were names like HBO, and thanks for the support.

The Oscars have all the allure and authenticity of the Nobel Peace Prize. Accepting one is like admitting you're on the wrong side of art and creativity, just as accepting a Nobel Peace Prize at this point signals that you're a lying, war-mongering hypocrite.

Marlon Brando sent an American Indian to pick up his Oscar for The Godfather ...

Brando won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance, but turned down the Oscar, becoming the second actor to refuse a Best Actor award (the first being George C. Scott for Patton in 1970). He boycotted the award ceremony, instead sending American Indian Rights activist Sacheen Littlefeather, who appeared in full Apache attire, to state Brando's reasons, which were based on his objection to the depiction of American Indians by Hollywood and television.

... the dynamic duo might have sent someone who would name the names of those ignored or vilified by Hollywood ... but no, it was ice cream and cake and smiles all around.

I saw the movie before the Oscar performance ... I've gotta admit I've lost my taste for it since. Before the Oscar I saw it as an attempt, after a year, to portray Ed Snowden as a human - to make us all aware that he sacrificed a LOT yet never looked back. That all of us could grow a little firmer in the defense of that which we say we believe, just as Ed Snowden continues to demonstrate his own personal integrity.

And it will again, I'm sure, when we've all forgotten the quintessentially forgettable Oscar.

But right now ... the Oscar ... HBO ... they've dirtied the movie ... they cannot touch Ed Snowden. Just as the Nobel Peace Prize now dirties its recipients. They've spun gold to dross.

Posted by: jfl | Mar 6 2015 9:59 utc | 92

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