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March 15, 2015

Leader Of The Jewish People Reveals Vast Jewish Conspiracy

Many people have claimed that a vast Zionist conspiracy, funded by rich foreign Jews with communist leanings, is manipulating the people through the Zionist owned and controlled media. The purpose of this conspiracy is to overthrow the government and to implement policies which are against the will and the best interest of the people.

The above is an antisemitic slur? An excerpt from the fake Protocols of the Elders of Zion? A Nazi fantasy?

No. The above is the publicly proclaimed, learned opinion of the current Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahoo:

Leftist activists and the foreign and international media are conspiring to get [the opposition] elected via illegitimate means, using innuendo and foreign money.
We have received many reports from people who work for Yedioth Ahoronoth regarding [publisher] Noni Mozes, who is leading a carefully orchestrated campaign against me. He is aided by various organizations that function with the support of tycoons in Israel and abroad, and also with the support of foreign governments.
The only response to Noni Mozes’s campaign of seduction and to the millions of dollars that are flowing in from abroad to leftist organizations, is to go next week and cast the only ballot possible: only Likud.

Who will deny any claims of greedy Jewish manipulations of the public when even the self-proclaimed leader of the Jewish people is publicly asserting such?

Whatever happens in politics musts be the result of a conspiracy by wealthy Jewish businessmen, Zionist media barons, foreign government interests under the influences of some despicable ideology.

Just ask Netanyahoo.

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Colonel Kurtz has reached the end of the river and gone totally insane.

Posted by: Uranus Johnson | Mar 15 2015 13:22 utc | 1

@Uranus Johnson
Still has time to manufacture some chaos.

Posted by: notlurking | Mar 15 2015 13:46 utc | 2

Bibi misses his umpteenth wonderful opportunity to shut up...
(original quip by Jaques Chirac 1932 - ?)

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 15 2015 15:08 utc | 3

Bibi, the Pie-eyed Piper of Israel.
(original quip by Daffy Duck)
I wonder how long it will take "Israelis" to deduce that following someone like Bibi is pretty persuasive evidence that they're lost?

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 15 2015 15:24 utc | 4

A lot of people mention "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" but have you read it? If you havent, then please do so. Then analyze the plan(s) as laid out in the book in context with history after its release in 1897.

That book is no falsification. That book was truth. Are we anti-semites for saying so? Are these people (zionists) not religious and racial supremacists?

So I guess it should rattle some peoples thinkbox a bit when "people" like Bibi come out and say stuff like this.

Posted by: RobertB | Mar 15 2015 15:57 utc | 5

"Many people have claimed that a vast Zionist conspiracy, funded by rich foreign Jews"

No. Netanyahu is claiming that there is a small conspiracy spearheaded by an Israeli newspaper publisher. Netanyahu mentions Israeli tycoons and Leftists and foreign governments.

Moon. You are projecting.

Posted by: Joel | Mar 15 2015 16:03 utc | 6

Was it also a conspiracy when loser Newt Gingrich was given a spot on the list of GOP presidential candidates when his only support came from one filthy-rich casino owner in Vegas or was that a sign of "democracy at work"?


What I don't understand is why people are piling on old Bibi. The other Israeli parties are just as bad. They all want to bomb iran and use US tax dollars to spread Israeli hegemony. The whole Israeli political establishment is certifiably nuts. It's like picking between Hilary or Jeb.

That's democracy?

Posted by: plantman | Mar 15 2015 16:14 utc | 7

What a 'Bing Bang ' this would be, the 'ZIONIST CLOWN ', (according to the Supreme Leader of Iran ) losing th elections and Iran clinching a deal with the so caled P 5 plus 1 , we know it in a few days....

Posted by: Sufi | Mar 15 2015 16:41 utc | 8

Well. Our United States Senate thinks there may be a conspiracy.

Senate panel probing ‎possible Obama administration ties to anti-Netanyahu effort'

Posted by: Joel | Mar 15 2015 16:51 utc | 9

@5 robertb. i haven't read it, but you have gotten my curiousity. thanks.

@6 joel.. that is not accurate... if the quote "Leftist activists and the foreign and international media are conspiring..." is accurate, then your comment isn't... nice try though..

thanks for pointing this out b... either israel has a real nutjob in power, or their present leader has just stripped off some of the clothes on what many have said all along..

Posted by: james | Mar 15 2015 18:00 utc | 10

I followed the link given by Joel. Paydirt! Grubby fingers of ayatollahs in Israeli elections!

"Launched in 2002 by snack bar mogul Daniel Lubetzky and boasting the star power of such celebrities as Brad Pitt, Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman and Sir Paul McCartney among its honorary advisors, OneVoice was headed until November by Marc Ginsberg, who advised President Carter on Middle East policy and served as President Clinton’s ambassador to Morocco."

There should be a law that no American citizens can interfere in Israeli elections, unless they are in possession of a gambling license in Macao. Especially not Sarah Silverman.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Mar 15 2015 18:01 utc | 11

Hahahha "millions of dollars that are flowing in from abroad to leftist organizations"

The only time "millions of dollars flow from leftist organizations" is when Morgan Stanley figures out how to tap the vein of another union pension fund.

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 15 2015 19:11 utc | 12

The propagation of vicious stereotypes is the affliction of a lower order of minds. And the crudeness of that approach is described with brilliance in Harper Lee's novel, "To Kill A Mockingbird",--poignantly--in the appeal of Atticus to the jury.

Some, but not all Israelis, project this attitude when speaking about Palestinians. Those in Gaza, under occupation, are living harshly inside the ghetto, one that tragically recreates persecutions that should give the leaders and people of Israel some pause for reflection. And Palestinians rightly accuse the current Israeli leaders of not even acknowledging that Palestinian people have a culture which is worthy of respect.

Zionism is a malignant and obsessive ideology; and it is comparable to American Manifest Destiny (a.k.a. Exceptionalism, Full Spectrum Dominance, New American Century, and so on...and so forth). Both systems have a creed which accommodates and conceals torture. Both are expansionist. Neither one feels any compunction when it comes to crimes against peace. The kind of shameless aggression that is intended to terrify and subdue other countries, is conducted by both.

I've come to think that the content of Netanyahu's speech mostly reflects obsession, and his refusal to respect boundaries,(not merely of the territorial kind), but on the psychological and political side, as well.

Foreign liberals with the Big Money are clearly not acceptable friends in Netanyahu's book; and yet those pals are most meek, when faced with the vile rhetoric and policies of the Prime Minister's Likud Party.

Some liberals they are! Yes, the one thing liberal, humanitarian interventionists won't tolerate, is a loose cannon.

Posted by: Copeland | Mar 15 2015 19:27 utc | 13

very funny article,had a good laugh.....vaaaaast left wing con more like it.
americans buying the middle as usual.the psychological pressure being applied on israel is huge,but it will fail for one reason yes for meaningful change is a lie,and israeli,s know this

no mr obama do not expect your golden calf to be worshipped by israel,that god belongs in the white house.

3 crows await,2 fly above,1 calls out


Posted by: mcohen | Mar 15 2015 20:20 utc | 14

Bla bla ... where is Putin genelmen?

Posted by: ALAN | Mar 15 2015 21:03 utc | 15

They don't care anymore. They know everyone knows, and they just don't care. So they brag and flaunt it, because they got their fingers in all the right shorthairs and it's too late to do anything about it.

Posted by: farflungstar | Mar 15 2015 21:09 utc | 16

Warrant for Genocide, Norman Cohn's definitive book on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion has only recently been translated into Russian. It is available on the web and you can access the article below through your library.


Posted by: Harold | Mar 15 2015 22:31 utc | 17

Putin speaks ...

“The trick of the situation was that outwardly the [Ukrainian] opposition was supported mostly by the Europeans. But we knew for sure that the real masterminds were our American friends,”Putin said in a documentary, ‘Crimea – The Way Home,’ aired by Rossiya 1 news channel. “They helped training the nationalists, their armed groups, in Western Ukraine, in Poland and to some extent in Lithuania,” he added. “They facilitated the armed coup.” The West spared no effort to prevent Crimea’s reunification with Russia, “by any means, in any format and under any scheme,” he noted.

Read more at:

Posted by: Alberto | Mar 15 2015 23:38 utc | 18

Russia deployed nukes ...

According to Putin, part of the operation was to deploy K-300P Bastion coastal defense missiles to demonstrate Russia’s willingness to protect the peninsula from military attack. “We deployed them in a way that made them seen clearly from space,” Putin said. The president assured that the Russian military were prepared for any developments and would have armed nuclear weapons if necessary. He personally was not sure that Western nations would not use military force against Russia, he added.

Read more at:

Posted by: Alberto | Mar 15 2015 23:42 utc | 19

What that outburst tells us is that Netanyahu has completely given up on the votes that are leaning towards Zionist List because - let's face it - you can't entice a voter back into the fold by telling them that they are dupes and traitors.

But his outburst must mean that the Likud is also bleeding votes to Bennett's appallingly far-right party, and it is THOSE voters that Bibi is attempting to scare-monger back to the Likud.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Bibi is looking at polls suggesting something in the region of 17-19 seats for Likud, and 24-25 seats for Zionist List.

Think about it: Likud needs to be within one or two seats of Zionist List if Netanyahu is to have any chance of getting the first tapp on the shoulder by Rivlin.

But a five-plus blowout makes that impossible - Rivlin will have to let Herzog have the first go at forming a coalition, and if that happens then it's All Over Red Rover for Bibi.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Mar 16 2015 0:31 utc | 20

Two predictions for election night in Israel.

1) Likud will do much, much worse than everyone is predicting. Netanyahu is certainly acting as if that is what he is being told, and I would suggest that this is because his polling is seeing a late collapse of right-wing support for him in favour of Bennett.
2) Every political commentator will be shocked - shocked, I tell you! - at the "unexpected" level of voter-participation by Israeli Arabs.

Why the latter?

Look at the latest polls: Yisrael Beiteinu is hovering just above the five-seat cutoff for representation in the next Knesset.

Which means that a bigger-than-expected Arab vote will drop Yisrael Beiteinu under that line, so that party won't make it into the Knesset.

Bye-Bye Lieberman.

So if you are attempting to rally votes that's got to be an unbeatable enticement i.e. get to the polling booth and **vote**, because it could be **your** vote that sends the Moldovan Bouncer into oblivion.

And, oh, how delicious the irony....

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Mar 16 2015 3:45 utc | 21

@17 - might be why i never looked into it .. temporary lapse in memory and not sure what this tells us about robertb..

Posted by: james | Mar 16 2015 4:23 utc | 22

That book is no falsification. That book was truth. Are we anti-semites for saying so? Are these people (zionists) not religious and racial supremacists? So I guess it should rattle some peoples thinkbox a bit when "people" like Bibi come out and say stuff like this.
Posted by: RobertB | Mar 15, 2015 11:57:42 AM | 5

Amusingly, Zionists used to describe the Protocols as a forgery which in my lexicon means a copy of something genuine and valuable.
It's even more amusing that Bibi's remarks serve to revive and reinforce that view.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 16 2015 5:23 utc | 23

Posted by: james | Mar 16, 2015 12:23:43 AM | 23

You should read the Protocols. It isn't a light read and you won't enjoy it. However, you will be left with an insight into the fact that there really are 'people' in this world who don't give a tinker's cuss about destroying any individual, or nation, which gets in between them and their insane dreams.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 16 2015 5:55 utc | 24

@Hoarsewhisperer You seem very reasonable so I want to ask you for advice. Are you a regular reader at Moon of A and if so, is this article representative of its philosophy and world political awareness? I am paring down my news sources. I've read articles here on and off.

Posted by: Connie | Mar 16 2015 6:47 utc | 25

@ Connie. Thanks for the kind remarks. I come here because I like the way b thinks and my attention was drawn to MoA by favourable comments, elsewhere, from people whose opinions I respect. I suggest you apply a variation of that motivation to your own search for enlightenment.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 16 2015 8:16 utc | 26

Copeland @13

The propagation of vicious stereotypes is the affliction of a lower order of minds. And the crudeness of that approach is described with brilliance in Harper Lee's novel, "To Kill A Mockingbird",--poignantly--in the appeal of Atticus to the jury.

That novel is a narrative told from the upper class white perspective. It demonizes whites below a certain level in the class hierarchy as less than human. Having grown up in the South in the 50s and 60s I can attest to that.

But more than anything, that narrative absolves the white elite of any responsibility or accountability for its racism, and it was those elites which called the shots in the South and benefitted from racism, and had plausible deniability when the Klan went about its dirty work.

Posted by: sleepy | Mar 16 2015 9:35 utc | 27

Why does this microfascism always create such absurdities?

Posted by: Crest | Mar 16 2015 9:59 utc | 28

Posted by: Stop being dumbshits | Mar 16, 2015 6:37:24 AM | 31

Ah, yes ... anecdotal evidence. It's so-o cheap, un-comprehensive, and there are no limits to the number of stones it can leave unturned while sounding logical, strident and persuasive...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 16 2015 11:27 utc | 29

So because someone was inspired by other writers in the construction of arguments, then that makes the book a plagiarization and falsification? What a fucking retarded hasbara shitstain.

I take this local zionist apologists rage as quite a nice confirmation that the Protocols hits a homerun.

Whoever hasnt read it should pick it up and do so. It is quite an eye-opener. And whenever a jew gets his panties in a bundle (like Shitstain being dumbshit above here) you know you are on to something good.

Posted by: RobertB | Mar 16 2015 11:36 utc | 30

The cut-off is 3.25% of popular vote, which would give 4 seats. I think that Yachad is in real danger, but Lieberman's party had some polls giving them 4 seats. Bennet seems to have a better talent in attracting the same type of voters as Lieberman, Yachad consists of two parties that do not like each other, Kahanists and Misrahi Haredim.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Mar 16 2015 12:15 utc | 31

Is Moon projecting?

"Leftist activists and the foreign and international media are conspiring to get [the opposition] elected via illegitimate means, using innuendo and foreign money. .. We have received many reports from people who work for Yedioth Ahoronoth regarding [publisher] Noni Mozes, "

What clearly happened that Zionist Camp and allies have some friendly newspapers, businessmen and foreign politicians. So does Likud. Why is this bozo talking about "illegitimate means" after his party made a most proper protest to a court which was most properly rejected (upon the advise of the judge, Likud withdrew the protest). So Netanyahu complains about "innuendoes" by making innuendoes. Which deserves some ridicule.

Now that the money trail is for all of you to see, at least, some of it, my fellow readers have to decide: should you order ludicrously overpriced energy bars from KIND*, knowing that Lubetsky not only professes to wotk for World peace, but also dislikes Netanyahu? They are not terribly expensive, 20 dollars for a dozen, they taste well. I personally prefer Oscri which is an American company making halal products in Wisconsin and which also makes very good energy bars, 30 dollars gives you twenty. However, who knows whom they support? Hamas? Brotherhood? Islamic Republic? Or just medical school etc, for children? Actually, as the bars are overpriced, you often see them with deep discount in TJ Maxx.

* I was initially confused, as in business news Lubetsky, who financially supports NGO with "get the vote" activities that may increase "leftist and Arabic turnout" (as allowed by Israeli law), is describes as being a principal owner of "bar snack company", so I imagined peanuts, mini-pretzel or other stuff that you get for free when you order a beer. Nothing could be further from the truth! This is premium "healthy food" stuff that tries to be ", too sweet to eat together with a beer.

Perhaps we should start Moon of Alabama microbrewery, with a line of artisanal beers and moonshine, and some multicultural snacks that would go along? (Polish version: pickled wild mushroom, Russian version: a piece of coarse bread, for sniffing only [in truth this is done, but Russian also have a very extensive list of foods that go well with moonshine], and we could add Venezuelan, Persian, Ukrainian, Liberal Zionist etc.).

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Mar 16 2015 13:33 utc | 32

Before there was Israel...

In the early 1920's, taking advantage of the extremely difficult predicament of the young Soviet Republic, a number of foreign firms started negotiations with the Soviet government on the provision of economic assistance under appropriate conditions: the concession of a number of developments on the territory of Crimea and the establishment of a Jewish autonomy.In November 1923, Bragin prepared a draft document, in accordance with which by the 10th anniversary of the October revolution, it was proposed to form an Autonomous Jewish region on the territory of Northern Crimea, the southern steppes of Ukraine and the Black sea coast up to the borders of Abkhazia [including Sochi - KR], with a total area of 10 million acres, with the aim of relocating 500 thousand Jews.

How Stalin played the Americans with the "Crimean California" project

Posted by: Constantine | Mar 16 2015 14:19 utc | 33

18;Isn't having Jews debunk the POTEOZ like having the victims relatives on a jury?Are there any goyim(not financed or rewarded by Zionists) writers saying its a forgery?The Zionists have lost all credibility in my eyes about anything.
And as Hicks,in Aliens said,"Look Around"for the actual reality of the terrible influence of Zion on America,and the world.

Posted by: dahoit | Mar 16 2015 14:51 utc | 34

Fevered and twisted minds can produce and print anything, Turner diaries, protocals, mein kamps, etc. BFD. It's election time, who cares what Bibi says? just part of the show.

Posted by: ben | Mar 16 2015 15:08 utc | 35

Israeli parliamentary elections may be entertaining but will anything actually change if Bibi is replaced? The spectacle of election PR is the same in the US, faces may change but policies remain the same.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Mar 16 2015 15:26 utc | 36

Robert B @33:

Yes I finally got around to reading that late 2013...and it seems a forgery (?) "plagiarized" or not no one can deny that whoever wrote the Protocols obviously knows his Jew very well. So was it a joke? the Zionist troll believes it was written about Napoleon? Yes and it was "debunked" as well. It was forged, faked, yes we know that, but it's on the money. Trolls getting all agitated over it is funny.

Posted by: Farflungstar | Mar 16 2015 16:00 utc | 37

Screw Bibi, listen to this guy on Cannonfire:

Posted by: ben | Mar 16 2015 17:14 utc | 38

the protocols of the elders of the white knights in white tights in missipisssipi regarding black blades in black slacks hang them high ........rawhide.....with a touch of village people.

gentlemen it is too late,the horse has bolted,obama is now your master and the bullshit left wing propaganda dreamt up for you by arab lobbyists ......from ferguson to palestine actually ...from ferguson to soweto 1976......but not to worry times they are a,changing and what was yesterday,s "truth" is today,s "turkey"....all plucked and exposed for what it is

Posted by: mcohen | Mar 16 2015 19:00 utc | 39

@41 ben.. max blumenthal is always worth listening to..

Posted by: james | Mar 16 2015 19:09 utc | 40

I think there's a good reason why Netanjahu is so afraid of that "zionist conspiracy". Polling suggests that Netanjahu's Likud will get fewer seats than the Zionist Union. That sounds scary for Netanjahu: A "Zionist Union".

Juan Cole points out that the israeli economy is fragile. I personally would add that Israel is running a large Current Account Deficit. Israel is effectively living (far) beyond its means.

And FOX & Friends are blaming the Democrats for "undermining" Netanjahu.

Posted by: Willy2 | Mar 16 2015 20:22 utc | 41

- I agree with Juan Cole that the weak israeli economy being weak is a more important issue in the israeli elections than the supposedly iranian threat.

I think that, in spite of all the fearmongering, Netanjahu is on his way out. And he will - IMO - be replaced by Naftali Bennett.

Posted by: Willy2 | Mar 16 2015 20:31 utc | 42

@37 I can't believe that you guys are serious about this.

Posted by: Crest | Mar 16 2015 20:33 utc | 43

Stop being dumbshits, the commentariat of this site is actually relatively sane. If you want to see full-fledged insanity, head over to Vineyard of the Saker and look into the abyss of utter madness. Saker himself will regale you with such nuggets of wisdom as the 'fact' that Napoleon was a Freemason working on behalf of that organization to utterly destroy virtuous and noble Russia and her culture. And the view that the Catholic Church is utterly evil and irredeemable because, among other things, some Franks (working as mercenaries for a Byzantine prince, something Saker never bothers to mention) once sacked Constantinople, but the fact that it was Muslims who destroyed the Byzantine Empire, permanently conquered the home of Eastern Orthodoxy and converted the Hagia Sophia into a Mosque should serve as no barrier to modern Russian-Muslim relations.

And Saker is actually many times more reasonable than his commenters.

Posted by: Kelwar | Mar 16 2015 22:14 utc | 44

I guess tomorrow there will be more news to discuss, but I would like to pick the gauntlet:

"That book is no falsification. That book was truth. Are we anti-semites for saying so? Are these people (zionists) not religious and racial supremacists?

So I guess it should rattle some peoples thinkbox a bit when "people" like Bibi come out and say stuff like this."

Even if the book is utmost in its veracity, how the knowledge of Protocols would rattle the think box of those of us who interpreted Bibi's whining in un-illuminated manner. E.g. typical rant to raise solidarity of voters habituated to persecution complex. For some reason, in USA and Israeli alike, right wingers are whiny and feel beset by massive conspiracies, in USA teacher unions brainwash innocent children to believe in the hoax of global warming as a part of a massive effort to create a single-world-government that would apply Sharia and Leninism. As Hezbollah and BDS are in the same cabal, I felt encouraged by Netanyahu: not only we have Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic on our team, but also Noni Moses and Robert Lubetsky.

But would I know Protocols, perhaps I would be able to understand the import of Netanyahu's little rant better. But how?

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Mar 16 2015 22:31 utc | 45

No, you're anti-Semites because you hate Jews. As an American who bothers to pay attention I am well aware of the absurd power AIPAC and other Israeli lobbies have in our government in regards to US-Israel relations. I'm also well aware that Mossad gets up to all kinds of horrible shit, often not even tangentially related to any real Israeli security interest, much like our CIA. But that doesn't mean an evil cabal of Jews runs the world. Just, I should add, as not every single thing the US is involved with is evil, nor does every bad thing that happens in the world somehow involve the US.

I also know that Israel and its shills are fast losing support globally, especially among young Jews, and particularly in America. And they're becoming increasingly desperate and irrational because they can now see the end of a completely subservient US on the horizon. Further, I know that Netanyahu specifically has little domestic support in Israel, is almost entirely funded by donations from rich Americans, and that no one in Israel takes Iran seriously as a threat. The key issue in domestic Israeli politics now is the economy, and Netanyahu has nothing to offer on that front, so he will lose.

What's most fascinating about your rampant Jew hate, other than its profound ignorance arrogantly masquerading as knowledge (seriously morons, the Protocols are a complete fabrication, this has been known for over a hundred years, they've been analyzed and dissected in great detail) is that this isn't done with any other group. If a room full of douchebag businessmen is made up mostly or entirely of Christians no one bats an eye or creates conspiracy theories. But a room full of Jews, *obviously* they're all working together and have some evil, ethno-religious based plot.

Posted by: Kelwar | Mar 16 2015 23:01 utc | 46

Israel certainly does enough bad stuff right at this very moment (War Crimes bad, Torture bad, Ethnic Cleansing bad) documented by the United Nations among others, that people should be able to make their point without having to drag in ridiculous, discredited shit from the 1920s.

But then that is probably the line between an offering a genuine critique based on morality, and simply indulging in humanity's basest and most hateful instincts.

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 16 2015 23:02 utc | 47

Never mind the quality - feel the width! Scary isn't it.

Posted by: bridger | Mar 16 2015 23:12 utc | 48

Dave Emory has been sketching out some of this territory recently in a series of 3-6 podcast interviews he's been having with The Hitler Legacy author, Peter Levenda. I find it interesting enough to purchase a copy for my library. Have a listen to this jukebox folks.

The Hitler Legacy- part 1

Link to ACLU

The Hitler Legacy- part 2

Link to ACLU

Posted by: Shadow Nine | Mar 17 2015 0:14 utc | 49

oops, sorry about that folks, stupid me didn't change the hyperlink text but the links should work nonetheless. Cheers!

Posted by: Shadow Nine | Mar 17 2015 0:16 utc | 50

Kelwar = Stop being dumbshits.. i suppose everyone knows that and it doesn't change much regardless..

Posted by: james | Mar 17 2015 1:47 utc | 51

thanks kelwar.. that is essentially a different type of confirmation, lol..

Posted by: james | Mar 17 2015 2:56 utc | 52

@58 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Posted by: james | Mar 17 2015 3:46 utc | 53

Pot. Kettle. Schvartze.

Posted by: Anunnaki | Mar 17 2015 4:07 utc | 54

Israeli campaign advice: 1., make sure you're an out-front anti-Arab racist; 2., mercilessly bash the mysteriously invisible Israeli left for its treasonous conspiracy to make us all get Arab cooties. Anyway, I don't know when this election about nothing is, but excellent analysis by Yonatan Mendel:

Displays of anti-Arab sentiment are a vital part of any election campaign. A straightforwardly anti-Semitic video was recently released by the Samaria Residents’ Council, a settler group, in which money-grabbing Jewish-Israeli leftists are seen receiving donations from Europeans depicted as Nazis. ‘For them you will always remain a Jew,’ the video says, trying to show that the Europeans who support human rights movements and joint Jewish-Arab initiatives in Israel are neo-Nazis. In another election video, Sharon Gal, a candidate for Lieberman’s party, is seen dressed as a gardener uprooting weeds from the Israeli garden. He calls the weeds by the names of Arab MKs: ‘Here I uproot an intrusive Tibi … and here I uproot a poisonous Zahalka.’ Lieberman himself came up with a fine uprooting slogan: ‘Ariel for Israel, Umm al-Fahm for Palestine’ (in other words, annex the city-settlement of Ariel to Israel and ‘in return’ uproot fifty thousand Arab citizens of Israel and transfer them to Palestine). Danny Danon from Netanyahu’s Likud released a video in which, dressed as a sheriff, he turns up in a bar in the Wild West and throws out an Arab MK (Zoabi), who ends up motionless on the ground. In another Likud video, Isis militants drive jeeps into Israel; the slogan says that the Israeli ‘left’, that anonymous and mysterious entity, will lead Isis into Jerusalem. (The video had loud Arabic music, which is intimidating for Israelis, and that’s what’s important.)

Posted by: fairleft | Mar 17 2015 4:21 utc | 55

Hey b, you've found the ultimate troll attractant in this thread.

Posted by: ben | Mar 17 2015 4:23 utc | 56

Posted by: ben | Mar 17, 2015 12:23:29 AM | 62

Eggzakly but let's not feed the fucking morons.

Oops ... Morons: peddling the Protocols of Zion is one of the few effective attacks on the boycott Israel movement. Shut your faces and let's win this thing.

Posted by: fairleft | Mar 17 2015 4:57 utc | 57

Hoarse whisperer, you clearly don't know what anecdote means either.
Posted by: Stop being dumbshits | Mar 16, 2015 5:25:10 PM | 47

Anecdote is a cherry-picked element of a story intended to illustrate the whole story. Anyone with his wits about him would realise that deploying an 'anecdote' as an 'antidote' would be risky and accident prone.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 17 2015 4:59 utc | 58

The fastest way to discredit any person or organization is to them to the Protocols.
Dave Emory has converted the alleged Jewish conspiracy of the Protocols into a German conspiracy he calls The Underground Reich, who were involved in staging 911.
Peter Lavenda collates material from many sources and presents it as a Manson + Crowley + Hitler = The Ultimate Evil behind the curtain.
The quality of MOA comments has gone straight down the toilet.

Posted by: Lippit | Mar 17 2015 5:22 utc | 59

Posted by: all of you are dumbshits | Mar 17, 2015 1:05:47 AM | 65

An anecdote as an antidote for anecdot-itis?
Why am I not surprised?

OK I'll play along. Gilad Atzmon's anecdotes outlined in his article "Judea Declares War on Obama" claims that America's Jews declared a Jewish boycott on Nazi Germany which inspired Krystlnacht within days of the declaration.

Read it if you dare...

It certainly supports your favourite Nazi Erich von dem Bach-Zelewsky's pov that Germany's Jews were disorganised and unprepared: but it also begs the questions
"Did America's Jews know or care?"
"How organised and prepared were they when they launched the boycott?"

Atzmon also expresses some unflattering perspectives on Jewish History in the same article. But don't worry. They're just antidotes, aren't they?

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 17 2015 5:52 utc | 60

@Hoarsewhisperer, Thank you for your response. After re-reading the article and all the comments, I have decided to put M of A on a 'watch and see' status for my list of info sources. Readers citing Wikipedia as a reliable source lets me know what I'm dealing with here. There is what appears to me to be a naivety or else intentional disinformation abounding. To not understand the criminal network linking Israeli forces and traitorous elements in the U.S., means people have not done their homework. Also I find the rudeness and disrespect of some commentators offensive. Name-calling to me is not a logical way to win an argument.

Posted by: Connie | Mar 17 2015 7:19 utc | 61

#70 connie

could you please supply 3 examples of the criminal network you refer to and the names of those criminals......i too want to understand

Posted by: mcohen | Mar 17 2015 7:38 utc | 62

Great speech. Urge every one to read it.

After years of deference to American diplomacy, the Palestinians are about to challenge the legality of Israel’s cruelties to them in the International Criminal Court and other venues in which Americans have no veto, are not present, or cannot protect the Jewish state from the consequences of its own behavior as we have always been able to do in the past. Israel’s ongoing occupation of the West Bank and siege of Gaza are fueling a drive to boycott its products, disinvest in its companies, and sanction its political and cultural elite. These trends are the very opposite of what the United States has attempted to achieve for Israel.
It’s hard to avoid the thought that Zionism is turning out to be bad for the Jews. If so, given the American investment in it, it will also have turned out to be bad for America. The political costs to America of support for Israel are steadily rising. We must find a way to divert Israel from the largely self-engineered isolation into which it is driving itself, while repairing our own increasing international ostracism on issues related to Israel.
A fully justified and brilliantly executed U.S. punitive raid on al Qaeda and its Taliban hosts in Afghanistan somehow morphed into a military campaign to pacify Afghanistan and save it from militant Islam. Most Muslims, like the rest of the world, stood with Americans on 9/11. We have long since squandered that support. Over time, we began to kill Muslims we suspected of opposing us with drones – remote-controlled robots that rain death from the sky, killing militants along with their families, friends, and coreligionists as well as innocent bystanders. The practical effect of this is that we kill one (possible) terrorist and get ten free.

Posted by: okie farmer | Mar 17 2015 9:20 utc | 63

To not understand the criminal network linking Israeli forces and traitorous elements in the U.S., means people have not done their homework.

Connie, why build an elaborate and secret conspiracy when you don't have to? Zionists with lots of money buy politicians. End of story. All perfectly legal, so it isn't criminal unless you're using 'criminal' to mean 'evil'.

And I'm not sure why such standard influence peddling is traitorous, either. Again, why veer off into the grandiose accusation when the mundane one wins the argument? Israel & Zionism are evil stuff, but I don't think Americans are 'betraying' their country by trying to get the US to support Israel. It seems to me supporting Israel, along with the Gulf oil monarchs, has worked out well for the rich and powerful in the US. It's not as if there aren't strong motives, independent of just liking an anachronistic European settler state, for having a giant aircraft carrier named Israel parked in the center of the oil rich Middle East and at least theoretically ready to carry out US military imperialism there.

Posted by: fairleft | Mar 17 2015 9:21 utc | 64

#73 fairleft

that is the trick perceive and to realize the potential.

henry ford and carl benz knew 2 to make cars and where to obtain fuel for them.america and germany.see the connection now.

Posted by: mcohen | Mar 17 2015 12:37 utc | 65

@6 Joel,

The direct quote is "He is aided by various organizations that function with the support of tycoons in Israel and abroad, and also with the support of foreign governments."

Posted by: MRW | Mar 17 2015 12:53 utc | 66

46;Never actually read the Potoez,Mein Kampf or the Communist manifesto(I don't care for ideology),all I see is the reality of our western world where the people of the region are pulverised daily by Zionist BS and proven serial lies,where my nations productivity,economy and foreign and domestic policies are all MSM driven seppeku,I would contend that they are the actual haters,witness Cast Lead,OPE,their assassinations,Marvi Marmara and endless warmongering.
And,as I've never attacked people for being Jewish in my life,and being from LI I've lived among,worked with and for,and even have extended family members who are Jewish,claims of hatred are ridiculous.It's tough love!I'm just trying to awaken their inner goodness.

Posted by: dahoit | Mar 17 2015 15:22 utc | 67

@71 okie.. as @41 ben's post pointed out in a video of max blumenthal, the idea of zionism and anti-semitism being two sides of the same coin that need one another - that thought seems to escape some.. needless to say if zionism is only about continuing the idea of antisemitism in order to maintain it's own existence, as max basically suggests, then zionism is not any good for jews as your post suggests.. max blumenthal video i've posted above is worth watching..

Posted by: james | Mar 17 2015 16:02 utc | 68

@69 connie.. i don't think anyone at moa is suggesting wiki is a reliable source.. it does give an overview to start from however..

Posted by: james | Mar 17 2015 16:04 utc | 69

Where does the "Communism" come in ? Or are we (to make it fit) using some nebulous dumb as dirt white trash fox news "concept" of Communism ? (by which, for instance, the giving of Christmas gifts is "technically Communism")...roflmao

Posted by: psakiwacky | Mar 17 2015 21:44 utc | 70


"It’s hard to avoid the thought that Zionism is turning out to be bad for the Jews."

No, really? Which is why the majority of Jews have little to no interest in Israel. It was always a crazy colonialist fringe movement, after the Holocaust it saw a surge in support and a lot of Jews emigration to Israel. But since then support has steadily decreased, and now that the full extent of their crimes is becoming more apparent by the day there is a massive lack of support for Israel among young Jews, and the economy in Israel is so bad that coupled with its plummeting international standing large numbers of people are simply leaving the country to live elsewhere.

Posted by: Kelwar | Mar 17 2015 22:51 utc | 71

@psakiwacky, 79:

"Where does the 'Communism' come in?"

According to the history of the POTEOZ in wikipedia:

As the 1917 Russian Revolution unfolded, causing white Russians to flee to the West, this text was carried along and assumed a new purpose. Until then, The Protocols had remained obscure;[26] it now became an instrument for blaming Jews for the Russian Revolution. It became a tool, a political weapon, used against the Bolshevikis who were depicted as overwhelmingly Jewish, allegedly executing the "plan" embodied in The Protocols. The purpose was to discredit the October Revolution, prevent the West from recognizing the Soviet Union, and bring about the downfall of Vladimir Lenin's regime....[25][26]

In the United States, The Protocols are to be understood in the context of the First Red Scare (1917–20). The text circulated in 1919 in American government circles, specifically diplomatic and military, in typescript form, a copy of which is archived by the Hoover Institute.[39] ....

On October 27 and 28, 1919, the Philadelphia Public Ledger published excerpts of an English language translation as the "Red Bible," deleting all references to the purported Jewish authorship and re-casting the document as a Bolshevik manifesto.[45] The author of the articles was the paper's correspondent at the time, Carl W. Ackerman, who later became the head of the journalism department at Columbia University.

Posted by: Vintage Red | Mar 18 2015 0:40 utc | 72

@ vintage red @ 81

Yeah, that would be related the "nebulous dumb as dirt white trash fox news "concept" of Communism ?" - from the "eternal Jew Conspiracy" as religion and mental illness angle -
that I mentioned in my previous comment...What I want to know is how Netanyahu and his government and the PTB in Israel in general, The US senate and along with it the Israel lobby, a "community" of obscenely wealthy oligarchic American and European and much of global finance capital itself, can be considered, by anyone with at least a partial brain, to be or to have "Communistic leanings"....explain that. Anyone ?

Posted by: psakiwacky | Mar 18 2015 3:45 utc | 73

"Colonel Kurtz has reached the end of the river and gone totally insane.
Posted by: Uranus Johnson | Mar 15, 2015 9:22:18 AM | 1"

The horror, the horror...

Posted by: Murican | Mar 18 2015 4:56 utc | 74

The "Protocols" are plausible in the sense that urban legends are plausible, but they don't stand up to the slightest serious scrutiny. Even Henry Ford, who had them printed up and distributed, realized this when it was pointed out to him and repudiated them.

Posted by: Harold | Mar 18 2015 5:59 utc | 75

#84: Really, Harold? You obviously have not read the Protocols and are just basing your comment on typical hearsay. Read the book and have a few days think on what happened after 1897. Put it into the context of what happened from 1897 and all the way up until the present. Whatever Henry Ford said or thought is irrelevant to the fact that the Protocols lays out a plan to gain indirect control over the western world, much like it is today.

Zionism is not a scheme driven by the jewish masses. It is a scheme driven by the rich and powerfull, mad religious bigots seeking to dominate and supress any other force.

Open your eyes already. Stop supressing your inner voice and letting others form your mental self. Break the bonds of servitude and cherish who you are for your own history, your ancestors and the history of your people. Stop being the good goy servant.

Posted by: RobertB | Mar 18 2015 10:49 utc | 76

From Xymphora March 18, 2015.

Bibi's Magnificent Win

"Hearty congratulations to Bibi and his spectacular, magnificent, truth-affirming, win. The Jews of Israel had a clear choice between permanently identifying themselves as violent, racist, supremacist assholes, or as as violent, racist, supremacist assholes with an asterisk, and chose the former. The delusion of an Israeli 'center' forced Bibi to turn the election into a referendum on the truth of Jewish supremacism. We no longer have to pay any attention to any Jewish lies about the creation of a Palestinian state."

Etc, etc.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 18 2015 17:39 utc | 77

Last year, the Times of Israel leaked a secret report that Netanyahu's government had decided to resolve the West Bank settlement problem by relocating settlers to Crimea (Khazaria). Shortly thereafter, neocon Friedrich Kagan´s wife, Ambassador Victoria Nuland, executed coup plans in Ukraine.


Posted by: Mafer | Mar 18 2015 18:11 utc | 78

mafer #87....brilliant forgery, article even better than protocols of the elves.....the rise of schmook

Posted by: mcohen | Mar 18 2015 18:37 utc | 79

@ Mafer- 87

Fort Rust, Kristina Rus translated an article by Sergey GORBACHEV

Crimean California

"Crimea is Russian, as it should be, for it is a historically predetermined fact. Only Russian, otherwise there will be a lot of hunters for this land. Take, for example, the project to create "Crimean California"...

These facts are little known today to the general public. Unavailability of archives raises a lot of conflicting rumors and speculation, but the secret is securely hidden...

In the second half of the nineteenth century, Crimea and Southern Ukraine was a sparsely populated region......Imperial government has provided financial assistance and granted a number of privileges to some ethnic groups. The privileges were mainly enjoyed by German colonists...... , including Jewish settlers. The privileges were expressed in large land plots, tax incentives, special terms loans and exemption from military service. That's why these groups subsequently formed the basis of the forces that sought to create an independent national state in Crimea.

In 1920, after the liberation of Crimea from Wrangel and the establishment of Soviet authority, the privileged ethnic groups of colonists lost all benefits,....In 1921 a [German] union called the "Bundestroy" was formed; in 1922 a Jewish consumer cooperative "Samodeiadelnost" was active...."

Read more in:

Posted by: Jack Smith | Mar 18 2015 23:03 utc | 80

#89: So in your mind opposition to Zionism = it. You argue like a zionist, thats for sure.

Posted by: RobertB | Mar 19 2015 8:57 utc | 81

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