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March 20, 2015

Created A Mess in The Middle East? Just Blame Iran.

A disgraced former U.S. general, who gave away top government secrets to get laid, has some opinion on the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq:

"I would argue that the foremost threat to Iraq’s long-term stability and the broader regional equilibrium is not the Islamic State; rather, it is Shiite militias, many backed by — and some guided by — Iran."

With that logic the U.S. should help the Islamic State in its fight against militia who are backed by Iran.

Years ago the very same general created those sectarian Shia militias he now tries to sell as a threat. The Wolf Brigade, a Shia militia in Iraq created by the U.S., was under his direct command when it randomly tortured and killed Sunnis in Mosul. The sectarian war in Iraq is for a great part his personal doing:

[I]n order to advance to a still higher command and get his fourth star, Petraeus needed the support of Wolfowitz and the White House. The evidence that has emerged in recent years indicates he was involved in the key decisions to using Shi'a sectarian paramilitary forces for counterinsurgency operations in Sunni population centers.

It is the same general who created the new generation of warlords in Afghanistan under the deceiving label Afghan Local Police:

“This program mobilizes communities in self-defense against those who would undermine security in their areas,” Petraeus told congress in March 2011. “For that reason, the growth of these elements is of particular concern to the Taliban, whose ability to intimidate the population is limited considerably by it.”

It turns out that while Petraeus was burnishing his bio with black book fodder for Paula Broadwell’s 2012 hagiographical All In: The Education of General David Petraeus, his “community watch” was becoming a village horror show for Afghan civilians in a number of ways—right under the noses of the U.S. Special Forces who armed and trained them, and who in many cases insisted on appointing their commanders, sometimes against the locals’ adamant opposition.

Petraeus is a specialist in creating violent militia. But wiping away his own sponsoring of sectarian forces Petraeus is now blaming the creation of al-Qaeda in Iraq and the Islamic State on Iran:

The current Iranian regime is not our ally in the Middle East. It is ultimately part of the problem, not the solution. The more the Iranians are seen to be dominating the region, the more it is going to inflame Sunni radicalism and fuel the rise of groups like the Islamic State.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq and the Islamic State were created in U.S. prisons in Iraq when Iraq was under U.S. occupation. Their creation had nothing to do with Iran.

While Petraeus sees the Islamic State still somewhat as an enemy of the United State it is clear that he is excusing their being as a somewhat natural answer to a perceived bigger role of Iran. But it was the U.S. that took down the anti-Iranian Taliban government in Afghanistan. It was the U.S. that took down the Sunni led anti-Iranian government in Iraq. It is the war the U.S. is waging against Syria that created the Jihadist forces there which then drew in Iran on the side of the Syrian government. That Iran's role in the Middle East now looks bigger than fifteen years ago is the direct consequence of U.S. policies and military operations.

Like Tom Friedman Petraeus is blaming Iran for the consequences of polices he supported. Like Friedman, who even calls to arm the Islamic State, he shows sympathy for lunatic Jihadis by excusing their existence while blaming Iran.

There is little doubt where this late hand wringing over the fate of Iraqi Sunnis comes from. The Israel lobby and the neocons are afraid that the U.S. will make some kind of peace with Iran, at least on the issue of Iran's nuclear industry. Any U.S. deal with Iran will diminish Israel's position and it will lower the profits of U.S. weapon manufacturers. They want to prevent this and want to ally with the Sunni dictatorships and their bastard child Islamic State against Iran.

They should not worry so much. I doubt that the Obama administration is sincere in getting an agreement with Iran unless Iran offers an unconditional capitulation. The talks will end nowhere and the U.S. will blame Iran for U.S. intransigence. The Chinese government seems to also have the impression that the U.S. is stalling the talks:

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday that talks on Iran's nuclear program must not fall at the last hurdle, and that all sides should meet each other half way.
"China is willing to increase communication with the United States on all levels, to together run the 'last mile' of the marathon that is the Iran nuclear talks."

Blaming Iran for the sectarianism in Iraq -which the U.S. created- for the rise of radical Jihadists -who developed in U.S. prisons- and for the consequences of the U.S. wars in the wider Middle East is against all historical facts. Blaming Iran for the failure of the nuclear talks will be added to that collection.

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Posted by: b | Mar 20 2015 19:32 utc | 1

Indirectly seeking Iran's contribution on the ISIS problem?

Posted by: nmb | Mar 20 2015 19:45 utc | 2

China to lend Venezuela $10 bln in coming months -source:

(Reuters) - China will lend Venezuela around $10 billion in coming months, half as part of a bilateral financing deal and the other half for the development of oil fields, a senior official at state oil company PDVSA said on Thursday.

Fresh funds are a boon for financially squeezed Venezuela and will likely increase market confidence over the OPEC country's ability to meet major debt payments and arbitration awards. Venezuelan bonds rose on Thursday following the news.

Latin American Leaders Offer Support to Venezuela Over Issues with US.

Posted by: lysias | Mar 20 2015 20:23 utc | 3

Friedman always knows how much dissent is acceptable. When he starts suggesting that the US should arm ISIS then I know the debate going in that direction in Washington DC. But arming ISIS could also mean the US is preparing to depose Assad. And do remember: the Republicans have a majority in both the House & Senate. I see another reason why the Hawks in DC are "gaining ground". Hillary Clinton seems to be the Obvious candidate for the presidency and now people are jockying for positions in the Hillary Clinton administration and means that a number Democrats want to be seen as hawkish as possible.

Posted by: Willy2 | Mar 20 2015 21:37 utc | 4

No. I do think the Obama administration and parts of the "Top Brass" want a deal with Iran. At least, "The White House" wants a deal but there're simply too many people (including one Hillary Clinton) who (for many different reasons) oppose such a deal and are working hard to undermine any effort in that direction.

Posted by: Willy2 | Mar 20 2015 21:48 utc | 5

Oh I think this is just the start of a program to 'rehablitate' AN & IS, starting with AN first.

If my hypothesis was correct (and it looks ever more like it) that the 'panic' over IS was ever only about them going 'off reservation' and, in particular, attacking Iraqi Kurdish areas (where the US and Isarel have interests). The US meaningless attacks on them were always just a smack across the nose to get them back on script again.

This seems to be happening and I'm sure that behind the scenes there is contact with IS to get them to agree to leave the Kurds alone and in return the money/weapon/etc spigots will open again to help them attack Iraqi Shiies, Iran and Syria.

There is defintely an agreement with AN and Turkey/Israel. So they are getting direct and indirect support now.

So this is how I see it will play, or at least how some hope it will play:
AN will be 'rehabilitated' first and become 'good guys', western media will dutifully 'report' how brave they are.
The propaganda against Assad will ramp up even more (this is starting).
AN will get even more direct support from Turkey and Israel (including special forces helping them).
AN will get more indirect support from the US and SA.
At some point, the US in conjunction wth Turkey and Israel will go 'all in' and start with a no-fly zone, then the bombing of Syra.

In parallel with this we will see (as long as they play along) a steady campaign to also 'rehabilitate' IS, including covert weapon/etc supplies. At some point they will become 'good guys' again. Again dutifully western media will go along with this.

There might even be an agreement to split AN & IS's roles to prevent them fighting each other. IS attacking Iraqi Shiites and Iran, AN against Syria.

So I think the 'coalition of the insane' (US/Israel/Turkey/Jorden/SA and Qatar) are settling down now after their initial panic and are probably feeling that things are getting back on track. Yes there is going to have to be some work on whitewashing AN & IS after all the demonisation that has been done, but they will get it done, wont be too hard to get the NYT (etc) to start pushing pro AN (at first) and then later IS articles. The rest will fall into place after that.

There are only a few things wrong with this. Firstly IS has its own agenda and has shown a rare talent at shooting itself in the foot. Syria and Iran are ramping things up and I'd expect them to steadily roll back AN and IS over the next 2-3 years. And, of course, what will Russia do, they have a great incentive to give the US & SA a very black eye, their 'wet dream' would be IS attacking SA and the other Gulf States, two can play at the 'point monsterous extremists towards your enemy' game.

As for Turkey I think Russia is playing the 'long game' here. Turkey is becoming ever more integrated into the Russian/Chinese SCO/economic/energy/etc sphere. At some point (soon?) Edrogen will go and then Turkey will stop its mad Syria hatred and Ottoman like dreams of expansion, cutting off AN and IS at the knees.

So the game is afoot.

Posted by: Lisa | Mar 20 2015 21:51 utc | 6


Thanks for bouncing "Soros" and "Dumbshit". I wonder if they were a team of collaborating disrupters?
This site is and always has been too important and and pertinent to understanding the games of the imperialists to not to try to disrupt and discredit.
A glowing compliment to you.

But this thread has again been totally fucked up by "lol" either intentionally or perhaps inadvertently. "lysias" makes the case at #4.
Please either delete "lol's" or start a new thread. This one is unreadable.

I hadn't particularly noticed or figured "lol" was a troll but his/her post on this thread certainly points to that conclusion.


Posted by: juannie | Mar 20 2015 22:12 utc | 7

The main reason the US has to engage with Iran is because otherwise, US companies and US national interests will be left out in the cold as China, Russia, and the EU continue to "normalize".

That loudmouths in the US establishment will attack these efforts is only to be expected. If nothing else. the pistachio mafia is paying.

Posted by: ǝn⇂ɔ | Mar 20 2015 22:32 utc | 8

It reminds me what I have read about a theatre in a provincial city around 1900: they had two sets of male costumes for all historical plays: before Christ, togas, after Christ, armor (or other way around). Concerning the root causes of problems, there are rather few, there is Iran and Russia, plus some local causes that ultimately caused by Russia and Iran, say, Venezuela.

Earlier today I read quotes of an unnamed Gulf official who was nonplused with the results of election in Israel, and explaining the cause: Iran, more precisely, a recent re-emergence of Iran (and I even did not know that there was any occultation of Iran, it could be a translation issue).

I have a generic rejoinder for the "root causes" type of people. "Assuming that this is indeed the cause, how would your proposal be helpful". For example, if Iran is "the cause", and our policy leaves Iran pretty much where it is, then it can give us some good feeling that we "did something", but otherwise not help a bit.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Mar 20 2015 22:34 utc | 9

I don't think much has changed. Other than that Syria/Iraq/Iran seem now to be winning.

So the cosmodemonic USA must now ready the sheeple to love the ISIS and hate the Shia and get behind the open support of 'their' government for the previously 'most-hated. head-chopping, organ-eating, burn-em-alive Muslims on earth'.

Baaah. Baaahh. No problem.

Posted by: jfl | Mar 21 2015 0:56 utc | 10

the usa leadership has never been about accepting responsibility for the mess they create.. a cynic could be accused for saying the mess seems to be their specific intent.. isis is the intent, with the aftermath the desired result.. petreass conforms to the usa leadership stereotype (whether political, military or financial) who have a talent for messing up whatever they touch.. i doubt any of it is an accident, but more the specific intent of these leaders and the reason they excel in the halls of power.. but then i am cynical.. same deal the bozo lol which is likely soros or dumbshit re-incarnated..

Posted by: james | Mar 21 2015 5:34 utc | 11

It is no longer sufficient to posit diabolical motives to make rational explanations of US policy.

They are still diabolical, but they no longer have a real plan. Rather, they are trying things at random.

And yes, "abandoning" weapons to ISIS is part of it.

Israel and Turkey are also both part of it, assisting ISIS very directly.

The missing piece is Russia--trying to be an ally of Turkey and Syria simultaneously. Which will Russia choose? Or can it avoid choosing? Much hinges on those questions.


lol at #3 is a troll. That pic needs deleting.

Posted by: Gaianne | Mar 21 2015 8:27 utc | 12

It seems that Firefox has a native DOM editor too - InspectElement (Q) when right clicking on a page. Select 'pick element from page' icon (top left of menu bar)then use mouse to select image on page. Then right click on highlighted line in lower left pane and select 'delete node'.

Posted by: Yonatan | Mar 21 2015 13:32 utc | 13

I used firebug to the same end with his long url ... something about the now overt, full support of ISIS by the US/Israeli/GCCs seems to have the hasbaristas jumping.

Posted by: jfl | Mar 21 2015 14:20 utc | 14

Two more links to pro-ISIS pieces both by the Zionist lobby

In National Interest some WINEP trolls:

Tenor: Assad is worse than ISIS

In the Daily Beast all round rightwing Likud operator, anti-Syria shill, anti-Putin shill Michael Weiss

Tenor: Can't beat ISIS without bombing Iran

Both piece lack, of course, any logic

Posted by: b | Mar 21 2015 19:20 utc | 16

Cleaned up the troll and the following troll discussion on this thread.

Thanks to all legit commentator for your patience

Posted by: b | Mar 21 2015 19:24 utc | 17

Thanks for the links, b. The Israel Lobby's punditocracy is going into overdrive, recycling old, discredited info, to derail an Iran deal and any implications for the administration's other Middle East policies.

Posted by: Rusty Pipes | Mar 22 2015 2:05 utc | 18


I borrowed and rephrased this from Zero Hedge.

This is Defense,Inc ....completely idiotic, actually insane, "investments" in egregiously terrorist enterprises subsidized by a RINO-RINO Congress for re-election optics, all in an effort to keep the apparatus of worldwide Defense, Inc embezzlement afloat and paying the war criminal class that runs it those obscene profits, at your expense and impoverishment.

Yet no one can speak of this elephant in the room, thanks to the war criminal syndicates' total control of the media, culture, education, even religion. All calibrated to blind one from noticing obscene levels of theft taking place, average $250 BILLION per year, never audited, lost forever, out in the open, right under our noses, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

It is unfashionable to notice or care or to openly discuss Defense and Betrayeus. Move on. Find some petty criminal junior Senator to whack.

Posted by: NoReply | Mar 22 2015 12:31 utc | 19

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