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February 05, 2015

U.S. Pushes For War In Europe

Updated below

It is pretty obvious that significant forces in Washington push for a big war in Europe, cold at least but hot if possible. European countries, aside from some small U.S. puppets, are well aware that they would be hit hard in such a war, and do not want it.

The U.S. wants to deliver additional weapons to Ukraine and to thereby goad Russia into such a wider war. The arguments made that such weapon delivers would somehow restrict Russia are just stupid and only hide the real plans: Escalation until Europe is (again) up in flames.

There is full steam lobbying by the U.S. to widen the conflict in Ukraine which it instigated in the first place:

As President Barack Obama’s pick to run the Pentagon said Wednesday he’s inclined to support lethal weapons transfers, Ukraine’s president said he was confident the U.S. would do so. Meanwhile, outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Secretary of State John Kerry were flying to discuss Ukraine and other issues with allies in Europe. Vice President Joe Biden is due to follow them Thursday.

France, the U.K., Germany and other Europeans have spoken out against any such weapon deliveries and the escalation they bring.

Kerry has flown to Kiev today to push for the Ukraine puppets into escalation. Merkel and Hollande will also fly to Kiev and will hopefully try to convince Poroshenko to deescalate and to make peace with the federalists in east-Ukraine. I have my doubts about their independence though and it may be that their appearance is is just part of the show. Why else did they agree to NATO's increase in capacities and infrastructure in east Europe?

The solution for the Ukraine is simple. Federalization, official acceptance of the Russian language which is spoken in the East and democratic elections of local governors. These have been the demands in the east and these have been solutions even U.S. foreign policy luminaries urged to accept a year ago.

The Ukraine is bankrupt. This morning its currency lost 30% in just a few hours. Instead of further instigating a civil war and pushing for its escalation it is urgently time to discuss how that problem can be solved. The solution can not be waging war and permanent subsidization of Europe's most corrupt country.

Federalization and constitutional reform (i.e. Point 3 Decentralization of power ...) are a major point agreed upon by both sides in the Minsk protocol about a ceasefire in east-Ukraine. But despite insisting on other points of the agreement himself Poroshenko still rejects those most important agreed upon conditions.

Should the U.S. win in its drive to escalate the situation by delivering more weapons to Kiev Russia will not cave in. History suggest that a Ukraine under NATO at its border is a deadly danger. Russia must and will take countermeasures. The U.S. will then cite those countermeasures as signs of "further aggression" and as justification for another round of escalation. A few more rounds of such and Europe will be up in flames.

That would be good for the U.S. economy but terrible for the Ukraine and Europe.

Update Funny. What "important" people are told:

1. Carnegie Endowment VP Andrew Weiss at 4:20 AM - 5 Feb 2015:

Russian sources: Merkel-Hollande plan freezes #Ukraine conflict along lines of Transdniester h/t @CoalsonR

2. NPR correspondent Michele Keleman at 6:27 AM - 5 Feb 2015:

Western dip describes Russia's peace plan for Ukraine as roadmap to creating a new Transnistria/Abkhazia

So who's plan is this?

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Posted by: ToivoS | Feb 6, 2015 5:22:52 AM | 97

My point is that people will travel where ever there is work and conditions are better - if they are Ukrainian nationalist or not. It will always be the fittest or best educated who go. Ukraine simply cannot afford the drain.

This here for example sums up the situation for Ukrainian doctors

Ukraine. The position of Ukrainian doctors in the public health care system is worse than that of their Russian or Belarusian colleagues.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 6 2015 10:50 utc | 101

I see big things ahead for Yatsenyuk because, as I recall Nuland saying in the same conversation as the imfamous "fuck the Eu", "Yats is our guy".

Why did Kerry hold a press conference with PM Yatsenyuk yesterday after he had held one with President Poroshenko? Is this normal? Or is Yats being groomed for the Presidency? Remember, his party won the October 2014 parliamentary elections so this seems a distinct possibility.

Could it be that Poroshenko will be set up for the fall - made the scapegoat - so that Yatsenyuk, Washington's man in Kiev, takes the helm. It is certainly the case that Poroshenko is alienating large segments of the population and will now continue to do so whether he chooses to pursue a course of action or inaction. But then maybe this was the point; to put Porky in a hole and keep the dirt off Yats.

Posted by: Pat Bateman | Feb 6 2015 10:54 utc | 102

Ulster at 96
Thanks for that. You seem to know the language but why do you so hate the Russians. Is it somehow related to your spelling of Дебальцево as Дебалцеве (transliteration: Debaltsevo as Debalceve). Is that how they teach Russian in Ireland?

Posted by: ToivoS | Feb 6 2015 10:59 utc | 103

@100 It were doctors in Moscow who just recently protested, not in Kiev. And it's now emigration that Russia is facing after years of cheap work-force immigration from countries like Tadjikistan.

Also when analysing salaries in Russia or Ukraine you need to be careful because the official statistics are usually completely detached from reality due to widespread corruption and grey market. Which means that a doctor in a provincial hospital that officially earns $200 will actually have income of $2000 in bribes, private services on hospital equipment, stolen drugs trading etc.

Posted by: Ulster | Feb 6 2015 11:21 utc | 104

@102 I have never said I'm Irish. Various conspiracy theories on my genetic, national or ethnic origins were mostly invented by Rufus and Demian, for whom these facts seem to bear an extraordinary importance for some reason. As for the spelling, I'm not sure what is your problem here. When speaking about alleged "hate" you don't seem to be using a question mark so I guess it's a statement for which you're not expecting an answer. And if you're real nazi hunter just read Demian who literally boils with hatred against other nations, or watch this video.

Posted by: Ulster | Feb 6 2015 11:32 utc | 105

Дебалцеве is the official name of the village by the way, so I still don't get what is your problem.

Posted by: Ulster | Feb 6 2015 11:34 utc | 106


Meanwhile, in Crimea, Ukrainian reports of their lands and factories being nationalized by Russia fall on deaf ears, just as the US Congress dispensation to the Banksters to loot every citizens' passbook savings gets the Three Monkeys treatment, as everyone at MoA is focused on the Big Game in Donbass! Honestly, I swear, if the Sixth Extinction Event was on its way here, the folks at MoA would be prognosticating over how far the molten asteroid fragments would reach. Spain? Azores? Newfoundland? It might hit the WADC-NOVA Reichstag!

Oh, that 'looming false flag event'? Hey, they got rid of Brian Williams~! Now Bibi can waltz in and lecture cowering US hoi polloi on the Iran-Russia Axis of Evil, at the same time as Israel offers Special Status Free Trade Zones to ... Iran and Russia!! Because Israelis don't BELIEVE in sanctions, except when they can black-market crack-spread them, and the kinetic arms that the US sends to Ukraine will inevitably end up in the Levant.

"They send one of yours to the hospital, you send one of theirs to the morgue."
Bandernazi, Zionazi, Russonazi, ...same War Crimes Supreme Soviet of the Chosen.

Posted by: ChipNikh | Feb 6 2015 11:42 utc | 107

Posted by: Ulster | Feb 6, 2015 6:21:02 AM | 103

Ukrainian labor migration

Over the last two decades, Ukraine has transformed from a country of relatively low mobility to a major migrant-sending state with one of the world’s largest diaspora networks. The top destination countries are Russia and EU Member States (Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Spain, and Portugal). Between 2010 and 2012, men represented 65 percent of all labor migrants, according to IOM. Ukrainian men, like their counterparts from other CIS countries, mainly work in construction (primarily in Russia), while most female migrants are employed in the domestic or service sectors (primarily in Italy or other Western European countries). Ukrainian migrants come from across the country, but due to a high degree of economic disparity between regions, the largest concentrations are from Uzhhorod and Chernivtsi, on the borders with the European Union.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 6 2015 11:47 utc | 108

Posted by: ChipNikh | Feb 6, 2015 6:42:24 AM | 106

McCain has lost it - he seems to have criticized Merkel's 'appeasement policy' in a German television interview. It will be published on Sunday - German papers are prerelease full of consternation :-)) I don't know what he tried to do but it was sure counterproductive.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 6 2015 11:51 utc | 109

@Ulster #104:

theories on my genetic, national or ethnic origins were mostly invented by Rufus and Demian, for whom these facts seem to bear an extraordinary importance for some reason.
I want to understand Russophobia. You have an absolutely pathological hatred of Russia. Clearly, that must be related to what nation you identify with. The reason I concluded you are Ukrainian is that, as far as I know, the only people who hate Russia as venomously as you do are Ukrainians. You actually hate Russia more compulsively than Zbigniew Brzezinski does, which is a kind of achievement.
Demian who literally boils with hatred against other nations
I only put down nations that are rabidly Russophobic. (Poland is rabidly Russophobic; England is just Russophobic. So I put down Poland, but not England.) And I don't hate Russophobic nations. I despise them.

Posted by: Demian | Feb 6 2015 12:22 utc | 110

@107 Correct, Ukrainians migrate too, because Ukraine is in much worse economic situation compared to Russia who compensates its poor economy with hydrocarbons income. Actually for Ukrainians it's easier to emigrate because they border with European Union and Russia, both being great large labor markets.

Posted by: Ulster | Feb 6 2015 12:23 utc | 111

@109 I want to understand oligophrenia, so may I ask you to cite any of my statements that made you think that I demonstrate "absolutely pathological hatred of Russia"?

Posted by: Ulster | Feb 6 2015 12:26 utc | 112

Ulster at 92 -- He admits he said it, but wants to say it's a "joke." What does it say about him that this is the content of his "humor." I took it more as a threat, and see no reason why his little jest was not so intended.

You're welcome to re-arrange the deck chairs with you little linguistic diversion, it will not change defeat into victory.

Posted by: rufus magister | Feb 6 2015 12:36 utc | 113

further to 112 -- wait, you were actually being helpful about that idiom! Good show!

Posted by: rufus magister | Feb 6 2015 12:37 utc | 114

ChipNikh at 106 --

An aside -- I saw your parody to the tune "Ballad of the Green Berets" earlier, nice work.

Posted by: rufus magister | Feb 6 2015 12:39 utc | 115

Ulster at 104 -- Background gives insight on the motivation. You've dropped a few hints, but I stopped speculating a while ago.

Posted by: rufus magister | Feb 6 2015 12:44 utc | 116

Interesting take from Kolomoisky's paper

According to French newspaper, the Europeans are concerned that the issue of arms supplies to Ukraine is becoming increasingly important, thus strengthening the role of the United States.

"The European Union is interested in establishing itself as Kremlin's sole interlocutor," a senior EU official said in comments to the publication.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 6 2015 12:46 utc | 117

Debaltsevo is the Russian, Debalsceve/Debaltseve is the Ukrainian. I prefer the Russian. Same with Kiev/Kyiv. Both are still official languages in the Ukraine, no?

Posted by: rufus magister | Feb 6 2015 12:49 utc | 118

@112 Well, if people say something and laugh at the same time it's usually called "joking" in English. But I see you're the type of person who would make a really scary news story from Putin's "what if granma had a penis" joke.

Posted by: Ulster | Feb 6 2015 12:59 utc | 119

@117 You prefer Russian, I prefer Ukrainian and it's just your our preferences, but for that Toivos guy it's "hate of the Russians" (or Ukrainians in your case). So be careful, this forum is full of paranoics!

Posted by: Ulster | Feb 6 2015 13:05 utc | 120

I would like to see an account of Russia's contribution of arms, logistics, and fighters to the conflagration, here by B. MoA has provided me a valuable lens to counter the near constant allegations levied against Russia in the MSM, by pointing the finger at the West, but Russia is not doing nothing.

This shouldn't come off as yours truly picking sides, rather a dear reader trying to understand the dynamics fueling this unnerving standoff between two nuclear powers.

Posted by: IhaveLittleToAdd | Feb 6 2015 14:22 utc | 121

Posted by: IhaveLittleToAdd | Feb 6, 2015 9:22:26 AM | 120

How could anyone know? Ukraine and Russia share the same weapons systems, the same citizens - double citizenship is illegal in Ukraine, but would Ukraine know about Russian citizenship?, and the very same army training of generals older than 50. They also share a border that is not agreed on but Ukraine tries to demarcate unilaterally.

It is a moot point. Ukraine is Russia's sphere of influence and neither the US nor NATO will risk a serious war for it.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 6 2015 14:42 utc | 122

@108 McCain is a full blown lunatic who believes the White House is due to him. He was a whack job before the Internet was in wide use and wasn't exposed. I do think people have a hard time recognizing crazy when it's in front of them because we are social animals.

McCain's goals revolve around his standing and attacking the usurper, Obama, or trying to pout Obama in the position where it looks like Obama did what McCain said.

Posted by: NotTimothyGeithner | Feb 6 2015 14:48 utc | 123

@Anonymous - The term "apologist" comes from the greek 'apologia' - meaning a reasoned defense. A reasoned discussion - you don't get it by calling your opponents Hitlers and Putin-Deniers; or by shouting down or driving out whoever doesn't agree with you.

Let me propose a little thought experiment: Suppose a reporter at a Presidential press conferences asks Obama,

"Sir are you sorry now that you didn't enforce the 21 February agreement between Yanukovych and three opposition leaders, mediated by the foreign ministers of Poland, France, and Germany and a personal representative of Putin, allowing Yanukovych to remain only until the scheduled elections in November. After all if Putin wanted a Ukrainian puppet so bad, all he had to do was arm Yanukovych - the legitimate, recognized, and elected President - to the teeth, without the need of any invasion."

Two things would happen. Obama would say he didn't understand the question, and ignore it. The second is that the fool who asked it would be fired and blacklisted from working in media again.

Posted by: gersen | Feb 6 2015 14:56 utc | 124

Putin loves kids ....

Posted by: x | Feb 6 2015 15:00 utc | 125

Pat B. at 101: Why did Kerry hold a press conference with PM Yatsenyuk yesterday after he had held one with President Poroshenko?

Yats and Poro are in different clans and now despise each other. Yats is pro-war and Poro is nevertheless still trying to hold it all together. There may be a pile of financial and/or other alliances issues as well, I wouldn’t know. See - as merely one ex. - here:

Will Poroshenko be the fall guy? Well, he will fall when everything splinters into shards, by definition.

But as a sacrificial victim to have yet a new Junta-Directorate in Ukraine, I think not, or not until no other action is possible.

It would look terrible, both within and outside Ukr. Poro is officially ‘the man of peace’ and ‘for a unitary Ukraine’, and he is accepted as a valid interlocutor by Putin, the US, all the other parties. (No matter whatever some ppl are plotting.) A replacement would be a hard sell, and there might be … no candidates. Or none that seem even vaguely sane, acceptable, respectable, reliable, suitably subservient.

Or: Yats enthroned, and the complete giving over of the local, on the ground, power to a bunch of crazies who will be very troublesmome about ‘reform’ and all else. I’m guessing the West (US but mostly EU) is also very weary of dealing with those who steal piles of money and don’t grasp the larger issues so to speak.

So a switch from Poro (he could fall sickly and need to go to Switzerland for health care) to Yats is a possibility. That means a break-up of the Ukraine, into Regions, and not statelets, something most of the outsiders haven’t been keen on, even if for different reasons. It also means a semi-direct confrontation with Putin, who, imho, is unlikely to appease/accept a second time. So some (from the US neo-con-lib pole) do support, however the rest of the world does not.

Just my take for now, who knows.

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 6 2015 15:15 utc | 126

once a thug, always a thug...

Posted by: denk | Feb 6 2015 15:34 utc | 127

Even the surreal Downton Abbey, a post-WWI British period TV series that's filmed in Highclere (still-very-much-a)Castle whilst its native inhabitants are taking naps or something, has been deployed in the propaganda war.

A subplot has been inserted that involves some old Russian refugees, one a 'prince', who are now penniless and spend their days playing chess in their local homeless shelter. Enter 'another' Russian, but this one is young and wealthy - he is pursuing one of the aristocratic daughters who has recently volunteered at said homeless shelter. He tries to strike up friendly banter with his fellow countrymen.

But. Immediately after he tells them he is a Londoner whose family left Odessa in two waves following corresponding pogroms in the 19th century, the destitute Russian 'prince', instead of engaging in the friendly banter, loudly proclaims; 'You are NOT RUSSIAN!' and they both storm out like toddlers.

I mean I had to blink. Nowhere is safe, antisemitic Russians have even invaded Downton Abbey!!

In case any old shut-ins who only watch primetime PBS(like my mother) hadn't been properly informed of who to hate.

Posted by: L Bean | Feb 6 2015 18:00 utc | 128

Posted by: IhaveLittleToAdd | Feb 6, 2015 9:22:26 AM | 120

The best source I have seen that describes Russian support for the Donbas people is Cassad's blog

Check his archives from last August and September.

Posted by: ToivoS | Feb 6 2015 18:11 utc | 129

@102 pat bateman.. that seems fairly clear and it is becoming more clear all the time.. thanks for stating it. people typically have short memories.. there is no way the comments of nulands will be forgotten by some of us.

Posted by: james | Feb 6 2015 18:32 utc | 130

Well the "American century" was enabled partly by a Europe devastated by two colossal wars. This cant have escaped the attention of the PNAC swine. What HAS escaped the PNAC swine and their neoliberal (neo-fascist) ilk, is that the main thing that enabled the American century was a relatively prosperous, politically active working class. Their blasted, impoverished, declassed proletariat is more suited for serfdom.

Posted by: psakiwacky | Feb 6 2015 22:07 utc | 131

Ulster at 119 --

Glad you found it so easily, I would have thought you had it to hand.

StopFake did not so much debunk as spin. As promised, I cite below the Jan. report from Fort Russ.

Bing search turns as its first results up the two original LiveLeak postings first (I've filtered for "past month") and notes they were posted 28 days ago.

Four days later, MiniTrue's site posted their "Fake" warning. Of course, it's not fake, just misunderstood. It's a joke. I don't recall that it got a lot of laughs, so I guess stand-up is not amongst Yarosh's talents.

Interesting lag between interview and semi-official denial.

I added "denial" to my search, got only 8 items, none of them Yarosh or an official spokesman of his stating him misunderstood.

That Yarosh laughed when he made his threat means he found it amusing. Since he has a documented history of involvement in war crimes and assaults on politicians who disagree with him, I found his threat credible. Especially as he discussed how he got it through security.

Fort Russ quotes some of the relevant punch lines.

“I did not want to go to the Rada—the organization gave me an order. I am a soldier of the revolution and I follow orders. I knew that it will be difficult for me there, because it is such a snakepit.”

"Even though one can find normal, decent people there, especially the new faces which were elected at the same time as I, but overall the current composition of the Rada makes it is impossible to resolve problems.”

“Of course, one can approach the Rada Speaker and say “Promise, otherwise I’ll knock you out,” but that’s not civilized and against the rules of the current Rada.”

“I believe that the current Rada is a leftover of the regime of internal occupation that we have had for the last 23 years. And when one sees what is going on in the Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers, I don’t see any transformations in these institutions, they have not become defenders of the people, or even wanted to do something,” says the founder of the Right Sector.

He also talked about his work as a deputy. “It is changing—one can see that—they are afraid of the people, afraid of the Right Sector, but keep doing what they’ve been doing. Unfortunately, the Rada did not undergo the revolutionary transformation demanded by the Maidan.”

“I knew that they expected me to go to the Rada and kick someone’s ass, make a spectacle, but I don’t play by the rules, I don’t do what’s expected of me. For me being in the Rada, especially right next to open enemies of Ukraine, is a cause of discomfort.”

“And I always carry a grenade with me—if need be I’ll throw it. They have no right to search people’s deputies. They ask—do you have weapons? And I reply, no, and go on, but in fact I have been carrying one for a long time, for about a year.”

Now, what kind of political leader makes such "jokes," and why?

Yarosh is apparently not the only comedian on the far right. Any number of other "volunteer battalion commanders" -- in and out of the Rada have made similar threats to "transform" politics by purging pols they dislike. "Aidar," last I knew, stands unpunished for their assault on the Ministry of Defense in protest of their disbandment/reorganization.

So I took the protestations of "civilized behavior" as the joke, though StopFakes of course gives them full faith and credit. Readers will judge which account they find more credible. I see a soldier of the Maidan, controlling himself but having some difficulty in doing it -- and wanting everyone to know it. "Don't make me pull the pin!"

Perhaps, one day the disappointment in the Rada will overcome him, and we'll find out if he's packing. Or maybe he'll have his battalions, run by his Shadow General Staff, clean out the Augean Stable.

And oh, so since you only stood up for Yarosh, we're all agreed on the rest of the whole sexpot and scoundrel thing, right? Cool!

Posted by: rufus magister | Feb 6 2015 23:59 utc | 132

@rufus@ 132

I am somewhat aware of Navalney in Russia. I take it he's a stooge of the Fourth Reich. And we have a color revolution specialist as the new U.S. ambassador in Moscow? Any intel you have on them is appreciated. I've read Navalney is calling for a million person march or demonstration for March 1st. I would say pressure is being ratcheted up. I'm beginning to wonder how this can possibly end well.

Posted by: Scott | Feb 7 2015 2:25 utc | 133

meanwhile in ph, the war of terror rages on , out of sight, out of mind of the *international community*..

*As in similar assassination operations of the US in the past, the US military instigated the Aquino regime to conduct the Mamasapano operation in complete disregard for human rights, rules of war and outstanding humanitarian conventions when it targeted civilians and killed at least seven unarmed residents, including a young girl. Similarly, several civilians were killed in February 2012 when the US directed Philippine Air Force units to drop so-called “smart bombs” in Jolo, Sulu, which the AFP then claimed to have killed Marwan.*

Posted by: denk | Feb 7 2015 7:31 utc | 134

yes, yes of course

Posted by: chalo | Feb 7 2015 14:02 utc | 136

Scott at 133 --

I have followed Navalny in the press, but not especially closely. I've said, I find it interesting that most discussions say the corruption charges are politically motivated, not that they are false per se. I assume anyone at that level of politics in Russia today is likely corrupt. Selective prosecution is a classic tool of all sorts of regimes.

He has a record of statements that some might find not fully in accord with the image of enlightened crusader. See Global Voices on him and his views on ethnicity, from 2013. The British Daily Mail had a more recent account in Jan., via Russia Insider Western Media Says Xenophobic Anti-Putin Figure Is a Moral Giant.

Posted by: rufus magister | Feb 7 2015 18:29 utc | 137

Robert Parry has changed his tune regarding Obama. A year ago, he blamed the Kiev coup on nocons in the State Department, with Obama being an uninformed innocent bystander. Now he is calling Obama reckless.

Nuclear War and Clashing Ukraine Narratives

I’m told that the Russians fear that U.S. officials are contemplating placing Cruise missiles in Ukraine or otherwise introducing advanced weaponry that Moscow regards as a direct threat to its national security. Whether or not the Russians are being alarmist, these fears are affecting their own decision-making.

None of the nuclear-age presidents … would have engaged in such provocative actions on Russia’s borders, though some surely behaved aggressively in overthrowing governments and starting wars farther away.

ven Ronald Reagan, an aggressive Cold Warrior, kept his challenges to the Soviet Union in areas that were far less sensitive to its national security than Ukraine.

It looks like the Germans and French are coming to their senses, but the Beltway is still as crazy as it has ever been.

Posted by: Demian | Feb 7 2015 19:56 utc | 138

Obama is obligated to George Soros, who backed him when he was an unknown. No doubt Obama is looking to his post-presidential career. Soros, who did some good things, is now incredibly out of touch, I believe.

Posted by: Harold | Feb 7 2015 22:57 utc | 139

anyone with half a brain knows jew America is behind all this mess.the lying western whore press keeps painting putin as the problem.what a load of shit.evryone as I said with half a brain knows that America and her Zionist/jew masters are behind this mess and the the problem of this planet.

Posted by: john petrino | Feb 8 2015 8:29 utc | 140

Ukrainian conflict = US CIA PsyOp

ISIS = US CIA + Saudi Arabia + Israel

Any questions?

Posted by: George H.W. Bush | Feb 8 2015 18:57 utc | 141

@141 yea george.. when are they going to send you to the war crimes tribunal? i am still waiting.

Posted by: james | Feb 8 2015 20:03 utc | 142

@132 You're relying on selective and biased "translation" of Yarosh interview that sets the whole thing in a "right" context immediately with author's conspiracy theories ("main question that is difficult to answer is the extent to which Yarosh is an independent actor"). And, obviously, they carefully avoid links to any original materials.

StopFake did a very simple thing instead: they just linked to original interview video. So I could just watch and see exactly what he says and in what context. So I don't really need any further pseudo-psychological profiling done by some anonymous bloggers: I saw and hear what he said.

I'm not any fan of Yarosh, but I'm just shocked how apparently reasonable people force themselves into treating typical propaganda sites as a reliable source with no effort to even validate it.

Posted by: Ulster | Feb 9 2015 11:47 utc | 143

Obama refuses to rule out arming Kiev following talks with Merkel

At a joint White House press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday, President Barack Obama made clear he was considering authorizing the dispatch of advanced weapons to the US- and NATO-backed regime in Kiev, to be used against pro-Russian separatist forces in eastern Ukraine.

Obama indicated that he would wait to see the results of talks set for Wednesday in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, between Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, French President François Hollande and Merkel before making a decision on sending US arms to Kiev. The talks are aimed at brokering a new cease-fire agreement between Ukrainian government forces and pro-Russian separatists following the collapse of an agreement reached last September.

Merkel and the leaders of Britain and France have made clear in recent days that they oppose a US move to directly arm Kiev. Instead, they call for tougher economic sanctions combined with increased NATO military forces in the Baltic states and Eastern Europe to compel Moscow to accept the transformation of Ukraine, a former Soviet republic, into a staging ground for US and European imperialist moves to reduce Russia to a semicolonial status.

I've gotta smile at the Trots' last paragraph, although there is nothing at all amusing in these present theatrics.

The Novorossyans - whom NO ONE has even asked to take part in this charade tomorrow - have seen what a 'ceasefire' means to the gang in possession in Kiev. They need to push to the borders of their oblasts and then defend them, as long as necessary from whatever collection of weapons and forces the US/NATO provide to crush them.

So Russia needs to stand behind their countrymen and women.

If they can bargain to remove all 'Ukrainian' forces 100 km from the borders of Novorossya ... and if that is actually accomplished ,,, aggressive forces from the Ukrainian side first ... if THE NOVOROSSYANS APPROVE .... then that's one thing.

Otherwise ... fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Russia needs only do what it's been doing up until now to allow the Novorossyans to push the Ukrainians out of Novorossya,

So it seems to me, anyway. I do feel sure that nothing the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate slash arms merchant - that's what the Nobel Peace Prize is really for : arms dealing and dissembling - or the gang in possession in Ukraine can be taken seriously at all.

The devastation and dispossession of the Novorossyans must be taken seriously, and the only way to end that is to get the mad Ukrainians off of Novorossyan territory and away from Novorossya's borders.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 10 2015 9:01 utc | 144

German media backs confrontation with Russia over Ukraine

The massive pressure exerted by the US to arm the Kiev regime, a move that would intensify the war in Ukraine, has produced a panicked reaction in the German media. While some commentators have come out in support of supplying weapons, most adopt the position of the German government, which has thus far opposed it.

Not a single major newspaper rejects the course of confrontation with Russia, however, though many openly admit it could lead to a nuclear conflict and world war. The differences are over tactics. At the heart of this is Germany’s relations with the United States. Although a series of comments stand firm by a close alliance with the great power across the Atlantic, calls are growing for Germany to realize its imperialist interests independently.

For example, it is feared that even with additional weaponry, the Ukrainian army and regime are not ready for an intensified conflict. The result would either be a military debacle for the Kiev regime or a direct confrontation between Russia and NATO, with terrible consequences for Germany and Europe.

The phrase attributed to Springer, ' in a “world where sick great power pride has turned into the desire for which there is no interest in resolving conflicts peacefully.”, more aptly describes my United States government than it does Russia's. has Süddeutsche Zeitung slamming the US ...

attacked the US delegation at the Munich Security Conference, which had heavily criticized Merkel. ... compared them to schoolchildren who learned about “the current situation and the role of their country in a speech by Victoria Nuland [the US undersecretary of state for Europe], which could have been delivered in the locker room by any football coach before kick-off.”

... but pushing ' for a more aggressive foreign policy on the part of Germany and Europe in the name of Realpolitik,' for a resurgent, militarized Germany.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung says stay the course ...

“The debate about the best means to support Ukraine, now and in the long term, must not allow Americans and Europeans to drift apart,” he stressed. Although Merkel’s diplomatic efforts were “worth a try”, the German government “had to take note that sections of US politics were losing patience.”

... and play good vassal to the master.

Die Tageszeitung (for the Greens) ...

advocates a military confrontation most stridently. Without beating about the bush, the paper fully backs the arming of Ukraine. Under the headline “A right to bear arms,” ... dismisses “fears of an escalation and an arms race” as unfounded. The spiral of violence arises “from the current military imbalance.” A political solution in eastern Ukraine will only be possible “once the armed forces of Ukraine are strong enough to promptly repel any attack.”

Die Zeit ...

“One cannot stumble into an arms race.” The principal issue for the paper is to get the timing right. “In fact the possibilities for Ukraine to arm itself are not so bad,” writes Michael Thumann. The most important question is “the right time. Arms deliveries and training have already decided wars. In Bosnia, for example. “

No hope from Germany, no hope from the US. The rest of Europe seems ready to follow their Good Shepherds over the cliff.

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