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February 06, 2015

Open Thread 2015-07

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George Galloway Senate Testimony (FULL)

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Feb 6 2015 18:53 utc | 1

Even the surreal Downton Abbey, a sappy post-WWI British period TV series that's filmed in Highclere (still-very-much-a)Castle whilst its native inhabitants are taking naps or something, has been deployed in the propaganda war.

A subplot has been inserted that involves some old Russian refugees, one a 'prince', who are now penniless and spend their days playing chess in their local homeless shelter. Enter 'another' Russian, but this one is young and wealthy - he is pursuing one of the aristocratic daughters who has recently volunteered at said homeless shelter. He tries to strike up friendly banter with his fellow countrymen.

But. Immediately after he tells them he is a Londoner whose family left Odessa in two waves following corresponding pogroms in the 19th century, the destitute Russian 'prince', instead of engaging in the friendly banter, loudly proclaims; 'You're not RUSSIAN!' and they both storm out like toddlers.

I mean I had to blink. Nowhere is safe, antisemitic Russians have even invaded Downton Abbey!!

In case any old shut-ins who only watch primetime PBS(like my mother) hadn't been properly informed of who to hate.

Posted by: L Bean | Feb 6 2015 18:56 utc | 2

Islamic State group: US hostage killed in Jordan airstrike

Posted by: Yul | Feb 6 2015 19:01 utc | 3

King Play Station of Jordan is racking up points as this years leading humanitarian, first he strangles one Muslim woman for the Islamic State's sins, she had no connection to the IS, and now his Flying Bedouins have incinerated a captive Amerikan in Syria.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Feb 6 2015 19:04 utc | 4

@Yul First of all, if true, very sad. But, of course, killing American civilians is okay if it is done by sheiks, emirs, and kings. It's probably Putin's fault anyway.

Yosemite Sam (aka John McCain) said today that Yats and the chocolate king wouldn't have to commit war crimes (dropping cluster bombs on civilian areas) if we would just "give them the arms that they need". Next up, boots on the ground!

Posted by: Charles Van Wey | Feb 6 2015 19:53 utc | 6


I only saw the first 2 seasons of Downton Abbey. It was, imo, only "decent" for what passes for non-cable tv these days. Your point about the propaganda inserted in the recent season highlights why I chucked out my tv and possibly will never return. Our overlords are insistent and invasive with propaganda anymore.

NPR (or National Propaganda/Pentagon Radio) is useless insofar as "nooz" is concerned, utilizing Fox commentators doncha know (but they're fair and balanced). I gave up on that nooz a long long time ago.

I still listen to some of the other NPR programming, like Sat quiz shows and such, but I duly note that similar sorts of propaganda are not so subtly inserted even in those programs. Insidious.

Posted by: RUKidding | Feb 6 2015 20:53 utc | 7

Interesting tweet:
Hassan Hassan @hxhassan · 2h 2 hours ago

ISIS playing a game called blame friendly fire: Kasasbah's father claims a UAE pilot shot down his son; ISIS says Jordan killed a US hostage

Posted by: Yul | Feb 6 2015 21:12 utc | 8

@5 another name for NPR = National Poison Radio. And you're so right about the quiz shows. I wrote them last year when I caught them slagging off Muslims in some supposedly "humorous" way. I asked them if the word "Jews" was inserted in their little comedy sketch, would it be quite so funny? Anyway, happy non-listening! PS no tv here either. Sometimes I wonder if I can converse with the rest of the USA since I'm not up on the dreck they are consuming. But not willing to sacrifice my sanity to get my tv back.

Posted by: Linda J | Feb 6 2015 21:13 utc | 9

Putin, Hollande, Merkel talks ‘constructive’, possible document in progress

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 6 2015 21:30 utc | 10

On February 5th it abruptly changed course, ending the daily auctions that had been supporting the currency and raising interest rates by 5.5 percentage points. The hryvnia promptly slumped against the dollar. The IMF is currently in Kiev negotiating a long-awaited financial rescue: it had better hurry up.

With the IMF rescuing your side the end should be near.

The hryvnia slumped 34% in an instant.

Wonder how much longer IMF hand puppet Porkyshenko leads?

source -

Posted by: Alberto | Feb 6 2015 22:27 utc | 11

Ukraine's currency is now in freefall. Biggest fall in many many years.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 6 2015 22:45 utc | 12

Merkel & Hollande trip to Russia most likely has them carrying water for the IMF criminal element ...

The IMF is supportive of the Ukrainian central bank’s latest decisions, Gerry Rice, an IMF spokesman, said at a briefing in Washington. A mission from the international lender is in Kiev to discuss extending and expanding a $17 billion bailout agreed on in April 2014.

“We will have a real foreign-currency market in Ukraine,” Vladislav Sochinsky, treasurer at Citigroup Inc.’s unit in Kiev, said by phone. “Banks will be back to the good old days when they used to quote and trade.”

source -


Posted by: Alberto | Feb 6 2015 22:54 utc | 13

Chomsky & Kissinger Agree: Avoid Historic Tragedy In Ukraine

The "Virtual Takeover" section at the end is very succinct.

Posted by: Charles Van Wey | Feb 6 2015 23:08 utc | 14


Meanwhile, January footage from Ukrainian television shows U.S. Gen. Ben Hodges, commander of the U.S. Army in Europe, handing out medals to wounded Ukrainian soldiers.


Posted by: Alberto | Feb 6 2015 23:27 utc | 15

We are with Greece and Europe

Three hundred economists and academics from all continents, James Galbraith, Stephany Griffith-Jones, Jacques Sapir, Dominique Meda, call on European governments and international institutions to “respect the decision of the Greek people” and to “initiate negotiations good faith with the new Greek government to resolve the debt issue.”

Posted by: nmb | Feb 6 2015 23:46 utc | 16

@5 'I chucked out my tv and possibly will never return.'

Possibly? Wait a few months or years, you will never miss it. Believe me.

@7 'Sometimes I wonder if I can converse with the rest of the USA since I'm not up on the dreck they are consuming.'

You probably can't ... no problem, introduce them to the alternative world view that you have discovered. If you can get over your initial approach/avoid conflict on such conversation at all.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 7 2015 0:15 utc | 17

Moscow talks over, results, if any, will be announced on Sunday

Russia media reports that after 5 hours of negotiations the talks are over, that they were "constructive" and that results will be finalized and announced on Sunday.

'Results, if any' ... puts our feet back on the ground. Remember, this is Hollande and Merkel we're hoping will 'solve' things here.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 7 2015 0:37 utc | 18

Kremlin trio meeting on Ukraine constructive: Russia

“On the basis of proposals made by the French president and German chancellor, there is currently ongoing joint work to prepare the text of a possible joint document on the implementation of the Minsk agreements – a document that would include proposals made by Ukrainian President Poroshenko and proposals put forward today by Russian President Putin,” [Kremlin spokesman Dmitry] Peskov said.

The most salient feature of these talks, to me at least, is the complete absence of representation of the Novorossians, who obviously will therefore be unbound by anything it may contain.

As for the agenda originating in Europe ... the picture of Putin, Merkel, and Hollande all seated around the table prominently includes Merkel's phone ... NSA tap ... right on the table.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 7 2015 0:52 utc | 19


Posted by: Alberto | Feb 7 2015 1:15 utc | 20

"Sworn Frenemies", or why Poland supports Ukrainian nationalism

The 21st century is picking up right where the 20th left off. Let’s not forget that the proximate cause of the Maidan had nothing to do with the United States, which exploited the situation rather opportunistically. It began with an effort to bring Ukraine into EU’s (and, therefore, Germany’s) sphere of economic influence through the so-called “association agreement.” If that agreement would not be signed by a democratically elected government of Ukraine, it would be signed by one brought into power by Ukrainian nationalists, while Germany “looked the other way”… So it would be entirely to simplistic to blame the Ukraine civil war solely on the Obama administration (though it had played a very destructive role as well). Certain European powers, including Germany and Poland, had their hand in it too, not because "Washington made them do it," but because of their own long-standing political and economic interests.

The above quote is from the translator ... whose moniker, "J. Hawk", and diction make him out to be an American. So his placing 'the ultimate blame' for this monstrous exploitation on Ukrainian 'nationalism' by the NAZIs there on Germany rather than the US might be suspect ... but there can be little doubt that Germany is at least a coequal with the US in the destruction and devastation of Ukraine. And in fact the EU was/is essential to that destruction and devastation. It seems unlikely that Merkel is in Moscow to disavow Germany's perceived interests.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 7 2015 1:23 utc | 21

Anyone notice the parallel with the way Ukraine is cast in the western media and the treatment of Israel?
Both are allowed the most heinous war crimes on a large scale with nary a sideways glance. Yet when the butchery backfires or starts fizzling, there is a sudden interest in peace and accommodations.
Both are portrayed as being existentially threatened by 'regional' powers aspiring to exterminate them.
Both are carefully avoided as subject matter, whenever their vulgar extreme nationalism and racism is on display.
Both have expert apologists from the highest echelons regularly bemoaning the unfair enemy propaganda smearing these innocent peoples.
Both are cast as humble peace-mongers merely trying to co-exist in a hostile neighbourhood.
I think you get the point, I could go on ...

Posted by: spinworthy | Feb 7 2015 1:24 utc | 22

... the picture of Putin, Merkel, and Hollande all seated around the table prominently includes Merkel's phone ... NSA tap ... right on the table.
Posted by: jfl | Feb 6, 2015 7:52:39 PM | 17

Short leash syndrome?
Could explain her apprehensive demeanor and not infrequent glances over the shoulder.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 7 2015 1:55 utc | 23

Good article by Mike Whitney on Ukraine etc,, especially the reason for the Merkel/Hollande visit.

Posted by: Carlos | Feb 7 2015 2:04 utc | 24

@Hoarsewhisperer@ 21

I noticed the phone too. My first thought was that Putin, being ex-KGB, knew they were being listened to. So I figured either the Russians have effective counter measures...OR he WANTED to make sure he was heard. It's just my take on it.

Posted by: Scott | Feb 7 2015 2:11 utc | 25

Angela Merkel invoked the spirit of Woodrow Wilson while extending the olive branch to Russia:

"It's about representing our interests, German-French but also European interests... it's about European peace... and the free self-determination of peoples, which is part of this European framework for peace," she told a joint press conference with the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

Ha ha. I imagine she winked at al-Abadi as she mouthed that nonsense.

I suppose It's perfectly fitting that almost 100 years since the empty rhetoric of Wilson's fourteen points brought America into World War 1, another world leader is invoking the principle of self-determination in the run up to a war that could engulf the entire planet. Our leaders are just as ignorant and unfit to lead. Nothing they say is true. The world is their plantation and the colonies must be consolidated. All this in the name of freedom-the right of bankers to be free of the fear of ever losing any money.

Posted by: Nana2007 | Feb 7 2015 2:34 utc | 26


Even though one of them has passed on, Klick and Klack (Car Talk) on NPR is your last and final image of an America that still just barely exists, one which Prairie Home Companion only alludes to now in the imagination (old MidWest values vaudeville).

When I was coming up, there was still an old river boat station at Golden Eagle, at the confluence of the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers. You might still find elders from the Civil War era living in the outlying areas. I met an old timer who came there as a child in a Conestoga wagon, for cripes sake! And as he was telling me that, a 747 was lifting off from the St Louis airport, bound, no doubt, for London, with all of our last life savings.
It was a poor time, but rich in stories and experiences, and everyone talked to everyone.

However, back to NPR, come on, Radio Lab, you have to admit, is pretty exceptional radio- journalism in this day and age. And Hearts of Space has been bringing great music to the air for decades, along with Thistle and Shamrock for that auld lang syne weepy eye moment. If it's all paid for by CIA:State:Defense:BigMIC propaganda, that's a small price to pay.

But it will soon be gone, 'wiped from the map of history' in an augenblik, and replaced by a National Security State of 1000 Years, a Perpetual Interest-Only Paupery, for the USA'rs.

Then like the Cambodians before them, all things and thoughts of the past will be despised. The elderly people will be herded together, and starved. The children will be recruited in school and made part of the NSS before they're old enough to think. Just 140-letter tweets from behind the razor wire, an Alls Quiet on the Western Front open-air concentration camp.

Live, Work, Die.

Arbeit Macht Frei.

Posted by: ChipNikh | Feb 7 2015 2:34 utc | 27

Bloomberg: One Year Later, Crimeans Prefer Russia

In a recent telephone poll of Crimeans,

Eighty-two percent of those polled said they fully supported Crimea's inclusion in Russia, and another 11 percent expressed partial support. Only 4 percent spoke out against it. …

these answers suggest that a majority of Crimeans see Ukraine as a poor and unstable country where the media are hostile toward them. That's largely an accurate assessment that has nothing to do with fear or brainwashing from Moscow. All things considered, Ukraine is not at this point a welcoming alternative to Russia.

Not really surprising, but it's nice that a mainstream US news outlet is reporting this.

The Ukrainian who commissioned the poll, who is from Crimea, was surprised by these results. Apparently, he thought that Crimeans would be in despair at being disconnected from their Ukrainian homeland. It is remarkable how delusional Ukrainians can be, even academics. Crimeans never ceased thinking of themselves as Russians.

Incidentally, an effort is underway to find Khrushchev's handing Crimea over to the Ukraine SSR to have been illegal.

Posted by: Demian | Feb 7 2015 3:21 utc | 28

I think Hollande and Merkel are/were talking to Putin to buy time. They met with Kerry in Kiev. My hunch is that US/NATO will send more "defensive" weapons tomorrow, or the next day. And for sure they need a "ceasefire" if the 8,000 or so UAF are to be rescued from the cauldron. Nothing will come out of the three-way talks, imo - maybe enough time to re-arm Kiev, and that's all.

Posted by: okie farmer | Feb 7 2015 4:40 utc | 29

American sharia:
Harvard officially bans sex between undergraduate students and teachers

The US continues its descent into barbarism and totalitarianism. Obviously a teacher should not have sex with his students. But in order to maintain a liberal and open atmosphere, an educational institution should trust its instructors and students to avoid such activity simply by applying their own good judgement. Instituting a formal rule about this insults the intelligence and honor of both instructors and students, and contradicts a basic principle underlying the idea of a university – that its members are rational and ethical actors engaged in a common project of acquiring knowledge. Instituting formal rules about who can have sex with whom makes a university more like a prison.

Also, why just undergraduates? So Harvard has now takes the position that it's fine for a professor to have sex with his graduate students?

Posted by: Demian | Feb 7 2015 5:07 utc | 30

Russian Spring


Yesterday the Ukrainian side suggested a “day of ceasefire” in area of Debal`tsevo to evacuate locals from the combat zone.

In the morning a column of busses escorted by two SUVs of OSCE drove from the capital of Donetsk Republic toward Debal`tsevo… About 4 p.m. the column appeared on the horizon back from Debal`tsevo. Coming closer, it is quickly becoming clear all autos are practically empty…

The Ukrainian Media reported a successful evacuation of more than thousand people to the territory controlled by Ukraine. And people’s unwillingness to go to the “stronghold of separatism” – Donetsk Republic.

Russian Spring


Commander of self-propelled cannon “Aleks” summarized the situation in Debal`tsevo:

“As the front line moves forth, the ring is locking up. When it is locked up, the operation to suppress the caldron will begin“- tells the combatant. “Everyone is given an option to lay down arms and leave in good will. Appropriate measures will apply to those who lack such goodwill.

Right now clashes take place in Chernukhino. Our people take outpost after outpost coming closer to the settlement to finally liberate. A little more, and it will be under our full control.

Our artillery strikes strictly the enemy positions. No one is scattering shots. It is not possible that we are hitting the settlement. As civilians stay in shelters, there must be no civilian casualties.

Posted by: Fete | Feb 7 2015 5:29 utc | 31

@26 demian - thanks for that.. thanks to others for sharing their insights here as well.

Posted by: james | Feb 7 2015 6:20 utc | 32

@26 demian.. not sure how the author sees it this way though.. thoughts?
"Kiev's claims on Crimea and the rebel-held areas are legally indisputable, and the March 2014 referendum that Russia used as justification for Crimea's annexation was a half-hearted imitation of a ballot carried out in the sights of Russian guns."

Posted by: james | Feb 7 2015 6:25 utc | 33

@james #31:

I noticed that. Bloomberg is a US business news service. If it publishes an article about Russia that allows some truth to gleam trough, it is incumbent upon the author to throw in some bits of the US State Department propaganda line.

The "legally indisputable" bit sounds like self-parody. What does that even mean? Legal matters are decided by litigation, i.e., legal disputes. Judging by the author's name BTW, he appears to be a Russian expat living in Berlin.

Posted by: Demian | Feb 7 2015 6:55 utc | 34

@32 demian.. over at kremlin stooge (newest thread here they were talking about this guy Leonid Bershidsky - author of the bloomberg article.. i can't remember the details as it was about a week ago and not on the thread i just linked to.

Posted by: james | Feb 7 2015 7:17 utc | 35

geez, ignore that link. here is the newest thread at ks..

Posted by: james | Feb 7 2015 7:18 utc | 36

Facebook Shut Down Miko Peled’s page!

Posted by: Tom Murphy | Feb 7 2015 8:25 utc | 37

#26 "Incidentally, an effort is underway to find Khrushchev's handing Crimea over to the Ukraine SSR to have been illegal."

It was an entirely administrative move at the time, everyone had Sovirt passports, in which their nationalty was still listed as "Russian". Nobody back then ever dreamed of the USSR dissolving as it did and stranding literally millions of Russians beyond the borders of Russia, whereupon they lost their status as a priveleged imperial minotity.

Posted by: Ralphieboy | Feb 7 2015 11:50 utc | 38

"Germany is dedicated to the concept of ‘big Europe’ from Lisbon to Vladivostok, said the German chancellor, stressing that “security and cooperation in Europe are possible through dialogue.”"

What they are omitting to say, but in fact intend, is: "[without Putin]".

"Big Europe" (and little Stan's) all the way east to Alaska is a continuation of Hitler's dream world -- the Third Reich. "Big Europe" is either eurAsia or WW3.

Posted by: x | Feb 7 2015 12:32 utc | 39

Posted by: x | Feb 7, 2015 7:32:11 AM | 37

It is a Gorbachev quote "the big European House". She also said "security architecture with Russia not against Russia".

It is a tectonic shift. Mrs. Merkel is a phyicist.

Compare to Obama: "contain Russia".

Posted by: somebody | Feb 7 2015 13:29 utc | 40

Is there any possibility that Ukraine will stay in part as apparently discussed by Germany and France according to the latest news? Seems not likely imo.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 7 2015 14:13 utc | 41

@38 -- indeed, but I will judge the actions (& in-actions) more than the words.
Agreed, tipping points and potential shifts all over.
However, there is no change of heart, imo. Just shifting interests of empire.

Posted by: x | Feb 7 2015 15:07 utc | 42

Greece. Events at the ECB, not reported in the media.

They just recently changed their voting mechanism. It’s difficult to explain shortly (haven’t found a link that does the job.) Basically, the argument was that there were too many voters at the ECB, the no. had to be reduced. - Which makes no sense at all, that is insane.

So a ‘turning mechanism’ was set up. The Board of Govs. retain their vote permanently, but the others submit to a rotation of exclusion of voting rights, month by month.
—Note, the principle of one member-one vote is now broken.

Now, the ECB voting rights in Jan. 2015.

See here, Rotation of voting rights in the Governing Council - ECB.

Permanent voters (see top of the list), none excluded ever. Then:

Governing Council Group 1, excluded: Gov. of the Bank of Spain

Group 2, excluded: Gov. of Eesti Pank (Estonia), Gov. of the Central Bank of Ireland, Gov. of the Central Bank of Greece.

And for Feb. 2015: excluded: Gov. of CB of France, Ireland, Greece and Cyprus.

Doesn’t that seem extremely strange and sorta convenient? All are countries that might vote in favor of Greece, including G. itself! And the German Gov. votes until.. May!

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 7 2015 15:11 utc | 43

For me the big Merkel question is, will she be able to withstand the US pressure or fold, when she travels to the US on Monday?

Reading some stories today Biden and McCain are already attacking her.

Posted by: Fran | Feb 7 2015 15:16 utc | 44

@42 McCain and Biden sound desperate. I wonder if the NAF has something big in the cauldron such as U.S. "advisers" not just random mercenaries recruited from one of the "annoying" type countries.

Posted by: NotTimothyGeithner | Feb 7 2015 15:23 utc | 45

Posted by: Fran | Feb 7, 2015 10:16:50 AM | 42

She needs to be reelected at home, that is her main concern. She usually takes issues from the Social Democrats, 'detente' used to be their brand, so bingo. She also gets the national conservative right wing under her tent again this way.
It is not so much Ukraine, if the US want to they can arm them Merkel or not Merkel, and weapons aren't really doing anything there, Ukraine exports the stuff - they just have no sane takers in their fight "against Russia". Basically Ukraine is dead and beaten and nothing will revive them.

The real issue to watch is if they follow through on the security architecture with Russia, ie. get rid of European and Russian missile "defence", bolster OSCE as opposed to NATO, find a way to synchronise the EU and the Eurasian Union, get the Baltics to accept the Russians living there as citizens.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 7 2015 15:53 utc | 46

People who believe that Merkel and Hollande are not a part of the US equation are naive. They've been SENT to Moscow for a purpose. They're just puppets to their Washington masters.

Many seem to forget that in Kosovo, it was the BND (German intelligence) that did all the heavy lifting NOT the CIA. This and German NGOs all over Ukraine...the Germans present at the Maidan, the support for the coup d'etat in Kiev...the Germans are playing the game here, they're not innocent bystanders.

Posted by: S-true | Feb 7 2015 15:54 utc | 47


Exactly, Germany/France is just following US, they wont make any "peace".

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 7 2015 16:14 utc | 48

@45 s-true/46 anon - here is what b and i said in the previous thread
"thanks b.

b quote "I have my doubts about their(germany/france) independence though and it may be that their appearance is is just part of the show." that is how i see it too. in fact, i wouldn't be surprised if they are delivering the usa message to putin directly.. i don't think they represent europe. that is for sure..

@15 noirette.. every one ought to read your post over a few times. that is exactly how i see it too.. eastern ukraine aka 'palestine'.. they are not interested in peace. it is like hearing israel say they are interested in peace.. there is only so much bullshit a person can tolerate listening to...

Posted by: james | Feb 5, 2015 2:53:12 PM | 34

Posted by: james | Feb 7 2015 18:19 utc | 49

Further disintegration? A district of the Odessa region has rebelled:

Bessarabian rebels take Ukrainian patrol hostage and burn call-up papers in the village square

Military Commissar of the district Igor Skrypnik knew very well about the attitude of the civilian population of the county towards mobilization. So before a trip to Limanskoe to issue mobilization orders, he requested armed security. A group of Commisar employees was reinforced with Odessa punisher-nazguardians.

That produced the opposite result: when people in camouflage with guns appeared in the village, this caused an outburst of spontaneous protest,” said acting chairman of the State Administration Sergey Barimov.

“About two hundred inhabitants of Limanskoe surrounded the representatives of the military and the guard armed with machine guns.” …

Finally the residents lined the military representatives on the square, placed the bag with call up papers nearby, doused it with gasoline and defiantly set it on fire. Moreover, they forced the military representatives to stare at the fire until the papers burnt to ashes.

What happened to the confiscated machine guns is unknown.

To the united Ukraine!

Posted by: Demian | Feb 7 2015 19:02 utc | 50

Yes, now onto Kiev where the Nazis can be stuffed in trash cans and set fire to with gasoline. McCain and Nuland and can Kerry can be made to watch....that may sound harsh, but it would send an appropriate message.

Posted by: Nana2007 | Feb 7 2015 19:16 utc | 51

The 'Transnistrian' trial maybe peace balloon mentioned by B. on Feb 05, evidently confuses the Rivers Dniester and Dnieper:

"The name Dnieper is derived from Sarmatian Dānu apar "the river on the far side". By contrast, the Dniester derives from the close river". -- Wikipedia

and a trans Dnieper demarcation between Eastern and Western Ukraine is indeed feasible for most but not all of it's length (In the North it passes through Kiev).

Posted by: gersen | Feb 7 2015 20:14 utc | 52

gersen at 52 --

I recall your original post, I believe it suggested a de facto arrangement will be made along the lines of the Transdniestr Republic. This is not to say the border will be along the line of the Dniestr or Dniepr. That is, the polit. fiction will be, it is technically in some vague way part of the Ukraine, but like Transdniestria, it will be under the protection of the Russian Federation and in fact if not name be autonomous, not to even independent.

Posted by: rufus magister | Feb 7 2015 20:53 utc | 53


Bingo! That's what we all, well I all certainly, rely on you for and you never disappoint!


' The real issue to watch is if they follow through on the security architecture with Russia, ie. get rid of European and Russian missile "defence", bolster OSCE as opposed to NATO, find a way to synchronise the EU and the Eurasian Union, get the Baltics to accept the Russians living there as citizens. '

... and thats what I rely upon you for, and neither do you disappoint.

Thanks to you both.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 7 2015 23:28 utc | 54

Night shelling of Donetsk 06.02.2015

' ‘Bombs flew above the head, Donetsk was shelled from mortars. The adrenalin ran high. '

Death Toll in Syria Rises to Over 210,000 in Four Years

The death toll after nearly four years of civil war in Syria has risen to 210,060, nearly half of them civilians, but the real figure is probably much higher, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Saturday.

A million, at least, dead in Iraq. How many in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Ukraine? ... and absolutely no end in sight. Rather the Evil Empire, 'my own' United States of America, and its Nihilist Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, seeks more war. Seeks truly to devastate the entire world outside its borders, and to dispossess all its peoples.

It must be stopped. It is all based on the greenback dollar ... and the Euro. Russia, China, the SCO, the BRICS ... all the states of the world who hope to survive must divest themselves of $US and Euro denominated holdings, must use them to buy rubles, renmimbis, the currencies of their own countries, must redenominate world trade in their own currencies, must destroy the global hegemon and its European Unit.

Slay or be slain by the financial weapon. A case of do or die.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 8 2015 0:34 utc | 55

Russians in the USSR "a privileged imperial minority" - Ralphieboy, you are a tremendous douchebag. You've got the USSR confused with the white man's America where you likely live, you miserable clown.

Posted by: guest77 | Feb 8 2015 3:51 utc | 56

Daniel Sheehan, the Trajectory of Justice

In the spring of 2012, Daniel Sheehan taught a class at the University of California, Santa Cruz, outlining the major cases he has had a hand in over the last four decades. Titled "The Trajectory of Justice," the class starts with Sheehan's Harvard Law School days and works on through the Pentagon Papers, Watergate, the Karen Silkwood case, and the Iran Contra scandal, just to name a few.

Posted by: guest77 | Feb 8 2015 3:54 utc | 57

Though every Westerner is trained like a pet poodle to see their own crimes in others, any study of the USSR and its economic relationship with the countries that made up the Eastern Bloc were 180 degrees from the imperial blood-sucking (and blood letting) that occurred in the Western mother countries and their overseas colonies.

The fact is that the Soviets relationship with Eastern Europe and countries like Cuba was one of subsidies which generally gave a trading advantage to the so-called "satellites". The Soviets sent Eastern Europe raw materials in exchange for manufactured goods which supported those countries full employment - the exact opposite of the relationship maintained by the Western Imperial powers and their colonies.

Westerners love to point out events like the 1956 Hungarian Uprising, and the Prague Spring as examples of Soviet Imperialism - but those were picnics compared the absolute butchery the United States used to keep order in its sphere. Just look at Guatemala, where US power literally made the country safe for serfdom well into the 1960s! Look at the slaughter and genocide the US caused in Indonesia (see the film "The Act of Killing" if you need a reminder). Of course, maybe like the average Westerner you're trained like a good little poodle to think that brown people don't count as much as a white European.

Forget that the Soviets let their supposed "Empire" vanish with hardly a shot fired. Forget that so may non-Russians rose to the top of the Soviet power structure. Forget that the USSR, smashed by war, was too poor and weak to really dominate its neighbors (though it had the right to demand some reparations - considering the role many of them played as members of the Axis under Germany).

But let's just pretend that our "enemies" are as bad as us, because then no matter how many Iraqis our country slaughters, no matter how many Vietnamese children we burn to death with napalm, and no matter how many Nicaraguans we get hacked to death with machetes in order to keep bananas in the store - we can at least feel convinced (truth notwithstanding!) that the Big Bad Soviets were so much worse than us (even though they weren't).

Posted by: guest77 | Feb 8 2015 4:31 utc | 58

why is it that whenever i heard about chinese are attacked and their properites targeted some where in the world, i immediately think of the
U[sual]S[uspects] ?
why is it that it always turns out to be correct ?

Taking a leaf from China’s book, the United States appointed Mr. Russ Feingold as a special envoy to the Great Lakes Region (meaning the region in and around Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Kivu, Lake Edward and Lake Albert; encompassing Burundi, the western part of Kenya, north western part of Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and parts of Eastern Congo).

Mr Feingold started his job by interfering in Congo’s internal affairs, a thing China would not do. For instance he told Radio France International on the sidelines of the France-Africa Security Summit held in Paris in December 2013, that the only solution for the Congo crisis to end is to change Congo’s borders. China would never say such a thing! China would never condone the split of Congo. Congolese people appreciate China’s support to their heroic resistance against foreign aggression, notably its opposition against the violation of Congo’s sovereignty and territorial integrity at the UN Security Council and its quiet diplomacy.

The United States exerted pressure on Joseph Kabila NOT to seek a third term and abide by the constitution. US Secretary of State John Kerry even pledged to give the DRC $30 million worth of aid for the next elections expected in 2016, but only “on condition that President Joseph Kabila does not seek a third term”. Western aid always come with conditionality and if it is elections and democracy we are talking about, why does Kerry not even refer to the point of view and will Congolese people? What kind of democracy is this?

However, when Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni (one of America’s mercenaries in Africa) stood for a third term, the United States said nothing. Double standard is the main characteristic of Western powers’ policies in Africa.

A few days after Minister Wang Yi’s visit, violent demonstrations broke out in the streets of Kinshasa the capital of the DRC, called for by a “group of opposition leaders, remnants of the Mobutu era”, including Jean-Claude Muyambo, José Makila, Vital Kamerhe, Martin Fayulu, and others. Their war cry: to protest against the adoption of the draft of the electoral law by the National Assembly. President Joseph Kabila’s Majority in Parliament says the move is necessary to update voter lists.

these opposition leaders called for protests the “Burkina Faso Way” to prevent the adoption of the draft electoral law. But the DRC is not Burkina Faso. The protest instead resulted in escalating unrest, assaults and vandalism by street children, demobilized soldiers and all the thugs that Kinshasa boasts, commonly known as “Nkuluna” who were recruited and paid “for the cause”.

The scene was therefore set for the escalation of unrest and vandalism: outright looting of shops, stores and properties belonging to Chinese nationals in the Ngaba, Kalamu and Limeté communes in the capital Kinshasa and those of Lebanese in the Masina township, including Hasson and Brothers.

Even the UN Mission in Congo accused the police of firing on protesters, an accusation the government denied. The United States, France and U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had all called for Kabila’s government to show restraint in handling the protests and urged presidential elections to be held on time (AP, January 24, 2015).

Envoys from the United States, Britain, France [fukusf] and former colonial power Belgium met Kengo Wa Dondo, a diplomat told Reuters.

Western powers’ strategy in Congo now is to use Kamerhe, Muyambo, Fayulu and others to agitate in Congo in order to erase the genocide of 8 million Congolese committed by the Anglo-american-ugandan-rwandanTutsi coalition from the memory of the Congolese people.

The Catholic Church which is very powerful in Congo firmly backed the protests and never condemned the looting. The BBC reported on 21 January 2015 that the Catholic Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo has thrown its weight behind protests against President Joseph Kabila extending his rule. It called on people to peacefully oppose his move to delay presidential elections until a census is held.

So, why were Chinese traders’ shops and stores were targeted by the looters? As we know well, America and its Nato allies’ aggression against Libya was not part of Arab Spring. Their objectives among others, was to target China’s massive investments in that country. China lost a lot of money in Libya and Chinese workers had to leave.

The $9 billion Congo-China infrastructures for minerals deal was opposed by the United States and other Western powers through the IMF, the World Bank, the African Development Bank and the Paris Club of Lenders until it was reduced to $6 billion. The Nigeria-China oil infrastructures for oil also failed due to the United States and other Western powers’ pressure pilled on the Nigerian government through Western multinational oil companies. All the proxy wars waged by Africom in Congo, Sudan, Central African Republic, Mali also target China’s presence in Africa and to create a difficult environment for China-Africa relations to thrive

So we are not surprised that Chinese shops, stores and properties belonging to Chinese nationals were looted in Kinshasa. In fact, Chinese traders are often accused by Western media of engaging in unfair competition in Africa, not just in Congo, and of killing local industries.

moral of the story...
zwo watch rule 1

Posted by: denk | Feb 8 2015 4:44 utc | 59

moral of the story...
zwo watch rule 1
assume the WORST of fukus gives u tremendous predictive power.
works like a charm !

Posted by: denk | Feb 8 2015 4:46 utc | 60

@59: Is it the same Feingold who "reformed" election campaign financing (with McCain)?

Posted by: g_h | Feb 8 2015 15:30 utc | 61

Mexico represents the 'successful' realization of the privatized model the TNCs and their Nihilist Nobel Peace Prize Laureate have in mind for the Ukraine ...

150 People Reported Disappeared in Piedras Negras, Mexico

Over 150 people have been reported disappeared in the small city of Piedras Negras in the northern border Mexican state of Coahuila in the last 18 months, of which at least 60 have been attributed to elite police forces, according to a lawyer overseeing the cases.

The creation of elite police forces, which in the past have been sent to the U.S. for special training by the FBI, is not new in Mexico. These types of forces have been accused of acting as death squads for the government and have sometimes carried out assassinations ordered by organized crime gangs.

... they haven't given up, of course. They never give up, even down to the tenth generation. They just need a new government, again, in Ukraine. The German and American fronts have both been set to work on it.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 8 2015 22:23 utc | 62

gh 61

yes its the very same best buddy of mccain the insane. !


some time the ai does speak the truth, it has to earn some street cred after all.....

Amnesty International,
*Throughout the world, on any given day, a man, woman or child is likely to be displaced, tortured, killed or "disappeared", at the hands of governments or armed political groups.
More often than not, the United States shares the blame
courtesy of the unitedsnakes*

Posted by: denk | Feb 9 2015 4:10 utc | 63

Hope this catches on ...

Bulgarian protesters censure NATO base plans

Bulgarian protesters have held a demonstration to condemn the government’s plan to allow the setting up of a NATO military command base on the country’s soil.

The demonstrators assembled in front of the presidency building in the capital city of Sofia on Sunday and later marched to the parliament, carrying banners that bore anti-EU and NATO messages.

“25 years of American democracy – robbery, ruin, destruction of the state,” read one banner.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 9 2015 6:42 utc | 64

Leader of German Social Democrats sides with right-wing Pegida movement

In an interview with the German magazine Stern, Social Democrat (SPD) leader Sigmar Gabriel responded to the question of whether the anti-Islamic Pegida movement should be regarded as an integral part of German society with the reply “most certainly. Regardless of whether one likes it or not, there is a democratic right to be right-wing or German nationalist.”

Gabriel’s comments are a deliberate attempt to legitimise fascist ideas. ... right-wing and German nationalist politicians played a key role in the transfer of power to Hitler. The right-wing Centre politician Franz von Papen and the German nationalist Alfred Hugenberg led key ministries in Hitler’s first cabinet.

... As the Nazis once used anti-Semitism, so Pegida uses anti-Islamism to direct the anger of embittered layers of the middle class and declassed elements into racist and right-wing channels. Pegida’s founder Lutz Bachmann ... was recently forced to resign after he referred to refugees as “cattle,” “trash” and “dirt,” and published a picture online of himself in a Hitler pose.

Fearful parents of immigrant children in Dresden ... no longer allow their offspring out of the house on Mondays - the day of the regular Pegida demonstrations.

When Gabriel speaks of “democratic rights,” he is not talking about protection against state repression and persecution. Pegida is not being suppressed. On the contrary, the movement has enjoyed an incredible level of media publicity.

In other countries, leading Social Democrats are also collaborating with right-wing extremists and fascists. In France, President François Hollande of the Socialist Party used the terrorist attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo to invite the leader of the far right National Front, Marine le Pen, to the Elysee palace, and to unveil a propaganda campaign against Muslims.

Are these willing and able to stand up to Obama/McCain?

Posted by: jfl | Feb 9 2015 12:17 utc | 65

Interesting radio interview from Winnipeg (25 Jan, 2015) comparing USSR and USA ideology driven collapse.

They can’t really grasp the fact that everything they’ve built has stopped working, because their ideology forbids them from doing it. So that’s identical with what was going on in the Soviet Union.” - Dmitry Orlov

Relates process to 5 stages: financial=>commercial=>political=>social=>cultural.

Comes into the unemployment stats area around 44:44 (25% in US) and a statistic I find hard to believe at around 45:00 -- "High school students living in poverty has exceeded 50%".

If that is true then revolution cannot be far away. I note union oil workers are now striking. More to come I guess -- unless there's a big war somewhere else to send the poor youth.

Worth a listen, imo. (skip in to around 7:50 mark)

Posted by: x | Feb 9 2015 13:52 utc | 66

The Ukraine is NOT "in the best of financial shapes". some articles I came across today:
DO look at the comments of the this article !!!!!! If the map provided is accurate then that provides an EXTRMELY GOOD reason why Russia is "hell bent" on maintaining control over the eastern part of the Ukraine. Keywords: "gas pipelines to Turkey". In that regard control over eastern Ukraine is important for both Ukraine & Russia.

Posted by: Willy2 | Feb 9 2015 17:49 utc | 67

A weblink from Wikipedia:

Posted by: Willy2 | Feb 9 2015 17:58 utc | 68

A senior Saudi official seems to have ties to Al Qaeda

Posted by: Willy2 | Feb 10 2015 14:34 utc | 69

Paul Pillar cites 3 reason why Assad doesn't have to go (yet):

Posted by: Willy2 | Feb 10 2015 14:36 utc | 70

Argentine prosecutor Nisman was convinced the iranian government had carried out the attack on AIMA (1994) in Buenos Aires.

Posted by: Willy2 | Feb 10 2015 14:51 utc | 71

"WaPo is lost in neocon Wonderland":
(surprise, surprise)

Posted by: Willy2 | Feb 10 2015 14:53 utc | 72

The U.S. Media and the 13-Year-Old Yemeni Boy Burned to Death Last Month by a U.S. Drone

I’d be willing to bet that the name “Mohammed Tuaiman al-Jahmi” is never uttered on mainstream American television. Most Americans, by design, will have no idea that their government just burned a 13-year-old boy to death and then claimed he was a Terrorist. If they do know, the boy will be kept hidden, dehumanized, nameless, without the aspirations or dreams or grieving parents on display for victims of America’s adversaries (just as Americans were swamped with stories about an Iranian-American journalist detained in Iran for two months, Roxana Saberi, while having no idea that their own government imprisoned an Al Jazeera photojournalist, Sami al-Haj, in Guantanamo for seven years without charges).

It’s worth considering the extreme propaganda impact that disparity has, the way in which the U.S. media is so eagerly complicit in sustaining ongoing American militarism and violence by disappearing victims of U.S. violence while endlessly heralding the victims of its adversaries.

In 2009, the U.S. got caught using cluster bombs in Yemen in an attack that slaughtered 35 women and children. Obama then successfully demanded that the Yemeni journalist who proved that the attack was from the U.S., Abdulelah Haider Shaye, be imprisoned for years. In December, 2013, a U.S. drone strike killed 12 people as they traveled to a wedding.

What’s confounding and irrational and inscrutable isn’t that people react by turning to “radicalism” and violence. It’s that many journalists and officials in western nations seem to think that they can go around for decades invading, occupying, imprisoning without charges and dropping bombs on multiple other countries around the world, regularly killing innocents, including children, and then act shocked and surprised when people in those countries, or who identify with them, want to bring violence back in return.

I believe that Greenwald is doing good work with his stone-cold revelations of US War Crimes that - magically - are 'somehow' overlooked rather than trumpeted as the vicious and brutal terrorist attacks that they are. And for those for whom the crimes themselves are not sufficient to end them he points out that what goes around comes around.

Farenthoold, Cornyn, Cruz (my Republicrat representatives in Washington DC from the Great State of Texas) and Obama - the murderers of Mohammed Tuaiman al-Jahmi and of thousands of other innocents under law - couldn't care less of course. Still, it needs to be said and to spin like a dentist's drill in the not-completely-mainstream-alternate-channel media until it finally causes enough discomfort to make us end the murder and mayhem, the death and devastation, daily meted out by our terrorist American government all around the world.

See also Burning Victims to Death: Still a Common Practice.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 10 2015 23:43 utc | 73

Hello everyone, just seeing what yall are bantering about. I am busy with my new job. I also started my own blog called Really at stop by and say a few words if you are inclined. Peace out moa'ers.

Posted by: Really | Feb 11 2015 1:55 utc | 74

Was Maidan supposed to pull Ukraine away from ... China?

Protesters roam the streets looking to provoke clashes with authorities, and Yanukovych left for a visit with China. In Kiev there are clashes with protesters. Yanukovych, on the way back from China, met in Sochi with Russian President, and then flies to Malta... What does it all mean?

It's very simple. It turned out that China can offer Ukraine what Europe can't - investment. And, including in those areas where even Russia would not invest, which is for the most part interested only in the Ukrainian pipeline [not true, actually -tr.].

The Ukrainian President's visit to China became a turning point in the development of bilateral relations, believes the edition. Viktor Yanukovych and the Chairman of the People's Republic of China XI Jinping signed a joint Declaration on deepening strategic partnership that includes more than two dozen contracts, memorandums in the financial, industrial and energy sectors in excess of $30 billion dollars. Already next year Ukraine will receive $18 billion in loans and investments. How can you compare it with those $600 million, promised by Europe, while twisting Ukraine's hands with her papers about the Association and Free Trade Zone (FTA)?..

An old - 2013 - article translated by Kristina Rus. Very interesting. It was a US aniti-China move ... who'da thunk it? No wonder Obama and the neo-cons are so nuts. As has been endlessly observed, trying to thwart Russia China they've only succeeded in compounding 'their problem', pushing Russia and China into each other's arms ... but this article looks at the neo-con defeat from the Chinese perspective.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 11 2015 5:49 utc | 75

Swiss neo-nazis ship money and uniforms to the front

Amnesty International has charged the pro-government bands with serious human rights violations --and they are also being supported out of Switzerland. Investigation shows that neonazis from the Cantons Genf, Waadt, Wallis, and St. Galle maintain tight contact with the extremist fighters and send money and material aid to the front.

I wonder how extensive the Swiss NAZI network rally is? This article makes it out to be quite extensive indeed!

Posted by: jfl | Feb 11 2015 5:57 utc | 76

It doesn't look very extensive in the photo. Repulsive as it is.

Posted by: Harold | Feb 11 2015 6:28 utc | 77


I took the photo to be just the 'brain trust' the runs the 'Misanthropic Division Switzerland'.

What concerned me was ...

Investigation shows that neonazis from the Cantons Genf, Waadt, Wallis, and St. Galle maintain tight contact with the extremist fighters and send money and material aid to the front.

... do these people have any idea what they are heading for?

The danger of escalation in Ukraine

The question that finally arises is: What is the objective source of the ruthlessness and recklessness of the NATO powers' foreign policy? The last two regimes that adopted such aggressive and suicidal policies were Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, in the years before World War II. Their policies reflected a deep systemic crisis, as isolated ruling elites, facing social tensions and international contradictions for which they had no rational solutions, staked everything on war.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 11 2015 11:26 utc | 78

The ukrainian government is getting REALLY desparate. Poroshenko & Co. are building a new "Berlin Wall". The Ukraine more and more is morphing into a totalitarian state like e.g. Nazi Germany was.

Posted by: Willy2 | Feb 11 2015 20:30 utc | 79

11.02.2015 Military Report of Novorossia. War in Ukraine, DPR, LPR ~1:35

According to reports of Novorossyan fighters, six units of Kiev artillery which shelled Donetsk last night were destroyed by counter-battery fire ...

Look at the locations, and the x's on the artillery positions at Peski, Tonen'koe. and Avdeevka these were the guns shelling Donetsk without relief forever.

Speaking of 'counter-artillery radar' - isn't that the term of art used for the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate's threatened contribution to the civil war in Ukraine? - looks like the Novorossyans finally got them some.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 12 2015 0:24 utc | 80

Roy Gutman (McClatchy Newspapers):

- The White House made some big mistakes. The CIA was ordered to bypass the leaders of the Free Syrian Army and to give the money to the fighting groups in Syria, creating a series of warlords. This also meant that there was no overall strategy & no coordination of the war plans. That allowed Assad to survive.
- The airforce bombed places without consulting the groups on the ground. And when those groups protested the US cut off the support to those groups.
- An alliance with Assad is the best of a whole range of bad choices.

Posted by: Willy2 | Feb 12 2015 0:41 utc | 81

@Willy2 #79:

The Ukraine more and more is morphing into a totalitarian state like e.g. Nazi Germany was.

Please don't insult the original Nazis by comparing the Ukraine to Nazi Germany. Germany was a real country, even when it was ruled by Nazis; the Ukraine isn't.

Posted by: Demian | Feb 12 2015 0:49 utc | 82

Thorough, devastating analysis : The proof that Kramatorsk Tornado (Smerch) strike was a false flag by the Ukrainian side.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 12 2015 1:14 utc | 83

did cia/dea mole murder comandante chavez ?

Posted by: denk | Feb 12 2015 5:55 utc | 84

@82: Agree. Ukraine is becoming a failed state or is already a failed state since say 1991.

Posted by: Willy2 | Feb 12 2015 7:27 utc | 85

An interesting piece on the BBC's Newsnight programme last night about the shootings in Maidan. Well worth a watch. Skip to 10 minutes 14 seconds to avoid the segment about the HSBC tax scandal. The bit about Maidan lasts for 15 minutes.

Newsnight link

A CIA backed coup sounds about right.

Posted by: Pat Bateman | Feb 12 2015 9:01 utc | 86

Here's a link to the same story on the BBC news site if you prefer not to watch the video.

Posted by: Pat Bateman | Feb 12 2015 9:20 utc | 87

Talks are over, nothing new just a nonsense "ceasefire"...that will soon be broken and war will keep on.
Give east more freedom and just end this mess. Apparently Germany/France dont dare going there becuase of the US.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 12 2015 9:27 utc | 88

Chapel Hill murders motivated by hate against Muslims: Attorney

Mo Idlibby, an immigration attorney in Charlotte, who grew up playing basketball with 23-year-old Barakat, said on Wednesday, "This was cold blooded pre-calculated murder that was motivated by hate.”

On Tuesday afternoon, Craig Stephen Hicks, 46, shot dead Barakat, his wife Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, 21, and her sister, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19, near the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus.

Police say initial probes suggest the deadly attack stemmed from a dispute over parking space, but have not ruled out the possibility that hatred of Muslims had motivated the shooter.

Idlibby said the parking lot story is just a fabrication of lies. "You don't kill three people over a parking space.”

The lawyer said Barakat told his brother that Hicks hated Muslims and Islam and he had been nourishing hatred against them for years. "He said that the neighbor would confront them at various times and he would have a gun with him by his side."

Earlier in the day, the families of the students called the tragic shootings “execution-style murders,” calling for a hate crime investigation.

What do you want to bet that the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and his new AG attend to the outrage and go after this guy on a federal hate crimes charge?

Black lives don't matter to the Oreo in chief and his hand-picked Oreos in waiting, but they're not tone deaf when it comes to international - that's dollars and cents - opinion.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 12 2015 15:52 utc | 89

another *regime change* under uncle's belt,
here comes the imperial envoy susan rice to *civilise* the new subjects....[1]

but the sri lankans aint amused, to say the least.

Gihan • 5 days ago
*Now we have child killers preaching us about Human Rights because the same Child Killers planted their puppets here by effecting regime change!*

Leela237 • 5 days ago
*Today, any fool can see that the US is on regime change business all over the world. China is a fast ascending superpower. But Chinese are not in the business of regime change anywhere. Unlike the west, Chinese have the money, and they are in the process of building a mutually beneficial rapport with all the third world countries not with chosen governments. Invariably, most of the projects
in Sri Lanka happened to be Chinese funded. And the US doesn't like it.
So the US spend a few dollars and induced journalists to invent a lot of stories.

At the same time the US has carried out their ‘confessions of economic hit man’ like policies. Since Sri Lanka defeated the terrorist LTTE, the US has put every obstacle they could find to polarize the racial difference in the country as a rift. Moreover, the US used their energy and time to degrade those who lead to finish the ruthless 30 year ‘Eelam’ war. Then the US invested a few more dollars on their puppet NGOs, jingoistic separatists and power hungry politicians to group them together and misinform the public on good work by the war winning government. The aim of US is to install a government of their choice. Now, this ‘postponing their resolution against Sri Lanka at UNHCR’ is nothing but to continue hold the noose around our heroes to keep the majority in Sri Lanka blackmailed.

Ikarus • 5 days ago
*It is a well publicized and a world renoun fact that US jumps when they smell an opportunity to set their foot at the door pledging help to nations, but in reality it is the first step of a long range plan to help themselves. These are a bunch of SNAKES UNDER THE GRASS [the unitedsnakes] at all time waiting to bite at the approprite time.

Puma • 5 days ago
*Are we selling Sri Lanka to USA, India , UK and the West * ?
aka the usual suspects

Posted by: denk | Feb 12 2015 17:12 utc | 90

*Perhaps Washington should devote some of its diplomatic energies to facilitating greater economic development and integration among the BCIM countries, rather than fanning the flames and cynically seeking to profit from growing geopolitical rivalry between the rising Asian giants.*

kinda like asking dracula to stop sucking blood ?

Posted by: denk | Feb 12 2015 17:26 utc | 91

US Senators Seek to Reverse Anti-Cuba Business Blockade

Last week, Washington was pressing Cuba to allow the opening of its embassy in Havana by April, despite the Cuban government's demand that it first be removed from Washington's list of state “sponsors of terrorism,” U.S. officials said.

According to analysts, it is paradoxical for Washington to be so rushed in restoring diplomatic relations with a country it officially considers to be a sponsor of international terrorism.

Why has there not been a successful counter-revolution in Cuba these past 55 years? Because there's been no US Embassy/CIA base in Cuba.

The US is in a hurry. The Cuban government should not be. Get off the terror list, get the blockade lifted, get Guantanamo back. Then consider the US Embassy.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 13 2015 0:59 utc | 92

Militants ask Israel to bomb southern Syria: Report

Foreign-backed militants fighting against the Syrian government have called on the Israeli regime to target the positions of the Syrian army and Hezbollah resistance movement in the Golan Heights, a report says.

Is there anyone who does not yet recognize that ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service?

ISIS slaughters Arabs - just as Israel does - and now calls in Israeli air-strikes against Arabs forces. Israeli State in Iraq and Syria, maybe. Islamic? Uh-uh.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 13 2015 1:07 utc | 93

Is there anyone who does not yet recognize that ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service?

Yes theres lots of em here lurking

Those fools have just been very very quiet of late

First wise move those tards have made in years

Posted by: TLC | Feb 13 2015 1:26 utc | 94

And in a while those utter tards will pipe up again, and once again theyll be foisting upon us the very dubious benefit of their little pearls of "wisdom", but next time theyll be pretending that it was obvious all along and that they certainly never evar believed otherwise, no siree

Despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary

Posted by: TLC | Feb 13 2015 1:32 utc | 95

The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate has prepared a series of coups against Maduro and the people of Venezuela ...

Venezuelan Legislator Gives Details on Thwarted Coup

National assembly president Diosdado Cabello revealed the detalles of what the government claims was a “thwarted coup” on Thursday night on public television. His public announcement followed one earlier by Nicolas Maduro.

According to Cabello and Maduro, the plan was financed from the U.S, and was to be carried out early today during the anniversary of the start of the violent opposition blockades last year and marches today by the country’s youth. People were going to be killed during the marches, and strategic targets would have been bombed.

Coup Plot in Venezuela Thwarted

A coup plot against the Venezuelan government has been foiled, with both civilians and members of the military detained, President Nicolas Maduro revealed Thursday in a televised address.

Those involved were being paid in U.S. dollars, and one of the suspects had been granted a visa to enter the United States should the plot fail, Maduro said.

Maduro stated that the coup plotters already had a “transitional” government and program lined up once the acts – which included bombings on the Miraflores Palace and the teleSUR offices in Caracas as well as assassinations of members of the opposition, Maduro and others – was carried out.

... he and the CIA figure one of them will work.

I hope that Cuba is keeping its eye on the ball, as the Venezuelans are.

The only way to end these endless coups is to drive a stake through the heart of the CIA.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 13 2015 6:52 utc | 96

kinda like asking dracula to stop sucking blood ?

dracula cant stop sucking blood even if he tries, coz thats his liveline !
likewise uncle sham cant stop faning flames coz thats how he make his living !
the world's first fire brigade was started by crassus, a crook.
he was more interested in robbing the victim's property than putting out fire. he'd offer the owner a pittance , if refused he'd simply let the house burned to ashes.
crassus soon became the richest man in rome. !

uncle sham otoh is in a league all by himself, his m.o. would make crassus blush....see, .the sob doesnt sit on his ass to wait for calls, he goes out and start the fires !
problem, reaction, solution,
uncle sham offers a one stop package deal !

that has been the way uncle sham made his living since 1898, a born n bred mafiaso.
but at least the mafia has a code of honor which they abide by, uncle has none. zero, zilch, nada.

the scope of uncle sham's op would put al capone to shame,
general smedley butler, 1898
* Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.*

asking uncle sham to get a decent job is an exercise in futility, after amassing his ill gotten fortune for three hundred yrs by daylight robbery, he simply doesnt know any other way !

+The US CIA is concerned that China will use Sri Lanka ports to secure safe passage in China trade routes with Chinese military fleet, [sic] but this is not a legitimate concern of Sri Lanka (or anyone other country for that matter) as ALL countries have a right to secure their trade with other nations as trade is the lifeblood of their economy.

What the US is REALLY suggesting is that they should have some sort of ‘empire rights’ in violation of well-established international law to militarily interfere with China trade routes, and this desired interference is more difficult for the US to do if China is able to port its naval and submarine vessels in Sri Lanka. Why in the world would Sri Lanka want to accommodate illegal US military aggression by making it easier for them to interfere with the lawful trade between nations?+

Posted by: denk | Feb 13 2015 8:55 utc | 97

IMF announces new $17 billion loan agreement for Ukraine

The distribution of the tranche of loans is predicated on the implementation of deeper austerity measures that will devastate the living standards of the most vulnerable layers of society.

The state will also implement large-scale reform of the coal mining industry

- closing 32 unprofitable coal mines,
- idling another 24 mines and
- selling off 37 mines between 2015 and 2019.

Think those 93 mines are all in Donbass?

Posted by: jfl | Feb 13 2015 9:16 utc | 98

And the Islamic State still enjoys online publications...

Posted by: Mina | Feb 13 2015 11:29 utc | 99

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