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February 27, 2015

Human Rights Watch Accuses Syria Of "Barrel Bomb" Damage Created By U.S. Attacks

Human Rights Watch has been part of a sectarian anti-Syrian propaganda campaign. It is hyping the "barrel bombs", allegedly used by the Syrian government, as inhumane weapons. I have yet to see Human Rights Watch equally damning the indiscriminate use against civilians of improvised rockets by the Jihadist "moderate rebels".

Yesterday Human Rights Watch send out this tweet:


According to HRW the picture of the destroyed town is somehow related to Syrian "barrel bombs". That is not the case.

The picture was published in the New York Times on February 13, 2015.


The NYT caption says:

The predominantly Kurdish town of Kobani is devastated after months under siege by Islamist forces and airstrikes by a United States-led coalition

The picture's credentials are "Bulent Kilic/Agence France-Presse – Getty Images".

Massive U.S. bomb attacks obviously destroyed the city of Kobane. The U.S. no longer uses improvised "barrel bombs" dropped from planes and helicopters. It did use "barrel bombs" extensively in Vietnam.

Syrian "barrel bombs" did not destroy the city of Kobane. It was destroyed by regular U.S. air force bombs. Damage by "barrel bombs" could hardly be worse. Indeed "barrel bombs" thrown out of hovering helicopters are likely much better targeted and more precise than unguided bombs dropped from fast moving jets.

The Human Rights Watch tweet includes another deception. It links to a February 24 piece by the NYT as if that piece would somehow confirm HRW`s claim. But that NYT piece is not a neutral report. The piece, headlined "Syria Dropped ‘Barrel Bombs’ Despite Ban, Report Says", is solely about a HRW report about "barrel bombs" in Syria. The HRW tweet is in effect linking to its own claims disguised as a link to a reputable source.

It is interesting, and non-credible, that Human Rights Watch feels the need to use a picture of "good" U.S. created destruction to demonstrate destruction created by the "bad" Syrian army in its fight against U.S. supported Jihadis. The picture is obviously not the only thing HRW gets wrong.


This is not the first time HRW is using pictures of the "wrong" side. In October 2014 it used a picture of a woman crying over Ukrainian federalist who were burned to death by Nazi-hordes in Odessa to call for a "stand against Putin's repressive policies".

Posted by b on February 27, 2015 at 8:57 UTC | Permalink


Not directly on point, but the NY Times certainly is an odd, dissipated, lazy, privileged and always conformist and fearful place. Example: in the last few days the NY Times has written two long articles on the Bill O'Reilly controversy, which is in fact about statements by O'Reilly like this in 2013 -- "I was in a situation one time, in a war zone in Argentina, in the Falklands ..." -- and this in one of his books. -- "I've reported on the ground in active war zones from El Salvador to the Falklands." So the whole story can be summarized pretty quickly: O'Reilly says he was in the Falklands covering that war, but he wasn't, he was in Buenos Aires.

Nonetheless, in neither of the 3,000 words of those long articles does the New York Times summarize the actual controversy, that O'Reilly says he was in the Falklands covering the war, but he wasn't, he was in Buenos Aires. They instead repetitively beat around the bush and when they try to approach what actually happened, misstate what the actual controversy is.

The writers are apparently hired for their conformity to a tired 'end of the American Century' bourgeois type and not at all for basic competence. Daily Howler entertains himself with the above here.

Posted by: fairleft | Feb 27 2015 9:53 utc | 1

....Think also of Stefant DeMistura’s plot to engineer a “freeze” in the fighting in Aleppo to give the terrorist rodents a chance to regroup, resupply and recharge themselves. It may even be his plan to offer them safe passage toward their beloved Recep Tayyip Erdoghan, who, with a new American commitment to build up a “moderate” Syrian military force in Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar (oh, will the Saints protect us?), is now on the team dedicated to increasing the internal destruction of Syria. The U.N. is in on the plan and Dr. Assad knows it.

Our barrel bombs are a thing of beauty. Incredibly accurate despite what the liars at HRW and AI say. The fins you see on the body of the cylinders are intended to give the projectiles stability to insure precise placement. Our bombs are filled with all the ingredients necessary to send the enemy straight to the bowels of Hades without the need for medical intervention. The ball bearings, nails, dross, bullet jackets, among other tiny objects, are meant to penetrate the skulls of vermin no matter how thick their crania may be. Designed like a sleek, but somewhat crude, rocket, they are dropped very accurately over the exact place where our intelligence sources tell us the vultures are hiding. They are dropped mostly by Hind helicopters which hover at sufficiently high altitudes to completely conceal their presence – to muffle the sound of the rotors mercifully holding up our heroic soldiers as they perform their solemn duties in killing pests.

The sound of a barrel bomb swishing through the air only to ignite when it touches the earth must be tantamount to a symphony by Shostakovich, rich in texture but with an explosive coda or finish. I can hear the tympani drums rolling amidst a soaring chorus of horns, brass and strings. It is, indeed, a thing of beauty.

Shostakovich seen here contemplating his unfinished symphony: “Barrel Bomb Symphony Number 7 in D Minor”.

Some might argue that HRW is merely trying to rebut Dr. Assad’s recent assertion that the Syrian military does not use barrel bombs, and, in so doing, cast doubt upon his credibility. But, if that were so, it doesn’t absolve HRW of the accusation that it works for dark and insidious forces. However, let us tell the world, the SAA does not use “barrel bombs”. They are not called barrel bombs in Syria! They are referred to in Arabic as “vertical bombs” which is why Dr. Assad told Jeremy Bowen of the BBC, during a typically inane interview, that he did not believe the military used “barrel bombs”. So much for HRW and the BBC, for that matter.

So, in closing, let me once again reiterate my affection for the “vertical bomb”. Each time it is dropped over the heads of vermin, let a clergyman, of whatever faith, bless it and infuse it with accuracy, sanctity and lethality. May the terrorists rest in the Inferno.


Posted by: Sufi | Feb 27 2015 10:21 utc | 2

HRW was founded after Helsinki as an 'overt', State Department analogue of what had been a CIA disinformation operation. And that's what it still is.

It gets things more nearly right sometimes, when the US interests are not thought to be at stake, in order to rebuild 'cred' between bouts of warfare, but its main mission is to 'weaponize' human rights, to discredit antagonists, and to provide casus belli

Posted by: jfl | Feb 27 2015 10:24 utc | 3

thanks b. I feel like showing these kind of distorted or, actually, inverted "news" to the average news-skimmer has more impact than anything else. Like "oh yeah, Assad, i know these pictures... what?"

Posted by: radiator | Feb 27 2015 11:23 utc | 4


Just remember those famous and live on BBC TV words of the Israeli condo owner rich-bitch in her white Mercedes, to the old sobbing Palestinian 400-year old olive orchard farmer, that Israel bulldozed out and razed to the ground for another illegal settlement:

"We won, you lost. It's just business, get over it. NOW GET OFF MY LAND!"

It's just business!! They won, we lost!! Kiev will get bailed out, Syria will get crushed, then Israel will carpet bmob Iran with US-made fighters, in-flight refueling and stealth.
Our last life savings will never return, and They will be the rich, the thin, the Chosen.

Get over it!! And get off their land, you loser!!

Posted by: ChipNikh | Feb 27 2015 11:49 utc | 5

Does anyone still remember when the last time anything real was reported by any of the media? It seems if it isn't partial, twisted, distorted, obfuscatory, negatory or an outright falsehood it isn't found in the public discourse. If the government taxed that, there would be no debt. Multiply that by those still believing every dis-truth and there would be a surplus so vast as to challenge eternity. Go figure.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Feb 27 2015 13:03 utc | 6

Just more disinformation eh? The world is awash in it. I would say that's the whole point, to confuse the average news viewer, while the world is looted. Welcome to the brave new world peons.

Posted by: ben | Feb 27 2015 14:42 utc | 7

@2, Assad is a hero of mine, anyone else would have fled long ago, but why didn't he correct the BBC instead of just playing with words?

Posted by: ruralito | Feb 27 2015 14:50 utc | 8

@3 jfl

HRW was founded after Helsinki as an 'overt', State Department analogue of what had been a CIA disinformation operation. And that's what it still is. It gets things more nearly right sometimes, when the US interests are not thought to be at stake, in order to rebuild 'cred' between bouts of warfare, but its main mission is to 'weaponize' human rights, to discredit antagonists, and to provide casus belli

Very insightful. I'll be pondering that all day. Weaponize human rights. It's like some kind of Morality Limbo..."How looooow can you go?!"

You know, everytime I see HRW as an acronym, I automatically think Hillary Rodham War. Seems about right.

Posted by: Benu | Feb 27 2015 14:54 utc | 9

@b: "We won, you lost. It's just business, get over it."

I heard it personally, and one can see plenty of "ethical principles" developed to be convenient for the stung. And complemented with all the statements that were "logically demolished" when the situation reverses. When Israel was clobbering Lebanon to get at Hezbollah I read plenty on the topic that "proportionality is a nonsense invented by evil folks with insufficient fire power". Then Saakashvili attacked Russians, lost and the President of United States himself whined about the "lack of proportionality".

The ethical theories that brand some combinations of incendiary materials, explosives and metal as "OK weapons", and some as "bad weapons" have at least very clear underpinning: what out people currently use is OK, what they do not use, is not. Unless we use them after all, and then, "never mind". Lately all of the these theories are twisted into pretzels because the asymmetric warfare became symmetric. When "our guys" are in the government, then the principle is that what the government does is lawful, and what the rebels do, unlawful, when in doubt, check the last resolutions of Verkhovnaya Rada. But in Syria "our guys" are the rebels. But wait: some of the rebels are "bad guys"!. But wait, good guys trade weapons with (or sell hostages to) the bad guys. And then total flailing. "All of them are ISIS". "We visit heroes at their bed sides". "Moral clarity is important!".

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Feb 27 2015 14:59 utc | 10

correction: ethical principles developed for the convenience of the strong (not stung)

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Feb 27 2015 15:00 utc | 11

"Why Bashar Assad Won't Fight Isis"

Another Time 'unamed' 'unsourced' fantasy piece throwing the heat off of Hitlery Hildabeast. Pathetic.

source -

Posted by: Alberto | Feb 27 2015 16:25 utc | 12

The use of this photo is interesting because it is correctly identified and because there are many photos of places such as Homs and Aleppo where barrel bombs were used extensively. Could it be that someone at HRW is pointing to war crimes from both sides of this conflict?

The destruction of property is not what is heinous about the use of BB but their indiscriminant use on civilian populations that even Russia denounced and voted to ban at the UN.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Feb 27 2015 17:08 utc | 13

This careless excursion into mendacity and dumbfuckery by HRW is a timely reminder that they're more famous for Looking Away (when FRUKUS & Friends are violating HR) than Watching...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 27 2015 17:20 utc | 14

The NYT's is not all that different than the American dollar. It's only value is in the trust and faith people put into it. Why these things prevail in the long run as the pinnacle of their domains is a total mystery to me.

Posted by: IhaveLittleToAdd | Feb 27 2015 17:25 utc | 15

@12, that Time piece is made up:

Syrian businessman with close ties to the government.
The Sunni businessman is close to the regime but wants to remain anonymous for fear of

Posted by: okie farmer | Feb 27 2015 17:40 utc | 16

There are good reasons Assad doesn't want to fight the Islamic State. The last three times Assad tried to fight the IS his forces were utterly defeated, two army bases and one air base. The SAF couldn't even make an organized retreat and left many of their soldiers to be captured by the IS.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Feb 27 2015 17:53 utc | 17

Why are barrel bombs so utterly evil? A couple of weeks ago the BBC's Jeremy Bowen in a rare interview with Assad (who was softly spoken and intelligent throughout), wasted a good deal of the interview haranguing Assad on the alleged use of barrel bombs.
Even if they have been used, are they any worse than napalm, bombs with plastic needles which are undetectable by X rays, agent orange or B52 carpet bombing, or the massive incendiary attacks on Dresden, or unnecessary nuclear attacks on two undefended Japanese cities, all of which have been undertaken by the west.
Of course we can't expect an employee of a state run television company, which invariably follows the Washington line, to think independently and woe betide his career if he gave a positive slant on the Syrian govt, but it would be nice if once in a blue moon they used some common sense to put things in perspective.

Posted by: Ffidel Bennett | Feb 27 2015 18:08 utc | 18

"Kuwait and Qatar, if you recall from earlier in the piece, are two of the countries specifically highlighted as providing a financial spigot to ISIS. What about everybody’s favorite, Saudi Arabia?"

"Think about how completely creepy all of this is. The woman who very well might end up President of the United States has extraordinarily close financial relationships with some of the most autocratic regimes on earth. Regimes which at the very least turn a blind eye to the funding of ISIS. Oh, and just in case you think they only funded ISIS in the early days, but have since pulled back, think again."

Interestingly this piece contains the names of the sources of the published information. Unlike Time.

source -

Posted by: Alberto | Feb 27 2015 18:29 utc | 19

"The perpetual crises and fear-mongering are not a new phenomenon. We saw it throughout the Cold War, when the same fear-mongering was being done about communists that is now being done about ISIS, terrorists, and Muslims."

"It won’t make any difference to the freedom and well-being of the American people if ISIS takes over Iraq, Syria, Libya, or any other area of the Middle East, any more than it has made a difference that socialists and communists have taken over countries in Latin America. It’s all just a fear-mongering racket, one designed to keep the cancerous tumor known as the national-security state, along with its vast army of “defense” plunderers and looters, attached to the body politic, where it is sucking the lifeblood out of the American people.

What a racket. It’s amazing that so many Americans continue to fall for it."

source -

Posted by: Alberto | Feb 27 2015 18:36 utc | 20

did anyone on twitter actually challenge hrw's bullshit?

Posted by: james | Feb 27 2015 18:39 utc | 21

Self referential propaganda.

Posted by: Lisa | Feb 27 2015 20:23 utc | 22

WWII? Its on!
google translation of Russian blog post ...

As informs "Interfax" , said Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei Ryabkov .

" We leave for all options , including used and, if necessary , will be applied fairly painful countermeasures ," - said a senior diplomat .

On the eve of the US State Department spokesman Jen Psak said that the United States continues to consider the possibility of imposing sanctions on Russia in the case of deterioration of the situation in Ukraine.

source -

Posted by: Alberto | Feb 27 2015 21:16 utc | 23

fat fingers WWIII

Posted by: Alberto | Feb 27 2015 21:17 utc | 24


There is plenty of evidence that wealthy individuals, groups and charities, from the countries you list and others, are supplying a small amount of funding for the Islamic State but there is no evidence that these governments are involved.

The Clintons are taking funding from these governments and some individuals but I doubt it's the same individuals who support the IS but I could be wrong and they could be hedging their bets.

I also think that some of these individuals may truly support the IS and actually want to overthrow their governments and join the Caliphate.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Feb 27 2015 22:04 utc | 25

Posted by: chuckvw | Feb 27 2015 22:27 utc | 26

It is almost inconceivable to call or even imagine Nato member and EU membership candidate Turkey as “terror supporter”.
On the other hand it is a “fact” for western media to consider Iran as such. But is this justified and if yes on what grounds?...

Posted by: KerKaraje | Feb 27 2015 23:13 utc | 27

@18 No, there is nothing any the more evil about barrel bombs, on and of itself. The USAF has far, far more "evil" ordinance in its arsenal.

After all, if you can drop that barrel bomb from
(a) your helicopter onto
(b) a bunch o' enemy forces then
that's perfectly legitimate, and anyone who claims otherwise is not being honest.

Where barrel bombs are somewhat problematic is the fact that you are dropping them out the back of a hovering helicopter, and if there are a bunch o' enemy soldiers right underneath then, gosh!, they will tend to notice the presence of said helicopter and will be doing all in their power to pump a lethal amount of tracer rounds into the damn thing.

Which tends to lead to the conclusion that helicopter-dropped-barrel-bombs probably aren't being dropped on enemy formations, because if that were the case then you'd probably soon run out of intact helicopters.

So they are more likely to be dropped on places that can't shoot back e.g. civilians.

Which isn't legitimate, no matter which way you cut it.

Posted by: Johnboy | Feb 28 2015 1:15 utc | 28

“SyAF have been using Soviet designed, locally manufactured FABs, and will continue using it, but that does not mean they are using “Barrel-Bombs” there is no such a thing is “Barrel-Bombs”.”

“The Soviet/Russian General-Purpose bombs are sometimes called Iron Bombs. They are shaped like barrels but they are not “Barrel Bombs”.”

President Assad in interview to BBC

So there is indeed FAB bombs made by SU/Russia.

250 kg and 500 kg versions.

It can be safely concluded that this issue is another tool of the Western liberal-facists to demonize the leaderships and the politics of Syria.

Posted by: neretva'43 | Feb 28 2015 2:06 utc | 29


I agree completely that these bombs are a tool given to the West by Assad to demonize him. The barrelbombs have been photographed being used by the Syrian forces and they don't resemble the GP bombs shown above.

The actual accusations about these bombs has more to do with their intended use on civilians who may support the rebels than their shape or source.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Feb 28 2015 5:15 utc | 30

It looks like HRW has deleted the tweet.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 28 2015 7:34 utc | 31

Sergey Timofeev ‏@STimofeev_1 7h7 hours ago
.@NeilClark66 @PhilGreaves01 @potifar66 @StirringTrouble "He has to pay a price for that." (c) 1/2 #Nemtsov

McFaul involved?

Posted by: brian | Feb 28 2015 8:12 utc | 32

Time for a thread on how the Nemtsov assassination was a Ukrainian false-flag operation...

Posted by: ralphieboy | Feb 28 2015 9:50 utc | 33

HRW was also pounding the drums for an invasion of Syria last year, calling that the lesser of two evils.
HRW is just another NWO scam outfit, telling lies to keep Americans scared and stupid while their country falls apart in front of their faces from lack of funding.

Posted by: Greg Bacon | Feb 28 2015 11:30 utc | 34

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Feb 28, 2015 12:15:04 AM | 30

Well, I was looking for "evidences" of mentioned Barrel Bombs. I couldn't find them. The question is why the SAA would use them or manufacture/improvise potentially deadly devices?

Secondly, by very “nature” FABs are to be used in destruction of fortifications, buildings and personnel. I do not believe they target civilians. The SAA target mercenaries who are holed up in tunnels and buildings they are obviously engaged in an urban warfare type of war.

Posted by: neretva'43 | Feb 28 2015 12:19 utc | 35

Hey, if the HRW and the west have a problem with SAA bombs, maybe the west can supply the SAA with their bomb of choice the "smart depleted uranium bombs" (DU). The US and UK troops used in Iraq and Afghanistan or maybe the white phosphorus bombs used by Zionist in Gaza. Maybe then the west will be satisfied"

Posted by: BJ Murtada | Feb 28 2015 15:42 utc | 36

" Along with Aleksey Navalny, Garry Kasparov, Vladimir Ryzhkov, and other Putin opponents, he had close Western ties.

He got State Department funding through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). It wages war on democracy worldwide.

It advances US interests. Its board of directors includes a rogue's gallery of neocon extremists.

In 2009, Nemtsov and Kasparov met personally with Obama. They discussed anti-Putin tactics - regime change by any other name."



Posted by: Alberto | Feb 28 2015 16:18 utc | 37


Questioning Western propaganda about the Syrian conflict is necessary even though some of it has a basis in facts but questioning Syrian propaganda also requires a critical analysis, both are questionable. I still think the use of the Kobani photo was intentional to highlight the hypocrisy of the charges.

Branding all rebel forces as foreign mercenaries and US tools is also propaganda and the best estimates I have seen say that most, possibly 2/3, of the insurgents are Syrian. Even this claim is meaningless with the Islamic State involvement because they only recognize Muslims and not Western Nationalist divisions.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Feb 28 2015 16:34 utc | 38

US MSM has already created a composite sketch of Nemtsov's killer ...

Posted by: Alberto | Feb 28 2015 17:20 utc | 39

@28, "So they are more likely to be dropped on places that can't shoot back e.g. civilians."

Or, apartment blocks in the hands of terrorists without anti-air support.

Posted by: ruralito | Feb 28 2015 18:16 utc | 40


If they really didn't want Syria to use makeshift bombs and cluster munitions, they'd lift the arms embargo so that they could restock some conventional armaments.

Posted by: Crest | Feb 28 2015 21:15 utc | 41


"Mercenaries" is a rhetorical device allowed by foreign states paying salaries to rebel groups. They might not be blackwater contractors but they are being paid to fight against their country.

Posted by: Crest | Feb 28 2015 21:17 utc | 42


Calling many of these fellows "Mercenaries" to their face would probably get a fool's throat cut. I'm not sure of all the reasons for these fighters being involved in this conflict but I imagine that many of the Syrians are fighting to free their country from a bloody dictator and his minions.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Feb 28 2015 21:55 utc | 43

@40: "Or, apartment blocks in the hands of terrorists without anti-air support."

Oh, sure. But if you go around doing that then your ideological opponents are going to insist that "those weren't terrorists!", and when they do it's darn hard to prove otherwise.

Under those circumstances the question becomes this: is the immediate military advantage worth the aggravation that comes from gifting a propaganda weapon to your opponents.

More likely than not the answer will be "Heck, probably not".

Posted by: Johnboy | Feb 28 2015 23:36 utc | 44

B is obviously correct about the pathetic HRW. Heavily infiltrated
by Zusa and by zionists, it really is no surprise.
Just have a look a their idiotic reports every time the cowardly
israelis go on a new mass murder rampage against the people of Gaza.
What's even more interesting, the israelis ALWAYS kill a lot more
civilians than militiamen, even though their weaponry is more
sophisticated than what is available to the Syrian military, which,
by contrast, has killed predominantly wahabi militant scum.

Yep, the "West" hates Syrias barrel bombs... because they are effective
and kill a lot of terrorists.
The last I checked, months ago, there were Wahabi mercenaries from
more than 80 countries in Syria. Even what Zusa did during the 80s
in Afghanistan pales in comparison to the present international
proxy war carried out by Zusa and its various vassals and allies.

Syria is surrounded, with the wahabi cut-throats infiltrating from
Turkey, Jordan, Iraq. Yet, Syria is clearly winning.
To the heroes of the Syrian army, NDF, PDCS and Hezbollah, I say:
Keep killing the scum! And don't forget them barrel bombs!!

Posted by: Luca K | Feb 28 2015 23:45 utc | 45

Charles Shoebridge ‏@ShoebridgeC 1h1 hour ago
Apology by @hrw for photo suggesting US destruction of Kobane was by Assad
v @ifriqiyah

Posted by: brian | Mar 1 2015 1:54 utc | 46


Your heroes, Syrian and foreigners haven't done much winning lately, they were routed in their offensive in Aleppo and the southern offensive has been counterattacked and stopped. They are barrel bombing so that should satisfy your dark side.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Mar 1 2015 4:13 utc | 47


Syrian army had success very recently at Fatima Hills & at countryside Daraa.

Posted by: Niawarani | Mar 1 2015 8:02 utc | 48

The use of pictures has gone wild, accredited ‘official’ bodies (such as HRW, agree with the negs above) just publish what they feel like.

These kinds of pictures, photoshopped, and/or not attributed properly - different place, different time, different people - are just becoming standard!

Look at this, title Syria’s starving hordes

Pic a composite invention, photoshopped, anyone can see that. It is kind of artistic, harks back to classical paintings *1

From article daily mail, feb. 2014

was actually quite careful as they published many close-ups as the large views are dodgy.

or this version, BBC

or this, a totally nuts pic from supposedly the same event

from this article which called it as fake

I could go on, the story is to bemoan the desperate misery of Syrians and hail the glory of the UN, the UN published a series
of these pix on their site but today I could not find them.

Link to a more complete series (what is interesting is that they must have been produced by one person or a tight team),

if the link does not perform, type into Google Yarmouk UN pictures and > images.

Yarmouk is a is a district of Damascus, an unofficial Palestinian refugee camp.


Posted by: Noirette | Mar 1 2015 15:03 utc | 49

"Your heroes, Syrian and foreigners haven't done much winning
lately, they were routed in their offensive in Aleppo and the
southern offensive has been counterattacked and stopped."

Yawwwnnn, u sad little liar...
The southern offensive continues apace and in Aleppo there was no
rout, a couple of villages were retaken by your cannibal heroes,
with direct turkish cooperation. Out of 7 or so. The situation in
Aleppo is getting worse for your head chopping heroes by the day.
It'll take some time, but the scum will be destroyed.

Posted by: Luca K | Mar 2 2015 17:02 utc | 50


I should thank you for showing how excessive emotion and arrogance can drive someone to the Dark Side.

There are no Heroes in this conflict only winners and losers except for possibly those who treat the wounded and feed the displaced. There are also too many factions to drive me to support anyone, I only comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the combatants. I am neither Muslim nor Arab so it is not my place to pick sides, neither need or want my support.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Mar 2 2015 18:32 utc | 51

Now these days HRW and other "international" NGO's are barking about the supression of violent protests in Venezuela. That is the case, too, of some jordan prince that "works" for the UN "council of human rights...

Posted by: guy | Mar 7 2015 2:35 utc | 52


HRW is just another NWO scam outfit, telling lies to keep Americans scared and stupid while their country falls apart in front of their faces from lack of funding.

Except it's not that there's lack of funding it's just been drained out into pockets of Mr. Burns to satisfy its own pervert pleasures.
In meantime regular folks are just streamlined into biowaste by keep on running on free parallel slave jobs so they cannot find time to think while being barrel-bombed with MSM manure. Those happy regs are just keep on lick-ass praising gubbamint to enjoy comfort life of just one decently paid job. Doesnt that looks reminiscent to those non-democratic despotic happy places around the ball that always need some of InstantDemocracyCure exports.

Posted by: Bart Malina | Mar 27 2015 1:21 utc | 53

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