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January 30, 2015

Obama's Advice: "Do Not Trust My Public Words"

The Hill Jan 29 2015

Obama to Dems: 'Get informed, not by reading the Huffington Post'

PHILADELPHIA – President Obama on Thursday asked wary House Democrats to hold their fire while the administration negotiates several trade deals opposed by scores of liberal lawmakers.

“Keep your powder a little dry,” he told the Democrats assembled here for an annual retreat, according to a source in the closed-door session.

"Get informed," Obama also advised, "not by reading The Huffington Post."

What Obama meant to say was "Don't read the shit I write at the Huffington Post. It has nothing to do with my real plans."

Huffington Post Jan 29 2015

A Blueprint for Middle-Class Economics


I agree with Obama's advice. Do not read what he (lets) write for the public. Those claims are all wrong. Those words are lies. He is very likely to plan and do something very different from what he says. Do not trust him. Especially when he publicly opens his mouth.

Posted by b on January 30, 2015 at 15:33 UTC | Permalink


That's the way of 0 say what the sheeple want to hear and do the opposite so his puppet masters are happy and dam the citizens of Amerika or the world for that matter

Posted by: jo6pac | Jan 30 2015 15:57 utc | 1

He sure is starting off his lame duck run in grand style. But for the faithful, he can do no wrong. Of course, he does have to set himself up for the after life, doesn't he? Ohg, and while Rome burns, when is he going to get a new A.G.?

Posted by: Norman | Jan 30 2015 16:09 utc | 2

@ # 1: For the most part, absolutely! His masters do let him tinker with some social issues.

Posted by: ben | Jan 30 2015 17:07 utc | 3

Trust not in Coporatist politicians.

Posted by: jawbone | Jan 30 2015 17:13 utc | 4

Since nobody reads old threads, I am writing here.

This is in response to a sub-debate on whether the U.S. Federal Reserve is a public or private organization (in the Syriza thread):

It's true that the U.S. government appoints the chairman of the Fed -- but only from a list proposed by the Fed. Once the chairman is appointed, the government can't fire him or her. And they can't audit the Fed. So government control of the organization is basically zero.

The Fed is 99 percent private, with a 1 percent facade designed to fool people like ee into believing that it's a public organization.

(One question I can't answer is whether the Fed even pays Federal taxes. After all, how can the government know how much tax is due if it can't audit the Fed?)

Posted by: Cyril | Jan 30 2015 17:28 utc | 5

Isn't this elementary my dear Watson? Some of us have advanced to Quantum Mechanics whilst others are still mired in Physics 101.

Me, As a Baby

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jan 30 2015 17:33 utc | 6

It reminds me of this joke.

"How do you know when a politician is lying ?"
"When a politician is lying then he opens his mouth".

Posted by: Willy2 | Jan 30 2015 17:36 utc | 7

I am not going to read that piece of propaganda.

Posted by: Willy2 | Jan 30 2015 17:38 utc | 8

Picked up this info on the www. Don't remember when or where.


"AOL has agreed to purchase The Huffington Post for $315 million, approximately $300 million of which will be paid in cash funded from cash on hand. The Huffington Post is privately owned by its two cofounders, as well as a group of investors."

LIKE JOHNNY ROTTEN SAID "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"

Posted by: Alberto | Jan 30 2015 17:44 utc | 9

he could just as easily said get informed by not reading the nyt, wapo or wsj as well.. nice of him to tell folks to skip reading the huff po as well.. piece of crap - all of them.

@5 cyril - they don't pay taxes..

Posted by: james | Jan 30 2015 19:03 utc | 10

@james #10 wrote: "@5 cyril - they don't pay taxes"

That's what I thought. Great. So the Federal Reserve is a private and presumably immensely profitable organization that pays no taxes and cannot be restrained by the U.S. government. This shows which organization is more powerful.

Posted by: Cyril | Jan 30 2015 19:27 utc | 11

"They don't pay taxes"

The Fed turns every penny it "earns", ie above expenses and salaries, over to the Treasury, so it doesn't have any income to pay taxes on.

That's why the Fed doesn't pay taxes.

The Fed is a non-profit organization.

The individuals that work for the Fed do pay taxes on their income. The ones at the top are obviously way over-compensated.

Also, the Fed was created by an act of Congress through the Federal Reserve Act...Congress created the Fed (the banking system) and Congress has the power to dismantle it. That doesn't mean it want's to or will.

The FRBS has a simple mandate....make loans (print state money) to only those that will be able to pay it back with better than 95% success rate.

The big Wall Street banks broke that compact and should have been broken up (they were insolvent without the Fed taking their worthless assets off their books) and the pieces of value sold off.

That didn't happen largely because the system within which we live is hopelessly corrupt.

Posted by: paulmeli | Jan 30 2015 23:16 utc | 12

b, what do you think it will take to break the grasp of neoliberal economics over the west?

Posted by: Crest | Jan 30 2015 23:17 utc | 13

@paulmeli #12 wrote: "The Fed turns every penny it "earns", ie above expenses and salaries, over to the Treasury, so it doesn't have any income to pay taxes on."

That is NOT true. The Federal Reserve Act explicitly exempts the Fed from federal, state, and local taxes.

The Fed IS required to give the Treasury $3.8 billion a year, but that amount is so tiny, even for a little bank, as to be totally laughable.

The Federal Reserve cannot be audited by Congress, so even if it were not exempt from taxation there would be no way to determine how much tax was due.

Face it, the government has basically no control of the Fed. Guess which of the two is more powerful?

Posted by: Cyril | Jan 31 2015 1:44 utc | 14

I had a big laugh that Cold Hole somehow feels "advanced" to be "against" Obama - meanwhile he comes here to cheer for every imperial policy the US unleashes on our world. Its like - sure, you don't trust Obama. He doesn't lie enough for you.

For Cold Hole, Obama's failing is that he hasn't lied enough to get the US into a war against Russia, he hasn't told the lies it would take to start an attack on Iran and he didn't tell the lies needed to start the bombing of Syria.

That's what's truly amazing. As bad as Obama is - and he is bad - there are lots of USAians thirsting for a real inveterate liar like a George W. Bush. Lucky for them, it looks like 2016 will bring them one.

Posted by: guest77 | Jan 31 2015 1:57 utc | 15

@guest77 #15:

hehe, I detect a note of partisanship there. To me, Obama comes across as a worse liar than Bush. People repeatedly say that every time Obama opens his mouth, he lies, whereas that wasn't said about Bush, as far as I recall.

Posted by: Demian | Jan 31 2015 2:23 utc | 16

"This is the worst trade deal you never heard of. And it's coming soon. Be ready. Share the video and cause a ruckus." (Robert Reich)

Published on Jan 29, 2015

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is the largest--and worst--trade deal you've never heard of and Republicans in Congress want to work with the Obama administration to "fast track" its passage.

Posted by: x | Jan 31 2015 2:35 utc | 17

it's what they don't say that you have to watch out for..

Posted by: james | Jan 31 2015 2:38 utc | 18

@ 14 Cryil,

The Federal Reserve cannot be audited by Congress...

Sure it can. Congress can do whatever it wants to the Fed, including as another poster mentioned abolish it.

Face it, the government has basically no control of the Fed. Guess which of the two is more powerful?

Congress is more powerful. You are confusing what Congress wants to do with what Congress can do. As I said in the other thread, Congress's lack of control by the public is a far larger problem than any complaint about the independence granted the Fed by said Congress. But, again, I don't consider the Fed to have any real power. That is in part the point of the neoliberal elite's reliance on the Fed to regulate the economy (i.e., their reliance on monetary policy). It doesn't do anything economically meaningful, just the way neoliberals like their government.

Posted by: ee | Jan 31 2015 3:07 utc | 19

The MSM is dancing all around what has occurred in Greece as the result of a leftist election victory. It is a plain and simple DEFAULT. The EU is over if they can't start a war with Russia/China. USofA spent $5,000,000,000 so far in Ukraine and Ukraine wants another 5 billion.

With Joe Biden's son serving as Ukraine's Commissar of Fracking how can we possibly go wrong? Heh!

Posted by: Alberto | Jan 31 2015 3:18 utc | 20

The Ukraine wants another 50 billion .

Posted by: Jack | Jan 31 2015 3:23 utc | 21

@ben - I too was interested in Warren, but then her comments on Israel just left me thinking "fooled again". I'm not expecting a US politician to attack Israel, but if you can't even dare to question what is happening there - which she seems unable to do just the same as "uber-liberal" DiBlasio, the skunk - you're not a thinking, feeling person. And if you can say this:

But when Hamas puts its rocket launchers next to hospitals, next to schools, they're using their civilian population to protect their military assets. And I believe Israel has a right, at that point, to defend itself

I'm pretty sure you're a souless monster and a liar.

I don't know much about Sanders. I've watched some speeches. But after Obama - I just can't trust that this time the person who claws their way to the top of that pile of political contributions that is politics in the USA could possibly have even a sliver of a soul.

@Demian - Wether GWB lied more, I can't confirm, but he certainly lied bigger. The lies surrounding the Iraq War will go down in the history books. In fact, I'd say GWB will go down in history primarily for his lies and the bloodshed they wrought.

Obama, on the other hand, is less of an outright liar, and more of a man who markets in ones illusions. He tells people what they want to hear. He'll go down in history, I would guess, primarily as a confidence man.

For the partisan charge, I am no Obama fan, but I did used to work for labor unions which obviously were closely involved with the Democratic party and democratic party politics. That said, each passing day is a lesson in being let down and embarrassed by these rich clowns. Though I guess I'd have to say that the Democrats have at least some decent history and are a party where even today people I consider reasonable and good hearted (though, perhaps, completely hoodwinked) can still congregate. I like Kucinich, I like Cynthia McKinney (not sure if either are "Democrats" anymore). But I can't say anything remotely similar about the Republicans or even a single Republican. If that's partisan, I'll have to take it.

But an unopposed Hillary candidacy will be the final straw.

Posted by: guest77 | Jan 31 2015 3:44 utc | 22

The US would rather spend five HUNDRED billion dollars bailing out an obedient fascist lackey regime like the on running Ukraine, than spend fifty dollars on a mildly forward-looking leftist Greek regime. That's clear as day.

Posted by: guest77 | Jan 31 2015 3:57 utc | 23

The lies surrounding the Iraq War will go down in the history books. In fact, I'd say GWB will go down in history primarily for his lies and the bloodshed they wrought.

I don't think so. You really are a naive idealist. The movie American Sniper is a prime example of how history will be written concerning the Iraq War, and yet you zealous morons told me it isn't important compared to the Greek elections. I'd say it's infinitely more important.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jan 31 2015 4:07 utc | 24

the jackass speaks, lol..

Posted by: james | Jan 31 2015 4:16 utc | 25

@guest77 #22:

Being partisan is a good thing if there is a significant difference between the parties. But today the only issues on which the two parties distinguish themselves are abortion and gay marriage. Since the right to an abortion is constitutionally protected, the Republicans will never be able to outlaw abortion, which means that the only thing the Democrats have to offer which the Republicans don't is gay rights.

The Democratic Party used to be the party of the people. But I would say that the last Democratic presidential candidate who stood with the people was George McGovern. (Neoliberalism in the US began with Jimmy Carter, with his deregulation of the airline industry. Only presidential candidate whose hand I have shaken.)

Posted by: Demian | Jan 31 2015 4:19 utc | 26

@guest77 #22:

[GWB] certainly lied bigger.

I think the lies Obama tells about Russia are as big as the lies that GWB told about Iraq. And lying about Russia is much more reckless, since Russia is a major power, the only nuclear superpower besides the US and the country with second most powerful army after the US. Also, I would say that pulling a coup in the Ukraine was just as reckless and crazy as the invasion of Iraq. It just doesn't involve US troops getting killed.

Posted by: Demian | Jan 31 2015 4:29 utc | 27

@Cold N. Holefield #24:

The movie American Sniper is a prime example of how history will be written concerning the Iraq War
History will not be written by USians.

Have you seen American Sniper btw Cold? I am not going to watch it, even though I am a fan of Clint Eastwood, both as an actor and as a director. (I didn't watch Million Dollar Baby, either.)

Posted by: Demian | Jan 31 2015 4:39 utc | 28

@ee #19:

Sure [Congress can audit the Fed]. Congress can do whatever it wants to the Fed, including as another poster mentioned abolish it.

But at present Congress can NOT audit the Fed. That is why in 2012 Ron Paul forced an "audit the Fed" provison onto the Republican platform. Whether the Republicans will follow through with it is unknown -- but the mere fact that Ron Paul had to fight for that provision is proof that Congress is at present unable to audit the Fed.

Congress is more powerful. You are confusing what Congress wants to do with what Congress can do.
No, I am not confusing anything. I don't care what Congress can do in constitutional theory. At present the Fed owns Congress, which makes the banksters more powerful.

Posted by: Cyril | Jan 31 2015 5:26 utc | 29

The Greeks are inside the wooden horse (EU) and the wooden horse is inside Troy (the 1% Domain).

We await the city doors to be opened after the next drunken 'QE' orgy.

And yes, so what if Syriza failed to vote against existing EU sanctions of Russia. It does not necessarily mean this is hostile to emerging Greek-Russian agenda.

Current 12-month sanction policies are hurting the EU export (i.e. market share -- aka Saudi Arabia and its oil pumping) and at the same time stimulating Russian domestic industry growth.

Currency wars and trade wars are normal strategic responses in deflating/depression cycles.

Russia, although under stress, is achieving covertly what it cannot do overtly due to WTO agreements.

Smart moves, imo.

Posted by: x | Jan 31 2015 7:40 utc | 30

A.O.T. for this thread, but segues well with Jindahl's screed against Muslims in America, and I promise I'll wrap it back if you stay with me.

Here's a news story. See if you can identify the parties and the nations involved:

"The savagery of the attacks— which routinely included dismemberment, gang rape, beheadings, dousing bodies with petrol and burning them so as to render them unrecognizable, liquidating entire families, including women, children, babies, and fetuses ripped from the womb— was all the more shocking for their well-organized and premeditated execution."

Islamic Jihad? ISIS running rampant in the Levant? No, it's Hindu violence against Muslims.

Hindus now make up 2.3M members of the US population. 50% of them have family incomes over $100,000. They are frequently 50%+ of the staff of US high-tech companies. Congressional research shows H-1B Hindu visa holders now take 99% of new high-tech job opportunities.

e-Hindus make up another huge virtual immigrant demographic, not just call centers, but engineers and technical specialists. e-Hindus write much of what you read in the online press, and have invented a software 'robot' that already has written 10,000s of online articles, with better accuracy than even English nationals. I employ e-Hindus from time to time in my own business. How can you beat $50 for a day's highly technical production?

That's what they mean when they say engineering and journalism are dead in the USA.

"Wherever there are Muslims they do not want to live with others. Instead of living peacefully, they want to preach and propagate their religion by fear and terror...."
Familiar? Jindahl is clearly getting his talking points directly from the homeland Hindutva.

Anyway, where I was going with this to 'bring it home' to b's post: Obama and Modi are meeting in India to discuss, among other things, nuclear weapons technology, at the same time that Modi's BJP has turned over control of those nuclear weapons to his Hindutva saffron fascists, who are likely to drop India's “no first use” policy when it comes to nuclear weapons, in almost exact parallel to the Zionist 'pre-emptive first strike' and 'extremely disproportional retaliation' approach to living with their Muslim neighbors.

US State:CIA foreign policy is a gift that keeps on giving for the MIC War Criminals.
Clinton's gift to Myanmar seems to be now to energize Buddhist fascists against Muslims.
I read today a Buddhist monk publicly calling a political leader Muslim appeaser a 'whore'.
What happens when Buddhists start calling world leaders c*nts? Is that The End Times? " )

We'll never know, ...because we'll never get there. Buried inside Net Neutrality™ is net censorship. Buried inside Executive Amnesty (as Republican riders) is a National Secret Police. And buried inside TPP (see, b, I said I'd wrap it) is an insidious and unstoppable propaganda machine, that grants multinational corporations the power to sue for defamation, but gives them Citizens United freedoms to underwrite the most despicable fascist memes.

As Yogi Berra once explained, "It's 1939 all over again."

Posted by: ChipNikh | Jan 31 2015 11:45 utc | 31


I'm going to go with Cold on this one, having been to a few rodeos inside the Beltway.

There is academic/political press, and there is popular press. The academic/political press is written in dense and rambling historical narratives, in blue-blood MAP lingo, which in itself serves to mask with a great forest the jungle of rot festering within. Look at Billy Graham, shaking his fist from the Lincoln Memorial steps during the Cambodian 'excursion', exhorting America to 'Bomb the gooks for Jesus!!' I was in that crowd. We were all stunned.

Popular press doesn't suffer from CALP disease or overt religious fervour. It's written in Grade 5 Level BICS Speak, 3rd person perfect, often 140 letter core black-and-white Big Lies, that are resonated again and again within the article, then echo chambered in the near monopoly popular rags, into a dense #WhiteNoise that has already convinced 2/3rds of Americans that Saddam was behind 911, that Israel is their #BibiFreundForever, and that we should all be #AmericanSnipersforJesus.

There are those who see through the screed, who picked up a book once in awhile instead of binge-drinking their way to a useless college degree. But they keep their heads down and keep their mouths shut. US Generals are publicly saying the same thing to their JOs. Say nothing. To speak is treason. I believe they are smart enough to realize State:CIA is the New Wehrmacht of 1000 Years, and if you want to survive, get that #HandeHochSeigHeil!

The unraveling of Greek debt, Draghi's QE EU, US Republican Congress swearing fealty to Israel as it then turns over American citizens' PASSBOOK SAVINGS to the Banksters to buy EuroTrash Bonds, their planned -8% cuts to all health and human services, another 13% bump to Defense/DHS spending, with TPP and Net Neutrality in their sights, all spell one thing.

Name any of the Nuremberg convicted criminals and their specific crimes. You can't. The world shall little note nor long remember what we say here, but it is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced: to write the Great White-Wash Morality Play of the 21st Century, that is was Muslims and not 'Christians' who were the greatest war criminals of all time.

Posted by: ChipNikh | Jan 31 2015 12:21 utc | 32

I certainly agree with the baby part.

Posted by: ǝn⇂ɔ | Jan 31 2015 18:31 utc | 33

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