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January 12, 2015

No. The Islamic State Did Not Hack CENTCOM - Updated - Cui Bono?

Updated below

BBC: US Centcom Twitter account 'hacked by Islamic State'

US Central Command's Twitter and YouTube accounts have been hacked by a group claiming to back Islamic State.

One message said: "American soldiers, we are coming, watch your back."

It was signed by Isis, another name for the Islamic State. Some internal military documents also appeared on the Centcom Twitter feed.

US Centcom said it was taking "appropriate measures". The Twitter account was later taken down so no tweets could be viewed.

The hack happened as President Barack Obama was preparing a major speech on cybersecurity.

Several Centcom Twitter accounts and its Youtube channels were compromised and the "hackers" posted some military papers which are unclassified and available on the internet. The accounts are now suspended.

These "hackers" called themselves Cyber Caliphate, are already known and have a Twitter account @cybercaliphate but they used the acronym ISIS in a pastebin post on the Centcom "hack" to attach themselves to the Islamic State:

Pentagon networks hacked


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, the CyberCaliphate under the auspices of ISIS continues its CyberJihad. While the US and its satellites kill our brothers in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan we broke into your networks and personal devices and know everything about you.
You'll see no mercy infidels. ISIS is already here, we are in your PCs, in each military base. With Allah's permission we are in CENTCOM now.. ...

The Islamic State and its real followers never use the acronym ISIS for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. In their mind the Islamic State is not confined to the borders of Iraq and Syria. It is universal and has no geographical limits. Any real follower of the Islamic State will know this.

The "hackers" also posted some photo depicting a view down the neckline of a voluptuous woman. Islamic State followers would not do such - at least not in any public representation. For them it is a sin to even view such a pic.

My conclusion is that these were some cyberpunks. Some media guy at Centcom was owned and revealed his password after some social fishing through an email. Or his iPhone was stolen and cracked. Or something similar. Some "hacker" had fun with that. A rather common and irrelevant incident. A fitting XKCD comic strip is here.

Or this "incident" was some military Information Operation to further Obama's attempts to introduce more extensive internet spying which he is likely to push for in next week's State of the Union speech.

It would fit to the false claim by the Obama administration that the Sony hack, likely done by former Sony employees, was somehow related to North Korea.

UPDATE (Jan 13 2:00am): See how well the "hack" works as an argument for Obama's new law which will indemnify private companies which hand over YOUR private data to the government.

A screenshot from the current Washington Post homepage:

Terror! Terror!! Terror!!! We have been hacked!!! Give us your data!

From that first piece:

President Obama plans to announce legislation Tuesday that would shield companies from lawsuits for sharing computer threat data with the government in an effort to prevent cyber­attacks.
The provision’s goal is to “enshrine in law liability protection for the private sector for them to share specific information — cyberthreat indicators — with the government,” the official said.

If this law passes, which currently looks likely, all data stored or passing through a private company will be available for the government to copy, to store forever and to sift through however it likes. This even when you never intended to make such data public.

Meanwhile the British government wants to legally ban all private and public encryption it can nor readily break:

Mr. Cameron, who has started to campaign ahead of a national election in Britain in May, said his government, if elected, would ban encrypted online communication tools that could potentially be used by terrorists if the country’s intelligence agencies were not given increased access. The reforms are part of new legislation that would force telecom operators and Internet services providers to store more data on people’s online activities, including social network messages.

Both proposals, Obama's and Cameron's, would be catastrophic for Internet freedom.

Posted by b on January 12, 2015 at 19:11 UTC | Permalink


Maybe it was fake-anonymous. Ever since the US govt. broke all of its own most (formerly) sacred laws in pursuing and persecuting the real anonymous, an "anarchist hacker" media entity with an oddly pro-imperialist agenda calling itself "anonymous" has emerged in their stead

Posted by: 1968ES330 | Jan 12 2015 19:44 utc | 1


Anonymous is all of a sudden at war with ISIS, too. That struck me as very odd.

Posted by: yellowsnapdragon | Jan 12 2015 21:30 utc | 2

Anonymous following up on their threat

Imagine hacking a twitter account. Self-hacking seems to be what USdotgov is best at. Norkies we fear and why is that? The Headmaster of hacks won't be outdone by students.

Posted by: Ben | Jan 12 2015 21:55 utc | 3

Good observations b. Too bad the msm is incapable of making them, or that your readership isn't bigger..

Posted by: ..james | Jan 12 2015 22:24 utc | 4

Yatsenyuk Rewrites History: ‘USSR Invaded Germany’ (Jan. 9, 2015):

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has amazed the world with his knowledge of history: in his interview with the German TV channel ARD, the politician said that "all of us still clearly remember the Soviet invasion into Ukraine and Germany," referring to the Second World War.

MOSCOW, January 9 (Sputnik) – Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has demonstrated his knowledge of history to the world.

On Thursday, while on an official visit to Berlin, the bespectacled young politician was interviewed live by the German TV channel ARD, where he claimed that the USSR had kicked off the Second World War by invading Germany.

"All of us still clearly remember the Soviet invasion of Ukraine and Germany," he said. "We need to avoid it."

"Nobody has the right to rewrite the results of the Second World War," he added. "Russia's President Putin is trying to do exactly this."

Posted by: lysias | Jan 12 2015 22:26 utc | 5

Charlie Hebdo's Wednesday Edition cover. Wow. Clever.

Cool Hand Charlie

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jan 12 2015 23:54 utc | 6

Obama Proposes New Laws After Central Command Hacked

"Major companies get hacked. America's personal information, including financial information, gets stolen. And the problem is growing and it costs us billions of dollars."

1. the NSA and The Company are the number 1 and number 2 thieves of 'America's personal information, including financial information'.
2. it costs us ourselves, our lives, our independence which mere dollars cannot buy
3. laws are there for the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate to break

If his lips are moving he's lying. Pay attention to what he does, pay no attention to what he says.

Posted by: jfl | Jan 13 2015 0:25 utc | 7

Like with Ghouta, MH17, Sony hack: if and when Obama says it's true, then it must be so. The media will worry about how to sell it so people swallow it and repeat it until it becomes a universal "fact".

Posted by: farflungstar | Jan 13 2015 0:36 utc | 8

Interesting observation....It is truly amazing what critical thinking and logic can do. The brainwashed morons that watch the MSM are deprived of these two principles. Like the DPRK "hack" this will probably be bludgeoned into people's brain until it is accepted as fact.

Posted by: Anonb | Jan 13 2015 3:12 utc | 9


There seems to be a new manufactured "war" everyday. It seems to become a tagline in the MSM. If somebody disagrees with you or vice versa it is called a "War on...." In fact, go on google and type in "War on" and the results that show up are quite amusing. It just goes to show that our media is on a never ending War binge.

Posted by: Anonb | Jan 13 2015 3:17 utc | 10


It's the neocons. Listen to this great talk by a historian who used to be one himself. It's the opening 30 minutes and worth every minute. The second guy is a bore.

Neoconservatism: An Obituary for an Idea
Talk by Bradley Thompson

Posted by: MRW | Jan 13 2015 3:39 utc | 11

The encryption thing is low down. It seems like they simply don't want to pay the electricity bill to force open some iphones.

Posted by: Crest | Jan 13 2015 7:46 utc | 12

@8: All three US guests are 100% top quality in this Cross Talk.
A recommend, imo.

Media failures
Traditionally, the role of media has been to inform society and keep an eye on the powers that be. Today media follows a very different model - for the most part the mainstream merely echoes the opinions of the elite. Is it any wonder audiences are looking for alternative media sources?

Link to Cross Talk

Posted by: x | Jan 13 2015 8:24 utc | 13

I am not sure for the cyber caliphat but as for the Neo-Ottoman one it is in a process of resurrection

Posted by: Mina | Jan 13 2015 12:29 utc | 14

There was a report on RT News last week about Obama's Acronym Agencies recruiting (and forgiving) hackers to help with the USG's ($50 Billion) cyber-security/ cyber-war programs. The report finished with an endorsement by Julian Assange, who was quick to point out that hackers can help Humanity much more effectively if they're INSIDE US spy agencies than OUTSIDE them.

Will the dumbass Yankees EVER stop believing ALL of their own neocon bullshit?

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 13 2015 13:34 utc | 15

Yep, once again great timing. The bad guys show up with their act and within minutes the so-called free govt. bad guys show to resect the citizens of their nation. I know I'm shocked at this;)

Posted by: jo6pac | Jan 13 2015 17:28 utc | 16

Paris towards militarization, Europe to follow

Posted by: nmb | Jan 13 2015 18:01 utc | 17

This is the classic mafia shakedown ... you wouldn't want someone to hack your customer database, would you?

You'd be sued! Bankrupted!

You need a little protection ... fork over the data and we'll 'protect' from the 'bad guys' ... and hold you blameless in the event that you have something interesting enough on someone for the 'bad guys' to spill.

The USG is the mafia. The biggest crime family on the block. And the figurative godfather has a Nobel Peace Prize. From the Pope.

Posted by: jfl | Jan 13 2015 18:12 utc | 18

I thank this blog for bringing to my attention another step of the US Gov to get our private data from companies we use on the internet.

The US Gov uses every incident that can be labelled terrorism to expand the US Surveillance Deep State which rules behind the facade of democratic institutions.

Another is the NSA will be hooking into the databases of pictures taken by police that carry cameras. The US elites take our concern for police abuse of its power to expand the US Deep State use facial recognition technology to further track where we are or were.

Posted by: Arius | Jan 13 2015 18:32 utc | 19

@ 2

All of the recent actions of the corporate-media proclaimed "hacker collective",seem to be in support of US imperialist objectives. I will make no further assumptions but leave the obvious to each person. It was inevitable that the genuine "hacker collective" which called itself anonymous would be forced offline by western governments which no longer respect even their own laws.

Posted by: 1968ES330 | Jan 13 2015 19:55 utc | 20

As far as the seeming change of attitude from anonymous, there are likely to be all sorts of reasons because that was a particularly diverse group of ably critical thinking computer literates whose only common ground was 4chan, some of them were likely zionists and imperialists before they got creamed.
However I can relay the experience of a young woman who had been associated with them back when their chief interest was hacking the allegedly unhackable.
She had a great deal of fun out thinking the security experts for a time, then became bored with the same old same old and moved on to other things.
She has just about forgotten about her misspent youth when early one morning she copped the old knock at the door & opened it to see "wall to wall local pigs plus a heavy contingent of amerikan types who claimed FBI allegience"

After wrecking her home with their heavy handed 'searching' and refusing to let her contact anyone during the destruction and a half assed interrogation that was more about threatening her than elliciting information, they all took off telling her not to tell anyone as that would be a 'breach of national security'.
When she asked which nation she was ignored. After a few weeks a couple of them came back one of each she said and she was told that the only way she could avoid being extradited to amerika to face prosecution was to do as she was told and work for the amerikan government.
Unfortunately for them she is a bit of a piss pot and after the scare wore off she has told the story to friends.

Posted by: Debs is dead | Jan 14 2015 0:13 utc | 21

Here's an example of the kind of stories that may unfortunately help bring about demands for internet censorship and greater surveillance:

These kinds of events may propel innocents involved (like relatives) to ask authorities to curtail all of our freedoms because they feel guilt over what their loved ones have done or are fearful of public response. The powers that be may pounce on these opportunities, and all of us will suffer from further curtailment of rights and freedoms. Do I like what these militant groups are promoting/recruiting online? No, but censorship will have even worse consequences for all of us. Better if the west would stop killing so many middle-easterners and destroying their lives, economies, infrastructures, countries. Maybe then they wouldn't want to hurt us.

There are only so many people on the planet that profit from warring, defense, arms-dealing. Comparatively, there are so many more businesses, all waiting for the world to calm down so they can continue with the business of making money. When will the business communities rise up and demand stability in the name of commerce? When all else fails, I'm counting on greed to help turn this thing around.

Posted by: Murican | Jan 14 2015 0:57 utc | 22

Posted by: nmb | Jan 13, 2015 1:01:44 PM | 17


Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jan 14 2015 0:58 utc | 23

Over at the Saker freedom of speech is being curbed even further....
Topics now banned:

Climate Change
Former French Saker blog
Former Serbian Saker blog

Posted by: tantin | Jan 14 2015 1:47 utc | 25

At least there's a true democratic exchange happening at the Saker's blog as opposed to the mainstream west, who at every anti-social event claim they look forward to a public debate that never happens (probably because the west is behind the unfortunate events and supports their unethical ends). Though unfortunately not as wide an audience as one might hope, especially given the uniformly fascist obfuscation by the mainstream media, I believe Saker's audience may come through for him.

Posted by: Murican | Jan 14 2015 2:07 utc | 26

Cui Bono?

Pedophiles on both side of ocean.

Posted by: neretva'43 | Jan 14 2015 2:14 utc | 27

Cui Bono? Defense profiteers all over the planet. They may be a minority of people but make a huge amount of money, enough to make western powers that be sell out any and all governments, constituents, and ethics to make a buck. All those who profit making, selling weapons, those in government who protect, invest in and profit from profiteers who gain when people die, economies and ecologies are ruined, infrastructures destroyed, cultures extinguished and education oppressed. Cui bono? Look to the western leaders and their international wealthy friends and sponsors and ask why. Maybe then they'll pull back and start listening to their constituents?

Posted by: Murican | Jan 14 2015 2:26 utc | 28

What are the chances the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), has been in control since day, one?

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Jan 14 2015 2:27 utc | 29

he, he, he, he....

Posted by: neretva'43 | Jan 14 2015 2:38 utc | 30

Imperial MSM vs. Zionist who is in service of MSM.

World gone crazy.

In 10th century William the Conqueror brought Jews to England. The Jews in England had terrible moments but lived there for three centuries when Edward II expelled them from England. During that time Jews were the property of the English king.

Not much has changed ever since, but lesson haven't been learned.

Posted by: neretva'43 | Jan 14 2015 2:49 utc | 31

I want to step back for a minute, and engage in a thought-experiment.


Across the top, type, 'jihad, radiation', (but without the quote marks.)

Not surprisingly, there are far more people in the world worried about 'radiation' than 'jihad', ...and yet the Western governments and their poodled press will have you believe, literally, that 'Nobody has ever died from radiation'~! That's their PUBLISHED CLAIM~!

Nobody died from Bikini, nobody died at Nagasaki or Hiroshima, there was never Black Rain, nobody died at the Nevada test site, the Navajo miners didn't die, the Hanford down-winders didn't die, nobody died at Chernobyl, and you can eat right off the pavement at Fukushima, ( know, the Japanese are a very clean people~!)

But we should be Very Afraid™ of 'jihad'~!

Now add one more search term, 'penguins'. Unbelievable~! The Very Scarey Jihad is gone!! Very Deadly Radiation just a blip~! NOTHING is more important to us than ... PENGUINS~!

Then comes Obama, who stayed home to watch football and measure the seismic shock, before launching on his Net Neutrality pitch, just as long as there is no communication that the Federal Secret Police can't access and read at any time. Of course, the OUTCOME of that speech will be Big Brother Omni-Access as law, then an END to Net Neutrality to follow. It's the old one-two sucker punch, the magician's dangling distraction, then pick-pocket.

He said today he can agree with Congress on (NeoLiberal Third Way NAFTA,GATT,TPP) Trade Issues, on Tax Reform (sic, and getting sicker, with a proposed increased in gas taxes), and on Net Neutrality (aka Big Brother crackdown). Red Army, Blue Army, the same Soviet.

On January 22nd, Greece votes. Depending on the outcome, and then the EU Reichsministers' response, either the Greek people (and Argentina, and Venezuala and ... ) will experience almost unsurvivable privation and suffering under 'structural adjustments', or, Wall Street predicts a run on the EU, and global economic collapse like 'Lehman^2'.

They're just setting up Draghi for the EU equivalent of Bernanke's QEn, where all of the accumulated pensions and social welfare programs of the EU countries will be looted, and new structural adjustments imposed, so that the Central Banks can own you, Interest Only Forever. Because that's the End State of all Vulture Capitalism.

Micheal Keaton gave his defining speech for the Globe: "Work hard, keep your head down, and don't complain." Arbeit Macht Frei. And no matter whether you earn a lot of money or just a little, whether you have saved a pension or have none, the Vampires will get it all of it.

Or, not~! Maybe the People of the Earth will finally resolutely rise up and crush the Mob.

Posted by: ChipNikh | Jan 14 2015 8:40 utc | 32

Then comes Obama, who stayed home to watch football...

You know, you can blame Obama, or more specifically his handlers and the Masters of the Universe who put him in office as the current Bobble Head, for a great many things but this is not one of them considering the sentiment of this blog space. American Right Wingers have been pushing this leverage point in every one of their propaganda outlets. Of course, had he gone he would have been accused by the very same group as hogging the stage once again for his own aggrandizement.

Practically everyone who reads and posts to this blog agrees that the show of unity by various world leaders in France was a sickening display of faux concern — hypocrisy at its finest. And Obama wasn't there. That's a good thing, right? That he didn't partake in yet one more public relations hypocrisy? I'm not saying Obama's not a hypocrite, because he surely is, but he's not in this case, so can we leave the unwarranted criticism of him not traveling to Paris at the door or in the trash where it belongs? It's not a legitimate criticism and it's a disservice when there are so many more legitimate criticisms and concerns. To amplify this propaganda meme and spread it far and wide only serves to perpetuate the factionalization that keeps "them" in power. Obama's the ball being passed around whilst the 10,000 lb. gorilla waltzes in and picks our pockets unnoticed as we count the passes.

That aside, I wrote two blog posts recently that presaged this cyber security and net neutrality issue. I told you it was coming just as surely as I told you low oil and gas prices were coming. But still you won't believe unless it comes from a so-called authority. Maybe one day you will learn that your vaunted authority is an authority of one thing, and one thing only — cultivating and disseminating bullshit for personal gain. I don't receive any form of remuneration or extrinsic personal gain for my thoughts — not even a penny.

Net Neuterality

Say Goodnight To The Bad Guy

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jan 14 2015 12:00 utc | 33

lysias #5,

the only thing Yasenyuk has vaguely got right is that WWII was first and foremost a war between the USSR and Nazi Germany, the other theaters of operations in Europe, Africa and the Pacific were minor in comparison.

Posted by: ralphieboy | Jan 14 2015 15:11 utc | 34

And Obama wasn't there. That's a good thing, right? That he didn't partake in yet one more public relations hypocrisy? I'm not saying Obama's not a hypocrite, because he surely is, but he's not in this case, so can we leave the unwarranted criticism of him not traveling to Paris at the door or in the trash where it belongs?
Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jan 14, 2015 7:00:46 AM | 33

You need to brush up on your (lack of) understanding of neocon stunts, Cold.
Obama didn't go to Paris because the Koch Brothers (and their 1% friends) didn't want Obama sharing the Paris limelight that Bibi was sent to monopolise.
Didn't you notice?

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 14 2015 16:58 utc | 35

the Koch Brothers

I presume this formulation of yours "Obamas Koch Bros" is meant to be humourous - because it ain't the Koch Bros that have been backing Obama

I realise that it's the fad de jour, amongst the alleged "progressives" to use a reference to the Koch Bros as a catch all for the mythical "1%" but in tying them to Obama and his funders specifically you are way off the mark

Posted by: Rogan Josh | Jan 14 2015 17:11 utc | 36

but I do agree that the probable reason for the Emperor's, or Vice-Emperor's, no-show was to allow Bibi the Zio-Nazi to grab the headlines

Posted by: Rogan Josh | Jan 14 2015 17:13 utc | 37

O. T. O. T. (C.hebdo.)

I had forgotten all about this until today, someone brought it up.

A chap called Vincent Reynouard, a fundamentalist catholic, a Nazi of some kind, and Holocaust denier composed a amalgam of comic-strip / collage /drawing / text work, setting forth the main revisionist arguments, in F.

V.R. was condemned to 6 months in prison and massive fines for copyright infringement in 2014. (Amongst other long-standing legal troubles and many other convictions.) Work is prob. available, right of screen, here, could not get the download to work.

Who was the complainant? Charlie Hebdo! Its director, Laurent Sourisseau, aka “Riss.” V. R. used 19 caricatures by Sourisseau and published by Charlie Hebdo. V.R, in his brochure, gave credit and cited the precise reference. (Moreover his opus was never sold for money, afaik, and produced in a very limited no. of copies.)

For more details, this site (A. Soral) retraces some history etc. (French.)

This is strange, isn’t it? First of all, one can hardly be a rabid free speech champion if one goes about attacking other authors and claiming damages for what exactly? (I believe 65 000 euros!, but I may be wrong) when all the accused did was copy 19 ‘items’ and gave proper credit!

Charming, heh? The originals were ignored, uncondemned, as they were satire by C. Hebdo, who …got a pass for the reasons we can guess …, poor guys, now several in their graves…just as much dupes possibly as the ‘terrorists’…

Drawings thrown into another context, taken over by a person who is a Holocaust denier, and the biggest guns possible are drawn! (V. R. pled guilty, so the question of ‘fair use’ or what not did not arise.) Double standards, much?

Posted by: Noirette | Jan 14 2015 17:20 utc | 38

Hi Noirette,

I wouldn't be holding my breath waiting for the Hebdo mob to reveal themselves as serious artistes unconcerned with bourgeois materialism. As I understand it Hebdo published traanslated versions of the Danish cartoons primarily because they wanted to get publicity for the magazine whose circulation was languishing and the lawsuit by Siné for unfair dismissal had been successful. Siné sued Val when he sacked him for alleged antisemitism after he wrote a A HREF=""column

" citing a news item that Jean Sarkozy, son of Nicolas Sarkozy, had announced his intention to convert to Judaism before marrying his fiancée, a Jewish heiress. Siné added, "he'll go far, this lad!" After this led to complaints of anti-Semitism in some quarters, Siné was fired by Philippe Val, the chief editor, on 15 July. Siné subsequently sued successfully for unfair dismissal and won damages of €40,000. Charlie Hebdo appealed and lost; the damages awarded were increased to €90,000.

What do these creeps do after half of 'em get murdered? Set up a print run of 3 million copies of their new edition that's what. No point in letting all that free publicity go to waste eh.

I am a bigger believer in cock-ups than conspiracies tho considering the favours this horror show has done Netanyahu (getting his ugly mug splashed all over the world's media despite being asked by the French government not to front at all), providing an opportunity for Oblamblam and David Cameroon to segué from shock horror murder to "lets put a backdoor into every VPN" , and now, the pro-zionist islamophobic publication is gonna cop a really big payday, one could be forgiven for thinking the operation was a false flagger.

I doubt it was a false flag, certainly the boots on the ground were motivated by disgust at France's program of 'having one's cake and eating it too' when exploiting and enlarging upon the philosophic and cultural differences across the Middle East, and while it is possible that they were encouraged by a zionist or amerikan agent provocateur nothing could have happened without the western hypocrisy over Israel.

Of course everyone ignores the commonality that applies to virtually every alleged terrorist. From the shoe bomber to the Charlie Hebdo machine-gunners, from the 911 pilots to the 7/7 public transport hijackers, just about every 'terrorist' had a history of physical and sexual abuse as a child.
These Hebdo kids sorry terrorists had all been born into poverty and raised in public facilities for wards of the state.

There is nothing particularly new or original about this as I understand it many of the recruits for the Red Army Faction (aka in tabloids Baader Meinhof 'gang') had been found as as streetkids - the post war 'cast offs' prolly born after alleyway 'knee trembles' between local women and the occupying armies.

Revolutionary armies like any other military force favour late adolescence as the ideal age for cannon-fodder recruitment and kids who have had the rough end of the pineapple stuffed up their ass pretty much since birth, are already halfway to indoctrination.

Considering that the neoliberal dream state includes a substantial proportion of families finding their home under bridges or in rent-by-the-hour bedbug encrusted hostels, we should expect many more such tragedies, until or unless Joe Blow wakes the fuck up.

Posted by: Debs is dead | Jan 15 2015 2:22 utc | 39

Oops sorry bout that first link try this:


Posted by: Debs is dead | Jan 15 2015 2:25 utc | 40

Posted by: Rogan Josh | Jan 14, 2015 12:11:51 PM | 36

If you're trying to sell the notion that the 1% can't put (utterly fake) politics aside when a united front is necessary, then you haven't thought it through. The 1% OWN the politicians and are the artists/ sculptors/ stage-managers of the 2 party, mirror-image, political landscape.

But thanks for the compliment at #37.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 15 2015 2:52 utc | 41

So C. Hebdo took legal action against someone who misappropriated work from their magazine. That is not proof that their commitment to free speech is false; it's proof that they don't want people to take their work w/out permission in service of agendas they may disagree with. Just giving proper credit does not allow you to use whatever from whomever.

One can believe in freedom of speech but still discriminate about what you publish in your magazine. I get the impression that a lot of commenters here think if you choose not to publish a certain cartoon it is proof that you don’t believe in freedom of speech. That’s like saying b/c I don’t personally let anyone fuck me in the ass, I must be some kind of homophobe.

On specific cases, however, the accusation of hypocrisy can be justifiably made. Maurice Sinet was fired by C. Hebdo unfairly, in my opinion. But Sinet was able to start his own magazine and was compensated for wrongful termination, so freedom of speech has problems in France but it is not exactly a lost cause.

Posted by: J. Bradley | Jan 15 2015 5:24 utc | 42

If you're trying to sell the notion that the 1% can't put (utterly fake) politics aside when a united front is necessary

Clearly i'm not.

If your looking for his original financers start with the Pritzkers

But it matters little anyhoo

Since the 1 perc own both sides Clearly the Pritzkers job was to finance Obama while the Kochs jobs was to finance a lot of his rightwing opposition

Posted by: Rogan Josh | Jan 15 2015 11:04 utc | 43

Clearly I'm not.
Posted by: Rogan Josh | Jan 15, 2015 6:04:54 AM | 43

Clearly, you were insinuating that the Pritzkers & Koch's c/wouldn't co-operate (for 'party-political' reasons) when it came to paving the way for Bibi's Paris gatecrash/ flounce-fest, by JOINTLY keeping Obama at home.

All the Pritzkers had to do (after their confab with the Kochs) was to ring the White House and say "Much as we hate to agree with those Kochs, they're right. It would be better if our Cs-sB stayed home."

The Cs-sB is sufficiently dumb/compliant to take such advice as a "bi-partisan" Q.E.D - which is what makes it so scarily amusing and believable.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 15 2015 14:30 utc | 44

If you say so

Posted by: Rogan Joh | Jan 15 2015 14:47 utc | 45

Though why you would insist that some 3rd party(s) would actually need to put pressure on Obama, to actually force him to stay at home, is a bit of a mystery. I'm sure he's capable of deciding that (to stay at home), all by himself

But anyway, it ain't particularly important one way or the other,

Posted by: Rogan Joh | Jan 15 2015 14:52 utc | 46

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