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January 14, 2015

Liberté D´Expression?

Dieudonné arrested over Facebook post on Paris gunman

French comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala has been arrested for being an “apologist for terrorism” after suggesting on Facebook that he sympathised with one of the Paris gunmen, a judicial source has said.

Prosecutors had opened the case against him on Monday after he wrote “Tonight, as far as I’m concerned, I feel like Charlie Coulibaly” – mixing the slogan “Je suis Charlie”, used in tribute to the journalists killed at magazine Charlie Hebdo, with a reference to gunman Amédy Coulibaly. Dieudonné was arrested on Wednesday.

One wonders what "apologist for terrorism" may additionally include. When Hollande delivers weapons to terrorists in Syria isn't he also an "apologist for terrorism"?

Defending the racism of Charlie Hebdo is seen as heroic but criticizing Zionist racism in Israel is not allowed?

France now deploys 10,000 soldiers and 5,000 police to protect "Jewish sites". Meanwhile 26 places of worship for Muslims have been attacked and 34 have been threatened.

Liberté and égalité are supposed to be center tenets of France. They are now completely out of whack.

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this is a repeat from OT on the previous thread, apologies. about C hebdo.

I had forgotten all about this until today, someone brought it up.

A chap called Vincent Reynouard, who is a fundamentalist catholic, a Nazi of some kind, and Holocaust denier composed a amalgam of comic-strip / collage / drawing / text work setting forth the main revisionist arguments, in F.

V.R. was condemned to 6 months in prison and massive fines for copyright infringement in 2014. (Amongst other long-standing legal troubles and other convictions.) Work is prob. available, right of screen, here, but I could not get the download to work.

Who was the complainant? Charlie Hebdo! Or rather it’s director, Laurent Sourisseau, aka “Riss.” V. R. used 19 caricatures by Sourisseau and published by Charlie Hebdo. V.R, in his brochure, gave credit and cited the precise reference. (Moreover his opus was never sold for money, afaik, and produced in a very limited no. of copies.)

For more details, this site (A. Soral) retraces some history etc. (French.)

This is strange, isn’t it? First of all, one can hardly be a rabid free speech champion if one goes about attacking other authors and claiming damages for what exactly? (I believe 65 000 euros!, but I may be wrong) when all the accused did was copy 19 ‘items’ and gave proper credit!

Charming, heh? The originals were ignored, uncondemned, as they were satire by C. Hebdo, who …got a pass for the reasons we can guess …, poor guys, now several in their graves…just as much dupes possibly as the ‘terrorists’…

Drawings thrown into another context, taken over by a person who is a Holocaust denier, and the biggest guns possible are drawn! (V. R. pled guilty, so the question of ‘fair use’ or what not did not arise.) Double standards, much?

Posted by: Noirette | Jan 14 2015 17:37 utc | 1

A scream … "ANTI-SEMITISM !!" works well in EU states, results in immediate CENSORSHIP.
[Source: VU A'dam]

Posted by: Oui | Jan 14 2015 17:37 utc | 2

The new domestic propaganda line for the simpletons (I'm talking DailyKos et al) is that the Charlie Hebdo cartoons that despite all spin still appear to be racist, etc are actually POKING FUN or ridiculing racism. They're really believing it and calling any challenger to the dogma; 'clueless'. A few "real French people" always come along to reinforce.

"2+2=4?" "You oafs, everyone w a brain and manners knows it's 5!" I hesitate to use the cliche 'pretzel logic', but it's totally applicable.

You could even show them the linked editorial above, from a former Charlie Hebdo employee who says 2+2 does indeed equal 4, and they'd say he was lying.

Then again none of them know what Bernard-Henri Levy has been getting up to for the past decade, either. *sigh*

Posted by: L Bean | Jan 14 2015 18:04 utc | 3

This is generating ample cognitive dissonance, which is actually finding its way to the organs of mainstream thought. Why is one thing a hate crime when another is not? Soon the ICC will have to explain why a war crime is not a war crime when it is committed by Israel. More cognitive dissonance.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Jan 14 2015 18:18 utc | 4

I predict more awfulness from idiot toddler humans. I'm never wrong.

Posted by: Sharkbabe | Jan 14 2015 18:36 utc | 5

"but criticizing Zionist racism in Israel is not allowed?"

this is such an easy question, posed by such a thorough German, that I'm inclined to believe b is engaging in self-parody.

So, the easy answer: "because the most enlightened children of Weimar culture decided to murder every Jewish person on the face of the planet, with a little help from Jew haters in France and elsewhere."

Fucking Germans have no right whatsoever to criticize Israel, for any reason, forever.

Posted by: slothrop | Jan 14 2015 18:53 utc | 6

When Hollande delivers weapons to terrorists in Syria isn't he also an "apologist for terrorism"?

Worse — he's and the French government are direct aiders and abetters of it.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jan 14 2015 19:01 utc | 7

actually the "justice machine" goes full gear (or goes nuts...) with that new "apology of terrrorism" toy, 50+ procedures are open towards the "joke perpetrators" already and sentences were already given, ranging from six months to 4 years of prison.

hundreds other will sure follow, the police server were people can report all their findings is now offline since they received too much (thousands...) "tips"

Basically any crude joke posted about kalachnikovs etc will get you months of french jail right now...

basically same story as UK 201, hardly any surprise here...

Posted by: zingaro | Jan 14 2015 19:07 utc | 8


The fucking Israelis and Americans follow in the fascist footsteps committing genocide. Never again? I'll believe it when Netanyahu takes religion out of state affairs and Israel becomes secular. Orthodox Judaism is a mirror image of any fundamentalist belief.

Posted by: Oui | Jan 14 2015 19:21 utc | 9


' Fucking Germans have no right whatsoever to criticize Israel, for any reason, forever. '

They should shut-up and sell them submarines instead. Or donate them.

What is this, 'heriditary guilt'? Some sort of Lamarckian 'inheritance'?

Compared to 'us' Americans the Germans were pikers, 'We' wiped out the whole continent. Exterminated 'races' by the baker's dozen. Imported more and made them slaves, treated them as subhuman. You and I should crawl on our bellies like the snakes we are, begging to trod upon by the earth's 'good' people?

Your hatred glows like a not-so-hidden but treasured and nourished ember.

But thanks for opening your raincoat and sharing it, though. Exposing yourself is better than climbing the tower with the loaded gun.

Stop me before I kill ... again?

'Evil' is an attribute of and act, of something done, not some 'essential' quality of particular 'brands' of humans.

Posted by: jfl | Jan 14 2015 19:33 utc | 10

Basically any crude joke posted about kalachnikovs etc will get you months of french jail right now...

Like I said at my blog, satire is dead. Reality has merged with it — but it's a bad joke. I'm glad I don't live in France — I suppose I'd be in jail already. I'm sure it's coming to a theater near me, and you, sometime soon. When it does, we can all say Je Suis Stepford.

What The Masters Want

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jan 14 2015 19:59 utc | 11

Two good summaries of the present situation at the organization which posts a current of comment that runs counter to msm propaganda ... and is banned by ms organizations which host blogs.


There are more doubts and questions in the Charlie Hebdo affair than there will ever be answers. In part this is because the French security forces silenced witnesses, killing three assumed perpetrators in a display which seems to say that Dirty Harry movies are now part of French training programs.

And then we have the sudden death by apparent suicide of a police commissioner in charge of the investigation just as he was writing his report alone at night, an event which received little mainline press coverage. A man in his forties in the midst of likely the biggest case of his career just decides to kill himself?

We should all be extremely suspicious of a trained killer, seen as being informed and exceedingly efficient at his work, leaving behind his identity card in an abandoned car. It really is a touch more serendipity than we would credit in a mystery story. We should all be extremely suspicious of men so obviously well trained in military techniques, about men who were well informed about schedules at the offices they attacked, and about men heavily armed in the center of Paris. People serving in notorious killer outfits like America's SEALs or Britain's SAS rarely achieve such complete success as twelve victims, all shot dead, and an easy get-away.

And just to add to the confusion we have the video of one of the armed men shooting a police officer lying on the sidewalk. The armed man, face covered, lowers his AK-47 to within a couple of feet of the victim's head and fires. The head goes down, but we see no blood. Have you ever seen photos of someone shot in the head with a high velocity weapon? That's what the Zapruder film is about, and the results are more like an exploding pumpkin than a death at the end of a stage play. Even the propaganda-ridden BBC now has expressed doubts about the video.

We need to be more than suspicious about anyone or any event which has any connection with ISIS. ISIS is one of the terror groups assembled, armed, and supplied by Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United States for the deliberate and wanton destruction of Syria. The two brothers killed in Paris both fought in Syria. It certainly would be easy enough for someone to have obtained an ID card there from one of them. Remember, the excesses of ISIS we all read about - at least those that aren't clearly staged propaganda stunts such as video of a hostage beheading - are the direct result of assembling large bands of cutthroats and fanatics, arming them, and setting them loose to terrorize someone else's country.


The Spectacular Media Failure On Charlie Hebdo

Media outlets should know that until the 1980’s Islamic fundamentalism was virtually inaudible in the Middle East — outside of the U.S.-supported dictatorship of Saudi Arabia, whose ruling monarchy survives thanks to U.S. support. The official religion of Saudi Arabia is a uniquely fundamentalist version of Islam, which along with the royal family are the two anchors of Saudi government power.

Before the 1980’s, the dominant ideology in the Middle East was pan-Arab socialism, a secular ideology that viewed Islamic fundamentalism as socially and economically regressive. Islamic fundamentalists engaged in terrorist attacks against the “pan-Arab socialist” governments of Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iraq and other governments that aligned themselves with this ideology at various times.

Islamic fundamentalism was virtually extinguished from 1950-1980, with Saudi Arabia and later Qatar being the last bastion and protective base of fundamentalists who were exiled from the secular countries. This dynamic was accentuated during the cold war, where the U.S. aligned itself with Islamic fundamentalism — Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states — while the Soviet Union became allies with the secular nations that identified as “socialist.”

When the 1978 Saur revolution in Afghanistan resulted in yet another socialist-inspired government, the United States responded by working with Saudi Arabia to give tons of weapons, training, and cash to the jihadists of the then-fledgling fundamentalist movement, helping to transform it into a regional social force that soon became the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

The U.S.-backed Afghan jihad was the birth of the modern Islamic fundamentalist movement. The jihad attracted and helped organize fundamentalists across the region, as U.S. allies in the Gulf state dictatorships used the state religion to promote it. Fighters who traveled to fight in Afghanistan returned to their home countries with weapon training and hero status that inspired others to join the movement.

No wonder the current that flows counter to that of the 'approved' venues is banned. There are far too many questions afloat there.

The 'freedom of expression' angle is covered by each as well. It is the question of agency, though, that best destroys the fog of propaganda that surrounds the West's terrorist war against ... the Muslims, the Russians - and when they're done - the Chinese.

The source of 'world-class' terror lies in North America and its European Unit. And after they kill, they lie. Some more.

Posted by: jfl | Jan 14 2015 20:05 utc | 12

jfl @6:

'Evil' is an attribute of and act, of something done, not some 'essential' quality of particular 'brands' of humans.

Well, yes, but let the cranky little super-American boy have his comic books and his fundamental attribution error and his jingoist identity politics and living his life at one remove from reality. He'll lose it all soon enough, at this rate.

Seriously, slothrop. Take your self-righteous bourgeois horseshite over to Kos. Your ilk are the weakest link.

Posted by: Jonathan | Jan 14 2015 20:10 utc | 13

oops, @13 was supposed to be jfl @10 not @6 (sorry about that, jfl!)

Posted by: Jonathan | Jan 14 2015 20:13 utc | 14

But the truly monstrous thing, to me, is the French Government's nationalization and funding of the racist rag and perpetuating its current of hatred. Or had they been funding it all along? They are now, apparently.

State-sponsored terrorism. The brown shirts on the march. Again. That's what the French get for electing ... a 'socialist'?

Hollande seems to be a member of the National Socialist Workers' Party. Or did everyone know that already when they voted for him?

Posted by: jfl | Jan 14 2015 20:14 utc | 15

Germans at least were willing to face the magnitude of crimes that took place in the Nazi years; whereas some Americans still swoon over their country's contemptuous power to serve death up on an industrial scale. Think of Operation Phoenix in the US war in Vietnam, and the revisionist history that president, after miserable president, has tried to market to the public; airbrushing that racist inspired carnage, and the decimation of that country, so that some kind of noble aspect can be attached to it.

France too has a sordid colonial history for which it must answer,--in which the past is not really past. The sweetness and light of the "I am Charlie" assemblies is occurring in a country where mosques as well as synagogues are defaced by vandals; and where the French president lies when he says "We cannot leave the only Syrians who are preparing a democracy ... without weapons," . To whom is President Hollande referring? What is this preparation for democracy that he is talking about?

Hollande and Obama and the others we know want crude puppet governments to rise, to serve their national interests; and the societies which sustain the people and their culture, over there, can be trashed in the process.

Posted by: Copeland | Jan 14 2015 20:24 utc | 16

Professor Norman Finkelstein gets it right on his blog.

I am Der Sturmer?

On Wednesday, January 14th, 2015 in Uncategorized.

Norman G. Finkelstein

The Nazi publication Der Sturmer, edited by Julius Streicher, was notorious for its obscene anti-Semitic caricatures.

Imagine if a pair of Jewish brothers, distraught at the death and destruction that had befallen the Jewish people, barged into the newspaper’s offices and murdered members of its staff.

Would we hold up as martyrs and heroes those who chose to mock the deeply held beliefs of a suffering and despised people; to degrade, demean, insult and humiliate Jews in their hour of trial, when the world they had known was disintegrating around them?

Imagine if a million Berliners turned out to mourn the political pornographers.

Would we applaud this display of solidarity?

Streicher was sentenced to death in the Nuremberg Trial.

It is not reported that many in the enlightened West shed tears.

Posted by: harry law | Jan 14 2015 21:26 utc | 17

@harry law #17

Interesting comparison. Makes me wonder, if some "satirical" pub incited hatred against Jews the way Charlie incites hatred against Muslims, would it be a capital offense? Streicher's sentence would sure provide a precedent.

Seems pretty clear, it's ok to defame some but not others. Especially if you're from the group that complains about defamation if someone looks at you funny.

Posted by: Thirdeye | Jan 14 2015 22:02 utc | 18

This short statement from Dieudonné provides more context to his "Charlie Coulibaly" comment:

Yesterday we all were Charlie. We all walked and stood up for freedoms to be allowed to laugh at everything.

All the Government’s officials – you included – were walking together in the same direction.
Yet, when I came back home I felt all alone.

The Government has been targeting me for a year now and is still looking to eliminate me by any means: media lynching, ban on my performance shows, tax audits, bailiff raids, searches, indictments… More than eighty judicial procedures have struck down on my kinfolk and me.

And the Government keeps on ruining my life. Eighty judicial procedures.

Since the beginning of last year, I have been treated as public enemy number one, when all I try to do is make people laugh, and laugh about death, because death laughs at us all, as Charlie knows now, unfortunately.

Even though I offered peace under your authority in the past weeks, I did not get any answer from you yet.

Whenever I express myself some people will not even try to understand me, they will not listen. They try to find some kind of pretext to suppress me. I am looked upon as if I were Amedy Coulibaly, when I am no different from Charlie.

It seems like you do not care about my words, unless you can distort them and use them to fill yourself with indignation.

Dear Minister, since it looks like I have finally earned some listening from your part, I wish to remind you one thing:

I offer peace.

Dieudonné M’bala M’bala

Posted by: RudyM031513 | Jan 14 2015 23:25 utc | 19

A common historical pattern:




Posted by: Kraken | Jan 14 2015 23:29 utc | 20

b has proposed more restrictions on speech in previous posts. While speech is not absolute in any nation, many posters raised questions about b's appetite for increased criminalization of speech.

Among those questions raised was the criminalization of speech directed agains Zionism, under the pretext of combating anti-semitism.

It's difficult to call for more restrictions on speech and then griping when speech you favor is restricted.

Posted by: sleepy | Jan 14 2015 23:35 utc | 21

Posted by: Kraken | Jan 14, 2015 6:29:47 PM | 20

Pretty much what you thugs have done to me at this space for the past year absent the extermination part. But I'm tough as nails and can take anything you dish out. The majority of you, say 99%, are no different than the French government — sadistic authoritarians.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jan 14 2015 23:58 utc | 22

Posted by: slothrop | Jan 14, 2015 1:53:53 PM | 6

So shutup about the Native Americans, African-Americans and Mexicans whose people you continue to murder, oppress and exploit, and whose lands you stole. At least "the Germans" aren't doing the same to Jews anymore - hell, young Israelis looking for a future, flock to Berlin. Perhaps more so even than to NYC these days.

That's right, not one more word...on Ferguson, American cops, the whole kaboodle.

Posted by: Matt | Jan 15 2015 0:12 utc | 23

Old article on Dieudonne where his show was called off due to threats of violence by those who found him Anti-Semetic.

The article also mentions how the Israeli Ambassador in Norway caled of the removal of the following piece of art because he found it anti-semetic,

and how the Israeli ammbassador in Sweden "vandalised a work of art in the National Gallery of Antiquities, saying it was a terrible insult to the Israeli people."

In 2010 the US Department of State kindly took the time to complete a 'Compendium of Anti-Semitism' which contains several examples of other works of art or newspapers being censored for insulting Jewish people. It mentions one work pulled from the French Cultural Center in Damascus, which can be seen here:

Though the French authorities (dubiously) claim this was done because it offended a couple of Arab viewers.

And we have the recent lack of "I am Gary Oldman" to show how far commentary on Jewish culture is allowed in the USA,

Dieudonne's arrest is on a whole other level though and only the most high profile of recent crackdowns. A teen was also just sentenced to a year in jail for posting a video mocking Ahmed Merabet's death,

And a 22-year-old in the Paris suburb of Nanterre was sentenced to a year in jail for posting a video mocking one of the policemen shot dead last week.

Posted by: Bran | Jan 15 2015 0:16 utc | 24

I think that the collective guilt is necessarily inheritable in order to preserve the memory of the horrors.

I don't think Germans should talk about what Jews ought to do, anymore than I think that Americans or Australians should lecture other countries about the mistreatment of indigenes. But I certainly don't think that b's speech should be proscribed. I just think as a matter of civilized decorum, Germans should refrain from criticizing Israel, even though Israel mostly sucks.

As far as free speech goes, it seems to me that at common law, the Americans have it right. As a slightly less insane Supreme Court held in the early 40s, speech that invites conflict receives the most protection, because the speech is political. Prior restraints and punishment of speech are permitted only when there is a credible threat of the incitement of violence, or some imminent threat to national security. Crucially, the government needs to protect the speaker from reprisals from those persons offended by speech.

Posted by: slothrop | Jan 15 2015 0:24 utc | 25

things are heating up! so much for freedom of speech.. at least bozos like slothrop and cold get to talk here even when they make ignoramus's of themselves! hard to believe one could be as ignorant as @6 but apparently they can!

Posted by: ..james | Jan 15 2015 0:30 utc | 26

slothrop must have been tortured by a german nanny in his early years, no other plausible explanation for his running gag...

Posted by: zingaro | Jan 15 2015 0:44 utc | 27

"...But there was no reason for the president to race across the Atlantic to tromp with other foreign leaders who claimed to have a sudden awakening on the value of freedom of the press.

While Obama’s record on press freedom is not as disgraceful as Egypt’s, or Turkey’s, or Gabon’s, he has shown enough duplicity on this subject to gain easy admission into the hypocrites’ club..."

Posted by: okie farmer | Jan 15 2015 0:44 utc | 28

Read Arno Mayer's Why Did The Heavens Not Darken. And a little Lenni Brenner. Your original accusation was hyperbole and since I'm only part German I can say as much.

Posted by: truthbetold | Jan 15 2015 0:57 utc | 29

"They are now completely out of whack."

No, there are not. That's how supposed to be in liberal-fascist state.

Next "attack" probably will be in Sweden, Holland or Germany. Likely candidate is Denmark also.

Posted by: neretva'43 | Jan 15 2015 1:16 utc | 30


' Germans at least were willing to face the magnitude of crimes that took place in the Nazi years ... '

That's the key. Not the real NAZIs, of course ... they all went to the USA to build rockets, or stayed behind to run Nachtingale or Radio Free Europe ... but the ordinary people realized how badly 'their country' had fallen down.

Not so the USA. Not so France. Never so the UK. I guess it takes abject defeat to 'enlighten' the 'errant population'.

That's what we have to look forward to? Seems so. The neo-cons are pressing the fight not only to the last Ukrainian but to the last American - citizen of the USA - to the last French(wo)man, the last English(wo)man ... to the last German, too.

Posted by: jfl | Jan 15 2015 2:12 utc | 31

Has anyone besides me actually visited Cold at his home? The vitriol heaped on him here is totally uncalled for. The fact that his comments are censored at WaPo and vilified by the flock at dailykos validates his point. Cocksuckers!

Posted by: celestion | Jan 15 2015 2:19 utc | 32

Cold has obviously learned quite a lot, right here on this blog. When he first appeared here, he put up pretty much nonsense. Now - not so much. b kept him around, as I recall because he was 'entertaining'. But maybe b didn't ban him because b thought Cold just might learn something here. I think he has - just a little.

Posted by: okie farmer | Jan 15 2015 2:59 utc | 33

Prince Charles-Philippe d’Orléans, the Duke of Anjou, published a statement in which he spoke out against the “I Am Charlie Hebdo” movement that has taken root there.

duc-d-anjou“I will go against the emotional tide and break with the ‘I Am Charlie’ movement. No, I am not Charlie, because I never liked that Manichean newspaper. Charlie Hebdo is a vulgar rag that treats all opinions except its own with contempt, and which, under the guise of freedom of expression, allows everyone to act provocatively. Charlie Hebdo is an aggressive newspaper that uses what is alleged to be humor to spawn hatred between religions. Charlie Hebdo is a reflection of a European atheist society that creates enemies instead of respect and brotherhood among nations and peoples, regardless of their differences, race, skin color, or religion. So I refuse to take part in a “republican sacred alliance” to defend Charlie, because I simply do not understand what it is I should defend. I do not mean to be disrespectful or irreverent and do not wish to insult the memory of the dead cartoonists. Words fail to express the horror of the attack that occurred in the newspaper’s office. I condemn this barbaric act and offer my deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of those who died. But I condemn this attempt at national unity, as well as the hypocrisy of those of the public who never read this satirical weekly publication. Honor the memory of the victims, yes. Pay tribute to Charlie Hebdo, no.”

Posted by: okie farmer | Jan 15 2015 3:34 utc | 34


In fact, something almost exactly like what you mention did happen. In 1936, Wilhelm Gutloff, a notorious Nazi propagandist operating in Switzerland, was assassinated by a young Jewish man. Gutloff was made a hero and a martyr by the Nazis and his death was in the background of Kristalnacht. Being murdered does not absolve on of being a hateful bigot, no more than the victim being a hate filled bigot lessens the crime of murder.

Posted by: a different anon | Jan 15 2015 4:06 utc | 35

He should have said " I am Charlie Abdo"

Posted by: Virgile | Jan 15 2015 4:35 utc | 36

I too, accepted the consensus, and that he was kept around for entertainment. But as long as I'm speculating about motive, maybe b felt dissent should be allowed; maybe that Cold had something to teach as well as well. This ain't dailykos, thank god. On the events in Paris, Holyfield's got it down Cold. His post on Net Neuterality in November was right on time also.
More than entertaining.

Posted by: celestion | Jan 15 2015 5:17 utc | 37

I too, accepted the consensus, and that he was kept around for entertainment. But as long as I'm speculating about motive, maybe b felt dissent should be allowed; maybe that Cold had something to teach as well as well. This ain't dailykos, thank god. On the events in Paris, Holyfield's got it down Cold. His post on Net Neuterality in November was right on time also.
More than entertaining.

Posted by: celestion | Jan 15 2015 5:17 utc | 38

"One wonders what "apologist for terrorism" may additionally include. When Hollande delivers weapons to terrorists in Syria isn't he also an "apologist for terrorism"? "

No, I believe that makes him an ACTUAL TERRORIST

Posted by: 1968ES330 | Jan 15 2015 7:28 utc | 39

@ cold n @ 22

You never run out of new ways to make me sick to my stomach, cold. So now you are a martyr for your goofy reactionary petit bourgeois sensibilities. You come here for all the attention, cold and for no other reason. You know the editorial posture of this bog and "99%" of its commenters and yet you have made a career out of presenting the bone-headed reactionary "mainstream" consensus opinion on every singe issue that's come up over the past few years. One simply needs to name the issue and I know what cold will say about it. Your slaveringly pro Israel, pro imperialist opinions are so predictable and one dimensional that I have to wonder sometimes if they aren't a put on. You relish the pile-on's you get here or you wouldn't keep coming back (daily) for more. That doesn't make you "tough as nails" it makes you a troll.

Posted by: 1968ES330 | Jan 15 2015 8:01 utc | 40

now that any statement can be considered as "apology of terrorism" (but Hollande said yesterday that he regrets the West did not bomb Syria in 2013, he really thinks that to create a new Somalia/Afghanistan would help), Charlie returns to its 2nd easiest prey after muslims: women
all along the 90s after Philippe Val took other the title (the guy ended president of a major state-radio channel afterwards) i was disgusted by the amount of really sexist drawings

Posted by: Mina | Jan 15 2015 8:19 utc | 41

Posted by: 1968ES330 | Jan 15, 2015 2:28:14 AM | 39
The French "justifying terrorism" act with up to 7 years in jail is vile as completely undefind.

The issue is not "free speech" but French foreign policy and the fact they cannot afford it any longer. They have a Muslim Brotherhood/Qatar alliance which is heavily invested in banlieue mosques and civil organizations. Dieudonne was funded by Iran.

French Muslim kids have been used as cannon fodder in Lybia, Syria and Mali. France is firmly allied to the US/Turkey/Qatar "Muslim Brotherhood" strategy - which is causing havoc in Egypt and Syria, completely destabilized Libya, threatens Algeria, Saudi Arabia and the Moroccan king (and no, this does not really work for Israel, but nothing does these days).

So Hollande, the French government, now
a) in panic assure Jews they are safe in France
b) crack down on known antisemites using the pretext of "justifying terrorism" (Dieudonne would go to prison in Germany, but not on terrorism charges and not for mixing two names)
c) organize a "European republican solidariy" march to appease French islamophobes who double down, risking an escalation (Merkel at home hastily confirmed that "Islam is part of Germany" to distance herself from PEGIDA)
d) cannot prevent Netanyahu from attending who wants to prove that Jews=Israel=Zionism and only in Israel are they safe
b) try to neutralize Netanyahu by inviting Abbas and the King and Queen of Jordan
e) publicly regret not to have taken more action in Syria in 2013

The French/Western establishment can no longer explain what they are doing. They are allied with Qatar that shelters Yusuf Qaradawi who is banned from France, the US and Britain for being who he is - political Islam. At the same time they allow Qatar/political Islam to fund Mosques and civil organisations in France promoting a Wahhabi/Muslim Brotherhood version of Islam. They prosecute the Moroccan secret service for torture when their ally the US admit to it.

It is no surprise French teachers find it impossible to explain it all to kids in school.

Posted by: somebody | Jan 15 2015 8:56 utc | 42

Posted by: neretva'43 | Jan 14, 2015 8:16:51 PM | 30

I do not think so. It is a very "French" message.

As with Mohamed Merah the first attack was a French "institution" the army, the police, French secularism, the second attack a very soft Jewish target - a school, a supermarket.

As with Mohamed Merah, the state tried to pretend that the assassins were lonely, unconnected.

The track to Al Qeida in Yemen was laid officially quoting the assassins, ISIS involvement was first denied. The Iraq/Syria connection was made public by a posthumous video of the "terrorist network".

Moscow says the assassins spent time in Syria. Is there confirmation?

Posted by: somebody | Jan 15 2015 9:20 utc | 43

But Davutoglu was demonstrating in Paris last Sunday for "freedom of speech"!

Posted by: Mina | Jan 15 2015 9:58 utc | 44

Posted by: Mina | Jan 15, 2015 4:58:31 AM | 44

Someone is working for a clash of civilisations. PEGIDA npotential in Germany 30 percent.

Posted by: somebody | Jan 15 2015 10:18 utc | 45

Turkish arm dealer for the attacks

Lavrov said the Kouachi were in Syria last year. Did the French intelligence pay their tickets, as usual?

Posted by: Mina | Jan 15 2015 10:50 utc | 46

RT - Israel calls Erdogan ‘anti-Semitic bully’ hindering war on terror


Posted by: somebody | Jan 15 2015 11:22 utc | 47

add to 47

Turkish Jewish Community News - Erdogan celebrates Hannuka

says according to Google translate - "our Jewish citizens have contributed to our country in a singualar way"

Posted by: somebody | Jan 15 2015 11:30 utc | 48

Moscow says the assassins spent time in Syria. Is there confirmation?

Posted by: somebody | Jan 15, 2015 4:20:58 AM | 43

That's the problem with all of this and has been for quite some time. There is no verification of anything. The media just takes the script and runs with it — they're more concerned with the presentation, context and spin than they are with the actual factual content. Think about it — how would you confirm this? Ask a senior intelligence official? Really? We should just take their word for it? Send an objective independent journalist, even though there aren't any left, to conduct an interview with the "Islamic State" and/or "al Qaeda" even though we have no definitive confirmation these organizations exist as described by the media? Increasingly, they're making this shit up as they go, and the deeper and more widespread the Big Lie, the more absurd and contradictory it becomes, and yet you have so-called authorities (like Colonel Pat Fitts Lang and so many others they're too numerous to count and list) quoting and discussing this nonsense as fact and basing all of their "expert" opinionated conclusions on unconfirmed and unverified information — that's right, it's information and I would say propaganda, until it's properly vetted and confirmed as fact.

I'm still not convinced, far from it in fact, that The Brothers Kouachi (or Karamazov — either will do) are the perpetrators of the Charlie Hebdo shooting, but I am convinced that if they're not, they are obviously the patsies, and even if they were/are the perps, they're still the patsies. They don't look like the brightest fellows from the pics, and if this was a black ops where The Brothers Kouachi were manipulated into doing this by deep state operatives, it was a much more polished mission than this joke of an effort:

Ohio man arrested for alleged plot to attack U.S. Capitol

It's just one Newburgher after another and the most pathetic thing about it is, some mid and lower level dopes in the FBI take this shit seriously — as though it's the real deal and they're not dupes in the whole process of subterfuge and alternative reality narratives.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jan 15 2015 11:33 utc | 49

Posted by: 1968ES330 | Jan 15, 2015 3:01:46 AM | 40

You're obviously a disgruntled employee who has failed to radicalize me. Your whole department should be fired. You'll suck at what you do and you're only capable of recruiting retards. Jim told me, very specifically, to be careful. I know now what he meant.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jan 15 2015 12:02 utc | 50

Anyone surprised
CIA board clears staff of snooping Senate computers

Posted by: Mina | Jan 15 2015 12:26 utc | 51

This is pathetic. This makes all the moaning about free speech even more obviously false. I'm filled with deep disgust.

Posted by: Crest | Jan 15 2015 12:42 utc | 52


' Someone is working for a clash of civilisations. ... '

100,000 protest against Pegida in Germany

The German media reported on Tuesday that the twelfth Pegida (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West) demonstration held the previous day was the largest thus far. Sources put the number of participants at between 20,000 and 25,000. There were also anti-Islamic and right-wing extremist protests in other cities. But the marches outside of Dresden were much smaller than expected. In Leipzig, 4,800 Pegida supporters marched through the city. In Berlin, Düsseldorf and Saarbrücken there were only a few hundred.

Much bigger protest marches were held by Pegida’s opponents. The largest was in Leipzig, with more than 35,000 people protesting against Pegida’s racist propaganda. In Munich, 20,000 people demonstrated, 17,000 in Hannover, 7,000 in Dresden, 4,000 in Hamburg, and in Düsseldorf, 5,000.

Protests involving more than 1,000 participants also took place in Rostock, Schwerin, Saarbrücken and Mainz. Many participants in these demonstrations not only criticised Pegida’s racist slogans, but also the anti-immigrant policies of the German government. ...

In addition, several regional banners were held up, demonstrating that this is in no way a spontaneous movement of the Dresden population. Rather, right-wing extremists from across Germany are mobilising for the marches and bussing in participants, with the open support of the fascist NPD.

A study by the Dresden Technical University revealed that the demonstrations are made up overwhelmingly of privileged sections of the middle class which earn above-average incomes but are fearful of descending the social ladder. The study surveyed 400 demonstrators.

These reactionary elements are being deliberately mobilised to secure a right-wing base for the government’s policies of social attacks and militarism. With the terrorist attacks in Paris, the anti-Islamic agitation is being sharply intensified and directly linked to the restriction of democratic rights and other police state measures.

This is the intensification of a reactionary campaign that has been led by politicians and the media for several weeks, expressed most openly by Pegida. It has been led by the right-wing daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), whose co-editor Berthold Kohler warned in December that the demands of the Pegida demonstrations had to be taken seriously, and which called for an immigration policy directed solely at meeting the interests of the state.

FAZ provided space for the co-leader of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) Konrad Adam, to launch an anti-Muslim tirade. Then, on Monday, Matthias Alexander attacked anti-fascist protesters in Frankfurt in the same newspaper, because they had prevented the right-wing mob from continuing their march.

The Springer press is not far behind FAZ with its chauvinism. In a guest commentary for Die Welt entitled “Learning from Islam means learning to win,” the notorious Islamophobe Henry M. Broder declared cynically that “it is about the relation of two cultures, of which one is aggressive and the other defensive.” Of course it was Islam that was portrayed as the “aggressive culture” which inevitably produces terrorists and attackers.

Is this accurate? If so, will there soon be fighting in the streets between government goons and ordinary Germans?

Posted by: jfl | Jan 15 2015 13:01 utc | 53

Posted by: jfl | Jan 15, 2015 8:01:25 AM | 53

Yes, it is accurate. There won't be street fights but attacks on asylum seekers homes. PEGIDA is artificial, it is an anti-immigration crowd they are collecting.
Merkel puts all her authority on the scale "Islam is part of Germany" "we should defend our democracy and apply the constitution - i.e. democratic rights for everybody". Germany's economy needs immigration.
It is going to split her conservative party that stretches all the way from Catholic fundamentalists, Protestant hawks to lower middle class people hating taxation and scroungers.

Hollande according to German radio has adressed Muslims to respect French secular values in line with him featuring with Theo van Gogh in the Charlie Hebdo documentary in 2008.

Basically, France is represented by an islomophobe with a colonial Muslim Brotherhood strategy.

P.S. It is easy for Germany, they are not interested in Northern Africa and the Middle East. But let's not talk about Fascists in Ukraine ....

Posted by: somebody | Jan 15 2015 13:31 utc | 54

..."Think about it — how would you confirm this? Ask a senior intelligence official? Really? We should just take their word for it? Send an objective independent journalist, even though there aren't any left, to conduct an interview with the "Islamic State" and/or "al Qaeda" even though we have no definitive confirmation these organizations exist as described by the media? ..."
Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jan 15, 2015 6:33:38 AM | 49

This is your lucky day, Cold. Jurgen Todenhofer spent 7(?) months embedded with IS, conducting interviews, with the Caliphate's written permission. CCTV (English language news from Bejing) conducted an interview with him on Jan 11, 2015. I've got it on video but, if your research abilities are better than your 'analysis' abilities, you should be able to find the CCTV clip and/or Todenhofer himself on the www (he's anti-dumbass Yankee).

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 15 2015 13:38 utc | 55

Todenhöfer interview with German Jihadi in Mosul.

"We will kill whoever does not recognize us. If I return to Germany it will be with a weapon in my hand ...."

Jürgen Todenhöfer was an MP in Angela Merkel's party.

Posted by: somebody | Jan 15 2015 13:53 utc | 56

But let's not talk about Fascists in Ukraine ....

Yeah, maybe Germany and Germans can tell us something about that since they're the experts when it comes to fascism, but wouldn't it be an example of the pot calling the kettle black? Fascism in Germany is like cancer in remission. It can strike again at any time because it's never really cured just as Germany still hasn't cured itself of its "Jewish" problem. The Jews will forever be a carbuncle on the ass that is Germany.

The sad truth about today's modern Germany and Jews

Germany is a wonderful, beautiful country, its society one of the more sophisticated of our time.

Germany's cultural institutions, such as museums, theater and journalism, are the most advanced in the Western world -- which probably explains why its society's stars are not movie actors but intellectuals.

To me, and as far as I could witness, most of those intellectuals are pseudo intellectuals: they are brainy beyond repair, full of themselves, have a very narrow view of the world, lack a healthy sense of reality and, worse yet, suffer from acute anti-Semitism.

Again and again, history teaches us where this senseless hate will lead.

Before WWII, just as now, Germany was very advanced for its time, proudly holding one of the best human rights records. But then as now, the people had hate inside their hearts at the same time their mouths were uttering the loveliest words of freedom.

It was Adolf Hitler who knew to their deeper thoughts and he turned them into the most sadistic known to humanity.

If today Germany doesn't wake up to its inner hate, a more sophisticated Adolf will appear and nobody will be powerful enough to stop him.

It is time to tell Germany, in the clearest of words: People who suffer from cancer can't afford to ignore it. Germany must wake up to its cancer, before it will be fatally consumed by it.

Telling Germans the truth is not hate but the purest form of love. I deeply love them, and therefore I deeply care.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jan 15 2015 14:05 utc | 57

We will kill whoever does not recognize us

To these cowards, and many more like them in spirit, that means granny without her spectacles — not VIP'S. VIP'S are oddly untouchable to these unverified cretins. Granny and the children must serve involuntarily as the VIP's proxies and take their punishment. It's always the way it goes. I wonder why?

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jan 15 2015 14:17 utc | 58

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 15, 2015 8:38:36 AM | 55

Satire at its finest. Thank you for the laugh, and it was purely serendipitous on your part. Until I can put my fingers where the nails were and where the sword entered, it didn't happen based on unverified accounts. The guy was a Merkel MP, hardly a trustworthy source. Embedded with IS. What a laugh. How come he wasn't beheaded, instead of embedded, with IS? I'd say he was bedded with IS, meaning in bed with it, meaning IS is anything they want it to be at any time. Geographical borders isn't the only thing that doesn't pin this illusive, beheading, massacring phantom down — it defies static characterization and description, morphing daily into whatever it needs to be depending on the audience.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jan 15 2015 14:29 utc | 59

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jan 15, 2015 9:17:42 AM | 58

Yes, I know, you deserve each other.

Posted by: somebody | Jan 15 2015 14:32 utc | 60

Jürgen Todenhöfer was an MP in Angela Merkel's party.

Posted by: somebody | Jan 15, 2015 8:53:29 AM | 56

Clearly a thoroughly trustworthy unbiased source then

Posted by: Rogan Joh | Jan 15 2015 14:54 utc | 61

The name of the Swiss Nazi assassinated in 1936 was Wilhelm Gustloff. The famous German ship named after him was sunk by a Soviet submarine shortly before the end of World War Two in Europe. More than 9,000 lives were lost, the greatest death toll from the sinking of a single vessel in human history.

Posted by: lysias | Jan 15 2015 16:24 utc | 62

Friedman is pitching the Clash of Civilization argument.

If no one but the gunmen and their immediate supporters are responsible for the action, and all others who share their faith are guiltless, you have made a defensible moral judgment. But as a practical matter, you have paralyzed your ability to defend yourselves. It is impossible to defend against random violence and impermissible to impose collective responsibility. As Europe has been for so long, its moral complexity has posed for it a problem it cannot easily solve. Not all Muslims — not even most Muslims — are responsible for this. But all who committed these acts were Muslims claiming to speak for Muslims. One might say this is a Muslim problem and then hold the Muslims responsible for solving it. But what happens if they don't? And so the moral debate spins endlessly.

Posted by: okie farmer | Jan 15 2015 16:31 utc | 63

They are so transparent, arent they - from your link

As it happens, my new book will be published on Jan. 27. Titled Flashpoints: The Emerging Crisis in Europe, it is about the unfolding failure of the great European experiment, the European Union, and the resurgence of European nationalism. It discusses the re-emerging borderlands and flashpoints of Europe and raises the possibility that Europe's attempt to abolish conflict will fail. I mention this book because one chapter is on the Mediterranean borderland and the very old conflict between Islam and Christianity. Obviously this is a matter I have given some thought to, and I will draw on Flashpoints to begin making sense of the murderers and murdered, when I think of things in this way.

So it is Europe's turn now to get destabilized. We are all borderland now.

Posted by: somebody | Jan 15 2015 16:48 utc | 64

So it is Europe's turn now to get destabilized. We are all borderland now.

Posted by: somebody | Jan 15, 2015 11:48:06 AM | 64


Posted by: okie farmer | Jan 15 2015 16:51 utc | 65


"I think that the collective guilt is necessarily inheritable in order to preserve the memory of the horrors."

So why do we not hear endless whining and crying about the Armenian genocide? Was that no less a crime? My great-grandfather watched people butchered, shot in cold blood, in front of their homes - those that were not driven out. He was separated from his brother and didn't see him for 35 years until they were reunited in the US.
Armenians, are they considered to be history's cheats and scumbags, as are the members of the sainted, original victim tribe? I think not.
We can debate all day long about the truth of such an argument, but the facts are glaring:

Only the Jew gets to use his "Holocaust" as a crutch for everything from defending barbaric Israel and their wanton murder of children, to avoiding jail, to prevent speech they do not like, to gain undue sympathy for their offspring who did not experience the Holocaust, as well as the numerous frauds who scammed people for money and were NEVER there, to get guilt money from Western countries who saved get the idea.
The Cult of the Holocaust pedestal that they and other useful dupes put them on makes them almost untouchable, and that's the way they like it. The crimes against them are just somehow worse than those committed against all others, since they are just, what, MORE human than the rest of us? They get the final say almost everywhere. Germany has no free choice but to forever meekly pay for the sins of their fathers, and their fathers before that, and those before that...

Fuck their exalted Chosenite status.

Posted by: farflungstar | Jan 15 2015 17:03 utc | 66

They are now completely out of whack.

Not really, if one understands ‘free speech’ as the license to mock, satirise, insult, defame, accuse, etc. muslims, and associate them with terrorism. Only them.

Anyone who has some difficulty with that scenario should be careful now, specially if they use jokes or satire. Ponderous articles about togetherness are fine. Remember to stress that there are 'different cultural mind-sets and belief systems.'

This vid. shows N. St Cricq (a journalist) responding to ‘what must be done?’ and talking about security, police, surveillance, etc. Then: “We must find (tag, root out?) and treat, integrate or re-integrate all those who are not Charlie." The educational system and policies are to blame, yada yada.

Media exageration? Not at all! At the National Assembly, Vals in his speech bashed once more the fact that the Shoah can’t be taught in certain schools, places, and that some schools in France could not / did not honor the minute of silence for the C. Hebdo victims. (Decision is up to school directors.) Teachers got bashed…

The Minister of Education, in an urgent meeting, was quite sensible on pupils’ school failure, discrimination, social injustice, exclusion - those kinds of topics. (Like anyone could be and the French are excellent at.)

Then she rolled out the actions: - One hour a week on secularism (obligatory) - a Terrorism Prevention Kit distributed to all schools to track ‘deviant’ children - a new ‘dispositif’ to make sure that ‘heresy’ (how else to call it?) is tracked and goes up to the highest level - and of course extra punishments (for what exactly is not clear.) See for ex. in F here:

So, all is being done to repress muslims more, root out deviant, oppositional thought, right down to toddler level (this being on the whole a Brit preoccupation.)

One kid (story from a teach blog) after teach had clumsily laid out the official line (with a lot of oppo), asked, does that mean I can draw a pic of the Provost of the District, Naked, with an, err you know what, (fill it in) and put it in all the pigeon holes and on the internet and not be punished?

Posted by: Noirette | Jan 15 2015 17:10 utc | 67

@45 - @63

' Someone is working for a clash of civilisations. ... '

For a "Clash of Civilizations" mustn't one predicate "civilization"? There appear to be none in evidence, anywhere.

Posted by: Jeremiah Cornelius | Jan 15 2015 17:26 utc | 68

Thousands of people protest in Armenia against Russian military bases after one of the soldiers murdered a family of 6 people and tried to escape the country.

Posted by: Ulster | Jan 15 2015 18:32 utc | 69

@ULSTER @ 69

LOL Your a broken record. How's that Ukraine thing working out BTW ? Has Poroshenko succeeded in begging Putin to forgive the overdue gas bill yet ? When are we going to get the details on the MH17 shootdown report ? Its been months and its like that went completely silent on that..wonder how come ?

Since your interested in military base protesting here some light reading material for you..and hers some trivia for you : at least one of the thousands of US military bases deployed around the world is protested every day !


Posted by: 1968ES330 | Jan 15 2015 19:23 utc | 70

@ COLD @ 50

What ?? Mix your goofy metaphors much ? LoL In all the years this blog has been in operation I've posted maybe, 6 comments and most of them recently and none of them to you (until yesterday). Your easy to ignore colden. And who the hell is "Jim" and why would anyone else but you care ?

Posted by: 1968ES330 | Jan 15 2015 19:31 utc | 71

why is Diedonne under attack and not Charlie Hebdo?
must view analysis

because he is a theat to a certain privileged group eg LICRA the french version of AIPAC

Posted by: brian | Jan 15 2015 21:19 utc | 72

doesnt this:
'Tonight, as far as I’m concerned, I feel like Charlie Coulibaly” – mixing the slogan “Je suis Charlie'

sound like this?

Posted by: brian | Jan 15 2015 21:21 utc | 73

'France now deploys 10,000 soldiers and 5,000 police to protect "Jewish sites". Meanwhile 26 places of worship for Muslims have been attacked and 34 have been threatened.'

the privileged group gets the support

Posted by: brian | Jan 15 2015 21:25 utc | 74

Posted by: slothrop | Jan 14, 2015 7:24:32 PM | 25

First, note that Slothop backtracks on restrictions to freedom of speech in the USA:

"Prior restraints and punishment of speech are permitted only when there is a credible threat of the incitement of violence, or some imminent threat to national security.

So you think members or fellow travelers of the CPUSA prosecuted under the Smith Act in the 1950's posed "a credible threat of the incitement of violence"? That organization at the time (as it does today) advocated voting for the Democratic Party, hardly an advocacy of overthrow of the government. It is clear that measures such as the Smith Act are left on the books, regardless of legalistic interpretations after the fact, to provide a convenient political dragnet for the government authorities.

Advocating the overthrow of any government ALWAYS implies ipso facto "incitement to force and violence", as governments by definition enjoy a social monopoly of force and violence, and therefore can only actually be overthrown by the same means. The speech itself establishes that as a "credible threat", and references to "credible", "force" and "violence" in no way qualifies application of the Act.

IOW, advocacy of a Ukranian-style Maidan against the US government will be illegal under the Smith Act.

In reality in the USA, of course, the vast majority of censorship is conducted by "civil society" organizations. This is labeled "self-censorship", so in Slothrop's world there is no contradiction or hypocrisy involved in Charlie Hebdo's firing of a member for their anti-Semitic scribblings. But in fact the USA has a long tradition of "para-state" "civil society" vigilantism, and the government normally relies upon these to do the dirty work.

So the only "censorship" recognized in Slothrop's world is State or governmental censorship. This standing on formalities is of course recognized as BS by any sensible person. In REALITY, all so-called "civil society" organizations are in part unavoidably constituted by the State as a condition for their existence. This is especially true of private corporations organized primarily for economic purposes, and it is these as concentrated as "content producers" in the communications industries that perform the bulk of censorship. A journalist working for one of these organizations, being told by their editors what to or what not to write about is subject to authoritarian censorship every bit as much as if by government edict. You just won't hear about it, because it doesn't come under the purview of "democracy", as ironically that is formally limited to government institutions.

Posted by: Matt | Jan 15 2015 22:12 utc | 75

@54 @56

So guys like Todenhöfer have sharpened their knives and are ready to dine on Mutti's carcasse? When are they going to sit down to their meal? Presuming that ... lacking a Hindenburg ... they act through Parliament. Or can Gauck be 'inspired' to step up to the job? I really know little about Germany.

It does look like France has picked up the fascist flag, and their flagship is passing by Yemen on the way for Champagne with the US Fleet. The Charlie DeGualle, I believe.

I see that Russia has rebuffed Mr. European Unit on gas. The poor Palestinians, the poor Ukrainians of all 'brands', the poor Syrians, ... the poor Yemenis. It's about time that we North Americans and Europeans noticed that we are just as much the victims of this scum - that always seems to float to the top - and just to skim it. Time is on the side of sanity. If the worst can be held off 'til ... whenever ... reality will assert itself, and a chance for house cleaning will then present itself ... with the spring? And from then on, our house-keeping must proceed on a more timely basis.

But we must realize that all of us, world-wide, at the bottom of the pot are in this together, and continuously skim the scum that floats - on the Atlantic, most conspicuously at this particular point in time.

Posted by: jfl | Jan 16 2015 0:20 utc | 76

' But let's not talk about fascists in Ukraine'

Germany has North Stream and won't be affected by South Stream's demise. What a coincidence.

Posted by: jfl | Jan 16 2015 0:24 utc | 77

For a "Clash of Civilizations" mustn't one predicate "civilization"? There appear to be none in evidence, anywhere.
Posted by: Jeremiah Cornelius | Jan 15, 2015 12:26:05 PM | 68

For example...

Q: "What do you think of Western Civilisation?"
Gandhi: "I think that might be a very good idea."

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 16 2015 2:10 utc | 78

slothrop @6

you say no one can criticize Israel for ethnic cleansing of Palestine because of WWII and the Holocsust? I think they can.
you know, in the last big Israeli massacre of Palestinians in Gaza (the massacre continues daily), Israel murdered thousands of civilians for no reason. Hamas killed 73 soldiers. regardless of what anyone did in 1930 or in Darfur for that matter, Israel is committing genocide with full permission by people who are... you.
Germany France US everyone SHOULD criticize Israel for this many-decades of ethnic cleansing or else we are not human.
are you not?

Posted by: anon | Jan 16 2015 3:19 utc | 79

@Cold #57

Quoting Faux News on an opinion piece by Israeli playwright Tuvia Tenenbom exposes himself for what he really is and what he is all about. Just a moron.

Posted by: Oui | Jan 17 2015 5:16 utc | 80

@anon #79:

Israel murdered thousands of civilians for no reason.
Their Bible tells them that they must exterminate people who are not Jewish. So they had a very good reason, as far as they are concerned.

Posted by: Demian | Jan 17 2015 6:16 utc | 81

Posted by: Oui | Jan 17, 2015 12:16:24 AM | 80
you can add
Demian | Jan 17, 2015 1:16:22 AM | 81

Orthodox Jews - ie true believers - refuse to go to the military.

Posted by: somebody | Jan 17 2015 7:32 utc | 82

Dieudonne back on stage. Let me guess - sold out.

Posted by: somebody | Jan 17 2015 13:29 utc | 83

The mayor of Metz failed to have the Dieudonné show canceled. The judge ordered the hall operator Vega Group to open the doors for 4,000 ticket holders …

Dieudonné : la « bête immonde » a finalement joué à Metz

Reported by Philippe Marque

Posted by: Oui | Jan 17 2015 16:31 utc | 84

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