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December 07, 2014

Israel's Continuing War On Syria

Today Israeli jets attacked some Syrian military positions near Damascus. Details are yet unknown. But it is important to note that these are not one-off attacks but part for an ongoing active campaign Israel is waging against Syria mostly though through proxy "insurgent" forces.

Three days ago the UN General Secretary received a report from the UN Observer Mission mission on the Golan Heights (UNDOF). The report was an indictment of Israel for its strong cooperation with Syrian insurgents including the Syrian al-Qaeda group Jabhat al-Nusra.

For readers of MoA the extensive support by Israel of Jabhat al-Nusra and others against the Syrian army, including with direct artillery fire against Syrian government troops, is not news. But the main-stream media had so far lacked any reporting on it.

Today the Israeli paper Haaretz is the first to publish about the UN report but it does so very toned done and lacking significant details:

Reports by UN observers in the Golan Heights over the past 18 months reveal the type and extent of cooperation between Israel and Syrian opposition figures.
According to the report, UN observers stated that tents were set up about 300 meters from the Israeli position for some 70 families of Syrian deserters. The Syrian army sent a letter of complaint to UNDOF in September, claiming this tent camp was a base for “armed terrorists” crossing the border into Israel.

While Haaretz notes some medical support for wounded insurgent fighters it Israel in does not reveal that the numbers are in the hundreds.

Haaretz notes the "refugee" camp that has been set up near Al Aishah village in Syria some 300 meter from Israeli positions but it omits that the UN confirmed the Syrian claim that these are camps of active insurgents. UNDOF notes:

UNDOF estimates that from 60 to 70 families live in the camps. On 23 September, [UNDOF-]position 80 observed armed individuals gathered in Al Aishah village unloading weapons from a truck. Some individuals were in civilian attire and others in camouflage uniforms. A vehicle with a mounted anti-aircraft gun was observed in proximity to the place of unloading.
On 27 October, position 80 observed two IDF soldiers east of the technical fence returning from the direction of the Alpha line towards the technical fence. UNDOF observed IDF opening the technical fence gate and letting two individuals pass from the [Syrian] Bravo to the [Israeli] Alpha side. Following the evacuation of UNDOF personnel from position 85 on 28 August, UNDOF sporadically observed armed members of the opposition interacting with IDF across the ceasefire line in the vicinity of United Nations position 85.

The UNDOF observers had to retreat from some of their positions on the Syrian side after being attacked by Nusra and other insurgents. They are now limited in their abilities to observe the various exchanges between Israeli soldiers and the insurgents. To achieve that was likely the purpose of their earlier attacks on UN troops.

Today's attack near Damascus will hardly change the course of the war. It is probably just a political move by the outgoing Israeli prime minister Netanyahoo using Syria as a "punching bag" to divert from his interior political misfortune. It is time for Syria and its allied forces to demonstrate to Netanyahoo and Israel that any further attacks by it will have dire consequences.

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There's a piece by Richard Silverstein on this subject: Israel Establishes Syrian Rebel Base in Israel, Treats Radical Islamist Wounded.

Posted by: Laguerre | Dec 7 2014 17:17 utc | 1

We're all sick and tired of these saint-like Chosen people pretending to want peace. No one buys it anymore. It's only a matter of time before precious, innocent, victimized Israel is forced to make peace - let the boycotts begin, let Israel go the way of apartheid South Africa.

Posted by: Cynthia | Dec 7 2014 18:15 utc | 2

The raid on Damascus is just what is needed for Le Monde to speak only the raid and not the UN report.

Posted by: Mina | Dec 7 2014 18:36 utc | 3

The biggest oil spill ever in Israel on its largest nature reserve, not even reported after 4 days in the main media networks. Am I pessimistic or are the architects already planning the future colonies in the area (strategic: north of Eilat)

Posted by: Mina | Dec 7 2014 18:55 utc | 4

Those airstrikes are probably against missiles the Israelis accuse Damascus of supplying to Hezbollah, If that is the case and the Israelis have been successful, this would amount to a shocking breach of security on the part of Damascus. The first priority should be to supply Hezbollah all the sophisticated weaponry it can afford to give, including ground to air missiles, not to have these weapons stored in warehouses and easy targets for the IDF.

Posted by: harry law | Dec 7 2014 19:27 utc | 5

@5 They could be dummies too. Covering the whole country with dummy missile sites would be a good strategy.

Posted by: dh | Dec 7 2014 19:38 utc | 6

@5/6. i am sure there are plenty of spies working to facilitate what is where.

b quote "It is time for Syria and its allied forces to demonstrate to Netanyahoo and Israel that any further attacks by it will have dire consequences."

what do you propose to make this happen? i can't see it frankly.. israel can be in bed with isis/al qaada - you name it , or - lets just politely call them 'rebels' - and it will matter not. it will either go unreported in the msm, or it will be smothered in saccharine for those who do read about it. israel according to the usa/western msm - never does anything wrong.. goldstone reports will be treated as toilet paper and anyone who comes out in opposition with israel, aside from being labelled anti-semite - will be ignored or sidelined. go Max Blumenthal!

Posted by: james | Dec 7 2014 19:56 utc | 7

The Syrians need better anti aircraft weapons. Right now Israel apparently can bomb with impunity.

Posted by: Vollin | Dec 7 2014 20:20 utc | 8

'Israel Establishes Syrian Rebel Base in Israel, Treats Radical Islamist Wounded.'

people need to stop calling them 'syrian rebels': unless theyve been idenfied AS syrians

Posted by: brian | Dec 7 2014 21:41 utc | 9


S300 was good but Israel keep bombing them, syria/lebanon is obviously filled with spies for Israel.

Posted by: Anonymous | Dec 7 2014 21:43 utc | 10

The Israelis have been bombing Syria for decades with impunity and the Syrians have no defense, this is not an endorsement just a fact. If the Syrians tried to put up a defense they would only recieve more punishment.

Trying to claim this long standing policy, aimed at Hezbollah supplies, is about the recent war is a stretch.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Dec 7 2014 21:53 utc | 11

It's a very serious problem for the Syrians. On the one hand, they don't want a war with a stronger power and so they accept bombardment to avoid further escalation. And yet, the more the Israelis see they suffer no consequences the more they bomb. At this point after 4 years of war, Syria may be in no condition to fight back at all. The worst mistake the Syirans made was not retaliating after the 2007 Israeli attack on the "nuclear facility." A short missile barrage at an Israeli airbase, even if it did minimal damage, and even if subsequent Israeli escalation would be painful, would have put the Syrians in a much better position later. It would have given pause to the Israelis when considering subsequent attack and it would have earned the Syrian government serious credibility. Notice how Israel is much more reluctant to attack Lebanon than Syria. Because they know any Serious attack on Lebanon means a serious war with Hezbollah.

The problem is worse now that Syria is weaker and tired after 4 years of war. But not fighting back only means a painful death by a thousand cuts. At some point, Syria's best bet will be to launch a quick missile barrage at an Israeli airbase somewhere and hope for the best. Also, fighting with Israel makes it harder politically for the US to impose a no fly zone with Turkey, which appears to be the objective.

Also, I seriously doubt the Israelis are at all interested in a land war in Syria. They are hesitant to invade Gaza, much less Syria.

Posted by: Lysander | Dec 7 2014 22:08 utc | 12

Let's face it, emotionally I am as angry as anyone listening to this, how long can syria put up with this situation. Well, unfortunately, for as long as it takes. Syria has weak friends, friends who are happy to have Syrians continue to rely on them out of fear but will only help a little bit to keep,this dependence for ever. Putin could have stopped this long ago, but to him syria is just another pawn and he is not willing to let it slip away.
So, grin and bear it. When your friends are not as good as they are to your enemies, you can't push the point. Israel knows this and Netanyahu needs some publicity now that he is in electin mode. Syria may get more of these senseless attacks as Israel election gets close.
Those who think putin or Iran will jump in, have another cigarette, assad needs to be patient. You know, stick and and stones.

Posted by: Brad a | Dec 7 2014 22:49 utc | 13

Israel is a disgusting coward as it hits a wounded Syria because it can't hit powerful Iran.
The Syrian opposition should finally wake up to the disaster their pathetic and infantile revolution has brought to the country. They have allowed Syria to be exposed to sadistic Islamist terrorists and to cynical Israel.
It isn't time they plead guilty and change their tone to protect what is left of the country from the vultures?

Posted by: Virgile | Dec 7 2014 23:30 utc | 14

It's apparently easy to forget that it's Assad's job to deal with internal military threats and Russia's job to deal with external military threats. Vlad's Med flotilla includes better Radar and SIGINT detection capabilities than the West's. There's no doubt in my mind that Russia has a long and comprehensive list of strategic targets inside "Israel". Bibi's pre-election stunts have the potential to cost Israel its impunity myth along with its ability to defend itself from the neighbors.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Dec 8 2014 3:28 utc | 15

From RT:

Posted by: ben | Dec 8 2014 3:40 utc | 16

I always like your comments Hoarsewhisperer, and I certainly hope you're right this time. Israel needs to pay a price for this continual behavior. Iran or Russia either one could show them the error of their ways, but I'm thinking both are a little tied up right now. Russia with Ukraine and Iran in their seemingly pointless negotiations with the US. I think a show of force by either (or both) might be a wake-up call.

Posted by: Jim T | Dec 8 2014 5:38 utc | 17

"It is time for Syria and its allied forces to demonstrate to Netanyahoo and Israel that any further attacks by it will have dire consequences." - b

And what is it Assad's military can do? What are the dire consequences for repeated Israeli air attacks considering that Assad can barely keep Damascus together?

Posted by: ab initio | Dec 8 2014 5:59 utc | 18

animals don't get into confrontation unless they absolutely have to and for survival purposes.. people are stupid enough to engage in actions that they typically regret later. hopefully russia and iran aren't that stupid.. we know the usa and israel are.

Posted by: james | Dec 8 2014 6:56 utc | 19

"UNDOF estimates that from 60 to 70 families live in the camps."

Families, huh? Are there women and children in this "camp"? Who are they the wives and children of? Or is this just more evidence of war crimes on the part of the rebels: holding refugees hostage and using them as human shields.

Those airstrikes are probably against missiles the Israelis accuse Damascus of supplying to Hezbollah, If that is the case and the Israelis have been successful, this would amount to a shocking breach of security on the part of Damascus.

This has happened again and again. The Israelis always claim they are going after "missiles bound for Hezbollah" but their real targets are, of course, a mystery. Of course the last time the Israelis illegally bombed its neighbor, it managed only to decimate some chicken coops (no word from the Israelis as to wether the chickens were bound for Hezbollah).

As for what the Syrians can do in response - they are in an impossible situation.

As james stated: Israel is a rogue power attacking its neighbors at will. There is no force willing to bring them to justice. The Israelis have all the morality of a hyena in the jungle.

Israel can be taught lessons, certainly. They are not omnipotent like W0W seems to think, free to "punish" at will. But those powers who have successfully faced down Israel most recently have faced an invading I.O.F. in a drawn out ground battle. And obviously this isn't in the cards. This is something - at the moment - which Syria cannot afford to get involved in.

Tit for tat bombings - say Syria throwing an surface-to-surface missile at an Israeli air base and blowing up some F-16s - would probably just result in the Israelis responding in kind (and not much else, I don't think). Syria could not sustain such a game unfortunately. The Israelis are simply too rich and the Syrians too weary.

The Syrians have one goal at the moment, and that is the survival of their country. The only people who know what the Israelis are accomplishing with these illegal raids are the Syrians. The result of these expensive Israeli raids my well be a big fat NOTHING. In which case, they Syrias are right to respond with nothing in kind.

Posted by: guest77 | Dec 8 2014 8:35 utc | 20

In the second paragraph from the bottom, I wrote: "This is something - at the moment - which Syria cannot afford to get involved in."

But of course the same goes for the Israelis. Any incursion into Syria at this point would, Israeli planners have to consider, likely engage Hezbollah.

Posted by: guest77 | Dec 8 2014 8:38 utc | 21

I really think it'd rather problematic for syria to defend against isreali airstrikes. just imagine they'd down two or three israeli planes around the damascus area. we all know that "international law" is obsolete these days. downing a single israeli plane would maybe jsut be the anticipated occasion for israel to begin "full-scale" air war against syria and the islamist infantry marching towards damascus. guess it'll come anyway but no reason for damascus to speed things up.

Posted by: radiator | Dec 8 2014 9:00 utc | 22

@22 - that funny, its sort of what I was trying to get at in @21. The Israelis couldn't do anything to damage the Syrian government too much - after all, what if such an attack handed the country over to ISIS?

Whatever the settler state's response to a Syrian counter-attack might be, they would have to get the permission from the US/UK. Without that, they'd be throwing a huge monkeywrench into the CIA's four year old war, right? An Israeli attack could cause all kinds of unanticipated things to happen.

Which makes one think that maybe the Syrians have a little more space to maneuver in... Perhaps they could counter-attack Israel in such a way that the West has to restrain Israel's response for fear of giving too much "advantage to ISIL". That would be then a sort of "nobody moves or else the N***** gets it" strategy but... who knows.

Not particularly impressive but maybe it lets the Syrians make a face-saving military response - and avoid a devastating Israeli response by playing on the West's phony fears of "ISIS".

Hahaaha. How ridiculous. I need some sleep.

Posted by: guest77 | Dec 8 2014 11:17 utc | 23

I actually believe that the IS is under the command of the "west" ie us, sa, qatar and maybe even israel itself. if, just for the argument's sake, one takes the difference between "al nusra" and "isis" for real, then it'd be al-nusra that's moving in on damascus city. the relationship between al-nusra and israel seems to be very friendly, see the article above. so i guess no one in the "west" would complain about al-nusra taking over the capital, indeed i strongly believe that's the goal of the west.

Posted by: radiator | Dec 8 2014 12:20 utc | 24

This Debka report is interesting. It may be inaccurate but the fact that they're saying that the rebels are turning over intelligence to the Israelis means that there's some truth to the reports of collaboration between the two sides.

Posted by: Wolfgang | Dec 8 2014 13:10 utc | 25

I think it's really not too far off to think of the terrorists, at least those in the south and near the israeli border, as actual infantry to the western air force. this includes intelligence or reconnaisance.

Posted by: radiator | Dec 8 2014 13:39 utc | 26


I saw nothing in the Debka article to substantiate your claim of Rebel intelligence assisting the Israelis. Israel has long had excellent intelligehce in Syria and neighboring countries from a variety of sources including the Druz.

The continued drive to attach al Nusra and others to Israel without any substantial evidence is beginning to look like a ploy with an Iranian agenda behind it.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Dec 8 2014 15:49 utc | 27

Poor Syrian people have been through so much already.
Then the duplicitous and two-faced Jew neighbor, led by the cowardly political cunt Netanyahu, gets a few cheap shots in, knowing he will not have to deal with retaliation, as USSA is "bombing" ISIS in Syria and Iraq already.
Anyone else still in denial that Israel, the wholesome desert flower, is helping ISIS terrorists?
Imagine the stereophonic whining and crying in AmeriKan media were Syria to down even one Jew State war plane.

Posted by: farflungstar | Dec 8 2014 16:02 utc | 28

Wow: you are really hard up on defending Jstate uber alles, no? One would think that Israel would be in a paranoid balls-out hurry to eliminate an "Islamic Caliphate" being formed right next door by supposed enemies who want to "push Israel into the sea", but jihadists are just too darn busy killing other Muslims to help out Palestinians right now - plus Muslims killing Muslims has always served jew state usefully. Books printed in the USSA in Nebraska supporting anti-Soviet jihad were used in schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan, underwritten by USAID - how many are still being used by KSA owned schools to churn out fighters and killers of other Muslims? Scary.
After watching these supremacist cocksuckers for long enough you can believe the worst about Israel and you'll almost never be disappointed. Sane people are left to shake their head in amazement at J-state's large brass balls and their myriad apologists and excuse making trolls.

Posted by: farflungstar | Dec 8 2014 16:28 utc | 29


You are wrong,FF I have never written anything supporting Israel, facts are not support. What interests me is why some people are pushing so hard to propagate this BS propaganda, cui bono?

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Dec 8 2014 17:12 utc | 30

@30 - why read mob? just stick with what the msm tells you..

Posted by: james | Dec 8 2014 17:33 utc | 31


Being dismissive about an honest question just shows your lack of rigor or disinterest in wanting to find the truth. I don't read much MSM spin but depend on ME sources who also print and sometimes support this meme. Some writers do see this BS for what it is and try to explain it. One writer calls it, Baghdadi Denial Syndrome.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Dec 8 2014 18:09 utc | 32

Russia condemn Israeli strike

Posted by: Anonymous | Dec 8 2014 18:32 utc | 33

@32 it helps to use a little imagination as opposed to accepting everything at face value.. i don't expect israel or the usa to come out and say they actively support isis or those rebels on israels border right now, but as the saying goes 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'.. how do you explain the acceptance of israels bombing syria here, and what many perceive as open support for al- nusra?

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem on Sunday accused Israel of “aiding the rebels in Syria.” “Every time the Syrian army advances” and positions itself to retake territory from the rebels who are fighting against the government of Bashar al-Assad, “there is an Israeli strike, either land-based with tanks, or from the air. I say that this proves that Israel is a main partner of Jabhat al-Nusra, the Al-Nusra Front, which is fighting against our forces on our southern border,” he said.

Posted by: james | Dec 8 2014 20:12 utc | 34

The bombing was done by the turkish airforce with nato backup

Posted by: mcohen | Dec 8 2014 20:46 utc | 35

@34 - Thanks James


This is BS propaganda because you say so? Or because Israel would naturally deny it? Oh these Muslims we are helping are MODERATES, we pinkie-swear.
History shows time and again that Jstate does whatever it needs to do, partners up with whomever they need to, to get what they want. When they feel the slightest bit threatened, they act accordingly - like yesterday - which is why I find it curious they are not carrying on day and night about the threat from ISIS. Is it because there really isn't any threat to them? Let me know when ISIS dares to raise a hand toward Israel - or Saudi Arabia for that matter - and I might believe they aren't all in bed together.
It really isn't such a stretch of the imagination to that maybe Jstate is using its considerable intelligence assets to help achieve a long stalemate where her enemies are fighting and killing each other and no side is allowed to gain much of an upper hand.
Nothing I find out about Israel surprises me anymore.

Posted by: farflungstar | Dec 8 2014 21:54 utc | 36


Sure they did, and I bet you got proof.

Posted by: farflungstar | Dec 8 2014 21:58 utc | 37

@wayoutwest, then maybe you did not pay attention to this section of the link I posted

then Syria to Syrian rebel units.. One of the most highly sophisticated Russian intelligence bases outside its borders, the secret site was located strategically close to the junction of Syria’s borders with Jordan and Israel.
The prized hi-tech apparatus, much of it unfamiliar to Western spy agencies, was quickly shipped out of Syria for examination in the West.

You know, frankly, I am tired of regulars here obstructing any kind of info they don't like, kind of like this whole thing with wayoutwest. The info was in the link, he/she just didn't bother or whatever.

Discourages newbies from posting. So, last post ever from me.

Posted by: Wolfgang | Dec 8 2014 23:50 utc | 38


Before you start claiming someone is obstructing you maybe you should read more closely. This report only stated that "Syrian Rebel Forces" captured the Russian listening post not which of the many rebel groups was involved and there was no mention of the Islamic State or al Nusra which surely would have been identified if they were shipping Russian equipment to the West.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Dec 9 2014 0:28 utc | 39

wayoutwest - you are knowingly or not obstructing any suggestion the west or israel shares responsibility for the shitstorm in the middle east.. i have no idea your agenda, but since you came to this site it has been diametrically opposite the focus of this site and seems to be motivated by a desire to be an apologist for any finger pointing back to israel or the usa.. i picked this up right from the start, so your continuation in this direction is no surprise. i am just starting to be a bit more vocal about it.. i know others here don't feel the need to call you out on it, but just so you know - most folks pick up where you are coming from and they don't share your viewpoint.

Posted by: james | Dec 9 2014 0:38 utc | 40


Thanks for the link to the UN report. Even with the map, the distinctions of the Alpha and Bravo lines, Alpha and Bravo areas, areas of disengagement and Israeli technical fence can be a bit confusing. What strikes me is that even though the UN acknowledges that the insurgent groups (specifically Al Nusra) have kidnapped their troops, attempted through subterfuge to assess information about the number of troops and equipment inside a base, caused the evacuation of UN bases and theft of UN equipment and vehicles and even though IDF troops have been observed assisting insurgents, not only is the SAA faulted for firing on insurgents on the unoccupied part of the Golan, but the UN claims that the SAA is responsible for their safety. Maybe Assad should just send about 1000 Saint Christopher medals to the UN, because it's unclear how else the SAA can be expected to protect their mission.

Posted by: Rusty Pipes | Dec 9 2014 3:53 utc | 41

One of the most highly sophisticated Russian intelligence bases outside its borders, the secret site was located strategically close to the junction of Syria’s borders with Jordan and Israel. The prized hi-tech apparatus, much of it unfamiliar to Western spy agencies, was quickly shipped out of Syria for examination in the West.

You know, frankly, I am tired of regulars here obstructing any kind of info they don't like, kind of like this whole thing with wayoutwest. The info was in the link, he/she just didn't bother or whatever.

Discourages newbies from posting. So, last post ever from me.

Posted by: Wolfgang | Dec 8, 2014 6:50:38 PM | 38

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Dec 9 2014 5:29 utc | 42

ad #42 Dec 9, 2014 12:29:24 AM
Oops, premature post.

Wolfgang, why am I not surprised that a 'newbie' who pastes DEBKA links is unaware of just how silly the fairytale about the capture of Top Secret Russian RF monitoring equipment is? Highly sophisticated equipment is ALWAYS built with a self-destruct mechanism, by EVERYONE who takes spying seriously.

PS: If everyone who'd made a fool of himself once or twice here ran away, forever, there'd be hardly anyone left...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Dec 9 2014 5:48 utc | 43

more on israeli coordination with insurgents:

Posted by: | Dec 9 2014 13:26 utc | 44


"Might" and "could" are hardly definite evidence of what the Izzies are doing with these spy-flights over Syria or Lebanon. Except for the actual flights everything else in this report is speculation. There was an attack days before the flights but drawing conclusions from that event means nothing.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Dec 9 2014 17:03 utc | 45

Israel Acts as ISIS’ Air Force … Repeatedly Bombs Syria. link here.

Posted by: james | Dec 10 2014 2:44 utc | 47


I should thank both you and R for supplying perfect examples of BS, spin headlines that perfectly illustrate what I have been writing about. Both of these headlines are completely discredited by the actual article they claim to represent.

Many people don't actually read all of the reports so they are easily fooled by the misleading headlines.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Dec 10 2014 6:28 utc | 48

Syria has maintained the most peaceful front with Israel along the Golan heights since the 1973 war. Since then Syria has never directly confronted Israeli aggression. Syria is not about to confront Israel now that the country is in the midst of a civil war. The govt. will simply issue statements along the same previous lines: "we will respond at the right time and the right place." And then do nothing.

Posted by: ndahi | Dec 17 2014 17:40 utc | 49

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