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November 14, 2014

Open Thread 2014-27

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The Pan-american Post: Nearly 30 years after Brazil’s return to democracy, the country’s National Truth Commission (CNV) is preparing to release a revised count of those who were killed or disappeared by the 1964-1985 military regime. (...) While the unpublished CNV report represents an important step towards reconciliation in the country, some have already criticized it for being too conservative in its account of dictatorship-era abuses.

Posted by: Maracatu | Nov 14 2014 19:23 utc | 1

Since Pussy Riot was referenced in the last post, and since I haven't seen them in the news lately, I did a quick search to see what the "Punk" band was up to.

There is a loving profile published the other day by The Guardian.

What always seems strange to me is that Pussy Riot has never recorded music for a label. They're not really about music, more about performance art. So to call them a Punk band is fundamentally misleading.

Clearly, if not willing foreign agents, they are at the very least being used as classic counterintelligence foils. Which is interesting.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Nov 14 2014 19:36 utc | 2

@;Isn't the celebration of the lizard,decadence,the new western mantra?Hatred of all those who believe in God,or some purpose to this life?Seems that way to me.
Mondoweiss says the Israelis deny entrance to Mads Gilbert,a courageous Norwegian doctor who helps the Palestinians,for life.WTF?We need a new flotilla,made up of more Western contingents,to break this evil blockade.

Posted by: dahoit | Nov 14 2014 19:46 utc | 3

Syrian 'hero boy' video faked by Norwegian director

Millions of YouTube viewers have been captivated by the 'Syrian hero boy' who manages to rescue a little girl while under gunfire. Now a group of Norwegian filmmakers have told BBC Trending they are behind it. They say it was filmed on location in Malta this summer with the intention of being presented as real.

I had commented elsewhere that the movie looked fake to me.

Posted by: b | Nov 14 2014 20:55 utc | 4

Good stuff here on open threads. Everyone has a chance to express their own pet issues and concerns.

Mine (actually only one of many) is global climate destabilization, or for me more appropriately, anthropogenic fucking around with eco processes of which, in our hubris, we have little interest and no concern or appreciation.

Naomi Klein has a new book out, "This Changes Everything" which is, in my opinion, her best and most readable book yet. She talks only cursorily about the validity of the science, which for anyone with even a half a wit is consensually settled, but more appropriately she examines the cultural/economic/political paradigms that insulate the major perpetrators from the collective will to work to solve the crisis.

I haven't finished the book yet but I'm far enough into it that I can recommend your consideration of checking it out and perhaps buying and reading it.

Posted by: juannie | Nov 14 2014 21:04 utc | 5

@2 mike... just another wedge to try to get more anti-russian sentiment going on... they are not a punk band, but a media platform for the west - especially since they have been hijacked, or willing accomplices in this process.. another propaganda 101 exercise for anyone stupid enough to take the bait..

@4 b.. aside from all the propaganda we are being bombarded with, we clearly need more so as to completely muddy the waters.. how anyone bothers to take anything at face value is an increasing mystery to me!

Posted by: james | Nov 14 2014 21:08 utc | 6

even better than wasting ones hard earned cash on some Clima-crap written by Naomi Whatsherface, one can read the scientific work Scientist Guy Stewart Callandar wrote back in the 1930s which completely contradicts the laughable Anthropogenic Global Warming theories as propagandised by dishonest pseudo-scientists and compeltely misinformed political activists

Callendar actually proposed a logarithmic relationship between CO2 levels and global temperature. This means that CO2 initially has a discernible effect BUT it's effect gets weaker and weaker as it increases - which is the exact opposite of what the pseudo-scientists and gullible political activists like Naomi Whatsherface like to claim.

In his 1938 paper “The Artificial Production of Carbon Dioxide and its Influence on Temperature” Callendar implicitly discounted the arguments for substantial positive feedbacks on initial forcing that characterize subsequent claims by the latter-day so-called Climate "Scientists", the majority of whom seem to be political activists masquerading as scientists

Callendar observed the negative feedback from clouds as follows:

On the earth the supply of water vapour is unlimited over the greater part of the surface, and the actual mean temperature results from a balance reached between the solar ” constant ” and the properties of water and air.

Thus a change of water vapour, sky radiation and temperature is corrected by a change of cloudiness and atmospheric circulation, the former increasing the reflection loss and thus reducing the effective sun heat.

This is in contrast to the claims that pseudo Scientists often try to attribute to Callendar

Callendar even described the Urban Heat Island effect in his 1938 paper.

It is well known that temperatures, especially the night minimum, are a little higher near the centre of a large town than they are in the surrounding country districts; if, therefore, a large number of buildings have accumulated in the vicinity of a station during the period under consideration, the departures at that station would be influenced thereby and a rising trend would be expected.

UHI is something that the dishonest pseudo-scientists refused to admit, until a few short years ago, had any discernible effect on their hysterical little theories, despite Callendar describing it all the way back in 1938

Callendar also speculates on whether changes in carbon dioxide levels could have caused the ice ages. He states that he doubts CO2 could have done it, saying:

I find it almost impossible to account for movements of the gas of the required order because of the almost inexhaustible supply from the oceans, when its pressure in the air becomes low enough to give a fall of 5 to 8°C in mean temperatures.

Unlike the pseudo-scientist Clima-hysterics of today normally end their "Scientific" papers with some sort of warning of the dangers of rising CO2, impending Thermageddon, plagues, famines, rains of frogs, and the like.

Callendar refuses to to engage in the sort of childish hysterical alarmism indulged in by the likes of pseudo-scientists and the misinformed Naomi Whatsherface. Here’s what he wrote:

In conclusion it may be said that the combustion of fossil fuel, whether it be peat from the surface or oil from 10,000 feet below, is likely to prove beneficial to mankind in several ways, besides the provision of heat and power.

For instance the above mentioned small increases of mean temperature would be important at the northern margin of cultivation, and the growth of favourably situated plants is directly proportional to the carbon dioxide pressure (Brown and Escombe, 1905):

In any case the return of the deadly glaciers should be delayed indefinitely.

Posted by: Cloud9 | Nov 14 2014 21:38 utc | 7

There's apparently a satellite photo of an unidentified fighter jet supposedly firing a missile at Flight MH17, - it's probably a fake but still . . . Anyway it can be seen here

Posted by: Cloud9 | Nov 14 2014 22:07 utc | 8

@b #4

The fact that there are chants of Allahu Akbar in the video is clearly meant to point the finger at Government troops "shooting" at the children. Some credit to the BBC for getting to the bottom of the story, despite publicising it originally as fact. Butin this BBC article which questioned the authenticity earlier in the week, even their own reporter says that what they can say for certain is that it's filmed in Syria because there are oil drums with the Syrian flag on them. Moron, try Malta. And these are professionals?

The video has served its purpose, just as the story of the Damascus lesbian did right at the beginning of the war, who blogged about her plight at the hands of a brutal regime, only that she was in fact a he and was living in Scotland.
Tales of the oppressed make the front pages to create a lasting impression in people's minds. 5 million views that video has got. People commenting that it's proof of the Syrian army's brutality, others agreeing. Who knows how many Mohammad-no-mates have been inspired by the video to blow their guts out. Maybe that was the intention.

News that the stories are fake are then hardly mentioned.

The Telegraph, for example, also ran the story on its home page. I've seen no correction to state that it was a fake - just quietly removed from the website.

Wankers, the lot of them.

Posted by: Pat Bateman | Nov 14 2014 22:15 utc | 9

Also, use of the word "faked" as in the child was supposed to have faked his death now makes it difficult to find Google search results that actually say the video was "faked". You just get lots of results of "boy faked own death to save girl from army sniper".


Posted by: Pat Bateman | Nov 14 2014 22:29 utc | 10

@8 - link is dead..

Posted by: james | Nov 14 2014 22:46 utc | 11

"Syrian 'hero boy' video faked by Norwegian director"

Presumably reported under the Western Media Mantra: "The authenticity of the video could not be independently verified (but well put it above the fold repeatedly because if nothing else it sells papers and satisfies our government sources)".

What's not to love about the Western media, that big ball of half-truths and lies, cemented together by dollars. It extends down through traditional media, right into social media - sort of like the Nazi Blockleiter's going around in cyberspace and media space to enforce ideological purity (or better yet, for the neoliberals out there, ignorance). Check out hashtag #UniteBlue and #tcot if you need a taste. #UniteBlue is most clearly run out of the DNC, who have traded in their "the Iraq War was a Mistake" for "Down with Put-ler" and the like.

Such garbage. Who knows what the next round will bring? President Hillary Clinton? Jeb Bush again in the running?

Posted by: guest77 | Nov 14 2014 23:09 utc | 12

@8 The MH17 photo is a collage of Google Maps image from 2012, official Boeing photo of another airplane and image of Mig instead of Su.

Posted by: Ulster | Nov 14 2014 23:17 utc | 13

CNN at its best

Posted by: zingaro | Nov 14 2014 23:19 utc | 14


' In 1938, Callendar compiled measurements of temperatures from the 19th century on, and correlated these measurements with old measurements of atmospheric CO2 concentrations. [1] He concluded that over the past hundred years the global land temperatures had increased, and proposed that this increase could be explained as an effect of the the increase in carbon dioxide.[3] These estimates have now been shown to be remarkably accurate,[4] especially as they were performed without the aid of a computer.[5] Callendar assessed climate sensitivity value at 2°[6] , which is on the low end of the IPCC range. '

You can click on the link to read the footnotes. While I share cloud9's rather tepid fondness for professional 'activist' Naomi WHF, I note that Callendar got the facts right but the spin wrong - he was not exactly a disinterested observer ...

Guy Stewart Callendar (February 1898 - October 1964) was an English steam engineer and inventor.

Nuclear scientists think nuclear reactors are an acceptably risky means of boiling water and, unsurprisingly, Guy Stewart Callendar thought burning fossil fuels to be as well. They are wrong, in my humble opinion. But ... "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"

I think we ought to develop Algal Biohydrogen Production From Water. It is an inherently distributed process - no utilities required, no supertankers, no wars for control of pipeline routes. Which is, of course, the reason that there is no 'Manhattan' project to develop any renewable energy source.

The PTB are too stupid and too lazy to allow 'life as we know it' to continue for their own grandchildren if it inconveniences them in the present.

Did I say greedy? Too stupid, lazy and greedy to allow 'life as we know it' to continue for their own grandchildren if it inconveniences them in the present.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 14 2014 23:23 utc | 15

This Week's Comment with George Galloway:

How should Israeli extremists be dealt with?

As the Israeli regime continues its harassment and crackdown on Palestinian people in the occupied West Bank, extremist settlers are also targeting Palestinians with their hate crimes.

In an arson attack in mid-October, Israeli settlers set ablaze part of the Abu Baker al-Siddiq Mosque, which is located in the village of Aqraba in the West Bank.

Meanwhile, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has expressed grave concern over the escalation of tensions between Israelis and Palestinians in the occupied territories.

Posted by: guest77 | Nov 14 2014 23:26 utc | 16

@13 "image of Mig instead of Su."

I don't know if it a collage or not, but it sure looks a hell of a lot more like and Su-27 than a Mig-29. You're wrong on that... who knows what the hell else you're wrong on (knowing your posts, its quite a lot).

Posted by: guest77 | Nov 14 2014 23:29 utc | 17

The Saker has an incomprehensible, to me, explanation of why the Russians 'cannot' reveal the pictures of the 'smoking su-25' that he's sure they have in their possession ...

But further down he has a link to someone named Vladimer Pozner interviewing Oliver Stone, which is interesting. Watching Vladimer Pozner define the term Atlanticist was almost as good, in a creepy-sickly way, as listening to Oliver Stone recite the history lessons he's learned over the course of his production of his 'unlearned' history of the USA.

And the Amazing comparison on Gilad Atzmon's website points up the 8000kg Gorilla in the same room as all the discussion of the Berlin Wall.

All in all I do find the Saker site enjoyable, although I am not too interested in religious revivals or the Alexander Dugan tribal thesis.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 14 2014 23:49 utc | 18

I note that Callendar got the facts right but the spin wrong

Posted by: jfl | Nov 14, 2014 6:23:16 PM | 15

This is nonsense - unlike the rats that call themselves "Climate Scientists" Callender wasn't "spinning". All you seem to be doing is trying to erect a smokescreen to try and distract people from reading and possibly understanding Callendar wrote 76 years ago.

Had you bothered to read Callanders paper, or even bothered to read and more importantly take the time to understand the quotes from it which I already posted, rather than rushing of to sample the biased views of Wikipedophiles such as the excerable William Connelley, Callendar talks about how the climate system is not static, but instead it responds to changing temperature, saying (emphasis mine):

On the earth the supply of water vapour is unlimited over the greater part of the surface, and the actual mean temperature results from a balance reached between the solar “constant” and the properties of water and air. Thus a change of water vapour, sky radiation and temperature is corrected by a change of cloudiness and atmospheric circulation, the former increasing the reflection loss and thus reducing the effective sun heat

Callendar is saying that the temperature of the planet is self-correcting, that is to say that the Earth has inherent temperature-regulating mechanisms, and that it naturally balances at a certain temperature, and it corrects itself when it departs from that balance.

This is in stark contradiction from the views of the Climate Hysterics. In fact it contradict the theories at the root of the whole ridiculous Climate Hysteria Circus, which are built on the notion of "runaway positive feedbacks". Water vapour, rather than the trace gas CO2, is the deciding factor when it comes regulating temperatures, because as temp rises there is a negative feedback in the form of clouds which in turn help reduce temp by reflecting solar energy.

Rather than actually address the science, you attempt to smear the messenger by claiming that Callendar is "spinning" because he was "was an English steam engineer and inventor". It's clear just who is attempt to "spin" here. (hint : it ain't Callendar)

You are clearly unable to fault his science so, lacking the integrity of Callendar, you have instead chosen to try to smear his reputation by ignoring the science and attacking the Scientist

Posted by: Cloud9 | Nov 15 2014 0:17 utc | 19

Callendar assessed climate sensitivity value at 2°

Callendar actually demonstrated by experiment that CO2 is Logarithmic

Callendars statements regarding CO2 are the exact opposite of the Climate Hysterics, and completely disprove their AGW theories which rely on the completely false idea that "ever increasing CO2 = ever increasing amount of Temp rise". Callendar demonstrated that this is false, way way back in 1938, and the Climate Hysterics have ignored it ever since

Posted by: Cloud9 | Nov 15 2014 0:21 utc | 20

Climate science as determined by the "consensus"... isn't science.

Normal science - you reassess when your predictions and models fail.

Consensus climate science - you keep finding new excuses.

The list of utterly disproven memes put forward as the consequences/evidence of a tipping point has gotten to the point of utter hilarity: hurricanes were going to be more frequent and stronger after Katrina - but there has not been a Cat 3 or stronger hurricane landfall in the US since 2005...nearly 9+ years and counting.
Rains, then drought are alternately cited as being due to global warming.
Hot weather, then freezing cold is because of global warming.
Species extinctions are due to global warming, except they are then discovered to be due to shoddy science or fungal infections spread by researchers.
Really, I have no issue with the statement that man has made an impact on global climate - the problem is that all the hyperbole behind CO2 being the end-all be-all, the billions spent on models based on CO2 being the end-all be-all - has all come up completely without credibility at time continues marching on with no resemblence whatsoever to IPCC projections, much less the panic-mongering crap noted above.
Even amongst the CO2-catastrophe believers - the hypocrisy of rejecting nuclear in favor of highly lobbied for wind, solar and biomass subsidies is simply breathtaking.
Epic Fail.

Posted by: c1ue | Nov 15 2014 0:38 utc | 21


The hysterical pseudo-scientists have over the years been completely unable to demonstrate that Callendar's statements about CO2 being logarithmic are in any way false.

Instead they just ignore it, and pretend that there is a direct linear relationship rather than a logarithmic one.

Callendars fig 2 demonstrates this quite clearly -

Posted by: Cloud9 | Nov 15 2014 0:38 utc | 22

Callendar assessed climate sensitivity value at 2°[6] , which is on the low end of the IPCC range. '

This is totally false, and is a good lesson in why no one should ever trust a Wikipedohile on the subject of climate and co2

Callendar predicted sensitivity to be in the region of 1.5 deg C to 1.67 deg C.

Posted by: Cloud9 | Nov 15 2014 1:00 utc | 23

@guest77 #17:

It's a pretty obvious fake.

The blogger No Fly Zone (in Russian) thinks that this fake was created to discredit Russia, and the same idea occurred to me. Unfortunately, Russia's Channel One took the bait, this reinforcing Western propaganda that Russian media just make things up and create an "alternate reality". This fake also has the effect of discrediting the Russian theory that a Ukie fighter downed MH17.

Posted by: Demian | Nov 15 2014 1:04 utc | 24

@guest77 #17:

It's a pretty obvious fake.

The Russian blogger No Fly Zone thinks that this fake was created to discredit Russia, and the same idea occurred to me. Unfortunately, Russia's Channel One took the bait, this reinforcing Western propaganda that Russian media just make things up and create an "alternate reality". This fake also has the effect of discrediting the Russian theory that a Ukie fighter downed MH17. (Sorry, the spam filter doesn't let me give links.)

Posted by: Demian | Nov 15 2014 1:06 utc | 25

On eve of G20 Summit, TV1 Russia releases satellite image of MH-17 being shot down

The man who sent the picture in which can be seen as the MiG-29 which kills the passengers on the "Boeing", whoever he was, of course, a professional most likely (CIA related). To forge such an image requires very high access to such information. Now we have these pictures! Or more! We present them, finally! With our hands on the table! Because at the moment there is every reason to believe that this was a crime of a government who deliberately and cynically chose to destroy an aircraft. And those who deliberately and cynically hide it, having comprehensive information they are continuing to cover up.

The satellite image shows a Mig-29 fighter jet beneath the Boeing and firing a missile. This scenario also fits the previous Russian radar presentation which showed a jet in close proximity to Mh-17 when it went down. Here is the full Russian presentation which was released on July 21, 2014.

Posted by: Ray Bergmann | Nov 15 2014 1:17 utc | 26

The Russian blogger No Fly Zone thinks that this fake was created to discredit Russia

given that it only appeared a few weeks ago, long after the incident itself, he's probably correct.

Had it appeared much earlier, just after the incident, I probably would have suspected Russians of creating it for propaganda purposes, which would have been excellent timing had they done so, even if it was fake.

The idea of a russkie satellite just happening to be in the right place at the right time to capture the event itself, is laughable.

Posted by: Cloud9 | Nov 15 2014 1:23 utc | 27

if the west had hard data on russia taking down mh17 - they would have shown it already.. on the other hand, if kiev or the usa has hard data on this - they have every reason to keep it hidden if it points back to kiev.. the 2nd is the more likely scenario in the absence of additional satellite info which we know the usa has..

Posted by: james | Nov 15 2014 1:25 utc | 28

@Ray Bergmann #25:

You should not post on open threads without reading other comments first to make sure you aren't making a duplicate post.

@james #26:

Exactly. Hence this black propaganda.

Posted by: Demian | Nov 15 2014 1:33 utc | 29

Rfid credit cards are a serious problem for financial and personal security. If the cards are constantly transmitting your name and account information that should be of great concern to every person in possession of an rfid chipped credit and/or debit card.

Should all purses and wallets be required to be non accessible to thieves utilizing rfid scanners, should the rfid scanners not be allowed for purchase by any joe blow on the internet, should rfid scanners purchased by any joe blow on the internet be registered in a federal and state database and all scanned cards by that unit registered in those databases in case of malfeasance?

Or should the rfid cards not be transmitting data but only readable? In my opinion rfid cards and the constant transmission of financial and personal data needs to be addressed immediately. Every upstanding consumer is at risk of financial ruin and possibly personal injury by a malicious individual.

Posted by: really | Nov 15 2014 3:08 utc | 30

I hadn't heard of this interview before, in which a former Frankfurter Allgeimeine Zeitung reporter explains how many German journalists are "non-official cover" of the CIA or its sister organization the BND. The interview helps one understand how the US manages to keep Germany and the EU in general as its colony.

Washington's Blog: Leading German Journalist Admits CIA ‘Bribed’ Him and Other Leaders of the Western ‘Press’

Posted by: Demian | Nov 15 2014 3:11 utc | 31

Russian Spring


Evening summary from fronts by combatant Prokhorov:

Reports from Avdeevka were too optimistic. Seems, after morning attack (and Ukrainian casualties: at least 2 “200th”), afternoon continuation did not follow.

Gorlovka was harshly shelled (by Ukrainians) – destroyed residential buildings, killed civilians.
Outpost 31 (Ukrainian, notorious Bakhmutka) was shelled twice.

During night, the combatants were driving off Ukrainians attempting to return their position near settlements Trekxizbenka, Donetskoye and Kyakovka (this is Slavyanoserbsk erea, north-west of Lugansk); Krimskoye was struck along the course.

Debal`tsevo – traditional mutual shelling.

Russian Spring


Summary from fronts by combatant Prokhorov:

Announced earlier “Bulats” (“Damascus Steel” - modern tank of Ukrainian army) finally entered the airport. And in first day, one of them (shielding paratroopers of 79th entering the territory) was hit as soon as appeared next to the runway. True, it limped away itself. The paratroopers, having rescued 5 wounded and killed, did not tempt the fate and withdrew.

Peski was treated whole night – did good job of blowing Ukrainians, who then thrashed the airport in return.

Posted by: Fete | Nov 15 2014 5:56 utc | 32

Risen in the NY Times today has an article about the American Psychological Association (APA) and its involvement in torture carried out by the US government after 911. In 2005 the APA issued a report sanctioning the involvement of its members in crafting the enhanced interrogation techniques that are now widely understood to be nothing less than torture. The committee that made that report was composed of people directly connected to the CIA as it has been subsequently learned.

Apparently they are now re-opening a new investigation. This is one horrible chapter in how professional doctors were recruited into inhumane actions on behalf of the US government. I would hope that next the American Medical Association would conduct a similar review. There is no doubt that US doctors working for the US armed forces were actively involved in torture. To this day there has not been any discussion in US medical schools about the morality of their graduates, using their training in medicine and then engaging in torture when they join the US armed forces (many medical students have their tuition and expenses covered by the government if they commit to joining the armed forces). I know from my own experience when I tried to bring this issue up when I was still on a medical school faculty. My efforts were quickly voted down in a committee and the issue was never presented to the full faculty.

Posted by: ToivoS | Nov 15 2014 6:01 utc | 33

@18 They can't reveal any photos of Su-25 for two reasons. One is that there is no way one could shoot down a Boeing with Su-25. Second, because of this they have no such this photo.

@24 Russian media have been spreading such fakes from the very beginning and this forum has been happily repeating them. For example that Kiev air control ordered MH17 to fly lower, that it ordered it fly to the north and that it didn't reveal their recordings. And there was this famous "Kiev air control Spanish guy" who was tweeting dramatic messages about fighters chasing up the Boeing etc. All that was done to "discredit Russia"?

Posted by: Ulster | Nov 15 2014 6:25 utc | 34

@18 There are two reasons why they don't publish any Su-25 photo. First, you can't shoot down a Boeing with Su-25. Second, because of this they don't have any such photo. And as for the Saker, thank you, after seeing this sentence Does anybody seriously believe the Russians don't know about 9/11? I'm pretty confident now what kind of "expert assessment" he can deliver.

@24 Russian media have been spreading lies about MH17 from the very beginning: that Kiev air control ordered them to fly lower, that they ordered them to fly more to the north, that they allowed them to fly at all over a no-fly zone. And there was this "Spanish air control guy" who was very active for a moment after the crash. All that was done to "discredit Russia"?

Posted by: Ulster | Nov 15 2014 6:32 utc | 35


juannie, I just want to let you know that you don't have to worry.

I helped draft the Environmental Policy Act of 1970, and worked at
the first Fed EPA, then a State EPA, until Corporate took over, and
reduced EPA to managing bloated citizen-taxpayer Superfund cleanups.
It was horrible what happened, the scum layer of Corporate middle-men
who swooped in and turned the EPA completely into a Corporate mafia.

But you don't have to worry! For 10,000s of years the Earth shivered
under an Ice Age, then the snows melted, the seas rose, and trees
and plants sucked carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, until there's
only 0.04% CO2 left in the air! CO2 LEVELS HAVE NEVER BEEN LOWER.
Venus and Mars air is 95% CO2 because they have no plant life on them.

Thanks to fossil fuels, all of the wealth and science and technology
that we enjoy today exists. In my own lifetime, early in fossil fuels,
people lived in clapboard shacks on one-lane dirt roads, with outhouses for toilets, and handpumps for water, and no electricity. In the very early days of my childhood, we got coal for heat, then indoor plumbing, electricity, a radio, a crank telephone, it was walking in high cotton!

Thanks to fossil fuels, the rampant deforestation and desertification which is causing the localized heat islands, is being offset by faster growth in forests and jungles, in some areas, growth rates up by 60%! This PROVES that CO2 was a limiting nutrient, and was almost exhausted.

You might even say trees nurtured mammals safely away from dinosaurs, until humans could evolve to return the dinosaurs to CO2 fertilizer.
CO2 is what plants eat! That's ALL they eat! No CO2, all plants die, all life on the planet ends. Focus on deforestation and reducing it.
You have nothing to worry about with regard to fossils fuels and CO2.

Posted by: ChipNikh | Nov 15 2014 9:11 utc | 36


What a bunch of hooey about RFIDs! I asked for, got a free copper-foil lined (Faraday Cage) envelope to keep my credit cards in. It still is in pristine shape, costs may $1.95, and blocks all electronic eavedropping.

Chirst, why don't you beat the drum about warm galoshes, or something?

You're far more likely to lose your identity through your HMO insurer.
You're far more likely to lose your identity through IRS subcontractors.
You're far more likely to lose your identity through DHS subcontractors.

Do you realize an Isreali company has a copy of every net and cell user name and password communication you send? Do you realize an India(n) company has a copy of your W-1040 and all your bank W-1099s, for sale!?

Who do you think processes all your identity paperwork? 17 virgins?!

Posted by: ChipNikh | Nov 15 2014 9:25 utc | 37

I don't want to argue with you too much cloud9, as you seem clearly to be a fossil fuel hasbarista, but it does not take long to refute your 'qualitative' science of Mr. all-theory no-data Guy.

An exponential increase in CO2 will result in a linear increase in temperature
Explaining how the water vapor greenhouse effect works

Let's say that the world has the CO2 thing wrong, despite the evidence that we do not.

The monstrous lengths to which 'the industry' is going to produce more fossil fuels is enough to shut them down :

- posioning aquifers via fracking and shale oil and tar sands extraction
- poisoning the air via burning coal and procucing fuel from the mess they unearth going after shale oil and tar sands
- the environmental destruction itself, the destruction of Appalachia, for instance, with 'mountain top removal' coal-mining, or the BP 'spill' in the Gulf of Mexico.

The destruction of the financial system by sticking with a form of energy ... the engine of unsustainable, exponential economic growth ... as the growth in cost of that form of energy itself increases exponentially with its depletion.

And the US TNCs and their government are consciously keeping the world dependent on fossil fuels because they still feel it is possible to dominate the choke points of distribution. As well as that trees can grow to the sky.

What do you think the US' vicious, monstrous wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine ... are all about?

And in fact I believe that continued burning of fossil fuels *is* casuing climactic change on a gobal scale and that the future, according to the 'wise plan' of the 'wise men' in the TNC boardrooms, requires more of the same at an exponential growth rate.

And most, if not all of the people, who have studied fossil fuels in depth agree.

Nuclear power is a loser as well, with its exponentially growing radioactive waste with its exponential decay rate.

Now it is true that mob thinking can make the mob believe the most ridiculous things ... many, many people think that it was not the CIA who killed JFK, and that 9/11 was not an 'inside' job, for instance, despite the mountains of evidence refuting those beliefs.

But the results of the real investigation that has taken place on the fossil fuels issue has been made broadly available while the results of the real invesigation have been buried on the JFK and 9/11 issues, just to name those two.

And as I try to point out above, even if the climate change - which is taking place - is not directly caused by burning fossil fuels - even if you discard all the evidence to the contrary - it is still time to phase them out.

There are alternatives.

That's my position on fossil fuels. I think it is the reasonable one to take, obviously.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 15 2014 9:27 utc | 38

Certainly the torture doctors are war criminals. What about the bioweaponry doctors?

The ones who were working to weaponize Ebola in Liberia, for instance. Their cover story was that they were trying to make a weapon so they could then produce a defense against it. That sort of thinking began with creating a Department of War and calling it a Department of Defense.

It is not certain that the virus responsible for the current Ebola outbreak escaped from US Biowarfare laboratories but it is a sure bet the people who know will not be talking.

The doctors working on Biowarfare are undoubtedly war criminals as well whether this particular event originates with them or not.

Compare and contrast the conduct of the colossus of the north with that of the little island of Cuba during the past fifty years. Vive Cuba!

Our US is shot through and through with the War virus and it looks as though it may prove fatal to us ... just as it has already to millions of innocents in Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and the Ukraine ... to name just the ones that come readily to mind.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 15 2014 10:33 utc | 39

@33 chipnikh

If my post is so much bs as you claim, why did you outlay $1.95 for the rfid protection apparatus? Btw, foil works to protect against would be rfid scanner thieves.

Posted by: really | Nov 15 2014 11:28 utc | 40

there is going to be a large scale attack on the suez canal the signal for this will be the shooting down of an egyptian helicopter in the sinai area

Posted by: stooge | Nov 15 2014 11:55 utc | 41

to ulster at 32 --

And we all know what value to place on your opinions....

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 15 2014 14:58 utc | 42

really @ 28 and 36 -

"If the cards are constantly transmitting your name and account information", "Or should the rfid cards not be transmitting data but only readable?" and "why did you outlay $1.95 for the rfid protection apparatus? Btw, foil works to protect against would be rfid scanner thieves."

Sorry really, you don't quite understand how they work. They don't "constantly transmit your name and account information". They are entirely passive devices that do not have an internal power supply - when they are interrogated by a nearby rfid scanner that asks the question at the correct frequency and language for that particular type of rfid (most commercialy available types adher to an industry standard to assure merchant and brand interoperability and access to the databases) the rfid uses some of the energy gathered by it's receiver to power up long enough to send out a reply - the reply contains NO names or account info - it is merely a very long unique identifying number. Whoever is using the scanner must compare that number to a database to translate the number into a particular item. That item may be the shoes you are wearing, the tires on your car as you pass by, or the id's of all the loyalty or credit cards with rfids in your wallet. The database may be local or online or self generated.
The reason foil may help is that it weakens or blocks the signal from the scanner to the rfid and the rfid to the scanner, both of which are pretty weak - rfids and their scanners are intentionally made very lowpowered to prevent interference between one device and another just over at the other checkout register or store exit.

Posted by: sillybill | Nov 15 2014 15:18 utc | 43

Here's an interesting piece by Andre Vlatchek, courtesy of Counterpunch, The Anti-Socialist Western Left: Do Western Leftists Hate Socialist Countries? It speaks to the failure of the "ineffectual left" to support revolutionary movements they consider insufficiently pure.

The strength of those who fought, proudly, against the neo-colonialism and corporatism, being ridiculed, at times even demonized. Nothing is good enough and nothing is ‘sacred’ for the Left in Paris, Berlin or London: definitely not Cuba and Eritrea, South Africa or China.

Again, that ‘religious’ search for the ideal movements, parties and societies!

It is like trashing the French resistance or Serbian partisans, during WWII, for not being fully ‘democratic’ or considerate....

The Western Left is playing safe, even when it comes to world history. Some are (have for decades now) even comparing the Soviet Union to Nazi Germany, that greatest of brainwashing propaganda scoops invented by the chief propagandists of the Empire! They are actually talking about that very Soviet Union, ...which actually, almost single-handedly, defeated Nazi Germany at the price of more than 20 million of its people; that Soviet Union which helped to build and to educate newly independent countries on all continents. Such comparisons are not only historically ludicrous; they are insulting and outrageous! If the Western Left needs to compare something to German Nazism, it should be the European constitutional monarchies and the Western ‘democracies’ themselves, [which]... have been destroying hundreds of millions of lives on all continents, for centuries, and until now!....

The Western Left is narcissistic, undisciplined and arrogant, self-righteous and morally defunct. That is why it lost. That is why it has no spark. That is why it does not inspire people.

I meant to post this link on an earlier thread, where someone had asked about the role of the Euroleft in the conflict with Novorossiya. It also brings up the question of the debilitating "immaculate conception" demanded by "pwogwessives" (as Alexander Cockburn used to call them.)

Dagmar Henn is a former member of the Munich City Council for Die Linke. While the Hare & Hedgehog is from earlier this year, it discusses the role the German left, esp. the Greens, have played in building support the for Euromaidan junta. It's worth a read, as she suggests that a social revolution might be possible in Novorossiya. You might recall I posted a link to a Nation article on that topic recently. And she throw a few sharp elbows, like:

With a bit of luck we perhaps just escaped the unleashing of a global war with Germany significantly involved. Thanks to sheer luck and thanks to the resistance of the two People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, to which we owed gratitude even if they were cannibals dressed in the fur of the last living polar bears. The reaction of the German left is just sufficient to [make it] look for a corner [in which] to be ashamed.

Blatant promotion disclaimer -- I edited the English text and provided some notes. I kid you not, I laughed so hard when I read that bit that I nearly fell off my chair.

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 15 2014 15:54 utc | 44

Look again Bluster, Saker is "quite sure" the photo is fake. What is true is that the junta is in the east blowing up civilian infrastructure, "ATO", lawl.

Posted by: ruralito | Nov 15 2014 16:25 utc | 45

when they are not blowing up infrastructure in eastern ukraine, they are blowing up airplanes... and then the have the audacity to point to those have lived their whole life in eastern ukraine, as the ones responsible.. you can't make this shit up, but idiots like ulster are useful tools for the same establishment..

Posted by: james | Nov 15 2014 17:07 utc | 46

Finance in Ukraine: snippets from the surface.

The Russian gas deal has fallen through. Mercouris is consistently good.


Kiev has now severed and re-organised its banking and overall financial relations with Crimea, which is now a foreign country, like Russia, France, Finland, etc. Fait accompli.

The DPR has set up its own banking system. It has opened up a bank called (temporarily?) BANK, with 7 branches in the main spots. Reportedly, it will keep its reserves in gold. If the Swiss vote on gold goes YAY the price of gold will rise sharply. How this was accomplished idk, but help from friends must have been involved. Kiev has not commented as far as I could see.

The question of payment of pensions in the Donbass roils on. Previously, it was possible to register outside the East, and receive the pension. (Kiev stopped paying pensions to citizens of Donesk etc. long ago.)

Kiev now cracks down. See below one illustrative link. Many have interpreted this move as a way to empty the Donbass of its inhabitants. Poro almost said as much in a public speech (no link, couldn't find it back.) I have also read and heard (you tube, personal info) that the DPR has taken on teacher’s salaries, how this works idk, and they don't know or can't say.


For those who want daily news of Urk. official finance, as published in eng: ;) :

Ukraine is close to default. Civil war is one of the main causes. Nobody wants to pay.


@ ulster 13. right on, fakery from start to finish. plus the photograph of the plane comes from some russian ‘wallpaper’ pix site, imho?, which unfortunately is not responding right now, so?.

Posted by: Noirette | Nov 15 2014 17:20 utc | 47

Today would be a good day to go over to BBC and see what it is like when their propaganda is wetting itself over both the MH-17 photo (+1 for internet debunking/deconstruction) and the G-20 foolishness towards Russia's President Putin. There aren't adults in evidence and the jejune squad is in riot. Whatever credibility BBC ever had is made historical after today's productions.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Nov 15 2014 17:30 utc | 48

@40 rufus: thanks for the Vitchek article.

Posted by: guest77 | Nov 15 2014 17:52 utc | 49

China & Russia Sidestep the NeoCons

Posted by: guest77 | Nov 15 2014 18:37 utc | 50

ISIS plans to mint its own currency to escape the ‘tyrant’s financial system’ based on ‘satanic usury’:

Yet ISIS won't go after the tyrannical state of Israel, which has acquired much of its wealth through usury. With each piece of news that comes out, this smells more and more like the Military/Zionist/Industrial Complex is behind ISIS's rise to power.

Posted by: Cynthia | Nov 15 2014 21:44 utc | 51


"Let's say that the world has the CO2 thing wrong, despite the evidence that we do not."

Well, let's go over to IPCC and fly on the wall while they discuss this:

"It's not about the Science. Science doesn't matter. It's about (control of) Public Policy."

That's right from an internal memo at IPCC, at the highest level.

Have you not read Climate Gate? It's not about the 'Science'. The 'Science' is just a DIVERSION for new political-economic tyranny.
Their 'Science' is like the 'Scriptures', it's the SHINEY OBJECT.

Didn't you spend ANY time with philosophy and politics in college?
Read Kropotkin's 'The Conquest of Bread'. Warmism is political war.

St. Arrhenius, who the Warmists once rabidly pointed to, said this:

"Carbonic acid (highly acidic compressed pure CO2 dissolved in water, far, far more acidic than atmospheric CO2 ever becomes) and WATER VAPOR tend to MODERATE extremes of temperature."

That's all he said, that by increasing carbon dioxide, in his case, in the Coal Age, as modeled by his SYNTHETIC LAB EXPERIMENT, will tend to MODERATE, that is, DAMPEN EXTREMES of climate.

Cloudy night, warm. Cloudy day, cool. Has nothing to do with CO2 in the atmosphere, at barely detectable levels, the lowest levels since the Devonian Age, when they were 100s of times higher and yet all those species somehow managed to survive, that we enjoy seeing today.

But wait, the Warmists went on to claim that EXTREMES of temperature, first hot, and now Polar Vortex New Ice Age cold, are 'caused by CO2'.
?Where is the EVIDENCE you so blithely speak of? Anecdotal faith-based.

"It's not about the Science. Science doesn't matter. It's about (control of) Public Policy."

They are Trotskyists, intent on using Government Taxation to invert human behavior to Their Model. In their midst, firmly embedded like a deer tick, is Korporate, the 10,000's of tax-dodge 501(c)3 cauldrons, Mil.Gov.Sci.Edu priests, of course, international Kapital's hot money.

'Warmism is a racket.' I worked at Fed and State EPAs. It's a cauldron.
Not for all humanity did Al Gore set up those Carbon Exchanges. Not for humanity did those CBOTs return huge profits in the early days. Not for humanity are the Warmistas engaging in relentless Hugh Downes call-and-response infomercials, so effective in selling time-shares in Florida.

"Let's say that the world has the CO2 thing wrong, while the Korporate Reich of 1000 Years, together with their Mil.Gov.Sci.Edu priest class, screws the world down into a New Dark Ages through their Carbon Tithe."

Everything you have, or ever will have, came from fossil fuels. Study 1930s, economically, socially and politically. 'Exceptional America?' One pair of shoes. One pair of Levi pants. Two shirts. Tarpaper shacks. Freeze in winter, sweat in summer. No running water. No toilets. I lived that as a child. We had a Monarch wood stove, and a shallow well hand-pump, right in the kitchen, for water. We squatted outside on a two-hole outhouse, and ate roots and tubers, smoked pork, salt salmon, goat milk and fresh venison all winter. No electricity, only coal oil lamps. Cut wood with a double-bit handsaw and an axe. Uncomfortable, primitive, and only for those who had 40 acre farm tracts to live on.

That was the best humans could do with manure and farm animals and ox carts for centuries, and in much, much smaller numbers than today. Solar panels can't pull a plow. Wind mills can't spread manure. CSP can't make sickles and scythes. Renewables . cannot . save . Mankind.
Today, we live on 1/4-acre or less, in a condo, burning fossil fuels, surviving on food flown in from slave plantations around the world.
Google "Cold Chain". Think about the ramifications if that is lost.

A world without fossil fuels will retrograde human civilization back to the Onion Eaters and the Royals. The Surplus Labor will be starved out. Look around the world! There is many living sociologies to prove this.
There is your EVIDENCE, today, right in your face!

The Australians had a Carbon Tithe, it wrecked their economy and cost them, by their own hard-science economic metrics, some -$30B a year in losses. Scaled to the EU or US GDP, that will be -$256 BILLION A YEAR in economic losses, plunging the global economy into depression, and causing mass starvation, mass migration and wars around the world.

"Let's say that the world has the CO2 thing wrong, despite the evidence that a Carbon Tithe will create a New Dark Ages."

An Apocalypse of 1000 Years, of the Habsbergs, and the Habs Nots, and the Mountains of Skulls.

Juannie, don't worry.

Posted by: ChipNikh | Nov 15 2014 22:07 utc | 52

@43 sillybill

Ok if what you say is correct and I am hoing to take what you say at face value and believe it for now, the idea that the rfid signal is dormant until activated by a scanner debice does not rule my argument meaningless. The only part of my argument that may be questioned is the constant transmission of data. The fact that the rfid chip has the constant potential of being powered up by a scanner to transmit financial data only validates my overall argument.

Posted by: really | Nov 15 2014 22:18 utc | 53

Mexico is erupting nationwide over the disappearance of the 43 students who were protesting against neo-liberal education "reforms". Mexico is a key country in the USAs "answer" to the BRICS alliance, the MINT, four satrapies of the Empire which have been immunized from democratic reform and thoroughly neo-liberalized over the last decades: Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Turkey.

There are protests nationwide, including at the recent Mexico-Netherlands soccer match. Its an important case that highlights the collusion between the Mexican elite and the drug gangs. A case which defines at once the impunity and mass murder which has overtaken Mexico as it has been immersed in a war every bit as deadly as the one rocking Syria. Sadly, it has been largely ignored beyond folks gawking at the narco-beheadings and extreme forms of violence used.

The Mexican government is, of course, responding to the demands for justice with violence and repression:

One student was shot in the leg and another grazed by a bullet, according to early reports.
At least two people were shot Saturday as an individual alleged to be a police officer fired on students at the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) who were meeting to discuss their participation in the upcoming national strike.

One student was shot in the leg while another was grazed by a bullet, although both of them are in stable condition, according to early reports.

Posted by: guest77 | Nov 15 2014 22:37 utc | 54


Except that with a copper-foil lined sleeve you can get for FREE, your RFID card is always safe and secure inside your wallet or purse.

The 'constant transmission of data' is from your cell phone. Always on, always transmitting, your audio-visual-GPS location, with live voice- and facial-recognition feeds, courtesy of Apple, Amazon and Samsung cell phones, (c) Big Brother 1984, that cannot be disabled.

The other 'constant transmission of data' is the live feed from your PIDs stored in Federal and State computers: Defense, Healthcare, SSTF, DMV, already hacked, already online, for sale to the highest bidder.

The Pentagon quietly informed Federal Contractors just a few years ago that all their corporate data and bank accounts required to register as a Federal Contractor has been hacked! The Pentagon offered one-year of 'free' credit check, by a company operating as subsidiary out of Israel.

They know everything. They know where your every bank account is, your every user name, every password. Their websites like Yahoo and Google, Facebook and Twitter are constantly demanding 'security' upgrades to know your personal cell phone number. Their supercomputers match the codes in nanoseconds, to your hacked PID, user names, access passwords.

Everyone wants to know your cell phone number. Governments will soon require it, pipelined on to hack. There are vast sums of money and vast numbers of humans disappearing all the time, like a Las Vegas Casino of the Damned in cyber-space. Once you were Found, now you are Lost.

What was your urgent missive about RFID chips, again?

Posted by: ChipNikh | Nov 15 2014 22:41 utc | 55

Chip, fossil fuels were sequestered over 100's of millions of years, long enough for living things to turn to rock. Now they're being released in a few centuries. That's not nothing. If we're wrong...there will be no more chances.

Posted by: ruralito | Nov 15 2014 22:57 utc | 56


How nice for the Russia Oligarchs and Chinese Martial Elites!!

Too bad the Oligarchs are being bled out by USEU sanctions, the
ruble is crashing, Chinese credit availability has contracted
by -97%, Brazil on the brink of financial default, India selling its
gold bullion for IMF/WB credits to build Oligarch palaces and Enron powerplants, pushing 10,000,000s off to starve in the hinterlands,
like they did in Russia and China, and continue to do even today.

Millions of people are starving and displaced in BRIC.

The Zeks.

The Kǔlìs.

The Dalits.

The Quilombolas.

Nothing to see here, citizen. Move along.

Posted by: ChipNikh | Nov 15 2014 23:02 utc | 57

Thanks rufus, for the Hare and the Hedgehog piece. Great reading.

Posted by: guest77 | Nov 15 2014 23:02 utc | 58

@55 chipnik

Tell me something I don't already know. I am not afraid of the nosey all intrusive intelligence apparatus. You boast about it with a degree of pride, so you must be a cog in the intelligence blackhole. My rfid argument is valid, you fail to realized that because you are more than likely a rfid criminal or part of the empires intel gestapo. You may fire another salvo at me, but as of this post, I am finished with you regarding this subject matter.

Posted by: really | Nov 15 2014 23:03 utc | 59


"If we're wrong...there will be no more chances."

That's not Science, that's Rabbinical Fundamentalism of the cheapest sort. It's also a totally fallacious argument. There is absolutely zero evidence, or experimental proof, or any POSSIBILITY of proof within a 'living natural(as opposed to synthetic computer) lab' that:

1) Carbon dioxide levels CAN be reduced by employing a Carbon Tithe;

2) That IF CO2 levels decrease, THEN Global Warming/Change/Disruption/Fear-Word-of-the-Weak, can be 'reversed', ...whatever that means.

Climate is not the gas pedal on your car! That analogy sucks tailpipe.
The only metrics for 'success' are the success of the Carbon Elites!!
There will be no seas parting, no fresh cool breezes, no even better bumper crop harvests than the now WORLD RECORD HARVESTS WE HAVE TODAY.

The only metric will be Mil.Gov.Sci.Edu Full Spectrum Dominance of the dialogue, and Wall Street massive bubble speculation on Carbon Credits,
and an 1890s wave of snake-oil 'free energy' devices foisted onto us.

However, we do know that if WARMISTS are wrong, based on Australia's experiment, that the WORLD WILL BE PLUNGED INTO GLOBAL DEPRESSION.

Moreover, we do know that if WARMISTS invoke a Carbon Tithe, based on Fed's QEn, that the WORLD WILL BE PLUNGED INTO FINANCIAL BUBBLE CHAOS.


Not by 2100, but by 2020. Not by IPCCs 0.6-inch of sea rise, and 1.2º temperature rise in a century, but by economic collapse in a decade.

You are promoting a fallacy as public policy, ...which is a war crime.

Posted by: ChipNikh | Nov 15 2014 23:18 utc | 60


I'll tell you something you really don't know, really.

Cheap, ad hominem, caste-baiting attacks in debate means that you lost.

Free copper-lined credit card sleeves stop 100% of RFID data-streaming.

Your personal cell phone is 1,000 times the identity breach of an RFID.


Posted by: ChipNikh | Nov 15 2014 23:27 utc | 61

The Russian oligarchs and Chinese martial elites have nothing on the American and European Oligarchs and the American and European martial elites. I can't find fault with sovereign nations with rising living standards and popular governments working to increase prosperity on both sides of their borders (and beyond). None.

Take away resistance to the US empire and it will gobble up the world - what will these revolutionary-reactionaries bring us? More Mexicos? Two, three, many Bangladeshes? A few more SyIraqs? You can bet your last petro-dollar that it would.

The BRICS have governments largely concerned with the health and welfare of their populations, with limited military outlays compared to the 10,000 GorillUSA in the room. These are countries emerging from, in some cases decades, in some cases hundreds of years of poverty. These are not countries like the USA and Europe, where the comforts captured by successful democratic reforms of the 1930s have been finally siphoned into the bank accounts of a small but burgeoning class of billionaires.

Posted by: guest77 | Nov 15 2014 23:47 utc | 62

56, in 60

Hey, I don't mean to imply you are a war criminal, only that the only way to save civilization has nothing whatsoever to do with the Global Carbon Tithe being promoted by an UN-ELECTED ANTI-HUMAN IPCC and UN.

Go visit your grocery store. Every aisle is packed with processed shit, much of is just WATER, flown around the world using precious fossil fuels that the world's humanity needs, trucked today right to your door if you want by Amazon, direct from slave plantations around the world.

I live 'around the world'. I see the effects of USEUs obsession with control of oil and gas: the Cheney Oil Wars, the Gore Carbon Tithes. Locals who live hand to mouth, where a bottled Cola is like champagne to you or me, who live on Ramen and SPAM, and pray to their saints that the price of gasoline doesn't rise another rial, or kopek, or they will starve, because gasoline and food and rent takes 110% of their income.

Carbon Tithes are ethnic genocide, and because they are based on fallacy, deliberate social engineering, then they are war crimes.

Just look at the pigs promoting it! Look . at . them! Listen to Michael Mann defending the reverse lawsuit against him for fraud, by claiming his research is 'proprietary data'. He's a scofflaw Mil.Gov.Sci.Edu priest, and promoting global starvation. He's just laughing at you!

Look at James Hansen, former NASA Director of AstroPhysics. His degree was in Astronomy, but parlayed his POSITION, not his Science expertise, into a $1,200,000 Green Award from IPCC-some-Eu-Green-Whatever, then immediately had to RETIRE, because the US Hatch Act prohibits Federal government scientists from 1) making political statements or joining PACs, as Hansen did, and 2) accepting any gifts or financial awards. Hansen's got his NASA pension for life now, and his $1,200,000 Green speaking fee, as a US felon scofflaw. He's just laughing at you!

Look at Bill McKibben, the Green Fear Monger. His degree is in journalism. Ne is not a climate scientist. He had a short, abortive career writing schlock for New Yorker, then discovered Eco-Fiction. He parlayed that into a series of books, blogs and for-hire articles that made him a millionaire, living in an exclusive Vermont farm estate, served by hand-made cheese and beer artisans, and Central American groundskeepers. He's just laughing at you!

Look at Al Gore, ...if you can. His degree is in Politics. He laughed once that he never took a single course in math or science. The impact of his 'Inconvenient Propaganda' and Carbon Credit efforts to monetize human energy use caused starvation in my part of the world, while he Twitters from his two bi-coastal estates:

"Larry, NAFTA is a GOOD DEAL for America!!" Al Gore, 1993
"There is only one country that threatens the US -- that is Iraq!" 2003
"I believe it's about time the world had a Carbon Tithe." 2013

They're all just laughing at you!

Better to cut your tongue off than carry their water.

Posted by: ChipNikh | Nov 16 2014 0:03 utc | 63


I have close business associates in both Russia and China. Neither government is "largely concerned with the health and welfare of their populations", only with remaining in total power. Their lives are 100% consumed with the same kind of flim-flam that Wall Street had in 2008. It's a Wild West Mafiocracy, and only the Predators survive. They're nice guys, interesting guys, but I wouldn't let them date my daughter.

Brazil is a great example of a renewable energy culture, can't fault that, and a model for global deforestation and strip mining. It's run by Oligarch Familias and has HUGE racial and economic disparities, who have absolutely zero concern with the health and welfare of their populations, except to stay in power and fleece money from investors.

India is a great example of a Mil.Gov.Sci.Edu priestess caste, in a perpetually apartheid system of Hindu castes, with no concern with the health and welfare of their populations. Have ever you been there? The Oligarchs are eagerly selling their National Treasury for more IMF/WB debt to Korporate so they can develop their looted free-land holdings and push 10,000,000s of peasants off into the hinterlands to starve. There are a number of good Indian writers who write/speak of this.

I know you're a gold-bug, guest77, and BRIC-Rising™ fits that end-times rabbinical belief system, but as my father used to say, 'Nothing is more pathetic than a saleman who believes his own pitch."

World Bank publishes great annual world economic reports. WHO published great annual world economic reports. Read them. BRIC is bankrupt.

Posted by: ChipNikh | Nov 16 2014 0:23 utc | 64

Not a war criminal! Phew! Dodged a bullet there.

Yes, I know lots of opportunists are hitching there wagons to Teh Green. But my sentence stands: if you blow up a little gunpowder at a time, it's not a problem; blow up a lot and your house comes down.

"I live 'around the world'. I see the effects of USEUs obsession with control of oil and gas: the Cheney Oil Wars, the Gore Carbon Tithes. Locals who live hand to mouth, where a bottled Cola is like champagne to you or me, who live on Ramen and SPAM, and pray to their saints that the price of gasoline doesn't rise another rial, or kopek, or they will starve, because gasoline and food and rent takes 110% of their income."

Well, that's all very sentimental, you're a mensch. But it doesn't make me wrong. What does having to live on Spam have to do with not facing doom?

Posted by: ruralito | Nov 16 2014 0:53 utc | 65

I don't want to argue with you too much cloud9,

Posted by: jfl | Nov 15, 2014 4:27:26 AM | 38?

Actually it's clear that you CANNOT argue with me on the science because you do not seem to understand the first thing about the science underpinning this Climate Hysteria scam.

Unfortunately for you, your complete lack of knowledge means that YOU, personally, cannot argue with me, simply because YOU personally do not seem to know enough on the science aspect to even try to offer a counter argument - all YOU personally seem to be able to do is copy&paste the first thing you find on the net that you think might be a counter argument, and that is something any idiot with ZERO knowledge of the subject could do

"as you seem clearly to be a fossil fuel hasbarista,

And here come the pathetic lies about "Oil CO propagandists" - because when you haven't got a clue then sad-sack pathetic worn out lies is what you have to rely on.

"but it does not take long to refute your 'qualitative' science of Mr. all-theory no-data Guy.

LOL - another pathetic attack on Callendar - Earlier you yourself linked to a Wikipedophile article that actually stated that Callendar was correct, and not only that you yourself personally stated "I note that Callendar got the facts right"

Now however Callendar morphs in your knowledge-free little mind from the man that got the facts right (your words) to "Mr. all-theory no-data Guy." - you really haven't got an ethical, or even a logical, bone in your body, have you?

Your attempts at refutation are hilarious though

The site you linked to "Skeptical Science" (SS) is neither sceptical nor scientific - it is very very "Sciency Looking" I'll grant you that, but not actually Scientific at all, because that would actually involve them being honest and ethical, which is something the Admins that run that site consistently fail to practice. In that regard they a LOT like yourself.

Now you probably thought when I referred to it as "SS" above I was merely trying to denigrate the side by associating it with Nazism, right? You probably thought I was engaging in the sort of baseless smears that you have tried to engage in here against both myself and Guy Callendar.

Not at all - the Admins of the site have themselves associated the site with Nazism.

John Cook, a little fat ugly Australian, likes to photoshop his face, and the faces of his fellow SS admins, onto old black and white photos of Nazis - I kid you not.

Another of the Admins, a horrible little oleaginous turd called Dana Nuccitelli, actually DOES get paid his wages by Fossil Fuel industry - ironic as all hell, eh?

Their CO2 article has lots of lovely graphs none of which are actually the result of anything as mundane as observation or experiment.

The graphs they post are in fact merely the output of badly programmed Computer programs known as Climate Models - Garbage In, Garbage Out - none of it is actual data.

As "evidence" it's a farce. So much so that that their graphs are completely falsified merely by comparing them to the actual Temperature observations collected in the last 20 years.

Their ridiculous Water Vapour article waffles on an on, in a very pseudo-sciency fashion , about "Positive feedback loops" but anyone that actually knows the subject will immediately notice that the SS kiddies make absolutely no mention of the fact, and it is a fact, that clouds radiate Solar energy back into space - which is known as a "negative feed back". This tells us all we need to know about these clowns scientific integrity - they simply have none.

Suffice to say that their sort of "science" is not "science" at all - Cook especially is known for his dishonesty and at least one paper he has been involved with has had to be withdrawn, while others have been roundly debunked in the most embarrassing ways possible.

Little fat ugly Nazi-wannabe John Cook likes to pass himself off as "a bit of a Scientist, dontcha know", but he is in fact merely a cartoonist that setup a website, nothing more.

The little fat Nazi wannabe likes to claim he has a "science degree", but I'm betting, given how smiley and dishonest the little fat ugly turd is, that its merely a BA with a Sciencey component and not a actual B.Sc.


The rest of your ridiculous screed at 38 - all 97% of the comment itself - deals not with anything I said here.

It appears to be merely yet another pointless and embarrassing attempt by you to pretend that you are engaged in addressing the subject while merely waffling away to your hearts content about alternative fuel sources, which also seems to be yet another subject which you also seem to be trying to convince people that you know something about

Posted by: cloud9 | Nov 16 2014 1:54 utc | 66

No shirt fronting of Putin as of yet, however Steven Harper was so outright rude that it probably amounted to a form of violence for a Canadian:

“I guess I’ll shake your hand, but I have only one thing to say to you: You need to get out of Ukraine,”

And then the leader of the free world, after an unusually quiet week among the wives of the future leaders of the free world, disinterred MH17. Because it felt right:

"“As your ally and friend, America shares the grief of these Australian families, and we share the determination of your nation for justice and accountability,” Mr. Obama said.

I look forward to an interesting week.

Posted by: Nana2007 | Nov 16 2014 2:11 utc | 67

Russian Spring


Evening summary from fronts by combatant Prokhorov:

About 4 p.m. Ukrainians organized a raid and even shelled – all in search of combatants’ reconnaissance near hamlet Orlovka (west of Avdeevka). Hamlet Lastochkino was also hit.

Seems, neither Tonen`koye nor Lastochkino are controlled by Ukrainians, at least not strictly.

Ukrainians brought troops in full alert. Either from serious expectations or for high preparedness.

As usual, live was being made dreadful for outpost 31 of National Guard (same - for outpost 29, as I told before).

Under Debal`tsevo, Ukrainians were blasted near settlement Orlovo-Ivanovka and the hight Mogila-Ostraya (very east of Debal`tsevo half-caldron).

Detachment “Somali” (it fights for the airport) basted Ukrainians, who attempted to dislodge the combatants from the positions in airport, handsomely by mortar fire.

Russian Spring


From data by the counter-intelligence, On November 15 tonight, Ukrainian troops were brought in full alert. High activity was detected in the air, such as dense information exchange between units of occupant forces and the command.

Russian Spring


Donetsk airport. On November 14, 8 a.m., Ukrainian army started a massive attack on a combatants’ position “Firefighters’ Tower”. Tanks, APCs were engaged in the attack. Mortars worked as well. No one controls this position anymore, entirely destroyed and lies in ruins. Killed 7 combatants, other seven wounded reside in hospital.

The arrangement of forces in the airport remains intact: the new terminal is occupied by the combatants; the old terminal is controlled by battalions of National Guard.

Posted by: Fete | Nov 16 2014 5:20 utc | 69

to g77 @ 49 & 58 --

I thought folks here might enjoy them. Was it you that coined the term "ineffectual left"? It really does describe a good segment of the Very Earnest Left. Henn really nails them, quite entertainingly. And the Vlatchek piece talks about a no. of other nations, like Venezuela and South Africa.

To all involved, at what seems everywhere --

I'm not sure I see what this whole Stewart Callendar business is about. While the guy apparently came up with the notion of the "green house" effect, it might be possible that some 40-yr. old science is outdated in some respect.

Bottom line -- what does it mean, concisely, for global warming? It's real, man-made, and we need desperately to something serious about it, right? Even if not, isn't reducing fossil fuel usage a good thing on any no. of levels?

And Chip-Nikh @ 60 & 64 --

What's with this "rabbinical" business? You don't seem to be using it in a very complimentary way. It seems a somewhat unconventional usage.

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 16 2014 6:34 utc | 70

The English have lost any sense of who they are, pressured by the Americans from one side and from Muslims on the other:

Welcome to Hotel Sharia: No more bacon or booze as trendy venue bought out by a Muslim multi-millionaire

An exclusive hotel has banned alcohol and pork after being taken over by a Middle Eastern businessman who wants to run it ‘in accordance with Sharia law’.

The strict Islamic policy was imposed without warning this week at London’s Bermondsey Square Hotel – where the bar and grill was previously run by Masterchef judge Gregg Wallace.

Staff said the new rules were swiftly implemented on Tuesday on the orders of the new Muslim owner, forcing waiters to tell disgruntled guests that much of the menu was no longer available.

Posted by: Demian | Nov 16 2014 7:02 utc | 71

Poroshenko want genocide

Posted by: Anonymous | Nov 16 2014 9:00 utc | 72

The consensus on global warming is very clear: temperature increases solely due to CO2 levels, natural variation is all accounted for.
CO2 levels have been increasing steadily for 100+ years, yet temperature has not - the latest being 18 years of no temperature increase despite a more than 7% increase in CO2.
Equally, the models which supposedly take into account all natural variation have been dismally bad at both predicting and post-modeling natural variation like the PDO and AMO.
Lastly, fossil fuel replacement: I'm all for it, if in fact the alternative is equal or better.
The reality of alternative energy outside of hydro and nuclear is that it is extremely expensive, unreliable, and cannot replace fossil fuels and/or hydro/nuclear because of its variability. Pretty much a slam dunk: costs more, works badly.
Rather than throw billions away forcing installation of half-assed solar, wind, and biomass alternative energy tech - it would make far more sense to spend a fraction on researching improvements such that said alternative energy will be directly competitive with fossil fuels. Note further that as fossil fuel reserve deplete, the bar for alternative energy should get somewhat easier.
The policies in place now are simply ridiculous.
If you really want to learn something about real science as opposed to agenda driven agitprop - look at the work Jim Steele has done in documenting both the ridiculous practices of Parmesan and in showing actual results in High Sierra environmental mitigation. Hint: CO2 doesn't matter.

Posted by: c1ue | Nov 16 2014 12:19 utc | 73

IMO, this is worth the read.

America's Pseudo Democracy

Posted by: really | Nov 16 2014 13:25 utc | 74

re 72

he English have lost any sense of who they are, pressured by the Americans from one side and from Muslims on the other:

Don't be silly. That story is from the Daily Mail, a notorious anti-Muslim stirrer.

There probably is a movement in London, as there is in Paris, to provide the possibility of a halal environment for British-born Muslims, as there is for French Muslims, but I should think that is about the limit. Whether it works depends on the finance, on how many it.

Posted by: Laguerre | Nov 16 2014 13:42 utc | 75

To Cloud9 @ 71 --

So no help in getting through the thicket you've created. But plenty of the bad 'tude that's been on display here. Perhaps one of your interlocutors will be more gracious and break it down for us lib. arts types.

You posted a lot of stuff. If I'm to take time from my usual obsessions (the former CIS, left politics, good tunes), I gotta be convinced it's worth my while. Hasn't happened yet.

Maybe's it me, but I'm having trouble getting to what you're arguing, let alone where I'm supposed to look for the answer.

In my experience, people that won't at least try to give you a clear answer don't have one. Often, they've more interested in that warm sense of intellectual superiority than in convincing anyone. Your vulgarly abusive tone suggests to me this is so.

Correct me if I'm wrong, then, but you're saying there is no global warming. Or if so, not man-made? It's some conspiracy by scientists to get funding? Or by Big Brother (gov't. or pvt. vers.) to dominate the econ., maybe?

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 16 2014 17:17 utc | 76

Here's an interesting article on the recent report from the International Energy Agency:

"In the good old days — a month ago — when oil was holding at $100 a barrel, the major oil companies were already cutting back drastically on their capital expenditures, or capex, which is their name for funding the search for new sources of oil. They were in effect giving up, because they had tripled their capex spending over the previous decade without significant results. An oil company that is not constantly finding new sources of oil is a company in liquidation. And that’s where they were before oil dropped below $80.

In the US oil patch they are still throwing confetti in the air and blowing tin horns about America’s fracking renaissance, insisting they can drive on through this little price deviation toward American energy independence, but in the background you can hear the thuds of oil derricks hitting the ground — being laid down by companies that cannot afford to keep them going. [See Shale Drillers Idle Rigs From Texas to Utah Amid Oil Rout, Bloomberg News Nov. 7. and Oil Below $80: The First Shoes Drop, Forbes Nov. 4.)

Extravagant predictions that other parts of the world will soon enjoy a boom in fracked oil, says the IEA report, are not realistic. With few identified shale-oil deposits, with environmental opposition at a fever pitch almost everywhere, and with most countries lacking infrastructure — pipelines, rail capacity, and the like — the fracking movement is failing to thrive anywhere else.

When one discounts the significance of the fracking boom and looks over the rest of the world’s oil supply, the prognosis gets grimmer, faster. Virtually every conventional oil field in the world is in decline, and many of them in the Middle East, North Africa and South America are in danger of disruption by social unrest. This is how the IEA sums it up:

“The global energy system is in danger of falling short of the hopes and expectations placed upon it. The short-term picture of a well-supplied oil market should not disguise the challenges that lie ahead as reliance grows on a relatively small number of producers.”

Kind of makes the whole global warming debate moot.

Posted by: Nana2007 | Nov 16 2014 20:21 utc | 77

Russian Spring


Summary from fronts by combatant Prokhorov:

At lunch time, in settlement Stanitsa Luganskaya (north-east of Lugansk, next to border with Russia), Ministry of Internal Affairs’ battalion “Chernigov” got 3 killed and 5 wounded - from official data of Ukrainian Military.

This was combatants’ reconnaissance – their casualties were none.

In Mariupol` region, blasted Ukrainians near Volnovakha for they blew at Dokuchayevsk and Yelenovka. Clashes erupted near Granitnoye. Also – near Talakovka (suburb of Mariupol`).

Ukrainian positions near Avdeevka are being densely hit, also Peski (hit from both sides).

In a place called Bakhmutka (Lugansk’s west, just north of Pervomaysk), Ukrainian outposts 29 and 25 are being hit. A little bit west, after combatants had struck settlement Gorskoye, dislocated there Notional Guard asked for a respite to evacuate killed and wounded.

Next to Nikishino (very east of Debal`tsevo half-caldron), an attack by Ukrainians was repelled – they admitted having killed and wounded. At given moment, Ukrainian artillery from Debal`tsevo and Svetlodarsk densely works at coal mine “Poltavskaya”; they also shell Yenakievo.

Posted by: Fete | Nov 17 2014 4:10 utc | 78

@76 rufus m.. perhaps you meant cloud9 @66, not 71.

@77 nana - it is always changing.. thanks for the note.

@78 fete. thanks for these updates..

Posted by: james | Nov 17 2014 5:40 utc | 79

The United States Institute of Peace, the Pentagon’s think tank's vision for Syria and the future Middle East.

The Institute of Peace? Surly the pentagon jests with that moniker. During WWII yeah that moniker would be valid, not so much since. I must admit vwhoever had the brassies to dub the pentagon's think tank The Institute of PEACE has a sense of humor. The ptb have been utilizing and abusing the US military for the exact opposite of peace.

Posted by: really | Nov 17 2014 7:45 utc | 80

Israeli Settlers Torture and Hang Palestinian

Posted by: Anonymous | Nov 17 2014 8:15 utc | 81

@Rufus Magister
Cloud9's doing a bit of fakery. His superficial argument is that temperature rises logarithmically with CO2 concentrations, not linearly. Let's grant this, for argument's sake. Over a small enough variation in CO2 concentration (e.g. 20%), the mean temperature to CO2 is approximately linear (d log(x) / dx = 1/x, so one can do a nice linearization at 1/350, or 1/400, wherever we are now in CO2). So his argument goes nowhere, as anyone who took high school calculus can show.

The other bit of fakery relates to lack of increase in temperature. Allow, for argument's sake, that temperature has not been observed to increase. We know that the standard deviation of temperature is much greater than the mean annual increase, and as such, the increase, or lack thereof, the last 20 years, is largely immaterial, until much better accounting of planetary heat is made.

Note that the above two points hold, irrespective of whether one believes AGW to be real or not. As such, it is patently obvious that Cloud9 is a con-artist.

Posted by: Johan Meyer | Nov 17 2014 20:25 utc | 83

Saker posts a video of Poroshenko threatening kindergarteners in Novorossiya.

In the face of the EUs support and complicity with the ongoing US/EU/Ukrainian attempted genocide in Novorossiya he observes that "Ukraine is Europe" has been inverted : "Europe is Ukraine". Wiped into ranks and silently marching.

The European sheeple have complacently rolled over for the Nazis again. And since the EU is really the US in European drag - supine and enjoying the f*cking the US is giving 'her' - it is actually "the US is the Ukraine" ... "the US is ISIS" ... the US is desperate, delusional ... and we in the 'West" just sit on our thumbs staring at the spectacle, not even bothering to wipe the drool off of our chins.

Obama is sounding more and more like Poroshenko by the minute. Jerry Mahoney to Knucklehead Smith.

Are we functionally any different from the US Xtian Zionist fundamentalists, waiting for Satan to take over the earth, thus cuing deus ex machina to swing by his strings in the air above the stage waving his magic wand. sprinkling pixie dust, and sweeping us all up with him for the flight to our magic, utopian, never-never land in heaven, leaving all the mess we've made of earth behind?

Posted by: jfl | Nov 18 2014 2:42 utc | 84

C9 @ 85

Why would I worry about the planet becoming uninhabitable?

As I said, it seems more about your smug sense of intellectual superiority. I really don't know where you get it from. But you know what you can do with it, right?

Johan Meyer @ 84 has kindly explained your scam to me.

To jas. @ 79 -- You're right.

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 18 2014 3:10 utc | 85

Russian Spring


Summary from fronts by combatant Prokhorov:

From area of hamlet Berezovoye, Ukrainians launch “Grads” at Dokuchyevsk. Remembering plight of the battery near hamlet Stepnoye, the systems they use are more mobile. In turn, the combatants work at Bakhmutka by same “Grads”.

From area of Avdeevka Ukrainians lash artillery at Opitnoye. Also – at residential quarters of Donetsk some residential buildings are hit.

Clashes go on in the area of airport and Peski.

The combatants currently work at north and west outskirts of Debal`tsevo, where reserves and batteries of Ukranian army are located. Also - at Uglegorsk. In turn, Ukrainians work at Cossacks’ positions in Grlovka and Yenakievo…

… Perpetual combat is in Stanitsa Luganskaya. Ukrainians withdrew troops from outposts around city placing then next to residential buildings.

Since yesterday, Ukrainians admitted 3 fallen cops of battalion “Chernigov” (Ministry of Internal Affairs). Not true, we say. Casualties are among 128th, and territorial battalions, and border troops.

Today before noon, Ukrainians reported of 4 additional fallen and 2 missing.

Russian Spring


Summary from fronts by combatant Prokhorov:

… Cossacks were able to breach in north-east outskirts of settlement Chernukhino (near Debal`tsevo) – thank to reinforcement from Debal`tsevo, the attack was repelled. Yet, the Cossacks famously mowed Ukrainians.

Then, the whole night shelled Ukrainians in Chernukhino itself and near Mius.

An artillery battery of 28th brigade near settlement Stepnoye had left for hell (information from Ukrainians themselves)

Posted by: Fete | Nov 18 2014 4:59 utc | 86

In my opinion, I feel the Israeli-Arab situation is coming to a head. I believe this because the United States of America’s influence in the Middle East is changing. And it is changing for the better, because that influence is weakening. The United States is now engaging in direct talks with the Iranians and President Assad to fight the ISIL menace. That ISIL menace is a result of western powers and it’s Middle Eastern allies supporting ISIL covertly and openly. They of course will never admit their hand in creating ISIL, but that has come out in the independent media and information about just how much culpability the west and its Middle Eastern allies have in the creation, funding and nurturing of ISIL and other radical jihadi groups will come to light.

The Israeli population has two choices. They can continue to allow their politician and powers that be continue to kill, maim and annex Palestinians and their lands or they can make a statement that they will not tolerate such actions anymore. With the United States influence in the region growing smaller by the day, the Israeli’s may find themselves without their biggest ally stationed in the region. Sure the United States will probably continue to give massive amounts of arms to the Israeli’s, but Israel does not have a vast amount of foot soldiers who have extensive direct fighting experience. The Israeli forces are efficient at occupying a territory and bombing from above, but the true test will be hand to hand, muzzle to muzzle combat and from the latest conflict in the Gaza Strip, the IDF in my humble non military service opinion does not seem to be willing to engage in such tactics and/or up to the task.

Thus I get back to those two choices the Israeli population has that I mentioned earlier. Choice one is to continue to wage war against the Palestinians and act hostile to Arabs (particularly Iran) in general. This choice will have the most dire of circumstances for the nation state of Israel and its populace. The Arabs are getting stronger and stronger by the daya and I feel if push comes to shove the majority of them will band together to end the violence and vilification being inflicted upon them by Israel. I would think this would not be pretty. Imagine soviet made warplanes flown by Arabs bombing the daylights out of Tel Aviv and other major metropolitan areas like the Israeli’s have been repeatedly inflicting on the Gaza Strip. If I were an Israeli citizen as of today, I would really be thinking long and hard about what the elected officials of Israel are fostering against its neighbors and how that may boomerang and whack Israel and its population upside the head, because that is the path the Israeli government has been on and continues to tread.

The second choice the Israeli population has is to work with the Palestinians and its Arab neighbors to foster peace and economic prosperity. It is well known that the Gaza Strip has water rights in the Levant basin that is home to vast natural gas reserves. The Palestinians have been hampered in every way by the Israeli’s and their business partners in development of its natural gas by the means of embargo. This must stop and the powers in the region must equitably recoup wealth from their legal share of the natural gas reserves in the Levant. I feel if the Israeli’s and the Palestinians can sit down in the board room and broker a business deal that both are satisfied with, this could be the opening that is needed to instill a lasting and much need peace between the Arabs and Israelis. Prosperity has a way of making a person think twice about war, especially if he or she has something to lose. When a person has nothing to lose and that is the current situation the Palestinians, Arabs and especially the Gazans find themselves in a situation like that has consequences that can and will get extremely ugly. The ball has been and is in Israel court regardin Arab-Israeli relations and it is up to Israel to determine what kind of game they wish to play.

Posted by: really | Nov 18 2014 9:28 utc | 87

Is Lame Duck Obama Ready to Fight?

Posted by: really | Nov 18 2014 10:58 utc | 88

So 3 israelis are killed and the west cries. But killing palestinians is just fine apparently.

Posted by: Anonymous | Nov 18 2014 17:09 utc | 89

How ready for war, or winter, is Kiev now that all their gold has officially vaporized?

Posted by: Nana2007 | Nov 18 2014 20:56 utc | 90


Yes I've often wondered what kind of effect Obama's early years in post genocide Indonesia had on his development. But this?

"I’ve always felt his back-story gave Obama a worldly sensitivity to the white American imperial mind. It also put him in a most precarious position as a US imperial leader at a juncture in history when US power was ebbing and the problems of imperial decline were becoming quite real. It has been my secret hope that Barack Obama might be a bit of a Mikhail Gorbachev for the American empire — someone to help guide it gracefully to a soft landing."

No doubt he has in excess a worldly sensitivity to the white American imperial mind- but time will tell if he has any saving graces. I'm incredulous that anything but a soulless nihilist lies behind his cool facade.

Posted by: Nana2007 | Nov 18 2014 21:17 utc | 91

Russian Spring


Combatant Prokhorov informing about battles in place called Bakhmutka:

Bakhmutka is under fire as well – the combatants are terrifying outpost 29 (near Novotoshkovka) - by firearms already.

Artillery from Ukrainian Severodonetsk steadily strikes over foliage in area of Bakhmutka (near Novotoshkovka, where combatants came close to outpost 29).

Russian Spring


Evening summary from fronts by combatant Prokhorov:

In area of Peski, Ukrainians are being struck heavily. Ukrainian battery in area of Avdeevka went silent – likely was hit. Even Ochertino is currently being struck.

Ukrainian positions near Uglegorsk are being shelled. In area of Debal`tsevo, the combatants attempted to beach into the city (but had to retreat)…

Ukrainians shell Dokuchayevsk by “Grads”; the combatants shell them in return (area of Nikolayevka) …

Posted by: Fete | Nov 19 2014 5:18 utc | 92

"...Putin’s isolation points to one of the greatest failures of his presidency: namely that Russia has practically no allies left...."

This is pure horsesh!t. This is as about as nice as I could put it.

Posted by: really | Nov 19 2014 8:28 utc | 94

@ 94.
"...Putin’s isolation points to one of the greatest failures of his presidency: namely that Russia has practically no allies left...."

...except BRICS (poor lonely Vlad).

Let's just completely forget that if Putin had played his cards like a Yankee, he'd have dozens and dozens of allies ... gutless, pissant, soft-target specialists like NATO .... and "Israel."

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 19 2014 14:55 utc | 95

Merkel’s “Hun Speech” against Russia

On July 27, 1900, Kaiser Wilhelm II delivered his infamous “Hun speech” (Hunnenrede) in Bremerhaven. Addressing the German East Asian Expeditionary Corps, which was traveling to China to bloodily suppress the Boxer Rebellion, he said that the German army had been “built up during thirty years of faithful, peaceful labour.”

He accused China of “upsetting international law” and having “mocked the sacredness of the envoy, the duties of hospitality in a way unheard of in world history.”

Finally, he made the infamous threat: “Just as a thousand years ago the Huns under their King Attila made a name for themselves, one that even today makes them seem mighty in history and legend, so may the name German be affirmed by you in such a way in China that no Chinese will ever again dare to look cross-eyed at a German.”

Angela Merkel’s frontal attack on Russia following the G20 summit in Australia brings to mind this type of German great power politics. Like Wilhelm II, Merkel is trying to present her own aggressive conduct as a means of defending peace and international law and brand her antagonist, in this case Russia, as the aggressor.

The G20 summit was dominated by an intensification of the conflict with Russia. The heads of government of the imperialist powers closed ranks against Putin and provoked his early departure. In her speech, Merkel demonstratively stood behind the anti-Russian government in Ukraine and promised she would support it “politically and economically.”

With this backing, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on the same day threatened Russia with “total war.” Speaking on the fringes of a commemoration in Bratislava, he said, “I have no fear of war with Russian troops and we have prepared for such a scenario of total war. Our army is currently in a much better state than five months ago and we have support from all over the world.”

The German government is playing a central role in the aggressive moves against Moscow. In February, in close collaboration with the US government and fascist forces, it organised a putsch against then-Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych after he had refused to sign an Association Agreement with the European Union. Since then, it has worked closely with the Poroshenko regime and is playing a leading a role in the military encirclement of Russia.

Last weekend, Die Welt reported that the Bundeswehr (Armed Forces) will lead a rapid reaction force that NATO is establishing in response to the Ukraine conflict for the purpose of sending a “clear signal to Moscow.” In September, Germany took the lead in aerial patrols over the Baltic States and has doubled its contingent in the Multinational Northeast Corps in Szczecin, Poland. Last week, German NATO General Hans-Lothar Domröse raised the threat of major NATO maneuvers on the Russian border.

For years, NATO has been extending its borders eastwards and is now making increasingly open preparations for war against Russia. But in Sydney, Merkel accused Russia of systematically extending its area of influence. “It’s not just about Ukraine, it’s about Moldavia, it’s about Georgia, she declared. “If this continues, one can ask: Does one need to add Serbia, must one add the western Balkan states? In any case, that is not compatible with our values.”

“We also know from history that one cannot afford to be too peaceable, that one has to take seriously what is said and listen carefully,” Merkel continued.

Brünnhilde rallies the too-peaceable Germans to war.

Casualties in Donetsk


For the last day the Army of Novorossiya has lost 5 persons dead and 10 persons injured.

At the same time from 01.11 to 18.11.2014 the casualties among civilians in Donetsk were 43 persons dead and 91 persons injured, including 6 dead and 11 injured children and 7 dead and 17 injured women.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 19 2014 21:05 utc | 96

Russian Spring


Summary from fronts by combatant Prokhorov:

Ukrainian military reported 2 wounded near settlement Chermalik (?).
The combatants also worked a bit at Stanitsa Luganskaya, Schast`ye and Ol`khovoye.

Worked at settlement Zolotoye.

Area of outpost 31 (Bakhmutka) was smashed by “Grads” a little while ago.

An Ukrainian outpost was hit near city Volnovakha (south-west of Donetsk), between Nikolayevka and Novotroitskoye

In same Volnovakha region, in area of settlement Granitnoye, Ukrainians inform of night mega-battle (more than 40 artillery raids). Wounded Ukrainians were transported to hospitals of Mariupol` and Volnovakha.

Posted by: Fete | Nov 20 2014 5:08 utc | 97

The Russians! The Russians! They're watching our babies!

Current BBC news website homepage headline: "Russian site lists breached webcams"

What relevance is the word "Russian" in this sentence? I mean, apart from the attempted demonization of a country.

Posted by: Pat Bateman | Nov 20 2014 13:21 utc | 98


Commentary: Sporadic assaults and retaliatory measures reported from numerous locations along the front line. No side prevails, or means to prevail.

Such as:

At 19:30, the punitive troops attacked a combatants` unit in area of settlement Trekhisbenka (north of Slavyanoserbsk, Lugansk region). The attack was repelled. The attackers lost two truchs of personnel.

As of 22:10, the battle Dzerzhinsk – Mayorsk (north of Gorlovka) is still under way. Also, Ukrainian army shelled west outskirts of Gorlovka, which was retaliated by the artillery of Novorossia with some success: large conflagration and thick black smoke were observed on opponent’s positions.

Firearms clashes were reported from outskirts of Avdeevka and Peski.

Yenakievo was shelled from Uglegorsk (Debal`tsevo half-caldron area). Firearms clashes followed…

Posted by: Fete | Nov 21 2014 4:33 utc | 99

Someone needs tell Bibi that demolishing the home of a Palestinian Resistance fighter, killed when exercising his legal right (and obligation) to kill Jews, doesn't need a house any more.
Someone else needs to remind Bibi that such demolitions are:
1. Collective punishment
2. Terrorism
3. Illegal
4. Insane
5. Another nail in "Israel's" coffin.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 21 2014 6:36 utc | 100

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