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November 11, 2014

Kerry In Search Of Genie Magic

Taking a break from stuck talks with the Iranian delegation Secretary of State Kerry visited the bazar of Muscat, Oman to enlist a new spirited member for his policy team. "Sometimes one has to resort to unusual measures to solve all these difficult problems," Kerry explained. "This genie lamp will magically enlighten the world about your wisdom," market vendor Ali Baba assured the secretary.


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Was the gerbil included with purchase?

Posted by: Eric Shun | Nov 11 2014 19:47 utc | 1

I wonder if that shopkeeper knew he just made the most sarcastic comment ever uttered in the history of the world. Hilarious, intentional or not.

Posted by: Colinjames | Nov 11 2014 19:57 utc | 2

What's a gerbil got to do with it? I'm mystified.

Posted by: Laguerre | Nov 11 2014 19:58 utc | 3

Posted by: The Persian Persuader | Nov 11 2014 20:08 utc | 4

He probably got ripped off since it was made in China. Americans always get robbed overpay for hookers, drugs everything.

Posted by: Fernando | Nov 11 2014 20:50 utc | 5

How does that old saying go: "One picture worth a thousand words"?

Posted by: Norman | Nov 11 2014 21:11 utc | 6

Forget about nuclear power or hydro power or even solar power....when theres Genie power!

Posted by: brian | Nov 11 2014 21:24 utc | 7

"This genie lamp will magically enlighten the world about your wisdom..."

at this point it's worth a shot - nothing else has worked!!!!

Posted by: james | Nov 11 2014 23:43 utc | 8

Kerry is a brilliant actor. He plays his part - that of a clueless dipshit -with aplomb. A "kick me" sign on his back will be coming soon.

Posted by: fast freddy | Nov 12 2014 1:11 utc | 9

needed sumthin' fur the nxt Skl + Bns show and tell

Posted by: Jay M | Nov 12 2014 2:15 utc | 10

He's going to tell us about Kerry's wisdom? Will this be a genie or a mime?

Posted by: guest77 | Nov 12 2014 2:16 utc | 11

@Jay M

Where did Ghadafi's skull end up anyway?

Posted by: guest77 | Nov 12 2014 2:16 utc | 12

they are saying, how do you prove provenance?

Posted by: Jay M | Nov 12 2014 2:39 utc | 13

Kerry's trying to summon Lucifer.

Posted by: Ron | Nov 12 2014 3:00 utc | 14

Kerry, already has the Genie him and his ilk have summoned, the Genie of perpetual War.

Posted by: ben | Nov 12 2014 5:09 utc | 15

So this is what US foreign policy has devolved to...genie lamps. Well I am sure once Kerry rubs on his new genie lamp Harf will appear to guide him on more foreign policy blunders. Genie lamps...absolutely rediculous. LOL!

Posted by: really | Nov 12 2014 8:13 utc | 16

One word: priceless!

Posted by: Seamus Padraig | Nov 12 2014 11:27 utc | 17

Are there any other doddering oldsters out there besides me who remember when this same Kerry was the great hope of the nation against the predations of the evil Bush/Cheney administration? Who along with suave and handsome running mate John Edwards was poised to take 'Merica on a path to a rebirth of freedom and the nation's ideals as understood by its founders? Except that the NYT wouldn't print the Risen's surveillance bombshells, and Rove and Diebold stole the election in Ohio?

And now, this same extinguished gentleman is reduced to carrying water for an even more deceitful, war-mongering administrator of his own party... How, oh how did we sink so low?

Perhaps our political system is an irredeemable cesspool from which only slime arises with any predictability. Or maybe I'm just cynical...

Posted by: Hugo First | Nov 12 2014 13:44 utc | 18

Hugo First @17 Kerry wasn't going to get us out of Iraq or anything like that. He just maintained that Bush was incompetent (a fair assumption) and that he had a clue. Elections in the US are a joke, as we will see from this recent election. The election in 2000 was highly flawed, the one in 2004 was even more criminal (thanks to my home state of Ohio), and after Mr. Hope&Change it looks like another generation has given up on the electoral process. I'm happy I own my home and have a good trade. I'm too old to draft, but just about the age where 'old farts' like me start to get mean.

Posted by: Jim T | Nov 12 2014 14:29 utc | 19

kerry might look flacid but when it comes to bullying muricun lapdogs, er, allies, he is no less an *enforcer* than mdm dowager klinton !

*Notable absentees from the signing ceremony were the United States' closest regional allies, Japan, South Korea, and Australia, with media reports claiming the US had exerted pressure on the countries not to join up.

According to a report in the Australian Financial Review, the US Secretary of State John Kerry personally asked Prime Minister Tony Abbott not to join the bank,*

then of course white faced just cant help speaking in forked tongue..
like clockwork, here comes the *official* denial,
*US State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki denied the story, saying: "Secretary Kerry has made clear directly to the Chinese as well as to other partners that we welcome the idea of an infrastructure bank for Asia but we strongly urge that it meet international standards of governance and transparency*

once again, zwo rule 2 is being vindicated
*believe the opp to whatever is officially denied by a cunt *

Posted by: denk | Nov 12 2014 16:40 utc | 20

merchant reassures US secretary of state that the magic lamp will grant three wishes.
1. Make Assad disappear.
2. Make Putin disappear.
3. Make Xi Jinping disappear.
But Mr Kerry's hairpiece does not appear convinced.

Posted by: Amomymous | Nov 12 2014 18:37 utc | 21

Posted by: denk | Nov 12, 2014 11:40:18 AM | 20

Abbott is an unmitigated liar, bully, traitor, Neocon (like his hero John Dubya Howard), and a gutless piece of shit (like John Dubya Howard). Australia laughed long and loud when Phony Tony threatened to shirtfront Putin.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 13 2014 4:21 utc | 22

Hoarsewhisperer 22

turns out that both the treasurer and the trade minister favor joining the aiib, but they were overrode by abbot and his bishop, who take their order from washington and tokyo !

Posted by: denk | Nov 13 2014 9:30 utc | 23

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