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October 09, 2014

Open Thread 2014-23

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what a relief, lol..

Posted by: james | Oct 9 2014 17:42 utc | 1

listened to 100 years of duke ellington by the european broadcasting union jazz orchestra, directed by andrew homzy.. fantastic cd!

Posted by: james | Oct 9 2014 17:44 utc | 2

Huh? his career was 50 years or so, why 100 years?

Posted by: kjs | Oct 9 2014 17:55 utc | 3

I think it interesting that in all the coverage about ISIS' siege of Ayn al-Arab (a.k.a., Kobane or Kobani, depending on which press account you read) the mainstream media has not mentioned that the YPG, the People's Protection Units, the militia of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party has Marxist roots. Occasionally, you will see a reference to the fact that the PYD is the Syrian branch of the PKK. But nowhere does the MSM give a description of what the PKK stands for, or how the CIA abducted its leader in Africa 15 years ago and how he has been imprisoned by Turkey since then.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Oct 9 2014 17:56 utc | 4


I can't think of any media phrase using the word "marxist" that can compete nowadays with "Islamic terrorism" in gripping the public's imagination and fears.

Kurdish marxist rebels? yawn.

Posted by: sleepy | Oct 9 2014 18:26 utc | 5

well, the islamists are the new communists, after all.

Posted by: john | Oct 9 2014 18:43 utc | 6

Destabilization as US Bargaining Tactic?

While the US has been stoking tensions in Europe to help it in the TTIP negations with Brussels, the Pentagon has been redeploying to the Middle East. The Pentagon-led buildup in the region is about anything but fighting the ISIL. In part, it may be tied to US nuclear negations with Iran. On top of other goals, the US-led military buildup could be intended to give Washington additional leverage against Tehran in the nuclear talks.

Creating instability looks to be part of a packaged approach. Whatever the case is, its creation appears to be used to support US negotiations and bargaining. This is very clear in the case of the tension in Ukraine, where Washington is using the crisis to its advantage in TTIP talks and to peddle its LNG to the EU by using sanctions to lockout Russian gas.

What's clear is US policy is completely insane and likely to implode on any front at any movement. Let me adjust my foil skullcap...there...What are the odds Ebola is a hedge against this likelihood?

Posted by: Nana2007 | Oct 9 2014 19:04 utc | 7

And who is responsible for extremism in the middle east, step forward a former British commander with this explanation. "A former British commander in Iraq says that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are accountable for globally spreading extremism.
In a recent interview with The Telegraph, General Jonathan Shaw said that both of the Arab states have ignited a “time bomb” by funding extremism that has triggered the rise of the ISIL.
Britain's former Assistant Chief of the Defense Staff went on to say that the two countries have spent billions of dollars on funding Wahhabi and Salafist militant groups. Now who would have thought that.

Posted by: harry law | Oct 9 2014 19:09 utc | 8

War in Syria spills over into Lebanon.

- Published in july 2013 but it provides some good info on why Lebanon suffers as well.
- Isn't that precisely what the US wanted back in 2001 ? "Regime change" in Lebanon ?
- Nasrallah overplayed his hand and as a result raised tensions even more in Lebanon ?

"US strategy will fail"

Nice quote:
"The war that ISIS is raging on the Iraqi government is a coalition of many different tiny little wars. … Everyone has his own grievances against the central government of Iraq, yet ISIS has managed to include them all under a single umbrella. … By sending more weapons, sending more money, you’re just adding to the fuel of the war. You need a social contract with the Sunnis of Iraq."

So, the solution can be very simple: Get rid of the current iraqi government and bring back Muqtada Al Sadr. Sadr can credibly claim that his hands are clean.

"Saudi youth fighting against Assad"

Reese Ehrlich's website has more interesting articles on-line.
E.g. on what has happened in Bahrein (2012)

Posted by: Willy2 | Oct 9 2014 19:17 utc | 9

".What are the odds Ebola is a hedge against this likelihood?"

Well MH370 occurred serendipitously after the Ukraine heated up, diverting all news outlets to 'da plane'. Ebola may be another wheel within a wheel, but if you remember things like syphilis in Tuskagee, it's probably more about using test subjects, expendable and without compensation.

Posted by: Ben Franklin | Oct 9 2014 19:29 utc | 11

@3 kjs

quote :"Huh? his career was 50 years or so, why 100 years?"

recording was done in 1999 and ellington was born in 1899..

Posted by: james | Oct 9 2014 19:37 utc | 12

A must-read by Kelley Vlahos. --The Iraqi Army Never Was

Posted by: Don Bacon | Oct 9 2014 21:02 utc | 13

Over at the Graun they have a headline;Child death in the US;it's in their DNA.Wow,imagine a headline about Israel,and their murdering,it's in their DNA.Our DNA,of the 99% at least,is a mixture and or European,Asian African and Native American,which is the whole world,so it must be in the world's DNA.
One knuckleheads story is that its a myth that Ebola is highly contagious.
Oh.the Nobel prize goes to a Jewish writer whose most famous book is about the Holocaust.And a basketball player from the NBA is on the hot seat because he took a"Holocaust selfie,at a memorial in Germany.
The ones you can't critique,even obliquely,or even not at all,are those who hold the power.

Posted by: dahoit | Oct 9 2014 21:02 utc | 14

@ #4

It was Mossad who helped the Turkish govt apprehend Ocalan in Nairobi in 1999. He was travelling under a Cypriot passport given to him by the Greek authorities but what Ocalan didn't know was that , since he was forced to leave Syria ( otherwise turkey was planning to invade) , he was being monitored by Mossad ( using electronics provided by the former owner of Verint - an Israeli firm) whilst he tried unsuccessfully to be granted refugee status by Russia, Netherlands, Italy and Greece.

This is the reason why the PKK doesn't trust Israel.

Posted by: Yul | Oct 9 2014 21:04 utc | 15

Pssstt...We have met the real instigator,and it is US(and our you know who masters).(Pogo,bastardized)

Posted by: dahoit | Oct 9 2014 21:05 utc | 16


Clearly we didn't invest enough cash or blood. I wonder if the rapid retreat was not a cultural imperative. True believers seem willing to fight to the death, so what does that say about secular muslims?

Posted by: Ben Franklin | Oct 9 2014 21:12 utc | 17


Let me adjust my foil skullcap...there...What are the odds Ebola is a hedge against this likelihood

That's the funniest thing I've read here in days. Maybe weeks.

Posted by: okie farmer | Oct 9 2014 21:13 utc | 18

@14 dahoit quote "The ones you can't critique,even obliquely,or even not at all,are those who hold the power."

i think that is really true which is why the politicians are always targeted - they are just rubber stamping figureheads.. on the other hand when a propaganda campaign gets under way to tar and feather a particular leader/country, it is a clear sign that are doing something opposed to those very same one's holding a certain type of power, be it corporate, ethnic, or what have you..

Posted by: james | Oct 9 2014 22:18 utc | 19

that ( they)

Posted by: james | Oct 9 2014 22:19 utc | 20

Will obama get the peace prize again tommorow? I wouldnt be surprised.

Posted by: Anonymous | Oct 9 2014 22:36 utc | 21

Seems like one of the passengers on MH17 had time to put on an oxygen mask. An passenger was found with a mask around his/her neck. That tends to rule out the official 'instantaneous death by buk' story.

Posted by: Anon E Mouse | Oct 9 2014 22:57 utc | 22

Thanks Anon E Mouse;

Finally we see some credible evidence MH17 had some advance notice.

30mm rounds is looking more likely.

The Dutch public prosecutor confirmed the minister's account, saying that "during the identification process an oxygen mask was indeed found on a victim."
Report details final moments of MH17 How complicated are Russian missiles? MH17 crash site abandoned amidst war
"The mask was attached around the victim's neck with an elastic strap. The Netherlands Forensic Institute examined the mask for fingerprints, saliva and DNA, but the results were inconclusive," the prosecutor's office said in a statement Thursday."It is not known how and at what point the mask came to be around the victim's neck. The passenger's relatives were informed at the time. None of the other victims recovered were found to be wearing oxygen masks."

Posted by: Ben Franklin | Oct 9 2014 23:05 utc | 23

anon e mouse @ 22

it was a he- male passenger- have the news up at my place and yes it appears to suggest someone definitely saw something- seeming to rule out ground attack and bolstering russian narrative of planes flanking MH-17

Posted by: Penny | Oct 9 2014 23:10 utc | 24

The war in Ukraine, and the sanctions on Russia and Iran are definitely biting - in Europe, it seems. Now it is time for the German people to ask wether making Ms. Merkel's pet boxer the Mayor of Kiev is really worth a few years of economic stagnation...

  • Germany’s Federal Statistical Office said Thursday that exports slumped by 5.8 percent for the month of August.
  • German economy shrinks by 0.2%, halts Europe recovery
The German national statistics office said on Thursday that exports slumped 5.8 percent in August compared with July, more than expected. It was the sharpest drop since 2009, in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. And it was the latest in a series of indications that Germany’s export-driven economy was losing momentum, in part because the conflict in Ukraine has made businesses cautious and unwilling to invest. link

Posted by: guest77 | Oct 10 2014 0:08 utc | 25

"Free" Speech in the West - RT prevented from putting full ads up around London.

London outdoor advertising companies have refused to allow the original images to appear on the city’s telephone booths and underground stations, citing the Communications Act 2003, which prohibits political advertising.

The ads themselves are quite interesting.

Posted by: guest77 | Oct 10 2014 0:15 utc | 26

I think someone maybe linked to this, but it bears reapeating:

From Pol Pot to ISIS: “Anything that flies on everything that moves”

In transmitting President Richard Nixon's orders for a "massive" bombing of Cambodia in 1969, Henry Kissinger said, "Anything that flies on everything that moves". As Barack Obama ignites his seventh war against the Muslim world since he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the orchestrated hysteria and lies make one almost nostalgic for Kissinger's murderous honesty.

As a witness to the human consequences of aerial savagery - including the beheading of victims, their parts festooning trees and fields - I am not surprised by the disregard of memory and history, yet again. A telling example is the rise to power of Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge, who had much in common with today's Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). They, too, were ruthless medievalists who began as a small sect. They, too, were the product of an American-made apocalypse, this time in Asia.

Complete with one of the nausea inducing photos imaginable.

Posted by: guest77 | Oct 10 2014 0:31 utc | 27

this is the kind of story that Putin's (paid?) propagandist Saker blocks systematically from his blog, but it is the truth and needs to be told:

let the pseudo-left howl about this all they want, now that the more vigorous personalities no longer appear at this blog

Posted by: Cu Chulainn | Oct 10 2014 0:48 utc | 28

Signs of a sea change?

Xinhua quoting a Russian Social Research latest public opinion survey:

51% Russians think China is Russia's best friend. Belarus comes in second at 32% Kazakhstan at third with 20%. 6 years ago the same survey had China scoring 23%. Germany dropped from 17% to a barely positive 2% this time :(

Most hostile to Russia? Amerika far and away at 73%, rising all the way from 25% 6 years ago :(

Sample size 1,600 people from all walks. A similar recent poll by Social Discourse Foundation also revealed 78% Russians consider China a friend. Russian analysts believe this indicates Sino/Russo friendly relationship is likely at historical best. Be afraid imperialists, be very afraid.

Posted by: OleImmigrant | Oct 10 2014 0:48 utc | 29

Latin America’s ‘Made in USA’ 2014 Recession [TeleSur English]

The USA is taking advantage of the emerging recessions in Latin America to put additional economic pressure on two of the region’s most important economies: Argentina and Venezuela.

Three major economies of Latin America—Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela—entered recession in 2014. And in all three cases their recessions may be subtitled, ‘Made in the USA’.

After growing at 5% to 9% in annual GDP rates between 2010-2012, in 2013 all of the ‘big three’ economies of South America began to slow significantly. Both Brazil and Venezuela GDP grew at only around 1%-2% in 2013, while Argentina’s economy slowed from 9% in 2010 to 4%. Economic growth in Latin America’s other major economy, Mexico, slowed similarly—from 5.5% in 2010 to only 1% last year.

Posted by: guest77 | Oct 10 2014 0:52 utc | 30

@Cu Chulainn 28
Slavyangrad is a great site

Saker's silly monarchist leanings seem to predispose him for lionization of strongmen.

Posted by: Crest | Oct 10 2014 1:01 utc | 32

Oh good, another poster "vigorously" sitting in his apartment "vigorously" typing away on the internet "vigourously" pronouncing himself "His Royal Leftness".

How exciting.

We can't wait, really. Have at it, Co Coolihan. That really never gets old apparently... to the guy doing the vigorous stroking, anyway.

Posted by: guest77 | Oct 10 2014 1:05 utc | 33

@OleImmigrant #29:

China and Russia are a natural match (as are Germany and Russia, but Germany is not yet ready to get out from under the thumb of the Empire). I've forgotten why they had a falling out during the old days, since the international politics of communist powers were an obscure subject for me.

@Penny #24:

You're right: that is an interesting development.

Posted by: Demian | Oct 10 2014 1:31 utc | 34

And @33 is no defense of the Saker, believe you me.

Posted by: guest77 | Oct 10 2014 1:33 utc | 35


Considering the most recent ruling of a New York judge about Argentina being required to pay off its American vulture capitalist debt before being able to settle with its other reduced rate debtors, it's no surprise that Argentina's been hurting lately. Argentina's situation with the American legal system and banking scams may give other countries incentives for avoiding American banks or finding alternatives to dollars.

Posted by: Rusty Pipes | Oct 10 2014 2:26 utc | 36

@ guest77 #35
...believe you me.

A blast from the past.
It must be thirty years since I last heard that expression, believe you me. ;-)
Probably b doesn't even know that one, and he knows many, many American slang terms.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Oct 10 2014 2:29 utc | 37

In my home state, we have a very extraordinary situation with one of our citizen journalists:

Posted by: Jon Lester | Oct 10 2014 3:03 utc | 38

now if only Kiev was made to turn over the ATC tape...why doent EU place sanctions on Kiev junta to force it to do so?

Posted by: brian | Oct 10 2014 4:33 utc | 39

Saker's silly monarchist leanings seem to predispose him for lionization of strongmen.

Posted by: Crest | Oct 9, 2014 9:01:17 PM | 32

youd prefer weakmen like Obama Hollande Cameron? who are pushed about by the backroom boys?

Posted by: brian | Oct 10 2014 4:34 utc | 40

this is the kind of story that Putin's (paid?) propagandist Saker blocks systematically from his blog, but it is the truth and needs to be told:

let the pseudo-left howl about this all they want, now that the more vigorous personalities no longer appear at this blog

Posted by: Cu Chulainn | Oct 9, 2014 8:48:06 PM | 28

the howl of Cu Chulainn...paid by neocons.... FYI i notice you dont show us the receipts for Putins payment to Saker

Posted by: brian | Oct 10 2014 4:36 utc | 41

Russian Spring


Lugansk. In the evening of October 9, in response to shelling combatants’ positions as well as residential districts the volunteers of Lugansk Republic attempted to attack positions of Ukrainian troops in city Schast`ye from the direction of city Slavyanoserbsk (to the west of Shast`ye).

According to activists:

The combatants do not cut through the bridges, but rather by a waterless valley via settlement Stariy (Old) Aidar. It is about 6 km from there to Schast`ye. Ukrainian military in Schast`ye rose by alarm. They are consolidating heavy equipment. Submachine and machine gun combat is heard.

Russian Spring


Overview from 1st Inter-Brigade of South-East:

Donetsk – no change or cheerful news: the city is shelled from high caliber artillery from settlements Peski and Avdeevka. Clashes do not subside in the airport, which is partially (the bunker under old terminal) controlled by Ukrainians. There (underground), the whole fortified areas were created. Logistics is channeled through “caponiers with entry into underground communications of the airport”, where provision and ammo are unloaded to the nationalists holed up in the airport.

Avdeevka - after midday and evening bombardment by combatants’ artillery at fire emplacements of Ukrainians, saboteur-reconnaissance groups of the army of Novorossia turned to action tonight – checking punitive troops positions (sooner or later, the storm is inevitable).

Debal`tsevo – the situation stays tense. Extremely tense is near settlements Redkodub, Nikishino, Novoorlovka – new clashes there were reported.

Thus, another madness day of Ukrainian civil war was lived through. Then, on the backdrop of news that the U.S. and Russia will discuss Donbass (without, by the way, the Chief Ukrainian; which is, of course, right – when adult gentlemen converse, the heavy drinking chocolate boys better to stay elsewhere), some change in the situation may be hoped.

Posted by: Fete | Oct 10 2014 4:43 utc | 42

I tried capturing the aims of current US foreign policy in a poem and it goes something like this:


we have a war they cannot name
and packaged enemies like product lines
disaster juggling, spot to spot
one month Ukraine a plane shot down
the month before a Zionist war called

I mean
I mean

our newest war is hard to name
our allies helped zap Frankenstein
beheading Syria is still the game
so sometimes the staging is poorly timed

America has an exceptional
capacity to be deceived
we crave the nightmare packaging
we watch tv, we truly believe

Posted by: lizard | Oct 10 2014 5:41 utc | 43

last yr i post a comment on fukus-hima, half in jest,

now i dont think its so funny after all......
have someone been broadcasting their plan all along, hidden in plain sight !

fuk u

Posted by: denk | Oct 10 2014 6:27 utc | 44

obama commemorating 9-1-1 by packing *kaboom* !
beheading in spice perfume commercial,
obama as the satan in press conf
brit isis victim john cant-lie,
alleged LAX Shooter, Paul CIA-n-CIA ..
they dropped an ethnic bomb in hk
and coined it S[pecial] A[dministrative] R[egion] S[tatus] !

Posted by: denk | Oct 10 2014 10:23 utc | 45

brian, i expected silliness from the guest but not from you; Germans call this Freundfeinddenken. if you are interested in Novorossiya (evidently not) niqnaq is the go-to site in English

Posted by: Cu Chulainn | Oct 10 2014 11:32 utc | 46

"The single force that has blocked this emerging threat from imposing its hegemony from Damascus to Baghdad - perhaps even from Beirut to Riyadh - is the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Posted by: Amar | Oct 10 2014 12:49 utc | 47

“Today you pretend making a coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), but in fact you’re their allies,” Those are the frank words by Cristina Fernandez Kirchner, the Argentinian President, spoken in a calm and secure voice at the UN General Assembly last Friday, 3 October 2014.

.. Shamefully, many western leaders and representatives left the assembly hall when Ms. Fernandez spoke ..


Posted by: rackstraw | Oct 10 2014 13:30 utc | 48

GAZA CITY. From Swiss news, le Temps Tue. 7 Oct., a study by a UN agency, using commercial - very precise - sat. pix.

Destruction between 24 July - 28 Sept. 2014.

Such nos. and pictures are not given out in the EU, US, MSM.

column 1 = moderately damaged, destroyed between 5 and 30%
column 2 = severely damaged, destruction between 30 et 75%
column 3 = completely destroyed, rubble.


Health-care establishments.....13............1...........4

Agri (1) ..................................392.......214.........657

All buildings.........................4938.......3565......6761

Gaza City has, had, 467 schools et 101 medical establishments.
The total of other categories - like all buildings - is unknown.

1. Mostly greenhouses, plus small plots, tiny farms

Posted by: Noirette | Oct 10 2014 15:37 utc | 49

UK vote on Palestine

Posted by: Anonymous | Oct 10 2014 16:38 utc | 50

Latest from Cannonfire on the Israeli problem:

Posted by: ben | Oct 11 2014 3:43 utc | 51

*Ebola Is Perfect Gateway for Total Western Invasion of Africa*

not difficult to connect the dots innit ?
...ebola, africom, un, imf.....NED !

Posted by: denk | Oct 11 2014 3:56 utc | 52

the french connection ?

Posted by: denk | Oct 11 2014 4:42 utc | 53

Russian Spring


Overview from 1st Inter-Brigade of South-East:

Donetsk – the combatants report going negotiations of capitulation by punitive troops squeezed at the old terminal of Donetsk airport. The shelling of Donetsk Republic capital, nevertheless, does not calm down.

Debal`tsevo – under support of artillery two powerful saboteur-reconnaissance groups of combatants were battling Ukrainian troops. The latter lamented that the combat disclosed the system of fire emplacement of the Ukrainian troops. Later the combatants caused significant damages Ukranians by “Grad” systems and long-range artillery…

Russian Spring


Speaker of Center of Information an Analytics at Council of Ukrainian State Security Andrei Lisenko denied that the Council had received any document on a demarcation line:
“So far we have not received documents of some sort of delimiting from the international group of observers consisting of representatives of Russia, Ukraine and OSCE.”

Later he denounced the information about signing an agreement of demarcation line on the East of Ukraine with Donetsk Republic calling the information a provocation:
“Ukrainian troops are retaining and will retain the frontiers of defense consistent with the Minsk agreement”

Russian Spring


Prime-Minister of Donetsk Republic Aleksandr Zakharchenko announced Friday that Donetsk Republic and Ukrainian authorities signed an agreement on demarcation line:

“Yesterday we signed an agreement on a demarcation line with Ukraine. Ukrainian troops leave one city and several settlements including Peski. It is the end of war. Now the negotiations will continue through political methods”

First Vice-Minister of Donetsk Republic Ravil` Khalikov told journalists that the agreement was already achieved 2 days ago, but announced today. Representatives of Kiev conceded to sign the agreement on a demarcation line according to Donetsk Republic maps:

“Per their version, we would give up number of settlements; at the end however our version was upheld.”

Posted by: Fete | Oct 11 2014 5:27 utc | 54

DPR: National Guardia started building fortifications on border with Donbas

In the st[a]ff office of DPR [it] was reported to RIA News on Saturday that power lifters are digging pits with a help of building technique between Petropavlovsk region Dnepropetrovsk and Dobrpolsk region of Donetsk, they are building concrete fortifications.

Posted by: jfl | Oct 11 2014 12:57 utc | 55

The bellweather of righteous and Unholy indignation says(NYTs)Putins tiger swims to China.A top story on their website.The banality of evil and tribal animosity,they should be institutionalized as defective humans.
And the editorial says;Why rebuild Gaza,if its just going to be blown up again?They said that after9-11,right?Why rebuild if its just going to be blown up again?Man talk about hollow people and soulless scum.I guess they are saying,it's coming again,this time called some other criminal name.
And the left right sh*t is fruitless,stupid and as productive as civil war.Their are many different approaches to different problems,locking ones self in a cage of narrow thinking,leads to dementia and obscurity.

Posted by: dahoit | Oct 11 2014 15:22 utc | 56

Following on from comment 55, I read somewhere that the ‘money’ budgeted for the ‘wall’ between Ukraine and Russia (announced by Yats) has ‘flown.’ Surprise!

The Kiev Gvmt. is indeed moving towards cut off the cancerous limb (Donbass) as they now have nothing else left to do, as they lost their ‘war.’

Apologies for all the inverted commas, but in Ukraine, these words have different meanings.

- Donetsk People’s Republic has instituted its first political party: Communist.

- A DPR big-wig has said that the banking sector will be integrated into the Russian one, no problems.

- DPR has paid its teachers (how I have no idea.) Teachs were very happy. (1)

- Some who fled to Russia (no numbers) have returned.

- DPR + Luhansk PR have announced elections, parliamentary and prez. of their region(s) - on Nov. 2.

Note, the agreement with Kiev leaves some room open for such (not really but whatever). To run, it is necessary to collect 1K signatures, be over 30, and have lived in the region for at least 10 years. They have also, at least ‘on paper’ created a united military force (Sept 15 or so) and previous (May) a cooperation / collaboration treaty, to unify under a ‘Novorussiya’ banner.

DPR has taken over administration of the coal mines, at least temporarily, as announced by Zaharchenko. There has been talk of nationalising them.

‘Novorussiya’ (there are many territorial problems and questions here) will not participate in the Oct. 26 Kiev-Ukr. elections.

> .. all from news, iffy perhaps, other news/povs./other topics not treated.

Echoes to Yugoslavia…

Some links, Ukr. general.

Glasyev: Ukr. default inevitable.

——see also other of interest—-

1. Kiev has not paid salaries, pensions, what not since March or April.

Posted by: Noirette | Oct 11 2014 15:55 utc | 57

@Noirett #57:

It's spelled Lugansk. "Luhansk" is the fascist spelling. (Ukrainian words often (always?) have an 'h' where the Russian equivalent has a 'g'.)

Posted by: Demian | Oct 11 2014 18:51 utc | 58

Dutch FM Timmermans: MH17 Passenger Found Wearing Oxygen Mask

Blows away the earliest conclusion of "instant death" for passengers and crew in downing of MH-17.

Australian MH17 crash victim 'had time to put oxygen mask on', says Dutch foreign minister

One of the victims of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash was found wearing an oxygen mask, raising the possibility that some passengers may have been conscious as the aircraft went down in eastern Ukraine.

"You know that somebody was discovered wearing an oxygen mask and had time to put it on," Dutch foreign minister Frans Timmermans said on a late night Dutch chat show. The foreign minister suggested the passengers may have been conscious as the plane went down.

○ Grieving Dutch PM and Energy Ties to Russia
○ Timmermans praised for MH17 crash handling in race for top EU job

Posted by: Oui | Oct 11 2014 18:58 utc | 59

@Willy2 | Oct 9, 2014 3:17:26 PM | 9

"War in Syria spills over into Lebanon."

Your headline should read: "Civil war in Lebanon spills over into Syria." The proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran has been part of Lebanon for many decades.

  • Part 5. Between Hostage Taking and Pandora's Box
  • Part 6. US Will Be Ousted by Saudi King Abdullah in Middle-East
  • Part 7. 1967 War - Israel - Rothschild - Cheney - Spoils

    Posted by: Oui | Oct 11 2014 19:10 utc | 60

  • 58

    Russia's TASS News agency refers to it as "Luhansk"

    Posted by: Lug/hansk | Oct 11 2014 19:21 utc | 61

    probably it has been posted

    Posted by: mina | Oct 11 2014 19:33 utc | 62

    @Lug/hansk #61:

    So what? Of course Russia is going to officially use the transliteration from Ukrainian. (1) If it didn't, the Ukies would have a fit; (2) English Tass is for Anglophone audiences. who tend to support the fascist side.

    Since the people of Lugansk almost exclusively speak Russian, the transliteration from Russian should be used when referring to the LPR.

    @mina #62:

    No, I hadn't seen that.

    Posted by: Demian | Oct 11 2014 19:53 utc | 63

    is that ulsters new handle?

    Posted by: james | Oct 11 2014 19:58 utc | 64

    Sure makes one wonder about the lapses.

    Posted by: really | Oct 12 2014 2:15 utc | 65 remembers, 75 years ago: Nazi Germany carves up Poland ... without the USSR and Stalin in the headline, although they dutifully acknowledge Stalin's treachery in the article below the map of the partition.

    Looking at another interesting map, one purposefully distorteted to represent each nation's area in proportion to it's population, I cannot help wondering about a new co-operation between Germany and China today. Germany 'needs' Russia's Lebensraum and China 'needs' Russia's gas and oil.

    It may not be the USA ... on its last legs now ... that forges the Eurasian Empire. Or Russia.

    Posted by: jfl | Oct 12 2014 2:26 utc | 66

    Russian Spring


    Summary from fronts by combatant Prokhorov:

    Battles in area of settlement Nikishino do not subside - mortars are nimbly “treating” the attacking Ukrainians.
    Since 6 a.m., Donetsk is incessantly shelled (district Trudovskoy). During night, Ukrainians bombed Aleksandrovka (a settlement adjacent to Mar`inka). The combatants tried to suppress the fire emplacements near Yelizavetovka and Novomikhaylovka.

    Question: Is there any reason Ukrainians should stick to any agreement? From OSCE and UN perspective they are goody-goody. That are the “Russian bandits”, as OSCE and West puts it, who try to adjoin Donbass.

    Ukrainians obey if they are convinced to conform.
    Yesterday, a Donetsk Republic’s tank was exercising to shoot at targets next to settlement Komintrnovo (near Mariupol`). Ukrainians (with a tank) stood 150 meters away – and did not move to attack the combatants’ tank (actually they were calling for help). Having finished exercising, the combatants’ tank aimed the cannon at the Ukrainian tank and drove away. Ukrainians had to change diapers – the help arrived late.

    Russian Spring


    Overview from 1st Inter-Brigade of South-East:

    Donetsk – all night trough the punitive troops intensely shelled districts Kiyevskiy and Petrovskiy from ythe fortified positions in Mar`inka, Avdeevka and Opitnoye; since morning shelling was at district Trudovskoy (during day 3 civilians killed and 8 wounded); toward evening shelling resumed at district Severniy.
    In the airport, in principle new information has not arrived.

    Debal`tsevo – north-east fringe of the city, concentration of punitive troops, was shelled by combatants` artillery; battles also reported.

    Losses: civilians - 3/11, nationalists – 1/0 (Council of National Security and Defense), combatants 3/2.

    The third declaration of ceasefire does not decrease fight intensity: it is decisively unclear why to talk about peace with those who brought the war and does not mean to leave (not difficult to guess, we talk about so called ATO). Bargaining about territories and surrendered Slavyansk, under endless bombardment of cities and talks of truce – is it the conclusion of half year of the bloody civil war?

    Posted by: Fete | Oct 12 2014 5:25 utc | 67

    Thanks, Fete, for your continuous posting of news from Ukraine. The Partei für Soziale Gleichheit has an interesting take on the resurgence of German militarism ...

    The return of German militarism and the tasks of the Partei für Soziale Gleichheit

    Growing tensions with the United States

    32. An additional aim of the confrontation with Russia is to draw together an EU that is increasingly drifting apart. Previously largely defined by economic objectives, such as the free movement of capital and goods and a common currency, the struggle against a common enemy is now intended to secure the cohesion of the EU. As was the case in the Cold War, Russia is once again being presented as the common enemy of “the West.” However, behind the façade of European unity against Russia, tensions are growing. The conflicts that twice transformed Europe into a battlefield in the 20th century are re-emerging. Other EU members are flexing their muscles and preparing to pursue their own imperialist interests. In France, the National Front has been able to expand its influence by promising an exit from the EU and a return to a national currency. Across the Channel, Britain’s own departure from the EU is becoming increasingly likely.

    33. Germany’s current alliance with the United States against Russia is also fraught with internal tensions and contradictions. Washington and Berlin follow the same path against Russia, but have different objectives. The aim of the United States is to prevent the emergence of a competing world power on the Eurasian landmass. Its aggression against Russia forms the western edge of its “pivot to Asia,” which is primarily directed against the rise of China. For its part, German imperialism is intent on exploiting Eastern Europe and Russia as a source of energy and cheap labour, as well as a market for its goods, while at the same time maintaining close economic and political relations with China. In Eastern Europe, in the increasingly important Black Sea region, as well as in Russia and China, Germany confronts the United States as its strategic rival.

    34. In the Middle East, German imperialism is pursuing its own interests as well. The region is an important market for German industry, and this is threatened by the policy of the United States. The disaster unleashed by the United States in Iraq forced Berlin to re-evaluate its strategy in the region. The tensions between Germany and the United States were expressed most recently following the unmasking of an American spy in Berlin.

    35. The weaker American imperialism appears, the more the other imperialist powers develop their own independent strategy. In Asia, Japan has undertaken its own re-militarization with the support of the United States and eradicated the commitment to pacifism contained in its post-war constitution. But Japan has its own independent interests. The basic imperialist conflicts that led to two world wars in the first half of the twentieth century are re-emerging in new forms.

    It is not only the takfiri terrorists who have slipped the CIA's leash of the Middle East who are shrugging of imperial 'control' ...

    Posted by: jfl | Oct 12 2014 6:45 utc | 68

    The CIA, Obama administration, Ms Power and Ms Clinton "never saw it coming, the Islamic State" …

    Given this intense preoccupation with purity, Salafis are constantly trying to identify and expel the impure. This is called "takfir," often translated as "excommunication": an old, disused term that has found new life in Salafism, which permits, even encourages, the killing of Muslims whom Salafis have expelled through takfir. Perhaps the most ferocious embodiment of takfiri Salafism today is Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. [Source: Eternal Hope in 2006]

    In 2007, the Bush administration had imprisoned about 24,500 Sunni Arabs across Iraq, about a third were takfiris.
    [h/t Forgiven]

    General Sir Richard Dannatt, head of the British Army, speaking about the Iraqi resistance @IISS in London, described the "majority" of the Iraqi resistance as "Iraqi nationalists" and "not bad people", thereby totally deflating the official government narrative about the 'insurgency' being primarily composed of crazy al-Qaeda/takfiri fanatics.
    [h/t Heathlander]

    Bilad al-Sham: Jihad's Newest Hot Spot | August 2012|

    (Al-Akhbar) – But while all Islamist fighters rally under the same banner, they are divided among many factions and schools of thoughts. Some - such as al-Qaeda's Abdullah Azzam Brigades, the Jabhat al-Nusra li-Bilad al-Sham (Support Front for the Land of Syria) inspired by Mauritanian cleric Abul-Munther al-Shanqiti, and the Doura Fighting Group - espouse hardline takfiri ideology.

    "All three draw inspiration from a 200-page tract called The Return of Salaheddin, and see themselves as following in the footsteps Saleheddin al-Ayyoubi, the 12th Century commander who defeated the Crusaders in Jerusalem. They maintain that the latter-day liberation of Jerusalem requires the prior "purification" of its hinterland, and that they have a religious obligation to perform this task. This means ridding Greater Syria of apostates - i.e. expelling or eliminating all Shia Muslims and Christians."

    Posted by: Oui | Oct 12 2014 7:59 utc | 69

    Those conspiracy nuts talking about USAMRID being active in Africa are just nutz, aren’t they?

    There is no historical precedence for using test subjects without their knowledge. But if they did, they would only use the ‘expendable’.

    CDC; Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

    In updated preliminary results from nearly 700 RNs at over 250 hospitals in 31 states released Friday:

    80 percent say their hospital has not communicated to them any policy regarding potential admission of patients infected by Ebola

    87 percent say their hospital has not provided education on Ebola with the ability for the nurses to interact and ask questions.

    One-third say their hospital has insufficient supplies of eye protection (face shields or side shields with goggles) and fluid resistant/impermeable gowns

    Nearly 40 percent say their hospital does not have plans to equip isolation rooms with plastic covered mattresses and pillows and discard all linens after use, less than 10 percent said they were aware their hospital does have such a plan in place
    More than 60 percent say their hospital fails to reduce the number of patients they must care for to accommodate caring for an “isolation” patient

    Posted by: Ben Franklin | Oct 12 2014 14:52 utc | 70

    This is worth the read.

    Posted by: really | Oct 12 2014 16:52 utc | 71

    "US generals want ground troops for Iraq war":

    Posted by: Willy2 | Oct 12 2014 19:06 utc | 72

    Snippets from
    - US "boots on the ground" in Iraq would legitimate the claim of the religious fanatics (ISIS) that their war is a jihad against the infidels.
    - When the US would send aircrafts to Iraq to support the iraqi government then then they will regarded as the airforce of the Shias.
    - The Kagans (Frederick & Kimberly) want at least 25.000 boots on the ground in Iraq. But they also admit that they don't see how those troops would have an impact on the situation in Iraq.

    Posted by: Willy2 | Oct 12 2014 19:16 utc | 73

    "Hong Kong protestors won't go away":

    Posted by: Willy2 | Oct 12 2014 19:56 utc | 74

    Posted by: Willy2 | Oct 12, 2014 3:56:45 PM | 74

    like the 'protestors' in Kiev...still waiting to see if the next stage of snipers is reached

    Posted by: brian | Oct 12 2014 21:49 utc | 75

    Russian">">Russian Spring


    Overview from 1st Inter-Brigade of South-East:

    Losses: civilians – 16/13, nationalists – 0/4 (per Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine), combatants 4/12.

    Posted by: Fete | Oct 13 2014 5:14 utc | 76

    Russian President Putin pulls back troops from border with Ukraine

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his troops to retreat from the border with Ukraine.

    Around 17,000 soldiers had been carrying out exercises in the Rostov region. They will now return to their permanent bases.

    The move comes ahead of a planned meeting between Putin and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Milan next Friday.

    The Donetsk regional administration is planned to be transferred from Mariupol

    The newly-appointed governor of the Donetsk Region is planning to establish the administration further from the border with Novorossia. Alexandr Kihtenko said after he assumed office that he had been studying the situation concerning the location of the Donetsk Regional Administration in Mariupol. Within the nearest 3-4 days he will make a decision in regard to the transfer of the administration from Mariupol. “Poroshenko himself described his idea of my first steps in the office. He justifies my appointment by the assumption that a military man is able to unite armed forces and the civilian community”, said Kihtenko.

    A deal? What about the build-up of troops further north? What about the continued bombardment of Novorussiya?

    MSM: Angela Merkel has no intention to talk to Vladimir Putin at the summit in Sochi

    President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Chancellor Angela Merkel always met in the course of the annual forum in Petersburg. However, according to «Spiegel», today Berlin finds further governmental consultations useless because of Moscow’s position in regard to Ukrainian issue.

    Or is it Yet Another Double Cross?

    Posted by: jfl | Oct 13 2014 6:19 utc | 77

    The UN Is A Colossal Fraud
    Just ideas—or disaster—will triumph

    By Fidel Castro

    October 12, 2014 - Absolutely no one has the right to destroy cities; murder children; pulverize homes; sow terror, hunger and death anywhere.
    If today it is possible to prolong life, health and the productive time of persons, if it is perfectly possible to plan the development of the population in accordance with growing productivity, culture and development of human values, what are they waiting for to do so?

    Global society has known no peace in recent years, particularly since the European Economic Community, under the absolute, inflexible direction of the United States, decided that the time had come to settle accounts with what remained of two great nations which, inspired by the ideas of Marx, had achieved the great feat of ending the imperialist colonial order imposed on the world by Europe and the United States.

    Posted by: guest77 | Oct 13 2014 8:11 utc | 78

    Edward Herman on Ukraine and Lies:

    October 11, 2014 "ICH" - "Truthout" - Media analyst and professor emeritus of finance at the Wharton School, Edward S. Herman, co-author with Noam Chomsky of Manufacturing Consent, discusses the propaganda embedded in US mainstream media coverage of the Ukraine crisis.
    Dan Falcone: What is missing in the US mainstream news coverage of Ukraine? What major elements are being suppressed?

    Edward Herman: What is missing, first of all, is a minimum of objectivity. The media are functioning more than ever as a propaganda machine for the State Department. One thing missing - and being suppressed - is the important role of neo-Nazi elements both in the Kiev government and in the forces they have fielded in their war against East Ukraine. The media are eager to find Russians in Ukraine, but will not even recognize neo-fascists staring them in the face, but working on our side. They had earlier virtually suppressed the very important role of these right-wing elements in the Maidan protests and the accompanying violence and overthrow of the elected government in Kiev. The media regularly called those forces "protesters," whereas they called the East Ukraine rebels "pro-Russian militants" and "separatists" rather than "protesters" and "federalists." The double standards here are dramatic and the sign of a propaganda system at work.

    Posted by: guest77 | Oct 13 2014 8:25 utc | 79

    NATO positions itself as a defence organisation.....and yet:
    'Fogh-Rasmussen, a Dane, praised Denmark for its always present readiness to contribute and added operations in Afghanistan, Kosovo and Libya as examples for ”NATO’s collective defense”
    now Libya is in africa and was a threat to noone, afghanistan is in west asia, thousands of miles from west europe'..........yet lies like this pass uncommented.
    'This interpretation of NATO’s role in Libya stands in stark contrast, to how it was perceived by the then Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Russia, and many other UN member states. During a joint press conference with the then Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen in Copenhagen, Putin stressed that NATO had overstepped its authorization via UN Security Council Resolution 1973 (2011) on Libya.

    The atmosphere between Putin and Lars Løkke Rasmussen was visibly tense. Adding to the tensions was probably, that Putin has a KGB background and must have known that Lars Løkke Rasmussen raised millions for the ”mujahedeen” and other US/NATO creations in Afghanistan during the 1980s.;

    so Lars from Mars raised the ancestors of ISIS!

    Posted by: brian | Oct 13 2014 9:32 utc | 80

    Strange, strange story - simple greed? Or something more sinister?

    Clandestine U.S. Navy directorate's officers go on trial over secret weapons program

    Trials are set to begin this month for two men accused of conspiring to manufacture untraceable automatic-rifle silencers for a clandestine Navy office. The directorate is suspected of running a secret weapons program.

    A little-known Navy intelligence office at the Pentagon called the Directorate for Plans, Policy, Oversight and Integration paid $1.6 million for 349 silencers from a hot-rod auto mechanic in California ‒ who is the brother of the directorate’s boss, according to charging documents. The untraceable weapons attachments cost only $10,000 in parts and labor to manufacture.

    “According to the records that have been made public, the crux of the case is whether the silencers were properly purchased for an authorized secret mission or were assembled for a rogue operation,” the Washington Post’s Craig Whitlock reported.

    Posted by: guest77 | Oct 13 2014 23:41 utc | 81

    Snowden interview.

    Making it clear that Assange is head an shoulders above Snowden morally and mentally. Snowden's "cute" jabs ar Russia and China are hard to stomach. His positioning himself as a "good" whistle blower (a point JSore often correctly makes, if you can sift through the manic style) rubs me the wrong way. His belief in "American Democracy" to work out these issues - as well as claims the "reforms" have already taken place - without mentioning the imbalance of power in our society seems naive, at best.

    But his main point - that government has escaped all accountability, and that it may take breaking laws and civil disobedience to right the situation - is certainly correct.

    Posted by: guest77 | Oct 14 2014 1:31 utc | 82

    Russian Spring


    Summary from fronts by combatant Prokhorov:

    Gravely serious calm was kept in area of Nikishino (under Debal`tsevo). Keeping quiet until now – Ukrainians are thrashed by something heavy.
    Silence continues on Lisichansk direction – Ukrainians are being pickled near settlement Nizhneye (Low) (neighbors settlement Toshkovka).

    Crashed by Motorola’s “Sparta” (Motorola is a commander, “Sparta” is a combatant unit fighting for Donetsk airport) Ukrainians backed off to Avdeevka. But more armor carries on to the airport.

    Near Mariupol` the regimen of silence has begun again – the population hides in cellars.

    And, it seems, territorial battalion “Dnepr-1” is running; though, it is presented as they orderly retreat.

    Russian Spring


    Overview from 1st Inter-Brigade of South-East:

    Donetsk – comming information is contradictory (mayor’s office reports calm; representatives of combatants inform of quite nosy “truce”)… Known yet another attempt by the combatants to put up evening attack on airport structures occupied by Ukrainians (the attempt was successful only in part of mowing Ukrainians). In their turn, the punitive troops performed a morning counter offence (with tanks and APCs), but without success either. Overall situation remains stable….

    Losses: civilians – 4/7, combatants 1/?, nationalists – 1/? (version of Ukrainian Council of National Security and Defense).

    Posted by: Fete | Oct 14 2014 4:22 utc | 83

    I wasn't expecting this:

    Palestine vote: MPs take historic decision to recognise Palestinian state

    I guess the UK is totally out of step with its transatlantic partner on that one.

    Posted by: Demian | Oct 14 2014 4:39 utc | 84

    My favourite troglodyte, Good Friend of Israel, America & the Pope, Opus Dei Warrior and PM of Oz, Tony Abbott, has promised to have a "robust conversation" with Vlad, about MH317, at the G20. I'm looking forward to seeing Tony accuse Putin of committing a crime committed by Obama's Ukrainian Nazis - almost as eagerly as I'm waiting for Vlad's response.

    It may not happen though. Neocon Tony has turned to jelly, more than once, in the past, when face to face with the object of his publicity-seeking bluster and threats.
    Tony is no diplomat and he's certainly no gentleman...

    Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Oct 14 2014 6:17 utc | 85

    Navy's AK-47 silencers.
    Posted by: guest77 | Oct 13, 2014 7:41:31 PM | 81

    It's a weird one alright. Silencers don't work with hi-powered weapons because the bullet breaks the Sound Barrier when it emerges from the muzzle. And that's noisy.

    If the person who ordered the silencers, and car mechanic who made them, didn't know this then there'd have been a lot of red faces if/when they test-fired the 'silent' guns with standard (Mach 2) ammo.

    When the Russians put silencers on AK-47 they also supplied sub-sonic ammo to suit a 'silenced' weapon.

    Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Oct 14 2014 6:42 utc | 86

    Pavel Gubarev's car was shot at last Sunday (Russian link). That made the driver lose control of the vehicle, injuring Gubarev. (I wonder if he was behaving as the typical Russian and not wearing safety belts.)

    Gubarev is charismatic and is probably more responsible than anyone else for getting the Novorossian idea going.

    Posted by: Demian | Oct 14 2014 19:24 utc | 87

    good weekend article from christopher germann at his site the new great game.. to quote from it a wee bit "According to an Uzbek law enforcement official, IMU head Usman Ghazi confirmed that the group has joined ISIS."

    Posted by: james | Oct 15 2014 1:42 utc | 88

    Russian Spring


    Commander Givi gave summary of how situation develops in Donetsk airport:

    “Other two attacks were repelled today; one – by armored hardware, part of which was destroyed.

    We were shelled, but successfully struck back, so they shut up.

    In addition, combatants destroyed mortar squads: 12 personnel and 2 mortars.

    Through the night our guys burned one tank, which was whirling around the airport.

    We also worked upon a column of 25 tanks moving toward us, they were stopped.

    There is information of 23 self-propelled artillery units to arrive in Avdeevka, this is being verified.

    Bombardment is carried on continuously.

    Thank God for saving us from losses today.”

    Russian Spring


    Commander Alexey Mosgovoy (battalion “Prizrak” (“Specter”)) answers questions.

    Question: Future of Novorossia

    Mozgovoy: To discuss the future, the current status has to be resolved… The future is foggy and far. On given moment, the losses in clashes, among civilians – this is of greatest concern. Not as much the future as a possibility of survival of those who will build the future.

    Question: Boundaries of Novorossia

    Mozgovoy: This is the most acute issue of the Minsk agreements… Glancing on map, we are hardly a third, which was our land… It seems pulling Ukrainian forces out of our regions was never demanded. But if it had been demanded, we might feel less disgruntled today, because it would be possible to be occupied by rebuilding the economy. Instead we were left with a pittance – this is hard to accept.

    Question: Something to force Ukrainian army to retreat

    Mozgovoy: Instead pulling back, Ukrainian troops dig in and amass the power. To assume something can be done today is hard. At the moment of accepting the truce agreement, a chance to rebuff existed. There was a chance to take Debal`tsevo in several days without losses. Today the chance has gone.

    Question: Khar`kov, Odessa offensive

    Mozgovoy: I think it is necessary. Watching events, we see nothing is changing in the Country, albeit the war has started. Very same people at the helm as were…

    Question: Whether Russia support is enough

    Mozgovoy: To say not enough is to behave impertinently. The support exists, which is important. Too much barnacle is attached to the support from Russia. The overall impact is muted. What leaves Russia in one volume arrives in different...

    Posted by: Fete | Oct 15 2014 4:49 utc | 89

    ha de ha ha! OZ regime wants help....BUT Abbott wants to shirtfront the man they want help from? so will Abbott ask president Putin before or after he shirtfronts him?
    RIA Novosti ‏@ria_novosti 25m25 minutes ago
    Australia hopes for Russia's help in #MH17 crash probe - Australian Ambassador

    Posted by: brian | Oct 15 2014 10:11 utc | 90

    Posted by: brian | Oct 15, 2014 6:11:22 AM | 90

    Utterly self-absorbed Abbott (who was a boxing champ - and an infamous bully of WOMEN in his university days) will NEVER be allowed to forget his "shirtfront Putin" remark. As the word suggests, shirtfronting means rushing at a (football) opponent and knocking him to the ground using ONLY the front of one's chest. There's only one woman in his cabinet and she thinks she's a bloke (take a bow Julie Bishop) and Oz women HATE him.

    Everyone in the media, including people who don't normally try to be funny, are laughing their asses off. And one only need skim the Russian press to see a cornucopia of suggestions of what Abbott could/should do with his 'shirtfront'.

    Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Oct 15 2014 14:46 utc | 91


    Commentary: Contrary to reports of rutine bombardment, armor, attacks in area of Donetsk airport, Cossacks besieging Ukrainian troops in area of settlement Bakhmutka, Lugansk, some invisible (to direct participants) hand demands compliance of both sides to wrap up.

    Posted by: Fete | Oct 16 2014 4:08 utc | 92

    There apparently were WMDs in Iraq.

    Posted by: Alexander | Oct 16 2014 12:30 utc | 93

    from today's Counterpunch, Putin Speaks, Will Washington Listen by Paul Craig Roberts. I would agree his idea for Putin to arm ISIS was silly, but IMHO, he usually nails it. He certainly does this time.

    "If we don’t all die from nuclear blasts, radiation, and nuclear winter, it will be because of the humanity and common sense–both of which are missing in Washington–of the President of Russia.

    "Look around you. The economies and stock markets of Western civilization are in retreat. Stupid and incompetent public authorities have brought ebola into America. And what is Washington doing? The energies of the Exceptional Government are focused on combating the Islamic State, a creature created by Washington itself, and on demonizing Russia.

    "Has any country, anywhere on the fact of the earth, at any period of history been so totally misruled as the United States?"

    That last bit might be a bit over the top right now, but give it time. Not much, I fear....

    Posted by: rufus magister | Oct 16 2014 16:32 utc | 94

    Fete @ 89 --

    Thanks for regularly posting these reports, I always try to read them. This one is esp. interesting, particularly this bit --

    "Question: Khar`kov, Odessa offensive

    "Mozgovoy: I think it is necessary. Watching events, we see nothing is changing in the Country, albeit the war has started. Very same people at the helm as were…"

    Let's hope the NAF can liberate these historically Russian oblasts. And that their defensive arrangements are robust enough to withstand the renew Kiev offensive after the elections.

    Posted by: rufus magister | Oct 16 2014 19:18 utc | 95

    "ISIS threathens a large Iraqi airbase"

    (Excellent source for news:

    Posted by: Willy2 | Oct 17 2014 0:49 utc | 96

    More fighting in Libya

    Posted by: Willy2 | Oct 17 2014 0:51 utc | 97

    New Zealand Cops Raided Home of Reporter Working on Snowden Documents

    Posted by: really | Oct 17 2014 2:42 utc | 98

    Russian Spring


    Combatant Prokhorov about significant losses of occupation troops near Bakhmutka (Bakhmutovka)

    Ukrainians indeed supplied some ammo to outpost 32, but amount was not great. The antiaircraft gun, ZU-23, installed there was destroyed, they are left with submachine guns and grenade launchers. The outpost is under dense mortar bombardment.

    At given moment, total 4 outposts are besieged. Forces designated to unblock the outposts suffered great losses. Some reinforcement was though provided, but insignificant. Yesterday the combatants destroyed two T-64 tanks rather than reported one. The foremost outpost informed of 3 “300th” (wounded), communication with others was lost.

    To unblock their outposts near Bakhmutka (the settlement is quite in the rear of Ukrainian Schast`ye, Lugansk), Ukrainians amassed significant contigent. The combatants covertly pulled together artillery, even a “Grad”, and then struck from area of Kirovsk. The aftermath – a mound of dead Ukrainians.

    By the way, Bakhmutka situation obstructs an earlier operation by Cossacks under command of Dremov when on October 7 they essentially destroyed 27th outpost near settlement Donetskoye (Lugansk). So, they are with experience and even evolving: from head-on storm - to encirclement operation.

    Russian Spring


    Journalist Gennadiy Dubovoy about destroying Ukrainian company by Ukrainian artillery in Donets airport:

    “Ukrainians announced regimen of silence again.

    On the ground near the runway lies about a company of dead Ukrainian soldiers. The sight is terrifying. They fell night before last. They we gunned down by Ukrainian artillery: They were attacking the new terminal, had come very close. The combatants’ artillery was striking back. Ukrainians took it for onset a massive attack and resumed bombardment.

    And Ukrainian artillery by mistake laid down a company of Ukrainian soldiers. Ukrainians killed Ukrainians. Someone in Kiev needs this war, this protracted war in the airport…”

    Russian Spring


    Combatant Prokhorov about incessant clashes in Donetsk airport

    Yesterday, for the first time, the combatants employed bulldozers in Donetsk airport – to rid off debris and block access to underground communications. It is raining and uncomfortable. The clashes continued through entire night, and the rain did not hinder. Ukrainians, true to their tactics, were bombarding the city…

    Regarding tanks, which broke into the airport – some of them even returned. Partially dismantled, armor and people. Ukrainians admitted losses due to this attempt to attack airport.

    As to selfies of Ukrainians from the airport, most of them from more than week ago thrown in media now to lift the spirits.

    Posted by: Fete | Oct 17 2014 4:46 utc | 99

    "...The tragedy that is being played out at Kobané (Arabic Ain al-Arab) was written to conclude with the announced genocide of 300,000 Syrian Kurds. The Islamic Emirate has already taken control of several parts of the city and many surrounding villages. If the Syrian Arab Army fails to breach the lines of the Islamic Emirate to save them, they will all be killed.

    The Kurdish population is defended by PYG (autonomist party supporting the Syrian Arab Republic), but Turkey has closed its border so that civilians cannot escape..."

    Absolutely horrible if this scenario comes to fruition. Something must be done to help these civilians.

    Posted by: really | Oct 17 2014 4:56 utc | 100

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