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September 20, 2014

Open Thread 2014-22

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Zero Hedge has a post with Ukraine saying Russia used a tactical nuke on the Luhansk airport. Sounds like Ukraine wants some NATO nukes.

Posted by: therevolutionwas | Sep 20, 2014 2:18:37 PM | 1

Posted by: therevolutionwas | Sep 20, 2014 2:18:37 PM | 1

Thanks for this morning LOL

Posted by: jo6pac | Sep 20, 2014 2:51:28 PM | 2

US Army Secretary John McHugh warns Russia over the crisis in Ukraine as US troops hold war games in the country. He said "bigger nations “must never be allowed to bully the small, or impose their will at the barrel of a gun". I don't know whether to laugh or cry, that mad General in Dr Strangelove has nothing on this lunatic.

Posted by: harry law | Sep 20, 2014 3:24:35 PM | 3

From The Automatic Earth - Debt Rattle Sep 19 2014: Scotland and the Spirit of Our Time

The quote of the day today must be this one from Belgian EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht in the aftermath of the Scottish rejection of independence: “A Europe driven by self-determination of peoples … is ungovernable … ”

From Dr. Strangelove, President Merkin Muffley:

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room.

Posted by: Dr. Wellington Yueh | Sep 20, 2014 4:03:42 PM | 4

SecArmy was actually talking about the US, wasn't he?
--He said "bigger nations “must never be allowed to bully the small, or impose their will at the barrel of a gun".

Posted by: Don Bacon | Sep 20, 2014 4:05:36 PM | 5

I was thinking about how 9/11 is frequently portrayed as my generation's "loss of innocence" moment, similar to boomers experiencing the JFK assassination. I recall reading articles about how parents ought to broach the subject with their children to minimize the trauma. Thinking a bit harder, I was ten when videos of missiles colliding with buildings during the first gulf war were broadcast on CNN. A ten year old lacks the ability to critically interpret events of that nature, and even more importantly is actively assimilating what they see and experience as normal in order to prepare and learn coping mechanisms for the environment in which they will grow older. We're constantly told that one war or confrontation will prevent the next, but it seems that each one grooms the next generation to accept such behavior as normal and inevitable.

Posted by: IhaveLittleToAdd | Sep 20, 2014 4:07:08 PM | 6

@ Dr. Wellington Yueh #4
The opinion of one Belgian EU employee differs from that of another, stated thirteen years ago.

EU Presidency Statement - The right to self-determination

Summary: October 31, 2001: Statement on behalf of the European Union by Mr. Michiel Maertens, First Secretary at the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the United Nations. Rights of peoples to self-determination (New York)

Mr Chairman,
I have the honor to speak on behalf of the European Union on agenda item 118 “Right of peoples to self-determination”.

The right of peoples to self-determination features prominently in the main instruments concerning human rights, such as the United Nations Charter or the two International Covenants on civil and political rights and on economic, social and cultural rights respectively. . .

Posted by: Don Bacon | Sep 20, 2014 4:13:00 PM | 7

@IhaveLittleToAdd #6
... it seems that each one grooms the next generation to accept such [militaristic] behavior as normal and inevitable.

People who study these things have now determined that the human brain matures much later than they thought, perhaps about age 30, depending of course on one's experience. Young people exposed to many different environments experience mental maturity sooner. But for most, it's about age thirty. (This explains some things we might have done in out twenties.)

This is why the military is so successful at enlisting teenagers to fight wars. They don't know any better. They are unable to critically analyze propaganda and determine truth.

On the subject of militarism, I encountered an anti-war person once who had a very basic definition of militarism. It is, to him, a strategy of competition rather than cooperation. So when children learn to compete rather than to cooperate, in school, say in academics or sports, they are really learning militarism which can later be put to good use, killing "rag-heads" etc. Us against them.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Sep 20, 2014 4:25:32 PM | 8

@8 don.. your last paragraph is an interesting thought.. it was more generally the basis for a book i just read "a bigger prize" by margaret heffernan. a quick summary of this book can be found here.

Posted by: james | Sep 20, 2014 5:36:13 PM | 9

Syrian insurgents: The other (but hardly better) side of the (takfiri) coin:

Posted by: KerKaraje | Sep 20, 2014 5:44:39 PM | 10

A reminder that this warmonger-nation will not hesitate to manufacture the reasons for, and the instigation of aggression -

2011 – military intervention in Libya
2003 – 2011 Iraq war
2001 – present war in Afghanistan
1998 – 1999 Kosovo war
1994 -1995 Haiti war
1993 -1995 Bosnian war
1992 -1994 Somali War
1990 -1991 Iraq war
1989 – 1990 Invasion of Panama
1983 invasion of Grenada
1981 operation in Libya
1965-1966 Operation in Dominican Republic
1961 – invasion in Cuba
1953-1975 Vietnam war
1950-1953 Korean war

Posted by: chet380 | Sep 20, 2014 5:50:12 PM | 11

Have Russian troops deployed to Eastern Ukraine? If so, how many? When? Are they still there?

Posted by: Mark | Sep 20, 2014 6:33:34 PM | 12

@12 If Russian troops were there, Obama would be presenting the evidence at the UN himself. Our politicians are unhinged because sticking it to Putin was supposed to be easy. When Putin failed to overreact and the brute force tactics of Kiev didn't lead to success, the West has gone into a panic. They don't want to be perceived as weak because if they are governments outside of NATO will be free to join a BRIICS relationship or for regional blocs which can't be pushed around by NATO in their backyard.

A Paris/Berlin/Moscow axis was a direct threat to our MIC because it would signal a power that could deal with Eurasian problems. Now Moscow, Brasilia (the whole continent), Tehran, and Beijiing are moving closer together creating a real counter power. Despite China's size, it can be held in check in a region by its growing alliances. American corporations are done as competitors in these countries and their client states. The panic from this is driving the Western elite to find a way to isolate Putin in the eyes of the world in hopes of averting this situation, but like Democrats who expect voters to turn back to them this is purely wishful thinking.

The question is how long Germany and France will tolerate this. Washington is out to cripple the French arms industry in retaliation for arms contracts they picked up after the NSA revelations. Needless to say, I think FDR is the perfect anti-FDR. Despite W's lunacy, he understood the imperial system. Nukes for mangoes wasn't such a bad deal if it kept India in the orbit. I think Obama and much of the U.S. elite really believe this exceptional crap and expect non-Americans to admire non-redneck Americans, and because they aren't offering anything in exchange for servitude, they are seeing push back they can't deal with.

From my perspective, I think a Paris/Berlin/Moscow axis would share similar interests to the U.S./Oceania, but the MIC and Wall Street would suffer in the short term which terrifies Obama because they are his bosses or the people he admires most.

Posted by: NotTimothyGeithner | Sep 20, 2014 7:11:41 PM | 13

What is the role of Morocco and their foreign policy in the world nowadays?

Posted by: Moroccan | Sep 20, 2014 8:17:28 PM | 14

Read Stephen Kinzer's "Overthrow : Americas century of regime change from Hawaii to Iraq ." Been going on for a long time.

Posted by: Montanamaven | Sep 20, 2014 8:53:18 PM | 15

All this crapola on ISIS, ISIL or IS or whatever the hell they are (not Muslims). I have a feeling they are a diversion fro AQ. While our chappies are busy feeding us fear-based steel-cut oatmeal to keep us regular, AQ is off the shit-stick for the duration of Western obsession with beheaders worse than their forbears. Rope-a-dope makes us stung by the bees while we’re busy with the butterfly net.

Anyway the MI complex needed sales for their ordnance inventories which have been swelling of late. We should accommodate them swiftly for the sake of jobs in the sector so Obama can have his ‘jobs’ stats for his all-important legacy..

Posted by: Ben Franklin | Sep 20, 2014 9:32:56 PM | 16

@ 15: Thanks for the Kinzer reminder ("Overthrow" the book). Some who frequent these threads, should read the book.

Posted by: ben | Sep 20, 2014 10:04:06 PM | 17

"Events that are happening in the world today don't just come out of nowhere."

Posted by: rob66 | Sep 20, 2014 10:29:29 PM | 18

re the Luhansk airport bombing, wasn't there a 'fully discredited' false flag leak about this w the US ambassador's approval, months ago - where there was some specification not to destroy anything but out-of-service planes...surely someone here remembers. The US ambassador it was linked to was a real guy, a young up and comer who was married to another US ambassador in Kiev...I'm drawing a blank. It was relegated to CT territory but as usual the attention span for such things, such pattern recognition, is SHAMEFUL.

Posted by: L Bean | Sep 20, 2014 10:38:12 PM | 19

The discourse now is shifting back to Islamophobia and the evangelical "Israel alliance".

The cynicism is mind blowing. Evangelicals plan for Armageddon ie the destruction of Jews.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 21, 2014 12:33:00 AM | 20

@ 18: A nice collection of Kinzer videos, thanks! Mucho food for thought.

Posted by: ben | Sep 21, 2014 12:47:58 AM | 21

@Don Bacon 8:

Competition vs cooperation--

Sports vs music, perhaps.

Posted by: Catlady | Sep 21, 2014 12:55:58 AM | 22

The 1990-1991 Iraq war actually lasted from 1990 until 2011. We maintained a "no fly zone" over Iraq continuously during those two decades, which included armed overflights and active bombing of ground sites and shoot downs of aircraft.

Posted by: Bill H | Sep 21, 2014 1:19:23 AM | 23

continuing on with the 911 inside job theme that over-ran the scotland independence thread.. interview with Prof. Diana Ralph: There's Little Doubt That the US Was Involved in the 9/11 Attacks..

Posted by: james | Sep 21, 2014 1:20:39 AM | 24

Russian Spring


Memorandum on specific measures to implement the Minsk Protocol of September 5 2014 based on President Poroshenko’s Peace Plan and President Putin’s initiatives:

1. Cessation of use of weapons is assumed to be common

2. Halting advancement of divisions and military formation at the line of engagement as of September 19

3. Prohibition of use of all kinds of weapons and conducting offensives

4. In one day from adopting this Memorandum: withdrawal of means of destruction of caliber 100mm or higher by 15 km or farther from the line of engagement by each side (exception are indicated below) including from settlements; this allows for at least 30 km zone free of weapons use (security zone). Moreover, withdraw artillery systems of caliber higher than 100 mm to distances of their shooting ranges, in particular: 100 mm cannon “MT-12” – 9 km; 120 mm mortars – 9 km; 122 mm howitzer “D-30” (2C1 “Gvozdika”) – 16 km …

5. Prohibition of deploying of heavy weapons and military equipment in the region bounded by settlements Komsomol`skoye, Kymachovo, Novoazovsk, Sakhanka – OSCE

6. Prohibition of new mine and explosive-engineered barriers in boundaries of the security zone

7. Prohibition from the moment of adoption of this Memorandum missions of combat aviation and foreign unmanned aircraft (drones), except for drones deployed by the monitoring (observational) mission OSCE, throughout the line of engagement in the zone of cessation of weapons use no less than 30 km wide

8. Deploying of the monitoring (observational) mission of OSCE in the zone of cessation of weapons use as soon as one day from the moment of adoption of this Memorandum. It is practical to divide the zone into sectors of number and boundaries coordinated in the process of creation of the OSCE mission

9. Withdrawal all foreign armed formations, military equipment, as well as fighters and mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine under monitoring of OSCE

Participants of Trilateral contact group:

Ambassador of OSCE Heidi Tagliavini

Second President of Ukraine L. D. Kuchma

Ambassador RF in Ukraine M. Y. Zurabov

A. V. Zakhrchenko

I. V. Plotnitskiy

September 19, 2014

Posted by: Fete | Sep 21, 2014 1:40:27 AM | 25

Posted by: Don Bacon | Sep 20, 2014 4:25:32 PM | 8

I am not sure competition is part of it. You don't compete in the military, you obey orders. It is more about channeling aggression to an outside enemy and feel safe inside.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 21, 2014 2:02:21 AM | 26

Start thinking about a form of progress reports regarding the War-on-Syria, which would be carried out via press conferences by the Pentagon, sec. of defence or by Obama himself:
- Obama - As a commander-in-chief of the greatest military in the Universe serving me the president of the exceptional hyper-Super power Country that is the US of A, where am I?, yes today I ordered an attack with 50 Tomahawk missiles on critical installation that is the Command-and-Control center of the Assad regime, reason folks I wanted to prevent Assad from attacking ISIS so he would not interfere with my attack on ISIL.
Sir: but the installation you refreing to is a Nursing Home for old folks, some of them are Syrian/Americans retiree.
Obama: Nursing Homes, Milk Factory, UN run Schools, is not my concerns "did I say I am the commander in chief" it is the Syrian regime who is using Nursing Homes as human shield.
- Obama or somebody: Today we launched several air strikes at strategic locations in Damascus and surrounding areas including the southern region to assist and protect our allies advances toward Damascus to destroy ISIL.
- Sir/Madam: but there is not a single evidence pointing to ISIS presence in Damascus.
- Obama or somebody: WMD, Yellow Cake, Chemical Weapons, etc. is Assad problem. We are operating based on solid intelligence provided by the CIA, which was vetted by Condi I mean Susan Rice and NYT, WPO, CNN, MSNBC (Rachel Meddo no less), NPR, PBS, Al-Jazeera Arabic, all Saudi's press, and so on, and more important it was confirmed by our Allies in the region and the Brits.
- But Sir/Madam the CIA is providing the same Intelligence to our Allies and MSM, etc.
- Obama or somebody: Not true, but to shut you up, we are asking Tony and Dick to coordinate intelligence gathering and reporting between coalition of the willing to agree with our position.
- Obama: Today I ordered (did I say I am the ....) a no flight Zone and no unauthorized ground movement across northern Syria from the Mediterranean coastline to Iraqi borders. My objectives, what is it now?
- Sir: the capitol building is in lockdown due to an alleged terrorist attack by ISIL, and we must stay where we are until Wolf Blitzer say we are free to go.
- Couple of hours later:
- Sir, it turns out that the alleged attack by ISIS was merely an 8 years old boy wearing ISIL's halloween outfit, beard, robe, and all that, and he was a making a slashing motion with his sword against the necks of Sen. John Mccain, Lindsey Graham and Darrell Issa who were holding a press conference declaring that Obama, maybe! is getting on track with "his" war on Syria, but not in Benghazi, and the bad news is that the despicable IRS is exempting ISIL from taxes on their revenue generated by selling oil, Bank raids, ransom money etc.
couple of days later;
- Obama: Today as a ....

Posted by: DanE | Sep 21, 2014 2:10:41 AM | 27

Posted by: harry law | Sep 20, 2014 3:24:35 PM | 3

Obama & Kerry's self-righteous bluster has been littered with similar, and regular, 'forgetful' observations for many weeks.
Myopia tends to take the edge off all that heartfelt sincerity...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Sep 21, 2014 2:16:51 AM | 28

There it is - German MH17 victims take Ukraine to the European Court for Human Rights - in German.

Reason: Ukraine was responsible for its airspace according to international law - if they could not guarantee security they would have been obliged to close it.
The lawyer is asking for one million Euro per victim. Malaysia Airlines has already paid 5000 Euro per victim and plans to pay another 50 000 Euro per victim.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 21, 2014 3:16:39 AM | 29

This is a trap:

ZURICH (Reuters) - Former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden could be granted safe passage in Switzerland if he helped a potential criminal inquiry into U.S. spying there, the Swiss public prosecutor's office said on Monday.

He would probably not be extradited to the United States if Washington asked, but it was also unlikely that he would be granted political asylum, according to a document laying out Switzerland's legal options if Snowden were to visit.

The prosecutor's office, which provided the document to Reuters, stressed the issue was "purely hypothetical" because Snowden had not been invited to come from his current refuge in Russia. It had no further comment.

Posted by: okie farmer | Sep 21, 2014 3:35:24 AM | 30

@somebody #29:

Ukraine was responsible for its airspace according to international law - if they could not guarantee security they would have been obliged to close it.
The Russians have been making that obvious legal point all along. I'm glad that some German citizens are now using that legal argument, and that the right-wing rag Bild is reporting that.

Posted by: Demian | Sep 21, 2014 3:51:45 AM | 31

I am appaled that this rt article
does not even refer to the kidnapped women all along.
This one was even worse talking yesterday about the release of the Turkish hostages from the Mosul consulate and making a mention of the beheadings but not of the kidnappings of thousands
As we read that 40 villages have been "taken" just friday, let's be clear: By "taken", what is meant is not "IS assume police and administration" but simply: IS took the women and other people as hostages and booty, and the girls and women will be subject to a trade and enslavement as described by Matthew Barber in his article at
I have to say that it is too obvious that in international politics women are considered as untermenschen.

Posted by: Mina | Sep 21, 2014 4:24:32 AM | 32

Assange interview by RT yesterday:

Posted by: okie farmer | Sep 21, 2014 5:11:35 AM | 33

Posted by: Mina | Sep 21, 2014 4:24:32 AM | 32

I think in this case it is a fighting zone. YPG have evacuated the villages of civilians to Turkey's Kurdistan region before the "takeover".

The problem is that YPG/PKK are disliked by Turkey (PKK used to blow up their citizens) and their relationship with Syria, Iran and Iraqi Kurdish parties is difficult. On top of that PKK (related PYG) are designated terrorist groups by much of Europe (don't know about US). So quite likely lots of people who could help are just watching YPG and ISIS weaken each other.

Syria seems to have bombed ISIS positions in Kobani now and Iraqi Peshmerga have arrived to help but still have not coordinated with YPG.

Kurdish women carry weapons they are no easy victims.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 21, 2014 5:23:25 AM | 34

Mina, I think this is wishful thinking by Barber:

Most of these kidnapped people know where they are. They’re in familiar territory, not far from Sinjar. If their captors were subjected to an aerial campaign—an intense helicopter assault on IS targets for as little as a half-hour—most of these people would be able to flee.

Posted by: okie farmer | Sep 21, 2014 5:29:46 AM | 35

(Reuters)The war in eastern Ukraine, which has had more impact on the European economy than any news coming out of Frankfurt or Brussels, appears to be ending. Despite the sporadic attacks that have wrecked previous ceasefire attempts.

Investors have mostly assumed that the ceasefire would not hold, either because Russian President Vladimir Putin is deceitful and greedy for more territorial conquest, or because Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko would not accept the splintering of his country that Russia demands. But this fashionable pessimism is probably wrong.

The ceasefire no longer relies on good faith or benevolence but on a convergence of interests: Putin has achieved all his key objectives, and Poroshenko recognizes that trying to reverse militarily the Russian gains would be national suicide.

Admittedly, there is still a “party of war” in Kiev, seemingly led by Prime Minister Arsenyi Yatsenyuk, who has called on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to back his country in an all-out war with Russia. But this week’s vote in the Ukrainian Parliament on temporary autonomy for the rebel regions suggests that most of the country’s politicians have abandoned hope of winning a war with Russia. They also understood that Western military assistance is not coming.

Posted by: okie farmer | Sep 21, 2014 5:40:58 AM | 36

Different take by Bhadrakumar:
An interval in Ukraine conflict
The agreement on a memorandum of peace plan reached on late Friday between the Ukrainian government and and the pro-Russia separatists in the southeastern regions of that country at the talks held in Minsk, Belarus, has the look of a breakthrough, but in fratricidal strifes with external involvement, there are too many cooks spoiling the broth at any given time and this one is no exception.

The terms of the peace plan exclusively aim at freezing the conflict as of now on the ground, which means a great relief for the civilians who are caught up in the crossfire. On the other hand, nothing has been proposed about the underlying political factors behind the turmoil in the southeastern regions of Ukraine.
Of course, it is a long haul to reach a compromise between the opposing sides, if ever, in such conflict situations where there is external involvement that is linked to regional and international politics. The great game is riding high in Ukraine and the conflict is overwhelmingly geopolitical in nature. In immediate terms, it remains to be seen whether the freeze that the Minsk memorandum proposes would allow the government to conduct the parliamentary elections in Ukraine, as earlier planned, without which the country is in a constitutional and political limbo.
The prospects appear dim, as the separatists would expect a broad understanding on regional autonomy first.
On the other ground, any such concessions by the government at this juncture will be seen as capitulation by the Ukrainian nationalists and that can grievously wound President Petro Poroshenko’s political fortunes in the parliamentary election.
On the ground, the separatists have almost brought the Sea of Azov under their control. Their medium term game plan seems to be fasten control of Ukraine’s regions opening into the Black Sea. Conceivably, another phase of conflict is inevitable until the objective of expelling the government forces from these regions is reached.
The separatists calculate that an American or NATO military intervention is out of the question and that emboldens them to carve out a viable and secure cartographic and political entity (Novorossiya or New Russia) as their land, and until they get it, they will take to arms no matter what it takes. The conflict may become a ‘frozen conflict’ once the separatists realize their military objectives.
On the contrary, Kiev is not going to accept such a denouement, easily. No country, in fact, will acqiesce with it partition voluntarily, whatever the reasons could be. Besides, its self-appointed friends are only egging it on to fight to the bitter finish. It’s an ugly spectacle.
Whereas, political wisdom demands that Poroshenko prioritizes the preservation of the unity of his country at any cost by granting regional autonomy to the separatist regions and striking a balance regarding his country’s neutrality between the West and Russia.
But all that is easier said than done as things stand. Plainly put, therefore, the Ukraine conflict doesn’t seem to be anywhere near ending soon until Kiev is drained of blood and resources to keep fighting.
In the Minsk memorandum, we probably have an interval till conflict resumes with renewed vigor. The parties decided for own reasons that pressing the ‘pause’ button is useful at this point — that is, until they are ready to press the ‘play’ button again.
By M K Bhadrakumar – September 21, 2014

Posted by: okie farmer | Sep 21, 2014 6:20:21 AM | 37

Strelkov and Cassad are more accurate in evaluation of situation.

When Saker says its a deal favorable to Russia - it is, and its favorable to Paroshenko too, what Saker side-steps, thats its NOT favorable to Novorossia. And no, Banderastan wont collapse sooner than Novorossia (one puppet change to another doesnt matter the slightest), hence there is no time factor benefit. Yes, Ukies are balancing near default, so what? Novorossia is nearly completely dead from economic point of view and infrastructure is pretty much destroyed, no advantage here in any way.

Saker is hanging to "mission impossible", which will never happen - pro-Russian regime change in Kiev. Moscow isnt pushing for it either, as it simply wont happen. What Russia is pushing for - neutral Ukraine with Novorossia as autonomous part of it. They did so since the very beginning, and continuing this policy ever since. And yes, its at the EXPENSE of Novorossians, which interests as expected are secondary to Russia.

"1) Russia: regime change in Kiev (long term goal: years)"

Impossible, West wont allow it and they have full Ukies support, as well as 24/7 media brainwashing and nazionalistic education. I dare Saker and anyone else to show how Russia can get a pro-Russia regime change in Kiev, as its nothing more than a fantasy.

"2) Novorussia: de-facto full independence from Kiev (short term goal: months)"

Thats not what Russia wants, and thats not what ceasefire stipulates. Saker's interpretation is in-line with Russia's policy, and completely against Novorossians point of view (except of installed Russia's puppets).

"3) rest of the Ukraine: liberation and full de-Nazificaton (long term goal: years)"

Read 1st, its mission impossible. I dare anyone to outline HOW it can be done.

Posted by: Harry | Sep 21, 2014 7:33:15 AM | 38

The Turkish gov getting closer to IS?
Suprise! You've been assigned to the district religious school!

Posted by: Mina | Sep 21, 2014 7:36:43 AM | 39

#35 I agree of course. Barber was among the people who believed in the "moderate clerics" who had started to gather "mild djihadists" in Morocco and Jordan to go fight in Syria and remove al Asad. Neither will he say a word about the possible deep state behind the whole Iraqi mess, justifying a war they were not able to launch no matter how many provocations on Hezbollah, the Palestinians, the Iranians, etc.
Still, unless you put the blame square on the clerics who find "theological" justification for that by putting them on no-fly lists (that is to say, most Gulf and Iraqi clerics would be on the list, and add half the Egyptians)you just let the matter go worse.

Posted by: Mina | Sep 21, 2014 7:43:13 AM | 40

#34 some of the Kurds are yazidis.

Posted by: Mina | Sep 21, 2014 7:44:39 AM | 41

Mina, it's also possible that Barber is promoting bombing/attacts because he's wanting any kind of military action from US/allies/etc regardless if Yazidis or other civilians are killed. Landis is a known CIA asset, and Barber probably as well.

Posted by: okie farmer | Sep 21, 2014 8:19:25 AM | 42

Posted by: Mina | Sep 21, 2014 7:44:39 AM | 41

I don't think they are involved in Kobani, Syria/Turkish border. There is a clear difference in Western media when things happen to Iraqi Kurdish people (ours) or Syrian/Turkish Kurdish people (terrorists). Kurdish parties don't seem to mix easily either.

I don't know what to think of ISIS primarily fighting Kurds just now (at least according to media). It could be that they are driven to Kurdish areas by more powerful enemies. Iran's Kurdish relations are far from free of conflict.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 21, 2014 8:32:04 AM | 43

My feeling is that Putin is playing a grand game of delay. Certainly Russia is prepared to directly respond but with pin point actions. The oft referred to judo moves (using your opponents weight and actions against them) seems appropriate if you look out 5 years. I believe the US is going to look very different in 5 years, particularly as the frac'ing boom collapses and finances continue to worsen. Rather than reacting now Putin and China are letting the US drain itself, and that needs to be done carefully so not to instill too desperate a panic from the American elite.

Posted by: Peter | Sep 21, 2014 9:30:08 AM | 44

The first tranche of IMF funds (actually the nth but the first under Poroshenko) has been for a good part mysteriously ‘disapeared’ like all the others.

The Kiev-Ukranian-oligarchs-and-affiliated are the most fantastical thieves.

They are selling their dead soldiers, struggling citizens, and rabid russophobia (luckily for them they don’t need to struggle with pretense or deception re. the latter) for cold cash. One might even argue that the pigeons here at not Ukranians but the “West.” (Obviously, I don’t mean the Ukranian ppl who are powerless hostages.)

The Rada has been voting in some extraordinary legislation. (If one can even call it legislation, c’est du n’importe quoi , it is any rubbish and BS.) Some of these words are for the gallery and blatantly insincere or unworkable (e.g. some autonomy for unspecified regions in the East.) Others do signal real intent of an alarming kind.

Sanctions, being all the rage, can now be applied to any citizen in Ukr., by-passing whatever rule of law or judiciary system exists.

Article 1, section 2. Sanctions can be applied by Ukraine against a foreign state, a foreign legal person, a legal entity where a foreign legal person or entity is the owner of a qualifying shareholding, foreigners and stateless persons, citizens of Ukraine, legal entities established under the laws of Ukraine, and other subjects engaged in terrorist activities.

The whole is dressed up in considerations about ‘foreign powers - UN general Assembly …’ and so on. Anybody (note article 4 mentions only ‘persons’ and not ‘companies’ ‘foreign state’ etc.) can be stripped of their homes, assets, travel, licenses, permits, banking, postal services, telecom services, scientific cooperation, and on and on. Who takes the decision to ‘sanction’ is left in the air, couched in lunatic bureaucrat speak.

Posted by: Noirette | Sep 21, 2014 10:44:17 AM | 45

@38 harry.. i read that saker post and concluded the same as you... saker seems overly optimistic.. on the other hand - @44 peter.. that might be the case, but i doubt much will change in 5 years.

Posted by: james | Sep 21, 2014 11:31:46 AM | 46

Ukraine. De-escalation for the moment, as I said long ago. Putin and Obama wanted nothing of this mess. The fire was lit in Ukraine by neo-con (+ other, whatever) factions, and it didn’t work out. Kiev lost militarily in the Donbass, and that was that. Neither the EU or the US are willing (or possibly able) to help the Kiev Gvmt., they don’t want to spend any money, it is a bottomless pit with no rewards - they are also afraid of escalation and confronting Russia, not to mention business and corporate interests in the sacro-sanct ‘economy’, which play a role as well.

Sums offered for ‘aid’ are symbolic, a vague encouragement or grudging show of support. Poroshenko gave a neo-con speech in the US (who wrote that?) but got nothing of what he wanted except applause. Putin said right from the start that he would not ‘take’ the Donbass, and the only solution was political, proposed ‘federalisation’, etc. Russian intereference (to what degree? idk) has been limited to only one aim: seeing to it that the Donbass separatists are not entirely defeated, hold considerable ground, and remain a political and military player of enough strength to count.

Kiev has been pressured and obliged to pretend to conform to such a plan, by the ‘West.’ The ‘annexation’ of Crimea is a fait accompli.

Imho, this will boil down to a ‘frozen conflict’ - a buffer zone of 30 kms between part of E and Kiev-Ukraine has already been proposed, see Fete at 25, not that these ppl have much power on the ground… - and will fester for a long time. The Minsk memorandum appears to be purely technical, to stop the war, keep the fighting parties apart.

How exactly, and by whom, the cease-fire agreement is being violated I can’t make out. For sure the war drums beat on. Meanwhile the economy in Ukraine will soon visibly collapse, that can't be hidden for much longer, the Gvmt. becomes more crazed by the day, infighting and madness.

Putin is to be invited back to the G20.

Posted by: Noirette | Sep 21, 2014 11:54:50 AM | 47

@45/47 noirette. thanks for your comments. i note on the site an interesting exchange in the comment section towards the bottom of this article with a few folks that relates directly to my comments on peters theory @44.. check it out for anyone interested..

Posted by: james | Sep 21, 2014 12:09:49 PM | 48

Nesweyan soinds like Federov:

Russia stands before the same choice—first we can expect a coup. Unlike Syria, a significant part of the contemporary Russian elite are common compradors that have nothing in common with the country other than the fact that it is from Russia itself that they pump their subcutaneous wellbeing. It is these people that their Western owners are now beginning severely to pressure, using sanctions as a whip so as to encourage them to organize a coup. And the longer they delay, the stronger and fiercer the sanctions will become.

Posted by: okie farmer | Sep 21, 2014 1:14:40 PM | 49


The very fact that Russia faltered in Ukraine and did not defend its national interests, abandoning the Donbass region and its people to the mercy of those bent on tearing them apart, and accepting loss of face on the part of the Russian leadership and frank betrayal—all this only convinced the West that it can dictate its will by continuing to increase the pressure.

What is at stake now is no more and no less than the head of Putin himself—no other outcome will satisfy the West. Already after Crimea, the frightened Euro-American elite had resolved that there can be no dealing with Putin’s Russia and for that reason sanctioned the plans for his overthrow. For now—by means of a coup d’état at the hands of aggrieved and disadvantaged oligarchs. If that does not work—through a military conflict.

But like Federov he won't name the betrayers.

Posted by: okie farmer | Sep 21, 2014 1:21:50 PM | 50
News from Libya

Posted by: Mina | Sep 21, 2014 2:00:16 PM | 51

@Harry: "rest of the Ukraine: liberation and full de-Nazificaton"

The solution here - probably too late now - would have been to force the western area to secede.

The whole of Ukraine will never ben de-nazified. Those regions that fought with the nazis are irredeemable. For the rest, there is hope, including the Kiev region - but to save the majority of Ukraine, the western part around Lvov should have been cut off from the rest. The remainder would have been of the mind to maintaining a neutral stance - the problem we have now is that those Nazis have moved out of their home bases and are being used by the oligarchs as the muscle in their sell out to the west.

The real problem is this Yatsenyuk character. He sees the Ukrainian people as just cattle to be taken to slaughter and sold to the highest bidder. He is wholly loyal to outside forces like Nuland, the US, the IMF. I am quite surprised the Nazis haven't drawn a bead on him.

Poroshenko is just some clownish egoist who has been longing for this role for decades - he just wants to wear the uniform and make speeches. He'll be the last to know if the country he supposedly rules disappears from under his feet.

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 21, 2014 4:47:02 PM | 52

"a significant part of the contemporary Russian elite are common compradors that have nothing in common with the country other than the fact that it is from Russia itself that they pump their subcutaneous wellbeing"

Very true. But if these characters challenge Putin, it will mean their death sentence, and 99% of Russians will back them. There is no hope for a color revolution in Moscow.

A revolt of the anti-Kremlin oligarchs may give the West a chance to crow about "autocratic Russia", but it will not get them what they want - a subservient Russia. For that, they will have to do something more drastic. And that "something" may well be Ukraine's role.

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 21, 2014 4:51:59 PM | 53

@somebody: " You don't compete in the military, you obey orders."

Spoken by someone who has never even seen three nitwits vie to be a corporals in the ROTC, much less what happens in the real military.

You think Petraeus or Ordierno aren't competitors, daily putting their elbows to the sharpening stone? Think again.

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 21, 2014 5:17:51 PM | 54

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 21, 2014 5:17:51 PM | 54

Not at the level of 18 year old recruits who are doing the fighting.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 21, 2014 5:23:47 PM | 55

This is the fantasy world you live in? Some guy calls you a internet troll, and you imagine him to be a Russian hacker? roflmao.

You are such a clown, Cornhole.

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 21, 2014 6:00:06 PM | 56

Good post on rising food prices in Ukraine from Voice of Sevastapol.

Can Poroshenko blame that on Russia too? Are is this part of the plan to squeeze the Ukrainians so hard that putting on a uniform and invading Russia seems like the only alternative?

Any Ukrainian who imagines that they'll get the largess that Poland got ($350B in aid!) is fooling themselves. They are still, to the west, little Russians to be used to destroy big Russia.

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 21, 2014 6:08:30 PM | 57

cryptome is a little suspect as far as I'm concerned. But they do often post some vital primary source data.


Social media garnered much attention from the Arab Spring uprisings where activists took advantage of computer and mobile phone technologies to organize the collective actions of thousands of citizens. The influence and power of social media are only likely to increase. According to eMarketer (2012), by 2014, over one-fourth of the world’s population will be using social media technology. However, military planning has not fully harnessed this powerful tool. In trying to understand how this technology should be utilized by special operations forces (SOF), this thesis examines the role that social media plays in various forms of conflict across the globe. Specifically, this research assesses and identifies what types of social media should be used to support a range of special operations objectives, from strategic influence to disruption, coercions, and regime overthrow. Additionally, a social media assessment methodology is provided that can be used by strategists to evaluate the most appropriate use of social media technology to support special operations.

The DoD is always a few steps behind the CIA of course.

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 21, 2014 8:12:22 PM | 58

interesting blog focusing on the phase change of the "frozen north" contra sun irradiation declining because of the wobbly epicenter of the planet

Posted by: Jay M | Sep 21, 2014 8:49:31 PM | 59

via Julian Assange (at 17:30)

How Fogh of War Rasmussen Traded Free Speech of Kurds for his Post

Turkey offers to support Fogh of War Rasmussen accession to NATO throne in exchange for Danish Government shutting down Kurding TV Station in Denmark. These Kurds who NATO now wants to "protect" from ISIS threat, has been allowing Turkey to smash them for decades.

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 21, 2014 11:54:58 PM | 60

Russian Spring


Summary from combatant Prokhorov:

Detachments of “Praviy Sector” were relocated to city Uglegorsk to stop disbanding units of Ukrainian Military Force and National Guard.

Battles continue near Debal`tsevo, Mariupol`, Avdeevka.

The OSCE mission was in Mariupol` today. Ukrainians decided to commence a provocation and shelled nearby settlements from airport territory. The combatants retaliated by striking at Ukranian outpost 7. In response, Ukrainians attempted to gun down the combatants’ artillery by “Grads”, yet the rockets hit in the city (or it was to show the scene to OSCE – blame the combatants).

Now, in these minutes, the combatants’ artillery works at Ukrainian outposts 13 and 14 again.

OSCE is leaving concerned, but instead of having nice scene, Ukrainians wash with blood (?).

For cowardliness and surrender, the 51 brigade was decommissioned by Poroshenko.

Also, 28 prisoners from 30th and 93rd brigades, 40th territorial battalion and 6th border detachment were handed to Ukrainians.

Question: A lot of information about atrocities the punitive troops subject the local population. What is combatant reaction?

On the freed territories cases are left for local police to investigate – the combatants lack resources to pursue criminal charges. But if locals know nicknames of a perpetrator – these are executed…

I wrote about repressions against civilians in city Schast’e (north of Lugansk) from early days – there were unwarranted abductions and rapes. This had become large-scale merely in this city. Slavyansk and Kramatorsk are “showrooms” of Ukrainian occupation. Ukrainians keep themselves composed there, evern do some repairs.

That the Khar`kov branch of Ukrainian Security Service arrested people for posting in social media, I told since first week of city occupation. There were executions, but not on public (in Novosvetlovka, “Aydar” (territorial battalion) did not hesitate to execute openly).

A concentration camp was located in Schast’e, where prisoners were served drinking water once a day (in summer!). It was restructured to a filtration station, since the city became an interim OSCE base (arrested were moved to the north and in Khar`kov region).

Posted by: Fete | Sep 22, 2014 1:00:01 AM | 61

ha ha, guest77 at 52 you are right about Poroshenko, but he is in way about his head.

So far it seems the ‘W’ is quite pleased with his performance. They probably did make the right pick out of a very poor cast of characters, in function of their interest of course.

Poroshenko is having difficulty selling his chocolate empire (something he promised to do before catapulting into the Presidency, along the lines of cutting links between biz and gvmt etc.) There are no firm takers yet, nor any serious bids, I guess those interested are waiting for unfolding events and fire-sale prices, or the sale is fake. Russia banned Roshen chocs in July 2013, that is a black mark, but then lifted the ban in November, and things have limped on from there. Belarus forbade the transit of Roshen candy stuff, putting another dent in. Moldavia - who knows…Anyway it is a chocolate war. (Many have lost jobs, another topic, harder to address.)

sidebar: Roshen’s success - now readers will understand that being as where I sit chocolate is a major topic of interest and so specialised knowledge! ;) :) - was built in part on the marketing end not the quality of the confection. The specialise in ethno, nationalist, and anniversary labelling, packaging, etc. Here is one ex. of chos sold in Ukraine. Fair game, of course, others do it too. Btw they even sell a “Scots” chocolate.

james thx for the link.

Posted by: Noirette | Sep 22, 2014 10:14:21 AM | 62

willy wimmer, longterm member of the bundestag and a national security guy (was responsible for absorbing the GDR armed forces into the bundeswehr), discusses a NATO network in major german news outlets, among other things (article in german). point of note: the 1999 war against serbia aimed at correcting a fault by gen. eisenhower from 1944, in that he did not station US troops in the region.

Posted by: persiflo | Sep 22, 2014 10:41:27 AM | 63

I have to admit, I was skeptical about Evgeny Fedorov's take on internal fifth column groups and the AI faction being possible tools in the proxy war with the U.S. Yet, Putin's message to internal challengers and external provocateurs could not be any clearer.

Shots Fired in Moscow:Yevtushenkov Captured

This concentration of very powerful and wealthy Russians with strong business and social connections to the West poses a potential threat should they decide to use their influence and money to sabotage Putin’s present confrontation with the West. Yevtushenkov might have been chosen as an example to others that total obedience and loyalty are the only guarantee of survival: When Kremlin insiders demand an asset surrender, it must be given up without questions. In the present battle of life or death with the West triggered by the Ukrainian crisis, all Russian strategic assets must be under one command, which Yevtushenkov apparently failed to understand (, September 18).

Posted by: thirsty | Sep 22, 2014 12:05:36 PM | 64

Transnistria (no border with Russia, and no access to the sea) has been begging to join Russia - or at least the Customs Union, now rebaptised Eurasian Union, for a long time. In 2006 a referendum was held (as in Crimea) and 90+% voted to join Russia. Russia has never accepted this appeal or hinted that it might do so in the future, afaik. Transnistria is the ‘richer’ and perhaps ‘more stable’ Eastern minuscule strip region of Moldova, the ex - Soviet Republic.

The separation took place soon after the USSR dissolved, following a war, in 1992. Transnistria is really, de facto, independent in its State Structure, but not recognized by other countries, the UN, etc. It is a rich region, in industry and agriculture, and is dependent on its exports (production not diversified) mostly > Russia. It’s GDP per capita is high, very high.

Ukraine signing an Association Argreement with the EU has been a big screen spectacle. Yet Moldova (still to be ratified, maybe by a new Parliament?) and Georgia did so at the same time, in early summer 2014.

On 27 June 2014 the EU will sign Association Agreements with Georgia and the Republic of Moldova and complete the signature process with Ukraine, each providing for a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area. (DCFTA)

Transnistria is now blockaded (transit of goods, taxes, quarrels, etc. etc.) by Ukraine + Moldova who have put it ‘under sanctions.’ Russia has sanctioned the EU in retaliation for its sanctions - big media storm - but concurrently and with same or very similar (?) conditions, sanctioned Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia. Not Transnistria, though it is unclear how it could possibly export and transport its goods.

Upshot: Ukraine scenario is about to erupt in other places.

For ex. in Moldova, in a desperate position. It is an extremely poor country living off remittances (somewhat below a million expats working in Russia, Romania, etc. in either OK or shitty illegal jobs..) and exports to Russia that it has now forfeited with its EU agreement. Farmers have lost their harvest this summer / soon fall (as no export) and can’t pay their bank loans. (Ukraine, on the other hand, brought in the harvest (mostly) and sold it.) Then there are calls to meld with Romania (i.e. EU), etc. etc.

The essence is an economic war, where different powers, oligarchs, PTBs, foreign corps, figures, etc. vy for control and pieces of a dwindling pie, caring not how much they destroy in the process.

Posted by: Noirette | Sep 22, 2014 2:34:31 PM | 65

Thanks Noirette, always very interesting.

As for this stuff: "The specialise in ethno, nationalist, and anniversary labelling, packaging, etc. Here is one ex. of chos sold in Ukraine. Fair game, of course, others do it too. Btw they even sell a “Scots” chocolate."

Always hard for me to know where the zietgeist ends and the intentional manipulation begins... This world of "ethnos" the US seems to be trying to put together all while wailing about the cost of it in wars and violence.

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 22, 2014 11:58:53 PM | 66

Russian Spring


Summary from combatant Prokhorov:

Earlier information on Debal`tsevo appeared to be premature. In afternoon a duel by artilleries was initiated, which has not stopped yet. It is Cossacks working from settlement Bryanki. But Ukrainians provoked – everyone was certain Ukrainians are to leave, instead they reversed by surprise.

A combat goes incessant in Avdeevka – one Ukrainian APC with paratroopers destroyed.

Clashes go on in Peski (next to Donetsk airport).

In city Schast’ye (Lugansk) sides clash as well.

Russian Spring


Review by 1st Inter-brigade on September 22, 2014:

… Overall, less information is coming from Donetsk air port. The clashes there turned into positional – the punitive troops have not vanished, just not able to breach; the combatants (either because of insufficient means or the ceasefire regimen) do not pursue the enemy liquidation.

… Overall, it is tempting to note lessening of intensity of so called ceasefire regimen after second phase of Minsk negotiations. Of course, it is too early to declare the real abolishing of the fire, but its heat is significantly less. Ukrainians seize opportunity and retreat.

Russian Spring


Information from combatant Prokhorov:

About Zhdanovka (a caldron between Donetsk and Gorlovka): Ukrainians indeed exit the area under white flags. This is not Minsk agreement though, which provisioned 15 km retreat by artillery only. They (Ukrainian paratroopers) exit to escape caldron. But they are allowed because of the ceasefire agreement. Before, Ukrainian troops were shamelessly encroaching under disguise of ceasefire, now – they are pulling out.

Posted by: Fete | Sep 23, 2014 12:35:06 AM | 67

Michail Khodorkovsky wants to take on Putin:

Another Color Coded Revolution in Russia ??

See how the US have set up the public relations campaign. Keywords: Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin.

Posted by: Willy2 | Sep 23, 2014 10:48:53 AM | 69

Russian Spring


Summary from headquarters of 1st Inter-brigade:

Donetsk was shelled in the evening - districts Kiyevskiy, Leninskiy, Kuybishevskiy. During the night, clashes by small arms and “pocket” artillery in the area of airport grew later in heavy weapon combat.

The punitive troops shelled settlement Spartak from Avdeevka and Peski (the combatants retaliated).

In Avdeevka a fierce combat started yesterday evening… The combatants attempted to storm the settlement from Yasinovataya (by tanks, after preparatory artillery attack by “Grads” and self-propelled units). Reported 2 liquidated and 3 wounded punitive troops of “Praviy Sector”…

In Mariupol`, Ukrainians are busy in fortifying positions and receiving armored hardware.

Overall situation in Donetsk Republic deteriorates. Yesterday’s speculation of “bloodless” retreat by Ukrainians, though correct in general, is at odds with mercenaries of punitive battalions, who do not support the initiative of the military. Repressions by the punitive troops against soldiers who tempt to retreat for fear of caldron appear to be more often.

In Lugansk Republic, city Schast’e was a battle scene tonight – surprisingly tenacious “Aydar” holds on to the city.

In Bryanka (Bryanki), recently dislocated Cossack units actively engage artillery upon Ukrainian positions.

A morning duel by artillery was reported in area of settlement Lomovatka – combatants of commander Mozgovoy liquidated about 9 units of armored hardware and 40 punitive troops.

Russian Spring


Military situation in Lugansk Republic by a combatant:

Military units of Lugansk Republic do not consolidate. Mozgovoy (a commander) sticks to his principles despite successes and debacles. The Minsk agreement was signed by Lugansk representatives who traveled there unauthorized and acted in their own interests rather than people’s. Unification under their flags unlikely…

Undeterred, we will continue liberate our cities, still occupied by the neo-Nazis. Until we expel this “brown plague”, living safely will not be possible… The combatants work in unison, any operation is brisk and crisp. I believe in any combatant…

Posted by: Fete | Sep 24, 2014 12:27:18 AM | 70

It seems the US has lost its influence in Jemen, as the current president Saleh is ousted.

The US (predominatly through airstrikes with unmanned drones) did the dirty work for president Saleh. That didn't help him to improve Saleh's popularity in Jemen. No wonder the Houthis were able rise up against Saleh.

Posted by: Willy2 | Sep 24, 2014 4:21:10 PM | 71

Peter van Buren (former State Department) doesn't like at all the returning of the US back to Iraq.

Posted by: Willy2 | Sep 24, 2014 4:24:13 PM | 72

Another way to not win the "hearts & minds" in Yemen:

Posted by: Willy2 | Sep 24, 2014 4:29:42 PM | 73

Hillary Clinton ordered a purge of the State Department files. Seems she fears those files contain some "unfavourable" information regarding her decisions related to the mess in Libya & Benghazi.

Posted by: Willy2 | Sep 24, 2014 4:34:07 PM | 74

"US strikes don't stop ISIS" ?

Posted by: Willy2 | Sep 24, 2014 7:11:33 PM | 75

"Civil war in Yemen" ? or just fear mongering ?

Posted by: Willy2 | Sep 24, 2014 7:43:27 PM | 76

Russian Spring


Overview of the situation from combatant Prokhorov:

The wind today night was awesome (and persists) – howled like a jet plane; trees snapped like matches, plus rain.
But the weather did not stop the truce. The punitive troops shelled Donetsk again from the airport and Krasnogorovka; the combatants were striking in response. A glow over the airport resembled one over a stadium during a game – that is as bright as noon. In the morning the punitive troops resumed the truce at Donetsk.

Journalist remarks: Decreasing intensity of the fight after the Minsk Memorandum is very relative. That is, through the past day the fight in area of Peski (next to the airport) lasted less by 2 hours.

Shelling of Gorlovka and skirmishes in Debal`tsevo also continued.

Question: Does liberating of Mar`inka, Avdeevka and Peski remain in agenda? Why do they bomb Donets, but refrain from bombing Lugansk?


The airport demands unbelievable greatness of personnel and ammunition (for combatants). Ukrainian military maintains 3-5-fold superiority; they are well entrenched and communicate with garrisons in suburbs of Donetsk. At one time, the airport was practically conquered. But happened what happened – Ukrainians were allowed time to surrender – they used it for reinforcement.

“Khmuriy” (“Sullen” – a moniker, he is a commander) strives as hard as he can, even more – strives above human abilities - but on other fronts things are bad either: the detachment of commander “Chechen” went to south; “Motorolla”- in area Zhdanovka; others – to other places. Lugansk detachments were requested under Schast`ye and can not assist any longer.

Peski as well as Mar`inka and Opitnoye are attaced periodically. Battle for Avdeevka lasts for 30 hours already (with short respites). Ukrainians will be squeezed, but everything takes time.

There is nothing supernatural about Lugansk. The enemy was thrown off the city. These, who in Schast`ye, are being attacked immediately upon attempt to shell the city. Besides, there is no that much artillery as in Donetsk.

Posted by: Fete | Sep 25, 2014 12:17:59 AM | 77

Senator McCain met with Syrian rebels.

Posted by: Willy2 | Sep 25, 2014 2:23:49 AM | 78

Here's an informative essay on the "Russian World", which explains how the Russian Federation works as a multicultural state. It should be required reading for all Russophobes. (I don't mean anyone by MoA by that.)

Russian civilization at stake in Novorossia

In essence, the Russian World is grounded in the long-established precept of uniting nations, cultures, and religions in accordance with rules that are consistent, understandable, and acceptable to all. It differs from the American “melting pot” and the Chinese “heavenly mandate” in that the Russian World does not assimilate the surrounding cultures, turning everyone into Han Chinese, for example (yet borrowing from many of the achievements of the peoples being assimilated). And the Russian World does not impose a “single democratic standard,” as does the American model. The Russian World creates a setting in which all can flourish. The watchword of the Russian World is “non-interference.” Freedom of conscience, freedom of thought, freedom of speech – all these freedoms are fully exercised, but only to the extent that one freedom does not conflict with another. But for all its diversity, this world is unified by common interests (security, economics, and culture), as well as a common understanding of the crucial, cementing role played by the Russian Orthodox people in the provision of the very existence of not only the Russian World, but also its member nations.
So, unlike Western imperial powers, Russia follows the Prime Directive. This is the self-understanding of Russians of Russia. It is why when Russians understand their own culture, they cannot be nationalists. I think this rosy view of the Russian state is realistic, since it explains how Russia manages to rule such a huge amount of territory, with hundreds of different peoples.

Another good passage:

The Russian World, however, unites people around a premise that is more trustworthy, more elevated, and more acceptable to all nations than the vapid American urge to consume. The Russian World ensures a respect for tradition as well as the promise that any necessary changes will be carried out in the most conservative manner possible, in order to avoid the revolutionary turmoil that can sever the ties between generations.
Russians have had their fill of revolutions. Three revolutions (two in 1917 and one in 1989) are enough for any people.

Posted by: Demian | Sep 25, 2014 7:41:34 PM | 79

Russian Spring


Opinion from Boris Rozhin:

2. Regarding activity of “military market” (combatants’ logistics). Main streams are locked on city Krasnodon, which is the source of centralized distribution. Independent humanitarian centers also function, but volume of humanitarian aid somewhat decreased due to cooling of the interest to the conflict. The overall work has not stopped; although some categories became less popular, because of saturation, such as winter uniform for the army of Novorossia. Nothing is being changed cardinally. Deliveries are trouble-free, because the border is administered by the Republics; Ukraine has no participation in the border activities.

3. A retinue of the prosecutor general of Donetsk Republic, Ravil` Khalikov (he officially replaced Antuyfeev, who is unlikely to ever be back in Donetsk; although, a number of people he brought with remain), is in odds with the commanders and collecting compromising evidence against these same commanders. Groups of armed people work with the prosecutor office and report to Khalikov, including those the commanders would like to “incarcerate” for murder, marauding and robbery. Up to 300 armed people are under Khalikov command. They are not being touched for fear of fighting in the center of Donetsk.

4. For the time in truce, Novorossia lost about 90 killed, and up to 200 were wounded. 5 units of armored hardware were lost. Junta losses are near 180-220 killed and up to 450 wounded. Up to 30 units of armored hardware were lost. Also about 60 civilians died.

Russian Spring


A conversation with Igor` Bezler (commander of combatants of Gorlovka, Donetsk).


Question: Prisoners.


These are more than enough. The officers are retained – for exchange. Conscripts and soldiers in general are returned to relatives, if relatives come. Otherwise, soldiers are transferred to other areas. Nationalists are not being taken prisoners in principle – no time to re-educate the ideological animals. They are brutal with our combatants; why should we demonstrate dignity?

Question: What is Kiev attitude to the exchange by prisoners?


Kiev does not need them (prisoners). Every time Kiev has a “dry mouth” in regards to exchange. The feeling is like Kiev needs only dead soldiers – alive might cause problems to the government, even so with the cold weather.

Posted by: Fete | Sep 26, 2014 1:13:13 AM | 80

Ferguson is our “libertarian moment,” but not in the way some libertarians want you to believe -- Nice piece of reporting on the US return to the 1930's by Mark Ames.

Posted by: Malooga | Sep 26, 2014 6:14:40 AM | 81

thanks malooga..

Posted by: james | Sep 26, 2014 8:03:56 PM | 82

Francis Fukuyama: "America is in decay". (You don't say ..........)

When even Fukuyama acknowledges that very Obvious fact, then things must be really bad.

Posted by: Willy2 | Sep 26, 2014 8:05:15 PM | 83

The US prepares a new offensive against Boko Haram in Nigeria.

Thanks for the rise of the islamists/jihadis in Nigeria. An excellent opportunity to increase US military presence in Western Africa.

Posted by: Willy2 | Sep 26, 2014 8:26:36 PM | 84

Russian Spring


Summary from 1st Inter-Brigade of South-East:

In Donetsk the night passed tensely (fights went on in Kuybishevskiy and Kievskiy districts). Since the evening the punitive troops shelled settlements Novobakhmutovka (area of Yasinovataya) and Krasnogorovka (area of Mar`inka) by “Grad” systems. Later, punitive troops from Avdeevka joined the attack (targeting combatants’ positions surrounding airport and settlement Spartak, but in practice, lashing a friendly fire at themselves). Through the night, the center of Donetsk was struck by artillery from the airport no less than 6 times.

At about 5:00, a large group of punitive troops (250 paratroopers of 25th airmobile brigade plus 600 National Guards, without armored hardware) started an operation to unblock the surrounded (in the airport?) from a number of directions (most actively in area of Spartak). Some of them fought the way through.

Russian Spring


Summary from combatant Prokhorov:

At the moment the combatants “truce” Ukrainian outposts north of Mariupol`.
In Debal`tsevo the outposts are being stormed.

Reciprocal artillery strikes are exchanged between Kirovsk-Gorsk, Poposnaya-Pervomaysk.
Battles continue in Schast`ye.

The leadership of Donetsk Republic decided to interrupt the exchange of prisoners unilaterally. According to the Mister of Defense of the Republic, Vladimir Kononov, having been handed 174 people, 30 were merely combatants.

Russian Spring


Message from brigade “Vostok” (combatants):

Thursday, September 25, the most active combat took place in area of Donetsk airport. Battalion “Oplot” of Donetsk army sustained large losses during a storm of the airport. They lost from 3 to 5 tanks and crews.

Posted by: Fete | Sep 27, 2014 12:52:10 AM | 85

"Washington strategy for Central Asia & western China".

Posted by: Willy2 | Sep 27, 2014 2:15:37 PM | 86

Lots of links to developments in Central Asia:

Posted by: Willy2 | Sep 27, 2014 2:21:50 PM | 87

mh17 analysis from russian experts..

Posted by: james | Sep 27, 2014 2:42:36 PM | 88

Russian Spring


Night, Gorlovka (Donetsk): military commanders of Ukraine, Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, and Russia met to discuss “smoothing” of the front line (video):

The regimen of ceasefire was not observed satisfactory, but now the situation may change. The sides of the conflict met in new format that has never happened before. Officers of Ukrainian army, field commanders of the combatants, observers from OSCE and Russia bent over the map. They negotiated the adequate realization of the Minsk Memorandum. It is obvious that today the agreement about ceasefire does not work. The shells continue to fall on residential quarters. The meeting was extremely important as yet another attempt to stop the war. By the way, Russia’s generals also participated in the meeting.

General-lieutenant Aleksandr Lentsov, Russia:

“There are concerns which have found common understanding; some others pose problems – we will address these to find solution. The paramount problem to tackle today is the halt of fire. This must be appreciated by either side.”

Hours-long negotiations went hard, and so far no new agreements have been signed. It was emphasized the need to pull the heavy weaponry away the line of engagement. Additionally discussed was the issue of recalling Ukrainian units from Donetsk airport.

First Vice-Minister of Donetsk Republic, Ravil` Khalikov:

“As we have heard from observers from Russia, the Ukrainian side is ready to provide guarantees. So far Ukrainian forces occupy the territory of airport. It remains to see if they fulfill the promise.”

The line of engagement will smooth out if units of Ukrainian forces currently surrounded exit caldrons; this is true for the airport as well.

A number of reasons make so called front “smoothing” convenient to either side.

No one pronounced the word “border” today. This was considered undiplomatic. But as the matter of fact, discussed was how the border would go: where will be the border between Ukraine and Novorossia. Though, the sides of conflict did not exchange by any guarantees. And representatives of Ukraine declined speak to the press (media).
Therefore, saying that the meeting was productive is likely exaggeration. But merely the fact of military of opposite sides talking rather than shooting is itself important.

Posted by: Fete | Sep 28, 2014 1:19:48 AM | 89

Russian Spring


Summary from 1st Inter-Brigade of South-East:


The violent clashes for the airport reached a culminating point tonight – the combatants ventured to storm the airport. The storm partially succeeded (about 23:00, one terminal and the center of flight control were taken). At the same time Ukrainians struck the combatants approaching the airport two times by mortar fire from settlement Peski.
After terminal seizure the punitive troops were offered to surrender. No answer followed until morning, when the combatants struck airport structures where National Guards holed-up by artillery. Ukrainians try hard to deliver any help to besieged.

From nearby Avdeevka and Peski the punitive troops incessantly shell city districts by mortar and howitzer fire. Tonight, a massive combatant attack on punitive troops in Avdeevka was reported…

The active phase of battles for Novorissia will likely be wound down. Therefore, the combatants use every chance to take the strategically important airport.


Ukrainians continue to build reinforcement structures within limits of the city (by mobilizing “separatist” suspects among civilians). Roundups on dissent are reported in Mariupol` as well as in settlements Stariy Krim (Old Crimea) and Mangush.

Posted by: Fete | Sep 29, 2014 12:29:13 AM | 90

About the growing unrest in Libya.

Again from the McClatchy newpaper (on-line).

Posted by: Willy2 | Sep 29, 2014 2:14:26 PM | 91

the mali caper.
this man doesnt mince words !
worth a reread just when fukus is gonna bomb syria via the back door.

* Fuck you all, leaders who are playing with your bombs as kids do in a playground! Fuck you!
The purpose of this war in Mali is very clear. And since nobody will talk about it, I WILL. The purpose is to fight against China and allow our American ally to maintain its presence in Africa and the Middle East.

This is what guides these new-colonialist operations*

the mali caper [1]
balkanisation of sudan [2],
yemen destabilisation,
somalia [3],
libya regime change, [4]
in uganda, its save our children from kony ! ! [5]
the congo bloodbath, [6]
in nigeria, its bring back our girls ! [7]
sudan *genocide*, george kony, boko harm, africom..............ebola !
its china stupid !

ebola sure popped up at just the right time ?
it so happens that all the fukus coveted oil producing countries have been the hardest hit and had just fallen into the lap of uncle sham's zwo troops ! [8]
what a *coincidence*, hehehehehe !


*But now, just as China makes its overtures toward Uganda to gain a potential toehold in the region and access to the as-yet-untapped oil wealth, a new video about Joseph Kony has suddenly gone viral online, having been viewed 10s of millions of times in just a week, and changing the focus of the American foreign policy debate toward greater US military involvement in oil-rich Uganda. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it suggests that the only way to capture Kony is to maintain an American military presence in the region.*

ebolagate !
*All these factors make West Africa a region of priority for US foreign policy. US Anadarko Petroleum Corporation has made a discovery and became the leading explorer and producer of Sierra Leone offshore oil.

The U.S. oil firm continues to find oil and gas in African waters. African Petroleum Corp. was founded in 2003 by transnational Timis Corporation with headquarters in London. In Liberia it has become the operator and holder of 100% working interest in production sharing contracts. Timis Corporation also has interest in mining (diamond extraction) and biological research. Some say that the outbreak of Ebola, the US campaign aimed against rolling the virus back and new wells drilled in the West Africa are the links of the same chain. If it is true, then the US has launched a well-planned and masterly conducted operation to boost its clout in the region fallen under

China’s influence. *

Posted by: denk | Sep 29, 2014 11:28:20 PM | 92

Russian Spring


Commentary: Soldiers of Novorossia took another building on the territory of Donetsk airport: initial plan was to rid of occupants a police building, hotel “Polyot” (“Flight”) and an administrative building next to the new terminal. However, due to difficulties, by the end of the day the group of combatants recaptured only the police building. Both sides endured fallen and wounded.

In one video combatant “Bezpilotnik” (“Unmanned (aircraft)”) tells that “as of today the combatants regained about 90% (of the airport); just a little more effort is needed”

Russian Spring


Summary from combatant Prokhorov:

In Donetsk the evening discotheque is transiting to the night one.

In area of Avdeevka, near village Orlovka, two hours ago the combatants blasted the occupants.

In area of Nikishino the punitive troops were struck by “Grad”; from Yenakiyevo the combatants work at Maloorlovka.

Near Debal`tsevo the fascists are shelling areas of foliage – like a prophylactic. Ukrainian forces do not plan to leave Debal`tsevo; reinforcement arrives constantly. (Debal`tsevo caldron did not materialize?).

Yesterday the occupants were greatly plucked in village Mayorsk (area of Gorlovka); today before noon Bezler (commander of the Gorlovka unit) was chopping Ukrainians near Krasniy Partizan (Red Rebel) (south of Gorlovka).

In Lugansk Republic the government has three items in agenda: arrange for heating season, organize work of industry, defense. Recapturing city Schast`ye does not present a problem to the army of Lugansk Republic. However resuming combat is at odds to the passionate desire to arrange live for civilians.

Posted by: Fete | Sep 30, 2014 12:16:15 AM | 93

ISIS steps up shelling of the kurdish town of Kobani

"US expands strikes against ISIS
It seems a lot of rebels are "not happy" with the fact that the US is also targeting the rebels.

Posted by: Willy2 | Sep 30, 2014 6:27:18 PM | 94

ISIS is one hour away from Baghdad and there's heavy fighting going on.

Posted by: Willy2 | Sep 30, 2014 7:00:26 PM | 95

Patrick Cockburn:
- ISIS is one hour away from Baghdad
- ISIS predominantly recruits from the poorest Sunnis
- The Iraqi army is very weak and it's damaged by years of corruption
- The Pesmerghas are hailed to be good fighters but that's a myth.
- Bitter fighting near the Baghdad outskirts.

Posted by: Willy2 | Sep 30, 2014 7:07:01 PM | 96

Russian Spring


Summary from the front by combatant Prokhorov:

The night discotheque has started in Donetsk. 79th airmobile is squeezed at a terminal. The combatants work by anything that happens to be at hand. The tower has not been captured, but it is not really important.

Reportedly, in Mariupol` is also noisy.

For one day Ukrainians reported 18 units of armored equipment and one artillery unit repaired. But such a pace is apparently unsatisfactory. According to the prosecutor general of Ukraine Vitaliy Yarema:

“The director of Kiev tank factory was detained and incarcerated … Criminal proceedings initiated at other armored hardware facilities of L`vov, Zhitomir, Khar`kov. Active investigations are being conducted to verify facts of administrative abuses and theft of military inventory.”

Posted by: Fete | Sep 30, 2014 11:46:20 PM | 97

I feel that candidates of all parties who stand a reasonable chance at winning their respective races this year will have to appeal to the center of the country. In my opinion, the US voters are more in lockstep with each other when it comes to matters of the economy, matters of war and peace and the general state of the countries infrastructure. They are hurting financially and that does not carry a political stripe. This years mid term candidates will need to stay clear of far wing political wedge issues and put forth viable ideas and plans to be implemented to pull the 99% out of the financial tailspin it has been in since 2007-8. It has been 7 years and the 99% financial situation is getting worse. Congress is going to have to represent all of America, not just the chosen well heeled few.

If a politician gets on the stump and starts barking about some wedge issue, I feel those voters political ears will turn deaf to that type of red meat messaging. The only red meat issue a voter wants this year is the kind you put on a grill, cook and consume. I hope this year the candidates of all political persuasions take the task seriously this year and listen to what the American people really want to occur on the hill. The center is where the nation is at present and usually is, but I feel it is more so this mid term cycle. People are fed up with the BS occurring on capitol hill and a democracy is clearly not functioning properly when the voters feel as such. The days of pandering to the fringes are over. It is time to get down to business of revitalizing the nation, not for protecting one’s seat in congress. I will respect a candidate who addressed the issues and lost more than some politico who pandered to the fringes of their party and won. Because you know what, that red meat baiting politician will probably never be able to push the fringe issue into becoming a law because that track record has already been written for the most part. Yeah sure there have been some winger legislation that has gotten through, in the grand scheme of things the probability of whack-a-doodle ideas becoming law is still very low.

So my hope for this years mid term election and the upcoming presidential election in 2016 is that the candidates discuss the important issues in a truthful and caring manner and if they are elected to congress that they will work their bottoms off to repair the financial health of the 99%, especially the middle and poorer classes. The US infrastructure also needs serious attention and the interventionist wars for profiteering and global hegemony need to end. Should the US voters be skeptical of notions with such utopia aspects that requires all political parties hands on the wheel? Yup.

Posted by: really | Oct 1, 2014 3:27:50 PM | 98

So my hope for this years mid term election and the upcoming presidential election in 2016 is that . . .

the elections might somehow be seen by the losing side as being illegitimate which would hopefully end up in some sort of "constitutional crisis", which with a bit of luck would result in armed groups engaging in all out civil war, with, hopefully DU-tipped projectiles - which if we are really really lucky might develop in to an all out slaughter leaving the US devastated socially economically with maybe as much as 50-75% reduction of it's population (if we're REALLY lucky)

Then the rest of us on this planet can just go on living happily ever after with out ever again having to listen to the nauseating moronic nasaldrone bleatings of fat retarded US idiots

IF we're lucky . . .

Posted by: anonymous | Oct 1, 2014 3:55:29 PM | 99

Ebola crisis response: Cuba sends doctors, US deploys troops

The tiny island nation of Cuba has shamed the world with its international medical missions; the ongoing Ebola crisis in West Africa a case in point.

Something that has long gone unreported in the West, for both geopolitical and ideological reasons, is the remarkable role Cuban doctors and medical personnel are played in dealing with the aftermath of disasters and crises, both natural and manmade, throughout the developing world.

The most recent example is Cuba’s response to the spread of Ebola in West Africa. According to the World Health Organization, Cuba is in the process of sending hundreds of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel to West Africa to work on the frontline against the disease. Meanwhile, by way of comparison, the response of the United States to the Ebola crisis in West Africa has been the deployment of 3,000 troops.

Cuba’s exemplary gesture of solidarity, with a population of just over 11 million people and a GDP of around £70 billion, is made even more remarkable by the fact it currently has some 50,000 medical personnel serving on such medical missions around the world, specifically in 66 countries in the developing world.

Posted by: guest77 | Oct 1, 2014 7:46:55 PM | 100

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