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September 19, 2014

CIA Anti-Syria Program Finances Wahhabi Headchoppers


The picture of the man above is cut from a one that  accompanies a NYT piece about the CIA support for the Syrian "rebels". The caption says the man is "A rebel leader, Sheikh Tawfiq Shahabuddin, right, on Monday in Reyhanli, Turkey."

The type of beard (no mustache) and the cloth clearly identify the man as a Salafi/Wahhabi who believes that everyone should live like in the times of Mohammed.

As Ben Hubbard, one of the more reliable NYT journalists, writes:

In a secret office near the Syrian border here, intelligence agents from the United States and its allies are laying the groundwork for what they hope will become an effective force of Syrian rebels to serve as ground troops in the international battle against the extremist Islamic State.

The office, the Military Operations Command, has slowed funding to Islamist groups, paid salaries to thousands of “vetted” rebels and given them ammunition to boost their battlefield mettle.
most of the support from governments who back the rebels is now channeled through the Military Operations Command. [...] the military command has built direct ties with rebel leaders it deems moderate and active inside Syria.
It is now paying monthly salaries of at least $100 to about 10,000 fighters in northern Syria, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss a covert program.

Now here comes the guy in the picture, very likely taken in the CIA run "secret office" Ben Hubbard visited:

“The international position has to be to fight all kinds of terrorism, both ISIS and the regime,” said Sheikh Tawfiq Shahabuddin, the head of the Nureddin Zengi Movement. “You can’t treat only one part of the disease.”

This Salafi nutjob is paid by the CIA. That he is no "moderate" is not only obvious from his outer appearance but also from the name he has chosen for his movement, Nureddin Zengi:

Nūr ad-Dīn Abū al-Qāsim Maḥmūd ibn ʿImād ad-Dīn Zangī (February 1118 – 15 May 1174), also known as Nur al-Din (from Arabic: نور الدين‎, "Light of the Faith") or Nur ed-Din, was a member of the Turkic Zengid dynasty which ruled the Syrian province of the Seljuk Empire. He reigned from 1146 to 1174.
In 1146, Nur ad-Din massacred the entire Christian population of [Edessa] and destroyed its fortifications,[1] in punishment for assisting Joscelin in this attempt. Although according to Thomas Asbridge, the women and children of Edessa were enslaved. He secured his hold on Antioch after crushing Raymond of Poitiers at the Battle of Inab in 1149, even presenting to the caliph, Raymond's severed head and arms.

That, dear U.S. taxpayer, is the cause the CIA finances with your money.

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thanks b. keep on shining a light on the lies and deception.

Posted by: james | Sep 19 2014 18:23 utc | 1

Kudos b, keep hammering home the point about finances for these nut jobs. Maybe, (I doubt it) some fine day, the information will surface in the MSM, on TV. And, as we all know, at least for most Americans, if it isn't on TV, it's not real.

Posted by: ben | Sep 19 2014 18:40 utc | 2

Kerry just included Iran at the UN in his anti ISIS coalition

Posted by: somebody | Sep 19 2014 18:43 utc | 3

Its a marriage if convenience for US and the Salafi/Takfiri nutjobs, similar to what happened in Afghanistan snd in Mozambique (where the lunatics were armed and financed by the West to destroy the govt. and one of their gruesome tactic was to cut off the breast of women). The Wahabis have no traction over a large section pf Islamdom so where they can, they go to bed with the West to force themselve on the majority killing everyone they believe is a heretic. Its like North Korea funding and arming the KKK to overthrow the US govt. and sitback and watch as the two sides fight it out and in the process destroying the country. Anyway ask this man (pictured) to go visit the shrine of Mawlana Rumi in Konya, central Turkey and watch him turn on the Turks...

Posted by: Irshad | Sep 19 2014 18:59 utc | 4

Iran seems to think that the West repents

Zarif called the 24 participating nations at the Paris conference "a coalition of repenters" because most supported the Islamic State group "in one form or another" from its inception following the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003.

At the end of the day, he said, they created "a Frankenstein that came to haunt its creators."

Posted by: somebody | Sep 19 2014 19:07 utc | 5

Helo, I am following discussions on MoA for a long time, but do rarely comment. As I know, people who aren't contributing thru comms aren't taken seriously I know my comment might fall on deaf ears. Nevertheless, ill give it a try. My question is: As the western media are buzzing with more and more articles (videos of some kind of beheading)picturing the evil of ISIS, which seems to have suddenly built up without anyone knowing (the US do not have satelites or intel...), why doesn't Russia go ahead and pound those ISIS ppl in eastern Syria? They've got the ships in the med and seem to have a whole array of missile positions with which they could blow ISIS away in Eastern Syria. The MSM couldn't hardly find a reason to demonize Russia on this one. And secondly, that would keep the US led bombing campaign at bay and secure the Syrian govts forces. It might sound naïve, but why isn't Russia taking this opportunity to get take a stance on Syria and the US? Wld be thankful for some insight.

Posted by: Kal | Sep 19 2014 19:18 utc | 6

I suspect this is evidence of Saudi influence shaping the nuts&bolts of our Syria policy -- there are obviously far too many cooks spoiling a badly conceived from the start broth. Doris Kearns Godwin can talk all she likes about a cabinet of rivals -- not that we've seen much evidence of that in real-life -- but the disconnects are rather alarming, as if each faction is being condescended to and it's suggested implemented in turn -- to be "fair" ... I think we can be rather grateful that the Susan Rice and Suzanne Powers are being occupied with matters Ukraine.
Seemingly no one outside of the Presidential Suite in Baghdad actually wants our help -- how dreadfully inconvenient for us.
It's amazing considering everything that Assad still has a recognizable country and an army to command ... despite the Saudi's best efforts.

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Sep 19 2014 19:24 utc | 7

I'm glad I don't pay taxes.

What would Anthony Sutton say?

Also, is that hair on the cretin's feet, or has he been practicing the two-step in the muddy forbidden pork pen?

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Sep 19 2014 19:27 utc | 8

Posted by: Kal | Sep 19, 2014 3:18:39 PM | 6

That is an excellent question, Kal. I can't wait to see the replies, but I bet I can predict them.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Sep 19 2014 19:29 utc | 9

It may be ... it occurs to me, that "we" think we are in a better position to influence/control if we continue supporting these groups than if we turn them loose to be "supported" by others, with us in the dark... The Saudi's independent effort at regimen change, Sunni ascendence, etc, are part of this "fine mess" ... something I suspect John McCain and Company of Hawks should probably have to answer for.

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Sep 19 2014 19:38 utc | 10

@6 Money? How are the planes, crews, and bases going to materialize? Blowback? The Western press will make up stories if they need to. Look at the previous post about Anne Bernard. The last reason is the U.S. has demonstrated weapon capability and military readiness for some time. Why should Putin demonstrate what is still not known? The threat of air defense systems is even better than a system that works for the most part.

I think Putin is more cautious than he needs to be, but the citizenry of the Russian Federation should be his first priority. This is still D.C.'s mess. Let the West embarrass itself.

Russia is dealing with a refugee crisis from the Ukraine, and they have a large shared border. When Kiev's situation goes South, there will be more refugees and likely terrorist-type cells trying to cross the border. Unlike the U.S. in Iraq where we could ignore terror campaigns against civilian populations or the refugees, Russian citizens will be affected which tends to lead to government changes.

The Russians have bigger fish to fry, and much of the non-NATO world is looking beyond the U.S. Having footage of a Russian jet pulling an Obama (bombing children) would undermine the larger situation for Russia which is the target of non-stop 24/7 smear campaigns from Western elites. After all, Hillary Clinton (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, drone supporter, and early Syrian intervention) called Putin worse than Hitler.

Posted by: NotTimothyGeithner | Sep 19 2014 19:40 utc | 11

laying the groundwork for what they hope will become an effective force of Syrian rebels

b, I'm thinking now that IS was/is supported by tptb exactly to get more funding and weapons into the hands of the "moderate" "rebels". If the 'rebels' succeed in overthrowing Assad, the IS guys will just join up with them. Truce, and all that. iow, they'll disappear. But most importantly I don't think this new funding and weaponizing has anything to do with IS. It's all about overthrowing Assad.

Posted by: okie farmer | Sep 19 2014 19:42 utc | 12

As an Armenian that has watched the US aid and abet jihadis and nazis since the 1990's that have enabled an Apocalypse upon my people and other Christians in the Middle East, and upon Muslims that will not submit to the 7th century, I am nauseated and horrified at the evil of the West and especially the US.

Ancient communities and history, thousands of years old, are being decimated and scattered to the wind.

All my life I have studied and loved history, ancient and medieval, and watch as the West marches across the world, leaving destruction in its wake. This has broken any faith I had in the West or in its people.

Why is the West so destructive? I'll tell you why. The West is in the process of destroying its own history, and itself. It is driven by self hatred. It hates anything or anyone that looks like what it came from. That is why it has slated the Orthodox Christians, among others, for destruction. That is why Russia is again under attack by the West. No Russian diplomacy will placate the West and the sooner that Russia gives up on the West the better it will prepare for the onslaught.

The West sees in jihadis what they themselves are. They both use the same strategy: savagery and chaos.

The West will lead the world into another great catastrophe unless the East can coalesce into a sufficiently strong alliance that can draw a line that the West will dare not cross.

The only hope I have left is in the East.

Posted by: Arius | Sep 19 2014 19:44 utc | 13

@ Kal | Sep 19, 2014 3:18:39 PM | 6

It's the 'weird' concept of sovereignty of the state of Syria and respect of International law. Russia has an important navy base in Tartus they want to protect, therefore they support the Assad regime with funds/loans and military equipment. Hezbollah crossed the line by sending fighters as did Iran on a smaller scale, to offset the foreign sunni jihadists crossing the Turkish border into Syria. It's a proxy war between Saudi Arabia (and some GCC states) with Iran for the overthrow of Assad and break the axis Iran – Iraq – Syria – Lebanon. All in line with the long term policy of the US (with France and UK) and the state of Israel.

Only Obama has stated he will bomb ISIS across the Iraqi border in Syria (Raqqa province). Other western nations UK and France are willing to join in airstrikes over Iraq but not in Syrian territory.

Posted by: Oui | Sep 19 2014 19:45 utc | 14

@ b

A little history:

Raymond de Poitiers :
uncle of Eleanor d'Aquitaine, wife of two kings : French and England, and mother of Richard the Lion Heart

Posted by: Yul | Sep 19 2014 19:50 utc | 15


When will we see you on RT Crosstalk?

Posted by: Anonymous | Sep 19 2014 19:51 utc | 16

I left a comment at that NYT link. We'll see if it posts. No one will understand it — they never do. Well, maybe a few, and for that I'm grateful.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Sep 19 2014 19:51 utc | 17

@ Kal | Sep 19, 2014 3:18:39 PM | 6

Did anyone report the facts behind this ballistic missile launch as Obama was contemplating a bombing run against Assad's military after the West's false flag incident in Ghouta? News report dated Sept. 3, 2013:

"According to this story breaking from RT and Infowars, two ballistic missiles were launched towards Syria but have fallen into the sea. Israel later announced that the missiles were joint US/Israel ‘target practice’ missiles after initially denying any responsibility for them."

Other reports indicated the missiles were destroyed by Russia.

Posted by: Oui | Sep 19 2014 19:56 utc | 18

Posted by: NotTimothyGeithner | Sep 19, 2014 3:40:57 PM | 11

So, in a nutshell, Russia is a regional power. Reading your answer to Kal, Obama was correct in that assertion for which he received much criticism.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Sep 19 2014 19:57 utc | 19

@19 No shit. Russia is a regional power, but you might notice Ukraine is in its region. Get a map. Obama was criticized for ignoring the location of Ukraine when he made that statement.

Posted by: NotTimothyGeithner | Sep 19 2014 20:02 utc | 20

In addition to the quotes b references what struck me about Hubbard's story was the following:

The process is run by intelligence officials from a number of countries. The United States provides overall guidance, while Turkey manages the border, and Persian Gulf states like Saudi Arabia provide much of the funding.
So if Turkey manages the border under overall US guidance, and it is broadly acknowledged that ISIS is largely composed of foreign jihadis entering Iraq and Syria through Turkey, then the only conclusion to draw, based on this story, is that ISIS is a direct result of a covert U.S. operation.

Later on Hubbard asserts, "This has changed in recent months. Turkey, which once allowed smugglers and fighters to move freely across its border with Syria, has clamped down, making it harder for private funders to get in." But where is the proof?

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Sep 19 2014 20:04 utc | 21

@7 Assad isn't Gaddafi. One, he is younger. Gaddafi would have been gone within 5 years anyway. Two, Assad was a negotiated candidate. His position wasn't based on a cult of personality. There is a regime that would be there if Assad had an aneurysm in the next five minutes. The Shiite and Allawites have seen Iraq and Libya. They have examples of American intentions and have a reason to fight. Those peoples have seen Maliki's government's treatment of Sunni. Why wouldn't the oppressed sect pull that on them in turn. The Allawites don't have anywhere to go. The Shiites don't really either, so they fight on. The Kurdistan seceded because they can entertain dreams of joining Kurdistan.

Many of the "moderate" Sunni recruits were likely promised a quick victory with U.S. air support just like the propaganda in Libya. Then they found out the other sects weren't going to go quietly, and so forces melted away or joined more radical outfits depending on individual's experience and motive.

The Assad-front regime won't be knocked over by a Sunni-based ethnic uprising without large scale ethnic cleansing in light of Iraq.

Posted by: NotTimothyGeithner | Sep 19 2014 20:16 utc | 22

Today’s 21st century world does not make much sense. The only way I can explain the insanity is that there are two cults in charge. Most the time they more or less have the same goals; sometimes not. Neo-liberals want to control the world to make more money. Neo-conservatives want to control the world because they are the chosen ones. Currently thanks to influence, money and their con job on the people, they control the western democracies. The Cold War 2 has commenced. Congress just voted for war with the Islamic State. Since the rich will never consent to higher taxes and the people will revolt over the start of a draft, the USA can only blow up lots of sand and a few Toyotas and will lose another war. Russia is much more dangerous. The crazies could start a shooting war between NATO and Russia which would escalate to a nuclear holocaust.

Posted by: VietnamVet | Sep 19 2014 20:17 utc | 23

From 2008 The men behind Obama - Webster Tarpley

pretty prophetic

Posted by: somebody | Sep 19 2014 20:30 utc | 24

Obama was criticized for ignoring the location of Ukraine when he made that statement.

Posted by: NotTimothyGeithner | Sep 19, 2014 4:02:57 PM | 20

Huh? Obama was criticized for that comment because it was dismissive, belittling and marginalizing. The critics were angry because he wasn't treating Russia with the proper respect they thought Russia deserved. The critics consider Russia a Global power because of its history and its nukes.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Sep 19 2014 20:41 utc | 25

@25 He was criticized because he tried to be belittling when it made no sense. Of course, Russia is a regional power. Obama was criticized for making the comment in relations to the Ukraine as if Russia has no business there. Given the exceptionally poor geography skills of Americans, I have to wonder if Obama knows where these countries are on the globe.

Posted by: NotTimothyGeithner | Sep 19 2014 20:48 utc | 26

Posted by: NotTimothyGeithner | Sep 19, 2014 3:40:57 PM | 11

Good answer

I see the crazy person back

Thanks b

Posted by: jo6pac | Sep 19 2014 20:51 utc | 27

Two points you missed about the significance of the head-chopper's movement being named after Nur ad-Din: 1) He fought and prevailed against "crusaders"- more properly, Christian warlords; and 2) He permanently recovered a significant piece of the Islamic Ummah from same.

Posted by: rackstraw | Sep 19 2014 21:08 utc | 28

#21 then the only conclusion to draw, based on this story, is that ISIS is a direct result of a covert U.S. operation.

Mostly correct. Except ISIS is not the direct result of US support, but that the US empowered them in Syria with much military aid and that was transferred to Iraq. The coalition between ISIS and the Sunni tribes was in the making well before the US started shipping weapons to ISIS via Turkey.

Posted by: ToivoS | Sep 19 2014 21:09 utc | 29

Obama was criticized for making the comment in relations to the Ukraine as if Russia has no business there. Given the exceptionally poor geography skills of Americans, I have to wonder if Obama knows where these countries are on the globe.

Posted by: NotTimothyGeithner | Sep 19, 2014 4:48:52 PM | 26

Bullshit. This is completely false. He was criticized for insulting Russia as a regional power and not taking Russia's actions in Ukraine more seriously. Do you really believe Obama doesn't have at least a general idea of where Ukraine is in relation to Russia let alone a very specific idea where Ukraine is geographically?

You're sounding an awful lot like a wingnut. Wingnuts make outlandish claims about Obama all the time, and this contention of your's is in the same sentiment and uses the same tack.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Sep 19 2014 21:10 utc | 30

Kal @6:

Putin and his team are trying very hard to put International Law atop a Multipolar world that relegates the unilateral, illegal actions of the Outlaw US Empire to the status of extremism where they belong aside the actions of Nazi Germany and Tojo's Japan--the fascist nations the Outlaw US Empire most resembles. Most fundamentally, Syria hasn't asked for Russia to intervene militarily. Without such an invitation, Russia's actions would be no different from those of the Outlaw Empire--illegal under International Law.

If you watch the Crosstalk program "Bear & Dragon," there's a segment where it's greatly emphasized that both Russia and China seek partners having integrity--a trait the West lacks completely as portrayed--which is directly linked to playing by the rules--not being an Outlaw,

Combine that with Greenwald's book "With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful," and you'll understand the junction between the Outlaw Empire's domestic and foreign policy.

Historically, the Outlaw Empire's been financing, backing, executing, and planning terrorism as policy on an international scale since the end of WW2--Operation Paperclip's sending former Nazi's into Eastern Europe and Soviet Union is the first main documented instance. So, if you pay taxes to the US federal government, you're breaking the law by financing international terrorism, and breaking the duty of the citizen as defined by the Nuremburg Protocol.

Seldom is it stated overtly just what's happening: The Outlaw US Empire wants to control the planet via its Full Spectrum Dominance by remaining the Unipolar Power, whereas Russia, China, G20, BRICS, SCO, and the NAM, want nothing of that and desire a return of the rule of law with a Multipolar World. This is the Global War that's been ongoing for awhile now, well before the belated implementation of Operation Northwoods,

How can you play by the rules when your adversary continually cheats and has a global Propaganda System willing to tell any lie no matter how false or large? Do you stoop to its level and ruin your moral and ethical advantage, or do you find a way to make the big lie work for you? The same problem exists for violent versus non-violent revolution: Are there times when violence is justified? Do you think ISIS or the Outlaw US Empire will respect your non-violent position? History says you'll get slaughtered. As with MH17 and 911, the Empire doesn't care who or how many it kills to gain its objective--it is truly BORG.

Hopefully, this answers your query.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 19 2014 21:26 utc | 31

Amazing photo of that man's feet above. The NYT should have cut that out. Isn't hairy feet associated with Satan. If that is just plain dirt, it should horrify every bourgeois sensibility. Why would the NYT present our dear allies in such a negative light.

Posted by: ToivoS | Sep 19 2014 21:37 utc | 32

Another of America's so-called friends...such a figure of modernity and enlightenment, as well as hygiene.
Anyone see how scared stupid the Americans are of waking up one morning and seeing ISIS under their bed? They have to be among the dumbest shithead sheep full of brainless fear and bloodlust.
The bestest most super-special fudgetacular of it all is, USA rightwingtards who hate Obama with a passion, everything he does and stands for, they can't wait to nod vigorously in agreement with him and bleat fervently, "Well we gotta do something, 'afore they come over here!!!" You couldn't have invented a dumber bunch of simpleton fuckwits! Even frightened sheep have more sense!
Hey if you liked Al-Qaeda, you'll love ISIS! New! Improved! Totally not in the pay of the US! We swear! And we will bomb a few of them to convince you of that! You can get over on so many people when they have the attention spans and memories of diseased gnats.

And they STILL can't come up with a non-insane-with-greed reason for thwarting the development and progress of Iraq and Syria and sending them back hundreds of years!! All people like Daniel Pipes and Norm Podhoretz do is complain about the "backwards Arabs", but then, we push offal like this on to them when they DO reach a degree of modern stability and progress! W.T.F.?

Can you blame Syria for resisting these dangerous, deadly and odoriferous chumps? Who else wants to live like it is the 7th century?

I'm waiting for John McCain or Lindsey Graham to start comparing them to "the moral equivalent of our Founding fathers (tm)".

Posted by: Farflungstar | Sep 19 2014 21:52 utc | 33

I wonder how long we will have to wait before news filters through that the 'moderate opposition' and its band of merry rebels has freed some Western hostage from an IS lair in a daring night time raid. Then the transformation from head choppers and liver chompers to Hollywood heroes will be complete.

Posted by: Pat Bateman | Sep 19 2014 23:36 utc | 34

"This Salafi nutjob is paid by the CIA. That he is no "moderate" is not only obvious from his outer appearance but also from the name he has chosen for his movement, Nureddin Zengi:"
There is this simplistic perception of ordinary people in the Arab/Muslim world who deal directly with Americans operating in the region (CIA, USAID, Military, Journalist, etc.), is that the American are "idiots" or naive at best, it could be because of language/customs. Those with political/religious agenda such as Salafi, Muslim Brothers, political/economic opportunists, "freedom fighters", just want the money/weapons to do their thing feeling they are getting away with "murder" but not knowing it is part the plan. In some cases things may get out of hand e.g. Al-Qaida in Afghanistan and ISIS in Iraq which is what most American believe.
The other view is held by ruling class, Beourgeoisie, political analysts, opinion writers that the Americans, who run things in America are "geniuses" highly sophisticated politically/socially/emotionally, have all the tools and technology they need to execute their plans flawlessly, and if things appear to go wrong it must be part of the plan. They imply that America is behind everythings happen in the Middle East and is done based on a strategy and plan. As an example, the most quoted statement by Arab writers is the one made by Condi Rice during her visit to Lebanon (as she is being adored by Al Hariri crowds) that the American policy is to promote "creative chaos" in the ME. In my view Condi's statement is nothing more than a catchphrase spitted out by a second rate academic after three rounds of Scotch, and yet it is being sited to explain today situation. At the same it quite obvious, creative chaos or not, that US plan is to break apart Syria, Iraq, merge Jordan with fragments of WB/Palestine (this is just for Israeli security), then Yeman for Saudi and Gulf state Security, etc. more to come.

Posted by: DanE | Sep 19 2014 23:38 utc | 35

ye the salafi cut keeps them from blending in!

Posted by: brian | Sep 19 2014 23:43 utc | 36

'In 1146, Nur ad-Din massacred the entire Christian population of [Edessa] and destroyed its fortifications,[1] in punishment for assisting Joscelin in this attempt. Although according to Thomas Asbridge, the women and children of Edessa were enslaved. He secured his hold on Antioch after crushing Raymond of Poitiers at the Battle of Inab in 1149, even presenting to the caliph, Raymond's severed head and arms.'

charming! and tho the crusaders(christian jihadis) had it coming, islam was then no religion of peace

Posted by: brian | Sep 19 2014 23:46 utc | 37

'Bullshit. This is completely false'...
Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Sep 19, 2014 5:10:44 PM | 30

congrats NotTimothyGeither for putting the wind up Cold, the master of bullshit and complete falsehood!

Posted by: brian | Sep 19 2014 23:49 utc | 38

'Posted by: rackstraw | Sep 19, 2014 5:08:51 PM | 28;'

the syrian people are neither crusaders nor invaders: just cvictims of headchoppers...cant wait till the headchoppers fulfil their promises and begin in US or israel...only they wont

Posted by: brian | Sep 19 2014 23:51 utc | 39

karlof1@31: Good synopsis, I hope you're right about the motives of the BRIC alliance, and others who favor a Multipolar World. We'll see. Let's hope it isn't just Western Oligarchs Vs. Eastern Oligarchs, with the working classes caught in the middle.

Posted by: ben | Sep 20 2014 0:34 utc | 40

Posted by: DanE | Sep 19, 2014 7:38:29 PM | 35

Shut up, idiot. Without cash from the oil under their feet and weapons provided by The West, these dimwit freaks are nothing but shit. They're nothing but shit anyway, but with Western backing they're nothing but shit with weapons.

Put the lipstick away. They're pigs and no amount of lipstick can hide that most basic fact. It's a blight and pox on the Western house to get in the pig pen with these sub-human creatures.

One look at that photo should reveal to any sentient individual that such creatures have no place among humanity. He and his ilk are not human — they're Orcs.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Sep 20 2014 1:01 utc | 41

He looks a little small for an Orc. More like a troll. Perhaps you recognize a family resemblance?

Posted by: Nana2007 | Sep 20 2014 1:14 utc | 42

apparently we have the best cutouts that we can buy

Posted by: Jay M | Sep 20 2014 2:25 utc | 43

Mike Maloney @21

Exactly. ISIS is US-directed.

Mike, have you seen any of the videos of US airstrikes?

I mean, is that the fearsome ISIS military machine, isolated pickup trucks in the middle of nowhere? The videos suggest that these airstrikes are not meant to make any military difference at all (except to whoever was in the trucks, maybe ISIS mercs, but who knows), but are just part of the phony propaganda war.

Posted by: ess emm | Sep 20 2014 2:25 utc | 44

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Sep 19, 2014 9:01:17 PM |"Shot up Idiot"
Based what is known about Syria as a country and people before and how it becomes now, the opposition (from FSA to Al-Nusra to ISIS) are all criminals and leaders of the countries that provided them with weapons, money and safe haven should be prosecuted as war criminals. Mr Cold: Now you can add your colorful description if you wish.

Posted by: DanE | Sep 20 2014 2:46 utc | 45

The nerve of Head Cold calling people here "dumb" and "idiots". When all he has to offer are threadbare defenses of the inanities the Obama-prompter has to offer up? Pathetic.

Really good thread - everyone hits it, especially (to agree w/ ben) karlof1 - except for Cold Horseshit's comments this is a great thread. DanE, Mike Maloney...many more good ones here, too many to name.

Its a good thing for your sake, Cold Hack, that the internet relies on typing. What with Uncle Sam's balls stuck in your larynx, you'd be dumb as a mime if things were any other way.

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 20 2014 2:56 utc | 46

Hello Cold Fiend.
Too many lies to catch.

Think back -- way back.

Posted by: rob66 | Sep 20 2014 3:06 utc | 47

I have to agree very much with Irshad.

We’re seeing now conflicts being created out of whole cloth by the United States and its allies with the sole effect of atomizing whole societies - of putting barriers between those who, previously, might have stood together against the Hegemon.

The analogy Irshad presented above is quite accurate: the US is fostering the same groups in other countries that correspond in the United States to the KKK or the Aryan Nations. The US is supporting groups, like ISIS and the Ukrainian Nazis, that if the American people knew the history of, they’d be appalled which is precisely we hear so much about the Ukrainian “nationalists”, and so much about the “moderate” Syrian rebel, so much about “sectarian wars” and “ancient hatreds” - because the US must absolutely avoid the narrative (at home at least) that it is intentionally inducing genocide across the globe in order to meet its political aims. And it must be hidden at home at all costs, because the R2P fable, if it is to be believed, stands on the pillar that the US is the solution for this type of violence - not it's cause! (Though such massive contradictions cannot long be hidden, I suspect.)

In short, the US is appealing to the absolute basest instincts in people. It is fostering a world of hatred and war, all because it sees an advantage for itself in this. The hell to where this leads obviously needs no explanation.

There are some bright spots, and this is the emergence of local, government sponsored militias in many of these countries which are under attack - Venezuela (who I see as the first to go down this road - with much learned from Socialist Cuba), Nicaragua, and Syria are excellent examples. And Russia is beginning on the same path of building up social movements to prevent racial violence and explain the political situation to people, and the threat the US poses and how it operates.

The arming and politicizing of whole peoples at the sovereign, national level - regardless of race, religion, or other distinctions - will prove to not only a boon for the security of these countries, but also foster a democratic nature (and I'm not referring to the vote-in-corrupt-elections-and-shut-up-for-four-years kind of "democracy" either...)

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 20 2014 3:33 utc | 48

This is on topic, I think, because it speaks to ISIS as a media creation which I largely consider them to be. I suspect they swept over the Iraqi armies on their reputation as head choppers and heart eaters (which they surely are) than their military prowess. We've seen over and over US Generals and US Senators describe them - in the media - in laughably hyperbolic terms. We hear about their prowess on social media - US owned and operated forums which seem to be able to crack down well enough on copyright infringement, but fail miserably when it comes to dealing with Jihadis spreading hatred. We seen the constant drumbeat every day into our heads: ISIS, ISIS, ISIS. The NYTimes spills so much ink on such a small army which controls such a small, hopeless area? Why?

So we should be able to look back and see similar examples - though I suspect that what is happening with ISIS is even more controlled, and has an even more specific purpose that boosting general war fever amongst the US population.

Here are a few important passages from Douglas Valentine's The Phoenix Program which show the effect CIA black ops had during Vietnam. One important event was a propaganda campaign aimed at Catholics in North Vietnam, the goal of which was to produce a massive refugee flow so as to build up Diem's support-base in the south. Over a million eventually fled due to the tales - all of which were produced in a CIA office, and none of which were true.

The Phoenix Program by Douglas Valentine (pg. 14):

In Saigon, Lansdale managed several programs which were designed to ensure Diem's internal security and which later evolved and were incorporated into Phoenix. The process began in July 1954, when, posing as an assistant Air Force attaché to the U.S. Embassy, Lansdale got the job of resettling nearly one million Catholic refugees from North Vietnam. As chief of the CIA's Saigon Military Mission, Lansdale used the exodus to mount operations against North Vietnam. To this end he hired the Filipino-staffed Freedom Company to train two paramilitary teams, which, posing as refugee relief organizations supplied by the CIA-owned airline, Civil Air Transport, activated stay-behind nets, sabotaged power plants, and spread false rumors of a Communist bloodbath. In this last regard, a missionary named Tom Dooley concocted lurid tales of Vietminh soldiers' disemboweling pregnant Catholic women, castrating priests, and sticking bamboo slivers in the ears of children so they could not hear the Word of God. Dooley's tall tales of terror galvanized American support for Diem but were uncovered in 1979 during a Vatican sainthood investigation.

A passage from The CIA and the Vietnam Debacle by Ngo Vinh Long taken from The Phoenix Program by Douglas Valentine (pg. 50) indicating how simple it is - the CIA having only to commit some greusome act or forge some papers and then leak it to the press - to control the narrative:

The first objective of a covert action it to create plausible denial...the CIA did this by composing and planting distorted articles in foreign and domestic newspapers... This disinformation campaign led predisposed Americans to believe that the GVN was a legitimately elected representative government, a precondition that was a prerequisite for the massive aid programs that supported the CIA's massive covert operation programs...

not until he was released from prison after the war did Tran Ngoc Chau reveal that "a systematic campaign of vilification by use of forged documents was carried out during the mid-1950s to justify Diem's refusal to negotiate with Hanoi in preparation for the unheld unifying elections of 1956." According to Chau, the forging was done by U.S. and British intelligence agencies, which helped gather "authentic" documents that permitted plausible foundations to be laid for the forgeries....

[CIA operative John Paul Vann] specialized, among other things, in black propaganda, which involved him in murder, forgery, and outright deception of the American Press in order to discredit the [National Liberation Front/Viet Cong] in particular and the opposition to American intervention in general.

This happens again and again.

We have the 1965 murders of some Indonesian generals, with false tales of castration and beheading, which sparked the systematic murder of more than 800,000 Indonesian Communists. All under the CIA's watchful eye.

The Chilean coup was apparently sparked by the discovery of a document detailing a "leftist plot to start a reign of terror" - again a forgery.

It goes on and on. Valentine does a great job of describing much of this.

The CIA are masters of using the media, which is why when we see an organization such as ISIS that seems to take so much power from its image in the media, we must be especially cautious and suspect. After all, if it benefitted the CIA to make no mention of ISIS - to make them disappear from the media landscape - who doesn't suspect that the American mainstream media would sheepishly play ball with the government and block off this torrent of stories?

Something stinks...

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 20 2014 3:55 utc | 49

A propos Nur al Din al Zangi and the excerpt from Wikepedia,

It would be good to remember that those he was fighting were Crusaders ( regardless of who their grandchildren turned out to be)- they invaded the lands of the Muslim, the horrors they themselves inflicted on the besieged population were astounding even for their times. The historical chroniclers of the West testified to this. Otherwise, the practice of beheading an enemy in the eleventh century AD does not need to provoke the hypocritical hysteria of Western minds in this day and age.

Nur al Din al Zangi was a hero. This guy in the picture here is a clown, and the ones who are dealing with him and thinking he is going to fight their wars are fools.

Posted by: whatever | Sep 20 2014 4:10 utc | 50

@Irshad gruesome tactic was to cut off the breast of women

Disturbing how often this particular tactic seems to emerge when the United States is involved in a fight. Such things occurred in Nicaragua too.

Odd how these almost unimaginably cruel and brutal terror tactics seem to follow our upright and moral CIA boys all around the globe. Nasty coincidence I suppose.

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 20 2014 4:36 utc | 51

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 19, 2014 11:55:55 PM | 48

ISIS / AQI/ whatever brandname has existed in Iraq and Syria since 2003. Yes, the network of fighters was a US Afghanistan war creation, the brutality acquired from colonialist and neo-colonialist torture techniques but the anti-Western ideology is genuine though politically manipulated and the Israel Palestine conflict is the wound that is inflaming it.

This here is Iran's statement in the UN security council and the way the Jerusalem Post reports it you know they are worried about it.

ISIS fight requires 'genocidal' Israel leave 'Palestine', Iran says

Destroying the Islamic State will require Israel leaving Palestine, Iran's deputy foreign minister Abbas Araghchi said on Friday.

Speaking before the United Nations Security Council at a meeting on the crisis in Iraq, Araghchi said that Israel's actions in Gaza can "only be called genocide," and said that such actions were a rallying cry for Islamic State.

The group's demise must thus be tied to "an end to the Israeli occupation of Arab lands," he said.

US Secretary of State John Kerry chaired the four-hour meeting, and was present for the Iranian minister's comments.


"Adventurous military and non-military interventions in the region," Araghchi continued, "have helped radicalize youths."
Extremism in the region has risen steadily since 2001, he said, when the United States began the war on terror, and 2003, with the invasion of Iraq.

Kerry said at the meeting that Iran had a role to play in a global coalition to tackle Islamic State.

"The coalition required to eliminate ISIL (Islamic State) is not only, or even primarily, military in nature," Kerry said.

"It must be comprehensive and include close collaboration across multiple lines of effort. It's about taking out an entire network, decimating and discrediting a militant cult masquerading as a religious movement," he said. "There is a role for nearly every country in the world to play, including Iran."

Posted by: somebody | Sep 20 2014 4:52 utc | 52

so who believes russia invaded Ukraine? apart from the troll Cold?

'Why do they think they can get away with it?

Because you let them. Because you don’t want to believe they commit such atrocities. Because you don’t want to believe they tell big lies.

You know, some people feel like idiots for having believed the Iraq lies. Imagine how they’re going to feel when they find out they believed a nation had been invaded when it hadn’t.'

Posted by: brian | Sep 20 2014 6:12 utc | 53

Researching Brzezinski is interesting. 80year olds are known to be mentally stuck in the past. To have them still run things is dangerous.

In December 1978, President Carter’s National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski says, “An arc of crisis stretches along the shores of the Indian Ocean, with fragile social and political structures in a region of vital importance to us threatened with fragmentation. The resulting political chaos could well be filled by elements hostile to our values and sympathetic to our adversaries.” [TIME, 1/8/1979] There is widespread discontent and rioting in Iran at the time. State Department official Henry Precht will later recall that Brzezinski had the idea “that Islamic forces could be used against the Soviet Union. The theory was, there was an arc of crisis, and so an arc of Islam could be mobilized to contain the Soviets.” [SCOTT, 2007, PP. 67] In November 1978, President Carter appointed George Ball head of a special White House Iran task force under Brzezinski. Ball recommends the US should drop support for the Shah of Iran and support the radical Islamist opposition of Ayatollah Khomeini. This idea is based on ideas from British Islamic expert Dr. Bernard Lewis, who advocates the balkanization of the entire Muslim Near East along tribal and religious lines. The chaos would spread in what he also calls an “arc of crisis” and ultimately destabilize the Muslim regions of the Soviet Union. The Shah will later comment in exile, “I did not know it then, perhaps I did not want to know? But it is clear to me now that the Americans wanted me out. Clearly this is what the human rights advocates in the State Department wanted. What was I to make of the Administration’s sudden decision to call former Under Secretary of State George Ball to the White House as an adviser on Iran? Ball was among those Americans who wanted to abandon me and ultimately my country.”

The more it changes the more it remains the same.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 20 2014 7:09 utc | 54


Your question deserves an answer, but I doubt you would get a serious one because, unfortunately, the notorious troll, Holefield, has tagged on it. Serious commenters have long given up on Holefield and anything s/he dabbles into. Although I would miss her or him should s/he drops out of the forum. S/he could be irritating but not coarse. I believe that is why b, continues to tolerate the fellow.

Posted by: Kayo | Sep 20 2014 8:59 utc | 55

Don't be nasty about Nur al-Din Zengi. He was a good guy, a moderate and good ruler, who laid the foundations for Saladin's success against the Crusaders, and the economic prosperity of the medieval period. The fact that some Wahhabi nutter takes his name is neither here or there.

Posted by: Alexno | Sep 20 2014 9:02 utc | 56

@Kayo #54:

You insult women when you suggest that Cold might be a woman. Women do not get obsessed with constantly putting forth an obviously absurd and self-evidently fallacious ideological line, unless they have a clear practical benefit from doing so (e.g., Samantha Power). And I am speaking as a man, as my name indicates.

Posted by: Demian | Sep 20 2014 9:38 utc | 57

The type of beard shown in the picture is not specific for wahhabis/salafis. It is very popular among members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas

Posted by: Goran | Sep 20 2014 9:54 utc | 58

New media policy, I presume

Prendre parti contre ces barbares » djihadistes : le directeur de France 24 craque

Samedi soir, Marc Saikali, le directeur de France 24, envoie un e-mail à sa rédaction sur le traitement de l’Etat islamique à l’antenne. Il enjoint les journalistes à « sortir d’une sorte de neutralité stupide » pour « prendre position ».

« Nous devons, sur nos antennes, avec nos invités, dans nos débats, ouvertement prendre parti contre ces barbares. Je vous demande donc de veiller à chaque mot, chaque plan. Les images que nous diffusons avec des drapeaux noirs flottant au vent et de jeunes gens en pleine santé doivent obligatoirement être soumises au synthé : vidéo de propagande. Y compris en arabe. [...]

La ligne éditoriale de la chaîne est claire : ce sont des terroristes et des barbares. J’attire particulièrement l’attention du booking sur les invités. Je ne veux plus voir un seul crétin qui justifierait les actions de ces sauvages sous prétexte politique sunnite/chiite. Pour une fois, il y a les gentils et les méchants ! Eux, sont les pires ennemis de notre civilisation. Nous allons devoir gérer leur existence pour au moins cinq ans. Au moindre dérapage, je serai intransigeant. Notre devoir est de lutter contre eux. Tout le temps. Avec au moins 43 millions de téléspectateurs, nous avons une responsabilité immense. »

Posted by: somebody | Sep 20 2014 10:42 utc | 59

@NTG,Oui,karlof: Thank you very much for your input. I do understand the conflict raises issues of sovereignty as it has all the time (Turkey getting their hands on the border, Jordan on the south and eventually US airstrikes) However I think, Russia is the mastermind behind the Syrian gov/army. Do not understand me wrong, I do really believe the SAA has become (thru a lot of losses) a very able military force. But I think this wld have been way harder for them if Russia hadnt pulled the intel strings in the background. This is why I think with this particular alliance Syria-Russia, the Russians will get Assad to ask them formally for help against ISIS, if RUS thinks its time to intervene.I haven't considered the financial aspect, which is obvious and which might explain Russias restraint. Also, its true a Russian intervention might lead to media-backlash as in "RUS kills children". Its true the presstitutes have no shame whatsoever to zombietalk Russia into the corner. It happens every day in UKR. hm.

Posted by: Kal | Sep 20 2014 10:47 utc | 60

Posted by: Kal | Sep 20, 2014 6:47:07 AM | 59

German radio is reporting as fact that - via Iran, Iraq and Russia - the "anti-terror operation" will be coordinated with the Syrian government commenting that the Syrian government will be able to use that to its advantage on the ground.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 20 2014 11:43 utc | 61


I don't think the West hates its history, only the history that doesn't fit into the Neo- Liberal 3rd-Way trope of Triumphal Exceptionalism, Consumerism and Corporate Catholicism.

I'm old enough to remember Old America. I've sat with Civil War survivors (well, OK, they were 10 during the Civil War), and lived and worked in old farming towns, lumberjack towns and old fishing towns, where you trapped fur in the winter to get meat on the table and pay for seed in the springtime. Those were hard times, but they were good times. There was a lot of authentic happiness and merriment, if you've been to a real hoe-down or barter-fair. There were rosey cheeks and buttery scones and lots of hot coffee and real Christmas'.

I learned at my grandfather's knee. I could build a house or repair a car before I was 21. I learned farming, fishing, logging, construction, mechanics, all the Old Ways to survive.
I've built a boat, repaired a combine, designed a PV cell enhancer, and stood at the ends of the earth, where it curves over the horizon and down into the endlessly undulating sea.

America is OWNED now. The Chosen are the Owners. They Own US. To control US, they control our HISTORY. It's an old playbook mastered centuries ago, and perfected by Josef Goebbels. The Old Timers have died off and soon, I will die off too. My children have no interest in or recollection of my stories of the Old Ways. They joke, 'And you used to be an astronaut too, huh, Dad?' They think it's a joke, because their HISTORY is OWNED by Corporate, and there is no intention or desire by the Owners that Americans be self-sufficient anymore.

You can see that in the statistics. 50% of Americans are on some form of welfare now, and I would guess from my time teaching, or trying to teach, that 90% of Americans couldn't mend their own clothes, build their own furniture, repair a hand-me-down. It's all DISPOSABLES.

Americans are DISPOSABLE as well. 92,000,000 of them are jobless and/or homeless now, more per capita than the Great Depression, and not one word in the media as the Corporate-driven markets surge to an all-time high. Nobody knows how to stop the Engine of Consumption. We desperately collect cans and bottles, wash them, sort them, bag them, turn them in to the Authorities,...and they go to landfill anyway. We desperately set aside monies for hard times, but the Fed Bank then loots it away with QEn for junk 'Quantitative Easing' bonds.

America is, for all intents and purposes, running around with its hair on fire and monkeys flying out of its butt. It will run, and run, until it's a towering faggot of flames, then collapse into a sizzling lump of Crisco, a grease stain on New Roman roads of the future.

Nothing will grow there. People will avoid it. In time, it will be lost amid the brambles. Future archeologists will find Apple 6's and think of them as elaborate serving trays used by a Master Race to entertain themselves while slaves fought and killed and ate each other.

Which is, essentially, an accurate algorithm for America today.

Posted by: ChipNikh | Sep 20 2014 11:46 utc | 62

The type of beard (no mustache) and the cloth clearly identify the man as a Salafi/Wahhabi who believes that everyone should live like in the times of Mohammed.

Not true; neither the clothing (known as a thobe) nor the facial hair indicate that he's either a Salafi or Wahhabi; there are thousands of Muslim men worldwide who dress similarly and have a similar facial hair appearance who do not subscribe to the Salafist/Wahhabist doctrines. FAIL!

Posted by: JDsg | Sep 20 2014 13:01 utc | 63

Not true; neither the clothing (known as a thobe) nor the facial hair indicate that he's either a Salafi or Wahhabi; there are thousands of Muslim men worldwide who dress similarly and have a similar facial hair appearance who do not subscribe to the Salafist/Wahhabist doctrines. FAIL!

Posted by: JDsg | Sep 20, 2014 9:01:42 AM | 62

And your implication that he's an innocent Muslim version of Mr. Rogers is also a FAIL!

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

For those who don't already know, the item of clothing Mr. Rogers puts on in that excellent video is known as a sweater.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Sep 20 2014 13:14 utc | 64

@somebody/58. Serais-tu soralien

Posted by: Kal | Sep 20 2014 14:10 utc | 65

Hello Cold Fiend.
Too many lies to catch.

Even so, still not much warmer.

But somebody's gotta do it


Posted by: rob66 | Sep 20 2014 14:40 utc | 66

@59 It slipped my mind, but in 2002/3, very few material assets went from the U.S. and Europe to the Iraqi theater. The war was fought with pre-positioned weaponry with local vendors for resupply. The relationships involved were formed from the previous Gulf War. The Russians and Chines don't have those forward supply depots. On a practical level, the U.S. just had too call up troops and put them on planes.

The Marines rode ponies in Afghanistan because it's what they had. Drones are useful against low tech enemies, but what is Russia's existing drone stock? Russia isn't an imperial power, putting down natives. I would hazard the Russians don't even have sufficient resources to supply an antiISIS operation. The Syrian airforce is using old fashioned and easy to make cluster bombs. As Rummy said, you go to war with what you have and what the street will tolerate. If I was a Russian on the street, I would find it hilarious that the CIA's thugs went rogue and the U.S. thugs have to spend their resources to stop them.

Posted by: NotTimothyGeithner | Sep 20 2014 15:01 utc | 67

Great comment ChipNikh. Americans are so overspecialized and DISPOSABLE that it's virtually impossible to find someone with mastery of more than one basic skill. Like, if you can fry an egg you can't sew a button and vice versa. People I encounter on a day to day basis are actually amazed that I hem my own pants, or make marinara sauce...that sort of thing.

I mean women don't even know how to file their own nails anymore. And the only men I know who can change their own oil are in nursing homes. we r fcked.

Posted by: L Bean | Sep 20 2014 15:05 utc | 68

Yemen, almost as brilliant as Libya

Posted by: Mina | Sep 20 2014 15:11 utc | 69

The Turks got their hostages back from Mosul. They must have very good arguments.

Posted by: Mina | Sep 20 2014 15:12 utc | 70

As in clown?

Seulement spectateur.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 20 2014 15:12 utc | 71

Sorry,70 was the answer to Posted by: Kal | Sep 20, 2014 10:10:26 AM | 64

Posted by: somebody | Sep 20 2014 15:13 utc | 72

And why all of the hullabaloo in the mainstream media about the U.S. supplying these "nutjobs" with funding when the U.S. has been supplying them for some time?

Posted by: Kathleen | Sep 20 2014 15:49 utc | 74

Wasn't Raymond de Poitier very similar to the imperialist American idiots who invaded and murdered the people of the area?Another crazy European head chopper himself?
Cause and effect.None of these fundamentalists would exist if not for the machinations of the west and Israel.As Nurad din reacted to the Crusaders,is how these people react to US.
Come home America.let these people alone,and all this crap would be taken care of by the people of the area.And fundamentalist Islam,who cares,it's not our business.

Posted by: dahoit | Sep 20 2014 16:01 utc | 75

@61 ChipNikh.. excellent overview which i share. it is no different here in canada. thanks.

@57 goran and @62 JDsg.. i think you are right about that. the reason it is important is it blows 'b's comment up into thin air. anyone have anything else to add to this?

and to this i must point out the last sentence in cold's post @40 "One look at that photo should reveal to any sentient individual that such creatures have no place among humanity. He and his ilk are not human — they're Orcs."..

your sense of the rightness about murdering others based on them being different from you is quite shocking, and i am afraid a good reflection of what becomes of a person when they swallow propaganda on a regular basis without question..

Posted by: james | Sep 20 2014 16:14 utc | 76

A shave, a shower, and a suit and he's a western business man.

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 20 2014 16:29 utc | 77

@76 - lol... that is about it!

Posted by: james | Sep 20 2014 16:39 utc | 78

Ogres,orcs,hair on their feet;More dehumanization.Shoe wearers,like US and Europeans,probably have less hairy feet than non shoe or sandal wearers.
These people have been subjected to repeated pillage and murder from outsiders who've attacked their governments, religion,race and culture,so their radical conservatism is just a reflection of that.
The real goblins might be better dressed,but I guarantee much more cowardly.

Posted by: dahoit | Sep 20 2014 17:04 utc | 79

your sense of the rightness about murdering others based on them being different from you is quite shocking,

So, let me get this straight. In your opposition to me you advocate The West, namely America, enabling and engendering the likes of the "head chopper" in that photo to do the killing for them on a contractual basis, and in doing so it's important the contractors look the part? Nice. You have no shame. If you oppose everything at any time, like you are wont to do, you oppose nothing, meaning you lack any credibility and your goal is purely to oppose for opposition's sake.

I don't want to murder him and his ilk, but neither do I want American taxpayers to pay these Orcs to kill in their name. I think this is an excellent post by b. It's an in-your-face to the NYT and to the American taxpayers. This is how your hard-earned tax dollars are being invested — in brutal thuggery administered by inhuman Orcs.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Sep 20 2014 17:48 utc | 80

A shave, a shower, and a suit and he's a western business man.

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 20, 2014 12:29:59 PM | 76

Nah — more like Tony Soprano but without the Gabagool because of the whole pork thing.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Sep 20 2014 17:56 utc | 81

The Turks manage to get their hostages back, but not the Nigerians nor the Yazidis?

Posted by: Mina | Sep 20 2014 18:00 utc | 82

And why all of the hullabaloo in the mainstream media about the U.S. supplying these "nutjobs" with funding when the U.S. has been supplying them for some time?

Posted by: Kathleen | Sep 20, 2014 11:49:02 AM | 73

Yeah, the timing is interesting, but hey, better late than never. What I like about the MSM exposing it now is, it forces the anti-Americans to defend the likes of this freak in the photo. It's so perfectly maliciously manipulative.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Sep 20 2014 18:03 utc | 83

"head chopper".. whether the guy in the pic is a "head chopper" (excellent propaganda word btw) isn't something we can know from "the picture" here.. that is the part you seem unable to comprehend.. your willingness to typecast the person in the picture and unwillingness to consider it as another part of this you seem loath to consider.

Posted by: james | Sep 20 2014 18:52 utc | 84

@81 I could have said "shave, show, and a suit and he's in the CIA" that'd be a bit more on target.

The Sopranos analogy fails because even the Mafia at least has a code of ethics and some connection to the communities they rob. The CIA, whose "soldiers" seem to revel even in wholesale murder and mayhem targeting women and children, have shown again and again, have no ethics at all.

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 20 2014 19:37 utc | 85

@james - I think you're now defining the boundaries between Cold Hole's foul Islamophobia and b's righteous rejection of the murder-for-profit schemes of these dirtbags. It's a good distinction to draw.

Cold Hole is simply drifting from hatred to hatred - whatever the MSM and Obama-prompter instruct him to bark at that day. B on the other hand is taking a principled stand. We see this dynamic at work in all conflicts - Palestine, Ukraine, Latin America. It is always a war between those whose basest instincts are subjected to the crass manipulation of the powerful, and those who have a genuine concern for humanity.

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 20 2014 19:43 utc | 86

where is bevin?

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 20 2014 19:43 utc | 87

@86 guest77 - correct. thanks for putting it in words.. bevin seems to have completely disappeared..

Posted by: james | Sep 20 2014 21:41 utc | 88

Hello Cold Fiend.
Too many lies to catch.

And the end doesn't justify the means.

Posted by: rob66 | Sep 20 2014 22:46 utc | 89

anti-Americans to defend the likes of this freak in the photo. It's so perfectly maliciously manipulative.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Sep 20, 2014 2:03:03 PM | 83

so cold is an american : check!

being antiamerican is a duty

Posted by: brian | Sep 21 2014 0:58 utc | 90

Posted by: Mina | Sep 20, 2014 11:12:07 AM | 70

or good conections

Posted by: brian | Sep 21 2014 0:59 utc | 91

The type of beard shown in the picture is not specific for wahhabis/salafis. It is very popular among members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas

Posted by: Goran | Sep 20, 2014 5:54:22 AM | 58

youre not paying attention

Posted by: brian | Sep 21 2014 1:00 utc | 92

Posted by: Demian | Sep 20, 2014 5:38:18 AM | 57

madame albright, Killery Clinton , Psaki, Powers, Thatcher...etc etc

Posted by: brian | Sep 21 2014 1:01 utc | 93

all the pungent personalities seem to have been cleared out, no one here but us chickens

bla bla bla

Posted by: Cu Chulainn | Sep 21 2014 1:23 utc | 94

Egads, how'd b get a picture of my auntie Melba?

Posted by: PissedOffAmerican | Sep 21 2014 2:52 utc | 95

Might want to ban this Cold holfield piece of trash.

Posted by: Hello | Sep 21 2014 6:34 utc | 96


Posted by: rob66 | Sep 21 2014 6:49 utc | 97

Why a picture that conveys HYPER-OTHERNESS + archetypal bad guy. There is something much, much too much about it, which makes one ask if the text of the article was just a hook to hang the picture on.

People bombarded with conflicting truths about complex situations tend to zone out. Nobody will remember what was said in the article, but the image is morbidly fascinating -- and indelible.

MINDFUCK? Cheaper than an action movie. But would the NYT lend itself to that sort of thing?

Posted by: rjj | Sep 22 2014 12:08 utc | 98

IOW wonder if it is a crypto-Emmanuel Goldstein-type device?

Posted by: rjj | Sep 22 2014 12:14 utc | 99

Posted by: rjj | Sep 22, 2014 8:08:04 AM | 98


Posted by: somebody | Sep 22 2014 12:26 utc | 100

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