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August 11, 2014

Open Thread 2014-17

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Use as open thread ...

Posted by b on August 11, 2014 at 19:02 UTC | Permalink

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Another hollywood actor shows support for Russia

Posted by: Anonymous | Aug 11 2014 19:42 utc | 1

One comment that fits the purpose, eh? That could be one line. Adding more words doesn't necessarily add more persuasion. I hope you take each case on it's own merits, Mr b.

Posted by: ruralito | Aug 11 2014 19:46 utc | 2

Putin in a recent speech

On the eve of World War I, "Russia did its best to persuade Europe to solve the conflict between Serbia and Austria-Hungary peacefully, without blood.

"But Russia was not listened to and it had to respond to the challenge of defending the brotherly Slavic people, defending itself and its citizens from an outside threat."

You'd think Volodya would have mentioned Lenin and his comrades who, more that anyone else, took Russia out of WWI.

Posted by: ruralito | Aug 11 2014 19:55 utc | 3

thanks for the forum b. i find a lot of good input and conversation from a number of intelligent posters and for that, i am grateful. here is an article from today in a malaysian paper that addresses the question of where the mh17 investigation is at..

Posted by: james | Aug 11 2014 19:57 utc | 4

B, this is the best one liner, ever: "deal with it!" Thanks for safeguarding this valuable blog.

Posted by: MikeA | Aug 11 2014 19:57 utc | 5

With the Uke military continuing to slaughter civilians in Donbass, it looks like Putin might finally make a move.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Aug 11 2014 20:03 utc | 6

UGH George Clooney's fiance on the new Gaza probe panel.

Just, NO.

Posted by: L Bean | Aug 11 2014 20:08 utc | 7

And sorry for the one-liner and the profanity but that lawyer beeotch also defended YULIA TYMOSHENKO.

Full-on farce.

'Don't ban me b-ro'

Posted by: L Bean | Aug 11 2014 20:12 utc | 8

@3: Anyone who bothers to read Christopher Clark's The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914 wouldn't say that Russia was an innocent party in the outbreak of war in 1914. Germany and Austria-Hungary bear a heavier responsibility, but basically Russia gave Serbia a blank check, allowed itself to mobilize more or less automatically, and very possibly irresponsible Russian officials like their ambassador in Belgrade were in on the assassination plot. Tsar Nicholas had allowed extreme nationalists to gain such power in his government that, when he hesitated to go to war, they were able to force his hand.

Posted by: lysias | Aug 11 2014 20:14 utc | 9

Sure, sure...

So why did u ban Mr.Pragma again? His comments were some of the very best around here - not that I always agreed but still - and he certainly did NOT fall into any of those aforementioned categories.

When you mention "One issue folks", I think it is clear to anyone following this blog for a while, that certain 'issues' bother you, mr.b, quite a bit more than others and could lead one to be banned. Not cause the 'issue' is deft, irrelevant or anything but rather the other way around.
I could give a few examples, but why bother...

Posted by: Luca K | Aug 11 2014 20:18 utc | 10


Yeah, Germany is very, VERY EVIL; it was responsible for all the wars, for the holohoax, er, I mean, the holocau$t and all else bad under the sun...

England, for example, was a real peace loving country that had nothing to do with provoking the great war... or WWII for that matter..

Ps: Russia did have its share of responsability for wwI and the Soviet Union even more for WWII.
Did i just write that? Forget it, it was all Germany... and maybe germanys allies, they were all evil too.

Posted by: Luca K | Aug 11 2014 20:25 utc | 11

Banker zionist nazi fuckers... Sorry, it part of the blogs appeal. And believe me i would have fitted it all into one line if it was possible... Im a barfly. I get banned from bars. But then ill find another whiskey bar and sing to the moon there. Its only the interwebs....

Posted by: Dan | Aug 11 2014 20:26 utc | 12

With Duhmericans, it's only one line you'll be getting in, before they start forgetting how it started, like in bumper-stickers. eor (end of remark)

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Aug 11 2014 20:27 utc | 13

Thanks for the blog b. It must be hard work maintaining. Btw, I used to frequent another mesageboard years ago and this is comparable to the level of that sorely missed space. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Posted by: really | Aug 11 2014 20:46 utc | 14

MH17: First crash report ‘in weeks’: Dutch investigators

“In order to analyse the information... it’s not essential to remain in Ukraine,” Van der Weegen told AFP, saying the team will now be based in The Hague.

Ukranian air crash experts, who are taking part in the international probe, had been at the crash site shortly after the crash, before the Dutch were tasked with leading the investigation, Van der Weegen said.

The deteriorating security situation prevented crash investigators under the OVV’s leadership from reaching the remote site, although Dutch, Australian and Malaysian forensic experts did reach the area to look for body parts and personal belongings.

“Since we’ve taken over the investigation, there has been no new opportunity to get to the crash site,” Van der Weegen said.

I'm afraid that all the EU governments are US stooges and that it truly is the case that access to the facts is 'inessential' to their analysis.

Posted by: john francis lee | Aug 11 2014 21:21 utc | 15

There will always be people who, like the cuckoo bird appropriate the "nests" or sites created by others for their own purposes, sometimes just in the hope of finding an audience for their thoughts, while others seek to propagate their agenda, less conversation, rather more a matter of indoctrination. And then there are those of the self-indulgent rants, just because it's Monday ... and they're ripe to spew ... Thanks for the forum and the conversation and the company ... Appreciate it.

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Aug 11 2014 21:22 utc | 16

You have my sympathy b. You open up a nice little bar but all the drunks come in turn over the tables screaming fuck this and fuck that and you and we are all assholes ... I'm amazed you've kept at it so long. Thanks for having done so.

Posted by: john francis lee | Aug 11 2014 21:24 utc | 17

"... Solely depending on my mood and personal judgement I may ban folks for other reasons. It is my time and money that keeps this blog up and the blocking privilege is part of the gratification. Deal with it."

I don't comment much, but I would like to say that I am greatly pleased that you get gratification and have not shuttered the place like that one awful time. Your blog is important to me, and I should write a note of thanks more often.

Thanks mate!

Posted by: Mark Stoval | Aug 11 2014 21:52 utc | 18

I have a question that only remotely could be considered appro pro to a geopolitical oriented blog even on an Open Thread. Perhaps (and I probably stretch it) it could relate as a cross cultural good will gesture or (you’ll love this) an interspecies consideration. Anyway here goes:

About three months ago my wife and I (my wife really, I just go along with her agendas as a rule) acquired a rescue dog that was within 48 or so hours from going to his end. He is a ten year old German Shepard that was born in Germany and partially trained there before coming to New York city to be the companion of a New York special investigator police officer. The Officer died unexpectedly one to two years ago and the dog was bounced around and almost certainly abused in the interim until we got him. His historical information is quite sketchy and we have not been able to get much information about him.

Anyway, he came to us with a huge disposition for fear/aggression. We have patiently and lovingly worked with him ever since but he still has a long way to go. We still can’t have friends over without them calling ahead and us putting him into his enclosure. Not a good situation.

He is truly a lovely creature. His coloring is mostly dark black with a long black tail that reaches the ground. Everyone remarks on how physically beautiful he is, even strangers driving by on his walks who slow down to say so. He is now quite loving with us and is in good health, intelligent and obviously well trained but we have little clue as to how to go about using that to his and our advantage.

So my question here is: “Is there anyone out there reading this who might have good information as to what German commands he might have been trained to?” We suspect that his original language of training was German. Neither my wife or I know German so phonetic pronunciation would help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. But otherwise thanks anyway for your forbearance.

Posted by: juannie | Aug 11 2014 22:02 utc | 19

Thanks b for your time and writings on your blog and I know Saker is having the same problems at his writing home. I hope it works out for the best for both of you.

Posted by: jo6pac | Aug 11 2014 22:08 utc | 20

Per reliable sources, a well-defended humanitarian convoy will soon be going to Donetsk. Underline, well-defended.

Posted by: Steve | Aug 11 2014 22:16 utc | 21

@19: Hundekommandos: Dog Commands in German.

Posted by: lysias | Aug 11 2014 22:42 utc | 22

@21 PressTV has it:

Posted by: guest77 | Aug 11 2014 22:47 utc | 23

Comedian Robin Williams passed away. Apparent suicide...Sad.

MSM news is all Robin Williams now...

Posted by: really | Aug 11 2014 23:26 utc | 24

Last week there were reports of increasing resistance to junta conscription in Transcarpathia among Rusyns, Hungarians and Slovaks. Are there any updates on this?

Posted by: Cortes | Aug 11 2014 23:45 utc | 25

@25 Saw photos today reportedly showing Kiev regime sending tanks and army to Transcarpathia due to serious local unrest there.

Posted by: Steve | Aug 11 2014 23:47 utc | 26

@ 7

George Clooney's fiancee has turned down the United Nation's offer to put her on a commission to examine possible war crimes in Gaza ... because she says she's simply too busy.

Amal Alamuddin -- an international lawyer -- says she's got 8 cases on the front burner and can't accept the role to become a member of the 3-member commission.

She says "I am horrified by the situation in the occupied Gaza Strip, particularly the civilian

casualties that have been caused, and strongly believe that there should be an independent investigation and accountability for crimes that have been committed."

Interesting she says crimes "that have been committed." Sounds like some judgments have been made here.

She also has a wedding to plan ... no shame in that.

Read more:

Why is she constantly referred to as "George Clooney's fiancee? Amal Alamuddin is a person in her own right... Clooney has had so many fiancees, it's insulting and somewhat vague to refer to Alamuddin in that manner.

Posted by: crone | Aug 12 2014 0:38 utc | 27

I hope you didn't ban Sorrentine or Holefield. Sorrentine has strong language, and well Holefeld, what can you say, they both in their own way provided different kinds of comic relief in bad times.

Posted by: geoff29 | Aug 12 2014 0:58 utc | 28

@26 Thanks, Steve

Posted by: Cortes | Aug 12 2014 1:07 utc | 29

as to the 'one-liners'

I think b was referring to a series of posts... of one liners... with virtually no substance, by the same poster of course. Common tool of trolls.

Posted by: crone | Aug 12 2014 2:01 utc | 30

Very good criteria for acceptable comments. Maybe you should just ban repeat offenders. If a newbie shows up then just remind them of your rules. If that doesn't work then ban them. I find it hard to believe that Jsor still posts here given these criteria.

Posted by: ToivoS | Aug 12 2014 2:06 utc | 31


Just wanted to express my thanks for your all your efforts in keeping this blog afloat. I don't comment that much but I do enjoy reading most of the comments on this blog.
I heartily agree on banning posters using the "four letter" words ( I know - the freedom of speechers will stand on their soap box on this one). The use of these words is simply used for shock value to attempt to make a particular point. They really just exposes the posters lack of effort or mental ability to post an intelligent argument/comment.

As a comment : I am really surprised to see nothing regarding the results/status of the decoding of the black boxes from flight MH17 downed over Ukraine ?? Is Western media propaganda working so well we have already moved on ??

Posted by: curious | Aug 12 2014 2:10 utc | 32

I can agree with the majority of your 'categories' and criteria, except for #1. You cannot resolve problems that our world is facing and you cannot win the information war without naming and pointing your finger openly at the real powers that are responisble for current wars, atrocities, massacres, and war crimes. From my own past experience in fighting the state and the political system, I know that people, en masse, are not able to take on a full-time, coordinated, and financed struggle; people in most countries have no access to arms, logistics or necessary supplies. There usually is a leadership and this leadership is usually connected to some powerful sponsors, often foreign. These sponsors are usually "in the shadows."

We also know that most governments, including the US government, are not elected in grassroots elections but rather selected, approved, and sometimes appointed by 'higher, unelected powers' whose interest they later serve, after beinng installed in office. Only naive people can think that there is no 'conspiracy' at levels higher than national governments. There exists a growing body of evidence to support this possibility, but common sense and everyday observation also indicate that this is the case. I will not go through the particular 'powers' you listed in your category 1, but I know that every one of these powers historically did, and currently does, play a role in politics. BTW, you have missed a few of them :-)

Posted by: Lech Biegalski | Aug 12 2014 2:21 utc | 33

@curious #32:

MH17 is still being discussed in a previous thread.

And Oui has a comment about a turn of the tide when it comes to the official Western response to MH17 in her blog home.

Posted by: Demian | Aug 12 2014 2:24 utc | 34

@ Geoff29 @ #28 Yes , I wholeheartedly support your plea there to NOT ban J Sorrentine . . . . . & Holefield. I enjoy JS's passion and while I think (mostly) that Holefield would be better consigned to a hole in a field, never the less, just 'cause I disagree with about 99.998% of his posts, someone has to hold a dissenting view

Posted by: Kiwicris | Aug 12 2014 2:49 utc | 35

Thanks for everything, B. Run your site as you see fit.

Posted by: Crest | Aug 12 2014 2:53 utc | 36

Older video from TRNN proving Nixon and his cronies traitors.

Thanks b, for all the years of providing an open forum.

Posted by: ben | Aug 12 2014 2:58 utc | 37

Interesting bit from Cannonfire:

Posted by: ben | Aug 12 2014 3:11 utc | 38

Many of the most interesting regular commenters found here at MOA are guilty of many of the crimes which b has outlined above.

This is a lively site and it would suffer, at least temporarily (until they be replaced with like-minded cranks) if some of these colorful commenters were banned.

Banning equates with censorship to a great degree. Censorship is not a good thing.

Odd that the sovereign USA maintains one "irrevocable bond" (declared by Congress) with another nation.

Makes no sense and it should not be tolerated by the citizenship of a representative democracy.

Posted by: Fast Freddy | Aug 12 2014 3:25 utc | 39

Russian Spring

Donetsk. 08/11/2014-20:18

Summary from combatant Prokhorov:

From yesterday, the “glorious” paratroopers of 25th vanished from settlements Ibvanovka and Shterovka (next to highway Krasnyi Luch-Lugansk). Even did not bid “farewell”. Merely a couple of menacing gestures did the thing.

The junta pups disappeared from settlement Panteleymonovka as well.

Thus, as always, threatening Ukrainian proclamations were in reality a fart in a paddle (?).

One thing that Ukrainians really do well is unsystematically and randomly shooting cities by artillery and bombing by aviation: they massacred a mass of people in city Sukhodolsk, they shell Gorlovka, Lugansk, Ivaylovsk and so on…

Few words about encirclement of Donetsk and Gorlovka: very endeavor is needed to surrender them. Surrendering them would be worse than the treason. Even formal encirclement is a cause to surrender the cities, because a siege can not be complete in principle, yet, it would bind a large number of troops easing up pressure in other parts of the front.

Ukrainians may still win, but only because of slack in courage of individual commanders. Otherwise, the combatants’ submission is impossible. Sooner or later, the economy and military crisis will lead to a social explosion, which in turn would reverse the situation on the fronts. < /BLOCKQUOTE>

Posted by: Fete | Aug 12 2014 3:52 utc | 40

@Fete #40

Correcting, sorry:

...Even formal encirclement is NOT a cause to surrender the cities, because the siege can not be complete in principle, yet, it would bind a large number of troops easing up pressure in other parts of the front.

Posted by: Fete | Aug 12 2014 4:00 utc | 41

It's a shame in this day and age that you must post rules about comments. I shut my comments off for a time, and now I got ping backs from mystery servers and web sites, or international vendors of anti-detumescence medication and the like. Do you know what an odiassd is? Just thought I'd ask. I see that Putin is shipping humanitarian supplies and playing host to Steven Seagal, that the ebullience over ebola seems to have settled down, that everyone is getting a fast education about an obscure religious sect in a part of the world they encountered only once on an old Anthony Bourdain show, and that Gordon Duff has photos of the Israeli death ray. I miss Robin Williams. He made me laugh. I think I'll cry for a bit, and then go read another chapter of Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol". Oh, speaking of which, where can I get one of those free mansions? I'm on a disability income and the elite wealthy just sucked all the value and cost-savings out of the local supermarket chain.

Posted by: Sullen Boy | Aug 12 2014 4:31 utc | 42

recommending:NewYorker: Steve Coll: Oil and Erbil.

And so, in Erbil, in the weeks to come, American pilots will defend from the air a capital whose growing independence and wealth has loosened Iraq’s seams, even while, in Baghdad, American diplomats will persist quixotically in an effort to stitch that same country together to confront ISIS.

Obama’s defense of Erbil is effectively the defense of an undeclared Kurdish oil state whose sources of geopolitical appeal—as a long-term, non-Russian supplier of oil and gas to Europe, for example—are best not spoken of in polite or naïve company, as Al Swearengen would well understand. Life, Swearengen once pointed out, is often made up of “one vile task after another.” So is American policy in Iraq.

(interesting POV, that Kurdistan's autonomy and the vast "income inequality" / standard of living comparisons between Erbil/Kurdistan and the rest of Iraq are very much part of the problem for anyone even considering trying to attempt "national unity" -- regardless of what people like Barack Obama may claim is "job #1" .... all that lovely oil and in such a nice neighborhood (unlike the rest of Iraq) .. It's a problem

Oh, Guardian has noticed there's still about 40-50,000 Yazidhi's still stuck on the mountain (we're not doing humanitarian drop because we have bigger fish to fry -- protecting Erbil -- and they even noticed that a high Iraqi court sided with Maliki's contention that the Broader Shiite Coalition could not in fact legitimately nominate the next prime minister, even if Obama and company is making like that's yesterday's news and Maliki is an unreasonable paranoiac (which he may be, but whatever).

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Aug 12 2014 5:49 utc | 43

Re #3, Putin's defense of the Czar's imperialist venture, in the name of defending the Romanov's "brotherly" Slavs, is almost as obscene as the Ukrainians defense of the ethnic purist and pogromist Ukrainian nationalists from the early to mid 20th century. How many Russians died so Nicolas could proclaim (he thought) that Russia had finally obtained Istanbul, the Turkish straights, and parts of Ottoman Armenia?

Oh, but it was the brother Slavs. I guess you spell Serbia "S-y-k-e-s P-i-c-o-t".

Anyone who wants to know about WWI should read a different Russian, namely Lenin. Putin's words are self-serving lies for the Russian bourgeoisie.

That doesn't mean that the bigger danger isn't the even bigger liars in Washington, and their massive puppet NATO military alliance.

Maybe if the truth keeps being said something will change, and the headlong rush towards the next major imperialist war can be held off.

Posted by: Jeff Kaye | Aug 12 2014 6:43 utc | 44

@Jeff Kaye #44:

Yes, that bothered me, too. Putin spoke about Russia entering into war to stand up for its "brotherly Slavic people" as it were some kind of noble act, as opposed to the act of absolute recklessness and stupidity that it really was, which led to the deaths of countless Russians and to the destruction of the Russian empire itself.

But Putin is now a politician, so I guess he has to sound nationalistic chords on such nationalistic formal occasions.

Posted by: Demian | Aug 12 2014 7:20 utc | 45

What happen if junta attack the russian trucks now? Maybe this what nato/junta want to get Russia to invade?

Posted by: Anonymous | Aug 12 2014 8:08 utc | 46

@27 crone

George Clooney's fiancee has turned down the United Nation's offer to put her on a commission to examine possible war crimes in Gaza ... because she says she's simply too busy.

I hope I’m being overly cynical, but isn’t it possible a scenario involving political calculation is at play here. Amal Alamuddin may be refusing the offer to protect her fiance Clooney from Hollywood backlash. Not only are Clooney’s status and income possibly at stake, but he is purported to be seriously considering running for public office. Its not like the so-called liberal Jews in Hollywood have any problem with destroying anyone they see as anti-Israeli. (remember the Mel Gibson crucifixion).

from the Guardian:

Hollywood divided: passions high as actors and celebrities speak out on Gaza
Artists voicing solidarity for Palestinians trigger backlash from industry heavyweights in a town with strong Israel connections

It is perhaps the last taboo in Hollywood … criticise Israel.

Rihanna tweeted the hashtag #Free Palestine … only to delete it eight minutes later, … saying it was an accident. .
Cruz and Bardem also partially retreated

and from the Times of Israel:

Jews DO control the media

But the funny part is when any anti-Semite or anti-Israel person starts to spout stuff like, “The Jews control the media!” and “The Jews control Washington!”
Suddenly we’re up in arms. We create huge campaigns to take these people down. We do what we can to put them out of work. We publish articles. We’ve created entire organizations that exist just to tell everyone that the Jews don’t control nothin’. No, we don’t control the media, we don’t have any more sway in DC than anyone else. No, no, no, we swear: We’re just like everybody else!
Does anyone else (who’s not a bigot) see the irony of this?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, here, fellow Jews. We do control the media. We’ve got so many dudes up in the executive offices in all the big movie production companies it’s almost obscene. Just about every movie or TV show, whether it be “Tropic Thunder” or “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” is rife with actors, directors, and writers who are Jewish. Did you know that all eight major film studios are run by Jews?
But that’s not all. We also control the ads that go on those TV shows.

So Amal Alamuddin may have simply decided not to put herself in an untenable position where she is unable to carry out her mandate vis-à-vis the UN commission without jeopardizing Clooney’s political ambitions (possibly 2016). After all, let's not forget the successful smear campaign directed at Goldstone, when he had the same type of mandate, for daring to criticize Israel in the Goldstone Report in 2009.

If this is indeed part of her calculation (given that she is a highly intelligent woman, it probably is), one can only be discouraged at the sheer power of intimidation the Zionist lobby has inculcated in the political arena.

Or she may simply be too busy.

Posted by: pantaraxia | Aug 12 2014 10:43 utc | 47

Many thanks lysias #22,

It is working. Haven't tried out many of the Hundekommandos yet but have had very positive reaction from Komm instead of come or here, and then Braver Hund seems to get a good response. Even with my less than perfect pronunciation. My wife and I and I think Hugo are appreciative. I think Hugo is pronounced "oo go", anyway that is what we call him.

Posted by: juannie | Aug 12 2014 11:14 utc | 48


The clooney clown apparently cant let his fiancee expose israeli warcrimes!

Posted by: Anonymous | Aug 12 2014 11:28 utc | 49

@ Anonymous - #46   Chocolate king Poroshenko had no choice, readout of President Obama's phone call from his vacation address Martha's Vineyard. LOL

I'm sensing there is change in the air, need to closely watch today's developments …

Joint Dutch/Australian team aborts MH-17 mission in Donetsk as Pentagon 'experts' move in at HQ of Kiev junta

Posted by: Oui | Aug 12 2014 12:07 utc | 50

AIM-9 Sidewinder Short Range Air-to-Air Missile

The AIM-9 Sidewinder is a supersonic, heat-seeking, air-to-air missile. It has a high-explosive warhead and a passive infrared guidance system. It is used by a variety of Western fixed-wing combat aircraft and helicopters, and has been adopted for surface-to-air use as the Chaparral missile.

Technical Specs Warhead R-60 Missile

Air-to-air missile Vympel R-60 NATO code AA-8 Aphid

Guidance: Infra-red (heat-seeking)
Warhead: 9.4 kg (20.8lb) annular blast-fragmentation (ABF)
Name: Sidewinder AIM-9L ('Lima')

Spec sheet courtesy: Kancho's Paper Wings.

I'm certain from the fragmentation pattern evidenced in the parts of the fusilage on the wreckage, a conclusion can be drawn which type of warhead caused the Boeing-777 flight MH-17 crash. The Buk missile with proximity fuze is quite different from an air-to-air heat-seeking R-60 warhead. The Sidewinder targets an engine, destroys it causing immediate DANGER alarms in the cockpit. An engine lost and decompression of the cabine and cockpit may still not be fatal. The Buk missile was used against Antonov transport planes [AN-12 turboprop] and Su fighter jets of the Ukrainian Air Force. At a much lower altitude 21,300 feet (pressurized Antonov), eight men managed to jump to safety by parachute, two died in crash.

Posted by: Oui | Aug 12 2014 12:10 utc | 51

Ukraine says will deny access to Russian aid
By LAURA MILLS Published: Today MOSCOW (AP) - A convoy of 280 Russian trucks reportedly packed with aid headed for it has not been certified by the Red Cross and could be a covert military operation...

Posted by: really | Aug 12 2014 12:17 utc | 52

Re meta issues...
"Solely depending on my mood and personal judgement I may ban folks for other reasons. It is my time and money that keeps this blog up and the blocking privilege is part of the gratification. Deal with it."

I agree 110%.

FWIW, I ran several offline blog templates (content only) in my first few years on the www and compared the result with blogs I like. And none measured up as competitive or 'interesting' enough to stand out. It's quite an achievement to maintain a blog which attracts intelligent comments and has sufficient original, thoughtful, analysis to occasionally attract very wide interest.

You are right to protect your achievements as you see fit, b.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Aug 12 2014 13:23 utc | 53

@ 47

You're absolutely right...

Posted by: crone | Aug 12 2014 13:29 utc | 54

test test

Posted by: bevin | Aug 12 2014 13:48 utc | 55

I rdad thid article by Matt Peppe today at Counterpunch and he discusses the sham that is US democracy. I read it and came away more convinced that US democracy has not morphed into a faux democracy, but to the contrary was designed to be that way from its infancy.

Posted by: really | Aug 12 2014 13:48 utc | 56

b;As an American mushroom,kept in the purposeful dark about reality of our world,I don't think you have a grasp of the dire situation in America when it comes to Zionism.They have destroyed our nation,made it into a divided third world hellhole of unequal and slave labor,have turned our foreign policy into Israels muscle,are stealing our wealth through corporate thievery,turned our jobs from manufacturing and supplying the world with the plowshares of democracy into Krupps military hardware expo,and our healthcare system of non profit caring into another wealth stealing scheme of evil,among many other scams and propaganda.
Someone is out of touch with reality here,and some might believe its me,but obviously they haven't been to attentive to that reality,and are stuck in a cul de sac of unequal malevolence,as I am for peace love and understanding for all,and when all are secure,all will be secure,something these monsters don't reciprocate one iota.

Posted by: dahoit | Aug 12 2014 13:57 utc | 57

juannie, try reddit. dogs section of huge mainstream site:

Metafilter (in the ask section, but to post you have to pay something. these ppl are serious and german is their foreign lang)

they may give some extra pointers. though i suppose dog reacts to german (lysias list)

and to b, thanks for everything.

Posted by: Noirette | Aug 12 2014 14:07 utc | 58

BTW;The free mansions worry me not one iota.Neither do the royals, masons the Pope or Islam.And Judaism,not really either.Freedom isn't tidy,and I believe in it totally.
Personal demons;Possibly my addictions to drugs,as I love to get a buzz.

Posted by: dahoit | Aug 12 2014 14:11 utc | 59

Nixon the traitor;WTF cares about Nixon,he was small fry compared to the mega sharks of today.
He was paranoid about the media.I wonder why?Would they turn on him because he didn't genuflect to their masters?

Posted by: dahoit | Aug 12 2014 14:16 utc | 60

Malaysian Investigators Submitted Report to Dutch Authorities on July 26 [!]

I have spend some time digging into the Malaysian writings about the plane crash as the nation is severely effected, just as The Netherlands and Australia. I was quite happy, not really surprised, to find this interesting article. The three Malaysian experts are NOT low key persons!

MH17: Reports submitted to Dutch, IGP heads to Netherlands on July 25, 2014 in Malaysia

KIEV - The Malaysian team investigating the crash of the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Flight MH17 aircraft at a site in Torez, eastern Ukraine has submitted its reports to the Dutch authorities heading the investigation. MAS director of engineering and maintenance Azhari Mohd Dahlan, 53, who is one of three Malaysians conducting investigations into the crash in the Donetsk region, told Bernama: “We are relieved.”

He, however, did not want to comment further on the four-day investigation carried out by him and the other two Malaysian investigators comprising Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) Senior Assistant Director Captain Philip Joseph Selvaraju, 42, a former pilot, and DCA Senior Assistant Director Mohd Naemy Fahmy Mustapa, 38.

Azhari Mohd Dahlan and the 133 Malaysian special team members [!], led by Khairil Hilmi Mokhtar, who is also National Security Council (MKN) Cross Border Management Division principal assistant secretary, were scheduled to depart for Kuala Lumpur Friday noon (local time) July 25, 2014.

Read complete article with expanded links and information here.

Posted by: Oui | Aug 12 2014 14:26 utc | 61

@ 56

This American agrees with you totally.

Posted by: crone | Aug 12 2014 14:30 utc | 62

Marine Le Pen, President of Front Mationale (Fr) gave a stunningly frank interview to RT a couple of days ago. Among other things she gave the concept of the Eurozone (EU govts (docile) subordination to an unelected policy elite with US fingerprints all over it) a very thorough bagging - along with US's aggressively mindless and destructive policies towards most of the world. She more or less hinted that if the US can't come to terms with Russia, France may lean to ward Russia - and French independence (from USA's suffocating and entirely negative influence on everything it touches including the US's self-interested and warped version of 'Free Trade).

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Aug 12 2014 14:33 utc | 63

About the MH17 investigation: The idea is they will release it only after the Ukrainian army has defeated the resistance forces in Donesk and Luhansk, i.e. when it won't matter one bit.

Posted by: s | Aug 12 2014 14:42 utc | 64

The MH17 investigation will of course not say the regime did it, of course we must be prepared to hear the rebels did it.

Posted by: Anonymous | Aug 12 2014 14:51 utc | 65

"About the MH17 investigation: The idea is they will release it only after the Ukrainian army has defeated the resistance forces in Donesk and Luhansk, i.e. when it won't matter one bit." @63

You might add: and when they will be able to torture confessions at will from locals who will "confirm" the details needed to sustain their lies.

Posted by: bevin | Aug 12 2014 14:51 utc | 66

@62: Le Pen's Front National did so well in the recent European and municipal elections in France that I wonder if the Gaullist party will now feel obliged to abandon the pro-U.S., pro-Israel, pro-Empire policies it adopted under Sarkozy and return to the more genuinely independent Gaullist policies that it used to have. In that case, the combined force of the FN and the Gaullists could force a change in the policies of the French government.

Posted by: lysias | Aug 12 2014 14:54 utc | 67

Ani Lorak, past contender in Eurovision from Ukraine, and future candidate, was to perform in Odessa. Svoboda and Pravy Sektor plus others tried to stop the concert, cause, she has been to Moscow and has received some Russian awards, toured in Russia. The Minister of Culture (Kiev) approved of their actions.

The thugs then said after some hoo ha, that they would withdraw if a ‘good sum’ and 50% of the proceeds of the concert would go to Kiev’s military campaign. The concert finally did take place.

The Minister’s aide is dawing up a blacklist of 500 Russian performers. - All from this article so?

Lorak’s famous winning song Shady Lady is in English. (Goog if ..)

Lorak (wiki and similar) is Ukrainian and a former UN Goodwill ambassador and holds highest Ukrainian awards, not just for singing. She lives in Kiev. An emblematic Western-type Star. (Married to a Turk.)

Oh, and 5 policemen were fired for ‘abuse of force’ concerning this affair. (Kyiv Post.)

Posted by: Noirette | Aug 12 2014 14:54 utc | 68

My money is on Putin

"...Russian politician and economist, Sergei Glazyev, summarized Moscow’s approach to the US-Russia conflagration in an essay titled “US is militarizing Ukraine to invade Russia.” Here’s an excerpt.

"To stop the war, you need to terminate its driving forces. At this stage, the war unfolds mainly in the planes of economic, public relations and politics. All the power of US economic superiority is based on the financial pyramid of debt, and this has gone long beyond sustainability. Its major lenders are collapsing enough to deprive the US market of accumulated US dollars and Treasury bonds. Of course, the collapse of the US financial system will cause serious losses to all holders of US currency and securities.

But first, these losses for Russia, Europe and China will be less than the losses caused by American geopolitics unleashing another world war. Secondly, the sooner the exit from the financial obligations of this American pyramid, the less will be the losses. Third, the collapse of the dollar Ponzi scheme gives an opportunity, finally, to reform the global financial system on the basis of equity and mutual benefit.”

Washington thinks “modern warfare” involves covert support for proxy armies comprised of Neo Nazis and Islamic extremists. Moscow thinks modern warfare means undermining the enemy’s ability to wage war through sustained attacks on it’s currency, its institutions, its bond market, and its ability to convince its allies that it is a responsible steward of the global economic system.

I'll put my money on Russia."

This is what is needed and I will continue to bank on Germany and Russia finding common ground and sense to solve the political quagmire created by the US AND UK. The entire Ukraine conflict is to destroy the economic relationship between Russia and the EU. The US and UK are terrorfied of that economic relationship and are foaming at the mouth to start a war with Russia. What I posted was the end of the article, but the entire piece has a great deal of insight which ties together the middle east and Ukraine conflict regarding US strategy.

Posted by: really | Aug 12 2014 15:12 utc | 69

juannie @ 19

I have a freind who trains german shephards as tracker dogs and he says that lots of trainers use Czech to train their dogs because hardly anyone speaks it and they don't want the bad guys bossing their dogs around. so if the dog doesn't sprechen zie deutsch try czech.

Posted by: sillybill | Aug 12 2014 15:40 utc | 70

IMF Lending at a Glance:

Posted by: guest77 | Aug 12 2014 15:53 utc | 71

Funny ho ISIS have just paved the way for the US to re-invade Iraq and used that same excuse to depose Maliki. But Maliki had this coming, when ISIS was in it's infancy, he ignored them and allowed them to fester in Sunni dominated areas. Now he's paid the price.

Wash, rinse, repeat...The joke continues :)

Posted by: Zico | Aug 12 2014 16:09 utc | 72

It's no mystery that the ongoing instability and further destruction of Iraq can be traced fairly directly to Bremer's two disastrous directives -- disbanding the army (rather than dealing with selective removal of those who would not/could not safely be retained) and wholesale de-Baathification (with the added damage of appoint Chalabbi as overseer of same). The "new" army was very slow to take shape (collaboration with the occupation was life-threatening so most who enlisted were desperate for any employment/income) and extremely "green." Having been excluded (when not boycotting) the political process, the Sunni population over years and years lost hope of change, improvement, easement of their second-class citizen status. And then there were the government death squads and scores of murders of Sunni men with a generation of Sunni widows and orphans straining even the strongest family ties. And then of course there was Fallujah I, II, and most recently III, the ethnic cleansing of Baghdad, etc.
The United States aided and abetted and officially signed off on all this -- and the ensuing unrest, we blamed on the very population that was being marginalized and ethnically cleansed. "Islam" had little to do with it, except as de-baathification drew clear lines along political/religious/socioeconomic lines established under Saddam, as we were told, the Sunnis had run Iraq for 1000 years and suddenly Shiia pay-back was the order of the day, on our watch with our approval.

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Aug 12 2014 16:33 utc | 73

Why, everything's just coming up ISIS!

ISIS controls 7 Iraq oil fields screams Bloomberg potentially worth $8.4 million dollars a DAY!!!

I guess, we don't have to wonder about who might be financing them then, I guess, what with all of this oil revenue. No more robbing banks and tombs for these plucky adventurers, fer sure!

Posted by: JSorrentine | Aug 12 2014 16:34 utc | 74

I never post but read articles and ALL comments daily. JSorrentine is of great interest as are the other commenters and I look forward to his perspective. I hope he will not be banned. The blog will suffer for it.

Posted by: Linda Amick | Aug 12 2014 16:35 utc | 75

really @ 69

Dr. Farrell has some interesting speculation. Listen up!

Posted by: john | Aug 12 2014 16:37 utc | 76

Heeding the call of WINEP and Washington:

France Urges Europe to Arm Kurds to Battle Islamic State:

Momentum grew for an emergency meeting of European Union foreign ministers to discuss arming Kurdish soldiers as France and the U.K. backed deliveries of weapons to stem the advance of Islamist militants.

“There is an evident imbalance between this horrible group which has sophisticated weapons and the Kurdish Peshmergas, who are courageous but don’t have these weapons,” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on France Info radio today. “It’s very nice that we in western countries are in a summer vacation period, but people are dying and we have to come back from vacation.”

Oh, the humanity, Fabius!!!! I mean, it's not like France and the rest of the EU whores haven't sponsored EVERY SINGLE murderous war crime spree that the US has been on over the last, what, 20 years?

I wonder what it's like to be such a pathetic lackey for the United States?

Coalition of the Whoring? Sycophant Circus? Co-opted Cooperative?

Posted by: JSorrentine | Aug 12 2014 16:45 utc | 77

@77: I think you're forgetting that both Chirac's government in France and Schröder's government in Germany opposed the 2003 invasion of Iraq. (Not to forget Jean Chrétien's government in Canada. Funny how all of these administrations have been replaced by ones that support U.S. aggressiveness.)

Posted by: lysias | Aug 12 2014 16:58 utc | 78

France's involvement with the Kurds goes back (at least, but most obviously) to Sykes-Picot and Syria as "French" ... see also Iran ... I found some cool maps VOX: 27 maps that explain the crisis in Iraq

I'm unfamiliar with the biases of the site** but the maps are largely remarkably up-to-date and from varied sources ...

** they seem to dispute some of the damage done by the pre-GWII sanctions for instance.

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Aug 12 2014 17:10 utc | 79

@ Jsorre 74,

But how can ISIS possibly sell all that oil with the United States treasury department sanctioneers on the case? I mean, those guys move heaven and earth to sanction anyone who smuggles bottle of aspirin into Iran. Surely they will stop ISIS from selling all that oil. Wont they?

Posted by: Lysander | Aug 12 2014 17:13 utc | 80

Posted by: lysias | Aug 12, 2014 10:54:15 AM | 67

That figures. She spoke with great conviction and supreme confidence...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Aug 12 2014 17:16 utc | 81


Posted by: Massinissa | Aug 12 2014 17:19 utc | 82

I love your sarcasm. And you are trying to get Jsorre riled up...I hope you succeed in doing so. Can't wait for his answer to your question. :)

Posted by: really | Aug 12 2014 17:26 utc | 83

This might interest you from Progresso Weekly: Sergei Alekseyevich Dankvert has been a very busy man this week.

'Head of Russia’s Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Control, the 59-year-old Dankvert is in effect his country’s food czar. As such, he is arranging for a steady, massive supply of food to be imported into Russia now that the Kremlin has banned the importation of food from several major sources in the West. (For background in Progreso Weekly...)

"Dankvert’s Moscow-based agency, which monitors animal and vegetable importations, is known by the tongue-twisting name “Rosselkhoznadzor.” A reading of its agenda for today Thursday (Aug. 7) is quite revealing...."

There are similar stories from Argentina another victim of US financial imperialism.

The news that Russia imports $300 million of poultry annually from the US is mind blowing. Given the enormous resources Russia has it should be a massive food exporter. But years of oligarchical rule and neglect of the countryside and its people-vast tracts of land have been gobbled up by speculators using private armies to clear away the poor cultivators, just as in Latin America- have reduced the country into dependence on US agribusiness (and Polish apples).

Socialists have been saying for some time that Russia needs sanctions in order to wean itself from the cheap and dangerous option of importing rubbish from abroad and paying for it with non-renewable hyrdocarbon earnings.

Posted by: bevin | Aug 12 2014 17:40 utc | 84

@79 Chart 13 shows the sanctions for what they were - a war on the women and children of Iraq. All "worth it" in the words of that fiend Albright.

Posted by: guest77 | Aug 12 2014 17:41 utc | 85

Thanks Noirette. Plenty of information for me to pour through at those two sites. I’ll approach them slowly.

Sillybill, good tip but I’m pretty sure now that Hugo speaks, or more appropriately responds to German. He may be up for different languages but I’m not sure my wife or I are. I have a hard enough time with English/American.

Hugo is showing a marked improvement in responding to the German commands so I’m pretty sure that is the key. Thanks to all the helpful replies.

one of the things that makes this a great hangout is the graciousness of the thoughtful patrons. As I’ve said before, this is your site, your effort and expenses, gratefully offered to any who will abide by your rules. This site is a rare gem in the internet world. Thank you. Danke.

Posted by: juannie | Aug 12 2014 17:42 utc | 86

@79 And Chart 27 shows the region, I believe, as the US, Israel, and KSA would like to see it. But it is a fantasy. The Syrian government controls a much larger area (and has the support of a much larger part of the population) that is shown in that sliver of an "Alawite State". After all, the Syrian war was about the maintenance of Syria as a multi-ethnic state. The Syrian Army will no more allow ISIS to exist than Iran and the so-called "Shia State". Oil fields can be bombed, and I doubt there is much "Jihadi Denmark" can do about it.

Posted by: guest77 | Aug 12 2014 17:48 utc | 87

Oil smuggling finances Islamic State's new caliphate

Wed Jul 23, 2014 7:02am BST

By Ahmed Rasheed

"...Iraqi government sources said it was hard to assess how much money the group makes from selling crude or the fuel refined in Syria as the number of trucks fluctuates daily. One source said that a separate - and now terminated - smuggling operation into the Kurdish enclave and into Iran generated nearly $1 million a day earlier this month. One dealer and shipping company owner in Mosul said he buys 250-barrel truckloads of crude from the militants for $6,000"The next step depends on our cunning in dealing with the Turkish traders," he said....

As another revenue earner, the Islamic militant group levies taxes on all vehicles and trucks bringing goods into Mosul A large truck must pay $400, while small trucks are charged $100 and cars $50 if they are also carrying goods. Ahmed Younis, a Baghdad expert on armed groups, said the Islamists were in effect establishing an economic state based on the increasing resources and infrastructure under their command.

Considering its spread across the Syria-Iraq border, its grip over oilfields there and its growing economic activity, the Islamic State will "transform into an economic giant with assets of billions of dollars," he said"In future, will they buy shares in NYMEX? Everything is possible," Younis said...."

You can't make this stuff up. Seems to me someone is droping the ball on the oil smuggling by this ISIS,ISIL, IS terrorist organization.


Posted by: really | Aug 12 2014 17:53 utc | 88

@88 Who are the buyers? The same firms smuggling oil out of Libya, no doubt.


Beautiful image of the Middle East at night: via Susan Sunflower

Posted by: guest77 | Aug 12 2014 17:57 utc | 89

#84 Bevin you make a good point about the benefits of sanctions. Cheap imports make it very difficult to build a self sufficient economy. A good example of this can be inferred by the growth of the US economy in the 19th century. Our nation had very high tariffs on imported goods forcing the US to manufacture their own. This resulted in the largest manufacturing economy in the world by the early 20th century.

For political reasons Russia was unable to restrict imports. This current crisis has now given the government the political space to exclude European imports. More than political room, the imposition of sanctions on Russia resulted in Putin's approval ratings to jump another 5 points to 87%. Iran is also an example. Their industrial economy is growing as the result of sanctions. Maybe their consumers are denied high quality goods but the people realize that is the result of international sanctions and they are not blaming the government.

Posted by: ToivoS | Aug 12 2014 18:05 utc | 90

@bevin (84) very interesting, thanks. I think Russia would do well to begin buying from the more depressed EU states (if that is possible, god knows what rules apply - I guess we must assume the Southern Europeans must pay an ever further price for having the privilege of the Euro, and have been dragged into the sanctions as well) especially from the Greeks, if that is possible. There is a lot of goodwill for Russia in that country, according to those polls I always post. And it certainly could be a great boon to the Greek people.

Posted by: guest77 | Aug 12 2014 18:08 utc | 91

@91 that should be "privilege" in big fat quotes.

Posted by: guest77 | Aug 12 2014 18:14 utc | 92

from yesterday's NYT Profile link.

Although the group’s capture of Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, appeared to catch the American intelligence community and the Iraqi government by surprise, Mr. Baghdadi’s mafia-like operations in the city had long been crucial to his strategy of establishing the Islamic caliphate.

His group earned an estimated $12 million a month, according to American officials, from extortion schemes in Mosul, which it used to finance operations in Syria. Before June, ISIS controlled neighborhoods of the city by night, collecting money and slipping in to the countryside by day.
Continue reading the main story Continue reading the main story

The United Nations Security Council is considering new measures aimed at crippling the group’s finances, according to Reuters, by threatening sanctions on supporters. Such action is likely to have little effect because, by now, the group is almost entirely self-financing, through its seizing oil fields, extortion and tax collection in the territories it controls. As it gains territory in Iraq, it has found new ways to generate revenue. For instance, recently in Hawija, a village near Kirkuk, the group demanded that all former soldiers or police officers pay an $850 “repentance fine.”

Though he has captured territory through brutal means, Mr. Baghdadi has also taken practical steps at state-building, and even shown a lighter side. In Mosul, ISIS has held a “fun day” for kids, distributed gifts and food during Eid al-Fitr, held Quran recitation competitions, started bus services and opened schools.

Seems to me that tankers of oil are relatively "small potatoes". They can commander a refinery because they are fairly self contained and can be secured and they're full of workers who don't want to die. Tanker loads can be sold as unit, limited by # of buyers (probably enough) and open roads, etc. I believe gasoline for cars and paraffin for stoves and heat is in very short supply in Syria, so enterprising "entrepreneurs" have probably spung up -- along with any number of other smuggled necessities, like food, cooking fuel.

Note: This al-Baghdadi is not the al-Baghdadi who was likely mythic -- this one is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ... the phantom is/was named Abu Omar al-Baghdadi. link: 2009: Terrorist or Mythic Symbol: A Tale of Iraqi Politics. Might have noticed this yesterday, but I didn't.

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Aug 12 2014 18:17 utc | 93

@62 and @67

These are indications of the emergence of a new political paradigm in Europe. It is notoriously the case that many of Le Pen's votes come from former Red strongholds and that the working class is, for very understandable reasons, turning to nationalism as an antidote to neo-liberalism.

There is no reason why the immigration issue should not be part of a debate on planning the economy. Now that Trade Unions have been stripped of their powers to regulate wages, unemployment levels and working conditions it is very reasonable for workers to turn to the state to protect their interests, though the chances of this happening without a revival of class institutions are slim.

So long as social democrats and the feckless left is going to back the neo-liberal business agenda by opposing immigration controls as racist, the right wing will pile up their old voters. By the same token so long as "the left" confuses globalised capitalism with internationalism, and US hegemony with human solidarity, it will be rushing towards political oblivion.

Much of the programme of the "right" in Europe is correct. Nor, given the efficiency with which neo-liberalism has smashed working class institutions, does it have the appeal, for industrialists, of being able to discipline the workers. In fact the European ruling class is fading away into a memory as its members become mere junior partners in the imperial system. The social basis for fascism in Europe is becoming increasingly narrow, driving the European right into radical courses to justify its existence. Racism is not enough for it. And any popular economic programme is going to be socialistic. There is much less to fear from a Le Pen victory than from another Hollande or Sarkozy victory.

What is needed is to prevent such people as Le Pen from getting away with the demagogy of supporting Israel and islamophobia which together are two of the causes of the wars which Europe supports and whose most obvious consequence is a flood of, very reluctant, immigrants pouring into Europe because Europe will not allow them to live at home in peace.
And, this of course, involves pointing out that Europe is led by a political class which is content to follow US orders despite the fact that to do so is to condemn Europe to penury and irrelevance.

I recollect more than thirty years ago proposing a nationalist and a socialist future as the alternative to Thatcher's neo-liberalism. I was of course immediately denounced as a NAZI, as if Hitler had ever introduced anything resembling socialist policies.
It was the alternative which dared not speak its name, such is the revulsion that people have been taught to have towards nationalism. Today, as economic "reforms", sponsored by globalised institutions, threaten living standards, the notions of job protection, social solidarity and national sovereignty have a latent appeal which is bound to lead to success for the parties which embrace them. Parties yet to be formed, I suspect, whose militants and supporters are currently as likely to be on the right as the left.

Posted by: bevin | Aug 12 2014 18:17 utc | 94


Yes, while an American living during that time could hardly forget the retarded "freedom fries" campaign and other anti-French nonsense Chirac - the pro-EU, neoliberal whore that he was/is - really at the time was just trying to whore himself out to Germany's Schroeder who was really the one ostensibly leading the anti-war charge - sucks to not have a UNSC vote, huh, Gerry? Oh well. Chirac's anti-war position was merely part and parcel of the "leftish" masque that Clinton, Blair, Obama etc etc have all worn in attempt to soothe the "uppity" youth and woo the fake left into believing that they actually have representation/a voice in political affairs. I read this article a while ago that speaks to Chirac in regards to this, fwiw.

In addition, the constant and continued shameful whoring since then from all EU members does have a amnesiac effect on the minds of people, I believe, as it gets harder every day to imagine that EU leaders at one point were not such shameless suck-off whores to the US.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Aug 12 2014 18:21 utc | 95

China Begins Direct Sales Of Fruit & Vegetables To Russia

Posted by: JSorrentine | Aug 12 2014 18:23 utc | 96

The news that Russia imports $300 million of poultry annually from the US is mind blowing. Given the enormous resources Russia has it should be a massive food exporter. But years of oligarchical rule and neglect of the countryside and its people-vast tracts of land have been gobbled up by speculators using private armies to clear away the poor cultivators, just as in Latin America- have reduced the country into dependence on US agribusiness (and Polish apples).

Socialists have been saying for some time that Russia needs sanctions in order to wean itself from the cheap and dangerous option of importing rubbish from abroad and paying for it with non-renewable hyrdocarbon earnings.

This is a contradiction. Do you think a country being picked clean by Oligarchs, and the "countryside" is no different than Moscow or St. Petersburg in this regard, is going to say "you know, I've been greedy long enough — I think it's time to change my ways and empower the Small People by incentivizing home-grown creativity and production"?

The Igor Sanction

Chechens, per an article by The Guardian, are complaining their wages have been cut recently to "raise funds for Eastern Ukraine."

All that immense oil sales profit, and the cheap-ass, slimy, cowardly Putin has to steal from Chechens — yet again, rather than funding his Ukrainian proxy war out of his and his friend’s deep and full-to-overflowing pockets.

Exploitation is bad enough, but to doubly and triply exploit a mark is sadistic. There should be no mercy for this tyrant. If ever a death penalty is warranted, it is warranted for soulless shits like Putin and his fellow Oligarch gangsters.

It’s nothing new, though. Welcome to the Russian Federation. An IMF wet dream. This is how Putin runs his budding empire — like a gangster seeking out and exploiting front companies he can load up with debt and demand tribute from in the form of tax revenue payments for nothing in return. Except in this case the front companies are the various Russian provinces/regions ( a total of 83 and counting if Putin gets his way) referred to as oblasts, republics, krais, federal cities and autonomous okrugs.

Russian propagandists have done an excellent job of presenting Putin’s Russia as a fiscally responsible entity with little to no debt and actually a budget surplus with almost half a trillion in reserves in the bank. But that’s only a tenth of the truth. That statistic only applies to The Russian Federal government, or The Kremlin so to speak, but not to the Russian Federation proper if its entire balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows is taken into account. Putin’s Russia and his propagandists hide the other nine tenths of the truth about the Russian Federation’s financial status in the regions/provinces out of sight but never out of mind because those various oblasts, republics, krais, federal cities and autonomous okrugs are Putin’s rocks from which blood is drawn daily as is witnessed by the Chechnya example above.

This Across the Curve blog article does an excellent job of describing how the Russian Federation operates financially and reveals how Putin plays smoke and mirrors when presenting the Russian government as fiscally responsible.

Russian Debt Redux ?

That excellent article paints the picture of what Putin has in store for Ukraine, and perhaps all of the former Soviet bloc states as well as the rest of Europe. All under the auspices of Federalism no doubt since his propagandists like to tout that as such a positive thing. Tell me, how’s what Putin has planned for Ukraine any different than the goals and aspirations of the IMF for Ukraine? It’s not very different, and perhaps this is why Putin is so fond of the IMF.

Putin favors BRICS’ more active part in IMF, World Bank decisions
Source: Russia Beyond the Headlines

Essentially Putin’s saying the only thing wrong with the IMF is that America has too much say and influence, otherwise he likes the cut of its jib. What say all the IMF/World Bank critics about that? Your boy likes the way the IMF operates with one exceptional tweak. And well he should since he operates very much the same way. Putin’s not the answer to the IMF, he is the IMF in bear’s clothing.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Aug 12 2014 18:29 utc | 97


Very interesting piece. I think the Russian population is going to enjoy south american meats, seafood and produce. From what I have heard Argentina and Uruguay has some of the worlds highest quality beef. I think the provisions from south america will be received with great enthusiasm by Russian consumers. Like others here, I think it is a big win for Russia and South America.

Posted by: really | Aug 12 2014 18:39 utc | 98


My bringing up the ASININE stories about how ISIS is supposedly funding itself through the capture of oil and smuggling it to unknown buyers was not meant to spur a discussion on how ISIS is REALLY supporting themselves through bake-sales and car-washes - topless? how about headless, infidel? - but rather to emphasize the point that the entire creation/roll-out of the "self-sufficient" "crazy jihadist" group narrative is meant to deflect attention AWAY from the OBVIOUS continued support that it receives from the Zionist West while aiding in creating the more formidable movie sequel-type enemy:

Why, let's compare the two evil dastardly groups from the last two iterations of the GWOT, shall we?

Al-CIAda: Mostly based in Afghanistan
ISIS: now everywhere including under you bed but especially in those countries that may just need to be "remodeled".

Al-CIAda: financed by the Saudis - nudge wink
ISIS: entrepreneurial geniuses who support themselves. Ask them for a prospectus.

Al-CIAda: behead Zionist intel assets, use shoes and underwear to carry bombs, have magical terrorist abilities that can roll back the laws of physics
ISIS: let their children play with people's heads, proficiently use every type of "found/abandoned" weaponry that they come across, have the magical terrorist abilities to go undetected while traveling across the desert

Al-CIAda: evil
ISIS: super double evil

I mean, think of all of the effing retarded and glaringly obvious plot-holes in the narrative of GWOT 1.0 concerning Al-CIAda and how many of those plot-holes TPTB have attempted to fill in GWOT 2.0. Note: GWOT 2.0 starts with the Arab Spring really and includes Libya and Syria as well, thus, the liver-eaters, the children gassers, etc.

Instead of smattering - what was it 50? 100? - of Al-CIAda members worldwide who were directly dependent upon - nudge, wink - Saudi money or something now we have a sophisticated well-trained, well-armed militia of tens of thousands of jihadists running lose and they're AFTER YOU RIGHT NOW!!!!!11!!

Eff the drones, man!! We need to turn the Peshmerga into the Delta Force! STAT!!!

What will GWOT 3.0 bring?

Robotic effing Ph.D. jihadist mercenaries who sh!t gold nuggets and eat human brains. Naturally.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Aug 12 2014 19:02 utc | 99


Looks like I tossed fuel (@88) on the fire. ;)

Yup pure deflection from the real financiers of ISIS. Btw, that equipment they stole especially the tanks will need to be replenished with ordinance. I guess ISIS captured an US made weapons depot too.Oil smuggling is nothing but a smoke screen.

Posted by: really | Aug 12 2014 19:21 utc | 100

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