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August 08, 2014

Malooga On WW III: "All the World's a Spectacle"

by Malooga
lifted from a comment

@Noirette, et al, from previous thread: Evgeny Fedorov's presentations are very good; certainly in communicating the level of threat Russia feels. Also recommended are the various audio and video presentations of Joaquin Flores to be found around the web and on his website - Center for Syncretic Studies. He's quite young and a bit of an odd bird -- a former radical leftist from LA, now Dugin acolyte, or so he claims -- one never knows just who anyone really is these days on the innertubes. But he is quite humble and he has the big picture of a multi-polar world -- something which can unite people over many political persuasions -- foremost in his mind. Both give a good sense of what might be expected over the long game, and why Russia is taking things slow. Essential background.

But the most concise and prescient background on the current world situation are two brief articles Christof Lehmann, proprietor of the nsnbc website, wrote: first, "Russia – E.U. Meeting in Brussels: Risk of Middle East and European War increased," way back on Dec 22, 2012, and the second, "The Atlantic Axis and the Making of a War in Ukraine", written last week.

In the former article he begins: "On 21. December 2012 the political leaders of 27 E.U. countries and Russia´s President Vladimir Putin met in Brussels. On the top of the agenda were problems which are directly related to the ongoing war in Syria. Russian control over major parts of the energy which the European Union will require over the course of the next 100 years, Russian-Iranian dominance over the most competitive gas resources and pipelines in the Middle East, US-American and British initiatives to change the energy-dynamics militarily and a European dilemma between Trans-Atlantic allies who are pushing Europe toward a war with Russia to save the Petro Dollar and greater integration of Russian and European energy sectors and market economies."

He begins the later article thusly: "The war in Ukraine became predictable when the great Muslim Brotherhood Project in Syria failed during the summer of 2012. It became unavoidable in December 2012, when the European Union and Russia failed to agree on the EU’s 3rd Energy Package. The geopolitical dynamics which are driving the war in Ukraine were known in the early 1980s."

Remember that the real game is the breaking of the PetroDollar, not the back of poor "Chocula" Petrodollarshenko, and so every day that a major conflagration can be forestalled is a day closer to the real goal; and also that what we are witnessing in the Ukraine is cutting-edge 4th generation warfare -- sort of a quietly lethal pas de deux. One should not be so naive as to believe that this conflict has taken any of the world powers by surprise -- They all have had close to two years notice, at minimum. In a sense, we are still in the "chess opening" stage, where the majority of the moves have been charted out by both sides. But the middle game is very close at hand. And, yes, it is theoretically possible for the three sides to come to a backroom agreement before the deadly endgame closes in upon us.

All the players are aware of the solemnity of the moment; certainly, there is far more action going on behind the curtains than we can possibly know. All Western actions -- from Nuland's doughnuts and raving expletives to Ashton's "Gosh!" now-forgotten investigation, from the barbarities of Maidan medieval siege warfare replete with Trebuchet to the various levels of massacre -- at Maiden, in Odessa, Mariupol, behind the lines, including Israel's atrocities, to the false-flag downing of MH17, and so on down the line -- beyond the piteous human cost -- are simply meant to incite and humiliate Russia into the pre-layed trap of overwhelming dollar dominated retaliation.

As I said above, we are witnessing a kind of 4th-generational street theater where "all the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players." Same goes with the almost inexplicable: Bidens's "fractious" son, and Rothschild's drilling in the Golan. We are watching a continually escalating rollout of "Shock and Awe" twisted into a kind of Captagon addled "Ground Hog's Day" macabre mobius loop. Debord and Baudrillard and Stockhaussen must be dancing on their graves at the sheer spectacle of it all: Shock and Awe as daily fare. The Empire of Chaos as Russian Roulette with punk piercings, khokhol hairstylings, and wolfsangel tatoos. Its enough to give one a chub.

Expected reality is turned on its head: To "sanction" is to give permission, but "sanctions" are a penalty. Karl Rove's famous quote has been updated: "We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own hyperreality. And while you're studying that hyperreality -— judiciously, as you will -— we'll act again, creating other new hyperrealities..." The wanton destruction of Slaviansk as Bizarro version of Sim-City. Bloodless Sims on MH17. The only predictable is the unpredictable. Through the gnostic machinations of empire, the "banality of evil" has been spiritually transmogrified into a transcendent celebration, an entertainment, a celebration: "The Ravishment of Evil" -- and served up to western tastes as a form of exotic entertainment.

In Egypt, during the so-called "Arab Spring" modern day Lawrence of Arabias galloped through the set on camels, In Iraq, "I Dream of Jeannie" plays the role of sex jihadi, and now in the Ukraine, we consume daily re-runs of post-punk "Combat." One wonders if Phillip Zelikow will one day receive credit for the script, which is surely worthy of an "Oscar."

Baudrillard's "The Spirit of Terrorism" in particular merits a close re-reading. He muses, "War as continuation of the absence of politics by other means." The spectator, once an actor, is shocked into passivity. Performing the "détournement" implicit in Debord's text where the powers that be are the real terrorism, we find that "Another aspect of the terrorists' victory is that all other forms of violence and the destabilization of order work in its favour. Internet terrorism, biological terrorism, the terrorism... of rumor -- are all ascribed to (the other). He might even claim natural catastrophes as his own. All forms of disorganization and perverse circulation operate to his advantage. The very structure of generalized world trade works in favour of impossible exchange."

Poor, pathetic Viktor "Yorick"ovich was in way over his head, thinking he could play the two opposing forces of human civilization against themselves and come out unscathed and ahead; indeed, he is lucky to come out of this with his own head. Putin has nothing but contempt for the fool. He reminds one of the Zen koan where the Abott comes upon two monks fighting over a cat. He seizes the cat, and in some versions only threatens to cut it in half until the monk who really own's the cat relents and shouts "Stop!", in others he actually does that which Thomas Merton refers to as "the unspeakable." In our own hyper-real version, Yanukovich does cut the cat in half, only to recoil in horror when he realizes that it is HIS cat that now lies dead before him. The moral is instructive, for in reality Putin offered to divide the cat fairly, only to be refused.

In hyperreality, the bedraggled Ukrainian cat, shambolically and symbolically, has been elevated to human existence itself. To quote Baudrillard, ‘by seizing all the cards for itself, [the west] forced the Other to change the rules.’ The west asserted moral, cultural and economic dependence. Violence was then left as the only option for the Other to pursue.

I certainly do not claim to be able to predict the future here -- but I am sure that we have not been in such dangerous territory since the Cuban Missile Crisis -- although with time less of a crisis factor. And I have NEVER in my lifetime heard a President of the US trash talk a major power, much less two of them at once, to their faces, as Obama did this past week in the Rothschild rag to Russia and China: Russia, who couldn't even land a position as one of Santa's elves because it doesn't know how to "make anything," and China, the inscrutable Oriental who is not "sentimental, and ... not interested in abstractions." Well, he never claimed to be Malraux at work upon "Man's Fate!"

Clearly, the US is doing everything possible to provoke and spark a fire in the heart of Europe, which the world -- should it survive -- will never forget. All the world's a stage... Shakespeare could not know how predictive his poem could be, when he ended it thusly: "Last scene of all, That ends this strange eventful history, Is second childishness and mere oblivion, Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything."

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#100 willy2

That's interesting. "Handelsblatt" is not a fringe publication but actually the biggest german financial newspaper. I remember the author, Gabor Steingart, by his articles in online "Spiegel", where he was a bellicist like everyone else before the afghanistan and iraq invasions. So this is not a guy who finally found his conscience but it looks like he's writing this essay for parts of the german industry/commerce. That's quite an interesting development. imho it's the first major german voice that's decidedly speaking out against further escalation. Let's hope some more will follow.

Posted by: peter radiator | Aug 10 2014 17:12 utc | 102

Demian @89
"By the way, the New Straits Times report that the WSWS refers to is based on Robert Parry's reporting. We here at MoA can read Parry at first hand, instead of at third hand. ;-).."

The real significance lies in the publication of the article in what is a semi-official newspaper. It suggests that at least one major party in this affair is not averse to exploring alternatives to the "line." The same cannot be said of the WSJ or other US bourgeois media.

an initio @50
I'm not sure whether we disagree. To say that there is little social mobility in the US and that it is in rapid decline is not contradicted by your anecdote regarding the swift rise to prosperity of individuals.

The truth however is that for most immigrants, who come from Latin America or impoverished parts of the "Third World" these are very tough times. Further more what was true as recently thirty years ago is no longer true.
The cost, and declining quality,of tertiary education is one indicator. The decline of such world famous system as the University of California or Wisconsin, where not long ago it was possible to get an education as good as offered anywhere else on earth, without mortgaging a career's worth of income, might surprise the Lao or Vietnamese arriving today.

"But many outside the US don't see this yet. And of the many who still believe, a good percentage of those roll a lucky number when they get here, and perpetuate the myth by relating their good fortune to family back home."
Dr. Wellington Yueh @ 18

I agree completely. The point you provide puts my quick comment in perspective: "The owl of minerva takes flight as the shades of night are falling."

Posted by: bevin | Aug 10 2014 18:41 utc | 103

@77 Chortle.. if your going to base personal attacks on your level of stupidity, you are doing a good job making yourself look like an igmoramus.. do you understand the difference between believing something as opposed to withholding judgment? it appears not! go back to sleep idiot..

Posted by: james | Aug 10 2014 18:53 utc | 104

Posted by: Demian | Aug 10, 2014 3:36:23 AM | 89

i just go where the interesting stuff is..ive no qibbles about ideologies

Posted by: brian | Aug 10 2014 22:38 utc | 105

'The real significance lies in the publication of the article in what is a semi-official newspaper. It suggests that at least one major party in this affair is not averse to exploring alternatives to the "line." The same cannot be said of the WSJ or other US bourgeois media. '

someone is seriously peeved

Posted by: brian | Aug 10 2014 22:39 utc | 106

@bevin #103:

It turns out that I was mistaken about the New Straight Times basing itself on Robert Parry's reporting. The most revealing article on MH17 they published only in the printed paper, not on the Web. This blog post has a link to a readable image of the article in the printed paper.

This article doesn't mention Parry, and is based on interviews with investigators. It is well worth reading. It ends: "The air-to-ground transmission tapes between MH17 and Ukrainian ATC were seized by Ukrainian Security Service on the day of the shootdown and have not been made available to investigators." The article also takes a decidedly RF point of view.

But "somebody" will probably have a perfectly sensible argument showing that the Ukes are perfectly justified in refusing to hand the tapes over to investigators.

It shows you just how decadent Europe has become that a country like Malaysia is more interested at getting at the truth than European officials are.

Posted by: Demian | Aug 10 2014 22:53 utc | 107

Delivering justice: Tony Abbott in Netherlands for MH17 talks

TONY Abbott will hold high level talks with his Dutch counterpart and military officials in the Netherlands about how the “murderers’’ who shot down Malaysia Airlines flight 17 can best be brought to justice.

I wonder if Abbott reads the New Straits Times. Anyway, it is hard to avoid the impression that Holland and Australia are on one page, whereas Malaysia is on another.

The WSWS piece doesn't refer to the article in the printed paper, btw, which was published a day earlier than the article put on the Web.

Posted by: Demian | Aug 10 2014 23:12 utc | 108

That DeepResource blog turns out to be an excellent resource, btw. My nicest Web discovery of late. Here's another piece of news from it:

Remember John McCain telling that it was not a good idea to complete South-Stream and that the EU, the despicable US satraps that they are, immediately turned this into an order for Bulgaria to stop working on the South Stream pipe-line? Well, that very same Bulgaria has decided to give Brussels the finger and ignore the ukase from the losers and go ahead anyway. Good for them!

Meanwhile, Yats threatens Europe with blocking it from Russian gas and oil. That threat is less scary now, now that it appears that South Stream will go ahead.

Posted by: Demian | Aug 10 2014 23:25 utc | 109

The Ukes have a new story:

MH17: rebels meant to down Aeroflot plane... to justify invasion: Astonishing claim by respected [sic] head of Ukraine intelligence service

I guess the story that the rebels shot down MH17 because they thought it was a Uke military plane hasn't been doing too well. So much for the claim that the Ukes intercepted a rebel communication in which the rebel first says that he shot down a Uke plane, and claims that Strelkov initially made the same assertion on social media.

A reminder: the idea that a Buk shot the plane down is a non-starter, since a Buk leaves a prominent contrail, and not a single witness said they saw such a contrail.

If the Ukes had done their false flag op properly, they would have used a Buk to shoot down MH17. I guess they didn't think that their Buk operators were competent enough to rely on for the job.

Posted by: Demian | Aug 11 2014 2:41 utc | 110

Pentagon sends communications experts to Kyiv …

A small team of U.S. military experts has arrived in Kyiv to help investigate the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby has said.

A team of 12 people will provide support, in particular, in the areas of logistics and communications. They will also consult the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine on what kind of assistance the United States can render to Dutch, Malaysian and Australian experts in investigating the crash and collecting the remains.

The team will operate from Kyiv, Kirby said.

[Source: Kyiv Post and here]

Kirby added that the team consists of experts "in communications, logistics, survey...a wide swathe of military occupational specialties” that will be helpful in Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 crash recovery operations.

Ha, didn't the State Dep't tell Kirby the Australian and Dutch team have pulled out and have returned home as the Ukies advance to take over the crash site contrary to UNSC resolution?

Posted by: Oui | Aug 11 2014 3:30 utc | 111

h/t Demian for DeepResource link above!

NewStraitsTimes: Was Malaysia MH-17 Downed by Su-25 Fighter Planes?

EXPERTS are looking at the possibility that Malaysia flight MH17 was shot down by an air-to-air missile fired from a Sukhoi Su-25 fighter. Sources also believe that as the crippled jetliner spiralled out of control, the Su-25 finished it off with its 30mm cannon. This they say, would explain the different fragmentation patterns on the airliner's fuselage.

(h/t DeepResource)

Posted by: Oui | Aug 11 2014 4:21 utc | 112

That blogger is a compatriot of yours. :-) (I thought he was German because he gave a quote in German, until I read the "About" page. I guess pretty much all Dutch people can read German.)

h/t to an Anonymous poster at the Saker who signs his posts with the name "Dutch". (I never understood why such posters post as "Anonymous".)

If a tick turned into a human being, it would look and act exactly like that Ukrainian "ambassador".

Posted by: Demian | Aug 11 2014 4:52 utc | 113

Russian Spring

Donetsk. 08/10/2014-21:57

Summary of combatant Prokhorov:

It is 10 minutes to sunset – the time when Ukrainians traditionally suspend assault operations, so, it is appropriate to summarize activities of the day .

Since 5 a.m. Donetsk was targeted by artillery fire. After recent losses, the opponent is unable to amass enough resources even to clear settlement Mar`inka – let alone Donetsk.

Settlement Avdeevka. Battalion “Shakhtersk was transferred here to reinforce units of the Ukrainian army and National Guard, which both are under constant shelling by the Donetsk defendants. Yet another mission of “Shakhtersk” mercenaries is to clear the territory of Avdeevka from disloyal men, tipper-offs for combatants, and raising spirits of the Ukrainian troops under shelling.. The latter means admitting soldiers who demonstrated lack of courage and “pacifism” to “educate” them by criminals of the battalion.

Settlement Peski. Detachments of so called “Voluntary Corps of “Praviy Sector” (Right Sector)” bore significant losses under combatant fire (confirmed 15 killed). The units were disengaged and transferred to settlement Gornyak for reinforcement and lifting spirits. The lifting spirits is carried out by powerful anti-depressants.

South of Donetsk. A tactical group of battalion “Donbass” arrived to reinforce battalion “Azov” after the latter sustained losses following an attempted attack on settlement Ivailovsk. More details on this attack became known: In addition to “Azov”, a company of battalion “Shakhtersk” also participated. Its armored carrier had the cannon stuck by sniper or machine gun fire. The combatants began to harass the company’s flanks. The mercenaries of “Shakhtersk” backed off baring the positions of “Azov”. The combatants exploited the opportunity to full extend. The mercenaries’ run from battleground cost them dearly too – confirmed are 4 wounded (1 severely). Their specific, though, they count contractors only – multiplying losses by 10 is fair, dead criminals are never counted.

Area of Sadovoye-Torez-Snezhnoye. The combatants confront the largest and most mixed Ukrainian military group. This is 25th airmobile, 24th mechanized (remnants), 51st mechanized brigade, 26th artillery brigade and other units. Here, mercenary battalion “Krivbass” was transferred as well (notorious for execution of volunteers, who helped people out of the combat zone).

The defense was aggravated by surrendering settlement Ivanovka, which is between cities Krasniy Luch and Lugansk. The same banal story: the settlement was not fortified, and a small garrison did not build even negligible block post. The defendants fought in a birch grove at the settlement entry, then retreated. But units of 25th brigade did not dig in either. It is still possible to drive them off or even encircle.

North. The defense of Gorlovka and Pervomayskiy continues. Since 4 a.m., Gorlovka is shelled by valiant troops from Zaporozh`e from ranks of 55th artillery brigade. Any attempts of mercenary battalion “Artemovsk” to storm the city failed. In contrary, detachments of commander Bes cleared the “road of life” to Donetsk inflicting Ukrainians serious losses…

Posted by: Fete | Aug 11 2014 5:05 utc | 114

I always liked this man. His movies have a clear anti-authoritarian bent.

Steven Seagal plays at concert for pro-Russia separatists in Ukraine

Actor, musician and Vladimir Putin's friend performs with band at pro-'Donetsk People's Republic' show in Sevastopol, Crimea

Posted by: Demian | Aug 11 2014 8:22 utc | 115

MH-17: Members Dutch Safety Board Return Home

No time spend at the crash site where, under Dutch leadership, dozens of forensic experts of the Recovery Mission MH-17 searched during six days. At this moment the MH-17 mission is reporting in a meeting with commission of Dutch parliament. [Multidisciplinary investigation in excellent cooperation with Australia and the OSCE SMM in Ukraine]

Dutch Safety Board press release – Aug. 11, 2014 [Dutch]

Posted by: Oui | Aug 11 2014 12:22 utc | 116

ot new post up at the kremlin stooge for anyone interested..

Posted by: james | Aug 11 2014 16:21 utc | 117

demian, have you read this yet?

Posted by: james | Aug 11 2014 16:38 utc | 118

@115 demian

I always liked this man. His movies have a clear anti-authoritarian bent.

Steven Seagal plays at concert for pro-Russia separatists in Ukraine

Sure, Steven Seagal is a real prince. His real life (as opposed to Hollywood persona) anti-authoritarian bent
was on display in Arizona last year when he teamed up with that redneck Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to train an armed vigilante posse. The purpose of the posse, besides hunting illegal immigrants, was to have armed vigilantes patrolling schools; - just a group of your friendly local lunatics, armed with semi’s, running around in the schools. After all, what could be safer?

If that isn’t just a bit of cause for concern, how about Seagal driving a fucking tank into a man’s home during a police raid.

An Arizona man has sued action star-turned vigilante crime fighter Steven Seagal and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for allegedly killing his puppy and driving a tank into his home in a massive raid earlier this year,

Maybe its time to stop believing in Hollywood bullshit. They have image consultants and spin doctors on par with Israel and the USG.

Posted by: pantaraxia | Aug 11 2014 17:25 utc | 119

@james #118:

Yes, I saw that. I don't know what to make of it. Are Ukes that stupid that they would discuss such things on facebook?

@pantaraxia #119:

I am not interested in Segal's personal quirks.

Posted by: Demian | Aug 11 2014 19:10 utc | 120

The Russian threat of an invasion, 45,000 troops at the border with Ukraine. Under guise of humanitarian aid or … did the CIA and Pentagon whisper in Obama's ear whodunit? Obama on vacation decided to place a call to the chocolate king of Kiev.

A Day of Confusion In Kiev, Ukraine

Now, with president Obama at Martha's Vineyard, he consents to a humanitarian mission into East Ukraine and the major cities of Luhansk and Donetsk. Yet today harsh criticism was heard from both the junta in Kiev and outgoing NATO SG Rasmussen. Kiev urged the one million citizens of Luhansk to leave the city! Rasmussen threatened Russia not to invade Ukraine under the umbrella of humanitarian aid in coordination with the International Red Cross.

What's the deal here, do these gentlemen share a secret we don't know about ... yet?

"Due to the complex humanitarian and social situation in the Donbas, Ukraine President Poroshenko took the initiative to send to Luhansk Oblast international humanitarian aid missions," the ministry said in an official statement on Aug. 11 [20:07 pm] .

Posted by: Oui | Aug 11 2014 23:14 utc | 121

Maybe it is this. Not so much a secret now...poor souls on mh17.

Posted by: really | Aug 11 2014 23:38 utc | 122

RT ‏@RT_com ·5 hrs
RAW: Huge queues for Vladimir Putin T-shirts in Moscow

Posted by: brian | Aug 12 2014 0:01 utc | 123

@james #118:

I looked through the comments about that alleged hacked facebook exchange on the Russian Colonel Cassad web site, and the view among technically informed posters is that this is a crude fake.

In a later post, Colonel Cassad said that he was 70-80% sure that this is not a fake. I must say that it makes me greatly disappointed in Colonel Cassad, that he could take this seriously.

Commentators on his blog even speculated that the Ukes might have come up with this fake, to discredit the rebels. If so, Colonel Cassad fell into their trap.

People in the junta are stupid – they botched the MH17 false flag op – but nobody in a position of power anywhere is that stupid.

I have seen Novorossian Web sites post dubious claims before, such as that in a public square in Slaviansk, a woman's baby was stabbed to death and the woman then killed. An interview with a journalist who was in Slaviansk at the time posted at Cassad's web site today states that no such thing ever happened. She suggests that the junta makes such things up to scare people into submission.

It is also disappointing that Russia's Channel 1 broadcast the interview with the woman making that claim. And I am disappointed in myself that I believed her, after watching the interview.

There's an awful lot of disinformation flying around.

Posted by: Demian | Aug 12 2014 2:03 utc | 124

@Oui 116
Last paragraph says they won't be looking into who did it, only what caused it [hmm].

Posted by: Johan Meyer | Aug 12 2014 2:15 utc | 125

@124 demian.. thanks for going into the details around that. i wasn't sure what to make of it, but i think you hit the nail on the head in your very last sentence..

@121 oui.. thanks for the links. i am going to quote the 2nd link in your post here "The President (obama) noted the urgency of such humanitarian efforts and encouraged President Poroshenko to continue to exercise restraint and caution in military operations in order to avoid civilian casualties. In light of the ongoing violence and instability, the President and President Poroshenko agreed that all parties should prioritize diplomatic efforts toward finding a political resolution to the crisis."

why is it the president is unable to ask kiev to stop the use of indiscriminate bombing on cities that are already dismayed or worse with these goons in kiev? is it because obama thinks he has to let porkoshenko resolve everything with violence on such an outrageous scale?

what kind of idiot leadership would suggest this? "Kiev urged the one million citizens of Luhansk to leave the city!" and then change it to where kiev is now saying something like this :" Ukraine and the International Committee of the Red Cross will lead a humanitarian convoy supported by the European Union, the United States and Russia to the country's conflict-torn eastern city of Luhansk, according to Ukraine's Foreign Ministry."?

looks like someone had his hand twisted, or this is some kind of weird twist..

i am not sure where this is going, but it looks a bit dangerous on the surface.. a guy bombing a city, turning to a guy bringing humanitarian aid to the same city.. something is wrong in this picture... either porkoshenko has lost the theme, or someone has altered the theme, or it is a set up for something worse.. last but not least, it could be something positive, but i mistrust many of the players at work here..

Posted by: james | Aug 12 2014 2:50 utc | 126

this thread - preparing for the storm - at colonel cassal's has a video that shows a large number of military vehicles preparing for what looks like a large act of war.. in his article he states "The main goal remains the same: to capture Donetsk before August 24th, so this is a classic "offensive by the date"." that would be this coming sunday and this is supposed to coincide with a humanitarian mission into the city of Luhansk? how far is donetsk from luhansk? 150 km according to the net.. august 24th is 12-13 days away at this point.. i agree with him on this date being an important turning point based on the astrology. mars/saturn conjunction takes place on this date, or the 25th, 10pm local donetsk to be exact.. this conjunction takes place about every 3 or so years and is considered an astrological war signature in mundane astrology which is a branch of astrology that focuses on the astrology of nations..

Posted by: james | Aug 12 2014 3:08 utc | 127

correction, not this coming sunday, but about 2 sundays away..

Posted by: james | Aug 12 2014 3:09 utc | 128

i might be mistaken and that video with the white trucks is the humanitarian aid that russia is bringing into eastern ukraine.. that seems more likely now..

Posted by: james | Aug 12 2014 4:33 utc | 129

This is too funny. This is what Der Spiegel is now writing about the Ukraine:

Threatened transit block: The Ukraine is fuelling fears of a new gas crisis (in German)

The Ukraine threatens to stop the transit of Russian gas into the EU. The Europeans are becoming painfully aware of their dependence on the Kiev government.

The Kiev regime is now a problem for Europeans, according to Der Spiegel! Nowhere does the article mention that Russia is any kind of threat or problem at all; the only problem is getting Russian gas to Europe.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Der Spiegel had story after story hysterically demonizing Putin, with two covers (one proclaiming "STOP PUTIN NOW!" (caps in original), the other with a painting of Putin towering over tiny Western leaders, titled "The Arsonist".

Nice play Yats, threatening Europe with cutting off its gas supply. BTW, killing Europeans with a false flag op isn't good for your country's image, either.

Posted by: Demian | Aug 12 2014 5:04 utc | 130

@brian #130:

james brought that up earlier in this thread, and I replied that this is a hoax. got conned. It shouldn't have published that.

Posted by: Demian | Aug 12 2014 5:39 utc | 132

ok appeared on facebook

Posted by: brian | Aug 12 2014 5:49 utc | 133

Technical Specs Warhead R-60 Missile

Air-to-air missile Vympel R-60 NATO code AA-8 Aphid

Guidance: Infra-red (heat-seeking)
Warhead: 9.4 kg (20.8lb) annular blast-fragmentation (ABF)
Name: Sidewinder AIM-9L ('Lima')

Spec sheet courtesy: Kancho's Paper Wings.

I'm certain from the fragmentation pattern evidenced in the parts of the fusilage on the wreckage, a conclusion can be drawn which type of warhead caused the Boeing-777 flight MH-17 crash. The Buk missile with proximity fuze is quite different from an air-to-air heat-seeking R-60 warhead. The Sidewinder targets an engine, destroys it causing immediate DANGER alarms in the cockpit. An engine lost and decompression of the cabine and cockpit may still not be fatal. The Buk missile was used against Antonov transport planes [AN-12 turboprop] and Su fighter jets of the Ukrainian Air Force. At a much lower altitude 21,300 feet (pressurized Antonov), eight men managed to jump to safety by parachute, two died in crash.

Posted by: Oui | Aug 12 2014 12:21 utc | 134

Add on ...

AIM-9 Sidewinder Short Range Air-to-Air Missile

The AIM-9 Sidewinder is a supersonic, heat-seeking, air-to-air missile. It has a high-explosive warhead and a passive infrared guidance system. It is used by a variety of Western fixed-wing combat aircraft and helicopters, and has been adopted for surface-to-air use as the Chaparral missile.

Posted by: Oui | Aug 12 2014 12:22 utc | 135

Posted by: Robert | Aug 10, 2014 10:12:44 AM | 98

Access denied. What's the guess pass info?

Posted by: MRW | Aug 12 2014 21:18 utc | 136

media propaganda Reuters calls neonazis Right Sector, ..ukrainian nationalist fighters'! no wonder people are confused
normally i dont read this stuff, but i was curious what they meant by 'ukraninian nationalist fighters! note lack of use of word ;'fascist'

Posted by: brian | Aug 13 2014 9:04 utc | 137


Professor Cees Hamelink Letter to Putin Netherlands

Open the link via WayBackMachine or I found a website that carried the letter:

An open letter from the Netherlands to Putin… We are sorry!

Posted by: Oui | Aug 13 2014 10:51 utc | 138


Thanks for the link Oui. I am glad I finally got to read it. Maybe the people of the Netherlands can start calling out the heartless gatekeepers of the MH17 investigation in mass protest.

Posted by: really | Aug 13 2014 11:30 utc | 139

@88: Here is the link to the original _New Straits Times_ article:

Posted by: Snake Arbusto | Aug 13 2014 11:32 utc | 140

I just ran across a remark by a pro-junta Uke that Uke soldiers don't even have dog tags. What kind of army is that?

Posted by: Demian | Aug 13 2014 22:35 utc | 141

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