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July 11, 2014

Ukraine: Pro-Coup-Government Forces Hit Hard

The pro-federation forces in east Ukraine seem to have severely hit the coup-government's army which is attempting to surround and attack them.

The Ukrainian 79th and 24th brigades from Lviv, western Ukraine, bunched up over night in some place around Zelenopliya between the south-eastern rebel positions and the nearby Russian border. They were hit by a barrage of grad rockets fired by the pro-federation forces. First pictures available on the Internet show many destroyed vehicle - main battle tanks, APCs, trucks - probably the result of secondary (ammunition) explosions.

The not yet confirmed casualty count is 67 killed and 175 wounded government soldiers.

This major loss could lead to a new assessment of the situation by the government side and then to serious attempts to negotiate a ceasefire. It could also lead to further military escalations.

Posted by b on July 11, 2014 at 12:55 UTC | Permalink

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100% sure that the military is led by US/NATO forces.

Posted by: Anonymous | Jul 11 2014 13:09 utc | 1

Merkel's call to Poroshenko is hopefully a sign that Germany is beginning to put her weight behind ending the junta's ATO. But the junta seems committed to violence, and there is no indication that USG thinks otherwise.

I hope not, but I think the bleeding of Donetsk and Luhansk continues.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Jul 11 2014 13:26 utc | 2

cool art, looks like neo from the matrix :)

Posted by: Paty Kerry | Jul 11 2014 14:26 utc | 3

Very good information, b. But like the others I'm afraid the junta and their nato backers will stop only when they have no choice...Meaning the Ukie army will collapse and become unsupportable. Short of that they will keep pushing.

Posted by: Lysander | Jul 11 2014 14:30 utc | 4

Saakashvili eats his tie

soon with chocolate :)

Posted by: Paty Kerry | Jul 11 2014 14:30 utc | 5

"... serious attempts at ceasefire"

Hahahaha funny joke B. Funny joke.

Posted by: Massinissa | Jul 11 2014 14:51 utc | 6

The machine will be created there :

Posted by: Paty Kerry | Jul 11 2014 15:34 utc | 7

i see once again how amnesty have written another 100% anti-"rebel" report.

Whats wrong with these people?

Posted by: Anonymous | Jul 11 2014 15:41 utc | 8

may be the novorussians are demonstrating the correct use of MRL's for the nazi clowns...

Posted by: bfrakes | Jul 11 2014 16:03 utc | 9

thanks b. i agree with @4 lysander.. i see nothing to change the kiev gov't's thinking and everything to support a continuation.. insanity is hard to monitor or gauge..

Posted by: james | Jul 11 2014 16:07 utc | 10

Anonymous: ...i see once again how amnesty have written another 100% anti-"rebel" report. Whats wrong with these people?

...As for the allegation about the Iraqi soldiers taking babies out of incubators and putting them on the floor of the certainly sounded very sensationalist to me... I made an effort to hold that report back for further review... They wouldn't do it. It was clear it was on the fast track... they were ramming it through. They didn't care... They then put the report out, and you know what a terrible impact that had in terms of war propaganda. Of the six votes in the United States Senate that passed the resolution to go to war, several of those senators said that they were influenced by the Amnesty report... when the war started, at the next AI USA board meeting, I demanded an investigation. By then it had come out that this was Kuwaiti propaganda put together by the PR firm, Hill & Knowlton, and I demanded an investigation... Absolutely nothing happened. There was never an investigation, there was total stonewalling coming out of London. They refused ever to admit that they did anything wrong. There has never been an explanation, there has never been an apology. It's down the memory hole like 1984 and Orwell. My conclusion was that a high-level official of Amnesty International at that time, whom I will not name, was a British intelligence agent. Moreover, my fellow board member, who also investigated this independently of me, reached the exact same conclusion. So certainly when I am dealing with people who want to work with Amnesty in London, I just tell them, "Look, just understand, they're penetrated by intelligence agents, U.K., maybe U.S., I don't know, but you certainly can't trust them."

— Prof. Francis Boyle, Interview with Dennis Bernstein, CovertAction Quarterly Number 73 Summer 2002, pp. 9-12, 27.

You’ll see a pretty good coincidence of the enemies that Amnesty International goes after and the interests of both the United States and British governments. Let’s take an older example — apartheid in South Africa under the former criminal regime in South Africa. Amnesty International refused adamantly to condemn apartheid in South Africa. Despite my best efforts while I was on the board, and other board members, they would not do it. They are the only human rights organization in the entire world to have refused to condemn apartheid in South Africa. Now they can give you some cock-and-bull theory about why they wouldn’t do this. But the bottom line was that the biggest supporter, economic and political supporter of the criminal apartheid regime in South Africa was the British government, followed by the United States government. And so no matter how hard we tried, no matter what we did, they would not condemn apartheid in South Africa. Now I just mention that as one among many examples...

— Prof. Francis Boyle, Interview with Dennis Bernstein, CovertAction Quarterly Number 73 Summer 2002, pp. 9-12, 27.

Posted by: Petra | Jul 11 2014 16:09 utc | 11

Amnesty International is US State Department Propaganda
by Tony Cartalucci 22 August 2012

...Finding financial information on Amnesty International’s website is made purposefully difficult – specifically to protect the myth that the organization is “independent.” Like any organized criminal operation, Amnesty separates compromising financial ties through a series of legal maneuvers and shell organizations. Upon Amnesty’s website it states:

“The work carried out through Amnesty International’s International Secretariat is organised into two legal entities, in compliance with United Kingdom law. These are Amnesty International Limited (“AIL”) and Amnesty International Charity Limited (“AICL”). Amnesty International Limited undertakes charitable activities on behalf of Amnesty International Charity Limited, a registered charity.”

And it is there, at Amnesty International Limited, where ties to both governments and corporate-financier interests are kept. On page 11 of Amnesty International Limited’s 2011 Report and Financial Statement (.pdf) it states (emphasis added):

“The Directors are pleased to acknowledge the support of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Oak Foundation, Open Society Georgia Foundation, the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Programme, Mauro Tunes and American Jewish World Service. The UK Department for International Development (Governance and Transparency Fund) continued to fund a four year human rights education project in Africa. The European Commission (EuropeAid) generously awarded a multi-year grant towards Amnesty International’s human rights education work in Europe.”


...Amnesty’s leadership is also telling of its true agenda. Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director of Amnesty International USA, for instance was drawn directly from the US State Department – again, utterly contradicting Amnesty’s claims of being “independent” of governments and corporate interests. Nossel continued promoting US foreign policy, but simply behind a podium with a new logo, Amnesty International’s logo, attached to it. Amnesty International’s website specifically mentions Nossel’s role behind US State Department-backed UN resolutions regarding Iran, Syria, Libya, and Cote d’Ivoire.

It has been documented at great length how these issues revolve around a decades long plan devised by corporate-financier interests to divide, destroy and despoil these nations who are seen as obstacles to US global hegemony. In the case of Syria specifically, it was revealed that the current “human rights” catastrophe stems back to a malicious 2007 conspiracy documented by “New Yorker” journalist Seymour Hersh, between the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia which sought to purposefully fund, arm, and deploy sectarian extremists to undermine and overthrow the Syrian government – this knowing full well the human tragedy that would unfold.

Nossel’s “contributions” then are simply to dress up naked military aggression and the pursuit of global corporate-financier hegemony with the pretense of “human rights” advocacy.


...Ordinary people are given the false impression that “someone is watching out” for human rights abuses, when in reality, all Amnesty and other organizations like it are doing, is managing public perception selectively of global human rights abuses, fabricating and/or manipulating many cases specifically to suit the agenda of large corporate-financier interests. This can be seen when entire reports out of Amnesty or Human Rights Watch consist solely of “witness reports” compiled from accounts of US-backed opposition groups.

Posted by: Petra | Jul 11 2014 16:19 utc | 12

Has anyone seen the interrogation of a 62 year old with a bag over his head?
The Kiev bully asking the questions was wearing a bullet proof west with german
flag on it. I almost puked on my carpet.
Hey, AmnestyInternazi, watch out for another false flag, because the loons won't stop!

Posted by: slirs | Jul 11 2014 17:29 utc | 13


You mean this?

Posted by: Anonymous | Jul 11 2014 17:38 utc | 14

Direct Russian intervention might be a mistake, but they should certainly give their compatriots the same kind and level of support that the US and it's puppets are giving to so called Syrian "rebels".

Posted by: Andoheb | Jul 11 2014 17:50 utc | 15

Slighty OT:

Russia writes off $32bn Cuban debt in show of brotherly love | World news |

Agreement, which stipulates that Cuba must still repay $3.2bn over 10 years, comes as President Vladimir Putin prepares for Havana trip. The Moscow Times reports

Posted by: Fran | Jul 11 2014 17:51 utc | 16


I agree, if "rebels" can kill 30 soldiers in one day they prove the be quite powerful.
Besides ukraine will fall anyway, no need for russians to do anything.

Posted by: Anonymous | Jul 11 2014 17:59 utc | 17

Crimea is de-facto not part of Ukraine – Luxembourg FM - The Voice of Russia:

Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn believes that it is time for Europe to stop kicking around the Crimea and trying to return the peninsula to Ukraine because this will not happen in the next ten years anyway. In Asselborn's opinion, dwelling on sanctions against Russia is not the best way for Europe to build up relations with Moscow.

Posted by: Fran | Jul 11 2014 18:00 utc | 18

@ 14
Exactly, and there would be space for a swastika armlet in between,
or how about a Wolfsangel? Who is funding these stooges?! My Government?

Posted by: slirs | Jul 11 2014 18:10 utc | 19

@9 Right. And I don't suppose UA conscripts will be rushing to man the Donbass/Russia border posts if and when they capture them. Pravyi Sektor guys can have that job.

Posted by: dh | Jul 11 2014 18:16 utc | 20

The nazi regime in Ukraine will soon disintegrate, this way or the other. That gives some hope for the Donbass, also the change of mind in Europe (can anyone say "survival mode" loudly?) is late, but might still achieve something.

Posted by: T2015 | Jul 11 2014 18:23 utc | 21

And hopefully this is also the death of TTIP and TISA.

Posted by: T2015 | Jul 11 2014 18:46 utc | 22

Fran @18

The Ukrainian army, or more accurately, one of the Ukrainian armies is building multiple lines of trenches across the narrowest part of the land bridge between Ukraine and Crimea. They are also bringing loads of armored weaponry to the Crimean border area. I'm not sure what the point is. Maybe they plan to lay siege to Crimea?

Posted by: Yonatan | Jul 11 2014 19:11 utc | 23

Andoheb @15

There may be no need for Russian intervention anyway. It looks like Kolomoisky, the oligarch behind the Odessa massacre, has plans to make the south east of Ukraine his own personal fiefdom. Oligarch fight! However, he may intend to play off Poroshenko against Russia. Will Russia swap dropping the charges against Kolomoisky for south-east Ukraine? Would anyone trust Kolomoisky anyway? Interesting times!

Posted by: Yonatan | Jul 11 2014 19:37 utc | 24

Here is a high resolution image of some of the damaged area. It shows the transport part. The destroyed armor is off-screen to the right.

Posted by: Yonatan | Jul 11 2014 19:46 utc | 25

Voice of Russia Report on Poroshenko's reaction (media office of the president): "all grad-users against the ukr army will be found and destroyed. For each life of our soldiers they will pay with dozens
and hundreds of their fighters." Sounds like Adolf, doesn't it?

Posted by: slirs | Jul 11 2014 20:14 utc | 26

The junta (why doesn't b use the correct term?) is claiming that Russian forces fired upon the Ukie 24th motorized brigade, as the Saker predicted it would.

Posted by: Demian | Jul 11 2014 20:14 utc | 27

"Voice of Russia Report on Poroshenko's reaction (media office of the president): "all grad-users against the ukr army will be found and destroyed. For each life of our soldiers they will pay with dozens
and hundreds of their fighters." Sounds like Adolf, doesn't it?"

Sounds more like the Israeli war criminal Netanyahu.

Posted by: Jen Psaki | Jul 11 2014 20:34 utc | 28

jen p - porky and netanyahu are both jewish.. i will give you that, although porky seems to have worked hard to hide this fact..

Posted by: james | Jul 11 2014 20:38 utc | 29

The US will, no doubt, insist on escalation. Time is not on the side of the coup government as many people have pointed out. The association agreement is ravaging the people of Ukraine and the IMF wants more flesh yet. Winter is not far off (never far in Ukraine) and so is, the end of the Obama era. All of their attention will soon be focused on campaign lies. Almost no one in America wants anything to do with Ukraine especially its civil war. Americans also want nothing to do with "Iraq 3. saving face again "

Posted by: Marc | Jul 11 2014 22:55 utc | 30

@ me @ 29
and Jen Psaki will probably be getting a show on MSNBC soon (JK..i hope)

Posted by: Marc | Jul 11 2014 22:58 utc | 31

@ anon @ 14

Lets find the video of Lyashko being interrogated for suspected pedophilia back in the 90's

Posted by: Marc | Jul 11 2014 23:05 utc | 32

Hoping that a Simon Wiesenthal type organisation is being planned to track down and prosecute every last one of the war criminals (not just the grunts and mercs, but the Pyatts, Obamas, Poroshenkos, Hardings, Yatsenyuks etc etc for their complicity.

Posted by: Cortes | Jul 11 2014 23:14 utc | 33

Exactly how many SS officers does USG have to safeguard family members of Congresspeople, Senators, thinktankers, media moguls etc after the rendition of a Duma Deputy's son? What's that song? Oh, yeah: " there may be trouble ahead"....

Posted by: Cortes | Jul 11 2014 23:44 utc | 34

Re Cole, anyone who like Cole says about his purportedly optimistic (from a liberal internationalist perspective) that there is grounds for pessimism in the short AND "EVEN MEDIUM" term, has placed the balance of his analysis in profound doubt, whether he realizes it or not.
When he apologizes for his sanctioning of the Libyan and Iraqi interventions, he might begin to restore a vestige of integrity.

Posted by: truthbetold | Jul 12 2014 0:10 utc | 35

no sign of a UN security council REC to send in peacekeepers?

Posted by: brian | Jul 12 2014 0:34 utc | 36

@truthbetold #34:

What good would apologizing do? He presents himself as an expert. And you didn't have to be an expert to know that bombing countries or invading countries with a completely different culture cannot lead to anything else but the destruction of societies.

He willfully, knowingly cheered on genocide. Apologies for that are not accepted.

Posted by: Demian | Jul 12 2014 0:45 utc | 37

Posted by: brian | Jul 12 2014 1:15 utc | 38

the Ukraine debacle is also affecting the International Dating business....
but as usual people are misinformed:
from A Foreign Affair:

One year ago, no one saw it coming; how growing unrest and dissatisfaction with the then President, Victor Yushenko, would lead parts of Ukraine into chaos. Dark days were ahead, days that would see protesters pitted against police, ethnically polarized citizens pitted against each other and a president ousted by the relentless rising tide of unrest. Parts of cities burned, barricades were built, and government buildings were occupied.
And then there's what happened to Crimea.
Today, as a new President leads Ukraine out of conflict and citizens grow wary of war, few pockets of resistance remain. It shouldn't be long now until what's left of Ukraine is free of fighting and those holding out fold up their tents and clear the barricades away. The ink has barely dried on a new trade agreement between Ukraine and the EU, and billions of dollars and Euro's have been pledged to help Ukraine get solvent and stay that way. True, the gas once flowing from Russia has been turned off. But it's a matter of time before the US and Europe broker a deal with Putin to get it flowing once again. Most experts agree, it's simply not in Russia's best interest financially to continue to foment or support aggression in Ukraine.
The 2012 EuroCup energized revenue streams in Ukraine as hotels and apartments inflated their rates, airlines sold out, and everyone else from restaurants to taxi services made "beau coup" bucks accommodating rabid soccer fans from Donnestk to Kahrkov to Kiev and Odessa. For much of 2013, rates for services were still grossly inflated but as the political crisis grew more and more serious, traveling to Ukraine ground to a Virtual halt. One type of business, an industry that has thrived in Ukraine since the mid-90's, has thus far weathered the political crisis, albeit not without a few lumps to the rookies: international marriage agencies.
IMA's offer Ukrainian women a chance to meet foreign men for marriage and a new life abroad. Thousands of beautiful Ukrainian girls have been registering with web-sites like, evocatively posting profiles and pictures in an attempt to draw the attention of thousands of men worldwide. Since it's inception in 1994, A Foreign Affair has seen literally thousands of men from around the world meet ladies with great results. "We have thousands of couples who have met over the past 20 years," says CEO John Adams. "And last year was one of our best in recent memory in terms of attendance on the tours and at our socials events." Adams is not alone. The so called "mail-order-bride" business is earning millions in revenue for a handful of players in the international dating business. "We're not the largest. There are few out there who generate a significant income from chat and correspondence schemes. We're somewhere in the middle but happy to be one of the oldest and most successful in introducing real people to one another." But has the political crisis in Ukraine made men wary of putting themselves in harm's way for the sake of love? How far are American men willing go to meet a life-partner? And how are agencies faring against the downturn of events since the first Maidan protests last November?
"Men who, perhaps, have never traveled outside of the states will be more affected than those who have." says Bud Patterson, AFA Vice President. He explains that as 50% of AFA's client base fits into that category, extra efforts must be made to convince them to get on a plane and go. "It's challenging in the best of times to convince guys to go to a place they've hardly heard of and can barely pronounce. Usually the promise of meeting so many alluring ladies get's them off their butts, or perhaps they just feel really compelled to meet the ladies they've been writing to but they're still nervous from the variety of news reports they see." In contrast, the men traveling to Ukraine for the second or third time have little reservation. "They understand how the media tends to distort facts and many of them have friends and contacts in Ukraine who help them feel at ease. The majority of places we travel to have been almost completely unaffected by the events of the past year. Our offices continually tell us it's life and business as usual."
One thing's for sure - newbies and veteran romance tour travelers alike will find large numbers of Ukrainian ladies waiting for them. Industry experts expect the number of women registering with agencies in Ukraine to increase significantly after the as the political crisis dies down. Svetlana, a 42 year old waitress from Odessa, has attended several AFA social events in the past. Asked if she thinks women are more eager than ever to leave Ukraine, she says "Unfortunately, I think this is true. Women here love their country and feel great sadness to leave it, but too much has happened since last summer. Before, it was hard to find a husband but you could work and make ends meet and raise your children. Times were hard here and there but you could get by. After this, nothing is certain about our lives anymore. I'd rather find my husband and start over somewhere else." AFA reports a noticeable increase in attendance by women of all ages at last April's social events in the eastern cities of Lugansk, Mariupol and Zaparozhye.
There are over one hundred independently owned international marriage agencies in Ukraine today. Though many who opened their doors only in the past few years are now struggling to keep them open, the older and more established businesses have been resilient. "We were doing tours years ago during the Orange Revolution," says Adams, "and those events didn't stop us or slow us down. As long as clients and staff are reasonably assured to be safe, we will definitely keep going to Ukraine."

Posted by: brian | Jul 12 2014 1:21 utc | 39

the idea that The 'current president is leading Ukraine out of conflict' is an illusion

Posted by: brian | Jul 12 2014 1:21 utc | 40

@brian #35:

I think the view of the Russian government is the same as my own: the Ukraine is not a viable state. The only way the Ukies can be shown that theirs is not a real country is to have it fall apart. Part of that process involves Novorossia emerging victorious from the civil war.

The Russian government's talk of a cease fire is just part of the facade it has put on of being a good, obedient child.

@brian #37:

Nice catch. Of course, the Western media's not letting the true nature of the people now in control of Ukiland and their goons get through is an essential part of this latest attempt to destroy Russia.

Posted by: Demian | Jul 12 2014 1:34 utc | 41

The Kiev government is run by the US State Department so certainly there will be no change in policy, and US money (and weapons?) will continue to flow.

The continuing ability of the Kiev military to conduct operations is a different matter. A few more solid victories by the Novarossiya and they will be disrupted, but for the moment one can only say that the situation now looks much more promising.

The minimum that is needed is to hold out against Kiev till winter.

US natural gas is a fantasy, and would not be liquifyable and transportable to Europe for several years even if it weren't. The only gas the Ukies will get is EU gas bought from Russia and supplied or stolen back to Kiev.

Posted by: Gaianne | Jul 12 2014 1:51 utc | 42

@40 I don't think Russia wants a break up either. Except for the southwest going to Russia, I don't see Ukraine's neighbors stepping in to absorb the rump leftovers. If the Kiev junta/government (there has been an election of sorts) fails, where are the little neo-nazis going to go?

Unlike Obama being befuddled by violence spiraling out of control, I think Put in understands the disaffected of greater Kiev will seek to stir up trouble if they can't arrive at a certain level of stability.

Russia can't return to the old natural gas prices or restore fuel without major concessions from Europe, but if things fall apart, the Ukrainian national guard thugs will become tomorrow's ISIS except Russian citizens will be their target, not just ethnic Russians. Like it or not, that is a huge difference for any head of government.

I think Russia's good child act is based on fears about what tomorrow will bring. Russia might actually have to go to Kiev if the junta fails (an almost certainty), and to do that will require partners and the UN while keeping the U.S. away.

Posted by: NotTimothyGeithner | Jul 12 2014 1:57 utc | 43

I found a phrase from the Cartalucci piece @12 resonating strongly (my emphasis):

It has been documented at great length how these issues revolve around a decades long plan devised by corporate-financier interests to divide, destroy and despoil these nations who are seen as obstacles to US global hegemony.

I always forget this perspective. All the corporations want are to divide, destroy and despoil Ukraine, and the despoliation has now begun, already following the flight of the gold, with the biggest fire sale ever announced by Yats (the most ambitious privatization in the history of Ukraine)

I suppose that when everything's been bought at pennies on the dollar, and the oligarchs made richer, the pressure from the west will disappear, along with any support for whatever remains of Ukraine. Novorossiya will prosper but its neighbor to the west will be a hungry living hell.

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 12 2014 3:01 utc | 44

A human interest angle:

How did a female Ukrainian pilot end up in a Russian prison?

I have absolutely no sympathy for this person: her favorite movie is the nauseatingly sentimental Shawshank Redemption, beloved by American evangelical Christians.

I have to assume that the Russians have some basis for their allegation that she was involved in the assassination of two Russian journalists. I wonder how they got that information, but time will tell, I think. As always, the Russians and the Uko-Nazis give utterly conflicting accounts of how she came to be in Russia.

BTW, I hope scalawag is all right. He hasn't posted here for a few days. I am sure he could make some observations about this woman.

Posted by: Demian | Jul 12 2014 3:33 utc | 45

A human interest angle:

How did a female Ukrainian pilot end up in a Russian prison?

I have absolutely no sympathy for this person. Her favorite movies is the nauseatingly sentimental Shawshank Redemption, beloved by American Christian evangelicals.

I have to assume that the Russians have a basis for their allegation that she was involved in the assassination of two Russian journalists. I wonder how the Russians got that information, but time will tell, I think. As usual, the Russians and the Ukro-Nazis have utterly conflicting accounts of how she ended up in Russia.

Posted by: Demian | Jul 12 2014 3:40 utc | 46


Seleznyov's son was arrested, not detained, not renditioned, arrested by the FBI for a string of credit card smurfing attacks across the US, also for money laundering and all the typical cockroach mafia activities of a young pretender to the oligarch club.

His mistake was coming to Guam to probe the soft underbelly of America, where Chinese and Russian 'tourists' now enter / exit without visas, then immediately plug into commercial internet and begin their hacks. Phishing, spear phishing, trojans, every time you log on it's like a minefield of Net diseases you can't imagine, together with Russian antibiotic- resistant tuberculosis and all the tiny agricultural pests from China that will eventually make their way to USA, unleashing a $T dollars in profits for Pfizer, Monsanto and Dow.

If the Feds want more tax revenues, then now is the time to eradicate all these mafia cockroaches, and finish the job this time. Cybercrime losses top $800 billion worldwide, not including human trafficking, drugs, prostitution, counterfeiting, bribery, extortion.

I can see a wildly popular reality show, where they let Seleznyov's son loose in a game reserve, dressed like a wild turkey, then raffle off hunter's licenses, shoot to kill.
OK. I guess that's not sporting. Give Seleznyov's son a bullet proof vest, and give the hunters big paint ball MGLs the size of billard balls. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Run Sonny, run!

Then leave him for the wild hogs to finish.

Posted by: chip nikh | Jul 12 2014 4:06 utc | 47

The BBC has become a piece of shit. The video that is at this link says that Poland was once part of the USSR:

Negative views of Russia and Putin on the rise globally

Posted by: Demian | Jul 12 2014 4:34 utc | 48


And here:

Dual-citizen Israeli Prime Minister Yatseniuk is sponsored by the Dark Cabal:

- Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (German Marshall Fund)
- Chatham House (UK M16 Spook-Central front group)
- NATO Information and Documentation Centre
- State Department of the United States of America (Zio's Kerry-Kohn et Nuland)
- NED National Endowment for Democracy (CIA 'Freedom House' ZionElite front group)
- Horizon Capital (Dr. Dobriansky's CFR Western NIS Enterprise Slush Fund)
- Swedbank (Zio CEO Michael Wolf of Wall Street)

Boiling Frog goes into detail re ZionElite's takeover of Ukraine:

And this, ZionElitism spreads around the globe on the QEn Float:

Ghani (IMF/WB) got Afghanistan back, and MIC got its SOFA perpetual US bases.
MIC gets Afghanistan, the ZionElites are getting Ukraine. A deal's a deal!!

Laissez le bon Zio-Fasciste privatisation roulez!! Where's your Ho's in Chains, now?

"You are either with US/UK/IL, or you are ... well, then you're fµcked!"

"We won, you lost. It's just business, get over it! NOW GET INTO THOSE CATTLE CARS!!"

Posted by: chip nikh | Jul 12 2014 4:59 utc | 49

so Porky will do in ukraine what the western media claims president Assad did in western outrage here!

Posted by: brian | Jul 12 2014 5:07 utc | 50

is porky trying to rouse Russia to act?

Posted by: brian | Jul 12 2014 5:08 utc | 51

Posted by: Demian | Jul 11, 2014 11:40:47 PM | 44

csmonitor is christian science monitor...US media reporting on any story do with with russia is sus

Posted by: brian | Jul 12 2014 5:11 utc | 52

Posted by: Demian | Jul 11, 2014 9:34:18 PM | 40

good obedient child? who will believe that? good and obedient is how israel perceives its children in the west

Posted by: brian | Jul 12 2014 5:14 utc | 53

Russian Spring

Donetsk. 07/11/2014-12:15


Yesterday, the Donetsk airport was attacked by 2 storm groups of special forces, 2 “Nonas” (self-propelled mortar), a platoon of AGS (automatic grenade launcher), an armored group and mortars. The opponent sustained great losses. A lodging building was burned down by “Shmel`s” (fire extinguisher). The city hospital accepted 8 severely wounded soldiers. An attempt of an opponent’s group to break through via settlement Peski (Sands) was repealed with great losses to the opponent). Our casualties are none.

Regretfully, we lost in battle for Karlovka (today as well), because of constant artillery fire. One combatant from Slavyansk died in the morning today.

This night (actually, this morning, 4:00) a blow was delivered at the opponent in area of Marinovka (south-east of Snezhnoye). Tolls are being verified.

From the morning, activity of opponent aviation over Donetsk was registered.

Question: Heavy tolls of an Ukrainian military unit from Lvov this morning. The unit, stationed near settlement Zelenopolye, Lugansk region, was hit by combatants launched “Grad” (“Hail” – salvo rocket launcher)


Yes it was. The unit was smashed into rubbish.

Posted by: Fete | Jul 12 2014 5:22 utc | 54


Kerry-Kohn has already pledged $5B (looted from American taxpayers' life savings that are never coming back), that will get Kiev's ZioFascists through this winter, while ethnic cleansing completes the extirpation of those who would challenge the Western Empire.

This is exactly like the Afghan extirpation, reported in Afghan and Pakistan news, ignored in the West, as village strongmen, watermen and mullahs were eradicated as 'terrorists', to consolidate the illegal power of the NeoCon National Executive in Kabul, with the new Afghan national currency, national constitution, new national flag, new national song, and national strategic resources and oil&gas laws **ALL WRITTEN IN THE WEST, AND IN ENGLISH** during 2001-2002, before Hamid Karzai was elevated in 2003 as The First Executor (rather than a Parliamentary form of government you'd normally expect in that region).

"We won, you lost. It's just business, get over it! NOW SING THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE!"

This land is [your land]!
It is the pride of every [your countrymen].
The land of peace, the land of the sword [long-gun].
Its sons are all brave. [its daughters barefoot and pregnant]
This is the country of every tribe,
The land of [your state] and [your religion],
[your political affiliation] and [your union],
[North] and [South] [but ruled by the IMF/WB]
This Land will shine for ever,
Like the sun in the blue sky [Kalahari Desert blue]
In the heart of [your New Corporate rebranding],
It will remain like the [ZioElites Perpetual Debt], forever.

I can finally understand now why the German People said, 'We did not know."
No human being can look eyes wide open on the ZioElites without going blind.
No human being can live through the ZioElites occupations without going mad.

The horror! The horror!

Posted by: chip nikh | Jul 12 2014 5:27 utc | 55

Pilger :
In repudiating international law and the rights of independent nations, the American president claims a divinity based on the might of his “indispensable nation”. It is a familiar message of imperial impunity, though always bracing to hear. Evoking the rise of fascism in the 1930s, Obama said, “I believe in American exceptionalism with every fibre of my being.” Historian Norman Pollack wrote: “For goose-steppers, substitute the seemingly more innocuous militarisation of the total culture. And for the bombastic leader, we have the reformer manqué, blithely at work, planning and executing assassination, smiling all the while.”
'In the 1970s, I met Leni Riefenstahl and asked her about her films that glorified the Nazis. Using revolutionary camera and lighting techniques, she produced a documentary form that mesmerised Germans; it was her Triumph of the Will that reputedly cast Hitler’s spell. I asked her about propaganda in societies that imagined themselves superior. She replied that the “messages” in her films were dependent not on “orders from above” but on a “submissive void” in the German population. “Did that include the liberal, educated bourgeoisie?” I asked. “Everyone,” she replied, “and of course the intelligentsia.”

Posted by: brian | Jul 12 2014 6:27 utc | 56

well,as others have hinted;The Russian diplomats son will be offered for Snowden,a one for one swap.It wouldn't surprise me,these criminals in charge.
The Shawshank Redemption;One of the most preposterous movies ever made;Yeah,the corrupt warden is going to let an inmate keep his books.And the escape in the thunderstorm was hilarious.
The CS monitor aint Christian at all,but neolibcon.

Posted by: dahoit | Jul 12 2014 12:50 utc | 57

A big thanks to those of you above who posted parts of Francis Boyle's take-down of Amnesty International. If anyone's interested in reading the rest of his interview, I found it here.

Posted by: Seamus Padraig | Jul 12 2014 12:52 utc | 58

@Demian (46):

"The BBC has become a piece of shit."

BBC = Brit Bollix Corporation

Posted by: Seamus Padraig | Jul 12 2014 12:53 utc | 59

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia will help Cuba to overcome the illegal blockade imposed on it by the United States. This he said after a meeting with the President of the Council of State of Cuba Raul Castro. Also, Vladimir Putin said that Russia is interested in placing GLONASS system in Cuba.
Read more:

Posted by: brian | Jul 12 2014 13:13 utc | 60

Two Russian videos relating to Ukraine

Что ждёт Россию, если Путин введёт войска. (What awaits Russia if Putin introduces troops.)

It is a visual illustration of the scenario presented by Nikolai Starikov in this article from June 16th:
Зачем американцы зажгли Украину или помогает ли Россия Новороссии (Why Americans set fire to Ukraine or what if Russia helps Novorossiya?)

It sets out the argument for non-intervention. There is not really anything new here as there seems to be a general consensus that Ukraine is a trap for Russia to fall into. I said in the beginning of February that Americans would like nothing more than to see Russian or "Soviet" tanks in Kiev.

Naturally this analysis fails to take into account that the US and their junta puppets are doing everything in their powers to draw Russia to war. Can Russia stay out when three million refugees cross the border at once? (In addition tho the million already there.)


Which brings us back to the second video:

Зверства бандеровцев в Славянске (Banderite atrocities in Slavyansk)
With a cryptic description: No comments on this. See the video.

It was first brought to my attention – and everyone's on the English speaking side – in this tweet in Twitter by ‏@Steiner1776:
@gbazov Comrade could you please make a translation of this video here?

Gleb Bazov has provided the transcript and translation here:

Eyewitness Account of Atrocities by Ukrainian Nazi Banderovtsy in Slavyansk, July 10, 2014

Video: Eyewitness Account by Galina of a Horrific Execution of a Woman and her Child

Galina: My mother said to me [Note: Speaking in Ukrainian]: “Oh, those Moscals really have brainwashed you!” And I said—

Reporter: This is your mum who said it?

Galina: Yes, my own birth mother! She said to me: “You’re a terrorist! I’ll kill you!”

Reporter: Galina, a mother of four, came to Russia from Slavyansk, but she was born in western Ukraine. Today, she speaks about it with pain. Her relatives came to hate her when they found out that her husband had left to join the Militia. However, she isn’t afraid of the curses of her relatives. She’s far more fearful of the National Guard soldiers who destroyed their house and put Galina, along with her husband and children, on the execution list.

Galina: There are executions by shooting, but, at least, if they did it by shooting, it wouldnt be so cruel… There’s a militiaman’s family, the wife was left behind, along with a boy of three years of age. They crucified the boy on the announcement board and cut him with a knife. And they forced his mother to watch until the—[starting to cry] this is something that I saw personally, with my own eyes. I saw it… While the baby was dying. And then they tied the mother to a tank and dragged her behind around the square. And then they said: “We punished terrorists.”

An earlier account of the same incident was published here:
Очевидцы рассказали о немыслимом варварстве карателей


I do not know what happened or if any part of the story is true. What is true that this video was shown on Russia's national television on Perviy Kanal (Channel One). With these kind of news, intervention becomes all but inevitable.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Jul 12 2014 17:26 utc | 61

At 8, 11. As OT is now allowed!

Amnesty International is the pits. To think I gave them half my pocket money when I was 14. Argh. (Ended very badly.)

Lead para. from Amnesty on 11 July:

Amnesty International is calling for a UN-mandated international investigation into violations committed on all sides amidst ongoing Israeli air strikes across the Gaza Strip and continuing volleys of indiscriminate rocket fire from Palestinian armed groups into Israel.

But Human Rights Watch is immensely worse. Lead para. from 9 July:

Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel appear to be indiscriminate or targeted at civilian population centers, which are war crimes, while Israeli attacks targeting homes may amount to prohibited collective punishment. ( !! )

A pox on all their houses. The humanitarian cloak makes these orgs. hard to attack. Nobody even tries that first step, why not?

Posted by: Noirette | Jul 12 2014 18:57 utc | 62

HRW seems to be intent on engineering its own demise.
No doubt the current staff, who must be receiving enormous cheques for churning out this sort of garbage, don't care what happens when they step back through the revolving door into the State Department, the media or the world of AIPAC affiliated thinktanks, but their successors will have nothing left to play with. Without a shred of credibility left they will be of no further use to the tyrants whose boots they lick.

And that's good news: a world without HRW and Amnesty running interference for war criminals will be a much better place.

Posted by: bevin | Jul 13 2014 0:31 utc | 63

Look at the solidarity shown between Russia and Cuba and it tells you all you need to know about ridiculous claims of "Russian Imperialism" tossed around by those disgusting phonies like Louis Proyect, Donkeytale, thomass, Slothrop, and all kinds of other "leftists" who talk about the dangerous Russian and Soviet imperialism from the worlds capitalist capitals.

Posted by: guest77 | Jul 13 2014 1:52 utc | 64

i see your comment about scalajerk just fine Demian.

This place is so full of "secret bannings" and other plots, it is getting to be a little like some goldfish who think their
bowl is the ocean.

scalajerk - who i rarely found any reason to disagree with politically - is a prick to most here, but i do despise him calling me a fucking Israeli of all things while those bastards bomb Gaza. and he seemingly does it not for any reasons of policy, but because that's his go-to insult after he has worn out his trite "fag" jokes. not unlike drone who starts screaming "neocon" at me because i questioned the saker. a bunch of fools sitting at home screaming insults at each other, one pretending to be more...something, who even knows what... than the next. not saying i am better, just saying what is. And we can all see your post, ffs. There is no secret censorship based on saying "scalawag"
And we can all see your post, so don't go get the vapors over secr

Posted by: guest77 | Jul 13 2014 2:10 utc | 65

Could anybody tell me if the Saker is also a one-sided and not objective part of the system or is this just only narrow minded?

In his Vineyardsaker-Blog for the following article > Check out the latest "Porothreats" < I'd post the following comment, since he is ranting and bashing against the Germans from 80 years ago just like them must be the reason for everything happening in the Ukraine today, but he for whatever reason didn't publish it:

I want to ask those, who here omit about German war crimes if they were eyewitnesses or whether they had contact with people who have lived in that times and which have seen with their own eyes or experienced about the things have happened?
Or is it not perhaps so that those are just parroting what the fairy tails told from the victorious powers as it should have been according to their opinion?
Keep in mind or notice that the old people who have personally experienced all of this, are extinct so slowly or already dead and that the history books are fake because nobody is ever more here who could prove it otherwise.
And as one note only: If Russia would release the documents about what they have found in Auschwitz, then the Americans and not just their administration but everyone around the world would not have friends any longer.

Posted by: Robert | Jul 13 2014 3:04 utc | 66

@Robert #64:

I don't know where you get that from, but your comment made me look at this post of the Saker's, which makes the following very interesting observation:

today, Chechens (including, I am sure, many former insurgents) are fighting in Novorussia. Why? Because on a deep level we - Russians and Muslims in or near Russia - belong to the same "civilizational realm". Just like Central Asia or the huge Siberian expanses, the Caucasus is part of a multi-national and multi-ethnic civilization which history has forged, sometimes in peace, sometimes through wars, but which was a reality in the Russian Empire, during the Soviet Union and which today is slowly re-constituting a "Eurasian Union". This Eurasian Union will always have a strong Islamic component to it

I think the Saker is right about this. (It seems to be one of his favorite ideas.) Since I never got into Russian Orthodoxy in a big way however, I must admit I don't know how this works. Maybe I'll ask the Saker at some point on his blog. My take on Islam is that it is a Christian heresy, so I don't understand how Russians and Muslims can both be part of the same "Eurasian civilization". The main idea of Christianity is that Christ is God, but Muslims vehemently reject that. I suppose that the simple answer is that through a historical learning process, Russians and Muslims have just agreed to disagree.

Posted by: Demian | Jul 13 2014 3:31 utc | 67

Russian">">Russian Spring

Donetsk. 07/12/2014-21:47


Along the day, the sides exchanged artillery fire south of Snezhnoye. Our mortars struck opponent targets next to settlement Marinovka – a detonation and a center of conflagration was observed. According to unverified data, combatants of a reconnaissance group shot a low flying helicopter Mi-24, which resorted to emergency landing.

The combatants again subjected Donetsk airport to mortar rounds. Waiting for a report.

This night, trophies from a retreated, following day before yesterday fight, Polish military contractor must be brought. Tomorrow, hope to present them to journalists.

Russian Spring

Question: Shelling of settlement Mar’inka


We were informed that loyal to Kiev police received an order not to show up at work and preferably leave the town because of impending incursion. Naturally, we enforced this direction for repealing infantry and armored equipment. The opponent did not move any units, though. Instead, this night it shot rounds of rocket salvo systems “Grad” (“Hail”) and “Uragan” (“Hurricane”) – mostly at industrial sector and residential quarters. Entirely destroyed were functioning milk plant, fertilizer plant; seriously damaged rubber product manufacture and substantially damaged residential sector. One hour ago, I was informed of more than 30 died civilians, but rubble has not been removed. Apparently, victim count will rise. The population is in panic, sporadic evacuation has started. Town services and combatants provide necessary help. Neither of combatant objects was hit. Neither killed nor wounded combatants either.

Question: Donetsk airport


In area of Donetsk airport we destroyed an opponent outpost, 3 enemy soldiers were killed. In the airport, about 500-600 opponent soldiers are being concentrated and equipped with 10 units of armored hardware. We are informed of the layout and continue to strike and block the airport.

Unfortunately before combatants arrived, the airport was not blocked, and 1 week ago the opponent entirely rotated personal. After our attack day before yesterday, about 300 soldiers deserted. Currently 500-600 men still remain.

Question: Other areas


Combats were taking place between Ilovaysk and Amvrosievka, where a block-post of opponent was destroyed - presumably of Polish military contractor, for the personal wore insignia of Polish army. Either this was merely uniform, and insignia was not removed, or Poles. The block-post was overturned and repulsed back to Amvrosievka

Combats continued in areas of Snezhnoye and Lisichansk, where units of Mozgovoy (commander) also smashed a block-post and destroyed 1 tank and 2 armored personal carriers.

Posted by: Fete | Jul 13 2014 5:28 utc | 68

I was skeptical about reports of the Ukies publicly executing a mother and her child in Slavyansk, but after watching an interview with an eyewitness, I now believe this happened. It's hard for me to believe that a person would say such things if they weren't true, and also, the Ukies have committed enough atrocities, so that it is not necessary to make things up for propaganda purposes. Finally, the Ukies continually give themselves away, by expressing delight at the genocide of Russians on Ukie web sites and social media. Ukro-Nazis do not even try to hide their genocidal hatred of Russians.

Slavyansk Refugee Remembers the Brutal Execution of a Child and His Mother by Ukrainian Nazi Troops

Posted by: Demian | Jul 13 2014 6:39 utc | 69

Posted by: Demian | Jul 12, 2014 11:31:58 PM | 65

It is about empire, not religion - and that is presumably where the Saker is coming from.

Russia's wars in Chechnya and Stalin's deportations of Muslims during World War II, not to mention the 11 major wars imperial Russia fought with the Ottoman Empire between the seventeenth century and the twentieth century, seem to bear out the popular impression that Russia and Islam do not get along. Crews, in a most original, intelligent, and well-researched book, demonstrates just how wrong this impression is. Without minimizing the tensions, violence, and brutality in evidence at key moments in the relationship, he convincingly argues that Russia would not have been able to rule for 500 years over what by the end was one of the world's largest Muslim populations had there not been a symbiosis between empire and Islam. From the time Catherine the Great pronounced her policy of "toleration," the tsars treated accepted religions, including Islam, as a further prop for the regime. Muslims, in turn, often relied on the state to settle conflicts within their communities and enhance sharia (Islamic law). Romanov Russia was scarcely the only empire to use religion to help it rule, but Crews makes a good case that it did so longer and better than most.

Posted by: Robert | Jul 12, 2014 11:04:29 PM | 64

You write complete nonsense, there are enough documents around, and since the invention of script, audio and video recordings witness accounts survive the grave. And yes, most of the historic trauma, the divisions and even today's conflict in Ukraine were created by and with the help of Germany, Prussia and the Habsburg empire.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 13 2014 7:12 utc | 70

Interessting reading by John Pilger:

On Israel, Ukraine and Truth » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

The Return of George Orwell and Big Brother’s War On Israel, Ukraine and Truth

Posted by: Fran | Jul 13 2014 7:22 utc | 71

@somebody #68:

Thank you so much for that explanation! I will read that article tomorrow. By the way, my family line originates from the Golden Horde, so my ancestors converted to Orthodoxy from Islam. ;-) (I was actually very disappointed to learn that they were Muslims; I had been hoping that they were Buddhists.)

This may also have something to do with why Muslims and Russians apparently get along: the period of the occupation of Russia by the Mongols obviously would have left a trace, in various ways.

Unlike the Saker, I am an entartet Russian (to use a Nazi term), only able to look at Christianity from a Lutheran, not an Orthodox, point of view.

I was actually thinking about you a little while ago. I am glad you are still with us.

Posted by: Demian | Jul 13 2014 7:45 utc | 72

Past DNA studies have shown that most Russians/Ukrainians have about 10% Asian DNA from the 220+ years being part of & under the Mongol Empire

From the site, here's a recent graphic video of Donetsk artillery rockets by the Ukrainian gov army resulting in the murder of a beautiful teen girl (see her bedroom full of photos, dolls & then her body.. life snuffed out in an instant), her mother & the head blown off of a young boy & his sister/mother (can't tell from remains) -

Posted by: | Jul 13 2014 8:37 utc | 73

There was an article at counterpunch on the revolving door at HRW that i'm sure informed bevin's post above ... it referred to a series of to-ing and fro-ing between critics and perps ... I traced them down for my own information.

This revolving door phenomenon is at the heart of the collapse of the US government. It's the answer to all the pertinent 'what are they thinking' questions ... from Obama to Holder to Udall to ... any of them.

They're thinking of payday, after the 'revolution'. Some of them, like Brennan, are psychotic, perhaps, but most of them are just garden variety corrupt, and ruthless.

'Business' invents multi-year programs, campaigns - like the fins on the cars of the 60s - and HRW was the inaugural weaponization of 'human rights'. It was originally a government function ... and still is ... but new! improved! now with an NGO figleaf!

Certainly one of the major challenges facing our human race is to separate wealth from power, explicitly and ongoing, diligently, everyday. There's more to this politics stuff than voting every few years.

Left to itself any and every organization enslaves its managers and runs into the ditch, every time ... the original purpose of its foundation not withstanding.

But at times like these, with war for naught but profit's sake raging all over the planet, it doesn't look very promising.

Maybe in one other of Carl Sagan's billions and billions of solar systems there is an intelligent strain that hasn't trashed itself and its planet.

Posted by: john francis lee | Jul 13 2014 8:38 utc | 74

Ukraine army(?) attack and kill people in Russia

Posted by: Anonymous | Jul 13 2014 9:04 utc | 75

Posted by: john francis lee | Jul 13, 2014 4:38:30 AM | 72

I agree.

I could trace the revolving door in Germany, too - it seems to have become a common feature of "democracies" - just in this case it is lobbyists working directly for the state.

German "exchange programme" in public ministeries - German language.

Short translation - German industry pays for specialists working as "external" employees in German ministries.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 13 2014 9:30 utc | 76

I think the proper nickname for Poroshenko should be 'Choctipot'. The comic tinpot oligarch will prove about as useless as a chocolate tea-pot, to both Ukraine and to his string-pullers amongst the Beltway Bozos. Bet he'll do alright in Swiss/etc bank-accounts for himself, though - if he ever gets out of Ukraine alive, to count his loot.

Posted by: Rhisiart Gwilym | Jul 13 2014 9:34 utc | 77

Tony Cartalucci on Southstream and EU (from Strategic Culture):

Toward a Europe Whole and Free (To Loot)

When the special interests who created and direct the agenda of the European Union disagree with member states, the true nature of this supranational enterprise becomes painfully apparent – one of dictatorial special interests pursing regional policy that benefits none of its individual member states. No example of this can be clearer than the dispute that has emerged over the construction of Russia’s South Stream natural gas pipeline set to run through Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, and Italy.

The pipeline produces a large number of benefits for each of the nations it passes through, as well as for energy markets on either end of the pipeline. For the people and governments of these nations set to benefit most from the pipeline, the deal is an attractive, long-term investment. For the special interests that have created and currently direct the EU – on the other hand – it poses as a direct threat to their designs of continued expansion and corporate-financier hegemony beyond the collective borders of today’s EU.

For the hegemon, coexistence and collaboration are not options – thus the benefits of the South Stream pipeline escape them. Instead, these hegemonic special interests seek to control their own pipeline and energy markets on either side of it, and this can be seen developing along several fronts including the Southern Corridor Project, beginning in Azerbaijan along the Caspian Sea.

Energy and foreign policy expert Sinan Ulgen of the US government and corporate-financier funded Carnegie Europe think-tank complained about the disparity between the EU Commission’s stance, and that of individual EU member states in an Anadolu Agency (AA) article titled, “Russian South Stream gas pipeline divides EU,” stating:

“…the EU’s main concern about South Stream is that the project would increase its dependence on Russian gas. Last year a third of its consumed gas was supplied by Russia.

Additionally the AA article would state:

While the European Commission opposes Russia’s South Stream gas pipeline project, certain EU countries like Austria and Italy continue to openly support the world’s most expensive pipeline project, which aims to transport Russian gas by bypassing Ukraine.

For the last two years, Russia has signed bilateral agreements with Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Greece, Slovenia, Austria and Croatia for the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline, which is estimated to cost nearly US$40 billion according to the Moscow Times. Gazprom recently announced however that it was abandoning construction of the Italian portion of the pipeline.

These agreements were deemed a breach of EU anti-trust law by the European Commission in December. And, in April, following the annexation of the Crimean peninsula by Russia, the European Parliament voted for the South Stream project to be stopped.

AA would also cite another corporate-financier funded think tank, Chatham House – also complaining about EU members pursuing their own interests in contradiction to the EU Commission’s dictates. The unelected EU Commission appears to be pursing its own extraterritorial geopolitical pursuits ahead of those of the individual member states and their respective populations. That corporate-financier funded “think tanks” are focused on this “divide” and championing the EU Commission’s agenda over that of the individual EU members it allegedly represents fully exposes the EU for what it truly is, a dysfunctional supranational dictatorship.

And what is done in the name of the EU by its institutions like the EU Commission, which admittedly does not represent the best interests or desires of those it claims to represent, unfortunately and perhaps unfairly reflects on the EU as a whole. For example, and as part of the energy debate, the current EU support of the regime occupying Kiev, Ukraine, taints all of Europe, even as many EU member states attempt to move cautiously or even in opposition to the greater agenda the EU Commission and others are pursuing.

While the EU promotes itself as a bastion of freedom, stability, and prosperity, it appears increasingly more like a hegemonic bloc, dictating to, rather than acting as a representative of, the European people. The slogan “Toward a Europe Whole and Free” rings hollow when the EU Commission begins dictating policy to individual states, and curtailing progress that benefits both individual nations and their people.

The EU, in this light, appears more of an autocratic oligarchical consolidation of regional power and resources, not a democratic collaboration between nations. A slogan like “Toward a Europe Whole and Free” appears then to represent Europe, but only from the perspective of special interests seeking to loot the region collectively, rather than nation-by-nation. The dysfunction and dictatorial nature of the EU Commission and other apparatuses within the supranational bloc serve as a cautionary example for other nations seeking to construct their own alliances – from Asia’s ASEAN-AEC (Asian Economic Community), to regional alliances between Russia, China and with nations along their peripheries.

Alliances that include obligations that usurp national sovereignty are not alliances at all, they are hegemonic infiltration by special interests who would rather see a village place their valuables in a single safe for them to crack and loot, rather than take the time and trouble to rob each individual home. Europe must decide whether it will continue along a path of internal conflict with its alleged EU representatives tainting their collective populations, cultures, and histories, or reform the EU into an institution that allows collaboration and national sovereignty to exist in tandem.

Tony Cartalucci, “New Eastern Outlook”

Posted by: okie farmer | Jul 13 2014 10:33 utc | 78

this could get nasty: will tartars be so foolish? and wont locals resist forced enlistment by fascists to wage war?
Tate Modern shared a link via Charles Vella.
about an hour ago
"Reporting (12/07/2014, report in french) that the maidanite Junta is massing troops in the isthmus of Perekop near the Crimean peninsula. The maidanite regime has ordered the forced mobilization of all the men from 18 till 35 years old in the limitrophe province of Kherson. There is also a huge concentration of artillery near the village of Strelkovoe also close to the Crimean peninsula. The Junta has incorporated Crimea to the province of Kherson and cancelled the Crimean authonomy (de facto Kiev has not any control on Crimea). Several reports suggest that tartars from Crimea joined the maidanite death squads that are operating in Mariupol and Southern Ukraine. According tho some reports the regime of Poroshenko is preparing an attack in Crimea and try to promote a revolt of the Crimean tartars. The objective of this operation is forcing Russia to use the military to crush the crimean tartars and push Russia to war."

Posted by: brian | Jul 13 2014 10:45 utc | 79

apparently people can get youtube to block media: so why not NYT BBC WAPO?!

Posted by: brian | Jul 13 2014 11:18 utc | 80


Thanks for the post, okie farmer! Summarizes my take on the EU almost exactly.

Posted by: Seamus Padraig | Jul 13 2014 12:14 utc | 81

Demian @69

"I was skeptical about reports of the Ukies publicly executing a mother and her child in Slavyansk"

The Pravi Sektor fascists are quite proud of what they do to their opponents. There is a video of them hanging an anti-fascist from a tree. It not a relatively fast and painless drop execution but a slow drawn-out suffocation. Grim isn't the word. I'm surprised YouTube haven't removed it. It isn't even age-blocked (even though that is a joke in itself).

Posted by: Yonatan | Jul 13 2014 20:39 utc | 82

@Yonatan #82:

It's become pretty clear by now that the Ukro-fascists are more barbaric than the original Nazis. That is what the woman in the interview said: that the Banderites are worse than the Nazis.

According to official Nazi ideology, all Slavs are Untermentshen, but my parents, who grew up in Latvia, never had any problems with the Germans. In fact, when a Latvian woman denounced my mother to the Germans, claiming she was a Soviet sympathizer, the only response of the Germans was to send my mother further west (she was working as a nurse for them). That is why my mother ended up in the American zone of occupation at the end of the war. (The rest of her family ended up in the Soviet zone, so were shipped back to Latvia. No doubt bevin would have approved.)

Posted by: Demian | Jul 13 2014 21:51 utc | 83

Apologies for off-topic.

Amnesty and HRW were totally silent on the Haitian coup, invasion, and all the fraudulent elections that followed. HRW is largely the source of what passes for the history of Rwanda 1994, and the silence on his crimes in Rwanda and their early silence on his crimes in DRC, when not outright cheering them ('going after genocidaires'). As such HRW and AI are directly complicit and are in fact enablers of the eastern DRC genocide. While I haven't looked, I'd imagine they were suppressing criminal information on Izetbegovic and Tudjman.

Human Rights organizations come in two forms: local groups, that document the abuses to which the local population is subject, and US front groups, which provide an emotional (and generally illogical) array of justification for nationalist reactionary groups (cruise missile leftists, liberal hawks and whathaveyou) to support the crimes of their states (generally pro-US, outside the US itself).

The limitation of the former is that they cannot initiate prosecutions (the judges, when not perpetrators themselves, are held in their positions by the perpetrators). A more useful approach would be for populations resisting aggression to kidnap ('arrest'---let's drop the pretension of the possibility of legal consistency) and try (within the pretensions of western legal systems) the various perpetrators, transcripts and all). Imagine if tribunals in Aceh or Papua were to convict a kidnapped Indon general, and film his execution with film material of said criminal's crimes. Much as I'm not a Leninist, the Leninist emphasis on power is exactly correct, and the US and its fellow hyper-criminal satellite states take it for granted in their conduct.

That leaves the question of the US front groups. Can they be infiltrated repeatedly, so that they are effectively exposed? Here, a bit of an authority mindset is called for (authority being a state of freedom without responsibility for one's actions, by and large)---talk cop to them, e.g. to HRW and AI, remind their members to their faces (after infiltration) that they are wittingly enablers of mass pedophilia (Haiti), genocide (DRC, Rwanda---of Hutus), etc. Cop talking is by and large talking calmly, yet firmly, even when bullshit is spewn in one's face, while constantly reminding the perp of the nature of his crime (e.g. Reid technique, except with real confirmation before the fact---although these thugs deserve step 7---do you still beat your wife? Nice to know that the 'legal services' contractors believe in smuggling premises), i.e. unlike the Brazilian pedo-trash military commander who yelled "Fuck you (x3) I'm gonna give your photo to the Haitian national police and they are gonna get you" at Kevin Pina, but rather in the manner of Pina himself (Haiti the untold story---don't remember if it was in We Must Kill The Bandits). Another point of effective cop-talk is to take notes of claims made, even when they sound suspicious, without comment, for later revisiting---that tends to frighten the perps' sympathisers.

Posted by: Johan Meyer | Jul 13 2014 23:44 utc | 84

Russian Spring

Donetsk. 07/13/2014-17:58


Currently violent battles intensified under Lugansk. There, the opponent concentrated immense overpowering forces. In our estimates, against us in this region, operate above 70 tanks. We send to our fighting comrades there whatever ammunition and reinforcement we can. But the ratio of forces is dreary. Even more so, by handing tanks to mercenaries, the Ukrainian side tries to forebode the outcome of war by cutting us off Russia.

We, from our side, strive to help by attacking the opponent on various directions. In particular, today’s night, north to settlement Karlovka, our reconnaissance group attacked a battery of “Grads” (“Hail”, salvo rockets), one unit was destroyed and another damaged. We will naturally continue attacks, though, one should understand that the combatants can not cardinally change the established course of the war. Not the least because the opponent indeed is being supplied per the highest category. There is data about 4 anti-tank helicopters “Apache” transferred to Ukraine. These will apparently be utilized not exactly against us, rather, so to say, against Russia if it decides to help.

Question. Shelling Russia territory is absolutely conscious action.


After their use of chemical weapons in settlement Semenovka (Slavyansk region), hardly I have any doubts. Merely any actions are being done to engage Russia in a war. Or to make it certain it dodging a war. They just lost any orientation, any orientation. It seems to them they can do whatever they want, battle by any means they want. They will shell at Moscow at will. Here is no honor or conscience in principle.

Posted by: Fete | Jul 14 2014 4:12 utc | 85

It looks like Russia is getting its way with this. It's never good to be an occupier, which is the position Ukraine is now in.

Posted by: jeff | Jul 14 2014 8:32 utc | 86

'I hope all mercenaries end their days face down in Ukarine. I hate these bastards....
Subject: "Who is fighting and killing the people of Ukraine in addition to Ukrainian law enforcers?" It seems to excite many. Who are so lured by the smell of Ukrainian blood that they are willing to enter a free hunt not only of the militia but also civilians. Who are they? How much are they paid to kill?
Recent fighting in Ukraine has become much more aggressive and much more intense. If some soldiers Natsgvardii do not understand who and what they are fighting, the mercenaries and punitive 'volunteers' are fully aware of it. Hunting may also be called a bloody safari on civilians and militia in Southeast Ukraine.
Unfortunately, the topic of mercenaries in the Ukrainian army is highly relevant to this day. On the side of the Ukrainian army in addition to established oligarchs and politicians spetsbatalona, fthere are volunteers who have a great desire to kill those who disagree with the Kiev authorities Ukrainians.
Strelkov himself stated that one of the recently destroyed checkpoints was manned by people in NATO uniform with foreign passports. But many have already guessed. In recent months, the army began to appear punitive and 'volunteers' appeared who do not seem to need money for their work, they are willing to pay them yourself, if only to kill. Kiev authorities have transformed the territory where fighting is taking place into a bloody safari where foreigners shoot people as animals.
One such thug is the Italian Fontana. He is in his declining years, quit his job in Italy and went to the Maidan. There he joined the ranks of the "right sector", and then became a member of the "Foreign Legion" relating to the battalion "Azov", which was initiated by Washington.
Some of the volunteer executioners did not hesitate to publish a price list on the social networks. To shoot a tan: volunteers pay two hundred dollars. Howitzers -hundred dollars. But to shoot the village, they are willing to pay three hundred fifty dollars. Kiev government puts a very low price on the value of its people. Foreigners traveling to Ukraine to kill for pleasure, treating people as animals. These people never go alone. And at least a couple of weapons."

Posted by: brian | Jul 14 2014 12:00 utc | 87

this video represents just about the best of humanity

Posted by: Cu Chulainn | Jul 14 2014 17:42 utc | 88

The greatest risk to Russia is to stand idly by while their compatriots are massacred right across the border.
In this case Russia would rightly be seen as a paper tiger unwilling to defend their kinsmen despite great military power. This in turn would encourage further NATO aggression on a wide variety of fronts.

Posted by: Andoheb | Jul 14 2014 18:56 utc | 89

Demian @83

Correct. I remember coming across a source stating the even the SS was appalled by the actions of the Ukrainians working with them. Unfortunately I don't have think link to hand. Looking at some of the pro-coup supporters on various websites, it seems that they are totally deranged and in full 'victim' mode against the Russians. An amazing number seem to regard the Russia as simultaneously a Communist state and a Fascist state which is totally absurd. It is neither, though there are individuals within it of both persuasions.

Posted by: Yonatan | Jul 14 2014 22:52 utc | 90

According to the Saker, Crucial combat operation[s] are possibly taking place in several locations ...

Posted by: john francis lee | Jul 14 2014 23:31 utc | 91

@Yonatan #89:

An amazing number seem to regard the Russia as simultaneously a Communist state and a Fascist state which is totally absurd. It is neither, though there are individuals within it of both persuasions.

I guess there are, although I have no interest in either, since I imagine that Russian fascists are harmless nuts, while the communists are pathetic sentimentalists. A Russian being a fascist doesn't make any sense, since right-wing Russian ideology was based on hating Soviet power, which doesn't exist any more.

I think that when it comes to its political identity, Russia is sui generis. It straddles the East and West, and has a large Muslim population.

Can you read Russian? I think a good window into how Russians think is this satirical Russian Wikipedia. It is almost pure snark, so I don't think that an automatic translator would be very useful, in case you don't know Russian.

As for the Ukrainians, for the sake of completeness, I will repeat myself. From a Russian language article, I learned (and I believe this to be true) that there are three kinds of Ukrainians: (1) Ukrofascists; (2) Russians who have been brainwashed into thinking that they are something called "Ukrainian"; (3) Russians who have never forgotten that they are Russian. As the blogger at ClubOrlov wrote recently, the anti-junta rebels are not "pro-Russian": they are Russian. They just don't have Russian citizenship. Whereas the idea of the Ukraine as a nation is completely make-believe. As someone whom I have not seen before or since commented here, what Ukie children now learn about the Ukraine in their history books is completely made up. I think the fact that the Ukraine is a make-believe country explains why the Ukies are "totally deranged", as you observe.

To get back to the Nazis, another story my mother had is that when she was still in Latvia, two Germans walked up to her (I forget if they were SS or Gestapo or whatever) and asked her where a certain man lived, who had been denounced as a communist. When she told them that that was completely wrong and that he wasn't a communist, they just dropped the matter and walked away. It sounds incredible, but that's what she told me. (Note that it was taken for grated both by those Germans and by my mother that communists should be arrested.)

Posted by: Demian | Jul 14 2014 23:48 utc | 92

Demian @91
Do you not see that the story you tell about your mother suggests that the Nazi authorities trusted her, at least with respect to her anti-communism?

I might add that, whether your mother knew it or not, to be arrested as a communist by the Nazis meant torture, death and horrible variations thereon.

I cannot believe that such a fate would not trouble that Christian conscience of yours that you preen and promenade so frequently. But, who knows, you may be one of those who believes that communists, and socialists too, perhaps even trade unionists (these things tend to develop momentum) should be imprisoned or executed.

As to your theories on Ukraine, there is certainly a Ukrainian nationalism, much older than fascism or collaboration (which you would seem to denounce, in retrospect, in Ukraine, but accept in Latvia) with either Hoffman or Hitler. Long before the Waffen SS was founded the Canadian Communist Party's founders included consciously Ukrainian workers and farmers.

There is a sense in which any "nationalism" is make believe and all nations are "imagined communities". In that sense Ukraine is not unique, nor is Latvia- both were lands ploughed through over millenia by invading armies, dragging their cultures, religions and lingos behind them. Being so invaded, and having a culture so often subjected to tyrants' wills, often becomes the germ of a nationalism cherished secretly by rural folk, like Ukrainians, being plundered by Polish, Lithuanian, Swedish, German or Russian rulers.

What American children, British children or Russian children learn in their history books is made up too.

As to Russia is that not an imagined community, a melange of nations and races, at the crossroads between continents, whose very language is little more than two centuries old? Does Russia differ much from Ukraine? Of course not.

Unfortunately the logic of your politics leads you always back to race or religion, blind alleys down which both Russians and Ukrainians have been dragged too often.

As to communists being pathetic sentimentalists, you may very well be right about individuals, exhausted and confused by history. But communism, collective ownership, under democratic control is not only the obvious alternative to the madness of capitalism but a very ancient folk tradition among the masses of both Russia and Ukraine.

Posted by: bevin | Jul 15 2014 0:23 utc | 93

Nationhood is a myth some people choose to believe in. There was no 'Germany' before Bismark and no 'Britain' before the Act of Union. Sorry folks....the Huns, Gauls, Celts etc. are long gone.

Posted by: dh | Jul 15 2014 1:11 utc | 94

@bevin #92:

I am not going to directly respond to your points because I think I have bored people enough with my personal views. In case you missed my saying so, I come from a White Russian background, and that is bound to influence my views. But as I wrote recently, my views about the Soviet Union changed after the Cold War ended.

On a side note, am I wrong in thinking that I am the only one now representing a Russian point of view on this blog? Everyone else who did that has gotten banned.

Posted by: Demian | Jul 15 2014 1:11 utc | 95

@94. I'm pro-Russia in the sense that I think this whole Maidan thing was a set up to expand NATO. I don't see any need for the confrontation. Hope that helps.

Posted by: dh | Jul 15 2014 1:19 utc | 96

@dh #95:

Yes, I know that there are a lot of "pro-Russia" people on this blog. By having "a Russian point of view" I meant actually being culturally Russian. (I consider myself to be bicultural. But my Russian culture is very peculiar, since it is pre-revolutionary. That's why I'm sorry that other users got banned.)

As a P.S. to my previous post, a quote given in that Russian Wiki I mentioned:

Russian liberalism ends there, where the Ukrainian question begins.

Posted by: Demian | Jul 15 2014 1:33 utc | 97

I'm not Russian and have no connections to Russia. I find them admirable people however. I was very impressed by the way they kicked the Nazis out. Yes I know all about Stalin, gulags etc. etc...I think the fear of Russia in the West can be traced back to the Mongol hordes.

Posted by: dh | Jul 15 2014 1:42 utc | 98

As an American, I have no idea of where European "fear of Russia" comes from. I didn't even know there was such a thing. From my high school history classes, I got the impression that Russia is considered to be just another European power, like England or France. Its armies have certainly been to western Europe enough times. War and Peace is one of the most famous novels in the West. Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky have much more penetration into the Anglosphere than do any German authors, whose penetration is oddly nearly nil.

Russia was occupied by Mongols. Spain was occupied by Moors. So what? Russia had a very well deserved reputation of backwardness in Europe before World War I, but seeing a place as backward is all the more reason not to fear it, as far as I can tell.

I don't think that Europeans feared Russia when it was ruled by reactionary Tsars. So my suspicion is that the fear of Russia only began once it turned communist.

Here are a couple of Russian language videos with English subtitles that the Saker posted. I know I'm being pedantic by bringing them up; many people who read MoA also follow VotS.

Geopolitics has no place for emotions

An Afghan Freedom Fighter in Donbass

I find the first video to be somewhat paradoxical, since video is an inherently emotional medium, but the message of the video is that one shouldn't be emotional about the Ukraine crisis. The video doesn't tell us anything we don't already know, but it's fun to watch because it is well done.

Posted by: Demian | Jul 15 2014 3:04 utc | 99

Well it’s easy to plant ideas in school-children’s brains. I grew up in England. Russia was a place of snow and steppes and serfs and revolution. Scary but romantic at the same time.

American kids probably get a heavy dose of Cossacks and progroms. Russia was an ally in WW@ so the anti-Communism stuff came later. Yahoo and CNN keep the pot boiling.... every day there is a new anti-Putin article.

Posted by: dh | Jul 15 2014 3:12 utc | 100

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