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July 15, 2014

UK Foreign Minister William Hague Fired - But Why?

Reshuffle Surprise As William Hague Quits As Foreign Secretary , July 15

William Hague surprised Westminster on Monday evening by announcing he would quit as foreign secretary, as David Cameron culled male ministers of all ranks as part of a wide-ranging reshuffle expected to see the promotion of several women to top jobs.

Hmm ...

There is currently another inquiry into pedophile rings in the UK which, allegedly, included major British politicians since the 1960s and several, some seemingly still ongoing, cover-ups by those and other "elite" figures.

Some recent headlines:

Butler-Sloss had to quit the inquiry because she was, allegedly, related to the cover up in an earlier inquiry.

But what does have to do with William Hague? We do not really know.

But could it be that the British PM Cameron, in sight of the 2015 election, considered the recent paedophile flare up and its possible implications together with this older news item when he decided to fire Hague?

Steve Messham said Mr Hague had "questions to answer" over why a public inquiry by Sir Ronald Waterhouse was restricted under terms of reference laid down by the then Welsh secretary.

And, as Jam,es in the comments reminded us, some time ago there was also this curious "incident" with Hague's "special advisor":

Posted by b on July 15, 2014 at 15:51 UTC | Permalink


Or do they use this pedophile ring to keep politicians in line?

Yesterday Greenwald published another article about GCHQ's stated abilities to manipulate the internet. We've read before about their documented techniques for manipulation. One tactic is to do fake blog posts from victims in order to destroy a person's reputation and their life. A tactic disclosed in the latest article is the ability to forge and send emails from anyone they want to, and also the ability to establish a connection between two people w/ phone records. In other worlds, the documents from GCHQ that show off their capabilities make it clear they can frame someone up and fabricate evidence at will.

Posted by: gemini333 | Jul 15 2014 15:59 utc | 1

Adults who fuck children should be fucked with a large, red-hot poker while someone holds their head in a bucket of water.
Children are the future and EVERYONE should feel obliged to protect them from harm.
People caught doing the opposite deserve no mercy.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 15 2014 16:43 utc | 2

"the documents from GCHQ that show off their capabilities make it clear they can frame someone up and fabricate evidence at will."

Indeed. Who knows how many convictions, firings, suicides have been wrongly caused by this in recent years? The writer Christopher Brookmyre uses this idea in one of his novels, demonstrating how slightly better (for the public) politicians are stitched up and destroyed by a fake scandal like this.

However, I won't waste any sympathy on Hague, or give him any benefit of the doubt. An evil little man with blood dripping from his hands. Let him rot.

Posted by: Emily P. | Jul 15 2014 16:58 utc | 3

@2hoarsewhisperer.. unfortunately many are victims themselves who as adults inflict the same on others.. vicious circle...

i had read regarding hague "tabloid stories of him sharing a room with a young male political aide a few years back." i think that might be enough to motivate him to pass on the public inspection that is sweeping the uk at present related to this issue.. that might explain why women are a more confident choice for a position too...

Posted by: james | Jul 15 2014 17:02 utc | 4

I can't begin to tell you how surprised I'm not to learn that William Haig, Ghoul & Liar extraordinaire, stifled a paedophile report.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 15 2014 17:03 utc | 5

Posted by: james | Jul 15, 2014 1:02:37 PM | 4

There are no excuses. Where harm to children is the issue, the best way to stop a vicious circle is for society to get vicious with it.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 15 2014 17:12 utc | 6

@3 Emily, yes of course, I had no intention of defending Hague. It just reminded me of another recent case of an ex-FBI whistleblower/leaker.

Posted by: gemini333 | Jul 15 2014 17:21 utc | 7

Haha the new foreign minister in the UK have already threatened Syria!

Posted by: Anonymous | Jul 15 2014 17:23 utc | 8

Just to be perfectly clear about my stance on child molesters, there's a very wide ranging inquiry into child molesting by clergy and other TRUSTED figureheads and charity-based carers in Oz right now. These people insinuate themselves into positions of trust which they then abuse by using bullying and threats against their victims - many of whom have been ignored, and even punished, when trying to blow the whistle on their tormenter.
Most victims of child abuse are psychologically incapable of functioning as normal adults and the vast majority are under-achievers in the Game of Life.
Stealing a child's future is a capital crime and deserves capital punishment.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 15 2014 17:26 utc | 9

@9 Hoarsewhisperer

Agree completely.

Read somewhere that the best place for pedophiles to hide is in a church... not only the Catholic, but any church.

Posted by: crone | Jul 15 2014 18:04 utc | 10

Hey Hoarsewhisperer. This is a blog not a Klan meeting where you whip people into a vigilante furor.
And, NO, child molesters do not deserve capital punishment nor does the effing state deserve the right to kill anyone. EVER!

Yes, child molesters should be prosecuted, but the bigger problem is the network of people who use their power to protect or hide them. Like Cardinal Law, who shifted molesters from one parish to the next so they could ruin more lives.

Law was spirited off to Rome where he lives in luxury.

Posted by: plantman | Jul 15 2014 18:06 utc | 11

These are signs that Cameron is fighting for his survival.
His end is near.

Posted by: v | Jul 15 2014 18:17 utc | 12

Perhaps this blog should leave the wild speculations to the thrash tabloids and try to stick with the facts which are quite horrid by itself.

Foreign Secretary William Hague, who set up the Waterhouse inquiry while John Major’s Welsh Secretary, is among those likely to be asked to give evidence. Sources said he would co-operate fully, pointing out that no MPs had questioned the remit of the previous inquiry at the time.

They added that the report was handed to Labour ministers in 2000. It concluded that some of the abuse claims were 'embarking on the realm of fantasy’.

Lawyer Mark Stephens, who represented 15 victims at the Waterhouse Inquiry, told ITV Daybreak: 'I think one of the problems and one of the challenges that comes out of the Waterhouse Inquiry, this North Wales child abuse inquiry that took place back in 1997, is the fact that there was no substantive follow-up by the police and that is a key issue.'

Channel 4 News: Child Abuse at Bryn Estyn Children's Home in Wales and Cover-up

Posted by: Oui | Jul 15 2014 18:33 utc | 13

I hadn't heard any rumour that Hague was a pedophile, I doubt that. Perhaps somewhat gay, from sharing a room with his assistant.

He's more an arsehole, and I'm glad he's gone.

Posted by: Alexno | Jul 15 2014 18:42 utc | 14

Butler-Sloss had to quit the inquiry because she was, allegedly, related to the cover up in an earlier inquiry.

It's very simple. Her brother was Attorney-General in the 1980s. His role is likely to be called in question. It's an obvious conflict of interests. She should not have been appointed. I'm surprised it lasted so long, which doesn't say much about the good sense of Cameron. Cameron's reputation of good sense has not gone well recently. He's made lots of mistakes, and today has been the worst of all.

Posted by: Alexno | Jul 15 2014 18:53 utc | 15

Posted by: plantman | Jul 15, 2014 2:06:47 PM | 11

Next you'll be telling me that long prison terms are less barbaric than CP for heinous crimes - and rushing off to buy more shares in PRIVATISED Prisons.
Now that Oz's prison system is nearly all run by PRIVATE US & UK corporations, guess who's calling for a "tougher on crime" approach (aka doubling and tripling sentences for minor, and previously probationary, crimes and launching 3-strikes debates), whilst queueing up to buy shares (along with your good self)?

Give up? Our politicians and the people who bribe them.

Stick your bleeding heart in your bleeding money bag...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 15 2014 18:53 utc | 16

Baroness Butler-Sloss: And Now A Link To Kincora!

The scandal was referred to in several files released by the Public Record Office under the 30-year rule. However, the files have been redacted with key papers removed – while one file couldn’t be found.

One file contains a note of the private meeting in February 1982 attended by senior members of the political and legal establishment, including the Attorney General, Secretary of State Jim Prior, the Lord Chancellor Quintin Hogg and Sir William Bourne, a barrister and senior civil servant.

Just before the meeting, Mr Havers had spoken to the Director of Public Prosecutions for Northern Ireland. According to the memo, Mr Havers learned that the RUC was investigating three separate aspects of the Kincora affair.

Posted by: Oui | Jul 15 2014 19:01 utc | 17

Kincora affair: John McKeague And The Murder Of Brian McDermott.

Loyalists have harboured within their ranks some of the most notorious deviants in Northern Ireland’s history. These include John McKeague, who led the Red Hand Commando terror group for a short time in the early Seventies. British military intelligence was aware of McKeague’s taste for young boys and used it to blackmail him into becoming an informer.

Posted by: Oui | Jul 15 2014 19:03 utc | 18

McKeague was aware through his links with other loyalist paedophiles, particularly the Orangeman William McGrath, of the child abuse going on at Kincora’s boys’ home in east Belfast.

In 1982 McKeague was about to go public about the role of British intelligence in blackmailing paedophiles like McGrath, Kincora’s housemaster, when he was shot dead by the INLA.

Posted by: Oui | Jul 15 2014 19:04 utc | 19

@9 hoarsewhisper quote "Stealing a child's future is a capital crime and deserves capital punishment."

i am sure many would agree with you! the same could be said for all the innocent people who are dying presently at the hands of the various war machines in action in ukraine or gaza too... lets all get up on our high horse and tell everybody what we would do!!! it is nice to be idealistic and pontificate the answer to it all.. making the world a better place is a lot more difficult to pull off!

Posted by: james | Jul 15 2014 19:52 utc | 20

Posted by: james | Jul 15, 2014 3:52:53 PM | 19

I agree, a bit.
But let's start by raising children to be a tad less overtly obedient, a lot less gullible, and way less inclined to extend 'respect' to those who haven't earned it. The 'respect' TPTB like to prattle about is Fear - of one kind or another.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 15 2014 20:13 utc | 21

james @19
At least Hoarsewhisperer is consistent. He holds to the view that vicious punishment, no doubt including torture, will prove to be a deterrent and eradicate crimes. It is a theory that has been tested over millenia and it has always failed.
The more vicious the punitive regime, the greater the likelihood of vicious crimes will be. This is something that Australians generally imbibe with their mothers milk. But evidently not all of them.

The sad truth is that there is only a narrow gap between fantasising sadistically -"Adults who fuck children should be fucked with a large, red-hot poker while someone holds their head in a bucket of water"- and their actual performance.

Child abuse is indeed a terrible thing, it occurs because children are vulnerable and power over the vulnerable is socially celebrated. This is a sado-masochistic society and those in authority wield power with impunity. It is a curious paradox of this society that no section of it is more addicted to sadistic behaviour than those entrusted to prevent it: the Judge, the Prison Officer, the Cop, the Executioner, the Prosecutor and the legislator comprise the most vicious and dangerous of our neighbours.

As to the matter of William Hague, he has, after all been given the job of Leader of the House of Commons which is important and powerful. It may be that he is being replaced because he genuinely doesn't have the stomach for the appalling job of saying "me too" every time Obama farts. Hammond, on the other hand is a neo-con of the lowest kind, a warmonger, drunk on the foul waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Posted by: bevin | Jul 15 2014 20:15 utc | 22

Hague first entered national politics as a schoolboy selected, one might say groomed, to trill out a speech of praise to Thatcher at a Tory Party Conference.

He is the author of biography of Britain's first obviously gay Prime Minister-Pitt the Younger. I haven't read the book, perhaps someone who has will have some insight into Hague's understanding of the secretiveness and deceit which is always present in societies in which, as was the case in Pitt's England, homosexual behaviour was treated, by the law, in a sadistic and ruthless manner.

Posted by: bevin | Jul 15 2014 20:38 utc | 23

I don't know that commenters are properly distinguishing between pedophilia and being gay. They are two quite different conditions, though a gay can be a pedophile.

Posted by: Alexno | Jul 15 2014 20:54 utc | 24

Actually, it seems that Hague simply got tired of politics - yearning instead for a small Montana ranch in the foothills of Brokeback Mountain..

This has probably been exacerbated by the fact that he was Cameron's wife's mouthpiece on the international stage vis-à-vis Syria, where it was rumoured that Hague's opinion on the issue isn't what it appears.

And you needn't imagine what the whining windbag was like as a 16 year old - youtube provides a graphic illustration from a 1977 Conservative conference for you all to enjoy.

Posted by: Pat Bateman | Jul 15 2014 20:57 utc | 25

I wouldn't necessarily jump to the conclusions
as to what were the real reasons as to the dismissal of William Hague, just yet.

However, i am sure that he was/is still regarded
as a major player in British political circles, having been head of the Conservative party in the not so recent past.

So there had to be a pretty good reason behind his dismissal, none the less.

Posted by: chris m | Jul 15 2014 21:22 utc | 26

If he was actually leaving the government this might be a possibility, but he isn't. Will be business manager of the Commons until the election. Will also play a big role in the campaign, which would have been impossible as Foreign SEC.

Think he's just bored with politics. Hardly surprising when your a puppet minister in a puppet state.

Posted by: nonny | Jul 15 2014 21:29 utc | 27

@20 hoarsewhisperer.. i am reading a book right now that you might enjoy and find educational. 'wilful blindness' by margaret heffernan..that is an intentional wrong spelling of willful in the title.. in the book she goes right into the heart of your comment by discussing the idea of obedience, following orders and etc. etc. and how people behave very differently in group settings then they would in a 1 to 1 situation. you might enjoy reading it!

@21 bevin.. the idea of capital punishment is extremely regressive from my own point of view.. it is the 'eye for an eye' mentality where we end up with a lot of blind people! you might be right in your suggestion in the last paragraph..

@23 alexno. you might be right! i certainly understand the difference, but hey - some folks will happily label others whatever way they want if they have taken an uncritical disliking towards them!

Posted by: james | Jul 15 2014 21:31 utc | 28

How ironic : one of the orchestrators of the wars of Libya and Syria is now gone! Woohoo!!! Good riddance !

Posted by: Brian | Jul 15 2014 21:32 utc | 29

ot - anyone know who is manufacturing this shit?

Posted by: james | Jul 15 2014 21:40 utc | 30

@9 The State, any State, should not be in the business of executing people, regardless of the crime. Life imprisonment will do. If you execute a person mistakenly, you can't bring them back.

Posted by: Kraken | Jul 15 2014 22:15 utc | 31

@Kraken #30:

That goes for crimes against humanity as well? So it was wrong for World War II victors to execute top Nazis?

Posted by: Demian | Jul 15 2014 22:30 utc | 32

Jesus Fucking Christ, the bourgeois scolds can't even let a fucking comment about killing child molesters go by without pontificating. And then we wonder why the current set of Western war criminal murderers don't have a FUCKING THING to worry about in this day and age: those people supposedly opposed to their very actions are such fucking brainwashed milksops that they can't even TALK about wanting to exact retribution much less do anything about it.

Furthermore, what, do we all believe that Hoarsewhisperer is the fucking emperor of OZ that we have to scold him?

ORRRRR is he just one fucking person on one fucking blog making a one-off statement about one of the worst fucking crimes imaginable - child molestation - for fucking fuck's sake?

I mean, what kind of beaten-down psyche takes the time out of their fucking day to tut-tut another person talking about wanting to off child-molesters? Now, now, let's not get too hasty!!! Don't be angry! Holy fuck.

Hey, I personally feel that that child molesters SHOULD be fucking tortured and then executed in the most horrible of ways and it makes me feel good to say it, you fucking scolds.

Does that necessarily mean that I need to have a bunch of fucking scolds remind me that I shouldn't even TYPE/SAY such things because - ya never know - that's EXACTLY how Pol Pot's Reign of Terror got started: first they came for the fucking child molesters and then they came for the....Holy fucking shit.

It doesn't do any good anyways, JSore. Let's just be realistic, doncha know!!!

It's such egg-headed, techno-cratic nonsensical horseshit that really pisses people off about the fake left: there's not a criminal situation horrendous enough that they can't find a way to reason/wrest away every last bit of outrage/human emotion so that in the end all that is left is - surprise surprise - an appeal to working reasonably WITHIN the very socio-politico-economic systems which commit/condone such horrendous crimes in the first place.

Holy fuck.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Jul 15 2014 22:53 utc | 33

it's holy fuck jsoreass, lol.. well HOLY FUCK, I'LL be dammed!

Posted by: james | Jul 15 2014 23:17 utc | 34

ever noticed how those who are most offended by intolerance suffer from the same disease sometimes? funny little quirk of human nature i guess..

Posted by: james | Jul 15 2014 23:20 utc | 35

@31 That's an interesting question. I was referring more to domestic type crimes. But I think it could be argued that by not executing them and remanding them to life imprisonment, it might reflect that your system was more civilized and humane than theirs.

Posted by: Kraken | Jul 15 2014 23:32 utc | 36

"I don't know that commenters are properly distinguishing between pedophilia and being gay.."
You are probably right, in my case. The point that I was trying to make was that Hague subscribes to the idea that secrecy and special privileges in sexual matters are to be expected and are justifiable. Whether Hague is gay or not I have no idea.

"Jesus Fucking Christ, the bourgeois scolds can't even let a fucking comment about killing child molesters go by without pontificating..."

What a piece of work-I'm sorely tempted to say shit- you are Sorrentine!

Let me spell this one out for you slowly:
John Howard the Aussia PM who was part of W's coalition of the willing is a racist who made a political living out of persecuting Aboriginals and Asian refugees. In his massive assault on Aboriginal rights, designed to open up their territories for mining interests and designed to smash their political resistance, he put their territories under trusteeship on the grounds that Aboriginal leaders were involved in child abuse of precisely the kind that Hoarsewhisperer referred to.

Here's another bit of information: when wankers such as yourself sound off about capital punishment, locking people up and throwing away the key, and the rest of the obscene ultra hard crap that you appear to regard as reasonable, it is not the bourgeoisie, or offenders in high places, masons, rosicrucians or 911 conspirators who end up in jail, in solitary, on death row, without lawyers, rotting in Rikers, but poor people, black people, wrongly accused dissenters such as the Birmingham Six or the Angola Three. And it's the same the whole world over.

Those are some of the reasons why real left wing people, socialists and principled opponents of the system have always called for an end to capital punishment, and end to solitary (not to mention buggering prisoners with red hot pokers) and the closing of America's gulags from Guantanamo downwards.

You should be ashamed of yourself for the way in which you prostitute opposition to imperial misdeeds with these sly and dishonest personal attacks on people who differ in their analysis of foreign policy.

And you should be ashamed too for sacrificing principled opposition to the "justice" and penal system in the US for no better reason than to annoy those who are revolted by the racist and anti-social manipulation of the Justice system in the US by scum who use the slogans that you now defend.

Because you believe in them?

No. Not a chance. Just because you can hang another windfilled rant on them.
Gotta run, J!

Posted by: bevin | Jul 15 2014 23:34 utc | 37

@crone #10

Read somewhere that the best place for pedophiles to hide is in a church... not only the Catholic, but any church.

Sorry, but I can't resist the opportunity to engage in a little Catholic bashing here, something of which I have been accused of before.

The Russian Orthodox church requires priests (as opposed to monks) to be married. The obvious reason for that is that the church understands that its priests are not saints, so that they should be given a (socially acceptable) sex life. I have never heard of a sex scandal in a Lutheran church. (American evangelicals have plenty of sex scandals, but they are demented in general.)

So your claim that churches in general, as opposed to Catholic churches in particular, are good places for pedophiles to hide is puzzling to me.

Also, Protestant churches don't have the practice of confession, which I find to be barbaric and is one reason I don't like Russian Orthodoxy, since the Orthodox have the practice of confession, like the Catholics do. My impression is that a child giving his/her confession is a good opportunity for a priest to sexually molest the child.

Posted by: Demian | Jul 15 2014 23:41 utc | 38

This what bourgeois bleeding heart fake left sermonisers object to (not just red hot poker rapes)

Posted by: bevin | Jul 15 2014 23:58 utc | 39

Wow, I would have never in a MILLIONS FUCKING YEARS believed that bevin of ALL PEOPLE would have taken my comments aimed directly at child molestation and conflated them - like a good little fake leftie - with EVERY ISSUE under the goddamned sun.

JSore: Hmmm, ever hear the one about the incessant slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza, bevin?

bevin: but what about the Native Americans, JSor!

JSore: Damn, got me again, you sly dog!!!

No, no, I understand, CHILD MOLESTATION was just the JUMPING OFF point, bevin, for the invaluable lesson you've imparted to us all about civilization, punishment, the US penal system, the GWOT, Australia, the Birmingham 6, the Angola 3, Lionel Messi, cheese sandwiches, three-toed sloths, Jerry Lewis, Samsung smart phones, last night's dinner, tonight's dinner, Canadian geese, the Queen Mother, Guantanamo and other assorted nonsense.

I am so heartily ashamed for being so pissed off about CHILD MOLESTATION that I forgot to take the more nuanced and reasoned viewed of the world so as to include the topics you touched upon.

I am also ashamed by the fact that since I don't personally heed the call of fake left self-censorship - oh, excuse me - RESPONSIBLE SPEECH and THOUGHT patterns that I sometimes allow myself to opine in ways that I am sure give you an excruciating cases of moral tinnitus. OUCHIE!!! Watch your opinions, JSore!!! They're just so non-tempered at times!!!Like a red-hot poker right up my...ear!!!

From now on, I will be sure to post over at the NYT first - when they allow comments that is - and then copy and paste only those comments that have more than 100 Readers' Picks Votes back here, kay?

Sound like a plan? Or do I have to talk about sawing the nuts off another shameless pedophile while he screams for mercy in this the totally hypothetical world of child molester torture and death which I like to call this current MOA thread?

Posted by: JSorrentine | Jul 16 2014 0:22 utc | 40

these people have boundary problems, not to mention Sykes-Picot, pillaging the inheritance
of the Turk vilayet

Posted by: Jay M | Jul 16 2014 1:44 utc | 41

It's not a question of watching opinions Sorrentine, it's the matter of forming them.

And you form yours, like the empty spiteful sectarian that you are, in a manner that is, indeed bourgeois. Which is why your default position, to punish, to lynch, is the same old American conclusion as that of the sobs who have expanded the prison/punishment system so that it now houses 25% of the world's prisoners and enslaves more blacks than were slaves in 1860.

Real socialists, real fighters for the working class don't use politics to start feuds, bully and hector others, either on the internet or in their communities. And they most certainly don't regard the casual re-affirmation of the nastiest aspects of the ruling ideology (being tough on 'offenders') just for the fun of appearing tough and sounding ruthless.
You really are a worthless wannabe demagogue, a two bit stand up who will say anything for a bit of applause from the cheapest seats-the comped ones the boss gave away.

Posted by: bevin | Jul 16 2014 1:58 utc | 42

Since this is a public sight open to anyone , people should temper their language and not spice it up with sailor talk

Posted by: Brian | Jul 16 2014 3:40 utc | 43

@james - #29

Boeing Delivers Final Focused Lethality Munition to US Air Force

Boeing delivered the 500th Focused Lethality Munition (FLM) to the U.S. Air Force this month, completing the contract for the low-collateral-damage weapon 100 percent on time and on cost.

FLM, a derivative of the Small Diameter Bomb (SDB), uses a multiphase-blast explosive compound along with a carbon-fiber-composite warhead case to minimize fragmentation, as well as an anti-jam Global Positioning System aided by inertial navigation. The guided weapon provides a standoff range of more than 60 nautical miles to protect aircrews engaging threats in combat.

The Air Force has dropped 23 FLMs in combat operations and has a 23 for 23 mission-success rate. (USAF in Fallujah and IAF in Gaza [?])

Backgrounder: Boeing SDB Focused Lethality Munition [pdf]

The SDB System, with its four-place carriage and four weapons, is designed to fit on current fighter/bomber external smart stations and in the internal bays of the F-22A, F-35, Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles, and B-1 and B-2 bombers.

The U.S. Air Force acquisition of the SDB System is managed by the Air Force Program Executive Officer for Weapons and the 918th Armament Systems Group, Eglin AFB, FL.

Posted by: Oui | Jul 16 2014 4:41 utc | 44

Boeing Canada

In August 2003, following a two-year competitive phase, the Air Force selected Boeing to develop and build the SDB system. The Boeing and Air Force SDB I Team completed the most successful development program in recent history and delivered the SDB system to the warfighter at cost and ahead of schedule.

The Air Force declared initial operational capability in October 2006, and has been in combat use on the F-15E since October 2006. SDB integration on the F-22A, F-35, and F-16 is under way. In January 2012, Boeing produced the 10,000th SDB for the Air Force.

In November 2010, Boeing was awarded a $106 million Lot 7 contract extension from the U.S. Air Force for nearly 2,700 Small Diameter Bomb Increment I (SDB I) munitions and approximately 380 BRU-61 carriages.

Customers: U.S. Air Force and 3 Foreign Military Allies

Posted by: Oui | Jul 16 2014 4:51 utc | 45

@42 brian,

you might want to take that up with tough talker jsore directly.. it seems he can only get his point across when he uses popular expletives..

@34 oui.

thanks. i did a bit of reading after i asked and kept on coming up with us based development on this. i suppose that makes sense in so far as the usa puts a ridiculous about of money in excess of other countries into the military..

Posted by: james | Jul 16 2014 6:59 utc | 46

Sodomy is one of the ritualized institutions in British upper-class private schooling. It is simply part of the process of establishing social dominance.

The fact that it overlaps heavily with pedophilia in later life is certainly no coincidence, though.

Posted by: ralphieboy | Jul 16 2014 10:37 utc | 47

@36 Bevin,

Thank you.

I was ready to say it myself, but you said it better than I could.

Posted by: sleepy | Jul 16 2014 10:47 utc | 48

"Ukraine Internet trolls target Hollande and Merkel
Furious Ukrainian Internet users have bombarded the social networking sites of French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel for allegedly cosying up to Russia despite the ongoing fighting in their country.
Thousands flooded Merkel’s Facebook page with critical messages after she was pictured laughing with Russian President Vladimir Putin at Sunday’s World Cup final in Rio de Janeiro.
“Danke Frau Ribbentrop (Thanks Mrs Ribbentrop)” read the most common post, in reference to Nazi-era foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop who signed a secret deal with the Soviet Union to carve up Poland.
The deluge of comments prompted a terse response from the German leader’s media team.
“Dear fans of the Angela Merkel site, there is currently a spam attack on this page that floods all posts with certain comments,” the online editor of Merkel’s page wrote, adding that they would delete messages that “contain insults, slander, racism and political extremism.”
“We look forward to a substantive and constructive dialogue in the future and hope that we can go back to it again soon,” the message said.
The official Facebook page of French head of state Hollande has also started attracting a barrage of comments from users furious with Paris for pushing on with the sale of two state-of-the-art Mistral warships to Russia despite accusations from the West and Kiev that Moscow was behind the bloody conflict in Ukraine.
“Merci pour le ‘Mistral’ a la Russie, Monsieur President! Vous aiderez les Ukrainiens a mourir! (Thanks for giving Russia the Mistral, Mr President! You will help Ukrainians to die!),” the most popular message read.
Away from the battlefields of eastern Ukraine where a pro-Moscow rebellion has claimed some 600 lives, Ukraine’s crisis is being played out in cyberspace with trolls from both Russia and Ukraine frequently inundating media outlets with critical comments on articles about the subject.
Germany and France have been spearheading European efforts to revive a failed truce in Ukraine that would lead to peace negotiations and take some pressure off the bloc to punish Russia."

Posted by: brian | Jul 16 2014 13:01 utc | 49

german footballer Ozil donates world cup winnings to Gaza

Posted by: brian | Jul 16 2014 13:25 utc | 50

Well who do you think covered up the abuse inside the BBC and the NHS that's been going on for decades?

Public school buggery comes to haunt the ruling class!

Posted by: William Bowles | Jul 16 2014 13:45 utc | 51


Number one, do you know if I or my family has spent time in the US penal system?

Number two,do you know if I or my family has been the victim of child molestation?

Oh, you don't, huh? Then why don't you shut your fucking mouth before giving me your canned feel-good fake left horseshit?

Oh, that's right you and your ilk are so smart that you've determined for the rest of society how we should react to horrendous crimes and how we should express ourselves over said crimes.

And then you turn around - in true pathetic passive-aggressive form - and wonder WHY OH WHY people can't stand your kind?

Gee, could it be it's because you NEVER stop to think who the fuck you are talking to, that your trite prescriptions for how YOU THINK society should behave don't always fit into the the mess that is real life? Nah

Secondly, addressing the flagrant flame-bait portion of your post - since I regularly embarrass you - to the point of you having to take hiatuses from this site so that you can regain your composure - and correctly paint you as the trite and intellectually shallow representative of the bourgeois fake left that for some reason you pride yourself on being what does that make you, bevin?

Really, what does that make you? If I'm a demagogue playing for the cheap seats and intellectually pummeling you on a regular basis, what is your role? Oh, I get it, you're the butt-hurt intellectual who - in the face of superior argumentation and reasoning is left to scream "not fair" all the while digging an even deeper and more embarrassing hole for themselves.

Get a grip, you mewling fool. Hoarsewhisperer made an offhand comment that you and your scold friends jumped on like it was the end of the fucking world and I pointed out just how fucking ridiculous your school-marm act is ESPECIALLY in light of the daily atrocities around us.

Isn't there enough shit in the world that we could be spared your tsking for a fucking minute?

Save it for your dollies.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Jul 16 2014 13:48 utc | 52

@ 51

Quite a spirited defense there of your views on torture and capital punishment.

Posted by: sleepy | Jul 16 2014 14:13 utc | 53

Oh I get it, pointing out that jumping on one fucking person on one fucking blog for making one fucking offhand comment about what they would THEORETICALLY like to do the perpetrators of heinous crimes is - in the minds of the morally overly-sensitive school marm brigade - exactly equivalent to being a sadistic guard at Abu Gharib!

Shit, if someone tells an off-color joke, why that also mean that they're OBVIOUSLY part of a fucking lynch mob or the KKK, right?

Hey, did you hear the one about the....Wait wait, you'd better sit right down there and listen to this WONDERFUL canned fake-left lecture I've memorized about political correctness and how the seeds of humanity's greatest crimes are DIRECTLY attributable to the expression of non-polite commentary.

Fuck, no wonder the fake left is so optimistic about the future!!!

All that mankind has to do to right this ship is to tsk tsk tsk its way to peace and love!!!

Posted by: JSorrentine | Jul 16 2014 14:56 utc | 54

Lol, keep digging.

Posted by: sleepy | Jul 16 2014 15:18 utc | 55

@53 jsore quote "All that mankind has to do to right this ship is to tsk tsk tsk its way to peace and love!!!"

either that or provide the same endless cursing rant, hoping to raise the knowledge level on internet forums! lol - how's it working so far? is your spleen feeling better?

Posted by: james | Jul 16 2014 15:26 utc | 56

Yeah,child molesters come in all sexual modes,but only homosexuals organize it;NAMBLA.Ugh.
And all these comments condemning someone for being black and white about evil,show the grayness of your opinions,and are a major reason we are in the shithole we're in.

Posted by: dahoit | Jul 16 2014 15:46 utc | 57

Yup, just like how FOR DECADES it was just POLITICALLY INCORRECT to even mention the apartheid genocidal Israelis and all of their blatant terrible crimes in polite conversation/blogs, etc. now the vanguards of the fake left are back to continue on their PC jihad.

Why, I guess having a hand in successfully stifling conversation about Israeli war crimes wasn't enough!!!

Gee, I wonder what topics/crimes the school marms will help cover up in the future!!!

Thanks guys!!! Why without your help TPTB wouldn't have been able to keep people ignorant of Israeli murder and crime for so long!!!


Posted by: JSorrentine | Jul 16 2014 15:50 utc | 58

JSorrentine @52

well said
I made an exception in reading the exchange here to actually read a comment from bevin. it's rare, believe me


"Real socialists, real fighters for the working class don't use politics to start feuds, bully and hector others"

I guess, I can be certain now that Bevin is not a real socialist and only resorts to building strawmen and using other adhominems to start feuds,bully and hector others. As opposed to just using 'politics'

As if there is a difference?

I have noticed, increasingly, those that ally themselves with the left have taken to demonstrating a level of intolerance that used to be associated with the right.

Its weird?

As if each 'group' of self identifying associates is vying for extremism

Posted by: Penny | Jul 16 2014 16:16 utc | 59

As for the topic at hand-
Hague fired, who knows what he was into
anyone who has made there way into higher levels of politics has to be twisted to believe the illusion and is most likely very compromised in order to be exploitable.
Surely Hague is no different the any other power that should not be?

Posted by: Penny | Jul 16 2014 16:18 utc | 60

I just noticed this comment:
"Yup, just like how FOR DECADES it was just POLITICALLY INCORRECT to even mention the apartheid genocidal Israelis and all of their blatant terrible crimes in polite conversation/blogs, etc. now the vanguards of the fake left are back to continue on their PC jihad..

This is entirely wrong. The Palestinian cause was very popular in the 70s for example. The current situation, in which Congress has no partisans of Palestine, and more than half of British MPs are "Friends of Israel" is new. Equally so is the attitude of the Canadian Parliament. The current extreme zionism in the "west" is very new.

As to Penny's rather silly contribution-par for the course, and characteristically nasty, too.

Posted by: bevin | Jul 18 2014 2:18 utc | 63

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