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July 16, 2014

July 16 Gaza News - "At least they wont breed"

Peter Beaumont is Jerusalem correspondent of the Guardian and the Observer. This is what he experienced in Gaza today:

Today was a personal low point - giving first aid with colleagues to two children wounded by shrapnel on Gaza beach on terrace of our hotel

Four kids with them were killed in same incident all from same extended family

1st shell hit the harbour wall. It's been hit before so I assume its on a prerecorded grid. Gunner appears to have adjusted to hit survivors

who were an adult and three boys

Earlier he wrote:

no warning shot. kids killed by first round, then gunner adjusted and bracketed the survivors. i was 200m away

His longer report is now online. The kids were helping their father/uncle fixing fishing nets. The targeted artillery rounds came from an Israeli warship. Killed were Ahed Atef Bakr 10, Zakaria Ahed Bakr 10, Mohamed Ramez Bakr 11, Ismael Mohamed Bakr 9. An "Israel Activist and media monitor" responded to the news of the four killed children by writing:

At least they wont breed

Today Israel also intentionally hit the Wafa Hospital in Gaza with a smaller missile. The hospital is completely crowded with patients and the missile was considered a "warning shot" that might be followed up with a bigger attack. There is no place for the the people in the hospital to flee to.

The Israeli press now confirms what we wrote yesterday: Secret call between Netanyahu, al-Sissi led to cease-fire plan

Haaretz has learned that the PM spoke to the Egyptian president in a secret phone call prompted by Quartet envoy Tony Blair.

It was Tony Blair who arranged the scam cease-fire which Hamas rejected. Neither Hamas nor anyone else in Gaza was ever consulted about it and they learned of it only through the media. Peace between two parties can obviously not be achieved by only talking to one of them.

Instead of that stop-the-guns-but-don't-consent-on-anything-else scam by Tony Blair Hamas today offered a real and reasonable deal for a long term truce:

Hamas and Islamic Jihad have submitted a list of 10 demands to Egypt to establish a 10-year truce with Israel, the Hebrew-language daily Maariv reported Wednesday.
The first demand, according to Maariv, is the withdrawal of Israeli military tanks from the border fence area to a distance that enables Gaza farmers to access their fields and tend them freely.

In addition, Israel must free all Palestinian prisoners detained after the abduction and killing of three Israeli teenagers in the southern West Bank including those who were freed as part of Gilad Shalit prisoner swap. This precondition also includes softening procedures against all prisoners in Israeli custody.

A third demand stipulates that Israel ends the crippling siege on the coastal enclave, which means reopening all border crossings and allowing the entry of construction materials and all requirements needed to run the Gaza Strip’s power station.

The fourth demand stipulates the opening of an international seaport and international airport in the Gaza Strip to be run and monitored by the United Nations.

All these demands are reasonable and fair and would give Israel, should it be itself reasonable and willing to stick to a truce, 10 years of peace at its southern front.

But to expect reasonablity from Israel when it is killing children for sport may just be a step too far.

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Re Morsi;His stupid call about Syria,playing into the Sunni Shia divide,wouldn't that have been popular with Washington and Tel Aviv?Curious that that would have been an impetus for his overthrow.
Whether he was good or not,shouldn't that have been left to the ballot box,and it certainly isn't our business,but Egypts.
Sisi sucks,any freedom lover knows that.

Posted by: dahoit | Jul 17 2014 14:41 utc | 101

@80 mco

Maybe they should have sought shelter in the local hospital. Oops, that was also bombed.

Stay home? Maybe their dad got a phone call from the IDF telling them to leave their house.

Maybe, they had to fish or starve.

It's ridiculous to say that any place in Gaza is safe from attack.

Posted by: sleepy | Jul 17 2014 15:02 utc | 102


To get cash Britain illegaly sold part of Palestine to the Jews. Then the USA wanted to use it to control the oil states. This is Jewish Occupied Palestine ( JOP )
They turned into a cowardly cowardly bloodstained bunch of baby killing swine and spread like a plague over other peoples land. They lie with smarmy weasel words .
ONLY Your BOYCOTT can change it like the South African apartheid also supported by USA and Britain

The Jews in Occupied Palestine will one day be put back in their sealed box as a failed dangerous experiment . The illegal settlers must heed those harmless rocket warnings and go in safety now and the land will be redistributed to the original inhabitants. They can blame no-one but themselves and their disgusting behaviour.
The Jews in Occupied Palestine putting their neighbours in the Gaza getto and treating them worse than animals have shown how they wish to be treated.
Only childish idiots believe the jewish story that God gave them Palestine as his favourites and the rest are shit.
How do we civilise them and ensure they stay controlled. ? Cap all wealth?

Right now you have the power to use the same “collateral weapon” the jews use in the Gaza Getto.
Use colleratal damage by BOYCOTTING ALL JEWISH GOODS, SERVICES, SHOPS THAT SELL THESE, cultural contacts, etc until Palestine is returned to its true owners..


Posted by: boindub | Jul 17 2014 15:13 utc | 103

It's ridiculous to say that any place in Gaza is safe from attack.

And of course, the way to make it safer is to arm Hamas with rockets so they can fire hundreds of them into Israel inviting a retaliatory response. Great logic.

Palestinians should hate Hamas just as those caught in American ghettos should hate gangs — and many do. Gangs, like Hamas, do the people of their respective communities not only a disservice but great harm.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jul 17 2014 15:14 utc | 104


We're all sick and tried of these saint-like Chosen people pretending to want peace. No one buys it anymore. It's only a matter of time before precious, innocent, victimized Israel is forced to make peace - let the boycotts begin, let Israel go the way of apartheid South Africa.

Posted by: Cynthia | Jul 17 2014 15:40 utc | 105

When in Israel, I took a tour to the long awaited site of Masada. I'm not anti-Israel, my heart is big enough to love Hebrew and Arabic, Jew and Arab.
I dreamed of going to this site, a symbol of the desire of the human being to be free. A symbol of the spirit of Jewish resistance to be governed by anyone other than the Law of Elohim, sovereignty, devotion and the faith of the jewish PEOPLE/NATION/CONGLOMERATE pick one.
The tour guide was an older gentleman, very pleasant and vibrant, he was a sabra through and through, macho, confidant a alpha male in one of the most alpha countries on the planet, no?
To make a long story short, he continuously made denigrating comments concerning the palestinians and he compared them to animals.
One of the most pleasant comments was when on the way to the Dead Sea, he mentioned to us to bathe in it's mud due to it's healing properties and rejuvenating minerals.
He told us to take care and wash away the mud, otherwise we would end up looking like Barak Obama.
Being I a man of color most of the people on the bus nervously chuckled and quickly looked at me to see if I was offended.
I did not laugh, but showed my disapproval of the comment by saying out loud "Very funny Ari".
He later quietly apologized when we were away from the group "it was a joke".
I told him no harm done, patting him on the shoulder.

The comment of this gentleman, provide a glimpse to what to the views/opinions of the Jewish nation/group/people/conglomerate...pick one.

Many (not all) view the palestinian as mere animals, whether this be as a result of the loss of a relative in the unending wars between the groups, the result of misguided Palestinian attempts for payback with the rachet of suicide bombing, Plane hijackings and et, al the jews can claim damages.
They do not have the right to call them animals, and build those horrible walls making the Palestinian areas into ZOO's.

The Zoo's are now places where the IDF conducts SAFARI, if they are animals, then going out for hunting trips is allowed.

That is why those poor children were murdered, because they are just animals. Like the old tour guide told me they are animals, he was right to tell us to wipe off the mud so we wouldn't look like that chump Obama.

The children are butchered while the real Barak Obama washes his hands and the palestinian animals are treated like mud.

K tristeza y desconsuelo

Posted by: Fernando | Jul 17 2014 15:43 utc | 106

Muy bien querido Irlandes, do kara. Me gusto mucho.

Posted by: Fernando | Jul 17 2014 15:46 utc | 107

Posted by: Amar | Jul 17, 2014 9:20:59 AM | 97

Well you won't! It's also why they banned presstv in Europe. I've republished it here:

Posted by: William Bowles | Jul 17 2014 19:21 utc | 108

Israel start ground invasion in Gaza!

Holy crap this regime is fckin nuts!

Posted by: Anonymous | Jul 17 2014 19:55 utc | 109

Then the USA wanted to use it to control the oil states.

How is aiding Israel controlling the oil states? I think the American relationship with Iran prior to the revolution and Saudi Arabia covers it quite nicely. What part does Israel play in that?

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jul 17 2014 21:34 utc | 110

national emergency declared in sydney austyralia..........the torpedo is gay.balls to your partner asses to the wall.

Posted by: wes | Jul 17 2014 21:40 utc | 111


Posted by: crone | Jul 17 2014 23:11 utc | 112

NBC News Pulls Veteran Reporter from Gaza After Witnessing Israeli Attack on Children

Posted by: crone | Jul 17 2014 23:17 utc | 113

Another report on the Iron Dome

"Iron Dome is just a PR weapon. The Israelis might as well talk about their secret death ray.

MIT professor Ted Postol explains:

…During the November 2012 conflict a large number of photographs of Iron Dome interceptor contrails were observed in the sky. These contrails revealed that the Iron Dome interceptor rate was very low—perhaps as low as 5 percent or below…. I will show sample pieces of data indicating that Iron Dome performance was very low in November 2012, and I will show similar data for July 2014, which indicates that Iron Dome performance almost a year and a half later has probably not improved.

Posted by: crone | Jul 18 2014 2:25 utc | 114

Justin at

Israel Kills for the Fun of It

"... Yes, the Israeli propaganda campaign aimed at a foreign audience has suffered a setback, albeit a temporary one. That NBC reporter, Ayman Mohyeldin, who was on the scene and filed a report that – by simply stating the facts – dramatized the seemingly pointless cruelty of the Israeli strike, was quickly taken off the story by NBC higher-ups and ordered to leave Gaza. The history of this New York Times story – co-written by the photographer whose soon-to-be-iconic photo of a man carrying a dead boy on the beach while another child lies broken in the sand – shows it was edited at least five times and finally almost completely rewritten in order to blame the victims. The initial version starts out as follows:

"Four young Palestinian boys were killed Wednesday when two Israeli military strikes hit a jetty and beach where they were playing at the fishing port of Gaza City, an area that had been considered relatively safe from the intense Israeli bombing campaign of the past nine days."

Version two, filed less than an hour later, starts out quite differently:

"The four Bakr boys were young cousins, the children of Gaza fishermen who had ordered them to stay indoors – and especially away from the beach. But cooped up for nine days during Israeli bombardments, the children defied their parents and went to the seaside Wednesday afternoon, the eldest shooing away his little brother, telling him it was too dangerous."

Somewhere, George Orwell is sadly smiling.

Sure, some squishy liberal Zionists are appalled, or at least disturbed. Yet the Israelis are increasingly indifferent to Western public opinion: they’ve been defying Washington, the human rights crowd, and liberal American Jews for years, mocking their moral compunctions and reveling in their own militaristic isolation – which allows them to literally get away with murder.

As Max Blumenthal shows in his excellent book Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel, an ideology that can only be called Jewish supremacism has taken hold in Israel, where a bestselling book by a team of state-supported rabbis argues that killing non-Jews isn’t really a crime. Torat Ha’Melech (the "King’s Torah"), by Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira and Rabbi Yosef Elitzur, is a "guide for soldiers and army officers seeking rabbinical guidance on the rules of engagement." Blumenthal writes:

"Drawing from a hodgepodge of rabbinical texts that seemed to support their genocidal views, Shapira and Elitzur urged a policy of ruthlessness toward non-Jews, insisting that the commandment against murder ‘refers only to a Jew who kills a Jew, and not to a Jew who kills a gentile, even if that gentile is one of the righteous among nations. ‘The rabbis went on to pronounce all civilians of the enemy population ‘rodef," or villains who chase Jews and are therefore fair game for slaughtering."

Blumenthal goes on to cite the following passage from the rabbis’ murderous screed:

"Every citizen in the kingdom that is against us, who encourages the warriors or expresses satisfaction about their actions, is considered rodef and his killing is permissible."

This death sentence includes Israeli dissenters, whose existence "weakens our kingdom by speech and so forth."

Torat Ha’Melech is wildly popular in Israel in spite of the controversy it aroused, and as the Israeli political leadership fanned the flames of hatred and vigilantism – culminating in the burning to death of Mohammad Abu Khdeir – the pogrom advocated by these two rabbinc nutjobs and their numerous supporters was carried out. Just as it is being carried out by the IDF in Gaza today. The crazed genocidal doctrine of Shapira and Elitzur isn’t some fringe phenomenon: it is the national spirit – and military doctrine – of the state of Israel."

full article

Posted by: crone | Jul 18 2014 12:45 utc | 115

Sorry, if dupe:

Israeli MP calls for the murder of all Palestinian mothers.

Oh, I get it!! I shouldn't think that the apartheid genocidal Israelis are subhuman scum, right?

Subhuman members of their government calling for the purposeful murder of non-aggressors in their homes.

Fuck fuck.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Jul 18 2014 16:23 utc | 116


I hope the worst of all futures upon this inhuman talking piece of fucking filth. Burn in hell you fucking whore.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Jul 18 2014 16:25 utc | 117

And it now appears that the apartheid genocidal Israelis are hunting down leftists in Tel Aviv.

Nah, I shouldn't draw any analogies, right?

Posted by: JSorrentine | Jul 18 2014 16:29 utc | 118

jackass obama just said rebels did it! amazing no inquiry have been done at all, he lies just like kerry/chemical weapons!

Posted by: Anonymous | Jul 18 2014 16:29 utc | 119

Oh, and France has just BANNED pro-Palestinian demonstrations against Israeli war crimes.

Are you fucking kidding me? Have you NO FUCKING SELF RESPECT?

Holy fuck.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Jul 18 2014 16:31 utc | 120

More fucking scum Israelis cheering on war crimes.

CNN reporter rightly tweets that such people are scum but then has to delete it.

Can't call fucking subhuman scum scum anymore, huh?

Posted by: JSorrentine | Jul 18 2014 16:37 utc | 121

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