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July 24, 2014

Israel Again And Again Shells Refugee Centers

The Onion is supposed to be a satire magazine. Just yesterday it headlined:

Israel: Palestinians Given Ample Time To Evacuate To Nearby Bombing Sites:

“Giving Palestinian civilians the chance to seek safety in the home of a family member or friend that will be shelled to rubble in the next 48 hours is a gesture we deserve praise for, not condemnation. In fact, this initiative has been a major success in this campaign.” Ya’alon added that since there were numerous bombing sites Palestinians could take shelter in, he was not responsible for whatever happened to people who chose to stay home.

Yesterday's satire is today's news.

The Israeli military sometimes warns people of certain regions in Gaza to move away from their homes before it bombs or attacks. Some Palestinians have, if at all, just seconds to leave before an attack but many do leave and flee to the school buildings that under control of the United Nations. The schools are opened especially for this and the UN personal is taking care of the refugees and keeps militants and weapons out of its buildings.

It also provides the Israeli military with the exact coordinates of the schools. So guess what happens next:

Israeli shells hit UN shelter in Gaza:

As many as 30 people have been reported killed and 100 injured in the Israeli shelling of a UN school in Gaza that was being used as an emergency shelter.

Al Jazeera's correspondent Nicole Johnston, reporting from Gaza, said the school in Beit Hanoun came under shelling on Thursday. She said sources had told Al Jazeera that up up to 30 people had been killed in the bombardment.

The AFP reported a UN official as confirming "multiple dead and injured".

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Robert Turner, the director for UNRWA, the UN's refugee organisation in Gaza, said there was no warning from the Israelis before the shells landed. He confirmed there were casualties.

He said the UNRWA were in contact with Israeli forces about a window to evacuate the school before the attack happened

"This is a designated emergency shelter," he said. "The location was conveyed to the Israelis.

"This is the fourth strike on our installations in three days."

Four attacks on well known refugee centers within three days. Does anyone still believe that such attacks are some random accidents? I don't. Such shelling is pure intentional murder of obvious non-combatants. It is definitely an intentional war crime.

But the U.S still covers for Israel. It was the only country that voted "No" at the UN Human Rights Commission yesterday over an investigation of such Israeli war crimes in Gaza. One killer covering for the other.

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"Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company"....(Mark Twain)

Posted by: brian | Jul 24 2014 14:29 utc | 1

Why don't we do something useful and agitate for a change of government in Gaza? The program should be the implementation of the 4 freedoms - freedom of thought, freedom of religion, freedom to choose ones government and freedom from want. Surely if we want to help the Palestinian people we are willing to give them the gift of freedom, instead of letting them be eternally conscripted into the armed resistance war machine. Or maybe we are all sadists who want the Palestinians to die for our self righteousness. Hard to tell.

Posted by: Northern Observer | Jul 24 2014 14:35 utc | 2

I will state once again, for the record, the people of Palestine are caught between a rock and a hard place, and the only viable solution at this point is an international effort to evacuate non-militant Palestinians treating them as refugees and developing a plan that allows them to immigrate to various cooperating countries — including Russia, China and all the Middle Eastern countries not yet in flames. There can be no One State or Two State solution to this juggernaut. Palestinians, as part of this effort, need to reject The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and move on. There is no going back. If Palestinians stubbornly refuse such an international gesture, they'll seal their fate by tying themselves to Hamas because their goal is to eliminate Israel as is stated in the Hamas charter of 1988.

Imagine Kiev developing a charter such as this and vowing to destroy Russia then proceed to fire rockets into downtown Moscow. What do you think Russia's response would be? I'll tell you what it would be. It would make the destruction of Katyr Yurt and all its inhabitants look like a picnic. Thankfully, Ukrainians aren't so stupid and blinded by religion.

The Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jul 24 2014 14:36 utc | 3

Posted by: Northern Observer | Jul 24, 2014 10:35:55 AM | 2

who the dickens are u?

israel needs a change of govt...while its about it it can give back all the stolen land

Posted by: brian | Jul 24 2014 14:40 utc | 4

@2 Didn't we already try to change the government in 2006 when we cut off the PLO? I believe Hamas won as they became the only outfit besides the UN providing any kind of services.

The sadist explanation is accurate.

Posted by: NotTimothyGeithner | Jul 24 2014 14:42 utc | 5

'July 19, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak stated that his country has an exclusive right of access to the airliner’s flight recorders. “According to international law, only the plane’s owner has all the rights for the flight data recorders,” Razak explained. “Those, who do not have such rights for the black boxes, shouldn’t embezzle them”. In this regard, the head of the Malaysian cabinet demanded from all parties to comply with international law.

Posted by: brian | Jul 24 2014 14:44 utc | 6

I will state once again, for the record, the people of Israel are caught between a rock and a hard place, and the only viable solution at this point is an international effort to evacuate non-militant Israelis treating them as hostile settlers and developing a plan that allows them to immigrate to various cooperating countries — including Russia, Ukraine and all the Middle Eastern countries not yet in flames, as they came from these places originally. There can be no One State or Two State solution to this juggernaut. Israelis, as part of this effort, need to reject The World Zionist Movement(G-d) and move on. There is no going back if religion is to have any remaining connection with humanity and civilization. If Israelis stubbornly refuse such an international gesture, they'll seal their fate by tying themselves to Zionism because their goal is to eliminate Palestine as is stated in their Constitution and by their political leaders and demonstrayed by their history of ethnic cleansing and lack of borders.

Posted by: Holden Caulfield | Jul 24 2014 14:55 utc | 7

Kick out Israel out of United Nations, these are sickening war crimes!

Posted by: Anonymous | Jul 24 2014 14:57 utc | 8

"non-militant Israelis non-militant Israelis" should be "militant"

Posted by: Holden Caulfield | Jul 24 2014 15:00 utc | 9

Israel as an ethnically / religiously defined State can only endure or survive in times of ‘war’ or ‘when attacked.’

If ‘Peace’ were to be achieved, it would soon appear to many that Israel is a very strange place and not up to ‘modern democratic standards’ (whatever they are when at home in their pyjamas..) etc.

So to survive it must be paranoid vigilant, and attack (on any pretext of course, including false ones), kill, etc. and even go over the top (as today) *deliberately.*

The manufactured conflict serves as a smokescreen, and endures because of its powerful enduring patrons, the US-uk and now blatantly, openly, EU poodles such as France. Israel has ‘the right to defend itself’ etc. Against whom or what (some rockets from Gaza) is not spelled out.

There is a parallel with the Ukraine mess, not brought up.

Who are the die-hard Russophobes? (Decrepit neo-cons in the US, past their sell date, heh.)

They are Ukrainians. From present to ex- pols, Kiev oligarchs, Sloboda, Pravy Sektor, the people, etc.

Their lust to kill ethnic Russians / separatists / pro-Russians / Russian speakers etc. is horrifically displayed on the world stage.

And the US follows along. Putin as Hitler, etc.

Some might argue this is a long term plot on the part of the US, etc. but one can also see it as mutual influence and a sudden, surprising, latching on.

- After the fall of the Berlin wall, until Obama, the US entertained pretty much neutral, distant, but basically not un-cooperative relations with Russia. See space stations, the economy, and the like. In any case, the cold war was over, and no hot war was on the horizon. Bush saw into Putin’s soul and liked what he saw. Yes footnotes missing..

I interpret all this as a sign of weakness from the US.

Posted by: Noirette | Jul 24 2014 15:29 utc | 10

b quote "But the U.S still covers for Israel." it is not only the u.s. but also canada and europe for the most part, including russia... lets face it.. who controls the money must have something to do with this.. otherwise why the double standards? israel is exercising genocide on the palestinians - something they were said to be escaping by having their own homeland... something is very wrong with this whole picture...

Posted by: james | Jul 24 2014 15:57 utc | 11

If my memory serves me, what eventually caused Israel so much trouble in the Goldstone Report on the aftermath of the 2008/2009 Operation Cast Lead campaign was the Al-Fakhura school incident, where 35 people were killed by Israeli shelling of a UN-run school, and also the use of white phosphorus. Both now have been repeated in the current invasion of Gaza.

So Israel is looking at the very least at having to quash another Goldstone-type report, which will require ample U.S. assistance. The problem is the U.S. is more and more coming to be accepted as entirely disreputable, indistinguishable from a bloodthirsty kleptarchy like the House of Saud. So it will further isolate itself defending Israel, hopefully hastening its estrangement from Europe.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Jul 24 2014 15:57 utc | 12

"One killer covering for another" - AKA "professional courtesy".

Posted by: rackstraw | Jul 24 2014 16:55 utc | 13

James @11
I hate to do this but my computer is acting very weirdly, so here is what I posted to Al Akhbar:
"The US and other white settler colonies recognise that when the Palestinian cause is vindicated, the question of their own neo-zionist policies, ethnic cleansing, land theft, phony treaty making and concerted, continuing attempts at cultural genocide will become live questions both domestically and internationally.

"They also recall that it was largely their refusal to grant refuge to Jewish refugees from Naziism, in the 1930s and 1940s which drove so many unfortunate Jews to seek shelter in a Palestine which was ill equipped to receive large numbers of outsiders.

"By giving Israel their unconditional support, countries like Canada, where the doctrine "One is too many" guided policy towards families fleeing from european fascism, attempt to obscure their past failings and establish their own -self awarded- 'right' to dispose of the property, lives and culture of indigenous populations.

"IF you want to know why Mr Harper and Mr Abbott applaud Israeli crimes in Gaza, look at the treatment meted out to the aboriginals in their own countries, shunting them off lands to make way for mining (including the tar sands) in the 21st century just as they have been for centuries past."

Russia's position is different, the computer just wiped out my lengthy analysis but essentially Russia is playing old fashioned Great Power diplomacy, pretending that the US is its "partner" rather than its implacable antagonist, and avoiding the temptation of placing itself (Quixotically?) at the head of the almost unanimous revulsion humanity feels regarding Israel's crimes.
Then there is the old Great Russian tradition of chauvinism towards muslims and racism towards indigenous peoples in the imperial peripheries-it's another aspect of Tsarism re-emerging in a country in which not only the property of the state but the land of the peasantry has been handed over to an oligarchy of thieves living in Park Lane, Toronto and Manhattan.

Posted by: bevin | Jul 24 2014 16:56 utc | 14

@14 bevin, thanks i am aware of some of this, although not as nuanced as you.. essentially you seem to be saying 2 things. 1) - collectively we are trying to absolve our guilt over our own past actions and 2) - property has been handed over to the state or corporations essentially. that sounds about right. my problem with 1) is that going back in time to make a direct comparison/connection to what is happening in the present in israel/palestine is not a level playing field. i am not excusing the acts of the past, but people sitting eating popcorn, or whatever watching the bombing of gaza (murdering innocent people collectively) in the present, while having cnn associates fired for pointing this out is more twisted then i can rationalize using 1) theory.

cannonfire has a couple of articles up today and yesterday that are very depressing in this regard.. the pictures along with the comment section are also discouraging.

Posted by: james | Jul 24 2014 17:18 utc | 15

It's not the US covering the western colony, it's the whole spectrum of the western empire states and protectorates. Don't try to push that europeans are any better. They all abstained in the last votation in the UN council (knowing the US would veto it).

Posted by: ThePaper | Jul 24 2014 17:25 utc | 16

I like to think of myself as gentile; I have difficulties biting a biscuit. However, WMSM's coverage of Gaza, MH17 & Ukraine are so evil tabloid journalism meets meets snake oil salesman on steroids, I find profanities apropos.

A child being killed every hour ... FUCK!

Posted by: HAHA | Jul 24 2014 17:35 utc | 17

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jul 24, 2014 10:36:50 AM | 3

Dear ethnic-cleansing crypto-fascist: Why not "relocate" the Palestinians to the country responsible for sponsoring the crime you propose: The United States of America?

Oh, no can't do that, they might come after Holefield's family, and swing his kids by the ankles as they bash their brains out against a tree trunk. That's what the Creek Indians did to the Anglo settlers invading their lands from Tennessee.

And in a message to you, the Creek had EVERY RIGHT to do so, just as the Palestinians have every right to resist by any means at their disposal. It is only a pity they have but bottle rockets to fight with.

No, you want to double down on the injustice, by imposing the original injustice of victimizing the Palestinians for the crimes of the Nazis upon the countries on your hate list that had little or nothing to do with either original injustice.

For the record, this guy is also for the ethnic cleansing for all Russians living outside its borders. Move them into this guy's backyard, too, so we can watch them waste him and his family, Creek-style.

Posted by: Matt | Jul 24 2014 17:36 utc | 18

Fucknuts resigned! :)

Posted by: HAHA | Jul 24 2014 17:48 utc | 19

Thanks, James @15, for calling my muddled circumlocutions, 'nuanced'. It is very kind of you.
What I'm trying to say re Gaza is that the struggle between settlers and indigenous peoples is most dramatically evidenced there.

In Canada, and other colonial countries, the US included, there is a long term struggle between the ruling class, determined to keep everything it ever stole, every inch of land and every extremity of the imported culture that it imposed, and a much less conscious but much wider movement, representing most of the settler descendants and the indigenous and the metis, which has a real yearning for justice, for righting old wrongs, repairing what can be repaired of the old communal fabrics and, including indigenous cultural values and understanding of nature, building a new classless economy as a foundation for future peace and ecological renewal.

It is not just the position of First Nations (like the people of Gaza) which will need to be addressed, but those of successive waves of exploited labour, going back in Canada to the girls stolen of the wharf in Nantes, the clansmen dispossessed in the Clearances, the Irish driven out by famine, the Sikhs, Chinese...

It is this fear of reconciliation, this horror of social harmony and solidarity that motivates Harper, Abbott and Obama all of whom are firmly committed to the iron laws of hierarchy which teach us that those who can kill other peoples children, (whether in Gaza, at Wounded Knee, in Residential Schools or after raping them in the Outback) are mandated by the implacable power God, Nature, to do so.
Which is why the spectators on the green line between Gaza and 'Israel' should really save a seat for Harper and Baird (Trudeau and the NDP guy, whose name escapes me)can stand behind them.

Posted by: bevin | Jul 24 2014 17:52 utc | 20

@Noirette I interpret all this as a sign of weakness from the US.

Yes. Pepe Escobar at ATOL today quotes Wallerstein who said the same. The U:S. is sinking from its leading position and is angrily trying to salvage its might which isn't there anymore and will never come back (unless, maybe, the U.S. ignites a big war in Europe and one in Asia - that may well be the plan).

@ThePaper Don't try to push that europeans are any better.

The NYT had a piece today on how the U.S. view on Israel is very different from the European one. While the U.S. population favors Israel majorities in Europe are against it. As Much of the World Frowns on Israel, Americans Hold Out Support

The way the European governments voted at the UN simply shows that they are clients of the U.S.

Posted by: b | Jul 24 2014 18:05 utc | 21

Living in South Africa, our internet media tends towards the Palastinian point of perspective, thank fuck... It seems insane to me that after world condemnation and decades of sanctions for apartheid, the world openly embraces Israel and even funds its atrocities... Maybe we were not worth the effort, which begs the question... Why are Isreal worth so much to the west? They export fuckall, apart from lobbyism, and they demand everything. There is clearly something strange going on, behind the curtains kind of shit...

Posted by: Dan | Jul 24 2014 18:08 utc | 22

That's what the Creek Indians did to the Anglo settlers invading their lands from Tennessee.

Really? If that's the case I'm no longer so sad about what happened to their vaunted Buffalo. Thanks for removing the empathy from my heart. Anyone who does the above deserves what they get — and it looks like the Indians got what they deserved. America = 50 & Indians = 0.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jul 24 2014 18:08 utc | 23

Posted by: Northern Observer | Jul 24, 2014 10:35:55 AM | 2

What the fuck gives you the right to agitate for a change of government in Gaza? Since when are you a Palestinian? Fuck off back to your Northern Heights (or my likely depths).

Posted by: william bowles | Jul 24 2014 18:11 utc | 24


Because west are brainwashed by israeli propaganda. Israelis are on tele everyday spinning their lies, palestinians? Never.

Posted by: Anonymous | Jul 24 2014 18:13 utc | 25

b, have you gone balmy? Maybe it's the weather

"Yes. Pepe Escobar at ATOL today quotes Wallerstein who said the same. The U:S. is sinking from its leading position and is angrily trying to salvage its might which isn't there anymore and will never come back (unless, maybe, the U.S. ignites a big war in Europe and one in Asia - that may well be the plan)."

What leading position did the US ever occupy? Yeah, leading us all to our deaths!

Posted by: william bowles | Jul 24 2014 18:13 utc | 26

Move them into this guy's backyard, too, so we can watch them waste him and his family, Creek-style.

Posted by: Matt | Jul 24, 2014 1:36:32 PM | 18

Are you saying that all Palestinian people are militant, brutal murderers? If so, you're making Israel's case and justifying snuffing out the Palestinians before the Palestinians snuff out Israel per the 1988 Hamas Charter.

I'm not saying all Palestinian people are militant. I believe most of them aren't. What I want for them is to be able to live there life in peace and out of harm's way instead of being designated whipping posts for both sides in this eternal debate. I want to free them. You want to commit them to a life of futile struggle and sadistic violence.

My way is the more humane way. Your way is more inhumanity.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jul 24 2014 18:16 utc | 27

1) the source of the explosions at the school filled with refugees is uncertain>/b>, according to the NY Times:

>>GAZA CITY — A series of explosions at a school run by the United Nations sheltering hundreds of Palestinians who had fled their homes for safety from Israeli military assaults killed at least 10 people on Thursday afternoon and wounded many more. The cause was not immediately clear.

The local director of the United Nations agency operating the shelter, in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun, initially said the cause appeared to be an Israeli strike, and many Gazans presumed Israel’s military was responsible.

But United Nations officials said later that they could not be sure, and Israeli military officials said errant Palestinian munitions might have been the source. The Israelis denied having intentionally targeted the school and said they had warned the United Nations three days earlier that the school should be evacuated because the surrounding area was a combat zone.<<

2)with regard to smashing babies' heads, this is a widespread and time-honored practice - see Psalm 137, verses 8-9, King James Version -

O daughter of Babylon, who art to be destroyed; happy shall he be, that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us.
Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.

Posted by: mistah charley, ph.d. | Jul 24 2014 18:32 utc | 28

Only the iranians can cure this cancer(israel). Hezbollah, Iran & syria will be the death of Israel. That whole region is in mess because of that evil occupied state.

Blond hair, blue eyes and white skin does not belong in that region.

Posted by: Shoes | Jul 24 2014 18:35 utc | 29

I got angry by Bibi's bullshitting and U.S. covering his arse …

We Share Their Moral Values ... Israel
Israel targeting civilians an overview from 1947 'till today

Posted by: Oui | Jul 24 2014 18:38 utc | 30


Yeah such a humanitarian...your posts simply OOZE humanitarian concerns...the Palestinians should be ecstatic that they have such a bleeding-heart like you on their side, advocating for that final solution...and if they aren't, then by Gawd may Israel kill more non-combatants AND bomb the bejezus out of their civilian infrastructure...only then will these ingrates learn that Cold Hole FEELS THEIR PAIN.

Posted by: farflungstar | Jul 24 2014 19:10 utc | 31

On the comment by "b"

"Four attacks on well known refugee centers within three days. Does anyone still believe that such attacks are some random accidents? I don't. Such shelling is pure intentional murder of obvious non-combatants. It is definitely an intentional war crime."

The Israeli utter disregard, yes hatred, for the UN and its personnel is well documented over the past decades. They particularly like to target the UN because they are afraid the UN will expose their crimes against humanity to the world.

Posted by: curious | Jul 24 2014 19:14 utc | 32

May America suck the tiny Israeli dick until God himself goes belly up and spews all over Cold Holefill's smiling and upturned face, which is always so full of empathy for the underdog until someone removes it.

Posted by: farflungstar | Jul 24 2014 19:23 utc | 33

@ bevin

That's some pretty nuanced/esoteric/nebulous - and fucking bullshit - explanatory "reasoning" going back CENTURIES that casts such a wide net - i.e., Native Americans, aborigines, metis, Irish, blah blah blah - that it inevitably dilutes/deflects the blame for the current horrendous war crimes away from the suprematicist, apartheid and genocidal Israelis who are in fact responsible for atrocities of the kind that the rest of the world thought they had somewhat/maybe put behind them.

Oh, so I SHOULDN'T think that what I'm witnessing is the racist and murderous madness of an apartheid nation that has - due to its propagandized insularity and arrogation of power from the US - finally become unmoored from the piers of rationality, huh? That we are NOT once again witnessing a "civilized" society drunk on its own national mythos engaging in unspeakable acts of genocidal horror?

That, rather, what we are witnessing in Gaza is a concerted and conscious effort on the part of the West to ameliorate/head-off the grievances of the exploited - whomever and wherever they are and going back centuries - and which is - listen up, bevin, this is the part you're gonna like - being led by THE VERY SAME INCOMPETENT AND SHORT-SIGHTED FOOLS that you and the rest of the fake-left continuously and incessantly tell us here are always fumbling/bungling along trying to keep themselves atop the food chain?

That unlike with the US elite's "bungling" - your word - in Syria, Libya, ISIS, Ukraine etc that you've pointed out to us innumerable times NOW in Gaza same-said fucking incompetent fools have ALL OF SUDDEN regained that WISDOM, FORETHOUGHT and ABILITY TO CONSPIRE that have - according to you - NOT BEEN in evidence any where else but now are in full-bloom in Gaza? That NOW same-said fumblers are erudite conspirators who are all allowing this Gaza shit to play out in furtherance of their historical plot going back CENTURIES?

Hey, bevin, remember how you attempted to criticize myself and others for speaking to the Yinon Plan/Clean Break etc vis a vis ISIS? Remember how you tried to say that it was ABSURD to think that the US would be manifesting the Zionist plans of decades past?

Where's THAT bevin now? Because the new bevin seems to countenance elite conspiratorial thought albeit only conspiracies that are CENTURIES in the making and not the OBVIOUSLY FANTASTICAL ones created just 20+ years or so ago, right? But NOW same actors are trying to HIDE their "neo-Zionist" plots AND simultaneously further their own centuries long plot to exterminate the exploited? Oh well.

Also, where's the bevin that ridicules people - like myself and others - who say that the US is still the most powerful nation on the planet and pulls many of the puppet strings as concerns the war/instability that we're seeing now? Remember how it was just stupid and sophomoric to think that they US had a hand in any number of the instances of worldwide criminality? Bevin, where aarrrrreee youuuuuuu?

Because what you are NOW saying is that the murders in Gaza ARE IN FACT the fault of Obama and other Western leaders who are presiding over this slaughter because it fits THEIR agenda. Where's the bevin that would rattle off all of the detailed and specific historical/philosophical/sociological reasoning that went into each arena of conflict?

Oh, I see, now that the criminality involves Israel it's time to pull-back and zoom out to the macro-level and take a bird's-eye assessment of things, huh? Funny that.

Let me see if I get it correct:

In geopolitical areas not directly involving Israel but where it's obvious to all but the most deluded that the US is the prime mover/instigator, it's time for bevin to present everyone with facts and figures about the local specifics on history and politics so as to show the US is really just an incompetent actor one that is hopelessly misunderstanding the lay of the land as it fumbles on its way to disintegration.

OTOH, in geopolitical areas directly involving Israel it's time ditch all that shit and begin to point out how nefariously diabolical and omnipotent the US is as it pushes it's agenda of exterminating the currently oppressed/exploited so as to hide its and every other Western nation's past crimes.

Wow, and if a person didn't know your previous postings they might think that you were actually being genuine and NOT just blowing smoke out your ass.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Jul 24 2014 19:24 utc | 34

Due to the whining Zionists and the significant loss of revenue to the Israelis, the US and Europeans have lifted the ban on their aircraft into BG.The resistance need to close that fucking airport.

Posted by: harry law | Jul 24 2014 20:01 utc | 35

Holden Caulfield @ #7,

Thank you. That was awesome.

Posted by: JerseyJeffersonian | Jul 24 2014 20:26 utc | 36

Harry Law:
Before the ban on flights, Israel was the most dangerous place on the planet because of Hamas rockets. They must have suddenly turned into harmless fireworks. I'm 100% with you, let's hope the resistance can start to target Ben Gurion effectively. I bet the Palestinians wish their main problem was keeping their airport open, if they had a functioning one.

Posted by: Andy | Jul 24 2014 20:29 utc | 37

The resistance need to close that fucking airport.
I'm 100% with you, let's hope the resistance can start to target Ben Gurion effectively.

I didn't think any of you would stoop so low as to encourage, nay insist on, missile attacks on civilian aircraft, but I was wrong. I can admit when I'm wrong — and I was wrong in thinking too highly of some of you.

I thought the earlier comment from Matt wishing the Palestinians had nukes so they could nuke Israel from here to kingdom come was bad enough, but then there's this.

I don't know, maybe it's just me but I call these statements and the sentiment behind it terrorism. Where are all the alphabet agencies when you need them? Nowhere to be seen. Maybe they're the ones making the comments because they sure seem to have left the building when it comes to their "official" purpose.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jul 24 2014 20:55 utc | 38

I can't recall insisting on targeting civilian aircraft. Since when did Ben Gurion turn into an aircraft? You'll have to do much better than that Moshe. Your definition of terrorism leaves a lot to be desired too.

Posted by: Andy | Jul 24 2014 21:20 utc | 39

Cold N. Holefield. @ I didn't think any of you would stoop so low as to encourage, nay insist on, missile attacks on civilian aircraft, Nobody is suggesting attacking civilian aircraft.The intent of the closure of the airport is purely its economic value to the murderous Zionist regime, and in war the valuable economic targets of the enemy are legitimate targets. The Palestinians are entitled to strike at such targets as a reprisal for the deliberate targeting of civilians by the IDF in Gaza. Look at it this way if you were a boxer under the marquis of Queensbury rules and your opponent immediately kicked you between the legs, you go down and your opponent immediately starts kicking you in the head with intent to kill you. You would be entitled to lash out with your feet [although that in itself would be against the rules] but that lashing out would be to say to the person trying to kill you, stop, that was a warning that what you are doing is wrong and if you persist in trying to kill me I will have no alternative but to resist as I have done so. That's logical.

Posted by: harry law | Jul 24 2014 21:30 utc | 40

not really terrorism, self-defense.

Posted by: truthbetold | Jul 24 2014 21:38 utc | 41

OT: Everybody's sick of Kerry.

John Kerry 'wanded' by security guards at Egypt's presidential palace
Incident raises suspicion that US secretary of state was purposefully humiliated, weeks after 'snubbing' over al-Jazeera journalists

Posted by: Demian | Jul 24 2014 21:42 utc | 42

Israel is a combat zone. It has been since 1948. They are the ones making war on their neighbors for the last 70 years. Their airports should be closed to all commercial flights. It is an illegitimate nation that lives in perpetual war. Their airports are without question legitimate military targets. Stop, whining Zionists, you want perpetual war than live with the consequences.

Posted by: ToivoS | Jul 24 2014 21:42 utc | 43

And just to once again reiterate just how fucking insane Zionist control of the US government is have a look at the sponsors and co-sponsors of the recently unanimously passed - surprise - US Senate resolution supporting Israel. I could have picked ANY piece of legislation concerning Israel but let's just look at this one. Look how many people ran up there to get their names attached to the bill as sponsors. Nice, huh?

THEN, just for fun, go and look up the reported Jewish population - I'm sure the numbers have been boosted given the source, e.g. the percentages by state never go below .1 - in each of the states that these fucking Senator/traitors represent just to see how fucking ludicrous the situation is here. Note: this is the total number of Jews in each state and not just the Zionists.

Both Arkansas Senators sponsored the bill. Jewish population of Arkansas? 1,725 out of 2,959,373 (state pop. source: wikipedia)

Both Louisiana Senators sponsored the bill. Jewish population of Louisiana? 10,675 out of 4,625,470

Both Mississippi Senators sponsored the bill. Jewish population of Mississippi? 1,550 out of 2,991,207

Both Iowan Senators voted for the bill. Jewish population of Iowa? 6,240 out of 3,090,416

Go ahead, have fun and you'll see that it sure doesn't make sense.

Now, obviously these numbers don't include the millions of fucking Christian Zionist nutters and their ilk but is - as Stephen Walt just wrote - AIPAC the ONLY explanation for US subservience to Israel?

I mean, there are A LOT of HUGE fucking lobbies in the US yet none of them have the lockstep devotion that AIPAC and Israel has - i.e. some Senators call for reductions in defense spending from time to time, some give lip service to gun control, etc. But, I mean, power to the point of making some of the most pompous, arrogant asshole American millionaires - i.e., US Senators/Congressmen - jump up and give Bibi 27 ovations when he speaks here? On camera? Or making Presidential candidates - even a Bush? - genuflect before the self-proclaimed "world's richest Jew" Sheldon Adelson before they can even think of running?

That's some fucking power.

Or is it really all just straight up fucking blackmail - nuclear etc and otherwise? - as is being revealed such as this episode in which Israel supposedly attempted to blackmail Clinton over the Monica tapes so they'd release Pollard?

Far from being easily explained away as either simply the influence of one lobby among many or rather - and ludicrously - a huge charade masking Israel's devotion/subservience to the US, the influence of Israel on US power is a fucking PERVERSION/ANOMALY that doesn't stand serious scrutiny.

There is nothing similar to it and the reasons given for said power fall away.

There's dark matter there that is real but hasn't been explained adequately yet.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Jul 24 2014 22:05 utc | 44


Correct link for report on blackmail of Clinton over Monica here.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Jul 24 2014 22:09 utc | 45

@3 No need for them to be moved to places as far removed as Russia or China, Coldie.

Your Very Humanitarian Plan can be achieved much closer to home: all that is required is for Israel to agree that the refugees in Gaza - people who were, remember, forced out of their homes in Najd and Majdal - should be allowed to leave Gaza and returned to their home.

You know, to Sderot (Najd) or Eshkelon (Majdal).

Problem solved, and via a solution that is far, far more elegant (not to mention moral) than you suggestion of shipping out these poor unfortunates to become The Eternal Wandering Gazan.

Posted by: Johnboy | Jul 24 2014 22:10 utc | 46

US has a history of backing psychotic regimes

so its support for neonazi israel and neonazi ukraine junta is no surprise...but to do so in the age of the internet! in the full glare of publicity..the media machine s working over time with its corrupt journos to justify the US backing

Posted by: brian | Jul 24 2014 22:13 utc | 47

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jul 24, 2014 4:55:10 PM | 38

youve made a profession out of being wrong

Posted by: brian | Jul 24 2014 22:14 utc | 48

US is israels figleaf

Posted by: brian | Jul 24 2014 22:15 utc | 49

Posted by: b | Jul 24, 2014 2:05:25 PM | 21

europeans regmies are caught between a rock (US cold war allegience) and a hard place( ISraels genocide tendencies)!

US support for israel is partly based on the christian fundy idea that christ wont come again until there are only jews in israel

the book religions have sired unholy flocks

Posted by: brian | Jul 24 2014 22:18 utc | 50

Thousands of Palestinians are taking to the streets, attacking IDF - photos at link

Things In The Middle East Are About To Get Much Worse

Posted by: crone | Jul 24 2014 22:21 utc | 51

I do agree with you Johnboy. And still a better solution and more humane and less aggressive one at that: since the whole land of historical Palestine is under fire for 70 years now, let the population, all of them, decide on the kind of regime they want established there, self-determination. This is one of the foundations of the International law established by Americans after world war II. Basically, stick to your own declared principles and let the justice prevail not the brute force of the mighty one. You want a humane and peaceful solution strip Israel from the nuclear weapon and let the local population decide on their own fate, that's the only possible one.

Posted by: ATH | Jul 24 2014 22:26 utc | 52

The US State Department is filled with zionists... the people surrounding Obama in the WH are zionists.

Any wonder the USG supports Israel?

Posted by: crone | Jul 24 2014 22:28 utc | 53

CnH aint no American.He might reside there(I have no idea)but he is too Israeli centric to be American.
Reality;No way in hell the now polyglot USA is going to be given back to the injuns.Of course they were f*cked,and deserve all that dough that the US govt.owes them.And Israel is a reality,and short of nuclear annihilation will continue to exist,but there is still time and hopefully international will to secure peace,a home and security for the Palestinians.

Posted by: dahoit | Jul 24 2014 22:37 utc | 54


i am in favour of correcting the wrongs of the past..and the parallels with israel/palestine are glaring here.. it is not that i want to avoid any of this, but i see the need for an immediate acknowledgement by the world to address what is happening in gaza/israel at present in a way similar to how the world wanted to address apartheid in south africa.. that took time too, but it won't come for apartheid israel until our leaders acknowledge the horrors and quiet making like israel is some sort of innocent in all of this, or only protecting themselves. they are stealing land with impunity and that is only a small part of it.. murdering innocent people seems to be an accepted way of life for these folks.. and we have leaders who don't speak up to any of this!

regarding b's comment on how western countries process what is going on at the moment in gaza differently - i would point out what someone upstream mentioned about the christian fundamentalist perspective that has fed some of the right wing political position, especially in the usa and canada.. i don't know about europe, but my impression is a lot of canucks can see the horrors and don't buy into what the msm is saying.. that might be slightly different in the usa, with more of a green light, but i am not sure about that.. as for europe and how they process what is happening at present - i have no idea.. this is just one endless go around.. goldstone 2 next stop, as mike mentioned up above..

jsore.. better to speak your piece rather then try to take away from another persons willingness to share how they see it. i like what you say when you stick to the story line, more then when you seem obsessed with attacking bevin. that gets boring.. i think you are 100% to stay focused on the usa's complicity in what is happening at present in israel/palestine and that it is ironically following the game plan as described a long time ago.. that is informative.. i think we do need to ask ourselves the basis for this..

to me a lot of it has to do with money - who controls it and why it has such undue influence on the political decisions that don't reflect the political views or wishes of the general public.. i think that is beyond question.. israel punches way above it's weight class if it is just some little country in the middle east that is always reminding the world of the atrocities committed against world jewry as leverage.. it has to be more then that! it blows my mind the willingness of western leaders to turn a blind eye to the lopsidedness of events on the ground in israel/palestine.. they are turning a blind eye based on fear of stepping out of line, or what? i don't get it.. all i can come up with is the undue financial influence the jewish people have with their willingness to support this tiny little piece of land that is the cause of such grief and suffering for anyone who might have been associated with it previously.. something has to give here and i can't see a pretty outcome..

Posted by: james | Jul 24 2014 22:43 utc | 55

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jul 24, 2014 2:08:26 PM | 23

"Really? If that's the case I'm no longer so sad about what happened to their vaunted Buffalo. Thanks for removing the empathy from my heart. Anyone who does the above deserves what they get — and it looks like the Indians got what they deserved. America = 50 & Indians = 0."

LOL, gotcha! Looks like the troll's been himself trolled!

Posted by: Matt | Jul 24 2014 22:47 utc | 56

Your Very Humanitarian Plan can be achieved much closer to home: all that is required is for Israel to agree that the refugees in Gaza - people who were, remember, forced out of their homes in Najd and Majdal - should be allowed to leave Gaza and returned to their home.

My plan stands a much better chance of success. Your plan is dead on arrival and you know it, so what we're left with, if we went with your impossible plan, is failure, eternal conflict and the Palestinians getting the short and blunt end of the stick. Why do you want them to continue to suffer? Why do you want them to fight your battle? If you hate the Jews that much, go on over, all of you, and take the IDF on yourself. Quit goading non-militant Palestinians to be militant and support an international effort to evacuate them from that hellhole and set them up with new lives and better chances in other countries. It's sick to wear their suffering on your sleeve in perpetuity in your battle with The Jews. Free the Palestinians. Give them hope. Give them a future. Give them a chance. Free them from Israel and Hamas. Mine is the workable humane way. Stop encouraging the carnage.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jul 24 2014 22:54 utc | 57

The zionist position stated by Cold N. Holefield (quickly caught by Holden Caulfield) - really is the heart of the matter.

The jewish zionists want to disperse the Palestinians.

The jews, once again, have shown that they are the ones who should be dispersed.

The have no right to occupy Palestine.

Posted by: DM | Jul 24 2014 22:55 utc | 58

You won't believe this - Ethnic cleansing as humanitarianism. This meme is circulating in the social media. The Palestinians have to be "saved" by de-nationalizing them.

Op-Ed: My Outline for a Solution in Gaza

From Israel National News

Posted by: crone | Jul 24 2014 23:02 utc | 59

The have no right to occupy Palestine.

Right or no right — they do occupy the land you refer to as Palestine and you can't escape that fact. You can't make it just go away. Going back doesn't accomplish anything right now. The conflict is intractable and disproportionate. I'm offering a viable solution for the weaker side. It's doable, and if any of you were as concerned as you portend to be for the welfare of the Palestinians, you would agree. You would also agree that Hamas and its charter are an abomination and are in no way representative of the majority of Palestinians, and don't give me that crap that the Palestinian people voted for them. Such a vote is coerced since there are no viable options. The Palestinian people aren't free to choose because there are no choices. I want to give them a future with choices. You want to give them a future of suffering and hell on Earth in your beef with Israel and The Jews.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jul 24 2014 23:05 utc | 60

To all the posters today - don't you realise there's a war going on? I hope that it ends with most of us still fit - and on the winning side. I suspect though that whichever winning side I jump for will not consider me 'in'

Posted by: bridger | Jul 24 2014 23:10 utc | 61

All this crap could go away if the US would cease vetoing UN efforts to send Israel to the Hague. THAT's the gubmint that needs the most reform.

Posted by: Ben Franklin | Jul 24 2014 23:30 utc | 62


I mean, even during the height of the Iraq War the criminal US was at the very least hewing to line that those Iraqis "collaterally damaged" were "terrorists/insurgents" etc but in the present case Bibi directly states that Israel is slaughtering defenseless civilians outright and every single fucking US war criminal signs on to what is a clear and clean-cut admission to war crimes.

Here are two articles from counterpunch that all address the outright fucking absurdity that is America's support for Israel but neither of them address how this can REALLY be, how can this support be explained in reality.

1) In this piece it talks about Clinton, Obama and the rest of the US Establishment being cowards in regards to Israel.

I ask, cowards from what? What could some of seemingly the most powerful fucking men on the planet - and one who is no longer in office and a millionaire scores of times over - be so fucking afraid of? That the fucking retards at the ADL will call them anti-semites?

Really, that is the question. If they are fucking cowards, what is their real fear? What is the threat?

2) In this piece the author wonders why the two nominally progressive Senators from Vermont (Sanders,Leahy) - 5,285 Jews out of a state population of 626,630 - would vote with every single one of their other colleagues in support of the Israel resolution I cited above.

Why did the Senate get this so wrong? Why did Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy allow their names to be used for pro-war propaganda so at variance with the facts?

Beyond the fact that I think it's a general waste o' time wondering why US politicians don't do anything to aid the peons but really, why, would these guys feel the need to succumb to Israelitis?

It's AIPAC and only AIPAC!! scream the progressives.

Really? Is that so, huh?

Sanders has gotten an F rating from the NRA and has railed against defense spending and proposed amendments to limit defense contracts etc but just felt the need to completely undercut his (faux) progressive credentials by voting with all of the other fucking war criminals in support of Israel?

Nope, it doesn't make sense just to say "AIPAC" and be done with it.

People need to start directly asking US representatives on record if they are or ever have been threatened by the state of Israel or any of its American representatives.

Again, there's an anomaly here that is not being addressed.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Jul 24 2014 23:52 utc | 63

@60 Sorry Cold One. Your generous offer won't fly. Hamas is popular with the majority. Young Palestinians are at the point where they prefer death to submission. Gaza is their Massada.

Posted by: dh | Jul 25 2014 0:04 utc | 64

Mr Cold N. Holefield. Your straw man arguments are puerile.

Your Jewish choice of live in defeat or suffer hell on Earth is a choice for the Palestinians, no you or I.

What bemuses me, is the never-ending Zionist belief that the Palestinians will live in defeat. Doesn’t look like that is going to happen.

It does seem though, that if the Palestinians do not accept defeat, the time will come when Israel will be eliminated from the pages of history.

Posted by: DM | Jul 25 2014 0:10 utc | 65

Young Palestinians are at the point where they prefer death to submission. Gaza is their Massada.

Posted by: dh | Jul 24, 2014 8:04:42 PM | 64

If so, they need to quit hiding behind the women and children and step out and get their death because it's not workable as it stands and they're being hypocrites. If they prefer fight to the death, then they need to come out of their bunkers under the women and children and fight to the death. Otherwise they're full of shit.

Hatred isn't an answer to hatred. Tyranny isn't an answer to tyranny. Russia isn't an answer to America and Hamas isn't an answer to Israel.

So long as other ways are possible, we should strive for those other ways. If other ways are not available, violence will often ensue as the only recourse.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jul 25 2014 0:21 utc | 66

" Russia isn't an answer to America and Hamas isn't an answer to Israel."

Pretty much, this statement identifies your predilection

Posted by: Ben Franklin | Jul 25 2014 0:29 utc | 67

@ 63

JSore ~ it's old fashioned blackmail... who handles all USA communications (Israel) ~ even NSA turns their stuff over to Israel... I would be surprised if Israel didn't have a dossier on every American official, as well as British, German and French.

Pat Lang's website has a blurb on "Netanyahoo tried blackmailing Clinton over Lewinski for Pollard? - by Confused Ponderer "

Heck, from the beginning of the expose about Clinton/Monica I knew Israel had sent her on a mission. Anyway, this is what the Sic Semper Tyrannis link has to say:

The Times of Israel reports:

"WASHINGTON — Israel attempted to use tapes of former US president Bill Clinton’s steamy conversations with intern Monica Lewinsky to leverage the release of Jonathan Pollard, a new book on the Clinton family’s political enterprises has claimed. In the book, titled “Clinton Inc: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine,” author Daniel Halper relies on on-the-record interviews with former officials together with a close analysis of documents termed “the Monica Files” to paint a salacious – and uncomplimentary – picture of one of the most prominent political families in the United States.

Halper reviewed hundreds of pages of documents compiled as a contingency to use in case the former intern ever was involved in legal action against Clinton.

According to the author, the documents indicate that during the Wye Plantation talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, held in Maryland in 1998, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pulled Bill Clinton aside to press for Pollard’s release.

Halper said that Israel had found new leverage to push for Pollard’s release.“The Israelis present at Wye River had a new tactic for their negotiations–they’d overheard Clinton and Monica and had it on tape. Not wanting to directly threaten the powerful American president, a crucial Israeli ally, Clinton was told that the Israeli government had thrown the tapes away. But the very mention of them was enough to constitute a form of blackmail,” Halper wrote, adding that “according to information provided by a CIA source, a stricken Clinton appeared to buckle.”

Posted by: crone | Jul 25 2014 0:32 utc | 68

@66 Ah yes the old 'cowards who hide behind human shields' line. The fighter's mothers and fathers and children who stay in the target areas know the risks. The civilian casualties do have some publicity value. That's what desperation looks like.

Posted by: dh | Jul 25 2014 0:33 utc | 69


Your problem is well known: you object to any attempts to put events into historical perspective. Being an ignorant blowhard yourself you expect others to descend to your level and throw handfuls of shit at things which offend you.

The "bevin" to whom you refer so copiously does not exist and it adds nothing to the discussion for you to invent opinions which you attribute to "him." These tired old propaganda techniques are discredited when the State Department employs them. When you use them, just as when you indulge in your sadistic punishment fantasies, you reveal that you are simply a bourgeois slumming. A bourgeois who shares the bourgeois view that the truth is irrelevant and unimportant because the caricature of the "people" that you believe in doesn't think, wash or treat others as equals.
You have, I suspect, spent too much time pretending to be a worker and engaging in vanguardist substitutionism.

The important thing is this: the defeat of imperialism will involve, among other things, the refutation of its ideology, root and branch, and that involves not your Holy Roller howling to the choir, here assembled (saving Holden's presence), but demonstrating to sceptical but disillusioned layers of society, increasingly aware of the fact that their lives are getting harder and will get harder yet, that aspirations of social mobility and equal opportunity are unjustified, that homelessness, unemployment, poverty and tyranny stare them in the face, that there is a way out, that a new world is possible, that the sober and sensible course is to turn against capitalism and imperialism.

In other words the complexity of the relationships between the forces interacting in the middle east and elsewhere is, if people wish to intervene to change the course of history, of importance. And that know nothings, like yourself, are objectively allies of Imperialism which prefers its enemies to be irrational, repetitive and contemptuous of ideas and reasoning. That way it can write them off, together with the jihadists, as people with nothing reasonable to say and an appetite for self indulgent, angry and hackneyed rhetoric.

You are a demagogue without a mob, reduced to inventing grounds to attack one of the few people who "listens' to you. It is very sad. You could be using your brain more constructively.
And so could I: gotta run.

Posted by: bevin | Jul 25 2014 0:42 utc | 70

@66 cold.. you're gone too far using bullshit like that here to try to convince anyone.. if you're going to take a position, try making it something other then a regular talking point from the same propaganda outlets we hear from ad nauseam.. the cowards are the ones who wouldn't be caught dead doing anything other then hiding behind massive weaponry and military strength.. they're the real cowards here killing innocent people.. i can't believe you've offered that!

Posted by: james | Jul 25 2014 0:45 utc | 71

Sorry if dupe:

A nice companion piece to the weaponized naked girl" piece on FEMEN, Pussy Riot, etc that I posted the other day:

Headline for story in Times of Israel (not a joke):

Israeli Women do Gaza Strip for IDF.

HAHAH, GET IT?!!!! Like he said Gaza STRIP as in like taking off one's clothes!!!See what they did there?!!!


Now if only I could find an innuendo/double entendre that rhymes with "white phosphorus" or "flechette".

Just fucking wow.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Jul 25 2014 0:47 utc | 72

From +972 magazine... 'The largest West Bank protest in decades'

Watch what happens after Friday's prayers tomorrow, and what Nasrallah has to say...!

Posted by: CTuttle | Jul 25 2014 1:13 utc | 73

@63 People need to start directly asking US representatives on record if they are or ever have been threatened by the state of Israel or any of its American representatives.

Again, there's an anomaly here that is not being addressed.

To be sure... "Verint and Narus, the two Israeli corporations, are 'super intrusive — conducting mass surveillance on both international and domestic communications 24/7,' and sifting traffic at 'key Internet gateways' around the US, Bamford claims.

“The greatest potential beneficiaries of this marriage between the Israeli eavesdroppers and America’s increasingly centralized telecom grid are Israel’s intelligence agencies,” Bamford writes.

According to Electronic Intifada, there has yet to be a congressional oversight of the Israeli intelligence-linked firms operating in the heart of the US security establishment.

Further more... Israel’s Connection to the NSA Surveillance Scandal

A little known footnote to the brewing PRISM scandal, in which the NSA has for years harvested Americans’ personal data via eight of the largest social media and technology companies in the world, involves special technology developed by two Israeli companies founded by veterans of the IDF’s cyber-warfare Unit 8200:

If America’s tech giants didn’t ‘participate knowingly’ in the dragnet of electronic communication, how does the NSA get all of their data?

One theory: the NSA hired two secretive Israeli companies to wiretap the U.S. telecommunications network.

Verint and Narus created programs which offered the NSA backdoors to all the major U.S. telecommuications and technology companies including Facebook, Microsoft, Google. That’s how the companies could deny that they explicitly knew or approved of PRISM’s harvesting their data:

Both Verint and Narus were founded in Israel in the 1990s. Both provide monitoring and intercept capabilities to service providers and government organizations, promoting claims that their equipment can access and retain large amounts of information on a vast number of targets.

Remember those Narus routers were first installed in the San Francisco AT&T building(and other key nodes) in ’96…! 8-(

Posted by: CTuttle | Jul 25 2014 1:27 utc | 74

#23 Cold N stupid - "Really? If that's the case I'm no longer so sad about what happened to their vaunted Buffalo. Thanks for removing the empathy from my heart. Anyone who does the above deserves what they get — and it looks like the Indians got what they deserved. America = 50 & Indians = 0."

It was only a matter of time before your true nature is exposed for the whole world to see. You and your ilk just cannot help yourselves.

"Let the racists have their say. Let them alienate and repel everyone else in the world. Let them bring about their own destruction. Study history: The arrogant always fall -- and the cause of that fall is always, always their own arrogance." Cannonfire Blog (quoted with thanks)

Posted by: ted01 | Jul 25 2014 1:31 utc | 75

CTUTTLE and crone:

Yup, all that stuff is out there and has been for a while and I know that people just don't want to pay attention to it, however, in the face of this latest round of atrocities and the new nose-bleed levels to which the propaganda is scaling to here, I think the "edges" of the propaganda are finally fraying or at least people shohld be seeing the definitive boundaries.

That's why I am saying that a corner needs to be turned.

Are you afraid, Senator? Why are you a coward, Senator? And don't tell us AIPAC, you'll lose your seat blah fucking blah....really, what are you threatened by?

Besides the insider power/connections many of the these Senators/Congressmen/appointments et al have, many of them - again - are millionaires many times over, many have served/serve in the American MIC, many are in the waning decade or so of their lives yet NOT ONE FUCKING PERSON can even HINT that what we're all witnessing is even criminal or wrong much less a genocide?

Really? And we're all supposed to just sit here and think that's NOT abnormal?

That these proven/brazen/arrogant fucking war criminals and murderers - completely unashamed to murder/loot/pillage/maim etc - are SCARED of losing their jobs when they so easily shuttle - richly-rewarded - between the public and private sectors at will?

That these men with egos - think of John McCain, Obama, Clinton, Romney, any of them - the size of Long Island are sanguine with playing little bitch to our supposed ME "aircraft carrier" Israel and its despicable assortment of racist war criminals?

Does not compute.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Jul 25 2014 1:51 utc | 76

I take it software sometimes gobbles comments?

Posted by: Ben Franklin | Jul 25 2014 1:54 utc | 77

Tracts of the Zionist Propaganda

Posted by: M. Tomazy | Jul 25 2014 2:02 utc | 78

Especially now that due to the Israel's destruction over the years of any chance for the 2SS, what is the benefit to the US in having to deal with a single OVERT APARTHEID Israeli state that will inevitably be a fucking PITA to deal with as it will just continue to get worse and worse?

If the US - not Israel/Zionists - was really calling the shots, like many progressive would have us believe, why would they fucking let this shit get so far? Wouldn't it have been WAY EASIER to have told the Israelis to STFU and settle for a 2SS than have to deal with fucking atrocity upon atrocity?

From what I've read the US doesn't really need Israel in the region militarily and if Israel broke to the Russians they would be greeted tepidly at best all while throwing away the Zionist American infrastructure - MSM, intelligence, etc - it spent decades and decades building and having to start basically/comparatively from scratch.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Jul 25 2014 2:06 utc | 79

Palestine pre 1948 before zionist/israel

Posted by: crone | Jul 25 2014 2:48 utc | 80

Bevin @70

The important thing is this: the defeat of imperialism will involve, among other things, the refutation of its ideology, root and branch, and ... demonstrating to sceptical but disillusioned layers of society...that aspirations of social mobility and equal opportunity are unjustified, that homelessness, unemployment, poverty and tyranny stare them in the face, that there is a way out, that a new world is possible, that the sober and sensible course is to turn against capitalism and imperialism.

I guess so, but that seems like a pretty indirect and abstract response to the apartheid Israeli regime's artillery killing little Palestinian boys playing on the beach. JSorrentine's anger is the only appropriate response to cold-blooded massacre.

Posted by: ess emm | Jul 25 2014 3:06 utc | 81

This cold n h character who has been posting here for some time sort of left me confused about what he actually believed in. His points were so diffuse that at first I thought he was just some troll trying to stir things up. Today his views are clear.

1) he openly supports the ethnic cleansings of Palestinians from Gaza and the WB.
2) he thinks the extermination of the American Indians in the 19th century was a good idea.

If one wants to argue with someone who believes the Jews are the legitimate owners of Palestine than he might be worth engaging. Of course the world's only superpower believes that the Jews own Palestine, so perhaps the debate should move here. But that is a debate going on in hundreds of other forums.

Somehow I think MoA is not the place.

Posted by: ToivoS | Jul 25 2014 3:09 utc | 82

Regarding the IDF and Gaza I am reminded of some lines from Sassoon's uncensored poem, Atrocities:
"You're great at murder!
But tell me, can you fight?"

Posted by: Klystron | Jul 25 2014 4:39 utc | 83

I swear you just can't make this sh*t up if ya tried...! Kerry says can't wait indefinitely for Gaza ceasefire

US Secretary of State John Kerry will soon decide if Hamas and Israel are willing to agree on a Gaza ceasefire and will not stay in the region indefinitely, a senior US official said on Thursday, in what appeared an effort to pressure the parties.

"Gaps remain between the parties, so his focus is on finding a formula that both sides can accept," said the US official in an emailed comment. "But he isn't here for an indefinite amount of time and in the near future he will determine whether there is a willingness to come to an agreement on a ceasefire."

Posted by: CTuttle | Jul 25 2014 4:45 utc | 84

james @ 15: Thanks for the link. Worth a listen.

Posted by: ben | Jul 25 2014 5:24 utc | 86

Standard IDF tactics. If they can't reach the fighters, they kill their "relatives" aka, "human shield" and then go even further by blaming Hamas for the civilian deaths.

Targeting of civilian and their public infrastructure is a deliberate Zionists war policy. The goal here is to kill as many people to the point where Hamas or the other resistance groups fighting in the strip will throw in the towel. All with the tacit support/approval of the US,Some European states and the useless Arab regimes in the region. And Oh, I forgot, throw in Erdogan as well for good measure.

Turkey's position on the Palestinian issue is a really dubious one. On one hand Erdogan, the self appointed Sultan of Sunnis in the region, claim to be friends of the Palestinians while at the same time Turkey's business ties with Israel continues to flourish like never before. It's even rumored that Turkey is providing radar data and jet fuel to Israel during this latest slaughter of Palestinian.

Of course, Palestinians also bought into the CIA/MI6/Mossad orchestrated sectarian Sunni/Shia conflict that is sweeping the entire region. Even leading some Palestinians into supporting groups like the Syrian FSA, Al Nusrah etc etc, simply because they're "Sunnis" and Bashar is "Shia". Palestinians in Gaza were flying FSA flags not too long ago. Today, the same FSA, Al Nusra and their types burn Palestinian flags in Syria and accuse them for being "Shia". A Lebanese Sunni Imam puts it quite well - that if you want Arabs to fight the occupation, tell them the Israelis have converted to Shia.

The situation gets more sad when Palestinians in the West bank are kept in line by their fellow Palestinians who're part of the collaborator in chief's gang - Mahmoud Abbas(aka Abu Mazzen, aka Shah of Palestine). This little wanna-be tyrant have erased any form of resistance to the occupation in the West bank with the Israeli's help and replace it with stupid tweeting/facebooking Arabs who prefer sporting the next puma/Adidas shoes and their ladies flaunting their Gucci handbags - Palestinians in Gaza be dammed!!!

Sad state of affairs, indeed! :(

Posted by: Zico | Jul 25 2014 6:24 utc | 87


Think you meant, 'New WADC-NOVA Nexus',
instead of 'New Palestine Government',
and good luck with that...can you spell
Electoral College and Citizens United?

I mean, how hard is it to stop Zionist
baby killers? If you stacked the bodies
of all the children murdered, it would
be a 40-story tall skyscraper! Come on!

Posted by: chip nikh | Jul 25 2014 8:54 utc | 88


Oh sure it computes!

As I keep telling you MoAs, follow the smell of oil! There is a TRILLION cubic feet of natural gas offshore of Gaza, that belongs to the Palestinian people, if they can lay
claim to it in international court. The Israelis are already drilling into it, using a
UK petroleum company, are already bringing it ashore, and selling it back to Palestine,
in addition, strictly blockading Palestine ports, forcing the gas deliveries to Israel.

A whole lot of investors are making a whole lot of money, wishing that 1,800,000 owners
of that natural gas would all suddenly rapture up into deep space, to eliminate claims,
and if they can help them on their way with ethnic cleansing, it's good for MIC stocks!

While EU has made it a felony to speak badly of The Chosen, and US has made it a felony
to speak of boycotting The Chosen, there is no such protection for those INVESTORS, and
it would not take very much effort to identify them, and make their names public to all.

But when Israel is brazenly recapitulating Pol Pot, who cares about Holy Oil Wars, anyway?

Posted by: chip nikh | Jul 25 2014 9:04 utc | 89

Dan: The world was largely irrelevant in ending apartheid, and the 'international community' pretended to oppose it, while helping to set up the networks that subverted the fake sanctions. When Cuba held out at Cuito Canavale (SADF's logistics tail was too thinly stretched, and Cuba's pathetic fighting fitted too well into SADF's stereotypes for them to actually check what the Cubans were doing), they suddenly controlled the skies over SW/Namibia. Thus the negotiations, and FW's course of action (die groot krokodil sou te pateties in daardie rol lyk :P )

The sanctions as responsible for ending apartheid is imperial agitprop for their favourite genocidal tactic, not history. If you want to see what real sanctions do, look at Iraq. They would never do that to their favourites.

Posted by: Johan Meyer | Jul 25 2014 9:22 utc | 90


The US oligarchy has already ethnically cleansed ~40,000,000 Americans in the aftermath of the 2008-QEn vaporization of middle income home equity and social security 'safety net'.

They may still be alive, like Gazans, many of them, but living in a continent-wide Gazan concentration camp, where police brutally roust them, or choke hold them, or just shoot them on sight. In my little village, police sat on the chest of a homeless father stealing a loaf of bread for his child, until the man suffocated and died. America is a place where the poor stand in lines at airports being tagged and frisked, in job lines with their ear tags visible, in welfare lines with their heads down, exactly like the goyem cattle they are reduced to, while their food is kibblized and shot through with chemical wastes, their employment is hash-tagged and on-called, and their personal identity is erased or stolen.

Try it sometime. Try living on the street in the US. In Canada, you can go to the welfare office, and they give you a chit to stay in any vacant motel and get food. Try that in the US, try getting 8a housing before you freeze to death or starve to death, in any case, you are living in squalor in a giant Warsaw Ghetto named America, and it will double by 2016.

That's why Congress loves Israel, to divert the American masses from their Gazan Nightmare.
They'll always feel better after a cock fight, a rolling drunk, and a mass murder hangover.

Posted by: chip nikh | Jul 25 2014 9:28 utc | 91

Hey, Cold Hole-in-the-Head, I have a better idea: why not relocate the remaining Ashkenazim and Khazars in Palestine to Brooklyn, where they belong?

Posted by: Seamus Padraig | Jul 25 2014 10:42 utc | 92

beyond satire for the BBC!

Posted by: brian | Jul 25 2014 11:14 utc | 93


best not to listen to mental patients..or you may enter their psychotic world!

Posted by: brian | Jul 25 2014 11:16 utc | 94

Posted by: Johan Meyer | Jul 25, 2014 5:22:58 AM | 89

Not that Apartheid wasn't grotesque, but South Africa is not exactly an example of a success story. I don't think that's the ideal you want to use for what Israel could become.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jul 25 2014 11:50 utc | 95

@57 "My plan stands a much better chance of success."

Your plan involves Russia(!) and China(!!!) agreeing to clean up Israel's mess.

The chances of them being prevailed upon to come to that party is..... zero.

Great Powers treat The Small Fry like, well, small fry. And Israel is small-fry personified.

"Your plan is dead on arrival and you know it,"

Spoken like a true Afrikaaner...

And, boy, didn't their insistence that You Can Just Forget About It work out oh-so well for them.

Indeed, about as well as it worked out for the Pieds-noir of Algeria, who were equally as adamant that This Just Isn't Going To Happen.

Until, of course, history ran right over the top of both of them.

"Why do you want them to continue to suffer?"

Oh, well, gosh, maybe it's because eventually they are going to win and, so very sorry, it is Zionism that is going to end up Doing An Elvis.

Posted by: Johnboy | Jul 25 2014 12:04 utc | 96

The fucking retarded madness never stops here. Texas Senator Cruz - 139,505 Jews out of a state population of 26,448,193 - will block diplomatic and ambassadorial appointments until Obama admin "answers questions" as to why Israel was "singled out" by the FAA a couple of days ago.

And - not that it means much but - but this fucking retard graduated from Princeton cum laude, Harvard Law magna cum laude and taught as a law professor.

What, do the Zionist puppet-masters let these guys fuck endangered species? Is THAT the draw?

This continued Zionist whoring is just embarrassing to witness as a human being much less an American citizen.


Posted by: JSorrentine | Jul 25 2014 12:56 utc | 97

i stand 100 per cent by Israel.

100 percent and 100 miles to be exact

Posted by: chris m | Jul 25 2014 13:27 utc | 98

Jews against Israel:

Posted by: Amar | Jul 25 2014 13:31 utc | 99

Your plan involves Russia(!) and China(!!!) agreeing to clean up Israel's mess.

So now the Palestinians are "a mess." I'm asking the entire world, all countries, to do their part in providing a future for the Palestinians. I don't want them ethnically cleansed or genocided or subjected to a life of unending misery, suffering and hopelessness. I don't want them in my backyard, I want them as my neighbor and your neighbor. I want them as Putin's neighbor and Merkel's neighbor. I want them as the Mullah's neighbors. I don't believe, like Matt does, that they're murderous heathens who will bash children's heads against stones and trees. Hamas, yes, but Hamas is not the Palestinians, despite your objections to the contrary. Who would want to emphasize that message — that Hamas is the Palestinian people? The IDF and the Israeli leadership, that's who. The fact I make the distinction between Hamas and the Palestinians proves I'm not of that disposition and also proves those who do push that line of reasoning are of that disposition.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jul 25 2014 13:41 utc | 100

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