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June 26, 2014

U.S. "Intelligence": Nothing For Something

Where $72 billion per year is the something that gives nothing:

In the same briefing, the [senior U.S. intelligence] official [who briefed reporters this week] disclosed that U.S. intelligence did not know who controlled Iraq’s largest oil refinery. And she suggested that one of the biggest sources of intelligence for American analysts is Facebook and Twitter postings.

The U.S. spent nearly $72 billion on intelligence gathering in 2013, ...

That is quite a lot of money for looking at amateur porn and digesting unintelligible short messages.

Posted by b on June 26, 2014 at 4:31 UTC | Permalink


U.S. Intelligence plays to the paranoia that feeds the military industrial complex, and hegemonic ambitions of the western one per centers.

Posted by: easy e | Jun 26 2014 5:04 utc | 1

Real U.S. Intelligence would have prevented 9/11.....and would certainly give us some answers on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The "masters" control the intelligence......and the subsequent narrative.

Posted by: easy e | Jun 26 2014 5:09 utc | 2

Facebook & twitter postings?? No IMINT or drones??? Yeah, right....

Posted by: Meezer | Jun 26 2014 5:13 utc | 3

Hilarious! can someone tell the brits there empire is over and denmark is no where near britain...also you never hear the brits complain when US is prowling near North korea, china, russia, cuba, venezuela brazil etc

Posted by: brian | Jun 26 2014 5:26 utc | 4

Posted by b on June 26, 2014 at 12:31 AM

"That is quite a lot of money for looking at amateur porn and digesting unintelligible short messages."

Facebook is amateur porn? I didn't know that. Glad I never bothered to sign up an account there.

Fun as these simpleton distortions are of western establishment intelligence agencies, they really don't reflect the real threat these are to the people of the world. Such "analysis" actually does quite a bit of disservice in that aspect since it convinces people the threat is from clowns. And what threat is a clown? None, so no counter action needed, except maybe some outrage at the cost. But given the bankster bailouts and the non-revolution that caused, and everybody whines about government costs, but rarely does anything about it, costs are not really much of a motivating factor any more.

Space is better spent exposing their real damage. Such as their role in creating such deliberately compromised voluntary data mining and "color revolution" aids as facebook and twitter.

Posted by: scalawag | Jun 26 2014 5:45 utc | 5

b. John McGuire, ex-CIA officer, whom the Washington Post quotes is of Anabasis fame - tasked with creating a pretext for the Iraq war.

This is his Linked-In profile

Mr. Maguire is a retired Senior Service officer from the CIA, with wide ranging experience and success in Iraq, the Middle East and Arabian Gulf, Africa, with global Special Operations, security issues related to business development and emerging market challenges, international banking and risk management and mitigation. He has over 30 years of intelligence, special operations, counter terrorism, and business planning and development in challenging, emerging markets. Successful business activities have been established in Iraq, East Africa, and the Arabian Gulf region. ... Managing Director Xenphon Group 2005 – Present (9 years) Virginia The Xenophon Group continues its successful efforts in Northern Iraq, Western Iraq, and the more challenging areas of the country.

And this here from same Linked-In profile on the Xenophon Group

The Xenophon Group, staffed by a small number of uniquely qualified individuals provide advice, business development assistance, foreign government relations and problem solving, security consulting, international banking assistance and project guidance for oil and gas development projects in the middle east and Africa. The Xenophon group specializes in emerging markets, and complex operating environments.

You have to wonder what pretext he is paid to create now.

Posted by: somebody | Jun 26 2014 6:14 utc | 6

More map fun - this here is the Persian empire 490 BC John Maguire keeps suggesting by his project names

Posted by: somebody | Jun 26 2014 6:18 utc | 7

Sorry, if it has been posted already, this here is essential reading from the Guardian

In early 2005, Pakistani defence sources revealed that the Pentagon had "resolved to arm small militias backed by US troops and entrenched in the population," consisting of "former members of the Ba'ath Party" - linked up with al-Qaeda insurgents - to "head off" the threat of a "Shi'ite clergy-driven religious movement." Almost simultaneously, the Pentagon began preparing its 'Salvador option' to sponsor Shi'ite death squads to "target Sunni insurgents and their sympathisers."

The strategic thinking behind arming both sides was alluded to by one US Joint Special Operations University report which said: "US elite forces in Iraq turned to fostering infighting among their Iraqi adversaries on the tactical and operational level." This included disseminating and propagating al-Qaeda jihadi activities by "US psychological warfare (PSYOP) specialists" to fuel "factional fighting" and "to set insurgents battling insurgents."
A new intervention to keep the lid on oil prices is clearly tempting for the US and UK governments, except this would merely strike at the head of the hydra - the symptom - not the root cause.

Posted by: somebody | Jun 26 2014 6:44 utc | 8

Whaddaya think, that all those bots and data-spiders and the student apprentices to scan them and put them in nice excel tables are all for free? Just think of the energy costs alone...

Posted by: T2015 | Jun 26 2014 7:48 utc | 9

@ somebody in 8: of course it wouldn't remove the cause, for that they'd have to bomb London and Washington. So actually they're being honest, however perverted that sounds.

Posted by: T2015 | Jun 26 2014 7:49 utc | 10

That's just bullshit. I'm pretty sure they know what is happening on Iraq. They have satellites and I'm pretty sure they have high altitude surveillance drones flying around all the time (Iraq air space is basically 100% unprotected). Forget about all the fancy Internet data mining shit that is just for scamming defense money and public propaganda consumption.

What is happening is clear. The US has absolutely no interest on stopping ISIS/ISIL/'Sunni Insurgents' or the the Twitter based large propaganda and disinformation campaign to create a Sunni/Shiite war and a partition of Iraq and Syria. Kerry seems to be even suggesting now that air raids (Syrian planes) are not good. Next US will be performing air raids to protect 'Al-Qaeda' in Iraq.

Posted by: ThePaper | Jun 26 2014 8:39 utc | 11

Posted by: ThePaper | Jun 26, 2014 4:39:48 AM | 11

Of course they knew. You can even trace it on the web, describing the same ISIL/Baath/tribes scenario 6 months back and more.

The fun is that there are two media campaigns/factions working at cross purpose. One is hyping the ISIS/L terrorist threat trying to get funding and maybe reinvasion - ending up with Iran, Syria, Russia shouting that they will "fight terrorism" along with the US (this is not really the intention, I guess)
The other campaign works for a split of Iraq, putting emphasis on the "oppressed Sunnis", ending up with Obama/Kerry "putting pressure" on Maliki for a unity government ie including the forces that fight along ISIS/L thereby losing any influence they might have had on Maliki, alienating Saudi Arabia at the same time, whilst Russia, Iran, presumably China back Maliki to the hilt and start negotiations with Saudi Arabia which very well might mean the end of the "terrorist threat". This was not intended either.

Posted by: somebody | Jun 26 2014 9:17 utc | 12

No one seems to need the US fighting terrorism, who would have thought.

The prime minister of Iraq has confirmed to BBC News that Syria carried out air strikes on militants inside Iraqi territory this week.

Nouri Maliki said Syrian fighter jets had bombed militant positions around the border town of Qaim on Tuesday.

While Iraq did not ask for the raid, he added, it "welcomed" any such strike against the Islamist group Isis.

Isis and its Sunni Muslim allies have seized large parts of Iraq this month including the second city, Mosul.

there is more

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Maliki said Iraq was buying Russian warplanes, which would arrive in a few days, as the US kept delaying the sale of F16 jets.

Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the crisis with Mr Maliki by phone last Friday, the Kremlin reported on its website at the time.

Mr Putin confirmed his "full support" for the government's efforts to rid Iraqi territory of "terrorists", it said, without giving details.

In another development, reports say that a unit of al-Qaeda's Syrian branch, the Nusra Front, pledged allegiance to Isis in the Syrian town of Albu Kamal, near the Iraqi border.

Until recently, the Nusra Front had been fighting in Syria against Isis, which it sees as harming its cause with its brutality and extremism.

Posted by: somebody | Jun 26 2014 10:23 utc | 13

"In another development, reports say that a unit of al-Qaeda's Syrian branch, the Nusra Front, pledged allegiance to Isis in the Syrian town of Albu Kamal"

Rarely ever read such nonsense. It's kinda just like saying, the marines pledged allegiance to the US-army, which is the US-Inc. american branch. They're all the same entity.

Posted by: T2015 | Jun 26 2014 11:35 utc | 14

I don't think US intel missed their own baby.

Posted by: Scottindallas | Jun 26 2014 11:50 utc | 15

11 and 12 -- I think you're right. If the U.S. were concerned about the threat of ISIS they would have flown a Reaper drown over Trebil and blasted the jihadis there to kingdom come. Jordan is a U.S. protectorate. U.S. propaganda is the giveaway. Shiite violence has been played up since Mosul fell. And today there is a breathless NYT story co-written by Michael Gordon about Iran moving in to take control of the Iraqi military.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Jun 26 2014 12:23 utc | 16

@Somebody 7

Lol! Very good.

Posted by: Crest | Jun 26 2014 12:44 utc | 17

Will the Iranian succeed where Bandar failed (obviously, they can't fail)

Posted by: Mina | Jun 26 2014 15:22 utc | 18

As I said:
Kerry demand disarment of ukraine rebels.

this is for Toivos and other naive people that think US/Ukraine will make peace now.

Posted by: Anonymous | Jun 26 2014 15:34 utc | 19


Posted by: Massinissa | Jun 26 2014 16:43 utc | 20

Is Kerry attempting to respond to Putin's last move?

Gazprom Ready To Drop Dollar, Settle China Contracts In Yuan Or Rubles

But wait, there's still more, because it is not just Gazprom. As the PBOC announced overnight, PBOC Assistant Governor Jin Qi and Russian central bank Deputy Chairman Dmitry Skobelkin led a meeting held yesterday and today in Shanghai. The meeting discussed cooperating on project and trade financing using local currencies. The meeting discussed cooperation in bank card, insurance and financial supervision sectors.

In other words, central bankers of China and Russia discussed how to replace the dollar with Rubles and Yuan.

Posted by: crone | Jun 26 2014 16:44 utc | 21

@ Massinissa

How ISIS Games Twitter The militant group that conquered northern Iraq is deploying a sophisticated social-media strategy.

After all, aren't most 'terrorists' CIA operations? My personal belief is that ISIS is USG's 'Boots on the Ground' - ymmv

With regard to ISIS/ISIL they also produce videos, invite you to invest in their stock:

ISIS Stunner: Terrorist Organization's Annual Reports Unveiled; Reveal Full "Investment Highlights"

Posted by: crone | Jun 26 2014 16:57 utc | 22

@ 12

'... whilst Russia, Iran, presumably China back Maliki to the hilt and start negotiations with Saudi Arabia which very well might mean the end of the "terrorist threat".'

Got a site for negotiating with Saudi Arabia? My friend google doesn't have any, except for Russia-Saudi negotiations back in March 2014 wrt oil, which I imagine are 'capute' now.

Posted by: crone | Jun 26 2014 17:11 utc | 23

Posted by: crone | Jun 26, 2014 12:57:16 PM | 22

I am sure they went on a roadshow through the Gulf. Gulf people are professional investors, you know.

ISIL seem to have found an independent business model. They can morph according to customer demand. If necessary, they will change the brand.

Posted by: somebody | Jun 26 2014 17:13 utc | 24

@21 Putin has made some conciliatory moves lately. Kerry wants us to think it's because of a new sanctions threat. But he knows Europeans are not crazy about serious sanctions. It's all about showing the US public a win.

Posted by: dh | Jun 26 2014 17:21 utc | 25


Germany, UK, US have all said that sanctions are planned.
I dont get this "eu dont want sanctions-talk", they have commited as much sanctions as the US.

Posted by: Anonymous | Jun 26 2014 17:58 utc | 26

@26 OK but they don't seem to be in a big rush. My sense is that Merkel, Hollande and Cameron are worried about how serious sanctions will be received by ordinary Europeans. A lot of people could lose their jobs.

Posted by: dh | Jun 26 2014 18:14 utc | 27

Here's the latest on Merkel and sanctions. Tough talk...or a way out of the impasse?

Posted by: dh | Jun 26 2014 18:21 utc | 28

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Maliki said Iraq was buying Russian warplanes, which would arrive in a few days, as the US kept delaying the sale of F16 jets.

Oh goody! More weapons for ISIS when they finally take Baghdad. Provided by whom? Why, by Russia of course. If America and The West were behind ISIS, the F-16 jets would have been delivered by now so they would be awaiting ISIS when it rolls into Iraq's capital and takes full control of the country. Instead, America sends military advisors to teach Iraq how to pull its pants up so they're not caught with them down when ISIS barges in without knocking first.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jun 26 2014 18:50 utc | 29


Headline a little misleading... Merkel WANTS... but unlikely to get: from the link ~

From Financial Times:

Unless the conflict in Ukraine sharply deteriorates, the EU is unlikely to impose new sanctions on Russia at Friday’s summit, diplomats say, citing opposition from Austria, Italy, Finland, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia. It is more likely that the leaders will seek to issue a statement of intent about imposing tougher measures unless Russia stops activities such as sending troops across the border and allowing separatist rebels to acquire heavy munitions such as tanks and anti-aircraft weaponry.

A few of these countries believe the EU should concentrate on support for Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. He will be in Brussels on Friday to sign the trade and association agreement with the EU. This is the document ousted President Viktor Yanukovych decided to shelve in favor of closer ties to Russia, which led to the three-month protests in Kiev and his downfall.

Glad to see references to pro-Russian replaced by 'separatist' rebels. I think Merkel is doing her part, reading Obama's script, all the while knowing there is too much opposition for more sanctions.

BTW ~Merkel reportedly gets NSA-proof phone with chip costing 2.5k euros (from

Posted by: crone | Jun 26 2014 19:03 utc | 30

A new intervention to keep the lid on oil prices is clearly tempting for the US and UK governments

That should be floor, not lid. The oil price is not allowed to fall below a certain level (floor). Above that level, a certain amount of volatility up and down is tolerable and warranted.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Jun 26 2014 19:04 utc | 31


lol since when have western leaders ever cared about their populations? Forgot that EU sanctioned iraq, iran to the core?

Posted by: Anonymous | Jun 26 2014 19:14 utc | 32

@32 Fair question. I think they stopped caring about public opinion when they got total control of the media. Major unemployment is hard to ignore. It could even turn into....yikes...public unrest!

Posted by: dh | Jun 26 2014 19:31 utc | 33

@30 The reality is on the ground. Friday's summit is no doubt designed to coincide with another major operation by the Ukrainian Army (whatever that is)and the opposition will be well prepared.

Posted by: dh | Jun 26 2014 19:37 utc | 34

For Cold One....a preview of upcoming headlines "Kerry Says Russian Interference In Iraq Not Helpful"....Maliki thumbs nose.

Posted by: dh | Jun 26 2014 20:22 utc | 35

@ 29

man, you lower echelon cia types are too much. it's fuckwits like you who foster the 'incompetence' meme, n'est-ce pas?

Posted by: john | Jun 26 2014 20:27 utc | 36

This should be interesting, b...! NSA Whistleblowers to Testify Before German Parliamentary Committee in July

Posted by: CTuttle | Jun 26 2014 20:34 utc | 37

Good to see you back CTuttle... yes... thanks for the heads up

and I saw today, Snowden gets German Fritz Bauer award for exposing US intelligence

Posted by: crone | Jun 26 2014 20:45 utc | 38

Wulp, Cheney himself just told us that there's going to be an EVEN BIGGER FALSE FLAG event than 9/11 when TPTB decide to nuke us.

Paging MOSSAD, MOSSAD...please pick up a white courtesy phone....MOSSAD...

Posted by: JSorrentine | Jun 26 2014 21:52 utc | 39


Posted by: Mossad | Jun 26 2014 22:11 utc | 40

Thanks to Boiling Frogs Post, I ran across an English language blog on Ukrainian issues. It has an excellent post gathering information explaining how what the Ukis are doing in the east is genocide:

Ukrainian genocide and its cheerleaders

Posted by: Demian | Jun 26 2014 22:17 utc | 41


It turns out that's a new blog: I guess that's why no one here has referred to it, that I've noticed. It was started in response to the Lugansk bombings. The author was born and spent her childhood in Donbas, although she lives in London now.

Posted by: Demian | Jun 26 2014 23:33 utc | 42

Yes, the blog is good. It explains what those "democrat" fascists have done.

Posted by: somebody | Jun 27 2014 3:52 utc | 43

400 Russian sailors arive in France to start training on Mistral class ship

Posted by: dh | Jun 26, 2014 3:31:47 PM | 33

Of course they are worried about unemployment.
However, they are worried about profits, too.

Posted by: somebody | Jun 27 2014 4:19 utc | 44

More "strange" economic news

Qatar seeks more Russia investments

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia: Sovereign wealth funds in China and Qatar signaled their increased commitment to Russia, boosting Moscow’s hopes of strengthening ties with Asia and the Middle East as relations with the West deteriorate. Major sovereign wealth funds in the Middle East and Asia have invested in Russian businesses and backed its state-funded private equity fund, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). By contrast, US financial investors in the country remain few. “CIC has invested several billions of dollars in Russia,” said Ding Xuedong, chairman of the $575 billion CIC, on the sidelines of the country’s main annual investment conference in St. Petersburg. “We will continue to increase our investment in Russia, not only in the public markets, but in direct investments,” he said. Russia’s RDIF separately announced that Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund, the Qatar Investment Authority, is allocating $2 billion to investments with the fund.


UAE-Russian relations growing

Posted by: somebody | Jun 27 2014 7:34 utc | 45

Ha ha, the incompetency defence. (Not that SSs are all that competent…)

It is really dismaying that Americans actually accept this guff (or are expected to), in other countries saying ‘oops we had our head in the sand’ brings down heads and an outcry. Then white papers, policy reviews, and if its National Security fast action (Though in Switzerland we like to deliberate no action or just throwing it all out / giving it up, etc. As when our SS cover up CIA messes, one might just as well fire them all.)

The incompetency meme is a hangover from 9/11, where it had to be implemented. Some kind of explanation had to be suggested.

I’m sure the plotters thought this all out beforehand, it would have been a tricky point, and took *one* of the best decision possible, i.e., do nothing specific to cover up the lack of appropriate reaction. 1. This ensured that everyone tried to cover their asses with varied explanations, huge fuss and muddle and contradictions, and many ppl were simply automatically silenced because of uncertainty, lack of policy / review frameworks / decisions from higher ups, and just well general head-ducking. The public bought it, so the meme became a knee-jerk media reaction as in this article. Amazing.

..see somebody at 12, and the Paper at 11: there are different factions in play here, and as said, one could follow this on the public internets without knowledge of any language except English… Not to mention common sense: de-Baath-ing, destruction of army and police and alliance with Shiites in post 2003 Iraq was set to provide further explosions beyond the 'bomb this place' kind.

Btw, no intelligence whatsoever imho can be gathered from Facebouk (I boycott it so maybe prejudiced) - what absurdity.

1. The other part of the strategy was to let ‘conspiracy’ theories, the wildest possible, be public, allow blame and accusations fly all over the place, and just sit tight and deny and activate pay-off schemes. While other countries censor or control the internet, or try to, the US exploits or manipulates that ‘freedom’ in many ways.

Posted by: Noirette | Jun 27 2014 13:22 utc | 46

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