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June 20, 2014

Open Thread 2014-14

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US trained ISIL terrorists at secret Jordan base: Report

Posted by: Anonymous | Jun 20 2014 19:09 utc | 1

In Schweden: Midsommarafton (my first info/comment)

Posted by: Atta Troll | Jun 20 2014 19:09 utc | 2

Read this, weep, and gnash your gums...

Wikileaks Exposes Super Secret, Regulation-Gutting Financial Services Pact

This article is about the scheme to extract the teeth of EVERY financial regulator in the West. It's being implemented as we speak, the Abbott/Bishop Liberal Govt in Oz is de-regulating 'Investment Advisor' industry which is already 80% controlled by the 3 major banks in Oz. The Commonwealth Bank (CBA) has been caught giving the worst possible advice to customers wishing to safely invest their life savings by not supervising its agents who tend to put customer's money where it will provide the biggest upfront fee + biggest commission + biggest annual residuals to the agent. Such "investments" carry with them a better than 50% chance of going belly-up = costing the customer approximately ALL of the invested capital.
Sometimes the investor loses most of their money, but in other cases the investors lose all of their capital and then face very expensive legal costs - with mixed success.

The importance of the Wikileaks story is that the proposed new regulations will make deception and fraud (by your local 'friendly' Bank) LEGAL.
Hopefully, killing the individual who lied to you will become widespread and POPULAR if not enjoyable.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jun 20 2014 19:41 utc | 3

Russell Johnson at the following blog link declares Russia is funding Anti-Fracking Groups. Could that be true? What do Marianne and Ginger say? How about The Howells? Surely The Skipper and Gilligan have an opinion.

From the Files of Captain Obvious: Russia Funds Anti-Fracking Groups

“I have met allies who can report that Russia, as part of their sophisticated information and disinformation operations, engaged actively with so-called non-governmental organisations – environmental organisations working against shale gas – to maintain European dependence on imported Russian gas,” Mr Rasmussen, former Danish prime minister, told an audience at Chatham House, the international affairs think-tank.

This is a classic KGB MO. One that was employed throughout the Cold War. Then peace and disarmament groups were the primary targets. No doubt the Russians have also covertly supported anti-fracking efforts here in the US, but Europe is the focus of their efforts because increased gas production on that continent competes directly with Russian gas, whereas US production is a very indirect, and somewhat distant, threat.

Europe is totally compromised by Russian influence operations, propaganda, and money. With a few exceptions (e.g., the antitrust action against Gazprom) Europe has been completely feckless in its dealings with Russia. Its energy policies have been particularly self-destructive, putting the EU at the mercy of Russia for the foreseeable future. Some of these self-inflicted wounds would have been suffered even without direct Russian influence (energiewende, for instance, is largely the product of dreamy German romanticism about energy), but by co-opting European energy companies and manipulating European environmental sensitivities Russia has tightened its grip on European energy markets. It exploits this grip for both economic and political gain, with Ukraine being a prominent example of the latter.

I can only imagine the flack that Rasmussen is going to catch for this. For he has committed a mortal sin: speaking a very embarrassing truth. Killing the messenger is the usual remedy.

Posted by: Cold N Holefield | Jun 20 2014 20:11 utc | 4

ZeroHege is reporting that Russia is totally pissted about Ukraine so called cease fire and is supporting Iraq al-Maliki gov't.

"Ukraine Peace D.O.A: Russian Border Guard 'Severely Injured' As Kremlin Calls Plan An "Ultimatum"

"Russia Reignites The Proxy War: Putin Offers "Complete Support" To Iraq Prime Minister Scorned By Obama

Are American leaders complete idiots. They are creating de facto if not de jure an alliance of Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Hezbollah. Look at a map. Can that be what they want?

Posted by: TomV | Jun 20 2014 20:45 utc | 5

Is NATO now working to improve Putins image?

Russia 'secretly working with environmentalists to oppose fracking' | Environment | The Guardian

Nato chief, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, says Moscow mounting disinformation campaign to maintain reliance on Russian gas

Posted by: Fran | Jun 20 2014 20:45 utc | 6

Apologize to Israel for saying West Bank is Occupied?!

Posted by: Tom Murphy | Jun 20 2014 20:49 utc | 7

F'n LOL!

Disputed crude oil from Iraqi Kurdistan pipeline set for Israel

Has an Israeli dominated Kurdistan in the break-up of Iraq been one the goals all along?

No - of course this whole Iraq mess has absolutely NOTHING to do with Israel, nor Zionism, nor The Yinon Plan

Posted by: OMFG | Jun 20 2014 21:19 utc | 8

@ 5,

No it is not what they want, but what can they do to stop it? It seems to me creating and backing a fake jihadi army is their best shot.

Of course it can backfire leaving them even worse off. But doing nothing pretty much ensures the alliance you mention

Posted by: Lysander | Jun 20 2014 21:19 utc | 9

@ 5,

No it is not what they want, but what can they do to stop it? It seems to me creating and backing a fake jihadi army is their best shot.

Of course it can backfire leaving them even worse off. But doing nothing pretty much ensures the alliance you mention

Posted by: Lysander | Jun 20 2014 21:20 utc | 10

@4 Hahahahaha even if its true, I support that. Fracking has revealed itself to be nonsense.

Posted by: Massinissa | Jun 20 2014 21:30 utc | 11

@11 Wait my bad I shouldnt have fed the troll at all, I should have ignored him

Posted by: Massinissa | Jun 20 2014 21:30 utc | 12

If Putin really does fund anti-fracking groups, power to him, that sounds great, fracking is immoral.

Posted by: Massinissa | Jun 20 2014 21:31 utc | 13

Russian checkpoint on Ukraine border comes under fire

    Moscow demands explanation from Kiev authorities after a Russian checkpoint on the border between two counties came under shelling on Friday, Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

    On Friday, the Russian checkpoint of Novoshakhtinsk in Rostov region was shelled by mortars, the Russia’s Border Service said. The rounds came from the Ukrainian side. A Russian customs service employee was seriously injured in the fire.

    The shelling occurred as Lugansk self-defense forces clashed with Ukrainian military joined by the National Guard, who launched mortar fire that in the end hit the checkpoint, said spokesman of the Border Service in the Rostov Region, Vasily Malayev.

I think that's the 2nd time the scum have tried this

Posted by: OMFG | Jun 20 2014 21:31 utc | 14

@6 fran.. it is kgb behaviour according to cold in the head.. now if cold could make a good case for why fracking is such a good thing, he/she hasn't done so yet... i suspect cold thinks gmo's are great too and anti anti gmo groups are another kgb funded group, lol.. welcome to the comedy channel!

Posted by: james | Jun 20 2014 21:51 utc | 15


Mr. Rasmussen is now a foreign policy security figurehead at Chatham House, the asshole cointele of EU, where all bloated former government and defense majordomos confabulate.
You might as well read the latest missives from R. James Woolsey, or Michael Hayden Esq.
Ahmad Chalabi, anyone? We have an urgent post from Ahmad Chalabi, 'Roses and Chocolate'.

Posted by: chip nikh | Jun 20 2014 22:09 utc | 16

Of course the stakes could not be higher in Iraq. If the Isis and their hosts the disenchanted sunni are comprehensively trounced, USA Israel will have lost the middle east. Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, uae will self destruct with no outlet for their festering irrationals.Iran,Iraq,Syria will recover and prosper.Lebanon will free itself from its French constitution. Fragments of the kingdoms will spin away to the remaining powers..without gulf largesse Egypt will ferment to a failed state and millions will starve. Why the hell can't they leave people be?

Posted by: bridger | Jun 20 2014 22:34 utc | 17

The sinister Kurdish oil to Israel has been reported as successfully imminent since 2007 if not earlier.
It's been a sinister goal of the Iraq war; the fact it hasn't materialized until now and hopefully fugaciously,
I see as an optimistic sign.
But would even a Sunni partial victory allow for its continuance?

Posted by: truthbetold | Jun 20 2014 23:15 utc | 18

Yesterday Poroshenko announced a 7 day ceasefire. We shall see if it leads to anything. Based on the latest news, not much.

This is what I said about the ceasefire talk on Wednesday. At that time there was some preliminary news about a 3 day ceasefire to exchange bodies.

Any real ceasefire would be almost a total capitulation. The junta controls the level of violence. The rebels use violence only for self defense. Any pause in fighting will make independent Donbass / Novorossiya more of a reality.

There seems to be a grand strategy on the rebel side, even if totally unintended. This is turning into fight not only for Donbass but for all of Ukraine. The Ukrainian forces are bleeding dry, not necessarily the more neutral regular army but the Nazi hotheads in the National Guard and in the mercenary Battalions. With the losses mounting, this could soon lead to a total collapse of the Ukrainian military or at least its revolutionary Maidanite forces.

The military strategy is to bring the fight to the loyalist area where the population is almost 100% for the resistance. The densely populated urban Donbass is easily defended. The Nazis are hitting their head against the wall. This is not Hamburger Hill nor MiG Alley. One could call it "Igor's Anvil."

Soon the regular military will have to think about switching sides. When that happens the tanks will start rolling on Kiev. If Kiev is ever liberated, it will be under the Soviet flag!

I say an unilateral declaration of ceasefire today by the junta almost amounts to capitulation. It does not really matter what the paper says. The fact is that they have been – if not defeated – then at least too far outstretched!

On April 30, 2014, in Ukraine SITREP-update April 30, 16:12 UTC/Zulu: "US/EU Hedgehog scaring techniques" Vineyardsaker wrote:

Turchinov admits that his operation has failed:"I would like to say frankly that at the moment the security structures are unable to swiftly take the situation in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions back under control. Security personnel tasked with the protection of citizens are helpless. More than that, some of these units either aid or co-operate with terrorist groups. Our task is to stop the spread of the terrorist threat first of all in the Kharkiv and Odessa regions."

I responded with this comment:

I have been reading on the Slovenian Independence War or "Ten-Day War". In essence the war was about control of border crossings. Initially Slovenia took control of the posts. The Yugoslav Army responded by moving in heavy armor and retaking most of the posts. In the end 4,600 Yugoslav troops were taken prisoner along with much of the heavy armor.

Turchinov's task now is to avoid this scenario. He will have to withdraw all Ukrainian troops, police and border guards from Donbass and set up new border posts and defensive lines in Izyum and in the west. If he succeeds, Donbass will become Russia overnight.

For all of Novorossiya to be liberated the resistance must not play by this book. It is vital that the troops and border controls – with Ukrainian flags and under Kyiv control – be kept in place as long as possible.

In Slovenia the Brioni Accords delayed independence by three months. In retrospect, it may be exactly this delay that led to the total breakup of Yugoslavia.

So far both sides have been following this advice. Donbass concentrated on strengthening its political structures (as Novorossiya) and delayed movement on the border. Kyiv manged to pull out most of its troops without any major defections to the "rebel" (I call them loyalists) side. The only exception was the Artemivsk tank base with hundreds of tanks and armor in different stages of non-use. As far as I know it is still nominally controlled by the Ukrainian army – though I do not really know how loyal they are to the Kyiv junta.

On must note, that taking control of the border undermines the legitimacy of any popular uprising, as it will automatically leads to claims about foreign arms flows, foreign interference and outright foreign invasion and occupation.

Kyiv is now doing something extremely risky. In the last few days two armored wedges have been advancing along the borders, in the uninhabited open fields to the south and west of the urban Donbass industrial area. (I guess this is where Poroshenko thinks his 10 km buffer zone would be.) The tank units are almost driving into a trap. They can easily be pocketed and boxed, at least if the Donbass forces gain any offensive capability. From the Russian side they almost look like a honeytrap; if Russian troops or even "peacekeepers" were to move in now, they could be encircled and trapped without firing a shot.

Yesterday morning we saw a Novorossiyan NAF tank column cover a distance of 100 kilometers in on hour – maybe even 200 kilometers in two hours. This would be quite an achievement for any unit in combat in hostile territory. This time it was done in broad daylight, without air cover, under real time surveillance of street webcams, augmented by almost instant YouTube uploads by spectators. Pro-ukie propagandist even claim these were Russian tanks invading into sovereign Ukraine. This must be what it feels like for a country and president to be raped!

I counted four T-64 ‪‎tanks‬, five BTR-80 APCs, seven Ural trucks, one at least pulling an anti-aircraft gun and five Kamaz trucks. It is possible that some of the Ural trucks are in fact GRAD launchers. Here is an approximate timeline with videos:

5 am: Krasnodon
5:44 am: ‎Luhansk‬
6 am: Luhansk
6 am: Luhansk
6:30 am: ‪‎Alchevsk‬
6:35 am: ‪‎Perevalsk‬
7 am: ‎Gorlovka‬

Ukraine@war claims that the tanks came in from Crimea, but it is my understanding that the armor was part of the western offensive wedge closing in on Krasnodon from the north.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Jun 21 2014 5:56 utc | 19

Russian Spring

Slavyansk. 06/20/2014-21:22


Contrary to expectations, the reconnaissance discovered the opponent withdrew its main forces from hamlet “Krivaya Luka” (“Warped Stream”) back to settlement “Kirovsk”.

A reconnaissance group of battalion from “Lisichansk” surveyed territory of yesterday’s combat. In particular, near hamlet “Krivaya Luka”, they discovered and towed to “Lisichansk” for repairs a armored carrier, which was shot yesterday.

To prevent heavy armored equipment to advance on city “Seversk” (“Northern”), a bridge over river “Severskiy Donets” was blown. A bridge in hamlet “Krivaya Luka” was back under combatants’ control.

At the moment the combatants of “Red Liman” garrison gather for reformation and restoring positions.

In areas of “Slavyansk” and “Kramatorsk”, insignificant skirmishes were taking place; the opponent kept shelling positions near “Semenovka” as well as mining and fortifying its positions around these cities.

In area of “Donetsk” moving of military hardware toward the city and the border was observed.

First half of the day, the Ukrainian aviation patrolled area of “Gorlovka” in search of ground targets; information on destruction of any was not received.

Russian Spring

Slavyansk. 06/20/2014-18:34

Question: The Ukrainian media announce of 35 dead and 40 wounded death squad troops during June 19 in area of “Red Liman”.


The media could well be correct. Our casualties of killed and wounded about half of that – the battalion was not eliminated, it was dispersed. Slowly is back together. When all return – it will be clear – how many irrevocable losses we suffered…

Question: To underscore the offensive of government forces.


They turned back and withdrew… Glad that our call for help from Russia was heard – the merely advancement of Russia’s forces toward the border dwarfed Ukrainian trust in our rear.

Question: Dissociation of various combatant forces.


True. Even Donetsk People Republic lacks integrated headquarters; common one for both Republics is more problematic. When time comes – we get one. The army commander will be a military professional and skillful administrator in same person. I hope some general-volunteer with combat experience would come…

Posted by: Fete | Jun 21 2014 6:01 utc | 20


The KRG's Barzni's always been an Israeli puppet. He's a fears advocate of spitting Iraq into little bits and have made some very strange alliance with Erdogan's AKP.

His position is not tenable, though as Kurds in Turkey itself are severely repressed. He's increasingly being seen by many Kurds as nothing but an opportunistic collaborator with the Turks against the Kurds. Rumour has it that he collaborated with mossad to neutralize Talabani(pro-Iraq Kurd). Ever since Talabani's absence, Barzani's become more assertive and gung-ho. Don't read too much into it. His time will come soon.

Da-esh (ISIS/ISIL) is the creation of Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel (Yes, Israel is very much involved in this). The goal is to dominate/destroy all states that are not "pro-Sunni" or pro-Israel. Since the US couldn't deliver the goods for them, they took matters into their own hands and formed their own shock troops to destabilize countries they don't like.

But this strategy will surely backfire. The US's been reduced to not getting involved for the simple reason that they don't want to piss off their petrol station "allies" in the Persian Gulf. So, although they're fully aware of the backing and support these ultra-Sunni extremists(Da-esh,Al-Nusra, etc etc) receive from those Arab Sheikhs, they can't complain to much because they get free bases and cheap oil/gas.

Even Ban Ki Moon is against the US attacking Daesh. Just when you think it couldn't get

Posted by: Zico | Jun 21 2014 6:25 utc | 21

Ok this notion you have that the U.S. is not involved but its minions are, is just too ridiculous to even bother commenting on.

As a theory, it is worse than "stupid", its actually mendacious

Posted by: OMFG | Jun 21 2014 7:58 utc | 22

@ several.

This snippet from Le Monde, 19 June, caught my eye. Text is buried at the bottom somewhere.

Cette nouvelle entité, détenue à 51 % par l'Ukraine et à 49 % par des partenaires étrangers, s'occuperait de louer les gazoducs et les sites souterrains de stockage du gaz, dans le but de réduire la dépendance de Kiev vis-à-vis de Moscou tout en garantissant un transit fiable du gaz russe vers l’Europe.

my trans: .. this new entity ((not given a name but one understands is specified in the agreement to be signed on 27 June)) will be owned for 51% by Ukr. and 49% by foreign partners, and will be responsible for renting gas pipelines and gas storage facilities, with the aim of reducing Kiev dependence on Russian gas, while guaranteeing viable ((aka safe, steady)) Russian gas transit to Europe.

Corporate and oligarchic creep, though it is impossible to figure who will be paying money to whom, who will own what, etc. Not the Ukrainians, that is for sure.

Posted by: Noirette | Jun 21 2014 13:56 utc | 23

Cultural stuff. Easy to skip..

A funeral in Ukraine. 2013. no subs.

The pure yellow and blue flag -blue sky .. yellow wheat- is a Nationalist emblem.

It was very severely repressed during Soviet Times, restored in 1992. Aug. 23 is flag day in Ukr. ..last from wiki. It is that important!

The coffins are draped in blue and yellow, and the different arrangements of the colours are all legit, accepted, don’t have a particular significance that I know of. ? Note also draperies of ‘traditional folklore’ - embroidered cloths etc.

The red and black flag, just 2 horizont. stripes, is the Ukr. Nationalist flag, from the OUN (org of ukr nationalists created back in the 1940s.) It symbolises black rich earth and spilled blood. (In much of the EU the combinations of red and black is considered Nazi symbolism, but who knows about Ukr.)

The other flag on display, red background with a sort of golden / yellow circular motif in the centre (or even stretching to the edges of the flag) is the flag of Ground Forces of Ukraine, and by extension of others e.g. Security services.

Note the participants are ostensibly dressed up in their roles: religious, military -high or low- nationalist-folkloric (embroidery, etc.) The ordinary mourners attempt to dress in blue and yellow. They also wear white as a symbol of purity and respect.

The man who speaks to the micro at the end (white and blue folksy shirt) is Oleh Tyahnybok (Svoboda.) The photographers in the scene distinguish themselves by being outsiders or intruders dressed casually etc.

Description not criticism.

Posted by: Noirette | Jun 21 2014 14:34 utc | 24

Noirette 23

Some weeks ago Yats announced, Ukraine would break the gas transit treaty with Russia and unilaterally rise charges. This and the Vic "Fuck the EU" Nuland-faction foreseeable not tolerating stabilization in the East of Ukraine, there is even more need for South Stream, than before the Putch. Mind also the devastating judgement of Fitch about Naftogaz especially after the split on the order of the IMF:

So the EU, seemingly also by the IMF, provided for a control stock to minimize the risks of US sabotage.

That done, Yats immediately trumpeted: EU firms' role in Ukraine gas transport system operation will 'halt' South Stream.

To my understanding all this fuss means, the "Fuck the EU"-faction clearly hinted to european authorities, construction of South Stream would be met with US-State Terrorism. Overall I am convinced, there is no other explanation of european docility towards US-attacks, than well defined military (biological or nuclear weapon) threats against european Cities.

Posted by: TomGard | Jun 21 2014 14:44 utc | 25

And imperial stooge OMFG denies a standard US tactic, witnessed repeatedly e.g. with South Africa (getting Israel, Singapore and Taiwan to pass goodies to SA), AQ (getting Saudi and company to fund AQ, although the US would at various times be caught training such personnel directly, e.g. Libya), Contras (Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud doing much of the heavy lifting) etc.

Posted by: Johan Meyer | Jun 21 2014 14:56 utc | 26

Is the Wall Street Journal suggesting the Putin is Stalin reincarnated? Given the influence of Albert Speer, Hitler's architect, on modern German architecture, perhaps, for the sake of balance, the WSJ should publish an article suggesting that Angela Merkel is Hitler reincarnated.

Posted by: blowback | Jun 21 2014 15:41 utc | 27

Mr Meyer, it certainly was common knowledge that the US was involved in at least 2 out of those 3 things you just claimed they were not involved in, fairly openly too for the most part - you even admit to them being involved in one of those 3 -

And it is common knowledge NOW that the US was usually involved itself, and was very certainly happy for it's minions to be involved in all the things you just mentioned.

The argument I was replying to however more or less implies that the US is in fact some sort of victim of the collusion of it's minions - and as I said before "As a theory, it is worse than "stupid", its actually mendacious"

You're actually sabotaging any point you a were trying to make, with that silly statement of yours @26

Posted by: OMFG | Jun 21 2014 17:16 utc | 28

Nice try. Just like you couldn't answer when I called you out on the other thread---at no point did I state or imply that those imperial agents that are carrying out the various imperial crimes were incompetent; I stated that there was a lack of competent replacement personnel coming up, and those rising through the ranks will already be gumming things up through their stupidity. Stupidity is no excuse for criminality, and I never pretended otherwise. That is, assuming that you are illiterate rather than an agent, that the US achieved much less through their crimes than they set out to because of their incompetence.

Likewise, I didn't deny that the US was happy with the crimes; rather, as is common knowledge, the US cabinet preferred to have the actual criminal conduct carried out by underlings in other states. I'm on record on multiple fora as accusing the US of arming various terrorists, and regarding them, especially in the examples above, as being the ultimate criminals and masterminds of the schemes in question. That is, irrespective of direct US support (versus proxy support), the crime is the US's will being performed.

So here's a little test: Can you even once stop misrepresenting what I say?

Posted by: Johan Meyer | Jun 21 2014 17:32 utc | 29

and clearly then, anyone that accosted Mr Meyer back in the time of the Contras, and told him that the US was involved with the Contras, would have been accused of being an "Imperial Stooge"

Well done Mr Meyer - you really helped your argument with that one

Posted by: OMFG | Jun 21 2014 17:32 utc | 30

Just like you couldn't answer when I called you out on the other thread

you know there is a difference between "didn't bother" and "couldn't", right?

Posted by: OMFG | Jun 21 2014 17:36 utc | 31

Ahem. @30 (31 is a sly admission that OMFG has no argument) ???

Since I first got involved in activism (early 2000s), I've been calling the US out. I called the US and Canada out as being behind the death squads in Haiti, and being behind the beheadings of the three then infamous yet anonymous constables (who've since been scrubbed from e.g. the UN website [a Swiss diplomat was the author], although for amusement, Singapore and Taiwan's papers still have the references to 'operation Baghdad'). I recall in the end, it was a former soldier who was fingered, although I cannot say for sure that he was convicted; the army was disbanded for their mass pedophilia and other crimes under Cedras; they always collaborated with rather than opposed foreign invasions. The RCMP was training the former soldiers as senior police.

Ditto when the AQ groups picked up steam in Lebanon; ditto Libya; ditto Mali (Cablegate Bamako 280 etc); ditto Syria. Then again, as I've never denied that the US supports ISIS (I suspected as much, but didn't have evidence, and was too busy to go find it), I can only guess where you got the notion that, were I involved in the Contra era matters, I'd have denied US involvement there. Projection?

Posted by: Johan Meyer | Jun 21 2014 17:56 utc | 32

Test---will this comment get through?

Posted by: Johan Meyer | Jun 21 2014 18:04 utc | 33

Ahem. I'll take #31 as an admission that you don't have a case.

I've been calling out US support (via proxies, and occasional direct support) of AQ in Mali, Libya, Syria and Lebanon for a while. Likewise with the that some soldier (a pedo of the variety that the RCMP train as Haitian police, i.e. Cedras era scum) perpetrated, but that the US was blaming on Aristide supporters.

Anyhow, got my first 'censored' comment. References to websites omitted, as the comment gets blocked.

Posted by: Johan Meyer | Jun 21 2014 18:04 utc | 34


and I'll take your opening claim in 33 as testament to your willingness to utterly delude yourself

Posted by: OMFG | Jun 21 2014 18:06 utc | 35

b. said that he was keeping his eye on this guy so I hope this is not off topic:

"Pope Francis Says World Economic System Inevitably Leads to War"

Posted by: rackstraw | Jun 21 2014 18:35 utc | 36

Russian Spring

Slavyansk. 06/21/2014-19:31


In area of “Zakotnoye” (hamlet?), a unit of the “Lisichansk” battalion (commander Mozgovoy) in a short battle defeated a forward detachment of the opponent. Two armored carriers were destroyed (burned). The remnants – a tank and third armored carrier – swiftly retreated toward “Zakotnoye”, where the opponent concentrates large forces.

On outskirts of “Slavyansk” – sporadic shootings. Since afternoon, the artillery was not heard. Except solo mortar rounds at long-suffering “Semenovka”.

In “Karpovka” (hamlet?) (north-east border of the city) verified disposition of a large detachment of English-speaking Private Military Company.

Posted by: Fete | Jun 22 2014 3:21 utc | 37

Someone sent me this link ...

Video of the Day – “End the Fed” Rallies are Exploding Throughout Germany

... anyone in Germany able to verify the phenomenon?

Posted by: john francis lee | Jun 22 2014 6:09 utc | 38

US is militarizing Ukraine to invade Russia. Sergei Glazyev

(Sergei Glazyev, Economic Advisor to the Russian President, 10 June, 2014. Transcript in the comments.)


"Regarding the policies of Kiev, let me say this:
Kiev is clearly conducting a policy of genocide
to eliminate the whole population of Donbass.
They are unashamedly destroying the social infrastructure.
They've smashed Europe's finest airport
without batting a eyelid.
Aside from the monstrous number of victims,
this was a gigantic infrastructure project, the pride of Donbass.
They're destroying hospitals, kindergartens, schools,
The fate they're preparing for the people of Donbass is serfdom,
which they make no secret of.
Just listen to the statements made by Kiev's chief ideologists, such as Liashko.
Poroshenko's position is not significantly different.
They see Donbass purely as a source of income, a place to pump out profits from,
by horrific exploitation of the people.
As it is, the population is already being exploited brutally:
wages are low - and paid in envelopes,
the pension funds are bankrupt,
safety conditions for the workers are worse than in the last century.
It's a merciless exploitation of the people.
Conditions are being established to make people leave the place.
Those who are not tied to work in the factories and mines are being driven out.
They are the refugees whom we are receiving in our country today.
The Kiev authorities are brutally destroying the social infrastructure of Donbass.
They're not interested in the region's manufacturing and science potential.
So they have no sympathy for the engineering industry there,
which is closely integrated into the Russian industrial complex and otherwise would cease to exist.
It's obvious that the United States is fully controlling
the Kiev Nazis, Poroshenko personally, and the government,
and is pushing them to pursue this war against Donbass to the very end.
I disagree with Feodor, who said there is some kind of limit.
They have no limits.
They've already deployed Grad rocket launchers.
Tymoshenko has threatened to nuke them.
This is not simply an expression of emotion.
It has triggered a certain reaction from the Nazis.
If they had a neutron bomb, they probably would have used it already on Slaviansk.
I have no doubt about that.
They are using all means at their disposal and will wage this war until the resistance in Donbass is completely eliminated.
Why? Because this is a war by the United States against us."


"I invite you in our next discussion to highlight the reasons for this war,
why the US has been cultivating Ukrainian Nazism and is now unleashing it against Russia,
why they launched this war in Ukraine as a pretext to pull Russia into a direct military confrontation with Ukrainian armed forces,
in order to create a regional war in Europe,
and after that what is essentially the fourth world war.
This aggression is directed not only against Russia.
In the first instance the objective is Europe.
The Americans have gained from every war in Europe –
the first world war, the second world war, the cold war.
The wars in Europe are the means of their economic miracle, their own prosperity.
It's also a war against China.
Now Japan and Korea are being pulled into the arms race.
The missile defense systems will be modernized and upgraded in Japan and on the Korean peninsula, the Americans have announced.
This is directed at both Russia and China.
So we have to understand that the key to resolving the catastrophe of Ukraine is to be found in Washington.
That's where Nazism has to be defeated.

Posted by: scalawag | Jun 22 2014 8:21 utc | 39

following on from scalawag 38, Talk by Sergey Glazyev (Economic advisor to Putin) here again (eng subs)

Can be contextualised, fleshed out with these two other links (current from news sites, text, in Eng.)

His opinions and advice seem to have a broad impact.

Posted by: Noirette | Jun 22 2014 14:33 utc | 40

A twitter from a twit, 20 June:

We spare no effort to bring peace to Ukraine, sign the agreement with EU and effectively implement it. We will be a modern European country!

One can attack such idiocy with facts - that the loans (EU-IMF-World Bank) will go straight to EU banks and Russia to pay the debts, gas bill; that the productive apparatus will be increasingly controlled by foreigners/monopolists/oligarchs etc. who will not be accountable; that ordinary Ukranian's lives (independently even of civil war!, as these types consider the Donbass enemy territory already and have no clue..) are set to be downgraded dramatically by increasing corruption, oligarchic control, cutting of pensions, health services, etc. But not only that, aka ‘austerity’ (see e.g. Greece), which is dire of course, but can in some circumstances be a state of affairs that can be overcome, this coup represents a giant step forward to serfdom and powerful-interest total control. (Which is why it gives some ppl the most orgasmic stellar thrills.)

The twit has a fancy - he or she expects that coming from the middle class and bowing down to the local PTB plus his / her status and smartness will make him part of the ruling clique. He imagines a modernity where he stars, with a super Fazebouk account, dumb proposals, etc. (Maybe he could give a TED talk?) These are the 20%, fooled and co-opted, or calculating so ’n sos. Thing is, without that 20% support, none of this could happen, anywhere.

In Egypt, the only way the high-upper and installed middle class could conserve their privileges was to go along with an Army take-over. (As the Army controls a very consequent part of the economic circuit.) So they did. The modernity shtick some of the younger gen. pretended to believe in for a while (social media, democracy, sharing, a more liberal press, fairer judiciary, social liberation or tolerance, women’s rights, better representation, less corruption, or whatever .. etc.) could not advance their cause for jobs, better pay, earlier marriage, or the freedom to act like movie stars, turned into so much sh*t — Ahmed went home to Pop. Sorry to be so jaded. (The workers rebellion and strikes were completely ignored by this class. they don't know where their food comes from.)

Tunisia is possibly the Arab Spring example that appears the best, because there isn’t TOO much barbaric killing for now and it is out of the MSM radar.

Naked capitalism, April 10, 2014:

“From the powerful oil barons in the USA in the 1920s to today’s oligarchs in Russia and Ukraine, entrenched interests have been a major concern over time and around the globe. North Africa is no exception. The fortunes accumulated by the family and friends of President .. Ben Ali of Tunisia and .. Mubarak of Egypt were so obscene that they helped trigger the Arab Spring revolutions, with protestors demanding an end to corruption by the elite.”

more at

The Ben Ali clan held about 1% of employment (nothing weird about that on its face), 3 plus % of its output, and .. 20% of profits! (See article.) Enough!

Posted by: Noirette | Jun 22 2014 16:27 utc | 41

It looks like complete bogus.
"Germany"? the guy lives on Mars that he cannot name a city?
"According to the organizers" but he cannot provide a website?

I wish it's true, and many people would go, but Germany is not centralized, and except for Frankfurt, Munich or Berlin, you'll have a hard time gathering many people (and reaching them in the first place to spread the word)

The place in Berlin where the interviews are made is the one where you can find more tourists at once. So it's not 20,000 but rather a few dozens.
Also the interviews are cut right when both guy explain they organized that against the war, or when one say more specifically against the war in Ukraine. There is currently in Germany regular protests against the war in Ukraine.

From what the guy says, it is called "Montags Mahnwache" (montag vigils)
Here are some website talking about it; strangelt no mention of being specifically directed against banks but rather for "world's peace":

Posted by: Mina | Jun 22 2014 17:27 utc | 42

Thank you Mina. I very much appreciate your background on the situation.

Posted by: john francis lee | Jun 22 2014 21:54 utc | 43

Russian Spring

Slavyansk. 06/22/2014-21:08


At about 15:00, the opponent was again attacking the reinstalled combatants’ position in area of settlement “YamPol`” (“Pit-Field”) employing 1 tank, 5 armored carriers and 5 “URALs” (truck) of infantry. I the course of battle, the combatants were pressed for cover in a forest tract north of the settlement.

From our side, to help the “Yampol`” detachment, units of the “Slavyansk” garrison waged a battle in area of settlement “Peskunovka”, at a dislocation of opponent’s vanguard formation aimed at “Slavyansk”.

That the opponent is conceiving plans to assault the city is confirmed by reconnaissance data of transfer of more than 20 tanks from north to south bank of river “Severskiy Donets” over newly build pontoon bridge in area of aforementioned settlement.

Unmanned aircraft actively operate over the city.

Ordnance is being delivered to the artillery batteries.

Also, the opponent proceeded to install combined mine fields on northern outskirts of “Slavyansk”. Land mines were planted in the city cemetery, between hamlets “Severniy” (“Northern”) and “Tselinniy” (“Virgin land”). There have been victims among locals.

Use of uncontrolled land mines near a heavy populated city is military crime. The combatants do not practice such methods of waging a war.

Therefore, no real sings of cease of fire are observed from the Ukrainian side. Under cover of the unilateral truce, the opponent readying its positions to storm cities “Slavyansk”, “Kramatorsk”, and also “Donetsk” and “Lugansk”, where the military hardware is being concentrated.

Posted by: Fete | Jun 23 2014 3:17 utc | 44

@ j.f. lee: that's total nonsense, the vast majority of Germans don't even know what the FED is to begin with. Nor will any sensible geman ever want to "end the fed", or the EZB or the Bundesbank for that matter.

Posted by: T2015 | Jun 23 2014 7:01 utc | 45

The monday demos are a tradition in Germany, years old already. The show has been usurped and overtaken by crazies long ago, now it's just a left/right honeypot for naive "beginners".

Posted by: T2015 | Jun 23 2014 7:03 utc | 46

Russian Spring

Slavyansk. 06/24/2014-00:24


Today, area of “Staraya Krasnyanka” (“Old Reddysh”) (between “Rubezhnoe” and “Kremennaya”) was a scene of artillery combat. The mortar squads of Mozgovoy (commander) worked on one side, the other side – the Ukrainian artillery. We lost none; casualties of the opponent are being clarified.

Other sites remain quite. The opponent turned still. They as well as ourselves entrench and getting ready for new battles.

Question: Consultation between Lugansk, Donetsk People Republics and Ukrainian authorities.


No knowledge. Waiting for information. That we capitulate can not be counted upon. Nor can we count that they will: these imbeciles are so entangled in their lies and so enslaved by the propaganda that shutting off the military campaign means new “Maidan”, and no chance to cling to power. In short, they are in a classical zugzwang - any move makes position worse and leads to defeat. Yet, the next move is theirs… Hopefully, our politicians understand the issue.

Posted by: Fete | Jun 24 2014 3:15 utc | 47

these imbeciles are so entangled in their lies and so enslaved by the propaganda


Sounds like he talking about bevin

Posted by: ya . . . but | Jun 24 2014 3:21 utc | 48

Russian Spring

Slavyansk. 06/24/2014-20:11


In course of the day, the opponent shelled “Semenovka” twice. To bitter regret, one combatant ( “Gorlovka” native), wounded in the morning, has died. The last massive shelling stopped just few minutes ago. The combatants do not show from trenches again.

Concentrating military hardware in “Krivaya Luka” (“Warp Stream”), opponent’s springboard grounds, goes undeterred. According to the locals, everyone is chased off their housed including senile men. Blindfolded, they are driven outside the village and set free without even personal belongings. Some shot dead on streets by the natskunks (National Guard + skunk). Even though, combatants among locals are rare.

The downed helicopter was just confirmed (by subordinates). This is tenth destroyed by our combatants.

In revenge, the opponent is again leveling “Semenovka” by mix of phosphorous and shrapnel shells.

Posted by: Fete | Jun 25 2014 2:55 utc | 49

Russian Spring

Slavyansk. 06/25/2014-21:08


We can enunciate those conditions, based on which we can go for agreement to cease fire and subsequent negotiations about some kind of truce. The conditions are following:

First, pulling the Ukrainian army 10 km minimum away of all key garrisons of Donetsk and Lugansk People Republics. Equally, unblocking blocked populated areas and garrisons of the combatants.

Second, halting aircraft missions over zones controlled by the governments of Donetsk and Luganck People Republics - any military aircraft, helicopters, jets - ground attacking, fighters or reconnaissance – does not matter.

Third, halting all shelling by artillery either populated areas or combatant positions.

Based on these three conditions, in case of fulfillment or taking them as a guidance for possible negotiations, the combatants would cease fire on their side. However, none of counteroffers have so far been proposed from the Ukrainian military, their headquarters, with which such negotiations should start.

Russian Spring

Slavyansk. 06/25/2014-16:40


Today, an opponent formation in area of “Krivaya Luka” was subjected to shelling from the site of “Seversk” (deatacment “Lisa” (“Fox”) of Mozgovoy’s (commander) battalion) as well as from “Nikolayevka” (“Nikolayvka” company is a unit of “Slavyansk” garrison).

As result of the mortar shelling of one height occupied by the opponent, an ordnance storage detonated, 3 individual conflagrations were observed. Located at its base opponent’s infantry and hardware, intended for an attack, therefore not entrenched, sustained great casualties.

Posted by: Fete | Jun 26 2014 4:21 utc | 50

Published on Jun 25, 2014

(German language only)

Gregor Gysi : Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik (inkl. Waffenexporte + Ukraine)

Startet am 18:25

Posted by: Paty Kerry | Jun 26 2014 19:08 utc | 51

Russian Spring

Slavyansk. 06/26/2014-18:26

Strelkov was not online today.

His deputy commented on recent engagement:

It was 8:46 local time. The confrontation was not such to call it fierce – just keep trashing them a bit. One armored carrier destroyed by a guided anti-tank missile “Fagot”. It is lying almost on its side. And another struck by anti-tank rifle (1942 issue); that one stands far away that we can not repossess.

Posted by: Fete | Jun 27 2014 3:30 utc | 52

Published on Jun 25, 2014

Dick Cheney: U.S At Risk Of Another "FAR DEADLIER" 9/11 Attack

Posted by: Paty Kerry | Jun 30 2014 5:32 utc | 53

NATO's Plan to Divide the Middle East, Oded Yonin, Bernard Lewis

Published on Apr 26, 2012

The master plan for the Middle East in a nutshell. Oded Yinon an Israeli strategist proposed breaking up Arab countries, to create greater Israel. All the events in the middle east so far indicate that this plan is being carried out in secret.

Posted by: Paty Kerry | Jun 30 2014 5:58 utc | 54

Algeria team donated $9 Million to the people in Gaza !

Posted by: Paty Kerry | Jul 4 2014 6:00 utc | 55


In Congress, July 4, 1776,


Posted by: Paty Kerry | Jul 4 2014 20:48 utc | 56

Paty Kerry

That was a rumour unfortunately.

Posted by: Anonymous | Jul 4 2014 21:10 utc | 57

Iran, Russia to join forces against terror in Iraq: Tehran

Iran and Russia have agreed to jointly help Iraq combat terrorism, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian says.

Posted by: Paty Kerry | Jul 7 2014 7:16 utc | 58

Posted by: Der Untergang | Jul 10 2014 16:56 utc | 59

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