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June 13, 2014

NYT Frontpage Sows Confusion


Who knew? I always thought the guy is Sunni.

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A retraction is in order. In fact, the individual pictured is an Elder in the Church of Solipsistic Narcissism. In fact, the sole adherent, in consideration of the Church's doctrine.

Posted by: JerseyJeffersonian | Jun 13 2014 16:58 utc | 1


US and British propaganda are out of sync

New York Times -Iraqis Who Fled Mosul Say They Prefer Militants to Government

Daily Telegraph

It is impossible to confirm at present whether the ISIS claim on Twitter to have executed 1,700 Shia soldiers in Iraq is accurate, or an exaggeration intended to create fear among the Shia populace. But earlier, the UN high commissioner for human rights, Navi Pillay, expressed "extreme alarm" at the situation and spoke of verified reports of "summary executions and extrajudicial killings". Some of the reports cited suggest that Iraqi security forces are being purged, though it is unclear whether there is an ethnic dimension to all of the killings.

According to the UN mission in Iraq, "the number of people killed in recent days may run into the hundreds and the number of wounded is said to be approaching one thousand," Rupert Colville, Ms Pillay's spokesman, said in Geneva.

He said UN had received reports of horrific abuses after the capture of Iraq's second city Mosul, one such case involving the "summary executions of Iraqi soldiers (and) of 17 civilians" thought to have been working for the police, in one particular street in Mosul on 11 June.

A court employee and 12 people believed to have been serving with Iraqi security services or police had been executed in the central Mosul neighbourhood of Dawasa, he added.

Mr Colville also pointed to reports that ISIS militants had freed and armed prisoners, who were now out searching for those they believed were responsible for their incarceration to exact revenge.

In one case, former prisoners reportedly "went to Tikrit and killed seven former police officers who had worked in the prison," he said.

"There are also reports that ISIL check points are specifically targeting former soldiers and police, especially one from one particular tribe - the Jarobi tribe - which is perceived as being close to the government," he added.

Mr Colville also reported the suicide of four women in Mosul who had reportedly either been raped or forced to marry ISIS militants.

Posted by: somebody | Jun 13 2014 17:08 utc | 2

Why are so many silent (also here) when obama threat to bomb iraq?

Posted by: Anonymous | Jun 13 2014 17:20 utc | 3

Hey wait I thought they were Syrian freedom fighters. What changed?

Posted by: Colinjames | Jun 13 2014 17:30 utc | 4

@ 3

Because that's just air escaping, nothing to worry about.

Posted by: Alexander | Jun 13 2014 18:11 utc | 5

LOL, thanks

Posted by: jo6pac | Jun 13 2014 18:25 utc | 6

Now obama threat not only to bomb iraq but syria!
This is really disgusting and no condemnations!

Posted by: Anonymous | Jun 13 2014 18:30 utc | 7

Ali al-Sistani is Shiite. It's easy to check these things with Wikipedia.

Posted by: Demian | Jun 13 2014 18:32 utc | 8

Posted by: Demian | Jun 13, 2014 2:32:38 PM | 8

Obama? I think he says he believes in some higher being.

Posted by: somebody | Jun 13 2014 18:40 utc | 9

Oh, I get the joke now.

Posted by: Demian | Jun 13 2014 18:42 utc | 10

Anonymous, RT's report on O's speech left out the part where O advocated bringing Sunni's into 'the diplomatic conversation', as well as the Kurds. Reminds me of WaPo and other MSM urging Hugo Chavez to empower his opposition, by bringing them into govt.

Posted by: okie farmer | Jun 13 2014 18:46 utc | 11

Obama's speech was purely for domestic consumption. He is taking heat for supposedly not bargaining aggressively with Maliki over the SOFA and then pulling the U.S. troops out.

What will change remains to be seen. Iraq will probably be added to the list of drone zones along with Yemen and AfPak.

If Iraq were Crimea Obama would be leading the West on sanctions crusade of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Jun 13 2014 18:48 utc | 12

It is a very good joke, too, b. It riffs on Obama's heavy reliance on the Wahhabis as well as the paranoia dominant on the American Right that Obama is a closet Muslim.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Jun 13 2014 20:05 utc | 13

Seems Obama has got a lot on his mind

Posted by: chris m | Jun 13 2014 20:35 utc | 14

Keep up the good speeches, Obama
Thats your forte

Posted by: chris m | Jun 13 2014 20:40 utc | 15

I suppose its a bit late in the year now
to be watching Seven DAYS IN May.
maybe next year

Posted by: chris m | Jun 13 2014 20:45 utc | 16

Even better! The Russians are buying Kurdish oil

At least now it is clear why SAA why not attacking ISIL. The 3rd link above provides news of Saddam's daughter welcoming the tripartition.

Posted by: Mina | Jun 14 2014 6:04 utc | 18

"NEW YORK – A U.S. contractor in Iraq told WND the Iraqi Air Force has begun evacuations from Balad Air Force Base, where 200 American contractors were trapped by the al-Qaida-inspired jihadists who have seized control of two cities and are now threatening Baghdad.

A contractor with Sallyport Global, who asked not to be named, told WND through a Skype instant message that he was transported from Balad to Baghdad and was communicating from a C-130 preparing to take off to Dubai."


And as I understand it, Sallyport Global is a MIC contractor, so then Sallyport's contractual obligation is to fly their contractors home from Dubai on any multitude of commercially available airlines going to be upheld, or will Iraq fly them to Ramstein?

Are all those Sallyport MIC contractors TS-clearance former military now IQ spies?

Who else got a 'Get Out of Jail Free' passport to Ramstein who was on that C-130?

Anyway so much for Boo-Hoo Boehner, ..he's probably half in the bag by now.

Following the Chinese death-of-a-thousand-incursions success in SCS, I'm betting the KSA will tell ISIS to consolidate their holdings and heavy arms captures, while UNSC quibbles and prevaricates. The weak US summer driving season oil profits are saved, KSA got all the oil futures contracts, and Mil.Gov.Sci.Edu just got a 10% bump in their gasoline sales tax.

Now to get back to the IL-KSA real business at hand for saving the 'Afghanistan Dividend':
I think it was Gorbechev who pointed out the PNAC-AIPAC Wehrmacht didn't miss a heartbeat after the Berlin Wall fell on Communalism, before they swung the Evil Eye of Mordor towards Islam, and the inevitable flat-spiral death of the American Dream.

Win-Win-Win, On To Tehran,
Win-Win-Win, On To Tehran,
Oh, Teh-her-ran, We're Gonna Bomb,
You got me lockin' and a loadin',
Lockin' and a loadin', Teh-her-an!

Or ... not!! We could just tell the Pentagon Vampire to go prey on cattle or something.

It's all blood. It's all good.

Posted by: chip nikh | Jun 14 2014 7:42 utc | 19

16;Yeah,if the American military were actual American patriots they claim to be,There should have been a coup in 03,when obvious traitors sold US down the river of Zion security.
And why are they,Israel,and US so insecure?Hah.

Posted by: dahoit | Jun 14 2014 12:19 utc | 20

Key to Iraq may rest with Syria: Column William Young

Neighbor's civil war spills into northern Iraq. The answer may be a negotiated settlement with Assad.

What to do? A full-scale military invasion of Syria by a coalition of western forces would require, in addition to the upfront expenditure of blood and treasure, a more substantial nation-building effort than the U.S. and partner nations are willing to bear in the wake of such efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The answer may lie instead in a negotiated settlement, which includes negotiating with Syrian President Bashar Assad, perhaps brokered through the Russians and Iranians. As unpalatable as it may be to the West, such a settlement would acknowledge the political and geographical realities on the ground. Syria is now a divided country. Assad shows no signs of leaving. Iraq could end up being partitioned if current trends continue. And the situation in Syria presents a serious threat to the stability of Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and the Arab Gulf, as well as western oil interests.

A settlement with the regime in Damascus, in the form an imposed peace over selected safe zones within Syria that would protect segments of the Syrian population most likely to suffer at the hands of Assad's forces and guarded by an international stabilization force, would enable Assad to reconsolidate areas of the country under his control and reverse — or at least slow — the destabilization of the region.

Assad has much to gain from this proposal, as do Tehran and Baghdad. In turn, Assad could help NATO and other willing partners focus time and resources on ISIS, which poses the greatest threat to the Middle East, the United States, and Europe.

Posted by: Virgile | Jun 14 2014 14:33 utc | 21

Dean Yates reports in a Reuters article dated July 18, 2007:

A senior operative for al Qaeda in Iraq who was caught this month has told his U.S. military interrogators a prominent al Qaeda-led group is just a front and its leader fictitious, a military spokesman said on Wednesday.

Brigadier-General Kevin Bergner told a news conference that Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, leader of the self-styled Islamic State of Iraq, which was purportedly set up last year, did not exist.

The Islamic State of Iraq was established to try to put an Iraqi face on what is a foreign-driven network, Bergner said. The name Baghdadi means the person hails from the Iraqi capital.

One of the persons behind the al-Baghdadi brand was the Egyptian Abu Ayyub al-Masri, a close aide to and successor of Al-Qaeda’s Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi who was killed in a U.S. air strike on June 7, 2006. Al-Masri was politically active in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) where he joined Ayman al-Zawahiri’s Egyptian Islamic Jihad in 1982.

Posted by: brian | Jun 16 2014 7:52 utc | 22

Obama 'Connived' with Neocons for a Bashar Replacement

A reprint with some updates of a 2005 front page story by susanhu:

NSC Chief Hadley asked Italy for a Bashar Replacement

Posted by: Oui | Jun 16 2014 9:21 utc | 23

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