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May 20, 2014

While White House Blames China U.S. Corps Blame White House On Spying

The U.S. accuses some Chinese army people of economic spying against U.S. companies in cases of trade disputes. The very same day U.S. corporations accuse the U.S. of ruining Internet security and of thereby hurting their businesses.

Some estimates suggest the news about the NSA's surveillance practices may have cost tech companies tens of billions of dollars in lost revenue.

Chinese hackers infiltrated U.S. companies, attorney general says

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced Monday that members of the Chinese military have engaged in the hacking of U.S. businesses and entities, including U.S. Steel Corp., Westinghouse, Alcoa, Allegheny Technologies, the United Steel Workers Union and SolarWorld.
The indictment alleges that People's Liberation Army officers "maintained unauthorized access to victim computers to steal information from these entities that would be useful" to the victims' competitors in China, the attorney general said.
David Hickton, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, said the hacking has caused the victim companies to lose capital investments in research and technology.

He added that the "important message" is that cyberespionage "impacts real people in real and painful ways," he said.

Cisco chief slams Obama on surveillance

Cisco CEO John Chambers is demanding that President Obama rein in government surveillance, including programs that reportedly involve intentionally putting security flaws in U.S. tech companies’ products.

“We simply cannot operate this way,” Chambers wrote in the letter dated last week and published by Re/code on Sunday.
The letter comes after reports that the U.S. government is intercepting tech companies’ equipment headed overseas and installing surveillance software. A new book from surveillance journalist Glenn Greenwald, who first exposed U.S. surveillance programs based on leaked documents from former government contractor Edward Snowden, also includes the charges.

“If these allegations are true, these actions will undermine confidence in our industry and in the ability of technology companies to deliver products globally,” the letter said.

This is (again) one of those cases where I wonder if there are any adults living in Washington DC. What is the purpose of these accusations against China? To publicly raise those accusations against China only reminds people of NSA spying and of its consequences for U.S. corporations. It simply reinforces arguments against NSA spying.

Why are they doing this? What do they hope to win with such hypocrisy?

Posted by b on May 20, 2014 at 4:36 UTC | Permalink


I read it yesterday in Der Spiegel and the comments there are pure ridiculing the US. It was treated as the joke of the day.

But what I am more amazed that they would do this just when Putin travels to China, as if the want to enhance Russian-Chinese cooperation. Well the two Presidents at least have something to laugh about, at their meeting.

Posted by: Fran | May 20 2014 4:56 utc | 1

Your Questions: Why are they doing this? What do they hope to win with such hypocrisy?

I have been wondering about that in connection with other things too and come to the conclusion - they are so unaware of what they are doing that they can not see the hypocrisy?

I can not find any other reason that makes at least a little sense. Well, this will be an interessting year, with lots of popcorn. I just hope they are so blind to what they are doing that they actually cause another war.

Posted by: Fran | May 20 2014 5:06 utc | 2

My guess is they want to play up the "everyone does it" angle and that the NSA is no worse than other countries. But it just doesn't come out that way. And it's partly because the pretention is just plain annoying. China doesn't spend endless hours lecturing the rest of us about freedom and democracy.

Posted by: Lysander | May 20 2014 5:21 utc | 3

Just more national character assassination, along the lines of the anti-Russian propaganda.

The gullible American population will eat it up. Hypocrisy is a disease Americans can't recognize.

Posted by: ben | May 20 2014 5:24 utc | 4

The indictment of the Chinese was BBC world service's lead story all day yesterday. This morning lead story is Thai "military martial law".

There is something surreal in this Chinese indictment. It may have something to do the 'pivot to Asia', and may be timed to coincide with Putin's visit but I don't know why unless it's just more insanity from the neocons running US foreign policy.

Stealing text from the TTP is the most likely reason for the indictment. It's certain that those Pittsburgh companies have been active in the TTP negotiations, and had the texts AND negotiating notes on their computers.

Posted by: okie farmer | May 20 2014 5:31 utc | 5

"Why are they doing this? What do they hope to win with such hypocrisy?"

To demonize China in the public's eyes still further. That should be rather obvious.

Posted by: scalawag | May 20 2014 5:43 utc | 6

from Bloomberg:
"...In another instance, Wang and Sun hacked into U.S. Steel computers as the company was participating in trade cases, according to the department’s statement..."

Posted by: okie farmer | May 20 2014 6:22 utc | 7

from ChinaDaily:

"The range of trade secrets and other sensitive business information stolen in this case is significant and demands an aggressive response," Attorney General Eric Holder told a news conference.

Westinghouse Electric, Alcoa, Allegheny Technologies Inc, United States Steel, the United Steel Workers Union and Solar World are some of the targets of the alleged Chinese hacking.

But the US side did not say whether the alleged Chinese hacking is also for military and national security reasons, a pretext the US has been using all the time to defend its widespread cyber espionage against other nations, as revealed by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.

Snowden revelation showed that NSA has engaged in widespread hacking activities against not only Chinese government and military entities, but also Chinese companies and universities.

The actual picture of NSA hacking activities is believed to be much larger since only 1 percent of the 58,000 files received by The Guardian from Snowden have been made public, according to the newspaper editor Alan Rusbridger.

Posted by: okie farmer | May 20 2014 6:32 utc | 8

i was thinking the same thing when i read the news on this - hey what about nsa and what the usa is doing to the planet with all of it's spying via the nsa? are they going to say - it's okay for us to do it, but no one else better engage in this as it's illegal? geez.. does that kind of thing go over well for the home crowd? are different people competing for the us leadership? it sure looks like it and fucked up at that too..

Posted by: james | May 20 2014 7:13 utc | 9

To publicly raise those accusations against China only reminds people of NSA spying and of its consequences for U.S. corporations.

Wish it were so. They're acting with confidence in the mass media's subservience and 'inability' to remember stuff that happened only weeks and months ago. Inside the empire's borders the commanders can make their own reality, so they are taking advantage of that fact.

The purpose falls within the overall effort to inflame paranoia and fear directed toward China. What's a military-industrial complex to do if it can't have enemies?

Posted by: fairleft | May 20 2014 7:17 utc | 10

They're trying to deter China from signing the gas deal with Russia, in connection with which Putin is visiting Xi today and tomorrow.

Posted by: Rowan Berkeley | May 20 2014 7:42 utc | 11


How exactly does US deter China in making deals with Russia?
Rather now its getting easier for China to making a deal with Russia.

Posted by: Anonymous | May 20 2014 8:00 utc | 12

from Reuters:

(Reuters) - China summoned the U.S. ambassador after the United States accused five Chinese military officers of hacking into American companies to steal trade secrets, warning Washington it could take further action, state media said on Tuesday.

The U.S. Ambassador to China, Max Baucus, met with Zheng Zeguang, assistant foreign minister, on Monday shortly after the United States charged the five Chinese, accusing them of hacking into American nuclear, metal and solar companies to steal trade secrets.

Posted by: okie farmer | May 20 2014 8:09 utc | 13

Well, looks like the US has finally woken the Dragon and it is not going to take it lying down.

China summons US envoy over cyber-spying charges, vows retaliation

China’s National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team Coordination Center of China (NCNERTTCC) reported that during just two months, from March 19 to May 18, the US directly controlled 1.18 million host computers in China using 2,077 Trojan horse networks or botnet servers.

According to the NCNERTTCC, over the last two months 135 host computers stationed in the US conducted 14,000 phishing operations against Chinese websites using for the attacks 563 phishing pages. The other hacking activities through the same period of time included 57,000 backdoor attacks, performed from 2,016 IP addresses in the US through backdoors implanted on 1,754 Chinese websites.

Posted by: Fran | May 20 2014 9:15 utc | 14

The charge against China was announced on the same day as the conviction in US court of Abu Hamza and the supposed "settlement" in US court that led to Credit Suisse paying billions for seducing US-tax cheats. This announcement is for maximum effect, to show how wide the reach of American "justice" is and how others can be brought to heel regardless of the actions of US entities in other countries.

Posted by: mrd | May 20 2014 9:51 utc | 15

(Parody Alert ON)

China Indicts Obama and Holder for Exposing Espionage Secrets

(Parody Alert ON)

Posted by: fairleft | May 20 2014 9:51 utc | 16

(Parody Alert OFF)


Posted by: fairleft | May 20 2014 10:35 utc | 17

Gosh, those awful Chinese sure are a menace to civilization! What we need in this country is a stronger, more powerful NSA. USA! USA!


Posted by: James Patrick | May 20 2014 11:09 utc | 18

The 'Masters of the Universe' don't think of it as hypocrisy. As Lloyd Blankfein said they are doing "God's" work. Or as Nixon said it's not a crime when the President does it. All of us simple folk aren't supposed to question what they say, just do as we're told. Democracy!!1!!1!!!

Posted by: par4 | May 20 2014 11:32 utc | 19

(Sorry, off-topic)
Now this is something I've been waiting to hear:

Denis Pushilin, a leader of the separatists’ self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, tweeted that they would begin nationalizing the properties of “regional oligarchs.” He did not mention Akhmetov by name, but in a followup tweet, Pushilin made it clear he was talking about the tycoon.

Akhmetov “made his choice,” the rebel leader said. “Unfortunately, it is a choice against the people of Donbas.”

From Ukrainian tycoon’s calls for rallies against separatists go largely unheeded

Posted by: fairleft | May 20 2014 12:01 utc | 20

Chinas actions can be construed as the first action in an act of war.
Now freeze their assets. Stop buying their goods.
With one bound the US is free of its biggest debts.!
Ya. They need to get out more and get real.

Posted by: boindub | May 20 2014 12:37 utc | 21

No one has asked the obvious question,if these chinese hot shot hackers are so good then how did the usa get there names and faces..........and what other infomation did they get.counter espionage at its finest and definitely no place for finger pointing

Posted by: wes | May 20 2014 12:43 utc | 22

@ 21,

An interesting, thought and they might actually be thinking about it, but there are downsides.

First, the US standard of living depends on cheap stuff from China. Without China, TVs and Blue Rays aren't that cheap anymore. The locals might get restless if the Circuses part of the B&C is gone.

Second, The US has given China a ready made means to retaliate, since everything that's "made in America" is in fact made in China. "What's that? you're defaulting on your bonds? No Problem! We'll just seize some of your things here." And suddenly "Apple" is now a Chinese company and the world will be buying iPhones from China, cutting out the middle man.

Third, I'm no financial expert, but I think the whole US/Global financial system depends on the theory of "zero risk" US treasuries.

So the inevitable US default will be done through inflation and slow but steady (or so they hope) dollar devaluation.

Posted by: Lysander | May 20 2014 13:04 utc | 23

"...what I am more amazed that they would do this just when Putin travels to China, as if the want to enhance Russian-Chinese cooperation."

Yes, this would be amazing if it were not for the fact that it is part of a pattern of irrationality that can only lead one to conclude that the USA is run by arrogant morons.

It would make sense for the US, while attempting to isolate Russia, not to drive the Russians and Chinese closer together. But such is not the US way: that would smack of diplomacy a "girlish" and unmanly pursuit, unworthy of a nation, so strong and confident in its special relationship with Providence, that it can select the most idiotic and dishonest men in the country-take a bow Attorney General Holder-to lead it.
In recent weeks Washington has poured troops into The Philippines, to challenge China's claims on an underwater reef, urged its old friends in Vietnam to confront Chinese claims to the South China sea oil deposits, pushed Japan to re-arm and encouraged South Korea to provoke its northern neighbour.
By doing so it it is not only sealing the alliance between China and Russia-and all points in between- whilst isolating itself over Iran and making any retreat from Afghanistan much more costly but increasing the attraction, to Europeans, of Eurasian trade and other alliances.
As to the "charges" against Chinese spies: this is crude projection of the most basic textbook level: the world knows who is spying on it, and lying about it.

Posted by: bevin | May 20 2014 13:20 utc | 24

The joke is to say the Asians draw expertise from America, this makes me LOL – rarely laughed so much and so loud too.
The American know-how is originated right mainly from so called reparations and their intensive espionage.
What could anybody want to steel from America, since the question is what at least did America invent by itself, what really has its roots actually in the U.S.?
Not even tomato ketchup, which is originated from China, chewing gum comes from Egypt and computer, cars also, come from Germany?
The only thing one could talk about is the USD, at least the greatest crap nowadays, so better keep the mouth closed.

Posted by: Bob | May 20 2014 13:25 utc | 25

The Chinese shouldn’t take too much umbrage at US claims of Chinese espionage.

In 2002/2003 Chinese company Huawei ( then just a Wannabee in the world of IT hardware) was involved in a lawsuit with the US company Cisco, involving allegations of Huawei “reverse-engineering” Cisco’s products.

(at the time, at the top of the dot-com bubble,Cisco was for a short time, the #1 company in the world by market capitalisation)

Perhaps nowadays Huawei could make a selling point about their own products, being just the same as Ciscos
(but before the NSA gets to insert its malware).

Cisco should be the one who are doing the complaining ,
at the US government, for the NSA must be slowly destroying the credibility of their products.

Posted by: chris m | May 20 2014 13:34 utc | 26

See: Russia & China: ‘No to sanctions rhetoric, regime change in other countries’


‘West forgot to lock back door, pushed Russia into gas deal with China’

Basically, at long last, the Russians have gotten over their inferiority complex viz its relationship with the West (the Chinese never had one).

It's ironic that the US' imperialist 'partners' in the EU are just as expendable as those of any other country, thus the US is basically sacrificing the people of Europe in order to 'punish' those upstart Russians.

Though by no means the 'end' of the Empire, I think it's certainly an historic moment. The pirates will either a) in a fit of pique, take us all with them or b) the entire, stinking mess will come crashing down around their/our ears.

Posted by: William Bowles | May 20 2014 14:23 utc | 27

Posted by: Bob | May 20, 2014 9:25:51 AM | 25

Correction: without trying sound too nationalistic, the first genuine computer was built by UK Post Office telephone engineers during WWII in order to crack German cipher codes and of course the intellectual stimulation came from Alan Turing, the gay genius who committed suicide after being chemically castrated by the state.

Posted by: William Bowles | May 20 2014 14:32 utc | 28

Ah,the fruits of globalization,where any American umbrage(phony of course)is leavened by the trade necessary for prosperity,when 50 years ago America was almost self sufficient,and didn't rely on foreign slave labor and was the greatest economic and cultural force on the planet,laid low by Zionist and quisling outsourcing.And I,being 62,remember it well.
If you go to Jones Beach,you can see container ships lined up waiting to dock,full of Chinese(play on words,and all there products aren't junk,just most) junk.They weren't there 50 years ago.Friedman laughs at my anger.arrgg....

Posted by: dahoit | May 20 2014 14:35 utc | 29

RE: Posted by: fairleft | May 20, 2014 8:01:17 AM | 20

See 'Akhmetov and other oligarchs seek role as Ukraine’s policemen'


'Ukraine: Tycoon Rinat Akhmetov Creates Puzzle'

Posted by: William Bowles | May 20 2014 14:39 utc | 30

First trial hier:
okie wrote above:
Stealing text from the TTP is the most likely reason
Pardon me my insuffiecient foreign language knowledge, but what is 'TTP'

Posted by: Atta Troll | May 20 2014 14:45 utc | 31

Consider this from the SCF piece:

It’s not known what they [Akhmetov and Steinmeier, the German FM] talked about. One can conjecture that Steinmeier failed to convince Akhmetov to take part in round tables. Soon after the meeting it was reported that Rinat Akhmetov-owned companies group Metinvest signed a memorandum on protecting order and security with the Donetsk People’s Republic. As Metinvest reports, it was signed on May 15 in Mariupol. Some Ukrainian analysts saw it as a warning to the Kiev regime; Akhmetov concluded an agreement with «terrorists» and politely asked the Ukrainian block posts be removed from the city suburbs. German Spigel [sic] construed the events in its own way. The outlet believes that Akhmetov is trying to squeeze the self-proclaimed republic forces away so that he could side with Kiev. This interpretation of goings-on was allegedly confirmed by SKM industrial group press-service saying the Akhmetov-owned enterprises will operate only according to the laws of Ukraine. It was not an off-the-cuff statement: the government of the republic has suggested that Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov pay taxes into its budget. (2) In a YouTube posted video clip the billionaire declared unequivocally that he favors a unified Ukraine, though he also spoke in favor of federalization, "The only right way, in my view, is to amend the Constitution and decentralize government. It is when Kyiv gives authority to the regions. It is when regional governments are not appointed but elected. And it is when local authorities are responsible to the people in the present and future." The Kiev interim government plans to start reforms aimed at federalization no earlier than in 200 years, as it was stated by Ukraine's interim Foreign Minister Andrei Deshitsa before starting his visit to Germany. One way or another Akhmetov does not disclose his real intentions. Perhaps he has not made his choice as yet. And he has a reason to think real hard about it.

Berlin is not inclined to overestimate the regime’s achievements if they are not backed by the money and influence of Ukrainian tycoons. Former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, the patriarch of German politics, has come out with harsh criticism of Western Ukraine policy. According to him, the West underestimates the implications in case the situation aggravates further and, what’s even worse, nobody has any concrete plan to manage the crisis. It’s hard to disagree with this opinion especially in view that the United States of America, the leader of Western world, has proven its proclivity to spoiling the things while tackling the crises instead of finding appropriate solutions to them.

Money talks, bullshit walks

Posted by: William Bowles | May 20 2014 14:47 utc | 32

Posted by: Atta Troll | May 20, 2014 10:45:18 AM | 31

The Transpacific Trade Partnership

Posted by: William Bowles | May 20 2014 14:48 utc | 33

Posted by: Bob | May 20, 2014 9:25:51 AM | 25

Yeah! Should've noticed that myself. You could spy productively on a few tech, arms and aircraft firms but there's much more to gain by spying on Samsung, or 'spying' on the Apple manufacturing facilities in China.

Posted by: fairleft | May 20 2014 15:05 utc | 34

History's actors, hamming it up for the cameras. What they 'get' is to deflect blame for their own short-sightedness and demonize China at the same time. A win-win by US standards these days.

Posted by: Colinjames | May 20 2014 15:13 utc | 35

Now that the Chinese have been "reverse-engineering"
US products, such as IT hardware&c.

Their next step (already in progress over past few decades)
has been to "reverse-engineer" complete financial system.

They should try "reverse-engineering" President Obamas brain.
Shouldnt be too difficult, i think.

At this rate soon the President Obama will turning over
entire economic/political interests of US
over to his enemy/rivals ie China/Russia

Posted by: chris m | May 20 2014 15:19 utc | 36

@23 lysander. good overview on all that and how i am seeing it too.

@24 bevin. i think russia and china were moving closer before all this happened.. it will now be an accelerated relationship thanks to the usa/euro meddling.. that seems to be the way things look to me at this moment.. europe needs to solidify what kind of relationship it wants to have sitting so close to russia..
as @27 william bowles points out - the usa is willing to sacrifice europe in all of this.. does europe have the ability to act independent from the usa? at this point it appears not! i sure as hell wish canada could.. what losers we have for political leaders at this point..

and in interesting news this morning - ukraine mp's aren't on side with the cia's agenda as expressed by the present leadership in kiev..

@25 bob.. too true..

Posted by: james | May 20 2014 16:51 utc | 37

Why is Holder prosecuting the Chinese? Well timing is everything. And as the lead article is on Putin and Xi Jinping's meeting this week, it should be obvious.

What are all the headlines saying right now? It's all about Chinese espionage, not about Putin and Xi Jinping's meeting and coming to agreements. It's just propaganda timed to deflect the media...

Posted by: JC | May 20 2014 17:19 utc | 38

The reason for hypocrisy is simple. Obama and his enablers can only appeal to people as fatuous and ignorant as themselves, and who have the same blindspots as themselves.

That means the House, the Senate, the Federal Judiciary, and the permanent bureaucracy.

If only one of those opted out of the scam, the whole pack of cards would come crashing down.

Posted by: rackstraw | May 20 2014 17:42 utc | 39

Imagine exposing details about Chinese spying on the US (just weeks after talking about other countries' industrial spying on the US with China named at the top). Among its other advantages, it sure helps take the spotlight off of the tiny country that has been named to the number two spot: Israel. Zionists have been going ballistic over the exposure about Israel's spying on the US in an MSM outlet -- two articles in Newsweek, no less!

Posted by: Rusty Pipes | May 20 2014 18:28 utc | 40

@40: It would be interesting to know how much of that Israeli spying is economic espionage.

Posted by: lysias | May 20 2014 19:06 utc | 41

The US are the laughing stock of the rest of the world, but it could have been worse, they could have asked the Chinese to extradite or simply hand over the accused to face the music in the US.That would have caused many hernias in the Chinese leadership, through convulsive laughing. Putin was reported to have laughed uncontrollably when told that the USA missile shield in Europe was directed at Iran, not Russia, he thanked the reporter for giving him so much of a laugh.

Posted by: harry law | May 20 2014 20:23 utc | 42

harry law @42 wrote

" Putin was reported to have laughed uncontrollably when told that the USA missile shield in Europe was directed at Iran, not Russia"

Here it is in all its glorious splendor. The lies are stripped off, leaving the naked emperor. The interviewer's face at the end is priceless. He simply can't understand why Putin isn't following the script.

Posted by: Yonatan | May 20 2014 22:38 utc | 43

Posted by: William Bowles | May 20, 2014 10:39:17 AM | 30

Posted by: William Bowles | May 20, 2014 10:47:16 AM | 32

Akhmetov has been playing a double game. His words support the aspirations of the people in the southeast, but his actions support the nazi junta (or reinforce the west's fascism, as you will). Much like the way Atzmon's phony left anti-zionist-zionists operate in covertly supporting Israel, Jewish power and the continuation of zionist derived bigotry, while, on the other hand, sanctimoniously extolling their virtue as the moral bastions of the left, BTW. It seems all the assets are getting into the act, now. There has been a lot of info about this duplicitous oligarch posted at Vineyard of the Saker over the last few days. Some examples (from "Full text of the appeal of the commander of the militia of Donetsk People`s Republic Igor Strelkov (UPDATED WITH 2nd translation!)"):

В Мариуполе рабочих завода принуждают митинговать в поддержку Киева

Yandex translation.

"For refusal to participate in the March for a United Ukraine employees metallurgical combine "Azovstal" face dismissal."

Workers of large Mariupol metallurgical plant Azovstal under threat of dismissal brought to rally for a United Ukraine.

One of the employees of the enterprise on air LifeNews said that even any objective refusal to participate in the procession immediately entails the dismissal from work.

They have set a task to gather the people. At first it was voluntary participation, but by the end of the day, when it became clear that wish too little, to the rally started to force - says Eugene. Said that those who will not go to the meeting, will bid farewell to work.

According to the source, the column with banners and slogans had to go to the cinema with them. Shevchenko and join the workers of combine them. Of Mariupol, and then in the direction of the Park Gurov.

Thus, according to the organizers, the protesters had to demonstrate their support for a United Ukraine.

- We had a fellow who was going to refuse to participate in the meeting due to illness, but this was not a valid reason. I think that will not be refused and will gather many people, " continues Eugene. - I, like most others, this procession do not support. We voted for the referendum and their opinions clearly expressed. But forces us!

Metallurgical combine "Azovstal" - one of the largest industrial enterprises in Ukraine. Since 2006 is controlled by the structures of Rinat Akhmetov, who is the richest man in Ukraine. His condition according to Forbes $12.5 billion on may 14 he recorded a video messagein which has told about his vision of possible scenarios of development of the country, having acted for a United Ukraine."

Ахметов призвал рабочих Донбасса бастовать против ДНР

Yandex translation.

"Akhmetov called on the workers of Donbass to strike against the DND"

"Ukrainian billionaire, owner of the country's largest financial-industrial group System capital Management" Rinat Akhmetov called on all labour collectives of the South-East to exit 20 may in protest against the Donetsk national Republic. About it on may 20, informs "Interfax".

"I call on all labour collectives to go on a warning protest at the place of work. In support of the world!", - declared oligarch, simultaneously accusing supporters DND in the looting and pillage.

"We are not to intimidate, there is no stopping us. Anyone, including those who call themselves some of the Donetsk Republic. Anyone heard about it? Who knows the names of the leaders DND?", he asked the richest people of Ukraine.

Akhmetov has suggested the workers to protest every day until then, "while the world will not install".

According to the Agency, emergency statement oligarch was broadcasted by the TV channel "Ukraine", interrupted for this airtime.

Last week the management DND demanded Akhmetov tax payments to the Republican Treasury. Representatives of SCM group to do it refused, saying that work exclusively within the Ukrainian laws. First oligarch said the new state formation, no one will recognize and attach DND to Russia allegedly is not advantageous neither Moscow, nor the Donbass.

on may 11, owned by Akhmetov holding "Metinvest" urged Kyiv authorities to "recognize fatal mistakes", to withdraw its troops from South-Eastern provinces and to start a dialogue with advocates of federalization. Simultaneously, the popular Governor of Donbass Paul Gubarev said that oligarch tried to control militias South-East through bribery. According to the politician, kept by Akhmetov was two-thirds Pro-Russian activists. "A very small group of people remained faithful to the idea, but it still took the money," said Gubarev, adding that this situation arose before his arrest in early March.

Earlier some media said that the militants attempted to storm occupied by supporters Gubareva the building of the Donetsk regional administration, were hired Akhmetov."

Akhmetov is scum.

Posted by: scalawag | May 20 2014 23:33 utc | 44

Bowles, again.

This is an example of how Israel's "Fire Island" tools at AP are presenting it:

Locals get angry with pro-Russia separatists

SLOVYANSK, Ukraine (AP) — Pro-Russia separatists fighting government forces in eastern Ukraine faced local anger Tuesday and a new challenge from the country's richest man who demanded they end their rebellion.

Russia, meanwhile, said some troops were dismantling their camps along the border with Ukraine.

A day after President Vladimir Putin issued a pullout order in an apparent bid to ease tensions with the West, Russia's Defense Ministry said its forces in the Bryansk, Belgorod and Rostov regions bordering Ukraine were preparing to return to their home bases. NATO, which estimates that Russia has 40,000 troops along the border with Ukraine, said it's watching the situation closely, but could not yet confirm a change.

NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu on Tuesday challenged the Russians "to prove that they are doing what they are saying."

In eastern Ukraine, separatists exchanged fire again Tuesday with government forces on the outskirts of Slovyansk, a city that has been the epicenter of the rebellion against the government in Kiev. But this time local anger at the fighting appeared to be growing.

Yekaterina Len, a 61-year-old resident whose house was hit by a mortar shell, burst into tears as she looked at the wreckage. She survived the shelling by spending the night with neighbors.

She and other residents sounded exasperated and angry with both the warring sides. Some said many houses has been hit when rebels moved around the area, shooting at government troops and drawing retaliatory fire.

"They must stop with this banditry so that there can be peace!" said Slovyansk resident Lina Sidorenko. "How much longer can this go on? We had a united country and now look what's happened."

Vyacheslav Ponomaryov, the separatist leader in Slovyansk, later met with about 200 residents, many of whom angrily shouted demands at him to end hostilities. Wearing a pistol on his belt and flanked by a bodyguard toting a Kalashnikov assault rifle, Ponomaryov yelled back at the crowd, saying he will compensate those whose houses were damaged.

In another development, Ukraine's richest man, metals tycoon Rinat Akhmetov, rode the wave of public dismay with the hostilities to toughen his stance against the rebellion, saying it has devastated the nation's eastern industrial heartland.

In a video statement, Akhmetov issued a strong call for an end to the mutiny in the east, which he described as a "fight against the citizens of our region."

"Is looting in cities and taking peaceful citizens hostage a fight for the happiness of our region? No, it is not!" Akhmetov said.

He called on all workers in the region to hold a "peaceful warning protest" Tuesday at their companies by blowing sirens "in support of peace and against bloodshed" and keep up those protests in the coming days.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov quickly hailed Akhmetov's move, saying on Facebook that "the people's power and energy will sweep the terrorist scum away better than any counter-terrorist operation."

Akhmetov had initially taken a noncommittal stance as the mutiny engulfed the east, drawing criticism from the authorities in Kiev. But last week, his company organized citizen patrols of steelworkers who worked alongside police in the Black Sea port of Mariupol to improve security and get insurgents to vacate the government buildings they had seized.

In his statement, Akhmetov vowed to challenge the insurgents who declared independence last week in the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

"No one will frighten us, including those calling themselves a Donetsk People's Republic," he said.

One of the leaders of rebels in Donetsk, Denis Pushilin, retaliated by threatening to nationalize Akhmetov's assets over his refusal to pay taxes to the Donetsk People's Republic.

Russia has scathingly criticized the new Ukrainian authorities, who came to power in February after the toppling of a pro-Russian president, for using the military against the rebellion. Ukraine is holding a presidential election on Sunday, which the government in Kiev hopes will unite the country behind a new leader.

However, Putin's order to withdraw troops from areas near the border and his support for Ukraine's presidential vote, which he had previously sought to postpone, appeared to reflect a desire to de-escalate the worst crisis between Russia and the West since the Cold-War era.

The Russian Defense Ministry said it would take time for troops to dismantle their camps and load equipment on trucks for a march to railway stations. It didn't say how many troops were being pulled out or how long it would take.

Footage broadcast by Russian television showed what it said were troops on their way out, but their exact locations and routes remained unclear.

The U.S. and the European Union have imposed travel bans and asset freezes on members of Putin's inner circle over Russia's annexation of the Crimea Peninsula. They have threatened to target entire sectors of the Russian economy with sanctions if Russia tries to grab more land or attempts to derail Ukraine's presidential election."

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