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May 11, 2014

Ukraine: Another German "Leak" Against U.S. Policy

A week ago I sensed that there is resistance in Europe and especially in offical Germany against the U.S. led aggressive campaign against Russia:

Even the most staunch transatlantic tabloid in Germany, Bild, today reports (original here) that the CIA and FBI with dozens of agents are running the show in Kiev. The report is based on "German security sources" which lets me believe that the German government is looking for ways to counter Washington's moves.

More intentional "leaks" were published today in the same media, the high circulation Bild am Sonntag print edition. According to this online summary (in German by the Bild sister paper Welt ) two different issues were revealed:

  • According to the German secret service BND some 400 U.S. mercenaries from the company Academi, previously Blackwater, are leading and coordinating with the Ukrainian army and police in operations against "guerrilla" in east Ukraine.
  • According to NSA sniffing on Russian military communication, released to the BND, Russian pilots were ordered to violate Ukrainian airspace.

Both claims are sourced to BND security briefings in the German chancellery.

The first claim seems plausible as it confirms accusations made earlier in several Russian media. Commentators in the German media seem to accept it even while expressing some doubts about the second claim. Hardly anyone in Germany today believes anything claimed by the NSA :-).

Within just seven days two significant "leaks" to Bild, a chancellor Merkel supporting and staunchly transatlantic paper, blame the United States for the trouble in Ukraine. These "leaks" must have come from the chancellery and, them being true or not, confirm that there is some antagonism in the central political and security branches in Berlin towards the U.S. plans.

We can only hope that such antagonism will also find ways to express itself in political results restraining the U.S. from inciting civil war in Ukraine and a possible huge conflagration in Europe.

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Thank you all for saying such appreciative things about my lengthy comment. I can see that what struck home was the mention of the emotional difficulty of the early stages of facing up to all this. I noticed a wish that there could be some written support for the process of going through it. Well, I would recommend Philip Agee's "CIA Diary," published in 1975, the earliest and greatest whistle-blowing effort, completely autobiographical since it actually is a diary, long out of print, but easy to obtain via Abebooks and, it would appear, online in toto here. I remember criticising it on some previous MoA thread as being rather pedestrian in style, but that's actually an advantage in the context we're talking about now: he was trying, with ever-decreasing success, to control his mounting horror at the reality he was seeing. So it's a very good book to walk you through your own experience of this. Several subsequent books by Agee are listed here.

On the more intellectual side, I would caution against any book which tries to paint any state actor as merely a dupe of another. I have seen quite a lot of books which paint Usaia as the innocent victim of, for example, Israel, Saudi Arabia, or even Britain, or conversely, seek above all to exonerate Israel, Pakistan, Germany or what have you. And unfortunately, books that consistently paint all the various nations as dupes of supra-national, financial elites, do this in order to imply or assert outright that capitalism would be the most perfect social order after all if only the banking or money supply systems were somehow reformed. I would return to classical marxism to see why this isn't so. Capitalism, I maintain, will still fall victim to the falling rate of profit as machine labour progressively displaces human labour. Perhaps the bankers know this. Who can tell what they know or don't know.

Posted by: Rowan Berkeley | May 12 2014 11:10 utc | 101

Re Rowan Berkeley @ 101

Yes, Philip Agee's: CIA Diary will make it 'crystal clear' to anyone who doesn't already understand how the US has been operating in Ukraine primarily at the individual 'human' level, and everywhere else around the world for that matter. He was a mid-level Case Officer/Agent Handler who blew countless Agents, assets, agents of influence, NOCs, etc. Also note that what the CIA, etc do overseas, the FBI does inside the States.

A key point to note is that contrary to the media apologists and disinfo ops, the CIA and ALL agencies DO NOT create Policy, they enact it, and all Intelligence policy and directives originate from the President through the National Security Council. There are no geopolitical 'rogue' agencies, that's bullshit. However, somewhat analogous to the Third Reich, the State Department, Pentagon and all Three Letter Agencies do fight amongst themselves and with each other ... most obvious to the public during Vietnam ...

The other aspects to consider alongside Agee's expose are the activities and resources of the NSA regarding every possible form of electronic, analogue and other communications of every possible type across the planet, no hyperbole there. And the completely suborned and subverted intelligence services and agencies of Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, the 'five-eyes'. As a last resort to subvert any legal difficulties, they simply request that a 'partner' do the operation on their own soil, Britain's GCHQ in the US for example and vice versa the NSA in Britain.

Collectively they've been determinedly screwing humanity for more than 70 years now. Pretty much every country on the planet at some point ... However, though they may seem all powerful there have been as many if not more 'operational' failures as 'successes'.

The leadership and key appointments of the military, intelligence services and all political and law enforcement agencies are the primary targets for subversion within every NATO nation and all 'allies', first and foremost. This has been the ongoing practice for, again, more than 70 years. Don't expect the agencies of those nations to readily 'sell-out' the US, just yet.

Human Agents, assets, etc that are used are ultimately opportunists and blatant mercenaries, extremely rare are idealogues ... in any given situation, if the wind shifts, so do their allegiances ... all we need is for the wind to shift enough in any given situation, or the world ... that is happening ...

For all the assets, covert and overt paramilitary ops, signals and electronic intel resources, etc available, Ukraine is a perfect example so far of where they are caught up in their own disinfo, propaganda, endemic arrogant self-belief and assessment/analysis bias.

Primarily, ordinary, decent Ukrainians are doing them undone ... with only a little help from their friends.

I find that very reassuring for our future.

Peace, Salaam, Shalom.

Posted by: Outraged | May 12 2014 12:48 utc | 102

@ oldskeptic 98

Respectfully, you cannot possibly be serious regarding your comments and 'analysis' regarding the Chinese ... China is a far greater threat in every respect to US interests than Russia, hence why the attempt to maneuver the 'junior' partner, Russia, into Cold War 2.0 ... what twaddle.

The NSA doesn't need the BND or any other German agency to bug Merkel or the German political elite, and they certainly would not involve them or EVER risk granting them actual operational knowledge of such activities. The 'five-eyes' embassies, listening posts and NATO 'base' assets, as well as other assets are more than sufficient ... after all, the Germans are Not and never will be in the 'five-eyes' and have been kept at arms distance and 'in their place', since WWII. Among the 'Western Allies', a few are more 'equal' than many others ...

Posted by: Outraged | May 12 2014 13:03 utc | 103

The subject of this post ('leaks' from Germany's movers and shakers) tends to demonstrate just how desperate the Yankees are getting. The nature of the 'leaks' (one anti-US and one supporting the US's central bs theme of Russian interference in Ukraine) suggests that the leaks are a trade-off, ie leaking a lie with some truth hoping the truth will give the lie some credibility.
The German News Media seems a bizarre place to test such a cheap and silly trick.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | May 12 2014 13:41 utc | 104

Outraged | May 12, 2014 8:48:46 AM | 102


Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | May 12 2014 13:47 utc | 105

Great article.

Posted by: Tommy Long | May 12 2014 18:21 utc | 106

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