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April 08, 2014

How Does The NPR Distinguish "Protesters" From "Mobs"?

The U.S. National Public Radio on Ukraine:

December 9 2013: Ukrainian Police Threaten To Drive Protesters Out Of City Buildings

Police are also threatening to enforce a court order to drive protesters out of city buildings they've been occupying.

April 7 2014: Mob In Ukraine Seizes Provincial Building, Declares Independence

On Sunday, pro-Russian mobs also stormed buildings in Luhansk and Kharkiv, two other cities in the country's east that have large numbers of Russian speakers and strong pro-Moscow sentiment.

What is the NPR's stylebook definition of "protesters" when people occupy government buildings? And how does that differ from a "mob" doing just the same?

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You make Glenn Greenwald's bitchy internet replies sound like the Lincoln-Douglass debates.

Posted by: guest77 | Apr 8, 2014 10:58:44 PM | 96

Ha ha! And that is a good one :)

Posted by: W.H. Brewer | Apr 9 2014 3:16 utc | 101

Posted by: guest77 | Apr 8, 2014 10:58:44 PM | 96

"Or when you say "CIA stooge" is your theory that there is some unprecedented internal infighting going on amongst the security agencies?"

Rappoport linked to above argues more or less that: The NSA is a Pentagon-linked growing/dominating hi-tech wizardry entity and the CIA is well, receding budget airlines. So the receding paunchy airline wants another kick at the can before pure senility kicks in. Target: NSA.

Careful with that 'unprecedented infighting', though. When it's showtime, and you have close to a couple of dozen 'security agencies' wanting to perform, the stage long ago got crowded and sweaty and confusing and jealous and suspicious and bitchy.

Posted by: Robert Snefjella | Apr 9 2014 3:28 utc | 102

I just read the new Seymour Hersh article. I've mentioned before here that I'm pretty sure that Hersh is working for someone in intelligence circles. His My Lai information was essentially a modified limited hangout, blaming the attack on Calley and Medina and letting the whole Phoenix Program slide. That would put him with the CIA.

His latest story would confirm that. As information came out I read the information as people in the permanent government were trying to get Obama to bring air power against Assad. The intel was manipulated by them to force Obama to make war. Putin essentially bailed Obama out. Hersh's okeydoke here seems to be to blame Obama for the false flag operation he didn't get suckered into.

I've also wondered if the whole Ukraine mess was a deliberate fuckup by people in State and intelligence to put another flaming bag of shit on the White House front porch.

Believe me, I think that the permanent government would have preferred Hillary over Obama. Clinton has probably been in the loop since she switched from being a Goldwater Girl to being a Democrat. I think of her summer job interning for the law firm in Oakland that was representing the Black Panthers as a great place to get started in the biz. Then she was on the legal counsel for the Democrats during Watergate. Another great place to keep Langley up to date on what information the Dems had and whether anyone would notice that the CIA was orchestrating the proceedings. Bill, when he was an "anti-war radical" in Europe had the opportunity to gather information on who was doing what against the war over there. And, of course, being governor and knowing to look the other way when Barry Seal and friends were dropping duffel bags of cocaine in Mena is also a qualification for higher office these days. Asa Hutchinson, Dubya's first head of DEA, had been the U.S. Attorney in that corner of Arkansas when the cocaine was coming in.

None of the above is an exoneration of Obama. When you get that far these days you have to be dirty.

Posted by: Bob In Portland | Apr 9 2014 4:50 utc | 103

@Bob In Portland #102:

I've also wondered if the whole Ukraine mess was a deliberate fuckup by people in State and intelligence to put another flaming bag of shit on the White House front porch.

What would be the point? Obama is a lame duck anyway.

There is a whole colored revolution/regime change American industry now. No other explanation is required for the actions it takes other than that overthrowing governments that are not in the US orbit is what it does.

Creating problems for any government that stands in the way of a unipolar world is a matter of complete consensus within the people who run the Empire, and that is what the coup in Kiev was about: to weaken Russia. And the people in the State Department don't need to create deliberate fuckups. Overreaching is what empires in the terminal stages of decline do, as the Iraq and Afghanistan debacles show. Those were not deliberate fuckups: just stupidity and overconfidence.

And given that Obama has, for all intents and purposes, continued the Bush II administration, save for the issue of gay rights, I really don't think that pergmagov cared whether Hillary or Obama would become president. She was the assumed frontrunner, because she is a Clinton, but permagov groomed Obama as a reliable fallback plan, in case the Dem base suffered from Clinton fatigue.

Posted by: Demian | Apr 9 2014 5:21 utc | 104

And why is it that Israel always labels Palestinians protesting Israeli occupation as rioters. It is all about creating negative images of those it oppresses in order to deflect accusing fingers away from its illegal occupation and assign blame on the Palestinians. Classic propaganda tactics.

Posted by: Sehsane | Apr 9 2014 5:31 utc | 105

NPR is like the oligarch media in the Ukraine. NPR is filled with people that Nuland would spend time with. Greenwald is now employed by Pierre Omidar (eBay) who was a backer of the Ukraine coup. NPR is for multiculturialism, open borders, they hate Christians and would fight right in with the Bolsheviks.

Posted by: Mary Jean | Apr 9 2014 5:53 utc | 106

Posted by: Mary Jean | Apr 9, 2014 1:53:06 AM | 105

"NPR is for multiculturialism, open borders, they hate Christians and would fight right in with the Bolsheviks."

And I thought J.Edgar Hoover a pathetic braindead queen...

Posted by: scalawag | Apr 9 2014 5:58 utc | 107

@Sehsane #104:

Indeed, as Peon #25 mentioned, perhaps the canonical example of this propaganda tactic as currently used is that governments that the US finds acceptable are called "governments", whereas governments that the US doesn't like are called "regimes".

Even Juan Cole, who is considered to be a progressive luminary, refers to the Syrian government as a "regime". And in a NY Times op-ed, Obama's former ambassador to Russia referred to the Russian government as a "regime", which I think was pushing the envelope, even for US propaganda.

I think that that little faux pax shows that American elites are suffering from a bit of culture shock at Russia correcting an error that was made at the time of the (illegal) dissolution of the USSR. In that curious op-ed, McFaul also calls the current Russian government "revisionist", which I take to mean that the RF is trying to "revise history" by not acting as if it made an unconditional surrender to the Empire with the collapse of the USSR.

Posted by: Demian | Apr 9 2014 6:03 utc | 108

Bob In Portland | Apr 9, 2014 12:50:59 AM | 102

Don't be dumb bob. Hersch exposed one very major war crime committed by the US in Vietnam. He was a reporter on the ground and found out about the involvement of Calley and Medina. Those higher officers that ordered the My Lai massacre remained in the background. We all knew at the time that Calley and Medina were just low level dupes who were blamed. Do not accuse Sy of being part of some conspiracy because he was unable to "prove" that higher level officers were also involved.

Perhaps you do not know that Colin Powell advanced rapidly up the chain of command because he successfully shielded those higher officers. Do not blame Sy Hersh for that result.

Posted by: ToivoS | Apr 9 2014 6:04 utc | 109

Posted by: Demian | Apr 9, 2014 2:03:28 AM | 107

"Even Juan Cole, who is considered to be a progressive luminary"

In 2003, Cole was considered a "conservative intellectual". The disgusting sod promoted the Iraq war then. A year or two later, he made a very theatrical announcement that he was now opposed to that war that was embarrassing to read. That was after popular opinion in the USA turned against that war crime. The guy is a total piece of shit, CIA (probably Mossad too) mouthpiece. He's no luminary, he's no progressive, morally, he's a war criminal in the same sense a certain Herr Goebbels was.

Posted by: scalawag | Apr 9 2014 6:32 utc | 110

Posted by: ToivoS | Apr 9, 2014 2:04:55 AM | 108

Defenders of the faith...and the shills.

Posted by: scalawag | Apr 9 2014 6:34 utc | 111 Nuke talks collapsing as US opposes Iran’s pick for UN envoy

Just like Israelis with the Palestinians.

But beyond the bitchy queen Israeli aspect (is there any other Israeli dimension in politics? :) ), why is the UN still in the USA? The petty sods play these cheesy games all the time. The UN should not remain in the USA.

Posted by: scalawag | Apr 9 2014 7:22 utc | 112

JSorrentine, Snowden et al, Whistleblowers

As far as I know, Snowden, Greenwald et al weren't catched with hoaxes or deliberate misrepresentations of facts. What's the problem of a "limited hangout"? "Reality" is not made of facts, but of their coherency and the understanding of this coherency. Facts can't be misrepresentating by themselves, the possible misrepresentations need a susceptible false or distorted understanding. So one should give Snowden et al and oneself the benefit of doubt in order to look for the susceptibilities to misrepresentations and misunderstanding. Psy-Ops are double edged swords, they could be easily turned against the originators, weren't it for those susceptibilities at the public, which have to fought, should it be in terms of "enlightment" or change.

So JS, you only seemingly have a problem with limited hangout, the truth of it is, you have a problem with authority. You sneakingly long for authoritative sources, for authoritative leaders. And this counters any aspiration for change, because of authorities there is affluence.

Posted by: TomGard | Apr 9 2014 7:27 utc | 113

@scalawag #111:

The UN should not remain in the USA.

Aren't you putting the cart before the horse? The Empire has to collapse first, before the UN gets moved. And once it collapses, it won't matter very much where the UN is located.

Anyway, it's not USG that is opposing Iran's pick for UN envoy. It's just the usual congressional grandstanding. The Executive decides whether someone gets a visa, not Congress.

Posted by: Demian | Apr 9 2014 7:32 utc | 114

'Cartalucci compares the Kiev coup with the protests against the Thai regime.;'

this is one issue i disagree with Cartalucci...Shinawatra is of the red shirt faction...the ones not part of the bangkok elite

Posted by: brian | Apr 9 2014 8:01 utc | 115

Indeed, as Peon #25 mentioned, perhaps the canonical example of this propaganda tactic as currently used is that governments that the US finds acceptable are called "governments", whereas governments that the US doesn't like are called "regimes".

Even Juan Cole, who is considered to be a progressive luminary, refers to the Syrian government as a "regime". And in a NY Times op-ed, Obama's former ambassador to Russia referred to the Russian government as a "regime", which I think was pushing the envelope, even for US propaganda.


Posted by: Demian | Apr 9, 2014 2:03:28 AM | 107

exactly! the R word is used to drive an association of evil unsavouriness into the publics mind,,,.journalists are quite literate and aware of the use of this this is deliberate perception management

Posted by: brian | Apr 9 2014 8:07 utc | 116

Bob In Portland | Apr 9, 2014 12:50:59 AM | 102

"I've also wondered if the whole Ukraine mess was a deliberate fuckup by people in State and intelligence to put another flaming bag of shit on the White House front porch."

Possible, but I doubt it. I think the incentive was the broad bourgeois coalition built in german government, which was very foreseeable. They bet on their german / european vassals staying in the upper hand, because opponents within this coalition wouldn't dare risking dissent that could jeopardize their power and leave an unstable situation within the political class. Perhaps they were wrong. There are indications of a broad popular / bourgeois resistance against cold-war-style remilitarizing the economy.

"Believe me, I think that the permanent government would have preferred Hillary over Obama."

But Obama won, didn't he. So with your premise of a structure that you call "permanent government" - which I share - you have to infere, this structure is deeply split.

Posted by: TomGard | Apr 9 2014 8:12 utc | 117

Ukraine: APCs roll into #Lugansk:

Posted by: brian | Apr 9 2014 8:23 utc | 118

Hersh has been duly discredited re. My Lai and his current piece, but what to make of "The Redirection," his 2007 piece that foresaw what has been done to Syria and has given Tony Cartalucci something to write about?

Posted by: Cu Chulainn | Apr 9 2014 8:29 utc | 119

Ukraine Hostages Freed in Luhansk as Kerry Blames Russia

“Russian provocateurs and agents operating in eastern Ukraine” have been “sent there determined to create chaos,” Kerry told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in Washington yesterday.

This is the language of Soviet children's books, which scared children with stories about "capitalist spies". USG rhetoric has truly jumped the shark.

Not being a postmodernist, I can't help thinking that when a government, such as our current US government, can spout out nothing but transparent lies, that whole system of government is in serious trouble.

Posted by: Demian | Apr 9 2014 8:46 utc | 121

Lugansk...ready for anything:
google trans of russia transcript in video
They are armed and do not intend to make concessions to Ukrainian authorities.

In Luhansk building SBU disagree with the policies of the new authorities of the third day take up defensive positions . As the correspondent of LifeNews from the event , including members of the self-defense groups have as residents of Luhansk region , and visitors from other areas.

Under the control of the protesters was a room with a weapon, which are Kalashnikovs , machine guns and even grenade launchers . Activists held talks with representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs , but so far it has not brought results.

- We were offered fully surrender their weapons. Only under this condition pardon us , - said the representative of Staff southeastern army Valery swamp. - We will not agree to these terms . Our terms and conditions - is the abolition of the presidential elections and the appointment of the day of the referendum.

Staff representative confirmed that the building has no defenders among Russians.

- Building hold ordinary Ukrainian citizens , veterans of Afghanistan , reserve officers , there are simple people - miners , Kazakhs, - he said. - Every day we are waiting for the invasion , the situation escalates.

According to the correspondent LifeNews, Lugansk disconnected power supply . The building of the SBU is no light for three days.

April 6 , protesters took over the building in Lugansk Ukraine's Security Service . Their demands are associated with the recognition of the illegitimacy of the current administration . They also demanded the release of the leader of " Lugansk Guard " Alexander Kharitonov , who is considered a national governor of the region.

Opponents of the new government came into confrontation with the police guarding the building. As a result, suffered as law enforcement and protesters . But the latter was able to break into the building of the Security Service .

The building protesters issued an ultimatum to the authorities , whose term has expired.

- We, the Joint Staff of the Army of the southeast , we promise that if before 6 April will not be fulfilled our requirements , we will move to an open confrontation , - said one of the activists on the videotape made samooboronovtsami . - We call the building regional SBU Lugansk region , which is completely under our control. We invite all residents of south and south- east of Ukraine to support the requirements that apply to all . It's time to speak up for their rights and values. In recent days , our army increased manifold , but without everyone's support , we can not change anything. Arise, South East !

Learn about the news first ! Subscribe to

Posted by: brian | Apr 9 2014 9:17 utc | 122

Nina Byzantina @NinaByzantina · 15h ago
CNN on #Donetsk: "The protesters who let us into the building are eager to show they are here entirely peacefully."

Posted by: brian | Apr 9 2014 9:28 utc | 123

for CNN:
'Donetsk is the hometown of ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, whose pro-Russian government was toppled in a popular revolt in February.'
so how does CNN see the 'popular revolt' in east ukraine?

'Protesters say that local complaints, not Moscow, are driving anti-government sentiments here in Donetsk. One man, who calls himself Andre, says that Ukraine's ongoing political crisis has hit his wages and that he can no longer afford to feed his family. He tells me that he has simply had enough.
Ukrainian officials say they won't storm the building for now. But the acting President says those who have seized buildings will be treated as "terrorists" and prosecuted with the full force of the law.'

who seized buildings in Kiev Lvov etc back in February?? this is real chutzpah

Posted by: brian | Apr 9 2014 9:59 utc | 124

a commmentator: Tom • 16 hours ago
So now we have "counter maiden". They using the same technique as people in Kiev just with opposite aims.

As this is happening no one in Ukraine is thinking that if Ukraine was a well run country only fools would want to move out.

With looming rise in taxes, hike in gas of 79%, cut in pensions of 50% I don't blame these people from wanting to jump the ship.

I also would not be surprised if the Russian's were joined by a lot of Ukrainians.

Also I would not be surprised if the new elected government is overthrown around December/ January - with the proposed hikes in prices people will not be able to feed themselves & be cold.

Posted by: brian | Apr 9 2014 10:02 utc | 125

the witch is talking again.

Clinton: Russia seek to expand

Posted by: Anonymous | Apr 9 2014 11:17 utc | 126

'On the one side we have a government that has carried out renationalization, which has confronted the greedy foreign-owned energy companies, and presided over a rise in real wages and a fall in unemployment.

Also, this government imposed a bank tax and implemented other measures to help ordinary people – including a government-decreed cut in energy bills.

On the other side, there is an opposition alliance that supports further privatization, wants more policies to benefit global “investors,” which is unashamedly pro-banker and pro-globalist and whose main alliance partner when last in government imposed swingeing cuts in public spending, destroyed state-owned companies including national airline Malev, and left millions of ordinary people worse off.

Now, you'd probably think that the government is question was “socialist’ or “leftist” and the opposition “conservative.” But in fact, it is the other way round. The Hungarian government, which has just been returned to power with around 45 percent of the vote, has undoubtedly done more for ordinary people that the “socialist” opposition did when in power from 2002-10 (and I say this as a lifelong socialist, not as a supporter of Fidesz).

Hungary shows us that we should beware of “labels” when it comes to elections in the era of neoliberalism and globalization. For sometimes it is “conservative” parties who can – and do – offer ordinary people far more than “socialist” ones, or ones which claim to be on the “left” or “center-left.”

Posted by: brian | Apr 9 2014 11:23 utc | 127

Crimea&East ‏@IndependentKrym 2h
RT!!!! @AksenovCrimea Facebook. "Account has been locked for advocating separatism in Ukraine in the social network. This is illegal"

Posted by: brian | Apr 9 2014 11:35 utc | 128

I just read a comment in a german blog from a guy who studies in Moskow.

People in the west tend to suppose, "demokratic", western oriented liberals would take over power in Russia in case Putin fails or is overthrown. They don't realize, that Putin, on such a scale, is more on the "western" side than most politicians in Russia. There are much tougher "hardliners" within Edinaja Russia (ER) and there is much more opposition to Putin from anti-capitalist, nationalistic and soviet nostalgic sides, than of "western liberals".

Mind that a communist beat Putins candidate in the mayor-elections of the third metropolis of Russia, Novosibirsk, not a "western liberal". As far as I know we can estimate basic attitudes of Russian voters as follows:

* 20-25% Western liberals, Westliberale mostly from Moskow, Petersburg

* 20-25% "Putin-like" - capitalistic democracy (authoritatively) guided by principles of state (national) welfare

* 35-50% diffuse Sowjet-nostalgia, nationalism, anti-capitalistic.

So, as Peter Scholl-Latour put it, "the west" should be grateful to Putin for his stabilisation of RF binding to it. "

( Original text)

I read a similar evaluation 2y ago in an academic piece done for one of those US-FP think tanks (can't find it, because of hard-disk crash) that was a little more sociologically attuned. It made up for the differences of "white collar society plus urban precariat" in Moskow / Petersburg and some other spots, "blue collar society" plus another kind of pecariat, that is more traditional oriented, and a vast southerly belt of very traditional and patriarchal rural societies. It estimated, that much of this rural belt would be susceptible to islamist movements. So the piece offered or even recommended strategies aimed at fomenting the "blue collar"-society against the rural belt and vice versa to rip the RF apart.

So I wonder wether the Ukraine-offensive is part of such a strategy. Putin's boosting of traditional patriarchal orthodox "values" already is an edgy thing. The boost of soviet-style all-russian patriotism celebrated with the annexation (or, if you prefer) the acceptance of Crimea seems favorable for unity, but could very well backfire at other fronts. And if the RF becomes floodet with another three more million more or less trained ukrainian workforce ...

It's a pity that we seemingly don't get comments of people with a more intimate knowledge of different parts of Russia, who could substitute for the propaganda and disinformation of those I don't wish to name.

Posted by: TomGard | Apr 9 2014 11:40 utc | 129


The Effect of Snowden is simply to red-flag every Leftist fanboy
twitter use of the 'Snowden' in their e-mail, so the teratophobic
neocons now have their ISP address - G4 location down to a sq-m.
Snowden stated that himself, at his Grand Battle of NSA kickoff.
They never stop watching. And you won't get just a lump of coal.
It's a new Neocon Tattoo, when you apply to renew your passport.
Concentration camps are the whole world now. Open air and free.
You can be made to starve as a non-person, with one mouse click.


Just like that.

Posted by: Chip Nikh | Apr 9 2014 12:30 utc | 130

F. Hollande met A.F. Rasmussen

In "Ukrainian crisis" much depends on if the French government is willing to alter its atlanticist stance. French parliament gave a hint several days ago by banning GMO-crops from French soil.

Following Hollande yesterday "underlined the necessity" that any action "be avoided" that would "directly or indirectly" fuel the tensions.

While Rasmussen, seemingly still refering to Crimea, said at Elysee:
" Our position is perfectly clear: We consider russian actions in Ukraine illegal and asked Russia to withdraw."

But IMO the important thing is that NATO, in its report of the meeting on its website, didn't mention the "ukrainian question" at all.

As far as I know this is done in case the other side asks for the omission.

At the same time the Hollande-communique was the only news about Ukraine, Xinhua found worth reporting in the last 18 hours.

Posted by: TomGard | Apr 9 2014 12:33 utc | 131

Would you have had suspected Angela Merkel asking the White House for copies of her NSA-file? Nor had I. And I would be surprised, if anyone in Germany did. It simply seems too far beyond her lordliness.

But she did. And it was leaked to the foreign policy - speaker of the Green Party in order to make him pose an official parlamentarian request for the US-reaction. The request was answered by the interior (!) ministry which said, yes, there was a request for the file indeed, back in october, but it was ignored. The speaker refused to answer the question, if Merkel had asked for the deletion of the file.

This are tiny little steps meant to be closely followed in Washington.

( broke the news which was first published by an insignificant provincial paper. But - and even this I consider as a hint - it is the leading provincial paper of Saxonia, far to the right in the political spectrum and next to thuringia one of the centers of right wing opposition to german atlanticism.)

Posted by: TomGard | Apr 9 2014 13:04 utc | 132

any cause that needs to lie to sustain itself is a lost cause....
RT на русском ‏@RT_russian 2h
Новость о пустых полках в крымских магазинах проиллюстрировали фотографией из Нью-Йорка
News about empty shelves in stores Crimean illustrated with photographs from New York

Posted by: brian | Apr 9 2014 13:08 utc | 133


You may have missed the US-AID screed on NPR today behind Cuba Twitter-Gate hearings.

Some Senate Intelligence Committee chairperson, pretending this was a 'couple of bad apples', mentioning the 'dozens of emails from patriotic US-AID employees, asking how can you put us and our families at risk!?" (sic), ...when we all know, or should, that US-AID is deeply tied with CIA-State covert ops, as witnessed in Afghanistan, where our own AF Ambassador stated that, "85% of US humanitarian aid to OEF-A (US-AID)is round-tripped right back to WADC-NOVA." It's an aid-funds bicycling operation back to Spook Central!

So I'll tell you another story of Afghanistan. After my mission there failed to get funded by the US-AID Party Chief, wife of Houston oil zillionaire with little foreign experience, I met a few Americans who had gone on missions to AF, too, believing in the 'aid' schtick.

This guy, I think I can say this without compromising him, was called to do an all-country agriculture survey mission. He had body armor, with armed escort, but traveled in cars and trucks like a farm consultant, and he logged the entire country. Then he wrote an in-depth report for re-development of the original Afghan agriculture industry, shattered by war.

Afghanistan was once referred to as Garden of Central Asia. Apples and grapes originated in those regions. Melons, soft fruits, pomegranates, pistachios. Read Elphinstone's Epistome. This wasn't a one-shot deal in 1970s. This was a bounty of centuries.


Together these studies, taken at great personal risk, proposed making Afghanistan into a self-sufficient, resource rich, energy independent, agricultural breadbasket, with it's own oil and gas reserves, and with hydropower and refineries, a 100 years of cheap fuel.

Instead, US-AID took those studies and toilet-papered them to systematically DECONSTRUCT Afghanistan. Instead of rebuilding the artisanal agriculture, they brought in Monsanto. Instead of rebuilding the former Soviet oil and gas infrastructure for Afghans, Cheney and his Energy Policy Committee wrote the Afghan Hydrocarbon Laws ... in ENGLISH ... in 2001, while Rangers were still risking their lives at Tora Bora, laws which nationalized the oil behind a new Executive hand-picked by Cheney, His Honorable Hamid Karzai, oil consultant, ...and to his credit, he never sold those oil and gas reserve leases to the Neocons.

US-AID is the quintessential velvet glove on the iron claw. All this Congressional smokescreen is doing is a Kennedy and a 9/11: find a 'lone gunman', find a 'bad apple', and then white-wash everything else into a happy-camper-smiley-face-go-back-to-sleep.

What is US-AID? Who the heck is IMF? Who owns World Bank? And who died and made them Pope?
In one swoop in 2009, Hillary Clinton and Milliband diverted more humanitarian aid into private bank coffers, than all the aid in all the countries of the entire world that year.
$6 BILLION is now missing in action, a mere fraction of the $1 TRILLION that Panetta lost, that itself only a shadow of the $2.3 TRILLION that Rumsfeld lost, on the eve of Sep 11.

It's a Great Big Club, ...and the last of our life savings are never coming back again.

I'm out.

Posted by: Chip Nikh | Apr 9 2014 13:08 utc | 134

Not only did the smug laptop bombadiers at NPR (Neocon Public Radio) churn out their usual war propaganda for intervention in Syria, let's not forget that they also refused to run any stories on single payer during the healthcare debate due to their corporate sponsors, including:

$1 million+: Farmers Insurance Group of Companies, Prudential Financial $500,000 – $999,999: Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America, Allstate Insurance Company, Northwestern Mutual Foundation, $250,000 – $499,999: AARP, The Hartford Financial Services Group, UnumProvident $100,000 – $249,999: Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Posted by: Christine | Apr 9 2014 13:09 utc | 135

Aid? What utter and total bullshit! 'Aid' is just a not very well disguised way to shunt business to US corporations. Virtually all 'aid' agreements that USAID (or whoever) have with countries stipulate that the 'aid' be spent on US corporations.

And it's the same with all the imperialist countries. Either you enrich the pirates directly or you do it indirectly:

For every dollar given to poor countries in aid, they lose two dollars to rich countries because of unfair trade barriers against their exports

Africa has lost 50p for every pound it receives in aid because of the falling prices it gets for its commodities. 'Africa Bound' By William Bowles

I have direct evidence of how 'aid' works through my work in South Africa. 'Aid' is a fix and a con and pure poison for the under-developed world.

Posted by: William Bowles | Apr 9 2014 14:24 utc | 136

A la the destabilization weapons in the form of USAID/NED/NGOs, it looks like Putin is going to not allow the importation of Western bioweapons.

Yup, the "unseen" weapons of the US war of aggression against Russia often go - fancy that - un-commented on in a land dominated by informed NPR listeners.

Just to recap for the NPR lurkers:

1) The US has been attempting to destabilize the Russia state for decades in the form of USAID/NED and other organizations
2) The US has been destabilizing Russia through the importation of the rekindled heroin bumber crop (thanks to the GWOT) a la the crack cocaine operations in US cities of the 80s/90s. Here's a link to that story.
3) The US has been attempting to destabilize the Russia and the world by introducing GMO crops that will destroy the agricultural capabilities of nations who would then become dependent upon Monsanto et al for their foodstuffs. Not to mention how oh so nutritious GMO foodstuffs are for you, boys and girls!

What Putin doesn't want the Russian populace to be totally f*cking uninformed, totally addicted to narcotics (or in prison due to narcotics, natch), or digging themselves and early grave with GMO poisons like the Americans?

WTF is his problem?

Posted by: JSorrentine | Apr 9 2014 14:36 utc | 137

This is what US-AID looks like...

Posted by: Christine | Apr 9 2014 14:48 utc | 138 'Presence of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine shows weakness of Kiev govt'

"RT: When the protesters in Kiev were occupying government buildings there, they were praised as champions of democracy. But when the same happens in the East and South of the country dozens end up arrested and facing jail terms. Why such a distinction?

DW: What we are seeing is the immense hypocrisy involved not just from the Kiev coup [government], but from the West in general. There have been no denunciations of the violence which took place last night and which is probably taking place right now in Donetsk as we speak. People inside the administration building waiting for storm and they have barricaded themselves in. They really are heroes of democracy, they are standing up for their rights and their own people, and they are being defended by their own people. The fact that you bring in people from outside, including possibly the foreign mercenaries, shows that you are not even confident of your own position let alone trying to retake control of these areas."

Posted by: scalawag | Apr 9 2014 16:04 utc | 139

ukraine threat to attack protesters in east right now.
where is west now? sick bastards!

Posted by: Anonymous | Apr 9 2014 16:29 utc | 140

And the reason for the Ukrainian unrest is:

Hope the commercial doesn't show up.

Posted by: ben | Apr 9 2014 16:33 utc | 141

4 Georgian sharp shooters from Saakashvili on Maidan according to Georgian general

Posted by: somebody | Apr 9 2014 16:51 utc | 142

HRW/Snowden reference. -take the good with the bad. This is too much for Washington.

Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch (HRW), said, "It is disturbing that the Obama administration, which already has a record of resisting international accountability for Israeli rights abuses, would also oppose steps to adopt treaties requiring Palestinian authorities to uphold human rights."

"HRW also said Washington appears to oppose Palestine joining human rights treaties in part because it is afraid they will gain greater support for Palestinian statehood outside the framework of negotiations with Israel."

Posted by: truthbetold | Apr 9 2014 17:42 utc | 143

This is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED from NPR News. I'm Melissa Block.

And I'm Audie Cornish.

We begin this hour in [….......] substitute the name of any country since the Second World War where the US has supported and in many cases engendered a right wing military dictatorship [Indonesia, Greece, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Haiti, Turkey, the Philippines, Guatemala, El Salvador, and of course, without forgetting the horror of Chile in 1973]

NPR's Corey Flintoff is in […....] and joins us now. And, Corey, you've just come back from a walk around the square. Describe to us what's happening there.

[Away from the camera, hundreds of thousands of deaths have taken place, but that's not what NPR is here to report.

What really happened was torture, cluster bombs, depleted uranium, innumerable acts of random murder, misery, degradation, but that's not what NPR is here to tell us. US crimes have been systematic, constant, vicious, remorseless, but they never happened because no one in the US media ever talked about them.]

And now back to Corey Flintoff, to describe what happened.

Corey: “Nothing happened. Nothing ever happened. Even while it happened it wasn't happening. It didn't matter. It was of no interest.

You don't need to think, NPR listener. Just lie back on the cushion. Sip your latte

The death of foreign people is irrelevant. These people are of no moment. Their deaths don't exist. They are blank.

They are not even recorded as being dead. “We don't do body counts,” said the American general Tommy Franks.

Now go back to sipping your lattes, NPR listeners.

Audie CORNISH: That's NPR's Corey Flintoff in […...]. Corey, thank you.

FLINTOFF: It's my pleasure, Audie.

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@ Posted by: Chip Nikh | Apr 9, 2014 9:08:48 AM | 133

Thanks much. No time now but later... Humanity is facing in effect a multifaceted elite death cult. So much harm done; so much beneficent possibility has been/is being prevented.

Posted by: Robert Snefjella | Apr 9 2014 21:22 utc | 145

How does NPR distinguish "activists" from "rioters?"
"rebels" from "insurgents"?
"civilians" from "regime supporters"
"regime informers" from "neighborhood watch"
"thugs" from "local militias"
"citizen journalists" from "rebel propagandists"
"regime propagandists" from "state-run media"
"liberated areas" from "insurgent strongholds"
"kidnapping" from "under protection"
"more moderate salafis" from "Al Qaeda affiliate"
"regime change" from "a coup"?

When NPR pays half as much attention to the concerns of its average listeners as it does to CAMERA pressure campaigns, right-wing legislators and Zionist donors, we might get an honest answer to such questions.

Posted by: Rusty Pipes | Apr 10 2014 2:40 utc | 146

Easy. "Mob" means the people acting in an organized manner against the State. Cf. "mobocracy", a synonym for "democracy". "Protestors" are "mobs" acting in accord with a State's agenda. Cf. "petition the lord with prayer". Domestically, of course, there are no grounds for popular protest as we enjoy the most vibrant democracy in history. And it goes without saying Americans are incapable of acting without direction, so there can never be "mob" actions, but only criminal thuggery.

Posted by: Chris Harlos | Apr 10 2014 14:38 utc | 147

Maria Finoshina @MFinoshina_RT · 5h ago
We talked 2 activists inside sieged building “#Donetsk anti-govt protesters defiant 24 hrs ahead of #Kiev deadline

Posted by: brian | Apr 10 2014 14:45 utc | 148

Crimea&East ‏@IndependentKrym 1h
ATTENTION : specialOps / Snipers arrived at: #Lugansk #Luhansk State University of Internal Affairs. stop them!!!!

Posted by: brian | Apr 10 2014 14:47 utc | 149

The Government of the People's Republic of Donetsk today formed the committee on foreign affairs and chose as its head the wife of Paul Gubarov. One of the leaders of the Republic, Dennis Pushilin said "Ekaterina is now located in Moscow on a working visit." He also said that the decision to return to work space officials of the regional administration, which should provide livelihoods area - accrual and payment of pensions, allowances and salaries. The National Council does not consider itself accountable to the Kiev authorities and is not afraid of prosecution! #RussianSpring

Posted by: brian | Apr 10 2014 15:15 utc | 150

Any chance of a new Open Thread or Syria thread any time soon?

Speaking of "How does NPR Distinguish ...": Kelly McEvers, stenographer for the Syrian opposition in Beirut for 2 years, has gotten a promotion at NPR. She's a guest host for Morning Edition this week. Beating the drums for PNAC interventions has its perks.

Posted by: Rusty Pipes | Apr 14 2014 22:53 utc | 151

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