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April 22, 2014

Blog Down

Over the weekend there were several Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on the systems that hosts this blog. This was not an attack against but on all blogs hosted by Typepad. While some of those blogs are now back the ones with a "forwarded" domain name (domain mapping), like this one, still have problems.

While I do believe that folks are working hard on the issue I have no idea when Typepad will be able to fully restore the service.

Posted by b on April 22, 2014 at 8:02 UTC | Permalink


You were missed. Hope you're back soon.

Posted by: Linda J | Apr 23 2014 1:30 utc | 1

Very good to see MoA back up and running.

Posted by: Copeland | Apr 23 2014 1:34 utc | 2


Posted by: Maxcrat | Apr 23 2014 1:35 utc | 3

With putsch president Turchinov announcing a relaunch of an "anti-terrorist" operation against the east because of the discovery of a corpse ("showing signs of torture" -- sure to get Samantha Power frothing at the lip) that "resembles" a local Fatherland Party pol, I wonder what has changed in a week to give the putschists confidence that things will go differently this time. At what point are the "green men" going to have a go at the lads from Right Sector?

In any event, glad to have you up and running, b.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Apr 23 2014 1:48 utc | 4

I have it on the good authority of the Guardian that Putin was behind the DDOS attack on Typepad.

Posted by: scalawag | Apr 23 2014 1:48 utc | 5

Does the blog have an alternate url under the Typepad domain? deos not seem to go anywhere.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Apr 23 2014 2:01 utc | 6

Whew. Home b. There just isn't a blog out there which comes close to this one. Glad the attack wasn't just on you and the/us MOAners. Collected over 500 morels while you were out. A bumper year.

Posted by: Eureka Springs | Apr 23 2014 2:08 utc | 7

I haven't posted here before but have read for some time. I'm very relieved to see the site back up.

Posted by: mena | Apr 23 2014 2:25 utc | 8

This week my email was hacked and then MoA disappeared. Coincidence?

Am reading/writing from middle earth.

Posted by: Hamburger | Apr 23 2014 2:28 utc | 9

I just *knew* it would be back up shortly after the speech. And it was.

Posted by: Gabe | Apr 23 2014 2:31 utc | 10

Good news. Hope the trolls don't here about it. (They're at the Saker now.)

@Petri Krohn #6:

But all the links in that are back to . So I think the only thing you can read using that alternate url are b's front page posts, not any comments.

Posted by: Demian | Apr 23 2014 2:45 utc | 11

good to hear it wasn't a targeted attack - when getting the message that there was no longer any moa domain first thought was could it trace back to the attempts to conflate the entire blog w/ specific world views expressed by a handful of vocal commentators at a time when your posts were getting even more deserved exposure from the citations of escobar, whitney & others

Posted by: b real | Apr 23 2014 3:42 utc | 12

welcome back!

Posted by: james | Apr 23 2014 4:00 utc | 13

I've had problems elsewhere on Typepad sites the last 24 hours.

Posted by: Bob In Portland | Apr 23 2014 5:05 utc | 14

Such a relief.

Posted by: Outraged | Apr 23 2014 5:08 utc | 15

glad to learn that MoA wasn't targeted in particular; I would have sworn that "domain unknown" message, clearly "false", was placed by hackers!

I can't think of the Internet without MoA; there are many interesting people and sites out there, but only b offers real analysis (and deconstruction) as a basis for discussion, and that takes hard work

Posted by: claudio | Apr 23 2014 6:22 utc | 16

welcome back.... and:
at 3:31 isnt that at the G8 dinner russian media billonaire Gusinsky(one of the russian oligarchs)? is he now a head of state?

Posted by: brian | Apr 23 2014 6:28 utc | 17

U were heartily missed, gave me a distraught long weekend …
Dissent Under Attack? Blog Moon of Alabama Is Down

With a footnote about "Cold N Holefield".

Posted by: Oui | Apr 23 2014 6:32 utc | 18

It's great to see ya back, b...!

Followed you on twitter...

Moon of Alabama ‏@MoonofA 7h

.@typepad 24+h of domain mapping down. Folks, this ain’t rocket science. Get some decent sysadmins and fix it. #typepadstatus

Moon of Alabama ‏@MoonofA 11h

.@typepad 24h to fix something dumb like domain forwarding? Why should I pay for amateurs?

Posted by: CTuttle | Apr 23 2014 7:51 utc | 19

@brian #15 - You meant Barroso representing the European Union?

Media tycoon Vladimir Gusinsky is quite a guy, self-exiled from Russia, alleged embezzlement $300m, assets taken by Putin, a friend of Yeltsin, Berezovsky and Bill Clinton. Active in RTVi with studios based in Moscow, New York, Kiev and Tel-Aviv. Partner in anti-Putin propaganda broadcasts from US soil.

Posted by: Oui | Apr 23 2014 8:32 utc | 20

The Obama school of falsification-two recent exposes of the genre.

Posted by: bevin | Apr 23 2014 8:54 utc | 21

Very happy to see this recovery. Please let us know if you get any idea of who on earth would have attacked a gigantic and politically indeterminate entity like typepad. It's bizarre. Perhaps NSA is just trying to whittle down the blogosphere by forcing the hosting co's to spend much, much more on armoring their systems.

Posted by: Rowan Berkeley | Apr 23 2014 9:09 utc | 22

Glad to see MOA back, and hope that discussion of violent policy around Ukraine will continue to receive valuable background information, and thus continue to contribute to prevention of such violence).

Posted by: Hannah K. O'Luthon | Apr 23 2014 9:21 utc | 23

@20 Rowan:

Blackmail. It was a very similar attack as the one on Basecamp a few weeks ago.

Happy to see MoA back.

Posted by: Philippe | Apr 23 2014 9:27 utc | 24

Goodo b. Goodo Man.

This is still the best forum that this grumpy old bugger has come across.
For a while I just shrugged, dropped my hands impersonating despair and thought
since nothing seems to matter
we are in God's hands so who gives a stuff.

Posted by: Michaël | Apr 23 2014 10:17 utc | 25

@Rowan Berkeley #20:

Absolutely non-political, but very popular private file sharing sites have recently been subjected to much more devastating sustained attacks than Typepad was. And as far as I know, no one still has any idea of who was behind those attacks.

Obviously, the FBI and NSA are not going to make an effort to find out who has attacked private file sharing sites. For all we know, the NSA was the source of those DDoS attacks. But the likely outcome that USG is never going to be able to tell us who was responsible for the attacks on Typepad tell us all we know about how incompetent the NSA is at cybersecurity, as opposed to cyberterrorism.

Posted by: Demian | Apr 23 2014 10:49 utc | 26

@23 grumpy old bugger? I don't even want to know.

Posted by: guest77 | Apr 23 2014 10:51 utc | 27

Posted by: Demian | Apr 22, 2014 10:45:09 PM | 11

So true and sad for Slaker

Glad your back up b.

Posted by: jo6pac | Apr 23 2014 13:50 utc | 28

Maybe they didn't target you specifically. That would be too obvious. Better to take down the whole service just because you are using it.

Posted by: ani | Apr 23 2014 16:49 utc | 29


Posted by: remembererringgiap | Apr 23 2014 18:42 utc | 30

"This was not an attack against but on all blogs hosted by Typepad."

Glad to see MoA back online, even though it shows that the International Community (of Colonial has-beens) isn't quite as stupid, unimaginative and desperate as I suspected.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Apr 25 2014 3:02 utc | 31

Hi. I guess that I am a johnny-come-lately to Obama's biggest blunder yet: his overthrow of the Ukrainian democracy and its replacement by a few gangs of fascist anti Russian thugs... Before Feb. 22, I had depended on xymphora.blogspot to keep me updated on many issues obscured by our corporate media. Cheers. I thought the when MOA disappeared, that it was the dirty hand of USG...
On tv, try rt, it is ch 280 on dish tv. excellent. (please excuse capping or no caps, = keyboard very old...

Posted by: james k. sayre | Apr 28 2014 5:12 utc | 32

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