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March 12, 2014

Ukraine: EU Parliament Warns Of Association With Svoboda Party

John McCain, Victoria "Fuck the EU" Nuland and several EU Foreign Ministers had themselves photographed near barricades in Kiev with Svoboda party leader Oleh Tyahnybok.

Someone should ask the members of the European Parliament what they think about those photo opportunities and meetings.

Only some 15 month ago the European Parliament adopted resolution 2012/2889(RSP) which had this to say about Tyahnybok and his party:

The European Parliament ... 8. Is concerned about the rising nationalistic sentiment in Ukraine, expressed in support for the Svoboda Party, which, as a result, is one of the two new parties to enter the Verkhovna Rada; recalls that racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic views go against the EU's fundamental values and principles and therefore appeals to pro-democratic parties in the Verkhovna Rada not to associate with, endorse or form coalitions with this party;

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I'm so happy not a hero little johnnie maccain and the lovely I wouldn't know the truth if it hit me between the eyes nulaid have shown up. This makes official the Amerikan govt. insane.

Posted by: jo6pac | Mar 12 2014 17:56 utc | 1

It was not so long ago John McQeada was meeting kidnappers in Syria.. the man is human filth

Posted by: harrylaw | Mar 12 2014 18:18 utc | 2

Has anyone figured out just what the eff is going on there in the background painting?

It looks like some sort of Scientology shit or something. Anyone got a better view or know where this photo was taken?

Posted by: JSorrentine | Mar 12 2014 18:19 utc | 3

Apparently, there is no "cost of violating international law and threatening the peace" because the same neoconservative / neoliberal crew who gave us the Balkan fiasco, the Iraq disaster, the Afghanistan quagmire, and chaos in Libya and Syria are still in positions of power, still offering the same belligerent opinions in the media, and still conducting their aggressive, international law defying, peace threatening policies everywhere they find an opportunity to do so.

Posted by: Cynthia | Mar 12 2014 18:21 utc | 4

From a European perspective it is a major tragedy that the EU has made itself subservient to the geopolitical objectives of the US at the detriment of their economic and strategic interests.

I would like to know why that is the case. Being a German I happen to know how it came about for Germany (it lost WW2 and never regained full autonomy), but why do nations like France and other European states join this chorus?

It makes no sense to me and I fear that the US will drag the EU down by embroiling it not only in a second Cold War, but also making it a participant in a hot one too. The likelihood of which is increasing by the day.

I curse the European leaders who seem unable to combine their economic muscle into a powerful tool to further Europe's interest, and increase their military cooperation so as to guarantee the security of its borders and keep any American, Russian or Chinese bullying at bay.

Posted by: HnH | Mar 12 2014 18:32 utc | 5

Found another picture of him pledging allegiance in front of same backdrop on Google images.

It appears that the Svoboda party is literally sucking the electrical life force out of people's minds, fingers and fists and using it to power a gigantic three-fingered hand weapon of lightning that will be used to smite all of those who do not pledge allegiance to it or at least provide it with tasty cakes as evidenced in the first photo.

We are doomed.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Mar 12 2014 18:32 utc | 6

Here is the passage on Svoboda from today's NYT story (which treads with a cat-like delicacy around the issue of Ukrainian fascism) on Right Sector pop star Dmytro Yarosh:

The Svoboda party, meanwhile, has moderated, and did not openly endorse the tactic of throwing firebombs when street fighting began in January. Svoboda was founded in 1991 under the name the Socialist-Nationalist Party of Ukraine, with a symbol that resembled a swastika. Its leader, Oleg Tyagnibok, met Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday and in December appeared onstage with Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona. Svoboda holds 37 seats in Parliament.
It appears we're being treated to a similar logic as the one applied to the Wahhabis in Syria where there is good Al Qaeda (Nusra/Islamic Front) and bad Al Qaeda (ISIS). Here the division is between moderate Nazis (Svoboda) and menacing Nazis (Right Sector).

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Mar 12 2014 18:36 utc | 7

Off topic but I would really like to get your thoughts on the following:

Press TV is reporting that Saudi Arabia is going to "blockade Qatar by land and sea ...But here is were it gets interesting.
A condition of lifting the blockade is ""expulsion of two US think tanks - identified as Brookings Doha Center and the Rand Qatar Policy Institute"

What confuses me, and maybe you can enlighten, is I thought all those Gulf States were our 'buddies' so to speak.

What does it say about our relationship with the Saudi's if they are consider our Think Tanks subversive?


Posted by: TomV | Mar 12 2014 18:37 utc | 8

With all of the Youtube videos - drunken American mercenaries videochatting about their sniper exploits,

"Vice" video full-retards provocateurin' at checkpoints in Crimea after setting up the fake staged Pussy Riot performance beatings, all for their ever-so-truthy 'documentaries'(which are HOLY GRAIL JOURNALISM according to their many fans),

Ukrainian PM's not 'loyal' to the putschist gov being ambushed, kidnapped, and roughed up, and 'made to confess' by bussed in skinhead bouncer types,

crowds of many thousands in eastern Ukraine resisting the incoming 'new gov',

Miss Olga the doctor, reaffirming the contents of the Estonian FM's leaked call w/ Ashton live on CNN, BEFORE SHE DENIED IT, etc...not to mention the sniper fire analysis videos showing fire coming from an opposition-controlled hotel and environs.

Some serious consolidation and presentation should be happening if the truth is going to come out. I for one don't have the time - nor the translation capabilities. It's all very bleak.

I've posted that Oleh Tyahnybok pic on places like Daily Kos and gotten ZERO response. We're officially in Emperor's New Clothes territory.

Posted by: L Bean | Mar 12 2014 18:38 utc | 9

in the absence of an open thread, may I ask if anyone has news about the Abu Ghaith trial allegedly under way in NYC? Strange that the trial of Osama's son in law and publicist has attracted so little attention.

Posted by: Cu Chulainn | Mar 12 2014 18:50 utc | 10

I've posted that Oleh Tyahnybok pic on places like Daily Kos and gotten ZERO response. We're officially in Emperor's New Clothes territory.

Posted by: L Bean | Mar 12, 2014 2:38:18 PM | 9

Why would anyone expect any sign of intelligent life at DKos?

It's full of Dem-tards, Obama-Tards, Tards in general

Why would any intelligent person even go to DKos in the first place? (it's a rhetorical Q, no need to answer)

Posted by: brb | Mar 12 2014 18:52 utc | 11


That is sooo 2010. Dontcha remember, Neptune came up from the mighty ocean, and got 'im with his Spear? No more meme.

We're doing real world leaders now, like Putin.

Posted by: L Bean | Mar 12 2014 18:53 utc | 12

brb, of course. Daily Kos is only good for trolling. But when trolling is the only way left to tell the truth, somebody should get on that sht. Before it's too late.

Posted by: L Bean | Mar 12 2014 18:55 utc | 13

13 - My apologies - you are of course correct - silly me for ever doubting you in the first place

Posted by: brb | Mar 12 2014 19:00 utc | 14

@ TomV - Saudis and Think Tanks. - Rand has left Qatar end of last year. They screwed up the project they were paid for - education reform. Brookings Doha is paid by Qatar and is the main promoter, quoted all over U.S. media, for the Muslim Brotherhood. Shadi Hamid is their front man. Before Brookings he was political consultant for the Qatar sheiks wife.

To the Saudis the MB is dangerous as it presents an alternative to the Saudi ruling system.

Posted by: b | Mar 12 2014 19:01 utc | 15

The best part about Vice is that it's a Murdoch outfit - Rupert's son basically runs it.

Look no farther than their coverage of Syria beginning a few years back to see how TPTB continue to innovate when it comes to further brainwashing the yute: look everyone pictures of tits (assadishitlerassadishitlerassadishitler) and people puking!!

Posted by: JSorrentine | Mar 12 2014 19:06 utc | 16

Brookings in Doha is Haim Saban territory.

Posted by: Rowan Berkeley | Mar 12 2014 19:07 utc | 17

JSorrentine 3

Haha what is that?

*A lightning background
*A man heiling?
*A chocolate cake to the left?

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 12 2014 19:09 utc | 18

HnH 5 As I wrote before - Europe has been under constant threat of the GLADIO redux (look up the BBC video documentary from the 80s - the terror campaign was called "strategy of tension"), operatives are commandos, special ops, mercenaries from NATO/Israel/GCC. The bloody coup in Ukraine was done with their help. Germany received a warning about 2 years ago when a package with explosives was found on a train station in Berlin. Among the false flags performed by this NATO terrorist network are "Breivik" (by no means he acted alone, read Wayne Madsen, aangirfan, Veterans Today, VoltaireNet, see photos from Utoya from the day before the massacre with posters against Israel), Madrid bombing (Spain is not the same country anymore Don Quijones: Round Two Of The Global Financial Sector’s Takeover Of Spain), London bombing, "Mehra's" assault on Jewish school in Tolouse, etc. See e.g. this Gladio – the Gift that Keeps on Giving.

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 12 2014 19:10 utc | 19

Hey, but the Jews in Ukraine say everything's cool, man. It's NOT the neo-Nazis and other assorted fascists now in control of Kiev etc who are anti-Semitic but Putin of course.

Open letter signed by Jewish leaders says Russian claim of rising anti-Semitism in Ukraine 'does not correspond to the actual facts.'

Jewish leaders in Ukraine have written an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, urging him to withdraw his troops from their country and rejecting his claims of anti-Semitic activity there.

The letter, published on the website of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, casts doubts on Putin's motivations for sending his troops into Ukraine in the wake of the mass protests that led to the removal from power of former president Viktor Yanukovich last month. And regarding anti-Jewish sentiment, the letters states that Russia is far more guilty of anti-Semitism than Ukraine.

Here's that expose on Zionist Jews collaborating with Nazis back during WWII once again for those interested.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Mar 12 2014 19:13 utc | 20

And France has a problem with the quenelle?

Posted by: MRW | Mar 12 2014 19:16 utc | 21

JSorrentine, yep - and I wouldn't be surprised if they're getting funding from NGOs, given their Pussy Riot embedded sht and their North Korea stunts - they did an 'insider' doc there a few yrs before the Rodman thing, too. Around the time Laura Ling et al were caught trying to cross the border, iirc. The Ling girls, Anderson Cooper, all CIA rats from wayback - they got their start, their label as 'just journalists', interestingly enough, doing teen-friendly 'news' called Channel One, which was piped into my first period class all throughout highschool. It was a perfect time to catch a few extra Zzz's. But I digress.

For anyone who needs convincing of Vice's ulterior motive, watch the extended version of the "cossacks whip Pussy Riot" video. They are on site orchestrating the whole thing, filming, and commenting afterwards. A few days ago they were there when Pussy Riot was 'assaulted' at a McDonald's. And now this Crimean provocation. At least Crimean security looks to have been apprised of their agenda.

Their target audience is millenials who don't trust "MSM"(but are eager to glom on to performance art in the name of some subverted punk ethic). Real brainiacs iow.

Posted by: L Bean | Mar 12 2014 19:19 utc | 22

I see a hamburger and fries on the left. But then again I haven't had lunch yet.

Funny comment below the Youtube video of the drunk American merc in Ukraine:

"what can you expect from a guy with a hamburger for a brain?"

Posted by: L Bean | Mar 12 2014 19:21 utc | 23

Seems like the global zio-neocon-neoliberal cabal decided to go with Syrian/Libyan/Iraq option with 20,000 terrorists ready to invade East Ukraine/Crimea. But this will not last long: 1) Russian troops are much better than Syrian Arab Army (with all due respect) 2) European neo-fascist are not as stupid/desperate/crazy as the muslim jihadis (no respect) - once they realize how hopeless their position is, it will be over. Lehman has interesting articles (and generally good, first-hand sources in Turkey):

G7 "Warn" Russia not to "Annex" Crimea while Pravy Sector Deploy's 20.000 "National Security Guards"

... Parubiy’s overtly Neo-Nazi Pravy Sector along with the UNA-UNSO, that entertains strong ties to NATO’s GLADIO operation, were behind the mass killing of 90, and the injuring of more than 500 protesters and police officers in Kiev. It is also worth noticing the UNA-UNSO has previously been deployed in Georgia’s war against Russia.

The deployment of the new National Security Chief’ Parubiy’s 20.000 strong “National Guard” conveys that these are well organized “armies”, of Neo-Nazi and Fascist character, which will be deployed to the Ukraine’s eastern and southeastern regions and along the Russian border.

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 12 2014 19:23 utc | 24

Not really "Jews in Ukraine", Jewish LEADERS in Ukraine - read the list, it's millionaire business owners and financier/holocaust industry types, and also prominent rabbis, who if we're being honest are also big businessmen.

This shitty letter is becoming the last word in more places than I can count. Finally, global hasbara!

Posted by: L Bean | Mar 12 2014 19:27 utc | 25

b forgot the caption to the photograph:

"Ukrainian revolutionary leader greets Tariq Ali and his delegation on their arrival in Kiev."

Posted by: bevin | Mar 12 2014 19:56 utc | 26

The deployment of the new National Security Chief’ Parubiy’s 20.000 strong “National Guard” conveys that these are well organized “armies”, of Neo-Nazi and Fascist character, which will be deployed to the Ukraine’s eastern and southeastern regions and along the Russian border.

So they're going the 'terrorism & Intimidation' route to try and goad russians into taking action.

Guess the Russians will have to do the same

This is going to get very messy

Posted by: brb | Mar 12 2014 20:11 utc | 27


Tariq ali? What are you talking about?

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 12 2014 20:15 utc | 28

the inference is that Tariq Ali = R2P Imperialist (I think)

Posted by: brb | Mar 12 2014 20:18 utc | 29

for who might be interested,there is a major zionists assault on Gaza right now!

Posted by: Nobody | Mar 12 2014 20:28 utc | 30

I wouldn't have thought a left-handed fascist salute would be acceptable to the gods. It's got to be right-handed.

Posted by: Rowan Berkeley | Mar 12 2014 20:30 utc | 31

I wouldn't have thought a left-handed fascist salute would be acceptable to the gods. It's got to be right-handed.

definetely )

Posted by: Ursun | Mar 12 2014 21:09 utc | 32


As usual israel start another massacre while the world is focused on ukraine..

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 12 2014 21:37 utc | 33


"James Foley: Britain lost its Empire generations ago, but is Britain still imperialist?

Tariq Ali:... Some try to revive their past, as Putin is doing in the Ukraine...."

Sorry it's from Counterpunch today. Most of what Ali says is reasonable, largely because he said nothing about Syria but this reminded me that there are still people of the "left" cheering the imperialists, and their fascist cohorts in Ukraine.
Seeing the picture made me wish some of them would actually go to Kiev and meet their allies.

Posted by: bevin | Mar 12 2014 21:58 utc | 34


Thanks, ali tariq: another fake antiimperialist

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 12 2014 22:10 utc | 35

I was looking forward to Yatsenyuk fielding some tough questions here in the land of the free and the home of the brave, the city on the hill, the beacon of democracy, etc. but apparently he cancelled his appearance this evening at the National Press Club. There is a talk he gave at the Atlantic Council this afternoon. He did take questions. I haven't had a chance to watch to see if there were any hostile ones. But I doubt it. The Atlantic Council is 100% pro-putsch.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Mar 12 2014 23:39 utc | 36

PP @ 19: Thanks for the Gladio link. New for me.

Posted by: ben | Mar 13 2014 6:17 utc | 37

#Ukraine Putch regime orders military to put down people's government in #Lugansk, Lugansk asks Putin for help.
how ironic for the maidan 'peaceful protesters' to crush resistance with military force,.,,somethnig Yanuk never did!

Posted by: brian | Mar 13 2014 8:16 utc | 38

The Court has begun proceedings on the illegality of the assigning Turchinov as a President of Ukraine

The Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine has begun proceedings on the claim due to illegal assignment on duties as President of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov. Donetsk lawyer Vladimir Olentsevich demanded to recognize the wrongfulness of acts of the Verkhovna Rada, which endowed Turchinova in power as President in the time when in power still had been legitimately elected President Viktor Yanukovych. The first hearing is scheduled for March 19th.

Posted by: brian | Mar 13 2014 8:35 utc | 39

German Der Tagesspiegel pulls poll when 78% say #Russia's interests re #Ukraine—legitimate

Posted by: brian | Mar 13 2014 9:02 utc | 40

Some humour :)

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 13 2014 9:18 utc | 41

brian 39
Glad to see 78% of the germans participating in the poll saying that, also - maybe the poll ran for a week or something and was then deleted?

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 13 2014 9:21 utc | 42

For German speaking barflies, a recording of Gerhard Schroeder in a podium interview with Josef Joffe, publisher of the arch conservative 'Zeit' newspaper.

As expected, Joffe portrays the Crimean referendum as illegal under international law and tries to extract a similar statement from Schroeder. Schroeder instead argues that while chancellor he himself broke international law by participating in the break up of Yugoslavia and then proceeds to read a quote from Joffe from three years ago where he had written concerning the legality of Serbia's break up that the International Court of Justice were rather smart by taking the position that intl. law doesn't disallow declarations of independence. Gold.

Posted by: Juan Moment | Mar 13 2014 9:49 utc | 43

ukrainian government now say that they can us military response to the krimea question and that they might ask for help from outside (that is the west/nato)
(from Ria news site).

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 13 2014 11:07 utc | 44

@l bean - great posts

@bevin the good thing about Ali is that he isn't shy about taking a side. Unfortunately that side is usually "both".

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 13 2014 12:17 utc | 45

do you agree with Ali on scottish independence? I am more inclined to agree with Galloway on that issue.

Posted by: Pirouz_2 | Mar 13 2014 14:39 utc | 46

Lugansk is the capital of the easternmost province in Ukraine. It is a sister city of Cardiff in Wales.

Posted by: lysias | Mar 13 2014 14:42 utc | 47

I favour Scots independence, which will open the way to English independence too, a much more important matter. The institution of the UK is imperialist to the core. In fact it privileges US imperialism over even the ersatz "nationalism" of Britain.

This is not to say that I am opposed to internationalism. I am not. But real internationalism begins with agreements between peoples in states with equal rights. The UK is an agreement between thieves trafficking in the labour and wealth of those on whose backs they are saddled.

Posted by: bevin | Mar 13 2014 15:27 utc | 48

lysias there are many links between Wales and Ukraine. In the eighteenth century, I think it was, a Welsh colony of Baptists was established there, I am pretty certain that they were involved in the development of the coal and iron industries. even today I believe that Rugby is played there!

Posted by: bevin | Mar 13 2014 15:30 utc | 49

I’m thinking that UDAR (Klitsh’s party) was formed with the express purpose of setting up a more respectable alternative, and that it was created in coalition with the West, and had much support from Germany.

I wonder about UDAR’s funding, it would be most instructive to see that. I’ll see if I can find something beyond a snippet I have already.

Here is KIitsch in 2011, and in 2012 warning of an uprising (both Telegraph)

Klitsch and Angie have met many times.

See K’s UDAR political partners, right on the front page of their site it lists them large, link below:

> K. Brothers Foundation (K has a brother who lives in Germany and they have biz there, a stab at ‘sport’ and ‘grass roots’ appeal I suppose..)

> The International Republican Institute

> The National Democratic Institute

= USA so-called NGOs, who are hard and heavy into ‘democratization’...

> just one EU political party, CDU (Germany, Merkel.)

Of course UDAR has openly linked itself to Svoboda, but I’m thinking that was not the original plan. However it seems that the US as revealed by the voice of Nuland didn’t care too much for this respectability effort, all imho naturally.

Posted by: Noirette | Mar 13 2014 16:56 utc | 50

There are rumors on the Internet that Yatsenyuk is a high-ranking Scientologist.

Posted by: lysias | Mar 13 2014 18:32 utc | 51

lysias, 51, that is nonsense.

While on Hitler salutes,

Here is Yuschenko’s wife - it is not just a random arm movement as you can see from the photo, plus not fake imho. Don’t know when/where it was taken. She was anti-Russian and pro-EU.

If you compare with other pix of her, there is no doubt.

All this means is that the Hitler salute is a kind of...habit...that serves to coalesce crowds. Say...or...what?

Kateryna (US name: Catherine Claire Chumachenko) was born in Chicago in 1961. wiki: .. US State Dept offiical, Ass. sec of State for Human Rights and Humanit. affairs, working for the Reagan admin as public liaison, at the US treasury (Bush), on the Joint Economic committee, director also of Ukr. institute, Pylyp Orlyk (??), joined KPMG (big corp) as consultant, etc., the usual.

Here a PR piece with a lot pix that favor Orange as a color, and amply display their 3 children (born betwen 1999 and 2004):

Posted by: Noirette | Mar 13 2014 19:18 utc | 52


Well..if you look at her wrist she got a tattoo, so unfortunately fake imho.

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 13 2014 19:36 utc | 53

Another view on Ukraine:

Posted by: bevin | Mar 13 2014 22:56 utc | 54

and another:

Posted by: bevin | Mar 13 2014 23:14 utc | 55

I don't know. The claim about Yats being a scientologist which was quickly ripped off his wikipedia page back if February was awfully specific and was supposedly from the 2010 Ukraine elections. Here's the statement that was revised out of his wiki profile (no one could confirm the source - listed at the bottom - which was why it was pulled.)

It is reported that Yatsenyuk graduated from the Kiev school of Dianetics and joined the Scientology organization in 1998, while working as a consultant for the credit department of Aval Bank. In the same year he signed a contract with the so-called "Sea Organization," the elite structure of the "Church of Scientology." Yatsenyuk is presently a high-ranking member of the sect and has a "level of auditing" called OT-6. His sister, Alina Petrovna Steele (aka Alina Jones), a citizen of the United States, is also connected with the Church of Scientology. Steele is active at the branch of the church in the city of Santa Barbara (USA, California) and she is at a lower level, OT-4, out of a total of 8.

Source (in Russian): "Does the Fighter Against Corruption Belong to a Sect?" by Maxim Terekhov, January 15, 2010

Obviously, there are specific lies but this one seems to be something that someone could find out if true or not. The original link to the Russian mag is a 404 and that's why they pulled it off wikipedia.

Also, this June 2013 link from the Church of Scientology (there is a Kiev branch) shows that "human rights" activities were a major push by the Scientologists over the last year and so who cite everyone's favorite US/Western intel fronts - i.e., HRW, Amnesty and Freedom House - as the reasons for their "activities".

A team of Ukrainian Scientologists have taken on promoting and seeing that human rights is widely taught in their country.

Ukraine, once held in high regard by human rights watchdog groups, has come under fire from Freedom House, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International in the past several years with evidence of erosion of such basic rights as freedom of assembly and freedom of speech, coupled with allegations of torture and mistreatment of prisoners in police custody.

In light of incursions against basic rights and freedoms, members of the Church of Scientology Mission of Kiev have taken on the task of raising human rights awareness and educating youth, educators and officials on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Using educational materials created by United for Human Rights and Youth for Human Rights International, Ukraine Scientologists carry out street events and conduct human rights education for students, educators, law enforcement and government officials. The team has conducted more than 100 human rights lectures to thousands of students in some 50 schools and colleges over the last two years and is working with forward-thinking government officials to make this human rights education available through the country’s educational institutions.

Obviously if we had anything like a functioning press this would have been investigated. As it stands its all just hearsay.

However, since I'm not a real journalist I'd bet that the scientology nuts had their roles to play like every other fake Western "humanist" group operating there.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Mar 14 2014 0:01 utc | 56


Perhaps it's one of those things which contains a kernel of truth - considering Yats' activities for the past few years I wouldn't be surprised if he funnelled NGO money or something similar to this Scientology "reeducation" campaign in Ukraine, maybe even did a few photo ops, which would be an excellent rumor-starter. Religious groups are also terrific vehicles for inserting Americans into grass roots orgs, all over the friggin place.

What's puzzling is that you're right, *someone* should be able to figure it out, especially if like his old wiki stated, he has a sister residing in Santa Barbara who's also a Scientologist.

I'm wondering about that Jason P Gresh person too. He's by all accounts a real person at the embassy in Kiev, married to a woman who's also an embassy employee- rather high level, economics apparatchik. So is he or is he not working with Ukrainian security to perpetrate a false flag in Eastern Ukraine to be blamed on the Russians?

From what I can tell, the only thing fishy about this is the blatant disregard for security shown in the emails, as if Jason thought he could freely email all he wanted about covert BS because he was writing in Ukranian and well gee gosh no one who might blow the whistle on him would even be able to read it. Hubris? Wouldn't be the first time for these jackals. I was thinking about people like him and his wife last night...according to their bios both of them were ushered in to Russian-language classes to supplement their skill set at roughly the same time, around 5 yrs ago. It feels like this thing has been planned from at least then. Like, explicitly planned. Nauseating.

Posted by: L Bean | Mar 14 2014 0:24 utc | 57

A very, very interesting sequence about Ukraine.
In french ,of course.

"On A Oublié De Vous Dire" (OADVD)
"They have forgotten to say you":

une serie d'articles sur l'ukraine sur les

Posted by: Dedef | Mar 14 2014 4:06 utc | 58

“It’s not hard to detect calls for incitement of ethnic hatred [in those materials],” the Polish MP said.

According to the data gathered by the observers, representatives of national minorities, Hungarians in particular, do not feel safe under the new authorities in Ukraine, Piskorski said.

“We also heard certain anti-Semitic slogans predominating at Maidan [in Kiev],” he added.

Piskorski said that Ukraine is engulfed in a wave of political repressions, which are aimed not only against the representatives of the Party of Regions’ ousted president, Viktor Yanukovich, “but other political parties and associations, for example, the Communists.”

“We’ve have heard a lot about cases of physical attacks on representatives of the parties, which are in opposition to the new government,” he said.

Piskorski said that the main political powers which staged the Maidan, “would’ve been labeled as neo-Nazi or neo-Fascist in any mainstream civilized European state.”

Posted by: brian | Mar 14 2014 8:16 utc | 59

Mark Ames ‏@MarkAmesExiled 7h
25 minute video of today's ultranationalist mass brawl in Donetsk

Тврщ Плтрк ‏@pltrk 12h
Они приехали с Запада поставить #Донецк на колени. Кажется, что-то пошло не так RT @kiber1OO: Враг не пройдет!

Posted by: brian | Mar 14 2014 8:50 utc | 60

Germany threatens “massive damage” to Russia ahead of Crimea referendum

Merkel blamed Moscow for illegal actions, using the methods of the 19th and 20th centuries. “The law of the jungle is placed against the strength of the law, unilateral geopolitical concerns against understanding and co-operation,” she said.

With staggering hypocrisy, Merkel is standing reality on its head. It is Germany and the US that are acting as the aggressors, backing and organizing a putsch led by fascist groups in Ukraine, the descendants of political forces Nazi Germany relied upon to commit horrible crimes during World War II.

The creation of the national guard and the transformation of the fascistic shock troops of the “revolution” into official state institutions has the backing of the imperialist powers. The vote on the national guard came only one day after interim Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk met in Washington with US President Barack Obama, who emphasized his support for the new Ukrainian regime and issued new threats against Moscow.

It seems as though Germany is looking for Lebensraum in Russia, gas and oil included.

Posted by: john francis lee | Mar 14 2014 9:42 utc | 61

I'm wondering about that Jason P Gresh person too. He's by all accounts a real person at the embassy in Kiev, married to a woman who's also an embassy employee- rather high level, economics apparatchik. So is he or is he not working with Ukrainian security to perpetrate a false flag in Eastern Ukraine to be blamed on the Russians?

Those emails are clearly nonsense

We're expected to believe that Gersh set up an alternative email address in order to discuss these dastardly plans of his, BUT that hes so inept that he used his own name in the damn gmail address ?

I guess this one is designed to appeal to those types that believe the success these people have had with regime change is all just a result of their sheer ineptitude

Posted by: brb | Mar 14 2014 10:39 utc | 62

Mike Maloney@36,

The new prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has Jewish ancestry so his appointment of another Ukrainian with Jewish roots is no surprise. Both will happily do everything the US wants. This is not a racist comment, just wanted to highlight their background and their allegiance. Another fact he is a failed minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk was once the head of the Ukrainian Finance Department or the bank and he failed miserable in looking after the finances when he was previously in charge about 6 years ago. The people now in power have no real idea what to do, all they knew was to overthrow the government and then let the West provide and allow them to dictate how Ukraine should be run. First will be a austerity move, new contracts signed to buy American weapons, allow them to build missile defense, contracts to American oil and gas companies. I hear Chevron and Exxon already have contracts. Monsanto will come in with GM seeds. Ukraine will get some money, but it will be phased in over the next 5 years when they really need $15 billion a year. So the people will be poorer than they are now. Ukraine won't feel any benefit for a long time from EU integration, a few will get rich while the rest will suffer. After a year of this, I'm guessing the people will be out in Maidan again to get rid of this one sided deal.

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The Failure of German Leadership
Americans and Europeans, if they had any awareness at all, would be in the streets violently protesting the coming war toward which the insane criminals in Washington are driving the world.

I don't know what's going to happen ... but I have zero faith in the people that are making it happen.

Posted by: john francis lee | Mar 14 2014 12:16 utc | 64

brb - Yes, my first instinct was that they were fabricated as well but given the absolutely craven and careless nature of previous diplomatic leaks I'm not so sure. Remember the Stratfor leaks? Unbelievably stupid. And these guys are de facto CIA/NSA contractors. As is Jason P.Gresh.

These types are always morons. Who do you think oversees communication protocol in Kiev? Another moron probably.

Did you see the video of the drunk American merc in Ukraine? He was captured on a livechat aiming his sniper at his webcam and saying 'fuck Russia' in Ukrainian and repeating (probably the extent of his Ukrainian language proficiency) Maidan slogans. LIVECHAT! As if no one would notice. Livechat, Gmail...just bc this Jason person had a short stint at Georgetown and took a Russian language course, we shouldn't forget that he's basically a grunt. If his resume is right, he literally *was* a grunt until a few yrs ago when he probably told his superiors; "Fuck Yeah I'll learn Ukrainian, anything to get me overseas where the real sht is goin down". I mean that's how these guys 'think'. So they put this grunt in charge of coordinating w the Ukranian military and he uses his official gov email to do the correspondence... which of course, is retarded, but if you'll notice he doesn't spell anything out in his initial email, not 'literally', and shallow people like this think they are invincible even with the slightest modicum of effort and cleverness.

(And to add, "Igor" is a real person too, if I've got the right guy, his professional facebook page is full of Ukrainian NGOs, Chenso et al. - but he is also an ex-grunt shithead, now looking greasy, overshaved, and uncomfortable in his ill-fitting suit)

Of course now, if they really were planning a false flag - as they indicate, 'no scrap planes etc', they'll have to come up with another plan. But it's all in a day's work.

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