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March 01, 2014

The Crimean Anti-Coup Move

The U.S. and EU sponsored coup against the elected government and president of the Ukraine had several strategic implications and aims. One of them is the Black Sea base of the Russian Navy which is used to supply and defend Syria. A takeover of the government in Kiev was necessary but not sufficient to neutralize the base as a strategic Russian asset. To do that a takeover of the local government of the Crimea and all its powers would also have to take place. The Crimea is historically Russian and most of it inhabitants are Russians. There is also a rather small minority of Tatars of Muslim heritage.

There seem to have been plans in place to use that minority to help with a takeover of the Crimean government by the "western" sponsored coup-government in Kiev.

In mid December 2013(!) the Turkish website Aydinlik Daily reported:

According to news appearing in the French, Ukrainian and Russian press, Turkish Intelligence has a finger in the ongoing pro-EU protests in Ukraine. News stories from these three nations have claimed that the governmental intelligence organization of Turkey, the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) organized the transfer of separatist, jihadist Tatars trained in Turkey to the Ukraine. According to French news site Egalite et Réconciliation, dozens of Crimean Tatar Jihadists were extracted from Syria by the MİT and transferred to Ukraine via Turkey on an İstanbul-Sevastopol flight of Turkish Airlines on the 22 November. According to information based on sources from the Security Service of Ukraine, (SBU), Crimean Tatars who attended the protests in Ukraine's capital Kiev on November 21 were charged with establishing the security of the square. The Crimean security staff who obtained the support of separatist "Azatlık" movement operating in Russian city of Kazan received political support from Nail Nabiullin, the current president of Tatar Youth League in Azatlık.

An February 26, shortly after the Kiev coup-government was installed, Tataric groups rioted in the Crimean capital:

In Crimea, fistfights broke out between rival demonstrators in the regional capital of Simferopol when some 20,000 Muslim Tatars rallying in support of Ukraine's interim leaders clashed with a smaller pro-Russian rally.

The protesters shouted and attacked each other with stones, bottles and punches, as police and leaders of both rallies struggled to keep the two groups apart.

One health official said at least 20 people were injured, while the local health ministry said one person died from an apparent heart attack. Tatar leaders said there was a second fatality when a woman was trampled to death by the crowd. Authorities did not confirm that.

Voice of Russia reports about an alleged Anonymous hack of emails between the coup plotters in Kiev and a Tatar leader:

[H]ackers posted a quote from one of the emails:

"Everything is going according to the plan. We are ready to proceed with the second part of the play. As agreed earlier last week, my guys together with people from the "Karpatskaya Sech" and UNA-UNSO will arrive wherever is needed and with the necessary weapons. You only need to let us know the addresses of the warehouses in Simferopol, Sevastopol, Kerch, Feodosia and Yalta, and the time of the meeting...Don't worry about the money, everything will be fine, just a little bit later. In the end, you know that if we succeed, you will get a lot more."

According to the text, the neo-Nazi organization "Trizub imeni Stepan Bandera" along with "Karpatskaya Sech " and UNA-UNSO are ready to fulfill all the dirty work: to kill, burn and banish all the opponents of Maidan from Crimea. Crimean Tatars should "only" provide them with "instruments", ie weapons and store them in the most important cities of the Crimea.

A lot of people might consider that the Ukrainian nationalists and Crimean Tatars pursue different goals, and their union at first glance looks quite unnatural. However, they have one aim in common, which is to eliminate the Russian-speaking population from the Crimean region and for that their «union» is neccessary in pursuing the common strategic objective.

It is also important to note that Aslan Omer Kyrymly is the founder of several companies and president of the board of the Crimean International Business Association (CIBA). He controls serious financial flows associated with various business projects, both in Ukraine and abroad. It is believed that Aslan Omer Kyrymly is a true leader of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars.

Anonymous (or Russian intelligence) earlier published emails between coup-plotter Klitschko and the Lithuanian government.

On February 27 Russian forces stationed in the Crimea and supported by allegedly local paramilitary took over security at two airports and of some government buildings in Crimean cities. A Turkish flight to Simferopol airport was called back and further Turkish fights to Crimea were canceled. The Turkish foreign minister Davutoglu announced that he would today visit the coup-government in Kiev:

"Crimea is important in Ukraine due to its strategic location, multi-ethnic and multi-faith formation. It is difficult to maintain peace in Eurasia unless it is secured in Ukraine. Likewise, maintaining peace in the Black Sea is difficult unless it is secured in Crimea," [Davutoglu] added.
The status of Crimea amid the Ukraine crisis cannot be determined without Turkey playing a role, a deputy from Turkey’s ruling AK Party said Friday.

"Turkish Foreign Minister [Ahmet] Davutoglu's visit to Ukraine is an indication of Turkey's intention to be proactive in developments in Crimea," Samil Tayyar told the Anadolu Agency.
Two Turkish Airlines flights from Istanbul to the Crimean capital of Simferopol on Friday night have been canceled amid escalating tension on the peninsula.
Early Friday, another Turkish airline, Atlasjet, cancelled a flight to Simferopol after media reports that Simferopol International Airport had been seized by armed groups.

An alleged attempt by coup forces to seize the interior ministry of the Crimea tonight was repelled. In Kiev anti-Russian Tatars call for more trouble:

Meanwhile, Tatar lawmaker Mustafa Dzhemilev of Batkivshchyna has asked acting President Oleksandr Turchynov to deploy the entire Ukrainian army to Crimea.

“I spoke with Turchynov that all of our military might should be deployed to Crimea. There are no threats in other oblasts yet. Call a state of emergency and take control,” said Dzhemilev cited by RBK-Ukraine.

The picture emerging from the above seems to show that:

  • Turkish intelligence helped with training Tatars in support of a local Crimea anti-Russian coup
  • Russian intelligence has thoroughly penetrated the coup-plotters communications (see Nuland tape) and knew what was coming
  • Russian aligned forces secured the Crimea and prevented infiltration of more Tataric units from Turkey
  • On the Crimea, as well as in other Russian aligned areas in east Ukraine (Donetsk, Mykolaiv and Dnipropetrovsk), counter coups are establishing separate regions which will ask for Russian support and eventual incorporation into the Russian Federation
  • If all this goes well for the Russians the "western" coup in Kiev will have resulted in the "west" acquiring a bankrupt, dirt poor west Ukraine while Russia will acquire the industry and resource rich east Ukraine and will keep the Crimea as its strategic asset
  • In the context of the war of Syria the coup in the Ukraine was a countermeasure to Russian support for Syria. Unless the Crimea falls to coup forces that countermeasure will have failed.

There is little the U.S. can say against Russian troops in Crimea. According to the status of force agreement Russia can post up to 30,000 soldiers there. The normal size of its forces there is just half of that. If Russia wants to reinforce those it can do so without breaking any national or international agreement.

Today the government of Crimea brought forward a referendum on the region's status to March 30 and called for Russian help. What is the "west" going to say against that? If self-determination applies to Kosovo it surely also applies to the Crimea as well as to other east Ukrainian areas.

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You never disappoint when it comes to "deep state" alternative to mass media perspectives. Out Standing!
As they use to say in Radio Days: "Keep those cards and letters coming folks"

Posted by: TomV | Mar 1 2014 12:46 utc | 1

Obama is explicitely threatening Europe. Nothing new here since the "F*** the EU" of Nuland.
"Any violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilising, which is not in the interests of Ukraine, Russia or Europe," he said. (

As Pepe wrote("So yes, this is as much about Syria as about Crimea." ), it's all about Syria and might be the sign of an intervention. They need to clear the rubbles to make new giant Palestinian camps in order to have their next successful "Peace Process" steps.

And Merkel in front of the Commons was explicit too
Merkel "I'm between the devil and the deep blue sea".
Basically she said to UK: we can't reform the EU together, since you want to stay aside and continue your 5 eyes job, but at the same time, it would be great if you stay and continue asking for the same kind of reforms we hope for too.

Somehow the Ukraine crisis is perfectly scheduled to enable some hard developments within the EU to start. Le Monde article says very clearly that London is going to get some responsibilities back from the hands of the BXL lazy fat cats.
Then of course, if things get totally out of control, it will be time for Germany to get back to the DM, instead of letting its population fall into the NSU hands.

Now, what I think is really funny is how the Ukrainian puppets are so sure to be as quickly as possible within the EU while the Scots have been told that if they chose independence in the September referendum, nothing is sure about their future in the EU!

Posted by: Mina | Mar 1 2014 12:50 utc | 2

At the Russia Debate forum there is a thread with update on the situation in Crimea:

Posted by: Fulcrum | Mar 1 2014 12:53 utc | 3

Thanks to the link in b's article, I've finally found something more detailed about the NSU/police relations (ref. Somebody)

Posted by: Mina | Mar 1 2014 13:03 utc | 4

Many cities hold protests against the new thug government in Ukraine, many raising the russian flag.

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 1 2014 13:19 utc | 5

Thanks b for a great analysis and refrences. One point of correction though - they are "Tatar" people not "Tartar" - I believe.

Posted by: MikeA | Mar 1 2014 14:05 utc | 6

6) Both is correct.

Ukrainian Anarchists on 50 shades of brown

Above description of the situation is dire.

Posted by: somebody | Mar 1 2014 14:16 utc | 7

Nuclear power sites in Ukraine


She said that Ukraine is home to a "huge number of dangerous objects", including nuclear power stations, that need protection.

"It is necessary to ensure the security and protection of these objects in order not to allow a greater tragedy," she added

well ...

Posted by: somebody | Mar 1 2014 14:24 utc | 8

Great summary, thanks! I admire Putin's resolve and control of the situation, he made another brilliant move: "Putin requests senators’ approval to send troops to Crimea. It's very disappointing how subservient and fearful are the EU and Obama administration of the international anti-human cabal with McCain, Nudelman, Soros leading the charge.
Excellent response from the Russian government:
"... “Russia did not interfere in the situation in Ukraine for a very long time and showed restraint, assuming that the Western states, which became backers of the agreements, would see that strict compliance with the deal is observed,” she said.
However, after “violent upheaval” took place in Ukraine, the Western states did not come up with “any reasonable measures or responses,” Matvienko said.
Russia, in contrast, for a very long time has urged the situation to be resolved by lawful means, and called for the anti-coup sentiments in Crimea and in eastern Ukraine to be heard, she said.
“Not seeing an adequate reaction from the West, we could no longer maintain status quo,” the speaker concluded... "

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 1 2014 14:26 utc | 9

Best pic award for SyrPer's babushka

Posted by: Mina | Mar 1 2014 14:43 utc | 10

If the US is interested in "liberating" the inhabitants of regions with naval bases they ought to check out Bahrain, where the Saudi army is protecting a local tyrant-and the US Navy-from a deeply wronged and courageous population.

The hypocrisy of US foreign policy never ceases to amaze. As to Obama, the man is shameless, a prostitute completely devoid of principle or self awareness, an example of the ravages that racism (in America), comprador fascism (in Indonesia) and a mother's careerism( at the Ford Foundation) wreak upon the psyche. And, through it, the Universe.

Posted by: bevin | Mar 1 2014 14:44 utc | 11

An interesting note in this morning's NYT story, the first mention questioning Yanukovych's removal by the putsch parliament:

The United States and its Western allies have rushed to recognize the legitimacy of the new interim government in Kiev, though numerous questions remain about the votes in the national Parliament to remove Ukraine’s president, Viktor F. Yanukovych, from power.
(See Moon of Alabama post from February 23 for b's discussion of why Yanukovych's removal is not legal.) This slender paragraph in the "paper of record" (a paper synonymous with the U.S. State Department) bodes ill for the putschists. The Russians have asserted the facts on the ground in the Crimea and those facts are spreading to the east. The putsch government cannot project power; they rely on the U.S. for that. Will Obama threaten further escalation? After seeing his brief statement yesterday, I think not. We might see some terror bombings, but anymore tough talk from Kerry and Obama will just be an embarrassment. Maybe the U.S., we can hope, will begin now to walk back off the ledge.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Mar 1 2014 14:52 utc | 12

This scum can be deployed to Ukraine by Nudelmand/McCain/Soros/Cheney/...

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 1 2014 14:52 utc | 13

What are the chances this permission for using Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine goes beyond rubber-stamping the current deployment in Crimea?

To me it's looking increasingly high.

from RT 14:33 GMT: At least 15 ambulances were seen leaving the central square in Kharkov after an attempt to storm the government’s headquarters in the eastern city, Itar-TASS reports.

Posted by: ThePaper | Mar 1 2014 15:15 utc | 15

I also wonder when and how the actual Ukrainian security forces will react. They can't just keep hiding (there seem to have been quite a number of resignations and dismissals) for ever and pretend that they are 'neutral' and have no play in this game. Otherwise they will be irrelevant and eventually completely replaced (say goodbye to your state paid pension!) by one or the other side.

Which side is more likely to welcome (and pay) them?

Posted by: ThePaper | Mar 1 2014 15:20 utc | 16

Yanukovich pulled a de Gaulle, '68 that's all.

Of course, these fascists are no '68 protestors and he's no de Gaulle (whatever that means).

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 1 2014 15:31 utc | 17

The Syria scenario simply will not work in Eastern Ukraine. In Syria, the NATO strategy relies on Turkey and Jordan permitting terrorists to hide, resupply and base in their countries, knowing that Syria is constrained from striking at them. There is no neighboring country dumb enough to do that for the usurper government western Ukraine. Poland, Romania, Moldova, etc. are not stupid enough to think that Russia will be as constrained as Syria. And I doubt they can be coerced into it by the US/NATO high commands, as they will certainly fear Russia much more than their own masters.

I suspect that Mike Maloney in 12 has correctly identified the beginnings of a gradual climb down. The take home lessons from this, if Georgia 2008 was not enough, is that puppets are easily expendable. Future puppets encouraged to do something really stupid should keep this in mind.

Coming after the heals the Syria debacle, the "new world order" is indeed coming into view. As it becomes more clear that there is more than one real power in the world, many countries that were coerced into the western alliance will begin to see alignment with Russia and China as a serious option. This is not a one day process, but over the next 20 years, the international scene will have a very different appearance.

Posted by: Lysander | Mar 1 2014 15:32 utc | 18

Strangely, Le Monde has not followed the anti-Russian hysteria of the Live thread of the BBC yesterday. Afraid for the Russian assets in South East of France?

Apart from flooding Europe with Bosnian, Syrian, Libyan, Eastern European political and economic refugees, what is exactly the US/BXL project?

Posted by: Mina | Mar 1 2014 15:34 utc | 19

16) Russia already said they will give Berkut families passports. I guess the regions pay them now and probably soon officially. They have not just left quite a few were fired and replaced by "Right Sector".

They are wise to keep out of as much as possible. This is a civil war set up now with nationalist "Ukrainians" set against nationalist "Russians".

The faster Putin makes clear where the power and the money is the better the prospects for avoiding civil war.

The more stupid NATO announcements they do not intend to follow up on the more likely a civil war.

Posted by: somebody | Mar 1 2014 15:34 utc | 20

Putin's next move

Posted by: Mina | Mar 1 2014 15:37 utc | 21

Watching things as they develop, I expect that russias (imho that's not only "putin" - reducing countries to just one person is kind of a western media demonization technique) strategy must be to "annex" the eastern provinces. I've already seen quite some "comments" from biased internet accounts that suggest a "deal" between russia (gets crimea without much interferences) and the "west" (gets the rest). But as I see it, the open deployment of "pro russian" militia on crimea is a strong sign that russia will go for the independence of donezk, dnipropetrowsk, cherson.

Posted by: peter radiator | Mar 1 2014 15:41 utc | 22

Just approved unanimously by the Russian Upper chamber.
Le Monde reports on the "massive" pro-Russian demos in the East of the country,

while the Bib doesn't even mention them...
(they are just busy with the latest occupy fashion show,

Posted by: Mina | Mar 1 2014 15:41 utc | 23

For those MoA readers who reside in the U.S., it wouldn't hurt to take a few minutes to write your Senators. Here is a sample message I sent to mine:

Dear Senator,

As one of your constituents I am writing to ask you to use your influence to rein in the State Department. With regards to the unrest in Ukraine, it is clear from the publicized comments of Victoria Nuland that we conspired with a fascist political organization (Svoboda) to depose an elected government. This is indefensible and must stop.

Senator, people at home are tired of endless war and the Great Game of geopolitics played by beltway elites. We want affordable housing and healthcare, and we want good jobs. Don't give us more conflict, don't foment rebellions. Give us peace and prosperity.

Obama and Kerry are out on a limb. They need to hear some noise from the plebs.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Mar 1 2014 15:50 utc | 24

This guy really seem to believe in the UN!
"Le parlement doit demander au commandant en chef des armées de déclarer la mobilisation générale après le début de l'agression russe contre l'Ukraine", a déclaré Vitali Klitschko, dans un communiqué. Il demande également une réunion d'urgence du Conseil de sécurité de l'ONU.
(from Le Monde's live thread),
(Translate -amazingly good, for once- ""Parliament should ask the commander in chief to declare general mobilization after the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine," said Vitali Klitschko, in a statement. He also requested an emergency Security Council of the UN meeting."

Posted by: Mina | Mar 1 2014 15:54 utc | 25

@21 That article is astonishing - the pictures attached anyway. The "Russians" are masked machine gunners, while the Maidan people are a beautiful model and some brave men, hands on hearts, faces exposed straight out of a world war 2 film?

The BBC is complete garbage.

That was one of the key victories for reaction following 9/11 - at least in my view, NPR, the BBC, PBS used to report with some sense of honesty. Sometime during the 9/11-Iraq Invasion years, they became pale imitators of CNN and FOX News.

Two days ago, the top story on Google News World section - the large, main story, about the Ukraine - was from Voice of America. Now, of course Voice of America is not a news organization at all it is purely a United States government organ. And yet Google allows it to appear as if it is an independent news outlet.

The only thing surprising about it is the hypocrisy.

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 1 2014 15:57 utc | 26

So we all know the U.S. and Turkey (Tatars) were heavily-involved in orchestrating the coup in Ukraine and it seems that Israelis were also in that "revolutionary" mix alongside fascist Neo-nazis. There was no doubt there was a plot to incite riots in Ukraine and bring down the democratically-elected government there.

In contrast Russia is supporting the majority of the people who want nothing to do with U.S./Nato intervention and who are against the fabricated revolution and coup. The enabling, lying, mainstream Zionist media is calling what's taking place in Crimea a coup. It's not a coup when the majority of the population who happen to be Russian or have Russian roots want their Government, government buildings, airports and border protected against a violent mob led by FOREIGN INTERLOPERS that wants to destroy their country, destroy their economy and use their territory as a launching pad for military invasion against other countries in the region.

We all see what the U.S. is up to; we're not blind to the Syria connection in this, and Nuland spelled out the plot herself and when the EU wanted to back away, it was: EFF YOU, EUROPEANS! All this time the European economy is being neutralized to pump up the slacking dollar. The U.S. is not your friend!

Obama: Any violation of Ukraine's sovereignty...would be deeply destabilizing. There will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine. Obama is regurgitating his masters threats today. They're accusing Putin of "grabbing" the Crimea. No-No the U.S. IS TRYING TO GRAB UKRAINE and use it to do the same in Russia later.

Sarcasm: Maybe Russia should instigate an anti-U.S. revolution in Puerto Rico and when the mob takes over the government there with foreign-assisted coup, let's see how long it takes for the U.S. to send in troops, blackhawks and aircraft carriers! (end of sarcasm)

THE U.S. IS THE WORLD'S THUG: bringing down economies that prosper over theirs, bringing down countries and destroying peoples lives to satisfy U.S. and Zionist strategic interests and creating a world of fear and control, most recently mounting a fear and media propaganda campaign to bankrupt the Sochi Games by scaring everyone into staying away and create hostility by "influencing" other world leaders to boycott the games.

Iraq, Afhganistan, destruction of Iran's economy, Libya, Syria with Al-Qaeda's help, Egypt, Morsi deposed by U.S.-funded military. American hegemony is rampant and out of control. America has 156 bases around the world with close to 200,000 troops or more scattered everywhere, arms, destroyers, nuke subs and aircraft carriers prowling around everywhere.

It appears the U.S. has some kind of military objective in Ukraine to provoke and surround Russia and punish her for supporting the government in Syria and upsetting American hegemonic plans, but then Syria was really the road to Tehran and Moscow all along.

The U.S. controls our economies with Wall Street's greed, controls our freedom at airports prowls the internet, through NSA spying listens in on our "private" life, perverts our values and pollutes our planet. The U.S. is meddling in multiple countries, Ukraine and Venezuela, being the most recent, while at least one-third of its own population is subjugated to poverty and food stamps and its cities go bankrupt.

People around the world, even Americans should stand up to the U.S.'s abuse of our privacy, freedom, human rights, and environment and denounce American financial, industrial and military tyranny!

Posted by: kalithea | Mar 1 2014 15:59 utc | 27

I didn’t see this posted, maybe I missed it, but in any case it is worth a re-post.

It is a detail, but I found it very significant, it is supremely important for ppl on the ground. Not just for ease of relations with admin, but for jobs - for ex. a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, must speak and write the official language.

See Latvia for ex. where Russian is not an official language, just a foreign language like any other. (Note the EU’s complete hypocrisy on the Latvian language scene - wiki etc. can provide.)

Both from RT

Feb 25 2014

Feb 27 2014

The minorities language law was voted in on 3 July 2012. Some may remember a fist fight in the Ukr. Parliament, it was about that law. Protests were also consequent.

You tube

Posted by: Noirette | Mar 1 2014 16:03 utc | 28

It's no mistake that the symbol of the anti-fascist forces in the Ukraine is the orange and black of the Medal For the Victory over Germany.

Because that victory is what the fascists, with their Bandera flags, are trying to reverse.

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 1 2014 16:03 utc | 29

The lazy fat cats in BXL have reacted:

(Translation: Les ministres des affaires étrangères de l'Union européenne ont annoncé qu'ils tiendraient une réunion d'urgence à Bruxelles lundi 3 mars, afin d'évoquer la situation en Ukraine./ "......zzzz...zzzz....zzzz.... emergency meeting on monday 3rd.... zzzz.... zzzz... blurp....zzzzz....)

Posted by: Mina | Mar 1 2014 16:14 utc | 30

Germany's puppet wants a (world) war:

16:10 GMT: The leader of the UDAR party, Vitaly Klitschko, called on Saturday for a "general mobilization" after Russian senators voted to use stabilizing military forces on Ukrainian territory to settle the turmoil in the split country.

Posted by: ThePaper | Mar 1 2014 16:16 utc | 31

Interesting pic... "activists" (including the 10 years-old, as in Syria); "forced to knee", but no mention this has been done to pro-Russians in Kiev...
(from le monde live thread)

Posted by: Mina | Mar 1 2014 16:16 utc | 32

China, take note: Moscow...Tehran...Beijing. Why do you think the U.S. is spending billions on new generation stealth bombers, just to throw money away while people starve in Detroit?

Posted by: kalithea | Mar 1 2014 16:32 utc | 33

Kalithea @ 27: Good rant, can't disagree.

Posted by: ben | Mar 1 2014 16:47 utc | 34

@kalithea #27 Are you aware about the tragedy in Haiti - this country has been invaded and occupied for some time already: Rockefellers, Crown Cocaine & Haitian Slavery

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 1 2014 16:47 utc | 35

Even Egypt's FM is under the spell of MoA's analyzes

Posted by: Mina | Mar 1 2014 16:51 utc | 36

I would say the Russia-US situation is more tense now than even during the war in Georgia. Honestly I've never seen the situation between the two as bad.

One thing is for sure Putin is a geo-political master, there is a reason Arab countries sometimes refer to him as "The Fox". Putin ordering a military drill around the Ukraine border region is a stroke of genuis. Thousands of Russian soldiers doing maneuvers will confuse US intelligence and spy satillites masking raids and not being able to tell which is a real world mission and which is just part of the drill.

He holds alot of cards, mainly Russia's gas pipelines, powerbase in Crimera, rebels ranks divided amoung EU pick Klitschko, US pick Yatsenyuk, and Yulia Tymoshenko with none controlling the Neo-Nazi's. My best guess would be to never bet against Putin.

Posted by: Colm O' Toole | Mar 1 2014 16:53 utc | 37

If Russia had indeed penetrated all the US's communications, why in god's name would they announce it to the world, and allow for the US to take countermeasures? And was that little conversational snippet really the the juciest thing they could release to the press?

I think the US was just caught with its pants down communicating over an unsecured line because the logistics of secure phone systems became a little too involved with Nuland traveling all over Europe.

Posted by: masoud | Mar 1 2014 16:57 utc | 38

Gotta say I am so sick to death of all the brainless Russophobic American assholes, day in and day out. You ask them why they have such a problem with Russia, like, did a Russian steal your bike when you were a kid? Why do you hate on them so much? They either don't even know why (programming) or they offer some lame reason that might have been believable, were this pre-1990. And what percentage of "professional" commentators all over the MSM are still ignorantly brainwashed by Cold War propaganda and offering analysis based on this bias? My guess: All of it.
Zusa is in an orgy of regime change overdrive. The good news is, it will only weaken her over the long term.
Can Russia emerge from this as the world's moral superpower? I understand no nation is perfect, but for Chrissakes! Zusa, with it's bastard Zionists at the helm, are making it easy as hell.

Posted by: Prey4 Justice | Mar 1 2014 17:00 utc | 39

this whole Ukraine coup thing really has a astounding cast of characters:

we've got

  • "separatist, jihadist Tatars trained in Turkey[transported] to the Ukraine"

  • Israeli-army-vet-led street-fighting units
    Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA, Feb 28 2014
    He calls his troops “the Blue Helmets of Maidan,” but brown is the color of the headgear worn by Delta, the nom de guerre of the commander of a Jewish-led militia force that participated in the Ukrainian revolution.

    Under his helmet, he also wears a kipa. Delta, a Ukraine-born former soldier in the IDF, spoke to JTA Thursday on condition of anonymity. He explained how he came to use combat skills he acquired in the Shu’alei Shimshon reconnaissance battalion of the Givati infantry brigade to rise through the ranks of Kiev’s street fighters. He has headed a force of 40 men and women, including several fellow IDF veterans, in violent clashes with government forces.

    Several Ukrainian Jews, including Rabbi Moshe Azman, one of the country’s claimants to the title of chief rabbi, confirmed Delta’s identity and role in the still-unfinished revolution.

  • NGO's galore
  • Neo-Nazis,
  • the CIA (obviously)
  • Omidyar,
  • McCain,
  • Appelbaum,
  • Sikorski,
  • and Soros is probably in there somewhere too
  • (even Georgian-HasBeen Saakashvili made an appearance.)

to name but a few.

Who'll pop-up next?

Posted by: brb | Mar 1 2014 17:15 utc | 40

Oh, and Putin and the Russians, obviously.

Posted by: brb | Mar 1 2014 17:16 utc | 41

28) Historically, all Austrian/Hungarian conflicts were done via language laws. They are retreating on that now for their Polish, Hungarian neighbors but the damage with Russia is done.

Basically, the parties in power in Western Ukraine want to split - they know they have no countrywide majority in elections.

Eastern Ukraine has no choice now but to go with Russia - their industries are done in the EU.

Klitschko is a clown. The Ukrainian army will not fight.

Posted by: somebody | Mar 1 2014 17:17 utc | 42

There are rumors in twitter about the Ukrainian Navy already surrendering or joining the Russians.

In any case the ones that will likely fight (or try to) and preparing for mobilization will be all those neo-Nazis and ultra-nationalist from the West. Even if the Russian forces don't bother to cross to anti-Russian zones. Hope they are few and saner? minds (their backers) prevail.

Posted by: ThePaper | Mar 1 2014 17:31 utc | 43

There are also twitter rumors about Russian forces moving from Crimea to the south of Ukraine. Rather than Russian troops pouring from the East. Perhaps the idea is to start by cutting all maritime access? (ie shipes from Turkey).

I doubt the EU (Romania and Poland) wants to run weapon and neo-nazi smuggling routes through their frontier. They are not government at the moment (though Poland was at some point) by batshit crazy leaders like current Turkey.

Posted by: ThePaper | Mar 1 2014 17:37 utc | 44

Funny how CNN's correspondent, Frederik Pleitgen, who usually reports from the heart of Zioland, Tel Aviv, is suddently beamed to Moscow. Hmmmm...

There's so much propaganda coming out of the Zionist mainstream for instance: the West can punish Putin by fast-tracking Ukraine into NATO. Buaaaaahaaaahaaa! A country in shambles that's going to self-destruct in the near future? Oh and they'll punish him by welcoming Ukraine into the EU - yeah because Merkel wants another charity-case welfare state. Let the EU pay for U.S. hegemony...EFFF the EU, right?

CNN - as usual doing what they do best - dumbing down the masses.

Posted by: kalithea | Mar 1 2014 17:45 utc | 45

Kalithea;Agreed,nice rant,but American hegemonic dreams?Nah,us Americans don't dream of this,it's all Zionist inspired,and followed through by their poison ivy league indoctrinated American? knuckleheads.
As far as Turkey,wouldn't they have the trump card on Russian naval power in the Med. region?They control the bottleneck,don't they?Playing that card might mean Euro membership,once they emerge from the rubble of their nation.Ah,playing with the fickle and immoral west has its cyanide pills as well as juicy carrots.
And do the Ukrainian people actually want to war on their Slavic brethren Russia,in a bloodbath to make Iraq look like amateurism?Holy moly,if so, they must be in deep neurotic sh*t.
Is this the 12th century?Unbelievable,the creation of that crazy wacko Israel and its modern ramification of ignorance of international law and actions beyond the pale of humanity.

Posted by: dahoit | Mar 1 2014 17:49 utc | 46


Dont forget Bernard-Henri Lévy!

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 1 2014 17:54 utc | 47

yep, Right Sector seems to wish to mobilize, plus Klitschko

maybe a good way to get rid of them ...

Posted by: somebody | Mar 1 2014 17:57 utc | 48

The USA is gonna gets it's teeth handed to them. If the Obama doesn't stand up to this, he's going to be way less gun shy in their next manufactured "incident", the USA believes it can continue to manage this so called "controlled chaos". They have the solutions to EVERYTHING. More USAID, throw some cheap manufacturing at the problem. Invite a couple of thousand of refugees for some foto ops. Send in the UN, send in Human rights people and some soap operas Kanye west, baseball and anything else from their make believe land. Then all will be well, FIDDLESTICKS!!
Well I believe that the chaos they have engendered will come back to bite them and blow away and demolish their Kevin Spacey "house of cards", which I just happened to see on Netflix and thought was an awesome show, yet revolting and repugnant at the same time. I don't know if I'm being redundant but Latino America will be decisive in this struggle to rid ourselves of these malditos gringos abusadores.
I know that this year, the one hundred year anniversary of WW1, will be a momentous year. I can feel it. Damn it B, hermano I think you have Tom Clancy beat.

I also copied the note way above send it to my representatives.
Ya lo sabes!

Posted by: Fernando | Mar 1 2014 17:59 utc | 49

From the saker: Some kind of attack on Crimea definitely happened yesterday

What follows is only my interpretation and I might be 110% wrong. Still, this is how I connect the dots.

Some kind of attack on Crimea definitely happened yesterday and it was repelled. I don't think that the attacking side was controlled by the new regime in Kiev as Iatseniuk and Turchinov had nothing to gain from such an action and much to lose. I think that the attacking side was a third party, most likely some kind of assault force of Ukrainian and/or Tatar nationalists organized and controlled by US special forces. I believe that this force tried cutting off the communication lines of the local authorities and attempted to storm the Internal Ministry building to seize control of the local police. The Russian military clearly believed that some kind of force would be sent to the Crimea by air and that triggered a move by the Russian to seize the airports and defend them by force if needed. When they saw that their move had been detected and preempted, the attacking force withdrew. The US was clearly worried enough about the Russian reaction to have Obama issue a public threat about a "price to pay" should Russia invade the Ukraine. As for the Russians, they are clearly incensed and key political figures have all expressed their demand that the Kremlin take action to protect Crimea. Both sides are clearly in shock over what took place last night.

Posted by: b | Mar 1 2014 18:00 utc | 50

Estoy contigo Kalithea!

Posted by: Fernando | Mar 1 2014 18:01 utc | 51


Dont forget Bernard-Henri Lévy!

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 1, 2014 12:54:32 PM | 47"

Thank YOU!

How could I have forgotten Intellectual-Europe's finest Hair-Stylist?

Posted by: brb | Mar 1 2014 18:04 utc | 52

Supposedly the whole command of the Ukrainian Navy resigned yesterday Все командование ВМС написало рапорты на увольнение

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 1 2014 18:04 utc | 53

Serry discredited
But instead of recalling the Nuland conversation, the MSM are telling us that he canceled his visit to Crimea today because there was no point going there at the moment...

Posted by: Mina | Mar 1 2014 18:05 utc | 54


Your article is piece of crap. It is propaganda at its worst. I did not bother to read it all.

In different crisis, close to the Crimea, in Syria similar narrative is playing out. This narrative is comparable with the Syrian crisis and the role that the KSA took over where everything is to blame to KSA who, also, ostensibly threatened to Russia!

So we are to believe to obscure Turkish site and that sensationalism.

Posted by: neretva '43 | Mar 1 2014 18:11 utc | 55

Officers Of 76th Russian Shock Troops Division Operating In Ukraine
... According to one of the participants in the operation, officers and contractors of the 76th Shock Troops Division have been re-locating to Ukrainian territory since last week. By early this week, there were already more than 100 soldiers. The last of the famous detachments was sent on Thursday, 27 February. They are fully armed, with 5,000 rounds of ammunition per person. There is one truck per 10 soldiers, and they are completely loaded with weapons including flame-throwers. Upon arrival on the territory of Ukraine, they did not report their geographical locations to people, and they were assigned local tasks. Most likely, this was Sevastopol and Simferopol. Emergency troops remain in Yysk, and did not take part in the operation. The barracks of the 76th Storm Troops Division on Margelova Street in Pskov is practically empty. ...

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 1 2014 18:12 utc | 56

"The Crimea is historically Russian and most of it inhabitants are Russians. There is also a rather small minority of Tatars of Muslim heritage."

You might be Russophile that is your personal choice but to say this epic lie is just astounding.

Posted by: neretva '43 | Mar 1 2014 18:18 utc | 57

just delete BS

Posted by: neretva '43 | Mar 1 2014 18:19 utc | 58

Your article is piece of shit

Posted by: neretva '43 | Mar 1 2014 18:20 utc | 59

Opening line of that Zero-Hedge link

Everyone is curious who those unmarked men in unforms that have been seen in youtube clips from the Crimea are

I found this Photo yesterday of what looks like, to me anyway, as two women in unmarked uniform

Wasn't aware that the Russian Military had women in a combat role - so maybe they are not women, but they look like they are. Even their height looks wrong for 2 males

Posted by: brb | Mar 1 2014 18:26 utc | 60

I think the bugle for retreat has sounded. Steven Erlanger, longtime NYT foreign correspondent who carried much water for the NATO air war on Yugoslavia, has just published a damning piece on the putschists -- "After Initial Triumph, Ukraine’s Leaders Face Battle for Credibility."

This is a complete about-face. Up until this moment the NYT has published nothing so critical of the putsch by one of its reporters.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Mar 1 2014 18:27 utc | 61

I don't know if I'm being redundant but Latino America will be decisive in this struggle to rid ourselves of these malditos gringos abusadores. I know that this year, the one hundred year anniversary of WW1, will be a momentous year.

The trigger that drove Russia, is the destruction of the Russian Orthodox churches. BTW the Mayans predicated 2014 as the year of the world awakening.

Posted by: Hans | Mar 1 2014 18:32 utc | 62

Timoschenko will meet Putin in Moscow on Monday. Suddenly Le Monde remembered that she has a better relation to putin than Yanukovitch himself.

Posted by: Mina | Mar 1 2014 18:40 utc | 63

58) Well, b. did not say how far he was going back in history, did he? But I am sure, you do not want to go back as far as Dschingis Khan.

To make this a nationalist issue is just trying to get people killed. I would be very happy to oppose Putin as an autocrat if this would not be used to propagate wars.

Posted by: somebody | Mar 1 2014 18:41 utc | 64

Pierre Omidyar co-funded Ukraine revolution groups with US government, documents show at least according to this piece by Mark Ames at Pando Daily. Omidyar is apparently bankrolling USAID.

Whatever, it's quite good piece on 'deep politics and the deep state', etc.

Posted by: William Bowles | Mar 1 2014 18:44 utc | 65

@ neretva '43

Aren't you from Poland? Think you mentioned that a few months back. What's your reading on things?

Posted by: Colm O' Toole | Mar 1 2014 18:50 utc | 66

Mina 62

You got a link for that?

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 1 2014 18:52 utc | 67

Le Monde thread, as above. They are quoting their correspondent
who tweeted it

Posted by: Mina | Mar 1 2014 18:58 utc | 68

Apparently, Khrushchev was under the influence when he gifted Crimea, which makes me wonder how binding that contract was. The people of Crimea who are witnessing Western destructive forces on their doorstep will justifiably correct Khrushchev's blunder. The gift is about to be taken back!

For over a week we've had to suffer the bullshet propaganda coming out of Kiev on the Zionist mainstream media, riots fueled by foreign agitators and Neo-nazi fascist thugs were converted into poor Ukrainian victims.

And now that the people of Crimea who are a Russian majority and welcome Russian support are demonstrating in the tens of thousands, there's suddenly a blackout of these demonstrations on the Zionist-sponsored mainstream. Why? Because they don't want the public to know that the majority that voted for the government that was deposed by the thug mob in Kiev want the U.S. out, see this as a coup led by Western forces and want Russia's support! The Zionist mainstream don't want the world to see the truth.

We have seen zero pictures of the large pro-Russia demonstrations taking place in Crimea and cities in Eastern Ukraine but the mob scenes that took place in Kiev went viral on the Zionist mainstream even though the violence was blamed on pro-government forces.

Weather report: Americans are snowed by an avalanche of propaganda lies.

Posted by: kalithea | Mar 1 2014 19:00 utc | 69

Ukraine nationalist leader calls on 'most wanted' terrorist Umarov 'to act against Russia'

Wow this people are really sick in the head.

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 1 2014 19:02 utc | 70


She thinks all the ppl in Crimea are Polish and some of then just forgot it.

Posted by: Sergey | Mar 1 2014 19:04 utc | 71

@ProPeace "76th Shock Troops Division"

That is just more nonsense from zerohedge. There is no such division in the Russian forces (there are not even any real division left, just brigades).

Posted by: b | Mar 1 2014 19:09 utc | 72


Posted by: somebody | Mar 1 2014 19:10 utc | 73

@ neretva 43

You might be Russophile that is your personal choice but to say this epic lie is just astounding.

Not sure where the lie is in saying most of Crimea's inhabitants are Russian. A simple Wiki is all its takes to back it up. 58% of the population of Crimea is Russian.

Maybe it is the statement that Crimea is historically Russian, but a solid case can be made for that going back to Kievan Rus, the kingdom of which Russia came out of. In the modern age Crimea was under Russian control from the days of the Russian Empire and then through the Soviet Union.

Posted by: Colm O' Toole | Mar 1 2014 19:16 utc | 74

The "Egyptian Jon Stewart" on Sisi's recent visit to Moscow
From 5' to 8' and 18' to 20'
Sorry... no translation! Write to your senators!!

Posted by: Mina | Mar 1 2014 19:24 utc | 75

The crazies at Kiev want a war.

Posted by: ThePaper | Mar 1 2014 19:40 utc | 77

I wonder if now the Ukrainian officials are discussing kicking those crazies back to the west.

Posted by: ThePaper | Mar 1 2014 19:41 utc | 78

Just when you think things will get better, some idiot makes a stupid statement.Now the clowns in Kiev want war with Russia. I bet the generals in Moscow are laughing their pants off. Yeah, what a great idea!! Going to war with a divided country - now where did I see this movie before. These clowns have reached the bottom of the barrel and they think a war will save them.

I don't know who's advising them but if they think NATO will come in a save the day, they should ask Sakaashvilli. He learnt a very painful lesson.

I think Ukraine will be the end of US harebrained color revolution scheme.

Posted by: Zico | Mar 1 2014 20:22 utc | 79

Somebody tells us again and again that the Germans do not want war, but it is looking less and less as though they mind. Perhaps the Munich Security Conference was their coming out party? It should all be written in the German media - they are either calling for an end to this slide towards ethnic war in Ukraine, or they are welcoming in.

German President Gauck said at the MSC that: “I don’t believe Germany can carry on as before in the face of these developments.” That Germany should no longer be hampered by its war guilt - and he wasn't refering to far off places like Afghanistan, but specifically to the places most affected by Germany's past crimes: Eastern Europe.

If they do not reign in Klitschko and the Nazis - I'm sorry, nationalists - then this crisis will only expand. Would the German government approve so long as it was confined to Ukraine proper? Poland would absorb most of the refugees. And it would be a real kick start to the EU economy. As Orwell postulated the perpetual war: "It eats up the surplus of consumable goods, and it helps to preserve the special mental atmosphere that the hierarchical society needs."

The question at this point is what kind of support do these clowns in Ukraine really have? They are not able to win any elections. Would the Ukrainian people - not the crazies - support a war with Russia? With their Prime Minister promising to be "the most unpopular ever"? I doubt there are many on the near side of fanatic that would be interested in this. But what do they control on the ground? What is the attitude of the mass of Ukrainians towards these masked men who have suddenly taken over their government? Can they provide for the people, pay the bills, and carry out the tasks of the government, or are they simply fanatics who are pushing for violence?

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 1 2014 20:40 utc | 80


It just shows what kind of morons that run the state now, these are nothing but thugs that have no idea, probably no education at all.
Although Russia must act very carefully now.

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 1 2014 20:44 utc | 81

Anonymous @ 79

Russia has everything going for them. Putin played this very well..The clowns (including the boxer with a German degree), thought they'll have the whole country behind them when they take power. What they face is a nation split along many divides. This is not how the script's supposed to end. They overplayed their hand.

Posted by: Zico | Mar 1 2014 20:56 utc | 82

All those people talking about NATO/EU/US taking on the 'outrageous' Russian actions seems to be forgetting which country is a nuclear super power. The decades of fear of a nuclear holocaust seem to be all gone to the dust bin of history with all that western exceptionalism propaganda.

Posted by: ThePaper | Mar 1 2014 21:01 utc | 83

78) Merkel says she is worried and Steinmeier asks Russia to be "transparent" and wants a united EU position.

No one is going to war about Ukraine, not even Ukraine itself as far as I can tell except "Right Sector" and Klitschko who seems to be demented. I cannot see the Ukrainian conscript army getting involved in what would be a civil war with outside Russian support.

I don't know what anyone has been thinking presumably nothing. Victoria Nuland said f*ck the EU and now Putin says f*ck the EU.

If "the West" thinks it will at least be a political win I don't see that either. I guess, Ukrainian neighbors will welcome security next door.

Russia is not necessarily intervening. They will do it with all kinds of proxies. How that will play out in Kiew is anybody's guess.

I still wonder about these snipers. Russia will know where they came from.

Posted by: somebody | Mar 1 2014 21:07 utc | 84

@79 "It just shows what kind of morons that run the state now"

Here are the morons that run the state now (also from the Saker):

Is there any place above ground location suitable for such pigs, except maybe a prison? And where are the police?

This is the rot that a neoliberal government like Yanokovich's allows to set in - no social order. Free reign for criminals and for fascists.

Please note that this great Ukrainian patriot is wearing an Oakland Raiders cap. That little cultural nod to America shows precisely where these scumbags minds are at. That there is this convergence of personal style shared by these Ukraine thugs, the Syrian rebels, and the Mexican drug gangs is no coincidence. This is the culture that America is pushing on the world. This thug is what neoliberalism looks like at the lower orders. At top, the billionaires, next level is the thug, at the bottom is the rest of us.

This pig is coming for all of us soon.

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 1 2014 21:08 utc | 85

Tss, I think some people in the west forgot to play enough Chris Crawford's "The Balance of Powers".

And what an invasion ? Russia has the right to station 30k troops in Crimea, and as far as I know this number is not reached. The situation shows anyway the real state and powers of that "legitimate" Maidan government.

Posted by: Rhysa | Mar 1 2014 21:10 utc | 86

This is pretty far down the thread, but I wanted to add something about Putin I was in Moscow last year for a conference (I was introduced to Medvedev as part of it) and I had occasion to talk with some academics about Putin's election, which they regarded as somewhat though not totally fixed. I was interested in what they thought he wanted, and the answer was that they believed Putin thought he was Russia's saviour, which to them and to me at the time seemed a bit exaggerated. Looking over what has happened in the past six to eight months, one might suppose he saw or knew what was coming. He is clearly the man for the situation--at least this one. He is going to go down in history as one of the great Russian Tsars.

As to the US role in all this, the real question is who's running the show? It is certainly not Obama, who seems to be out of the loop.

Posted by: Knut | Mar 1 2014 21:10 utc | 87

"Klitschko who seems to be demented"

This man made his living beating people's brains in (and having his beat in).

Whatever bruised cantaloupe remains floating around in his skull is surely of no good use to anyone.

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 1 2014 21:11 utc | 88

Colm O' Toole | Mar 1, 2014 2:16:04 PM | 72

“Not sure where the lie is in saying most of Crimea's inhabitants are Russian. A simple Wiki is all its takes to back it up. 58% of the population of Crimea is Russian.”

I guess Crimea name itself is of Russian origin!?

Posted by: neretva'43 | Mar 1 2014 21:18 utc | 89

Ban Ki Moon Shill. Start enforcing the Geneva Convention against Israel where ethnic cleansing and land theft is carried out in plain sight if your so "concerned" with International Law! And what sanctions should be imposed on the U.S. for the illegal invasion of Iraq where hundreds of thousands were slaughtered, infrastructure destroyed and lives changed forever?! And what say you Shill Ki Moon regarding the illegal coup that took place in Ukraine???

Mr. Shill Ki Moon is very DISCRIMINATING in his application of International Law. Methinks Shill Ki Moon needs the pink slip pronto.

Posted by: kalithea | Mar 1 2014 21:20 utc | 90

MBK Says it all: The West wants the Ukraine cheap

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 1 2014 21:22 utc | 91

N'43 comes out for the fascist putsch. No surprise there.

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 1 2014 21:26 utc | 92

Russian propaganda? Or more likely to be true.

Ukrainian Navy flagship takes Russia’s side – report

Ukraine’s Navy flagship, the Hetman Sahaidachny frigate, has reportedly refused to follow orders from Kiev, and come over to Russia’s side and is returning home after taking part in NATO operation in the Gulf of Aden flying the Russian naval flag.

There has been conflicting information on where exactly the vessel is, but a Russian senator has confirmed to Izvestia daily that the frigate defected to the Russian side.

“Ukraine’s Navy flagship the Hetman Sahaidachny has come over to our side today. It has hung out the St Andrew’s flag,” Senator Igor Morozov, a member of the committee on the international affairs, told Izvestia daily.

I wonder if we will be lucky enough and we are just a few hours from the crazies in Kiev making enough mistakes to force any remaining 'adult' in place to take them out of circulation without need of more external intervention.

Posted by: ThePaper | Mar 1 2014 21:26 utc | 93


Where is International Law on the matter of this illegal coup? The democratic will of the majority who elected the deposed government is subverted by MOB RULE.

Posted by: kalithea | Mar 1 2014 21:30 utc | 94

I still wonder about these snipers. Russia will know where they came from.

Posted by: somebody | Mar 1, 2014 4:07:45 PM | 82

In the above video, a Ukrainian Member of Parliament says that NATO snipers appear to have shot at both sides during the recent events in Ukraine.

Posted by: brb | Mar 1 2014 21:40 utc | 95

92) I know about the video, but how do you know who the sniper is?

Posted by: somebody | Mar 1 2014 21:48 utc | 96

Samantha Power accuses the Russians of inciting demonstrations in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea??? Oh puh-leeeeeeez lady no one has incited more frenzy in Ukraine than the U.S. and the enabling lying Zionist media!

Posted by: kalithea | Mar 1 2014 21:49 utc | 97

In relation to speculation about possible upcoming partition of Ukraine, an item of history worth knowing is that today's eastern and southern Ukraine was not part of historical "Ukraine" until the Soviet era. The following map shows the history of the annexations that created the current territory of Ukraine.

Today (Saturday) I've come across a number of Western politicians saying that Ukraine's "territorial integrity" must be upheld and preserved. But I say there's nothing precious or sacrosanct about Ukraine's territorial integrity. The above map shows one of the several different fundamental reasons why a break up Ukraine is a respectable policy option.

Posted by: Parviziyi | Mar 1 2014 21:51 utc | 98

What 'costs' exactly does Obama think he can bring to bear against the Russians themselves, or those in the Crimea? NATO and the EU are outflanked, outgunned and ill prepared (even more so with a clearly CIA-inspired coup in the offing in Venezuela to deal with), Russia hold all the cards. The best we can hope for is an annexation of Crimea back to Russia, which would safeguard their interests and moorings for the Black Sea fleet (a level of alarm is being raised that this militarization may indeed be in part a move to secure seaborne nuclear weapons held by the Black Sea fleet, rather than having them fall into the hands of resurgent Ukrainian neo-fascists). The idea of a Russian Crimea isn't half as unsettling as the idea of those neo-Nazi and fascists at the vanguard of this 'revolution' controlling what arms Russia doesn't secure.

Posted by: Cynthia | Mar 1 2014 21:52 utc | 99

Mr Cohen hates the neo-Nazis, BUT....

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 1 2014 21:55 utc | 100

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