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March 19, 2014

Open (Not-Ukraine) Thread 2014-07

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#97 What a hoot -- they're mocking us! The entire Duma voted to sanction themselves when they first heard of our ridiculous sanctions, and this is just thumbing-the-nose v.2.0.

But also, don't you just wish WE could sanction McCain!

Posted by: Nora | Mar 20 2014 16:24 utc | 101

#97 Aren't these individually-focused sanctions Bills of Attainder? Aren't they unconstitutional?

Posted by: Nora | Mar 20 2014 16:29 utc | 102


because Russias sanctions are more about ridiculing zusa than sanctioning them - which isn't necessary because zusa and zeu sanctions will hurt zusa and zeu more than Russia.

As for biting really hard I'm expecting something painful (for zusa and zeu) on the financial and economic area that will, however, not be called "sanctions" but rather sth. like "consequences of weztern sanctions".

Ad "waal & kircisk" (sorry, I easily forget completely irrelevant names):
I just read RT's update about how those assholes got slapped really well and hard.

So, after all the whole story turns out to be but a bitch and a gay doing the dirty work they get payed for by neo-con zionists. Hahaha!

Maybe RT learns something here. Don't trust zamericans. Their loyalty pretty almost has a price-tag attached to it.

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Mar 20 2014 16:33 utc | 103

@ denk #90

Sure I noticed the 20 Freescale employees / engineers from a texas based company, half of them chinese nationals, the other half malaysian or indonesian. They could have been a target (althougt this is far fetched, because it implies a highly complicated conspiracy within another. Why not take out conventionally the probably one to three real targets in such a case?) but a rational target, a military or technical/economical one, not an act of "evil" against humanity incorporated in chinese masters.

Btw the virtue "humanity" is a mark and poison of slavery and life-eating exploitation of labor.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 20 2014 16:40 utc | 104

Russia could start sanction americans, germans etc living in Russia that would be the most equal to what US/EU are doing. Like freezing their accounts. Would they do it? Not likely..

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 20 2014 16:46 utc | 105

Hey guess what? The Pentagon needs more money to confront the evil Russians.

Posted by: dh | Mar 20 2014 16:51 utc | 106

The crash of the Malaysian plane. As the most likely hypothesis.

Reminded me of the Swiss Air 111, NY to Geneva, 1998, which went down near Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. Here, disaster, everyone knew someone who died...

Years of investigation and re-construction showed that the crash was caused by an electrical arc (bad insulation, rubbing of wires against their fixed metal holdings, etc. part of the entertainment system, with flammable material close by, that is a whole other story about certification etc.) which sparked a fire very close to the cockpit, in the attic a few meters away.

Then, systems gradually became inoperative, and the pilots took one poor decision, not knowing what was going on - they cut the electrical circuits to the ventilators in the attic which might have kept the fire away from the front and raging further.

The difference: they had a brief time window to communicate with the ground, com. systems were still working, their position was known, they received some useless input, soon all systems down, the fire spread and the plane crashed.

I reckon something similar happened with MH370 and all the conspiracy talk will die down when wreckage is found.

People tend to ascribe modern system failures to ‘evil’ or crazed humans, terrorist plots, even aliens, tech failure is not a popular explanation. (Remember, on auto pilot, the plane will keep going as long as poss.)

SR 111: (top of goog)

Posted by: Noirette | Mar 20 2014 16:53 utc | 107

@ denk #92

If it is common knowledge, that US-Services have a thoroughly control of that airspace, you surely can name the radar installations that are apt to render it?

Perhaps "denk" can read german, but even if not, you will find in this article
links that tell something about the efforts and expenditures the Indian Navy and Air Force had and made since 2001 to this aim. You think, Obamas "pacific turn" ist just a hoax to feed the MIC on false premises?

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 20 2014 17:02 utc | 108

#65;Promote or expose Maher the Zionist?
#72;Only one nation is allowed nationalism today,Israel.
Those talking about banning speech should remember what goes around comes around.Any argument rises or falls on its quality,and lately the Zionist narrative has entered that realm of dementia,which arises from continually fighting over your weight class,so I wouldn't worry.
Hopefully that plane is in Shangri La,as the episode reminds me of the movie,but it unfortunately,is highly doubtful,and the latest report is of wreckage in the Indian Ocean.I do agree that there seems something fishy about the US and Aust, not being aware of its whereabouts.
And Putin,I salute you;We need our own.And whats up with the infighting?among the blogs,as GG and these others have been excellent voices against the Empires depredations worldwide.More divide and conquer crap?

Posted by: dahoit | Mar 20 2014 17:13 utc | 109

Noirette #107

The difference is, Flight 370 did not crash. The emergency beacons are not accessible, are very simple devices, one is located far in the tail, and they work by battery. The only chance they could have been muted was to shoot down the plane with an abundance of fire power, that would have been "heard" up to Bejing.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 20 2014 17:13 utc | 110

TomGard #110

So you're saying it landed in Diego Garcia? Or where? I'm wondering if we'll ever learn exactly what happened, or why.

Posted by: Nora | Mar 20 2014 17:33 utc | 111

I've researched this blog for years, and it's not so cleverly disguised authoritarianism cloaked as "Leftist."...blah-blah-blah

I find labels to be quite deceptive especially in the minds of those who use the lesser of two evils as expandable evidentiary stuffing for their hollow dimensionally-limited perception and analytically-deprived opinion.

American perception is usually flawed this way, due to America's false sense of moral superiority and whether one is American or not but is similarly indoctrinated, departing from that artificially-inflated perspective can only sabotage their argument; crashing landing it on take-off.

From Americans' monopolized but duplicitous moral standard, they launch inflammatory tripe like: the greatest force for evil on the planet; the greatest sponsor of terrorism, the axis of evil and intimidating ultimatums kind of like your's,sloths and thomas's: if you're not with us then you're against us.

But that's not necessarily the case. One should always base judgment on factual truth and malicious intent and proceed from there and not on circumstantial interpretation and tainted subjectivity. When one has a weak argument where factual truth is lacking, then the next best thing is not tying up circumstantial threads, many innocents have hung on this unreliable basis wild goose chase. No, the next best thing is proving malicious intent, in this case, in the context of the bigger picture.

So in the absence of factual truth, barring mean-spirited, speculative, subjective allegations based on a perspective achieved through morally-flawed indoctrination one must prove that the intention here is deviant and ultimately a detriment to mankind. And if one is unable to do so, then one must shut-up, quit slandering and accusing and get the hell out!

Posted by: kalithea | Mar 20 2014 19:21 utc | 112

Oh, I'm sorry, @112 here was meant for Cold N. Holefield @80 on the previous page.

Posted by: kalithea | Mar 20 2014 19:25 utc | 113

Nora 111

Please put on your tinfoil-hat.

The last physical lead that is reasonably confirmed is the radar contact over the Street of Malacca General Daud made public the day after loss of contact. He retracted under pressure and when his retraction was revoked, two other points were added, that made up a zigzag-course directing to the Gulf of Bengal, crossing the main island of the Andamans, nearly above Port Blair, the main indian military base.
Then the Indians got angry. Not on the diplomatic, but on the military level. They stopped their searching activities and the commander in Chief of the Andamans had a press conference, in which he covertly hinted at Malaysia lying and hiding information.

The above mentioned seemingly confirmed radar contact suggests course to the weakest point of civilian radar supervision on Sumatra I could find, perhaps the weakest in the region, between the airports of Medan and Lhokseumave, the extension pointing roughly to Diego Garcia.

All later data, especially satellite data, which seem to contradict the "Diego Garcia Conspiracy", came up anonymously without physical records (as far as I know) and got authority exclusively by governmental speakers, who promoted it as factual.

Well, as I mentioned before, the maledivian lead seems quite hot, because it was never proved false by the police and airport control. Thats no guarantee, because it could be a red herring to discredit the Diego-Garcia-theory.
Do the maledivian sighings fit to this theory?
I'm not sure, but yes, I think so. Because actually there is nothing to substanciate the pilots could have been in this plot, that could very well become fatal for them. So they were probably forced. When it became obvious for them, that the course went to the midst of the indian ocean, they knew this would probably be fatal. So, at least by this time, remote control had to take over.
At this point I'm guessing: I bet, you can't program a civilian FMS with waypoints to Diego Garcia. So why not steer the plane by remote programming to the Maledives, before taking it over fully the last 200+ miles to D.G.

If the plane was not landed on D.G., in my opinion the next probable version is, it was splashdowned the smoothest possible way for such a heavy plane. Then it would be at the ocean ground, but it might be possible, that a crash of this kind leaves the emergency beacons mute, and if not, they could be muted fast by a Navy Command, who knew, where it was to come down.
This version would fit to the scenario of a foiled biological weapon attack.

Now you can put off your hat.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 20 2014 19:26 utc | 114

RE: The Plane

I do not think this was "OMG! The Americans shot down a freakin' plane!" As observed by Debs is Dead, the Chinese would be apoplectic, and there would be consequences.

The possibilities that concern me are:

1) If there was foul play, it is possible that someone knew and didn't say. This isn't likely, but a strong possibility. It's a little less within the technical capabilities of the US.

2) It is almost a certainty that at least the US, and possibly some other countries with good tech, know where the plane is, within a few kms or so. Why is nothing forthcoming?

I am not a foreign policy expert, I'm just a grunt-level techie. I can't speak for motive, strategy, etc.

As for 'worship' of America's 'God' powers...ha! Do you take me for a sycophant?!?

Posted by: Dr. Wellington Yueh | Mar 20 2014 19:42 utc | 115

All that vitriol and no one's bothered to actually run down whether the quote is valid or not.

"In 2014 Bashar al-Assad will likely be reelected as president of the Syrian Arab Republic and Syria's history will remember him as a gracious ruler and as a hero."

From the post entitled "A Short History Of The War On Syria - 2006-2014", number one of the current top picks.

Posted by: JustPlainDave | Mar 20 2014 19:56 utc | 116

kalithea | Mar 20, 2014 3:21:43 PM | 112

Maybe I can complement your argument. Someone who comes up with the attitude "authoritarianism is to be countered (fought) where ever be found, which content and incitement ever" falls nothing short of beeing ... authoritarian. Fighting authoritarianism - how could that be?!

And it is a standpoint as theological, as "israel esse delendam". There is no society without allegiances and allegiance is not the same as obedience. Authority is a matter, before it can be turned into a psychic state or item.
And you can't destroy "Israel", the "jewish state" and its concepts are No Thing.
Hoping I put it understandable.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 20 2014 20:00 utc | 117


Who is Syria's history? Is that a person whom we can blame?

Let me put it another way: who determines history in Syria or elsewhere?

From despot to hero:

"On his death, it may have been said "he will never be forgotten", but one would have thought most Indonesians would fervently wish the opposite. However, in a move that has caused consternation to human rights activists and heated debate in the country's media, the Indonesian government is now proposing that the former dictator be formally declared a "national hero". His is one of 10 names on a shortlist drawn up by the social affairs ministry, which must first be vetted by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono before being decided upon by an expert committee. SBY, as the President is known, will then announce who is to join the illustrious 138 already honoured each year on Heroes' Day, 10 November.

Ah the vicissitudes of man!

Posted by: kalithea | Mar 20 2014 20:20 utc | 118

Yulia claims she's innocent, never made a penny (or deposited millions in some 85 UK bank accounts) since 1997.

She must be counting on the ones they haven't found yet, now that she's out of jail.

Posted by: Nora | Mar 20 2014 20:46 utc | 119

this video popped up at the end of the cell phone ringing video. Fighter jet is on the radar when 370 disappears from the radar screen. Chilling.

Posted by: okie farmer | Mar 20 2014 20:47 utc | 120

I'm going to jump into the fray on the mystery of the Malaysian airplane even though I find the wall-to-wall, obsessive coverage on auto-pilot, (forgive the pun)without hard facts to sustain it for so long, pretty quite ridiculous.

It's been stated that perhaps the cabin of the aircraft depressurized and incapacitated the pilots and the plane continued on auto-pilot until it ran out of gas.

Okay, but this doesn't explain why the plane made a sharp turn after the co-pilot said, alright, goodnight, and why the transponders were shut off.

If someone intentionally hi-jacked the plane and changed course wouldn't they also set a destination, unless it was a suicide mission? But then, why not just down the plane shortly afterwards?

It's possible of course that the plane was on route to a specific destination, but if the debris they found in the ocean in the area off Australia is from the plane, how did it veer so far if it were programmed to land somewhere on land?

It's all very bizarre.

Posted by: kalithea | Mar 20 2014 20:59 utc | 121

@Noirette It is amazing how the media in the United States can focus on the minutiae of this airliner, peeking into the backgrounds of all involved, throwing out a multitude of theories, but then when it comes to a huge event like the Ukraine, the story is delivered with as little detail as possible. Heroes and Villains and little else.

Someone once said you can tell American's aren't stupid because they know every detail about their sports teams, can rattle off the smallest statistic, and spend their Monday's critiquing every tiny detail of the coach's winning or losing strategy. But when it comes to politics, they're simply brain-dead. Just wave the flag and believe what comes in on the tube.

It's a neat trick, whoever pulled it off.


The accusation's of authoritarianism are ridiculous. The minute someone takes an effective stand against neoliberalism, they're a "dictator", is that how this works? Obviously. It is completely bogus.

It seems that "left" and "leadership" have become antonyms but this doesn't have to be the case. The left knows better than anybody - and has taken more to heart - the dangers of authoritarianism. And this is not a bad thing. But it is time to drop what has become a self-defeating disdain not just of hierarchy and orders, but of any display of common purpose.

Leaders like the new breed all over Latin America should be the model. They are not authoritarian but they are not weak either. Their strength comes from the fact that they are chosen by the people, and, as events in Venezuela are showing - this is a very powerful force which has become well insulated against the machinations of the Empire.

But of course the neoliberal power elite - and their blog-commenting poodles who have visited us here today - like nothing more than to see a left mortified by thoughts of their own strength and power. A left that would rather have a party than a Party.

This has to end. Because the effect of the massive failures of the left are clear - sectarianism, fascism, and exploitation are on the march, and in many places there isn't any shelter from this storm, but less even an effective alternative to a world that seems quickly becoming run according to the law of the jungle.

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 21 2014 1:02 utc | 122

Perhaps someone posted this already. I don't know if this is controversial within the movement, I know little about it. But his heart seems in the right place.

Roger Waters: Why I Must Speak Out On Israel, Palestine And BDS

Seventy years ago, my father – 2nd Lt. Eric Fletcher Waters – died in Italy fighting the Nazis. He was a committed pacifist, and a conscientious objector at the start of the war, but as Hitler’s crimes spread across Europe, he swapped the ambulance he had driven through the London blitz for a tin hat and a commission in the Royal Fusiliers and he joined the fight against fascism. He was killed near Aprilia in the battle for the Anzio Bridgehead on Feb. 18, 1944. My mother – Mary Duncan Waters – spent the rest of her life politically active, striving always to ensure that her children, and everyone else’s children, had no Sword of Damocles in the form of the despised Nazi Creed or any other despicable creed hanging over their heads.

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 21 2014 1:06 utc | 123

Just one more, a new interview with Dimitri Orlov ( of )

"The United States right now, from my point of view and the point of view from observers from around the world, is on suicide watch. It's a country that is going to self-destruct at some point in the near future."

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 21 2014 1:09 utc | 124

guest77 # 122

I can't disagree with a thing you said but wow, your last paragraph for some reason puts me very much in mind of Weimar.

Posted by: Nora | Mar 21 2014 1:50 utc | 125

TomGard 104

*Sure I noticed the 20 Freescale employees / engineers from a texas based company, half of them chinese nationals, the other half malaysian or indonesian. *

when u say * 150 decent middle-class vacationers, seemingly no one of emminence amoung them,* u should tell that to freescale
they reckon these were some of their best brains, a great loss to them.
then there'r those high level executives from china telecom, huawei etc.

*They could have been a target (althougt this is far fetched, because it implies a highly complicated conspiracy within another. Why not take out conventionally the probably one to three real targets in such a case?) but a rational target, a military or technical/economical one, not an act of "evil" against humanity incorporated in chinese masters.*

taking out high value targets by airborne terrorism to gain military/technical/economical edge isnt actually evil deeds, coz these are *rational targets*, is this what u mean ?

*If it is common knowledge, that US-Services have a thoroughly control of that airspace, you surely can name the radar installations that are apt to render it? *

u haven heard of *pine gap* ?

* As if the slaveholders of China would really care about the fate of some 150 decent middle-class vacationers, seemingly no one of emminence amoung them, instead of caring about their property and control of them. Because chinese slaveholder are "at least" "echt" chinese, not USraelian? Gosh. *

i'd say that compared to the fukus cabal, the *slave holders* in beijing looks like angels.

*Perhaps "denk" can read german, but even if not, you will find in this article
links that tell something about the efforts and expenditures the Indian Navy and Air Force had and made since 2001 to this aim. You think, Obamas "pacific turn" ist just a hoax to feed the MIC on false premises?*

i dont read german
but most of ur english narrative sounds like mumbo jumbo
can u pse elaborate the above a bit for example.

Posted by: denk | Mar 21 2014 2:18 utc | 126

My guess is based upon the stolen passports, and I believe Iran was involved [in the disappearance of the plane]....What happened to this aircraft, nobody knows. My guess is based upon the stolen passports, and I believe Iran was involved. They hijacked the aircraft and they landed it in a place that nobody can see or find it.

Issac Yeffet, former El Al security expert to Times of Israel, March 17, 2014

Is something coming up?

Posted by: hans | Mar 21 2014 8:51 utc | 127

hans (127)

A first reasonable thing to find out is:
Who does Malaysia airport security? Who does pax screening? Etc.

The izraelis are involved in a thousand sensitive places around the world.

And, of course, one must also see that izrael hates Iran big time. So some izraeli blaming Iran for just about anything and everything carries little weight.

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Mar 21 2014 9:57 utc | 128

Alex Jones is trumpeting this same drivel. I heard Iran has this technology to reconfigure flight paths, remember the drones.

Posted by: hans | Mar 21 2014 11:33 utc | 129

# 129
So do we. (tinfoil hat on? It sure smells false-flag-y)

Posted by: Nora | Mar 21 2014 15:04 utc | 130

@ denk #126

You could take the Wikipedia-entry for Jindalee Operational Radar Network as a starting point to evaluate what radar and radar data processing does and what it does not. If you add, what flight transponders do and why you will get a clue what can be and is done preprogrammed and what has to be done manually. Then you know, why the indian military, which is nearly on site, got angry: They "saw" nothing, because they weren't alerted. They had to look up the recorded data to realize they were fed lies, which means Flight MH370 came into and went out of their radar range early and fast.

I don't claim I am up to date with military capabilities but tell me, who is really? And isn't that a perfect good reason to stay sceptical when their almightiness is claimed?

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 21 2014 15:54 utc | 131

Frankly, I think that the radar theories won't provide a lot of insight.

For one pretty much all countries are reluctant to hand out radar based info and if they do, you bet it's filtered. Add to this the political games in this case.

Also radar technology is a widely misunderstood concept. One example are theories like "zusa can see every inch of this or that ocean with their radars".

Actually one break it down into 3 categories, one of which isn't radar at all.

- short/mid range radar systems. Those are usually either rather primitive and civilian (air traffic systems being the classical case) or they are military. Also note that virtually every radar system is either sea or air, not both.

- long range. For one the range of those radars is not sufficient for any major ocean. Ranges in the range (pun not intended) of 2.500 km are exceptional. It should also be noted that those systems are *not precise* and they need not be; their job is to see the mere existence of an object and a rough idea of its locations. Some very few and modern and virtually always military systems (Russia has some of them) can use diverse frequency ranges to get considerably better information (but are normally running in simple "standard mode".
Please also note that there many trade-offs involved. To name one, those famous over the horizon radars always pay with lack of precision for their range.

Actually most modern systems do not achieve their amazing capabilities by employing new radar technology but rather by strongly increased processing capabilities.

- Finally and importantly long range radar systems have lost in importance at least for those countries with good satellite capabilities.
There long range radars, and very specialized ones, are mostly used for very high speed objects, basically always of a military nature and dangerous (e.g. mach 2+ missiles, ICBMS, etc.)

*If* there was a country (read: secret service) involved chances are close to nil that we will learn anything about that for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, there are many details to be accounted for which almost certainly will be lost. To name an example, most civilian systems have no or only poor 3D capability so many decisive maneuvers will stay undetected.
Also psychological factors must be accounted for. Most countries' interest will be rapidly lower once an aircraft is outside their zone (typically more than 100 - 200 km outside their territory). Additionally pretty every air traffic control zone will care only about their area, so once outside airplanes can act with considerably more freedom. Last but not least the typical controller just sees a blip and classifies it quickly as "of no concern" if everything looks normal so far.

All in all I tend to think that some kind of dirty game was going on by some state player (which at the same time means we won't know much anytime soon) but I still do not like to exclude the possibility of a "normal" desaster.
There has been lots of weird and, I'm sure, intentionally misguiding information around this flight that it's quite obvious that at least one, and probably more, countries are playing games.

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Mar 21 2014 18:38 utc | 132

my 2 cents on the missing aircraft, smoke in the cockpit, complete loss of electrical power, crew made turn to nearest airport. airplane flew by itself until it ran out of gas or simply descended into the ocean.

there are many incidents already recorded for the Boeing 777 which could account for this, see incidents for aircraft type Boeing 777-200

if it happened like that it was a slow and terrifying death for a lot of people.

Posted by: dan of steele | Mar 21 2014 19:16 utc | 133

FAS outlines the targets and limits of the Space Based Radar system that is - to my knowledge - still under construction. Part of it was planned to be operational in 2010.

Perhaps it was not, see:

The limits are obvious because the US is building a large OTHR station at New Mexico to control the south american airspace down to the equator and a little bit further.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 21 2014 19:58 utc | 134

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) chief executive officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, when asked whether the Boeing 777-200 (MH370) was equipped with Uninterruptible Autopilot System that can prevent hijacking manually from inside, said: "The aircraft is equipped as standard. There is nothing additional on the aircraft."

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 21 2014 20:01 utc | 135

tomgard 131

*I don't claim I am up to date with military capabilities but tell me, who is really? And isn't that a perfect good reason to stay sceptical when their almightiness is claimed? *

the muricuns aint omnipotent, but their military tech is still the benchmark that others are trying to play catch up, despite snafus like the f35 etc.
the muricuns have special interest in this part of the world, their spy planes, ships have been prowling this region eavsdropping on china for yrs, u bet their spy satellites are zeroing in on malacca strait, scs .
u dont need a military expert to figure out that one.

in view of the muricuns apparent reticence so far,
is it too far fetched to ask, are they hiding something ?
lots of people seem to think so.

this has nothing to do with *worshipping* muricun *almightiness* ffs

+The portal claimed the super radar had an official range of 3,000 km and is reportedly able to reach further into the South China Sea. It claimed that the facility could even pick out the type of aircraft taking off from Changi International Airport in Singapore.+
u might say this is bs but between the aviation week n wiki, i'd rather take the aw.

i cant over emphasize that when u tag those *echt* chinese *slaves* on board mh370 as legit [*rational*], in fact *military* targets, therefore it isnt *evil* to take them out. its beyond the pale
not even dick cheney would dare to utter such craps openly, even tho he n his ilks might have no qualm ordering the destruction of an airliner full of *echt* chinese .

Posted by: denk | Mar 22 2014 2:33 utc | 136

ruralito 15
*Bernhard, now that MoA is a big deal can we reform the >100 posts linkage issue?*

u speak my mind ruralito
trouble is, the search engine only scan the first page, so when u try to retrieve something beyond that , no luck.

Posted by: denk | Mar 22 2014 2:39 utc | 137

denk 136

To the last paragraph: This is a forensic investigation and there is the strongest possible evidence for a criminal case. The first thing investigators have to learn and strictly internalize is to equally estimate the motives of all parties involved, including those of the victim(s) ... or / and their masters.

Your post illustrates what happens if someone violates this requirement. You got all information that allows to infer, the australian military and government, and at least after them the american, don't hide anything but are outrightly lying. The technical specifications of JORN - you know them - show, the system is designed primarily to detect any unregistered moving target on and over a vast ocean for the price of lack of precision, except very favorable ionospheric conditions. Because, if precision is required, they can rely on selectively looking out for it by satellite and / or sending the airforce.

So it's absolutely impossible that Flight MH370 could have reached the area that has now been seached without JORN noticing, because it would have to fly very low for at least 600 miles which would have consumed its fuel well before.

Why didn't you notice this?

Well, there is just one purpose of the lie: Australia establishes a souvereign fact Flight 370 possibly reposing down under the southern seas. Perhaps they plan even to plant evidence to this aim. And all the circumstances render compelling evidence, that this is a secondary conspiracy which was not planned. If the hijacking had been an official mission of US military and government they would definitively not establish souvereign evidence to the opposite. It would be part of the mission, that everybody who wants to know, would know or at least strongly suspect the culprit.

So this part of the affair strongly indicates, that something went terribly wrong.
If we now hypothetically presume abduction to Diego Garcia (because a "normal" crash is nearly impossible with the given facts) we had to conclude, that one of the highest placed authority in the pentagon acted without governmental approvement.

This is of course possible but then we can nearly rule out a case of "imminent danger" in a spying affair (i.e. the "freescale"-lead) because the US-Government would wish the Chinese (or /and other players) to know this was foiled with full might.

To my opinion this corroborates the suspicion it could be a case of foiled biological weapon attack by a rogue player within the US - but it stays a suspicion.

But you, denk, missed all this, because with the above mentioned faultiness you mix "ethical" jugdements (resentment) with factual and criminalistic evidence. The "realm of evil" has no shades nor light and with this in mind your brain deals with reflections of this "realm" into the factual world.

Well, I posted this without using the dictionary very much and I am not capable of stilish refinements - so, please don't get offended or something like that.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 22 2014 10:56 utc | 138

Now chinese officials joined the c-picture Hollywood Show of Austaliens, Malaysians and world media with unsubstantiated an inconclusive conjectures about the fate of flight 370, which they had deplored as offending hours before.

It indicates they decided to become complicit in obscuring the incident and I personally can't imagine another reason for it as the B-777 beeing quarantined or dumped because of a biological weapon was brought on board whithout governmental mission.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 22 2014 13:26 utc | 139

TomGard 139

i dont do *forsenics* but look at the big picture -- the series of tragedies involving
chinese nationals dying en mass in mysterious situations in the past decade or so is too numerous to be coincidental.

mh 370 is most likely a ff.
the immediate result , malaysia is being lynched in public, beijing n kl at loggerheads.
god knows there might be worse to come.
i repeat , someone outthere are popping champaign right now.

two very reasonable assumptions,

1] whether its hijack, shoot down, system malfunction [fire etc]
its the handiwork of the obvious benefitor, fukus.

2] like many people, i also believe fukus could be withhodling incriminating evidence, prolly from the australian ground stations.

u seem to agree on both counts.
[which means ur earlier rant about unfounded *worshipping of muricun almightiness* is way off base].

whoever did this is evil.
what *mix up* are u talking about ?

*Now chinese officials joined the c-picture Hollywood Show of Austaliens, Malaysians and world media with unsubstantiated an inconclusive conjectures about the fate of flight 370, which they had deplored as offending hours before.

It indicates they decided to become complicit in obscuring the incident and I personally can't imagine another reason for it as the B-777 beeing quarantined or dumped because of a biological weapon was brought on board whithout governmental mission.*

both china n malaysia are being played big time.
while ur loathing of those *slave holders* [u mean *drivers* perhaps ?] is palpable ,extending such hatred to the chinese citizens is evil, when u label them as *rational* [u mean legit perhaps ?], * military* targets.
this is what offends, not ur english language, even tho it leaves me some what baffled at imes.

i dont know what u mean by *bio weapon* attack in this case,
but sars, h7n9 are most certainly biowarfare.

Posted by: denk | Mar 23 2014 2:46 utc | 141

beneficiary, fukus

Posted by: denk | Mar 23 2014 3:52 utc | 142

@ denk

I'd like to leave it at that, just one point: What for do you make use of this episode victimizing some 1000 people (relatives included) to illustrate a "big picture" that u have beforehand?
I'd like to *know* why and to which end or purpose those people who seemingly weren't involved in anything around the ongoing war were victimizised. And, sincerely, I don't like painting pictures with blood and tears.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 23 2014 9:24 utc | 143

BTW: There are people out there who want to tell.

One of them could be the journalist who in a long totally bogus article in the british Daily Mail on March 22 put this phrase:

"Zaharie used the home flight simulator to practise extreme landings, including on remote Indian Ocean islands such as the US air base in Diego Garcia, investigators have revealed."

"Extreme landing" on Diego Garcia! Why should anyone write this if not with the urgent wish of sharing what he knows and experienced in this case - of course anonymously? It must be frustrating to the extreme, when you sincerely wanted to be a journalist, made it to the "Daily" and then be forced to tell stories to let people fall upright asleep, as we put it in Germany.

And why does the chinese government not send a team of journalists to the Maledives to investigate the sightings that seem to date unsettled by police and civilian authorities?
Thats a small communitiy out there, you can't cover up something like this by force without stirring up a lot of serious fuss. So the researchers would know what is up, either way.

Or have they?

Anyone out here who reads Dhivehi?

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 23 2014 12:31 utc | 144

tomgard 143
*I'd like to leave it at that, just one point: What for do you make use of this episode victimizing some 1000 people (relatives included) to illustrate a "big picture" that u have beforehand?*

what r u smoking,
i'll leave at that

Posted by: denk | Mar 23 2014 13:32 utc | 145

ian fleming
once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three in a row must be enemy action !


the mh370 incident turn two buddies

into bitter enemies,

u bet someone out there are *lmao* !

when i say china has fallen out with the most china friendly nation, malaysia, in asean, i forgot about thailand,[1] now how could i manage to do that ?

besieged by the *swarming adolescents* , now yingluck is battling for her survive.[2]

meanwhile, *swarming adolsecents* are terrorising hk, tw governments.
wow, what a coincidence ?

when fukus was going all out to eject china from myanmar, [3]
we had the unprecedented , brutal Mekong River Attack on chinese sailors, further Straining China-Myanmar relations [4]

hmm, another unfortunate *accident* !

at a time when asia pivot was in full swing, fukus goaded ph to provoke china over the disputed isles. out come the manila bloodbath.
a lone gunman hijacked a bus load of hk tourists, the *rescue op* ended in tragedy when the swat team mounted a frontal assault , the spooked gunman shot all the tourists before he was slained in a hail of fire.
sino ph relation plunged to a new low [5]

2008, xiao xiang, the key figure in china's nuclear sub, aircraft carrier prg went to brazil to facilitat joint research in nuclear sub development. on the return trip, his plane plunge into the deep sea due to *pilot error* as per *official report*.

another tragic *accident*. [6]

2012, the pak ttp wanted to raise some hell to avenge the great satan's drone attacks in pak. u'd have thought they were gunning for some muricuns.
by some sheer chance they came upon a group of chinese, russian tourists, the talibans killed them in cold blood.
now that'd be a real blow to the *great satan* hehehe

george bush junior
*gitmo inmates are the most dangerous terrorists out there*
2005, an apparently *rehabed* taliban chieftan was released from gitmo to turn over a new life. he must've passed the rehab prg with flying color coz the white taliban david hicks from aussie was still rotting in gitmo, despite howard's repeated plea to his pal bush to grant him a amnesty !
yet the very first act mehsud reached home was to kill a chinese engineer !

i could've gone on but suffice to say these are just the tip of an iceberg.
make u wonder, who'r aq's enemies anyway ?


**The visit has boosted Sino-Thai relations, the Thai Prime Minister highlighted that “Thailand and China are as intimate as relatives*


*The case in Burma, for those in power in the West, is very simple: the Chinese out and the inhuman US/UK regime in!*



in 1957, cia sent an airliner down to the scs, killing 300 on board.
that was a failed attempt to get at the chinese pm, chou enlai

Posted by: denk | Mar 23 2014 16:05 utc | 146

*swarming adolescents* the tw chapter

Posted by: denk | Mar 24 2014 5:53 utc | 147

1] so *huawei is a top security risk* [sic]
hmm, top huawei exe, engineers were on board the ill fated af447, mh370.

2] is this *leak* to scare off potential huawei customers since huawei gears have allegedly been compromised. ?

*It said the agency was pursuing a digital offensive against the Chinese political leadership, naming former prime minister Hu Jintao and the Chinese trade and foreign ministries as targets.*
[but not xi jing ping ???]

**Several years ago some Australian members of parliament were given a security briefing where a video conference intercept of two of the most senior malaysian military commanders was proudly shown to demonstrate Australia’s electronic surveillance abilities, where it implied the ability to access some of the most sensitive military and diplomatic communications in the region.*

is this a psyop to scare all world leaders, especially those who aint *with us*,
their every move n conversation is being monitored by uncle sham ?

otoh, if such hacking n eavesdropping is true, how many world leaders are being blackmailed and compromised by cia/nsa goons to do fukus bidding ?

Posted by: denk | Mar 24 2014 6:43 utc | 148

500's of egyptians is getting the death penalty and the western MSM is silent!

Egypt sentences almost 600 Brotherhood supporters to death

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 24 2014 13:26 utc | 149

#MH370 - US-secret services dumped it in Indian Ocean with chinese consent

My heading doesn't refer to what happened to the plane and its passengers physically, because, by announcing the fate of them on the basis of unsubstanciated data-mining of a "third party", the Malaysian PM ordered Flight 370 shall be and stay a legendary narrative.

And this, I hold, he could not do without chinese consent.

The "third party" is the mostly american finance and investment holding who owns 98% of Immarsat Inc. Operatives of Immarsat claimed, they had established "by never before used techniques" that the alleged "last signal" of the plane that to date has never been documented to the malaysian or chinese authorities, came from a remote part of the indian ocean.

This twist was made hours after malaysian police and jurisdiction gave up their resistance to the FBI which publicly and imperiously demanded to squeeze the estranged wife of the pilot to testify about "the state of mind" of her husband.

Since, as I layed out before, all circumstantial evidence in this criminal case discounts the "indian ocean"-hypothesis and made appear an abduction to Diego Garcia by far more probable, and since chinese authorities can't expect to access original data or any independent verification of data and it's processing, this twist is a sovereign act of force. But because the chinese government decided to act affirmative by adding inconclusive satellite - images of their own to the australian narrative and declaring them as a "lead" that had to be taken seriously, they consented to the procedure.

The lesson one has to draw of this:
The hypothesis that imho covers best the unsufficient evidence is, that Flight370 was taken for quarantine and passengers plus crew either killed by a deadly contagiant or the military. But by the way the incident is handled it was made irrelevant what really happened and what led to it. The narrative of the incident was made a battlefield of the western secret services on which the PRC finally surrendered. So if there was a bio-attack, either by a rogue international faction or by the pentagon or the White House or even another player, and if it was foiled or planned this way, does not attribute much to the outcome and effect.

This is "21st century warfare" - part of it.

PS.: As to why the affair will be left at this stage (after adding a narrative of the pilot gone lunatic) you may look up:
"Too soon to launch undersea search for MH370, say French investigators"
Yesterday some oceanographs told the public, that debris of the flight could have easily driven apart "hundreds of miles" by local currents and weather since the alleged crash. So there will never be a crash-site narrowed down "fairly enough" for further search - after the sonar emitters of the black boxes ran out of energy, which they will do in ten days to come ...

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 24 2014 16:13 utc | 150

Correction to #150

in "does not attribute much" delete "much". What I wanted to say: The assumption that a powerful contagion could really have been applied suffices.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 24 2014 16:33 utc | 151
good job, another feather to ur cap,
another heinous crime committed with impunity
i wish i could say, u'd pay for this some day.
i wish i could.

Posted by: denk | Mar 25 2014 2:38 utc | 152

knowing u,
there'd be more of these carnage coming up,
just to spite us,
*u know i did it, so what r u gonna do about it ?*
im talking to the land of evil, btw.

Posted by: denk | Mar 25 2014 5:18 utc | 153

Straighen, clean, tidy up

The WSJ (paper) opened a campaign that blames all the inconsistencies in the storyline on the handling by the malaysian authorities, elegantly omitting, that it were british (AAIB) and US-authorities compelling the malaysian government to rule the S & R - operation instead of leaving it to a competent team of investigators.

Even the last twist - in which the malaysians had no part - is handled this way, that is very astute. WSJ criticized the information-policy of Inmarsat PLC vice-president Chris McLaughlin as ramble, so doubts on the methodology of the data-mining by Immarsat Operatives, their conclusions and input-data can be publicly shelled with McLaughlin's "gaffes".

Parallel was the unusual unhindered rally in Beijing of furious relatives, however it came with the bias to blame Malaysia for abandoning the need of physical evidence.

But should any party insist on physical evidence that might be costly to silence, it may be served.
Boeing 777-2H6(ER) of Malaysia Airlines, construction No 28416, from the same lot of the vanished plane, was sold to GA Telesis and flown to Tel Aviv in 10/2013 for disassembly.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 25 2014 11:15 utc | 154

*We need to know clearly if this disaster was caused by the crew on board or whether any air or ground forces had something to do with it.* !!!

*The Chinese public has always viewed Malaysia as a friendly country*

exactly !

i ask this question from the outset
cui bono ?

btw deb

if this is really a air shoot down, china cant do anything if it doest have evidence.

Posted by: denk | Mar 26 2014 2:30 utc | 155

the stench of sulphur is suffocating

Posted by: denk | Mar 26 2014 2:48 utc | 156

*The United States said Monday that it has no "independent corroboration" about the announced crash of the missing Malaysian jetliner in the southern Indian Ocean.*

but pentagoon seemed to believe, or pretend to believe mh370 crashed into the indian ocean, even before this *definitive* report from inmarsat came out ...

*Pentagon officials have told ABC News that they believe missing flight MH370 ditched in the Indian Ocean.

Officials in the U.S. are so confident that they are repositioning USS Kidd to the area to start a search following reports that the plane may have continued for another four or five hours after disappearing from radar.

The official said: "We have an indication the plane went down in the Indian Ocean*


marie harf, state dept spokesman, [aka bs artiste]
"I have no reason to believe it's not true [inmarsat]. I just don't have any update for you," Washington was working " very closely" with the Malaysian government.

i bet u do,
with someone whispering into the pm's ear,
*there's a sniper zeroing his sight on ur head,one wrong word n...... * ??

Posted by: denk | Mar 26 2014 8:11 utc | 157

Malaysian government fights back

Remember Malaysian air force chief general Daud reporting the turn of MH370 to the west the day it vanished and apparantly beeing forced to retract the next day so that the "search" went on in the South China Sea.

Now the defense ministry claims the operators of the military radar-station who tracked the plane on its path westwards were totally aware of it's identity.

"It was detected by our radar, but the turn back was by a non-hostile plane and we thought maybe it was at the directive of the control tower (of air traffic control in Subang)" deputy Defence Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri told Parliament today.

The ministry omits to tell, that then they knew the flight-transponder of the plane stayed turned off all the time. Even more delicate: If the other claims are right they saw MH370 climb above alowable altitude to 43k - 45k feet. That means, they got ORDER to ignore it!

Abdul Rahim, however, dismissed criticism that delays in disclosing military radar data might have hampered the search for the missing jet, saying that there was a need to corroborate the information it received with other agencies investigating the case such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB)

Wow. So the malaysian airforce "couldn't" just tune their data with Subang, no, they had to ask FAA, NTSB and AAIB for allowance and now publicly say so.

This obviously comes as a reaction to the US trying to put the full blame of the myths on Malaysian authorities:

And because this is done publicly we can infer, that the chinese are perfectly in the picture.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 26 2014 11:57 utc | 158

tomGard 158
*This obviously comes as a reaction to the US trying to put the full blame of the myths on Malaysian authorities:*

i told u this is a ff to screw malaysia n china, at the same time turning them from friends into bitter antagonists.

*And because this is done publicly we can infer, that the chinese are perfectly in the picture.*

u dont infer, u fantasize a lot.

*why are u victimizing the victims families ?* [sic]

in fact u r the one who insult the victims families by insinuating them as some kind of tools for propaganda against malaysia.
malaysia has zero motive to screw china n vice versa ffs.
they are both victims of fukus,
yet from the outset u seem bent on slandering china as co-conspirator in this ff !!

more fantasies...
tomgard 150
*the Malaysian PM ordered Flight 370 shall be and stay a legendary narrative.

And this, I hold, he could not do without chinese consent.*

but now china want evidence from malaysia !!

some forsenics !

Posted by: denk | Mar 27 2014 3:20 utc | 160

do we need a rocket scientist or forsenics expert to figure this one out ?
elementary watson !

Posted by: denk | Mar 27 2014 3:59 utc | 161

Sorry denk, but you talk boringly nuts. By our own postings and links you could tell that this operation was improvised. The cover up was abundant with mishaps and even breakdowns by hastily hatching and passing-through narratives that contradicted each other. You either got an awfull mighty transnational power-center at work, or you got a pile of beheaded chickens fussing around, you can't have both. That is to say, what you really got here is a bunch of chicks with really powerfull means that were caugh off guard and felt they had to act out of emergency.

We don't know what kind of emergency.
Everything else we know.
So this rense / vetstoday and other fantasies are obfuscative PsyOps meant to insert this mishap into an overall "shock and awe" policy.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 27 2014 6:49 utc | 162

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 20, 2014 12:17:44 PM | 98

It is very easy to smear a guy who gives his name and address anonymously. Angry Arab is going to court against people who put their name to it and he is right to do so.

The stand he takes is absolutely courageous.

Take what he says and agree or disagree.

To spread rumours anonymously to smear just means you are a low life.

Posted by: somebody | Mar 27 2014 7:13 utc | 163

TomGard 162

u dont agree this is a ff against malaysia n china, ?

but whats with ur own insinuation about bio attack by someone high up in pentagon ?

Posted by: denk | Mar 27 2014 7:40 utc | 164


thanx for asking.

I didn'd say "pentagon". All I know is, there is a faction of transnational elites fiercly determined to opt out the world-currency system very soon, because they reckon that would be the time when military power will be all that counts. Especially the recklessness to take hostage all of the biosphere by making use of tactical nuclear weapons in preemtive aggressions. The ruling facton of Zionists in Israel are part of this faction. I know this, because they recently introduced such a tactical nuclear weapon near Damaskus, and perhaps in Lebanon 2006. But this is also a faction of Zionists, not all of them.
The main force consists of modern US-fascists of the kind of Ralph Peters.

Surely many of them work in the pentagon, but there was a lot of purging done recently and Chief of Staff Dempsey and war minister Hagel are definitely opposed to this faction.

Yet given the circumstances the faction opposed to these fascists can't purge them out without risking their own ruling, because they had to coopt the sheeple for this kind of putsch against a deeply routed "tribe". Instead they try to coopt them for a more smoothly transition to a multipolar world - rule with the US becoming a kind of continental, but regional power with a "Gegenküste" in the pacific, China.
So this faction - the one Obama belongs to - follow a stragtegy to further reliably contain China, but not weakening it too much, because they look forward to use Chinas upcoming might in the whole of the eurasian continent.

Therefore the Obama-faction wants and needs a counterforce to China on the eurasian continent. That is to be a seriously integrated EU AND/OR Russia allied to its plans. Thats the basis of Obamas and Medwedews strange kind of cooperation in the ME that Putin heired and tries to shape more in favour of Russia than it was originally meant.

Well, thats a very, very coarse scribble of the background as I see it.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 27 2014 8:37 utc | 165

"deeply rooted"

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 27 2014 8:58 utc | 166

tomgard 165.
*I didn'd say "pentagon*

pse explain this,

*If we now hypothetically presume abduction to Diego Garcia (because a "normal" crash is nearly impossible with the given facts) we had to conclude, that one of the highest placed authority in the pentagon acted without governmental approvement

So if there was a bio-attack, either by a rogue international faction or by the pentagon or the White House or even another player, and if it was foiled or planned this way, does not attribute much to the outcome and effect.*

Posted by: denk | Mar 27 2014 9:07 utc | 167

The first paragraph refered to the cover up, because of technical reasons, the second was meant to allude to a "third force" at the origin of the operation without mentioning the background.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 27 2014 9:15 utc | 168

tomgard 168

the 2nd para alludes to pentagon as one of the suspects launching the bio attack ?

Posted by: denk | Mar 27 2014 9:25 utc | 169

As I said I don't see "the pentagon" as a unified force. Remember the astonishing portion of fairly high ranked Pentagon- officers and employees who vanished with two of the planes involved in 9/11. A portion significantly higher than you would expect with civilian flights.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 27 2014 9:34 utc | 170

tomgard 170
*but most people who reads the two paras would get the impression of a ff by pentagon. *

Posted by: denk | Mar 27 2014 9:40 utc | 171

It's not so far from it, isn't it.
What I'm trying to do on this field is to strengthen people in deconstructing myths, but myths taken in the sense of "mythology to the facts" (Don't know, if this is understandable). That is to say people, who neither use "conspiracy theories" to substitute them to knowledge of what capitalism is about, how it works (out) and to picture their prejudices, NOR avoid them for allegedly "deeper truth", "deeper truth" meaning invented impersonal agents.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 27 2014 10:08 utc | 172

to recap...

from this
to this

cui bono ???

for those uninitiated with the geopolitical machinations going on...

uS wants reliable allies [lapdogs to be precise !]– not just friends – in Asia. In this regard, Malaysia is important because of its position as a littoral state with sovereign rights over the Straits of Malacca, which is one of China’s most critical supply routes that transports much of the oil and other materials vital for its economic development. Will the containment of China lead to a situation where the hegemon, determined to perpetuate its dominant power, seek to exercise control over the Straits in order to curb China’s ascendancy? Would a trusted ally in Kuala Lumpur facilitate such control? The current Malaysian leadership does not fit the bill .

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao paid tribute to Najib's late father, Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, who established diplomatic ties with China in 1974 during his tenure as Malaysia's second prime minister. Malaysia was the first non-communist country in Southeast Asia to establish official ties with the People's Republic of China.
While Najib also has good rapport with several Western leaders, he is not ready to complicate upbeat Sino-Malaysian ties as Washington moves to "pivot" its military muscle towards the Asia-Pacific region to counterbalance China.

Neither has Najib shown any inclination to endorse the US agenda of containing China which in the context of East Asia is undoubtedly the US’s central preoccupation

this is a classic divide n conquer op.
then there's the bonus of punishing malaysia for its *insolence* ....
*mahathir calling fukus no 1 terrorist !
*malaysian court indicting fukus war criminals !
*malaysia rejected the tpp
*malaysia refuse to join the asian nato bandwagon !

imagine obama straining at his leash at that one !

last but not least ....... ?

if this happen to any other countries accident cannot be ruled out.
not when china, malaysia, fukus are involved.
not when china's allies are falling like ten pins duo to fukus regime change, co-option, destabilisations.
even now the friendly thailand pm yingluck is fighting for her political survival under the onslaught of the *swarming adolescents*.
not when there are high value tech experts on board and pentagoons might want to pre-empt the risk of high tech ending up in chinese all cost !

ian fleming's theorom
*three is enemy action*

Posted by: denk | Mar 28 2014 5:19 utc | 173

denk | Mar 28, 2014 1:19:42 AM | 173

First you put nicely together a case of estranging Malaysia of China:
" ... this is a classic divide n conquer op."

[Besides: That is quite generic stuff, nothing extraordinary or novel, til Bowie glosses it up with the Handbook on unconv. warfare using a coarse logical fallacy.
Problem with this region: It's owned by chinese corporations and equity, especially Indonesia and the branches of strategic interest. For example take a look at PSA International, OPCO for the Port of Singapore, big parts of Rotterdam, New York, the most of Hong Kong and ....Gwadar.]

Well, then comes up the secret op with MH370 and it becomes totally clear, that the US has the leading part in it. The White House takes the lead and Tony 'hit me in the face' after it, and the Malaysian military has an indispensable role in the cover up.
So, if the US should really do a fuckin shit like this in the purpose to reconcile and align China and Malaysia, which is a perfect VICTIM in this case and could confess to the chinese what they know, wheeping "Uuahhhh, we couldn't do anything about it, because ...(this and that)", then they hardly could do any better.

And after that you come up with the devil out of the mashine: The chip-nonsense of rense, that I don't take the trouble to deconstruct, because it's totally out of line with all the other stuff you brought.

And that poses me a serious problem.

Are you, denk, really this serious nuts? Don't you think or can't you think? How can a person, that does or can not think put together such a long chain of words?

I'm serious. I don't grasp it.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 28 2014 15:12 utc | 174

as per freescale, they lost dozens of top quality people doing highly sophiscated work, they were on the way to upgrade the tianjin facitlities.
*a great blow to us*

if u know anything about nsa/cia , they might not want certain *sensitive* tech passing into chinese hands.

i cant vouch for the details in the rense article, put it there as a possible third motive [?] to take out mh370.
it sounds plausible.
at the very least, it isnt pulled out of thin air.

cant say the same about ur *bio attack* theory tho,
been asking about it but u havent been forthcoming ?
care to enlighten us , tomgard ?

Posted by: denk | Mar 29 2014 2:01 utc | 175

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