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March 19, 2014

Open (Not-Ukraine) Thread 2014-07

News & views (other then around Ukraine) ...

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any interesting new theories on flight 370 going around?

Posted by: james | Mar 19 2014 18:23 utc | 1

World's largest scientific society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, released yesterday what some are saying is the definitive report to date on climate change, What We Know.

The deep state's addiction to war and fossil fuels is going to bring about system failure before you know it.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Mar 19 2014 18:32 utc | 2

Interestingly enough (not trying to be O/T here), the only passengers for whom background checks have not yet been received are two Russians and a Ukrainian, and the FBI is looking for missing data from the pilot's flight simulator. Also, the Taliban has denied any responsibility, saying they only wished they could, but that's not in this piece. It's horrible, but hopefully at least they all died quickly.

Posted by: Nora | Mar 19 2014 18:43 utc | 3

Also note this new computer study from NASA:
Nasa-funded study warns of ‘collapse of civilisation’ in coming decades

Modern civilisation is heading for collapse within a matter of decades because of growing economic instability and pressure on the planet’s resources, according to a scientific study funded by Nasa.

Posted by: juannie | Mar 19 2014 18:43 utc | 4

Syria: Of course it had to come to this:

Last week, Kamal al-Labwani, a veteran dissident and one of the founders of the Syrian National Council (SNC) opposition, suggested that the Golan Heights should be surrendered to Israel in exchange for an Israeli-enforec no-fly zone over southern Syria. This suggests a new phase which will see Israel becoming active in the conflict. The actual words Labwani used, in an interview with al-Arabiya were, ‘Why should we not sell the Golan issue through negotiations rather than lose it to Assad and lose Syria along with it?’.

Posted by: Helena | Mar 19 2014 18:50 utc | 5

Poor MoA. What a stinking pile of right-wing horseshit. A love letter to right-wing despots. This blog has absolutely no intellectual connection to the whiskey bar. Sort of wish there was a transnational tort of intellectual embarrassment, so billmon could sue. (Actually, billmon might be able to sue for the misappropriation of identity, possibly).

I'm inclined to say that b is some poorly paid FSB tool. But this blog is so nakedly worshipful of Putin's conservatism, I'm beginning to think b is either a master parodist, or a German mutation of Lew Rockwell.

Posted by: slothrop | Mar 19 2014 18:54 utc | 6

"aasad is a most gracious leader."

My favorite b quote. Hilarious.

Posted by: slothrop | Mar 19 2014 18:58 utc | 7

Need to change the name of this blog to "Neo-Stalinist Fruitcakes."

Posted by: slothrop | Mar 19 2014 19:00 utc | 8

Hey sloth, good to see the resident troll is back. You've been gone too long... oh wait... no you haven't.

Posted by: Colm O' Toole | Mar 19 2014 19:04 utc | 9

Especially now, with more and more focus given to the scoops here on MoA.

Perhaps a few people would be willing to volunteer their time to clean up the unsavory comments. This way, we could enjoy reading comments?

I for one am willing to volunteer.


Posted by: Kim Sky | Mar 19 2014 19:05 utc | 10

@7 "aasad is a most gracious leader."

My favorite b quote. Hilarious.


Your search - "aasad is a most gracious leader" - did not match any documents.

Sloth, you are a liar.

Posted by: b | Mar 19 2014 19:06 utc | 11

Fuck you, b. Play your games.

Posted by: slothrop | Mar 19 2014 19:10 utc | 13

Cass Sunstein dribbled out a bitchy Op ed yesterday in Newsday, harping on his favorite thing; conspiracy theorists.

"Pick your topic: Ukraine, the National Security Agency, assassinations of national leaders, recent economic crises, the authorship of Shakespeare's plays -- it's child's play to assemble a host of apparent clues, and to connect a bunch of dots, to support a relevant conspiracy theory. In recent years, for example, many Americans have become convinced that the U.S. (or Israel) was responsible for the attacks of Sept. 11, that the U.S. government concocted HIV/AIDS, and that federal agencies have conspired to hide the association between vaccines and autism."

"...conspiracists tend to have a sense of personal powerlessness; they are also more likely to conspire themselves."


"Efforts to establish the truth might even be self- defeating, because they can increase suspicion and thus strengthen the very beliefs that they were meant to correct.

Such efforts are far more likely to succeed if they begin by affirming, rather than attacking, the basic values and commitments of those who are inclined to accept the theory.

Conspiracists like to say that the truth is out there. They're right. The challenge is to persuade them to find their way toward it."

Much Insight. Wow. Tuff Derision. But Why So Nanny, Doge?

Posted by: L Bean | Mar 19 2014 19:11 utc | 14

Bernhard, now that MoA is a big deal can we reform the >100 posts linkage issue?

Posted by: ruralito | Mar 19 2014 19:28 utc | 15

@13, what a petulant brat!

Posted by: ruralito | Mar 19 2014 19:31 utc | 16

From November, here is Max Keiser's takedown of Jeremy Scahill:

"Max interviews Stacy Herbert and a red pepper, standing in for Jeremy Scahill, presenter of the documentary film, Dirty Wars. Max and Stacy discuss his film and ask why he didn’t follow the Dirty Money War or provide the context of the history of dirty wars where nuns and dissidents were thrown out of planes across Latin America over a period of decades from the 1950s."

(Scahill segment starts at the 12:45 mark)

Posted by: Christine | Mar 19 2014 19:35 utc | 17

Nora @ 3

It's not at all sure they are all dead.
Maybe the plane is stashed away in some hangar somewhere. Probably the passengers were stripped of their phones, except for the one passengers phone, which was within reach of a ground network and that the hijackers hadn't found or hadn't turned off. Hopefully the passengers and crew will be returned safe.

Posted by: Alexander | Mar 19 2014 19:37 utc | 18

political dyslexia at its most stupid : being accused of right wingness for not supporting islamists or neo nazis... Go figure...

Posted by: zingaro | Mar 19 2014 19:51 utc | 19

So, here we have a German defending the Russian occupation of another country based on the justification that invasion was necessary to defend a Russian-speaking minority. Add to the mix of hyper-nationalist revanchism a referendum for secession held by the forces of occupation.

Vladimir Putin needs room to live. Not the title of the song written by Mark E Smith. Rather, an odd recapitulation of history authored by a resident of Hamburg.

Posted by: slothrop | Mar 19 2014 19:55 utc | 20

Oh Alexander # 18, wherever they are, they've got to be fed and, what, kept in order. It's a long time now, and really doesn't look good. And as for the cell phones ringing, apparently whoever is trying to reach a phone gets that sound, but it's just the caller's own phone, searching. sigh. Those poor, poor families.

Posted by: Nora | Mar 19 2014 19:56 utc | 21

Christine 17 Seems like Scahill is another "gatekeeper" performing variation on a "limited hangout operation": " in which carefully selected and falsified documents and other materials are deliberately revealed by an insider who pretends to be a fugitive rebelling against the excesses of some oppressive or dangerous government agency." (How to Identify a CIA Limited Hangout Operation). What he's presented so far may be true, and he's not a fugitive, but he omits and blocks even more implicating information from coming into the light of public scrutiny - as if we should be completely satisfied with what he's offered in his "investigations". People like him are chosen to reveal what would be discovered anyway, but thus they con control that field in the space of public discourse. For me the way he treated Mother Agnes Mariam de la Croix was what gave him away: Critics question Catholic nun's 'alternative story' on Syria civil war

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 19 2014 20:05 utc | 22

I suggest displaying the IP addresses of the trolls like "slothdrop" offending this forum before banning them for good.

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 19 2014 20:10 utc | 23

This is my amended version of the post I wrote to fairleft @129 and then mistakenly posted again amended on the Ukraine News thread when I really wanted it in the Open thread, and it's directed at thomas as well and maybe other self-righteous individuals, whether either care or not!:

Do me a favor; will you? Go spend some time in the Palestinian occupied territories or get more familiar with what Israeli Jews, those paragons of virtue and democracy, are doing to Palestinians.

You want to see what "evil and bloodthirsty" really looks like: So far this year and ONLY in Gaza, mind you, 18 Palestinians were slaughtered and 110 injured INCLUDING CHILDREN - yes, as usual, children were killed and maimed as well by Zionist Jews! And this excludes protesters killed on the West Bank. You want to see what real evil looks like: Israeli soldiers shot young Palestinian athletes with promising soccer careers in the feet, and they'll never be able to play again, and maybe not even walk again! And this because these Jews, Israeli Jews, who cares, they're supported by the majority that live in Israel and the U.S.; they can't stand the fact that Palestinians can rise up on an international level in sport and culture and get deserved recognition. Palestinian potential actually represents a threat to these Zionist Jews; so they brutally try to suppress it and in the case of these two young athletes destroy it permanently.

I can give you an encyclopedic reference of brutality and bloodthirsty evil committed against the Palestinian people. Sure anger against the inability of Jews to grow a conscience on this issue and put a stop to this brutality gets out of hand, but this evil, this cruelty, this theft, this carnage against Palestinians has been going on for decaaaades! How long must we all restrain our outcry against Jewish impotence on this issue, against their complicity on this issue, against their implicit abetment of these bloodthirsty acts on men, women and children held hostage in bondage for so many years? Can you control the primal scream for justice when no one seems to be listening on this issue??? I can't! I refuse to judge those who just can't restrain their anger any longer because this is what you get when justice is denied for so long! You get unrestrained anger - WHO'S FAULT IS IT? Jews who refuse to listen to these screams for justice that's who! Jews who block their ears to the screams of men, women and children under the most brutal occupation in modern day history!

So, you wanna judge and shame the unrestrained Mr. Pragma? - start by screaming for justice in your Congress or your parliament or whoever the hell in your own country colludes with Jewish groups and lobbies to enable this Zionist brutality!!! Start by judging them, shaming them and yourself if you haven't screamed out enough to stop this ongoing crime against humanity!

Because we are done with cheap talk, we are done with endless civil discourse and resurrecting extinct road maps and dead peace processes shattered in their wake by the blatant reality of facts on the ground, we are done with the farce of delaying justice and truth-denying posturing while others suffer, we are done with collusion for the sake of injustice and done with Nakba denial! So it's time for a unified PRIMAL SCREAM because this horror in a so-called democracy of evil intent against others, built by Zionism on the backs of refugees ethnically cleansed by the hundreds of thousands, and today's millions living in abject misery and hopelessness in refugee camps and open air ghettos and prisons has lasted long enough!

So Mr. Ms or Mrs. whatever fairleft and tomas too! forgive the unrestrained blowback by some, specifically here - but never again! has been reserved for a select group of Nakba deniers who apparently hold the patent on those TWO EMPTY WORDS and such staggering hypocrisy and cruelty is starting to exact its price; it always does; a price that Jews were obviously willing to pay when they chose to hoard justice for themselves and deny it to Palestinians and other refugees in their domain under the guise of exclusive NEVER AGAIN ownership that is the tool of manipulation indefinitely used to facilitate the evil that Zionism has committed and is still committing for so many years.

Posted by: kalithea | Mar 19 2014 20:13 utc | 24

This site has interesting information on the political views of one of the pilots and on supposedly unplanned drill along the east coast of the US involving "escorting commercial airliner by military jets" few days after the disappearance of the flight 370.

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 19 2014 20:14 utc | 25

Very good peace of Israeli subversion of the academia in the US:Israel’s War on American Universities

In 2011 in California, 10 students who had disrupted a speech at UC Irvine by Michael Oren, then the Israeli ambassador to the United States, were found guilty, put on informal probation and sentenced to perform community service. Oren, an Israeli citizen who has since been hired by CNN as a contributor, has called on Congress to blacklist supporters of the campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel and to prosecute those who protest at appearances by Israeli officials. Some activists at Florida Atlantic University were stripped of student leadership positions after walking out of a talk by an Israeli army officer, and they were ordered by school administrators to attend re-education seminars designed by the Anti-Defamation League. Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine (CSJP) was abruptly placed on suspension in the spring of 2011 and barred from reserving rooms and hosting events on campus. The university administration, before the ban, had a practice of notifying the campus Hillel in advance of any CSJP event. The suspension was eventually lifted, after a protest led by attorneys for the CSJP.

The academia is clearly biased towards Israeli interests therefore using the "number" (of people, papers) argument is not really valid.

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 19 2014 20:30 utc | 26

Important, so quoted extensively Jonathon Blakeley: A guide to Hasbara trolls:

We are all aware of the Hasbara trolls, the Wikipedia Jews and the Israeli Neocon smear outlets. In the following important piece internet expert Jonathon Blakeley explores the vile and destructive impact of Sayanim and Hasbara agents on the social networks. What we really see is a surge of Zio-centric anti- social behaviour in our midst. They are united against humanity, humanism, pluralism, freedom of expression and tolerance basically all those things that are precious to the rest of us...
The difference between propaganda and hasbara? I would say Hasbara is more of a soft sell at first, it seeks to inform, influence and educate the ignorant to the Israeli cause. The narrative of Hasbara has a victimized quality underpinning it, a very passive-aggressive approach, Israel is always defending not attacking. They play the mis-understood victim and invite their critics to attack them. The sub-current being that Israel's message is not understood. Israel views that the reason for this is either lack of education or stupidity. So the Hasbara agents explain until they realise that they are getting nowhere and then respond with disdain and disgust.

Social Strategies

Key individuals are identified, some support Israel others oppose. These are the influencers, on Twitter they are people with over 1 000 followers and over 1 000 tweets. By seeking to influence and control these key individuals, Hasbara agents can influence many many more. Hasbara trolls on twitter try to act as shepherds for the tweeps, making them go this way or that...

Hasbara Tactics

By controlling information one can control people and the social networks. Hasbara volunteers help to police social networks for Israel. The big media are dealt with through BICOM and AIPAC, whilst the social media are policed unofficially by the Hasbara troll brigade. Priority is to stop influencers being compromised by anti-Israel sentiment.

Hasbara Troll brigade

Hasbara Trolls are generally quite polite at first. They pop up when someone is critical of Israel and it's policies or interests. They target, write, engage, educate and insult. From my research it seems that there is some kind of hierarchy of trolls, they have leaders who tell them targets and guide them with their spin. Most work voluntarily but some are paid for by wealthy sponsors. They track topical keywords and persons using public websites such as Problems arise if one rejects the explanations being offered by the trolls, then their troll nature becomes apparent very quickly as they resort to smears and abuse.

Hasbara Troll attributes

Supreme point of view
The Hasbara troll knows best
Condescending & Patronising
Socialist (Smart and 'caring')
Do not have to be Jewish but Pro-Israel
Internet experts
Like to ask the questions, not answer questions
Control freaks
Inflamed by anyone being critical of Israel
'Moral' Guardians
Classic insults: Anti-semite, Neo- Nazi, White Supremacist, Holocaust denier
Adept with social networks well trained on IT

Hasbara trolls use internet alerts to warn them when hot keywords are mentioned. Keywords such as Israel, Jewish, Judaism etc. When those words are mentioned they are alerted and they go to investigate who is talking about what...

Also Richard Silverstein: The Israeli foreign ministry itself is asking volunteers to flood news websites with pro-Israel arguments and information

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 19 2014 20:40 utc | 27

ProPeace @ 22

I agree that Scahill appears to be another "gatekeeper". The way he treated Mother Agnes Mariam de la Croix, yes, also that he used to write for the Nation, funded in part by The MacArthur Foundation, which also provides funding for the war cheerleaders at NPR. And remember, the "progressive" Nation's editors endorsed Obama for the 2012 election.

And then there's that interview Scahill gave to the Daily Beast, in which he had this to say about his new billionaire Sugar Daddy:

"Pierre writes more on our internal messaging than anyone else. And he is not micromanaging. This guy has a vision. And his vision is to confront what he sees as an assault on the privacy of Americans.”

Posted by: Christine | Mar 19 2014 20:49 utc | 28

The BBC's headline today on Syria is that rebels claim to have captured and liberated a prison in Deraa -- based on those ever-reliable insurgent videos. Yet, Yabroud was captured by the Syrian Army just days ago and the surrounding towns are being secured one by one. The American government just appointed a new envoy to Syria and expelled Syria's ambassador from Washington (after confining Syria's UN staff to within 25 miles of NYC). Israel just bombed the Golan Heights earlier today. But their headline is another unsubstantiated insurgent claim.

Posted by: Rusty Pipes | Mar 19 2014 20:53 utc | 29

Hey slothrop long time no see. Fuck off

Posted by: DM | Mar 19 2014 21:30 utc | 30

Here's my message for thomas, fairleft and all manner of duplicituous creatures slithering around here who don't really believe in justice and equality for all and are merely salivating for their gotcha! moment to release their venom:

Don't hurl your pet rock called anti-Semitism at anyone, when you live in or sustain the glass house Zionism where hate, racism and brutality exist and are nurtured.

Posted by: kalithea | Mar 19 2014 21:49 utc | 31

It's funny watching all the piggies come squealing after one of their big schemes amounts to nothing. The same thing happened after it became evident that there would be no intervention in Syria. They must realize, deep down, that they've had it. The Yankee army is only good for one thing now and it's not what they think it is.

All the cool kids hate you piggies--Thomas Pynchon and The Fall won't hide you. It's all over your sour faces, sticking out like a sore thumb.

Posted by: TickTock | Mar 19 2014 22:08 utc | 32

@Slothrop (#13)

The answer to what b said in #11 is a direct link to what you claim he has said. Either you come up with that link or it is actually FUCK YOU SLOTHROP!

Posted by: Pirouz_2 | Mar 19 2014 22:23 utc | 33

@James #1: A Startlingly Simple Theory About the Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet

What caused the plane to go down was most likely an electrical fire. Like the author of that piece, who is a pilot and looks at what happened from the point of view of the pilots, I think it is silly to start looking for evil intentions before technical problems, as the press and officials have done.

Posted by: Demian | Mar 19 2014 22:41 utc | 34

@ James, #1

Well, following the releases and announcements of the White House (!!) and anonymous US-"officials" on one side, Malaysian officials on the other, you will notice a fierce infight over exactly one point: Who will be the culprit(s) in an unsolved case! Malaysian authorities are rooted in patriarchal traditions. They are quite able to tolerate the flight beeing diverted to Diego Garcia and the passengers killed, exept for those of interest, if there is a machiavellian reason; but they can't stand participating in besmirching the dignity, honor and reputation of those faithful and abiding servants the pilots seem to have been.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 19 2014 22:54 utc | 36

@36 - tomgard - thanks.. hadn't heard that one yet..

Posted by: james | Mar 19 2014 23:04 utc | 37

Putting on a tinfoil hat then, maybe those two Iranians (whose pictures showed identical legs, btw) and the unknown Ukrainians and Russian may still be alive on Diego Garcia -- along with the 20 senior staff of Freescale Semiconductor (a Motorola spinoff) who "had just released a new electronic warfare gadget for military radar systems" according to

Posted by: Nora | Mar 19 2014 23:07 utc | 38

@ProPeace 22: Wow, the way he treated that nun is a real eye opener about Scahill. I was going to watch his film but now I won't bother.

Posted by: Demian | Mar 19 2014 23:12 utc | 39

@ demian #34

Posting this for days often and easily debunked bullshit is revealing.
Besides nobody needs to work himself through the debunkings in all those aviation sites, where pilots are pissed off by this red herring, because it hurts their professionalism. One simple fact suffices: Even without fuel a B-777 is much to heavy to be touched down on an ocean without severe crashing, so that at least one of the three emergency beacons would be released and activated, when the flight came down.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 19 2014 23:15 utc | 40

@34 -demian - thanks. i missed your post for some reason. it seems tomgard is disregarding the viewpoint in your article here.

Posted by: james | Mar 19 2014 23:20 utc | 41

ProPeace @ 35

Those are good links,'s one more related to Scahill's Sugar Daddy:

Omidyar: The Secret Empire of a Resort Developer

"In 2003, eBay founder Pierre Omidyar purchased an 11-acre lot on the edge of Seven Hills and began building a massive estate. In 2006, he completed his 48,000-square-foot, 33 bedroom, 36 bath mansion that is assessed at more than $23 million."

"In March, 2007, Omidyar invested $10M in Maui Land and Pineapple. Steve Case invested $5M. The following year it was revealed that ML&P was a target of the nation's biggest human trafficking prosecution...."

So one of Omidyar's mansions has 33 bedrooms!! He invested $10 in a company involved in human trafficking....etc... and this is probably the tip of the iceberg...yet Scahill is calling the guy a "visionary"...

Posted by: Christine | Mar 19 2014 23:54 utc | 42

Posted here bc the other thread is so hard to read.

Oh fergawdsakes, The crisis around Ukraine "is providential from the point of view of NATO," said Nick Witney of the European Council on Foreign Relations. "It gives it a new lease on life."

Lord, are they stupid.

Posted by: Nora | Mar 19 2014 23:57 utc | 43

Also, I knew March 19 was nagging at me for some reason: we invaded Iraq eleven years ago today.

Posted by: Nora | Mar 20 2014 0:32 utc | 44

@44 - march 20th to be exact.

Posted by: james | Mar 20 2014 0:42 utc | 45

@44 Nora

A correction please. I suppose you and I come from the same country that invaded Iraq eleven years ago today. I doubt very much that you invaded Iraq, and I'm absolutely positive I did not.


Posted by: TicoTiger | Mar 20 2014 0:46 utc | 46

Call me hyper-responsible, TicoTiger, but my tax-dollars paid for it and so, I assume, did yours. And even though we've obviously got absolutely no say in whatever it does, it's still "our" country.

Posted by: Nora | Mar 20 2014 1:02 utc | 47

@ Christine #42

"Tip of the iceberg" - might be. But phenomena like this reveal strongly, those kind of man are just slugs. They need a housing, need their guns. Woman have their housing inside, if it comes to the basics those guys prepare for.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 20 2014 1:07 utc | 48

Thank you Christine 42. That confirms what I've been suspecting for a long time - you can only become multimillionaire by accepting certain terms from the people from the BIG CLUB. Namely, you need to pay them back with some service at some point for the "privilege" of not being blocked from becoming hugely successful, powerful and wealthy. Otherwise you and your enterprise, and possibly people around you, are destroyed. To quote the classic:

"The real owners are the big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions. Forget the politicians, they're an irrelevancy. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don't. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land. They own and control the corporations. They've long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the statehouses, the city halls. They've got the judges in their back pockets. And they own all the big media companies, so that they control just about all of the news and information you hear. They've got you by the balls. They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying ­ lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want; they want more for themselves and less for everybody else."

"But I'll tell you what they don't want. They don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don't want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking. They're not interested in that. That doesn't help them. That's against their interests. They don't want people who are smart enough to sit around the kitchen table and figure out how badly they're getting fucked by a system that threw them overboard 30 fucking years ago.

"You know what they want? Obedient workers ­ people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork but just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shittier jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, reduced benefits, the end of overtime and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it. And, now, they're coming for your Social Security. They want your fucking retirement money. They want it back, so they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street. And you know something? They'll get it. They'll get it all, sooner or later, because they own this fucking place. It's a big club, and you ain't in it. You and I are not in the big club."

George Carlin's (RIP) prescience, acumen and insight never cease to amaze me.

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 20 2014 1:28 utc | 49

Pretty interesting stuff here -- certainly no surprise:

Posted by: Nora | Mar 20 2014 1:38 utc | 50

Nora @29

The unnamed tinfoil hat segment on your article link I saw last week somewhere on this website (tin foil-ish place if you've never been):

Posted by: Prey4 Justice | Mar 20 2014 1:40 utc | 51

1. Re. Malaysia Air flight 370: Either hijacked or crashed at sea, I think all the passengers are dead. If crashed at sea, obvious. If hijacked, hijackers would non-explosively de-pressurize the cabin while at +30,000. O2 masks would drop—but they only last 15 minutes. After that, sayonara. Shame.

2. Russia will wind up annexing eastern Ukraine over time. (I know what the header said, couldn't resist.)

3. Shameless plug for my new book: Reader response to A Secret History of The American Crash has been outstanding.


Posted by: Gonzalo Lira | Mar 20 2014 1:46 utc | 52

Welcome back Sloth, get a pay raise yet?

Posted by: ben | Mar 20 2014 1:50 utc | 53

From TRNN on Libya:

Posted by: ben | Mar 20 2014 1:57 utc | 54

Bill Maher on Religion:

Posted by: ben | Mar 20 2014 2:26 utc | 56

"The West’s foreign policy has become impulsive, illogical, and appears to move from one ill-conceived machination to another, with each one further undermining the West’s own credibility and legitimacy as well as its overall political, economic, and strategic stability. It is the sort of reckless, self-destructive snowballing effect seen during the decline of the Roman Empire."

Tony Cartalucci, in:

Posted by: Nora | Mar 20 2014 2:44 utc | 57

Hola chicos y chicas ;)
Guatemalan ex president Alfonso Portillo has pled guilty to bribes of 2.5 million from Taiwan. This smears the Taiwanese state and makes it's sadly wobbly claims to being a recognized independent Country into question.
Why did Portillos embezzlement only focus on the 2.5 million originating from Taiwan?
Que pasa?!
Why do they not do focus as well on the over 150 million dollars that are missing in Guatemala?!!!
This has something to do with China. What I still do not know.
In Venezuela, Maduro is STILL holding on, the opposition led by the elites and upper class Venezuelans can't seem to get their act together (similar to Syria) Capriles is all for dialog, Lopez is itching for a fight from within his lovely jail house suite.
Cuban intelligence is fighting an all out covert war to help Maduro. His fall would be a colossal epic fail for Havana.
Castro and the South American resistance cannot afford to lose this fight.
Colombian Juan Manuel Santos, pissed his pants while giving a speech in the Caribbean portion of Colombia, Baranquilla (pobrecito)!
Bachelet in Chile accepts the resignations from government appointees, who had been accused of shenanigans.
Brasil is still being subjected to covert assaults to continue to smear the country before La Copa mundial.
Brasil however is a very powerful country and it can take a licking.
Uruguay+Marihuana = Ay que Rico!!!!!!
The USA and EU are seeking to fuse the two nations of Dominican Republic and Haiti into one country. Geopolitical meddling at it's worse.
Residente a performer with popular music group Calle 13 is in favor of Ecuador fight against Chevron, he also is a supporter of Maduro and the independence of Puerto Rico.
And to finally end
Cristina Fernandez in Argentina shows it's support for Russia and the double standards concerning The Malvinas and Crimea.

Ok that is what is happening in some parts of Latin America.

Thomas and Slothrop por favor, VAYANSE AL CARAJO!!!

Posted by: Fernando | Mar 20 2014 2:55 utc | 58


Thanks, Nora, for the Cartalucci link. This, unfortunately, makes me more suspicious than ever about the airplane. There are 2 points about the incident I don't get:

1) It's a strong bet that the US is tracking EVERY commercial plane on this planet. It is very doubtful that a plane could go missing and ... gee ... nobody can seem to find it. Even if all avionics on-board (including GPS transponder) had been disabled, such a 'poof' would have raised an immediate red flag and triggered alternate tracking measures.

2) Given the problems Boeing is having (batteries, delaminating wing box assemblies), they should be screaming to get at that wreckage so they can either exonerate themselves or find the cause and fix it. How else are they gonna sell these planes?

I know we've been told by others on this board that it's "ho, hum...just a routine electrical fire" and that there's probably no shenanigans, but I call bullshit! (Yes, I used a cuss word!)

Posted by: Dr. Wellington Yueh | Mar 20 2014 3:26 utc | 59

Nora #57,

Thanks for that link.

For the West, who has enjoyed global hegemony for so long, the slipping away of its power and prestige – all based on the illusion of its strength – leaves the world facing a dangerously desperate entity willing to do anything to reestablish that illusion. The sitting heads of state across the West, including, and perhaps most symbolically, US President Barack Obama, endlessly creating “red lines”

"Desperate" is exactly the first word that came to my mind when I saw what the USG was doing in the Ukraine. What puzzles me is that if Russia can see this, why can't European leaders see this? And another question is, do European foreign policy experts, as opposed to their politicians, understand this?

How is it in Germany's self-interest to be allied with the US instead of Russia? (Not that the US and Russia need to be seen as being different sides, more than major powers always are, except in the eyes of neocons, with their fantasy of preserving a unipolar world.) I really don't see how the US is useful to Germany any more, and Russia poses no threat to it. The only thing I can think of is that what is influencing West European leaders (other than those of Britain, who just see the US as continuing their imperial project) is (1) their countries are still occupied by the US; (2) the USG is behaving so erratically that they are scared by US nukes just as much as Russia and China are.

Posted by: Demian | Mar 20 2014 3:28 utc | 60

@42 Christine Thanks for the Omidyar info. Though I find his reporting interesting, I agree totally on Scahill re: M. Agnes. Dick move by the American.

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 20 2014 3:43 utc | 61

Posted by: ben | Mar 19, 2014 10:26:57 PM | 56

Are you serious?

Bill Maher is an extremist religious bigot and a psycho.

The zionist bigot and racist, Bill Maher gets owned once again

Is Bill Maher a neo-liberal and islamophobe? You decide

Are you an Islamophobe?

Posted by: scalawag | Mar 20 2014 3:52 utc | 62

@ 62: Gee, I hope not, my son-in-law from Pakistan might be pissed. The subject was supposed to be Religion. Don't think I posted a review.:)

Posted by: ben | Mar 20 2014 4:42 utc | 63

kalithea @ 24: Good rant, can't disagree.

Posted by: ben | Mar 20 2014 4:45 utc | 64

Posted by: ben | Mar 20, 2014 12:42:36 AM | 63

"Gee, I hope not, my son-in-law from Pakistan might be pissed."

Then why are you promoting the rantings of an islamophobic bigot?

Posted by: scalawag | Mar 20 2014 4:50 utc | 65

from this

to this.....
*We have sent a second high-level team to Beijing to appease them. It's heart-wrenching, even to me," he said.*

malaysia, the last staunchly anti fukus country in this part of the world
is in deep shit....u should watch the way those western *jurnos* harrassing n grilling the malaysian officials, part n parcel of the drill no doubt.

several malaysian officials including the transport minister broke down under intense interrogation during press conference.

china is falling out with the only country not licking muicuns ass in asean.

cui bono ?

my hunch, which never fails, tell me someone out there is popping champaign , chuckling to themselves right now.

whether its hijack, or an *accidental shot down*, *system breakdown* or whatever they finally tell us in their *official report*, *u know who* out there is up
to its eyeballs in this.

assuming the worst of fukus gives u tremendous predictive power
[courtesy assasination press]
works like a charm.

there's an evil force roaming the world, nobody is able to stop it except those in the belly of the beast , but i dont see them doing nuthin !!!!

Posted by: denk | Mar 20 2014 6:28 utc | 66

It looks like Fethullah Gülen has officially crawled out of his hole:

Gülen from what I can tell represents not so much the 'deep state' but what could be called the 'black state' - ie. the people Sibel Edmonds was investigating...

Does this mean that Gülen's boy Gül is ready to make his move on Erdogan with the now patented 'Riots in the street, mysterious snipers, insider defections, Revolution'? Is the ground ready & the timing good - taking advantage of the turmoil in Ukraine & the attempts at a renewed push in Syria?

Worth keeping an eye on...

RE: ProPeace & Christine on Scahill...

I picked up Scahill's Blackwater book when it came out & found it unreadable.
He had a slam-dunk subject with plently of associated information readily available & the book he came out with was genuinely awful - wandered all around the place without any kind of coherent context & was extremely badly written.

At the same time I picked up Pratap Chatterjee's 'Halliburton's Army: How a Well-Connected Texas Oil Company Revolutionized the Way America Makes War'. Concise, extremely well-researched & very well-written - that is how you write a powerful expose of vitally important subject.

Guess which guy got all the big talk-show dates & big promotion push?

From what I have seen of him in interviews Scahill seems little more than an extremely ambitious product of the Soros funded 'Democracy Now!' school (which he was part of for many years), and whose outlook/philosophy seems formed by the 'California Liberal'/Activist/'Political PC' crowd.

Hopping enthusiastically into bed with the likes of Omidyar is not a real surprise.

RE: As for Glen Greenwald in Omidyar burgeoning little media empire, he has never made any secret about his Libertarian leanings, & very much doubt this is going to effect his writing or choice of subjects at all.
I'm a little more worried that the executives at the top will be looking to use his instincts & reporting to better hone there lobbying/media management opportunities.

Posted by: KenM | Mar 20 2014 6:35 utc | 67

@DWH 59

I go along with you 1 and 2 .,. the US knows where the plane is, my guess it at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, But they're playing terrorism and have terrorized the 'guilty' Malaysians into to going along rather than accepting their part ... not inspecting the 777 fuselage closely/often/competently enough.

I read the yesterday or the day before that the US Civil Air Safety Board ... whatever it's called ... just changed it's requirements, now calling for a mandatory light in the cabin signifying that manual deployment of oxygen gear in the event of depressurization has been configured. It cannot be changed after takeoff, apparently,

I don't see terrorism here. The simpler explanation is Boeing and the Malaysian airline messing up and the vile USA playing it to protect it's terrorism warrant ... and, oh yeah, Boeing too.

Posted by: john francis lee | Mar 20 2014 6:43 utc | 68

Since no one seems to have floated this theory I thought I would :

The Chinese people I know say that one of the theories in China is that the US sent a strong warning to China with both the knife attack massacre by extremists and the plane going missing. The next day after the knife attack, the Chinese ambassador to the UN was especially muted instead of supporting Russia fully.

It is not exactly unheard off for the US to shoot down civilian aircraft. A certain Iranian civilian aircraft comes to mind...

Posted by: MightyMo | Mar 20 2014 7:25 utc | 69

If Chinese think that, they have a higher estimation of USG's abilities than Russians do, or Americans, for that matter.

As for China not "supporting Russia fully" at the UN, I think that the US played up the significance of China abstaining instead of vetoing with Russia. What mattered in practical terms is that there was at least one veto. The implication of an abstention, as I see it, is that the abstainer is dissenting from the majority, but is unwilling to take a stand for various reasons (such as having its own regions that want to secede, for example).

Posted by: Demian | Mar 20 2014 7:39 utc | 70

Yes, that is a good point.

I am quite worried about the new "National Guard" being formed in Ukraine. We have family in the East and with the media blackout no one knows what is going on. I think Obama's Nazis are preparing for a genocide...:(

Posted by: MightyMo | Mar 20 2014 7:49 utc | 71

Demian @60

I can't speak for Germany, because I am uninformed about politics there, but as to France, I believe that after Sarkozy was elected, the French government ceased to operate its foreign policy on the basis of French national interest. Sarkozy is a social climber and a crook, and all he cared about was himself. Hollande seems merely incompetent, but it is clear from his actions that he does not regard France as a 'player' anymore, and that his purpose as President is to push austerity down the throats of the French in the hopes it will restore full employment. This is not the place for discussing that particular folly. The journals of public opinion -- Figaro on the right and Le Monde on the so-called left--have also abandoned the notion that France has a valid national interest. As to Britain, the government sold out to the City ages ago.

I think what we are seeing here, and in spades in the United States, is the collapse in the idea of the nation state as the receptacle of a common purpose. The US has an imperial policy, but it is a policy made by and for the economic elite. They could care less about the maimed and disfigured soldiers and citizens who end up being the domestic victims of that enterprise.

As people have noted on this site, Putin is one of the last leaders actually to incarnate a national interest.

Posted by: Knut | Mar 20 2014 8:03 utc | 72

Sarkozy, just like his brother, is probably on payroll of the US. How else can we explain that after having his campaign funded by Kadhafi he quickly turned against him? (The proofs of the financing are emerging in the newspapers since a few days)

Fatah claims that the MB were planning a Gaza-Sinai state. I'm not surprised (and cannot understand why the Angry Arab always seem to bet on Hamas more than on Abbas),-Israel-planned-GazaSinai-Palestinian-state-.aspx

Posted by: Mina | Mar 20 2014 9:40 utc | 73

been thinking, why do so many countries doing roaring biz with china wanna poke the dragon's eyes, japan , aussie etc comes to mind. ?
malaysia has 0 incentive to antagonise china n vice versa.
but malaysian officials do seem to be rather *sluggish* in coming up with info.
fact is, they murmured about *details that cannot be disclosed at present* !
now china is mightily pissed off.
why ?

is it too far fetched to presume that nsa/cia assholes have in their data base secrets of many leaders in this region, for which those concerned would do anything to stop it being *leaked* by one of those *whistle blowers* ?

*Several years ago some Australian members of parliament were given a security briefing where a video conference intercept of two of the most senior malaysian military commanders was proudly shown to demonstrate Australia’s electronic surveillance abilities, where it implied the ability to access some of the most sensitive military and diplomatic communications in the region.*

report of prolly mh370 debris sighted at aussie coastline, warship on the way.

Posted by: denk | Mar 20 2014 10:26 utc | 74

As disgusted as I am at all political leaders about this planet, and as cynical as I am about the despicable calls made by amerikan leaders, who, it is safe to say, never, ever bring ethics or morality into play with their decision making, except in the most twisted sense as a way to sell their egregious acts to a credulous citizenry, I cannot accept that amerika would deliberately bring down a plane full of Chinese citizens.

amerikan leaders are sociopathic assholes but no one has ever imagined them as plain stupid.

If amerika did do something like that China would retaliate immediately esczalating the number of dead amerikans well above the number of Chines aboard the malasian airways flight, whetther or not there was any smoking gun to 'prove' amerika was responsible.

The washington sociopaths learned that the hard way when they opened fire on anything Iranian operating in the gulf in 1988.
Many people are under the erroneous impression that Iran Air Flight 655 was the only target and that it was some sort of accident.

I had a friend killed that year, he and his crew were killed when a USAF jet plane put a missile through the wheelhouse of his prawn trawler for the crime of fishing in the Persian Gulf for an Iran based fishery. There were no sanctions prohibiting joint fishing back then, the trawler was Australian registered and PM Bo bHawke didn't say shit to the seppos when 'Eyebrows' got reduced to a cinder, cause it was typical amerikan schoolyard bullying and the neo-liberal fascist ass kissing piles of steamin manure aka 'democratically elected' pols all looked the other way - as they do.

This all stopped after Lockerbie when Iran handed out a bit of payback for the massive loss of life for IranAir flight 655.

The bullies were too cowed to call Iran out for that payback because (a) it would have dragged amerika into a war that would be tough to win (b) they would never have got a nod from the UN back then the USSR still held a seat on the security council and (C) it may have been a tough sell to the citizens pre 911 and considering in order to prove Iran responsible they would have had to use the Iran war crime as a motive.

amerika doesn't mind kicking the shit outta countries much smaller and/or weaker but they would never challenge China like that because the Chinese would hit back really hard in a non atributable way.

Hell even a severely weakened Russia has just handed amerika its head over the crimea -
If the chinese formed a view that amerika was behind the loss of life on Air Malaysia 370, the chinese would make sure that amerikan leaders knew deep down, that the the thousands possibly even tens of thousands of amerikan casualties from some chemical spill, gas explosion or contaminated food source or whatever, was the result of the MH370 'incident' but that it couldn't be proven.

Any country with a government who any claim to be a representation of its citizens would do the same.

Doing nothing when you get ass raped guarantees that you'll spend the rest of you life nose down, ass up hoping for a lube 1st.
The only ones that would wear something like that are those governments that are either too weak or too corrupted by amerika.
eg the governments full of western whitefella neo-liberal toadies or the truly broken and fucked over places like Somalia after decades of drought and famine, The Yemen after 60 years of english decimation or Libya after months of saturation bombing of citizens and infrastructure.

The Chinese govt doesn't fit that bill and neither I believe does the Malaysian government. Westerners who look at the seemingly corrupt and authoritarian administrations in countries such as Malaysia or Indonesia can get the wrong end of the stick and imagine that those country's leaders are totally cowed by Washington. Sure, they'll take the money if it is offered but most members of both the military and political elites in those countries are fiercely nationalistic people who would never let such as egregious act against their nation by a meddlesome amerika, go unpunished.

Posted by: Debs is dead | Mar 20 2014 11:00 utc | 75

I'm not yet sure what to think of that Malaysian plane. But I'm with Debs is dead, that whatever it was, it wasn't zusa against China. Maybe it was zusa but then it wasn't against China.
Simple reason: One must not go to full scale war. The Chinese could simply take revenge. Bad things happen and zusas planes aren't explosion resistant ...

What made me suspicious are rather details. Like the hurry to concentrate on those two passengers with bad/false passports. From what I know that's by no means an uncommon thing in that region. And then the quickly construed Iran link.
And then the focus on the pilots, one of which did (or did not) land on Diego Garcia with his flight simulator. Hey, maybe he was just an enthusiastic pilot and D.G. seemed to be an interesting challenge. If that "But he did it in a computer simulation!" argument made sense, hundreds of millions of us would be KILLAS! (cause we did it in computer games).

But I neither think it was just an unhappy accident. Quite probably it was not. But *what* it was will quite certainly be found out later, much later.

Last but not least: Pretty every party seems to be bent on *not* telling anything of value in one was or another for one reason or another.

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Mar 20 2014 11:45 utc | 76

Obviously, if the plane has been flying 7 hours above the Indian Ocean, it is rather a very sophisticated suicide than a secret op.

Posted by: Mina | Mar 20 2014 11:57 utc | 77

Flight MH370
I am not so much interested in what has happened. That seems quite obvious to me, except that I don't know the target(s) and intentions of the deviation and (probably) murder and whether the crew was forced to cooperate or could not intervene in the remote control.

But this kind of incidence surfaces a lot of the irrational turn of mind that comes with negation of war and the overall shattering and declining of cultures all over the world.

1) Take the latest developement. There is a big press conference, where the Malaysian transportation minister tells, the Australian PM did call him to personally inform him of "promising" satellite detections way before any check or verifying coult take place. It has no bearing that in the same time an australian specialist calls the data "indistinct" and nobody asks, what has happend to the alleged debris since 8/3. Were there some giant squid playing tossing games with the 24m debris before getting tired and releasing it? Besides the location is at the outer limit of flight MH370 range but quite far within the australian radar range, so either the Australians would have seen the plane or it could not have reached this place, because flying lower than 1000m over a long distance would have used the fuel far earlier.

Now compare this with the sighting of low flying big commercial plane over one of the southern maledivian islands, claimed by residents and denied by the military. If you look up the island on google maps, you will find half a dozen settlements on nearby islands. Given the loudness of the incidence, which the witnesses stressed, there is no way beeing no other witnesses amoung other residents or fisherman. So clarification is simple police work, that is done in a single day, corroborating the sightings or refuting them. But the maledivian police to this hour is mum, telling they are "still investigating" (Look at Haveeru). Hm?
Besides it is quite self - evident, that the maledivian waters are unter thorough observation of the US-Navy in Diego Garcia, including satellite imaging ...

2) Dr. Wellington Yueh #59 said

It's a strong bet that the US is tracking EVERY commercial plane on this planet.
I am sincerely kind of apalled, that such a sentence passes a community of people who think of themselves as rational. It is backed by nothing else than suspicion and awe and therfore a classic pattern of worshipping. Dr. Yueh adds:
Even if all avionics on-board (including GPS transponder) had been disabled, such a 'poof' would have raised an immediate red flag and triggered alternate tracking measures.
Thats not quite better. I bet, Dr. Yueh remembers, that his assertion is refuted by the facts: Malaysian Airforce Chief Daud reported the very day the flight "vanished", it had been seen by military and commercial radar in the Straight of Malacca. He was forced to deny hours later, but later on his assertion was proved right. So there was no red flag and no scrambling by fighter jets. I shall not elaborate, but it should not be sain and safe for malaysian military to scramble a "dark" flight without further information. There is drug- and weapon-trafficking and other Rock & Roll all over the region, but sure enough no "terrorist threat" out of the skies.

A similar kind of worshipping is the "realm of evil" fukus USrael suspicion about "warnings" and "troublemaking". It's simply a derivative of the everyday worshipping of Nation. As if the slaveholders of China would really care about the fate of some 150 decent middle-class vacationers, seemingly no one of emminence amoung them, instead of caring about their property and control of them. Because chinese slaveholder are "at least" "echt" chinese, not USraelian? Gosh.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 20 2014 12:43 utc | 79

@19, slothrop is correct. I've researched this blog for years, and it's not so cleverly disguised authoritarianism cloaked as "Leftist." Of course, Far Leftists are pretty much Far Rightists when it comes to authoritarianism, so in that sense they're indistinguishable. It's all lies. The mentality of the sock puppet commentariat here would have worn Stalin-faced teeshirts til the day they died of starvation after being shipped to the Gulag. I can only imagine that the world that the prevailing mentality here would promote would be one where so many eggs get broken there aren't any left to scramble. It makes the so-called "opposition" look marvelous in comparison.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Mar 20 2014 12:53 utc | 80

Bad things happen and zusas planes aren't explosion resistant ...

The entity that typed this shit is unequivocally a spook employing a honey trap. Try to be a bit more subtle in technique and intent. It's too obvious.

Posted by: Cold N. Holefield | Mar 20 2014 13:00 utc | 81

Business as usual

Posted by: Mina | Mar 20 2014 13:14 utc | 82

Cold N. Holefield @79

Your eloquent rant worked - we'll all stop reading MoA because of your breakthrough "research" - whatever the f* that means.

Seriously, the self-righteous sense of importance by the community trolls around here was comical at first - almost a parody of irrational thought. Now? Well, it's just tiresome and sad.

Posted by: Sean | Mar 20 2014 13:37 utc | 83

Hey Ueber-researcher Cold, if what you say is true, that you have read this blog for years, then you would know that in general people at least try to back up their claims with credible evidence supporting their opinion. You don't. Why is that so?

My guess is its because there is no such evidence for b or most of the barflies here supporting authoritarianism.

Authoritarianism: It is characterized by absolute or blind obedience to authority, as against individual freedom and related to the expectation of unquestioning obedience.

Expecting unquestioning obedience, where have I seen that recently? Hmm, thats right, its the trademark of US American foreign policy. Do as your told or we sanction and bomb the living crap out of your country.

Whilst Abby Martin, who on air criticized her employer Russia TV, still has her show and is allowed to continue voicing her opinions, Cenk Uygur for not toeing the US government line on MSNBC has been fired. Link

I have a feeling that in the future, when other people "research" this blog and stumble across your post, they will realise like everybody else, that MoA is about as authoritarian as a weekend cross word puzzle but that the site surely attracted its fair share of dimwitted trolls who had no idea of what they were talking about.

Posted by: Juan Moment | Mar 20 2014 13:37 utc | 84

Thanks for attacking me, even if senseless, deceiving, and stupid, cold blabla!

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Mar 20 2014 13:38 utc | 85

Cold N. Holefield | Mar 20, 2014 8:53:48 AM | 79

A case of consciously false labeling, your weblog taken in account.
You know very well of "american exceptionalism" pressurizing domestic policies all over the globe in favour of corporate interests and military dominance and its deadly means, including insurgency and small wars technology. So any ordinary citizen in the targeted states and economies ist pinzed between american exceptionalism which comes with losses, starvation, misery and often death, and national resistance which comes with conservativism, uniformity and despotism. Changing of ideologies, mentality, attitudes and especially authoritarianism are manifestations of this war that is ongoing since the US-Airforce slaughered publicly and with ostentation 10 to 20 thousand retreating iraki soldiers and civilians on the "highway of death".

Since then around the metropolitan countrys of the empire came up a gird of pinced societies of misery and despotism and, on this substratum, outragious corruption.
And you act as a sock puppet of this empire.

Posted by: TomGard | Mar 20 2014 14:06 utc | 86

liz wahl, dumb bimbo here with neocons like eli lake that have a shirt of the israeli terrorist menachem begin.

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 20 2014 14:10 utc | 87

Oh its more.

Liz Wahl tweet:
@AbbyMartin @RaniaKhalek demonstrate the dangers of being brainwashed by Kremlin propaganda, promoting anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 20 2014 14:34 utc | 88

"Turns out things might not be as spontaneous as they seem – in fact, in the paranoid world of neo-con American journalism things are very rarely spontaneous. They’re usually nasty, angry, ugly exchanges full of trolly self-righteous butthurt.

I think that description is equally applicable to most of the American media, and also a good deal of western media. It certainly applies to The Guardian and the sort of people commenting at their "Comment is Free" site.

The quote is from: Brainwash level ‘neocons’: Staged Liz Wahl Psy-Op exposure explodes on Twitter

Posted by: scalawag | Mar 20 2014 14:51 utc | 89

@74 - debs is dead. i agree with your viewpoint.
@78 - tomgard. you raise interesting speculation around the topic of the plane, and i agree with your analysis on dr. wellington yeuh's views.

Posted by: james | Mar 20 2014 15:30 utc | 90

Good for CounterPunch: they've got Putin's whole speech! It is absolutely terrific, a must-read if you haven't already:

Posted by: Nora | Mar 20 2014 15:31 utc | 91

Debs is dead 74
* I cannot accept that amerika would deliberately bring down a plane full of Chinese citizens.
amerikan leaders are sociopathic assholes but no one has ever imagined them as plain stupid.*

no the assholes wouldnt need to resort to such a blatant act.
here'r the possible scenarios floated so far...

1] the captain did it.
that'd be another honey pot op by fukus. we all know that cia/fbi are masters in *shepherding* religious fundies , political fanatics, jihadists, physcos, idealists etc into committing acts that they wouldnt dream about themselves.

2] suicide bombers etc.
that would be fukus aq mercenaries.

3] system malfunction like electrical fire.
that would be fukus planted saboˈteur

4] malaysian airforce shot down the plane n try to cover up.

the malaysians wouldnt do this by design thats for sure.
and i dont believe in so many *accidents* involving chinese casualties, period.

either they did it under extreme dures.
or someone hacking their communication channel duping the fighter pilot he was enagaging an unidentified hostile flying object.

in other words,
what ever outcome it turns out, its the hand of satan at work.


* As if the slaveholders of China would really care about the fate of some 150 decent middle-class vacationers, seemingly no one of emminence amoung them, instead of caring about their property and control of them. Because chinese slaveholder are "at least" "echt" chinese, not USraelian? Gosh. * [sic]

in case u havent noticed, there're dozens of high tech experts on board amongst the chinese nationals.
n get this, those *slaveholders* [sic] have much more humanity than those *elected* leaders in ur *demoncrazies*

Posted by: denk | Mar 20 2014 15:40 utc | 92

Vladimir Putin needs room to live. slothrop at 20.

I think not. (i.e. a point of substance, but moving close to violating the rule of this thread, sorry.)

Putin has plenty of room, and much of it is not doing too well, which he knows. His interest in ‘breakaway’ regions to join Mother Russia is nil to low as a strategic goal from an economic and territorial standpoint. (OK, one might argue against that...) The acceptance of any region is largely an outcome of internal image and politics, he must show defensive attitudes and in the present case, pro-active moves and expansionist policies, as they evidence fidelity to “Russian” ppl, a Strong Nation that stands tall and defends its own against the hypocritical West, and so on. He needs internal support and his ratings have jumped up.

Posted by: Noirette | Mar 20 2014 15:41 utc | 93

Dr. Wellington Yueh #59
* It's a strong bet that the US is tracking EVERY commercial plane on this planet. *

like i say, scs, ecs, malacca straits , indian ocean are area of special interest to fukus.
not even a fly can move its ass without uncle sham knowing it.

*I am sincerely kind of apalled, that such a sentence passes a community of people who think of themselves as rational. It is backed by nothing else than suspicion and awe and therfore a classic pattern of worshipping.*

u oughta get out of the house more doc,
its kinda like common knowledge here.
*The Strait of Malacca is a key shipping lanes chokepoint, and is thus of strategic interest to the U.S. and other nations with space-based assets. U.S. authorities have already revealed that U.S. coverage of the area is "thorough."

This confirms that U.S. communications monitoring and space-based assets cover the seas around the Strait of Malacca. Given what is known about these monitoring and space-based assets, it is likely that the U.S. intelligence agencies have additional data but are not revealing them, as this would provide direct evidence of U.S. capabilities.*

or complicity perhaps ?

Posted by: denk | Mar 20 2014 16:02 utc | 94

Mina, Knut 72 Sarkozy is a CIA plant - Operation Sarkozy: how the CIA placed one of its agents at the presidency of the French Republic and has family ties to Cyrus Vance Jr, the prosecutor who arrested DSK, which was itself a multipurpose globalists operation Obama, financial war and the elimination of DSK. His brother works in the US branch of a big multinational bank.

In a French documentary he was also shown as the Interior Minister who destroyed years of careful, difficult work of the police departments to create peace in suburban immigration communities. Once he scolded in the most harsh words, in front of cameras - unthinkable before - high ranking police officers "for not doing their work", that is for not using neo-con "shock and awe" strategy against the immigrants, but working on education, mutual understanding, peace and quiet (unforgiveable "sins" according to Sarkozy's masters)

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 20 2014 16:03 utc | 95

@47 Nora

A point of order please. I have not supported the US in any meaningful way for more than 30 years. I left my beautiful country and my family after making a conscious decision that I would no longer support illegal corporate wars. I was never a "draft dodger" nor have I paid taxes to the evil empire since the day I left. Because I pay taxes to the country in which I live, reciprocal tax laws allow me to pay nothing to the US as long as my total income does not exceed a certain threshold.

Following my conscious is sometimes painful and sometimes inconvenient, but I am quite proud of the stand I took so many years ago :)

Posted by: TicoTiger | Mar 20 2014 16:09 utc | 96

Nora 38 Good find, thanks! I did not know about their just realeased electronic warfare devices.

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 20 2014 16:10 utc | 97

Mina 12 "Angry Arab" or CIA operative?

As'ad AbuKhalil has worked for the CIA. That's not a mischief nor is it something dishonorable; the agency is a huge bureaucracy and it often commissions different tasks from different experts, and AbuKhalil identifies as someone who knows about the Middle East.

Washington is a small town and these types of activities are difficult to conceal. Yet due to non-disclosure protocols, no one who has seen AbuKhalil at any CIA function can share this information publicly without risk of legal action.

Even so, many in Washington have long seen or heard rumors of AbuKhalil’s attendance at Langley-sponsored events. And AbuKhalil routinely posted about his trips to Washington on his frequently updated blog – but he rarely shared what kind of activity he was engaged in during these trips.

So whenever AbuKhalil lobbed accusations against anyone he disagreed with, those familiar with his activities in Washington knew he was a hypocrite. But only until today was evidence finally uncovered after Syrian activist Ahed al-Hendi, while perusing through public records on the Internet, discovered that AbuKhalil had been paid by the CIA...

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 20 2014 16:17 utc | 98

Weak sanctions by Russia, why not hit them back as hard as US?

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 20 2014 16:18 utc | 99

TicoTiger #94. I assumed you were stuck here. Good on you for following your conscience -- may things continue to go well for you.

Posted by: Nora | Mar 20 2014 16:20 utc | 100

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