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March 05, 2014

Another U.S. Anti-Front Falls Apart

The United States has long tried to forge an anti-Iran front in the Arab countries at the Persian Gulf. The Gulf Cooperation Council, founded in 1981, included Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE. The military arm of the GCC, the peninsular shield, was formed under U.S. guidance and as a major boondoggle for U.S. military sales:

“We would like to expand our security cooperation with partners in the region by working in a coordinated way with the GCC, including through the sales of U.S. defense articles through the GCC as an organization,” [Secretary of Defense Hagel] said. “This is a natural next step in improving U.S.-GCC collaboration, and it will enable the GCC to acquire critical military capabilities, including items for ballistic missile defense, maritime security, and counterterrorism.”
He said that in the past 10 years, the sale of advanced military weapons from the US to GCC nations has shifted the military balance away from Iran.

Today the GCC broke up:

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates recalled their ambassadors from Doha on Wednesday in protest at Qatar's interference in their internal affairs, they announced in a joint statement.

The three Gulf Arab states made the decision following what newspapers described as a "stormy" late Tuesday meeting of foreign ministers from the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council in Riyadh.

GCC countries "have exerted massive efforts to contact Qatar on all levels to agree on a unified policy... to ensure non-interference, directly or indirectly, in the internal affairs of any member state," the statement said.

The nations have also asked Qatar, a backer of the Muslim Brotherhood movement that is banned in most Gulf states, "not to support any party aiming to threaten security and stability of any GCC member," it added, citing media campaigns against them in particular.

The statement stressed that despite the commitment of Qatar's emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani to these principles during a mini-summit held in Riyadh in November with Kuwait's emir and the Saudi monarch, his country has failed to comply.

Gulf investment in Qatari shares fell after the announcement but Qatar also has some leverage as it provides the UAE with natural gas. The GCC members Kuwait and Oman did not recall their ambassadors from Qatar.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been fighting over the lead on the "Syria file", over ideological Islam interpretations but also over the Saudi's fanatic anti-Iran posture. Oman is another country that does not adhere much to the U.S./Saudi led anti-Iran stand of the GCC.

The United States now has another major foreign policy problem at hand. Everywhere where it tries to unite its "allies" in U.S. driven anti-someone campaigns it seems to fail.

In Europe the U.S. "allies" are squabbling over possible sanctions on Russia and will not follow the U.S. preferred anti-Russian lead. In South East Asia the U.S. "allies" South Korea and Japan are banging heads with each other and will not unite in the U.S. driven anti-China campaign. With the GCC falling apart the U.S. driven anti-Iran campaign in the Gulf is likely to fall apart too.

The hegemonic aspirations of U.S. foreign policy are in trouble as its "allies" begin to more and more act in their own interests instead of following Washington's often lunatic lead. This historic fact has yet to be understood by the foreign policy actors in DC.

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'The nations have also asked Qatar, a backer of the Muslim Brotherhood movement that is banned in most Gulf states, "not to support any party aiming to threaten security and stability of any GCC member;'

its OK to destabilied syria...or libya../.but DO NOT do it to a member!

Posted by: brian | Mar 5 2014 11:36 utc | 1

And their attempt to get an anti-Venezuela front in Latin America is a non-starter to begin with :)

Posted by: Utpal | Mar 5 2014 12:01 utc | 2

Kuwait is having its own anti GCC rebelion

Will the GCC and the EU explode simultaneously?

Posted by: Mina | Mar 5 2014 12:27 utc | 3

The ideological twist between Qatar and the other GCC states, led to plenty of headaches for Hillary Clinton. Her policy was to follow the Muslim Brotherhood line: Qatar-Turkey-Egypt (Morsi). The Muslim Brothers are a prohibited organisation in the UAE. Ms Clinton was unable to unite the so-called Syrian opposition (SNC) and the FSA. US optimism of a few weeks for Assad to fall, has caused over 100k deaths and vast destruction of Syria. Saudi King Abdullah's policy is to oust the US from the Middle East.

More about engineering 'people's revolt' in Arab states and Central Europe - here.

Posted by: Oui | Mar 5 2014 12:36 utc | 4

It basically means that Syria is about Saudi-backed CIA front Al-Qaeda associate Jabhat al Nusra fighting the Russian backed government. Back to the good old days of the 80s. Both the FSA and Brotherhood associated Islamists are now out of loop and without big-pocket backers. I expect the North to fall to the Syrian army and Turkey to stop playing spoiler (as a MB backer) there as it isn't in the driver seat anymore.

Posted by: ThePaper | Mar 5 2014 12:44 utc | 5

GCC havent broke up, not sure why you wrote that?

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 5 2014 12:57 utc | 6

I thought for sure the little palace coup a bit back was intended to put Qatar on the straight and narrow with SA and the US. Guess not.

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 5 2014 13:29 utc | 7

According to journalist Alexander Zhilin the new government in Ukraine is preparing false flag attacks on its own military.

"According to reliable sources in Kiev, foreign military advisers and the new authorities are preparing provocations against Ukrainian troops.

"The aim is to organize a night attack on a military unit and then blame the Russians."

Posted by: brian | Mar 5 2014 13:29 utc | 8

BTW, I linked the previous Vicky 'Fuck the EU' Nuland intercept to an Anonymous source, FWIW in tracing info on Internet.

Posted by: Oui | Mar 5 2014 14:57 utc | 10

I'm not familiar with this site, but … will Turkey keep hands off Crimea?

Crimean Crisis: Nationalists incite Tatars to attacks /Ukraine Breaking News

In the Crimea threaten new bloody clashes between Russians and Crimean Tatars. But cracked by Russian hackers e-mails from the deputy leader of the Crimean Tatars representation “Majlis” Omer Aslan Kirimli, clearly indicate that leading officials of the extreme right-wing “rights industry” want to incite the Crimean Tatars to support acts of terrorism against the Russians in the Crimea.

In a mail requests Andrei Tarasenko, one of the leaders of the “rights industry” of Kirimli to give his comrades ‘instruments’ and the coordinates of hidden weapons caches. The right-wing extremist writes: “Wild there’s a lot we need more hunting gear, helmets and sticks.” From the context it is clear that with “game” of political opponents are meant active members of the Russian community. Nationalist Crimean Tatars and the “rights industry” have converged at the rallies on the Maidan in Kiev.

The well-known hacker group Anonymous posted online the correspondence between Andrei Tarasenko, the deputy head of the Ukrainian nationalist organization "Trizub imeni Stepan Bandera" and Aslan Omer Kyrymly, the Deputy Chairman of Crimea Tatar Mejlis.

Before Russia's Putin call to enforce R2P policy in Crimea: Ukraine Tensions Flare as Pro-Russians, Crimea Tatars Clash.

Erdogan’s visit ushers in ‘golden era’ of Ukraine-Turkey relationship – Sept. 2012

Posted by: Oui | Mar 5 2014 15:14 utc | 11

Indeed, a false flag operation as I wrote earlier! Who Were Snipers In Kiev Massacre - A CIA-Svoboda False Flag Op?

Posted by: Oui | Mar 5 2014 15:41 utc | 12

Egyptian ambassador in Qatar has been recalled since February.
Maybe the anti wahabi camp in KSA is getting the upper hand in the ongoing succession war?,-but-Qatar-against-most-Ara.aspx

Posted by: Mina | Mar 5 2014 17:06 utc | 13

Yeah Turkey, Qatar, and Oman were always weak links in the GCC axis. You can also tell Jordan is uncomfortable with all this meddling but is to cowardly to resist.

The problem with Turkey was always personal. Erdogan is to much of an egomaniac to play the obedient puppet state. Oman has always thought of itself as a mediator in the Arab World, has been a longtime back channel between the US and Iran (for example when Obama wrote Iran president Rouhani a letter, Oman diplomats visited the US to deliver it to Iran). This role of everyones mediator means they can't fully commit to one side.

Qatar has always thought it could hit above its status, but has never been more than "300 people and a televison channel" as one Saudi prince (Bandar) diplomatically put it. While Jordans King (King Playstation) as Angry Arab used to call him, just wants to bury his head in the sand and hope no one notices him.

Posted by: Colm O' Toole | Mar 5 2014 17:14 utc | 14

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