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February 26, 2014

Open Thread 2014-04

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Jordan kick out israeli ambassador.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 26 2014 17:49 utc | 1

Mark Ames:

Seems to have some different thoughts on things.

Also, a notable correction in

“Correction (Feb. 22, 4:20 P.M.): An earlier version of this report incorrectly described Rabbi Azman as the chief rabbi of Ukraine. Azman is not the country’s chief rabbi, but one of two rabbis challenging the official chief rabbi, Yaakov Bleich, in Kiev, and like most Chabad rabbis, is aligned with the Kremlin.”

Posted by: duffolonious | Feb 26 2014 18:17 utc | 2

Rethink in Qatar?

Posted by: dh | Feb 26 2014 18:20 utc | 3

The jihad that is being waged in the "belly of the beast," the United States of America, is directed against working people (whose immiseration has accelerated rapidly under the watchful eye of President Obama).

A good reckoning of the impact of Act 10, the law restricting the collective bargaining rights of public sector workers in Wisconsin, was provided by Steven Greenhouse this past Sunday.

Basically, the public sector unions have been broken and brokenly quickly. All they can bargain over post-Act 10 is wages. They can't bargain over benefits, safety or discipline. Workers no longer have to pay dues and are choosing not to since belonging to a union doesn't offer protection anymore.

A MoA commentator last week dubbed what is going on a "global coup." Everywhere one looks the coup plotters appear to be representatives of concentrated wealth. It is a worldwide smash & grab.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Feb 26 2014 18:21 utc | 4

2) That correction is shameful. They corrected that correction by an article which is closer to the truth:

The new dilemma for Jews in Ukraine - Anti-Semitism, though a real threat, is being used by the Kremlin as a political football.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 18:30 utc | 5

Some 150+ Jabhat al-Nusra fighters ambushed and now off the battlefield video

Quite well done artillery(?) surprise attack

Posted by: b | Feb 26 2014 18:43 utc | 6

@2 duffo, Ames quotes with approval Rudnitsky:“The protests have come under fire as an American-funded coup, particularly in the Russian media. And there’s some truth to it..."

Some? Svoboda got a photo op w/Senator McCain. That doesn't just happen with anybody.

Posted by: ruralito | Feb 26 2014 18:47 utc | 7

7) Henri Bernard Levi is another indicator ... :-))

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 18:54 utc | 8

I am concerned about how the MSM has been covering Egypt, particularly regarding government crackdowns on NGOs and media. The MSM presents these as uniformly unfounded repression of freedom of speech. Some of the targeted NGOs are US "Democracy-Promoting" color coup organizations.

Since the beginning of the Arab Spring, the Qatari-owned AlJazeera has slanted its coverage to glorify MB-aligned rebels in several countries. On a few occasions, especially early in the Syria crisis and after the coup against Morsi, several AlJazeera staff members quit because they could not support the network's editorial policy.

Senior employees admit in their private circles that no one who works for the channel can express opinions on Syria contrary to those of the Qatari emir. Otherwise, they will be ostracized and humiliated until they leave.

Within that context, it is not unreasonable to assume that current AlJazeera staff members are either sympathetic to the perspective of the MB or are willing to report the news any way that Qatar demands in order to keep their jobs -- they're either true believers or paid propagandists.

All of this is not to deny that the crackdown in Egypt is brutal. But without the context about outside interference in Egypt, the military's response is portrayed in the MSM as irrational, rather than as an overreaction.

Posted by: Rusty Pipes | Feb 26 2014 19:02 utc | 9

that was an exciting video b.

Posted by: annie | Feb 26 2014 19:26 utc | 10

Yes new government is filled with pro west and against russia.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 26 2014 19:27 utc | 11

One man's summation of the state of play:

100 years out from The Great War...exactly. Hmm. God save us all from the arrogant fools with their hands on the levers of power and the agitprop they blithely deploy.

Posted by: JerseyJeffersonian | Feb 26 2014 21:48 utc | 13

That video of the al Nusra fighters being ambushed makes it look like that they were being very poorly led. Isn't it a basic rule combat to not allow your troops to concentrate in groups? When marching in combat zones aren't the individual soldiers supposed to remain about 20 feet apart? Those 150 men were all within a distance of about 6 blast radii.

Posted by: ToivoS | Feb 26 2014 21:56 utc | 14

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 26, 2014 12:49:01 PM | 1

expellled over a bloody mosque, while jordan still works with US(ally/servant of israel) to destroy syria...religious people have some dodgy priorities

Posted by: brian | Feb 26 2014 22:18 utc | 15

@ 13

relax..there are plenty more where they came from!

Posted by: brian | Feb 26 2014 22:19 utc | 16

'Posted by: duffolonious | Feb 26, 2014 1:17:14 PM | 2

is being 'alligned with the kremlin a crime'? or common sense?

Posted by: brian | Feb 26 2014 22:21 utc | 17

The new dilemma for Jews in Ukraine - Anti-Semitism, though a real threat, is being used by the Kremlin as a political football.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26, 2014 1:30:35 PM | 5

what!? youve just telegraphed your support for the neonazi putschists....

Posted by: brian | Feb 26 2014 22:22 utc | 18

he who pays the piper calls the tune...ergo never trust professionals...only the amateurs

Posted by: brian | Feb 26 2014 22:24 utc | 19

John "Fascist Enabling War Criminal" Kerry tells us that Ukraine will get a $1 Billion loan from the US.

Awh, that's so sweet, huh?

Hey, what about Detroit and, y'know, those other AMERICAN cities etc. that are NOT run by a bunch of neo-Nazi thugs and their minions? Maybe they should get some help and needed money?

Sorry, f*ckers.

I hope this is all sinking in for any of the delusional pro-putsch people out there especially in Ukraine. If you think that a country that so purposefully, blatantly and consistently disregards the well-being of it citizens is going to do a f*cking thing to help you, you are - to put it mildly - a f*cking idiot.

Kerry et al are 1) traitors to their own country and 2) traitors to humanity.

Also, here's a heartwarming shot of Kiev police officers begging for forgiveness from neo-Nazi thugs.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Feb 26 2014 22:26 utc | 20

I'm sure someone else has probably already posted this earlier but, ffs, another video sending up the Ukrainian putsch with quotes by Will Smith and Rocky?!!

Hey, guys, while you're at it, could we get some slo-mo images of Kristallnacht or the Reichstag fire with maybe some Rambo quotes to really get this party started?

Holy eff. Again and this is being reblogged at the Zionist mouthpiece the NYT.

People of the world, you are dealing with a clinically sick and criminal society. We need to be caged not emulated.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Feb 26 2014 23:03 utc | 21

Toivo @13 Their Infantry Tactics reeked...! See figure 2-11 for what the bozos should've done to at least minimize their casualities...!

Posted by: CTuttle | Feb 26 2014 23:34 utc | 22

Poor old Erdogan... Erdogan overheard telling son to get rid of cash as Turkey corruption probe takes new twist

The corruption scandal surrounding Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan erupted again Tuesday after telephone wiretaps surfaced in which he purportedly instructed his son to get rid of enormous sums of cash the family was keeping in different homes.

An agitated Erdogan told Parliament on Tuesday that the recordings were an “immoral montage” and called their release a “despicable and treacherous act.”

But he didn’t dispute the contents or the authenticity of the voices. Instead he confirmed the outlines of a related scandal – that other branches of the Turkish government have been wiretapping him and other top politicians.

Posted by: CTuttle | Feb 26 2014 23:50 utc | 23

Have you noticed a waning in the use of the term "Islamofascism," once so popular among Neoconservatives? Now that the Neocons are cheerleading for Islamic Front and Nusra to take down Damascus, we're not hearing much about Islamofascism anymore. We're also not hearing much about the real fascists in Ukraine.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Feb 26 2014 23:56 utc | 24

DAMASCUS: More details about the ambush at Al-’Utayba. The number of carcasses counted so far is 192. This may be adjusted upwards as more rats are found. The number wounded or arrested is 58 with 2 confirmed CIA agents.

@ ToivoS | 13

That video of the al Nusra fighters being ambushed makes it look like that they were being very poorly led. Isn't it a basic rule combat to not allow your troops to concentrate in groups? When marching in combat zones aren't the individual soldiers supposed to remain about 20 feet apart? Those 150 men were all within a distance of about 6 blast radii.

They always move/drive like this, there are hundreds of their own videos how they move in clusters. Partly its because of poor training (their life span is very short anyway), and partly because they didnt expect an ambush. SAA deliberately cleared the way straight to the ambush area :)

Posted by: Harry | Feb 27 2014 0:14 utc | 25

Harry @ #24,

Do you have a link for that story, please?

Posted by: JerseyJeffersonian | Feb 27 2014 0:56 utc | 26

11) Well, it is not "inclusive". Presumably politicians do not have the power but the "Maidan Council"

Posted by: somebody | Feb 27 2014 1:00 utc | 27

@J Sorrentine (19), Yatsenyuk is saying that Ukraine needs $35 billion just to get through 2014-2015, so $1 billion is a drop in the ocean. Financially, Ukraine is in a desperate situation - there's no money to pay salaries and meet government expenditure. The country imports a lot and its purchasing power is shot to hell so what's going to happen when people haven't been paid for several months and the shops run out of food?

Posted by: Fern | Feb 27 2014 1:20 utc | 28

Harry @24... This matches what I saw from that clip: SAA engineers planted mines all along the only pathway the rats could travel. It was a just a matter of waiting for them to get beyond the fail-safe point and then detonate the explosives. That was to be followed up by artillery and infantry fire.

It was a single simultaneous detonation...!

JJ @ 25

Posted by: CTuttle | Feb 27 2014 1:29 utc | 29

26) Add to the power of "Maidan Council". MPs are now furiously agreeing to right wing legislation that will split the coountry. Bet you they get threatened, too. This is Voice of Russia's take, which I find likely:

Belous: The Second interesting point is that most of the radical opposition movement, the so-called "Right Sector", in fact represents a union of ultra-radical organizations, and appeared last summer literally out of nowhere.

Robles: Weren’t the Ukrainian security services alarmed?

Belous: The full dossiers on key right movement leaders was delivered to the appropriate departments of the Ukrainian special services, but they disappeared straightaway!

And then the SBU (Ukraine Security Service) just took away all the documents on all of their suspects, so now, according to the Interior Ministry data bases their biographies look absolutely clean! They are well coordinated, well trained and some of them even have several years of training using firearms - and they have all managed to avoid arrest. That all looks suspicious, doesn’t it?

So the various reports about a great number of double agents in the Ukrainian security services are receiving more attention.

Robles: What plans do they have for the country?

Belous: The political position and the future plans of the "Right Sector" actually look very dangerous. They are not only opposing the idea of European integration, but they really hate the current opposition leaders, including the recently released Yulia Timoshenko. Their genuine vision for the Ukrainian political system is some kind of nationalistic, almost Nazi type dictatorship, and it does not include the acting Euromaidan leaders.

Robles: What else can you tell us?

Belous: There is also a third point. The decision of the new Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, Arsen Avakov, from the opposition, is to hire representatives of the "Right Sector". This may have far-reaching and catastrophic consequences, especially for his Party’s boss Yulia Timoshenko, who is going to be the new leader of the country.

Robles: Timoshenko used to have good relations with Russia didn’t she?

Belous: It may seem like a ridiculous scenario, but releasing Timoshenko from jail may be even profitable for Moscow. Despite her pro-western orientation she has normal relations with the ruling Russian political elite, including President Vladimir Putin, and especially people from Gazprom, which was her business partner during the mid-1990s.

She is talented speaker and has significant support, not just in the West, but also in the East of Ukraine. Of course, at that moment she is getting a lot of criticism directed at her from pro-euro demonstrators, notwithstanding she has no more real powerful opponents.

Robles: What will her role be?

Belous: Apparently, Timoshenko will be used to keep working the key points of agreements signed with Russia before December, and, at the same time, to implement the new concept of Ukrainian bi-vector foreign policy, that fits into the framework of the recent Moscow-Berlin accords on close cooperation between the European Union and the soon to be established Eurasian Economic Union.

Robles: What about the European Eurasian Union? What can you tell us about that?

Belous: Such a format of partnership was announced by President Putin at the Munich Security Conference, where it was proposed to make a free trade zone between the European Union and the Euro-Asian Economic Union by 2020.

A similar idea was mentioned by a reputable and informed German political expert named Alexander Rar, who admitted a few days ago on a Ukrainian TV show that Berlin realized its mistake about giving Ukraine just one option of foreign policy orientation and cooperation – either the European Union, or the Customs Union. So now they will design a new agreement and project that will also consider Moscow’s interests.

In the aforementioned context, the most dangerous player on the Ukrainian political scene is the growing "Right Sector" that will try to prevent the realization of a new geopolitical scheme by armed force, or to nominate its own candidate for elections against the alternative of Timoshenko. Thereby this carries forward and fulfils the United States’ interests, which wants to bring the European Union "to reason".

This scenario, where there are double agents in security and right wing forces, where you end up not knowing who is who, mirrors Germany's NSU case.

Of course, a free trade zone to Eastern Europe and beyond makes more economic sense for Germany than a transatlantic one. Germany's got the technology and Eastern Europe the resources. All the US can do is activate their cold war spoilers.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 27 2014 1:31 utc | 30

This here is German FAZ

Translation: The Majdan Council demands the last word on the formation of the government. Because of its military might politicians have to follow suit.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 27 2014 1:37 utc | 31

CTuttle @ #28,

Thank you.

Posted by: JerseyJeffersonian | Feb 27 2014 1:53 utc | 32


"what's going to happen when people haven't been paid for several months and the shops run out of food?"

Sorry, don't care. Maybe the Ukrainian fascists and whores should have learned not to listen to anything the US war criminals have to say about anything but especially finances before they took their blood money to the tune of Nuland's $5 billion which is probably included in what they have to pay back to the American banks.

Detroit is estimated to be in long term debt to the tune of "only" $14 billion and the American war criminal leaders could give fuck-all about stripping away the remaining meager but contractual pensions that are worth between $19k-$35k/yr so that the city's rapists can get paid 100 cents on the dollar. Obama bailed out the car companies in Detroit but the people...well, they can go die. $1 Billion for Ukrainian fascists, $3 Billion for Israeli genocidal scum, it's all good as long as no American is seeing any benefit of that money, right?

Lastly, those two numbers $35 billion and $14 billions are numbers arrived at by the US/EU BANKERS so as to ensure debt-slavery will continue for generations. They are only really meaningful b/c financial parasites and whores agree to give them meaning. Of course the scientologist fruitcake Yatsenyuk and the other putsch members would agree to the huge numbers the US/EU banks give to him b/c - surprise - he's then guaranteed a bigger slice of the pie.

The bigger the debt number the bigger the profits for Wall Street and the mo money for Wall Street's whores worldwide.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Feb 27 2014 1:53 utc | 33

"This scenario, where there are double agents in security and right wing forces, where you end up not knowing who is who, mirrors Germany's NSU case"

Or the entire American political apparatus from local police departments on up to the Senate/POTUS vis a vis the genocidal apartheid state of Israel and its Zionist minions.

I mean, for example, won't it be awesome at the Oscars on Sunday when an admitted Israeli nuclear spy will get on stage and hoist an Oscar for Best Picture? And the whole country will mindless applaud a resident traitor who has literally made their lives - and BILLIONS of others - that much more blood-filled and dangerous all the while reaping hundreds of millions of dollars and retaining celebrity status and friends? I wonder, will the spy Milchan get more ovations than Netanyahoo in the US Congress? Maybe we should all tune in. Puke.

Yup, I sure do wonder if the Zionist West could have had a hand in coordinating such a fifth column action in Ukraine because they have like NO EXPERIENCE whatsoever in undermining political institutions in countries and masterfully using propaganda to create false narratives for the brainwashed sheep to slurp up. Yeah, I'm still thinking about such a scenario. Let me get back to you on that one.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Feb 27 2014 2:12 utc | 34


Sorry I forgot to include this link which shows that the Israeli spy scum and his movie are favored to win Best Picture.

Non-existent WMD's in Iraq and Iran, etc?

Well, we better go murder/maim/displace MILLIONS and MILLIONS of innocent people.

Catch a person stealing secrets so that an apartheid, genocidal pariah nation in violations of scores of international laws can have a nuclear arsenal?

Why, give that man a fucking Oscar in Idiot Zionist America!!

Posted by: JSorrentine | Feb 27 2014 2:20 utc | 35

27) There is an inofficial economy already in Ukraine in Dollar, Ruble and Euro. Basically, government jobs will not get done, or get done for bribes. That is already the case. Ukraine is huge for illegal arms trade, drug and human trafficing. Police, judicary, military are government jobs. They are/will be privatized.

It is a nightmare.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 27 2014 2:21 utc | 36

*Once again, we have a congress and a federal bureaucracy tossing around our money so some jerks can play at being power brokers around the world.
what I really want to know is, is there a Ritz in Caracas, so the hacks on the gravy train can meet to overturn a democratically elected government at our expense? And this stuff happens because we let it happen. If we choose to be a nation of sheep, we have only ourselves to blame. *

Posted by: denk | Feb 27 2014 2:37 utc | 37

And more from the Orwellian world of the 21st century:

How Covert (NSA) Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations
By Glenn Greenwald

One of the many pressing stories that remains to be told from the Snowden archive is how western intelligence agencies are attempting to manipulate and control online discourse with extreme tactics of deception and reputation-destruction. It’s time to tell a chunk of that story, complete with the relevant documents.

Beware MoonBats and especially our host.

Posted by: juannie | Feb 27 2014 3:09 utc | 38

NATO puts it foot in its mouth:

'Earlier today Russia officially confirmed President Vladimir Putin had put troops in Western Europe on alert and the Russian military began combat readiness drills in Western and Central Europe.

Following the move by Russia, NATO announced its “close and long-standing” relationship with Ukraine. “NATO is a sincere friend of Ukraine,” said NATO boss Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

“We stand ready to continue assisting Ukraine in its democratic reforms,” he added.'

the same NATO bombed Libya mercilessly. Its a military organisation not Mother Teresa, nd a friend to noone. It has only strategic interests...NATO elite are so remote from the people, that criticsim of their faux statements never reaches them

Posted by: brian | Feb 27 2014 3:35 utc | 39

I wanted to take this over to here. It is very important it seems to me. It is, entirely, the narrative which allows, for instance, those progressives who were against the war in Iraq to suddenly turn around and support strikes on Libya.

This began with J. Bradley's response to b's Dalai Lama post.

As for opposing the greatest evil in the world, I think China is pretty damn evil as countries go. Raving a/b America being a ‘deranged killer” is J . is really not going to get us anywhere.

Frankly, I don't think JSorrentine is at all far off when he calls the United States a deranged killer. We have only to consider the actions of this country since the end of the Second World War - right up unto this very moment - to see that the US has opened itself to this accusation. We are discussing a government that has pursued its "interests" using violence in all of its forms, everything from the ugliest medieval butchery that we are seeing in Syria today (also used in Central America and Indonesia) to the methods that turned the greatest human technological achievements into instruments of mass murder, such as we saw in Vietnam and Iraq.

The number of human beings killed due to US military adventurism since world war two most certainly approaches the storied "six million" of the Nazi holocaust, and probably exceeds it. If one includes the deaths caused by poverty and privation caused by the United States veto on reform and development in the developing world, we can be sure it eclipses it by a large margin. No other country comes close in any respect. I think this covers "killer".

The deranged part comes in when we consider that the United States has had almost no legitimate reason for engaging in any of this extreme violence. There has been no threat to the United States by any definition commonly accepted - economic, geographic, or military. It fought against minor social reforms at the furthest reaches of the globe - first claiming unspecified threats of "communism" and continuing to do long after that threat has been annihilated. It has and is engaged in open warfare with underdeveloped societies with no real hope of resisting it, often in pursuit of goals that could have been achieved in less violent, if not entirely peaceful ways. In nearly all cases, was carried out under banner of lies and naked hypocrisy, compromising every goal it has claimed to pursue. It's main motive often seemed denuded of any reason except for the purest desire to dominate. I think this covers "deranged".

There is no reason to believe that the United States has any honest intentions in Tibet - no matter what an unelected exile may say. There is every reason to believe that the United States wants to use this issue to further its geopolitical ambitions, even if that meant pushing Tibet into an abyss of violence and terror.

Posted by: guest77 | Feb 27 2014 3:41 utc | 40

guest77 39
*even if that meant pushing Tibet into an abyss of violence and terror.*

not many people knows about the riot in llhasa , 1978.

attack of the *swarming adolecents*
[no link, i scan this from a mag in the library]

***eyewitness account .....tibet 1987***

[captal letter, quotation marks, words in square brackets are my emphasis]

Hypocritical elegies

I learned of the participation of some 50 foreign "tourists" in the recent Lhasa riots with considerable outrage. But not exactly surprise.

I've been a foreign tourist in Tibet myself on three occasions since 1985. Each time, I met tourist after tourist who, in an interval of a few weeks at most, had become infatuated with a kind of vicarious Tibetan nationalism, Sometimes it was because of one or two conversations with inevitably pro- Western English-speaking Tibetans (there are many returnees from India now); [how many are "sleepers" coming home to roost ?] sometimes it was a rather thoughtless extension of genuine awe for Tibetan culture. But often enough it was something much more sinister. Many a blond, blue-eyed "Tibetan" nationalist with a backpack [who spent their nights filing reports back to langley ?] was convinced that the Tibetans were nothing but a race of "noble savages," doomed to the same kind of extinction at the hands of the Hans that native Americans have suffered at the hands of the West.

Such hypocritical elegies are premature, to say the least. But there can be no reasoning with these bigoted "saviours" of the Tibetan people. They do not care that there are fewer than 100,000 Hans in Tibet and there were undoubtedly even fewer during the Cultural Revolution (actually, an anti-communist travel guide, the Lonely Planet Tibet Survival Kit, even admits that most of the damage was done by PEOPLE WHO WERE ETHNICALLY TIBETAN).

They do not care that there is not a single Chinese "multi-national" corporation in Tibet pumping the area of its non-existent wealth. They don't care that Tibet has never paid a fen in taxes and has on the contrary been RICHLY SUBSIDISED FOR EVERYTHING FROM EDUCATION TO INDUSTRY TO COMMERCE They don't care that the people's republic has waged a long, tough fight to modernise Tibet; in fact, they don't care at all about the modernisation of Tibet, as they themselves will tell you. They are beyond such arguments and mundane concerns; somehow they have all become fanatical vicarious Buddhists and are ready to LAY DOWN OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES TO PROVE IT,.

What is really behind all this bornagain Buddhism on the part of foreign tourists to Tibet? Why do young Westerners who wouldn't waste 5 minutes on a religious fanatic in their own country and live in horror of Khomeini in Iran suddenly become devoted (if somewhat patronising) followers of the Dalai Lama, a kind of super-Khomeini who longs for the days when every pebble and tree in Tibet is his personal property. It is not simply ignorance, though there is plenty of that. It is, in a word, RACISM. Not just racist hatred for the Han people (though I have certainly heard enough tourists describe Hans as "animals," meaning everything from their behaviour on buses to their alleged "occupation" of Tibet).
It is a particularly sickening kind of patronisation of the Tibetan people, who they see as a simple, happy, carefree race of child-like savages, free from the cares of the modern world and most in need of advice on how to remain so. I know this kind of patronisation. It is the sort enjoyed by native Americans when the reservations were set up and by Black people in the US as a way of keeping them out of White schools and successful careers that would only make them unhappy. It is this kind of patronisation which, in this world, is ultimately genocidal. There can be no better proof than the apparent willingness of large numbers of foreign tourists [sic] to bravely RISK THE LIVES OF LARGE NUMBERS OF TIBETAN WOMEN AND CHILDREN in the name of the travellers' new-found convictions.
According to the REVIEW [15 Oct.], the mob USED CHILDREN TO SEIZE AUTOMATIC WEAPONS FROM POLICEMEN AND SET A CAR ALIGHT at the height of the violence. Of course, that is CALLOUS, CYNICAL MANIPULATION. But there are plenty of "foreign tourists" who would use the whole of the Tibetan people to take out their petty anti-communism and narrow-mindedness on China. Let Tibet forever remain closed to such cynical travelling "nationalists"! Or, better yet ... let them come, let them leave their money in the autonomous region, and let them take their idiotic notions of an "independent" Tibet (hopelessly dependent on the West) with them when they leave.
Canton David Kellogg

Posted by: denk | Feb 27 2014 4:40 utc | 41

1987 !

Posted by: denk | Feb 27 2014 4:46 utc | 42

Engdahl thinks US & Saudi have split

Posted by: Cu Chulainn | Feb 27 2014 7:12 utc | 43

Seems the fun in Ukraine's only just beginning..Parliament office is now under control of armed men with Russian flag raised on top.

Again, like I said, this latest EU/US foolishness has the potential to ignite the entire Europe. Enjoy the fun :)

If it ain't broken, don't f*ckin fix it!!! The broke it, now they own it.

Posted by: Zico | Feb 27 2014 8:05 utc | 44

Only in Crimea. Can't wait too see each nationalist movement in Europe betting for a split and a EU/US bailout!

Posted by: Mina | Feb 27 2014 8:27 utc | 45

@Cu Chulainn #42: Thierry Meyssan wrote about it in December 2012, I've provided here links to his excellent (except he's recently turned out to be the USSR and Stalin apologist) analyses a few times - which are the most reliable in the Internet regarding Syria - but sadly many commenters here choose to believe ziocon propaganda and manipulation demonizing Obama (read Gordon Duff about "bifurcation" to understand) and distorting the truth about major developments in the countries involved (e.g. new Egypt-Russia alliance), who started to change dramatically his foreign policy on the evening of the day he won his second term. Sadly people confuse "US" with the criminal gang consisting of FED, Wall Street, US Congress, AIPAC, House of Bush, Clintons, neocons-PNAC/FDD, MIC and some parts of the Obama administration.
That's the main problem why the world is so fucked up now - it's not the small evil globalist elite, it's the absolutely stupid, gullible, naive, not able to think critically masses believing that they are informed, but in reality deeply confused about the main actors and their agendas, thus enabling the elite to continue with its war against the humanity.
The most painful truth is that any western leader who would like to change the system from the inside cannot rely on the western population who enjoys living beyond means and cares more about such whores of Babylon like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry than about justice for other people.
Only few know and support the words of the pastor Niemoller first written in Dachau.

Posted by: ProPeace | Feb 27 2014 8:39 utc | 46

Support Aipac duh...

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 27 2014 9:10 utc | 47

43) I hear Saakishvilli was in Kyiv :-))

Posted by: somebody | Feb 27 2014 9:33 utc | 48

It is clear from this what the CIA is doing in Ukraine.

Since February 22, a Euro-Maidan group occupies a part of the Kharkiv oblast’s state administration building. From that base it keeps watch on the activities of oblast governor Mikhaylo Dobkin and Kharkiv city mayor Hennady Kernes, the hosts of the inter-regional congress just held there. Dobkin has announced his intention to run for president of Ukraine in the elections expected to be held in May. He claims that “a total attack is under way against the rights of the Russian-speaking population, laws are being adopted that threaten all those who do not accept fascism" (Interfax-Ukraine, February 23, 24; Channel 5 TV, February 25).

Also since February 22, a Euro-Maidan group keeps a tight watch on the Dnipropetrovsk oblast administration building and oblast council. The governor and the council chairman participated in the Kharkiv congress and proposed afterward to set up a “Dnipropetrovsk people’s militia” as a counterweight to the central authorities. The Euro-Maidan group and its supporters inside those bodies of power seem on the verge of removing those two leaders (Interfax-Ukraine, UNIAN, February 22-25).

In Luhansk (administrative center of the eponymous oblast, epicenter of a 2004 “federalization” initiative), the Euro-Maidan has set up of a parallel municipal council (Ukrayina TV, February 23). Elsewhere in the south-east, Euro-Maidan groups have ousted (and, in some cases, replaced) oblast- and city-level leaders in Mykolayiv, Khmelnytskyy, and Zaporizhzhya oblasts (UNIAN, Interfax-Ukraine, February 22–25).

Such actions are not being coordinated with Ukraine’s official (interim) leadership in Kyiv, nor are they backed by local units of the central law-enforcement agencies. In Kyiv as in some of the oblasts, the Euro-Maidan at this time operates as a parallel, if informal, power structure. In the south-east it lacks critical mass but it compensates through strong organization and intimidation. This contributes to restraining centrifugal initiatives on the part of local officials. Such initiatives also seem to lack a critical mass of support among the populace thus far.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 27 2014 9:39 utc | 49

We can get rid of Assad or fight al-Qaeda, but we can’t do both

Meanwhile, Robert Ford, the American diplomat who has been the chief US organiser for the Syrian rebels – herding them in and out of negotiations during the failed Geneva talks two weeks ago – has also got the chop. These changes of personnel come amid reports that the Obama administration has confronted the Saudis with a file full of evidence of their involvement in terrorism in Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen. This report can be found in Al-Akhbar English, a Lebanese newspaper seen as close to Hizbollah. The newspaper hints at the possibility that Saudi could yet be formally classified by the UN security council as a state sponsor of global terrorism. That sounds fanciful, but President Obama’s visit to Riyadh next month now looks pregnant with significance.

As the Beirut meeting closed, I asked Mr Crooke, who wears a tweed jacket and might at first appearance be a country solicitor or land agent, whether President Assad would survive. He said there was no doubt. The United States and Britain are, nevertheless, still pressing for his removal. But the signs are mounting that the Western powers are beginning to understand that they have a choice. They can get rid of Assad, or they can fight al-Qaeda. But they can’t do both. That option was never really there.

Posted by: Virgile | Feb 27 2014 9:53 utc | 50

Thanks a lot Virgile! Great article. Crooke has been consistent all along and his articles on Syria (and warnings) can be found easily.

Posted by: Mina | Feb 27 2014 10:06 utc | 51

check mate!

Yanukovych says he is still legitimate president of Ukraine

There is an agreement signed by three EU Foreign Ministers with Yanukovic and the opposition of a power share.

Without a legitimate government no EU or World Bank loans are possible.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 27 2014 10:36 utc | 52

The United States and Britain are, nevertheless, still pressing for his removal. But the signs are mounting that the Western powers are beginning to understand that they have a choice. They can get rid of Assad, or they can fight al-Qaeda.

It is only now that the infantry battle is being won by the government and it's allies that they suddenly come this way of thinking. The crap about the invincibility of the SAS, US Special Forces, have failed, they want to extract themselves before the world gets to know there are paper tigers.

Posted by: Hans | Feb 27 2014 11:05 utc | 53

CAR president misunderstood r2p (she will when she hears drones flying above her head)

Posted by: Mina | Feb 27 2014 11:17 utc | 54

Frankly, I don't think JSorrentine is at all far off when he calls the United States a deranged killer.

JSorrentine is spot-on (as he usually is - we should have one of those 'Like' thingimajigs).

None of this is going to have a pleasant ending. All that sow the wind, reap the whirlwind stuff will again prove the wisdom of the ages.

Posted by: DM | Feb 27 2014 11:26 utc | 55


Batkivshina Party parliament deputy Gennady Moskal says that there is high activitiy of armed gangs, who are committing robbery and looting hiding behind Maidan slogans.

This information was reported by Moskal’s press-service.

According to the MP’s information the armed mob call themselves “centuries” of Eurmaidan or other public organizations, which took part in the revolution.

“However, their actions today are no different and sometimes are even worse than what the previous regime was doing. I demand that the acting Minister of Interior Arsen Avakov immediately take measures to protect Ukrainian citizens from the outrage of armed criminals” Moskal said.

According to his information, 31st and 33rd Euromaidan self-defense centuries are the most obnoxious of all.

“Sasha Bunker is the head of the 31st century, and 33rd century is armed with 10 AK rifles. Besides that an unknown organization called UPA Specnaz emerged, which is armed with almost 20 sawn-off shotguns and 9 AK rifles.” Moslak states.

He also informs that one of the active units of 31st and 33rd centuries is moving around using AA 0019 VR number plate.

“At night these people initiate shooting in towns, their behavior is obnoxious and inadequate. During the whole day I have been receiving constant calls from people from different parts of the country, who were asking for one thing only – save them from these armed criminals. That’s because the law enforcement authorities, whose responsibility is to protect the law and order, do not react to the victims’ calls and don’t send any investigation groups out” Moskal said.

Moskal also told that people armed with firearms like AK rifles, pistols, grenades and sawn-off shotguns attack residential properties of the former officials, who are no longer respected.

“Hiding behind the revolutionary slogans these groups are robbing abandoned houses, embezzle jewelry and valuable items, together with alcohol, which they drink right on the spot, after which they start shooting, set the buildings on fire using Molotov cocktails and even rape women and girls, who have not managed to escape” Moskal asserted.

He also informed that these groups of masked men with bates, firearms and cold steel arms are freely moving around Kiev and other regions of Ukraine.

“They have tried stopping the airport, started intimidating the passengers demanding money – supposedly to support the revolution” Moskal noted.

Posted by: brian | Feb 27 2014 11:30 utc | 56

Kerry's latest 'doctrine'... Will it make it to the WP frontpage?,-says-Kerr.aspx

Posted by: Mina | Feb 27 2014 11:47 utc | 57

Video shows moment Syrian Army bombs huge rebel group

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 152 rebels were killed, most of them Nusra Front and other fighters from Islamic brigades. “This is the heaviest loss for Nusra Front and Islamic brigades since the start of the revolution,” said Rami Abdurrahman, director of the rights group

Posted by: Virgile | Feb 27 2014 11:47 utc | 58

The Crimea region want to hold a referendum on their region's future..Does the EU not understand that not everybody wants to be part of their Super-Europe project????

Posted by: Zico | Feb 27 2014 12:27 utc | 59

58) Well, they are pretty stuck now. The fools have recognized the new Ukrainian government including president.

If they do not want to pay themselves poor they have to go to international institutions for Ukraine's bailout, eg IMF; financial institutions Russia is a member of. Without a universally recognized government there will be no payments.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 27 2014 12:42 utc | 60

7 reasons to be pessimistic about Ukraine

Posted by: somebody | Feb 27 2014 12:48 utc | 61

For our daily dose of western hypocrisy, Amnesty finds a really worrying pattern of unlawful killings by Zionist Stormtroopers:

Israeli troops intentionally killing Palestinians in West Bank, says Amnesty International

[...] the case of a 16-year-old Palestinian boy shot dead during a protest, is one of the worst examples.

He says the organisation's research shows the boy was running away when he was hit.

"Medical reports, eyewitness accounts all point to Samir Awad, a 16-year-old, having been shot twice in the back as he was fleeing back to his village," Mr Luther said. [...]

Amnesty said 45 Palestinians had been killed in the past three years - including 22 in the last year. [...]

Chief spokesman for the Israeli defence force Peter Lerner says Amnesty's claims are inaccurate and misleading.

"The situation that we face, we use the force in a manner that is in line with the rules of engagement, enables us to utilise all of the tools of riot dispersal means we go through a whole procedure before we reach any sort of extreme measures," he said.

"It's a huge challenge but as I said, the Palestinian violence, whether it's Molotov cocktails, these are fire bombs that if they hit you you're dead.

"That's the reality and that is a clear and present threat that you have to take it out of the equation. That is what we are facing. [...]

The world according to brain dead western media audience: USraeli occupation troops shooting unarmed Palestinians in the back because they might throw a molotov cocktail, all good. Ukrainian riot police killing armed to the teeth rioters actually throwing molotov cocktails , all bad.

All the while Merkel the German queen of hearts is declared a true friend of the insane killer regime.

[...] Later Tuesday, before departing, Merkel is to be presented Israel's highest civilian award by President Shimon Peres, for "standing by" Israel and for her "unwavering commitment" to its security and the fight against anti-Semitism and racism.
So, the German chancellor whose domestic intelligence service Verfassungsschutz helped Nazis kill a dozen or so foreign looking people in Germany and then decided to shred all its files on the matter, is receiving an Israeli award for her fight against racism? Sometimes the comedy is just too much.

Future historians will have to invent a new name for this type of international politics, something like "diplomatic surrealism".

Posted by: Juan Moment | Feb 27 2014 12:58 utc | 62

somebody @ 59

The situation is beyond clusterfuck.

Those EU/Nuland f**ckheads wanted regime change at ANY cost. You can't blame them, though. I heard Nuland invested $5 BILLION of good US state department money on this stunt. She's gotta have something to show for it.

It kinda reminds me of the situation in Syria. The US, EU and all those involved knew Al-Ciada was/is the backbone of the Syrian opposition, but their do-or-die quest to remove Assad at all cost clouded their view. I kept hearing a lot of "expert" say what comes after can be "sorted out later". We can see the same thing in Libya.

At the moment, I'm enjoying the fun. The phone lines to Moscow must be blazing hot with all the calls coming through - most of which are ignored.

Here's my take on what will happen, the Parliament in Crimea will vote for Protection from Russia. This will give Russia a legal cover to do justice to the Maidan d*ckheads. Other region will follow suit.

"Oh what a tangled web we weave,When first we practise to deceive!"

Posted by: Zico | Feb 27 2014 12:59 utc | 63

Ukrainians don't remember recent US/Nato successes in democracy building?

Posted by: Mina | Feb 27 2014 13:06 utc | 64

@Virgil #57: Those were land mines and artillery, read SyrianPerspective for details

@somebody #60: Next week security, law and constitutional order will be restored in Ukraine to the pre-Feb-23 status, with Yanukovych as the president.

Posted by: ProPeace | Feb 27 2014 13:08 utc | 65

@Mina #63 Very good site on Libya: Libyan War the Truth

Posted by: ProPeace | Feb 27 2014 13:10 utc | 66

If EU/US can send people to the streets, so can Russia :)

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 27 2014 13:46 utc | 67

67) And Chechens can keep peace in Crimea

Posted by: somebody | Feb 27 2014 14:50 utc | 68

Not in a position to read all the comments of my favorite blog, so can't tie it in to a specific comment.

I find this post by Josh Marshall from April, 2003 relevant to the Ukraine.

Chaos in the Middle East is not the Bush hawks' nightmare scenario--it's their plan.

Posted by: erichwwk | Feb 27 2014 15:22 utc | 69

Flashback, from April 2003, Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall:

Chaos in the Middle East is not the Bush hawks' nightmare scenario--it's their plan.

Posted by: erichwwk | Feb 27 2014 15:27 utc | 70


And the craziest part is that nearly the entire world just sits and allows it to go on.

One of the most disturbing things about it all - obviously, besides the murder/rape/displacement/theft, etc - is the effectiveness of the Spectacle/propaganda.

Domestically, Americans are constantly - 24/7/365 - desensitized to the violence propagated by their government through the MSM. After decades of watching senseless violence on TV, being manipulated by talking heads, etc they are no longer surprised/viscerally touched by the real violence around them but especially that of the violent crimes perpetrated by their own deranged killer state which easily number into the millions and millions.

This phenomenon is obvious and well-documented.

The disturbing part to me is that the rest of the world likewise seems to have been somewhat similarly desensitized by witnessing the needless and senseless killing/rape/maiming/displacement/theft etc after watching decade after decade, murderous episode after murderous episode of the "America Show" which - like it's MSM propaganda counterparts - grows seemingly more brazen and graphic with each year. That's just the US being the US. Oh well.

By brazen and graphic, I'm speaking to the points you make about the abandonment of any fig leaf of legitimacy for any of these recent crimes. Obviously, Vietnam, Central America, Indonesia and all that death and destruction was completely needless but TPTB had "arc" to the story - i.e., the Cold War. Now that the GWOT is fading as a narrative "arc" more and more people are - hopefully - seeing that - nope - it's ALWAYS just been needless murder/maiming/rape/displacement/theft. There was never a good reason or need for any of those crimes.

The serial killers craze - both real and fictional - in the 90s was so scary to some because there was an understanding that once on his/her radar you couldn't rationally speak to a serial killer and maybe wheedle your way out of your gruesome fate.

That is precisely how the rest of the world needs to think about the US as this shit has gone on for far too fucking long for humanity as a species to tolerate.

IOW, if you are on the US radar, you can bet your ass it sees itself eating your face at some point.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Feb 27 2014 15:31 utc | 71

Don't worry about the Jews of Ukraine, because they have the right to go steal even more land from Palestinians. I'm sure Zionists are working overtime to make ensure that happens. Fear propaganda anyone?

On another note: So now that the Russian majority in Crimea have taken back their government, pass a Resolution to secede from Ukraine. The majority will sign on. Don't go down with the Ukraine Titanic!

Posted by: kalithea | Feb 27 2014 15:36 utc | 72

Ukie parliamentofwhores annoints Yat th' Rat as PM...meanwhile Crimea seems to be Putsch-free!

Posted by: bfrakes | Feb 27 2014 15:45 utc | 73

People seem not to have noticed or perhaps not very interested in the recent developments in Turkey. There have surfaced some "tapes" recorded from spying on Erdogan's conversation with his son (dating back to the days after the graft prob in Dec. 2013), in which he allegedly tells his son to get rid of the money stashed in his and some relatives homes because there is a danger of police raid. The opposition is adamant that the tapes are genuine, but Mr. Erdogan claims that they are "montage". He blames Gulen and "outside forces" for the fake. Funny enough he appeals to Deniz Baykal (the former leader of CHP) to come forward and side by him on this issue Baykal was victim to a similar spying which allegedly showed him in bedroom with his former secretary (leading to his resignation). I don't recall Mr. Erdogan making any noises at the time or vowing to punish those unscrupulous spying "outside forces" back then. Similarly he is going very hard on the public prosecutors who went after his ministers and their sons after the graft operation in 2013, but he forgets that these were the very same prosecutors who went after the army officers, journalists and in certain cases university professors on cooked up charges of "coup attempt" against his government.
Anyway, to me the tapes don't sound very realistic because Erdogan seems well aware of the fact that the conversation is being recorded and still he incriminates himself pretty openly, one would expect that he would ask his son to see him face to face urgently and tell him directly face to face to get rid of the money (rather than talking on a phone which he knows is tapped).
There are too many links to be posted. If anyone becomes interested they can google it up. I can here post a link which summarizes the developments chronologically but it is in Turkish.
IMHO, unfortunately the left (including the link that I just provided) invests too much on these tapes and if they turn out to be fake, it will be a big blow back for them and will play into Erdogan's hands.

Posted by: Pirouz_2 | Feb 27 2014 15:45 utc | 74

I don't know what the Russian government is thinking. Yanukovich seems a liability more than an asset. He doesn't seem to have much (or any) internal support at this point.

I don't see the point of playing the 'president in exile' card given the situation.

Posted by: ThePaper | Feb 27 2014 16:08 utc | 75

The Paper 73

What does Russia have to do with anything?

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 27 2014 16:12 utc | 76

The Dominican Republic is also undergoing a savage dismembering of the rights that workers have achieved by way of unions and what not. The DR which shares the island of Quisqeya with Haiti has been signed free trade agreements with the USA and Central American country's, this trade deal is called DRCAFTA. Workers would have to work 45-60 hour work weeks. They can be dismissed from their jobs without receiving the usual severance pay that partially protects an employee from dismissal. Numerous other cuts and privations. The Elite corporate class in DR has also allowed lower paid Haitian immigrants to swamp the labor pool, therefore causing wages to become depressed, hurting Dominicans purchasing power.

The former President of Brasil, Lula is visiting Cuba. This is taking place among rumors that Lula may run for the executive office once again. The disturbances taking place in Brasil prior to the much heralded world cup are believed to be smear and destabilization campaigns on the part of foreign agents and assets that want besmirch the prestige that the regional BRIC power is attaining.
If you make the country appear unsafe and unstable, then that will be the reality.
The current campaign is similar to what the Sochi Olympics went through, with full throttle reports of dysfunctionality appearing in the western MSM.
Brasil as an ideological ally of Cuba has been utilizing Cuban doctors for the underserved peripheral regions. One of the doctors was subverted and lured by the Miami Cuban mafia, has been enticed to defect and after being offered a higher paying job and perks in Miami is now tryng to also smear the the health care campaign that the government has put in place to help the most needy in Brazil.

Venezuela's Maduro, who has been consistently the butt of jokes and underestimation on the part of his enemies is resiliently standing up to them. Maduro was considered weak and essentially stupid. The former bus driver, rose through the ranks of the party and won his own elections until he found his way to the executive office, partially by being groomed for it by el Commandante Hugo Chavez.
The fact that Maduro is not a part of the elite (and Venezolanos are very elitest), that he did not go to the same schools as "them", did not go to their same parties in their "country clubs".
Plus the fact that he wears that passé moustache, this is causa belis for the facists to want to hunt him down and make him into either a Lumumba at worst or an Arbenz or Bosch at best.

I insist Latino America is the one battle ground where USA and the rest, have to be challenged. Not a war in the usual sense. With Planes, tanks and troop movements. No, no, no what has to be done is set up a local RT affiliate, just tell the truth massively. Wrench away the monopoly USAID has, reduce the embassy staff's to the bare minimum. Reduce or diversify military contacts, instead of sending all of the cadets to USA, Russia, China & Brasil will train these people. Stop the constant privatizations and the neoliberal pacts. No more DEA drug interdictions progams, let the other countries participate. If Narcotics are such a global menace, then let the whole globe go in and help prevent this. Indian, Iranian, Chinese and Russian ships in the Caribbean to help. The Canal being built in Nicaragua can finally help the disruption of the Caribbean as an American lake.

Viva la libertad, el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz.

Posted by: Fernando | Feb 27 2014 16:21 utc | 77

I don't understand the question. Given that Yanukovich seems to be in Russia and has announced a press conference there for tomorrow I say that Russia has quite a lot to say. None of that can happen without the approval and complicity of the Russian government.>Yanukovich in Russia, to hold press-conference in Rostov-on-Don Friday

I'm not arguing about the legal legitimacy of Yanukovich or the western puppet putschist in Kiev. Just that Yanukovich doesn't seem that useful anymore and if that's the better Russian card on this game then they may have a problem. I don't see much support for Yanukovich even from the pro-Russian side in Ukraine.

Posted by: ThePaper | Feb 27 2014 16:28 utc | 78

76) Well, Russia can tell Yanukovich to go to the Kiew parliament and resign officially, so that the new government is constitutional - or not.

If Yanukovich should resign officially Russia will have got everything it wanted in the first place and more.

I hear the issue is also a new constitution before elections and elections in September not in May. The new constitution would be federal I guess.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 27 2014 16:51 utc | 79

@ ThePaper | 76

"I'm not arguing about the legal legitimacy of Yanukovich or the western puppet putschist in Kiev. Just that Yanukovich doesn't seem that useful anymore and if that's the better Russian card on this game then they may have a problem. I don't see much support for Yanukovich even from the pro-Russian side in Ukraine."

Yanukovich is a political corpse, and no one thinks otherwise. However, he is a convenient reminder according to the law that neonazis in Kiev are illegal and non-elected, thus Russia can legally ignore them and/or impose sanctions, or even "come to the rescue of Crimea from fascists."

Therefore Yanukovich still has a little value in a grand game of geopolitics.

Posted by: Harry | Feb 27 2014 16:52 utc | 80


Just because someone hold a press conference doesnt mean the ledaer of that state have sanctioned that.
Even if, we dont know what hes going to say at all.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 27 2014 17:31 utc | 81

Russian world champ boxer in Chrimea, now where is the western puppet klitschko?

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 27 2014 17:38 utc | 82

Videos like this make me effin mad, this is the nazis obama, merkel supports.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 27 2014 17:41 utc | 83

This piece at Counterpunch is interesting:

So is this one:

And, though it is a little dated, this:

Posted by: bevin | Feb 27 2014 18:05 utc | 84

76) This here is another reason why Yanoukovich is still useful

He warns that any orders on using the Ukrainian armed forces inside the country would constitute a crime.

"I, as the incumbent president, have not allowed the armed forces to intervene in the domestic political events. I am ordering this now, as well," Yanukovych said "If anyone issues such orders to the armed forces, security and law enforcement agencies, such orders will be illegal and criminal."

Posted by: somebody | Feb 27 2014 18:52 utc | 85

JS Sorrentine wrote at 20:

I hope this is all sinking in for any of the delusional pro-putsch people out there especially in Ukraine..

The "opposition" in the Urk. as it is televised and reported, had no, repeat NO, workers, employees (syndicalist, unions, prof. assoc.) presence, though arguably all kinds of ppl turned up to protest, all against Janukovitch, the big boss knocked away --> with no other agenda.

No 'free speech' advocates attacked the MSM or tried in any way to change that landscape or take over or set up alternatives.

Gvmt. offices, some stormed, MSM not touched.

Regional/minority whatever group, no women / family assoc., and most importantly, farmers aka ex-smallholders driven out, plus, agri biz workers, badly paid replacements, who use more energy, were all AWOL.

Not to mention industrial workers, e.g. steel workers, or the arms industry, and the like...who often work for foreign cos. without even knowing it.

Absent as well are the lawyers, the constitutionalists, the elected with law degrees, the ppl who deal with laws on the ground, aka with crime, be it local murder or illegit financing etc., as handled by Police then Courts. Silence.

The educational community (it is scared to death, I know this personally..) kept silent also, no voice at all.

Health? Duck down and do ya best or to earn more... move to Poland, GB, the US. Many patriotic hold on but are ... silent.

Territory, land, is not mentioned either. Land sales in the Ukr. have been problematic to put it mildly (I’m not clear about the scope but it is bad ..) - not a concern for the opposition.

To sum up, no real issues are on the table, the present struggle is between power hungry scammers of various brands and colors.

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 27 2014 19:12 utc | 86

Israel Shamir, interesting on Ukraine:

Posted by: Rowan Berkeley | Feb 27 2014 19:24 utc | 87

This is another use of Yanoukovich

New Crimean PM: We regard Yanukovych as legitimate president and will follow his orders

Posted by: somebody | Feb 27 2014 19:44 utc | 88

bevin82, that FPIF piece wasn't so much dated as missed the point. That intercepted phone call, meant one thing 'forget the EU, US will handle this coup alone'.

The first Counterpunch piece, Vogt-Downey advocates Yany should have leveled with the Ukrainian people to spell out what would have happened if he had signed the EU Accession treaty. Yany couldn't do that. Why? because he was playing the Russians against the EU, and, if he had made clear the EU treaty was a piece of shit, it would have left him with poor cards to play against the Russians.

That second Counterpunch piece is pretty good too. But doesn't get to the root of neoliberal globalization that's happening everywhere on the planet where the neoliberal cabal have a hint of influence.

Posted by: okie farmer | Feb 27 2014 21:05 utc | 89

Enough of all this war criminal talk. Bush paints pictures and he loves dogs.

Posted by: dh | Feb 27 2014 21:10 utc | 90

The Ukraine protesters are really going overboard. After seizing the Parliament, they have passed some disgraceful laws including removing Russian as one of Ukraine's official languages, despite 11.3 Million Russian speakers in the country. Also disbanding the riot police and making a member of Right Sector the chief of Ukraines Security Council.

On top of this, China is now suing Ukraine for 3 Billion dollars after:

The South China Morning Post reports that China is seeking compensation of $3bn after the State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine used part of the loan to instead supply crops to other countries including Syria opposition groups, Kenya, Iran, and Ethiopia.

Posted by: Colm O' Toole | Feb 27 2014 21:10 utc | 91

Stephen Hawking the Orientalist:

Posted by: Brad | Feb 27 2014 21:28 utc | 92

'The former President of Brasil, Lula is visiting Cuba. This is taking place among rumors that Lula may run for the executive office once again. The disturbances taking place in Brasil prior to the much heralded world cup are believed to be smear and destabilization campaigns on the part of foreign agents and assets that want besmirch the prestige that the regional BRIC power is attaining.
If you make the country appear unsafe and unstable, then that will be the reality.

no doubt about it: Gandhi thru Gene Sharps interpretation has helped make protyests look like ...well..subversion. No wonder Amnesty and HRW are so gung ho for protests

Subversion R US

Posted by: brian | Feb 27 2014 21:39 utc | 93

Lebanon, France finalize $3 billion arms deal: report

Posted by: Virgile | Feb 28 2014 7:19 utc | 94

Intervene? Or End Syrian War?

And if our vital interests are imperiled, how much more so are those of Israel and Turkey? Yet neither has chosen to invest the blood of their sons in bringing Assad down.

If we have an enemy in this fight, it is al-Qaida, the al-Nusra Front, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, all of which are terrorist and implacably anti-American.

And who is keeping these enemies of ours out of Damascus?

Assad, Hezbollah, Iran and our old friend Vladimir Putin.

And who has been supplying the terrorists? Our friends in the Gulf, with weapons funneled through Turkey, our NATO ally.

Have the interventionists who are beside themselves watching all these insurrections and wars breaking out thought through what is likely to happen if we intervene?

The Syrian war would become a more savage affair, as Assad would know he was now in a fight to the finish. As U.S. air power was committed to the defeat of Assad, his allies would likely provide more weapons for his defense. Casualties could soar and the probability of a wider war would increase geometrically.

Should Assad fall, his routed soldiers and Alawaites and Christians would face reprisals for which we would be morally responsible, as it was our intervention that brought this about. We might have to intervene with troops to stop a massacre by jihadists.

And if Assad fell, pro-Western rebels would likely have to fight the al-Qaida rebels for power. Syria could come apart, and we would own it.

Obama’s frustration is understandable. He said two years ago Assad must go. Assad flipped him off. Obama said use of chemical weapons would be a “red line” which, if crossed, would bring serious consequences. Assad’s troops apparently crossed that line.

What did we do? Worked with Russia to remove the weapons.

Washington is enraged that Putin continues to support Assad.

But Assad’s regime is the recognized and legal government of Syria. Russia has a naval base in Latakia, is owed billions by Damascus, and has been Syria’s ally for decades.

Why should Putin abandon Assad at our request?

What have we done for him lately? Besides send Billy Jean King to his Olympics? Why, Putin might ask, should he abandon his Syrian allies rather than us, the Turks, and Gulf Arabs abandoning ours?

There is a grave moral issue here – for us.

How, under just war theory, can we continue to sustain a conflict that is killing thousands every month with no end in sight? Are we not morally obliged to try to stop such a war?

Posted by: Virgile | Feb 28 2014 7:22 utc | 95

ProPeace, ~45, #65, #66: here as on the next thread, ProPeace seems to spend all his time either pumping out a steady stream of disinformational links (F W Engdahl, Gordon Duff, Thierry Meyssan) or pumping out a peculiar pro-Obama conspiracy theory: Obama is a frustrated progressive genius hemmed in by bureaucrats and would-be military putschists.

Posted by: Rowan Berkeley | Feb 28 2014 15:59 utc | 96

For the social scientists on MOA ; Re The attack on fighters at Al Utayba. Having looked at the photos of the corpses of the fighters at Al Utayba, I had 2 thoughts in succession. Firstly I thought that these corpses were of unarmed civilians, but I was convinced by comments that they were disarmed by Syrian Army soldiers as an operational procedure. The second thought was a reaction to the appearance of the corpses. They did not look like a healthy, well equipped body of men. They looked like poverty struck tramps when compared with Syrian Army fighters. Does this mean that there is a social stratification of fighters?
Regular soldiers are well equipped, properly fed and clean, showing a disciplined environment. Irregular fighters are poorly dressed, in need of a wash, haircut & a good meal. Could this also mean that irregular fighters from outside Syria are drawn there for meagre wages and share of the booty; suggesting that their home condition is so poor that this fighting existence is better than home? Is it such a leap then to think that there could be a vast underclass of men from outside the wealthy developed countries ready to risk their lives to join such poorly gangs of brigands in the hope of a little money?
Such a freelance army could surge out of their poverty and attack all us fat cats in our armchairs.

Posted by: MIDAN | Feb 28 2014 17:47 utc | 97

"They looked like poverty struck tramps when compared with Syrian Army fighters."

Well, you know, getting blown up tends to dishevel one's attire.

Posted by: ruralito | Feb 28 2014 18:28 utc | 98

Some anti-Syrian fighters wear military fatigues (the best funded and equipped), some other some kind of 'Islamic' robes and many just plain civilian clothes. So it's not unusual to find them in that kind of attire. The weapons seem to be removed immediately for security reasons and I you don't usually see weapons and corpses side to side in such kind of videos.

Posted by: ThePaper | Feb 28 2014 19:00 utc | 99

Oh, my. If this headline comes to actually happen we can all count on soaring gas and oil prices. EU better be prepared to have a long, cold winter into spring. US lower economic quintile people better be prepared to find whatever they can to stay alive in colder inside temperatures.

Brilliant. Fookin' brilliant, you damn NeoLibs and NeoCons. And, you too, Corporatist in Chief Obama.

We sure do have stupid leaders.

Posted by: jawbone | Feb 28 2014 21:10 utc | 100

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