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February 17, 2014

Hypocrisy Thy Name Is John Kerry - Global Warming Edition

Kerry Implores Indonesia on Climate Change Peril

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Secretary of State John Kerry urged Indonesia on Sunday to take steps to combat climate change, warning that failure to act would jeopardize the nation’s resources and damage its economy.
“This city, this country, this region is really on the front lines of climate change,” Mr. Kerry said in a speech. “It’s not an exaggeration to say to you that your entire way of life that you live and love is at risk.”

List of countries by carbon dioxide emissions per capita

Rank 12, United States, 19.3 metric tons of CO2 per capita (2007)

Rank 130, Indonesia, 1.8 metric tons of CO2 per capita (2007)

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Climate Change Peril

That O'Kohn guy from Boston sure has a sense of humour

Posted by: LMAO | Feb 17 2014 11:17 utc | 1

heres another

    Kerry: Climate change a WMD

    Laura Barron-Lopez, The Hill, Feb 16 2014

    Kerry drove home a hard line on the threats of climate change Sunday, saying they rank as high as terrorism threats.

brilliant, John.

abso-bloody-lutely brilliant

Posted by: LMAO | Feb 17 2014 11:33 utc | 2

According to Landis, Kerry's speech before Geneva derailed the talks even before they started.
He adds that he doesn't see the new weapons playing in the hands of the rebels.

Now the blame Kerry puts today on Russia for protecting Asad is a road to escalation to let the deals on the ground in the shadow (of which the best successes in the latest days have been Yarmuk and Homs) .

Posted by: Mina | Feb 17 2014 12:03 utc | 3

Hypocrisy and faulty Foreign Policy have been the hallmarks of Kerry's diplomacy, the only time it succeeded was when answering a question at a press conference in London on Syria last year, he said all Assad had to do was decommission his chemical weapons,this statement was immediately rowed back on by the state department, but Putin and Lavrov seized on it, causing the threat of a strike on Syria to be averted, so there you have it, the only Foreign Policy success by this clown was because of a mistake.

Posted by: harrylaw | Feb 17 2014 12:07 utc | 4

Hypocrisy is too quaint a description for what Kerry is doing. You have to realize that every public statement by an American official made abroad is directed solely at the American public via CNN or some other news network. They are not addressing the host public. Given ordinary Americans' monumental ignorance of the rest of the world, which they understand mostly through what they learned at Disneyworld, the disconnect between what Kerry is saying abroad and the truth of the matter is perfectly understandable. I wouldn't call it hypocrisy, which is too generous. In this particular instance Obama Yes We Can has determined that the next electoral kabuki battle will be over global warning. It's a safe topic because it gets the liberals suffering from cognitive disonnance working for him and he doesn't, you know, have to do anything about it and he won't. The Kerry speech is just on-going propaganda to that end.

My guess is that the only ones not up to the scam are the Americans themselves, which makes sense, since they are the marks.

Posted by: Knut | Feb 17 2014 13:57 utc | 5

People, please, stop demonizing the United States' citizens. We are as much victims of the system as any other country in the world. When you do that you sound just as dumb as some of the idiots who actually defend said system.

Posted by: jose el dominicanoj | Feb 17 2014 14:54 utc | 6

jose el dominicanoj@6
Apparently you haven't followed the news here lately about the dummies in Tennessee or elsewhere in the country. Hell, the politicians are just the scum that rises to the top. There are very few people living near me (Ohio) that I would even call fluent in English, let alone any other language. Unfortunately for me, I've lived here all my life. A virtual bar (the Moon, of course) is the only respite I get from these idiots.

Posted by: Jim T | Feb 17 2014 15:34 utc | 7

Did Kerry sail on a windjammer to Indonesia?Or did he fly,on one the most pollutant spewers in the world,the jet plane,of which do you think they will curtail use of?A war on weather chills me to the bone,ha ha,another futile pursuit in this mad world of yuppie idiots.If true,GW,which my senses don't sense,we will adapt,as I can't see the profits of the corporates thrown to the masses saving,as it does not compute.Only we will be left with the massive bill for their degradation.

Posted by: dahoit | Feb 17 2014 16:16 utc | 8

Surely this has everything to do with Indonesia recent attempts to move up the value added chain by banning some metal exports and trying to build up its smelting industry.

Bloomberg Business: Indonesia Bans Ore Exports in Push for Metal Smelting

Though I can certainly see that climate change is a real phenomena and take the science seriously, like everything else, the facts of it are used by the industrialized countries in an attempt to seal underdevelopment into the economies of the developing world.

Until the US takes the lead in reducing its huge emissions of the dangerous gas, then all this talk of others, who produce comparatively little of it, is b said, pure hogwash and hypocrisy.

Posted by: guest77 | Feb 17 2014 16:31 utc | 9

Jim T :
I understand your predicament, believe me; I'm surrounded by idiots as well. And yes I had a very heated argument with my wife of all people about the vote at the VW plant in Chattanooga. However, most of these idiots are our families and "friends" who just don't seem to get it the way some of us do. I'm glad you get it, that means I'm not alone!!!

Posted by: jose el dominicanoj | Feb 17 2014 16:44 utc | 10

Selim Idriss, Kerry's protege has been kicked out from the Free Syrian Army leadership. Qatar-Saudi Arabia growing hatred for each other throws more Syrians to be killed on the arena while both enjoy the game.

A Coup in the Supreme Military Council?

Late last night, the Supreme Military Council (SMC), a command structure for much of the armed Syrian opposition, issued a statement announcing that it had expelled its own chief of staff, Lieutenant General Salim Idris, who is said to be on a work-related visit to Qatar. A copy of what was said to be the written decision lists nearly two dozen SMC commanders that signed off on the move. But confusion reigned—and soon thereafter, an SMC commander called the decision a “coup,” blaming it on a troika of Saudi-backed opposition figure

Posted by: Virgile | Feb 17 2014 19:38 utc | 11

It seems that ceasefire and peace in Syria are gradually happening despite Geneva circus, Kerry's clownish statements and the GCC's furor of showing to the whole Arab world that they are exactly what Bashar Al Assad said of them: Half men

Syria army, rebels agree new Damascus area truce: report

Agence France-Presse

Syria's army and rebels agreed a truce in the capital's southern suburb of Babbila Monday, the latest in a series of local ceasefires in Damascus flashpoints, an AFP reporter said.

The truces come more than a year into fierce daily battles in and around several areas of the city that have led to rebels and President Bashar al-Assad's forces deciding to compromise, with neither side able to claim victory.

In addition to Babbila, deals have been struck for local ceasefires in Qudsaya, Moadamiyet al-Sham, Barzeh, Beit Sahem, Yalda and Yarmuk Palestinian refugee camp.

The accords are negotiated by public personalities from disputed areas, including businessmen and former ministers.

They involve a ceasefire, a siege being lifted and food allowed to enter rebel-held areas, with opposition fighters handing over heavy weapons and the regime raising its red, white, black and green flag there.

A new agreement is reported to be in the offing for Harasta, a rebel bastion northeast of Damascus, and talks over Daraya southwest of the capital are also taking place.

An AFP journalist visiting Babbila accompanied by official regime escorts on Monday saw dozens of cheering residents chant: "One, one, one! The Syrian people are one!" Journalists saw streets completely destroyed by bombardment and fire. On Babbila's main street, every single building had been either destroyed or damaged.

On Monday, regime troops raised the Syrian flag over the municipality of the southern suburb, which had been used as a rebel rear base until several months ago when the army laid siege to it.

Armed rebels were still present in the area, as the terms of the agreement also included an amnesty, a security source said.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, rebels and regime loyalists have even set up joint checkpoints in some areas such as Qudsaya.

Syria's nearly three-year war is estimated to have killed more than 140,000 people and forced millions more to flee their homes.

An activist from Damascus said the local ceasefires are strongly backed by people who lost their homes and are paying exorbitant prices for basic daily needs, amid skyrocketing inflation and corruption.

Just two key rebel bastions in the Damascus area remain in open conflict with the regime: Douma to the northeast and Daraya to the southwest.

Both are besieged and being shelled daily.

Activists say the wave of truces comes after the army turned to siege tactics after being unable to take and neutralise pockets of resistance near the capital, and as rebels failed to achieve their goal of breaking into Damascus proper.


Posted by: Virgile | Feb 17 2014 19:54 utc | 12

re 12

Peace is being agreed locally. I'm glad to hear it.

Posted by: Alexno | Feb 17 2014 20:40 utc | 13

ot - polk award to some of my heroes.

Posted by: james | Feb 18 2014 0:38 utc | 14

Cass Sunstein probably personally approved that
Polkadot Award thingy

"If The Establishment Hates You, and Wants to Suppress You, They Don't Put You on the Cover of Time..."

Posted by: LMAO | Feb 18 2014 3:09 utc | 15

@Jim T

I've lived in Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, and presently Iowa, and have routinely counted numerous friends and acquaintances in all those places who are as sharp, aware, and critically minded as most posters on this board.

Posted by: sleepy | Feb 18 2014 3:45 utc | 16

@15 - the link you offer is a 7 year old link to an article by sunstein on wikipedia.. but, i'll bite - tell me of the evils of greenwald, poitras and macaskill since you've thrown them in bed with sunstein in a very strange way!

Posted by: james | Feb 18 2014 4:27 utc | 17


like i say, wiki must be the most transparent psyop ever.
guess what is the first thing that sticks out when i visit their homepage ?
a TIME citation lmao.

Posted by: denk | Feb 18 2014 4:35 utc | 18


James, if you care to you may check the FBI whistle blower Sibel Edmonds' Boiling Frogs Post website, she has written recently a number of rather pointed posts about Greenwald and the Snowden leaks. Food for thought...

Posted by: W.H. Brewer | Feb 18 2014 5:28 utc | 19

on hypocrisy.....

Arundhati Roy,
*Exposing Western hypocrisy - how much more exposed can they be? Which decent human being on Earth harbours any illusions about it? These are people whose histories are spongy with the blood of others. Colonialism, apartheid, slavery, ethnic cleansing, germ warfare, chemical weapons - they virtually invented it all. They have plundered nations, snuffed out civilisations, exterminated entire populations. They stand on the world's stage stark naked but entirely unembarrassed, because they know that they have more money, more food and bigger bombs than anybody else*

fukus *human rights missiles* are fitted with iff [identification friend or foe] device.
there's no let up on the crusade to punish sri lanka for alleged war crimes, [1]

meanwhile, modi of [2] gujarat notoriety has somehow fully redeemed himself in washington, the obama clique prolly figures that muricuns with their 5 min attention span aint likely to remember what happened in gujarat 2001.
come to think about it, not that it was front page news back then either, or the muricuns gave a rat ass anyway.

but of course , come every jun 4, fukus dominated media would solemnly incant on their readers not to forget the *massacre of unarmed students in tam, 1989* . hehehe [3]

still cant post at atimes.




Posted by: denk | Feb 18 2014 7:48 utc | 20

@19, James doesnt do "food for thought" very well

Posted by: LMAO | Feb 18 2014 10:42 utc | 21

I like the way james is pretending not to have heard of "Cognative Infiltration"

Its what Sunstein is famous for, with most people here, but james pretends hes never heard of it.

Thats what i luv about you lot, you and your pompous clique, james,its yer honesty :-D
So honest your pretend never to have heard of Sunsteins paper

Tsk tsk james

And yes i was being facetious

Posted by: LMAO | Feb 18 2014 10:51 utc | 22

Climate change is finally gaining ground in the political arena - but it's for a neoliberal reason. Carbon credits, despite having completely failed everywhere they've been tried, are still the plan to privatize the climate.

Posted by: okie farmer | Feb 18 2014 12:43 utc | 23

@19 - thanks.. i thought we went over that already on a thread a few weeks ago?

@21/22 - you're too fast for me laughing ass.. better to just skip over my posts as i clearly have nothing to offer you.. unless you want to skip with the smart ass approach - you don't have anything to offer me either!

Posted by: james | Feb 18 2014 17:25 utc | 24

Indonesia has a problem with burning down forests, so the topic isn't entirely laughable.
Why Kerry is saying something about it is still a mystery, and I can't think of why Indonesians want to preserve their current way of life, as Kerry puts it...!
of course there is some twisted ulterior motive there.

Posted by: anon | Feb 18 2014 18:37 utc | 25


That's excellent james - I'm glad you finally recognise that you offer nothing. Well done - hopefully you'll remember that in the future

Posted by: LMAO | Feb 18 2014 19:01 utc | 26


your pretended ignorance of Sunsteins notoriety regarding his cognitive Infiltration ideas already already indicated that you had nothing to offer to the conversation james

Posted by: LMAO | Feb 18 2014 19:13 utc | 27

"People, please, stop demonizing the United States' citizens"

Gimmee a fucking break.

Watch five minutes of Fox News, MSNBC, Rush Limbaugh, or Rachel Maddow, and marvel at the base ignorance that would qualify someone to swallow such swill. Do you really think these assholes that have made Glenn Beck obscenely wealthy are deserving of respect? Or those that elected this hopey changey piece of shit fraud Obama are simply "victims of the state"? If we are the innocents you claim we are, then why do we allow the evil machinations of our government to continue unabated? How is it that the Rush Limbaugh's and the Alan Dershowitz's still enrich themselves through titilating the public's ear??? We are a nation of self centered and brainwashed assholes, egocentric and narcissistic to the extreme. And its gonna bite us in the ass, hard, soon.

Posted by: PissedOffAmerican | Feb 18 2014 19:17 utc | 28

ot -

Snowden Documents Reveal Covert Surveillance and Pressure Tactics Aimed at WikiLeaks and Its Supporters

Posted by: james | Feb 18 2014 20:18 utc | 29

A bite on the ass might wake us up without too severe consequences. I doubt we'll get off so easily. More likely a bite to the jugular.

Posted by: juannie | Feb 18 2014 20:19 utc | 30

Wonderfully neat and tidy the way alleged "Enemy of the Establishment", and Time Magazine Cover Cutie, Snowden so helpfully backs-up the legend concerning another alleged "Enemy of the Establishment" and coinikidinkily also yet another Time Magazine Cover Cutie, Julian Assange

Nice of those two "On the Cover of Time Magazine" alleged-counter-culture "Heroes" to have such perfectly gelling back-story's

That's the kind of product Tie-In network executives would pimp their mothers for

Posted by: LMAO | Feb 18 2014 22:19 utc | 31

At this rate it won't be long before the Establishment Propaganda Vehicle, TIME Magazine, gives little Glenn his very own cover - for being so Anti-Establishment naturally

Then all the little heroes will have had the very own TIME Magazine cover - What more Cast-Iron proof of their rock-solid Anti-Establishment credentials could there be than their photo's on the cover of TIME?

Posted by: LMAO | Feb 18 2014 22:23 utc | 32

careful now.. you don't want to be confused with someone else who periodically uses CAPITAL letters and sounds like a real rage-aholic on a regular basis, lol..

Posted by: james | Feb 19 2014 1:40 utc | 33

See there's sites like the Rancid Honeytrap that make interesting, penetrating critiques of Snowden and Greenwald, then there's foff/LMAO changing his IP, wiping the drool off his sagging lip and fat-fingering in comments like "oooh... he on TIME cover! He bad he must be!"

Posted by: guest77 | Feb 19 2014 1:51 utc | 34

And then theres the pathetic little pavlovian cretins that got tired beating his wife , eh? Good for you.

Big tough guest, thoughest internet tough guy of them all. Oh scary.

Nice to see there some folk that will still fall for every single fake on offer.
Never underestimate the stupidity of the average american trade unionist

Posted by: LMAO | Feb 19 2014 2:07 utc | 35

Funnily enough rancid honeypots critique is indentical to the one i linked to earlier "If The Establishment Hates You, and Wants to Suppress You, They Don't Put You on the Cover of Time..."

Which you would know if you read him.

But, you, being the idiot you are, clearly havent read enough to know one way or the other. Of course not reading his critique should never prevent a genius such as you commenting on the matter despite you obvious ignorance,. Perish the thought.

If you demonstrated one thing over time its your cast iron belief that your opinion matters to everyone, even when you clearly dont know what you are talking about. For you gross ignorance is clearly a virtue. Youre nothing if not an ignorant buffon and a laughably predictable at that

Posted by: LMAO | Feb 19 2014 2:21 utc | 36

As someone (Sorrentine?) noted earlier, its amusing howsome cretins so passionately leap to the defence of literally every fake the establishment pumps out.

With a receptive audience of such imbicles, ready to defend to the death against mere inconsequential moa commenters, the establishment have little to worry about

Posted by: LMAO | Feb 19 2014 2:41 utc | 37

LMAO = hu bris = hmm = foff = glib, swell-headed, know-it-all = same tactics of disruption of serious and intelligent commentary by meaningless put downs and personal attacks. This time james was the initial target but you spotted it quickly from past experience with the ridicule and name calling, guest77. Wonder how long we’ll have to be ignoring or sidestepping the shit before b gives boot again.

Posted by: juannie | Feb 19 2014 2:47 utc | 38

imbicles=imbeciles obviously :)

Posted by: LMAO | Feb 19 2014 12:44 utc | 39

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