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February 28, 2014

Anne Applebaum's Dull Conspiracy Existence

The neocon demagogue Anne Applebaum asks:

No one has yet explained, for example, why Ukrainian President Viktor Yanu­kovych not only left Kiev last week after signing a treaty brokered by the European Union but also ordered security guards to abandon all government buildings as well. Was that an unsubtle invitation for the opposition to ransack the offices so that he could claim he had been chased out by a violent coup?

No, Mrs. Applebaum, it wasn't. The removal of the guards was a condition in the agreement (not "treaty") brokered by the European Union.

Both parties will undertake serious efforts for the normalisation of life in the cities and villages by withdrawing from administrative and public buildings and unblocking streets, city parks and squares.

Yanukovych kept his promises but the agreement was immediately broken by the fascist Pravyi Sektor rioters:

Dmytro Yarosh, the leader of Right Sector, a coalition of hard-line nationalist groups, reacted defiantly to news of the settlement, drawing more cheers from the crowd.

“The agreements that were reached do not correspond to our aspirations,” he said. “Right Sector will not lay down arms. Right Sector will not lift the blockade of a single administrative building until our main demand is met — the resignation of Yanukovych.”

The fascist then stormed government buildings and the parliament where beleaguered opposition politicians then illegally "impeached" the president.

Sure, Yanukovich made a big mistake in believing that the rioters would adher to any agreement. But to spin Yanu­kovych's adherence to the agreement he signed and the fascists breaking it as a KGB conspiracy is quite a feat.

The riot police has been dissolved and the fascist in the new coup government are now in control of each and every security department:

[T]he most questions about the new government's direction will be raised by several key appointments of ultra-nationalist Svoboda (Freedom) and Pravyi Sektor (Right Sector) members to leading roles in the Defense Ministry, National Defense and Security Council, and the Prosecutor General's office.

These people, and the U.S. favorite Yatsenyuk, now have all the power of the state while the EU supported opposition UDAR party of former boxer Klitschko is not even part of the government. It too was nulanded. The new fascist monopoly of force will make sure things turn out well ... or not.

But should this go wrong as the pogroms start, as it is likely to happen, Anne Applebaum will certainly claim that this coup was a KGB conspiracy to begin with. To Mrs. Applebaum ANYTHING that is anti-Russian must be from the free will of the people while anything that might be turnout to be somewhat pro-Russian must be a KGB plot.

Isn't being such a one-trick-pony a rather dull existence?

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There is no more KGB, it is now re-branded as the FSB.

Their symbol was a shield, "shchit" in Russian, to which we can say, "Same old shchit, different name!"

Posted by: ralphieboy | Feb 28 2014 8:14 utc | 1

The neocons are late. Europe has never been neocon country except for Britain - and I did not really hear them speaking out on Ukraine.

There is now this

The next step for Poland and Russia is to discuss visa-free travel for the citizens of the two countries, but particularly for Russians visiting Poland. That would represent a return to the time before Poland join the EU, when there were no visa regime between Poland and EU. Poland has a good opportunity to insist that the EU adopt changes to the visa system, especially if the positive results demonstrated by this SBT agreement continue to far outweigh the few negative aspects.

Visa free travel to Poland means visa free in Europe. The New Cold Warriers can do a Rumpelstilzkin. Europe does not like Iron Walls.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2014 8:37 utc | 2

This here obviously is the US game plan - and it is not just neocon:

Oh no no no, g*d forbid, we do not want this to happen:

The situation in Ukraine has already surprised many experienced observers. What was once seen as impossible has now become all too conceivable. A hot war between Russia and Ukraine would have far-reaching and highly destabilizing consequences, and a transformative effect on Russia’s relations with the West

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2014 9:00 utc | 3

@somebody As I wrote a number of times before - things are not what they seem. Poland, Germany and Russia want to shake off the decades old yoke of the Anglo-US-Israel empire of evil and form the Eurasian union. Said empire has been doing whatever it takes to block this effort through various means of terror: economical, financial, physical (Operation GLADIO or selective assassinations like that of Dariusz Ratajczak or quite recently, most probably of Bohdan Poręba too, who was just working on a movie refuting this paid shill Gross nonsense about Polish alleged complicity in the Jedwabne massacre) and internal - from the Law & Justice Party with infamous Jarosław Kaczyński at the helm. The leaders of that party have been doing amazing job with keeping about 20% of the population blinded by vicious, disgusting, vile national/religious radicalism aimed against Russia and Germany. They also foment veiled anti-Jewish sentiments, that have never seem to hurt international Jewish globalist interests, but quite the opposite, have helped considerably such organization like ADL or AIPAC to keep strong stance and justify their scheme under the pretext of fighting "anti-semitism". Those 20% of people lack any ability to think for themselves, critically, and were never bothered by the apparent contradiction that the leadership the L&P has always strongly supported Israel, the USA and the British (at the top) from where obviously their secret foreign funding comes. It's astounding how stupid they are, yet, en masse, used very effectively against any government that would attempt really close relations between Poland and Russia, Poland and Germany. Shamefully that is a really large number of "useful idiots", traitors quite honestly.

Surprisingly to some maybe but Polish FM Sikorski, married to Ann Applebaum (How they marriage works I have no clue, he's been attacked a lot for being married to a Jewess, who's father have been involved in some shade deals with hard core neocon scum), has done a lot to improve Poland's relations with her two mighty neighbors, including very successful agreement enabling development of the near-border traveling. He has to watch his every step because the LP party leaders wait for his smallest mistake to discredit him. It is in this context that you have to analyze why Poland, Germany and France helped with the agreement with Yanukovitch and the Polish FM warned the opposition of the grave consequences of breaching it.

The MSM in Poland, both government and private, are so disgusting in their coverage of this
crisis that it makes any normal person to puke immediately in disgust of such sewer of lies, hypocrisy, double standards, lack of professionalism and balance. Sochi coverage on the other hand was quite OK, much, much better than this in the countries of the Anlo-US-Israel axis.

Poland and Germany are occupied countries and getting rid of common oppressors is a very painful and prolonged process.

Very good analysis, as usual, from Engdahl The Rape of Ukraine – Phase Two Begins

NATO troops landing already in Western Ukraine

Posted by: ProPeace | Feb 28 2014 9:18 utc | 4

4) Actually Europe is correct in trying to keep independent. If European countries are forced to redo an either/or choice between US/Russia it would be real tragedy. I don't think Russia wants that, the US might.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2014 9:35 utc | 5

4) Actually Europe is correct in trying to keep independent. If European countries are forced to redo an either/or choice between US/Russia it would be real tragedy. I don't think Russia wants that, the US might.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2014 9:35 utc | 6

The US pledged its support for the new Ukrainian Government in a call from Biden to Aseny Yatseniuk. Nuland to Pyatt Lets glue Yats and get Biden to attaboy. That worked out well for vicky

Posted by: harrylaw | Feb 28 2014 10:59 utc | 7

@somebody #5 The real tragedy would be signing of the genocidal TAFTA aimed at destroying EU economy in order to save the collapsing US behemoth. That agreement must be blocked at all cost.

Posted by: ProPeace | Feb 28 2014 11:21 utc | 8

this tells us something about the dramatis personae:

'Yanukovych kept his promises but the agreement was immediately broken by the fascist Pravyi Sektor rioters:'

who to trust who not to surprise the US and EU states (the high and mighty democracies) prefer the crooked

Posted by: brian | Feb 28 2014 11:23 utc | 9


a US pledge is like a bit coin:

Posted by: brian | Feb 28 2014 11:24 utc | 10

Here is the dog's profile on something called "right web":

"Sometimes characterized as a neoconservative because of her on-again-off-again support for militarist U.S. foreign policies, including the invasion of Iraq, Applebaum formerly worked as an adjunct fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). Applebaum has been a resident of Poland and is married to Radoslaw Sikorski, a fierce anti-communist Polish politician whose experience includes working as a director of AEI's New Atlantic Initiative.

Applebaum was a vocal proponent of the invasion of Iraq, in part because of her belief—oft heard amongst neoconservative ideologues at the time—that Saddam Hussein was an irrational leader like Hitler and thus would eventually use his alleged weapons of mass destruction"

These vipers are the enemies of all of humanity. No respect for history, no respect for life, no respect for anything except themselves and their ideas - churned out in some Washington D.C. office park paid for by rich fascists.

Posted by: guest77 | Feb 28 2014 12:13 utc | 11

8) TAFTA has nothing to do with Cold War or any East West Pacific conflict - it is a huge cross countries investors/capital attack on labor law, consumer rights and local government.

Basically they attempt to force countries to adhere to standards that can be claimed by international investors in court ie inflict hugh penalties for local diverging consumer standards, different types of production, environmental protection, health standards, local labor law etc. Fracking is part of it, genetically changed food also.

Local initiatives in the US would be made powerless in the same way as local initiatives in Europe.

I have no idea what Victoria Nuland thinks she is doing.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2014 12:30 utc | 12

one can only speculate on the identity of the masked men in uniforms without insignia who have taken control of the crimean government headquarters and two airports in crimea

it is clear, however, that they make more probable that parts of what are currently called ukraine will become part of russia (again, as they were decades ago)

who knows if it's good or bad?

if it minimizes bloodshed during this phase of political instability, i would say it's good

personally, i have as much respect for the "territorial integrity of the ukraine" (or of china, for that matter, or any other ground currently controlled by any armed organization a.k.a. "legitimate government") as i do for the "divine right of kings"

Posted by: mistah charley, ph.d. | Feb 28 2014 12:40 utc | 13

hilarous....only days after a coup etat(illegal), we have EU servant states lining up to punish the still legally head of state on the orders of neonazi putschists
Ukraine Asks Russia to Extradite Yanukovych: Ukraine’s chief prosecutor asked Russia to extradite deposed Ukra...

its as if the 1930s never happened

Posted by: brian | Feb 28 2014 12:46 utc | 14


You are right no doubt, but 90% of westerners doesn't seems to understand what kind of idiots that run western states.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 28 2014 12:57 utc | 15

yanuk on air soon from south russia

Posted by: brian | Feb 28 2014 13:05 utc | 16

Well Viktor speaks good no doubt about that, but what does he expect to happen?

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 28 2014 13:30 utc | 17

How's the the US, Germany, UK, Poland etc going to explain to their people that they need to send troops to Russian in to protect democracy while they don't even have money for their own people? Given that there's no democracy in Ukraine now?

The expression, "you brake it, you own it" comes to mind.

It was only a matter of time before some this stupid policy of regime change got challenged by some countries..Syria's resisted for over 3 years and Ukraine will be the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back.

Buying a government for $5 BILLION is not very cheap after all.

Posted by: Zico | Feb 28 2014 13:36 utc | 18

16) As the coup government needs money from Russia ...

Russia is playing the moral high ground, they are not backing Yanoukovich.

Yanukovych: asylum for a bad guy


In order to show you how far things have gone, here is a bit of news from the Ukrainian parliament, and these news are reported by the aggressively pro-European website Pravda UA, the one that was once founded by the famous journalist Georgy Gongadze. So, Pravda UA reports that a Rada deputy Oles Donyi was beaten in the public toilet of the Ukrainian parliament by two members of the extremely nationalist Svoboda faction. Donyi suffered concussion and was taken to hospital, where multiple skull injuries were reported. Svoboda’s leader Oleg Tyagnibok, however, refused to apologize for the actions of two members of his faction which did the beating. Tyagnibok said that the beating was “justified” because Donyi voted for the budget, suggested by Mr. Yanukovych.

Now we can imagine what will happen to Mr. Yanukovych if he gets into the hands of this so called civil society, gathered on the Maidan square, where Mr. Tyagnibok is one of the three top leaders. Even if Mr. Yanukovych is a criminal, which he possibly is, sending him to such a trial would be a crime. The story with deputy Oles Donyi explains why several hundred Ukrainian deputies suddenly changed their views, when Maidan’s activists entered the Rada and started voting for things that they had rejected before.

Of course, it is easy for the Western countries to savor the video of Yanukovych’s luxurious mansion and to demand what they call justice for him. The last Russian czar Nicholas II also lived in a palace, and the Bolsheviks used to cite this fact as a justification for his execution. In reality, corruption does not excuse reverse discrimination or breach of human rights. But the Western critics of Yanukovych seem to have forgotten this.

But the electoral realities have not changed, Yanoukovich won elections three years ago, and these people will not back a liberal coalition with fascists.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2014 14:05 utc | 19

@Zico AGAIN: The criminal cabal fraction of the USG, with Nudelman, McCain, Soros among others but not Barack Obama and his closest collaborators - SIDELINED EU and torpedoed the agreement signed by the FMs of Poland, Germany and France with the Ukrainians.
One more time - it is the rouge elements in the USG (that Obama has not been yet able to get rid of for various reasons) along with British and Israelis AGAINST EU+Russia+Ukraine+Obama.

NOBODY in Poland will go fighting against Russia in Ukraine.

And the so called "agreement with the UE" was more about the IMF "assistance" -and the people I mentioned above are behind forcing this genocidal programs on targeted countries. In the MSM right off the bat so called "experts" started their salvo pushing in an incredibly rude way those IMF "assistance programs" including "shock therapies".

Posted by: ProPeace | Feb 28 2014 14:16 utc | 20

To think that there is any real daylight between the necons who are the ostensible poster-children for creating all of this crap around the world and their friends in the corporate sector is hilariously tarded.

It's like trying to say that the mafia hitman and mafia consigliere just coincidentally happen to always have the same agendas.

Sure, when looked at in separate contexts they might appear to be different entities but when you dig deeper you'll find the same people interconnected on nearly every level - they're on the same corporate boards, they head the same think tanks, they go to the same parties, employ the same whores (both political and sexual) etc.

Trying to decipher the petty spats among murderers and thieves is a fool's game especially b/c when it comes to the realpolitik of the US versus the world, the murderers and thieves will close ranks to make sure that the American hegemony is preserved no matter how sloppy a job someone may have done in their latest fascist coup, jihadist destabilization, etc.

As has often been noted, the golden rule of disaster capitalism is "Never let a crisis go to waste" and you don't go against your colleagues who create said crises.

Thus, we see the clever propagandistic creations of Clinton, Blair, Obama etc. They sure SEEMED - at first - like they were intelligent people that one could at least count on to NOT be murderous thieves. Nope.

And to think that you - especially if you are a foreign government - are gonna find those truly earnest, intelligent and good people to work with anywhere within today's American power structure is literally like thinking that John Wayne Gacy would make a good tutor for your son.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Feb 28 2014 14:20 utc | 21

@somebody #11 Let me put it this way: people in the EU do NOT want that shitty GMO food and products and abysmal data privacy standards forced of them as a lifeline for the US criminal corporations who cannot sell elsewhere their crappy stuff incompatible with civilized standards.

Posted by: ProPeace | Feb 28 2014 14:22 utc | 22

21) Neither do they in the USA

Seems like there is a bright side to Ukraine - Europe gets rid of their fascists - orr, hell, they may come back ..

Neo-Nazis Pour Into Kiev A stream of European jihadists have traveled to Syria to wage holy war. Now a group of European neo-Nazis are traveling to Ukraine to save the white race

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2014 14:34 utc | 23

Ukraine will end up worse than Greece and the EU definitely doesn't need another ball and chain dragging it down. But obviously the US would be thrilled to have the dollar reign supreme again, that's why they're trying to bully the EU into welcoming Ukraine into the fold, better that Ukraine become the EUs problem than the USs problem.

This EU deal with Ukraine is bad for Ukraine and bad for the EU as Ukraine will merely become another charity case like Greece and a drag on the EU economy.

The US is an imperialist thug.

Posted by: kalithea | Feb 28 2014 14:46 utc | 24

Yup, more on the how Ukraine will be EUthanized.

Recall the phone exchange between the Ukraine ambassador and Victoria Nuland (Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs) that got leaked out, where she basically said ‘we want Yats in there.’ They like him because he’s pro Western,” says Vladimir Signorelli, president of boutique investment research firm Bretton Woods Research LLC in New Jersey. “Yatsenyuk is the the kind of technocrat you want if you want austerity, with the veneer of professionalism,” Signorelli said. “He’s the type of guy who can hobnob with the European elite. A Mario Monti type: unelected and willing to do the IMFs bidding,” he said.

Mario Monti was a centrist Italian technocrat who passed an austerity package that called for increased taxes, pension reform and measures to fight tax evasion.

“We saw this in the 90s and what the IMF did to Russia with Yeltsin. They’ll do that to Ukraine,” said Signorelli. Remember Slobodan Milošević in Yugoslavia? After the IMF finished with Yugoslavia it was only a matter of time before the separatist movements gained traction,” he said. “I think things in Ukraine can get really really bad.”

Posted by: JSorrentine | Feb 28 2014 15:25 utc | 25

Take anything Anne Applebaum says with a pinch of salt

Isn't Her husband Polish foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski
'Sign deal or you will all die'

Posted by: chris m | Feb 28 2014 15:36 utc | 26

PP @ 8: " The real tragedy would be signing of the genocidal TAFTA aimed at destroying EU economy in order to save the collapsing US behemoth. That agreement must be blocked at all cost."

Amen to that. Same goes for the TPP ( Trans Pacific Partnership ).

Posted by: ben | Feb 28 2014 15:36 utc | 27

24) Russia is a member of the World Bank and the IMF. This is not what the conflict is about.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2014 15:44 utc | 28


Yeah, and the apartheid genocidal state of Israel is a member of the UN, what's you effing point?

Posted by: JSorrentine | Feb 28 2014 15:46 utc | 29

There seems to be a contingent of controversial commentators - not here, but out there - which aims to dissociate Obama from the rest of his government and say that he is a wondrous guy and a true rebel, but is hemmed in by underlings, Pentagon putschists, corporate schemers or whatever. (ProPeace 19). This seems to me like paid pro-Obama 'cognitive infiltration'. They should go away and try it on some Dem site, like ThinkProgress.

Posted by: Rowan Berkeley | Feb 28 2014 15:47 utc | 30

27) That none of the parties involved proposes not to deal with the IMF.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2014 15:48 utc | 31


The UN is a US-led puppet organization.

The World Bank is a US-led puppet organization

The IMF is a US-led puppet organization.

One could say that the EU in many regards is a US puppet organization.

So what are you trying to say?

Posted by: JSorrentine | Feb 28 2014 15:53 utc | 32

IOW, no matter what "organization" the Ukrainians end up subjugating themselves to it will in effect be the same coterie of people.

Or are you suggesting that there are really divisions/distinctions among the elite?

Posted by: JSorrentine | Feb 28 2014 15:55 utc | 33

From the IMF page of wikipedia in an attempt to be "neutral" with a source:

Globalization encompasses three institutions: global financial markets and transnational companies, national governments linked to each other in economic and military alliances led by the US, and rising "global governments" such as World Trade Organization (WTO), IMF, and World Bank.[63] Charles Derber argues in his book People Before Profit, "These interacting institutions create a new global power system where sovereignty is globalized, taking power and constitutional authority away from nations and giving it to global markets and international bodies."[63] Titus Alexander argues that this system institutionalises global inequality between western countries and the Majority World in a form of global apartheid, in which the IMF is a key pillar.[64]

The establishment of globalised economic institutions has been both a symptom of and a stimulus for globalisation. The development of the World Bank, the IMF regional development banks such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and, more recently, multilateral trade institutions such as the WTO indicates the trend away from the dominance of the state as the exclusive unit of analysis in international affairs. Globalization has thus been transformative in terms of a reconceptualising of state sovereignty.[65]

Following US President Bill Clinton's administration's aggressive financial deregulation campaign in the 1990s, globalisation leaders overturned long-standing restrictions by governments that limited foreign ownership of their banks, deregulated currency exchange, and eliminated restrictions on how quickly money could be withdrawn by foreign investors.[63]IMF page:

Another facet of US murderous duplicity - but this time rising to/affecting elite levels - is that "globalization" the term connotes an internationalism but in reality is just another mask for US hegemony. Funny, how the "globalization" movement just happens to ALWAYS mean do things in such a way so as to ALWAYS benefit the US, huh? That globalization necessarily will involve the US military and US banks, huh? Gee, those nice Americans I'm sure that they're willing to share the spoils with the rest of the planet's elite, right?

Posted by: JSorrentine | Feb 28 2014 16:03 utc | 34


Many of the "left" in the US just love to talk about the "international" flavor of the secret elite cabal that runs the planet but is that really how it works? I mean, it sure does allow for some of the blame to spread around and deflected away from our domestic (U.S.) war criminals, huh? You don't think that could be a propaganda angle, do ya?

I mean, you can be a rich-ass European banker etc. bigwig but at the end of the day if you're a rich-ass American banker, etc bigwig that has the US military in all its murderous glory behind you, are you two rich-ass bankers really equals?

I mean, if the American elite were so truly concerned about turning the planet into one shared market, why wouldn't they arm the UN like they do NATO? Why even have NATO? Is it because they want to be the ones in control? But wait, what about globalization and how cool it'll be for everyone?

Nope, globalization was an ad campaign for the elite as well as the peon/worker.

The peon/worker was told that creating open markets/free trade agreements would benefit him/her in the end. Chortle.

The non-American elite were sold on the idea that they could share in the glorious vision of an international cabal in which they would rule shoulder to shoulder with the "sexy" American counterparts when in actuality they were nothing more - proven time and time and time again - than TEMPORARY useful idiots whose careers/lifetimes were determined by those who held the guns.

And the narrative is STILL effective even today. Workers routinely vote against their own self-interests as they gobble-down lies that speak to the wonders of neoliberal free-trade and nouveau-elite whore after nouveau-elite whore serves himself up to be the next "player" by selling his country, its people and resources to the murderous killer that is the US only to be displaced - often violently - once their usefulness has expired.

Posted by: JSorrentine | Feb 28 2014 16:25 utc | 35

First, the Russians should support Crimea's efforts to secede from Ukraine so that Ukraine doesn't drag Crimea down with it and then stand back and watch while the U.S. destroys Ukraine.

Ukraine is in debt to Russia up to its eyeballs. As this was a U.S. intervention and takeover of Ukraine, and Ukraine is going bankrupt, Russia should request payment as principle creditor from Ukraine's new benefactor. Ukraine has billions in outstanding loans to Russia. U.S./IMF intervention in Ukraine will be painful and ultimately disastrous. Everything the U.S. touches turns to shet. The European Union will not foot the bill for Ukraine because it has its own welfare states to support and does a lot of business with Russia which it won't ultimately risk, and the EU economy is still inching its way out of recession. So, the U.S. broke Ukraine and will be left to pick up the pieces and buy the shambles that is Ukraine, and we all know how that story's gonna end given American greed. Ukrainians will end up on Russia's doorstep whining and begging to return to normal relations.

Posted by: kalithea | Feb 28 2014 16:30 utc | 36

"that has the US military in all its murderous glory behind you..."


I couldn't let this statement stand without a shout-out to all the great yeoman war criminal work US intelligence assets are responsible for! Here's to ya, guys and gals!!

Posted by: JSorrentine | Feb 28 2014 16:36 utc | 37

Time is on Russia's side. As soon as the putsch government in Kiev starts negotiating with the IMF on the terms of the bailout, they will lose the Maidan protesters, who they have been hiding behind as a way to obscure the fact that they are business as usual paid servants of the oligarchs.

So it is Putin's interest, I think, to avoid a shooting war in the near term in the Crimea. Let Ukrainians get an idea of what is store for them care of the benevolence of the West, and, as kalithea @ 34 says, "Ukrainians will end up on Russia's doorstep whining and begging to return to normal relations."

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Feb 28 2014 16:56 utc | 38

When Nuland said eff the EU she was speaking literally not figuratively. Her words were pro-active, not just a standard slur or foul-mouthed irritation.

The compromise agreement (1) hammered out by .. I guess mostly the German Steinmeier (whom I know nothing about), as Fabius is such an ass, the other guy (etc..) with afaik Merkel support, was immediately scotched by rising violence and the following events. Bang off, tight time-line: Eff You .. take it.

A contradiction: from 20 feb the EU was talking about, and agreed on sanctions against Urk., mostly against Urk. officials! So you have punishment and blame bandied about while others try to negotiate. The height of ridicule.

Because the EU wants no part of Ukr. (Only to do biz there as I wrote before.) The EU is in so bad a shape it cannot afford such distractions, never mind the cost which can't be paid. It is being manipulated by the US (NATO, etc.) .. pathetic.

1. return to 2004 constitution, early prez elections, etc.

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 28 2014 17:01 utc | 39

For Rowan @ 28: Pro-Obama "Hope & Change" junkies are experiencing a death rattle. The Nobel Laureate is currently at 41% approval and he's heading south. For a president, once your approval rating gets into the thirties, there's no coming back. The Kerry and Hagel tough talk for Russia has practically no public support; the only place it finds a sympathetic audience is within the beltway echo chamber. People in the states are not happy about forking over billions for Banderists, while, as JSorrentine illuminatingly pointed out yesterday, Detroit goes begging for less.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Feb 28 2014 17:07 utc | 40

Interesting report from Rebel Radio/TV (BBC).
Kerry is warning Russia that its military presence beyond the naval base could be misinterpreted as "aggression" AND an attempt to disrupt a "peaceful transition" in Ukraine.
If Putin were a bull, he might think Kerry was waving a red rag...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 28 2014 17:22 utc | 41

Well, EU-Poland is the country the Neo-Conservatives banked on most and their Prime Minister sounds decidedly unenthusiastic:

Ukraine should put economy before revenge

"If the revolution is to bear good fruit, then it can't be based on the idea of revenge," Tusk said, adding that Kiev would have to be well prepared to absorb any aid package from the West.

"It can't be the case that those resources would be squandered by a corrupt government, or by oligarchs."

Neocons hate Steinmeier. He was "Schröder's guy" when Germany refused to take part in the Iraq war.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 28 2014 17:30 utc | 42

b quote "Isn't being such a one-trick-pony a rather dull existence?" it is called maintaining job security.. most western news people don't want to bite the hand that feeds them, even if it means doing away with any form of objectivity.. annie applepants doesn't sound any different..

Posted by: james | Feb 28 2014 17:35 utc | 43

So grateful whenever I stop by here...which is daily...I learn so much more than I can ever possibly post for others...I have a lot of "pwogwessive" friends who couldn't shut up about GW Bush and his lawlessness, but are strangely disassociated and quiet because Mr. Change We Can Bereave In made it ok for them to relax and quit their criticism of the US gov't...well imo, BO has been like Bush the 3rd on steroids. More war by proxy, more brazen and illegal spying, more in-your-face-lies and utter double-talk than even an eternal cynic like myself could have imagined.

Good informative posts, fellas, ladies. Highly appreciated here.

Posted by: Prey4 Justice | Feb 28 2014 18:48 utc | 44

First, it is - of course! - a mere coincidence that applebaum is jewish as are pretty all of the criminals involved. Sure. No doubt. Who could imagine anything else?! Clear case of coincidence.
(Remember the rules! Whenever 90+% involved in a heinous crime are jewish then that's coincidence. And don't you dare to think differently, you anti-semite!)

I don't care batshit what applebaum says.
I don't care batshit what nuland says.
I don't care batshit what zusa says, wants or wants not.
I don't care batshit what zeu says, wants or wants not.

Why? Because whatever they say, want or want not is completely meaningless.

Now to Kadyrov.

First of all, kindly note the sublime but beautiful fragrance of humour.
The Nazi-thug that threatens and blackmails ukrainian officials (and doesnt't care batshit about the "new government") and walks around with Kalashnikov loves to tell that he faught in chechenia against Russia and how he enjoyed killing Russians.
Well, Kadyrov *is* from chechenia. And he is very experienced and respected for taking proper care of anti-Russian terrorists * smile

To be more precise, Kadyrov is known as a man who delivers results and doesn't think expensive and onerous legal procedures are applicable to terrorists. And he *does* deliver result.

Now, by some coincidence, it so happens that on one day a) Kadyrov declares that he goes to ukraine, either as a peacemaker or as a soldier and b) on different places in Crimea 3 army trucks without number plates and "around 50 heavily armed men" acting politely and swiftly are reported. Also reported is that those men definitely are not some miltia but, as pretty much all witnesses, no matter their political side, describe they are evidently some extremely well trained and highly efficiently acting commando unit.
Coincidence, no doubt.

Let me guide your attention on Kadyrovs words for a moment. "As peacemaker or as soldier". Now, for one, when Kadyrov says "peacemaker" he isn't talking about a political dialogue. Rather he is talking about results without official and open military intervention (which would be the latter, "as soldier").

They way I see it it's quite simple.

Putin wanted - and did many years! - respect the souvereignty of ukraine. Well noted, although diverse ukrainian politicians were in the habit of betraying, selling out, and playing Russia.

By now it's pretty evident to everyone that hell broke lose in ukraine and there is virtually no way to peacefully negotiate an acceptable solution. But still Putin doesn *not* want (but is ready) to intervene militarily.

Now, one, probably *the* major properties making the problem unsolvable (and creating it in the first place) is that brute force and illegal maneuvers have been used and there de facto is no legitimate state player. yanukovich is theoretically legitimate but practically incapacitated; the "new government" on the other hand has a certain amount of de facto power but is completely illegitimate. Furthermore, there is still freely roaming another party, the nazis, who de fato brought the "new government" to power, does however not care about its decisions.

In a situation like that there are only two - theoretically - possible solutions. Either usa calls back their thugs, which they probably could not even do, at least not the nazis) and are not ready to do anyway - or - Russia stupidly accepts as legitimate what it definitely knows to be illegitimate (and not sticking to agreements anyway) which Russia, of course will not do, no matter what.

The only reasonable and working approach in a situation like that is to respond equally that is, to confront a non-state operating illegally crime organization (like the nazis and the "new government") with a non-state operation using similar means like brute force.

Hence Mr. Kadyrov (who will btw. take it as a personal pleasure to clean out the nazi vermin) and the "shadowy" 50 special ops men.

But there is another reason. It's not only about cleaning ukraine. It's also to prepare operational grounds for further "shadow forces". Not because Putin is evil but because special ops is *the* classical zusa way to react to seriously shitty problems they created. So, desiring that or not, Putin must be ready for special ops anyway because he will sure enough not leave the field any longer to zusa criminals.

I privately assume (but don't have any proof) that at the same time other inofficial special units have already been deeply penetrating ukraine incl. kyiv, first for recon operations and to then later arrest (or gratuitously kill) the leading figures of the ukrainian terrorists and traitors. I strongly assume that those figures will then be brought to Crimea (i.e. "ukraine" and not Russia), most probably to Simferopol and then to court. Sure enough, Russia will also try hard to gain more evidence of the historic and operational details of the putsch and its major players.

Once the vermin is cleaned out, yanukovich will return and a) grant far more autonomy for the eastern regions b) agree to early elections and c) stay interim president until election day.
Quite probably Putin will also strongly suggest that ukraine starts to seriously fight corruption.

This is the only realisticly feasible and even to a degree elegant solution.

Maybe the zamericans will send special ops, too. For that case there will be order to simply kill, uhm, sorry, arranging bad luck in traffic, them all after taking their confessions on video.

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Feb 28 2014 19:22 utc | 45

Now UNSC have a meeting on Ukraine, what does the thugs in ukraine believe they will get out of it? So stupid.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 28 2014 20:38 utc | 46

@ 34 -- The US will never allow repayments to Russia. They're already t alking about economic sanctions aganst Russia, according to the NPR news reports.

NPR had an amazing change of vocabulary to describe the take over of government buildings in Ukraine. In Kiev, it was rather mild sounding, that the protesters simply took over or occupied said buildings.

In Crimea, it's about armed gunmen "seizing" the the parliament building.

Western backed goons, good; any opposing US moves, bad. Really, really bad.

Posted by: jawbone | Feb 28 2014 20:43 utc | 47

Mr. Pragma you have the best sense of humor of anyone on this blog.
"...kill.......them all, after taking their confessions on video."

"This is the only realisticly feasible and even to a degree elegant solution."

I love to read your posts. Elegant indeed.

Posted by: okie farmer | Feb 28 2014 20:45 utc | 48

okie farmer (46)

You took and quoted two phrases completely out of context. But then, maybe that's your understanding of humour.

I'm looking forward to read a smarter interpretation than mine of the current situation in and around ukraine. Just in case you happen to care about the matter of this discussion.

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Feb 28 2014 20:49 utc | 49

Mr. Pragma, I loved your post43, and frankly I don't think anyone commenting here has a 'smarter interpretation' than yours. We're all extremely concerned about the situation in Ukraine, and we're flailing around trying figure out how it will be resolved.

But I did like how you finished the post, and found humor in it as well.

Posted by: okie farmer | Feb 28 2014 21:06 utc | 50

Anne Applebaum wrote a thorough and well received book on the Soviet Gulag system. You know, that incredible system of forced labor camps in the Far North where the Soviets sent millions of their conquered people, and their very own citizens to a sentence of starvation and death. It is from those camps that Hitler got his idea for those concentration camps. Some of those camps were in operation well into the 1980's.

I do hope Ukraine defaults. Much of its debt is held by Russia and its oligarchs, those friends of Putin. Russia and friends have been stealing the Ukrainian people blind.

It's only the soft-brains in the West who refuse to see the evil that is Russia. Go try living in that cesspool of corruption.

Posted by: Crimean Tatars | Feb 28 2014 21:31 utc | 51

Here is a comment from a thread over at Sic Semper Tyrannis from poster David Habakkuk concerning a report from The Voice of Russia website. Supposedly, the hacker group Anonymous accessed communications between the Ukrainian insurgents and a group of Crimean Tatars plotting some future mayhem. Perhaps, as Mr. Habakkuk observed, this purported hack is a psyop, and then perhaps not. But it certainly bears watching, considering that there were reports of a fairly large demonstration of Islamist-oriented Tatars staged in Crimea recently, and bearing in mind the links between the Ukrainian neo-nazis and Wahabbi jihadis in Russia's southern tier. Anyway, here is the comment:

David Habakkuk said...


From a report on the ‘Voice of Russia’ site:

‘The well-known hacker group Anonymous posted online the correspondence between Andrei Tarasenko, the deputy head of the Ukrainian nationalist organization “Trizub imeni Stepan Bandera” and Aslan Omer Kyrymly, the Deputy Chairman of Crimea Tatar Mejlis.

‘One of the hackers writes: “It was a hard job, but we have still managed to hack an email of the Maidan activists. Surprisingly, the nationalists have developed links with the Crimean Tatars.”

‘Straight after that, hackers posted a quote from one of the emails:

‘“Everything is going according to the plan. We are ready to proceed with the second part of the play. As agreed earlier last week, my guys together with people from the “Karpatskaya Sech” and UNA-UNSO will arrive wherever is needed and with the necessary weapons. You only need to let us know the addresses of the warehouses in Simferopol, Sevastopol, Kerch, Feodosia and Yalta, and the time of the meeting...Don't worry about the money, everything will be fine, just a little bit later. In the end, you know that if we succeed, you will get a lot more.”’

‘According to the text, the neo-Nazi organization “Trizub imeni Stepan Bandera” along with “Karpatskaya Sech” and UNA-UNSO are ready to fulfill all the dirty work: to kill, burn and banish all the opponents of Maidan from Crimea. Crimean Tatars should “only” provide them with “instruments” ie weapons and store them in the most important cities of the Crimea.’

(See )

Of course, claims about hacked e-mails can be disinformation – as I think the e-mails purporting to show that British private security company Britam Defence might have been involved in ‘false flag’ operations intended to implicate the Syrian authorities in chemical weapons atrocities were. If anyone better qualified than I can hazard a view about the authenticity or lack of it of the e-mails posted by ‘Anonymous’, it might be helpful.

If however the Maidan people are seriously involved with the Crimean Tartars, then certainly I would expect that the Russian authorities will be taking steps with considerable urgency in relation to the Crimea. This could all get seriously bloody.

As to other parts of the South and East, I still think it makes more sense for Moscow to play a waiting game. This is all the more so, as although Yanukovich is of some use in bringing out the questionable nature of the claims to legitimacy of the those currently ruling in Kiev, it seems clear that he is almost universally regarded with contempt and loathing – by Putin among others.

To draw more of the South and East into its orbit, Moscow would need political leaders and forces who can mobilise popular support. It would further need those ruling in Kiev to continue shooting themselves in the foot. The appointments to key security positions, to which ‘b’ referred in his comment, suggests that it may be quite difficult for the E.U. and U.S. to stop them doing this. But even if this is so, for the full impact to be felt will take time.

Likewise, the economic policies of the ‘Maidan’ people seem rather likely to spark disillusionment, again particularly in the South and East. But this also is likely to take time.

On another point, the whole purpose of the Russian military reform has been to get away from the traditional model of a conscript ‘people’s army’, and replace it by a – relatively speaking – small, and largely professional force, with a body of career NCOs at its core. (So Putin has quoted Marshal Zhukov as saying that it was ‘me and the sergeants who command this army.)

If however the suggestion that ‘Banderistas’ are planning to take over Sevastopol is accurate – which it may not be – then I suspect that one might that the contemporary Russian army is all too happy to kill as many of them as they can.

Reply 28 February 2014 at 12:53 PM

Wars, and rumors of wars...

Posted by: JerseyJeffersonian | Feb 28 2014 21:34 utc | 52

Crimean Tartars @ 49: What about the kind of corruption -- credit default swaps, derivatives and all the other instruments of casino capitalism -- that melted down the global economy five years ago? How does that stack up against Gazprom?

And as for Hitler getting his idea for his concentration camps from Stalin, I'm afraid Uncle Sam has dibs on that too. Unless my memory of Mien Kampf fails me, Hitler was inspired by the American Indian reservation system.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Feb 28 2014 21:50 utc | 53

@ 48.
Fwiw, I second that, and suspect Mr Pragma is right.
I'm so-o tired of Yankees telling us how clever their 'special ops' are (9 times out of 10 against women, children and other non-combatants) that its appealing to imagine that a Russian special ops team can make a couple of boatloads of Yankee special ops disappear without a trace.

Of coarse if it happens we may never know because Putin's too modest to brag about it, and the world's second ex-superpower would sound a bit wussy if it complained.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 28 2014 21:51 utc | 54

Most Tatars are *not* anti-Russian but rather anti-Kiev and anti-corruption.

But then, it's not new to finance a small minority of (in this case) the Crimea-Tatars to make it look like "the Tatars" want this or that.

The recipee, and a typical western and zionist one that has been employed again and again is simple: If you bring up a small payed and organized fraction of whatever group they will, of course, always seem to be more than any honestly gathering group.

While it could, for instance, be assumed that maybe one or two thousand ethnic Russians would honestly and of their free will gather to demonstrate, one could simply manipulate the situation by paying 3.000 Tatars (or at least saying they were Tatars ...), say 30$ each (a lot of money in ukraine) plus 10 organizers 500$ each, so a total of ca. 100.000$, to "prove" to the world that "massive" numbers of Tatars are anti-Russian. Which btw. is just a repetition of the recipee employed on maidan.
For comparison: The photographer whose photo of the protests happens to be selected for major western publication might quite well earn 100.000$, too.

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Feb 28 2014 21:51 utc | 55

The Russians are colonists in the Crimea just like the the Jews from Russia and the US are colonists in Palestine. The Russians immigrants in the Israeli colonies are known as the most vicious against the indigenous Palestinians. Both the Jews in Palestine and the Russians in the Crimea murdered and deported the indigenous population and brought colonizers in to replace them. The Russians are not indigenous to the Crimea. They are colonists. Any action against a colonizer is justified.

Almost seven million Ukrainians were purposely starved to death by Russian Soviet policies in the 1930's. The person responsible for this was Lazar Moyseievich Kaganovich, and fellow co-religionists. The Ukranians know this as The Holodomor.

Posted by: Crimean Tatars | Feb 28 2014 22:06 utc | 56

Hoarsewhisperer (52)

I might be assumed to be slightly biased in that matter but consider:

(Many of) Russian special forces speak the language and anyway are used to a very similar culture. Some of them might actually have come from ukraine. Unlike zusa special forces Russians have to *really* train hard. And not for 4 weeks or 3 months but for years. Many Russian special forces *only* accept well proven officers with min. 2 foreign languages, excellent theoretical and practical test results. And they are proven. Everyone just knows about Russia having left Afghanistan in shame. But there is more to know, namely that even today there still is tremendous respect for Russian special forces.
I hope you noted that only officers and only those with a high IQ are accepted even as applicants for some Russian special services. Notice something? Once more and again Russia, unlike zusa, is betting on brains, education, and culture as much as on body capabilities.

No wonder that virtually all witnesses of the "shadow group" of 50 told that the team was *polite* - where zamericans blindly shoot and kill and explode.

I already wrote it in another thread. You don't believe me? Fine. Just watch some youtube videos on zusa soldiers on patrole in Afghanistan ... and then some, say german or french soldiers. You can't but notice considerable differences. Frankly, if as a general I had to choose between 5.000 zusa soldiers, 2.500 german or french soldiers and 1.500 Russian soldiers I might, depending on the situation choose Russian or german or french ones - but I would definitely not accept the zamericans, no matter the situation.

Last but not least: Virtually EVERYTHING is about PR, image, show, and plain lies in the zusa system. Missiles, jets, ships, you choose. Why on earth would it suddenly be any different with their special forces?

In summary, yes, the Russian special forces in ukraine would *easily* neutralize and, if so desired, vanish any zusa special forces. No doubt. Not a second. Not even if Russians were outnumbered 2:1.

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Feb 28 2014 22:10 utc | 57

Seems the midan sh*theads are finally realizing the scale of the sh*tstorm coming their way..These funny color revolutionary organization are also encouraged to cause chaos and promised NATO's protection when the sh*t hits the fan.

Problem is, when the sh*t hits the fan, NATO don't show up for the party. Sakaashvilli of Georgia was taught this lesson when he messed with Russia (during the Beijing Olympics).

US's shameless accusations on occupation is just breathtaking..How they manage to say such things with a straight face is beyond me...

It's gonna be a wonderful weekend..Enjoy :)

Posted by: Zico | Feb 28 2014 22:19 utc | 58


Cant hear what you are saying, you seems to have the panties of Nuland's in your mouth.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 28 2014 22:19 utc | 59

It looks like it is the beginning of the unraveling of the Ukraine. The goal of Russia is not simply to reintegrate the Crimea but the entire Eastern portion of the Ukraine. What we are seeing in the Crimea right now is an effort to prevent the Kiev government from gaining control over that region. It is not in Russia's interest to move too fast there but to let events build so that the Russian majorities in Odessa, Kharkov, Donetz, Dnipropetrovsk and provinces in between are politically ready to seek union with Russia. That law just passed by the new rightwing government restricting the Russian language is just the item that was needed to alarm the Russian speaking majorities in those regions to begin to think about a permanent divorce.

It is pretty clear that Western Ukraine forces can't send the Army into these Russian provinces and put down a secessionist movement because too many of the officers and enlisted men are Russian speakers and such a move would split the Army. Exactly what happened to Yanukovich when he ordered the federal police to fire on the armed forces in the Kiev maiden -- the Ukrainian nationalist in his government rebelled.

This has the potential to move smoothly but Western power intervention in the process could result in a real shooting war between Russia and the West. It is hard to predict the outlines of a new Ukraine but a natural division would be the Dnieper River defining the northern Ukrainian-Russian border with Kerson, Mykolev and Odessa also going to Russia. That might be too optimistic for Putin to obtain, but one thing is for sure he is not going simply go for the Crimea.

Posted by: ToivoS | Feb 28 2014 22:34 utc | 60

Fun read and the truth at the same time

Posted by: jo6pac | Feb 28 2014 22:54 utc | 61

holodomor a compmete myth

an excellent bookavailable in pdf

Posted by: remembererringgiap | Feb 28 2014 22:55 utc | 62

A video has emerged from Kiev, showing members of Berkut carrying away from the stand-off with the "peaceful demonstrators," actually fascist stormtroopers, a decapitated body of their colleague. Now, the same forces have been put by the new regime in charge of the police, the army, justice, and courts:

Posted by: brian | Feb 28 2014 23:03 utc | 63

Vice President Joe Biden held a phone conversation with Ukraine’s newly appointed Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Biden assured the Ukrainian PM that the new Kiev regime, which depends on the fascist GLADIO army, has "the full support of the US administration in its political crisis." The White House has said by fleeing the capital, President Viktor Yanukovich abdicated power. Evidently, the White House wanted Yanukovich to wait for being lynched by the fascist troopers coming his way, as instructed by the White House. They fired at him when he was leaving. Evidently they wanted him dead. One glitch in the operation. Canada has also welcomed the formation of the new regime organized around the loyalists to the cause of fascist and war criminal Stepan Bandera. Canada took special care to insist that this putschist regime is a "legitimate government" and that these fascists in power are "a vital step forward in restoring democracy and normalcy to Ukraine."

Posted by: brian | Feb 28 2014 23:03 utc | 64

do americans or eu citizens know or care who their elected leaders are backing? the US and EU politicians act as if they rule by diktat

Posted by: brian | Feb 28 2014 23:04 utc | 65

'What we are seeing in the Crimea right now is an effort to prevent the Kiev government from gaining control over that region. It is not in Russia's interest to move too fast there but to let events build so that the Russian majorities in Odessa, Kharkov, Donetz, Dnipropetrovsk and provinces in between are politically ready to seek union with Russia. That law just passed by the new rightwing government restricting the Russian language is just the item that was needed to alarm the Russian speaking majorities in those regions to begin to think about a permanent divorce'

stop right their...there is no legitimate 'government' in is an illegitimate occupation of the seat of power by a coup. what people should target is that US and EU regimes are supporting the idea that its OK to remove a govt by coup.....which means they can also be so removed...they are underking the very idea of 'democracy' they preach 24/7, because noone in position to do so challenges them...evil proceeds like a newtonian law of motion...unimpeded unless challenged by an external force(eg media , puboic outrage etc)...where is this 'force'?

Posted by: brian | Feb 28 2014 23:08 utc | 66

I'm sorry, ToivoS,

but I think that's bullshit and it's following the same western thought pattern of getting more of no matter what that is driving the zusa-influence/controlled western part of the world and that is being relentlessly painted on Russia, too.

It seems that it just never comes to mind (for many) to understand things as simple as they really are, namely that Putin regretted Crimea having been given to ukraine decades ago but that he accepted it and simply behaved as a good neighbour.
After all, Putin could have created havoc in ukraine for many years - but he didn't.
Putin could have bled out and taken over ukraine for many years - but he didn't.
Putin could militarily take over ukraine right now - but he doesn't.

As obviously some here plain and simple can't understand that, let me help out and explain in a simple way.

You can try to buy and keep your wife, friends and employees dependent and to completely control them. And many times exactly this happens. But the price you pay is that you do not really have a wife or friends and you employees will by definition leave your company tomorrow morning for anyone paying more money.
Or you can try and accept that your wife, your friends and your employees are humans themselves, humans with their own strengths, weaknesses, desires, priorities, a.s.o - which is not a bad thing in itself. Sure, you will sometimes have to make compromises but at the same time you lay the groundworks for loyalty, honesty and also a lot of growth potential for anyone involved. Last but not least, isn't it illogical and worthless to say "wife, I love you" or "friend, you are close and valuable to me" but de facto simply remote controlling them?

And what would be Russias or Putins need to be control and "more, more, more" freaks? Russia has pretty much everything and plenty enough of it. They simply do not need ukraines territory, they do not need ukraines industry nor do they need ukraines agriculture. In fact they do not even need the Sevastopol port.
Sure, Russia is interested e.g. in some airplane factories in ukraine. So what? Don't you that buying shares in those companies or even buying their whole technologies, is WAY cheaper than taking over the country?

There is one single thing that really is close to Russia: Crimea. Simply because crustchev, himself a ukrainian (!) out of thin air gave away Crimea to ukraine.
But even there the reached compromise was unpleasant but acceptable, namely that Crimea is and stays largely autonomous, that the ethnic Russian there can live in peace and that Russia can keep the Sevastopol pool - not for strategic necessity but for basically emotional historic reasons.

And look at the facts!

It wasn't Putin or Russia who started the riots. It wasn't Putin or Russia who by force and terrorism implanted a puppet regime. And from what I know, even in Crimea non-Russians were not molested, robbed or beaten. The other way round, however, there is an endless series of everyday transgressions against ethnic Russians by ukrainians, e.g. by the police, often btw. explicitely sent from western ukraine in order to keep Crimea "straight" by terrorizing ethnic Russians!

And it also wasn't Putin or Russia who broke virtually every agreement from the 90's - it was zusa and zeu. If, just to demonstrate the point, Putin started a war and occupied those former Sovjet satellites which - illegaly! - became zato members and broke them free by force (and then left them alone and do whatever they please except joining zato), he would be perfectly right. But he didn't. once more he politely stayed peaceful and polite.

And there is even more. If the ukrainians didn't terrorize the ethnic Russians, they wouldn't think about joining Russia in the first place. The readiness of ethnic Russians e.g. in Crimea to join Russia and to put themselves against Kyiv has its reason in west-ukraines long and bad behaviour, simple as that. And, of course, they see how much worse they are off than neighbouring regions in Russia.

So, just cut the bullshit and get informed before preaching propaganda and blaming Russia and Putin for everything incl. the last ice age 12.000+ years ago!

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Feb 28 2014 23:19 utc | 67

ah that good old order 66! current events in ukraine venezuela etc explained by Star Wars

Posted by: brian | Feb 28 2014 23:20 utc | 68


let them zamericans thugs talk and lie all they want. They have OBVIOUSLY lost control over ukraine. this time all their lies and relentless propaganda won't help them ...

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Feb 28 2014 23:21 utc | 69

okie farmer

OK, I was mistaken in reading your post the way I did.
So, thanks for the compliment.

As for the humour, well, my english is lousy and my thoughts often so clumsily worded that, at the very least, I must try to look a little funny when stuttering ;)

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Feb 28 2014 23:33 utc | 70

'Exactly what happened to Yanukovich when he ordered the federal police to fire on the armed forces in the Kiev maiden -- the Ukrainian nationalist in his government rebelled.'

you have proof of this claim? because its the same claim made against Gaddafi and Assad...its standard colour coded revolutionary propaganda, so proof please

Posted by: brian | Feb 28 2014 23:35 utc | 71

well said @65

Posted by: brian | Feb 28 2014 23:39 utc | 72

one party 2 right wings:republcrat Bush cheered the Orange revolution of 2004..demipublican Obama , the purple revoluion of 2014 : from NYT(Not Yet the Truth) ....That was a different decade and a different president. While George W. Bush was inspired by the Orange Revolution of 2004 and weeks later vowed in his second inaugural address to promote democracy, Barack Obama has approached the revolution of 2014 with a more clinical detachment aimed at avoiding instability.

Posted by: brian | Mar 1 2014 0:04 utc | 73

#65 pragma you have a reading comprehension problem. I am not blaming Putin for the current crisis. What Putin is doing is protecting Russian national interests and is reacting to the coup that was supported by Western powers. It was close to 100% predictable that if the Ukraine began to move towards entering Nato, that the Russians would not allow the Crimea become a military base for Western powers. I mentioned this before and you spouted some nonsense that Russia did not need Sevastopol because the naval base at novorossiysk was superior.

In any case we are now seeing some push back from Putin. He is acting cautiously and I suspect that he might be worried that events are moving too quickly in the Crimea. But whatever he is doing right now it is not something he wanted to happen but is reacting to events that are being forced on him by the West.

Posted by: ToivoS | Mar 1 2014 0:19 utc | 74

putschists had a plan to seize at least one airport in the Crimea over night with the help of commandos who were on their way there on the board of a Turkish plane. Given Turkey's support to the insurgents in Syria, which includes Chechen and Tatar mercenary fighters, a number of interesting possibilities emerge. Once it became clear that friendly, but highly professional units showed up at the airports, the Turkish plane made a U-turn and flew back. One could also assume that the attempted airborne assualt might have coordinated with a party on the ground.

Posted by: brian | Mar 1 2014 0:22 utc | 75

Crimea Tartar uses the same number for the Ukrainian famine as foff/stfu used to. Unfortunately, it is completely wrong.

There is no evidence - unlike the Nazi holocaust which people are so desperate to compare it to - in the way of any kinds of records or orders that the famine was carried out intentionally. None.

Regarding the number of deaths: even the Color Revolution Kiev government, eager to please its US backers, came up with a number of under 4 million. But it of course was busy copying the same methods used by the NeoCon Polish government - the so called "Politics of History" (heavy on the politics, light on the history) - to rend the former Soviet space, not to find an answer about the tragedies of 70 years ago.

As for foff's - I mean Crimea Tartar's - seven million number is exactly a propaganda set piece to "beat" the Nazi number and therefore build the narrative: "Stalin - worse than Hitler." Why do this you might ask? The answer is quite clear: It is on this ruse that the foundations of post-war "American Exceptionalism" are laid. It is on these distortions of history that the US can excuse itself for allying with the remnants of Nazi power. It is on these sleights-of-hand that intellectuals like Anne Applebaum rely upon and expand upon - writing books with no scholarly or historical value - to explain away decades of appalling the shocking and blood-soaked history of US moves against social reform and democracy all across the globe.

There is no doubt that the famine occurred. But there is plenty to doubt as to wether it was a planned genocide. What isn't at all in doubt is that the United States has cynically used it to split apart people's who once lived side by side and in opposition to America's bloodthirsty neo-colonialism that followed the Second World War.

The Ukrainian famine has always been studied more for its contemporary geopolitical implications than anything. And everyone who has ever simply spit out these lies without considering what such a massive lie meant - wether intentionally or not - has brought us to where we are today, with flags of former Nazi collaborators being marched through the same cities the Nazis so ruthlessly attacked. With the dreams of a many generations dashed, fascism and ethnic hatred on the rise, and who knows what horrors to come in the days and months ahead.

If you have any question as to wether the Russians are the most lied about people on the face of the earth - you haven't been paying attention for the last few months.

Posted by: guest77 | Mar 1 2014 0:51 utc | 76


Looking at what little real info that man gives and looking at the photos it seems to me that he is right in some points and wrong in others.

For one, there are *many* Mi24 air tanks in the Russian forces. Also, due to the large scale maneuvers it makes even less sense to talk about where they are stationed. Besides not being right in the first place, it is particularly besides the point in the context of special forces which as a tradition tell little about their equipment (and most of that shouldn't be taken as prefectly true ...).
Also that air tank can not take 8 "naked men" or 4 equipped men but 8 fully equipped men. Considering the expected CQB and very well known theater and lots of friendly support available, one can confidently count 10 equipped special forces.
But frankly, that is irrelevant anyway because Russian speznatz wouldn't fly in in broad daylight.
Also don't forget that Mi24 have been bought all over the world and ukraine also still has some dozen of those.

For the verticopters I see basically two explanations with a reasonable degree of probability:
- demonstration of presence and power - and - transfer of material to Sevastopol bases.
- The assumption of need in open fightings.
Probably the first with the timing somewhat earlier than planned due to the latter.

What fightings? Well as he himself shows - credible to me - the scenario seems to have been turkey - once more - having their dirty hands involved in supporting terrorists (which was exceptionally stupid by the turks as they will find out).
One must see that in situations like that the command hasn't clear cut timely available informations. No, diverse information flows in with more or less relevance or potential relevance. So when command learned that an airplane from turkey, quite probably filled with ukrainian terrorists, was on its way to Simferopol, rapid decisions had to be taken. In the given case one highly probable option was to send in air tanks and to crush down on whatever terrorists came.

So there is a very sound and likely explanation for those helicopters.

As a side remark (and I might be wrong) the pictures suggest to me that those troups were special forces but more the military grunt type, or to say it differently, more rapid deployment type than real special forces.
Now, don't get me wrong, the mil. special forces are by no means toys either, they are very capable forces and one better takes them very seriously. And possibly those are the "shadow" forces I wrote about earlier. I don't think so, however. I'm quite confident that the "shadow" teams are more elite - and way more discreet and usually "unvisible" forces. Also the weapons (from what little can be seen) and the other gear seem to support my understanding.

And indeed that's exactly what had to be expected from Russia. First, there are very different scenarios in different theaters (e.g. friendly Crimea or less friendly Odessa (which might seem to be worthy to defend for the ukraine regime)) and different tasks (e.g. first response and quick securing situations (like ukrainian forces or terrorists coming in), emboldening standard base security, infiltrating kiev, verifying and training Berkut, and many more).
As Russia is free to choose from a wide variety of "instruments" (diverse forces and special forces) there are, of course, different forces sent in for different tasks - with, at least at the moment, properly uniformed forces limited to and around Russian bases (and only highly discrete and largely "invisible" forces put to other, more sensible tasks).
Another point not be overlooked is the fact that some of the Russian ships in Sevastopol can act as complete S-300 batteries as well as ship killers.

Last but not least, all this taken place in a highly charged international environment and it concerns a country that knows Russia very well. So there is two reason of an additional layer of using certain troups as signals as message.

As per now I privately strongly assume that Sevastopol and Simferopol (and some other less talked about locations) are stable, strong and prepared fro pretty everything incl. an - extremely unlikely and suicidal - zusa/zato attack.
I'm assuming therefore that Russias focus right now is one "bridge building" and logistics preparations and on more secret operations inside a) eastern ukraine, b) western ukraine, and c) kiev with different targets.

If a completely private remark isn't out of place: I'm laughing my ass off over all those zamerican and zato "grave warnings to Russia". To me it looks like angry puppies yapping anxiously but lacking teeth. What could they do? Send in zamerican super-special-supremacy rangers as training material for Vympel? * lol

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Mar 1 2014 1:16 utc | 77

MIkhail Sholokov, Quiet Flows the Don:


Russian troops sized Crimean capitol's airports.

Posted by: neretva'43 | Mar 1 2014 1:40 utc | 78

@51 mike maloney - thanks for saying all that.. many people seem unable to piece together basic shit like that in your first paragraph.. the real war is in the financial dept..a physical war happens only when exploitation on all the other levels has been exhausted.. of course war = money - as smedley butler once said..

to quote - "War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses."

Posted by: james | Mar 1 2014 2:59 utc | 79

they are not russian troops

In the middle of the night at least three KamAZ trucks without license plates drove to the airport with about 50 men inside, the witnesses said.

One of the witnesses told LifeNews website that the armed men are members of ethnic Russians' "self-defense squads."

“We were here and saw them arrive. Nice guys, polite. Not insolent. They have been patrolling the place to safeguard it from the possible arrival of radical Ukrainians.”

Airport spokesman Igor Stratilati denied reports of a takeover. He said that about 50 armed men arrived at the airport to search for Ukrainian airborne troops. However, after finding out that there were no military personnel present on the tarmac, they apologized and left the territory, Igor Stratilati told Echo of Moscow radio.

given what happened in Kiev...this is downright sensible

Posted by: brian | Mar 1 2014 3:04 utc | 80

@74 no russian military involved in airport story:

In the middle of the night at least three KamAZ trucks without license plates drove to the airport with about 50 men inside, the witnesses said.

One of the witnesses told LifeNews website that the armed men are members of ethnic Russians' "self-defense squads."

“We were here and saw them arrive. Nice guys, polite. Not insolent. They have been patrolling the place to safeguard it from the possible arrival of radical Ukrainians.”

Airport spokesman Igor Stratilati denied reports of a takeover. He said that about 50 armed men arrived at the airport to search for Ukrainian airborne troops. However, after finding out that there were no military personnel present on the tarmac, they apologized and left the territory, Igor Stratilati told Echo of Moscow radio.

given what happened in Kiev...this is downright sensible

Posted by: brian | Mar 1 2014 3:06 utc | 81

turks (their MIT) have most certainly channeled crimena tartars jihadis from syria to Ukraine:

MİT and CIA Stir Up Ukraine on EU’s Behalf

According to news of Egalite et Rèconcillation and Russian press, Turkish intelligence MİT linked to PM Erdoğan sent jihadist Crimean Tatars fighting in Syria to Ukraine on a Turkish Airways flight on the 22 November.
Wed, 11 Dec 2013 02:10pm

According to news appearing in the French, Ukrainian and Russian press, Turkish Intelligence has a finger in the ongoing pro-EU protests in Ukraine. News stories from these three nations have claimed that the governmental intelligence organization of Turkey, the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) organized the transfer of separatist, jihadist Tatars trained in Turkey to the Ukraine. According to French news site Egalite et Réconciliation, dozens of Crimean Tatar Jihadists were extracted from Syria by the MİT and transferred to Ukraine via Turkey on an İstanbul-Sevastopol flight of Turkish Airlines on the 22 November. According to information based on sources from the Security Service of Ukraine, (SBU), Crimean Tatars who attended the protests in Ukraine's capital Kiev on November 21 were charged with establishing the security of the square. The Crimean security staff who obtained the support of separatist "Azatlık" movement operating in Russian city of Kazan received political support from Nail Nabiullin, the current president of Tatar Youth League in Azatlık.
Yesterday in Damascus, today in Kiev
According to a Russian news site, Svobodnaya Pressa, jihadist Tatars are being sent to Kiev in groups consisting of 15-20 militants, after being trained at the camps in Crimea and western Ukraine. The militants who went to Kiev to protect pro-EU protesters were the most highly trained of those who went to Ukraine after giving a break to the attacks they perform against pro-Assad forces in Syria through Turkey. According to the news sources, the last attack carried out by this unit was the killing of 10 doctors who refused to cooperate with militants in the Christian town Deir Attieh. The first statement concerning the jihadist Crimeans made by the Crimean Council of Cossacks and Ukrainian Intelligence confirmed the information immediately after the statement of Cossacks. According to Svobodnaya Pressa's news based on the Mufti of Crimean Muslims, jihadist Tatars who protect pro-EU protesters in Ukraine are the members of an international pan-Islamic, jihadist political organisation, Hizb ut-Tahrir.
Pro-EU action in Sevastopol
According to the news covered by Liana Menumerova from the Crimean News Agency (QHA) on November 26, thousands of Crimean Tatars asked for permission from the regional Tatarian Administration to attend the protests in Kiev. According to a statement made by the Foreign Relations Officer of the Crimean Council, Ali Hamsin, Tatari people asked for a representative from the regional assembly and they demanded to raise Crimean flag in Kiev representatively. Hamsin said they welcomed the initiative of the people and they agreed that this initiative indicated a high level of democracy in terms of society.
QHA news agency itself reported that an MP in the Crimean Regional Parliament, Alim Velliullah shared photos of the protests in the European Square. The news also brought to mind an action performed in Sevastopol entitled "I choose the EU". According to the French Egalite et Réconciliation, Crimean Tatars desire an autonomous state in the event that the EU membership of Ukraine occurs, and moreover, they expect to get independence through the pressure of Brussels.

Posted by: brian | Mar 1 2014 3:12 utc | 82

Well brian,

(and thanks for the report) those militants will soon find out that they have utterly miscalculated. Whatever the size of their reservoir of fighters and tricks, that of Russia is always way bigger, and those are well trained men loyal to their country.

It was a grave mistake by turkey when they supported and trained militants and terrorists to create havoc in Syria. While they got away with no immediate backlash that does not mean they'll stay unpunished in the long term.

But they were smart enough (or plain lucky) to keep Russia out of their dirty games.

Well that changed now and it will cost turkey very dearly to have come up with the "smart idea" to "dispose" their self inflicted terrorist problem in the Russian part of ukraine. Remember the turks forcing to stop that Russian civil airplane some months ago and humiliating the Russian passengers? Maybe. And maybe turkey has forgotten that episode. But rest assured that Putin hasn't forgotten about it.
And it was particularly stupid considering that zusa is (or allows gulen) working against erdogan; Russia might have turned out as the last resort of hope for him. Having Russia in a not at all amused mode is about the last thing he should risk.

Nice country the turks got there. Wouldn't it be unpleasant if something ugly happened to it?

As for the "Russian troups" in Crimea ... nope. Not Russian troups or, more precisely, not official Russian troups. It's not Putins or Russias responsibility what private companies do in ukraine. After all, didn't the zio countries always demand Putin to be more lenient towards private companies?

I always found it hilarious how zamericans thought they were the smartest in secretive and shadow operations (which they definitely are *not* by the very definition of "secretive"). The Russian president has decades of KGB and FSB experience and he walked the ranks up coming quite from the buttom learning all along. And he didn't become chief of FSB because of his smile.

Let me give a hint: If Putin asked, say the 76th air assault group soldiers, to officially quit their job, to then work for a shadowy private company, and to finally return to their official unit, 90+% of the troups would only ask "Where do I sign and what is it that that "company" wants me doing for my country, Sir, Mr. president?"
Et voila, there would be some thousand excellent "non Russian" troups whom zamerican "special forces" (who got fucked recently in a third world contry, haha) and ukrainian terrorists would - and should - fear more than crocodiles in their beds.

In other words: To play games with a powerful and resourceful country like Russia is stupid. And to do that with a country with vast secret ops experience, plenty secret troups, and a president with decades of secret service experience who has shown again and again that he easily outsmarts the zio puppets, is stupider than even zamerican retards were supposed to be capable of. But O.K., maybe turks and ukrains (and poles, being at that) can outperform even zamerican lunacy.

One important point should be clear by now: Russia can do whatever it fucking pleases and the supremacy-dominance-blabla ex-superpower zusa barks, wets their pants, and - that's about it.

Putin and Russians being humane, cultured, civilized and friendly is not to be misunderstood as an invitation to eternally piss in their cup.

Looking at it like this I'm seriously grateful to the zusa/zeu/zio/ukraine-slaves scum. Because they finally and thank God achieved what I was praying for so long, namely that Putin finally understands that one can not peacefully coexist or negotiate with zamerican and zionist bio waste.

Oh, and: I wouldn't use turkish airlines or ships in the coming months. They might turn out to be prone to unexplained crashes or sinking ...

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Mar 1 2014 4:01 utc | 83

Mr P.,

So what would Russia's strategy be to stop a destabilization campaign in the Russia-friendly areas? It is cheap and not that hard to send terror gangs around. There's no way volunteers can compete with the professionals of ZATO. The Syrian government barely survived, and it had an organized state to hold things together. Plus, ZATO has been preparing for this for many, many years.

Posted by: Ozawa | Mar 1 2014 4:11 utc | 84

Ozawa (80)

Forgive me but I perceive that question as somewhat weird.

Well, what they do right now. Securing their own installations, securing the civilians - and giving solid reason for hope! - and then arresting or killing any rats that dare to try dirty games.

The volunteers need not compete with zato professionals. Their task is to bolster security and defend (in the worst case as first wall for some hours) their cities/regions.
Furthermore, while I wholeheartedly agree (and find myself confirmed by decades of zato failures) that zamericans are clearly more stupid than the toasts they eat, I wouldn't consider them wholesale suicidal.
And just btw: HOW would they attack Crimea, right next to Russia? By citing indecent mantras?

I also think that your point about long preparation is carrying by far less weight than one might think. Fact is that Russia has swiftly established control over the major cities in Crimea. Whether they did that because they have prepared that for years or because they are professional and smart is of little importance. They *did* it - and that's about it.

And they did other smart - and powerful - things. For instance they gave yanukovich a safe haven.
This is not just a detail, this is of major importance!

Why? At least two reasons:

- They fucked up the terrorists plan (drive yanukovich into a corner and make him de facto mute, and, at the same time, such create a pretext of "there is no president, so someone (we) must take over".
Well they got profoundly fucked by Russia. yanukovich is not muted and he tells the world that he is still the elected president.

- Now the Russians have the pretext. They can have pretty anything and everything signed by the *elected and not legitimately impeached president*. If, extreme case, Russia pleases to militarily occupy ukraine they can have the demand of the *elected and not legitimately impeached president* of ukraine.
And having major parts of Crimes under their control they can even shuffle the legitimate president of ukraine back into the country without the zio-slaves being able to do more against it than to fart angrily. Bad smell but no meaningful consequences.

Sure, one can discus that but fact is that Russia, no matter what, were legally in the clear.

And, please: "destabilization"? I don't see no freakin destabilzation, quite the contrary.

Another thing Russia is already beginning to do (by unmuting yanukovich) which is extremely powerful: They can and will clear the clouds and make sure the ukrainians (all, incl. western) will learn and understand what really happened - and that is: their protest was planfully abused and remote controlled by "just another bunch of criminals"; because that's how most ukrainians will see it (and aleady begin to understand). Just that the new criminals don't just plunder the country for themselves, no, they also sold it out to the west, who again talks about "conditions" for help (like austerity and completely ruining the country).
In short, all the Russians must do - and are already beginning to do - is to make yanukovich look comparatively modest, democratic and nice against those traitor bandits in power now. Now, add to this some creme like "yanukovich did - and still does - agree to early and fair and democratic elections" ... and the vast majority of ukrainians will welcome him back with roses - and will turn a blind eye to what he will do with those scum traitors who tried to steal ukraine for zusa.

Quite simple. And already more than half acomplished.

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Mar 1 2014 4:42 utc | 85

#79 & #80

The Turks have their own problems with an insurgency of "mountain Turks", otherwise known as Kurds. Perhaps a little covert aid and training for them might smarten up the Turks a bit. One good ratfucking deserves another.

Posted by: JerseyJeffersonian | Mar 1 2014 4:47 utc | 86

Russia signed a deal for gas exploration in Syrian territorial waters and has been trying to get a deal to develop Lebanon's gas fields, but Lebanon has several suiters including the US with Chevron and ExxonMobil and has postponed making a decision.


Russia meets 70% of Europe's gas needs and the U.S. is probably already working with Israel and Cyprus both of which have newly discovered gas fields to find an alternate gas supply for the EU.

Israel and Lebanon are already disputing a gas field at the U.N. How can Lebanon possibly trust Israel's advocate,U.S.A???

Russia needs Iran's help to talk Lebanon (which has a majority Shiite population) out of making any deal with U.S. companies.

Posted by: kalithea | Mar 1 2014 5:19 utc | 87

Ozawa | Feb 28, 2014 11:11:43 PM | 80
The Syrian government barely survived, and it had an organized state to hold things together.

Is that a non-sequitur, or an each-way bet?

Plus, ZATO has been preparing for this for many, many years.
However, they seem to have launched it before it was ripe. It's too much of a coincidence that it followed the rumoured(?) interception on Sept 3, 2013, by only several weeks. One only had to note the quantity of anti-Russia agitprop to guess that SOMETHING made the Yankees batshit insane - enough to start their Ukraine plot prematurely.
The timing, imo, was motivated more by blind hubris than good judgement.
Watching Syria slip out of their talons wouldn't have pleased them, either.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 1 2014 5:34 utc | 88

@Rowan #28 Unfortunately your post is a tragic evidence how brainwashed the public is, even supposedly critically thinking commenters. What you wrote is nothing further from the truth. I despise Reptards and Democraps equally, I realize that Obama is a puppet, but what you've failed to notice with your narrow Rep/Dem perspective is the big shift that happened on the evening of the day Obama won his second term. Probably you do not even realize that if Obama had not won we would have been in the middle of the World War 3 already with that genocidal crook Romney leading the charge. You probably do not realize how probable is that scenario and that there are some forces on the inside of the US structure of power who actually have a very good grasp of reality, as opposed to people like you, and DO NOT WANT THAT. They support Obama in his agreement with Putin and Obama's purge of the US military, intelligence, administration of rogue elements (something that double agent Alex Jones portrays as "government assault on military patriots"). There is no idiotic left/right paradigm here, just an attempt to literally save the planet and humanity from those international schemers. The powers supporting Obama are not altruistic but pragmatic, and they have their accounts clean enough not to be desperate in pushing World War in hope to make people forget who the globalist evildoers were and what they did after the dust settles.
Nothing romantic here, just sheer pragmatism and survival instinct. Read carefully my previous posts, Gordon Duff, "Veterans Today" and Thierry Meyssan to understand what is going on behind the scenes. Try to observe and think who has been attacking Obama and his new cabinet most viciously and why for the most part it's often completely phony.
In short - at present Obama is very useful as the only person stopping global anti-human cabal from getting hold of the US military power in order to trigger another world-wide catastrophe.

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 1 2014 5:39 utc | 89

54) To refight the historical battles and revolutions in the area you pretend to live means World War III.

Do you want World War III?

Just admit you want World War III and leave historical justifications out of it. There aren't any.

Posted by: somebody | Mar 1 2014 5:40 utc | 90

BTW To make things clear - it is BRITISH CROWN that is at the top. US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Australia, NZ, Canada - they are all just SUBJECTS, it's called "special relationship". Even though there is enormous amount of money spend on propaganda to make people think otherwise. UK is pushing GMO in Europe, House of Lords has just launched another assault on Poland demanding compensation for the Jews because of the Holocaust. England has always been the Trojan Horse in Europe, trying to pit countries against each other like in both world wars. They invented "concentration camps", eugenics, Tavistock Inst. is there. British elite has gained enormous wealth through offshore tax heavens - still within the borders of the empire (Jersey, Caymans, The International: Part II: The Offshore Petroleum Standard), they are biggest land owners with the devilish Queen on the top - she receives gigantic agricultural subsidies from the EU and accumulates astronomical wealth from her land with other means (The Queen of England Deals Extensively in $17 Trillion Depleted Uranium Trade). It's the Rothshilds who fix the price of gold, The City of London is the main place where the rigging of the global markets take place.
US is just Crown's branch, a military muscle.

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 1 2014 5:56 utc | 91

@Prey4Justice #42: You are wrong - many things changed since November 2012. If not Obama then who, smarta*s? He's been stepping on a minefield, part of which were the false flags in Aurora, Boston Bombings (have you watched Rachel Maddow talking recently about it?), Sand Hoax. Obama cannot act too openly against neocons and the rest of the gang, he has togrin and bear it - otherwise he'll face civil war in the US immediately (remember agent Kokesh operation calling for an armed march against DC)? Not to mention threats to Obama's security (e.g. Atlanta journal Jewish owner and account of Ray McGovern) or his closest collaborators (Israeli assault on general Dempsey in Afghanistan).
Once again: Obama et Poutine vont-ils se partager le Proche-Orient ?, Obama II – the purge and the pact, Obama purging American intelligence agencies

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 1 2014 6:27 utc | 92

I could become quite fond of that theory - AFTER the US has been Iraqified, and buried.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 1 2014 6:37 utc | 93

… this coup was a KGB conspiracy.

Interesting, same topic in article authored by Valery Drotenko [Валерій Дротенко in Ukrainian] - Is bloody KGB plan of Ukraine’s collapse carried out?, dated 08.12.2013.

Same story appeared in Ukrainian om 24-02-2014 after the black militia "sniper" attack on Instytutska Street.

Who Were Snipers In Kiev Massacre - A CIA-Svoboda False Flag Op?

Radio Free Europe published the black militia "snipers" video on 20.02.2014 and UK newspaper The Guardian spliced both videos together for publication the same day. This was pure Western propaganda as the first video by rferl « » was taken during the riots in the night of 28/29 November 2013.

Coverage here.

Posted by: Oui | Mar 1 2014 7:08 utc | 94

One more thing - the anti-human, sadistic, satanic, corrupt, criminal elements in the USG along with their globalist conspirators have been relying heavily in recent conflicts on the special ops (Petreaus/Cheney still command JSOC) and mercenaries (formerly Blackwater, now Academi) who are: 1) overrated 2) are absolutely inhumane, perverted, cruel, twisted, bloodthirsty addicts and lowlifes. They are responsible for the most heinous acts around the world during at least last 7 years Al Qaeda: Private Army of America’s Neocon Right.

It would be a life's most precious moment to see those zeocon scum commandos obliterated by the RF stealth forces.

Also US military planned mutiny on the Bounty to topple Obama

Posted by: ProPeace | Mar 1 2014 7:13 utc | 95

89 :-))

Chevron's shale gas deal with Ukraine

It seems Yanoukovich was very sold on the "West", he just failed to sign the EU Association agreement and dodged the IMF ie refused economic restructuring. So basically protesters were fighting for IMF restructuring and EU norms which they now hope to implement.

It also seems the putsch helped Russia dodge a bullet - the risk of financing Ukraine.

It is a Western/US/European oligarch financed attempt to discipline rogue elements. It is also a Western/US/European oligarch financed attempt to get easier access to Eastern Markets.

Nothing else.

Gaddafi's son seems to think the refusal to buy Rafale fighter jets from France caused Libya's destruction. I guess, he is right.

Posted by: somebody | Mar 1 2014 7:37 utc | 96

A good thread. Mostly pertinent comments (either way) on the unfolding events. Other than the ejaculations from "ProPeace" that is.

Posted by: DM | Mar 1 2014 7:58 utc | 97

Mr P.,

I agree with most of what you wrote, but fail to see how anyone can defend so many targets without a full-scale presence. Or perhaps my understanding is wrong. Are the police in the Eastern Ukraine being paid? I realize that the Crimea is relatively easy to defend. Yes, the Russian strategy is reasonable, but terror gangs work cheap.

How exactly did Russia take control over the key cities or areas in the Crimea? Is that reproduceable in other areas? The region in question is bigger than many countries in Western Europe.

Posted by: Ozawa | Mar 1 2014 8:12 utc | 98

US oligarch fun - Pierre Omydiar

So brace yourself, you’re about to get something you’ve never seen before: billionaire-backed journalism taking on the power of the state. How radical is that? To quote "60 Minutes" producer Lowell Bergman:

"What has been adjudicated and established in the wake of Vietnam and the Civil Rights movement is the ability of the press to basically write or broadcast almost anything about the government.There's very few restrictions in that way. It's not true when we're talking about private power, especially major Fortune 500 corporations, or people worth more than, say, a billion dollars."

In other words: look out Government, you’re about to be pummeled by a crusading, righteous billionaire! And corporate America? Ah, don’t worry. Your dirty secrets—freshly transferred from the nasty non-profit hands of the Guardian to the aggressively for-profit hands of Pierre Omidyar—are safe with us.

And yes, there is a connection to Ukraine

Omydiar funded Ukraine revolution groups with US government

Posted by: somebody | Mar 1 2014 8:51 utc | 99

plus 95) The US security state is so privatized that anybody with an interest will have the NSA files. Snowden is bound to be the tip of the iceberg.

Posted by: somebody | Mar 1 2014 9:01 utc | 100

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