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February 25, 2014

A Few Ukraine Coup Links

A collection of interesting reads on how the putsch in the Ukraine happened and the background behind it.

Max Blumenthal is looking at the historic background of the Nazi groups in the Ukraine and there relation with Ukrainian exile groups in the United States. The connections are deeper than one might have thought:

Is the U.S. Backing Neo-Nazis in Ukraine? - Exposing troubling ties in the U.S. to overt Nazi and fascist protesters in Ukraine.

Many surviving OUN-B members fled to Western Europe and the United States – occasionally with CIA help – where they quietly forged political alliances with right-wing elements. “You have to understand, we are an underground organization. We have spent years quietly penetrating positions of influence,” one member told journalist Russ Bellant, who documented the group’s resurgence in the United States in his 1988 book, “Old Nazis, New Right, and the Republican Party.”

In Washington, the OUN-B reconstituted under the banner of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA), an umbrella organization comprised of “complete OUN-B fronts,” according to Bellant. By the mid-1980’s, the Reagan administration was honeycombed with UCCA members, with the group’s chairman Lev Dobriansky, serving as ambassador to the Bahamas, and his daughter, Paula, sitting on the National Security Council. Reagan personally welcomed Stetsko, the Banderist leader who oversaw the massacre of 7000 Jews in Lviv, into the White House in 1983.

Paula Dobriansky was on of the neo-cons in the Bush administration:

According to her State Department biography, Dobriansky's background includes having "lectured and published articles, book chapters, and op-ed pieces on foreign affairs-related topics, ranging from U.S. human rights policy to East European foreign and defense policies, public diplomacy, democracy promotion strategies, Russia, and Ukraine.

The current lead on Eastern Europe in the State Department is "fuck the EU" neo-con Victoria Nuland. The coup in Kiev was a neo-con project.

Also this comment by markfromireland at Ian Welsh's blog:

To eliminate Russia as a threat to American hegemony you need to hive of The Ukraine and use it as a forward post against Russian resurgence.

This is why the Americans have been exerting massive pressure on the European Commission and on European governments to bring the Ukraine into the North American/North Western European economic sphere. With the UKraine in the “Western” camp they can stymie Russian efforts to drag the Baltic Republics back into orbit around Russia. Without it that becomes far more difficult.

There are allegations in the following piece that parts of the neo-nazis that attacked the police in Kiev have been trained in NATO countries. I have not verified this but it seems plausible: Ukraine: Neo-Nazi Criminal State Looming In Centre Of Europe – Analysis

A number of NATO-sponsored training centers for the Ukrainian ultranationalist militants were opened on the territory of the Baltic states immediately after they joined NATO in 2004. The detailed photo report on a Ukrainian group taking a course of subversive activities at a NATO training center in Estonia in 2006 is available here (texts in Russian).

Abundant financial and human resources were directed to bolster the paramilitary units of the radical UNA-UNSO, Svoboda and other ultranationalist organizations in the Ukraine. Since 1990s these thugs were participating in the Chechen and Balkan wars on the side of radical Wahhabi (!) militants and committing war crimes against captured Russian and Serbian soldiers and civilian population. One of the notorious guerilla fighters of the Ukrainian origin in Chechnya, Olexander Muzychko (aka criminal leader Sasha Biliy) today is heading a brigade of “Pravyi Sector”, the radical militant driving force of the ongoing coup d’état in Kiev.

There have been reports, also mentioned in the above, from Russian sources that, allegedly, Israeli special forces were involved with the anti-semitic neo-Nazis in the Ukraine. That may sound implausible until you recognize that Israeli state policy is to move as many Jews as possible to Israel. To frighten those who still want to stay in their native country by promoting anti-semitic forces makes sense withing this (in itself anti-semitic) policy frame:

For the life of me, I don’t understand the Jews living in France. I don’t understand the Jews living in Poland. I don’t understand the one Jew living in Afghanistan (nor the one living in Eritrea) and I can’t believe there are still 100 Jews in Egypt, Algeria, Iraq or Botswana. I don’t understand the Jews living in the Ukraine and, to be honest, I don’t much understand the Jews living in America either.
But seriously — if you are a Jew living in the Ukraine today, why aren’t you packing your bags? If you are a Jew living in France, do you really expect it to get better? And, if you are a Jew living in the US, do you expect your grandchildren to still be Jewish?

Chinahand aka Peter Lee explains how the U.S., by threatening sanctions on one oligarch, managed to change the majority in the Ukrainian parliament against Yanukovich: Looks Like US Played Hardball in the Ukraine...and Against the EU:

So, by a less-than-generous view, it might be suspected that the United States encouraged demonstrators to break the truce, with the expectation that violence would occur and Yanukovich’s equivocal fat cat backers, such as Akhmetov, would jump ship because the US had already informed them that their assets in the West would be at risk under US and EU sanctions.

If this is the case, the EU perhaps has additional reason to feel sore and resentful at the US. By blowing up the truce and the transition deal, Nuland got Yanukovich out and “Yats”—the preferred US proxy, Arseniy Yatsenyuk—in, but at the cost of terminally alienating the Ukraine’s pro-Russian segment—a segment, it might be pointed out, was actually able to elect Yanukovich in a free and fair election a while back.

I do not expect any Russian move on the Ukraine. Putin will now sit back and let the "west" squabble about who will throw tons of money into the bottomless pit that Ukraine is going to become. No politician in Kiev who wants to be re-elected will dare to sign an IMF agreement that will send a generation of the Ukrainian people into deep poverty. Unless there are nazi-progroms in Russian affiliated parts of the Ukraine Putin now just has to wait for the apple to fall from the tree.

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"No politician in Kiev who wants to be re-elected will dare to sign an IMF agreement that will send a generation of the Ukrainian people into deep poverty."

Hm, re-elected!

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Posted by: Peter Hofmann | Feb 25 2014 16:14 utc | 1

"There are allegations in the following piece that parts of the neo-nazis that attacked the police in Kiev have been trained in NATO countries."

I recall some months back (maybe a year ago?), reading about the U.S. using Ukrainian para-militaries to stage a false flag chemical weapons attack in Syria - not the August attack, but the earlier attacks in the North that Syria wanted investigated. Maybe these are the same guys that showed up in the street protests in Ukraine?

Anyone else remember this?

Posted by: skuppers | Feb 25 2014 16:16 utc | 2

1) You should explain, that this is not the Ukrainian flag in front of the Ukrainian parliament but the flag of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army of World War II.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 25 2014 16:39 utc | 3

@3 yeah, and puta white circle w/a swastika in the center of that flag an' ya get th' whole picture. i see no avtamat in their hands YET...millions of decaliters of blood coming...hopefully lots from nazi scum...

Posted by: bfrakes | Feb 25 2014 16:48 utc | 4

Russia has video of "peaceful" protesters with guns. They intend to present them to EU and OSCE.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 25 2014 17:14 utc | 5

lol the fascists are taking power in ukraine now, how will EU deal with their anti-gay views or antisemtism?
West=fcking clowns!

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 25 2014 17:24 utc | 6

If it is U, it must be Ukraine,

Mother Syria

Posted by: hans | Feb 25 2014 18:42 utc | 7

You NeoStalinists do not have a clue about what is really happening in the Ukraine. Keep on whining, you enablers of the holodomor. Whine away you deporters of the Crimean Tatars. Whine away, you creators of the gulag, who gave the Nazis the blueprints, Whine some more you signatories to the Molotov Ribbentrop pact. Life has passed you by.

Posted by: Crimean Tatars | Feb 25 2014 19:04 utc | 8

On Saturday and Sunday I was tending toward the opinion that the putschists would muddle through. Yanukovych appeared bereft of any support and Russia looked at least open to the possibility of playing along with Tymoshenko's rehabilitation.

But after the last few days I think the Ukrainian opposition has overplayed a weak hand. Rescinding the official status of the Russian language was a stupid move, as was putting out an arrest warrant for Yanukovych and appealing for an ICC trial. But possibly the worst of all are the optics of Right Sector street fighters swiftly transformed into "defense forces" guarding the limos of politicians as they idle in front of parliament.

Regular people in Kiev who supported the putsch are now getting a glimpse of the turds floating in the punch bowl.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Feb 25 2014 19:29 utc | 9

Crimean Tatars

You are mad because we dont support your nazi friends?
Nice english for a "ukrainian" haha.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 25 2014 19:31 utc | 10

@13 lol, putsch bowl! I'm totally stealing that!

Posted by: ruralito | Feb 25 2014 19:35 utc | 11

@Crimea Rivers"You NeoStalinists do not have a clue about what is really happening in the Ukraine."

I do so! I got it off of HuffPo.

Posted by: ruralito | Feb 25 2014 19:40 utc | 12

@2 skuppers, you might be talking about this,

"Documents allegedly “hacked” belonging to the UK-based defense contractor Britam appear to show the company has been considering an offer from Qatar to use Libyan chemical weapons in Homs, Syria, in order to frame both the Syrian and Russian governments.

The plan involves using Britam's Ukrainian mercenaries and Soviet-era chemical weapon shells brought in from Libya's large, Al Qaeda-linked, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) controlled arsenals."

Posted by: jeff | Feb 25 2014 19:47 utc | 13

Voiding Ukraine’s minority languages law ‘wrong’ – Luxembourg FM

The decision of the new Ukrainian authorities to repeal a law giving regional rights to minority languages is a bad move, said Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn. He also criticized a bill which would ban Russian media in Ukraine.

“Languages used by the people must be respected. And I totally agree with those who say that if a law limiting the use of languages is accepted it's wrong,” he told a media conference in Moscow following a meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov

Well, that was quick...! Ban the Russian language and media, right out of the gates...!

Posted by: CTuttle | Feb 25 2014 19:51 utc | 14

Anonymous #6

the fascists are taking power in ukraine now, how will EU deal with their anti-gay views or antisemtism?

1) #FuckTheEU. The EU does not matter, this show is run by the US.

2) The Pravyi Sector policies of de-Russification, "lustration", genocidal* destruction of Russian and Soviet heritage, are core US State Department policies on Ukraine. The very same policies have been implemented everywhere in "liberated" Eastern Europe that has come under NATO boot. I believe the pogroms are implemented under US State Department orders.

*I say genocidal, as the systematic destruction of statues of Lenin and other Russian heritage meets some definitions of genocide:

Yehuda Bauer (1984): (b) elimination of national (racial, ethnic) culture and religious life with the intent of "denationalization";
The current pogroms are targeted at cleansing Ukraine of its "Russian" population. In Ukraine, the Russian and Ukrainian ethnicity differ not by language or by history, but by historiography. Destroying historical memory destroys a nation.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Feb 25 2014 19:55 utc | 15

P.S. – If you have not noticed the Pravyi Sector pogroms you only need to look at their VK page. They are advertised quite openly.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Feb 25 2014 20:03 utc | 16

I have been thinking of the ukrainian problem for the last days.This is in reality a Russia problem and in that I disagree with b.Theoretically time is playing into the hands of the very large group of countries that resist Western Hegemony.But practically this is a rebuff of the russian strategy.The principalist position of Russia in world affair especially as seen in Syria isn't working because the west is fundamentally a collection of rogue states who do not abide by International law and the UN Charter.They mistook the russian attitude for weakness so they are going now for the jugular,be it in Syria,Ukraine and I have a feeling of very soon a repetition in one of Russia Federetion's republic(on the line of Daghestan or similar).Time is pressing for the West because the financial and economic situations can not be obfuscated for much longer.Russia has been sending also wrong messages all the time.Consider:it sells to Iran the SS300 system and then refuse to deliver it.Same thing with the Mig 29 to Syria.It uses sometimes in international arena ambiguous messages(again Syria with geneva 1 and 2).In short it would be useful to revise the whole strategy and have maybe some more forward speaking personality at the front of Foreign Policy as amb. Rogozin(ex ambassador to Nato who is now vice defense minister).The relation with the zionist entity must also be freed of its ambiguities.You can't have business as usual with an entity that has proven time and again that it is your enemy,like in Georgia 2008 and now Ukraine.In short the whole world in watching now Russia and wait for its next move,from China(see in Xinchuan article about Ukraine),to the arab world where nobody really understood the Kremlin attitude with Bandar and his multiple visits,Central Asia republics ,and the partners of Brics,Sco,STo and Alba.And from its next move confidence can be reap proved or lost for the near future.

Posted by: Nobody | Feb 25 2014 20:31 utc | 17

Petri, did you notice that Pravyi Sector blog has 320,000 'followers'. Scary shit.

Posted by: okie farmer | Feb 25 2014 21:24 utc | 19

The involvement of Ukrainian Americans in this mess is reminiscent of the role Croatian Americans played in the breakup of Yugoslavia. Tudjman was elected president of Croatia with the support of funds and political advisers provided from America. Tudhman's party also had ideological roots to the fascists that ruled Croatia during WWII. They also had a PR firm in Washington that aided the anti-Serbian propaganda campaign that demonized Milosovic. In fact both the Ukrainian and Croatian communities in the US were established by refugees following WWII. These were people who collaborated with the Nazis during that war.

I suspect that Putin is not interested in seeing the Ukraine break up, but if it does the schism may very well fall along the Dniepr river with the eastern part plus Odessa going to Russia or becoming a Russian speaking state.

Posted by: ToivoS | Feb 25 2014 21:29 utc | 20

@Jeff 13.
Yep that's the one. The events in Ukraine, and the leak about Nuland "birthing" the putsch, brought it to mind; just another demonstration that the US/UK certainly had ukrainian thugs on the payroll that were willing to do their nasty work.

Posted by: skuppers | Feb 25 2014 21:34 utc | 21

'The decision of the new Ukrainian authorities to repeal a law giving regional rights to minority languages is a bad move,'

HA! an eg of a sniveling query by the europeans: they launched Frankensteins monster and are now a bit worried it may have gotten out of hand.

Posted by: brian | Feb 25 2014 21:44 utc | 22

ToivoS @20
For US read "US and Canada".

The WSWS has this timely piece. If anyone else has linked to it, forgive me:

Posted by: bevin | Feb 25 2014 22:26 utc | 23

I widely agree with b

except this

No politician in Kiev who wants to be re-elected will dare to sign an IMF agreement that will send a generation of the Ukrainian people into deep poverty.

Especially those at power now won't care batshit about the people. After all they came to power in the first place by serving zusa/zeu and not the people (in fact, they suppressed and terrorized them and are in power now anyway), i.e. they just experienced who really has power and who really make you rich.

I'm quite certain that ukraine will soon sign up for zeu slavery.

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Feb 25 2014 23:07 utc | 24

@ 17,

All valid points, but it's a mistake to think much has really changed from Russia's point of view. It hasn't and so there is no need for any rash action. Ukraine has not signed any agreement with the EU and it really can't for a while. They can't force Russia out of Crimea, and the new Ukrainian pseudo-government can't impose its will on eastern Ukraine (and possibly not even Kiev.)

While the bleating and gloating of the neocons will be a nuisance for the coming months, Russia need not do anything overtly aggressive. In public deny any intention to interfere in Ukraine's internal affairs. In secret, create all the structures necessary for east Ukraine to live on its own, while denying the central government any tax revenue. There is no need for any official secession.

In a few months, Russia will be in a position to enable a split if it ever needs to, while the EU/US will be stuck with a broke West, nominally in charge of the whole country.

It is almost certain they will soon come to Russia asking for a deal.

So other than fascist attacks on ethnic Russians, or any attempt to dislodge Russia from Crimea, there is no need for any military action.

Posted by: Lysander | Feb 25 2014 23:33 utc | 25

on second thoughts....

>Merry said the Europeans may not have understood what they had unleashed by courting Ukraine.

"A lot of people in a lot of those capitals really —Berlin and Paris to name two — think that the European Union got too far out in front of itself, didn't think through what it was doing, got involved in what was a zero-sum position with Russia," Merry said.<

Posted by: dh | Feb 26 2014 2:39 utc | 26

Question: the financial situation of the Ukraine is pretty bad, hence the need for an IMF / EU / Russia bailout. Now, who owns all that Ukrainian debt, or iow, which banks exposed to an eventual Ukrainian default? German banks are, I suspect, pretty deeply affected, but others, like… big Russian banks? If Russian banks are in possible serious trouble due to exposure to that debt and the repercussions on the rest of the Russian economy, that will go a long way to guide the actions of the Russian government – and ditto for the German government.

Posted by: Philippe | Feb 26 2014 3:13 utc | 27

@27 I believe the debt is mostly in the form of bonds held by companies like Templeton, Fidelity,ING and Stone Harbor.

Posted by: dh | Feb 26 2014 3:31 utc | 28

Posted by: somebody | Feb 24, 2014 3:20:39 PM | 13

From the NSA "leak" article. Kudos to "somebody" Deja vu anyone?

6 parts, take the time.

Posted by: ben | Feb 26 2014 3:53 utc | 29

Russia says it will not intervene militarily. Some think this means the struggle for Ukraine is lost. In reality it means absolutely nothing! This is not a military conflict. The pogromist putsch is the ultimate realization of Gene Sharp's tactic of "weaponized nonviolence".

The rules of the game have been set by the Rada surrender declaration banning "anti-terror operations". Now no-one in the Ukraine will be able to impose their political will by lethal violence.

Violence will be used – much of it – but this is the Gene Sharp style non-lethal violence or "non-violence". Fascist mobs will continue their pogroms, destroying memorials, burning buildings, and beating up people – with the occasional synagogue burning here and there. Free movement will be stopped by roadblocks. Administrative buildings will be occupied – or protected – by mobs.

Nothing in this conflict requires Russian troops for victory. The situation could change though: NATO could introduce lethal violence. If that happens, Russia may reconsider its options.

What is now needed on the Russian side is non-recognition of the putschist regime and non-cooperation with any traitor who does.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Feb 26 2014 4:09 utc | 30

25) They already went to Russia to get a deal.

Moscow pledged Tuesday it would not intervene in the crisis in neighbouring Ukraine but said the country should not be forced to choose between Russia and the West.

"We confirmed our principled position of non-intervention in Ukraine's internal affairs and expect that everyone follows similar logic," Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

"We are interested in Ukraine being part of the European family, in all senses of the word," he said after talks with Luxembourg counterpart Jean Asselborn.

But he added: "We agree that... it is dangerous and counterproductive to force Ukraine into a choice -- either you are with us or against us."

The Fascists do have a clear military plan, and their plan is to spoil this lovefeast Gladio style.

Whilst the Russians offer Russian citizenship to anybody with "Russian" grandparents (that should cover almost anyone in Ukraine, the Soviet Union did not have ethnic passports).

The Russian labor market, by the way, is recruiting. And conditions are good.

With a choice of no EU passport, a double Ukrainian/Russian passport, and a sure economic crisis potentially starving your family, what would you do?

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 6:20 utc | 31

This here, by the way, is EU Hungary's "right wing" government. The media has become very quiet about them recently:

Russia builds clout in eastern Europe with €10bn loan to Hungary

Whom are the neocons trying to fool?

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 6:23 utc | 32

what sort of government would the ukrainian insurgents form? here is a clue:
Vladimir Suchan :
"Democracy" at a gun point in the hands of the fascist Right Sector in Ukraine. While the Western media and leaders are telling us one thing, this is what is happening NOW on the ground in Ukraine. The video is from the session of the regional government in Roven in Western Ukraine. An armed leader of the Right Sector, Sashko Biliy is explaining the nuts and bolts of the new fascist system: 1) all opposition parties are now outlawed, 2) the Right Sector will not be disarmed, 3) he challenges any unarmed civilian present to try it, 4) force will be used with extreme prejudice; 5) confiscations of property and apartments of all the undesirables will be carried out, 6) the Right Sector will be making all the decisions, 7) no opposition will be tolerated, 8) new order and discipline will be enforced, 8) complete obedience is expected or else. He also fought on the side of the separatists in Chechnya. The video is in Ukraine, though apparently with Portuguese subtitles ...

Posted by: brian | Feb 26 2014 6:24 utc | 33

No politician in Kiev who wants to be re-elected will dare to sign an IMF agreement that will send a generation of the Ukrainian people into deep poverty.

Unfortunately, for the de-nationalized traitor politician, there are better $$$ things than being re-elected.

Posted by: fairleft | Feb 26 2014 6:42 utc | 34

The morning after - German TAZ that featured the "revolution" as Glorious Revolution - the night before

Translation: Europe has overreached. Yanokovich had been offered a free trade agreement that was in the EU's interest but would have been a sell out of Ukraine. When Yanoukovich said no he signed his political death sentence. Brussels fuelled expectations that cannot be met.

Just great.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 7:13 utc | 35

never piss off the chinese....esp when youre in straitened circumstances!
'China makes its displeasure of the recent events in the Ukraine clear. China to sue the Banderite-Orangist Putsch occupying Kiev for $3 billion for breach of grain purchase contract.'

Posted by: brian | Feb 26 2014 7:21 utc | 36

Voices of dissent in the Western Ukraine:

"Comment from a Ukrainian in today’s Guardian:

I am Ukrainian living in the West.
To give some perspective and info as I have relatives there:
1 – opposition is not unified. Majority are peaceful normal people, but 15-20% are hardcore ultra-right/fascist – incidentally they are the ones with guns.
2 – current parliament is afraid of the ultra-right, and first law they passed was to abolish russian as minority language – very stupid mistake as normal people dont care one bit who speaks what language and it only antagonized Odessa
3 – normal average people are very very ambivalent towards the opposition politicians – all of them are tainted, and in private people say that its better if all of them are disposed of, not just yanukovitch. problem is, there is nobody else except the ultra-right
4 – ultra-right militias are right now conducting pogroms on former officials and their families, similar to what Lenin did in 1917 – basically they have a list of addresses and names, and they are breaking in and taking everything. Its not reported in the west, but its happening. Danger is, it might spread into a general pogrom.
5 – police and army melted in the end because they are not paid. Guys that stood in uniform on the Maidan for 3 months with no showers got paid 60$ per month roughly (they were promised 250$ per month). Standing with shields vs unarmed mobs is one thing, but would you risk your life under live fire? A lot of police officers have fled by the way. No money in treasury to pay for anything – not salaries, not police, not army, nothing.
So those are some interesting tidbits not widely reported.
Now to any normal person it is clear that the only future of Ukraine is with Europe, even if we have to be economic slaves for a decade or two. People look at Poland and what Poles did in 2 decades. However, russia is not an enemy either, and thats the dilemma. US meddling and financing unpopular opposition factions doesnt help.
Long-term, not only Ukraine should join the EU, but Russia as well. Peter the Great in 16th century already saw which way the wind was blowing, Russia should swallow their pride and just apply to Nato and EU.

Posted by: brian | Feb 26 2014 7:57 utc | 37

the bit about everybody joining the EU is fanciful...the result are servants of EU or US

Posted by: brian | Feb 26 2014 7:58 utc | 38

I guess the game plan has been to make Eastern European economic ties to Russia difficult by supporting right wing, ultra nationalist movements e.g in Hungary and Poland. F** Eastern European Jews, Roma and Sinti - poking the bear on the cheap.

I think the Russians know that too well to fall into that trap.

It is the same game plan as supporting Al Qaeda groups - make Middle East, Asian integration difficult on the cheap.

36) Ukrainian putsch government is completely out of any legal or democratic framework. Yanoukovich already survived the Orange Revolution and was reelected. You cannot keep people from pursuing their economic interests. When hegemony has lost economic power, that's it.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 8:02 utc | 39

Insurgents and terrorists continue to capture Euromaidan administrative buildings and local authorities in the South and East of Ukraine. Using terrorist methods, voters have been deprived of their rights and of the authority of their elected representatives in local councils. Civilians defending their choices have been mercilessly shot by gunmen armed with Kalashinkovs, rifles, and other combat weapons, as for example on February 22 in Lugansk.

Militants not endowed with any legitimate police authority have arrogated emergency police powers to themselves, using axes and sticks to block central thoroughfares, halting cars to carry out inspections and verification of documents of passengers, and arresting people. They have blocked the entrance to the airport and thus grossly violated the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, which guarantees the inviolability of the person, freedom of movement, the presumption of innocence, and the right to security and life. All the people of Ukraine have been humiliated and denied their dignity and rights.

Posted by: brian | Feb 26 2014 8:13 utc | 40

I humbly submit a nice link to my own pretty darn good article on ... well, the title tells it all: Western media blacks out Ukraine’s revocation of Russian language rights

Posted by: fairleft | Feb 26 2014 8:24 utc | 41

Charles Clover ‏@charles_clover 24h
apparently a video exists of a sniper firing both at Berkut and protesters in Ukraine last week

Retweeted by GrahamWPhillips
Simon Kruse ‏@crusoes 13h
Simferopol is Maidan upside down. Local self-defence groups are camping outside HQ of Berkut riot police to protect them from attacks.

Posted by: brian | Feb 26 2014 8:25 utc | 42

brian 36

every country which deals with china got zapped by fukus
....iraq, libya, sudan, myanmar, nepal, ukraine etc etc.
but our pal j bradley tell us *china isnt in fukus cross hair* hehehhe

next up, ukraine stop colloborating with china in military tech ?

Posted by: denk | Feb 26 2014 8:27 utc | 43

GrahamWPhillips @BritinUkraine 15h
Picture becoming popular online today - 'how #Ukraine greets fascists in the east and west' - #Euromaidan -

Posted by: brian | Feb 26 2014 8:36 utc | 44

MofA is pretty unique in broad spectrum coverage of events in Ukraine. I've tried to get historic perspective on German invasion of Soviet Union in Galicia, Jewish progroms and neo-nazi fascist groups playing a leading role in violent protest in Kyiv and western region of Ukraine. Also, recent declassified documents: CIA Cold War Relations with German Nazis and permanent attempt to erase the history of 1.5 million Jewish deaths in the Shoah.

Found the original full length amateur video of clashes along Instytutska Street in Kyiv, published by ZFront Kharkov UA. Also I raised doubt how video segment of sniper incident by militia with yellow armbands was published by rferl in Ukraine and links to a website listed as Ukrainian Pravda that is phony. ["Украинской правды"]

Link to one of my posts

Posted by: Oui | Feb 26 2014 8:39 utc | 45

The interesting case of the US Ambassador to Russia - seems like they do not have an ambassador there just now.

"I think the ambassador's replacement is unlikely to have any impact on Russian-American relations. Surely, it happens sometimes that ambassadors make a special contribution to the development of relations, but we understand that an ambassador is a mouthpiece to promote the policy worked out in Moscow or in Washington and is not always in a position to change this policy. He is the state's representative and pursues a policy determined by the state," Pushkov said at a press conference on Wednesday.

The Russian parliamentarian suggested that McFaul is leaving Russia ahead of his time and explained this by the fact that McFaul tried to build relations not only with government institutions but also with the opposition in Russia.

"An ambassador's job is above all to arrange relations with government institutions and the leadership of the state where he has been dispatched to work. The concept that McFaul tried to put into practice is that he, on the one hand, should maintain relations with Russian government officials, and on the other, with opposition members. In my view, this is very risky for an ambassador, because in this case an ambassador acts not as a representative of his state in another state but as a public figure," Pushkov said.

He was a very unusual ambassador, I must say. I don't know how it was for the diplomats who worked with him here. But whenever it comes to the journalists, I think he was quite a good newsmaker, he was a good partner to talk to, he was very accessible, he did things that ambassadors before him never did. For example, there were many concerts in his residence, in the Spaso House. He invited journalists for briefings quite regularly and the Russian journalists as well, not only the US press here. So, he was very out-going and accessible. I think that is important. He really tried to make his point.

this is Reuters

But it was McFaul's manner, as much as the U.S. policies he pursued, that frequently rubbed Russian officials the wrong way. The ebullient native of the western frontier state of Montana broke the mould of restrained diplomacy, using social media and speeches to students to get his messages across.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 8:53 utc | 46

And this is himself

I also am proud of some of the diplomatic innovations that our embassy has initiated during my time in Russia, especially regarding public diplomacy. Before I came to Moscow as ambassador, I had never seen a tweet. Yet, I now interact everyday with 60,000 followers on Twitter and more than 13,000 “friends” on Facebook, and our Tweetchats can reach hundreds of thousands in a matter of minutes.

I also engaged with Russian audiences on many of your television and radio programs and in print media, believing that even though we will not always agree on every issue, we must at least try to understand each other’s point of view. Conducting lengthy interviews in my flawed Russian on TV Dozhd, Ekho Moskvy, or Vecherniy Urgant was not easy. Yet, I always felt it was best to show my respect for Russia by speaking in your language.

Live interviews also tend to be more direct and open, features I tried to bring to my diplomacy every day. I also enjoyed giving lectures in Russian to thousands of university students, complete with slides (that also may be a diplomatic first here!). And some of my most memorable public interactions were at standing-room-only sessions at American Corners in Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok, Volgograd, St. Petersburg, and Moscow.

Thousands of Russians showed up to engage with me on everything from Syria to my broken finger. These were not gatherings of just officials or elites, but a real cross-section of Russian society. The only qualification for attending these meetings was a curiosity about America. I truly loved the spirit of these gatherings. They made me very optimistic about the future of cooperation between our two societies.

I also will remember the same positive energy at Spaso House at the many concerts, discussion groups, and receptions we did at our grand residence. We had some fantastic, innovative events, including theoretical lectures from American political scientists (a side effect of having a professor living at Spaso House!), terrific concerts of American and Russian performers, Best Buddies holiday parties for young people with disabilities, and even movies complete with popcorn.

I am particularly proud of the Spaso Innovation Series, which connected Russian innovators and entrepreneurs with their American counterparts, including many from the Silicon Valley where I reside, in creative discussions about how to connect research with industry and jumpstart the high-tech industry in Russia.

These peer-to-peer cultural, civic, scientific, and business interactions we convened at Spaso House are some of the most valuable programs we do for promoting an authentic dialogue between Americans and Russians. And, from time to time, we - Americans and Russians together - even danced in the Spaso House ballroom!

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 8:54 utc | 47

CNN is finally admitting the truth - President Hollande is less popular than Yanukovich and we did not remove him.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 9:31 utc | 48

In above interview included - blame Europe. It is good to have Victoria Nuland on tape.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 9:37 utc | 49

Nazis in ukraine keep on their destruction.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 26 2014 10:56 utc | 50

No more police in Ukraine!!! Great profits expected! Remember post 1989 Poland when there were yet no laws against drugs and that it became the cocaine hub for Europe...

Posted by: Mina | Feb 26 2014 11:06 utc | 51

Somebody, ref Hollande,
Coming from CNN, maybe we should read it "France is next", until it continues launching war where and when we tell them!

Posted by: Mina | Feb 26 2014 11:08 utc | 52

Another Western-sponsored success story:,-murder-patients.aspx

Posted by: Mina | Feb 26 2014 11:24 utc | 53

In an obviously pre-planned move the western forces have mobilized the Crimean Tartars (a minority) to prevent any declaration of independence.

10:47 GMT: Crimean Tatars and supporters of pro-Russian organizations are trying to approach the building of the peninsula’s parliament. All in all, there are up to 5,000 Tatars and 700 pro-Russian demonstrators gathered at the scene.

Posted by: ThePaper | Feb 26 2014 11:33 utc | 54


I am laughing, but in reality it is sickening

MAR tracks 283 politically-active ethnic groups throughout the world from 1945 to the present -- identifying where they are, what they do, and what happens to them. MAR focuses specifically on ethnopolitical groups, non-state communal groups that have "political significance" in the contemporary world because of their status and political actions. Political significance is determined by the following two criteria:

The group collectively suffers, or benefits from, systematic discriminatory treatment vis-a-vis other groups in a society
The group is the basis for political mobilization and collective action in defense or promotion of its self-defined interests

Review additional criteria for defining a "Minority at Risk."

The MAR project was initiated by Ted Robert Gurr in 1986 and has been based at the University of Maryland's Center for International Development and Conflict Management (CIDCM) since 1988.

The project has developed over four distinct phases:

Phase I covered 227 communal groups which met the criteria for classification as a minority at risk for the years 1945-1990;
Phase II covered 275 groups from 1990-1996;
Phase III covered 275 groups from 1996-1999; and
Phase IV covered 283 groups from 1998-2003.

from MAR

Assessment for Crimean Tatars in Ukraine Crimean Tatars exhibit four of the five factors that encourage rebellion: persistent protest; territorial concentration; high levels of group organization and cohesion; and recent regime instability during the Orange Revolution of November 2004 - January 2005. Crimean Tatar protest will likely remain at fairly high levels because key political and economic grievances are not being addressed by the regional or central government. While most returnees from Central Asia have now received citizenship, contention remains concerning issues such as provision of land, housing, and jobs. The political contest between Crimean Russians and Crimean Tatars over who controls the governance of the peninsula is also likely to continue through the coming years.

The highest risk for violence in Crimea is between ethnic Russian and Tatar groups. Limited incidents of violence between these groups have occurred sporadically in recent years. With the increase of the Tatar population, these incidences are likely to increase, barring more vigorous intervention by the central government or other actors.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 11:47 utc | 55


MİT and CIA Stir Up Ukraine on EU’s Behalf

According to news of Egalite et Rèconcillation and Russian press, Turkish intelligence MİT linked to PM Erdoğan sent jihadist Crimean Tatars fighting in Syria to Ukraine on a Turkish Airways flight on the 22 November.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 11:49 utc | 56

a good quesgtion: if Hollande is less popular than Yanuk, why hant Holland over thrown? note Turchinov went to see US ambassador first thing after the coup

'Mind you, French President Francois Hollande is even less popular than Mr Yanukovich had been but I don’t hear anyone in France and beyond demanding that he’s thrown out of power before his term expires. And if you look through most countries of Europe you’ll find that their political rulers aren’t exactly basking in adoration, with some starting dodgy wars and some messing up their national economies and letting bankers do whatever they want.'
And the new acting president, an odd looking fellow by the name of Oleksandr Turchinov, doesn’t really inspire confidence. As soon as he was selected by parliament, one of the first thing he did was to see the US ambassador to Ukraine, to discuss the new situation. Because let’s not forget, the EU had been helping the opposition to come to power in a big way.

And then came all sorts of strange statements from all the key players in this so-called revolution that some people see as an armed coup funded from abroad. An arrest warrant had been issued for President Yanukovich on charges of ‘mass murder’, that’s ordering to arm the police who were battling the protesters in central Kiev. One thing was amiss though. No arrest warrants were issued for people who had whacked around 20 cops and wounded another 400. Not to mention shooting dead some of the governments supporters.

Posted by: brian | Feb 26 2014 11:52 utc | 57

Another nightmare for Ukraine

Posted by: nomoba | Feb 26 2014 12:04 utc | 58

Chaos in Chrimea


Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 26 2014 12:19 utc | 59

58) They are used to IMF, they simply do not retransfer any money.

As long as there is a cold war going they won't have to. If worst comes to the worst the country will split and change their name.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 12:23 utc | 60

In all likelyhood the IMF will negotiate for loans so Ukraine can pay their debts. They will have to repay debt to the creditor with the most blackmailing power. Presumably that is Russia.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 12:26 utc | 61

if the EU/US thinks this is over, they have no idea what's coming..Did they really think/believe they can simply depose and elected government and everything will be fine the next day?

Thing is, there're many EU states that have a similar ethnic makeup/structure of Ukraine. Once the genie's out of the bottle, there's no turning back.

The people of Crimea have risen up. I hear similar thing happening in Sevastopol..A Pandora's box's now been open..Enjoy :)

Posted by: Zico | Feb 26 2014 12:27 utc | 62

those tartars are being move about: from syfria by way of turkey to Kiev and now Sevastopol

'The militants who went to Kiev to protect pro-EU protesters were the most highly trained of those who went to Ukraine after giving a break to the attacks they perform against pro-Assad forces in Syria through Turkey. According to the news sources, the last attack carried out by this unit was the killing of 10 doctors who refused to cooperate with militants in the Christian town Deir Attieh.'

hired killers?

Posted by: brian | Feb 26 2014 12:33 utc | 63

the pandoras box is the mix of crimean muslims tartars...and pro-russians crimeans
the tartars make an odd mix with the race pure neonazis

it seems the tartas have a price for their services:
'Crimean Tatars desire an autonomous state in the event that the EU membership of Ukraine occurs, and moreover, they expect to get independence through the pressure of Brussels.'

they hope to be independent? they may be wishing
and wherewill there autonomous state be? crimea?

Posted by: brian | Feb 26 2014 12:37 utc | 64

Crimean Tatars[edit]

The Ottoman campaign in Hungary in 1566, Crimean Tatars as vanguard, a Persian miniature

The famous Tatar commander Tugai Bey.
Main article: Crimean Tatars
The number of Crimean Tatars is estimated at 650,000. The Crimean Tatars emerged as a nation at the time of the Crimean Khanate. The Crimean Khanate was a Turkic-speaking Muslim state which was among the strongest powers in Eastern Europe until the beginning of the 18th century.[14] The rulers of the Crimean Tatars were the progeny of Hacı I Giray a Jochid descendant of Genghis Khan. The Crimean Tatars are subdivided into three sub-ethnic groups: the Tats (not to be confused with Tat people, living in the Caucasus region) who used to inhabit the mountainous Crimea before 1944 (about 55%), the Yalıboyu who lived on the southern coast of the peninsula (about 30%), and the Noğay (about 15%).

so crimean tartars are not big in numbers....650,000

Posted by: brian | Feb 26 2014 12:40 utc | 65

62) :-)) as they seem to pick on Hollande I guess the French banlieues will be weaponized first with Ukrainian arms.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 12:51 utc | 66

more fun
Turkey is ready to put a claim for the Crimea in case of division of Ukraine

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 12:56 utc | 67

Somebody @ 67


Turkey putting claim on Crimea??? Is this a case of Erdogan feeling too confident after Russia chose to ignore his madness in Syria?

Like I said, a Pandora's box's been opened and the mess will destroy Europe...In that case, Iran, Syria can also lay claim on some Turkish territories.

This is beyond clusterfuck!!!

Posted by: Zico | Feb 26 2014 13:00 utc | 68

The quote about the far right being all there is is correct. These groups have been supported with US cash and expertise - the Strangelovian characters advising how to bring down elected governments - to carry out this plan.

But make no mistake, any trouble caused even in the heart of the EU, benefits the US plans of tearing apart all organized opposition across the globe.

No one anywhere is safe. An outburst of riots in Sweden benefits the US as much as a riot in Minsk

Posted by: guest77 | Feb 26 2014 13:13 utc | 69

69) Hmmm. These two 19th century German philosophers somehow are very undead.

Actually, I do not agree with you. The US will not benefit. Their double speak is becoming much too obvious and their "we share the same values" is sounding more and more hollow.

Basically they are losing all soft power.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 13:31 utc | 70


Wrong. Belarus, yes, sweden no, sweden's government is very pro-US. And that goes for the rest of the european states too but for Belarus.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 26 2014 13:38 utc | 71

Nazi Collaboration by Banderists in East Galicia

On January 22, 2010 Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko honored Stepan Bandera by posthumously bestowing on him the state honor, "Hero of Ukraine." The Soviet KGB assassinated Bandera, a Ukrainian nationalist-in-exile, in 1959. Many Ukrainians, including Ukrainian émigré groups in Canada, pressed Yushchenko to grant the honor, which, according to one statement, "would restore justice and truth about the Bandera and the...struggle for liberation that he headed." To this day, many Ukrainians view Bandera as a martyred freedom fighter.

Jewish history and the city of Lvov in western Ukraine

Posted by: Oui | Feb 26 2014 13:44 utc | 72

Le has right now as frontpage title a story about Iceland wishing to leave the EU.
In the related articles they have put as captions below, one, from 2012, is titled "Imitating Iceland"...

Posted by: Mina | Feb 26 2014 13:52 utc | 73

72) Yep, just that everybody active in this conflict was born after all this happened. It is completely useless to fight old wars when your "ethnically pure" mini state has no chance of EU membership and your political movement is not fit for polite society.
So people carrying those flags are either bribed or stupid.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 13:54 utc | 74

Quick translation of announcement from SE Ukrainian forum
"FEBRUARY 26 - fate of the whole southeastern Ukraine!

And this fate will be decided today, in Kharkov, the capital of the South-East of Ukraine, which have not yet fallen under the Nazis. From Kharkiv to Russia just 30km, the Russians understand the hint?

Now in more detail what was in Kharkov, and what will happen tomorrow:

the war is always a tremendous amount of ballot box stuffing, provocation, so we tried the maximum objectively as possible to understand the situation. So, the situation is the chronology:
1. Militants Maidan came to the building of the regional council (administration) and blocked him.
2. Mayor of Kharkov to avoid bloodshed - allowed them to stay there
3. The building is surrounded by the police, the militants inside
4. Militia runs in two directions:
- Protects the monument to Lenin on the contrary, through the area
- Worth a wall across the road in front of the administration
5. Administration itself (people) and Kharkov areas are operating normally, possibly in other buildings temporarily.
6. Some guys from the People's Militia received information that the mayor of Kharkiv - yet surrendered the city to the fascist government in Kiev. See photos to post
7. On the other hand, the mayor of Kharkiv, said personally that will not surrender. Watch the video to the post.
8. Today, February 26, at 10:00 am to begin a city council meeting where everyone has become clear: the administration of the city rents or continue to fight the fascists. "

Original in Russian:

И судьба эта будет решаться сегодня, в Харькове, столице Юго-Востока Украины, который еще не пал под фашистами. От Харькова до России всего 30км, россияне, понимаете намек?

Теперь более подробно, что было в Харькове, и что будет завтра:

на войне всегда громадное количество вбросов, провокаций, поэтому мы постарались максимальное объективно, как это возможно разобраться в ситуации. Итак, ситуация такая, хронология:
1. Боевики майдана пришли к зданию областного совета (администрации) и заблокировали его.
2. Мэр Харькова, чтобы избежать кровопролития - разрешил им там остаться
3. Здание окружено милицией, боевики внутри
4. Народное ополчение курсирует по двум направлениям:
- охраняет памятник Ленину напротив, через площадь
- стоит стеной, через дорогу, напротив администрации
5. Сама администрация(люди) Харькова и Области работают в штатном режиме, возможно в других зданиях, временно.
6. От некоторых ребят Народного Ополчения поступает информация, что мэр Харькова - всё же сдал город фашистской власти в Киеве. Смотрите фото к сообщению
7. С другой стороны, мэр Харькова, говорит лично, что не сдаст. Смотрите видео к сообщению.
8. Сегодня, 26 февраля, в 10:00 утра начнется заседание городского совета, где всё уже станет ясно: сдает администрация город фашистам или продолжит борьбу.

Поэтому, Харьковчане, украинцы других городов, а так же россияне, которые гостят в городе или собираются, например из Белгорода съездить в Харьков на экскурсию - СЕГОДНЯ, в 9:00 приходите на площадь, поддержать правильное решение городского совета, или... сами знаете что.

Помните, что Харьков - это столица всего Юго-Востока Украины!!

Некоторые прямые трансляции из Харькова, работают все с перебоями:

Источник (изображения + видео):"

- Posted by Mark Sleboda

Posted by: brian | Feb 26 2014 14:18 utc | 75

German neo-nazis soon in the European parliament

Posted by: Mina | Feb 26 2014 14:22 utc | 76

More EU fun

The lack of EU cohesion, together with concerted Russian attempts to open up European divisions has split the EU in roughly two schools of thought on how relations with Russia should evolve. One school continues to regard Russia as a potential partner. This “friends of Russia” group, which includes France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and some others holds to a policy that favors a close dialogue and economic cooperation, arguing that this remains the only chance for influencing Russian foreign policy behavior. On the other side of the spectrum has formed a “Russia realist” group, consisting of the UK and many of the new member states of Central and Eastern Europe. These countries have argued for a more forceful foreign policy approach, arguing that “they know Russia better” and that Moscow only understands the language of power and force. The growing influence of this group is reflected in the increasing criticism of Russia from formerly “pro-Russian” countries such as Germany. Indeed, Germany is currently split between the more overtly “anti-Russian” Angela Merkel and her more “pro-Russian” coalition partner. Should Germany shift more pronounced towards the “Russia realist” camp, this might well tip the balance of power within Europe towards this group.

from 2008.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 14:43 utc | 77

brian (37)

So you found a coward traitor in a nuthouse? Russia should join zeu? How ridiculous. Before that happens, the planet Mars joins.

As for those tartars making trouble: Let them have their independent state in turkey or west ukraine. The sooner they leave the better.

Now back to reality.

ukraine must bring up some ten billion $ until June or they go belly up. That's why the "elections" are schedule for May.
The terrorists and nazis are on a tight schedule. Because they also must design and establish their new "constitution" before elections. Before that can be done they must overtake all structures and fully control ukraine. Which won't happen. Not only because they will get bullets in their heads in the eastern parts but also because they will fight further wars between themselves for power.

This gives plenty time to Putin to prepare for any case. Meanwhile Putin will just calmly watch the traitors infighting and the demise of (western) ukraine.
And Putin isn't even their worst enemy. That's the people who will find out, piece by piece, how they and their extremely stupid "democracy movement" have been abused and lied to from the start. Not having police, administration, medical services, firemen, etc. won't make them love their new "government" either ...

There is, I confess it, a certain beauty to the situation, namely, that all those idiots, "democracy" moved, cowards, jewish background players, nazis, instigators, criminals, and rioteers finally got what they asked for - and that they'll bleed out. As I said earlier; ukraine always was troublesome and now for once they themselves will have to clean the shitpile they created.

Oh, and btw, with basically all of the industry in the east, guess which part zeu was desiring? Let me give you a hint: It wasn't agriculture.

Oh and: Add quite some more billions to those 35 bln $. For cancelled Russian and Chinese agriculture produce orders. For an economy that is tumbling down rapidly. For millions of jobless. And priceless: All the intelligentia (doctors, etc.) that hardly can't but leave the country ...

Does Russia have any whatsoever interest in that rubble pile? Nope and now less than ever. Quite soon Crimea and most if not all eastern regions will flee into Russias arms and zeu can do waste management in the rest. But then zusa will bring in their missile bases? So what? After all isn't a rubble pile where rubble is supposed to be put? Haha!

Ceterum censeo israel americanamque vehementer delenda esse!

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Feb 26 2014 14:44 utc | 78

former Kremlin advisor

from a former Kremlin advisor Alexander Nekrassov
Now that the Sochi Olympic Games are well and truly over and Russian President Vladimir Putin has returned to Moscow, the question everyone is asking in the West and beyond is: What is he going to do about Ukraine? Susan Rice, White House National Security Advisor, has already warned the Kremlin to keep its troops out of Ukraine and British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, answering a question from a journalist, repeated the warning, saying that Russia's military intervention would be a grave mistake.

Pretty rich coming from US and British politicians who have been sending their troops thousands of miles away when it came to defending their strategic interests - not to mention failing to bring to responsibility the people who are guilty of starting the war in Iraq on false pretences. Such policies cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and triggered a chain of events that have destabilised the whole of the Middle East.

Posted by: brian | Feb 26 2014 14:45 utc | 79

So now we have muslim tatars vs russians in Chrimea?!

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 26 2014 15:01 utc | 80

#77 Exactly the same screenplay beginning of the events in Syria.
Putin has ordered an impromptu exercise today...

Posted by: Mina | Feb 26 2014 15:01 utc | 81

Well... at this stage in Egypt, maybe Mubarak will be the next president...

Posted by: Mina | Feb 26 2014 15:10 utc | 82

@somebody #73 : One can see a major representation of the older generation participating in the violent demonstrations and occupation of Independence Square. One renowned militia, Aleksandr Musytschko, had fought in Chechnya and in the Ossetian War of 2008 against the Soviets Russians. I recall in the sixties, Polish immigrants in the US send their first borns to fight the commies in Vietnam. Hatred of occupation accompanied with atrocities leave deep scars for decades. IMO the differences between East and West in the Ukraine cannot be reconciled through more violence.

NY Times and other media reported about the "lad from Lvov" [Lviv in Ukrainian] and now seen as a hero. Not surprised, the "lad" came with an arms haul from a government depot.

Posted by: Oui | Feb 26 2014 15:42 utc | 83

82) What I mean is that history and its flags are used to make people beat up each other - senselessly. The people living in Lviv today did not kill Jews or Poles and the Russians in Charkov did not sign the Hitler Stalin pact. Neither is it in the interest of today's Krim Tartar's to serve geopolitical goals. Whilst all together are faced with hyperinflation and no money to spend.

No one wins, if Ukraine is split or not. Not even West Ukrainian policians as the EU is not going to fund them.

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 15:58 utc | 84

Things are getting quite nasty and everything is of course pre-planned , some thoughts :

* ISR attacks Hizbullah >>

* Zaudi Wahabia / Jordan and the other usual culprits are preparing a major offensive on Syria from Jordan soil to create a 'security zone ' aka ' no-fly zone' , with all the salt and pepper involved.

* Primary purpose of the Syria crisis is to allow Israel to prepare for an IRAN war by attempting to degrade Hizbullah’s missile arsenal in Lebanon, by attacking Hizbullah in the Bekaa Valley via an invasion through Syrian territory – which presupposes the degrading of Syrian military capability in advance by using the Syrian insurgency as justification for a Western military intervention in Syria.

* Aipac’s push for more sanctions and military attack on Iran.

* Iran P5 + 1 talks and Obama’s purpose , to sabotage the talks at the last minute and pin the blame on Iran – thereby absolving himself of any blame, which is his primary motivation in most of his actions – the actions of an inveterate liar.

Now add to it the current events in Ukraine designed by the Neo-Con-Zio-Fascists and you have quite an explosive mixture.
I do not have a reasonable explanation , but somehow I feel that Putin/China and the resistance axis will come out as winners from All of this , I think we won't have to wait for long...

Posted by: Sufi | Feb 26 2014 15:58 utc | 85

I Shamir has a pretty detailed summing-up @Counterpunch.

Posted by: ruralito | Feb 26 2014 16:19 utc | 86

"similar to what Lenin did in 1917" except that, Russia was facing invasion by a well-armed, well-funded Reaction that required further sacrifice from Russian troops in their imperialist war.

Posted by: ruralito | Feb 26 2014 16:42 utc | 87

Putin has ordered a major impromptu military exercise. But not just any exercise, no; One goal is "to cooperate with belarussian and ukrainian forces". In other words, Russia a) gives a clear signal and b) shifts troups toward ukraine and prepares for a (at least eastern) ukraine theater.

At the same time demands are rising in Crimea to not pay taxes to the kiew criminal regime.

Expect an (official or de facto) economic blockade against ukraine where Russia, however, accepts (and pays for) products coming through "small cross-border transfers", i.e. coming from eastern ukraine companies.
Or, to summarize it, kiev has just lost it's by far major trade partner (and income) while eastern ukraine is fully supported by Russia.

I can't yet prove but I am quite sure that "former special forces elements" are being transferred into ukraine along with a generous supply of weapons. Probably this is not an official Kremlin move but rather "privately organized" help that Moscows happens to "not know" about.

As for the troublesome tartars, they can either peacefully co-exist (and shut up) or they can be regarded a enemies and traitors. I'm quite certain that word from Moscow is "do not kill or terrorize them but stand firm". In short. I see those traitors packing, ideally on their own.
The numbers stand against them; it's about 1:10 against them and the people in the east are not in discussion mode. Sevastopol, for instance, is quite overtly barricading and preparing to fight.

That's one important point that might seem strange to westerners. Russians have a spine and a society, culture, and country worth fighting for. Of all the groups involved it's not the nazis in kiev who are ready for civil war, no, they are cowards terrorizing helpless fellow citizens and unarmed police; it's the Russians in Crimea and the eastern provinces. Even more so knowing that the super-power Russia will not tolerate their people being terrorized by payed nazis, terrorists and traitors.

Thank God for Putin! Without him Russia would be broken and in the hands of zamerican scum. With him it's finally the scum that has to be afraid.

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Feb 26 2014 16:46 utc | 88

Trained and paid for in the West, no doubt. Here's one piece but there plenty more out there:

Maidan activists trained by NATO in 2006

Posted by: William Bowles | Feb 26 2014 17:06 utc | 89

@ Mr. Pragma #87

Whatever Putin's move , it must be 'unconvential' IMO , a brilliant chess move to degrade and nuetralize the hard core fascists slobber for the 'Endsieg', I cannot think of a direct confrontation at this 'early' stage , as is expected by the fascists like SS Rice , Nuland etc.
Any thoughts ?

Posted by: Sufi | Feb 26 2014 17:08 utc | 90

Gov presented.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 26 2014 17:14 utc | 91

The EU was accepting of both Yushchenko and Yanukovitch, until the latter quarreled with the IMF. This predates the present coup by many months (a year?) - the IMF wanted Ukr. to cut heating subsidies.

EU was fine with Ukr. because their interests were not in Ukr. itself (which they don’t want any part of!) but in having a free hand to do biz, which was afforded to them handsomely, I have posted the accords that are *!!*, as well as to Russia, or anyone else.

From the little I can dope out, Ukr. industry is in fact owned for a consequent part by Russia (Russian cos, sharing agreements, stock-holders, direct investment, etc. 1) while agri-biz (monolithic, many small and medium holders are gone.. the familiar story..) is much invested in, and owned, by Europeans - not the EU - actors, through mega-cos (AXA, F, for ex. has huge projects there) down to individuals such as French Parliamentarians.

This picture is perhaps drawn in a brush too broad. Too vague, even not right, etc. But, something along those lines..?

Ukr. became rapidly ‘globalised’ after independence. The build up from say 6 months ago is due to outsider stakeholders and Gmvt. actions, ‘oligarchic’, giving contracts to supporters and friends which both the EU and Putin (imho) didn’t like.

All this was fine with the EU as long as profits were coming in bling-bling. When Ukr. sank close to insolvency, prompting the Prez to seek bail-outs and playing one side (the EU offered nothing much and the IMF conditions were not acceptable) against the other, the whole arrangement fell apart.

Ukr. bonds are held by practically everyone - Russia, F, Germany, both state orgs (like pensions) and Cos, and banks. etc. They are have to be paid.. The Ukrainians are to get shafted. Care of the US via the EU.

1 Sapir estimates all industries owned between 20 and 60% by Russia.

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 26 2014 17:17 utc | 92

Oh isnt this ugly.
Georgian ex president in Kiev.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 26 2014 17:18 utc | 93

Thoughts? Indeed, with that I can serve. As usual I tend to stay pragmatic.

In Sevastopol there are 25.000+ Russian soldiers (incl. special forces), around 3.000 police and soon 10.000+ weaponized citizens militia. Add to that similar evolution in Simferopol and other somewhat trailing cities and regions.

Sevastopol is hilly and right behind it there are mountaineous regions.
Add to this that the vast majority of ukraine's army are flatlanders and that many if not most officers are Russia friendly anyway.
Finally add the fact to the mix that any ukraininian mil. attempts against the pro-Russian regions were bound to be CQB and asymmetric.

Any officer worth his salt will tell you that this is basically a fully denied zone. kiev needed to bring in at least 100.000 soldiers which needed to pass through a narrow access to Crimea. If (if!) they ever arrived in Crimea they'd be killed out of some window while they tried to differentiate between pro-kiev and pro-Russia people and fighters.

In other words: kiev has no chances whatsoever and howsoever to enforce anything whatsoever on Crimea and the eastern regions.
If they tried they'd starve while eastern militia would enjoy a basically unlimited supply from Russia. Furthermore, if a single ukrainian soldier fired a single shot against a Russian (like those stationed in Sevastopol) Russia would be formally entitled to destroy ukraine down to the last brick (which they wouldn't do because they, unlike zamericans and ukrainian traitors and terrorist, are human beings.

Without any possibility to enforce anything on the eastern regions, however, kiev has not basis to survice; no taxes, tens of thousands of "their" soldiers changing to the eastern regions, a.s.o.

One doesn't need to be a mil. expert to see that the kiev traitors, whores, and terrorist NEVER had any real basis anyway and even less so now.

It gets more clear by the hour that at least many if not all eastern regions will split from ukraine. Not even necessarily by evil will or political opposition but simply by necessity. Splitting they can speak their language, live their culture, have *their* earnings working for them rather than for traitors and whores who never treated them well anyway and, also important, they can have a market for their products.
Not splitting will dishonour them, sell them out, close their markets and rob them by taxes. Btw. for those reasons even an major part of the ethnic ukrainians in the eastern provinces will not oppose them.

Whatever the kiev traitors, whores, and terrorists decide is and will never be more than bla bla theory without money, income, and the power to enforce it. That's not to say it's meaningless; it's not - for west ukraine, but then that's neither eastern ukraines problem nor Russias.

As for Putins move, he already *made* the unconventional brilliant move by quietely letting those cheap assholes ruin and destroy *their* part of the country. All he needs to do now is to collect all those eastern regions who are and/or will be begging to join or somehow be associated with Russia.

Otherwise he just needs to sit in his chair and laugh his ass off seeing how the ukrainian traitors and terrorists and their zamerican and zeuropean friends, instigators and sponsors quarrel about who has to eat all the shit created there.

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Feb 26 2014 17:39 utc | 94

"The goal is very clear: to bankrupt the Europeans a little more and start paying them the same wages as the Chinese"

Posted by: Mina | Feb 26 2014 17:40 utc | 95

95) from your link

The ministers include Hungary's Janos Martonyi, Miroslav Lajcak of Slovakia and Lubomir Zaoralek of the Czech Republic.

Details of the trip were still being finalised, but after Kiev, the three were expected to fly to the eastern city of Donetsk, "most probably to meet representatives of the Russian community," Kaleta said.

Martonyi and Zaoralek were also planning to visit Transcarpathia, a region with a strong ethnic Hungarian minority.

On Tuesday, Hungary's foreign ministry raised concerns about alleged violence against the minority by Ukrainian far-right group Pravy Sektor.

oh no no no, not fascists, nothing to see here, move on ...

Posted by: somebody | Feb 26 2014 18:07 utc | 96

@Mr. Pragma #94

Yes , yes , yes....

...With Putin at the helm, Russia is now quite likely to plot a much more aggressive course of action. He maintains the posture of a Zen warrior who knows how to wield his samurai sword when necessary. Hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, he also likes a great game of chess. It is on this regional geo-political chessboard of eastern Asia that his largely Anglo-American opponents will face formidable challenges in the very near future. Just as the Russia Empire and the British Empire squared off against each other seeking supremacy in Central Asia during the first half of the 19th century.

The Ukraine presents a chess game like no other place on the planet. So, sit back and watch the game unfold. There will never be another one like it.

Michael Thomas
February 24, 2014

Posted by: Sufi | Feb 26 2014 18:09 utc | 97

From my link: "The goal is very clear: to sign the EU association agreement in the nearest future, when Ukraine is ready," he concluded."
The Turks will get jalous.
Abracadabra, let's bring 47 million + 74 million, and we'll beat the ZUS!!!! Already we are trying to reach their poverty levels and we're doing good!

Posted by: Mina | Feb 26 2014 18:11 utc | 98

Just btw. ...

MOSCOW, February 26 (RIA Novosti) – Russia is planning to expand its permanent military presence outside its borders by placing military bases in a number of foreign countries, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Wednesday.

Shoigu said the list includes Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, the Seychelles, Singapore and several other countries.

This doesn't look like a Russia willing to accept more terrorism by zusa. I rather take it as "You has your chance to leave the stage with some dignity. If needed we'll throw you down, though, zusa".

Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Feb 26 2014 18:16 utc | 99

The Shamir link at ruralito's #86 comment includes a link to an article about Gene Sharp, who is quoted as saying that he realizes his techniques can be used by "goodies and baddies," but sees their use that way as better than violence and war.

Shamir writes about Sharp's techniques:

The US-orchestrated attack on the elected President followed Gene Sharp’s instructions to a tee, namely: (1) seize a central square and organise a mass peaceful sit-in, (2) speak endlessly of danger of violent dispersal, (3) if the authorities do nothing, provoke bloodshed, (4) yell bloody murder, (5) the authority is horrified and stupefied and (6) removed and (7) new powers take over.

The most important element of the scheme has never been voiced by the cunning Sharp, and that is why the Occupy Wall Street movement (who thumbed through the book) failed to achieve the desired result. You have to have the Masters of Discourse™ i.e., Western mainstream media, on your side. Otherwise, the government will squash you as they did with the Occupy and many other similar movements. But here, the Western media was fully on the rebels’ side, for the events were organised by the US embassy.

The MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media) is of utmost importance for achieving "regime change"; hence, our lying vaunted free press....

Posted by: jawbone | Feb 26 2014 18:31 utc | 100

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