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September 21, 2013

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List of articles Dale Gavlak wrote for the BBC

So obviously she is a seasoned journalist trusted by main stream, even government media.

Suddenly she is pressured to distance herself from an article she - all sides agree - supported by translating, editing and placing in media she worked with.

Still no check on the essence of the article by all those "respectable" journalists, still no statement, interview with the Jordanian journalist.

The likelihood increases it is true what the article states.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 24 2013 8:11 utc | 101

Why's everyone getting so het up about Mint Press - the story was obvious bullshit from the getgo

Posted by: hmm | Sep 24 2013 8:59 utc | 102

oh wait - some people actually based theories on that Mint Press crap?

Posted by: hmm | Sep 24 2013 9:01 utc | 103

via Aangirfan:
SAS hero of the mall massacre: Off-duty soldier with a handgun saved 100 lives as terrorists ran amok

SAS on site before fireworks began in Kenya

Posted by: hmm | Sep 24 2013 9:04 utc | 104

did i say the muricuns seem always hard at work at some *humanitarian mission* somewhere in the world ?
in light of the impending escalation on wot in somalia, due to the *terror attack* in kenya, lets take a look back at the muricuns previous outing in somalia....

black hawk down

Posted by: denk | Sep 24 2013 9:24 utc | 105

Hmm, there is little that is implausible about the Mint Press story. The idea that Bandar caused sarin in some form of container to be prepared somewhere and shipped to Jabhat al-Nusra is extremely plausible. The idea that JaN then screwed it up, and released the stuff by mishandling, killing mainly themselves, is also fairly plausible. But what is more important is the other story, the 'Mother Agnes Mariam' story (though it has other, at least anecdotal, sources): that the overwhelmingly male child victims found were brought from elsewhere, and more specifically from Alawite Latakia, where they had been kidnapped two weeks before. And murdered en masse by gas (not necessarily sarin). If Mint Press distracts from this, then Mint Press is conceivably a deliberately planted red herring, but I think this idea is too elaborate to be plausible.

Posted by: Rowan Berkeley | Sep 24 2013 9:24 utc | 106

103) the theory being that either
a) some interested parties managed to have a counterstory to the "Syria committed a chemical attack - war crime - crime against humanity" go viral at the exact moment intervention was discussed in Britain and the US or
b) the article just plainly describes the truth, as the mainstream Western journalist disassociates herself from the authorship but not from the Jordanian colleague/the content of the article
and no one seems to bother to interview the Jordanian journalist on it, do research in the affected areas themselves.

What is no theory but clearly the case is that instead of just letting it die down - which would be the intelligent PR method - suddenly, the article is in the mainstream media with the disclaimer that the mainstream Western journalist disassociated herself from the authorship but not the involvement.

Concerning a) Jordan is a security/police state. It is very difficult to see Jordanian journalists surviving in the country if their stories go against the interests of Jordan.

There is still waiting for Dale Gavlak to contradict the Mint Press Statement that she said to have checked the information with Jordanian government sources and Mint Press to publish the E-Mails exchanged.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 24 2013 9:33 utc | 107

Neither of you two ever even heard of "MintPress" before that story.

Now some people are willing to bet the Farm on em?

Posted by: hmm | Sep 24 2013 9:42 utc | 108

108) No, we are betting on an AP, BBC, Times of Israel journalist who vouched for the article and now gets pressured because of it.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 24 2013 9:50 utc | 109

Nairobi (continued)
0843: The attack in Nairobi is reverberating as far away as the US state of Minnesota, Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) reports. On Sunday, a Twitter account purporting to represent the al-Shabab group released names of two alleged attackers, saying they were from the US state. But veteran Somali journalists later determined the Twitter account was fake, MPR reports.

0713: Komla Dumor BBC News in Nairobi reports that so far 10 militants have been arrested, two more have been detained at the city's airport as they tried to leave and three have been killed, according to security forces.

But of course they don't want to state there is a UK woman involved for sure or nor, or Syrian attackers... Will they need a bigger operation to have it printed in small letters on page 5?
NSA anyone? Every Guantanamo released guy can go Syria, the shoe-bomber can fly from his cell in Pakistan, but everyone else has his emails scanned and saved each time he use "dangerous" key words such as islam, attack, weapons, CIA? What a joke!

Posted by: Mina | Sep 24 2013 9:52 utc | 110


You were pimping that story long before you heard of any pressure on any journo - it was convenient to your political agenda to do so, since it mentioned SA. And any story that mentions SA without mentioning Israel is a good story for you

Posted by: hmm | Sep 24 2013 10:07 utc | 111

Hmm, there is little that is implausible about the Mint Press story.

There's plenty that is implausible about how it shot to such world-wide prominence in such a short time.

Posted by: hmm | Sep 24 2013 10:08 utc | 112

Sam Power pulls a "3/4 Rumsfeld"

“We would if we could, but we can’t,” she said.

She highlighted Russia’s role in blocking action. Beyond three Security Council resolutions Russia has vetoed over the last two years, in the last year Russia has blocked at least three statements expressing humanitarian concern and calling for humanitarian action to besieged cities in Syria. In past two months, Russia has blocked two resolutions condemning the generic use of chemical weapons and two prospective press statements expressing concerns about their use, Power said.

Calling a belief that Russia will change its position as “naïve” Power said that working through the Security Council simply is no longer an option.

“The Security Council we need is not the Security Council we have,” she said.

Posted by: hmm | Sep 24 2013 10:38 utc | 113

u cant put a good man down for long,
black hawk up...

Posted by: denk | Sep 24 2013 10:39 utc | 114

Oh, my! It is SOOOOOO difficult to get a fake passport in London!! How dared she!!?

1038: South African home affairs spokesman Ronnie Mamoepa tells AFP that officials there are trying to find out if a forged South African passport has been found "on the body" of one of the militants killed in the siege. British terror suspect Samantha Lewthwaite is understood to have entered Kenya with a South African passport - believed to be forged - under the name Natalie Faye Webb.
(there is on the live thread here a photo of the passport that certainly does not leave any doubt as to whether it is the same person)

Posted by: Mina | Sep 24 2013 10:44 utc | 115

Samantha Power to Senator Barack Obama, 2005
*Why don’t I quit my job at Harvard and come and intern in your office and answer the phones or do whatever you want?

Posted by: denk | Sep 24 2013 10:48 utc | 116

Here's a BBC update - still in suspense about whether Samantha Lewthwaite 'the White Widow' is dead:

Ms Mohamed's comments have fuelled speculation about the possible involvement in the attack of British terror suspect Samantha Lewthwaite, the widow of 7/7 suicide bomber Germaine Lindsay. She is known to be in East Africa and is wanted by Kenyan police over alleged links to a terrorist cell that planned to bomb the country's coast.


Here's a beautiful piece of tabloid hysteria about her, from yesterday. I couldn't resist embellishing it with a fake quote:

"A fiendess beyond the dreams of Rider Haggard or Sapper” says anonymous senior MI6 source

Posted by: Rowan Berkeley | Sep 24 2013 10:56 utc | 117

Rowan, look at the passport and the picture. There is no doubt.
BTW, she had a Twitter account. This should be enough for the NSA and the specialists NPR/Guardian witch-hunters to kown she must be a terrorist and/or a Russian spy, no?

Posted by: Mina | Sep 24 2013 10:59 utc | 118

112) :-)) not really, but if you insist I am perfectly able to get Israel and Saudi Arabia into one story - to prove that the alliance between the two is a neocon conspiracy without a chance to survive on the ground.

Israel has investment in Kenya, right? Which just got attacked by people killing everyone who could not recite a Muslim prayer? The movement is called Al-Shahaab, supposed to be indigenous Somali, though miraculously it left a trail of dead Western kids?

This is Al-Shahaab according to the BBC

Al-Shabab advocates the Saudi-inspired Wahhabi version of Islam, while most Somalis are Sufis. Al-Shabab has destroyed a large number of Sufi shrines, causing its popularity to further plummet.

Go figure.

If you dig deeper into the story you will find that here, also, socialist governments and Soviet influence was countered by fundamental religious movements. And this strategy is cold war made in the US.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 24 2013 11:03 utc | 119

A huge shopping mall in Africa, put there for the whitefella 'expats' (as they call themselves) to pretend like they're back 'ome in huddersfield or where-ever

Africa. Yes, grass huts, and noble non-whitefellas living off the land.

Buddy, even if you can't get out more - why not try googling a few images of Nairobi, Kenya in the 21st century. Unfortunately for you, I doubt that the shopping mall was stocked with wall-to-wall whitefellas from 'uddersfield.

Posted by: DM | Sep 24 2013 11:58 utc | 120

The shopping mall was a favourite with expats, and with ambitious midddle-class Kenyan wives who want to dress like expats and buy the same furniture. Is that so hard to understand? That's why it was an obvious target -- if the myth you are trying to create is that you hate 'the western way of life'.

Posted by: Rowan Berkeley | Sep 24 2013 12:07 utc | 121

121) you are probably right. They could have chosen the US embassy memorial site though

US Embassy Memorial Site, (Central District), [5]. In 1998 a blast rocked downtown Nairobi. A truck had exploded next to the US Embassy building, reducing it to rubble and killing 212 people some on staff, most bystanders. On the same day, August 7, the US embassy in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, was also subject to a similar terrorist attack.

Posted by: somebody | Sep 24 2013 12:27 utc | 122

A shopping mall is not an offensive Western edifice. Conflating everything contemporary as Western is ludicrous. This might not fit the world view of aging hippies, but I doubt that say the Chinese or the Russians consider shopping malls as Western edifices. Nairobi is a fairly large modern city, and it's pretty offensive to ridicule middle class African housewives for 'buying the same furniture'.

'Debs' is nauseating with his whitefella crap, which he drops into every narrative regardless of the relevance.

I'll reserve any opinion on why they chose that place as I haven't a clue what went down there.

Posted by: DM | Sep 24 2013 15:40 utc | 123

Norman Mailer and Marshall McLuhan Debating 1968

Norman Mailer and Marshall McLuhan expound on violence, alienation and the electronic envelope. The clash of two great minds. (1968)

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 25 2013 0:45 utc | 124

"Neither of you two ever even heard of "MintPress" before that story. Now some people are willing to bet the Farm on em?

There's plenty that is implausible about how it shot to such world-wide prominence in such a short time."

The reason the story shot to prominence was that it was one of, if not the only, story in the respectable western press (say what you like about MintPress, it has at least the stature of any other big city US alternative press, eg the Village Voice plus it had the name of the AP attached to it) which laid out any kind of alternative scenario other than the one proposed by Obama/Kerry and company and was picked up by a respected left wing media critic in the form of FAIR.

There is nothing implausible about it coming to prominence, if only for it being a complete outlier in terms of English speaking press.

Implausible to whatever degree (Rowan's take is quite compelling), it is no more implausible than the nonsense printed in every single other newspaper in the western world that the Syrian Army conducted the attack.

You are certainly on to something by suggesting that the new talking points of hasbara bullshitters is to use Saudi Arabia and Turkey as the scapegoats for this who collapsing house of cards that is the west's Syria policy, but I don't think the Mint Press or the story itself has anything to do with that.

Posted by: guest77 | Sep 25 2013 1:06 utc | 125

@DM - c123

Think of it like this: the ‘upmarket’ shopping centre as the new church to the god of consumption, a distinctively ‘whitefellah’ run ideology… Consumption being of course one the core mechanisms that keep the Western dominance running as a system.

Posted by: Philippe | Sep 25 2013 2:28 utc | 126

Qatar/Egypt feud, local journalists victims of a bad mistake, that gives an idea of the treatment reserved to the Al Jazeera team which has been in custody for weeks now

This passed unnoticed here:
(always wait for the culprits to be dead to start an inquiry)

Posted by: Mina | Sep 25 2013 8:08 utc | 127

#128, No, discussions of the fine tuning of Rowhani's holocaust semantics is everywhere. I don't give a damn about it. But it's a game he cannot win. He might as well not have mentioned it. It's an example of Althusser's principle that the public definitions of 'truth' 'beauty' and 'goodness' in relation to any given topic have nothing to do with the truth, beauty of goodness of the thing, and everything to do with the power relations operative in the field of the discussion: what has to happen is that those defined as most powerful have the last word, and reduce everybody else to their correct positions of relative powerlessness.

Posted by: Rowan Berkeley | Sep 25 2013 9:41 utc | 129

say what you like about MintPress, it has at least the stature of any other big city US alternative press, eg the Village Voice

No it doesn't - nobody ever heard of the damn thing before it came out with this nonsense. MintPress was for all purposes a complete non-entity.

Posted by: hmm | Sep 25 2013 10:33 utc | 130

3 more SAS on-site in Nairobi

Ex-Royal Marine from Manchester fined as he tracked down ‘spies’ in Kenya

Posted by: hmm | Sep 25 2013 11:42 utc | 131

XFOR - seem harmless enough, don't they?
Fines soar as councils enlist ex-soldiers to patrol streets

Freedom of information requests reveal the firm, which is run by former soldiers, has pocketed £1.6million in commission. It is expected to issue around 40,000 penalties this year.

Councils insist the fines are popular with residents tired of litter-strewn streets. But campaigners say a ‘private police force’ is targeting pedestrians over the most trivial offences.

Patrols have been known to hide in bushes waiting for smokers to drop cigarette butts. One woman in Blaenau Gwent, South Wales, says she was targeted by Xfor for accidentally dropping a cotton thread from her glove.

Office worker, 24, fined £400 for dropping small sachet of SALT in front of litter warden

Another was given a £75 ticket for walking her dog in a field she had used for 30 years. She was not aware it had been turned into a no-dog zone because warning signs had been stolen.

welcomed to the cheap seats at the comedy playhouse

Posted by: hmm | Sep 25 2013 11:47 utc | 132

Quote from Pynchon's latest opus: ‘Paranoia’s the garlic in life’s kitchen, you can never have too much.’

Posted by: Mina | Sep 25 2013 12:51 utc | 133

The Sudanese have been trying for 2 years to have their own arab Spring against the dumb MB government, but each time it remains unreported and people at the demos ended concluding "without al jazeera it won't work". Now they try again,

Posted by: Mina | Sep 25 2013 13:18 utc | 134

hmm that link on the Brit mercenary spooks is from 2 years ago. But interestingly enough their "cover" was blown after they were caught trying to join or make contact with Al Shabaab in there's that.

Posted by: L Bean | Sep 25 2013 16:14 utc | 135

arab Spring

are the kids still using that?

speaking of Pynchon

“If there is something comforting - religious, if you want - about paranoia, there is still also anti-paranoia, where nothing is connected to anything, a condition not many of us can bear for long.”
― Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow

Posted by: hmm | Sep 25 2013 16:21 utc | 136

well thank You Mr Bean for blowing my theory. Now all we gotta do is figure out an innocent explanation for the acknowledged SAS guy @104 that was on site in Nairobi, photographed with pistol in waistband on the day in question :)

Posted by: hmm | Sep 25 2013 16:27 utc | 137

hmm it's really not surprising that a guy of this type; British, off duty military, carrying a handgun, would be at a modern shopping mall while he was in Nairobi on vacation. This of course doesn't rule out British military involvement, if that's your angle.

Posted by: L Bean | Sep 25 2013 19:31 utc | 138

oops sorry, according to "sources", the reason the SAS guy's identity is being protected is because he currently lives in Kenya. Slightly more suspicious, but only slightly, at this point. Too much conflicting info. Seems to me tbh that all of the recent mercenary death squadism is just starting to hit closer to home("western" mall in a foreign tourist destination capital). Not really remarkable in any other sense. Massacres there, everywhere and now here, where a white British guy was just trying to buy his girlfriend a birthday present!

Posted by: L Bean | Sep 25 2013 19:41 utc | 139

So even though your 139 ruled out all the reasons you listed @138 as to why "it's not really surprising" you still stick to "it's not really surprising" even though it actually IS a little surprising for a serving member of the SAS to not only live in nairobi, but to walk around armed on a simple trip to the Mall, possibly even armed all the time (as if it were all hostile territory and he on active-duty) and to be at that place at that time.

That actually is a little surprising.

Posted by: hmm | Sep 25 2013 20:08 utc | 140

a little, yes I guess so hmm. But the reason you listed that is the least surprising is that he was armed. All of the "off-duty" military types of today are strapped, whether they're going to watch a movie, or getting a cheesburger at the mall.

Posted by: L Bean | Sep 25 2013 20:43 utc | 141

The Mint Pres story is important and not at all suspicious. Its importance lies not in its detail butt in its addition to the mass, approaching critical size, of contradictions of the Obama approved narrative.
I am not overly paranoid but I do find it curious that a story such as this one should arouse the incredulity of contributors who are at pains to prove themselves more anti-zionist than anyone. One can see why hasbarista would attack Mint Press, as they have done everywhere else, but not why they would welcome its stories. The notion that Israel seeks to discredit Saudi Arabia is the sort of idea that the Saud family papers are always happy to publish.

"A shopping mall is not an offensive Western edifice." In Kenya it most certainly is, as are the White Highlands and peasant lands ripped off and used to grow flowers and veggies for Tesco and Sainsburys.
Debs is Dead @99 is right on the money so far as Kenya is concerned. I am surprised that there were any Africams among the customers at all. Places like the Westgate Mall, the very name signifying its nature, are not neutral venues but horrifying offenses in the nostrils of Africans. Kenya is still a country in which the bloody wounds caused by europlundering are raw and wet with fresh blood.

@128 "...Althusser's principle that the public definitions of 'truth' 'beauty' and 'goodness' in relation to any given topic have nothing to do with the truth, beauty of goodness of the thing, and everything to do with the power relations operative in the field of the discussion..."
So that is where the idea came from, Rowan, is it? You really do have a subtle sense of humour.

Posted by: bevin | Sep 25 2013 23:53 utc | 142

U truely are a knobhead.

Posted by: hmm | Sep 26 2013 1:40 utc | 143

I am surprised that there were any Africams among the customers at all.

Of course you were. That's yer inherent racism clouding yer view

Posted by: hmm | Sep 26 2013 1:54 utc | 144

sas ff ...from belfast to iraq n beyond.

Posted by: denk | Sep 26 2013 3:16 utc | 145

Nairobi is quickly becoming a non topic for the MSM

Suddenly, we are promessed that they will attack their funding (remember 9/1). Before that, as long as the money was used to run a blog and a few Twitters accounts, it was just fine!

Posted by: Mina | Sep 26 2013 11:02 utc | 146

Critics aer allowed only when they serve a political interest...

Posted by: Mina | Sep 26 2013 11:22 utc | 147

re: 145

ah, the dreaded "conflict charcoals", financing tyrannical terrorist Musselmenz the world over

conflict charcoals - the root of all evil

Posted by: hmm | Sep 26 2013 11:26 utc | 148

There is a govt-imposed blackout on news from Nairobi, that's why: see here and here and here.

Posted by: Rowan Berkeley | Sep 26 2013 11:27 utc | 149

Yeah... charcoal is the key.. dangerously anti-nuclear...

The debate is in progress, they hope for a loya jirka with their Syrian counteparts within a decade

Posted by: Mina | Sep 26 2013 11:36 utc | 150

From Londonistan to Nairobi, many possibilities. An old article to recap some connections

Posted by: Mina | Sep 26 2013 11:42 utc | 151


I knew it!!! I claim my 20 pounds

you're Melanie Philips in disguise (or Melamine Philips as I like to call her)

Posted by: hmm | Sep 26 2013 12:04 utc | 152

And I pretend to write bad English??

Neo-Nazis in the Greek parliament, and their crimes, and the rejection of falling into extremism by the Greek public, are a non topic too

Posted by: Mina | Sep 26 2013 12:08 utc | 153

Rushdie, Londonistan and Nazis - you're a walking talking Zio-cliche, Zina.

Posted by: hmm | Sep 26 2013 12:26 utc | 154

Places like the Westgate Mall, the very name signifying its nature, are not neutral venues but horrifying offenses in the nostrils of Africans.

Some of you people are so fucking stupid, and this on one of the 'better' forums I can find.

Yes, of course you are racist, and a very bad writer if you think that florid phrases like "horrifying offenses in the nostrils of Africans" convey anything other than you idiocy.

Um, you’re not an African I suppose? No, so 'Africans' told you about their nostrils? Or are you just smelling your own bullshit?

Somehow, there appears to be a large number of wankers and ageing hippies here, people who have somehow made their way through life without realizing that they are nothing special. That their race, creed, religion are nothing special. That their bullshit backgrounds and “education” are nothing special. None of us are special, and all of us want pretty much the same damn things in life. If that includes an “African” woman wanting to buy (shock, horror) – “consumer goods” – what’s your fucking problem?

Posted by: DM | Sep 26 2013 14:32 utc | 155

For those that can still perform the simple act of addition
So, when the attack began, there was at least one Kenyan anti-terrorism agent in the mall, along with at least one SAS man, and an American security team.

All completely normal, I'll be assured by those Coincidence Theorists that like to go around squwaking such things

Posted by: hmm | Sep 27 2013 10:57 utc | 156

Afghanistan: $37 Million Aviation Facility "May Have Been Used to Store Opium"

The one-star general cited progress in training and planning for Afghanistan to assume control over the air force but said many factors were outside his control.

Michel spoke to Reuters this week during the annual Air Force Association conference here.

He said the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force was re-examining all infrastructure projects after a report that one $37 million aviation facility may have been used to store opium and other concerns raised by Congress.

And the beat goes on . . .

Posted by: hmm | Sep 27 2013 11:51 utc | 157

Hasbara Manual

Posted by: estouxim | Sep 28 2013 6:13 utc | 158

a scifi satire on endless consumption

Posted by: brian | Sep 28 2013 8:55 utc | 159

TV wars: Egypt banned al jazeera (Qatar); Sudan bans al arabiyya (ksa),-AlArabia-TV-offi.aspx

You bet they are against it, what are they going to talk about instead?

Posted by: Mina | Sep 28 2013 9:41 utc | 160

'Canada has apologized - sort of. The government has admitted the past genocide against the aboriginals of this country. But what this film shows, is the effect of religion, esp the One True God religions on the mentality and behaviour of people. A very instructive and interesting look into the violence perpetrated by religion.'

Posted by: brian | Sep 30 2013 3:10 utc | 162

Re: The best Congress money can buy...
I caught a snippet of a TV doco today. According to the TV guide it was called BP: Profit and Power. In the part I saw, the topics of conversation were
1. BP's cost-cutting and corner-cutting,
2. Three very expensive disasters in quick succession (culminating in the Gulf fiasco)
3. The appalling lack of regulation/oversight by the USG and its relevant authorities.

I realised I'd heard this story before - especially in relation to regulation and oversight.
(now when was that?)
Oh yes! The S-P 'crisis'.

There was (Once Upon a Time, long, long ago) an era when corporations in the US were obliged to abide by certain rules and regulations, and suffer penalties for breaches of the rules. But, thanks to Congress becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of the 1%, the Best Congress Money Can Buy now spends a good proportion of its time 'reviewing' Rules, Regulations and Regulators in search of "TEETH" and removing any they find.

And that's the short answer to the question "What's been going wrong in America?"

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Sep 30 2013 16:27 utc | 163

I think the move away from "Al Jazeera English" and towards "Al Jazeera America" with the narrowing of its focus to US-centric issues is a big step back for the organization. A focus on America will certainly be far less illuminating for their American viewers than was its global reportage - for all its faults and biases. Though this is certainly something to make the American government happy, I feel it is a big step back for AJ and the idea of a multi-polar media environment.

And clearly it is no mistake that it comes as the same time we the United States put its wealthy gulf ally *cough*gas station*cough* on a very short leash via that palace coup.

Posted by: guest77 | Oct 1 2013 1:39 utc | 164

oops , another *accident* involving chinese embassy !

Posted by: denk | Oct 1 2013 5:55 utc | 165

brian 162

only four countries refuse to endorse the *United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples*, guess what, they'r the same gang who practically make a living lecturing others on *indigenous rights* !

Posted by: denk | Oct 1 2013 6:21 utc | 166


*Aotearoa (New Zealand) Prime Minister John Key, apparently taking his cue from the US, is currently pushing for reform of the UN Security Council such that the veto power would be unavailable*

if john key has his way, fukus would have a free hand to attack any country , fuck the un !

* Key notoriously said that his country was “missing in action” because it did not invade Iraq in 2003, reminding Kiwis that “blood is thicker than water”. If his desired reforms existed now, the US would probably have a UN Security Council resolution authorising the use of force against Syria on the grounds of “genocide*

Posted by: denk | Oct 2 2013 9:51 utc | 167

russian embassy attacked....again

Posted by: denk | Oct 3 2013 16:53 utc | 168

my comments never pass muster on rt, press tv too. !

Posted by: denk | Oct 3 2013 17:05 utc | 169

China seems to have developed the ability to capture satellites from orbit.

The satellites involved in the space warfare development program were identified by the Chinese as “scientific experimentation satellites,” according to a notice published July 24 in the online journal Space News.

Less yankee agro

Posted by: ruralito | Oct 4 2013 1:58 utc | 170

ruralito 170

interesting info
btw, bill gertz is the resident china baiter at the right wingnut *washington times*

Posted by: denk | Oct 4 2013 4:36 utc | 171

@ 170. It's mildly surprising that the Full Spectrum Dominance folks didn't see this coming. A few years ago, China attracted a lot of criticism for blowing one of its own 'redundant' satellites to Kingdom Come. The criticism focused on China 'inconsiderately' cluttering up an orbit with debris, but the infinitely more noteworthy aspect was the apparent ease with which China's Space Geeks were able to park a bomb next to a satellite and blow it to bits. Imo that event transformed Ronnie Raygun's Star Wars daydreams into reality. Or to put it another way, it replaced "If" with "When?"

It's always interesting contrasting the things "science" could/might do with the pointless things it spends so much of its research funding on.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Oct 4 2013 4:59 utc | 172

The US government coddling another dictatorship. How to write PR on Azerbaijan without mentioning 80% election results, political prisoners and press freedom.

Posted by: somebody | Oct 4 2013 6:10 utc | 173

'International rights groups see Mr. Lavrov’s reference to the work of an untrained nun as a sign of desperation.
“The fact that the Russian government is relying on this woman’s assessment of what happened just shows the lack of evidence for their case,” said Lama Fakih, a Syria researcher for Human Rights Watch. “She is not a military expert.”

There are other shadows around Mother Agnes. She has helped foreign journalists obtain visas, suggesting trust by the government. The widow and two colleagues of Gilles Jacquier, a French journalist killed in Homs last year, published a book in which they suggest that she conspired in a lethal trap set by the government.
But Sid Ahmed Hammouche, a Swiss reporter who helped write the book accusing Mother Agnes of complicity in his colleague’s death, sees her differently. “She defends the regime and plays the Christian card,” he said. “We know very well that Bashar wanted to play the Christian card, and he still does.”

Posted by: Rusty Pipes | Sep 22, 2013 7:27:21 PM | 89

the real desperation is with the 'International rights groups' meaning the likes of zionist HRW

Posted by: brian | Oct 4 2013 6:28 utc | 174

the muricuns r at it again,
the sicilian job

Posted by: denk | Oct 4 2013 9:11 utc | 175

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